Car dealerships on lem turner rd

2013 BMW X3 vs 2017 Audi Q3

2023.06.04 08:05 Head-Nothing6080 2013 BMW X3 vs 2017 Audi Q3

Going to a dealership tomorrow. Need a new car with no warning and these two seem to be the best options on the lot for my needs. I’ve never owned either brand before so just curious on which one those familiar with these brands would go for first. I plan to only drive it for a year or two and transition into a lease when I’ll better qualify for one. So also considering which would hold value better. Thanks in advance for the input.
2017 AUDI Q3 Premium plus sport utility 75,911 miles
2013 BMW x3 xdrive28i 64,196 miles
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2023.06.04 07:56 Theresbeerinthefridg $600 break pads replacement? (Toyota, US)

I took my 2006 Toyota Sequoia (RWD) to an independent shop I'd never been at. I had them replace the rear wheel brake pads and do a few other things. When we discussed the items they warned me that Toyota parts were crazy expensive right now and that I'd be looking at around 600 bucks for just the brake work, most of it being parts. I needed brakes and was in no mood to shop around, so I went with it.
Are Toyota brake jobs this expensive right now? What do prices look like in your area? I know times are crazy, and everyone in my town seems to drive a damn 4Runner or Tacoma. But wow! I want these guys to be my new regular place, but I can't afford to pay dealership-level maintenance on an almost 20 year-old car.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 07:54 AidanLK Immobilization Help!

My wife’s 04 Disco II wasn’t starting today (clicking but no crank) and I noticed a good amount of buildup on the positive battery terminal so I disconnected it and cleaned it. After reattaching it the alarm started to sound. I put the key in the door, licked it and it stopped. But the vehicle is now in immobilization mode.
We have two fobs, one looks after-market, the other is original. i can open and lock the vehicle remotely, and turn the alarm off by locking it remotely, but neither fob will remove it from immobilization mode.
Unfortunately the EKA code is missing out of her car paperwork. The dealership here in LA isn’t open till monday and I need the car monday morning for work.
Any tricks or suggestions? Shouldn’t the original fob be able to correct this?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 07:51 dg_31b Finally got some bowman megas! Could’ve been a lot worse!

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2023.06.04 07:22 galaxywolf69 What can I use?

So we are going to reno(2 hour drive one way). And we are going to Sam’s club and maybe viewing a dealership if they have the minivan I wanna see, t mobile, target and maybe another store. Point is we are out. I’m pumping every 3 I can stretch it to 4 hours. So with 4 hours traveling time and who knows how long we will be there I have to pump.
Well my issue I only have 4 pumping bodies. Now I double pump it’s more efficient for me 15 -20 min I’m done. Well I’ll have a cooler that I’m going to have ice packs in to store milk that she doesn’t drink right away in and I’m going to put ice in it as well to make sure it stays cold cause hot car.
I’m 90% positive we will not make it back in time for me to clean my parts and pump all within the time we get back.
My options basically are: do the fridge hack but with the cooler and pump at 3 hours to make sure it’s used before it “goes bad”.
Use baby wipes to clean the parts the best I can and run water down my duckbill to clean it. And hope it’s clean enough since baby wipes can only do so much (if you’re curious it’s the Huggies simply clean one).
Or the one with the most technical one that I fear will not work due to a moving vehicle. Bring my sterlizer. I have a plug in the back of my car. So that I can do what I normally do and clean the pieces right after use. This would technically give us the most time in Reno but again how am I going to get it to work in my moving car. I could use it while we are stopped eating (the steaming part takes 8 minutes the drying is what takes the hour).
Like I said it’s 4 hours driving on the way home I most likely will be pumping I may have to pump more than 2 times while there. Just annoying traveling and pumping but we don’t go to Reno often (father is driving so that’s the main reason we are going). I just need help deciding if I need to bring my sterlizer with the distilled water and try and hold it between my feet while we drive since I’ll most likely be in the back. Or try and clean with baby wipes or try the fridge hack with the cooler.
My pump wipes didn’t make it in time I ordered them and Amazon said Friday and it’s Saturday night and they didn’t make it. Perks of living in a rural town.
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2023.06.04 06:46 Fair_Reply_9281 How does trading in a car with a balance still on it work?

