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Dedicated to the Amazon Prime series A League of Their Own, co-created by Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham. ⚾️❤️🌈

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2023.06.03 09:02 AutoModerator Seth Williams (REtipster) - Land Investing Masterclass (Courses2day.org)

Seth Williams (REtipster) - Land Investing Masterclass Download
Download this course here: https://courses2day.org/seo-complete-course-collection-2022-by-moz-academy/
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2023.06.03 09:01 Electrical_Ad5800 Just a little trauma dump

So, When I was younger, my mom would always talk trash about my father, saying he was a deadbeat and a horrible parent, but no matter what happened, my dad always made an effort to be in my life when my mother didn't. When I was 11, my mom moved to Texas, and since she had custody of me, I had to go with her. 2 of the worst years of my life ensued because my mother was abusing prescription drugs like Xanax and other painkillers. She doesn't even remember (or acts like she doesn't) all the abuse she put me through in texas. One example is her telling me she wishes she had aborted me. We moved to Washington after those 2 years, and I didn't want to move every few years so when I visited California for summer to see my dad, I asked him to get custody of me. Since my mom didn't bother to show up to 3 of the 4 court dates, my dad got sole custody of me (even if she did show up she would've lost because I told the judge about all the crap she did to me when I lived with her) my dad had gotten much better than he was before I moved (he drank a lot and had an addiction to painkillers.) He passed after about 5 months of me living with him on October 1st 2018 from heart disease and an overdose on the meds he was taking to get rid of his painkiller addiction because my step mother (who he was planning on divorcing) gave him more pills than he was supposed to take. I lived with my grandmother on my mom's side for about a year before moving back in with my mom because my grandmother was somehow even worse than my mom. My mom has gotten much better since then, but once I turned 18, I moved back down to California to live with my grandmother on my dad's side since all of my family members live here I've been living here since July of 2022, and I'm planning on moving to Wyoming with my girlfriend of 4 years next years and my mom is super happy that I'm making decisions for myself. I'm glad she's gotten better and she says she's going to move to Germany in a few years. I have a good relationship with my mom now as well as 2 of my 3 siblings (my dad's kids but not my moms) and I'm glad I at least have them to talk to about these things but I've been thinking about this a lot recently and just wanted to hear some other people's similar stories.
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2023.06.03 08:57 AlliedAnthony Diablo 4 pop-up event in Taipei @ Computex 2023! Was there for the show itself, but this was awesome to see. They had a small home theater blasting out the trailer, can't wait to play it!

Diablo 4 pop-up event in Taipei @ Computex 2023! Was there for the show itself, but this was awesome to see. They had a small home theater blasting out the trailer, can't wait to play it! submitted by AlliedAnthony to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 08:47 lunovadraws My Hexblade Fairy [OC] Daenyri

