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2023.06.04 18:14 OldBayJ [SerSun] Serial Sunday: War!

Welcome to Serial Sunday!

To those brand new to the feature and those returning from last week, welcome! Do you have a self-established universe you’ve been writing or planning to write in? Do you have an idea for a world that’s been itching to get out? This is the perfect place to explore that. Each week, I post a theme to inspire you, along with a related image and song. You have 500 - 850 words to write your installment. You can jump in at any time; writing for previous weeks’ is not necessary in order to join. After you’ve posted, come back and provide feedback for at least 2 other writers on the thread. Please be sure to read the entire post for a full list of rules.

This Week’s Theme is War!

Image Song
New! Bonus Word List (each included word is worth 5 pts): - bloodshed - invade - contentious - ambush
This week we’re going to explore the theme of ‘war’. Wars come in all sizes, they can be between worlds, countries, families, or just two people. Or between two sides of a movement or belief system. But in every battle, the effect touches many more than just those directly involved. It often has a ripple effect.
So what are the two sides? What are they fighting for? What does winning mean to them? How will a war between the two parties affect the world around them? Will relationships and alliances be put to the test? What does the fallout look like?
These are just a few things to get you started. Remember, the theme should be present within the story in some way, but its interpretation is completely up to you. For the bonus words (not required), you may change the tense, but the base word should remain the same. Please remember to follow all sub and post rules.
Don’t forget to sign up for Saturday Campfire here! We start at 1pm EST and provide live feedback!

Theme Schedule:

  • June 4 - War (this week)
  • June 11 - Zealous
  • June 18 - Adventure
You can vote on themes using the weekly nomination form!
Previous Themes Serial Index

Rules & How to Participate

Please read and follow all the rules listed below. This feature has requirements for participation!
  • Submit a story inspired by the weekly theme, set in your self-established universe. Use to check your wordcount. Stories should be posted as a top-level comment below. If you’re continuing an in-progress serial (not on Serial Sunday), please include links to your previous installments.
  • Your chapter must be submitted by Saturday at 9:00am EST. Late entries will be disqualified.
  • Begin your post with the name of your serial between triangle brackets (e.g. ). This will allow our serial bot to recognize your serial and add each chapter to the SerSun catalog. Do not include anything in the brackets you don’t want in your title. (Please note: You must use this same title every week.)
  • Do not pre-write your serial. You’re welcome to do outlining and planning for your serial, but chapters should not be pre-written. All submissions should be written for this post, specifically.
  • Only one active serial per author at a time. This does not apply to serials written outside of Serial Sunday.
  • All Serial Sunday authors must leave feedback on at least one story on the thread each week. The feedback should be actionable and include something the author has done well. When you include something the author should improve on, provide an example! You have until Saturday at 11:59pm EST to post your feedback. (Submitting late is not an exception to this rule.) Those who go above and beyond (more than 2 actionable crits) will be rewarded with “Crit Credits” that can be used on our crit sub, WPCritique.
  • Missing your feedback requirement two or more consecutive weeks will disqualify you from rankings and Campfire readings the following week. If it becomes a habit, you may be asked to move your serial to the sub instead.
  • Serials must abide by subreddit content rules. You can view a full list of rules here. If you’re ever unsure if your story would cross the line, please modmail and ask!

Weekly Campfires & Voting:

  • On Saturdays at 1pm EST, I host a Serial Sunday Campfire in our Discord’s Voice Lounge. Join us to read your story aloud, hear others, and exchange feedback. We have a great time! You can even come to just listen, if that’s more your speed. Grab the “Serial Sunday” role on the Discord to get notified before it starts. You can sign up here
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Ranking System

We have a new point system! Here is the point breakdown:
Use of weekly theme 75 pts Theme should be present, but the interpretation is up to you!
New! Including the bonus words 5 pts each (20 pts total) This is a bonus challenge, and not required!
Actionable Feedback up to 15 pts each (6 crit max)* This includes thread and campfire critiques. (You can always provide more crit, but the points are capped at 90.)
Nominations your story receives 10 - 60 pts 1st place - 60, 2nd place - 50, 3rd place - 40, 4th place - 30, 5th place - 20 / Regular Nominations - 10
Voting for others 15 pts You can now vote for up to 10 stories each week!
You are still required to leave at least 1 actionable feedback comment on the thread every week that you submit. This should be more than one or two vague sentences, and should include at least one thing the author has done well. *Please remember that interacting with a story is not the same as providing feedback.** Low-effort crits will not receive credit.
Users who provide more than 2 in-depth, actionable critiques will be awarded Crit Credits that can be used on WPCritique.
Looking for more on what actionable feedback is? Check out this guide on critiquing or these previous crits from Serial Sunday: Crit Crit Crit

Rankings for Vindication

There have been some slight changes and additions to the point system/requirements! Check out the Ranking System section for specifics.

Crit Stars

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2023.06.04 18:07 MeatballsGoodEye Early 289 Predictions

Early picks for KKF v Albazi Arlovski Zeleski Dos Santos Lins Blackshear Reed Santos Elliot Caceras Albazi
I tend to change my picks throughout the week and end up worse off for it, so here are the early picks. Final bets later in the week.
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2023.06.04 18:06 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/bluegrass roundup for the week of May 28 - June 03

Sunday, May 28 - Saturday, June 03

Top 10 Posts

score comments title & link
227 35 comments A photo of Molly Tuttle performing at DelFest
79 10 comments The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Del McCoury at DelFest on Sunday night
57 11 comments Transcription Tuesday #17: Tipper (Tony Rice)
50 0 comments A photo of Sierra Hull performing at DelFest
49 1 comments Sam Bush performing at DelFest on Sunday night
44 17 comments Gabe Witcher leaving Punch Brothers, Brittany Haas (!!) joining on fiddle
34 2 comments DelFest 2023 photo dump vol. 2
31 0 comments [Cover] “Hand Me Down My Walking Cane” by The Moran Tripp Band (Recently attended DelFest)
29 3 comments J.D. Crowe, Tony Rice, Ricky Skaggs, & Bobby Sloan - "Ten Degrees" (Gordon Lightfoot cover)
29 9 comments DelFest 2023 Highlights: Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, Sierra Ferrell, Dirty Grass Players & More - Glide Magazine

Top 5 Most Commented

score comments title & link
8 23 comments [Discussion] First Tony Rice tunes ?
23 20 comments [Discussion] Song/artist recs like Molly Tuttle?
3 19 comments I can’t decide which Fest!
11 18 comments Fiddle and guitar albums?
6 17 comments [Discussion] What songs really put the blues into bluegrass for you?
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2023.06.04 18:03 brother369 How To Shift Your Mental State IMMEDIATELY From Low Frequency To High Frequency.

Higher frequency energy is all about love, happiness, peace, bliss, abundance...etc
Lower frequency energies are anger, hatred, frustration, hopelessness...etc
Our current way of living or the system we live in, is designed to keep you in lower state of frequency so you're easily controlled and kept in the cage.
When you're in low vibration, you life is often difficult and you're not in touch with your higher self and also not in the way to realize your life's potential and purpose.
Good news is that if you find yourself in a lower frequency, you can easily shift yourself into higher frequency using this 3 easy steps.
1) Be aware of how you're feeling. Whether you're in low frequency or high.
2) Gain control of your nervous system by box breathing/square breathing technique
3) Use the power of affirmation to stop the negative thought patterns and rewire your brain to positive patterns
You can do this technique from anywhere and anytime. You can do it on a train or a bus, when you're stuck in traffic and just about anywhere else.
You will take control of your nervous system within 2-3 box breaths.
And from there you can use any affirmations to empower yourself.
I am followed by something positive you want to program.
For example,
I am in abundance
I am love
I am bliss
Next time you catch yourself in a negative or low vibrational state, use this technique and let abundance come to you. Thanks for watching!
Watch the full video here 👉

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2023.06.04 17:59 ElectronicFudge5 New Jersey attorney accused of Boston rape spree through DNA represents ‘new type of criminal’ suspect: expert