For some context, i currently drive a 2013 Honda Civic with about 155,000 miles on it. It’s been in no accidents, nothing currently wrong with the car. I want to get a new car because it was my first car I got as an adult & didn’t have many options. With the mileage as high as it is & it only going up I feel like I’m paying into a sinking ship (which I know that’s every car) but this one still has decent value. My credit score is also much better than when I got my first car, I’m sitting at about 730 credit score.
I’ve been doing some research about how trading in a financed car works & please correct me if I’m wrong. I got a quote from a dealership for the car & the trade in value was about $7,000. I have $9,000 left to pay on my current car to the bank. So if I take the $7,000 trade in value from the dealership, that would make my balance at $2,000 left I need to cover. Could I then just tack on the $2,000 left onto a new car?
I really have no idea if this would even be a smart choice or makes sense in the slightest. I just know the mileage is super high on my current car & it’s getting old. I’m nowhere near close to paying it off & feel like by the time it was paid off it would be worth absolutely nothing so I should get into a newer, fewer mileage car now to get more out of it. Some advice on what you would do in my situation would be amazing!
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2023.06.04 06:36 mammadzada85 Snapshot estimate

I have a total cost damage estimate from mecanic shop $1970. I paid out of my pocket and fixed the car asap. And after 2 weeks later turo 3.rd party snapshoot estimate sent me an email $1237.
When i asked turo investigator they mentioned shop needs to contact that snapshoot estimate company and send them supplement for damage. The problem is all damage is clearly seen damages and no hidden things on backside. Only problem that company cheating with unbeleave not accepted price calculation 😃
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2023.06.04 06:34 Maximum_Skill9500 I was saved by Jesus on the highway.

I wanted to share a quick story with all of you.
Recently I went up to Maine to visit my father, he is six hours away from where I live. I traveled six hours up to Maine and on the way back, Right when I got on the highway my check engine light came on. I had no service on my phone, I wasn’t in walking distance to any store, rest stop, or town. I was in the middle of nowhere on I-95 south. I pulled over to the side of the road. I tried to call my father, the police. I couldn’t even dial 911.
So here I am with my dog in my truck and alls I had left was prayer. Sobbing crying I prayed for a good ten minutes asking god to send me a police officer or a nice citizen to pull over to help me. So I decided to continue to drive I decided I would put my hazards and go slow. About three miles down the road thanks to Jesus there was a construction site.
I pulled over and asked a man to use there phone, I got to my father. He wanted us to meet up. I turned onto the next exit which wasn’t as far as I thought it would be and my father happened to be around that area at the time he was working.
I met him at a McDonald’s, and there was a dodge dealership right around the corner (I have a dodge) and they checked the truck. The CAT converter was failing. Meaning. If I kept going down that highway, my car would have stalled, I wouldn’t be able to use power steering. Nothing. There would have been nothing I could have done. The woman who worked there told me not to drive the truck, that it wouldn’t make it down to Massachusetts where I live.
I am so blessed that god answered my prayers. I was so scared and all I had was prayer. What are the chances of a construction site up in northern Maine?! The lord Jesus found me that day and helped me. I am blessed to tell this story to you all. If I kept going down that highway with no phone service, no way to contact the police. I don’t know where I would be. Five hours from my home and lost. But the lord saved me.
God truly works in mysterious ways. God bless you. Thank you Jesus 🙏
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2023.06.04 06:31 Prior_Ad_7022 Bad experience

