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2023.06.03 17:09 xanvalentine Found my Old Cards!

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2023.06.03 17:06 DividendPower Stock Market This Week – 06/03/23

Stock Market This Week – 06/03/23
Common sense prevailed, a debt ceiling limit deal was reached this past week, and a bill passed by the House and the Senate in large majorities. It will be signed into law by June 5th, the theoretical last date when the United States would default. The effect of the deal was immediate on the 1-month U.S. Treasury rates. They had climbed from 5.5% in mid-May to over 6% by May 26th. By June 2nd, they had returned to 5.28%. Moreover, the stock market surged, and market volatility declined.
The long-term effect of the debt ceiling limit deal is to hold spending flat over the next two years but declining after accounting for inflation. This should lower the total public debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) over the next two years. The value spiked in the second quarter of 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and has slowly decreased since then.
The United States economy continues to move from strength-to-strength belying pessimistic forecasters. The U.S. jobs report showed a net gain, and the unemployment rate is still near a record low. In addition, wages increased, albeit slower than inflation. Also, job openings rose. However, on the negative side, manufacturing is contracting, but the services economy, a much larger part of the economy, is growing steadily.
At this point, a recession is likely not in the cards.
Stock Market This Week – 06/03/23
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2023.06.03 17:05 FirexJkxFire A Forgiving Boss Loot Drop System

So one of the things I think is incredibly frustrating with this game is that when doing things like farming bosses, if there is a 1/N chance of an item dropping, it doesnt matter how many (failed)attempts you have done, you become no closer to your goal than when you started.
Hearthstone actually has an interesting solution to this with card pack openings. See it was expected to get a legendary card every 20 packs. However if you opened 20 (or any number of packs for that matter) without getting one, you were no closer to getting one on the next pack.
What they ended up doing was making it so you were guaranteed atleast one every 40 packs. That is to say, it would mark when you last opened one and then would start a counter for each pack you opened until another one appeared.
This really didn't change how many you would get (as the average worked out before and after that you'd likely get 1 every 20 packs on average).
It would be really nice if something like this could be done for POE boss loot table drops. To make it feel like you are making progress every time you do the fight.
I suggest for an item with 1/N drop chance, make it so its guaranteed in 2N or 3N attempts.* 2N may make the item a bit more common but 3N would make essentially no difference. Here is the math "proof".
For a 1/N probability the chance of not getting a single success over a specific number of attempts would be:
Lim[N->oo][((N-1)/N)A x N ] = 1/eA
Of course you can plug in an N for an exact answer, but the value very quickly gets super close to the limit as N increases. For N above like 15 the difference is trivial
So for 1N attempts you'd have have a 67% at getting atleast 1 success, for 2N youd have a 87% at getting atleast 1 success and for 3N attempts youd have a 95% at atleast 1 success. In other words, if they were to give a forgiveness drop at 3N attempts then the item would become 5% more common.
I think this is reasonable enough and would make the fame feel so much better when grinding for stuff. It could also be added for things like rare currency drops but im not sure how area level and other factors affect the drop rates. But for bosses it would be fine and you wouldn't even need to factor in anything like item quantity as this is meant to be a safety net so even if theoretically your chance of success was 1/0.75N you would still be happy to know you'll get one guaranteed after 3N attempts (instead of 2.25N) if you are having bad luck
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2023.06.03 17:01 AutoModerator PokeInvesting's Should I Grade Saturday's - MOVED!

All grading related posts and inquires should go to PokeGrading
This is the dedicated subreddit for everything Pokemon grading. This can be modern, vintage, all questions for PSA/BGS/CGC, or just sharing your favorite card you've always wanted to grade.
We will be forwarding the posts related to these topics to this sub, so they can have their time to shine, and we can keep PokeInvesting financially related. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 16:58 Square-Distance1636 More of my Collection (older)

Here are more of my collection. Never had an allowance. Whenever i was given money for ice cream truck or snacks. I’d walk to the nearest 7 Eleven where i bought most of my boosters packs. Never knew about card shops, events, value, grading, etc.
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2023.06.03 16:50 monikernemo Tinderbox Arceus (Arceus - Fire tool box deck)

Looking for some advice on Fire-based Arceus Deck, just wanted some second opinion:
Pokemon (17)
Trainers (31) (19 items - 9 supporters - 1 tool - 2 stadiums)
Items (19)
Supporters (9)
Tools (1)
Stadiums (2)
Energy (12)

Main Strategy:
Cards that I am considering changing out:
Cards that I am consdering adding into the deck
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2023.06.03 16:48 BASILISK74 Finally pulled my sv chase card!