New Jersey attorney accused of Boston rape spree through DNA represents ‘new type of criminal’ suspect: expert submitted by ElectronicFudge5 to TrueCrimeGenre [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 17:58 ElectronicFudge5 New Jersey attorney accused of Boston rape spree through DNA represents ‘new type of criminal’ suspect: expert

New Jersey attorney accused of Boston rape spree through DNA represents ‘new type of criminal’ suspect: expert submitted by ElectronicFudge5 to GeneticGenealogyNews [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 17:51 pawkitten98 24 [F4M] #Toronto, ON #USA #Canada - Looking for that special someone

If this is still up then I haven’t found the person for me. And if you messaged me but I never got back to you, there is no harm in trying again!
I thought I would post here and see what is out there again? (Reformatted/edited)
My number one deal breaker:
I cannot father - If you are not AT LEAST somewhat outgoing/extroverted, there is no point in messaging me. It is my deal breaker. I am incredibly introverted and shy and need someone who (AT LEAST LEANS TOWARDS) extroversion. If you feel like you aren’t sure if this applies to you, you can ask me in chat and I can let you know more of what I mean. It’s just too much text here and overwhelming for people.
Tiny Bit About You:
Please be taller than 5’10, please be 26+, career oriented is a plus, loves animals and cats, wants to be a vampire with me under the covers away from the sun, is outgoing, adventurous, talkative, open minded. Please no nicotine smokers. I don’t mind, occasionally weed or psychedelics, and don’t care if you drink. You actively are working on yourself everyday or at least trying to. And are open to letting someone special in emotionally.
I am from and reside in Toronto, ON. Of course I would love if someone was right here in Toronto as well! But you may be reading this and may be somewhere else. I am open to anyone in Canada. I am happy with a long distance relationship! I am also open to anyone in the U.S in the East Coast (ideally NY/MA/NH/Maine/Pennsylvania/Michigan/Vermont/Connecticut) as these are all easy to travel back and forth to (but let’s talk long term in chat)
A description of myself:
I’m 5’9, brown almond eyes that just look black, bbw/plus size, chubby cheeks, tan/olive undertones(?)/honey/bronze skin, 38B breast, full pink lips, nice straight teeth, currently blue glasses, one dimple, and medium/long brown&black wavy curly hair, and….I think that’s all!?
Yes, I am plus size, but I’m actively fixing my health and I do love everything with being healthy and whole, so I am looking for someone who is a healthy/into fitness and healthy lifestyle physically and emotionally.
I am an INFJ. And my love languages in order are physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation.
Random thoughts not in order:
I’m seeking someone who craves, needs, adores, and wants a total power exchange dynamic. Someone who has fulfillment in controlling their partner both inside and outside the bedroom. - send me a random weather emoji so I know you read this post - You are my dominant daddy, it’s just how you are, it’s not a roleplay. You are the first person I go to for advice, wisdom, and just to talk. You don’t mind neediness and clinginess. You are silly and goofy; don’t take all of life too seriously. You “live it 24/7”.
I find someone career oriented very attractive (this doesn’t imply I’m looking for a $$ daddy because I AM NOT); you are driven, motivated, and want to succeed in life. I’m not ever looking to have kids, but I don’t hate them either.
Random interest and stuff wuff:
And perhaps any of the following resonate with you! Music, food, adventures, reading, animals, hiking, physical activity, being a coach potato, travelling, learning, educating yourself, cottage life, cats, video games, plants, BDSM, being a vampire with me away from the sun, cuddling, art, YouTube, sapiosexual, health and fitness, TV, superheroes, nerdiness, emotional growth, podcasts, true crime, sports, and lots of physical touch.
What I’m seeking without trying to type out a whole book though this whole post is a book:
I’m seeking my dominant daddy. I’m naturally submissive with a partner. It’s not an act. It’s not a roleplay. It’s just how I am. I enjoy and need rules, guidance, control, love, affection, and occasional pain. Someone to psychologically dominant me. Someone who craves to be my Daddy. - second one: if you read this far, send me an animal emoji - Ideally someone at least 5+ inches because I am addicted to penetration. You want / need / and crave to dominant your person just as much as they enjoy receiving it. This dynamic isn’t just the bedroom, but 24/7 outside the bedroom (eventually with time)
Quick Random Kinky Stuff Wuff:
Some kinky things I’m into (but not limited) include choking, face fucking, gags, sleep play, CNC, cum play, cuffs, anal, gags, ropes and ties, and much more.
In regards to hard limits, anything considered ‘extreme’ like blood, knives, diapers, needles, scat, vomit, etc etc, I will not participate in.
I know this post is pretty much a book and it can be overwhelming. I’m happy to take things a bit at a time through chat to see if there is a fit. And I am looking for someone who will put in just as much effort as I have in this post.
and I have posted in the past on another account if my post/body description sounds familiar.
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2023.06.04 17:51 Glum-Roof115 URB Token: Community update

URB Token: Community update
Hey, Uroborians!
We want to thank you for your continued support and commitment to the Uroboros project. Especially: Co-builders, Ambassadors, Contest Participants and other active members of the community. Your enthusiasm and dedication to our shared vision has been the driving force behind our achievements, and we want to share with you important updates and remind you of our goals and development status.
Product Goals and Status:
At this time, one of Uroboros’ main goals is to create a revolutionary product, the Omnichain Gasless Wallet:
  • A completely new user experience. Similar solutions have not been implemented in DeFi yet — the path of an innovator is always difficult and takes time. But we are moving forward.
  • Saving time and money for users. For example, the user journey for some transactions is reduced by 9 times compared to other services. And the dust of native tokens will not lie dead weight;
  • MEV-Sharing swaps when market opportunity arises;
  • Simplification of user entry into DeFi and approaching Mass Adoption (see points above). Our product has every chance of becoming a trendsetter for the next 5 years.
The team’s main efforts are focused at the moment:
  • Working on the launch of the Omnichain Gasless Wallet.
  • To negotiate with partners, potential investors and consultants.
The product of the project will see the light of day in the next 2–3 weeks. Co-builders, participants selected from the waitlist, and then other users will be able to try it in action.

URB Token Release

In light of this ongoing effort and our desire to deliver a product that exceeds expectations, we have decided to make a change to the URB Token release schedule and move it to Q4 2023. The most attentive may have already seen this in Uroboros Tokenomics.
Let’s break down point by point why this approach is correct and could potentially be more beneficial for community members:
  • Releasing the URB Token earlier than the Omnichain Gasless Wallet launch is counterproductive because the usefulness of the token is directly related to the product itself.
  • URB is a Governance & Utility Token, not a tool for quick speculation and shaving hamsters. For example, you can use it for Uroboros Profit Share, trade discounts, voting and other options.
  • The token’s release schedule changes in proportion to the product release. The token is an addition to the Uroboros ecosystem and has to appear at a certain point in development. Thanks to this consistency, we plan to achieve higher token and project value for the foreseeable future.
  • You will get a higher quality product. The team will focus on developing and testing the wallet.
We understand that this news may come as a surprise to someone. The Uroboros community is the lifeblood of this project, and your passion and dedication have been instrumental in our journey.
An important update for those who were Project Ambassadors and participated in contests, planning to get a token in June 2023:
  • The number of tokens earned by Ambassadors, in contests and other events by May 31, 2023 will be multiplied by x1.3.
  • Members of the community who have left the ranks of Ambassador because of the rescheduling of the token will not be accepted back as Ambassador. When leaving, please create a ticket on Discord and write your BSC-chain number. You will receive your reward after the token’s release.
  • For new Ambassadors and those who decide to stay with Uroboros. We will publish an article and a reward table for each position in the coming days — until May 11, 2023.
We sincerely hope that our most dedicated and most talented guys who will move the community forward will stay with us. We have exciting times and new horizons ahead of us!
We are developing this product in the middle of a bear market, the collapse of traditional financial institutions and investment funds. Big and well-known players are leaving the market every month, but Uroboros is still alive and just getting ready to fly to the stars!
Uroboros Team
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2023.06.04 17:47 bingo0619 Mediterranean Shore Excursions, Celebrity Infinity

Just got back from 11-day Mediterranean cruise on Celebrity Infinity. Thought I would share what we did and what learned and liked since this gets asked about a lot. Hope it's helpful :)
FYI-We prefer doing food and wine activities over sightseeing and touristy stuff, I will try to add things I heard from other passengers re: things we did not do. I am going to put he tour provider for each excursion for those who might want to book direct. Also, we sacrifice cabin class for good food and more expensive excursions to stay within our budget.

