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(DISVENTURE CAMP SPOILERS) "Sabotage Below Zero" Aiden isn't that bad

2023.03.25 09:14 GeometryDash_Gamer (DISVENTURE CAMP SPOILERS) "Sabotage Below Zero" Aiden isn't that bad

As some of you know, I’ve been watching some of the TD fanseasons, one of which includes Disventure Camp. And I’ve now seen quite a bit of people’s takes on it. Though there seems to be one heavily controversial character throughout, that being Aiden. And while a lot of people don’t like him due to him going very far despite…not having much of a personality to latch onto aside from just being an average teenager (well, and IG having a cool voice and design), his characterization and handling throughout episode 9 seems to especially be strongly hated by various people. Now I’m just going to preface things, the whole drama between James, Aiden and Karol is absolutely atrocious and makes me lose a ridiculous amount of brain cells with how it goes down. Even in hindsight, it was the one plot in DC I genuinely disliked, and I’ve just grown to hate it more and more overtime. Though for this post, I’d like to delve into things on Aiden’s end and explain why he’s nowhere near as bad as various people make him out to be, and if anything, the one character I actually sympathize with throughout this drama
The main complaint people tend to lodge against Aiden here is how upon Karol returning, she gets pretty villainized for wanting to get them eliminated, even though she had a justified reason to be mad given how James orchestrated her elimination. Now if this complaint was only just applied to James, I’d absolutely agree. But it’s almost like people seem to think Aiden was also in on Karol’s elimination or IG “betrayed” her in some way. Though when we look back at episode 2, all Aiden did was talk to Karol to try to get her in an alliance with James and Aiden. But then once Aiden told James that Karol was also in on voting one of the 3 girls, James just randomly decided to snitch on Karol to the girls to get her eliminated, since all three of them voting for one of the members of the girls alliance trio apparently made too much sense IG. Yet for some reason...Karol gets mad at Aiden only and calls him a traitor. Now granted, it can be argued that from Karol’s POV, Aiden told James what she said, which led to James snitching on her, meaning in a way Aiden betrayed her. But even then, I can’t help but wonder how she didn’t notice Aiden actively protesting while James was ratting her out, which I would think should be a big sign to her that Aiden wasn’t in on what James was doing at all. I mean, Karol even seems to think Aiden as well as James manipulated everyone into voting Karol out. But if Aiden actually also purposely told everyone about what Karol said…why would James also need to do so? And why would Aiden be actively protesting while James is doing so?
But that aside, this then rolls over to episode 9, AKA writing quality below zero "Sabotage Below Zero", where Karol returns and acts oddly very nice, only for it to turn out her nice demeanor is just a facade to win others over so she can get Jaiden voted out for what they did to her (or “did” in Aiden’s case). However, James is able to catch Karol plotting against them as she confides in Riya about her plan, and then records it and shows it to Aiden. They both realize they have to actually try to do something to hinder Karol from carrying out her plans against them. And this is where Aiden’s most controversial moment comes in. In order to prevent her from winning the challenge, he sneaks a tarantula Karol gave him earlier (while she was trying to play nice with him) onto her sledding partner Oliver, to distract them. As it turns out, it actually works, but…not in the way Aiden intended for it to. Oliver and Karol end up crashing during the challenge, which leads to Karol getting injured as Oliver just so happens to land in one of the most unfortunate spots possible, that being on top of Karol’s leg. And then in an extremely anticlimactic and copout resolution to this rivalry, Karol pulls a TDI Eva (that being getting eliminated just after she returned) and gets medically evacuated, not before protesting immensely
It’s also worth noting that at one point before Karol’s injury, Aiden unnecessarily rams into Karol’s sled while confronting her, out of anger at her for plotting against him and James (all the while pulling a nice facade with them). And then afterwards, she rams into them back. Though what’s especially weird is what unfolds after Karol gets injured. As Aiden makes it down to the hill, Karol gets mad at Aiden and curses him out for inadvertently getting the tarantula killed as a part of his sabotage (the tarantula also ended up getting crushed while on Oliver, as a result of their collision). And then, Aiden claps back by bringing up how she rammed into them…even though he did it first. Though while that is indeed hypocritical and an L on his part, it’s a pretty minor part of the general plot. That is unless you think him ramming into Karol was also what led to her being injured. But it didn’t. It was Oliver being distracted by the spider that caused them to crash, which led to Oliver landing on Karol and injuring her, which happened some time after Karol successfully rammed back into Jaiden and actually knocked them over
For my final thoughts, honestly, I’d say Aiden is actually surprisingly great this episode. I can always appreciate anti-heroic or pragmatic characters who are generally well-intentioned but aren’t above getting their hands dirty when push comes to shove. It's also the one time Aiden actually strategizes aside from having a good social game. And overall, I think his sabotage was pretty justified and understandable, and didn’t cross the line into being too despicable for me to not root for him. As even Aiden himself says, he wasn’t remotely trying to injure Karol, but rather he was just trying to distract her so she wouldn’t win immunity, and so Jaiden could actually try to get her voted out. And for the record, multiple other people also flew off their sleds and were fine afterwards. So the only real reason Karol actually got injured was because Oliver landed on her. Now admittedly, you can maybe make a case that Aiden could’ve been more outwardly apologetic to Karol about injuring her. But nonetheless, he still made it clear with James later on that he actually felt bad for it and didn’t intend to hurt her. And considering how two-faced and scummy Karol was being to Aiden, I can’t say I totally blame him for being defensive when she yelled at him. All things considered, Aiden is the one person I can actually fully sympathize with throughout this plot. He had no idea James would did what he did, and as a result was very undeservingly the subject of Karol’s scorn, despite them actually being cordial with each other earlier on. Although I'm not a fan of Karol throughout this plot either, I feel bad for her to a degree as well. After being the last one on her team standing in the challenge, she got humiliated and painted in a bad light because of James, who got her eliminated as a part of…probably one of the dumbest strategies I’ve ever seen. And then despite this, she gets villainized during her return as she justifiably tries to get revenge (even if half of her spite was misplaced). Ultimately, I’d say James easily sticks out the worst during this plot. On top of being the catalyst that started this entire mess, he also gets painted in the right to Karol along with Aiden…even though he was the one who actually got her eliminated, and in a more scummy way for that matter. I’ll also never get over just how completely brain-dead his """"""""""strategy"""""""""" leading to Karol's initial elimination is, but that’s a topic for a separate post
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2023.03.25 08:37 samishukayr [TOMT][Cartoon][2000s] Superhero Kid and His Talking Dog