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2023.06.03 16:45 rurami_ Returning player questions about Path to the Peak

Hi! So i haven't played the TCG since 2017 or so. I was watching this Tricky Gym video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRlsK3r45Tw) about the United Wings deck, which is essentialy Night March, and it honestly seem pretty fun (and cheap) so I decided to build it and get back, at least for a while.
Looking at some recent cards i found Path to the Peak and it honestly seems pretty busted, moreover since this deck only plays 1 rule box pokémon (and honestly it can be cut off) and, at least from what I understand, this stadium should also stop pokemon EX (the new ones) abilites'.
So, my doubts are:
  1. Would this stadium be worth including in a deck like this? If so, should I get 4 copies along some other actual staples, just in case I need them in the future?
  2. Are there other powerful staples like this one that I should look up?
Thanks for your time.
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2023.06.03 16:37 kevinvong99 Anyone open these? Are they fun to open? Is it worth it?

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2023.06.03 16:36 BionicSamurai [USA-MI] - [H] Visas Starfrost, 3x Primeval Planet Perlereino, Dragoon, 3x Satellarknight Deneb, More [W] Trades

Hi there, I’ve got a few cards here I’m hoping to trade! Trying to get pieces for a Evil-Twin Runick Spright deck, but also also willing to look through binders. High rarity stuff, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Dark Magician and DMG stuff as well.
Not looking to do PP unless it’s a few bucks to even out a trade! Ideally we both pay to have the cards shipped and if higher value, tracked.
2x Spright Blue - Secret or Ult
2x Spright Jet
1x Spright Starter
2x Runick Fountain
2x Runick Tip
2x Hugin
1x Zeus - any rarity
3x Live Twin Ki-sikil
3x Live Twin Lil-la
1x Live Twin Ki-sikil Frost
2x Evil Twin Ki-sikil
2x Evil Twin Lil-la
2x Evil Twin’s Trouble Sunny
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2023.06.03 16:30 Master_Dog_5388 Missprint?

Hey guys! Was randomly going through some of my collection when i found this card (see picture)
Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't Rampardos the rock-type, dinosaur looking pokemon while the one i have pictured here on the card is a Mismagius? Is the name and description a missprint or is it intentional? And if it is a missprint would that make it rare?
Would be grateful for any help (:
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2023.06.03 16:29 M-O-M943 What's up with my Conkeldurr V? Holoshift with lettering?

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2023.06.03 16:28 TwelveSmallHats Warhammer Underworlds card lore snippets, part 3 - Beastgrave

