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BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to

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LPC is a crypto-currency based on proof-of-stake (POS) and masternode. Our main emphasis is to maintain the conditions that it is more profitable to keep your coin in our wallet then their sales.

2023.06.03 15:55 Big_Wheel50 Progress

Let me start by saying I love this game and it's great visuals! But I feel very stuck making any significant progress. I've got a complete maxed out set of cards, all labs unlocked and UWs CL, PS, GT, DW & BH. DMG lvl 69, Health lvl 77 and a decent amount of research spread across multiple areas. I just can't seem to make significant progress currently farming tier 9 with approximately 1-2 billion coins per run. I don't know where to go from here. Any advice is welcome. I apologize for the long rambling post.
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2023.06.03 15:55 JoannaNoa What if CS2 had Rocket Jump grenade?

I just had what I think would be a great idea, in games like COD and Titanfall, you can cook your grenades (pull the pin early before throwing it to shorten the det time), what if there was a grenade in CS 2, where you can cook it and let it go early.
Obviously you'd counter ballance it most likely by making it travel slowly and making it deal less damage the longer it cooks for, but the main reason I had this idea, is because I've been getting into Valorant, and back into Team Fortress 2 recently, and the idea of satchels like raze has in Val, reminded me of the beggers bazooka jumps in tf2, where basically you will rocket jump midair by overloading the gun causing the already loaded rockets to blow up one at a time... Not too different to how raze's satchels allow them to make manouvers midair by detonating them underneath yourself. Although it might be a little too much movement for CS, I think it would be a really fun addition, and making it deal self damage would be a good trade imo, like rocket jumping in quake and tf2.
The exact way I would hope for something like this to work mechanically would be as follows:
(I'll ignore right click for now) When left click is tapped for less than 0.4~ish seconds, it does just a standard throw, it would move slowly and take a while to det, and also be very obvious visually and audibly to the enemies but do a fair amount of damage. But when the 0.4 seconds of holding left click is past, you pull the pin and begin to cook the nade, you can release it at any point and refusing to release it will cause the nade to blow up, but as said before when cooked its damage reduces, unless it is fully cooked, where it does the most self damage, but little damage to enemies if they happen to be near you, when fully cooked it will instantly deal a lot of damage to the holder, perhaps 70 damage, the reason for this because cooking it to completion for a boost isn't that hard skillwise, and this would encourage creativity and preparation for how you use the nades, that way you are rewarded by taking less damage when you pre-throw a nade that is partly cooked kinda like sticky jumping syncing in tf2, where you have to sync your second sticky bombs arc relative to the position you are about to be in so you send yourself in the correct direction.
The rest would be standard, the closer you are to the nade the more acceleration it applies, the angular acceleration is based on your position relative to the nade, i.e. being above it will send you more up, and being beside it will send you more horizontally... etc, etc, physics, physics.

Let me know your thoughts or anything Confusing, I know I'm not the best at explaining, so some of this might not make much sense, I tried to use tf2 explainations as much as possible, since I'm guessing more cs fans have played tf2 than val.
But thanks for reading, have a nice day!
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2023.06.03 15:54 Racm1999 My take on Samira’s Build

My take on Samira’s Build
I’ve been rocking with this same build for the past 30 games or so, im currently D4, 1 away from D3 and with this Build im on a 15+ Winning streak including SoloQ, FlexQ and Norms, and managed to climb the Samira ladders as the 45th Samira of my region, this fitted my playstyle perfectly since im usually an extremely aggro Samira player, when i started testing builds i was lost, i tried Youmu, IE, Galeforce and Duskblae, i hate the lethality builds since i dont have that feeling of explosive damage, i feel like im not bursting hard enough, so this is my build its super straightforward Collector > Galeforce > BT Thats my core 3 items even if there are tanks in the other team ill build LDR 4th and sometimes i dont even build it at all because when they get their first tank item im already buying my 3rd so im melting them Collector is huge early for obviuos reasons and then Galeforce for me is the most important item on Samira rn since the only animation Samira has that doesn’t let you mid-cast Galeforce is her Q, you can Galeforce in your W and your Ult and that makes you nearly unstoppable if used correctly. BT gives you that extra AD and Lifesteal that even if they have GW you still melt them while healing a good amount
This Build is for extremely aggro play, if you get 1 or 2 kills by 5 minutes, i havent seen an enemy bot lane capable of stopping you since you already be having Collector by 7-8 minutes in and then its all over, just 🧹 some skills and show them why Samira is so dangerous
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2023.06.03 15:54 Newtocoins888 Can anyone give me info on this coin?