Ok I vaguely remember watching this show on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s.
It was a show about this kid dressed in a cheap looking superhero costume who had a talking circular shaped dog by his side. I believe the dog also had super powers.
I don't remember if other people in the city they lived in also we're superheroes, all I remember was the animation and character design reminds me of Klasky Csupo animations like Rugrats, or something like that.
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2023.03.25 08:35 TodohPractitioner Super Smash Bros. Character Concept: (Text Template)

Who Is This Character?


Design, Voice Actor(s) and Censorship (optional; depends on the character)

Alternate Costumes


Special Mechanics (optional; depends on the character)


Neutral Attack:
Side Tilt:
Up Tilt:
Down Tilt:
Dash Attack:
Forward Smash:
Up Smash:
Down Smash:
Neutral Aerial:
Forward Aerial:
Back Aerial:
Up Aerial:
Down Aerial:
Forward Throw:
Back Throw:
Up Throw:
Down Throw:
Floor Attack (front):
Floor Attack (back):
Floor Attack (trip):
Edge Attack:
Neutral Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash:

Stage and Music (optional; depends on the character)

Boxing Ring Title

Snake Codex

Palutena Guidance


Victory Poses

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2023.03.25 08:24 Bandarbolamaxbet Immigration to Europe from UAE

Immigration to Europe from UAE
Your annual gross wage is a minimum of one-and-a-half occasions the nation’s average salary. You’ll want all relevant travel documentation. You’ll want medical health insurance on your own and then any family people associated with you to definitely the EU. You have to show you satisfy the legal needs to rehearse your profession inside a controlled atmosphere. You’ll be able to immigrate to Europe from UAE.
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2023.03.25 08:23 BridgerverseMusings Bridgerton colour clues in the Season 2 Wedding: My Blog post

Thanks to u/fbc1984 for the inspiration. 😊. I would have preferred to do more research, but alas Uni assignments took up most of my week, and internet issues have hampered my effort. But I hope you all enjoy (sorry, it is long).

Did the Bridgerton S2 wedding contain clues through colour?

First credit has to go to Reddit user fbc1984 for this post, please head over to reddit and check out the original post on the Kanthony subreddit, link:\_you\_think\_kate\_wore\_red\_for\_her\_wedding/
And while you are there check out the other Kanthony related posts on the subreddit.
Reddit user fbc1984 brings up a scene in S2 where Kate is holding a bolt of red fabric whilst Edwina is trying on outfits, speculating that Kate liked Red and would have worn it for special occasions, such as her wedding. I believe the scene being referred to is from episode 5. Edwina is being fitted for her wedding dress in the modiste's shop and is talking about the wedding and living in London, near the end of the scene we see a wide shot showing Kate sitting and holding a bolt of Red and Gold fabric.
Another Reddit user in the post, (I would like to provide credit, however I will not because at this stage I do not have permission to name them), commented that they had read where in India it is traditional for brides to wear Red, and white is a mourning colour. This got me thinking, with all of the symbolism in Bridgerton, were the bolt of fabric Kate was holding, and Kate in white during Anthony's daydream at the wedding, not to mention Edwina (as an Indian woman) wearing white symbolic?
We know that the costume designer used a combination of colour and fabric for Kate to symbolise her emotional shifts towards falling in love, so if we stay with the idea of colour symbolism in the clothing then I think the wedding was very symbolic of both the emotions of the parties involved, and pointing to who the true bride was.
As both Kate and Edwina grew up in India, I don't believe either would have worn white to get married in (though Edwina was a possibility with an English mother), due to white being a colour that would be associated with funerals in India, so I would like to think it was deliberate for the Bridgerton costume designer to dress them both in white bridal gowns during the ill fated wedding.
I think Edwina wearing white was not only signalling her assimilation into English culture, but also in the context of her having been raised in India it could be seen as her wearing a colour of mourning and attending a funeral, not a wedding. Combine the colour significance in Indian culture with the choice of song used for the walk down the aisle (Sign of the Times by Harry Styles), and you have all the elements of sadness not joy that should be associated with a wedding. For those unaware, The Sign of the Times is a song inspired by a mother dying in childbirth, it is from the point of view of the mother telling her child to go forth and conquer without her, a rather dark subject for a wedding song. However, this symbolism of death and mourning could also be to signal Edwina finally realising that Anthony does not love her (and never will), and the death of her idealism and innocence.
Further to the symbolism of death and mourning surrounding Edwina walking up the aisle, we see Anthony fantasise Kate is his bride, and she is also dressed in white. Whilst for Anthony it is bittersweet, the woman he truly loves appearing before him in a white wedding dress, for Kate it is more symbolic that she is in white. It was established very early in the season that Kate was very connected to her culture and rejected English customs (and Tea), as such it is hard to believe that Kate would wear an English style wedding dress in a mourning colour, so with that in mind was it deliberate that Kate was in white, to symbolise her mourning her lost love, lost youth, and the life she wanted?
This brings us back to the initial question Reddit user fbc1984 asked, would Kate have worn red for her wedding?
The scene referenced (and described above) is centred around Edwina's wedding and marriage, Edwina is being fitted for her dress and is standing in a white gown (mourning), whilst Kate is seated holding the bolt of Red and Gold cloth (celebratory). It seems to coincidental to have been a random choice of the director for Kate to be holding that particular bolt, as such I believe it was signalling that Kate was the true bride.
So to answer fbc1984's question, yes I do believe Kate wore red to her wedding, and further, I think (as another Redditor said) that she wore a lehenga.
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2023.03.25 08:22 royalgutters Pros and Cons of Installing Copper Gutters.

