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For all pet store workers to come together

2015.05.31 07:21 LucifersAngel3113 For all pet store workers to come together

Hello fellow pet-retail drones! Have questions about anything to do with your job? Want a reddit to just be around like-minded people? Want somewhere anonymousish to vent about policies or discuss events in your company? Then welcome to PetStore.

2020.11.06 03:11 NewfoundOrigin PetStoreTalk

This is a place where pet store employees and shoppers alike can ask questions, give advice and tips, and warn others about the potential myths or misunderstandings surrounding animal care.

2021.10.01 20:27 CatGivesHugs superautopets

Super Auto Pets! The Most Adorable Auto Battler!

2023.05.29 14:16 Bhole_chatture Suggestions for gifting a perfume to a girl

Hello everyone! I(21M) am looking to gift a perfume to my best friend(22F) for her birthday. I don't think she likes strong fragrances. I've been inclined towards the Titan Skinn collection as there's a store nearby and I can personally try them on. At the moment, I've narrowed down on Nude, Pristine and Sheer based on online research. Which one do you guys suggest from the above?
Also, what are your thoughts on Studio West fragrances? There's a Westside store as well in the neighborhood.
PS : I can't order it online because there's a time constraint Hence, please suggest ones that are available in stores.
To all the girls on this sub, I need your help🙏🏻🙏🏻
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2023.05.29 13:59 jrjocham How would you suggest I prime my newest town?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about finally expanding my primary game and adding expansion packs. I took all your suggestions, as well as recommendations from a couple of youtube videos out there, into account and narrowed down my choice to seven expansion packs. Everyone has their own opinions on what items and features they need in the game, and these are the expansion packs that make sense to me.
Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Pets, Master Suit Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff, and Town Life Stuff.
These selections make sense for the way I play. I set up a town with all its conditions in place and then play the longest marathon game I can. I stick to one town; I have no interest in traveling to other areas, islands, or cities that some of the expansion packs offer, so I didn't choose any of those for this update.
And now that I have them all installed and ready to go, the next step is to prime my playing field. Before ever creating by sim, I want to make everything else first. And I welcome any of your suggestions for the following categories:
1: The town - I could stick to the default sunset valley since I already know that map pretty well, but knowing what towns might be included in those expansion packs, can you recommend a city similar to sunset valley but better? I do like the country feel of the village, where there are wooded areas and waterfalls, and getaway spots. Nothing high traffic city based.
2: The Premade Structures - some buildings I'm going to build myself, but for the most part, ill pick a lot of the previously made structures waiting to be placed. I know where I want my sim to live. So every open plot of land other than that location should be filled. What kind of buildings do you suggest I add to my city? This is one of the reasons I got the town life stuff expansion pack. Other than the grocery stores, restaurants, and art galleries already existing in sunset valley, what else should my town have? I want every empty lot filled with something that adds to the game.
3: Townies - If I'm going to fill every lot with a house, then I should create families to fill those houses to make my city a lot more interesting. So suggest to me a character or a family I should start. For example, in a run-down house, I plan to create a crime family. Every family member would be in the crime profession and be modeled after all the stereotypical no-good hooligans you might picture being in such a family. Maybe I'll make a posh family filled with we'll dressed, exceptionally beautiful, but exceptionally dumb people you could think of. I'm playing around with the character traits here. Pick a personality trait or two (Grumpy and Insane) and create a character around it. Grumpy Carl can always be seen walking around the neighborhood muttering to himself; stay away from him cause he could go off on you if you're not careful. See—compelling characters to fill my town with. So have fun and suggest a character and what traits and professions you feel would mix well to create such a character.
I welcome all your suggestions.
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2023.05.29 13:46 Consistent_Ad3560 Am I good at climbing?

So a few months ago my friend got me into bouldering, so I went with him to an indoor gym and it was pretty fun, i just realised i didn’t have amazing grip strength. ever since then i’ve only been around 5 times for a few hours each. The only athletic background i have is going to the gym, which i’ve been doing consistently for the last 2 and a half years, and i’m also 16. So today me and my friend found this great V4 climb (for reference my friend has been bouldering for 5 years and is flash v4 level) and i have it a few goes and i managed to get 3/4 of the way. after giving up after 20 or so minutes, we went down to a supplement store nearby and we found out that they had preworkout, which is something i’ve always wanted to try. so i got some, and it was absolutely amazing. me and my friend headed back to the climbing gym and i went back to that V4 and i got it first try, i dont know if that was just me being on crack energy or what. But is v4 a decent climbing level for someone who’s only been climbing like 5 times in 3 months? please let me know. btw my flash level is more like v2, but i did manage the v4
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2023.05.29 13:36 guitarguy12341 Where's the lie?

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2023.05.29 13:22 Melsuto jumper not eating after molt

jumper not eating after molt
hi! so clementine had her first molt with me recently, however she hasn’t eaten much since coming out. she took one cricket but then dropped it, i tried offering it back to her but she wasn’t interested. again she took another cricket, but also dropped it. yesterday, i decided to remove her from her enclosure so i could make sure she ate, and after about 15 minutes of coaxing she took another cricket and this time she did seem to eat it. but as you can see, she is still quite thin and has no interest in the crickets I’ve offered since.
could the issue that she doesn’t like the crickets? she ate fruit flies before the molt, but shes too big for them now. my local pet store doesn’t sell any bigger flies, and the only place that seems to sell them online says they wont be able to deliver them until next week. i might be able to get some small mealworms from the pet store but I’m not sure when or if she’ll even take them. any advice would be appreciated
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2023.05.29 13:20 OwlCouncil23 Tales of Mundane and Magical (Book1) - Chapter 3

