French tip nails with pink powder


2022.01.26 06:57 FBI_VAN_1 KME_Sharpeners

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2023.06.02 23:26 moderntechtropolis Things to check and fix that might cause premature ejaculation

I know everyone is different and what works for you might not work for me.
However, the vast majority of people have the same problems due to a sedentary life. I work 8-10 hours a day sitting in a chair for the last 8 years. It fucked me over.
Anyway, here are a few things to check and fix, that are know to cause pelvis stability issues.
A few non muscle related stuff that helps in the chronic periods when you are starting:
Last, but not least, and probably overlooked:
My personal advice to you, at least for the 30+ guys here, go see a PT for 1-2 sessions and get an assesment of what's wrong with you. Check posture, muscle imbalance, ask to get on that tredmill where they put sensors on you and see what muscles arent firing and which are over working.
It's going to be the best $200 - $300 you've ever spent.
They will tell you exactly what the problem is, and then you can work it out on your own.
It's either spending some money or spending tome months figuring it out on your own
Small tip:
The conclusion is that your main issue is pelvis stability.
The moment the pelvis isn't in the position it hopes to be, it will engage the pelvic muscles as a response to protect the organs.
Not even a million reverse kegels are going to fight that defense mechanism built inside you.
Keep the pelvis stable, and the pelvic floor won't contract.
Don't lose time on the small stuff, like the BC and IC muscle. leave them alone, they are doing what they think it's right. Orgasm is rushed by the PC muscle, which is part of the levator ani muscle group, and that group contracts on its own.
Most of you don't even know those muscles can relax, and probably have spend years in a contracted state.
I've seen a video where a guy said having sex back to back for 30 mins - 1 hour helps.
Yep, it does.
If it is possible in your curent situation, a 3 hour session with a hot prostitute might actually provide a lot of temporary fix until you fix your muscles
However I won't go into this as I know it's rarely possible due to marriage, girlfriend, etc.
If your partner is understanding, explain to them their issue and that having one 2 hour session a week will help things a lot.
Remember that spending time on reddit will NOT fix your issue.
Don't fixate on pudendal neuralgia. That is a sympton of a trapped nerved due to tight muscles, specifically the piriforms and levator ani. It will go away once you restore balance. No other way around it.
Ok, good luck guys.
Hope this helps at least somebody.
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2023.06.02 23:25 Emotional-Arugula304 How much should I tip my nail tech?

Hey everyone. I had an appointment set today at 1:40 and it is currently 2:25 and my nail tech is still with another client.
How much should I tip her? Should I even tip at all??
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2023.06.02 22:49 WhiteWiesslogia [US - NY] [H] DS, 3DS, Switch Games, Smash Amiibos, Elden Ring Collectors Edition PS5 [W] Switch Games, Your Lists!

Good Evening Everyone! Trying to trade parts of my collection for items that I would like to play more!
If you're interested in something listed, please shoot me your list!
Silver DS Lite, No Stylus Or Charger, one scratch on top screen, few scratches on outer shell
Black Friday Mario New 3DS Black Faceplate (3DS and Charger Only)
New Nintendo 3DS XL Samus Returns Edition (3DS and Charger Only)
New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Edition (3DS and Charger Only, Modded, Back Screw Missing)
Wii U With all Wires and Gamepad(looks like there may be some yellowing on a white screen)
Switch Games
A Hat in Time, code used
Darkest Dungeon Collectors Edition
Diablo 3
Disgae 5 Complete Loose
Dragonball Fighterz Loose
Fire Emblem Three Houses Sealed
Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger ix
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Sealed
Momodora Reverie Under The Moonlight Sealed LGR #37
Pokemon Shield Loose
Pokemon Violet
Pokemon Violet French Copy
Octopath Traveler 2 Sealed
Resident Evil Revelations Collection Sealed
SkullGirls 2nd Encore Sealed
Shantae Genie Hero Ultimate Edition
The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Loose
Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore
3DS Games
Sealed Animal Crossing Happy Home Designe
Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition Cart Only
Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds( No manual)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Selects version)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Loose
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon CIB
Kid Icarus Uprising CIB (No AR Cards and not Big Box)
Kid Icarus Uprising Big Box CIB
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Loose
DS Games
Pokémon White 2 CIB (Few small dents on the art cover)
Amiibo With Scuffs
Mario (Weird Whiting On Fireball)
Peach (Small Scuff On Back Side)
Lil Mac (Paint Mark On Shorts On The Back Side)
Pacman (Scuffs On Back Side)
Sonic (Marking on Gloves)
Donkey Kong (Small Scuff On Lip)
Bowser Jr. (Has a Few Paint Chips On Shell, and Marks On White Part)
Banjo & Kazzoie (Paint On Nails Is a Bit Faded On a Few Nails)
Duck Hunt (Missing Left Ear)
Game and Watch (Only Has One Face)
R.O.B (Yellowing)
All Amiibos
Duck Hunt
Toon Link
Wii Fit Trainer
Bayonetta Player 1
Game and Watch
Diddy Kong
Dr. Mario
Mega Man
Elden Ring Collectors Edition Sealed
Switch Pro Controller (No Box)
Sealed Daruk Amiibo
Bloodborne Future Press Collectors Edition Hardcover Guide
Your Lists!
Pokemon Legends Of Arcues
Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu
Pokemon Sword and Shield Big Box Only [No Games]
Kirby And The Forgotten Land
Kirby Star Allies
Hollow Knight
Dragon Quest Builders 1/2
Dragon Quest Tresures
Xenoblade 2/3 Special Edition
Legend Of Zelda WindWaker HD Wii U Console CIB
Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL CIB
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon 30th Anniversary CIB
Legend Of Zelda The Breath Of The Wild Masters Edition CIB
Legend Of Zelda The Breath Of The Wild Special Edition CIB
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2023.06.02 22:05 zorin234 Friday Community Stream Recap: June 2nd

Friday Community Stream Recap: June 2nd
Hey, here's the Reddit recap for the June 2nd community stream.
Note: This is a summary of the stream, and any points of interest that was said on stream should be watched if they wish to get the full context.
Special Note:
  • No stream next Friday, but Bam will join Mr. T33 on Tuesday.
Host this week:
  • Bam1500 (Lead Game Designer)
  • TankZorz (Creative Producer)
Last week's news:
  • Battle of Dunkirk - Starts May 26th Link
  • New Premium Contract: VK 75.01 (K) Link
  • Tanks Reforged: May Link
  • Memorial Day Weekend: Link
This week:
  • Weekly News Article: Link
  • Silver with Interest OP
  • Swedish national Day: Link

Next week’s news:
  • Needle Contract
  • D-Day remembrance:
    • Storm the Beach OP: E
      • Earn yourself a new tank. Collect XP to earn points. Then pick between the:
      • HMH AMX 13 57
      • Jackal M4A4 FL 10
      • T26E3 Eagle.
    • You can earn bonus points by destroying tanks in a British, French or American Tank
    • Also plenty of Tank Bundles

New Season: War Heros:

  • Free Pass:
    • Guardian STG
  • Base Season Base:
    • Bretagne Panther, Tier 6 French Medium
    • M46 KR Patton, Tier 8 American Medium
    • NEW: the M-363 Kondor, Era 1 Eastern Medium

  • Ultimate Season Pass
    • NEW: T-58, Tier 10 American Heavy Tank

  • NEW: Leonard “Lucky” Hill 3D Hero Commander

  • Update Features (This is NOT an extensive list)
    • Severogosk Returns! Will be seen from Tier 3 all the way through to Era 3
    • How the MM picks a map is also updated:
      • We have reduced the number of tracked maps for the player's maps-played history from 10 to 4 to allow for a larger pool of maps to select from.
      • This will allow players to see more of a variety of maps to pick from and improves the chances of new maps showing up for players.
    • The Italian and French Tanks have new camos to pick from for each environment
    • New Phonetic Alphabet inscriptions
    • Cold War Medals! (Wave 1)
      • A Selection of well-loved medals like Top Gun, High Caliber etc have been updated to be earnable in both Game Modes. Whilst we’ve also added Cold War Exclusive Medals too. From Tuesday, you’ll be earning Medals like ‘Fire and Forget’, ‘Juggernaut’ and ‘Eagle Eye’
  • Keep an eye out for our Update Notes article early next week to check out the entire list of Updates, Improvements & Bug Fixes.

Upcoming events / News:
  • June 27th Italian TD line
  • (Unknown) CW French
  • (Unknown) New Map: Nebelburg (Unlock event)
  • Events:
    • June 23rd: Tankfest
    • Independence Day
    • Bastille Day
QNA summary**:**
  • Could Clan member’s name we see in battle be a different color? - I like this idea to quickly identify. We are brainstorming ideas for more clan features for our clan intuition next year.
  • Any plans for Equipment 2.0? - Plans no, Discussion yes. Such as the equipment depo from PC.
  • Field Mods? - Certain a great idea. Giving players more options. Giving the option to swap consumables before a match starts. This isn't a no, but there are no current plans.
  • I miss the old music and sounds, any plans to maybe to have them back for the 10th anniversary? - No current plans, as sounds are quite memory intensive. To add a duplicate set of audio would add a lot to your storage. We are thinking about early game stuff like that for the anniversary though.
  • Update on CW Medal? - See above.
  • Metal slug colab? - To my knowledge that's a more niche franchise. It does fall into the same discussion about licensing.
  • Are there still plans to add more tutorials or in-game wikipedias? Loading screen tips? - Due to how games are nowadays, loading times are fast. As for Tutorials, stay tuned very soon for something in this season.
  • Update CW Module prices? - We do have an active investigation. No update to share publicly right now.
  • Bigger maps for 8-10? - We had the CW maps that used to be part of them, but due to feedback they didnt work as well.
  • Can you add a mode where there isn't sixth sense? - That could be interesting.
  • Community Map Event battles? - Yes, stay tuned.
  • Update on ranked battles? - This is part of clan support initiatives planned for next year.
  • Friendly fire for custom games? - Yes we can look into it, but right now custom games right now are a low priority.
  • Option to make spectators see enemy tanks or not. - similar answer to the previous question.
  • Will we ever see PC added? - As you saw in the trailer, the Nelelburg map is something from PC. Recently we worked out a better process for porting maps from PC. The answer to your question is yes.
QNA Reminder:
  • Still didn't think of a good way to do giveaways… mostly cause i've been busy. So ill just keep doing it the same way, until I think of something better. Ask the question you put on the forum and the #.
  • New Season, new Pass to give away. Another Tank as well, how about the Atomic Centurion.
  • Giveaway based on StreamQna questions.
  • Will need you to message me your GT and console if I contact you.
  • No new reddit accounts.
  • Will be picking the winners late Sunday
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2023.06.02 21:36 demondork224 [F4GM] Oide Yo! Welcome to Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A's Grand Opening Week!!