Do not buy a car from carvana. My boyfriend and I bought vehicles from carvana in March. When my boyfriend got his car it was nice and clean after driving it for only a week. The car started having problems and he returned it. Took them three weeks to get him a new one and kept delaying delivery. So far the new one has no problems. On the other hand my car started having issues. I took it to get a diagonostic and they told me something was wrong with the transmission. Got the transmission fixed and a month later something else was wrong with the car! By this time it’s late April. I take it to get fixed and they said the clutch went out. They fixed it. By this time I’m still under warranty and I’ve paid $200 for my deductible and I haven’t had it for at least four months. Now there something else wrong. My warranty is up and now I have to pay $1100 to get my wheel bearing fixed 😡 just for them to tell me what’s actually wrong with the car. This is ridiculous. I had a bad feeling from buying from this place. Sounded too good to be true. My mechanical issues are unsafe. I’ve almost been into an accident one and one of my wheels could have came off while driving and my daughter and i could’ve been hurt. They really need to inspect their vehicles because this is just annoying. Just save yourself the headache and go to a dealership.
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2023.06.04 06:09 tvndnnrs Thinking of buying a MINI, any helpful advice or knowledge to pass on?

Hopefully this is the right place to be asking - I’m looking for my first car and there aren’t many options in my area that are within my budget, however there are two Mini Coopers that I have my eyes on. The first is a 2003, manual transmission with 190,000km (180,060mi roughly), and the second is a 2006, manual (says 5speed, not sure what the difference is) with 169,900km (105,570mi). Are either of these good for a new driver and/ or first car? I’m worried about cost efficiency as well because I’m a student. In case it is worth mentioning, I do have a Mini/ BMW dealership in my area.
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2023.06.04 06:07 shatlking I realized what I want out of BeamNG's career mode

For those who don't know, a concept of BeamNG's career mode is available if you click the career button (although grayed out) 6 times. In the career mode, you can "purchase" a car, do races and jobs, and of course crash. While I like it, I found myself underwhelmed; even if it is just an "open alpha".
Last week, I downloaded Street Legal Racing Redline again. After playing it a bit, I realized that it had what I want. So, I'll describe how one might go about combining what little we've seen of the career mode with SLRR's career mode.
For starters, I don't hate what has already been shown. But, I do think that it's rudimentary, bare in mind going forward, this is only based off of what we've seen, and there may be more anyways. Anything I say is only meant as a critique. I think that what has been shown should remain though, albeit expanded upon. The street races could be a good way to provide high money, but at high risk. Perhaps have races at the track (assuming the base map is West Coast USA, more on that later) where you can also do higher paying races, with low risk, but only on a schedule time frame; similar to SLRR's time system that opens and closes shops and starts and stops the drag races.
The other jobs, such as the cable one, could also be expanded upon. One of the things that drives me crazy in SLRR is when you completely destroy your car, and have no money to fix it. This could be remedied by having a cable job (perhaps utilizing the walk feature and bus stops) that you can do, although you have to do it. You could also add a delivery job, that uses your own car. It doesn't pay as much, but you are on no schedule. Another one could be a volunteer police officer, which lets you use police cars and hunt crooks. Maybe even shut down a street race.
While I do like the idea of the base map being WCUSA, I know some of my potato friends may have a sub optimal time running it. I propose adding both Utah and ECUSA/Italy as other options, with more maps opening as you get funds to travel there (perhaps in a similar fashion to Snowrunner?). Utah could feature more offroad events, such as rally and crawling; while ECUSA could feature rally and hillclimb/closed street circuits.
Another thing that I like from SLRR is the garage and parts shop. The garage in the game is already fairly useful, with my only gripe being that the menu is clunky (the one built into the career mode, not the actual garage map). I think this can be better changed in two ways: firstly making the garage only for changing and modifying your car(s). Secondly, again utilizing the bus stops, add functionality to the dealerships by creating them as places to buy new or used cars, depending on the dealership.
Another thing SLRR does well is the parts shop, and in a similar vain, damage to cars is also done well. I propose that the parts menu in game currently is slightly adjusted in career mode to only feature parts you own, although parts that work on multiple cars (Nomi GTT wing for instance) can be applied to multiple cars (although, only one car per part). We also know that BeamNG can store and also reload damaged vehicles. Again similar to SLRR, what if damage applied to your car remained even after you close the game? Let's say I slam my Sunburst into a guardrail, then quit the game. I'd want to see (alongside the small charge that towing has) my Sunburst still damaged.
While I know we've been waiting for the long awaited career mode for awhile, I think making these changes is worth it if it means that BeamNG is still the best car sim out there.