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2023.06.03 15:54 Cannabatic Playing civ6 & 🍃💨

Large map;
Playing as England, 10 civs, Interesting start by the coast with seagrass, fish, and stingrays, on land there’s cannabis, deer, sheep, and olives, and far (north)west outside my borders there’s wheat, potatoes, stone, and diamonds, There’s a barbarian camp to my east and lions roaming near as well, Sharks outside the coast of London and wolves to the north, China’s capital Xi’an to the north of me, Germany to the east of me,
Idk I love this game it’s fun just wish the AI was better.
I am lonely tho…
I have to vacuum the house today and organize my room a bit again ugh it’s so annoying, and I can’t start until my bro wakes up. So like in 2 hours or something.
Omg China a bitch- settled where I wanted to :(
Yayy my cat’s here! Tell us O’Mighty Genghis Khan! How shall we deal with the Chinese? Horsesies? Horses it is, lol. But there’s no horses near me so oof
Omggoshh he’s attacking my hand!! What has I done to deserve this my lord?! Was it the no horses part!?
Okie kinda tired of writing. Kinda hungry for some sourdough hummus toast with chia seeds & dried basil sprinkled on top, but I already ate some this morning, so idk.
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2023.06.03 15:54 Storitimer I need advice

Warning ⚠️ nsfw, violence, [email protected] assault
Background information and to let people know I'm safe.
I 21f live in the United States. I live with my bf 27m. We have been dating for a year and seven months. From our first date I knew his was the one. He's just the right mixture of funny, serious and sweet. He's is an amazing man who I hope to build a future with. He parents and family are amazing people whom I love immensely. They are great people. I am not sure where I'd be without him. He's my everything.
I have been putting a strain on our relationship because I need help. We have talked about this plenty and we want to make sure we communicate with each other and we do.
The thing I need advice about is also the reason there is the strain in our relationship. Here's my story.
Pt 1:
I 21f live in the United States. Growing up I lived with my mom and several boyfriends which resulted in my two younger siblings 13m and 18 m. Growing up I didn't know who my father was. My mom has dated two men at the time of contraception. So it's either one or the other. So one of my brothers is a full brother and the other is a half brother.
My mother was never married to either of her partners. But then one day we got a call from my aunt saying she was coming up to see us from Tennessee with her husband and my cousins which were way younger than me at the time (I was 13) and a friend. When she arrived she introduced her friend. Let's call him Rick. He was a man in his late 20s early 30s. He was nice and my mom really liked him. I remember how I would tease her saying she liked him.. After they all left back to Tennessee my Mom started to video chat with him. I was so excited about my mom finding another boyfriend and I was even more excited to find out he was going to come live with us.
You wouldn't believe how quick it was for my excitment to end. One day my mom, Rick and I were watch teenagers mutant ninja turtles (the live action ones) we had watched the first one but then my mom went to sleep. My brothers were younger so they were asleep as well. I sat there with Rick and after my mom fell asleep Rick pulled me into his lap. That was the first time he touched me. He told me we wanted to show him something. To stay quiet and Still. I froze up and told him to stop. And from then for the next 7 years he didnt stop. Not even when my best friend killed themselves in 2018.
Every chance he got he would touch me, take photos and do more vile horrible things to me. I can't bare to go into the details on here no matter how much I wish to tell someone. I can't do that to someone. It's horrendous... I didn't tell anyone until my senior year. I told my friend after breaking down on her after he had beat the shit out of my that day for telling him no. She was the only person up to that point.
It was like a weight was lifted. It felt so nice for it to be off my chest. I explained to her that's why she was never allowed over with him. My friend was a few years younger than me. I couldn't take that chance.
I was so depressed back then. The year my friend killed themselves I gained nearly double my body weight. I gave up on everything I loved. Suicide for me wasn't option. I was so against it, my friends suicide hurt me and everyone around him so much. I could never do it. But with that in mind it felt like I was trapped. I couldn't die but I couldn't leave. I was stuck.
My grades were horrible. I went from near straight A's to c, d and f's. I couldnt pay attention in school due to the constant abuse at night. I signed up for as many after school programs as I could and started bouncing friends houses each weekend. My mom had no idea what was going on. She had no idea why I hated him so much. She had no idea that each time he came into my room to "tickle" me He was actually doing other things to me. I would scream and cry for mom to make him leave me alone. Each time it caused a fight because she would ask me what he was doing to make me scream like that and all I could say was he was "tickling" me. Or would stop touching me. Because I was terrified He had threatened me several times to hurt me or my brothers or my mom if I told.
One day. I had enough. It was about 2 months after my friend's funeral that I snapped and I told myself I wouldn't let him touch me again. (I was 16) when he tried I slapped him hard...but he slapped me back harder. Making me bite my cheek. He shoved me down into my bed and threatened to put me in the hospital. The back of my legs bruised from hitting the rail of the bed. He left me alone for the rest of that day. Once my mom got home I ran outside to tell her about his threat but I couldn't bring myself to tell her why he made that threat.
She confronted him and of course he denied it. He told her that I was just spaced out sitting in my bed. (I have dissociative spells. ) That are very similar to focal seizures. I have had them since I was 14. They are stress induced and he straight up told my mom that I was hallucinating. They took me to a neurologist which determined that I was having a spells and then told my mom and him that having hallucinations were not a part of that
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2023.06.03 15:52 One_Possibility_9683 [Online] [5e] [other system] [18+] [LGBTQ+ friendly] Welcome to Fold The Deck!