I’m 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+
"Oide Yo! My name is Honoka~! And it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A's Grand opening~!!" A very busty, pink haired woman appeared on the screen at the front of the transportation bus. The only thing she was red heart shaped pasties over her nipples and pussy, a red armband that read "cast", and matching elbow length gloves and thigh high stockings.
"As Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A's first ever guests, we have many great surprises in store for you all~! Unfortunately I can't talk about them, you all will just have to see them for yourself~. But what I can talk about is all of the amazing "worlds" that Mizuryuu Kei Land has!
Starting with the Beginner Area, this part of the park is the first thing you see once you leave the gear area. In Mizuryuu Kei Lands original location in Japan. This is the area where our shy guests spend their time. Mizuryuu Kei Land is all about sexual freedom, and sometimes that can be very scary. For guests that aren't as open with their sexuality as others. But that's OK! For most guest all it takes is one ride on the "Meet N Fuck FerrisWheel" to break them out of their shell. Apart from the Ferris wheel, the Beginner Area also has other attractions for both men and women. The Dildo Carousel, and Glory Mystery Wall are both very popular attractions.
The Urban Jungle is a place where our guest can live their exhibitionist fantasies. Built to look like New York City. Guests here can live out their wildest public sex fantasies. Sure fucking in public is what the park is all about. But there is something special about fucking in a city environment. And in the Urban Jungle there is a place for every fantasy. From bars and clubs, to all types of store recreations, and of course all types of dirty alleys and public restrooms. It is a guarantee that you will never have the same experience when you visit the Urban Jungle.
From Urban Jungle to actual Jungle. Where the Wild Whores Are, is the ultimate pet play experience. Men and women alike can live out their most depraved fantasies of living as fuck pets. The area is divided into several "habitats". A tropical jungle, a pet walking park, and "the zoo". So if you want to let out your wild side, or want to know what it feels like to own your own fuckpet come on down to to Where the Wild Whores Are.
There are many more areas inside of Mizuryuu Kei Land. So many that I am unable to inform you about all of them in such short amount of time. Unfortunately due to legal reasons I am also unable to discuss what goes on inside of areas like our Raceplay World, and Land of Beasts. You will just have to experience those places for yourself hehe~.
Now I'll leave you all by letting you know that as our lucky week long guests. You all have the ability to switch hotels at any point during your stay for free. There are many themed hotels inside of the parks areas. And we want you all to be able to experience as many of our facilities as you can~!
Other than please enjoy all the amazing attractions, restaurants, facilities, events, and both staff and guest contest. Your ride is now at its end. Welcome to Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A!
Hello dear pervs :3. And thank you for reading my Mizuryuu Kei Land roleplay idea. Based off of the original doujinshi, I want to create a story that severely expands on the world that wonderfully depraved doujinshi created.
So I did not emphasize a "main character" during the prompt. That is because there are many different characters that we can choose from for this rp.
There is Honoka, the current peppy mascot of Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A. Who gets to live in the park and do all sorts of fun events for the guest. Unfortunately she did not read her contract to well. And now she has to fight for the right to keep her job as the parks mascot. Or be replaced by another slut.
There is also Natalia, a college student who's friend was somehow able to score 3 tickets fo the theme parks grand opening week. As a closet pervert Natalia was basically dragged along by her friends. In an attempt to get her to loosen up. Oh if only they knew the bitch in heat they unleashed in the park.
Another option is Stephanie, a 30 year old single mother who was given a ticket by her best friend as a birthday present. She didn't really want to come, as she felt the idea of the park was disgusting. But accepted to go anyway as it was a gift from her friend. The question is will Stephanie be able to come out of the park as the same woman she was when she got there? Or will the depravity of the park turn her into a shameless slutty milf?
And finally there is Evelyn, a recently graduated journalism major and self proclaimed artist. Who infiltrated the park by getting a job as a staff member. As she is trying to launch her career as a real journalist. By exposing Mizuryuu Kei Land as a corrupt cesspool of depravity, and misogyny. Created by the "Patriarchy" to force a narrative that women are nothing but sex objects. Will Evelyn be able to find enough evidence to prove this? Or will the parks influence and its "secret board of directors" turn her into the thing she hates the most, a whore?
The park is basically a sandbox, where we can create anything we want. The only limit for what story we can create is literally our imaginations! So as my GM you will have a lot of creative freedom for what ever lewd attraction, event, store,etc. You want to add to the park.
As for what I am looking for in a partner? I'm looking for someone literate, creative, who can match my writing. Be it multiple paragraphs if the need arises, or just short replies. Really just someone as excited as I am for this prompt. So if my prompt interested you, then please message me at Demondork on Kik. Chat will be ignored, and long detailed replies will get my attention first.
Kinks and limits list:
Kinks: cum, cum eating, cum food, cum play,bukkake,cream pie,bdsm, bondage, forced, body writing, spanking, cuddling, degradation, rough partners, sizeplay, dominant partners, toys, multiple partners, spit roasting, mating press, full Nelson,frenching,rimming,body oil,bestiality,water sports,wax play,sex machines,being filmed,cosplay,NTR,petplay,exhibitionism,biting and pretty much anything that isn’t my limits
Scat,gore,vore,hyper sizes,necro and vomit
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2023.06.02 21:13 Eduiwbroad Discover the Beauty of Custom River Tables: A Complete Guide

Experience the stunning allure of a river table with our complete guide. Discover how to get your own custom river table today! Perfect for any space.

River Table

There's something truly mesmerizing about a river flowing through a landscape. It's a natural beauty that captivates us, drawing us in with its calming sounds and graceful movements. But what if you could bring that beauty into your home? Custom river tables offer just that - a stunning piece of furniture that captures the essence of a flowing river. In this complete guide, we'll dive into the world of custom epoxy tables and show you how these unique pieces can bring both style and function to your space. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or simply want to add some natural beauty to your home, a custom river table is sure to impress. So let's explore the possibilities and discover the beauty of these one-of-a-kind creations.

What are River Tables and Why They're So Popular

River tables are a growing trend in the furniture industry, and for good reason. They are stunning pieces of art that bring nature to your home decor. These tables feature a river-like design created by filling the gap between two slabs of wood with epoxy resin. The result is an eye-catching piece that looks like it was carved from a natural riverbed.
One reason why a custom epoxy table has become so popular is their uniqueness. No two pieces can ever be identical, making them perfect statement pieces for any living room or office space.
Another reason for their popularity is how versatile they are both in style and function. You can choose from various styles ranging from rustic to contemporary designs while also selecting different types of wood species that suit your taste and interior decor.
Whether you're looking for a coffee table, dining table, or even a custom desk made out of solid wood with an attached river-like design; River Tables will leave everyone who sees them awestruck and admiring its beauty!

How to Choose the Perfect Wood for Your Custom River Table

When creating a custom epoxy table for sale, the choice of wood is crucial in achieving that perfect look. Hardwoods like black walnut, maple, and cherry are popular choices due to their durability and unique grain patterns. It's important to consider the size of your table as well when choosing wood, since larger tables may require heavier woods to support the weight of the epoxy resin. One thing to keep in mind is that softer woods like pine or poplar may dent more easily over time.
Another aspect to consider is whether you want a live edge or straight edge for your tabletop. Live edges add an organic feel while straight edges provide a more polished look. No matter what type of wood you choose, it's essential to make sure it's properly dried before building your river table. Moisture in the wood can create bubbles in the epoxy resin which will ruin its appearance.
In addition to considering physical qualities such as color and grain pattern, think about how sustainable each option is - investing in sustainably-sourced materials can contribute positively toward our environment while beautifying our spaces at home!

The Art of Pouring Epoxy Resin: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

When it comes to creating a stunning custom river table, pouring epoxy resin is the key element that gives it its unique and mesmerizing look. The process of pouring epoxy resin can be intimidating for beginners but with a little bit of practice and some tips and tricks, anyone can achieve beautiful results.
First and foremost, it's important to choose the right type of epoxy resin. Make sure to select a high-quality product that is specifically designed for furniture or tabletops. This will ensure that your table stays durable over time.
Before mixing the epoxy, prepare your workspace by covering the floor with plastic or newspapers. Wear gloves to protect your hands from any skin irritation caused by contact with the liquid.
Mixing equal parts of resin and hardener together in a clean container is crucial in achieving perfect clarity without cloudiness or bubbles which could worsen over time. Be sure not to mix too vigorously as this may introduce air bubbles into your mixture which will ruin the final result.
Finally, pour slowly onto one side while gently spreading across then move on to other areas often alternating sides until you have achieved an even finish across all surfaces allowing gravity has ample time to push excesses towards edges before curing begins within a temperature-controlled environment away from direct sunlight.

Trendy Styles and Designs for Your Custom River Table

When it comes to the design of your custom river table, the options are endless. One popular style is to include live edge wood in the design. This means leaving the natural shape of the wood intact rather than cutting it into a straight line. The addition of a live edge adds a touch of rustic charm and uniqueness to your piece.
Another trendy option is to incorporate different colors or elements into your epoxy resin pour. Some people choose to add crystals or stones for an eye-catching effect while others opt for metallic pigments or even glow-in-the-dark powder for added flair.
No matter what style you choose, remember that this is meant to be a unique and personalized piece that reflects your individual taste and personality. So take some time to experiment with different styles and designs until you find one that truly speaks to you!

How Much Should You Pay for a High-Quality Custom River Table?

When it comes to custom river tables, the price can vary greatly depending on several factors. The size and complexity of the design, as well as the type of wood and epoxy resin used will affect the cost. High-quality river tables that are made with exotic woods can be particularly expensive due to their rarity.
On average, a basic 6-foot table could cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 while a larger or more intricate design could run upwards of $5,000 or more. It's important to remember that investing in a high-quality piece will pay off in the long run as these pieces are built to last for generations.
If you're looking for an affordable option or have your heart set on a certain design but don't want to break the bank, consider working with local artisans who specialize in creating custom furniture. They may offer competitive pricing compared to bigger companies and can often provide personalized attention throughout the process.
Ultimately, when it comes time to purchase your custom river table make sure you do your research and get quotes from multiple sources before making a final decision.