Barcelona- We embarked here and spent a few days prior. We were not prepared for the jet lag as we flew overnight and had one quick layover. We arrived midday and napped, but our schedules were off. I would recommend trying to stay up as long as you can and sleep at night, your normal time. Barcelona is seven hours ahead of the Midwest, where we live. Nevertheless, we rallied our middle-aged asses and had and an amazing time.
I pre purchased skip the line tickets for La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell on separate days. We went at our scheduled time and did not wait. We stayed on Las Ramblas and took cabs there and walked back. Many people did hop on/off and that worked well. We also went to La Boqueria Market and bought little things from many stands and sampled a lot. Very fun and cool experience. Did a DYI tapas tour I put together on my own from just research. We did not know this, but Elton John was performing when were there and we got to go, which was amazing! Coldplay was also performing there so the city was crowded.
We stayed on Las Ramblas, which was close to the port, but I would recommend staying more inside the city. Our hotel was okay, clean, but not many amentities. Suited our purposes, but was loud some nights. Cabs and food are relatively cheap and easy.

Day 2- Marseille- We did a walking food tour through Shore Excursions Group since the Celebrity one was sold out. This was operated by a company called Do Eat Better Experience. There were six of us, the other 4, not on cruise. Was a four-hour tour and worth it. Went to places I would not have known about. Guide was ok, but not very interactive. We had a great time with the other couples.
We got off early to walk around before the tour which met at 11:30. However, shops and cafe's do not open up till later. I would recommend sleeping later and going into port later, if you dont have an excursion booked. By the time our excursion was over, the towns were buzzing. We took a cab from the port and back, but you can take a bus or shuttle, I believe. Very nice day.
Day 3-Nice (Villefranche)- We did a tour through Celebrity, called Destination highlights, Nice and St. Paul de Vence Village. This was operated by Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services. We tendered super quickly. This was great day and included a lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant and a wine tasting at Cave Bianchi in Nice. We also had plenty of free time to explore each place. The formula 1 racing was in Monoco so there were Ferrari's, Lambo's and other racecars all over the place. We were allowed to look and take pics which was cool.
The lunch and wine tasting were phenomenal. The beach at Nice was gorgeous and if we would have known we would have brought our bathing suit and towels to go there, rather than walk around in the town. You can easily take a cab there and go on your own without doing an excursion. This was an all-day tour. So were back on the ship in time to relax and eat in MDR and chill for the night. It was a great, great day. I will say the people and guides were not as friendly and helpful as in other places, but it's not really an issue and doesn't ruin anything, we just didn't expect it. Our guide in Nice as a little on the unprofessional side, but, to each their own.

Day 4-Florence/Pisa (La Spezia), Italy- We booked a tour through Celebrity called, Destination Highlight: Coast of Cinque Terre and Portovenere, operated by Aloschi Brothers. Our guide was absolutely incredible, probably the best one we have had. her name was Duna in case you ever do this privately. We had individual small receivers and ear buds so we could hear her perfectly. We started in Portovenere where there is the famous Church of San Pietro. Just amazing and stunning views. The town is charming, and we walked and sampled. Did not buy much, just some food to take home.
We then took a boat ride up the coast and ended at the last of the Cinque Terre Villages, Monterosso. I am so glad did this over the three-village tour by bus. The boat ride up the coast was just amazing, and I assume this villages were similar. Gorgeous village. Rather than fight the crowd we hiked up a steep hill to the just incredible Porto Roco hotel and ate an incredible seafood and pasta lunch. The views were fabulous, and we had it to ourselves. Great meal. There is also a small, but beautiful beach at Monterosso you can hang out on. This was our favorite day.
We did the Chef's table on Celebrity that night which was otherworldly. A lot of eating and drinking this day. Incredible day!
Day 5- Rome (Civitavecchia) We were never going to Rome, no desire to travel there and deal with the crowds. I booked a private car from We Love Italy to go wine tasing in Tuscany. We had a husband-and-wife couple, Paulo and Nicola driving us, and it was great. They were absolutely lovely, and it was a pleasure and privilege to be with them, so kind and generous. They have an open invitation to stay with us if they ever visit. They also took us to a village and beach in Capalbio and for lunch in Manciano-Saturina. Again, amazing food and wine. The boat left late so we had lots of time.
I heard Rome was not as crowded as some thought and some of our shipmates actually got a glimpse of the Pope at the Vatican, which is so special.

Day 6-at Sea- up by 7 :( and got a spot and the hot tubs after breakfast. Stayed by the pool most of morning, it was great weather. Lots of activities to do but we chilled. We did the Mixology class offered by Celebrity which was a blast. We were bartenders at Martini bar for a few hours learning to make and serve cocktails. So, so fun and crew and guests were great.
Day 7- Valletta, Malta: We did an excursion from Celebrity called, Destination Highlight: Seaside towns of Vittoriosa and Marsaxlokk. Operated by Sam Mifsud and Sons. The tour was so so, the best part being a trip for wine and food tasting. Do you guys sense a pattern? It was rather boring, I should have researched better on this one. The fishing village, Marsaxlokk was a basic tourist trap with a makeshift market and nothing open. Vittoriosa was nicer and where the restaurant was. They did set up a nice area and what was served was good. I think doing more on your own or going to Gozo or Limoncello tasting would be good. I looked after and there are some excursions that looked way better.
Day 8-at Sea- Very chill day. We did the Blendique Wine Class and the World Wine Tasting which we have done before. Both super fun with great people and crew. We did not eat much or go to pool.
Day 9- Santorini, Greece-We did an excursion through Celebrity called, Small Group Discoveries: Island Wine Tasting Experience, operated by Rhapsody Travel. Tendering ashore was organized and quick. Went to three wineries on the island and had food at each. Also visited black sand beach and red sand beach. the latter of which was spectacular. Very nice tour with not a lot of people. This also included our cable car tickets down. We ate lunch at a restaurant on the water, which I forgot the name, but it was good. There were 8 other ships there, so it got crowded, we left after lunch and waited a very reasonable hour for the cable cars down to the tender spot. Up tp this point it was nice day.
Due to something very upsetting I witnessed in the town, not cruise related, I will never, never, ever step foot on Santorini again. Not necessary to discuss as it was personal to me, and I don't want to cloud anyone else's experience or opinion.
We watched the famous sunset from the top deck and it did not disappoint. We avoided the very long lines to get back to ship at night.
Day 10-Mykonos, Greece: We did a Celebrity excursion called, Small Group Discoveries: Mykonian Cooking Experience, operated by Rhapsody Travel. People, I cannot tell you how great this was. We went to a private home or spiti. There 14 of us. Teta was our host and the home own. So gracious and generous. We learned so much and all interacted and prepared an authentic lunch and sat down to eat. She prepared dessert as well. It was around 4 hours. She was incredibly gracious and generous. Probably the second-best day we had. One of the best excursions we have ever done. I would do it again for sure.
We walked around Mykonos after and had ANOTHER lunch at a restaurant called Promenade that was great. Very fresh seafood and authentic food. This a was very nice town, we loved it. There was a very small church with a blue dome, (others had different colors) that was open and it was beautiful inside. It was right by the water. I'm not Greek orthodox or even religious, but I got chills. I small prayer of thanks to my G-d for giving me this experience. I would 100% come back to Mykonos.
We bought beautiful piece of art from a local artist and owned studio called, Triciclo. It was really our only big purchase. We don't really but T-shirts, magnets, etc.
Day 11-Athens: I had transfer and we went right home. :(