(Hi, I'm Ben! I'm posting this for my friend and DM, K (she/they) and I'll be helping a bit in the process of finding players)
Welcome to Fold The Deck! It's a campaign in a homebrewed world that I began to design...somewhat recently? But due to my hyperfixation, I already have a ton of it done (most of it, really). In this world, you'll be playing as somebody of high social standing, someone that has to weave their way through the delicate nature of high society while also keeping your allies close and your enemies closer. In addition to this, there's a sinister plot going on in the background that you, and your newly found companions, just might have to stop in order to save your own skin.
We have two players currently! Each player is using one of the archetypes from Good Society as the launch point of their character; so far, the Heir and the Cornerstone have both been picked! Other than that, any of the archetypes are available as a starting point (again, that is as I'm writing up this message, so keep 1-3 in mind that you might want to play as! Your options, just in case you're unaware, include the following; The Socialite, The Dowager, The Dependant, The New Arrival, The first code word is Gambit, The Meddler, The Hedonist, The Tutor, and The Careerist).
The whole base concept of this is similar to the base concept for Dimension 20's 'A Crown of Candy', though I can promise that this will be nowhere near that brutal (at least, in terms of combat)! Except instead of Candy Land, this world (or at least, the society you're all playing in) is based on playing cards; more specifically, the game War (in which Aces are the most powerful (those are the gods of this realm), and 2s are the least powerful (the poorest of commoners)). So the social hierarchy is Aces (again, the gods of this realm; deity is the second code word), then the royal families (Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s), the nobility (9s, 8s, and 7s), the middle class (6s and 5s), and then the lower class (4s, 3s, and 2s). Your character will end up being a 6 at the very lowest!
The campaign will be beginning on the day before the most important event of the year, for commonfolk and royalty alike; The Festival, which is a one-month-long huge holiday event that happens during the exact middle of the year! I plan to have the campaign run through two separate festivals, so for at least a year and a month. And years last for 15 months in this world, so for at least 16 in-game months! Though we can certainly do more if the party wants to! I've had a lot of fun developing this world so far, and I can definitely find ways to expand upon the plot!
The reason for the rating is due to mature themes; also, myself and the current players are all adults, and we have an adult sense of humor. Also, there are themes that I don't feel comfortable exploring with minors, so if you're not 18 or older, please don't apply! Also, please don't apply if you're over 30; this is just a personal preference, I don't want to play with people that are more than a decade older than me, you know? Oh! Also! The final code phrase is 'The Horror, The Cat, and The Crow'. Thank you so much for reading my little posting! Oh, and here's the link to the Google application form!\_UNjzhVxuHGqiUilztlK18Xf5\_gC7qlBPbcMhV8YSgDgXPQ/viewform?usp=sf\_link
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2023.06.03 15:50 petergarner1 Passau to Vienna on the Danube cycle path (Donauradweg) -- west bank or east bank?

We're staying in Schärding tonight, on the Inn, but tomorrow, we head to Passau and thence down the Danube. I presume that many bicycletouring subscribers have done this stretch before. Any tips on which side is nicer (by nicer I mean fewer hills, more pavement/less gravel, and less car traffic--though I realize that more pavement sometimes means more cars too)? Or any stretches on one particular side to be avoided?
Our route today along the EV7, from Braunau am Inn to Schärding was not great. In addition to a weird headwind (from due east!), there was lots of poorly maintained gravel road and a good chunk of poorly maintained bike path. As you enter Schärding, there's a finally a newly paved downhill stretch that turns suddenly into fairly squirrelly gravel right at the bottom. WTF! Surprised the heck out of me, and I nearly wiped out! Everyone seems to rave about the DRW; I certainly hope it's in better shape than this particular stretch of the EV7!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 15:50 iraari2324 Planning to buy a second hand car. What are my options?