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Custom Epoxy River Table Over Time

After investing in a beautiful custom river table, it's important to take proper care of it so that it can continue to delight you and your guests for years to come. One key element of maintenance is preventing damage from heat sources, as epoxy resin can become soft or even melt at high temperatures. Always use coasters or trivets under hot dishes, and avoid placing anything too hot directly on the table.
Regular cleaning is also essential for preserving the beauty of your river table. Use a soft cloth dampened with water or a mild cleaner specifically designed for use on epoxy surfaces. Avoid harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach which can cause discoloration over time.
If scratches do occur on the surface of your table, a quick fix is using a polishing compound specifically made for epoxy resin surfaces. For deeper scratches, consult with an expert in furniture repair rather than attempting DIY fixes that could make matters worse.
With proper care and attention, your custom river table will remain both functional and stunning for many years to come!
In conclusion, custom river tables are more than just a piece of furniture - they're works of art that can add beauty and elegance to any space. With the right combination of wood and epoxy resin, you can create a stunning focal point in your home or office that is sure to impress. Remember to choose high-quality materials and work with experienced craftsmen who have mastered the art of pouring epoxy resin. Whether you prefer classic styles or trendy designs, there's a custom river table out there for you. And with proper maintenance and care, your beautiful new piece will continue to shine for years to come. So go ahead and explore the world of custom river tables- we guarantee that it will be an experience worth having!

Common Questions

What is a river table?

A river table is a type of furniture that incorporates a river-like design feature using resin and wood.

Who can make a river table?

Anyone with woodworking skills can make a river table with the right materials and tools.

How is resin used in a river table?

Resin is poured into the gaps between wood slabs to create the river-like design feature in a river table.

What types of wood are best for a river table?

Wood with interesting grains and colors like walnut, maple, and oak are popular choices for river tables.

How long does it take to make a river table?

Depending on the size and complexity, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to make a river table.

But aren't river tables too expensive?

While they can be more expensive than traditional tables, the unique design and craftsmanship make them worth the investment
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2023.06.02 21:11 mrdfrnt Me 31m wife 28m - Want to get spark back

Hey all - I am the partner of a nightshifter nurse. My wife is rad, love her, and couldn't imagine not being with her. We have some struggles, mainly me, and I am looking for advice. I have tried to read other posts about this as well. I work from home in tech sales, and she is a nurse that works nights 7p-7a. We only generally have 3-4 nights a week together, but the problem is I feel like never any intimacy because she is super tired, and sometimes since we dont have all the time in the world together compared to people on similar schedules, we have to talk non fun stuff like finances / chores etc. I have tried to position scheduling sex, asking what I can do to help, and it just seems like she has a complete disinterest in it, and that can make me at times get frusturated which I hate. We are in our first year of marriage, and have been together for 6 years, and in early 30s without kids, many of our friends are beginning to have kids and we have mutually said we'd like to, but she said isn't interested in trying until 30. I am okay with that. I do wonder how we can ever have kids if we lack intimacy now, this is what I want to improve. She is adamant she will always work nights, I have asked if she would change because I think more mutual time/every evening together would be beneficial, and just at a loss for what to do. Sorry for the ranty thing, but if anyone has advice on what can bring the spark back let me know.
She hasn't changed her name since we got married even though I have expressed that is important to me, but I do understand there are complexities with being a RN. She hasn't changed it on any social profiles, and doesn't like me posting pictures of her without her giving me the okay cause "she doesn't like how she looks in alot of them". I will say she is beautiful, also does alot to up keep her appearance with hair, botox, filler, eyelashes, nails etc and I said I have always found her beautiful before she did this and continue to after, but she does it for herself she says. She also always has time for those appointments and things. Last thing, when we were on vacation, and both sleeping (not sex lol, just sleeping) together every night, spending the days together, we got along great, and even had sex one of the nights during that week. Granted it is vacation, but I feel like we do enjoy each other, but the opposite schedules can really be a stressor and weeks go by, sometimes months, without any intimacy, and i am worried since again we have no kids, are financially doing well, and in our early 30s you'd like it would be different.
I am going to begin seeing a therapist to see how I can be better and make the most of our time, but I just am not sure how to explain other than how I already have that I am struggling to her and need some change. Appreciate y'all and any insight, tips/advice you may have.
TLDR: Different schedules, lack of intimacy are causing struggles for couple.
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2023.06.02 21:01 Dismal-Influence-556 Homemade hot chocolate

For those who make their own hot chocolate (real hot chocolate not with cocoa powder) can you share your recipes and tips ?
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2023.06.02 20:46 J0stLooking Contractors please help!

One of my beige rubber tread covers on my wood staircase came off and I need to glue it back on. It seems like the prior adhesive was black. I tried some goof off pro adhesive remover and tried to rub it off like it said but nothing is really coming off. Should I use a putty knife to try to take the adhesive off with the goof off? Would that same method work for the tread cover as well? I'm looking to use liquid nails heavt duty adhesive to put it back on ? I've heard there is this cement adhesive that might be better. I'm trying to finish the job as soon as possible to make sure my grandmother doesn't fall as it's the main stair case. Any help or tips are appreciated!
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2023.06.02 20:36 the_hot_one83 long time no see!!!! A Osmofolia Duet review (be chill am dyslexic)

it been a month (sorry but am even more poor now so i cant buy anything, i still have a few but i have to space it out)
am i sitting here at 10 pm (i write the review in multiple days sometimes lol) making a review because i have to declutter my cloths and am TERRIFIED, yes absolutely is it wort it yes
it a few days later and now am watching the fast and the furious am at the 8 right now, ill probably be done by tomorrow, it a fun marathon, right now the best one is the first, but like as a kid my fav was always the 3 one, guess when we grow up our taste grow up too lol
what's a duet: it a concept created by osmofolia (am pretty sure as i never seen it before) where a perfume is made by 2 perfume, so lets say you have exquisite corps that's the perfume you buy, when you receive it you gonna have 2 bottle, vanilla milk and smoked lavender musk, when you layer them on your skin, they become exquisite corps! but the fun part is that you have 3 perfume, and the 2 bottle you get are amazing layering notes (as it their hole purpose) so you can add them to any perfume you want
LIKES: tea, patchouli, tart fruits, close to skin smell, greens (grass, moss, leaf's of all sort (tomato leaf yum)), atmospheric/realistic, citrus, frankincense, cedar, most fruits actually, soil, roses, lavender, salt, sage, cannabis, rosemary, cozy gourmand, marshmallow, smoke, cinnamon actually most spice, pine/fir, violet leaf/violet, i like stuff that feel wet (fog, ocean, rain), ambergris
DISLIKES: ozone, aldehyde, oud, sandalwood, cinnamon leaf, big silage, white floral, especially tuberose and gardenias, but also just florals in general, alcoholics, vetiver, perfumy perfume, most milk, tar, when company say “for woman” or “for man”
HATE OR LOVE no in between: Hay, jasmine, incense, pink pepper, fancy woods, most resins, iris/orris, petrichor
to your attention: this is not really a critique, but it still normal i don't gush over everything, am talking about my taste not trying to sell you anything, i like all the company i talk about and if i don't i will say it. i am a bitch but don't let your feeling get hurt over a little dumb post please ;) love yall lets do this

HONEY DUST you mean pollen right?
notes: pollen, hay, honey, beeswax, powdered sugar
though: so on the bottle there the name of the duet (what a spellcaster leaves behind) and a number not the name of the note, and when i got them i was too lazy to look it up to make sure i wrote the right name so i just did it by memory, so now on my bottle it written "pollen" lol. i do think it perfect for this perfume it super dusty to the point were if you have pollen allergy i would tell you to stay away from this, it also gives me the same harshness grass perfume give me sometime but it not at all green wish is kinda weird too maybe the hay? idk but it welcome, this perfume is the mix of comforting sweater and seasonal allergy, weird but i love that in a perfume
color: golden yellow dust of pollen in a gold ornate jar sitting on a red tinted wood table
ANTIQUE BOOK if vanilla ice cream and white wood had a child
notes: paper, leather, glue, old book, cedar, vanilla, cetalox
though: every single book fragrance is either super chemical or super woody marshmallow there just no in-between and this is a woody marshmallow that dry down to a sandalwood-y thingy, i don't hate it but i do think it better as a addition to another perfume then by it own. but on it own i think it perfect for the book ladies that are a little (a bit) more conservative then me (and always ladies in a non gendered way lolll i just have a booktok person in mind and shes a woman, but it not a woman perfume none are)
color: a hard cover book with no letter printed on any of the page (your gonna say, oh a drawing pad, nah, a small hard cover where they just made a mistake on the print and there nothing) and also you know the wood you can find around lake and the sea, it super white and soft, that but in a 2x4

notes: pollen, hay, honey, beeswax, powdered sugar, paper, leather, glue, old book, cedar, vanilla, cetalox
though: this is interesting the antique book note almost lost itself in the honey dust, but then you smell honey dust on it own again and your like ok i see it much more chill on the dusty-ness, i get it i get it, it also a perfect on the name i love it! what a spellcaster leaves behinds it so descriptive and cute and definetly perfect for the perfume, you can imagine the scene, a big dusty book closing, the dust particule going everywhere, someone closing a candle and then a door.
color: a huge dusty, very dusty book, with gold corner and yellowing pages
VANILLA MILK sweet brown milk (smell better then it sounds)
notes: cream, caramel , heliotrope, vanilla, milk, musk
though: that's not for me, for sure, i mean to be fair my skin don't work with anything milk, my only love is milk shaka from Damask Haus, to me this is sickly sweet, but i don't think most would think that, if you like a milk caramel this is for you for sure, this is concerning because of the realism, i mean it smell like warm milk, and the thick light brown caramel that looks like melted plastic but actually taste pretty good, just very artificial, witch is weird cuz caramel sauce is so easy to make and i don't get why restaurant and ice cream shop don't make it themselves it like 3 ingredient, butter, sugar and cream, (brown sugar if you want butterscotch) but anyway you also have a bit of a floral note but it just adds to the warm milk, really interesting i see this being very popular with the gourmand people
color: a room temperature glass of milk forgotten on a oval shaped table, you know the big ones in wood, with a super big feet underneath, they always have some middle piece of broderie made by some grand mother and and a flower pot full of fresh flower (white heliotrope this time) on the other side of the table there a caramel cream pie
notes: lavender, smoke, oakmoss, musk
though: lavender smoke is a pretty common mix, i don't particularly care for but i love this, it fun it sexy and the lavender pretty realistic. if you know a bit about queer history, lavender been a symbol of gay-ness (lol) since the end of the 19th century, and idk if it since i know this fact that i believe all lavender perfume are gay, well this not the exception (i really don't think there one, it like violet) idk know why exactly but this perfume is just very queer to me, only downside, cuz it really smell good, it that it doesn't last super long contrary to vanilla milk that's super persistent
color: light purple fur coat, and a black leather cat suit with cowboy boots and a big chunky belt, but truly it just a smoke lavender love