Pros and Cons of Installing Copper Gutters.
Wondering about the benefits of copper gutters? Let’s discuss the pros and cons copper gutters.
Increasingly, homeowners are choosing copper gutters for their homes. There are many reasons for this. First off, house gutters may increase the value of your home and give your home more curb appeal.
Gutters are an often overlooked part of houses, even though they serve a vital role in protecting the structure from water damage. Gutters can be made of different materials including aluminium, vinyl, steel, zinc, and copper.

1. Copper Gutters are Beautiful.

Copper gutters can enhance and improve the overall look of many types of homes. The bronze gutter color looks elegant and blends naturally with traditional, modern, or hybrid home designs.
Copper gutters work well with other types of materials including wood, clay, stone, and other types of construction materials. The combination of these materials can often result in a beautiful and distinct look.
Copper gutters can be installed in their original color or can be allowed to oxidize. When oxidized the bronze gutter color will range from a golden-brown to an earthy-brown, which can be incorporated into the overall design of a home to make it look more natural. Gutter colors play a large role in the overall look of your home.

2. Copper Gutters are Flexible.

Copper enjoys a low thermal degree of expansion, meaning copper does not expand much when temperatures are high. As a result, the installation of copper gutters does not need expansion joints. They can be installed in continuous frames.
Thanks to the sturdiness of copper, movements resulting from slight expansions do not impact the gutter frame. Such movements do not cause the gutter to buckle or crack as can happen with aluminum gutters.

3. Copper Gutters are Low Maintenance.

The underside of gutters is usually susceptibility to corrosion, which could mean costly repairs, and over time, gutter replacement. With copper, you do not face this problem because copper has excellent anti-corrosion properties.
Copper is also naturally resistant to fungi and algae. You will not find your gutters plagued by moss or mold. Organic growth leads to gutter blockage, which means frequent cleanings and maintenance.
Copper gutters that are allowed to oxidize resist corrosion and organic growth. The greenish oxidation on the copper acts as a protective layer.

4. Copper Gutters have Superior Durability.

Copper gutters don’t only look beautiful but also have an extremely long lifespan if installed properly by professionals from Royal Gutters. Copper, by nature, does not rust easily. It can also withstand temperature variations and other weather conditions that other materials might not. There are many gutter companies out there when choosing to install your copper gutters we recommend looking for companies that know how to work with copper. Check out our local gutter installation companies Portland options for copper gutters.

5. Copper Gutters are Environment-Friendly.

Copper is a special metal that is readily available and highly recyclable. Its recyclable value is far higher than that of stainless steel and aluminum. Old recycled copper is often used in the manufacturing of new copper gutters, this is a sturdy material that can live many lives.

6. The Drawback of Copper Gutters.

One of the main reasons why homeowners don’t use copper gutters despite its many benefits is the initial investment. On average, the initial cost of installing copper gutters is almost twice that of aluminum gutters.
Another drawback is the difficulty of installation. The process of installing copper gutters is more intricate and complex than other types of gutters. Finding the right professionals to install your copper gutters is a very important part of the process.
Here at Royal Gutters, we have over 15 years of experience installing copper gutters. If you are entertaining the idea of copper gutters for your home, we would love to help guide you in that decision.
So what about the copper gutters pros and cons. I hope you have benefited from this article.
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2023.03.25 08:20 HeavyNorseSFGB Since the new DLC characters get their classic costumes as well, I'd love to see some of the main roster characters get theirs too. I miss Ash's original design, not that big a fan of the winter coat look, tbh.

Since the new DLC characters get their classic costumes as well, I'd love to see some of the main roster characters get theirs too. I miss Ash's original design, not that big a fan of the winter coat look, tbh. submitted by HeavyNorseSFGB to kof [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 08:15 vaibhavbhatnagar01 itel P40 Review

The itel P40 smartphone is a big disappointment. The device is powered by the Unisoc SC9863A chipset which is supposed to deliver impressive performance, but in reality, it falls short in many areas. The processor struggles to keep up with simple tasks like browsing the internet and running multiple apps at the same time. The phone also tends to freeze and lag, making it frustrating to use. The camera is another major letdown. Despite having a nice camera setup, the image quality is poor, even in well-lit conditions. The battery life is above average and does last long enough to get through a full day of moderate use with its 6000mAh. Moreover, the design of the phone is uninspiring, and the build quality feels cheap.
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2023.03.25 08:14 designeryperson Realistic hourly rates for a graphic designer in Melbourne?