Previous posts:
For those unfamiliar with Warhammer Underworlds, it's Games Workshop's card/mini/board game set in the Mortal Realms. Almost every card in the game has a small snippet of lore on it in addition to its rules text; some of the lore is simple statements about the card's effect, but others describe the setting or the fighters or provide in-universe quotes. I haven't found a card library that compiles these lore snippets (they are understandably focused on the rules), so I decided to compile them myself.
This is my third post of the project, compiling the cards from the third season of the game, Beastgrave. This is the first major setting update, since the previous seasons (Shadespire and Nightvault) both took place in Shadespire, while this one takes place in Beastgrave, a living mountain in Ghur.
Cards for the season starter warbands:
Grashrak's Despoilers:
Text Card Name
There is a diabolical method to the Brayherds' depravity. Bestial Cunning
The gruesome food for Grashrak's primal sorceries are rarely in short supply. Blood Ritual
To beastmen, carnage and mayhem are ends unto themselves. Bloodshed
The creatures of the Brayhertds stampede forth from their domains whenever a more enticing territory presents itself. Conquerors
True victory comes only when all the enemy held dear is reduced to ruin. Despoilers
To Grashrak's Despoilers, there is no sight more pleasing than that of unsullied flesh being butchered. Killing Blow
In the wild, the alpha creature is the one still standing at battle's end. Proven Superiority
There is no better hunting ground than the lands of a defiant enemy. Raiders
Beastmen strike hard and fast, and they seldom do so alone. Stampede
Bloodshed breeds strength, and strength breeds opportunity. Survival of the Fittest
Wherever Grashrak's Despoilers go, so follows the corruption of Chaos. Swarm the Battlefield
It is not enough to despoil the land - the air itself must writhe with the power of anarchy. Taint of Ruin
The primal fury of the Brayherds is infamous, and rightly feared. Baying Anger
The true children of Chaos are driven by instinctual animosity. Baying Hatred
There is nothing more fearful than a wounded beastman. Berserk Bellow
Primal magics swirl across the battlefield, driving the herd towards their foe. Bestial Vigour
The language of the Brayherds is not elegant, but it is easily understood. Blood Taunt
Grashrak's Despoilers use every weapon that nature and Chaos have bestowed upon them. Bull Charge
A bestial curse twists the foe in both body and mind. Devolve
When hunting down prey, speed is as important as brute strength. Skirmisher
Like carrion feeders to a corpse, the beasts of the Brayherds flock to territories they can despoil. Vile Invaders
The notion of a fair fight is anathema to Ungors. Weight of Numbers
Why work to conceal yourself when you can simply take away your hunter's ability to see? Blinding Attack
The scent of blood only intensifies the hunger for battle. Bloodcrazed
Even the most masterfully wrought armour crumples at the touch of this Chaos-infused blade. Cursed Flint
There are few greater weapons than a strong instinct for self-preservation. Dogged Survivor
Always another foe, always another quarry, the bloodletting in Beastgrave is never-ending. Endless Hatred
Pain is the one sense the beastmen seek to dull.
Those with the shortest horns must find other ways to puncture their prey. Jabbing Spear
Seething energy crashes into the enemy, tearing at their flesh and driving them from their feet. Savage Bolt
Grashrak has an innate understanding of the anarchic and the arcane. Sorcerous Trinket
Amongst the Brayherds, the severed head of one's enemy is the ultimate symbol of status. Trophy Taker
Skaeth's Wild Hunt:
Text Card Name
In Beastgrave, there is no end to the hunt. Aspects of Kurnoth
Once the quarry has been sighted, it is Karthaen's horn that calls the Wild Hunt. Cry of the Wild
Preparation is the first step towards victory. Gifts of Kurnoth
There are multiple ways to take down one's quarry. Hunt's End
In the wilds, one must always be aware of their surroundings. Kurnoth's Snare
It is Karthaen's hope that the Beastgrave itself will some day be scoured from the realms. Purifying Rites
'Your blood shall flow free, and it shall wash away the corruption you have brought to this land.' - Sheoch, Kurnothi Tracker Ritual Kill