Long story short: Make BeamNG's career mode similar to SLRR, while also still retaining what we've already seen.
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2023.06.04 05:54 UH2000 Has anyone on the fuel tank issue on the 2019-2021 Ravs been told by a dealership that their car isn't on the "list" after getting the information packet from Toyota Motor Sales?

I'm getting about 7.9-9.2 gallons from low fuel light to full in my Rav. The dealership I took my car to told me that it wasn't an affected VIN on their TSB list. I said back that the paperwork I got from Toyota says my VIN is and includes details of the coverage. So she said they were going to look more into it on Monday and would have to pass on the diagnostic fee if it wasn't covered.
Not sure what to do. I saw one or two people with something similar happen but they said they had it taken care of after making the dealership "check again."
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2023.06.04 05:42 jenn12765 Should I keep my car with problems or trade it in and take a loss? Can someone help determine how much I will be out?

Background info: 26F in TN, wrecked my old car in December of 22 and had to quickly buy a replacement car. I stupidly went alone to a dealership after finding a car on autotrader I wanted to take a look at. A 2021 Hyundai Elantra with 8600 miles.
I was talked into getting it that night. The car wasn't starting that night which the salesman assured me was due to the lights being left on. I bought it that night anyway. Yes I know I am stupid. I know in the future to get an inspection on a used vehicle before buying.
I took a loaner home that night. The salesman was texting me the next day saying that there were some "fuse" issues that needed to get looked at with Hyundai and they would schedule it but I could take it home in the meantime. I went and picked it up. Yes I know I am stupid.
I noticed the blind spot wasn't working and the reverse sensor wasn't either. These were the "fuse" issues. I scheduled an appt with Hyundai the soonest available in March. When I finally got it checked out by Hyundai (4 months after buying) they told me the car had been in a wreck (not on the CarFax) and there was no blind spot module and the bumper had bondo in it. Hyundai recommended replacing the bumper. That plus a new blind spot would cost $4,000.
I called the original dealership and spoke to them and they told me to take it to them to check it out. I brought it in and they had it for 3 weeks and they did replace the blind spot but that is it. I asked them to take back the car for what I paid for it (nicely) and he (nicely) said that they would not because it had been so many months. (This was because of scheduling issues with Hyundai)
I was okay(ish) with all that (except feeling stupid about the damaged bumper). Until I was cleaning out my trunk today and lifted the trunk liner and there was about two inches of standing water around the spare. I had noticed my stuff in the trunk kept getting moist but I assumed that I spilled something or a drink can had burst at some point. So there must be a leak somewhere, possibly in the damaged bumper?
Anyway, I don't feel like I should go back to the dealership because I feel like they are washing their hands of me and they won't fix it. (because they don't have to because it is an as is sale).
Here's the details of the sale: Purchase price: $25,500 Downpayment: $3,000 Taxes: $2,800 ish warranty: $2,500 (later refunded) Gap: $1,000 (refunded due to refinance) Insurance paid out on my totaled car: $8,000 Total financed in the beginning: $29,000 ish After the refunds and insurance money I now owe: $16,500 ish My monthly payment: $338.02
I don't want to keep the car any longer because of the sour taste in my mouth on the whole deal. I am wanting to downgrade cars and get something around $15k-$20k.
I want some advice on whether I should just keep my car or trade it in on something cheaper.
KBB says it is worth around 21,000. If I trade it in now, am I losing the original sales price (25,500) minus the current value (21,000) so 4,500? Or should I include the taxes as a loss too? Is this a lot to be out? My new monthly payment would be around $200, so would save $138 a month.
What are some other things to think about?
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2023.06.04 05:41 latestbot AITA for not helping my long time friend by refusing to sell my car to them?