Hi all,
As per title, I'm after some ideas on a realistic ball park figure regarding an hourly rate for graphic design.
I'm a fully qualified designer with experience but have been working in another industry for the last 8 years in an unrelated field and am currently attempting to transfer back to the design industry. (I have kept up to date with trends etc and worked on my own private projects and done some freelancing on and off in the mean time.)
I've been requested through a recommendation to do graphic design for a larger business across a range of graphic design areas from print through to digital such as web layout mockups (all of which I'm capable of) in a part time capacity (not sure if it will contract or perm part time at this point) and they want to know my hourly rate.
I consider myself to be a mid-weight designer and am wondering what would be a realistic hourly rate in the current market for Melbourne? I kind of know what I'd like to charge, but at the same time I don't want to scare them off as I feel this position could be a stepping stone back into the industry in a full time capacity.
I saw the average hourly rate on seek I think it was for Melbourne was $40 an hour. Does this seem right to my fellow graphic deisgners in Melbourne?
Thanks for your help and input all.
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2023.03.25 08:09 _besbos_ Any designers and devs here to rate my salary?

8+ years of experience in web/digital design and some front end. Last couple of years I have been developing Wordpress sites too – alone, from start till end. Wouldn’t call myself a full stack dev though. Also do some UX design in my current role.
I (32f) work in the communication sector, in Limburg.
Bruto about 2.9k, netto almost 2.5k Benefits: 13th, eco pass, €800 education budget/y
We don’t manage to find another digital designer (who doesn’t need to code), which makes me wonder: am I underpaid?
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2023.03.25 07:59 Best_Umpire_1070 [Film/TV] Titans costume designs by Laura Jean. (Titans)

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2023.03.25 07:53 Danielnrg In defense of Rachael in War of the Worlds

I can tell you with absolute certainty that any girl her age would start freaking the fuck out if they heard their dad not only saying the things Ray was saying but the way he was saying him.
The important thing is the tone and tenor of Ray’s behavior here. We can generally assume, without evidence otherwise, that Ray has a cordial relationship with his children free of any physical or emotional abuse. When Ray is shouting about how “we are under attack”, we can assume he doesn’t raise his voice in this manner very often, especially given the split custody of the divorce.
Coupled with the hectic situation and literal explosions, his behavior here would be enough to send a girl (or boy, for that matter) her age into a mental tailspin, if the explosions didn’t do it already. Honestly, it’s unrealistic she didn’t start screaming the second the whole block started combusting behind her.
Rachael’s behavior throughout the film is entirely representative of that of a normal girl or boy her age. She is not abnormally shrill and annoying just for the sake of pissing off the audience, it’s a pretty authentic representation.
Well, the main criticism would then be why did Spielberg include a character that was by design going to be annoying to the audience? I think the answer to that is that he wanted to portray how a relatively normal American family would navigate the surreal and extreme events of the film.
Rachael is annoying, and Robby’s relationship with his father still being rocky in the face of truly incredible circumstances is difficult to believe. But this is how the average American family would navigate these obstacles. The old wounds don’t disappear because of a crisis, and the younger sister is still annoying as all get out.
It would not have served the perceived realism of the film to sanitize these aspects of the average family to make the characters more bearable for the audience. In fact, the audience believes this is how the average American family would behave in this situation precisely because Spielberg captures the average American family and then puts them into this situation.
Now obviously the average American family does not have two parents who are divorced and the father rarely spends time with them (or maybe they are, I prefer not to read statistics these days). But this was the family structure selected for this film for dramatic purposes, and the people in the film who are in this structure behave remarkably like most people would. I come from an intact home and I know our experience would not differ greatly from the Ferrier’s in this film.
So give Rachael and Robby a break. They are annoying and illogical and they’re exactly like the average girl and boy their age. Spielberg made the Ferrier family dynamic believable, instead of sanitizing it for audience sensibilities. I believe that was to the benefit of the film.
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2023.03.25 07:46 syedcorp LED TV Price in Lahore