'Your death is as inevitable as the changing of the seasons.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Run Down
'Die, foul creature. No longer shall you be a blight upon the realms.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Run Through
'Who can catch an arrow in flight? Its speed is its armour, and the source of its deadliness.' - Althaen, Kurnothi Tracker Safety in Swiftness
The most fallow soil can be made fertile if seeded with enough bone and flesh. Slay the Corrupted
The Wild Hunt seek to ensure that no more souls fall to the Katophrane curse. Soulbinding
With a blast of his horn, the air itself, the air itself comes to Karthaen's aid. Binding Wind
The Wild Hunt advance on their foes with the speed of a summer storm. Fleet of Foot
Even in the cavernous depths of Beastgrave, the live-giving winds of Ghyran can blow strong. Healing Breeze
'I am the Hunt! The Hunter grows within me!' - Sheoch, Kurnothi Tracker Might of Kurnoth
The weal must be reaped so that the strong may thrive. That is the way of the hunt. Pounce
'That which was made to run must run. That which was made to fly must fly. That which was made to kill must kill.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Retrieve Javelin
The resounding blaze of Karthaen's horn imbues the members of the Wild Hunt with bountiful vigour. Song of Swiftness
Just as they seek harmony in life, the Wild Hunt work in harmony to bring death to those who would desecrate the realms. Strike in Concert
In the pursuit of their foes, the Kurnothi are as relentless as a winter's gale. Swift as the Wind
Any enemy that values its life can be herded, given adequate provocation. Battle Cry
The Kurnothi call upon their fallen god to drive their enemies from the lands that have been corrupted. Divine Strength
There is no escaping thise fighter's fury when they have marked their prey for death. Eye of Kurnoth
Althaen's arrows fall swift and sharp as monsoon rains. Fast Shot
It is speed, not strength, that allows prey to outrun its predator, and a predator to close ground on its prey. Great Strides
Even now, Kurnoth's gifts still protect those who are faithful to him. Hale Charm
Those familiar with malkyn know that when their teeth are bared, it is already too late to run. Hunting Aspect
'Bring life to the lands, and death to those who would despoil them.' - Kurnothi chant Kurnoth's Mark
An enemy's offence becomes severely limited when their bones have been shattered. Shield Slash
At Karthaen's call, the motes of life magic in Beastgrave coalesce into barbed projectiles that fly towards his foes. Vicious Darts
Starter box universal cards:
Text Card Name
When the enemy lie broken and bloodied to the last, then can the deep rumbling of Beastgrave be heard. Annihilation
Stride forth boldly and seize that which belongs to your enemy. Conquest
Hold fast to what is yours, no matter the cost. Denial
Seize the howl-horn and let its mournful dirge echo through Beastgrave's heart. Hold Objective 1
Capture the amber-bone riches of Ghur. Hold Objective 2
The throne of tusks may be claimed only by one who is worthy. Hold Objective 3
The worth of the gargant's blade is beyond imagination. Hold Objective 4
Dare you don the mask of the Silent People? Hold Objective 5
Seize the heart of the mountain, chamber by twisted chamber. Supremacy
The cursed caverns within Beastgrave can disorient even the most keen-minded explorer. Confusion
A morbid fume surrounds the casts, choking any foe that dare approach. Eldritch Haze
'Nowhere have you left to run, nor any place to hide...' - Skaeth the Huntsman Marked
The key to survival is being where your predators least expect. Sidestep
The key to killing is to attack where your prey least expects. Snare
An opponent cannot always be defeated, but they can always be made to pay for their actions. Caltrops
The most fearsome creatures in Beastgrave are those who have adapted to survive in an environment of slaughter. Great Fortitude
The bestial might of Ghur flows through this fighter's veins. Great Strength
Driven by primal urges, this fighter watches their enemies for the slightest sign of weakness. Predatory Instinct
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2023.06.03 16:24 ineedapaper21 Best Buy - 2022 Trainers Toolkit $17.99