He’s a gory dude tbh, loves those axes 😬
Physical Description
Despite the fact that he's grown up around humans, Daenyri has always known he was abnormally tall for a fairy. Standing at 4'7", it's easy for him to be lost in a crowd, that is if you ignore the 3' iridescent wings on his back and strange pink markings on his arms and chest.
Daenyri has always been very feminine, with long, graceful legs, sculpted to perfection through rigorous ballet training, and a thin waist. His boyish feature are of no help, but his high cheekbones and full pink lips does at least allow him to look like something of an adult, sort of.
His head is a halo of golden curls, a sharp contrast to his deep bronze freckled skin, with eyes that sparkle like honey with small flecks of blue, surrounded by long delicate eyelashes. His hands, though delicate, are calloused through arduous training with his tomahawks and long nights gripping his trapeze and aerial hoops and silks, a very genuine insecurity of his.
He has brilliant white teeth and a smile that charms anyone around him, alongside long ears that end in a double pointed edge.
He wears a tight fitted quarter sleeve shirt with a deep v that shows his toned features and pair of thick leggings that allow him warmth and comfort without restricting his movement. He wears a light blue women's waist coat because it "looks far prettier on him than any woman that would even consider buying it", shin high slightly heeled boots, to get him closer to that 5' goal of his, and fingerless gloves to protect his skin from any more callouses
I don't know my birth parents, and frankly, I don't want to. I was raised with my circus, it's where I am home. My mother, an acrobat, and my father, a knife thrower found me in a basket. It was perhaps the best thing to ever happen to me. I was never studious or smart, but I was very active, and my parents immediately put that to use. From the moment I could walk, I was taking dance lessons and improving my natural flexibility with my mother. My father, helped me learn to wield tomahawks and I was, surprisingly, a natural talent there as well. Eventually, I began performing, and while the tomahawks were fun, a certain thrill came with acrobatic. My mother taught me aerial silks, and I loved it and feeling graceful, but my true passion was the trapeze. being a fairy, I had to restrain my wings, but flying was dull in comparison to the freedom the trapeze granted. Somersaulting in the air, relying wholly on your comrades, there was nothing like it. My life couldn't have been better, we were happy.
One night, after a particularly grueling training session, I drag my battered body back towards my trailer when I heard a noise. I immediately perked up, distinctly aware of the fact that I am a 4'7" fairy in the middle of an unfamiliar town in the middle of the night. I quickened my pace, when I heard my name being called from a shadow in the distance. I knew I shouldn't approach it, but something told me to get closer, so I did, and what I saw I will never forget. It was a man, but he seemed... off. His eyes were fully black, darker than the shadows that coalesced around his athletic form. He was tall, he couldn't have been shorter than 6'0, and his smile sent a chill through my blood. At first I thought it was fear, in hindsight, I realize it was nothing of the sort. he spoke to me, he made promises of riches, of power, of success. Though I had no wish for that, and said exactly what any person would have. "How about your number?" Look, you try thinking clearly when the literal definition of tall, dark, and handsome is staring at you like something to be devoured okay?
He laughed, and it was exhilarating, he said things that made my heart pound and made my head dizzy. I'll never forget the words he said as he left that night, "Oh you sweet thing, you have no idea the things I'd do to you." Right as he vanished from my sight. I wanted to tell people, but I knew they'd never believe me. I wouldn't have either, and after a few months, it almost felt like a dream, until I saw him again, this time, from the dark recesses of the closet in an inn. I was ecstatic to see him, but this time, he made no promises of power, we simply talked. I know it's weird, but it's true, we just... talked. We had those interactions a few times a month, and I quickly found myself looking forward to it. When one night, he came, and told me it would be his last time. I was devastated, angry and confused. I didn't understand, I still don't but then I remembered his proposition. He offered me power, so I told him to offer it to me again. Ge was hesitant. He said he didn’t want to bind me like that, that he’d never make me do vile things, so I said “then don’t”. To me it was a rather simple solution. So the deal was struck, and when he left, he gave me a gift, two hand axes that shined like obsidian and rippled as though smoke moved in their reflection.
He was never able to return. I don’t know why, but something or someone is keeping him in his home of Shadowfell. I still see him sometimes, smiling from one of my axes. Sometimes, I’ll hear him whispering small phrases, sometimes i can swear I feel his touch again. But I knew that would never be enough.
I knew what I needed to do if I ever wanted to see him again. I told my parents that I needed to travel, to explore the world and see what it has to offer, that the circus was all I'd ever known, and that I wanted to see more. I knew it hurt them, but I had to do what I could to get away. It was the only way they'd let me go. And now, I will harness these abilities, I will venture to Shadowfell, and I will find the love of my life, or die trying. Probably at least...
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2023.06.03 08:40 Cathalised The Season 7 Award & Acknowledgement Thread

Hi everyone!
With the season finale at an end and the final AMA all done and dusted, it’s time for our traditional year review! It’s been a year of huge upsets and crushing losses, with the sub roaring into action and, sometimes, showing its sensitive side. With some help, we steered clear from most confusion although miscommunications weren’t entirely avoided.
We gained new heroes, with teams surprising friend and foe, sometimes leaving everyone speechless or otherwise nervous in this awesome version of rock paper scissors. As long as we abided our Patron Saint however, we knew things were going to be okay.
Some interesting numbers for you:
Then, last but least, our highly-coveted awards:

The Madcatter’s Plow Award

for Best Art posted on the sub this season
In a season where we once again had great creativity flowing through the sub the 2022 Madcatter’s Plow Award goes to u/Iainiscreative for his spectacular rendition of a fiery exchange between Minotaur and Free Shipping. Stand up and be recognized!
Honorable mentions go to u/Hotkoin for his hilarious comic series, u/CalebRobotArt for doing the 2021 roster, u/throwaway7782929992 for some comic relief u/bbadgerworkshop for these RPG monsters and u/HauntedWatson for his superhero design. We’re looking forward to seeing your work next season, people!

Best Thread of the Season

Being partial to some great dry humour, this award goes to no other than u/jon-in-tha-hood for presenting this highly accurate Fight Card during the 3 week break. Honorable mention to the folks of Team Omega, who didn’t leave any doubt about the nature of their team.
Then now, the results of this year’s Vote of the Season! Nearly 1000 people chimed in this year, making it by far the most popular vote of all time.

The Prospect of the Season

for Debuting Team voted Most Likely To Succeed Next Season
Taking the mantle from Glitch last year, the team of RIPperoni was nearly unanimously (95.4%) voted as most promising for next year. Pizza, pizza, pizza!