EXQUISITE CORPS They are cold like porcelain
notes: lavender, smoke, oakmoss, musk, cream, caramel , heliotrope, vanilla, milk, musk
though: you know i bitch a lot about name accuracy but this is spot on, does it smell like a crops, i mean no, not that i know of (and idk every dead i seen was in dust form not corps form) but it has this cold creaminess mix with the floral it just exactly the name. this is amazing if you put just a little bit of the vanilla milk (my opinion, but don't you think this concept is amazing for that you can dose your 2 perfume to make exactly the combi you prefer) i just think it better when it the smoky floral that take the lead it more mortuary less floral caramel
color: cold, soft but lifeless skin. resting on a pile of white and purple flower, white coffin, 2 small marble column on each side to witch rest on top flower pot. people crying
7/11 STEAMED MATCHA LATTE a dammed good matcha latte
notes: steam, matcha, warm milk, green tea, cream
though: this is the best of them all, by far, on it own, it just so perfect, the matcha super realistic, it super creamy it has this amazing grass quality and i just sweet enough, as a tea note lover THIS, IS perfect. i were it the most out of the 6 and any combination of the 6. oh last thing it kinda also smell like white chocolate just so you know but there literally nothing else i can say to this perfume it a perfection in simplicity
color: white chocolate and matcha ganache, i kinda want to make a matcha latte recipe but it would be too long cuz there way to many step to make a fancy matcha latte, you'll have to imagine it lol
notes: cold air, humid air, puddles, rain, concrete, tar
though: i hate ozone/aldehydes, but objectifly this one is not too bad, osmofolia has a goesmin single note that is actually realistic rain this one is not (to me) but it still adjacent, it wet, bright, soapy and and a bit floral, i mean ofc i wont like a perfume that give me a headache, but that's not the perfume fault right like, i know this perfume is beautiful, it gives me Ghibli rain scene, like in Arrietty, Totoro or Kiki the Little Witch, it rain but in a very aesthetically pleasing way, am doing a fast and furious marraton but after i feel like watching all the ghibli movie
color: walking next to a flower shop after the rain, a little brightness in the thick of the concrete jungle

notes: steam, matcha, warm milk, green tea, cream, cold air, humid air, puddles, rain, concrete, tar
though: every one that read my reviews know 2 thing for sure about me, i hate ozone/aldehydes like we seen right before and i have weird references, well weirdly i don't hate this, i mean not on me it would still give me a head ache like ozone/aldehydes always do but it pleasant, i think it the creaminess, it kinda chill out the harshness of cold rain on pavement, but it still has the buzz-ness, it like a soapy, after the rain drinking a matcha latte (that has some kind of white floral syrup in) it pretty, too pretty for me
color: walking next to a flower shop after the rain, a little brightness in the thick of the concrete jungle but the flower shop is also a coffee shop and you get yourself a matcha latte
MIX AND MATCH, if you get it you get it if you don't you don't ok
Matcha + Milk = Brown Sugar Matcha Latte
Matcha + Lavender = Dirty Matcha
Matcha + Book = White Chocolate BonBon
Matcha + Pollen = Fancy HoneyBee With Her Little Tea
Milk + Book = Alpha, Eating At The Library
Milk + Pavement = Frolicking, Naked After The Rain
Milk + Pollen = Sexy Picnic
Lavender + Pavement = Smoking In The Flower Field
Lavender + Book = Gay Woodworker
Lavender + Pollen = Ashtray, Potpourri
Pavement + Pollen = Electric Bee, Buzz Buzz
Pavement + Book = Little Bookstore In Old Montréal
Pollen + Book = Reading in the Sunroom

i could do a combi of 3 perfume but that just to much work, but if you do please share in the comment your favs lolll
this month as been kinda hell, am still working on my move (to no where lol) and am nowhere near done, now am starting to make the boxes (tomorrow) and it stressing me the fuck out, anyway on that note, how do you make pr? loll (half joking) cuz yeah i miss doing these review, but dont worry i still have maybe 5 review left if i don't count the discontinued stereoplasm

also, have a great night love xoxo
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2023.06.02 20:08 Adventurous-Scar7081 IGCSE French (0520) Need Advice

Hi! I have decided to take the IGCSE French (0520) as a Foreign Language exams in OctobeNovember (4 months from now) but I havent done any preparation for it yet (apart from understanding the course outline and paper pattern) Currently living in a South asian country which is why I dont have any access to the course resources and havent used the language at all for like 2 years. With that said, I do have experience of learning french in a french speaking country for 3 years and studied the language upto IB French AB Initio (so revising the grammar rules and the formats for letter, email, and blog wont really be hard for me).
I have viewed the past papers and the listening and reading ones look pretty easy but I will have to put in more effort for the writing and speaking ones. I dont have access to the textbook, so any advice for which resources I should use instead? I have only got 4 months, how should I go about learning new vocab quickly and acheiving a goodish accent and writing style? Whats the format requirements in this subject for the email, blog etc? Tips for the speaking exam?
Help 🙏
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2023.06.02 20:05 emilyizaak 3 questions: How do you guys use cover pockets, any non-hobo writing boards? & how do you fill out unused monthly calendar?

  1. I love that, theoretically, I could put a bunch stuff in my cover pouches but have found that anything too thick or — god forbid — placed unevenly in pockets, eliminates the ability to write, cuz the book isn’t flat.
  2. in another post me and a different user mentioned that our writing board is too thin and doesn’t stay in place. We have the same one, hobo pink and blue grid. Anyone found any tips or other types or brands of writing board?
  3. i only have like, two ideas for how to fill up monthly pages… the first is, each with different inks and the second is stickers (really original, I know).
Thank you all. You’re so great.
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2023.06.02 20:04 sohereiamacrazyalien Zero waste Summer drinks ideas instead if buying it

Summer is here make your drink healthy and cheap.
You don't like to drink water alone add these without sugar:
A lemon or lime squeeze
Orange , mandarin , lime or lemon zest (not too much, for a big bottle you don't need the zest if the entire fruit maybe 1/4 ? You'd have to test)
Infuse your tea (especially if flavoured) in cold water overnight. Make it might do you have just a hint of it. You won't feel the need to add sugar
Crush mint and lime (even better add zest) let infuse overnight and filter
Make verbena infusion
Lemon Myrtle is awesome cold
The white part or watermelon or sometimes even the pink part (when not fully riped) can be blended with water and filtered it is refreshing
Cold mate works too
Cold roibos
Cold brew coffee for café frappé (of maybe not super healthy but refreshing) if you can't take it sugarless try Itj some caramel it is awesome
Boil liccorish root in water for a bit. Add some water and let it cool.sweet liccorish water.
Blend a banana with the milk of your choice and cacao powder for a cold sugarless choliate milk
Jasmine tea is cheap and works nicely cold too and actually you even need less than other teas
If you really want something sweet: 1/4 apple juice or pineapple juice + a squeeze of lemon (makes it taste sweeter than it is and tastes better) then add water ir sparkling water.
Infuse cucumber or some berries in your water
Hibiscus is good too but hard to drink without sugar when you are not used to it though
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2023.06.02 20:01 sohereiamacrazyalien Cheap healthy summer drinks

Summer is here make your drink healthy and cheap.
You don't like to drink water alone add these without sugar:
A lemon or lime squeeze
Orange , mandarin , lime or lemon zest (not too much, for a big bottle you don't need the zest if the entire fruit maybe 1/4 ? You'd have to test)
Infuse your tea (especially if flavoured) in cold water overnight. Make it might do you have just a hint of it. You won't feel the need to add sugar
Crush mint and lime (even better add zest) let infuse overnight and filter
Make verbena infusion
Lemon Myrtle is awesome cold
The white part or watermelon or sometimes even the pink part (when not fully riped) can be blended with water and filtered it is refreshing
Cold mate works too
Cold roibos
Cold brew coffee for café frappé (of maybe not super healthy but refreshing) if you can't take it sugarless try Itj some caramel it is awesome
Boil liccorish root in water for a bit. Add some water and let it cool.sweet liccorish water.
Blend a banana with the milk of your choice and cacao powder for a cold sugarless choliate milk
Jasmine tea is cheap and works nicely cold too and actually you even need less than other teas
If you really want something sweet: 1/4 apple juice or pineapple juice + a squeeze of lemon (makes it taste sweeter than it is and tastes better) then add water ir sparkling water.
Infuse cucumber or some berries in your water
Hibiscus is good too but hard to drink without sugar when you are not used to it though
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2023.06.02 20:01 comics0026 905A - Enamorus by ForesterDesigns

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2023.06.02 19:56 sohereiamacrazyalien Summer drinks

Summer is here make your drink healthy and cheap.
You don't like to drink water alone add these without sugar:
A lemon or lime squeeze
Orange , mandarin , lime or lemon zest (not too much, for a big bottle you don't need the zest if the entire fruit maybe 1/4 ? You'd have to test)
Infuse your tea (especially if flavoured) in cold water overnight. Make it might do you have just a hint of it. You won't feel the need to add sugar
Crush mint and lime (even better add zest) let infuse overnight and filter
Make verbena infusion
Lemon Myrtle is awesome cold
The white part or watermelon or sometimes even the pink part (when not fully riped) can be blended with water and filtered it is refreshing
Cold mate works too
Cold roibos
Cold brew coffee for café frappé (of maybe not super healthy but refreshing) if you can't take it sugarless try Itj some caramel it is awesome
Boil liccorish root in water for a bit. Add some water and let it cool.sweet liccorish water.
Blend a banana with the milk of your choice and cacao powder for a cold sugarless choliate milk
Jasmine tea is cheap and works nicely cold too and actually you even need less than other teas
If you really want something sweet: 1/4 apple juice or pineapple juice + a squeeze of lemon (makes it taste sweeter than it is and tastes better) then add water ir sparkling water.
Infuse cucumber or some berries in your water
Hibiscus is good too but hard to drink without sugar when you are not used to it though
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2023.06.02 19:48 Dad1903 DWT158 (June 3rd 2023)

DWT158 (June 3rd 2023)
Testing testing; check one two – DWT is live once again on Reddit!
Terrific, terrific stuff