https://www.bestbuy.com/site/pokemon-trading-card-game-trainers-toolkit-2022/6506756.p?skuId=6506756[Deal of the Day](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/pokemon-trading-card-game-trainers-toolkit-2022/6506756.p?skuId=6506756)
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2023.06.03 16:18 One_Sheepherder1379 Phone stolen at Coachella, been getting tons of scam messages but today’s was threatening..

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2023.06.03 16:10 APrioriOfNothing Thoughts on Forge Anew

I have not seen much discussion about Forge Anew yet, but I think its really neat as a signpost for cubes with Equipment archetypes and it seems to me like exactly what they want in cube. I think they got a lot of help with [[Sigarda's Aid]], but this seems great for a ton of different equipment, even at varying power levels of cube, as the reanimate, instant equip, and 0 equip are all only as strong as your best equipment. 1. The equipment reanimate pack is something I'm not sure I've really seen before. Its also the sort of white color pie development I like to see. It can either just provide value with whatever you have in the bin or allows combo with quick discard of stuff like [[Batterskull]] or [[Kaldra Compleat]] to just reanimate on t3. Definitely nicely cocomplementary to the more optimal t2 [[Stoneforge Mystic]] to fetch Batterskull or Kaldra and play from hand on t3 in higher power levels. More of a corner case: while Reconfigure doesn't play nice with the rest of the abilities on Forge Anew, the reanimate does let you hit an Artifact Creature - Equipment in your yard, which is nice as more targets similiar to Living Weapon targets. Doesn't mean much since all the ones you usually care about are 3 mana or less, but still there and maybe relevant for lower power cubes. 2. I absolutely love the idea of instant speed equip abilities. This works really well in combat oriented decks since all you need is more than one creature, especially with some of the equipment you can have and it just makes combat for Equipment archetypes so more more interesting. Being able to re-equip a Kaldra at instant speed does some disgusting things for combat math. As long as I understand this correctly, First Strike at instant speed means you can have Kaldra assign combat damage in the first combat damage step with the Trample and exile ability in effect, then re-equip Kaldra to give another creature +5/+5, Trample, and the exile ability, and since they did not have First Strike during the first combat damage step, they assign damage in the second combat damage instead, even though they now have First Strike. Obviously, I'm sure others could see how this could be great with certain creatures and Equipment. Being able to re-equip [[Skullclamp]] to an optimal attacker helps guarantee draw and pressure or even sac all the small blockers that would die anyway. Swords of X and Y make it so you can have a creature be unblocked and then re-equip to another creature to protect them from damage from the relevant color source. Jitte can be combined with First Strike to get double the counters or to even give different creatures +2/+2 or even make sure that Jitte does damage to get counters by switching it after OP blocks, then sacs their creature. [[Lightning Greaves]] at instant speed means that you can essentially prevent your OP from ever targeting any of your creatures on your turn. There's also the good old re-equip to optimize combat math and save more creatures while killing your OP's creatures. It just opens a lot of options for making combat way more engaging for Equipment decks. Even purely the threat of being able to switch around Equipment at instant speed can change the way your OP will block and usually allows for you to be much more aggressive. Lastly, if your OP does anything on your end step to affect your creatures, you have the capability to re-equip at instant speed in response, either to try and save them or benefit from their death. 3. Having the ability to equip an Equipment for 0 once on your turn is obviously a huge part of the Equipment strategy. Reanimating a Kaldra and then equipping a [[Colossus Hammer]] is the dream play in higher power magic, but even just being able to not have to pay for equipping a [[Swords of Fire and Ice]] or something with colored mana for equipping, like [[Embercleave]] or [[Maul of the Skyclave]] is extremely useful for a combat oriented archetype, and is especially nice with the second ability of this card. Its also great that it fills a place that mostly only [[Puresteel Paladin]] has filled so far, while being a little more annoying to remove. And even if it does get removed, flickering it or returning it to hand and casting it again still gets you the benefit of reanimating another Equipment. All in all, I really like this design space for the white color pie and I hope it gets explored more in the future. What are your thoughts on this card?
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2023.06.03 16:08 DocZUM Help with authenticity check and value!

Help with authenticity check and value!
The picture came in weird in my first post so trying again!
I'm trying to make the jump from MTG where I was pretty good at being able to tell if cards were fake or not. Hoping to get some help here on approximate value and what to look for when trying to verify authenticity.
My best guess was due to the whitening on the backs and some bends that these would grade out closer to HP or damaged and it looks like together might fetch about 400 max, assuming they are real. Is that close?
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2023.06.03 16:06 ReasonableDrummer669 Bang 😎

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2023.06.03 16:05 Koy_awwwyeah Need help finding a value on a card. Info in comments.

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2023.06.03 16:00 AmazingPokemonCards What do y’all think abt this card!? :D

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2023.06.03 15:54 Zestyclose-Level1871 On Subject of TW's Blind Ambition, Her Cognitive Dissonance v. Her "Truth" Perception of Her Heritage