I leased a car & it’s lease was about to end a few months back & given the current market here in Canada & it being a Japanese, I decided to keep it until I get my own home.
That’s a big goal for me personally and I would like to get approved without bank objecting about any liabilities. I am also financing the buyout that I intend to clear off as soon as possible.
I was meeting up with a couple of friends & mentioned that I was keeping my car to one of them who then told me that I should sell my car to him instead. He’s been looking for a car for his sister but can’t find a Japanese brand in a reasonable price range.
His sister for context is a new immigrant and doesn’t have enough credit to buy a brand new car yet and has to travel a couple hours one way to get to work. I asked him why can’t he cosign for his sister instead and he mentioned that he bought an investment property that he intends to close in a few months so can’t really sign for any other loans.
He even went on to say that I should think about our friendship and since we have known each other for more than 10 years, I should help him out. He even offered to help me with the new car purchase and told me he has contacts in nearby dealerships that can get me a brand new car in few months.
I told him sorry I can’t because I don’t want to create a liability until I buy a home. I stuck to this even though he kept asking me to reconsider.
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2023.06.04 05:16 New_Weight9419 Interview tips

I have an interview at a pretty high end dealership (an Infiniti dealership) Monday and this has been something I wanted for a while and I want to take a stab at it, but the thing is that I have no car sales experience, but the fact that I got the interview must mean that I have a shot at this. I really want to get this sales position and start making real money. Any tips on how I should nail this interview, like what to wear and what questions I should expect?
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2023.06.04 05:14 New_Weight9419 Interview tips

I have an interview at a pretty high end dealership (an Infiniti dealership) Monday and this has been something I wanted for a while and I want to take a stab at it, but the thing is that I have no car sales experience but the fact that I got the interview must mean that I have a chance at this. I really want to get this sales position and start making real money. Any tips on how I should nail this interview, like what to wear and what questions I should expect?
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2023.06.04 05:00 BlindLDTBlind Summary of the Holden, MO investigation site:

Summary of the Holden, MO investigation site:
(475) BIGFOOT! AMERICA'S CREEK DEVIL Bigfoot in Missouri, new activity with Carol Episode 221 - YouTube
Please listen to the entire episode before reading, so it makes sense...
797 SW 1101 Road Holden, MO
Here is my summary:
The site where she was living is basically a giant trash heap of old cars, mowers, junk, and a trailer that looks like it was in a war zone in Nigeria. There is so much stuff stacked up everywhere you can barely see the woods behind it. However, the place is very eerie. There are fences to the north and behind the trailer clearly smashed down with game trails of raw dirt going back into the woods. It looks like the damage from 4-wheelers but there are no tire tracks. To me it does look like something big and heavy has smashed the fences and is traveling through the trails. They are about 3 feet wide and have zero plant growth on the trails.
The woods behind the house are very thick. It's a great place to hide.
I met the neighbor to the west. She calls herself "Chaquita" (Cha-kee-ta) and seems to be part black, part Hispanic. She is a very odd person. When I first met her she was very friendly, but her demeanor changes very quickly and starts acting out things, showing signs of histrionic disorders, and contradicting herself. She told me that when she saw me driving by slowly, she thought that she should "call 911 and get my tag number". I drive a fairly new truck and had my windows down to wave at people. She seemed paranoid, and schizophrenia affected to some degree. She told me that for about 7 months out of the year she sleeps on the front open porch. I thought that was odd, given the potential for mosquitos from the Carol Johnson trash heap across the road, about 500 feet away. I asked her about any "bigfoot" activity and she said "oh you mean Yeti?". I asked her if she had seen anything and she laughed hysterically and said "oh my God no. None ever".
I don't find "Chaquita" credible whatsoever. She's bat shit crazy and paranoid. She was mowing the lawn when I met her, which Carol had a lot to say about her "mowing".
I drove into town and went by Carol's house. She was outside watering her plants on the back porch. I pulled up and said "hello Carol" and it really caught her off guard. I told her that I knew Tom from Creek Devil and she said ok, and asked me to park and come speak with her.
The conversation with Carol was odd, but interesting. She is very coherent, aware, sensible and logical. Most people would think that because of her story that she is completely delusional and has totally lost it. I don't find that, but I do wonder if she is the only one seeing the creatures like she does. She goes back and forth a bit on her mother and whether she had seen them or not. At times she tells me about her mother seeing them, and then later says her mother questions the existence of them. To Carol's credit, her mother suffered from dementia in her later years, so that might explain it.
One thing that is odd, but might be explained by the effects of PTSD, is that she is still seeing the creatures at her new home in Holden, MO inside of town. It's right off the main road, highway 58 (her address is 711 South Pine). It's in a residential section backing up to some commercial properties a few blocks away. She is convinced that the creatures are coming in through an area heavily wooded by a baseball field, and that they only come on nights when it's raining outside. She cannot explain how she knows this, she just "does". There was a red flag that popped up when I asked her if the investigation team with Creek Devil had seen anything out at the property, she shrugged her shoulders and motioned like she didn't know. I told her that Tom from Creek Devil told me that the team had seen something on the property and she looked utterly shocked, her eyes popping out of her head. This was a major red flag because she should have been "blank faced" as if "of course they did" nodding her head. Maybe I am reading her wrong, but I don't think so. That was the one thing that stood out to me that maybe she knew that she's been making this all up. Like I said before, maybe she's the only one seeing them. Maybe not. Her emotions seem very real, that is for certain. Carol's story is very consistent. Her dates of times and events are very accurate.
When I told Carol I met "Chaquita", she just kind of sighed and mumbled "oh yeah..."
Carol said that Chaquita mows the yard incessantly. She will be out mowing all day, and into the night. She said sometimes she's still mowing at 11 pm at night, in the dark. I believe this, and confirms my theories on Chaquita's mania, paranoia, whatever. Carol said that it was her that was attacked by the BF and tried to eat her intestines, according to the official Carol story on Creek Devil, episode 221. Carol looked confused when I told her that Chaquita says that nothing is going on out there.
Carol went on to becoming very unstable and emotionally distraught and described seeing a "dogman" type creature out there. Large, black and with a snout, teeth. Also, that her and her mother have seen on two different occasions a red orb about the size of a basketball floating down the highway. It followed her car north on 1101 Rd. for a while. Another odd one was when the riding mower ran out of gas, they left it overnight in the field south of the trailer. In the morning she said it was flipped over and pushed near the pond.
In conclusion, I'm left with more questions than answers. This feels like the time when I mixed real butter with "I can't believe it's not butter", and I was left confused, wondering what to believe. ???
I don't know....
Is something going on out there? Yes, I think so. Is Carol nuts? I don't think so. Is she and her mother the only ones seeing anything? Maybe. There is a neighbor to the south whose father claims to have seen them, and they have calves and pigs go missing. I spoke with them on the phone a few days ago. Can they all be crazy? Probably not.
I have an interview coming up with another guy that lives about 2 miles from the Carol site. He claims to have seen one run across the road in the area.

Follow up:
The other day I got a threatening phone call warning me about "staying away from there", and I better "watch out". This was from some hillbilly idiot from Texarkana area. I told him what to go do, and it wasn't pleasant.
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2023.06.04 04:42 RollsRoyceGoBrrrrrrt Anyone who has bought a new challenger in recent years and negotiated the sticker price.

Hello everyone on the sub. I went to my local Dodge dealership today because my 2011 Chrysler 200, despite having ran flawlessly for the most part in the last 12 years, suffered a crack somewhere in the head gasket gasket or cylinder, and my mechanic advised me it’s not worth fixing. I’m just using the car as of now to drive around town and run my errands and what not.
I test drove a Challenger GT today and I really enjoyed it. The only thing making me hesitant is it’s a little pricier than I was hoping, with everything included about 52,250. For anyone who’s purchased a new car from Dodge in the last couple years, did any of you guys have any luck trying to knock a little bit off the asking price? I’m not trying to be cheap, I know you can’t go in there and talk them down a large amount, just trying to see what any of you guys experienced in the pre-purchase process.
Any stories or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all and have a great rest of your day/night.
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2023.06.04 04:35 TwoToneDaytona AMG CLA 35 Factory Order Negotiations?