Previous Chapter Table of Contents

As we approached the front door, Aunt Freya turned to the dogs and said, “Jax and Apollo, wipe your paws,” in a firm but gentle tone. To my amazement, the two giant dogs obediently raised their massive paws one by one and wiped them on the towel hanging by the door.
Once their paws were clean, Aunt Fraya opened the unlocked door and led us inside. I first noticed how cozy and inviting the house’s interior was. The walls were painted a warm beige color and adorned with various paintings and photographs. The living room had a comfortable-looking couch and armchairs, with a coffee table in the center. It looked almost exactly how I remembered it the last time I was here. The only noticeable difference was the three dog beds by the door, and the pictures were newer, with people I barely recognized.
The dogs escorted us inside, one ahead and one behind me. I got a distinct feeling they didn’t trust me yet. But at least I wasn’t their chew toy.
I heard someone running towards me as I put my bags on the floor beside the coffee table. Suddenly, I felt a pair of thin arms wrap tightly around my waist. For a second, I freaked out, but I looked down and realized it was my cousin Julie! “John! I can’t believe you’re here!” she exclaimed, still holding me tightly.
Somehow shimmying and squirming, I hugged her back, feeling genuinely happy to see her for the first time in years. “Hey Julie, good to see you too. It’s been too long.” I replied, grinning.
After a few more seconds, Julie let go of me and stepped back to look at me, then suddenly punched me in the stomach. “Yeah, cause someone was too busy to visit or gone when we came to visit!” she said, smiling as I rubbed where she punched me.
I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed at the compliment, but I smiled back nonetheless. “Well, I needed to do those projects...and trips...” I trailed off, realizing I was making excuses. “Anyways, I’m here now, so it’s all good. Where are Jake and your dad?”
As I finished speaking, I heard a voice from around the corner. “Hey there, John! We’re in the dining room!” It was the unmistakable booming voice of my Uncle Paul.
I turned to my aunt, and she said, “Let’s go say hi to everyone.”
Still standing beside me, the dogs seemed to understand her words and began escorting me toward the dining room. Aunt Fraya giggled as she walked ahead while Julie was hanging off my arm. She couldn’t decide if she wanted me to drag her or if she pulled me.
As we walked, I couldn’t help but notice the well-behaved dogs acting like my guards. They walked beside me, occasionally sniffing at my feet or hands but never pulling ahead or breaking stride with Julie and me. I was starting to wonder if they were familiars instead of pets, but my cousins being non-magical would be hard. It was clear that my aunt had put a lot of time and effort into training them.
It wasn’t far to the dining area, and as we rounded the corner, I saw my Uncle Paul sitting at the head of the table with a big grin on his face and my cousin Jake sitting with a frown. “John! Good to see you!” he said as he got up from his chair, walked up to me, and gave me a firm handshake followed by a big hug.
I hugged him back with one arm since Julie didn’t release the other. “It’s good to see you too, Uncle Paul,” I said with a smile.
Letting go of me, Uncle Paul took Julie off me as she protested and turned to Jake, saying, “Don’t be rude, son. Say hi.”
Jake got up and, with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, walked up to me and said in a frigid tone, “Hey, John. Long time no see.”
Uncle Paul shot Jake a disapproving look before turning back to me. “I’m sure you are tired as all. I know I’m always wiped when coming to visit you guys.” Turning to his kids, he said, “Well, come on then, you two go show John to his room.” Turning to me, he added, “The guest bedroom is all set up for you. Feel free to stay as long as you want,” gesturing for us to follow.
I followed Jake and Julie, but then I remembered forgetting my bags. I told my cousins, “Hang on!” and walked quickly to where I left the backpack, bag, and the box Dad gave to give to Aunt Freya. I heard hurried paw steps behind me as I grabbed them and returned to my aunt. “Here you go. Dad asked me to pass this along for you.”
Aunt Fraya responded with a pleasant smile, “Thank you, dear. You have some time before dinner, so rest up a bit. I’ll call up when food is on the table.” I nodded and walked quickly to catch up to my cousins waiting at the stairs.
As we walked towards the guest bedroom, I couldn’t help but notice the dogs walking alongside us again as if they were our escorts. It was both amusing and worrisome at the same time. I was starting to feel like the dogs didn’t trust me. I will just need to try to buy some treats and bribe them.
Once we arrived at the guest bedroom, Jake stood by the door as Julie excitedly started chattering and pointing out all the little details that she and Aunt Fraya had worked on to make the room comfortable for me. “And here’s your extra blankets. The door locks cause the dogs like to roam sometimes, and here’s the WiFi password,” she said, handing me a slip of paper.
I looked confused at the paper. “WiFi? What’s that?”
Jake laughed for the first time. “You are practically an alien in this world. This is going to be amusing.”
I felt hurt, but I was glad we had something to discuss. “Yeah, I really am. But that’s kinda the point of this experience.”
Julie asked to hang on for a min and slipped out of the room, the dogs parting just wide enough for her to slip past them in the doorway.
I looked at Jake. “Dude, come on. We grew up together. What’s up?”
He sighed, took a few steps to the bed, and plopped on it, leaning against the wall, feet dangling over the edge. “We did, but recently I realized just how different we are. It makes it hard to be comfortable with someone always so loaded for bear.”
I looked confused at him and put my bag and backpack on the bed next to him. “What do you mean.” as I sat on the chair.
He sighed. “I mean magic. You are from a world of power, and I’m from a world of Mundane.”
I scrunched my nose. “Don’t say that. It’s not nice. And I would never do anything to hurt you or Julie or your parents.” I glanced at the dogs in the door, wondering if I should extend my promise.
Jake smiled softly. “Yeah, I’m sure not on purpose.” He paused and frowned. “But to be honest, my college rejection letter also came today. And I was sure I could get into my first choice and didn’t bother applying elsewhere.”
I looked confused at him, but Julie tore back into the room before I could respond, somehow slipping between the two dogs. “Had to steal mom’s phone. I’ll explain what WiFi is, you Luddite.”
“Hey, be nice! Don’t call him names!” Jake yelled at Julie.
“I don’t know what that is, so I’m not offended.” I shrugged.
“I don’t know either, but it would fit.” Julie chirped as she sat next to John on the bed. “WiFi is what you use to access the internet.”
I pulled my own phone out. “Oh, how do I do that?”
Julie froze. “Well, now I must go slip this before I get caught.”
From somewhere in the house, Aunt Freya’s voice, “JULIE ARIEL SMITH! Give me back my phone!”
Julie looked worried as she tore out of the room through the parting dogs to the roaring laughter from Jake and me. After laughing, I said, “I’m not sure what that means about college rejection, but I’m sorry you are going through that. I just want things to be as normal as we can. Like we were when we were kids.”
Jake briefly looked at the ceiling, thinking, “Nothing changed. And I’ll figure something out eventually about college. For now, let’s just have fun.” With a smile, he got up and said, “I’ll give you some breathing room as you settle in. Let’s catch up when we get time sometime.”
After Jake left, I waited a second to see if the dogs would go. Instead, they lay down, blocking the doorway in a way that would make me move them to leave. I sighed and turned to the bags on the bed.
I unpacked my backpack and bag, placing my clothes in the drawers. They were dimensional bags as well. So I could bring everything I could need, so I only unpacked what I would need for the next week or so. I noticed the dresser was empty except for a few spare blankets and pillows at the bottom, so I took the opportunity to spread out my clothes and organize them.
I left most of my magical equipment in the backpack. I wouldn’t need anything but my wand, the summing bracelet still on my right hand. The only thing I took out was the scroll my parents gifted me. I put it on the table, admiring the intricate design and the fine craftsmanship. I was sure they had spent much money on it, so I wanted to take care of it. Not that these were very delicate, but still.
Next, I took out the gifts I had brought for my cousins from my bag. I hid them in the drawer on the table, so they would be a surprise for later. I wanted to wrap them into something, but I would have to give them as is.
I decided to check out the rest of the room. I went to the dresser and pulled open the top drawer, which was empty like the others. Looking around the room were several pictures and paintings. What was surprising to me was that they were very still.
Curious, I turned to the two doors in the room. One was clearly a closet, and that’s the first one I walked up to and pulled open. It was a good size, with plenty of space to hang clothes and store shoes. I put my backpack and bag in there to ensure they stayed out of the way.
I then turned my attention to the other door. I opened it slowly, unsure of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find a clean, well-maintained bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. The towels hanging on the rack smelled fresh. I vaguely remembered how to use this shower from the last time, and I hope it won’t be a problem.
Feeling satisfied with my new living quarters, I returned to the desk and sat down. This seemed like the perfect time to tell my parents I was safe and at my Aunts house.
I pulled my old scroll from my pocket. It was much simpler than the new one my parents had given me and was meant more for local communication. It wouldn’t have a powerful spell circle to reach my parents or friends. But it did have all the imprints and contacts from them.
I conjured the wand and pointed it at the new scroll on the table. Using the transfer spell, I could transfer my friends’ imprints from the old scroll to the new one. All three items glowed pale, and it only took a moment. Soon I saw their names appear on the new scroll, indicating they were successfully added.
As I was admiring my handiwork and ensuring that every name I wanted was transferred, I suddenly heard a voice next to me. “Was that... magic?” Julie’s voice made me jump up in my seat, my heart racing, my hand shaking holding the wand, sweat beading on my brow. She was maybe 2 feet away from him, standing just outside my field of view.
At my threatening gesture, the dogs in the doorway growled. But Julie looked at them and said, “Shush.” they did.
I steadied my breathing and said, “Yeah. I didn’t get a chance to transfer information from my old scroll to my new one.”
She pointed at my hand. “Is that a wand? Can I hold it?”
I breathed and willed the wand back into storage. “Not right now. Maybe a bit later. I can show you some tricks and magic.”
She looked disappointed but said, “Okay.” Walked over to the bed and sat down. “Mind if I hang out here for a bit?”
I shrugged. “Do you mind if I write a quick letter without distractions?” She nodded, so I sat at the table, folded the old scroll, and put it aside. I moved the new scroll closer to myself, used the quill that was part of the package, and selected my parent’s imprints.
I concentrated on the quill and started writing the letter to my parents. Since this was my first time, the quill took a few tries to obey me. In glowing letters on the scroll, I wrote about how I was safe at my aunt’s place and succeeded in making it there. I also mentioned that I had transferred the imprints of my friends onto the new scroll and that I was going to try to contact them soon. And reminded them that they could always reach out.
As I finished the letter, I read it over to ensure it said everything I wanted. Satisfied, I closed my eyes and focused my energy on the sending spell. After a second, I opened my eyes as the words on the scroll lifted off the page and folded into an owl.
The owl flew straight through the wall and into the night sky, heading towards the enclave where my aunt picked me up from, which must be the nearest relay to here.
“Wow. That’s so cool.” Julie whispered from the bed, and I turned just in time to see her cover her mouth.
I smiled and said, “Yeah, magic is pretty cool. But so is your technology. I’m going to need all your help to figure it out.” And I pulled out my phone.
She looked excited. “Oh, of course, your sensei will teach you everything.” But before she could do anything, I heard a high-pitched barking bounding down the hall outside my room.
Then a tiny fur ball jumped over the two dogs and bound towards me with the fury of a starved hellhound ready to eat. I conjured my wand, but fore I could do anything or the little hellion reached me, Julie nimbly plucked him mid-jump and held him like a baby on its back. The little beat instantly calmed down and let out a happy little whine of pleasure. The two dogs in the doorway growled their disapproval.
Julie whispered, “It’s okay. He’s a friend. No eating, my cousin.” Holding him out towards me, she said, “Sparky. Say high to John.”
Sparky wasn’t convinced of my status in the family and gave a menacing high-pitched bark and a growl. However, she stopped when Julie brought him close to herself and smacked him in the nose softly. “No!” She held him out, and this time he let out an almost friendly bark.
“Nice to meet you, Sparky,” I said, not letting go of my wand.
I breathed a sigh of relief as she brought Sparky close to herself. Sparky licked her face, and Julie giggled. I was horrified for a moment when she let him down. He landed softly on his tiny feet, made a circle, and then turned to me. For a second, I thought he would attack me and prepared to defend myself, but I had Nothing to worry about. He walked up to me, sniffed my feet, then pranced back to Julie, tongue lolling and tail wagging.
Julie laughed as she stroked Sparky’s fur. “Don’t worry, he’s harmless. He just loves to bark.”
I chuckled and replied, “Well, I’m glad to hear that. He’s pretty cute, actually. When he’s not acting like an angry furry volleyball of doom.”
Julie smiled and said, “Yeah, he’s my little buddy. He’s been with me since I was a kid. Well, I guess like 4 years now or so.” Looking at me, she asked, “Do you have any pets?”
I shook my head. “No. My parents have familiars. But when I wanted a pet, my parents told me I was immature. Then when I was mature, I didn’t have time. When I have more time, I’ll probably get a pet.”
She thought momentarily and said, “I know your mom has the owl cat. And your dad has a giant three-headed dog. I guess I was expecting you to have at least something. Maybe a cat or a dog. Or maybe something more exotic like a dragon.”
My eyebrows shot up. “A dragon? That would be cool, but they’re pretty dangerous and, you know, illegal. They are very endangered. I mean, I guess a petite dragon would be an option. But they are a lot of work.”
She looked convinced. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Maybe you should stick with a cat or a dog, for starters.”
I laughed and glanced at the dogs in the doorway who were sitting at attention. I looked back at Julie and realized her eyes were fixed on the wand in my hand. I could see a mix of curiosity and fear in them. With a jolt, I remembered what Jake had said earlier about magic being power. I started to feel self-conscious and put the wand in storage again with a small flash of magic. Julie blinked hard and looked away.
I looked at Julie with concern as she picked up Sparky, held him close, and took a deep breath. “What’s wrong?” I asked gently, noticing the nervousness in her body language. I had no idea what I did to scare her like this.
She hesitated for a moment, looking down at Sparky on her lap. She patted him for an uncomfortably long silence before finally whispering, “I don’t know how to ask this, but... can I do magic?” Her question caught me off guard, and I wasn’t sure how to respond. She looked up at me, and I could see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes, and I wanted to reassure her.
But I couldn’t.
I took a deep breath. This was going to be a delicate conversation. I had to break the news gently. “Julie, I’m sorry to say this, but only those born with magic can use it,” I said, my voice low and even. “There are two species of humans. One with magic and one without. You know how there are different kinds of dogs?” After she nodded, I continued, “There are a few different kinds of humans as well.”
Julie’s face didn’t change. “So, I can’t do magic? You are sure?” she asked, her voice quivering.
I shook my head. “I’m afraid not,” I said, trying to sound sympathetic. “It’s just the way things are. But don’t worry, you can still do plenty of amazing things without magic.”
She looked like she was about to say something else, but we heard a voice from the door before she did. “John, food is ready.” Turning, I saw Aunt Freya. “Julie, don’t forget to wash your hands before coming to the dinner table.”
Julie didn’t say anything but turned with a smile to her mom. I got a bit of whiplash from her emotional swings but didn’t say anything. She dropped Sparky to the floor and walked out the door. She paused at the door and said, “Let’s talk later.”
The big dogs parted to let her through but moved back together. Sparky walked up to the dogs, barked shortly and jumped over the big dogs, and followed Julie.
I grabbed the gifts from the drawer I hid them in and decided to just give them as is. I walked to the door, but the dogs didn’t budge. After a second, I cleared my throat and said, “Excuse me?”
The dogs looked lazily at me but didn’t leave. I heard Aunt Fray’s voice from somewhere in the house. “Jax, Apollo, leave John alone. He’s a friend.”
The dogs growled, got up, and trotted away from the door.
I said, “Thank You,” and walked behind them, letting them lead me to the dining room.

Previous Chapter Table of Contents
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2023.05.29 13:16 shieldcoins Driving Change in Singapore: Exploring Tesla Superchargers and the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Driving Change in Singapore: Exploring Tesla Superchargers and the Electric Vehicle Revolution
Tesla Superchargers are special charging sites that let Tesla users charge their cars in minutes instead of hours. These Tesla Superchargers are in Singapore near shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants, so you can charge them while running chores or eating lunch. With its smart technology and unique style, Tesla sets a high bar for other electric car makers. Singapore is slowly building Supercharger stations to meet the growing demand for Tesla Superchargers and make its transportation system greener and more cutting-edge.
To get the most out of these supercharger stations in Singapore, you should know how they work and what makes them different from other charging stations.