Before it is necessary to know about LED TV Price in Lahore because it becomes very easy now a days also Now a Days Television, also known as LED TV, is a part of our lives in a daily manner. It’s a popular resource for education, communication and entertainment as well as information. It offers a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and interests. In the end, having a television in your home can be extremely beneficial, and help keep you informed about the world that surrounds you. While buying a new television may be exciting but it could also be overwhelming. The right choice for your home can be a challenge with the many options to choose from. To assist you pick the best Television to fit your home, we’ll explain the main factors to consider when you are buying a television in this article.
“TV Size” refers to the “TV size” is the term used to describe the diagonal size of the screen. It is measured by inches from corner-to-corner. The size of your TV will be determined by a variety of aspects, like the dimensions of the room where it will be situated, the distance to be viewed and your personal taste.
It is essential to take the dimensions of the room as well as distance of the viewing area into consideration in selecting which size for your television. For a general rule of thumb the screen on your TV must be located at around one-third of the distance from the seating space. If, for instance, you’re viewing from 8 feet away, a 40-43 inches TV could be adequate. A 55-65 inch television would be ideal for a bigger space and an average viewing distance of 10-12 feet.
The number of pixels comprising the image on screen is called resolution of the TV, and it is an important aspect to consider when buying a new television. The more pixels, related to higher resolutions will result in clearer, more detailed images. It is believed that the the most used Television resolutions include Full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (4K), and 8K) (Super Hi-Vision).
A resolution of 1080p is generally sufficient for smaller screens. To ensure the clarity and quality of images the image, a higher resolution like 8K or 4K could be needed for larger screens.
A technology referred to as the High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhances the clarity and clarity of images on TV screens. It does this by increasing the contrast, brightness and color. This results in a more vivid and real image quality. Furthermore, HDR enhances the contrast of the image through enhancing the contrast between light and dark parts in the picture. In the end, the image is more vivid and dramatic and is rich in detail and depth.
The industry provides a range options HDR standards, such as HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. Most TVs and content providers can support HDR10 which is the most well-known HDR standard. An appropriate TV and video source is needed for the latest HDR Standard, Dolby Vision, which provides even better image quality. A newer HDR standard, known as HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) is designed for broadcasting live content.
Smart Tv
The smart television will be one that is equipped with the internet connectivity, as well as integrated software and applications which allow users to stream services and online content directly on your TV. As more and more people seek to watch their preferred shows, films as well as other media without having to use additional devices like streaming sticks or a game console Smart TVs are growing in popularity.
There are many Smart TVs that are all created equal. Some might have better software or more advanced features than other models. When selecting the best Smart TV, it’s crucial to consider the user interface as well as the ease of use since certain models might be more user-friendly than other models.
When choosing a TV, audio quality is a major consideration. Make sure you choose a model with either a sound bar, or an integrated audio system to get the best audio quality. Many TVs come with poor built-in speakers and sound bars, an external sound system or a different external audio system is a smart purchase.
If you are choosing the best TV for you, connectivity is an essential consideration. Check that the TV comes with sufficient HDMI ports to connect everything, which includes video player or game console or cable box. Make sure that you have an output for audio in case you are planning to connect an additional audio system or sound bar.
Another important aspect is the brand name of the TV. Certain brands are known for producing high-quality TVs and others may make televisions with lower quality. To find out which are the top brands you must study reviews and research.
The cost of the television is a crucial factor to consider. While you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford however, you don’t want to choose a model which isn’t affordable or with a low options. Determine your budget prior to looking for a TV that has the features you need and at a price that you are able to afford.
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2023.03.25 07:41 NHArts 3D artists get paid more than...

I just looked up the average salaries of 3D graphics artists, VFX artists, computer programmers, and electrical engineers on the web site "comparably." The results were this:
3D Graphics Artist: $123,000
VFX artist: $101,000
Electrical Engineer: $86,000
Computer Programmer: $68,000
So does that mean 3D is harder than engineering?
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2023.03.25 07:39 Fassarh Investigations into the White Star Match Making System with Real Data (plus a deep-dive into some fundamental problems facing the WS reward system)