This was a beautiful, beautiful cruise. I could not have asked for better experiences.
Celebrity tendering was fast and organized and easy. This who had excursions at applicable ports met and left by group with 30 minutes of docking. Those who had tickets to tender without a Celebrity excursion got called overhead by group and left from a different deck, also fast.
Quite a few of the guide said Celebrity tender the quickest and best. They mentioned other line by name that were not good, but I don't be negative or worry someone else, so I won't mention specifics.
My other suggestion for Celebrity would be to pick excursions that are "Small Group Discoveries", or "Destination Highlights". These seemed to be a better experience.
Happy and safe cruising everyone!!
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2023.06.04 17:46 subredditsummarybot Your /r/PopHeads [FRESH] recap for the week of May 28 - June 03

Sunday, May 28 - Saturday, June 03

Fresh Albums

score comments title & link mirrors
177 24 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Metro Boomin - Metro Boomin Presents Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Original Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture)
133 25 comments [FRESH ALBUM] The Aces - I've Loved You For So Long [AM] [Dzr]
78 2 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Nicholas Britell - Succession: Season 4 (HBO Original Series Soundtrack) [Dzr] [SC]
56 7 comments [FRESH EP] Trixie Mattel - Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous [AM] [Dzr] [SC]
46 8 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Sophie Ellis-Bextor - HANA [SC]
38 9 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Jake Shears - Last Man Dancing
35 20 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Big Time Rush - Another Life
26 1 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Stray Kids - 5-STAR

Fresh Videos

score comments title & link mirrors
110 15 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Madison Beer - Home To Another One (Official Music Video)
99 13 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Rob Grant, Lana Del Rey - Lost at Sea
65 6 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Tove Lo - I like u (Scene 14) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC]
65 4 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Dorian Electra - Sodom & Gomorrah (Official Music Video)
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54 4 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Kesha - Happy (Visualizer) [Sp] [AM] [SC]
53 6 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Trixie Mattel - Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous (Official Video)


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471 174 comments [FRESH] The Weeknd - Popular [feat. Madonna, Playboi Carti]
317 46 comments [FRESH] Tove Lo - I like u [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
280 100 comments [FRESH] Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind (Paris' Version) [feat. Kim Petras]
211 21 comments [FRESH] Rob Grant - Lost at Sea (feat. Lana Del Rey) [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
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116 24 comments [FRESH] Dom Dolla - Eat Your Man (with Nelly Furtado)
111 14 comments [FRESH] Dorian Electra - Sodom & Gomorrah [AM] [Dzr] [SC]
103 5 comments [FRESH] Phoebe Bridgers - Waiting Room - now available on Bandcamp
74 51 comments [FRESH] Latto - Put It On Da Floor Again (feat. Cardi B)
62 21 comments [FRESH] Kelly Clarkson - i hate love (feat. Steve Martin)
58 6 comments [FRESH] KAROL G feat. Aldo Ranks - WATATI (From Barbie The Album) [AM] [Dzr]

Top Performances

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330 28 comments [PERFORMANCE] Jessie Ware - Free Yourself (Later... with Jools Holland)
89 6 comments [PERFORMANCE] RAYE - Escapism. (Radio 1's Big Weekend 2023) [Sp] [Dzr] [SC]
74 6 comments [PERFORMANCE] BTS - Intro Dance + Anpanman + Boy With Luv + Boyz With Fun + I NEED U + I'm Fine (2023 BTS FESTA - PRACTICE RECORD)

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674 196 comments [NEWS] Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour (2023 Mexico, Argentina, Brazil Dates with Sabrina Carpenter as Special Guest)
608 102 comments [ARTICLE] Kesha’s ‘Gag Order’ a powerful reminder that no one should be silenced
575 28 comments [SERIOUS] Ethel Cain collapses mid-show at Sydney Opera House
553 150 comments [ARTICLE] The Number Ones: Owl City’s “Fireflies”
473 128 comments [ARTICLE] The Number Ones: Britney Spears’ “3”
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2023.06.04 17:46 RustyMuffin444 I'm working on a OSRS-based world, and thought I'd share my progress so far

Below are my in-progress workings for a world that extends Gielinor:
Runic Altars and Faction Establishment
All Icons Runes Prayerbook Standard Spellbook Mysthic Spellbook Bosses – details Bosses – drops Bosses – attacks
In the far past there existed the elder god Jun, an ancient deity associated with thought and sentience and the only known elder god within the realm. She is believed to be the creator of this world and the entirety of its life. In the first days of its creation, she established the godless human race, alongside ten sects of beings corresponding to each of the four core elemental, four catalytic, organic, and teleportation runestones, each with specific properties and powers for the sects' followers to dedicate their lives towards. Likewise, she created the ten gods of the world to oversee their assigned followers. The runestones were held by the gods, and runic altars corresponding to each runestone were scattered across the lands for their associated followers to create personal rune supplies for their development. Soon after, the core religions were established for followers to announce their loyalty and allegiance to their associated gods. A further two runestones with modification properties corresponding to global balance were not provided with associated beings, instead being retained by Jun herself with their altars placed upon a remote land to ensure continuity of balance. With peace and unity amongst the sects as they developed functioning societies and branched into further lands, Jun returned to the elder god's realm and becoming dormant in a slumber ever since.
The twelve runic altars globally influence the climate and weather patterns, environment, and societies of the lands, with amplified local effects around their locations:
Light and Shadow Altars: Provide balance, alongside alternating pulsations to trigger global day and night cycles.
The initial religions corresponding to the ten gods evolved into the modern-day factions of the world, each enhanced by their altars’ powers and commanded by dedicated leaders. Although established as a godless division with no dedicated altar, over time some humans pledged allegiance to chosen gods, migrating to the lands of the gods’ followers to seek lifestyles enriched by the powers of their runic altars.
Godless Territory
Breska is a temperate continent situated in the south-west region of the eastern multicontinental landmass. It is considered godless territory where the bulk of the world's human population resides, and is the only continent without a runic altar. The territory consists of two general regions: the Breskan mainland to the west, and the Breskan Intercontinental Strip (BICS) to the east. The latter connects the mainland to the eastern multicontinental landmass via the vast country of Bongola - part of the water territory of Inersia - which houses the World Gate on its south coast for passage into different worlds.
Administration is centralised within the mainland country of Bragos, housing government officials and the territory's militia. The surrounding countries act as hubs for resource-gathering for development of the territory, as well as buffer zones from potential attacks. Countries of the BICS in contrast have some degree of autonomy from the mainland's influence. They generally consist of mixed agrarian and fishing communities due to the abundance of fertile soils and fish stocks, and often supply surplus yields to the mainland in exchange for useful resources.
The natives have established a quick-travel network across the mainland after the unearthing of a strange runic obelisk in Bragos, and subsequently a further nine obelisks with similar properties in various surrounding countries. They discovered a method to tune their spellbook to each obelisk, allowing for basic teleportation capabilities across their lands. It is unknown whether further obelisks exist across the world.
Work in Progress Designs
The Gamminoxious Behemoth Sashekra Azzakari & Jixkari Oloumdra Xitaurus Runica Lokhvius Serix Aurix Gamix Nomestidon Random Workings 1 Random Workings 2
Thought I’d also share WIP images of some of the creatures that are being worked on (all done in MS Paint). They’re a mix of some outdated and new drafts, outdated art style drawings, and newer art style drawings :)
Miscellaneous World Workings
List of Countries and Continents Flag Workings Old World Map
Music Inspiration (Continents)
AGESIA 1, 2, 3
Music Inspiration (Bosses)
ELLISUM 1, 2, 3
TUNOKUBA, SASHEKRA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
OLOUMDRA 1, 2, 3
LOKHVIUS 1, 2, 3, 4
AURIX 1, 2, 3
GAMIX 1, 2, 3
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2023.06.04 17:45 hnqn1611 14 Biggest Travel Mistakes Tourists Make