The price of charging
When Tesla users in Singapore use Superchargers, they will be charged per kWh (kilowatt-hour). On the touchscreen of the car, the guidance app shows the prices for each supercharger spot. If you own a Tesla and want to save money on charging your car, keep an eye out for off-peak hours at Superchargers when you can get cheaper rates on your energy use.

How long it takes to charge
A supercharger is exactly what it sounds like it's a charger for your car that charges it faster than the chargers you'd find at home or other places in Singapore. With a Tesla Supercharger, you can add 200 miles to your car's range in just 15 minutes.

Charger for Tesla
How long can your battery keep going?
Tesla cars are sleek, smart, and fuel-efficient. It's almost like they were made to be the best of both worlds. Tesla sets high standards for other EVs, but one thing to think about is how long it takes to charge and how long a charge lasts.
On average, a car with a full charge can go up to 336 miles. But it still depends on what kind of Tesla you have and how you drive.

Things to do while you wait for Shopping centers in Singapore
Singapore set up a network of charging points that can charge your Tesla in less than an hour (as compared to overnight chargers at home) because of how well Tesla Superchargers work. That way, you can spend less time waiting for your Tesla to charge and more time driving.
Orchard Central has Tesla superchargers inside a shopping mall near a line of stores and restaurants where you can shop and eat while your car is charging.
Millenia Walk is a great place to get a good meal or do some shopping while your car is being charged at a Tesla Supercharger. If you are staying at one of the nearby hotels, like Conrad Centennial Singapore or Millenia Singapore, you can just plug in and check out the chef's new specials at the hotel restaurant while your Tesla charges.
If you want to try different kinds of food in Singapore while you wait for your Tesla to be fully charged, you can do so in Katong V. There are many places to eat there.
The best place to charge up at a Tesla Supercharger is at the Star Vista. The Star Vista has many shops, places to eat, and services that you can use while you're charging up.

Where Superchargers are?
For electric cars like Tesla to be a better and less polluting choice, they need charge stations in different places. Because charging stations aren't always around, it can be a pain to charge a Tesla on a long journey.
Lucky for Tesla drivers in Singapore, the number of charging points is growing all the time, and they can charge their cars at any of these Tesla power stations. With these spots, Tesla users in Singapore are one step closer to having an easy-to-use network of superchargers.

Singapore – Katong V
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
The third Tesla Supercharger in Singapore can be found in the middle of the Katong District. The first outdoor Tesla superchargers in Singapore can be found at 30 East Coast Road, where the V3 Supercharger Stations are.
This Supercharger is near shops, eateries, and the East Coast Parkway Road, making it a great spot for Tesla owners who want to fully charge their cars before going on a trip. So, if you have some extra time while running errands in town or going to a favorite restaurant nearby, you can hook your car up to a booster at Katong V.

The Star Vista in Singapore
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
At The Star Vista, which is in Singapore, Tesla has just opened their fourth Supercharger station. It's close to both Holland Village and Bukit Timah, so you can charge your phone while shopping or eating. The Tesla Superchargers are near the bottom of the hill from the Rochester Drive door to the mall's B2 parking lot. Star Vista is a shopping mall in Singapore with places to eat and things to do. You can make a full day of shopping and eating if you stop by to charge your Tesla at one of the Superchargers.

Orchard Square
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
The Tesla supercharger in Orchard Center is the first of a network of charging stations in Singapore and Southeast Asia. This V3 Supercharger spot is in the Orchard Central parking lot on level 9.
Orchard Central is a great place for Singapore's first Tesla Supercharger station because it is in a busy shopping area. This station has three other Tesla V3 Superchargers, so you won't have to wait for other Tesla users to finish charging.

Millenia Walk is in Singapore
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
There are also Tesla V3 Superchargers in Millenia Walk, which is in one of Singapore's busiest shopping areas. You can charge your Tesla car there without going too far from the city center. Basement 1 of the Millenia Walk Carpark is where you can find the three Tesla Superchargers.
Millenia Walk is Singapore's second Supercharger station. The first one, in Orchard Central, opened when Tesla's superchargers did. These V3 Superchargers are in the busy business and shopping district of the city, which is great for Tesla users who are always on the go. Hotels like the Millenia Singapore and Conrad Centennial Singapore are also close by.

Electric cars are a great way for Singapore to make its transportation system cleaner and more efficient. Since the number of Tesla users in Singapore is growing, it is likely that more Tesla Superchargers will be added in the near future. So, don't forget to add this list to your bookmarks if you want to know where the next Tesla Superchargers will be in Singapore. Singapore is always getting bigger and taking big steps to make city traffic cleaner. This makes Singapore the best place to own an electric car because there are so many charging points. Tesla has built a network of "Superchargers" around the world, and one of them is in Singapore. This will help make traffic in cities more sustainable and efficient. In just a few minutes, these V3 Supercharger stations can add enough charge for thousands of miles, which is enough for most people to drive straight for days if they want to.
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2023.05.29 13:16 Neverubleedinmind Dini - Houdini escaped in the pet store, they had to move 3-4 vivs to get him from under the counter

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2023.05.29 12:58 Finzombie The Thing in the Cracks Part 2