Throwaway account but I have been following this subreddit now for about 4 months! :) Skip to TL;DR if you do not want the background!
I am after the AMG CLA 35. I was going to go for the CLA 45 2023 model for the grill when I found out the 2024 model 35 and 45S would have the same grill unlike the 2023's. So I set my sites on the 2024 AMG CLA 35 model to save about $10K MSRP. I have a contact with a Mercedes Benz salesman who said he does not have the option to factory order the 2024's yet but he suspects he will soon and that I could come in and place an order for an allocation to have by January-February.
Customer Background:
I have never factory ordered and will be factory ordering to lease. I have very good credit, I have never personally checked my "Auto" FICO, but at Audi in 2020 the FM said it pulled as an 801 and 803 Transunion and Experian, and my regular FICO on Wells Fargo shows as 798. Extensive credit history 5 previous car loans with 0 late payments (4 leases 1 purchase). I have $8k-$10K to put down if need be depending on the deal.
My question are: Having never factory ordered, how do i negotiate? haha Is it just very difficult to get a good deal on a factory order? I feel like I have less leverage, they KNOW it is the exact car I absolutely love hahah how can I respectfully go in and try to get a fair price? Also, I used 5 of the most popular lease estimators including edmunds and all 5 of them spit out to me roughly the same payment range (using the 54% residual and the money factor I found in the edmunds forums) however the Mercedes lease estimator spits out a number about $100 dollars higher than all of the others? Is that Mercedes just trying to give you a high number to have more room to come down on price and make you feel like you got a better deal when you are sitting at the dealership? I would obviously love to come out with a number closer to what the online calculators are spitting out, what is your experience with this discrepancy in general?
TL;DR How do I negotiate on a factory order, if they know I love the car because I hand picked everything lol Also, Online lease calculator are all in agreement spitting out numbers about $100 a month lower than Mercedes lease estimator. Is it possible to think i can get the lower price?
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2023.06.04 04:23 essehess To the lovely person who found my keys at Cadboro Bay

... thank you so much!!!!!!
Fortunately my partner had his keys as well so we were able to have a fun time and drive partway home before I discovered you had so kindly left the key fob on the hood of the car. I don't know if you found it next to the car and did the math or found it on the beach and beeped until you found out car, but I'm grateful either way. Last time we needed a new key, it had to be made by the dealership, so you saved us a few hundred bucks, hours of searching, and a load of stress.
Thank you again, you awesome beach goer!
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2023.06.04 04:06 dalox303 Negotiating the price of a used car in todays market… Did the Dealership really tell me how much they paid for the car?

Went to the Honda Dealership today, the car I wanted has 100k miles and is listed online (finance price) at $25k, $1000 over cargurus market price, with an out the door price of $29k. I told the salesman i want to be OTD at $23k. After he dropped the price to $27.5k, I stuck to my guns at $23k. I told the salesman, to print me off the KBB price to compare, he came back saying they use the KBB price when buying the vehicle but when selling they use the JP? market price which was obviously a lot higher. Having been prepared I told the sales man the KBB trade in value of this vehicle is $18.5k and theres no way the dealership paid more than that for the vehicle. The salesman left and came back with the manager. The manager gave me this and said this is exactly what we bought the car for. I told them I dont buy that BS, but came up to $24k anyways. Dealership didnt budge, so i left. Does anyone know if this document is legit?? Or did i call his bluff? Are dealerships really that open about what they paid?
Additionally, if i take there offer at $26k OTD, are there any add ons i could put in the deal to make up the $2k difference, from my $24k? I can only think of free oil changes, floor mats, and an extended warranty on one of the parts.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 04:03 My_Username_24 Where to find OEM Japanese factory windshield wipers?

I recently got some new windshield wipers from my local dealership but I noticed that it looked completely different from the ones currently on my car. I really like the original factory ones so I'm wondering if there is any place I could find them. I have a 2019 Subaru Outback, which I believe has 26 inch and 17 inch wipers for the front and 14 inch wipers for the back. Thank you :)
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