TLDR: I've attached a paper and some data that we collected in 2021 to better understand how the WS match making system works. Please read, share, and expand on this information. The aim of sharing this information is to help de-mystify and de-bunk the criticisms that the WS match making system is broken, and full of mis-matched games - this isn't completely true. Instead, the data shows that the majority of matches are between teams that are within +/- 20-25% of each other's WS score. I think this is quite reasonable, given the small size of our community. Currently there is a lot of negative chatter and feedback on HSO about the future of WS in the Dark Nebula update, and one factor that is the mis-understanding of how the match maker system works and the perception that White Stars are rife with mis-matched games. Hopefully this information debunks some of those beliefs and helps give Andreas some breathing space to develop and devote time to the new iteration of White Stars. Hopefully this leads to more informed discussions about how to improve what I, and many others, believe is the ultimate game mode: White Stars.
See the link here for the data:
Hey folks,
This is Arcturus from the Dark Skai Alliance, I'm a scientist and engineer. Back in early 2021 we collected a lot of data about the White Star Match Maker (WSMM) system so that we could make more informed decisions about how we constructed our WS teams, what tech we focused on, and how we levelled our Flagship. Based on the data, we were able to set-up some pretty good correlations and investigate how the WSMM system (possibly) worked.
We were a lot more active back then, but the surge in gaming activity caused by the pandemic has eased, and it has become harder and harder to maintain high levels of WS participation. Like many corps, we've scaled back from two active 15v15 matches per week (casual and competitive) to just two 5v5 matches per week. But our most veteran members still remain active, and we are eagerly awaiting the new and improved White Star experience coming via the Dark Nebula, and hoping for the associated boost in membership and WS activity that will hopefully follow.
So, a lot of things have changed since 2021, and many more things will change when Dark Nebula launches, and I think it's not worth keeping this data private anymore. So, I have attached a short paper we wrote in February 2021 discussing how the WSMM system (possibly) works, along with the data that was used to build the correlations for others to form their own opinion.
A major catalyst for this sharing of information is recent discussions on the official HSO Discord. I see a lot of negative feedback claiming things like the WS match-maker is broken, the majority of matches are loss farms or mis-matches, the WS game mode isn't popular or isn't accessible etc, etc, etc. I feel like this negative feedback is slowly wearing the developer's patience thin, and this has contributed to the removal of the "WS Reward Incentive System" from Dark Nebula (the damage bar, and scaling rewards etc).
While the current reward system certainly isn't perfect, it does give passionate players and leaders a strong system around which they can build a strong, active community, as well as attract and retain new players - a good group of leaders and veterans can coordinate more successful WS missions and achieve higher growth rates for their members. The WS reward system is also a fine balancing act - if the reward is too significant, it again incentivizes the unhealthy 24/7 WS player activity, which I think the community is tired of. There is a lot of nostalgia for the original "turn-based" or "play-by-mail" style of gameplay that WS was supposed to embody (but got wrecked when players unlocked the highest level modules).
My theory is that the original launch of Hades Star in March 2017 was "nearly perfect" with Yellow Stars clearly representing credit generation, and Red Stars clearly representing technology development... White Star was added to the game about 8 months later in November 2017, and a fairly vague reward system involving relics was added to make corporations relevant. About 11 months later in December 2018, Blue Stars were added and again had a fairly vague reward system of Blue Shards for powering up the new Shipment Relay station - but the Shipment Relay was never really that useful because more credits were produced by shipping manually... The important point I want to make here is that YS and RS had a clear design goal, while BLS and WS had a more vague design goal, with the intention that future updates could flesh out these game modes more properly. In hindsight, I think the game modes were not fleshed out properly when they were added, and the challenges we are facing now in Dark Nebula with the new reward systems are a direct consequence of that... Let me elaborate...
The biggest problem that Blue Stars introduced was the daily credit reward for winning Blue Stars. This reward made the Blue Star Shards almost irrelevant, and the credits awarded for winning Blue Stars began to over-lap too much with Yellow Star income production. This set a precedent (and an expectation) that other game modes should also generate credits as part of the reward...
The developers realized that credit rewards were an effective method to moderate player activity across game modes. They saw that White Star participation was low, and (thankfully) wanted to increase participation in this game mode, so in May 2019 (5 months after BLS was released) they improved the credit rewards for White Star, and introduced the Damage Bar, and tiered rewards based on win/loss and 5v, 10v, 15v gameplay that we all recognize today... This was supposed to incentivize players to participate in WS more often...
Now Red Star was in trouble... In September 2018, artifacts were instanced, and this made artifacts much easier to collect without worrying about griefing. The strongest players would join Discord groups and organize RS teams that were super-effective at collecting artifacts. The average player couldn't keep up, and it was easier to trade low-level artifacts for 20% bonus artifacts collected by the top players. This made top-players super rich, and gave them and incentive to create multiple accounts so they could farm 20% artifacts endlessly and get even richer. So in May 2020 croids were added to encourage players (who weren't on discord or part of highly active corps) to still to run public RS missions. More encouragement for public RS missions was introduced in June 2021 with the ability to join already active public red stars. As a side note - players who did not follow the strict RS meta (barrage, barrier, mass batt etc.) were at a major disadvantage, and the new public RS at least gave them a way to keep progressing outside of the major corporations and Discord groups.
Now the developers had introduced reward systems to all of the optional game modes (WS, BLS, and RS) which ensured players would be active in every star type. The problem now was that there was a huge amount of content that players had to participate in daily in order to maximise their daily rewards, and so the game became unhealthy to play, and people started to leave so that Hades Star did not affect their work-life balance.
So now I hope I have shed some light on what I think is the core issues are, and why we are seeing less support, and lower rewards for the White Star game mode... What does the rest of the community think about these issues, and how can we make Dark Nebula an even better game than Hades Star once was? Do we think the WS match making system is fundamentally flawed? Or is it acceptable? How can WS still exist as a major game-mode in the Dark Nebula expansion?
Let's have a discussion :-)
My personal opinion is that the purpose of YS, RS, BLS, and WS has become too "blurred". Credit generation has become too much of a focus in all of the game modes, and only RS has presented a viable reward system that encourages players to be active, without dangling a "credit reward carrot" in front of them (Artifacts and technology advancement). My personal belief is that a player-controlled economy would be a better solution to the "credit reward carrot" system that exists in HS currently. I am suggesting that Artifacts, Blue Star Shards, and White Star Relics should all be a tradable resource, and should all have a relevant function in the game - Specifically; Blue Star Shards and White Star Relics do not have a proper in-game purpose, and so the game needs to rely on credit rewards as a system to incentivize gameplay across all game-modes... This is a major flaw, and is the root-cause of the majority of the problems in the game... Andreas' blog posts have identified that there are flaws, but I don't think the changes in Dark Nebula are completely addressing the root-cause which is credit rewards across EVERY game mode... I don't blame Andreas for these mistakes, Hades Star is a highly experimental game, and none of these problems could have been envisaged at the start...
If we are going to move away from the credit-based reward system for WS, then we should do it completely across all game modes and move towards a more player-controlled economy, where the supply-and-demand of Artifacts, Blue Star Shards, and White Star Relics dictates the amount of activity players spend in each star type... Removing credit rewards from White Stars is a step-forward in this direction, but the problem will still remain if BLS and RS award credits still exist in Dark Nebula...
P.S. I know this question will be asked; how does the Flag Ship level influence the match maker? I can only comment based on the data we collected in 2021, but if I remove the WS score of the flagship from the correlation, I get almost the same R-squared value... So the data we have so far cannot confirm or refute whether the flagship has an impact...
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2023.03.25 07:23 Frame_Late The twin tundra planets, Calais and Zetes (bottom and right respectively), orbiting the blue methane giant of Pallas (upper left)