This is Part 2 because of the character limit, go here to get caught up:
Talbot awoke in a round corridor. At least he thought that’s what it was. The corridor seemed to be made of dark stone, rough and ridged like a worm’s tunnel, but on a massive scale. Despite no visible light source, Talbot found he could make out every detail in the space around him.
Talbot shakily stood up and considered his situation. His hands were shaking. He supposed nearly getting killed by lethal injection and then shattering the very fabric of reality itself took a toll on the psyche. He reflexively reached for his notebook to note that down, and with a pang remembered that it was gone. He would likely never see it again.
Glancing around, Talbot wondered at how normal everything looked, considering he was in the fifth dimension. There was likely more going on under the surface, but from his vantage it just looked like an oddly lit cave.
Talbot noted that there was no sign of Willis. He’d distinctly remembered the other man getting pulled through time and space with him, but at some point during the traversal his hand had been wrenched away from Talbot’s wrist. Had he been shunted back to their reality, or was he here somewhere?
A deep rumble began to grow beneath Talbot’s feet. The entire cave shook like an earthquake as Talbot scrambled to the side of the tube.
Confused, the man glanced around. He saw no probable cause for the rumbling, no subterranean vehicles or even geological fissures that could explain the vibrations.
Turning, he realized with a start that the rumbling was slightly stronger on one side of him. If it was directional, there was an actual source, not just a general shaking of the environment.
Talbot began moving away from the rumbling, as it continued to grow stronger.
Eventually, he broke into a full run as everything around him shook. He felt like his skull was going to burst. It felt like something was chasing him, a massive subterranean beast.
As the rumbling kept growing, Talbot tripped. Out of nowhere, his foot slipped and he sprawled to the ground, crying out as he landed on his arm. He tried to get back up, which was when he realized there was something right behind him.
Talbot hit the deck, right as something zoomed directly above his head. Wind pulled at his hair and it felt like he was directly under a train.
Talbot screamed, but it was drowned out by the impossibly loud whoosh of the thing above him. He gingerly flipped onto his back, barely staying clear of the surface of whatever was making the sound, in order to see what was above him.
There was nothing but empty space.
Then, he could suddenly see a long gray tube rushing past impossibly quickly. Then it was gone again, but the rushing was still there. It was blinking in and out of existence, only appearing for short bursts, but still there in its invisible state. Talbot realized that it must be dipping in and out of the Fifth Dimension, his own limited perception unable to comprehend its greater state.
Eventually, the thing slowed and stopped. As it was still, Talbot got a better look at it.
It was definitely organic. The exterior of the tube had a pale gray color, with a texture not unlike skin. However, as opposed to the neat, even lines separating cells on human skin, the striations on the thing seemed almost random, forming a surface that, although smooth, had the jagged impression of rough crags.
As Talbot examined the thing and wished he’d brought a camera, he heard something. From the object’s direction of origin, a deep groan emanated from lord-knew-where. Talbot winced as it hit his ears, the bellow deafening. He could immediately detect three things about the cry, judging by the cadence and the way it had slowly grown from an origin point. First, it definitely came from a living thing. Nothing artificial made that noise. Second, it came from very far away. And thirdly, it came from something massive. Impossibly so.
From the other direction, so comparably quiet he barely heard, Talbot made out a shriek that was horribly human.
The thing above him shifted and despite having almost a foot of clearance, Talbot instinctively sucked in his gut.
The tube… the limb began moving in the opposite direction, back towards its origin point.
Like a train, it started slowly but accelerated quickly, beginning to blink in and out of Talbot’s vision once again.
Talbot heard the scream again, closer this time. It seemed likely that whatever this thing was had found and grabbed another person.
After several long moments, the end of the limb finally reached Talbot, shooting past and above him like a tape measure shooting back into its shell when a button was pressed.
After it passed, Talbot sprang to his feet and finally got a good look at the end of the thing’s limb. The actual tube rounded off, dispelling any predictions about a monstrous tentacle. However, what was on the end of the limb may’ve been even more horrible.
Four long finger-like appendages were arranged around the limb radially, each one emerging from the edge of the flat tendril end. They were unnaturally thin, and despite somewhat resembling fingers, they had no visible knuckles and were tipped with sharp claws that appeared to be made of bone. They bent in, each holding their prey in place. Their prey in question was Tim Willis, currently pulling against the monstrous cage. The four outer digits pressed on each of his limbs, drawing blood where they poked him.
The limb, and Willis with it, disappeared around a bend in the tunnel. Talbot ran after it. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, or if he was going to save the man, but he knew that no matter what happened, he wanted to see it.
For a long while Talbot chased the thing, barely keeping pace due to his cardio experience. During the run, whatever existed here continued bellowing, getting louder each time. In addition, each time he set his foot down, the ground felt slightly warmer.
Eventually he fell back, and lost sight of the thing completely. It was impressive that a man of his age and lifestyle had managed to follow the thing for so long, but he had to take a knee as exhaustion racked him. He continued following its path, but at a slower pace.
Eventually Talbot emerged into a much larger chamber. The air here was blistering, and the intermittent bellows had grown so loud that Talbot had to cover his ears every few minutes to keep from suffering permanent damage.
This cavern left him speechless.
Unlike the passage, with its unidentifiable neutral lighting, this cavern was dark, intermittently lit by what appeared to be giant glowworms, each perched on a rock surface and oozing an ugly orange aura into the space around it.
Less than half of the room was lit, but it was enough for Talbot to see that the remaining more-than-half was taken up by a monstrous… thing the same shade as the limb.
It was like a spider, in the same way that a massive dragonfish from the bottom of the sea is like a goldfish. Its main body was shaped like a blimp, and about the size of one too. A large abdomen sagged beneath it as it hung in the exact center of the room, and eight radially symmetrical limbs stuck to eight points around the cavern, suspending it in the middle of the room, and making it look like the center of a giant wheel, each limb serving as the spokes.
This facsimile was somewhat broken by the auxiliary limbs attached to its thorax, countless smaller tendrils identical to the one that held Willis. Some hovered around the thing’s ‘face’, while others darted towards countless holes in the rock around the cavern. As they moved, they blinked in and out of Talbot’s vision as they tapped into primordial forces beyond his eyes.
The cavern was dotted with holes, all exactly the same size and shape as the one Talbot stood in the lip of now. He realized that this thing and its countless appendages must’ve bored into the stone around it, creating a labyrinthine lair not dissimilar to an ant’s hive, but with one crucial difference. Rather than hundreds of tiny workers, this entire place had been built by, and for, one monstrous being.
Talbot was so stunned by the beast that he didn’t notice one of its many tendrils coming straight for him.
It appeared directly in front of his face, resulting in a jumpscare that sent him tumbling backwards, falling onto his back.
The thing moved like a snake, if a snake was constantly flipping between visible and invisible.
It struck, speeding downwards towards the chemist. Talbot braced for impact, but just before it could hit him it disappeared.
Talbot sat relieved, as it had apparently teleported somewhere else.
That was until it reappeared with the fingers around his torso.
The tendril had re-manifested just past him, the fingers clipping partway into the floor as they cradled him. Talbot felt four small pricks in his back and the backs of his thighs, where the claws had pierced his flesh.
The thing pulled him upwards, the fingers embedded in the ground breaking out of the stone beneath him and sending chunks of rock several feet in all directions.
The tendril shot up towards the ceiling of the cavern, rising what must’ve been 60 feet in half a second. Talbot could barely see the ground around the tendril, far enough below to dizzy him.
Talbot saw stars.
Talbot wished he could see the stars.
The tendril took him, in a daze, towards the thing’s face. As Talbot grew closer, he heard a ragged hissing, like an oxygen tank leaking. He realized it was the monster breathing, but immediately was unsure once its head turned toward him.
Its head was roughly human-shaped, but utterly inhuman in every other way. Five dark pits, facsimiles of eyes, were arranged in a pentagonal shape on the top half of its face. The bottom half was flat skin, but flat skin that seemed to be vertically stretched, as though it’d been draped over some opening. That was possibly where the breathing was coming from, but there was no way to tell with no actually apparent orifice.
The thing seemed to sniff Talbot, despite having no nose. Then it turned, and brought another piece of potential food to its head.
With a start, Talbot realized Willis was still alive. Or at least, unconsumed. He hung limp from his tendril, held in place by the finger-things and seemingly unconscious.
But the Thing wasn’t interested in either of them, not yet at least. It brought one of its tendrils up to its head before plunging it directly toward a nearby rock face. Right before it made contact, it disappeared.
Talbot reached towards Willis, but he was just outside of his reach. He didn’t want to yell to the man. The thing had no ears, but there was no guarantee that it couldn’t hear somehow.
The tendril that the thing had sent away reappeared, seemingly partially buried in the rock face. The thing wrenched its tendril from the rock, leaving behind a shallow pockmark in the cave.
Skewered on the spine was a small man. He flailed wildly and screamed something in a language Talbot didn’t know. He was wearing a business suit, but his pants were around his ankles, with baby blue boxers underneath.
Talbot wondered where he’d come from, then realized with a start that he’d likely originated from the real world. Meaning that this thing could reach beyond this reality and into their reality. Oh shit. Maybe he should’ve listened to Talc. If he and Willis hadn’t breached the Fifth Dimension, maybe the thing couldn’t’ve done the same, and this man might still be safe out there.
The thing brought the man towards its face and did the strange sniffing motion again. Satisfied, it brought him even closer. Talbot, despite himself, was curious to see how it consumed prey, and so paused in his attempts to wake Willis in order to watch.
The man screamed as the tendril brought him right up to the thing’s face, and then the thing’s face disappeared, moving through the Fifth Dimension in the same way as its tendrils.
When it reappeared, it was halfway inside the man, the smooth layer of skin clipped through his abdomen.
The thing pulled its head back.
Talbot turned away as a bloodcurdling scream and a terrible ripping sound reverberated through the cavern. He reached for Willis again, and to his surprise, found that he could reach him. He tapped him on the shoulder, and when he got no response, he slapped him in the face. Willis stirred, and slowly opened his eyes. He put a hand to his face and frowned. “Ow,” he said quietly.
Talbot put a finger to his lips and indicated the beast’s head with his eyes, and the gruesome consumption of the poor man.
Willis seemed to get the message. He quietly started prying each finger off of his body, praying that the thing had no nerves in the spines.
Talbot turned back towards the creature, which had repeated the teleportation maneuver a few more times before finally swallowing what remained of the man. Seemingly not quite satiated, Talbot’s tendril began to move as it pulled him closer to its face.
Talbot’s eyes widened and he looked back at Willis in fear. The man made a motion that suggested Talbot should try to stay calm, and that Willis would be along as soon as he’d freed himself.
Talbot tensed as he was pulled along, not wanting to be brought any closer to the monster. The thing brought him up to its face, and seemed to study him with the light-sensitive divots in its face. Talbot glanced back at Willis to see that he’d moved 2 of 4 fingers out of place. The larger man shot him a reassuring nod.
Turning back to the monster, Talbot realized that the other man wouldn’t get here in time. The thing was already lunging its head forward, and it blinked away.
It reappeared with Talbot’s shins inside its face. Behind the skin, Talbot’s feet could feel a damp cavity, so there was presumably a mouth of some sort behind the surface, and it wasn’t just solid flesh. A row of teeth closed around his legs, but not hard. They worked more to keep him in place than to actually damage his legs.
Talbot took a second to wonder why the hell he was considering the consumption mechanics of something that was actively chopping off his legs.
The tendril moved backwards, pulling Talbot away from the thing.
These last few lucid seconds, Talbot’s brain reverted to factory reset settings. Instead of hearing the wet tear of both his legs, or the strangely cartoonish wet pop as the bones in both his shins were yanked away from his kneecaps, he found himself focusing on the strangest things.
Talbot considered the glowworms. Were they native to the Fifth Dimension, or had they come here from his, or another, Earth? If they were native, the convergent evolution with Earth glowworms, especially in an environment so alien, was coincidental to an unfathomable degree. If they had originated from Earth, however, why the orange glow? No glow worms on Earth glowed orange. Also, if they were Earthly, why did the thing not eat them? Did it only eat humans? Was it that cunning? That cruel?
Oh, Talbot realized, I’m falling.
He blacked out before hitting the ground.
Talbot’s first thought upon waking up was, Holy shit, I’m still alive. His second thought was, Holy shit, how the hell am I still alive?
His inner ear told him he was prone, but it’d been on the fritz ever since he’d arrived, so he opened his eyes to make sure. They confirmed what his ear was saying, and he took a quick second to thank all his organs for functioning so well under stress.
Willis sat next to him, notably more intact. He was wearing no shirt, and both his abdomen wound and Talbot’s stubs were bound in the fabric of an Anderson Innovations janitor’s uniform.
Talbot started staring at his abs, which caused Willis to glance down at him.
The other man cleared his throat. “Oh, you’re still alive?”
Talbot nodded softly. “Does it not know where we are?”
“Not yet,” Willis shrugged, “It has no eyes and didn’t see us escape, so it’s sending out tendrils through each passage, and hasn’t picked this one yet. I guess we got lucky when I dragged you in here.”
“Yeah. Why is that, by the way? You were just about to kill me before I trapped you in a hellish cave dimension.” He considered his words. “Which would only be more reason to kill me.”
Willis shook his head and chuckled tiredly. “Call me an idealist, but I didn’t join a group called the Agency for the Preservation of Humanity to kill people. I’m not good at holding grudges.”
“Then why were you gonna kill me when we were still out there?”
“It’s different. I had orders. Now Talc isn’t here, so it’s my decision. The real question is how are you still alive even with my intervention?”
Talbot shrugged, which made him dizzy. “ I’m on my way out. That blood loss will kill me in a couple minutes, if that thing doesn’t find us first.”
Talbot glanced around the environment for the first time, and realized they were once again in one of the small side tubes. Loud bellowing filled the air as the thing presumably scoured its domain for the two men.
“Well, at least our sacrifice will save the rest of humanity.” Willis proclaimed.
Talbot chortled.
“What?” Willis responded.
“Didn’t you see the other guy get eaten?”
“What?! There was another guy?!”
“Yeah, it stole him from our world.”
“Goddammit Talbot, Talc said that would happen!”
“Yeah, sorry about that.” Talbot said, in a tone that didn’t sound very sorry.
“At least it was just once. Talc has your notes, so he’ll keep it from happening again.”
Talbot almost guffawed.
“Goddammit, what am I doing that’s so funny?!”
“No, it’s not you. Well, it is you, a little, but it’s mostly the fact that I… may’ve doomed humanity anyway.”
Willis was silent, which Talbot regrettably took as a prompt to continue.
“Cause you see,” the scientist slurred, getting more light-headed by the second, “before I tried to ship off the notebook to Johnson, I ripped out the most important parts and sent ‘em to Vincent Anderson, my boss.”
Willis remained silent.
“So, you know. Hopefully someone publishes that in a journal somewhere so that people can actually remember me.”
Willis punched him in the face, hard.
Once he recovered, Talbot nodded. Blood ran from his nose. “I deserved that. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that learning how to break reality would allow a Great Old One to start eating people.”
Willis shook his head in disgust. “Talc told you not to. Do you really think your legacy is more important than the survival of our species?”
Talbot didn’t respond. Whether it was because he was speechless or dead was unclear, and didn’t really matter in any case.
Willis turned and limped away.
Two days after Willis and Talbot disappeared to the Fifth Dimension, Talc said goodbye to… himself and Willis-2, and used a Seal of Traversal to return to his native dimension. He reported to his boss that Willis was gone and would not be returning, before going to Talbot’s house and opening the door with the key they’d taken from the scientist.
Talc went into Talbot’s kitchen and fetched a can of tuna and a jar of mayonnaise. He mixed the two together and filled the pet bowl on the counter. Noting that there was some left, he made himself a tuna sandwich and sat next to the bowl.
It took Ozymandius a while to approach Talc, and even longer to warm up to him. However, the cat was curled up against the delicate man, purring like an engine, by the time the sunset rolled around and they both watched it out the large windows at the back of Talbot’s house.
Talc’s phone rang.
“Yello?” Talc said to the unknown caller.
Talc immediately tensed. The voice was, undeniably, Talbot’s.
“What is this?!? Where are you?!?”
When the Talcs and Willis had reviewed the CCTV footage, they’d realized exactly where Talbot and Willis had ended up, and had naturally concluded that they were dead.
“I honestly don’t know. I was just in the Fifth Dimension with Willis, but now I’m unsure. It’s dark, and my legs don’t hurt anymore.”
“What does that mean?! Are you still alive?! Is Willis still alive?!”
“I don’t think so. I think I’m dying. Already dead?”
“Then how are you talking to me? Are there phones in the fifth dimension?”
“Nah, I can just hear you. My hypotheses are that this is either a feverish hallucination in my dying moments, or that the Fifth Dimension can somehow…” Talbot’s speech sank into bleary muttering, and was unintelligible for several words. “...subsurface conduit.”
“Talbot, you’re delirious. That makes no sense.”
“Good, so it’s the other hypothesis. Just cause I know you won’t actually hear this, take care of my cat.”
Talc moved to speak, but Talbot continued.
“Oh also,” He added, almost as an afterthought, “I sent my notebook to Anderson, so watch out with that.”
“Wait what, excuse me?!”
The line went dead.
Talc heard a thunderous snapping sound. He whirled around to face the window, pressing his face against the glass and staring up at the sky.
A horrific ripping sound filled the air as the very fabric of the Fourth Dimension was rent apart, the sky above Talc yawning wide. The thing’s tendrils emerged from the rift in the atmosphere and descended towards the ground, each one darting around erratically as though tasting the air.
Talc did not know what Talbot, or Anderson, or whoever had done, but he knew that they had forever changed the world around them, and doomed a large portion of the human race.
You haven’t just opened Pandora’s box, you fool, Talc thought bitterly of the foolish chemist, You’ve blasted it apart with plastic explosives.
Talc returned to the couch and cradled Ozymandius. There was little to be done now.
Talc felt almost relieved that his decades-long vigil could finally come to an end.
The Cracks in the world had finally become holes, and through those holes came a flood.
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2023.05.29 12:51 travelhelpdesk Streamlining Your Travel Experience: JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking Explained