Currently I'm looking for cars in Facebook marketplace. Budget is below $10K. But that comes with no warranty/guarantee. Whereas, dealers' cars come with warranty and high price.
FB marketplace has cars ranging from 6K to 8K for the model year > 2015. Same cars in dealers are above $12K. Is it better to take a loan for $12K which also helps me in building credit history? Or can I take personal loan for 7K cars if credit history is what I'm looking for?
What are the major problems I could face by going with direct sellers instead of dealers? What problems the car can give me? Please advise.
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2023.06.03 15:50 zidangurukul Massage centres

What are some massage centres that are really professional. I have really bad lower back pains. And most of the massage centres I contacted were asking me whether I want extra services (happy endings). I dont want those. I want professional ones. And that too affordable. It will be great if there is anything near kakkanad.
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2023.06.03 15:50 sir-morti got a job, but at what cost?

hey. i finally got a job after nearly a year of looking for one, applying to dozens of places, having several interviews that went nowhere, and getting bad depressive episodes over it.
the thing is that i haven't been added to the online schedule system. my boss said they were having troubles adding me. i'm the only one this is happening for and it's been two weeks since i started. i had a lot of shifts in the first week, but this week, they haven't called me to come to work at all. i'm supposedly still in "training" but nobody actually showed up to train me on my latest day working there. i don't really know what i'm doing half the time.
another issue is that i've already spent well over a hundred bucks for this job alone in uniform costs. i bought a few new work shirts, some new pants, and a better pair of shoes with better soles in them because i'll be on my feet for extremely long hours (like i was in the first week). i've also had to crank up on my pain medication a ton because on some of the shifts, i don't get breaks and i work up to eight hours in one shift.
i'm starting to go through another depressive episode. what if i need to get a different job? i can't afford it. i will be going back to college this fall, i specifically took this summer off school to actually get a job and work. i can't go another year unemployed, i don't even get unemployment benefits.
i've contacted my boss about my hours but that was two days ago and they still haven't gotten back to me. i'm debating whether or not just to put in my two weeks even though i still haven't gotten paid. i won't even make enough to cover the costs of what i've already spent working there because of how low the hourly is.
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2023.06.03 15:50 Critical-Yak9153 Should I cut this person out of my life fir good?

For context, me and this person are in our mid 20s and have been friends for nearly half our lives. The last few months have been incredibly difficult for me mental health wise. It started with the death of one of my parents and it's been down hill ever since. We started talking a lot more when that happened and we got really close again. Things started off as just emotional support but soon started getting flirty. They took care of me and were a big part of why I was able to keep sane at the beginning. We kissed and cuddled each other to sleep (no sex) and I was incredibly vulnerable and emotional. I never wanted a relationship but things kind of just happened. It didn't help that this person also used to be a crush back during high school.
I caught feelings and when I confessed those to them, they freaked out and started pulling back and turning me down. I admittedly didn't handle the situation in the best way, I got caught up in the romance and I acted like a child during the aftermath because when they left it started triggering really severe anxiety attacks which was debilitating. I thought I was going to have a heart attack at times, that's how bad things were. It felt like I lost someone else l cared about deeply even though that wasn't the case. I lost the emotional support that I had been leaning on and relying on so heavily, it felt like I couldn't get through this without them but that I had to.
Fast forward to today, they are now dating one of my other close friends who they only met and connected with at the funeral. So much for loyalty. To be honest, I should have seen this coming because this person does date around a lot, I just never thought they'd play games with me after how long we've been friends and everything else going on. This also isn't the first time they dated a freind of an ex, but I still just never expected this. I'm pissed at both of them but honestly even more pissed at myself for letting myself get into this situation in the first place. I should have had better control over my emotions. I always gave them the benefit of the doubt before because they were such a close friend, I was seeing them through rose colored glasses for the longest time. I definitely don't anymore.
I left group chats with both and blocked them on social media. I feel so betrayed. Things not working out between us would be one thing but this just makes everything so much worse. They said they didn't want this to ruin our friendship and I told them it wouldn't but after thinking things through and processing, I'm thinking that cutting them out for good would be best but I'm torn because I still care about them tremendously and I do miss them.
What do you guys think about the situation? What should I do? How can I move on? How do I get past this? My other friends all blame them entirely but it's not like some of this isn't my own doing either. I can't help but blame myself as well.
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2023.06.03 15:50 guessilldoit7 Failed WGU classes 2 years ago due to difficult situation, able to re-enroll?