Best Driver of the Season

Perhaps unsurprisingly after what he's put on display this year, a record-breaking majority of you (44.5%) went to Giant-Nut winner Jamison Go from SawBlaze. u/TheVariableConstant take a bow! Last year’s winner Daniel Freitas takes the silver with 19.6%, and Kevin Milczewski from Claw Viper fame completes the podium with 14.8% of the vote.
…and then now the award you all have been nominating participants for as the season went on and will have an actual, physical copy of it shipped to its winners:

The 2022 I-Didn’t-Hear-No-Bell-Prize

for Best Fight of the Season
We had a lot of great fights this year, with Fusion standing out initially with great displays against both Witch Doctor and Emulsifier. Claw Viper was turning some heads as well (being one of only two teams nominated four times) and Minotaur v Cobalt from Episode 7 was pegged as the winner very early on.
Unfortunately however, the tournament stages were still to begin. The knockout rounds saw some nailbiting action too, condemning Cobalt v Minotaur to the second place in this year’s vote with 14.7% of you voting in its favor. The quality of this year’s knockout rounds is perhaps best illustrated by the title fight between SawBlaze and HUGE taking third place with 13.2% of the vote - it tells you all you need to know about the quality of this year’s finals.
In the end though, the majority of this year’s No-Bell-Prize vote went to the ultimate showdown between two of the best drivers in the game: the Quarterfinal fight of Minotaur v SawBlaze, with 27.9% of you voting in its favour. Congratulations! This means the SawBlaze team can add yet another piece of silverwareaward to their trophy cabinet, and Team RioBotz is the second team to win the No-Bell-Prize back to back after Rotator did it first. The teams have been contacted, and we’ll let you know when the awards arrive.
So peeps, that’s about it. Naturally there will be some Battlebots Champions episodes later in the year but for now, it’s time to put this season to rest. A big thanks go out to you, the fans, for making this all memorable. Sure there has been some controversy again (as is tradition) but it’s been a blast doing the pre, post and LIVE threads with you, doing the POLLLLSSSSSSSS, setting up the AMAs and watching everyone be so engaged with the show we love. We hope you enjoyed all of it.
Roll on Season 8World Championship VIII! We’ll probably get the new Rumor Mill up some time after the weekend. See you there!
Your battlebots crew
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2023.06.03 08:30 Big-Research-2875 RATES OF EVOLUTION


Charles Darwin perceived biological process modification as occurring step by step over lots of years. this idea, known as phylogenetic gradualism, has been the normal interpretation of the tempo, or rate, of evolution. Some biological process changes, however, happen terribly quickly.


Studies of the fossil record

Studies of the fossil record show that a lot of species don't modification considerably over lots of years. These periods of stasis (Gr. stasis, standing still), or equilibrium, area unit interrupted once a gaggle encounters associate ecological crisis, like a modification in climate or a serious geologic event. Over consecutive ten,000 to 100,000 years, a variation that antecedently was by selection neutral or negative may currently be advantageous.

Geological events

Alternatively, geologic events may lead to new habitats turning into on the market. (Events that occur in ten,000 to 100,000 years area unit virtually instant in associate biological process time-frame.) This geologically temporary amount of modification “punctuates” the previous million about years of equilibrium and eventually settles into consecutive amount of stasis. during this model, helpful choice characterizes the periods of stasis, and directional or tumultuous choice characterizes the periods of modification.

Punctuated equilibrium model of evolution

Long periods of stasis interrupted by temporary periods of modification is termed the theory of evolution model of evolution. Biologists have ascertained such fast biological process changes in tiny populations.

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2023.06.03 08:29 Willigsire Home sick

To preface this, I tend to be a pretty introverted person. I also really love being over the road. I love the freedom, yet also the responsibility. Most of our freight is drop and hook; and what isn’t, we don’t touch. Just open the trailer doors, back up to the loading dock, then catch a nap/catch up on my shows, and wait for them for bring me my signed bills. I’ve been doing this now for 7 months now.
I’m 33 years old, and have been with my wife 2 years in September.
Back in October (about halfway through my training) my son was born. He arrived a bit earlier than expected (fully developed, and as healthy as any child out there).
I had originally planned to be home, but that didn’t exactly work out. I received the call from my brother-in-law at 9:30pm saying it was time. I was in bum fuck nowhere in western Pennsylvania on the I-80, and we had stopped at a Love’s so I could take a dump when I got that call. I told my trainer and dispatch, and we stopped in Cleveland, and I caught an Uber to the airport, and flew home.
I got to the hospital at 7am in Dallas the following morning, and met my son, Johnathan, in person, for the first time. Both him and my wife were doing fantastic.
That first moment that I held my son, I knew. He is my absolute everything. I never thought I could care or love something as much as I do him. I needed to protect him. Provide for him. Give him everything.
I stayed home for a week, before I headed back out to finish my training. A couple weeks later, I was handed the keys to my truck.
I tend to stay out on the road for 2-3 weeks at a time, and then come home for about 4 days. Usually try to be home Friday, and leave on the following Tuesday. This way I have time with him, my wife, and to give my mother-in-law a break, since she watch’s him during the weekdays when my wife works. Every time I’m home, I can see how much he has grown. How much smarter he is.
This time around I’ve been out for a while longer. Two weeks now, and I won’t be back until the 22nd, but I’ll be taking a whole week off once I’m home.
My wife and I FaceTime nearly everyday, and I get so many pictures of him, but….
Right now, it just hit me really hard. I want to be home with them. I miss them so fucking much it hurts. I’m sitting here at a Love’s in Nebraska, in my bed, in tears as I look through all the photos of my son growing up without me there. I wish I could just hold them both. Hear his laughs, or the little squeaks and coo’s that me makes. I want to hear my wife tell me it will be okay.
I miss my family.
I just needed to get this off my chest. We already have a plan for me to go local, so I can be home every night and weekend.
For those that are still reading this, thank you. I didn’t originally intend for this to turn into a damn novel. Just needed to vent so I can get to sleep without my mind racing.
Y’all stay safe out there.
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2023.06.03 08:28 Therusticate Starting Over, But Trying a New Attitude