Streamlining Your Travel Experience: JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking Explained


Managing your flight booking efficiently is essential for a smooth and stress-free travel experience. JetBlue Airlines understands the importance of this and offers a comprehensive Manage Booking system that allows you to have control over your travel arrangements. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of managing your booking with JetBlue Airlines and provide step-by-step instructions on accessing and utilizing their Manage Booking feature.

1. JetBlue Airlines: An Overview

JetBlue Airlines is a renowned American low-cost carrier that focuses on providing exceptional service and value to its passengers. With its extensive network of domestic and international destinations, JetBlue Airlines has become a popular choice for travelers seeking affordable and reliable flights.

2. Benefits of Managing Your Booking with JetBlue Airlines

Managing your booking with JetBlue Airlines offers several advantages. Here are some key benefits:

Flexibility and Convenience

JetBlue Airlines' Manage Booking system offers flexibility and convenience by allowing you to make changes to your travel plans. Whether you need to modify your flight dates, upgrade your seats, or add extra services, the system streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.


By managing your booking, you can personalize your travel experience according to your preferences. JetBlue Airlines offers various options such as seat selection, special meal requests, and additional services that allow you to tailor your journey to suit your needs.

Time and Cost Savings

Managing your booking online or through the JetBlue Airlines mobile app can save you time and eliminate the need to visit a ticket counter or contact customer service. Furthermore, JetBlue Airlines may offer exclusive discounts and promotions for customers who manage their bookings through their platform.

3. Accessing JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking

To access the JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking feature, you have two primary options: online and through the mobile app. Let's explore both methods:

Online Manage Booking

Accessing your JetBlue Airlines booking online is quick and convenient. Follow these steps:
  1. Visit the JetBlue Airlines official website.
  2. Navigate to the "Manage Trips" or "Manage Booking" section.
  3. Enter your booking confirmation number and the last name of the primary passenger.
  4. Click on the "Manage Booking" or similar button.
  5. You will gain access to your booking details and various options for modifications.

Mobile App

JetBlue Airlines provides a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to manage your booking on the go. Here's how to access the Manage Booking feature through the app:
  1. Download and install the JetBlue Airlines mobile app from your device's app store.
  2. Open the app and log in to your account or create a new one if you haven't already.
  3. Tap on the "Manage Booking" or similar option on the app's home screen.
  4. Enter your booking confirmation number and the last name of the primary passenger.
  5. Tap on the "Manage Booking" or "View Trip" button to access your booking details and make any necessary modifications.

4. Modifying Your Flights

JetBlue Airlines' Manage Booking system allows you to make various modifications to your flights based on your changing needs. Here are some key features and options available:

Changing Dates and Times

If your travel plans require adjustments, such as changing your flight dates or times, the Manage Booking system simplifies the process. You can easily search for alternative flights within JetBlue's network and select the ones that best fit your schedule. Keep in mind that fare differences or change fees may apply, so it's important to review the terms and conditions before confirming any changes.

Upgrading Seats

JetBlue Airlines provides various seating options to enhance your comfort during the flight. With the Jetblue Airlines Manage Booking system, you can upgrade your seats to enjoy additional legroom, more recline, or other premium amenities. Explore the available seat upgrades and choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.

Adding Extra Services

To enhance your travel experience, JetBlue Airlines offers additional services that you can add to your booking. These services may include priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, in-flight Wi-Fi, or access to premium lounges. Utilize the Manage Booking system to customize your journey by selecting and adding these extra services.

5. Check-In Process

JetBlue Airlines provides convenient options for the check-in process, ensuring a seamless start to your journey. Here's what you need to know:

Online Check-In

With JetBlue Airlines' online check-in feature, you can save time at the airport by completing the check-in process before arriving. Follow these steps:
  1. Access the JetBlue Airlines website or mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the "Check-In" or "Manage Booking" section.
  3. Enter your booking confirmation number and passenger details.
  4. Select your preferred seats, verify your personal information, and obtain your boarding pass digitally.
  5. Remember to have a printed or digital copy of your boarding pass with you when you arrive at the airport.

Airport Check-In

If you prefer to check in at the airport, JetBlue Airlines provides designated check-in counters where you can complete the process. Arrive at the airport with sufficient time before your flight, present your travel documents, and provide the necessary information to the airline staff. They will issue your boarding pass, and you can proceed through security to your departure gate.

6. Managing Special Requests

JetBlue Airlines understands that passengers may have special requirements or preferences. The Manage Booking system allows you to make specific requests to ensure a comfortable and accommodating journey. Here are some common special requests you can manage:
  • Requesting special meals: If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, you can request special meals like vegetarian, gluten-free, or kosher options through the Manage Booking system.
  • Traveling with pets: If you plan to travel with pets, such as dogs or cats, JetBlue Airlines has specific guidelines and policies in place. You can manage your pet's travel arrangements, including booking a spot in the cabin or cargo hold, through the Manage Booking system. Make sure to review the airline's pet travel requirements and restrictions before making any arrangements.
  • Requesting special assistance: If you require special assistance during your journey, such as wheelchair access or support for passengers with disabilities, JetBlue Airlines encourages you to notify them in advance. Utilize the Manage Booking system to make these requests and ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience.
  • Notifying about medical conditions: If you have any specific medical conditions or require medical equipment on board, it's important to inform JetBlue Airlines in advance. Use the Manage Booking system to provide details about your condition or equipment needs, allowing the airline to make necessary accommodations.

7. Cancellation and Refunds

In certain situations, you may need to cancel your flight with JetBlue Airlines. Understanding the airline's cancellation and refund policies can help you navigate this process. Here's what you should know:
JetBlue Airlines offers different fare types, each with its own cancellation rules and refund eligibility. Before making a booking, it's essential to review the fare conditions to understand the cancellation and refund options associated with your chosen fare.
If you need to cancel your flight, you can do so through the Manage Booking system. Simply access your booking, select the cancellation option, and follow the provided instructions. It's important to note that cancellation fees or penalties may apply depending on the fare type and the timing of your cancellation.
Regarding refunds, JetBlue Airlines will process eligible refunds according to their refund policy. The refund amount and method will depend on various factors, such as the fare type, payment method used, and any additional services or add-ons purchased. It's advisable to allow some time for the refund to be processed and reflect in your account.
Remember to review JetBlue Airlines' cancellation and refund policies for detailed information and to understand any potential charges or restrictions that may apply.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking:
  • Can I change my flight dates and times through the Manage Booking system?
Yes, the Manage Booking system allows you to modify your flight dates and times, subject to availability and fare conditions. Additional charges or fare differences may apply.
  • Can I select my preferred seats using the Manage Booking feature?
Absolutely! JetBlue Airlines provides the option to select and change seats through the Manage Booking system. You can view the available seating options and choose the seats that best suit your preferences.
  • Are there any fees for managing my booking online?
JetBlue Airlines does not charge any additional fees for managing your booking online through their official website or mobile app. However, certain modifications or services may have associated charges.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my flight?
If you need to cancel your flight, you can initiate the cancellation process through the Manage Booking system. The refund eligibility and amount will depend on the fare type, the timing of your cancellation, and any applicable fees or penalties.
  • How can I contact JetBlue Airlines for assistance with my booking?
JetBlue Airlines provides customer support through various channels, including phone, email, and social media. You can find their contact information on their official website or reach out to them through the Manage Booking system for specific inquiries or assistance.
For more detailed information and answers to additional questions, it's recommended to visit JetBlue Airlines' official website or contact their customer support.


Managing your booking with JetBlue Airlines is a valuable tool for streamlining your travel experience. Through their user-friendly Manage Booking system, you can modify your travel arrangements, personalize your journey, and ensure a smooth and convenient trip. Whether you need to change flight dates, upgrade seats, or add extra services, JetBlue Airlines provides a comprehensive platform that empowers you to take control of your travel plans.
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2023.05.29 12:44 half_split "our game is F2P with no gamepass"

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2023.05.29 12:37 Careless-Direction50 Things to Remember When Purchasing Garage Doors

From lowering cooling and heating costs to boosting your property’s curb appeal – the right garage door will offer several benefits. This explains why understanding what to look for is a must when buying a garage door. For families with pets and small kids, it is essential to buy a garage door with upgraded safety features. So, here are some tips that you should follow as a smart homeowner:
1. Fix your budget- Before you start visiting multiple stores to check out garage doors, it is better to have some idea about your requirements. The prices of garage doors vary based on several factors like material, safety features, etc. So, if your budget is tight, it will be pointless to waste time looking at expensive options. Instead, discuss with your partner how much you’d like to pay. When you are clear about the price range, the manufacturer will help you narrow down your choices.
2. Measure the space- All garages are of different sizes. Knowing the exact size of the door opening is crucial. Hence, take a measuring tape and measure the opening of the garage. Based on the measurements, you can decide if a standard-sized door will suffice. In case you don’t find the right size, there is no reason to panic. There are many companies that manufacture customized Roller Doors for garages.
3. Consider different materials- Garage doors come in all kinds of materials. Steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, wood composite, and solid wood are the most popular options. While vinyl is preferred because it is budget-friendly, aluminum is extremely durable. Wooden garage doors, on the other hand, look exquisite and enhance the beauty of the house. But they are also expensive and require a lot of maintenance. So, learn about the pros and cons of each type and select one that’s meant for your place.
4. Pick something that matches the style of your home- The garage door is a prominent feature that everyone who visits your home will notice. So, it should go with the overall theme and look of the house. If it matches the color and overall aesthetic of the yard, imagine how beautiful and unique your house will appear.
5. Shop for safety features- Did you know that modern Garage Doors Melbourne have excellent safety features? From motion detection to finger-free designs to manual control – you will be amazed to know about the latest safety upgrades. To keep your kids and your possessions, it makes sense to invest in doors the provide additional safety and security.
The Bottom Line
So, keep the abovementioned tips in mind and you will have the most functional garage door. It is also important to order roller doors in Melbourne from a reputed manufacturer to get the best quality. A modern and safe garage door will not only keep your car safe but also increase the value of your property. Therefore, explore all your options to choose the one that’s best for your home.
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2023.05.29 12:19 FatherNurgle8907 I think the wiring is on the wall for at my workplace and I don't know what to do.