14 Biggest Travel Mistakes Tourists Make
14 Biggest Travel Mistakes To NOT Make
When travelling, it’s not unusual to find yourself making a careless mistake now and then. You are after all, exploring an environment that you are unfamiliar with. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is your first big trip, you will probably benefit from the following list. With just a little bit of planning, you can cut down your chances of making mistakes and have the best vacation possible.
Number 1 - Booking Without Comparing Rates If you’re one of those people who just books on impulse, basically just the first good deal you see, you are likely paying more than you could be. There are so many different travel sites on the internet, and by spending just a little bit of time researching and comparing, you will quickly learn just how much prices can vary - and you’ll be able to find the best deals - which are probably better than that first one you saw. To keep it simple, compare at least 3 sites like Travelocity, Expedia or Priceline.
Number 2 - Booking Your Trip Way Too Early So you and your friends decided to finally take that trip to Paris next summer. But wait! Don’t rush to book your trip just yet. Of course you want to make it real by booking everything right away but this can be a mistake and you could end up paying more. It’s best if you book your flight 3-4 months before you plan to travel. That’s around the time when airlines begin to increase and lower their rates based on demand. When it comes to cruises and tours, this is where you will want to wait until last minute - that is if you want to pay less. Since boats and tours have to fill up their spaces, they offer amazing last-minute deals, because it’s still better for them to make less profit than no profit at all on those empty seats.
Number 3 - Not Reading Reviews Yes, I know that these days most people do read reviews online, but you would be surprised to learn that there are still many who don’t - they just head over to the closest travel agency and book everything there, based on the advice of a travel agent. Don’t make this mistake - do your own research! Read reviews online. See what former guests have to say; check out photos of the rooms. Because by not doing this, you could find yourself arriving at a place that is far from what was promised - and you probably don’t want to stay in a bad neighborhood or sleep in a bed with bedbugs, right? You don’t have to stay at the best hotel in town, but where you stay is kind of important, and at least checking it out online can save you one big headache.
Number 4 - Traveling In Peak Season By definition, this is the period of highest demand, and it varies by destination. Travelling during the peak season means larger crowds just about anywhere you go. And even worse, you will be paying about double what it would cost you in the low season. Unless you enjoy crowded beaches and waiting in huge lineups to see attractions, you may want to consider travelling during the low season, or even better, the shoulder season - directly before or after high season, when the weather is still good, but there are much fewer people. It will not only be cheaper, but you will also have a more enjoyable time.
Number 5 - Thinking The Only Thing You Need Is A Valid Passport There are many locations you can travel to with a simple passport, but then there are those where you will need a Visa - places like China, Nigeria, or Russia to name a few. Of course this depends not only on the destination, but also where you are travelling from. While you can get a Visa in many countries upon arrival, there are often documents you need to fill out before you arrive - and without these, you can’t get a Visa. Then, another important thing to note is that many countries require a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after your departure date from the country. Make sure you don’t let this one slide. Check to see if you need a Visa or a new passport well in advance.
Number 6 - Skipping Travel Insurance This is one of those things that many people tend to overlook - because well, most of the time you won’t make use of it. But, you really never know when you may need it. It could be a small slip and you break your arm or some other unforeseen circumstance. Travel insurance will have your back and protect you while abroad. It usually doesn’t cost much and it will protect you should there be any medical or non-medical emergencies. Not having insurance could end up costing you thousands, so don’t skimp on this. Seriously!
Number 7 - Forgetting To Contact Your Bank Before The Trip It only takes a few minutes but could save you from being stuck in a foreign land without access to money. Some banks will completely block your account if an overseas charge is made. It is flagged as suspicious. And of course this is usually a good thing, but not when it is you trying to access your funds, thousands of miles away from home. When you call your bank to let them know that you will be travelling, you should also ask about their foreign transaction fees to avoid any bad surprises.
Number 8 - Not Having Copies Of Your Documents You don’t think it will happen to you - losing your wallet, fanny pack or whatever you carry. And getting robbed? Nah, that won’t happen to you, right? Well, the thing is that either of these can (and do) happen to people all the time. No matter how careful you think you are, you should carry copies of your important documents. These include copies of your ID, passport, travel insurance, and credit cards. Of course you’ll want to pack them separate from the originals.
Number 9 - Failing To Find Out Roaming Charges These charges can rack up very quickly, unbeknownst to you. You arrive at your destination and you excitedly call your friend or spouse to let them know you arrived - and before you know it, you’ve been on the phone for half an hour. That single call could cost you a hundred dollars or more. By simply finding out what’s covered by your phone plan, you can avoid any additional charges. If you find out that you aren’t covered, then it’s best if you switch your phone settings to airplane mode before you board the plane. This way, you can still use a Wi-Fi connection wherever available without accidentally using your data. Now, if you do think that you will need to use data on your trip, consider purchasing an international plan - or you can even buy a SIM card once you arrive.
Number 10 - Exchanging Currency At The Airport Sure it’s fast and easy to exchange currency at the airport. However, it’s also worth noting that you will get the worst possible conversion rate for your money. Now, it’s ok to exchange a few dollars to use for a taxi if you must, but the best thing to do is to actually take care of this before you leave. You can check rates of various banks in your area to find the best, and then head over to get the currency you need.
Number 11 - Eating Near Major Tourist Attractions On your trip, you are more than likely planning to visit at least a few of those amazing spots you’ve been hearing about and dreaming about seeing in real life. But any food place, be it a restaurant or food stand, is going to cost double the price (and sometimes more) near any major attraction. And since these places know that people aren’t coming back, they usually don’t worry too much about the quality or consistency of the food they serve. Besides, most visitors just arrived and don’t know much about the local foods so it doesn’t matter anyway. They’re just excited to be there and see the attractions. To most, it’s far more amazing to eat a ‘sub-par’ burger in front of a famous landmark than eating a delicious one at their favorite burger joint back home. Try eating in a ‘non-touristy’ area where the food will actually be amazing. It has to be, otherwise nobody would go back. Yes, you will have to walk a few blocks, but the food will be much tastier and cost a lot less. You can also ask locals about good places to eat. By the way, the same is true when it comes to shopping for just about anything near a major attraction. Stores will always have higher prices. Don’t be lazy. Take the effort and stroll off the beaten path. You’ll surely find the same T-shirt for a third of the price.
Number 12 - Not Packing A Travel Adapter There are 15 types of electrical outlet plugs used around the world, and if your choice of destination uses outlets different than the ones your country does, you won’t be able to plug in anything in without an adapter. You can use USB ports for many things, but we all know how slow those charges can be. In some cases you may not be able to charge at all depending on the power needs of the device. Amazon offers decent universal travel adapters for around 15 to 20 dollars.
Number 13 - Not Taking A Power Bank With You Most places you go will have somewhere to charge your devices - except when your battery is at 10 percent…. that’s when you won’t find anywhere to plug in and charge! You probably already know how that goes… But imagine you are hiking in the wilderness somewhere and you get lost - and then realize that your phone is almost completely drained. It sounds like a horror movie, but it can happen. You can easily avoid a scenario like this by taking a power bank (A.K.A. battery charger) with you. It won’t take up much space in your backpack and can come in very handy.
Number 14 - Planning Too Much For A Single Trip Assuming you aren’t just heading to a resort with a bunch of friends for a week of intoxication and partying, you will likely plan a lot and will want to see and do as much as possible on your trip. This sounds great, but if you plan too many things and fill up each day from morning to night, you could end up finding yourself stressed out and exhausted. Not to mention, when you pack too many things into one day, you can’t even really fully explore and enjoy anything. It’s ok if you don’t visit every single place on your list in one trip. You can save some for next time. Travelling is not only a lot of fun, but a great way to learn about different cultures and gain new insights of the world. With a little bit of preparation, you can ensure that you don’t make any of the mistakes on this list. And sure, while some things are beyond your control - such as flight delays or bad weather - the more prepared you are, the less can go wrong! And that’s a good thing. Do you have any crazy travel stories where things went wrong but perhaps could have been avoided? Or do you know any other mistakes people make while traveling? Share your story in the comments below, so we can learn from each other. If you found this video useful, give it a thumbs up, and share it with your friends, so they too can avoid these travel mistakes.
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2023.06.04 17:41 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/MMA recap for the week of May 28 - June 03