  • I - The Wisdom
  • II - The Financials
  • III - The DWT Statistic Collection
  • IV - The Fundamentals
  • V - The Main Event
  • VI - The Reasonings
  • VII - The Epilogue



Welcome back hombres ✌️. Despite successes away from the place, May has been awash with the failing colour of red alas... every week a fucking loss-maker - ah no. Was in keeping with the month itself tbf... just ne'er got fucking going: weather fairly abject, meaning the usual sense of arrival of all sorts of shite has been stuttered and frustrating. June isnae usually summat you can argue with... fine, there'll be the odd spell that says, 'This isnae fucking good enough', but usually, prayers are answered with a wee spot of terrific for a fair bitty 👍. So - at the very fucking least - we're hoping for a bit of yon ; doesnae need to be jackpots every fucking week (here - wouldnae complain sure ✌️), but at least summat that lets Dad know, 'you havenae been forgotten.' Tbf - Dad has been defiantly optimistic in terms of selections made... still pumping out the crazy bastard 30-plussers to one, when maybe a smidge more reservedness would have seen us at least recoup a cheeky Double or two. Perhaps the hoopla surrounding returning to the Hat, resulted in overstretch... afore you know it, the face is drenched in egg being slowly diluted by the tears of regret. The timing couldnae be worse when staring at the stats... lucrativity hasnae exactly dripped freely from June 'n' July in times past - neither month has made a profit in the entire history of DWT... hoo mama. So what we're looking at here, is a Ship devoid of owt inspiring arriving in a port that screams danger... barely a cunt gives a fucking about health 'n' safety etc; a fucking shitshow basically. But here - if Dad has been owt in the past, it's a cunt who sees possibility where others see faeces - Dad'll be planting flowers whilst others'll be depressing the flush mechanism. After a couple months of nurturing, Dad could well be standing behind his wee counter, offering terrific tips on how best to make sure the buds blossom in the most delightful of ways 🌼. Let's see what fucking happens 🙌
Always acknowledge the challenges: that's some sage advice people ✌️. Too oft, cunts'll ignore what potentially could cause bother at some staged - then it happens and it's frustration a-fucking-plenty. Here - I'm no saying Dad's the fucking Voice of How To or owt - but for sure, with experiences had, one can safely say to cunts, shite akin to yon . 'If only' is as frustrating a musing as there is; if only I'd said yes, or if only I'd gone... regret haunts more than you'd think. If it doesnae - then it's more just a wondering of what may have been. Dad's got regrets - hoo mama... but in truth, manys of these 'regrets' are just that: wonderings about what would have happened, rather than it being a point whereby Dad made a cunt of it. Sure sure - in the grand scheme, manys a cunt would suggest Dad HAS made a cunt of pish... but that's purely based on their own prerogatives - Dad can honestly say that there's a healthy slice of Cock-a-hoop Cake served up most days. The annoyances or grievances or irritations? Let me let yous into the fucking secret: those fucking things exist regardless. Even cunts with more cash than Bill Gates have plenty pish that causes them to rend their garment or struggle for shut eye at night-time - the trick is knowing and dealing. Shite like this keeps you humble - keeps you placid. Too much of your own preference turns a cunt into a right arrogant patronising fuckwit - and no cunt should want that. No to say there isnae a few... but fuck 'em. Gaze back into their not-too-distant past, you'll find summat that can be sliced open and dealt with - and alls of a fucking sudden, they're attending charity dos and volunteering down the food shelter. It's tough as fuck to allow a bitty extra rope with some pricks - but those with the mental strength to do it, contribute huge amounts of terrific to the world... just manys a cunt wouldnae have the foggiest it's occurred. Which tbf - suits the humble, placid nature of the heroes doing such good deeds. Edge yourself towards this kind of methodology - you'll feel a good deal better for it, probably ✌️
As is oft the case, this stanza - The Third Stanza - is being written Friday, so as to maximise the amount of time available to the Fodder Receptors. And this week, that approach hath paid off people... great fucking news Dad got the day 🙌. Plodding away Dad has, a new occupation making sure at least a chunk of the day is spent being productive 🤘. To be fair, Dad is rarely kicking his wee heels for long - occupation or no - such is the vigour with which Dad approaches life 👊. Always a project to be getting on with... if there isnae, summat is up. To Dads Mind: There ne'er an excuse to no have summat ongoing. Sure - maybes a cunt or two'll perk up and suggest poor unfortunates who cannae walk or whatever... what about them Dad? A pathetic sentiment that sure - there's manys a thing a cunt who cannae walk can do to improve the quality of their day-to-day; certainly wouldnae need a pair of working legs to do umpteen terrific things, amongst them - DWT itself 😎. Just to clarify those who cannae walk - feel free to do summat akin to DWT, but dinnae just do DWT - that'd be some sorry shite and no fucking mistake - hoo mama. The point is, if you're aware, there should be summat of substance demanding part of your day or week or whatever. Dad worked like a carthorse for manys a year - and for sure, pish was sacrificed in terms of more self-indulgent activity... lots of hobbies enjoyed in times gone by, were shelved in favour of career-evolution. Ultimately - Dad shouldnae have... but if I hadnae, I wouldnae be here the now doing all this bollocks - so it is what it is. It filled a big chunk of life, taught Dad a bunch, introduced Dad to a load of pish... without the skills gleaned and honed - we wouldnae be here. So an important note about sticking in and no writing yourself off can be extracted... just because one, a couple - or even a set - of cunts say you're pish, doesnae mean every cunt will. Terrific cunts sometimes spring from unexpected places, which is largely down to them being stifled by bastards. And for sure - that could be you by fuck 🙌



There was a sense of optimism come Mays beginning... finally the struggle towards prosperity would become apparent. Then reality smashed Dad in the fucking face with a bastard cricket baton and left him confused and alone with fuck all cash. Ah no. So instead we gaze June-wards - a time we all hope I'm sure, where Dad swaps the water for fresh juice; the cardboard for sizzling sausage. History tells us that's unlikely - but if wt hath been learnt, it's ne'er expect the expected when shite is as fucked up as all of this pish - hoo mama. Reddit Running Total (RRT) currently sits at -£757.64. Ah no.

III - The DWT Statistic Collection


Welcome to The DWT Statistic Collection 🙌
DWT Statistic #111
DWT157 saw our second selection of French teams during the illustrious history of DWT, making that 6 teams chosen to fly the fucking flag (albeit Auxerre twice: once in Ligue 2, the second in Ligue 1); of those - one fucking team won. Hoo mama.
See you next week, for yet another addition, to The DWT Statistic Collection 👍



I'm not promoting it in the slightest to be put on; it's purely to be completely transparent about where the beans I'm spilling are being pushed towards – this is after all, a Life Experiment: Can a useless old arsehole prosper under strict weekly gambling conditions? Word of warning; prior to this – not really. The sticky clarifies - but just to reiterate - here's the format...DRS20 is Dads Recommended Spend: £20. This is a lot of money granted - and I would encourage absolute apprehension if this sort of money represents life altering for you personally if zero is returned. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to lose £20 in a week; but confess that if I got no return for say, 20 weeks in a row - I would likely be without something I value (a streaming service or summat). I don’t take it lightly. Four bets are placed with this outlay: a £5 Treble (DWT) and three £5 Doubles. Generally if two come up, the bet is covered (up or down £2 or so). As of DWT100 - we here at DWT now splash out an additional 15 bangers on the Singles. Regardless - DRS20 remains. I would NEVER recommend spending yet more on this if you have been a regular DRS20 utiliser... if owt - spend less 👍. My gambling prowess is pretty much a joke; so whilst I advertise, I in no way qualify them as a given. I’m a prick with plenty bollocks to spout is all. This is how I frame it.



So here it is - the one that drags its damaged body on broken legs in a desperate attempt to show it still has enough left to actaully get summat over the fucking line:

It's DWT158

DWT REPRESENTATIVE Opponent Kick-Off Time Odds
LENS 🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢 aj auxerre 🔴🟡🔴🔴🟡 15:00 GMT 29/20
LORIENT 🟢🟢🟡🔴🔴 rc strasbourg 🔴🟢🟢🟡🟡 15:00 GMT 23/10
STADE REIMS 🔴🟢🔴🟡🟢 montpellier 🟢🔴🟡🟢🔴 15:00 GMT 1/1

15.17/1 we get for this selection – terrific 😎

Over 37’s last week; over 15's this week - after all the fucking failings, particularly yon couple of back-to-fucking-backing Whitewashes there - Dads gone tighter, in order to make sure at least some sort of return is garnered. Nowt is for defo obviously... but to Dads Eyes - there's a combo in play here, that'll make sure Dads Pockets arenae home to only fluff and debris. No to mention the last few weeks are yearning hard for summat to holler about; Dad's hoping the Jackpot is won so as to counter the big pile of shite that has gathered. Let's see what fucking happens 🙌

DWT158 - The Doubles



LENS kick us off - the form team in the division: 9 wins from 10.... outstanding 🙌. The one defeat in that spell happened to be to PSG alas... cost them a shot at fighting for the Ligue 1 Title here the day - ah no. Still - a precedent hath been set... and it willnae be useless arseholes akin to Auxerre who ruin their 6-game unbeaten run - themselves free of victory in the same stretch. Fighting for survival of course... and tbf - that isnae the best when you've hungry devastating heroes to conquer. Fucked they'll get and deservedly so probably 🤘
LORIENT up next - a chance to consolidate their 10th spot finish with victory here; given it's fellow DWT Inclusion Reims that are behind them, who'll obviously defo win - it's a necessity they do the beeswax here, in order to achieve said feat. No be easy sure - strasbourg are on a 4-game unbeaten run, a run that's seen them achieve safety with aplomb. That objective achieved - it's a simple case of laying down the toolbox and letting Lorient have their way with them. Cheers Strasbourg son 👍
STADE REIMS round off the trio - and their season - at the safe haven of home, hoping to further increase the light visible between themselves and visitors Montpellier. 2 defeats and a draw last three - worth pointing out, that they had a man sent off in both defeats. No to say they were on fire afore that... just 2 victories in their last 9 - hoo mama. Still - Montpellier arenae exactly setting pish alight themselves, losing 2 of their last four, with a draw and a win taking the sting away somewhat. They'll no be arsed given the haplessness, meaning a terrific chance for our heroes to exemplify their slicker side 👍