So I started this job 2 months ago working at a large chain pet store. For preface I'm 33 and have a work history of retail jobs with the longest single time of employment being about 1 year (not great I know but alot of this is due to being offered better job opportunities) this was even brought up in my interview with my current job where the boss basically said he would normally be apprehensive of hiring me but they need staff and I had pet store experience. The problem I have is just two days ago word got around that an audit was being done on the store and everything has to be essentially spot on perfect. To the point of actually pulling out a ruler and measuring how much bedding is in a given enclosure. Later that same day as we're prepping for this audit my boss gives me a list of things he claims weren't done correctly last shift. The problem is it was a 4 hour shift ( I work part time as I am back in college and studying for certifications on the side.) and I was given an extensive list of extra things to do on top of my normal duties. I did as much as I could but balancing this large list while also assisting customers with live fish/cricket purchases and general advice and information took a lot of time. I was also warned early into my time that going beyond my shift time was a no-no. So I did as best I could and clocked out on time. Next day get handed this list and no chance to defend myself. I wrote a respeful rebuttal to the list explaining my side and left it for my boss as he was not on shift. Later that same day I am accused of putting crickets in and snake terrarium, which I did not do and wouldn't do. The manager on shift continues to tell me why this is a big deal even after I explained I didn't do any such thing. My concern is I feel like the writing is on the wall and they're going to let me go. Should I just leave on my own? Also would it be better to go back to doing UbeLyft and just put that on my resume as that I have done for 5+ years on the side with no breaks in employment. I was hoping to make a long term of this job but I feel like I am getting blamed for things I didn't do and being held responsible for not doing things properly that was not even trained on how to do. Any advice?
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2023.05.29 12:09 Kyriezen 27 [M4A] The Potato Corner is looking to serve its first few customers!

Good day mamsir, may I take your order?
So maliit lang yung store, we can only cater for like a few people only at a time. Just like an actual potato corner.
So nakapasok ka na store, ano yung menu?
We have a main channel for whatever ganap, pero we have 4 side channels na medyo self-explanatory
First of all, we are a group of tito and tita na gumawa lang ng maliit na server. We are in the late 20s, busy with work most of the time so don’t expect na active kami all the time. Pero from time to time, we share and talk. Wala kaming premyo if active ka or not, pero drop by from time to time lang din para we know din if buhay ka pa. lastly, please be a decent human being, please huwag niyo na tangkain na manlandi ng mga tao server. Mga gulay lahat, dapat nga Chopseuy yung pangalan nitong server na to e.
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2023.05.29 12:00 travelhelpdesk Flair Airlines Manage Booking: Everything You Need to Know

Flair Airlines Manage Booking: Everything You Need to Know


Flair Airlines is a popular low-cost carrier that offers affordable flights to various destinations. Managing your booking with Flair Airlines allows you to have control over your travel arrangements and make necessary modifications as per your convenience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the benefits of managing your booking with Flair Airlines and provide step-by-step instructions on how to access and utilize the Flair Airlines Manage Booking system.

Flair Airlines: An Overview

Before diving into the details of managing your booking, let's take a moment to understand Flair Airlines. Founded in 2005, Flair Airlines has grown to become one of the leading low-cost airlines in North America. With a focus on providing affordable fares and excellent service, Flair Airlines operates flights to several domestic and international destinations.

Benefits of Managing Your Booking with Flair Airlines

Managing your booking with Flair Airlines offers several advantages. Here are a few key benefits:

Flexibility and Convenience

Flair Airlines' Manage Booking system allows you to modify your travel plans according to your needs. Whether you need to change your flight dates, select specific seats, or add extra baggage, the platform offers flexibility and convenience.

Time and Cost Savings

By managing your booking online, you can save time and avoid the hassle of calling customer service or visiting a ticket counter. Additionally, Flair Airlines may provide special offers and discounts exclusively for customers who manage their bookings through their platform.

Personalized Travel Experience

Through the Manage Booking system, you can customize your travel experience by selecting preferred seats, upgrading to a higher class, or adding special services like in-flight meals or extra legroom. These options allow you to tailor your journey according to your preferences.

How to Access Flair Airlines Manage Booking

To access Flair Airlines Manage Booking, you have two primary options: online and through the mobile app. Let's explore both methods:

Online Manage Booking

To Flair Airlines manage booking online, follow these steps:
  1. Visit the Flair Airlines official website.
  2. Navigate to the "Manage Booking" section.
  3. Enter your booking reference or reservation number along with your last name.
  4. Click on the "Manage Booking" or "Retrieve Booking" button.
  5. You will then have access to your booking details and various options for modifications.

Mobile App

Flair Airlines provides a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to manage your booking on the go. Here's how you can access the Manage Booking feature through the app:
  1. Download and install the Flair Airlines mobile app from your device's app store.
  2. Open the app and log in to your account or create a new one if you haven't already.
  3. Tap on the "Manage Booking" or similar option on the app's home screen.
  4. Enter your booking reference or reservation number and your last name.
  5. Tap on the "Manage Booking" or "Retrieve Booking" button to access your booking details.

Managing Your Flights

Once you have accessed the Flair Airlines Manage Booking system, you can make various modifications to your flights. Here are some key features and options available:

Flight Modifications

If you need to change your travel dates or times, the Manage Booking system allows you to modify your flights. You can check for available alternative flights and select the one that suits your schedule. However, keep in mind that additional fees or fare differences may apply.

Seat Selection

Flair Airlines enables you to choose your preferred seats during the booking process. However, if you want to change your seat selection or if you didn't select one during booking, you can use the Manage Booking system to pick seats according to your preference. You may have the option to select standard seats, extra legroom seats, or seats with specific amenities.

Baggage Management

Managing your baggage is also possible through the Flair Airlines Manage Booking system. You can add or remove checked baggage, pay for additional baggage allowance, or modify the weight and dimensions of your existing baggage. Make sure to check the airline's baggage policies and fees before making any changes.

Check-In Process

Flair Airlines offers both online check-in and airport check-in options for your convenience. Here's what you need to know:

Online Check-In

To save time at the airport, you can complete the check-in process online using the Manage Booking system. Typically, online check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. You can select your seats, verify your personal information, and obtain your boarding pass digitally. Remember to have a printed or digital copy of your boarding pass with you when you arrive at the airport.

Airport Check-In

If you prefer to check in at the airport, Flair Airlines provides check-in counters where you can complete the process. Arrive at the airport with ample time before your flight, present your travel documents, and provide the necessary information to the airline staff. They will issue your boarding pass, and you can proceed through security to your departure gate.

Managing Special Requests

Flair Airlines understands that some passengers may have specific requirements or preferences. The Manage Booking system allows you to make special requests to ensure a comfortable journey. Here are some common special requests you can manage:
  • Requesting special meals: If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, you can request special meals like vegetarian, gluten-free, or kosher meals through the Manage Booking system.
  • Traveling with pets: If you wish to bring your furry companion along, you can request to travel with a pet and find out about the airline's pet policies and procedures.
  • Special assistance: Passengers with disabilities or those needing special assistance can make requests for wheelchair assistance, extra time during boarding, or any other necessary support.

Cancellation and Refunds

In case your travel plans change or unforeseen circumstances arise, you may need to cancel your booking with Flair Airlines. Here's what you need to know about cancellations and refunds:
Flair Airlines has a specific cancellation policy that outlines the rules and conditions for canceling your flight and requesting a refund. The eligibility for a refund and the amount you receive may vary depending on the fare type, the time of cancellation, and any additional services or add-ons you have purchased.
To cancel your booking and initiate a refund request, you can utilize the Flair Airlines Manage Booking system. Simply locate your booking, select the cancellation option, and follow the prompts to complete the process. Keep in mind that some fares may be non-refundable or may have certain restrictions, so it's essential to review the fare conditions before making any cancellations.
Once your cancellation request is processed and approved, Flair Airlines will initiate the refund according to their refund policy. The refund will be processed to the original payment method used during the booking. It's important to note that refunds may take some time to reflect in your account, depending on your bank or payment provider.
It's crucial to familiarize yourself with Flair Airlines' cancellation and refund policies to understand your rights and obligations regarding booking modifications and cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Flair Airlines Manage Booking:
1. Can I change my flight date and time using the Manage Booking system?
Yes, the Manage Booking system allows you to modify your flight dates and times, subject to availability and fare conditions.
2. Can I select my seats in advance through the Manage Booking system?
Absolutely! You can choose your preferred seats during the booking process or modify your seat selection later using the Manage Booking system.
3. Is there a fee for managing my booking online?
Flair Airlines does not charge any additional fees for managing your booking online. However, certain modifications or services may have associated charges.
4. Can I request special assistance through the Manage Booking system?
Yes, you can make special requests for assistance, such as wheelchair assistance or specific accommodations, through the Manage Booking system.
5. What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
If you need to cancel your booking, you can initiate the cancellation process through the Manage Booking system. However, the refund eligibility and amount depend on the fare type and cancellation time.
For more detailed information and answers to additional questions, it's recommended to visit Flair Airlines' official website or contact their customer support.