Sunday, May 28 - Saturday, June 03


score comments title & link
3,231 428 comments [SPOILER] Jim Miller vs. Jesse Butler
675 132 comments [SPOILER] Andrei Arlovski vs. Don'Tale Mayes
630 134 comments [SPOILER] Jamie Mullarkey vs. Muhammadjon Naimov
582 86 comments [SPOILER] KSW 83: Krzysztof Głowacki vs Patryk Tołkaczewski
568 49 comments [SPOILER] Road to UFC: Peter Danesoe vs. Sim Kai Xiong
512 63 comments [SPOILER] Stefan Sekulić vs. Alex Oliveira | Titan FC 82
482 97 comments [SPOILER] Alex Caceres vs. Daniel Pineda
415 105 comments [SPOILER] Karine Silva vs. Ketlen Souza
301 38 comments [SPOILER] Mamed Khalidov vs. Scott Askham | KSW 83: Colosseum 2
287 119 comments [SPOILER] Abubakar Nurmagomedov vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos
279 25 comments [SPOILER] Image of the Finish in the KSW Main Event
244 38 comments [SPOILER] Road to UFC: Zhu Rong vs. Sung Chan Hong
225 71 comments [SPOILER] Tim Elliott vs. Victor Altamirano
217 52 comments [SPOILER] KSW 83: Artur Szpilka vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski
214 54 comments [SPOILER] Da'Mon Blackshear vs. Luan Lacerda


score comments title & link
1,840 176 comments Aussie MMA Fighter Who Fought Gruesome Bacterial Infection Saved His Leg After Return to Australia
730 193 comments 2022 PFL Champion Rob Wilkinson is out of his fight next week due to failed drug test
436 93 comments Jared Gordon out. Supposedly there is a replacement to be announced soon against Jim Miller.
343 96 comments Jamie Mullarkey's management announced that Mullarkey agreed to fight a new (unknown atm) opponent. That means Guram Kutateladze is no longer fighting on Saturday against Mullarkey
214 38 comments New UFC signee Jose Henrique suspended by USADA before promotional debut (Jose Henrique)


score comments title & link
256 144 comments [Editorial]Conor McGregor’s USADA delay looks like UFC smoke and mirrors


score comments title & link
2,241 266 comments Justin Gaethje thinks the BMF belt is “kind of stupid” but recognizes the financial upside.
654 45 comments Tomorrow marks the 8-year anniversary of the first and only pirate themed MMA event held on a cruise ship, Mixed Martial A'rr. The undercard featured a guy named Kai Kara-France knocking his opponent out in 12 seconds. Kai headlines this weekend's UFC card vs Amir Albazi.
309 67 comments Jim Miller is 6th all-time in UFC fight time. If his bout this weekend lasts longer than 1:40, he will pass Guida for 5th. If longer than 6:44, he will pass Maia for 4th. This figure shows how Miller's striking & longevity align with his peers.
291 65 comments Guram Kutateladze says that he didnt pull out from his fight against Jamie Mullarkey, and that he was pulled due to visa complications.
229 95 comments Dustin Poirier on Justin Gaethje - "Comparing his Fiziev fight, to our fight, he does a lot of things differently"


score comments title & link
172 181 comments When Did the UFC Fall Off? And Other Questions (Jack Slack Podcast 130)
135 92 comments Joe Rogan Experience JRE MMA Show #140 with Gillian Robertson
113 12 comments Three-part podcast series on MMA Officiating and Regulation with Marc Goddard, Clemens Werner and Mike Mazzulli
38 9 comments ONE Championship latest news | Tonon vs Gasanov, Kryklia returns | Post Fight Podcast
0 2 comments Amanda Nunes vs Irene Aldana | Dan Hardy Breakdown, The War Room Ep. 267

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4,378 257 comments [💩] The prophecy is being fulfilled
3,550 472 comments UFC fighter reveals that they are no longer given comped tickets for family
2,435 479 comments [One of Us] Lost my MMA debut
2,257 472 comments Justin Gaethje hails Dustin Poirier’s wins over Conor McGregor: ‘I always love to see that dude get broken’
2,181 844 comments UFC Drought - Massive Loss Of Interest As Of Recent....
1,776 680 comments Don’t worry, UFC’s Michael Chandler has a solid explanation for his ‘very clinically high’ testosterone
1,765 463 comments [📣 Call out] Conor mcgregor and alexander volkanovski wants to fight each other👀
1,574 158 comments [Highlights] Dustin Poirier's history of viciously striking his opponents before and after the bell (Pettis/Gaethje/Alvarez II)
1,464 291 comments [Unconfirmed] Leaked: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev is taking place in Abu Dhabi on October 21st.
1,406 368 comments Daniel Cormier sees danger for Alex Pereira in 205 debut: ‘I have seen [Jan] Blachowicz almost decapitate guys’

Fight Thread Comments

score comment
229 ApatheticRart said A dude who already won TUF is back on the show... LOL
225 GlobalKimura said Well, let's cut right to the chase: this show is a fucking dinosaur. Genuinely feels like a carbon copy of something you would find on TV from 2006, editing and music included. Worst of all, the s...
201 GoatPaco said Well, at least I understand the 30 minutes of backstory now The fight lasted 9 seconds. They needed content to fill the hour
197 frogsntoads00 said Conor just liver kicking his teammates and giving money to little kids Completely unhinged lol
182 DaveyJonas said Chandler's about to adopt this guy

Awarded Comments

awards score comment
1 Wholesome, 1 Table Slap 1,099 StormBred said Imagine volk takes the light weight title, Conor takes the welterweight title, then they fight for the 170 title and volk becomes triple champ and my dad comes back, that would be so crazy haha
1 Crab Rave 499 HornyFerguson said Both of these fighters have dealt with custody battles involving their children
1 Silver 1,499 RemainingAnonymoose said I’ll give you the advice my coach gave me after I lost my first wrestling match. Feel this. Let it hurt. The holes in your game were just opened up- fill them with training so that you never feel th...
1 I'll Drink to That 38 FreshlyWritten69 said Conor also was out of the pool and using PEDs so he could walk again … he probably can’t enter the pool right now without pissing hot because of what he took. It’s not smoke and mirrors, it’s just a ...
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2023.06.04 17:38 _discobloodbath666 Map of the Darkside's influence. Henry this is for you…. ROTFLOL

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2023.06.04 17:38 Dracksone45 IPO $ADNOC will lead us to the moon

To start with, if Biden and company can manage the debt ceiling problems, IPOs should intensify. But why go crazy with these companies, you might ask. The market has been very indecisive this year, and we've only just emerged from the bear market of 2022, yet recent IPOs have been almost all good. 42 companies have gone public this year as of mid-May, according to Renaissance Capital. That's an increase of 27% over last year, according to Renaissance. Going public at this key exit point from the bear market will put them in the spotlight at a time of investor euphoria. Back to $ADNOC, ADNOC or Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is the energy company of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and is the leading national oil company in the United Arab Emirates. The company has enjoyed admirable growth in recent years.