Hey all, I’m back to square one with stuff but it’s going better than I expected.
July 2022- I was the thinnest I’d ever been, in a healthy range for my height (5’1” F 126lbs) I still thought I was fat and I want to go back in time and punch myself in the face.
May 2023- I have gained over 50 pounds. (180lbs) since July 2022 I have experienced deaths of friends, a huge shift in my quality of work life that left me resentful, I went back to school (coding bootcamp) in an attempt to change careers and took on another full time job (in addition to my other job) to pay for it, and turned to food for self soothing. My depression roared back into place and as an ex-addict/alcoholic who wasn’t looking to get back on the sauce, I let myself eat and eat without the time to go to the gym or any regard for my health. If I wasn’t working I was sleeping or eating. I cried in counseling and I sobbed In doctors appointments. (My doc is the absolute best and she repeatedly told me “I’m not worried about the numbers on the scale but it happened so quickly, are you okay?” And then “I know you’re going through a lot but let’s think about how you can be more active again and eating better so we can get you back to a healthy range.”)
Positives: my partner is extremely supportive and works out with me and we always eat healthy together. My parents are supportive and celebrated my achievements and call me every day. My sister drove the two hours to help me deep clean my depression apartment so I could have a fresh start. My best friend and I and my mom have walking challenges to keep us motivated because we’re competitive. My partner and best friend have surprised me with a vacation abroad for 10 days mostly paid for because they’re proud and they believe in me.
June 2023- this is the first week back. I’ve been to the gym 4 times this week and will be enjoying the rest days of cardio and stretching. I’m finally able to be a better friend and better partner because my intensive certification course is over. I’ve gotten some great advice on eating better. I have not lost weight. But at 50+ pounds heavier I can safely say that my support network, who laid the groundwork for months before this, has proven that they don’t care how I look, they love me for me. My partner has been the absolute best in cheering me on and celebrating my successes and not admonishing my failures (the weight, the stress hives, the anxiety.)
I am uncomfortable in this body. I can’t move the way I used to or lift the weight i could have a few months ago, I am terrified to tears daily about our vacation in 6 weeks, and nothing fits or looks good enough to me. But the world won’t stop turning to allow me to lose 50 pounds before I allow people to look at me so I am going to do my best to wake up and realize all the good in my life and all the people that didn’t leave me when I got thicker.
I’m going to hit it hard because I enjoy it. I love lifting, I love being strong and seeing my muscles so I am going to enjoy the ride, keep an eye on my diet and talk it out in counseling and to the doc if I need help, and I’m not buying a swimsuit until July 1st because who knows? Tone might happen, water weight could fall off, and changes to my body might occur. But then i will buy clothes that fit and are comfortable for the body I am in at that time because I deserve to feel comfortable and have clothes that fit and not feel like I have to wear the potato sack of shame on a vacation meant to celebrate me.
Don’t get me wrong, I hate my body. I hate that I let myself get here and I hate that people look at me when I look like this. But I’m trying every single day to be the physically healthy, mentally healthy, most grateful, and smartest version of myself. So even if the scale doesn’t say things i like I guarantee that i will be able to hike, dive, walk, and lift better than i have 30 days ago.
Being fat does not mean I miss out and my efforts will still mean something even if my face looks more buttery in the pictures. I’m not just lifting weights, I’m lifting trauma and insecurities and the fear of not being good enough or desirable. And when I can deadlift my self hatred, I am certain that i will give myself permission to live.
I am committed to doing it correctly where I might have restricted to the point of being unhealthy, overworking myself or pushing too hard before. Doing things the healthy way is slower but at the end of the day, I want peace from the obsession of being perfect. I have a better idea of how I want to look, live, and show up for others. So, I’m addressing my unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and trying so hard to make sure these healthy changes take.
Wish me luck, I have a lot going for me and I hope that through hard work that the pressure to be perfect in 6 weeks will lift.
We’re all gonna make it! :)
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2023.06.03 08:22 FortniteWonders Sometimes I feel like the world is too much