In case this is too long or messy (I basically wrote myself a backstory), when I was 17, I failed three classes due to an unfortunate situation in my life. It has been 2 years and I have gotten a lot better and want to go back to college for physics education. Does WGU have a program or system for students who failed and dropped out previously? Or should I look towards a community college? Thank you for any help and advice!

When I was 17 (19 now), I had just finished junior year of high school and graduated. I was researching colleges, asked about WGU, and ended up enrolling the next month because the advisor was honestly pretty convincing and I was pumped up. I had nearly all A’s in high school and I mostly self-studied, so I thought I was ready.
I was doing well the first month, finished two courses, and had started my others by the end of the month, but then a family member died, we recently had just moved states, I was working part time, had depression, and some dumb teenage romantic drama started up, and I guess I kind of lost it. I just chose a really bad time to start I think. I tried finishing them, but I got to the final projects and stuff and just couldn’t do it and I ended up leaving after that first semester. It isn’t an excuse for failing, but it was too much for me to handle at the time. I knew the material, I just couldn’t put in the work. I had basically finished the essays too, I just kept thinking I needed to perfect them unfortunately. My worst grades were only ever B's, so failing kind of messed with me for a while, but I'm better now.
I’m 19 now and doing a lot better. I’m thinking about going back to college by the spring to become a physics teacher. Because of work and chores, I need a bit more of a flexible program rather than structured classes. I also don't have a school near me that offers physics education and I cannot move.
I was wondering if, since I failed, I believe, three classes, would I be able to enroll in WGU again? Or would I need to look towards a community college? Does WGU have a system or program for students who failed and dropped out? I'm unsure of the specific terms, but I missed some mentor calls and I believe they asked me if I wanted to withdraw or something and I said yes, but didn't go further. I hope I didn't just leave without saying anything, but I genuinely just don't remember the specifics. I am going to email WGU later today, but I was wondering about others who may have had a similar situation.
Thank you for any and all help. Have a good day and stay safe!
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2023.06.03 15:49 feistyfunpack Lies, Guilt, and Shame

I am 3 weeks clean & sober and the decades of my own lies and bullshit are hitting me hard. Someone used the phrase "live honestly" in an NA meeting and that was powerful. But part of learning to live honestly comes with new awareness of all the hurt and pain I've caused everyone with my crap, all my stupid selfishness; worst of all, the lies I told to all the people who love me or even near-strangers who would have helped me had I given them the chance. I used to think my addiction wasn't "that bad" because I still kept my job, car, house, but now I see I only got to keep those things through manipulation. It makes me physically nauseous.
Part of me wants to assuage the guilt and run around and say I'm sorry. But I want to actually BE a good person to everyone, I want to live honestly without blaming and bullsh*. I can't believe how unforgivingly awful I have treated so many amazing people, for so many years. And I think I might be a psychopath.
I don't know what to do with all these feelings.
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2023.06.03 15:48 CatMomma73 Any tips on how to handle this?