ADNOC’s performance 2022

-ADNOC Distribution has opened 12 new stations in the UAE – reaching to a domestic network of 472.
-In Saudi Arabia, the company has added 26 new stations in H1 2022, taking its network in the Kingdom to a total of 66.
-As of June, the company’s total network is at 538 stations -a s it aims to deliver 60-80 new sites in 2022 said the company in a press release.
ADNOC Distribution has signed an agreement to acquire a 50% stake in TotalEnergies Marketing Egypt for around $185.9 million (AED 683 million) – including 240 fuel retail stations, wholesale fuel, aviation fuel, and lubricants operations – which showcases the company’s commitment to international growth – said Zawya.
Eng. Bader Saeed Al Lamki, CEO, ADNOC Distribution, said, “In the first half of 2022, we have maintained a strong financial and operational performance while integrating cutting-edge solutions to our customer-focused offerings. We have demonstrated a healthy performance, with consistent growth and a strong balance sheet to support further growth investments and to sustain attractive capital distribution to our shareholders.”
“Furthermore, our entry into Egypt will mark a significant milestone in our company’s journey that will help unlock new earnings potential through a diversified portfolio, further contributing to our financial performance. Our investment in our network expansion, launch of new products, and innovative services cater to our customers’ needs as we deliver more modern, digitally-enabled convenience in wider locations.” added Al Lamki. “By doing so, we are able to accelerate our domestic and international growth expansion plans and deliver higher returns to our shareholders.”
ADNOC records a strong performance in its H1 2022 distribution - Oil & Gas KSA2022 (
ADNOC has launched an aggressive growth strategy, and that's why they're doing their IPOs.
"Our planned IPO offers an exciting opportunity to accelerate our growth, supporting ADNOC Group with its ambitious growth strategy, while further expanding the services provided to our customers and exploring new geographical areas and business verticals.",geographical%20areas%20and%20business%20verticals.
This is an ultra-ambitious company with a track record that holds up well. Generally speaking, black gold is becoming increasingly scarce, and the price of drums is skyrocketing.
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2023.06.04 17:31 Dj_suffering Rain in Austin TX helped me end the night on an OK note

Slow night in ATX last night. Sitting at $30, nothing but $2,$3 crap coming in. Rain started, checked weather and since it wasn't going to end quickly took a crap $6 in the direction of home. After drop-off I got a $9 (0 min wait) heading towards home, then a $10 and $9 (short wait) addons a little past home. I only take addons if I know the area, so being near home which normally is $6 McD's with closed lobby after 9 and long drive thru line paid off for once.
Went from $30-60 in less than an hour, still home b4 10pm. Thanks Austin.
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2023.06.04 17:29 _discobloodbath666 Map of the Darkside's influence. Henry this is for you…. ROTFL

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2023.06.04 17:27 beermeupscotty ** RE:SET - LOS ANGELES PASADENA, CA SUNDAY 4 JUNE 2023 MEGA-THREAD **

This is a mega-thread for people who want to discuss before, during, and/or after the Re:SET - Los Angeles show. Please keep all comments relevant to the specific Re:SET - Los Angeles show. We will update the general info as more is learned comes through the wire if need be.
Enjoy the show!
VENUE : Brookside at The Rose Bowl
WHERE : Pasadena, CA
WEATHER : High of 74°F and sunny
  • Doors open: 3:00 pm
  • Big Freedia: 4:00 pm - 4:40 pm
  • IDLES: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Shit Robot: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Jamie XX: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Shit Robot: 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm
  • LCD Soundsystem: 8:15 pm - 9:45 pm
  • Curfew: 10:00 pm
VENUE DETAILS : * Please refer to the venue FAQs for more information! * Venue map can be found here
OPENING ACT(S) : Jamie XX, IDLES, Big Freedia, Shit Robot, Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden, ( DJ Topgun
  • AXS.
  • TICKET MEGA-THREAD. Feel free to post ticket exchanges here as well. Please abide by rules posted in the ticket mega-thread!
MERCHANDISE : t-shirts and long sleeves, oh my!
PLEASE keep all conversations related to the Re:SET - Los Angeles show.
This thread serves 3 purposes :
  1. Invite people to talk about anything related to the show taking place in their city, such as the merch, the venue, the show itself, etc.
  2. Allow people to organize a pre/post-show meetup.
  3. Share any and all media and footage from the show.
This thread will be stickied 6 hours after the show ends. Once unstickied, this thread will be placed on the sidebar for the duration of the tour -- each GDT will replace the corresponding AXS website :)
Have fun and dance yrself clean!
Please be advised that all subsequent posts regarding tonight's show, including buying/selling/trading tickets for tonight's show, will be locked and subsequently deleted.
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2023.06.04 17:23 OooohMylanta The World's Worst Bottom Model : Bad News!!!

The World's Worst Bottom Model : Bad News!!!

The game is back on, but the unexpected delay on our unexpected journey has meant that all sorts of other games that are not nearly as serious and exciting as WWBM are getting all the attention now. Momentum is everything!

Well, childbirth live-streaming PR queen(?) Lisa knows that more than anything, even more than finding Llama and the One Ring, WWBM needs to get back on the FRONT PAGE. This week, she wants the models to smash all those other games out of the collective consciousness by giving her some FRONT PAGE BAD NEWS.


A Missourian woman with a rare genetic disorder and an unfortunate habit of finger sniffing is due for an amputation of all ten of her digits. We asked her how she was coping, but her fingers were so stuffed around her nose that we couldn't hear her muffled responses. Whiff away and Godspeed!

Virahya - Virahya arrested after bank heist and police chase
Virahya and her 2 friends robbed bank and after 3 minute police chase crashed her bike. Her friends skedaddled and she was caught and detained by police

Elsa - Elsa Hosk shoots, fails to score even $1 for charity this weekend as part of "Supermodels Playing Basketball for Good" week.
Collectively, 9 supermodels raised $218.00 over the weekend for The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good. All in all, the event production costs totaled over $300,000 dollars.

Unia - Lobotomy Gone Awry. Woman Now Identifies as a Gerbil

Chanel - These Skirts Are Back

Lisa 2 - Giant Balls Ruin Spring Break Among Other Things

Sakura - Heiress to the Adidas Fortunate Trapped!
Sakura, great grand-daughter of Adolf Dasaler (founder of Adidas) traps herself in a secret location that she herself lined with aluminum foil. This comes after her recent outburst on social media, claiming aliens were coming for her. If you have any details of her whereabouts please dial (888)-SHE-LOST.

Anna - Angry Person Throws Book at Anna, Friends Thought She Was Napping
On Friday, backstage at a charity event, an angry Grace Jones fan sneaked into Anna’s dressing room and threw a book on her face. Anna blacked out from the impact and fell into her couch. The angry fan left afterwards. Friends and staff thought she was napping and did not check on her or wanted to disturb her. It was not until the event was about to start did they realize something was wrong. Police investigated the Ring camera recording and identified and arrested the culprit. Anna suffered from a concussion and selective amnesia and joked she will start saying “I don’t remember” when asked a probing question in an interview.

Marlon - World's Hottest Man Tries Skateboarding for First Time, Dies

Bella - Bella Hadid Caught Eating Pizza

Adwoa - Lisa Gets Legal: Adwoa Sued Over New Menstrual Product "Dare-U-Flo"

Voting will close this Wednesday, June 7th at 11:59PM MDT. You can vote in the comments below, in DM or by using this HORRIBLY NEWSWORTHY GOOGLE FORM. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 17:23 vthes [RESULTS] r/LESSERAFIM 1st Annual Census (2022 - 2023)

[RESULTS] LESSERAFIM 1st Annual Census (2022 - 2023)
Hello, everyone! Here are the results of the survey that was conducted a month ago. In the image below you can take a look at a shortened version of all the data we collected in the infographic form. The full data is provided in the text format right after the infographic.
I also want to remind you that the questions in this survey did not include the UNFORGIVEN era, only FEARLESS and ANTIFRAGILE.