Posting this here since posting via phone, very crappy at navigating the forums using said phone, and unable to locate the original thread reply >,<
Maximum-Beginning-92 commented:
Wait I haven’t heard of on set escapades or scamming to get her SAG card? Where can I read/hear more?
Turns out TW performed a very cavalier, elaborate scam to earn her Actor's Guild card. Which is actually admirable. Based on the fact she didn't become a true victim in having to sacrifice her morals on the Casting Couch to achieve it. The complete story and analysis breakdown on how TW got her Suits passport breakthrough comes from SueMe's channel in this episode here:
Like Taz and Murky, Sue is one of the oldest YT channels that went online pre #Megxit era in 2019. So as one of the legacy founders watching the RF, she's got some pretty deep oversight on TW shennanigans since. Despite going live back in 2019, she's got half the subs that the more popular YTloggers like Taz and Murky have to date. This is probably due to her delivery style (speaks directly to you from a mike instead of using a lot of images/videos). Also more likely to her preference as a content creator to cover a lot of non RF related stuff. So her channel's TW reporting is more of a weekly sort of thing. Regardless, Sue's content channel is very high quality because she doesn't just regurgitate news media articles on TW. But provides a genuinely objective, in depth analysis based on facts. So what she uncovered about TW's racket to get her Actor's Guild card is pretty mind blowing.
What Sue uncovered on TW's scam to get her Actor's guild card is mind blowing. This is why I've come to the conclusion the Chimera is not just a narcist, but a full blown sociopath. Because unfortunately, that was how her father (and mother when in the picture) raised her to be. A spoiled, privileged, arrogant, and overly entitled child. Who, being fortunate to have a nurturing, supportive and doting father during her entire formative years (as a child/teenager), grew up to become a successful, college educated young adult. An achievement that would've been a significant challenge for the majority of young African American and/or economically disadvantaged youth at her age. A glaring fact her cognitive dissonance would not let her acknowledge until much later in life. Where she reached the pinnacle of her social climbing career aspirations. Her father's support and elitist educational pedigree instilled a on overzealous ambition in her to succeed in life. Driven by her narcissist mindset, she wanted to achieve the highest socioeconomic status in the limelight. And that meant being in politics and/or the entertainment industry. Both careers which completely aligned with her moral and ethical values (i.e. her constant memoirs of her dishwashing liquid campaign to free women from the kitchen etc.)
As a young woman, she quickly realized her average looks and biracial heritage were assets that were detrimental to her fame aspirations in 1990 Hollywood era. Hence the reason why she could only secure bit role parts. Assuming if she were lucky to be cast on an A list production the likes of 90210 Beverly Hills. i.e. in a brief cameo appearance as an un-named Ho giving a male lead actor a blow job in his car. Back then admission to lead roles in A list productions were extremely challenging to get as a biracial or minority actress. Whoopi Goldberg was the first minority/African American actress to win a supporting role Oscar for her performance in Ghost (it literally took the Hollywood industry a decade before Halley Berry's Oscar award). So way back then, TW was insightful to realize her ethnically ambiguous appearance was a detriment to her goals of becoming an A list starlet. Which IMO, led her to practice cognitive dissonance with her bi-racial identity since then.
It was the prime reason why she was so evasive about her black heritage when directly asked by the likes of Malcom Jamal Warner.
The insight provided by post Covid American based YT channels like Oh! Stephco (former TW fan) is very telling:
Because her cognitive dissonance had clearly refined itself half a decade later
Kim Love, a black American with a large Twitter and YouTube following who frequently comments on social mobility issues, raised that point in an online post on Tuesday, “Meghan Markle’s marriage does not represent a win for black women,” Love said in a tweet. “Besides, she doesn’t even self-identify as a ‘black woman,’ so please stop forcing it.”
Lending support for this personal observation:
TW had been subconsciously practicing this sort of cognitive dissonance---as early as her formatative childhood years. There are article reports of her school peers/friends and grown ups being surprised when they realized she was biracial. After seeing Doria (instead of Thomas) show up at school events for the first time. And later from her University years, began proactively passing herself as a Caucasian woman (she even listed this on her CV at one point). Between her post Grill/Briefcase Girl and TIG/Corey Vitello/globe trotting gourmet Foodie/Suits eras, she had apparently settled into using this cognitive dissonance as her status quo.
Until she met a thick, emotionally vulnerable, but globally connected ginger Prince called H. And recieved an epiphany that she had to share with the world. Her truth that she "never realized she was BLACK until she married into the RF". Claimed she was "linked" NOT "ranked. Then promptly swan dived into #Megixt, followed by 2+ years of mud slinging RF character assassinations. Using weaponized woke politicking and genderacial ideology baiting WMD against the very family which indirectly put her on the global stage The rest is history to date.
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2023.06.03 15:53 snoopdoge90 Question about proper bed leveling with CR Touch and my experience with the Aquila X2 H32