Managing your booking with Flair Airlines offers flexibility, convenience, and personalization for your travel experience. Through the user-friendly Manage Booking system, you can make modifications to your flights, select seats, manage baggage, complete check-in, and make special requests. Additionally, understanding the airline's cancellation and refund policies ensures you can navigate any changes to your travel plans smoothly.
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2023.05.29 11:51 Nehasper PET Lidding Films Market Share and Growth Opportunity, Rising Trends, Industry Analysis and Future Outlook to 2022-2032: SPER Market Research

PET Lidding Films Market Share and Growth Opportunity, Rising Trends, Industry Analysis and Future Outlook to 2022-2032: SPER Market Research
PET Lidding Films are a type of packaging material used to seal containers for food and drinks. Food is shielded from fogging when it is kept in trays and containers by a high barrier film. Food waste is reduced and shelf life is increased by these protective coatings. These films are also heat resistant. They prevent food degradation and contamination while limiting moisture buildup. Polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyamide & polypropylene (PP), and other polymers are frequently used to make anti-fog film. Additionally, these films are widely used in the packaging of a variety of items, such as dairy products, frozen foods, meat, poultry, fish, ready-to-eat meals, candy, and baked goods.
Read More:- PET Lidding Films Market Report and Forecast (2022-2032)
PET Lidding Films Market Future Trends
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2023.05.29 11:50 BenjijLew Looking for a Panther chameleons breeding pairs

Hello everyone. I am an American that is currently living in Israel. I found that Panther Chameleons are perfectly legal to import for the pet trade in this country.
As such I am looking to start a breeding program here to supply the pet stores as nobody is doing this yet.
I have been looking for a reliable breeder that can ship internationally to me but I have been having trouble finding one.
The only places that have been telling me that can are somewhat shady and demanding payment only in bitcoin or have terrible reviews.
I’m looking for up to 3x breeding pairs of panther chameleons. A breeder who has experience with international shipping or is willing to learn how and go through the process with me.
And can offer a live on arrival guarantee. I don’t want to have to worry about dropping around $3k for dead chameleons or nothing showing up at all. And I’m also worried about scam sellers.
Can anyone offer up some recommendations for me or contact if anyone knows a breeder or supplier that can do this?
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 11:39 askkunalji Top Pest Control Services in Mumbai: Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

Are pests invading your home in Mumbai? Don't let them take over! With the top pest control services in Mumbai, you can reclaim your space and ensure a pest-free environment for you and your family. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best pest control services in Mumbai and how they can help you eliminate pests effectively. From cockroaches to termites and rodents, we've got you covered! Let's dive in and discover the top pest control services in Mumbai that will keep your home free from unwanted visitors.

Introduction: Protecting Your Home from Pests

Living in a bustling city like Mumbai has its perks, but it also brings along some unwanted guests—pests. These tiny creatures can wreak havoc in your home, causing damage to your property and posing health risks to your family. That's where professional pest control services come to the rescue. These experts specialize in eradicating pests, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment for you and your loved ones.

Top Pest Control Services in Mumbai: The Key Players

When it comes to pest control, Mumbai offers a wide range of services tailored to suit your specific needs. Here are some of the top pest control services in Mumbai renowned for their professionalism, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction:
  1. India Pest Control services : With over a decade of experience, Pest Control has established itself as a leading pest control service provider in Mumbai. They offer comprehensive solutions for a variety of pests, including cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and rodents. Pest Control takes pride in its eco-friendly approach, utilizing safe and non-toxic methods to eliminate pests.
  2. Pest Management: Pest Management is a trusted name in the pest control industry in Mumbai. They employ highly trained technicians equipped with advanced tools and techniques to address pest issues effectively. From residential to commercial properties, Pest Management offers customized pest control solutions for all.
  3. Pest Solutions: Pest Solutions is known for its holistic approach to pest control. They focus not only on eliminating pests, but also on preventing future infestations. Using cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly products, PQR Pest Solutions ensures long-term pest-free living spaces.
  4. Exterminators: If you're looking for a quick and efficient solution to your pest problems, LMN Exterminators is an excellent choice. They specialize in same-day pest control services, guaranteeing immediate relief from pests. LMN Exterminators employs highly skilled professionals who are well-versed in tackling a wide range of pest issues.
  5. Pest Management: With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Pest Management has built a loyal clientele in Mumbai. They provide personalized pest control services, taking into account the unique needs of each customer. Pest Management uses environmentally safe products that are effective in eliminating pests without compromising the well-being of your family.
These are just a few of the top pest control services in Mumbai. Each of them has its own unique approach and expertise, ensuring that you receive the best possible solution for your pest-related concerns.

Why Choose Professional Pest Control Services?

You might be wondering why you should opt for professional pest control services when there are numerous DIY methods available. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:
  1. Expertise and Experience: Professional pest control services have the knowledge and experience to identify and address various pest issues effectively. They are trained to understand the behavior of pests and employ targeted strategies to eliminate them.
  2. Safety: Many pests carry diseases and can pose health risks to you and your family. Professional pest control services utilize safe and approved methods to ensure the well-being of your loved ones.
  3. Time and Cost Savings: DIY pest control methods may provide temporary relief, but they often fail to address the root cause of the problem. Professional pest control services offer long-term solutions, saving you time and money in the long run.
  4. Prevention: Professional pest control services not only eliminate existing pests, but also implement preventive measures to minimize the chances of future infestations. This proactive approach helps maintain a pest-free environment in your home.

FAQs About Pest Control Services in Mumbai

  1. Q: How often should I schedule pest control services? A: The frequency of pest control services depends on several factors, including the severity of the infestation and the type of pest. Generally, it is recommended to schedule pest control services at least once every three to six months for preventive measures.
  2. Q: Are the pesticides used by pest control services safe for my family and pets? A: Reputable pest control services prioritize the safety of your family and pets. They use approved pesticides and follow strict guidelines to ensure minimal risk. However, it is advisable to discuss any concerns with the service provider beforehand.
  3. Q: Can pest control services guarantee complete elimination of pests? A: While professional pest control services strive for complete elimination, it is essential to understand that the effectiveness may vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the pest species. However, reputable services offer warranties and follow-up visits to ensure customer satisfaction.
  4. Q: How can I prepare my home for pest control treatment? A: Before the scheduled treatment, it is advisable to declutter the area to allow easy access for the technicians. Store food items securely and cover or remove any exposed dishes. Additionally, inform the service provider about any specific instructions they may have.
  5. Q: Do I need to vacate my home during the pest control treatment? A: The need to vacate your home during pest control treatment depends on the type of pest and the treatment method employed. In most cases, it is safe to stay indoors, but it's recommended to follow the instructions provided by the service provider.
  6. Q: Can pest control services help with termite infestations? A: Yes, many pest control services in Mumbai specialize in termite control. They employ advanced techniques like soil treatment and baiting systems to eliminate termites and protect your property from further damage.

Conclusion: A Pest-Free Haven with Top Pest Control Services in Mumbai

Don't let pests take over your home in Mumbai! With the top pest control services mentioned above, you can bid farewell to unwanted invaders and enjoy a pest-free living environment. From the expertise and experience of professionals to the convenience of long-term solutions, these services have you covered. Take the necessary steps today to safeguard your home and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.
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2023.05.29 11:11 sperresearch Thailand Business Process Outsourcing Market Share and Growth, Rising Trends, Competitive Analysis and Future Scope 2023-2033: SPER Market Research

Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is a concept where companies hire other companies to do certain tasks or jobs for them. It's like when you ask someone else to help you with your homework or chores. In the BPO market, big companies often hire specialized companies to handle things like customer service, data entry, accounting, or even answering phone calls. These specialized companies have the knowledge and resources to perform these tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. By outsourcing these tasks, the companies can focus more on their core activities and save time and money. It's like teamwork between different companies to make things run smoothly and efficiently.
According to SPER market research, Thailand Business Process Outsourcing Market Size- By Location, By Services, By Application, By Deployment Mode, By Organization Size, By Ownership, By Outsourcing Approach, By End User - Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Segment Forecast to 2033’ state that the Thailand Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Market is predicted to reach USD XX billion by 2033 with a CAGR of XX%.
Several factors influence the Thailand business process outsourcing (BPO) market. Initially, Thailand has a skilled workforce with a strong command of the English language, which is highly sought after by international corporations. This means that Thai professionals can provide clients from all over the world with high-quality services. Secondly, the cost advantage is significant. Thailand's labour costs are lower than in many other countries, making it an appealing destination for outsourcing. This cost advantage enables businesses to save money while maintaining service quality.
Additionally, Thailand's business process outsourcing (BPO) market is facing a number of challenges. To begin with, competition from other outsourcing locations poses a significant challenge. Countries with a skilled workforce and lower labour costs, such as India and the Philippines, are also appealing alternatives for companies looking to outsource services. Because of this competition, Thailand must continuously improve its offerings in order to remain competitive. In addition, infrastructure development is critical. Although Thailand has made significant progress, gaps in technological infrastructure and connectivity may still exist, preventing seamless communication and collaboration with clients. Furthermore, economic and political stability are required for a thriving BPO market. Uncertainties or disruptions in the economic or political landscape can undermine international companies' confidence in choosing Thailand as an outsourcing destination.
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Furthermore, The pandemic of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Thailand's business process outsourcing (BPO) market. For starters, the pandemic has disrupted global business operations, resulting in lower outsourcing demand. Many businesses have faced financial difficulties and have reduced their outsourcing budgets, which has impacted the demand for BPO services in Thailand. There has also been a shift in outsourcing requirements. Due to changing customer needs during the pandemic, BPO firms were forced to adapt their services to support areas such as healthcare, e-commerce, and customer support for essential services. Finally, the pandemic's uncertainty has impacted investor confidence and decision-making. As a result, new outsourcing contracts and investments in the BPO sector have slowed.
Furthermore, Genpact made an announcement in January 2021 about acquiring Enquero, a data engineering and analytics firm. This strategic move enables Genpact to expand its service offerings by leveraging data, cloud technologies, and analytics, thereby fostering growth and enhancing its ability to adapt, connect, and thrive in a changing business landscape. Consequently, the acquisition enriches Genpact's service portfolio. Additionally, some of the market key players are Accenture, Amdocs, Capgemini, CBRE, CGI Inc., Cognizant, Concentrix Corporation, ExlService Holdings Inc., Genpact, Others.
For More Information about this Report: –
Thailand Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Market Future Outlook
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Business Software and Services Market Size- By Software, By Service, By Deployment, By Enterprise Size, By End User- Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Segment Forecast to 2033
Pet Tech Market Size- By Type, By Product, By Application, By End Use, By Distribution Channel- Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Segment Forecast to 2033
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Contact Us:
Sara Lopes, Business Consultant — USA
SPER Market Research
[email protected]
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2023.05.29 11:03 arspawan 9inch Truck GPS Big Touchscreen Trucking GPS Xgody GPS Navigation for car Navigation 8GB ROM SAT NAV System Navigator Driving Alarm Lifetime Map Updates Truck GPS Navigation System for Trucks