This might be long and full of me rambling.
DH (27) and I (26) have been together for about 11 years, married 5 this year. I met his mom when I was 14 and knew that she was a little…interesting. She was not a good mother to her children when they were growing up and seems hell bent on trying to be there for them now that they are all grown and out of the house. I know she means well, and has gotten better as she ages, but it translates to her being horrendously overbearing and obsessed with everything being “fair”. If my husband tells his dad something, she insists on knowing that information as well. If my parents stayed at our house for a visit, then daggum-it she’s staying at our house too! There’s a lot I could mention in the 13 years that I’ve known her, but for that sake of keeping things short, she’s quick to raise a hand, she has no clue how to deal with her emotions, and she stresses me and DH out.
DH is great at standing up to her, and I’m getting better at it, but this doesn’t really change anything and he often gets irritated very quickly when it comes to her as a result. We just saw them for three days and he snapped at her several times, which did nothing to change her behavior. She even pushed me to the point where I was being extremely firm with her. I may or may not have told her to “get over herself” when she tried to throw a passive aggressive pity party about how we didn’t send her a Mother’s Day card (no mention of thanks for flying 1400 miles to visit her and SFIL a week after Mother’s Day. And we called.) SFIL is over her as well, and tries to stand up to her when appropriate but..well remember the quick to raise a hand thing I mentioned?
I’m rambling, sorry. The actual thing that’s happening now is, I’m pregnant with our first and DH is about to deploy overseas. He will be allowed to come home for 3 weeks for the birth. Obviously, I want my mother there (she is a justYES in every way she’s amazing) but she also recognizes that DH and I want those 3 weeks to ourselves. She offered to be there for the birth, leave and then come back when DH returns to his station. I DO NOT want my MIL anywhere near my house during the birth or those 3 weeks. I also don’t want her to come visit when DH is gone (he agrees with all of this) meaning that she won’t get to meet LO until it’s like 4 months old at the earliest. Which is going to cause the biggest fight about how “OP’s mom got to be there twice and I’m apparently not allowed and blah blah blah”. I’m only 14 weeks and she’s already been probing about my after birth plans. To which I tell her I haven’t considered it yet and I’ll let her know when she needs to know. Ugh. She keeps mentioning how she’s retiring soon and will have “so much time to visit now.” With DH being gone soon I’m going to have to relay most of this by myself. I’ve personally never been on the receiving end of her anger and I’m not looking forward to it. How would you handle this? Any phrases I can say to try and establish firm boundaries without causing a massive fight? We’ve set boundaries with her before when we all lived in the same state. She followed them with a passive aggressive comment every time.
We live halfway across the country from both of our parents. All of this would be over the phone and the chances of her just showing up are slim.
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2023.06.03 15:47 ravendelasker22 Is the gulf too wide?

Having read the rules on Xenia, I wonder if my attempt at parley is even permissable. In many ways I fear that I'm wading into the piranha tank, but my curiosity has robbed me of my senses. So here goes. Here's my paradox. I'm a worshipper of Dionysus, but I'm also right wing. And until this moment I had never imagined that my god would appeal to your various communities.
Here's a brief personal aside, for the sake of explaining my position. I don't spend much time online, in fact I'm mostly divorced from the technological world. I've thrown away my phone, I got rid of nearly all my social media, and I don't keep up with the online political discourse (outside of what my friends tell me). My political and philosophical disposition comes mostly from classical literature, especially of the Greek and German varieties. Amongst the latter, it is these names I'd like to highlight - Heidegger, Hölderlin, Nietzsche, and Klages. These men have something in common (apart from their tendency to undermine the western metaphysical tradition). These men intuited the presence of Dionysus in their work. As if some great force at the end of time was calling them forward, culminating in an ecstatic unity of forms. Their explication of this force varied, but all of them felt the presence of something beyond reason. In addition to my philosophical explorations, I am also an occultist. I was a Thelemite for many years, and was initiated into a relatively high degree in the OTO. Since leaving the order, I have developed my own approach to Theurgy. My experiences with Dionysus are therefore philosophical and immediate. Both through study and through personal ritual/meditation.
And so I come to my point (thanks for labouring through). I'd like to try and understand what Dionysus means for you folks. Is there something essential in your conception of this god? Or do essences themselves represent something static and archaic? I've also noticed a benevolent tendency to the dialogue in this subreddit (forgive my limited grasp of internet terminology). It seems to be taken for granted that harming people, or upsetting them, is inherently bad. Which raises my next question. Is Dionysus related to benevolence and goodness (for you)? As for myself, I tend to assign the notion of virtue to the Christian god, and think of Dionysus as "Beyond Good and Evil". You might be amused (or highly upset) to hear the name I have for progressive ideologies - Zombie Christianity. I'll explain this if anyone's interested, otherwise insert the Ah, Eto... Bleh meme.
Thanks for reading, hope I wasn't too long winded. I'll refrain from extrapolating my own views any further, in respect of your Xenia code. I hope my approach comes across as sincere. I don't aim to proselytise or convert anyone, I'm merely hoping to expand my horizons. I'll also apologise in advance for two things. 1. I really am right wing, as such, I probably believe in things that are upsetting. 2. As much as I aim to be polite and respect your code, I truthfully haven't internalised any of your etiquette. Meaning that many of my innate turns of phrase are heteronormative and unabashedly Eurocentric. I'm like a barbarian or a rustic in this regard (apologies if my barbarian analogy conveyed colonialist sentiments). Anyway! Please take pity on a wandering fool who has strayed from his flock. I aim to break bread and to understand. But also chase me away without shame if the gulf between us is irreconcilable.
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2023.06.03 15:47 MillieTheKiller I don’t look like a 4 compared to most 4s tbh