So there we have it – nostalgia, hope and determination all apparent in equal measure. This time we do it right; wind in the sails – and off across the ocean in search of new worlds. A powerful pirate ship hunting high and low for treasures. Raise the fucking flag - the Good Ship DWT is back and ready to provide for its crew. If you play; play safe. DRS20 as always people. Frustration at the amount won, is better than the heartache at the amount lost.
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2023.06.02 19:44 Sepoy2023 France's Le Maire goes full out to avoid S&P credit rating downgrade

France's Le Maire goes full out to avoid S&P credit rating downgrade
The French government is fighting tooth and nail to prove to Credit Rating Agency S&P Global that it should not downgrade the country’s rating in spite of high debt and deficit levels, opening up complex questions on financing the green transition.
“We have good arguments to put forth,” French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire told public broadcaster France Inter, two days before S&P is due to publish its new credit rating for France on Friday (2 June).
The current ‘AA-’ grade is likely to get downgraded, with debt levels one of the highest in the EU at 111.6% of GDP in 2022, and a yearly deficit of just below 5% of GDP.
Another credit rating agency, Fitch, downgraded France’s rating from ‘AA’ to ‘AA-’ in late April, citing unsatisfying debt reduction plans and social unrest.
“We have a credible strategy to accelerate France’s debt reduction path,” Le Maire said, who committed to reducing debt levels to 108.3% by 2027.
The country is also passed the worst part of the inflationary crisis, French Central Bank head François Villeroy de Galhau announced on Wednesday.
All in all, “we will be uncompromising” with the reduction plan, Le Maire said, claiming he had made a compelling case to S&P when he met its representatives earlier this week.
The political narrative to wrestle back control over public finances follows years of heavy public spending to battle off the worst effects of the COVID pandemic and keep the economy running, whatever it takes.
Within the space of a year, the French government signalled its willingness to change course: its now-infamous pensions reform looks to save up to €13.5 billion by 2030.
New rules would actively push the unemployed to look for a job, lowering benefits when the unemployment rate is under 9%. This is expected to bringin €4.5 billion every year, starting from 2025.
Broad-sweeping energy support has also been curtailed in favour of more tailored help.
“The issue of public debt is coming back to the fore because the economy is slowing down and interest rates are going up, which has a direct impact on public finances,” Charlotte de Montpellier, a senior economist at ING, told EURACTIV.
Interest rates on the French public debt amounted to almost €50 billion in 2022, according to specialised news outlet fipeco.
So, the government has been at it to prove to S&P – and, indirectly, financial markets – that it takes debt reduction seriously.
If the downgrade goes ahead, “interest rates will rise up, and the cost of debt contracting will increase”, Jezabel Couppey-Soubeyran, a monetary and finance economist, told EURACTIV. Credit rating agencies “follow and accentuate” market realities, rather than anticipate new trends, she said.
According to ING’s de Montpellier, this is so much so that the rating downgrade “is already largely integrated in investors’ market analyses”, and there will be little to no effect on the actual economic situation of the country after Friday.
Eric Hayer, director at the left-leaning think-tank OFCE, takes the thinking a step further: even with a downgrade, “the rating is good”, he wrote for The Conversation.
Any creditor thinks in relative terms, Hayer explains, and France still has one of the highest ratings in the world. It is below Germany, the Netherlands and the US, but at the same place as the UK and Belgium, and better placed than China and Japan.
At the same time as debt reduction seems to be back on the political agenda, others are warning that the ecological transition will require financing: up to €66 billion every year until 2030, according to a newly published report, and debt rounds could be the right vehicle.
“Delaying green investments in the name of reducing public debt would only improve things at the surface, without any substantive benefits,” the report’s co-authors Jean Pisani-Ferry and Selma Mahfouz write.
The issue is not debt contracting in itself, but rather ensuring that it is spent on investments that pay back, and for which the returns – financial, ecological or otherwise – outweigh interest costs.
As such, alternative financing tools would seek to sustain unprofitable public spending that cannot rely on public debt. Couppey-Soubeyran believes setting-up public financial companies, the role of which would be to help finance green spending that would not otherwise be eligible for loans, is a credible option.
The Pisani-Mahfouz report also hints at increased taxation of the wealth of the richest 10%, worth €3,000 billion in 2021. A levy of 5% could bring in €150 billion over the next thirty years; that is, a yearly €5 billion. Not enough to cover the full costs of the transition, but a good start nonetheless.
However, Le Maire has ruled that option out completely, not wanting to add to the tax burden of France’s wealthiest.
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2023.06.02 19:07 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 1 (pt 1)