The twin tundra planets, Calais and Zetes (bottom and right respectively), orbiting the blue methane giant of Pallas (upper left)
[Landscape shot taken by Andro Kovacevic, 2152]
Pallas is the main Super-Jupiter (the designation for a gas giant that is larger than Jupiter, Pallas in this case being about two and a half times the size of Jupier) and is the host of seventeen different satellites, with many of those satellites having sub-satallites if their own. Calais and Zeres are two of the largest, with Zetes being about 1.3x the size of earth and Calais (the planet on which the landscape shot has been taken) being about 1.45x the size of earth.
Both planets are rugged, and greatly resemble their namesakes; the twin sons of the Greek God of the north wind; Boreas. However, while Zetes is quite barren save for large colonies of chemosynthetic archaebacteria, Calais is somewhat warmer due to a thicker atmosphere and extensive volcanic activity, (including a currently ongoing flood-basalt event near the planet's north pole) and has been found to be capable of sustaining hardy forms of life. House Muh'Jee spent over two decades genetically designing lifeforms that could live on the surface of the tundra world, ranging from rugged forms of Prairie grass to massive wooly hogs and bighorn sheet.
Calais is exceptionally valuable to the Commonwealth of Skhamar for a multitude of reasons, with the first and most desirable being the planet's rich lithosphere. The planet has a larger than average amount of thorium, uranium, titanium and tungsten in it's crust, as well as a variety if slate and marble outcroppings. The second is the planet's stable yet blossoming volcanic activity; the planet is dotted with relatively small thermal and had vents that the local populations harness for geothermal power. This means that the planet is largely self-sufficient.
Calais is covered in massive ice shelves, warm gas geysers and outcropping spires, which many settlers mine for fresh water ice and methane gas. The ground is also incredibly fertile, leading to other settlers cultivating hardy yet nutritious winter crops like radishes, beets, turnips, sorrel and cabbages. Others raise massive Canadian turkeys, tundra chickens, wooly bighorners and wooly hogs for eggs, meat, milk, wool and leather.
Like all micro-nations within the Commonwealth's borders, the Republic of Zamorozhennyy-Khu (the governing body residing over Calais, Zetes and their subsatellites) has the right to create it's own laws, oversee it's own elections, partake in free, untaxed trade and hold a position on the Council as long as they provide a levy to the Skhamar defense force and pay a flat 5% wealth tax to the Commonwealth coffers at the end of every fiscal year.
(submit your own planet ideas and I just might add them. If requested, I can go more into detail about the planets within Skhamar's borders.)
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2023.03.25 07:22 Accomplished_Ad8545 Company paying below minimum wage?

Please can someone help and let me know if this is legal. I am in England! EDIT: I am 24 so my minimum wage right now is 9.5 per hour
I've been calculating this all night and my heads a mess at this point.
I work 37.5 hours a week 52 weeks a year and I am salaried but on minimum wage.
My contract states 18500 per annum before tax however in March for example, there is 23 working days this month between my pay days.
My contract states I am paid from the last payday up until the next pay day which is the last working day of the month.
My salary of 1541.66 divided by 23 days worked divided by 7.5 hours a day worked equals £8.93 per hour.
I've worked out my average hours worked per pay packet is 162.5 hours, even dividing the monthly figure by this brings the hourly wage to £9.48 surely this isn't right?
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2023.03.25 07:15 mohammadfaiz1 What is SAP HCM? (Modules & Scope)

What is SAP HCM? (Modules & Scope)


SAP HCM is one of SAP’s primary modules that play a vital part in enterprise management. SAP HCM consultants are among the most in-demand experts in the world.
SAP HCM is one of the most crucial procedures in businesses of all sizes. As per the traditional concept, the term HR means recruiting. Now HR involves much more than just recruitment. HR employs workers but separates them based on characteristics, such as department level, payment days, payment details, designations, and more. Also, HR handles a variety of additional activities like promotions, employee engagement, and team motivation. These tasks may appear simple, but carrying them out for the entire firm is quite tough. In order to learn more about this concept in detail, we suggest you enrol in the SAP HCM Training in Delhi.

SAP HCM: Meaning

SAP HCM, or human capital management, is a people-focused approach to human resource management that integrates several human resource operations, such as recruiting and onboarding, payroll, benefits, the workforce, and performance management. However, you may profit from more efficient and cost-effective staff management procedures in case you use the correct human capital management technique.
The key to successful human capital management is to see your personnel as an investment. Thus, to accomplish this, you must consider all aspects of the employee life cycle, from recruiting to retirement. Also, your human capital management techniques will never be as effective as they may be if you do not take into account these factors.

Different SAP HCM Modules

The following are the different SAP HCM modules:

Organizational Management

This method outlines an organized technique to get various individuals to work together on the same platform to achieve a pre-defined goal. It also ensures efficient use of time and resources at the workstation.

Personal Administration

This process specifies how you can handle the organization’s people resources. This procedure may document and track everything from the stage of recruiting to remuneration, benefits, new employee orientation, performance review, and more.


It is an automated web-based recruitment procedure that supports HR professionals in hiring qualified candidates. It also enables new methods of recruiting in a company.

Time Management

This technique helps in the process of planning, tracking, and evaluating an employee’s performance over a specific period. However, this procedure assesses the influence of employees’ presence and absence in the organization. Also, this procedure includes attendance management, wage computation, log-in and out reports, and so forth.


As the name implies, this procedure is concerned with the pay scales and benefits provided to employees. Under this procedure, everything from salary to overtime pay, comp-off pay, and compensation program is part of this module.


Employee Self-Service allows employees to monitor different statistics about their time in a business. On the other hand, Management Self-Service is a critical method for managers to produce and maintain personnel data.


Finally, reporting enables the HR staff to provide complete and up-to-date information about its employees. However, the reporting tool allows you to track the hierarchical structure of an organization.