Like most of the ones I meet are the most emotional unstable weirdos ever. And not in a good way. Like so many of them are so fucking emotionally manipulative, crybaby’s and shit. But I am most certainly mentally fucked a bit. So why am I not nearly expressive and a train wrecks.
And this isnt a triple reactive Sx 4 moment either. As ive met an Sx 4 triple reactive who’s like me in all ways but fuck. You breathe I’m their general direction and they start pissing themselves
Why is this. Aren’t fours supposed to be sad 🥺 wove mwe pwease when unhealthy
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2023.06.03 15:47 MonsieurVox [QC] CF Rolex Submariner No Date 124060 from Geektime

  1. Dealer name: Geektime
  2. Factory name: [CF]
  3. Model name (& version number): Ordered 114060 but received QC pics for 124060 (not a problem)
  4. Price paid: $438 + $40 shipping
  5. Album Links:
    1. EDIT: Forgot to add the videos:
  6. Index alignment: Looks good to me but the 9 "bar" looks slightly further from the minute marker than the 3 does. Could be the angle?
  7. Dial Printing: Looks good to me
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: N/A
  9. Hand Alignment: Looks good to me
  10. Bezel: Looks good to me
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): Looks flush to me
  12. Timegrapher numbers: Looks good to me
  13. Anything else you notice: I asked for a pic with the bezel aligned with the 12, so still waiting on that from the TD. The QC tool has the indices slightly off but I could just be overthinking it and/or didn't align things perfectly myself.
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2023.06.03 15:47 _Stunami No Carfax yet Dealership Knew of Accident - California, USA

I was so close to buying a certified pre-owned BMW from the dealership near where I live and after all was said and done, hours of being there, credit check, etc., and I am about to walk out the door, the lead sales guy comes over and says "Oh, for the sake of full disclosure, I just thought you should know that the car has been in what I thought was a slight accident." What? I was shocked and said this could change everything. And it did as I did not buy the 2020 X1 for ~35k. I asked why there was no accident on the car fax and why they didn't tell me sooner. Sales guy said he thought it was a mere bumper replacement and so didn't warrant any mention and there was no carfax as BMWs own shop did all the work. I personally think BMW itself had the accident with the vehicle. They also told me it was hit in the rear and was a bumper replacement, totally false and another lie. They gave me a copy of the four page 13k work / 60 hrs (maybe 40, I'd have to look) that was done by their shop. Wow, And they swore it was a rear bumper, Turns out it was all front-end damage. Hood, struts, AC unit, etc. I called the repair shop and talked with the repair guy. he knew the car, etc. It just proved that it really was that bad. I have a friend/acquaintance that is a salesman at that dealership. He was on vacation hence I was not using him and this also made me hesitate to report this to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Should I report this to the BBB? I mean, it is pretty egregious. Four pages! I read it three times. I have the evidence.
Also, I asked if they'd come down 3k as the car is definitely marked. They came down 1k and some lame extended warranty.
I very much wanted to think care sales people did not deserve the reputation they have gained. However, sadly, there is a reason for this reputation.
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2023.06.03 15:45 mister809 Is she doing sex work?

So before we got married. She worked at a bar briefly. A year before she move in, she went from the bar she worked at, to a motel off the highway. She got off around 3am and drove to the motel for 10 minutes. She was at the motel for 3 hours.
That was the first motel i discovered she went to. Lets call it motel A. She did it again but this time it was a closer motel, about 5 minutes away, right on the highway. Lets call this motel B. She ended up going to motel B twice.
Motel A was end of January 2019. Motel B, March and April 2019.
So then comes motel C, which stood out most because it is a known motel for prostitutes. It is located in a town with high crime. She went to a local bar near the motel and then again, spent 3 hrs at this seedy motel.
I asked her about this. She obviously hasnt told the truth. She said it was her ex from her home country that was visiting. I just thought it was odd. Then it turned into some guy she met at the bar she worked at.
At this time in 2019 we were working on making our relationship work. I discovered all of this last year when i found out she cheated on me in October 2020 by going to a man's house she met on a dating app back in 2016.....yes 2016.
She moved in with me January 2020. I proposed to her December 2020. She got pregnant January 2021. We got married February 2021. Baby was born premature September 2021 at 32 weeks.
When i discovered her 2020 infidelity, she trickled truth the crap out of me. First it was that it was a three some with her female friend and another woman. Then it switched to her female friend doing a photoshoot and she joined in with the friend and the photographer. Then it was just her and the photographer. She made it seem like it was against her will because she was drunk. She didnt tell me but i discovered she went to walgreens and got plan b. You only use plan b if the person ejaculated in you. She was also ovulating when this happened because we were actively trying to get pregnant.
Does the motel stuff sound like sex work?
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2023.06.03 15:44 No-Audience679 i’m scared to get out