Episode 01: Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!
The scene faded into a shot of the Earth from space, an astronaut banging on a small communications satellite in the foreground with a wrench. The satellite had the letters 'TDRI' scrawled on the front in black.
"We've been to the movies," the voice of Chris McLean began as the satellite seemed to whir into function, lights on either end of it glowing green. "We've been around the world!" Just as the astronaut gave the camera thumbs-up, the satellite suddenly failed with a jolt of electricity and broke apart, the astronaut palming the visor of their helmet. "And this season," Chris said as the camera rapidly began to zoom in towards northern Canada, "we're going right back where it all began," the camera past through layers of cloud to reach a beautiful morning sky, then panned down to an all-too-familiar island, "at Camp Wawanakwa!"
Chris McLean was already standing just off-center on the dock, right by the 'Wawanakwa' sign – both of which looked like they'd gone through some heavy wear and tear. "I'm Chris Mclean," the host formally introduced himself, "and as you can see, things have changed since we've been away." He walked down the dock to where a male red-shirted intern of southeast Asian descent waited with a coconut drink on a platter; the right side of the camp's sign fell down as he passed by, taking out a small piece of the dock.
"And by changed," the host said with a darkly expectant smile, "I mean gotten really, really, dangerous!" He took the coconut drink from the intern. As soon as he did so a giant pink tentacle rose from the lake with a terrifying roar, and slammed down on the dock – Chris calmly sidestepped it, but the intern and a sizable chunk of the end of the dock were smashed into the water. "Good stuff," the host laughed.
"But the rules of the game remain the same," he told the camera, the scene changing to a panning shot of one of the cabin rooms, a cockroach scurrying over the lens. The room itself looked about the same as it had three seasons ago – decrepit and old-fashioned, but boringly so. "A handful of unsuspecting teens will bunk with complete strangers," Chris explained during the pan, the shot cutting to a stained piece of male underwear nailed to a wooden door that promptly opened to reveal the old outhouse confessional within, "air their dirty laundry in our outhouse confessional, and compete in life-threatening challenges all over the island," the camera cut to a long-distance shot of the thousand-foot-high-cliff, zooming in on the gleamingly jagged rocks in the water below it, "and risk being voted off," Chris continued as the shot cut to the clearing, firepit, oil drum, and eleven stump-seats used for Campfire Ceremonies of the past.
"Last one standing wins," the shot cut from the elimination area to a still image of a wheelbarrow overflowing with money, "one, million, DOLLARS!" A short, grand, and victorious tune blared as the shot zoomed in on the prize money.
"Speaking of our cast," Chris said back on the Dock of Shame as a cool rock theme began to play, "here they are now!"
The shot cut to a small but luxurious red-striped yacht where the twenty-four contestants of the past three seasons could be seen more-or-less enjoying themselves. Brick and Courtney were making out on the starboard side while Ella, Ezekiel, and Sadie danced nearby, Eva looking away from them. On the stern deck, Mike, Owen, and Sky were dancing and Izzy was hanging upside down swinging life rings with Noah watching with disinterest. On a higher sternward balcony, Dawn was meditating, Beth was reading a book, and Cody and Harold played with video game handhelds. Shawn dropped down on the group unexpectedly from even higher up, startling all four. And at the bow, Heather leaned coolly against the port-side railing and smiled at the camera, Topher was looking at his reflection in a mirror, Jo and Lightning arm-wrestled on the railing next to them, Amy and Rodney were dancing to music that Duncan was setting up on his boombox, and Lindsay sat on the very foremost point of the railing posing.
Chris waved at the yacht as it approached...and kept on going, the music scratching to a halt instead of the ship. "NOOOO!" Owen hollered in surprise in anguish as the boat sailed off-screen, and Chris laughed.
"No, not them," he told the camera as it zoomed back in on him. "This season, we've got all new players, fighting for the million!" he announced as the music turned tense and grandiose. "And here they come now, for real!"
The shot cut to another yacht approaching, similar to the last one but with its stripes a pale teal instead of red. Several teens could be standing along the bow, port-side, upper deck, and stern, and the camera cut to those at the head of the ship – Molly and Dave.
"Meet Molly," Chris said, the girl noticing the boy next to her feeling scared.
"What’s the matter? We’re just going to compete where the show started," Molly assured the boy.
"Dave," Chris continued, and the boy blinked.
"Yeah, but I didn't know that the island would consist of toxic waste," Dave told the girl before breaking out the hand sanitizer and rubbing his hands and arms with it, causing the indie girl to raise an eyebrow.
The camera panned to the right to show the next two campers in line – Scott and Trent.
"Scott! And, Trent!" Chris continued.
"Why are you carrying a guitar around?" Scott asked Trent, who was happily tuning up his guitar.
"So I can practice my songs at camp," Trent smiled at the grumpy boy.
"Max!" Chris announced next, the pale boy in question suddenly and without warning popping up between Scott and Trent with enough force to knock the two to the sides with startled cries. From the evil smile he was sporting to the pale skin, everything about him radiated villainy.
"These compestants have no idea what awaits them when we arrive," Max said, speaking darkly as a dark tune played in the background. "For I am the definition of pure evil!" Max degenerated into laughter as the camera panned away from him, showing Leshawna and Sammy, the next contestants.
"Leshawna," Chris introduced the large girl witnessing Max's introduction.
"That boy is not right in the head," Leshawna shook her head with disapproval.
"Sammy," Chris introduced the nervous cheerleader.
"He is a bit free-spirited," Sammy said timidly while holding her left arm.
The camera panned right again to show B. He snapped his fingers for the audience.
"B," Chris finally introduced, "and Scarlett," he added, the camera panning further right to show the girl next to B reading a book.
"You seem confident to be here," Scarlett said dryly without taking her eyes off her book. "Do you know about the substance of toxic waste and radiation?" B nodded in agreement, impressing Scarlett. "That's good to know."
"Katie," Chris continued as the scene cut to a spot further down the yacht, showing the girl holding her tablet.
"Just in," Katie waved pleasantly at the camera. "I'm about to be competing for a million dollars, I-"
As she spoke the camera panned away to Anne Maria spraying her hair.
"Anne Maria," Chris introduced.
"Oh yeah!" Anne Maria looked at the camera. "Three more coats oughta do it."
She was interrupted when Katie walked back into the shot. "Not to be rude," she looked at the camera, "but you panned away before I could finish my introduction."
"Sorry, viral," Anne Maria smirked. "The camera just loves me more."
"Geoff," Chris introduced next as he dashed onto the scene, putting himself next to the two girls.
"Okay, girls," Geoff said in what was a chill tone, "let's not get off on the wrong foot. You'll get more camera time after we're all introduced."
Anne Maria proceeded to spray her hair again, the cloud causing Geoff and Katie to cough profusely.
"Sierra," Chris introduced next, the camera panning up to the girl standing on the upper balcony.
She was hurriedly typing into her phone. "I can't wait to step foot on Camp Wawanakwa and talk about it on my blog!" Sierra said, looking around in amazement until a small flock of pigeons flew past and knocked her over the railing with a scream.
"And DJ," Chris finished as Sierra landed next to the fourteenth and final competitor of the season.
DJ looked down as Sierra landed and gasped. "Oh snap! Let me help you up!" DJ quickly bent down and helped Sierra up. "There you go."
"Yup!" Chris said as the shot cut back to him on the Dock of Shame. "It's our roughest, toughest, most explosive season ever!" He took out a remote control, and pressed the large central button with his thumb.
The yacht that the new contestants were sailing in on suddenly exploded, sending all fourteen of them flying and screaming in every direction.
Chris took a casual sip of his coconut drink, then looked at the camera and raised a finger high. "Right here," he said as a faint version of the series' capstone theme played, "on Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island!" The shot jumped outward as the title was said, showing Wawanakwa island in its entirety with a few plumes of smoke in the distance marking where the yacht had exploded.
(Fade to Opening Theme)
[The sequence begins much as it did three seasons ago, with an open into letterbox format as the camera focuses on the tops of a few distant pine trees. A rusty stage light rotates up and turns on; then the shot changes to a cobwebby spotlight swinging down and turning on as well; then a small security camera popping out of one of several leaky toxic waste barrels; then another camera bursting out of a tree hollow, held by an octopus tentacle and dislodging a few bones; then a pair of fair-skinned arms clapping a film slate in front of the camera which switches to a shot of the island, briefly showing a giant octopus looking out of the lake to the right, then flying forward down the dock and past the buildings, passing under a totem pole that Chris was sitting on and which was being carried by a trio of male interns of mismatched heights.]
Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doin' fine;
[The camera rapidly flies through the trees as the lyrics begin, quickly reaching the top of the thousand-foot-high cliff.]
You guys are on my mind!
[It looks down at the ring of buoys in the water below and dives, immediately cutting to an underwater view as the bubbles disperse to reveal Sammy gagging with several vicious-looking fish watching her hungrily until a claw-like machine grabbed her and pulled her up to the surface.]
You asked me what I wanted to be,
And now I think the answer is plain to see!
[Up in a canoe, B tinkered with the machine, and looked up as it pulled Sammy out of the water and into the sky.]
I wanna be...famous!
[The scene lingers on Sammy in front of the sun for a moment, then quick-pans left to Katie in the middle of the woods posing as she is filming herself; a falling Sammy abruptly hits her on the back and knocks both to the ground. Katie lifts her head to look at the cheerleader, who just smiles bashfully. Geoff runs past them as the camera pans left to Sierra sitting on a tree branch and texting on her phone. Gophers suddenly pop up from the ground and roar, causing Sierra to flee.]
I wanna live close to the sun!
[At the top of a waterfall, Molly and Trent float downriver in a canoe. Trent was playing a song on his guitar, to which Molly was vibing to until she finally spotted the waterfall. Both screamed as they went over the edge.]
Well pack your bags, 'cause I've already won!
[The camera pans down to DJ, balancing a log on his finger. Though he does not see the canoe falling behind him, he does see Molly and Trent as they fall right on top of him, breaking the log he was holding onto and sending all three into the water.]
Everythin' to prove, nothin' in my way;
[Scott is laughing at the three's misfortune, and a monstrous shark with arms and legs bursts out of the outhouse with a toothy grin, making Scott run away.]
I'll get there one day.
[The camera pans to the Mess Lodge, Chef Hatchet's silhouette visible in the window. Zooming in to the room shows him stirring a pot of some greenish slop with a dark grin, and the shot pans over to show Max cackling wickedly until Chef shoves a spoon full of slop into his mouth.]
'Cause I wanna be...famous!
[Another pan to the left reveals Anne Maria spraying her hair. Once she realized she was being recorded, she glared at the camera and sprayed it with her can. The spray cloud moves the scene out of the lodge and into the beach, where Scarlett is calmly reading her book – until a hawk flew right in just to snag it and flew away, much to Scarlett's unamusement.]
(Na-na nanananaa, nanana-nanaa, na-nananananaa)
[The camera pans away from Scarlett and on to Dave applying hand sanitizer. A furry hand taps him on the shoulder, distracting the germaphobe and allowing the arm to snatch away the sanitizer. Dave realizes what's happened, and rushes angrily at the large hairy ape-man now using the hand sanitizer.]
I wanna be! I wanna be! I wanna be famous! (Na-na nanananaa, nanana-nanaa, na-nananananaa)
[The camera pans down to the end of the dock to show Leshawna, blowing a kiss before taking a few steps back. She busts out a few dance moves of her own.]
I wanna be! I wanna be! I wanna be famous! (Na-na nanananaa, nanana-nanaa, na-nananananaa)
[A sudden splash of water comes down on the sista, interrupting her dancing and causing her to send a frown upward – Chris is hovering above him in a jetpack and helmet, holding an empty bucket. He drops the bucket then flies off, the flames from his jetpack taking over the screen. It becomes night as they peter out, and the camera pans down across the stars and treetops and full moon to Anne Maria and Geoff sitting at a campfire together. As they lean towards each other with expectant smiles they are interrupted and separated by Chef Hatchet, wearing a hazmat suit and holding a glowing green marshmallow between them with a pair of heavy tongs.
The shot zooms out to show the rest of the cast looking shocked, whistling the last few notes of the song – Trent, Leshawna, B, Scott, Dave, and Katie on Anne Maria's side; Max, Sammy, Molly, Scarlett, DJ, and Sierra on Geoff's side; and Chris standing next to Chef on Geoff's side as well. The shot continued to zoom out until a signboard was shown marking the presumed entrance to the fire pit; it read 'TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND' in block letters, the third word being the largest and the last word relegated to a board tacked on at the end.]
"AAAAHHH!" Max screamed, the episode fading in to him landing hard on a rock jutting out of the water. "Why must a villainous mastermind suffer like this?" he groaned, pitifully sliding into the water as Anne Maria swam past in the background.
"Chris is so getting a beatdown for this!" Anne Maria said to herself.
Sammy was shown swimming by clinging to a piece of driftwood, then looking to the side at the sound of someone coming up behind her. "Sorry about this!" Trent shouted as he shot past like a torpedo.
The camera followed Trent as he swam past Molly. "There is a thing called open space!" Molly said before continuing her swim.
The shot cut back to Max, now flailing his arms as he struggled not to drown. "Spaz," Scott said as he swam past him.
Max finally sank below the water, but fortunately Scarlett quickly swam over and dived down.
"I pity you, and I also don't want you dead," Scarlett informed as she surfaced, pulling a coughing Max back up with her.