Back in August of 2022 I was diagnosed with depression. I am a minor as you can tell by my name. I'll be 17 by the end of the month. As a minor I feel like I can't do anything with my life to try to get better. I live with my grandma because my mom died last year in February. Everyday I do the same thing and at the same time I don't have any friends because socializing is uncomfortable and since lockdown in 2020 I haven't really spoke to any of my friends since. People don't understand how hard it is to socialize and continue relationships especially if you're just "natrually" weird. When I was 6 I started assuming people just wouldn't like me. I remember it felt like no matter what even if I just randomly showed up I would he made fun of because that's what happened. I remember in 1st and 2nd grade having very little friends and being made fun of at recess, I remember kids would never let me have the ball when playing soccer so I stopped playing with them. Even later on people would say I was annoying despite me not trying to be. I also have RBF which makes me look like I'm always mad which of course isn't true but I feel like it effects the way new people approach me in person. I feel like people see me as a boring monotone person. This really sucks because this isn't true. I have a lot of different interests and hobbies that I would love to ramble about for hours but the only person who would let me do that was my mother but now that she's not here I don't have anyone to really talk to other than my brother but he goes to work and he gets a little annoyed if I keep talking. Sometimes I feel like I don't know or remember how to be happy. To wake up and feel ready to do something. Everyday there's constantly negative news, from war, to tragedy, to human rights being taken away from innocent people. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to be happy When all of this is happening in the world. How am I supposed to feel joyful if I know there is way worse happening in the world? My video games don't feel fun anymore and I play tons of different games. I don't feel like reading or watching anything I just feel like laying down all day and even then that feels like too much. I don't know what to do. How am I supposed to find a job later on? With inflation, and the recession, and capitalism how am I going to find a job that pays enough for an autistic like me? Especially if I have anxiety and I'm too afraid to leave the house and I don't fit in? Especially here in Michigan? Michigan isnt the worst state of course but the people here in the Detroit area arent like me at all. I'm sorry for being negative I just needed to vent.
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2023.06.03 08:10 AutoModerator [Get] Travis Ventrella – Market BLDRS+Millionaire Bootcamp Download

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2023.06.03 08:02 AutoModerator Fox Wade - GovCon Blueprint 2022 (Courses2day.org)

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2023.06.03 08:01 AutoModerator Seth Williams (REtipster) - Land Investing Masterclass (Courses2day.org)

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2023.06.03 07:49 Pruvided Every Mod/Add On/Extra for My Gen 5 Hybrid

Heyooo, I picked up my brand new 2022 SE Hybrid in September (drove off the lot with 4 miles [1.6km]), and I've done a decent bit to/for it since. This sub has been a huge resource for me regarding research/info, and I figured I'd make this post to hopefully do the same for someone else. This is going to be a relatively long post, so bear with me lol. I'll list everything in chronological order and try to provide as much context/info!

Horn Kit // Pic

I wanted something with a little more oomph. Quick 20-30 minute plug-and-play install. Kind of a pain getting the plastic cover out of the way under the hood, and not much room to work with when loosening/tightening the bolts that hold it in place.

Window Visors // Pics

Got them for winter car camping so I can crack the windows while it's raining/snowing, but chrome delete is a plus too. Another quick 15-30 minute install. Haven't noticed any issues other than the usual scratches.

Sequential Blackout Turn Signal Lights // Pics/Vid

Got these purely for the looks/chrome delete. Wish the light was a little brighter, but I guess it's what I should expect from the blackout version. Quick 10-15 minute install.

Windshield Sunshade

Wanted something thick and reversible. Just went with this one cause seemed pretty good, and it's worked as well as thick sunshades do I guess, lol. Fits great, and no complaints. Use the black side for low-profile winter car camping and the silver side for summer. Fits under the passenger seat when not in use.

Snow Chains

Got these just in case since I planned to do a lot of winter driving this year. Left the all-season tires that it came with (forgot brand/name), and only ever had traction issues a couple of times in my ~30 days of snowboarding this season, so never even used them. Stored them with the spare wheel, along with some flares.

Custom Sleep Platform

I made a post for this about 7 months ago, and everything is explained there.

Spare Tire Cover Support // Pics

As a part of my custom sleep platform project, I also found that two wooden 2x3 pieces support the trunk floor perfectly if you lay them across the spare tire (see pics). Have slept in the back using my platform a dozen times or so, and have had it loaded up with quite a lot of stuff, and no problems so far. Some might advise against putting unnecessary weight on the spare wheel like that, but meh, until I have an issue I'm gonna keep doing it lol.