hi, im gonna get straight to the point. im a minor (teenager) (they/them/he) in the uk trying to figure out everything and how to get out of my home situation dealing with a narcissistic parent safely. i’m using a throwaway for this for my own privacy.
i know this is subreddit essentially built for venting and talking about triggering subjects but im gonna give a brief trigger warning:
tw for: medical neglect, emotional neglect, manipulation, emotional abuse, general neglect of needs, narcissistic parents, physical abuse, derogatory language (most of these mentions will be fairly brief)
alright with that out of the way im gonna give a brief context on everything and then get into my concerns/anxieties a little deeper. if any of these are triggering you can skip past this next part to the very bottom with the concerns/anxieties.
i have lived with my father for almost 3 years now (3 years in around july-august). my mum left to go back to my home country and has only visited about 2-3 times since and only messages on the rare occasion. my parents split when i was very young and i lived with her in a lone parent household for a majority of my life (besides the brief periods of my life where she was with someone). she was also abusive, though mostly emotionally and sometimes even physically. she was also a narcissist and has caused many issues for me and my family.
when she left and i moved in with my dad i thought it would be a relief and i would finally be able to live a normal life where i was respected and cared for… boy was i wrong!
my dad constantly shuts himself in his room and refuses to speak to me (he has previously not interacted with me for days in a row), has refused to get me medical care (such as a time where i had an infected tooth that needed desperate treatment to which he completely downplayed and ignored despite my constant asking for a dentist), yells and berates me when at home/when alone when i confront him about his behaviour (such as using me as a scapegoat/as an excuse for his crappy behaviour, and possibly even talking shit about me to his friends (something my mother also loves to do)) and then acts like the poor innocent in public/infront of guests, calls me names when angry, doesn’t feed me/make sure ive eaten/make food unless i ask him to, leaves me home alone at night for hours at end even after ive called him at least twice telling him im feeling anxious (i don’t particularly live in a nice/safe area, and i also suffer with an anxiety disorder) and that its nearing midnight (he literally just does not care), and generally is very emotionally unavailable and manipulative. the list could go on.
living with him has made me feel unsafe (i constantly feel as if i’m home alone even if he is just next door to me, also his manipulative behaviour and emotional distance) and unloved. i am so very sick and tired of feeling like this and getting mistreated, but i’m hesitant to reach out and get help.
i worry that he’ll react poorly and use my neurodivergancies and my disorders against me, or try to manipulate the picture that he is the poor innocent and i’m the disgusting pig child ruining his life. this fear is making it much harder for me to find the courage to reach out.
not only that, but i fear that once i reach out to social services that things will feels much less within my control and i have no certainty what will happen next. whilst i am open to having some sort of help being put in place in my home, what i truly want is to escape this house. so i’m not anxious about the possibility of being taken away. but its just the general unknowing of the future which is holding me back. though i have a full understanding that leaving this house is completely a life saving decision.
i’m just feeling very anxious, if anyone has any advice that can help calm my fears or at least give me some perspective or a better understanding, anything will be appreciated.
thank you so much for reading.
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2023.06.03 15:43 audrekitten To all those still self punishing and riddled for guilt for “bad” food choices…

I have eaten leftover spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast every morning this week and am still losing 😂
Real talk: my diet is 10x worse in selection since I started losing weight on wegovy. My appetite is so bare and I’m so picky if I’m interested in eating it- I’m eating it. Whether it be a donut or a meatball lol when at my largest I was snacking on carrots and making salads for every meal, I was tracking calories and punishing myself when I “indulged” aka had some chips or something. This medication has changed everything. So everyone please believe me when I say— that guilt and shame around food choices is only going to hold you back. You will probably be at such a calorie deficit on this med that your weight loss will stall going into starvation mode. Enjoy the little things life gives us like an Oreo or a slice of cake- you won’t need nearly as much to feel full, you’ll feel satisfied, aaand those things will hold less and less power when they are no longer “forbidden”. Trust and believe - shame and guilt has no seat on the Wegovy train!
SW: 205 CW: 170 GW: 140 Started Feb 2023
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