Enhance Your Trucking Experience with the 9-Inch Truck GPS
In today's fast-paced world, efficient and accurate navigation is crucial for truck drivers to optimize their routes, save time, and ensure timely deliveries. The 9-Inch Truck GPS offers a reliable and feature-packed solution designed specifically for truckers. With its big touchscreen display, truck-specific navigation, real-time SAT NAV system, and lifetime map updates, this GPS system takes trucking navigation to the next level. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of the 9-Inch Truck GPS and why it stands out among other truck GPS navigation systems.
Xgody GPS Map Update
Why Choose the 9-Inch Truck GPS for Your Trucking Needs
1. Big Touchscreen for Easy Navigation
The 9-Inch Truck GPS features a large, high-resolution touchscreen display that provides a clear and easy-to-read map view. The sizable screen allows for effortless interaction, ensuring you can navigate through menus and adjust settings with ease, even while on the road.
2. Reliable Trucking GPS Navigation System
Built with the needs of truckers in mind, the 9-Inch Truck GPS offers a reliable trucking GPS navigation system. It takes into account specific truck attributes such as height, weight, and length to calculate the most suitable routes for your truck, avoiding low bridges, weight restrictions, and other obstacles that might pose challenges to your journey.
3. Ample Storage with 8GB ROM
Equipped with 8GB of internal storage, the 9-Inch Truck GPS provides ample space to store maps, points of interest, and other essential data. This ensures that you have access to all the necessary information without the need for an internet connection, allowing for uninterrupted navigation regardless of your location.
4. Real-Time SAT NAV System
The 9-Inch Truck GPS utilizes a real-time SAT NAV system, enabling you to receive accurate and up-to-date information about traffic conditions, road closures, and detours. By staying informed about current road situations, you can plan alternative routes and avoid unnecessary delays, ultimately improving your efficiency and on-time deliveries.
5. Enhanced Safety with Driving Alarm
Safety is paramount while on the road, and the 9-Inch Truck GPS understands the importance of keeping truckers secure during their journeys. The device is equipped with a driving alarm feature that alerts you to potential hazards, such as sharp turns, steep inclines, or speed limit changes. This proactive approach to safety ensures that you stay informed and can adjust your driving accordingly, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall road safety.
6. Lifetime Map Updates for Accurate Navigation
One of the standout features of the 9-Inch Truck GPS is the lifetime map updates it offers. As road networks and points of interest evolve over time, having access to the most up-to-date maps is crucial for accurate navigation. With lifetime map updates, you can rest assured that your GPS system will always provide you with the latest information, including new roads, construction zones, and changes to truck routes. This ensures that your navigation remains precise and reliable, regardless of how much time has passed since your initial purchase.
Key Features of the 9-Inch Truck GPS
1. Large, High-Resolution Touchscreen Display
The 9-Inch Truck GPS boasts a generously sized touchscreen display that enhances your overall navigation experience. The high-resolution screen provides sharp visuals and allows for easy readability, even in bright sunlight or challenging lighting conditions. With its responsive touch functionality, you can effortlessly interact with the device and access various features and settings with a simple tap or swipe.
2. Truck-Specific Navigation
Designed explicitly for truck drivers, the 9-Inch Truck GPS offers truck-specific navigation features that consider the unique requirements of commercial vehicles. By inputting your truck's dimensions, weight, and load restrictions into the system, it will calculate the most suitable routes, avoiding roads with low clearance, weight limits, or other potential obstacles. This truck-specific navigation ensures that you can navigate confidently without encountering unexpected challenges along the way.
3. Efficient Routing and Traffic Updates
The 9-Inch Truck GPS is equipped with advanced routing algorithms that optimize your truck's journey. By taking into account factors such as traffic conditions, road closures, and real-time data, the device can provide you with the most efficient route options. With traffic updates and alternative route suggestions, you can avoid congested areas, reduce travel time, and improve overall efficiency.
4. Versatile Storage Capacity
With its 8GB ROM, the 9-Inch Truck GPS offers ample storage capacity for maps, points of interest, and other essential data. This means that you can store a vast amount of information directly on the device, eliminating the need for constant internet connectivity while on the road. Whether you're traveling through remote areas or facing weak network signals, you can rely on the device's internal storage to access crucial navigation data anytime, anywhere.
5. User-Friendly Interface and Intuitive Controls
The 9-Inch Truck GPS features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that make it effortless to navigate through the system's various functions. The menu layout is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to quickly access the desired features and settings. Whether you're setting up a new route, adjusting preferences, or searching for nearby amenities, the intuitive controls ensure a smooth and hassle-free user experience.
6. Advanced Safety Features
Safety is a top priority, and the 9-Inch Truck GPS prioritizes it by offering advanced safety features. The driving alarm system alerts you to potential hazards, providing proactive warnings for sharp turns, steep inclines, and speed limit changes. Additionally, the device includes voice-guided directions, ensuring that you can keep your eyes on the road while receiving clear and concise instructions.
7. Lifetime Map Updates for Continuous Accuracy
One of the standout features of the 9-Inch Truck GPS is the provision of lifetime map updates. Keeping your navigation system up to date is essential for accurate and reliable routing. With lifetime map updates, you will receive regular map updates, ensuring that your device reflects the latest road networks, construction areas, and points of interest. This continuous accuracy allows you to navigate with confidence, knowing that you have access to the most current information available.
Additional Features and Benefits
In addition to its core functionalities, the 9-Inch Truck GPS offers several additional features and benefits that enhance your overall trucking experience. These include:
Multiple Points of Interest (POI): The GPS system provides an extensive database of points of interest, including truck stops, rest areas, fuel stations, restaurants, and more. This allows you to conveniently locate essential services along your route, ensuring you can plan your stops effectively.
Multi-Language Support: The device supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse range of truckers. Whether English, Spanish, French, or any other supported language, you can easily select your preferred language for a seamless navigation experience.
Route Customization: The 9-Inch Truck GPS enables you to customize your routes based on personal preferences or specific requirements. You can prioritize scenic routes, avoid toll roads, or choose the fastest path to your destination, providing you with flexibility and control over your journey.
Bluetooth Connectivity: The GPS system is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone for hands-free calling. This feature promotes safer driving by enabling you to make and receive calls without the need to physically handle your phone.
Large Vehicle Assistance: The 9-Inch Truck GPS offers specialized assistance for large vehicles, including features like lane guidance, junction view, and 3D maps. These functionalities help you navigate complex intersections and highway interchanges with ease, ensuring you stay on the correct path.
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2023.05.29 10:12 Serac_01 Phoenix pet?

Hello! Does anyone have the phoenix pet in your stores? I'm about to get to T8 and I'd like to buy one.

EDIT: Got it!
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2023.05.29 09:58 throwaway-Farts A new hire has been using my desk and my personal belongings for at least a month without my knowledge

Hey everyone I’m in a bit of a pickle that I can sure use some advice. Using a throw away because I know some of my coworkers are frequent redditors. I apologize in advance if this is scattered it’s almost 2 am and I just woke up overthinking about this situation.
I’m in IT (sorta) for a company that deals in home loans across the Midwest. I’m the only Web Developer in the company and they’re not sure exactly where my main responsibilities lie so I’m kind of between departments (IT and Marketing), however my desk is in IT when I don’t work remotely.
A bit of a history lesson for me real quick. I started a web development bootcamp in January of 2022, finished it in April and was hired as the Web Developer in August of 2022. I have no prior experience in IT or any other office job for that matter. I was mostly in warehousing and maintenance roles before. Being the sole developer of the company is tough considering I’m a junior developer doing the amount of work and the skill level of work of a senior developer so it has been tricky trying to navigate the role without a ton of assistance, but I like to think I do my best.
Now, I work mostly remotely as I have a pretty severe anxiety disorder and ADHD and my anxiety ramps up when I exhibit some of my ADHD symptoms that I know I do in front of people, however I used to work twice a week in office. I have a desk with two of our system administrators in one corner of the IT department. There was some drama a few months after I started with my desk (at the time I worked remotely) that I didn’t know about until I came in for our IT appreciation day and my desk was relocated without my knowledge or consent to move some of the personal items I had left on my desk and I had to find my personal items. Fortunately someone in tech support was nice enough to hold on to said items for me to grab and we had found a new desk for me next to the two system administrators. I didn’t start working two days a week in office until about a month later when my boss had expressed he would like to see me in office more which wasn’t too big of a deal but it was out of my comfort zone a little bit.
A few months later everything is going smoothly with this routine until January of this year. My partner’s sister is a travel nurse and one of her assignments was in California. On her way to California, somewhere in bum fuck Kansas (bum fuck Kansas was a 5 hour drive from where I was at) she saw a stray dog on the highway. She took him to a nearby vet to get him checked out and to see if he was microchipped. He had a little cut on his leg and he wasn’t microchipped. She didn’t want to leave him there, however she had to get to California for her assignment so I left work that day and met her in bum fuck Kansas to pick up the dog. At the time we were going to keep him if we couldn’t find his home but he stayed with my partner and I all the way in bum fuck Missouri. I communicated with my boss that for awhile I’m going to need to work from home while I watched this poor puppy and made sure he blended well with my mini goldendoodle and 2 cats and he was okay with that. After a few weeks of this, we realize it’s not a good fit for us or for him so we decided to foster him until we can find the perfect fit for him while we still covered the vet bills and getting him fixed. In February we found his forever home and he’s doing really well with his new home and his new owners absolutely love and adore him.
However I kept up with my routine with working from home. In retrospect, I could have communicated with my boss that it’s more convenient for me to work from home so I can manage my anxiety as well as take care of my pets when I need to, but I didn’t communicate that with him.
Fast forward to April and we get a few new hires in IT and one of them is a System administrator, so naturally he’ll work where the other System administrators and I work at in the one corner of the office but I’m still working from home. That month, we also had a company wide conference in Not-So Bum Fuck Missouri which meant traveling a little bit. I unfortunately couldn’t go as my partner and I have been getting our apartment ready to move and we had maintenance staff in and out fixing stuff which required one of us to be there.
A few weeks later, the Friday before we move I get a ping on Teams from someone telling me that they have some stuff for me from the conference that I should swing by the office and grab. So during my lunch I head to the office to grab said items and I also thought it would be a good idea to grab my other personal items from my desk so I can have them at my home office desk. I head to my desk but instead of finding my desk vacant and my stuff on there, the newly hired system administrator is sitting at what’s supposed to be my desk. On top of that, he’s using some of the things that I purchased for the role including a laptop stand and a mousepad. I became very upset and distraught and I left without grabbing anything or talking to anybody.
It has been a week since I moved to my new place and almost two weeks since I last came into the office. I haven’t spoken to anybody about the situation, however I plan to. I’m very upset at this situation. My boss hasn’t communicated with me that the new System administrator was going to take over my desk and the other system administrators who I work very closely with haven’t communicated with me that the new System administrator took over my desk and none of them have communicated with me that he was going to be using my personal things. I can’t be mad at the new guy considering I know he didn’t know that’s my personal belongings he’s using and that he displaced me at the office but I am mad at my boss and the other system administrators for their lack of communication. I know I should’ve communicated that it’s better for me to work from home but I was under the impression my desk was there in the office for me when I needed it, so I had left those personal things there when I left work that day in January when I picked up the dog. I just feel incredibly disrespected and perturbed that I don’t know if I have a place for me at the office or not and that someone has been using my personal items without my consent.
I have a weekly meeting with my boss on Tuesday and I plan on having a conversation about this with him although I’m not sure what to say.
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