Hi! I just purchased an Aquila X2 with H32 board the previous week. Simply loving it so far. I've already used half a kilo of PLA and no bad prints on stock, thanks to the information provided in this sub and the sticky post.
I have a question about proper bed leveling using the knobs with CR touch and Alex' firmware. So I'll start with that, and share my experience and tips with other new Aquila X2 H32 users further in this post.
Bed leveling question
I don't know if I'm correct, but CR touch feels like a correction for bed warping and improper manual bed leveling through the knobs. Therefore, proper manual bed leveling is still important, but you don't have to do this frequently anymore because CR touch can correct for this.
How can I manually realign my bed manually with the knobs in Alex' firmware? Cause I want to do that 'the stock way'. With stock, it would home using the Z-axis end stop sensor. From there, I just re-calibrate the bed using the A4 paper method. That way I can keep my the springs / silicone bed spacers in the proper working range. But with Alex' firmware, homing the Z-axis would depend on the CR touch sensor and whatever inproper calibration was done to the bed.
Sharing my experience with other new Aquila X2 H32 users
Since everything went well, I've already bought and applied some upgrades after a week of usage. I noticed I needed to calibrate my bed after every print, so I bought the official Creality CR Touch module and silicone bed springs. On recommendation of this sub, I also bought the Creality metal extruder upgrade kit because this part seems to have a high failure rate. I picked the upgrade kit which also included the Capricorn bowden tube, since I want to print with other materials soon with higher temps.
Although the sticky post provided great information for the stock machine, it did lack some information about the upgrades everybody recommends here. At least in text form. I hate watching 15 minute YouTube videos for an answer that could be written in two sentences.
My first and only failed print was after replacing the bowden tube. It failed the PLA extrusion mid print. The tube was probably too long since both ends were cut perfectly round. The stock tube is 40 cm. My tube was cut at 50 cm with the idea to leave some spare to cut off when needed (e.g. the hot-end side of the tube). I had no problems anymore after cutting the tube length back to 40 cm.
When replacing the extruder, my tip would be not to tighten down the extruder gear attached the servo during the assembly process. This should be your last step so you can align the gear with the filament guiding bearing.
Another thing what bothered me is is firmware upgrade process. Yet another long YouTube video. The firmware upgrade is needed for the CR Touch upgrade. The official firmware for auto leveling (Aqulia X2 H32 BLtouch Firmware V5.3.3) sucks. Its unstable and freezed mid print. Therefore I switched to Alex firmware. Although not supported anymore, I love the stock Aquila X2 (non CBL Touch) firmware. Alex firmware is based on the source code of the latest official Aquila X2 H32 V5.1.8 firmware.
With the official Creality CR Touch upgrade, manual calibrate your printer bed and print a mount first before installing the upgrade. The included mounts are not compatible with the Aquila X2. I've printed this mount with X-axis tab. If you want to use the supplied bolts, use a M3 tap for the holes. You can also your own M3 bolts and nuts without a tap. Install the CR Touch upgrade. The CR Touch cable will fit easily through the bigger cable sleeve if you undo all tie-wraps. When accessing the H32 board, route and cable manage the cable around the board to not obstruct the fan.
I think it's good the know that lowest point of the CR Touch sensor lies higher than the nozzle. But the metal pin of the CR Touch will elongate itself when activated so you don't have to worry.
Here's a quick manual text written manual to flash Alex' firmware for tech-savvy users. If you need a step-by-step guide, please watch the videos. The mentioned downloads are the latest available versions. It will probably stay this way since these downloads are not supported by Alex anymore.
After this your printer is ready to be calibrated with the CR Touch module. It's quite easy. I don't know it's significant or necessary, but I did preheat everything to account for thermal warping.
  1. From the main menu, go to prepare.
  2. Go to preheat.
  3. Choose PLA.
  4. Wait till everything is preheated.
  5. From the main menu, go to leveling.
  6. Check leveling active.
  7. Go to create new mesh.
  8. Choose confirm to save the mesh.
If there's a huge discrepancy between each measuring points, please level your bed using the knobs (and I have a question about that, see later this post). Open the mesh viewer to view this data.
  1. From the main menu, go to leveling.
  2. Go to mesh viewer.
  3. Check viewer show values.
  4. Go to mesh viewer.
I don't understand why people here are sometimes asking for Z-offset values. I think that's completely wrong to ask, right? This value is completly specific for each individual printer.
  1. From the main menu, go to prepare.
  2. Go to Z-offset.
  3. Choose home Z-axis.
  4. Check live adjustments.
  5. Get a piece of typical 80 g/m² A4 paper and place it between the nozzle and bed.
  6. Increase / decrease the Z-offset value. The perfect value is the value where there is some slight resistance moving the A4 paper. A microstep up would result in the A4 paper moving freely. Please note you have a few options to move the Z-axis. With microstep up, microstep down and setting a Z-offset value. Please note for the latter you have to push (confirm) the knob to apply the Z-offset value for live adjustments to work.
The next thing for me is PETG printing or OctoPrint. Thanks again for the resources!
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