Custom Reflectix Window Inserts // Pics

I'm an absolute perfectionist, so I don't even know how long these took. These were a huge pain in the ass to make, but I'm super happy with how they came out. I made these for winter car camping (summer too) to have max privacy, stealth, and extra warmth. I pretty much just followed the tutorial in the video I linked and got all of the suggested materials. I only added black canvas to one side. Figured I'd have more versatility that way. One other tweak I made was that I left a gap in the front window inserts so I could still have some airflow for when I crack the windows. I know it defeats some of the purpose of them, but my winter gear is plenty warm for down to the high teens (probably lower tbh). The small windows between the rear and the hatch use velcro to stay in place. There is a piece attached to the inside of the window with 3M tape, and another connected to the insert using hot glue. Was about $150 for everything I needed to make them.

Roof Cross Bars // Pics

Went with aftermarket cause fuck the price of OEM. These are super solid and I have no complaints/problems. Easy to take off when don't need them. Haven't used them too much, but nice to have for when I want to throw a roof box, awning, or mount up there.

Snowboard Rack // Pics

Got these for a trip I had coming up at the time, so it worked out, but I really wanted a cargo box. Went with this since it's way cheaper than one. Can hold 4 wide boards no problem. Super nice for car camping too since I don't have to keep the board(s) inside with me and don't have to risk leaving it under the car either.

License Plate Frames // Pics

The dealer-provided frames are so ugly, so for a while, I was rocking no frames, but ended up getting one for the front and one for the rear off Etsy. I was going to get the same frame for both the front and rear but ended up going with a silly rear one to hopefully get a chuckle out of someone from time to time.

LED Hatch Lights // Pics

Probably one of my favorite mods. These lights make such a huge difference, and anyone else who has them will tell you they're fuckin dope. Not a very hard install, but feeding the cable through the rubber grommet at the top center of the hatch was a bit of a pain. YouTube got ya covered though if you DIY.

OEM Hitch & Wiring Harness // Pics

Went OEM because I want to keep as much clearance as possible. Installed it myself and it took me about 8 hours to do the hitch and wiring harness. Took a bunch of breaks, had dinner, and was constantly scrubbing through youtube videos to figure out what the hell I was doing. Cutting the bumper was pretty easy actually. I used an electric jigsaw and cleaned everything up with a file. I didn't install the rubber trim piece cause I planned to do it after putting the bumper back on, but there is literally no chance with how stiff the trim piece is and how little room there is to work with, and I was not about to take my bumper off again. Still looks great regardless. Will update the Imgur link with a picture of how I routed the wiring harness tomorrow/later. I didn't take pictures during the process but will do my best to show. Got it mainly for smaller stuff (bike rack, cargo rack, etc). Hybrid doesn't have a high tow capacity anyway.

Dash Speakers // Pic

Just chose these because they were recommended everywhere I looked. Took like 10 minutes and obviously a big difference in quality. Saw some stuff about bass blockers, but I think my issue is more with needing an amp if anything.

Front Door Speakers // Pic

Was going to get the same speakers to match the dash, but went with some other Kicker ones that were recommended. Once I get more into car audio stuff in the future, I may switch things around some more. I do plan to get an amp and rear speakers in the future, but alas, I'm broke. Was pretty easy and simple to install, but drilling out the rivets was a pain since they were uncooperative. Crutchfield came with everything I needed (mounting bracket, wiring harness, and directions).

Sound Deadening // Pics

Since I had the doors off to replace the speakers, I figured I should add some sound deadening. Could've added more, but it was such a tedious process that I just called it at what I had. Took me about 5 hours to do the sound deadening and speakers, but took some breaks. Overall, came out pretty good, and I'll likely go back in to add some more. The front doors are noticeably heavier, they shut with a little more authority, and knocking on the door sounds drastically less hollow. Have yet to drive highway/freeway speed yet, but will have the chance tomorrow. Plan to do the spare wheel area with the material I have left since it's easy to get to and apply. Only used about half of what I bought (18sq ft). I also bought a roller cause no way in hell I was just going to use my hands to press it all down.

Hood Struts

At the time of posting, I'm still waiting for these to arrive. Estimated another few weeks at least, but will update this post after I install them. I don't mind the prop rod, but I wanted something for the sake of convenience, and I hope these will work well enough. I didn't really look into them at all, so if they're shit, oh well.