25-28 years - 25.9%
29-32 years - 17.9%
21-24 years - 17.5%
17-20 years - 16.5%
35+ years - 11.8%
33-35 years - 6.1%
13-16 years - 4.2%


Male - 58.5%
Female - 37.3%
Non-Binary - 2.8%
Preferred not to say - 1.4%


Straight - 69.8%
Bisexual - 12.7%
Lesbian - 4.2%
Asexual - 3.8%
Not sure - 2.8%
Gay - 2.4%
Pansexual - 0.9%
Other - 0.5%
Preferred not to say - 2.8%


White - 33.5%
Southeast Asian - 20.8%
East Asian - 17%
Hispanic/Latino - 7.1%
South Asian - 6.1%
Black/African Ancestry - 5.2%
Mixed - 5.2%
Arab/Middle Eastern - 0.9%
Indigenous/Native - 0.5%
Other - 1.9%
Preferred not to say - 1.9%


North America - 49.5%
Europe - 23.1%
Southeast Asia - 13.7%
Oceania - 5.2%
South America - 2.8%
South Asia - 2.8%
Africa - 0.9%
East Asia - 0.9%
Central America - 0.5%
Middle East - 0.5%
Central Asia - 0%


USA - 40.1%
Canada - 8.8%
United Kingdom - 6.8%
Germany - 5.4%
Australia - 5.4%
Philippines - 4.1%
Singapore - 3.4%
Spain - 2.7%
Brazil - 2%
France, Netherlands, Norway, Malaysia - 1.4%
Argentina, China, Croatia, Ethiopia, Finland, Greece, Guadeloupe, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand - <1%


Once a day - 29.7%
Multiple times a day - 28.8%
Several times a week - 26.4%
Once a week - 8.5%
Less than once a week - 6.6%


Reddit - 47.6%
Twitter - 29.7%
YouTube - 8.5%
Instagram - 7.5%
Discord - 2.8%
TikTok - 0.9%
Other - 2.8%


Pre-debut - 46.7%
ANTIFRAGILE era - 29.7%
FEARLESS era - 23.6%


Yes - 61.3%
No - 27.4%
I’m not sure - 11.3%


Chaewon - 23.6%
Sakura - 22.6%
Yunjin - 19.3%
Eunchae - 9.4%
Kazuha - 9%
Don’t have a bias - 16%


I don’t have a favorite - 8.5%


No Celestial - 24.5%
Blue Flame - 21.7%
Impurities - 20.8%
Sour Grapes - 10.8%
The Great Mermaid - 9.9%
Good Parts - 3.8%
Choices - 3.8%
I don't have a favorite - 4.7%


Yes - 92%
No - 8%


Raise y_our glass - 33%
love you twice - 25.5%
I ≠ DOLL - 25%
Last Christmas - 1.4%
I don't have a favorite - 15.1%


Yes - 55.2%
No - 44.8%


I don’t have a favorite - 17.4%


Impurities - 6.6%
I don’t have a favorite - 6.6%


DAYOFF - 31.1%
FIM-LOG - 8%
LE PLAY - 4.2%
EPISODE - 2.4%
LE SSERAFIM Meeting - 1.9%
After Party - 0.5%


TWICE - 36.54%
IVE - 30.77%
NewJeans - 28.85%
BTS - 20.51%
aespa - 18.59%
Red Velvet, IZ*ONE - 17.31%
ITZY, TXT - 14.74%
(G)I-DLE, SEVENTEEN - 13.46%
NMIXX - 12.82%
STAYC, Dreamcatcher, MAMAMOO - 9.62%
Stray Kids - 8.97%
Kep1er, FIFTY FIFTY, SNSD - 8.33%
IU, LOONA - 7.69%
YENA - 7.05%
SHINee - 6.41%
tripleS, Billlie - 5.13%
SUNMI, fromis_9, KWON EUN BI - 4.49%
EXO, BIBI - 2.56%
OH MY GIRL, Weki Meki, PIXY, Rocket Punch, BIGBANG, woo!ah, ATEEZ, WJSN, VIVIZ, CHUNG HA, CLC, TAEMIN, KEY, f(x) - 1.92%
iKON, CIX, CLASS:y, NCT Dream, AOA, Rocking doll, Brave Girls, PinkFantasy, Rolling Quartz, DAY6, MAVE:, LIMELIGHT, SECRET NUMBER, Orange Caramel, ONEWE, QI.X, JONGHYUN, T-ARA, WEi, Apink, TEMPEST, JAMIE, BOL4, GOT7, ARTMS, SEULGI, YUJU, TRI.BE, INFINITE, ONF, WayV, BoA, Epik High, Heize, Secret, HyunA, Cherry Bullet, 4Minute, NCT 127, VIXX, AKMU, YOUHA, LeeHi, MIJOO, BABYMONSTER, DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, The Rose, YUKIKA, ILY:1, KAI, Girl’s Day, Kim Junsu, WONHO, ADORA, LUCY, TO1, KIM SEJEONG, KARD, KANGDANIEL - <1%


2023 - 0.9%
2022 - 8.5%
2021 - 4.7%
2020 - 13.7%
2019 - 13.7%
2018 - 9.4%
2017 - 5.7%
2016 - 6.1%
2015 - 5.2%
2014 - 2.8%
2013 - 1.9%
2012 - 6.1%
2010 - 5.7%
2009 - 2.8%
2008 - 3.8%
2007 - 1.9%
2006 - 0.5%
2005 - 0.5%
2004 - 0%
2003 - 0%
2002 - 0%
2001 - 0%
2000 - 0.9%
1990-s - 1.4%


Pop - 77.4%
Rock - 54.2%
R&B - 47.6%
Rap/Hip-hop - 45.3%
Indie - 37.3%
EDM - 32.5%
Classical - 21.7%
Metal - 19.3%
Latin - 11.3%
Country - 9.4%
I don't listen to any other genres - 5.2%

That's it!
A big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Any questions, ideas, thoughts or suggestions for the future surveys are very welcome.
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2023.06.04 17:21 Dave1000000000006 What even is this

What even is this submitted by Dave1000000000006 to USdefaultism [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 17:16 legal-militant I asked Chat-GPT to generate "The Onion" like headlines about Kashmir

  1. "Srinagar Declared 'World's Most Serene City': Citizens Attribute It to the Daily Practice of Letting Out a Collective Sigh"
  2. "Curfew Lifted Temporarily in Kashmir: Residents Ecstatic for a Chance to Catch Up on Their Favorite Soap Operas"
  3. "Kashmiri Students Demand Extra Winter Break: Cite Severe Snowball Fight Fatigue"
  4. "Local Grandmother Stuns Scientists with Her Ability to Accurately Predict Snowfall Using 100-Year-Old Joint Pain Indicator"
  5. "Tourists Flock to Kashmir for the Ultimate 'Hot or Cold' Challenge: The Legendary Shikara Chai Experience"
  6. "Young Kashmiri Entrepreneur Develops High-Tech Shawl that Also Doubles as a Wi-Fi Hotspot"
  7. "Breaking News: Legendary Yeti Spotted in Kashmir; Turns Out It Was Just an Overgrown Sheep with a Great PR Team"
  8. "Exclusive Interview: Locals Reveal the Secret Behind Their Immunity to Spicy Food – 'We've Been Eating Chilies Since We Were Kids'"
  9. "Kashmiri Cuisine Revolution: Introducing the World's First Kebab That Can Also Be Used as a Pillow"
  10. "Community Unity: Kashmiris Organize 'Kahwa and Kebab' Festival to Celebrate Diversity and Deliciousness"
    1. "Kashmiri Farmers Invent 'Selfie Stick Scarecrow' to Keep Birds Away from Crops, Win Nobel Prize for Agriculture and Photography"
  11. "Kashmiri Rappers Form Supergroup 'Diplomatic Dissent': Spitting Rhymes for Peace, One Verse at a Time"
  12. "Kashmir Conflict Reaches New Heights: All Sides Compete for World Record in the Longest Simultaneous Eye Roll"
  13. "Kashmiri Politicians Master the Art of Telepathy: Can Now Communicate Their Demands Without Uttering a Single Word"
  14. "International Community Enlists Aliens in Effort to Mediate Kashmir Conflict: Hopeful Extraterrestrial Perspective Will Bring New Solutions"
  15. "World's Longest Game of Chess Played in Kashmir: Each Move Takes Decades, Players Hope to Reach Checkmate by 2200"
  16. "Kashmiri Peace Talks Transform into Epic Rap Battle: Politicians Drop Mic Instead of Bombs"
  17. "Kashmiri Farmers Unite to Grow World's Longest Peaceful Protest Crop: 'Field of Harmony' Extends Across Borders"
  18. "Kashmiri Politicians Master the Art of 'Constituent Cryptography' to Keep Promises Securely Hidden"
  19. "Kashmiri Chess Tournament Ends in Eternal Stalemate: Participants Unable to Agree on the Next Move for Over a Decade"
submitted by legal-militant to Kashmiri [link] [comments]