Scope of SAP HCM

SAP HR maintains all of an employee’s data in an organization from the date of hire to the date of departure and keeps all of the critical employee data such as designation, position, address, compensation information, and more, simplifying HR’s job. As a result, there is a high demand for professionals with certifications in HR-related courses, such as SAP HR or SAP HCM.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the top modules and scope of SAP HCM. These modules and scope compel an individual to take up a course in a similar domain. So, if you wish to work in a similar sector, we suggest you go for SAP HCM Online Training.
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2023.03.25 07:15 ToadBrigade5 Gligar - Toad's Daily Pokémon Ranking, 207

Introducing the first Ground/Flying Pokémon...

207: Gligar
I've always wanted some kind of Ground/Flying sand bird so my Flying themed gym team could get an electric immunity, so some of this might be bias due to having high expectations based on my desires... but neither the Gligar line nor... Landorus... were really all that impressive to me.
The design is plenty fine, it's a winged scorpion and you can't really go wrong with that. Gligar's plenty expressive, but I don't know, it just feels like it's missing something - especially in Gen 2 before it even got it's evolution. But even afterward, it feels like this Pokémon just lacks identity or anything truly unique about it. Part of that might be the expression feeling one dimensional and a lack of present traits or behaviors, or maybe that's just in comparison to the excessively zany Johtonian roster, but I can't quite put my finger on why Gligar never stood out to me.
Even in Legends Arceus it felt like one of the very few Pokémon that just didn't have any content or unique behaviors.
But like, the design's solid. There's decent color contrast, it's expressive-ish, and has some cool edges to it - I think it's better than average, it's just missing a bit of pizzazz and identity that could make me really like it, y'know? Low C+ Tier, sorry I didn't have a lot to say about it.

Alright! I couldn't find much interesting stuff to talk about, but what about you guys? Any of you know any interesting characteristics about Gligar that you'd like to share, fond memories of using it? I'd love to hear more!
For information on this series like tier definitions, the archives, and rankings, see this master doc. The last post was on Dunsparce, which can be found here.
If you'd like to see more content like this, also check out Emi's version which runs in parallel: Emi's Version.
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2023.03.25 07:06 Charming_Netapp Devil Hunter Idle Mod 85K Crystals & Gold iOS and Android 2023

Devil Hunter Idle Mod 85K Crystals & Gold iOS and Android 2023

Devil Hunter Idle is an action RPG with chic design of locations, a huge set of tasks, cool physics and dynamic battles. The game also has elements of a slasher, because you have to destroy a huge number of enemies manually. Immerse yourself in a world where darkness began to envelop everything in the area, and an army of demons is already on the threshold of your home. Embark on a long journey where ferocious creatures, deadly traps and ancient relics will be waiting for you. The gameplay itself features format of a slasher, where you control all the actions of the character, help him move, strike, dodge enemy attacks and use superpowers.

Chop and destroy
You will be opposed not only by orcs, but also by skeletons, undead and other creatures that got out of hell. Here is a mobile slasher with automatic combat. This means that players must upgrade skills and manage the hero’s inventory. As he pumps, his damage increases, which allows you to destroy the boss and move to other locations. The main thing is to complete tasks and get legendary (purple) items for them. All this is easy to do at the start, as only on a small interface, the “rectangular-square” interface will look bad.

Enjoyable RPG gameplay
The camp is a transit point from which you can go wherever you want. You can examine the character in detail, improve equipment and earn resources on buying chests with things. Dungeons in Devil Hunter Idle are both a story campaign and a place where you can earn gold and experience. Dungeons often drop cool items that will look good on your character. Each of these episodes ends with a difficult boss that requires a certain approach to destroy.

Choose the right hero
The entire gameplay of Devil Hunter Idle, as well as the idea of development, revolves around the constant killing of monsters. Enjoy dungeons packed to capacity with various opponents. You have to kill them, earn money for new heroes and equipment, look for artifacts and useful items. Each character from the list of available has its own specifics and unique skill.

More action-packed and simpler controls! Less fatigue!
Upgrade your character with the various action chain system.

- Action idle RPG that is easy and enjoyable
- Hack and Slash battle that wipes the enemies away
- Feel the action-packed pleasure through the Midair Evasion Action, Parrying, and Counter System
- Demonization System that transforms you into a powerful devil
- Character Costume that can be customized in various ways
- Getting more powerful even offline through the idle system
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2023.03.25 06:51 Mother_Usual_8599 Never gotten a tattoo before

Never gotten a tattoo before
Ive finally come to the conclusion that I want in, Ive always been into tattoos even though I'm a blank canvas, even pondering the idea of trying to learn how to do it myself with fake skin. I draw all kinds of stuff that I think I may want in the future but recently I've been on a kick of band themed tattoos because I'm a retired emo skater boy and I made this super simple design. Just wondering, about how much would something like this run me on average? It would be about the size of a playing card and either on my wrist or calf, still haven't decided yet
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2023.03.25 06:36 haimishwindows We Are Hiring

We Are Hiring
Dear All,
Greetings for the day!
We are looking for .........
  1. Sr.Facade Designer - Pune and Mumbai.
  2. Quality Engineer - Pune and Mumbai.
  3. Billing Engineer - Hyderabad.
  4. Safety Officer (ADIS) - Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
  5. Estimation Engineer - Pune.
(Products: Curtain Walls, Semi-unitized glazing, Unitized glazing, Aluminium composite panels, Aluminium doors and windows, Aluminium railing, Domes, Canopies, and Skylights).
Salary: As per industry standards
Interested candidate may share your resume @ [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
WhatsApp 9763703318
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