Interior Organization // Pics

Just some small stuff here and there to make some of the space more usable/organized. Was also considering getting the little organizer thing that sits on the dash behind the screen.
I think that pretty much covers everything. There's still a lot I want to do/get, but in due time. As I said, I hope this post helps inspire some creativity and interest regarding mods for your own vehicle(s)! I'm sure there's some stuff I left out, so feel free to ask me about anything or give your thoughts/input. I'm also more than happy to talk about the lifestyle I have that I use my RAV4 for if you have some similar interests (snowboarding, biking, camping, etc). This sub and youtube have been such a big part of my new passion for throwing money at my car, and I'm going to keep doing it since I plan on keeping it for a really long time haha.
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2023.06.03 07:45 doupromise Character and Fitness PSA

Hey Everyone,
To anyone who is looking into this field and has potential character and fitness issues, if possible please get them checked/situated prior to attending law school or at least prior to taking the bar.
I excitedly passed the February 2022 UBE, however, I have spent all of this time still going through character and fitness. Due to the circumstances surrounding how I grew up, I didn’t have the most easiest time and have had quite a few run ins with the law though I have no criminal convictions. The only thing actually on my record is a DC from when I was 17.
Despite the fact that I have nothing on my record since 2005, I am at almost $50,000 in attorney fees just in an attempt to pass character and fitness and get the license that I worked so incredibly hard for.
After I passed the exam, I made the following post to help motivate people not to give up and keep going, because truly if I could come this far anyone could. Reddit - Dive into anything I wanted to show my children and others that no matter what happens in your life it’s never too late follow you dreams and overcome. While my attorney is great, seeing my latest invoice definitely makes me question if pursuing my law degree was the right choice. It's been more than a year since I passed the bar and I am still not barred yet.
How do we show people that it’s worth it to be rehabilitated and to overcome life’s obstacles when it seems that the powers that be will still use your past against you?
Again, just to save anyone the trouble and funds- please try to clear up any character and fitness concerns you may have so that you don't end up working as a substitute teacher (which I 100% love as well) instead of as an attorney.
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2023.06.03 07:43 Annual_Ad_787 My past situationship (21M) keeps coming back after I (21F) left because he didn’t want a relationship…now he’s saying he wants a relationship. Should I give him another chance and how can I tell if he’s being genuine???

I (21F) met this guy (21M) off of a dating app in September of 2022. He had gotten out of a 3-year-long relationship 3 months prior and I had also gotten out of a much shorter (3 months) relationship around the same time. I wasn’t technically looking for anything serious at the time because I had gotten brutally cheated on and planned on just kind of having fun and getting back out there but after hanging out with this guy quite a bit, I caught feelings for him. After about a month of talking and going on dates, we both began introducing our friends to each other. One night we decided to introduce some of our friends and we all hung out together. (Side note: before I had met him he had been on a couple of dates with one of my friend's other friends whom I had only met a couple of times and was never close with)
During the night he ended up talking to my best friend and she ended up asking him if he was planning on asking me to be his girlfriend since things were getting more serious, he replied that he didn’t know what to do because he had just gotten out of a relationship and felt that it was still really early. Which I totally understood. During that night I later found out that he had talked to my other friend whose other close friend he had previously gone out with. At this point he was really drunk and ended up asking her about the previous girl and if she knew why she stopped talking to him and that he had really thought things were going to go somewhere with her, as well as some weird questions asking if she had talked about him and if she thought the sex was good. Knowing I would be upset by the fact that he was asking my friend about another girl my friend decided to wait until the next day to tell me. I was obviously upset but ended up deciding to sit on it before bringing it up to him. That night I was out with a friend and I showed her a picture of him and she had said that she matched with him on a dating app a couple of days prior. I was hurt and confused, he was actively on other dating apps and drunkenly asked one of my friends about another girl. I realized that I hadn’t really asked or talked to him about commitment and I had just assumed instead of asking so I technically couldn’t be upset about the dating app situation. But I was extremely hurt about the fact that he was asking my friend about another girl so I ended up cutting him off. This was very short-lived and I ended up going back. After about 3 weeks of doing this, I finally realized and decided that it was doing more harm to myself to stay in this situation than leave. So I ended up ending things He was very understanding and apologized that he couldn’t give me what I wanted. (I ended things around mid-December).
Flash forward to February: I had been doing really good and started to move on from him and the situation. I had opted for no contact and had not spoken to him since I had ended things. Right after Valentine’s Day, he called me. I honestly thought we had butt dialed me or something simply because of the fact that we hadn’t spoken since I ended things, so I answered. We talked on the phone for about 30 minutes and he said that he didn’t like how things had ended and he wanted to take me out to dinner. I was very hesitant and made it clear that I didn’t want to get hurt and he said that he knows and wouldn’t have reached out for no reason. Before going out to dinner, he had asked to come and see me and asked if I would go to the grocery store with him. I agreed and he came to pick me up. He ended up coming inside my apartment before we went to the store and immediately initiated sex (which I did give in to but also played my part in initiating it). A couple of days later we went out to dinner. It was an EXTREMELY nice restaurant that was very very expensive. We ended up having a great time. About a week later everything is going really well so I decided to stay the night over at his house. The following two days after he barely talked to me, he responded maybe twice to me over the span of 2 days while being very active on social media. This enraged me. I send him a long message about how I had told him he only had one more chance and that I wasn’t going to be used for sex and that if he could’ve communicated that he was busy or talked to me, I would’ve been fine. He read it and then never responded to the message. I removed him from all of my social media and kept no contact.
Flash forward again to May 29th he texts me saying that he just wanted to reach out and hoped I was doing well. I didn’t plan on responding to him but I ended up giving in and responding. He asks me if he could take me out again, and I said “You pissed me off last time”. He responds that he thinks we should just go out and have fun with no expectations and I respond that it is a good way for me to get my feelings hurt. He asks what situation will allow him to take me out again and I say that I wasn’t sure if there even was one and said that I couldn’t keep my feelings out of the situation like he could which he says “Well I keep coming back to you so false” I start getting angry and say that the only reason he keeps coming back is that he and I have amazing sex and he hasn’t found anything better and he says “That yes the sex is amazing but you fucking know I like seeing you, don’t bullshit me, you know I like being with you.” I then say "What happened last time then?" And he says “You were mad at me cause I was not texting good and was distant. I wanna see you though it’s that simple” I ended up ignoring those texts and he texted me a couple more times by which I ignored for a day or two until I finally decided to answer. I told him that I told him last time I’d only give him one more chance. I didn’t ask him for much and that maybe if he had really wanted me in his life, he would’ve gotten it right when I made it clear I’d only give him one more chance. He ended up responding and said he wish he had more of an explanation as to why he wasn’t responding and that he wasn’t planning on going anywhere, that he was having fun seeing me again but that I wanted to stop. I told him he put me into a situation that gave me a choice between being disrespectful to myself and allowing my needs to be brushed off or respecting myself and prioritizing my needs. Although he may not have planned on going anywhere and I didn’t think that he wanted our relationship to progress further than what it was He then said I didn’t give him the chance to explain what he wanted and he didn’t see why we couldn’t talk things out and see if what we want aligns together and that he would love to see me and talk things through even if it means moving slower and talking through next steps. So I eventually agree to talk to him which is supposed to happen in two days.
I’m really hesitant and I’m scared I’m going to get hurt again. He is a good person and I really do see potential in our relationship, I just don’t know if he actually sees that too.
I really can’t tell what his intentions are, he said he knows that he’s going to have to work and show me how serious he is for me to even consider us trying things let alone even having sex. Maybe it is obvious from an outside perspective but do you think he really wants to commit to me or do you think he is playing games and saying what he can to hook up? I’m nervous that he’ll just end up saying what I want to hear and not actually follow through with it. I know that last time I didn’t make it very difficult for him to get in my pants and I also initiated it but do you think him waiting and showing me with his actions will prove that he doesn’t just want sex or do you think he’ll do just about anything to get what he gets what he wants? He is a very very attractive man and I know he could easily just go get sex anywhere else, so I question if I'm just convincing myself that he just wants sex (I've been deceived and used in the past before so I question if that is interfering with this situation). Do men ever go back to someone just for sex if that person left them because they wanted a relationship? What kind of things should I ask him when we talk that might help me figure out if he is being genuine? Am I being dumb giving him another chance? I honestly just need advice and thoughts from an outside perspective.
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2023.06.03 07:38 TheManWithNoLand I have found the guys from the trailer "By three they come"

First if anyone is interested go to father Dymus in Zarbinzet to get the quest. Second this tiny detail yet sort of big shows us how Diablo 4 was made, by people each working on their stuff just to stitch everything later thinking it's gonna work, the barbarian from the trailer is a big white guy and the barbarian in the game is a black woman... Very nice touch blizzard, why would that happen i wonder
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2023.06.03 07:30 Ash_Bright why the rabbit at the end of the ruin teaser could be bonnie

why the rabbit at the end of the ruin teaser could be bonnie
First what shows that this is possibly bonnie? The parts that are not darkened or the Nonie glitchie colors are blue and the creature gives the general look of a rabbit. If we look at other rabbits in this franchise we don't see blue but instead yellow/green and white. There is not much more proof for this that wouldn't be relying on something stylized other then I suppose how the rabbit looks broken, possibly face missing like wither Bonnie. But that could be due to the style of the glitching effect.
Now why would Bonnie be glitching and why would this be shown in the trailer like this and presented as a big thing. I want to say red haring/ keeping the fact that is glamrock Bonnie hidden. How could this be done and it not just be a teaser thing and be disappointing. Suppose this is showing that we can get jump scared when using the vanny mask, that is why it is glitchy with purple and green colors. (The same ones that we see after the vanny mask is put on.)
Don't know if I'm covering something already out there for the second part.
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2023.06.03 07:11 ScoobyMaroon When I click on a show can I make it show me the newest episodes by default? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

When I click on a show can I make it show me the newest episodes by default? I feel like I'm missing something obvious. submitted by ScoobyMaroon to dropout [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 07:03 AutoModerator Fox Wade - GovCon Blueprint 2022 (Courses2day.org)

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