"Get me to land now!" Max demanded.
The camera cut to Geoff. He reached another rock jutting out of the water and pulled himself up onto it. "Okay. How am I gonna get myself to shore?" The party guy then saw a long piece of wood shaped like a surfboard and grabbed it. "I think I know what to do!"
Positioning himself on the rock while laying belly first on the wood, Geoff boosted himself off the rock and rocketed through the water, even managing to get up and maintain himself.
The shot cut to Scarlett helping Max swim to shore, only for a surfing Geoff to unknowingly splash water onto the both of them, causing them to fall under the water.
Leshawna sputtered as she sank and struggled to stay afloat. "I don't think I can stay up for much longer!"
"I'm on it!" DJ and Katie said, appearing out of nowhere and swimming to the girl.
"Oops. You can go first. Sorry if I interrupted," Katie apologized.
"No no. You can go instead. I think it was the other way around," DJ offered.
"Well, I mean, if you insist," Katie chuckled until the hand of Leshawna held onto Katie's head for support, dragging her down.
DJ panicked. "Hang on! I'm coming!" He dived down and got both Leshawna and Katie, the former spitting out water.
"If we weren't in water right now, I'd be tweeting about you saving me," Katie commented.
Confessional: DJ
"So this is my first confessional," DJ opened while looking around the outhouse confessional. "I've watched the first season, and this is where the contestants come in to talk about their feelings or strategy or whatnot."
"We're all newcomers here, so if I see anyone struggling, I'll be there to help them out," he continued with a smile before frowning. "Right after I get used to this island first."
Confessional: Katie
"Hello," Katie said in the next confessional to her tablet. "This is the first time I am in the Total Drama confessional. It's a little disgusting, but that's for another time!" She continued with her perky smile and put her tablet away. "I came onto this show in order to promote my vlogging expertise and gain more followers. I'm a bit of an advice guru, so don't be surprised if I have a solution for some sticky situations." She laughed blissfully. "That was so alliterative!"
Confessionals End
The footage resumed with a rather wet Trent on shore. He looked around, then cheered in victory. "Yes! I'm first!" he cheered. "And my guitar is in one piece-"
His face dropped as he looked to his left, and the camera panned to show Sierra fixing her wet hair.
"How did you get here before us?" Trent asked.
"I practiced swimming back home in case we have a beach episode," Sierra explained happily.
Dave was the next to come to shore, crawling out of the water. "I'm here!" he panted before falling on his face.
Confessional: Dave
Dave squirted hand sanitizer on his hands, and set his pocket-sized bottle aside on the seat, beginning to rub his hands together to spread the cleaning product. "How did I not read my contract fully? I never would've signed up if I had known how unclean the environment was gonna be."
Confessional Ends
B and Max were the next to make it to dry land, the quiet genius dragging the super villain up the beach on his head with the super villain coughing out water.
Confessional: Max
"I do not like yachts, so it was very enjoyable to have it be destroyed," Max grinned. "I just wish it was me who blew the yacht up instead of being on the receiving end like those other fools," he complained briefly.
"I guarantee you, everybody will be frightened by my abnormally large brain and my super advanced hearing. No one has ever, ever been able to sneak up on me!" he declared confidently just as an orange butterfly flew over him. It landed on his head...and with a sickening bone-crunch, Max started to tilt over. "Begone, brutal butterfly!" he cried in pain, falling over onto the seat under the butterfly's weight.
Confessional Ends
The footage cut back to the beach, showing Trent, Sierra, Dave, B, and Max loitering around a large rock further up the beach and revealing that Scott, Scarlett, Anne Maria, Sammy, Molly, Leshawna, Katie, and DJ had all made it to shore as well.
"This is preposterous!" Max ranted, pouring water out of his shoe. "I am not to be treated with disrespect! Chris will rue the day he met Max Mayhem!"
Molly was sitting next to Max and listening without a care. "Is your last name actually Mayhem? If it's not, I'd respect you for creating your own nickname."
Max was about to answer, but a wave and a dramatic riff signaled that another person had washed up.
It was Geoff, who coughed out a small fish.
Confessional: Geoff
"I wiped out for a while," Geoff confessed. "I’m more into parties and having a good time. As long as I get along with everyone and not be harsh, I can last up to the tenth or eleventh episode."
Confessional Ends
"I can't believe we were blown up before we even got on the island," Sammy said, Katie sitting near her. "I've been watching Total Drama for a while, and I can't even tell what's going to happen next," she looked at the girl.
"It's not your fault. None of us can look into the future," Katie told her before looking at her tablet. "Katchy Katie here, and so far, the island is looking pretty bland," she told her viewers.
"Katchy Katie?" Sammy wondered. "What's that about?"
"That's just my vlog name," Katie explained. "I usually record what's going on in my life so I can tell my viewers what to do and not what to do."
"Could you send me a link to your vlog?" Sammy asked the influencer. "It sounds interesting."
Katie gave a slip of paper with her name on it to Sammy. "Here you go. It's best to always keep track of what you see and know on paper so you won't forget in the future."
"Attention, fresh meat!" Chris announced, the shot cutting to a pair of loudspeakers on a tree nearby, then panning down and right to show that all fourteen campers were now waiting around on the rocky beach. "See that trail leading into the forest?" the host continued, the camera following the contestants' gazes right as they looked at where the beach, trees, and rocks met. "Race to the end of the trail," Chris commanded, "and do not disturb the wildlife! That would be bad."
"Does he seriously think that will frighten us?" Scarlett blew him off.
"The tiniest sound can set them off," Chris continued. "Liiike...THIS!" He blew an airhorn over the intercom, forcing all fourteen campers to cover their ears.
The camera panned over to the distant treetops on the left, the airhorn fading in to a loud, terrifying roar that startled a flock of birds to flight. The music became tense as one tree was knocked over, then another closer to the beach. Finally, the cast screamed and fled into the woods.
A clock wipe transitioned the footage ahead to an adorable little purplish bird singing on a branch...until a frog-like tongue snapped out of a hollow behind it and dragged the bird into darkness.
The camera panned down to a finish line, just as Geoff and DJ ran past it with the brickhouse in the lead. "Alright! First place!" DJ turned to the party guy. "Don't worry. Second's not that bad."
"I know," Geoff smiled. "I don't get why people are worked up over it though."
It was then that Chris rode up on a red ATV, his usual smile on his face. "Party Time, two steps left. You're on Team A," he directed, Geoff nodding happily and walking a few steps back towards the finish line. "Big Friendly Giant? Move right. You're on Team B," he told DJ, directing him to the right; he complied just as Scott crossed the finish line, skidding to a stop next to Geoff.
"Pit Sniffer," the host told him, "you're on Team A." Molly slid in next. "Free Spirit, Team B," Chris told her.
"Alright then," Molly said with a smile and ran off to the right. B stopped running and came to a halt.
"Silent Treatment, Team A," Chris told him, causing him to give his signature greeting to Geoff and Scott before Trent arrived. "Guitar Hero, Team B," Chris told him.
"Okay!" Trent went to his designated team.
Sammy and Katie arrived next, the nervous cheerleader bending over to catch her breath and the influencer clutching her chest. "Sour Sport. Team A. Perky Influencer. Team B," Chris said.
"I'm not that bad," Sammy mumbled while Katie ran to her team.
"Blogspot, Team A," Chris continued over a shot of Sierra running and stopping at her team. Dave arrived next. "Germ Avoider, Team B."
The camera zoomed out a little ways from Team A just as Leshawna ran up, panting and out of breath.
"Loud and Proud, Team A," Chris said. "Tan in a Can, Team B," Chris continued as Anne Maria arrived, walking rather than running.
"I'm… so… tired!" Max moaned while dragging himself through the floor.
"Maniacal Max, Team A," Chris directed. As Max joined his teammates they all looked back towards the finish line, with Scarlett simply walking to the finish.
"Aaand Quiet Genius, Team B," Chris finished with a smile.
"What was that thing in the forest?" Sierra said, trudging past her teammates.
"I'm pretty sure that cry does not sound like any normal animal," Trent added.
"Relax, it'll all make sense eventually," Chris explained, his impish smile quickly degenerating into long, evil laughter that caused the two teams to stare at him and look at each other in awkward, nervous confusion.
Chris finally stopped laughing, and wiped a tear from his eye. "Now, this season of Total Drama will be a little bit different," he explained. "For example, in every episode, someone will be eliminated."
The campers gasped, and an ominous chant played in the background. "It's never been that hard before," Sammy remarked in shock.
"I know," Chris told her with a smug grin, "I'm good. But since you're all first-timers, I'm gonna cut you a break and hide this bad boy somewhere in the campgrounds." He held up what appeared to be a small wooden carving of his head, and the shot cut in for a close-up. "A genu-ine McLean Brand Chris Head! Your free ticket back into the game!" The small carving was shown against a radiant white and blue background, an angelic chorus playing as images of Chef Hatchet dressed in a lavender leotard and tutu, angel wings, and a halo flew into the corners of the screen while holding harps and singing.
"Even if your teammates vote you off," he added as B and Geoff were shown staring with wide eyes. "Whoever finds it," Chris continued over a shot of DJ, Dave, Scarlett, and Molly also watching with wide eyes, "will become the most powerful player in Total Drama history!" Both Sierra and Max were shown smiling in awe.
The angelic chorus ended as Chris brought the statue in for a closer look. "Is the cleft on my chin really that big?" he asked in concern.
"Yep, and it looks like a butt," Scott answered, earning an annoyed glare from the host.
"Moving on," Chris said forcefully, "time for the team names!"
"I hope the names won't be stupid!" Molly immediately said. "I don't want to be defined by a name like the Silly Bunnies?"
"You got that right Molly," Chris told her, "The names have been chosen by moi. Team A, you shall henceforth be known as, the Toxic Rats!" A short but energetic riff played as the screen switched to a green, red, and yellow starburst-patterned background, a green logo spinning up to the front. It bore the image of a six-limbed rat standing up on its hindlegs and bearing its teeth menacingly.
The Toxic Rats stared blankly for a moment before Max laughed and said "How evil!"
"And Team B," Chris continued, turning his head to the other six, "you are hereby dubbed, the Mutant Maggots!" A different energetic theme played as a teal, yellow, and orange sunburst-patterned background took over the screen, and a red logo spun up to the front. This one depicted the head of a three-eyed maggot, its mouth frozen in a gaping hiss.
The Mutant Maggots stared blankly for a second as well. "What's with all the chemical waste references?" Dave asked.
The perspective switched to a group shot as another loud roar shook the area. "It's the monster!" Anne Maria shouted in terror, making the others look around in shock.
The shot cut to some distant trees, a flock of birds flying away as one fell, then the camera panned to the right as another closer tree fell. Dave, DJ, and Katie gasped in fear, the brickhouse quickly grabbing the influencer's arm for comfort, and the camera zoomed in on a bush in front of the last fallen tree.
A small hairless squirrel with big yellow eyes jumped out and looked around.
"So we panicked over a small squirrel?" Scarlett said in disbelief.
"Aww, it's kinda cute!" DJ gushed...until it blinked sideways, and he cringed audibly.
"What happened to it?" Katie asked from off-screen as the squirrel happily blinked and looked around some more.
"While we were gone," Chris explained, "I rented the island out to a nice family-oriented biohazardous waste disposal company." As he spoke, the camera cut to a pile of oil barrels stashed in and around a tree. All of the barrels had a hazard sign on them, and most were leaking some sort of foul bubbling green liquid. "Sweet people," the host remarked.
"But," he added as the focus cut back to him on his ATV, "the waste is having a teensy bit of an impact on the flora and fauna." The hairless squirrel was shown again, blinking as a monarch butterfly flew close to it. It snapped out its tongue like a frog, and swallowed the butterfly up.
"This may be odd, but that squirrel is cool!" Geoff said with a grin as Max and Sammy gave him odd looks.
"You know," Leshawna said, cautiously approaching it with a smile on her face, "it looks weird but I'm sure it's perfectly harmless! Am I right?" She reached out to pet it, and it roared the same deep and terrifying roar that had scared them all earlier, then shot lightning from its eyes at the ground Leshawna was standing on. Leshawna screamed and ran away, and the squirrel blew her a raspberry before hopping back into the bush.
Chris was laughing hysterically as the shot cut to Leshawna jumping into the arms of a surprised Geoff in fear. The camera cut back to Chris as he stopped laughing, then in an elated and dramatic tone said "Most. Danger. Ev-er~!" as an equally sharp and dramatic tune played.
Confessional: Leshawna
"That guy is some kind of crazy," Leshawna confessed to the outhouse camera in outrage. "Adding toxic waste to the island? That's gotta be a criminal offense if it endangers us."
Confessional Ends
"Now," Chris said with a wide smile as the scene cut back to him once again, "before we start our very first challenge of the season, let's give out some rewards. DJ," he turned to the left, "because you made it up here before anyone else, your team gets a trampoline!" A grand tune played as the shot cut to a close-up of the trampoline, and moments later Chef Hatchet bounced down upon it. "And the Rats, get a hacksaw," Chris added, the shot cutting upwards to show his glowering assistant holding the tool in question.
Chef suddenly lost his balance and fell with a crash; Max laughed and had the hacksaw thrown at his head for it; and Scarlett silently laughed too, and in turn got crushed by the trampoline that was thrown at her, making her groan in pain.
"What do these items have to do with this bomb?" Chris asked, holding up a square of plastic explosives with a wireless timed detonator attached to it.
"Uhh, he's not gonna blow us up again, is he?" Trent nervously asked an equally nervous Scarlett.
"Who knows," Chris said with a sly smile, leaning in between the two with the bomb. "Find out when we come back!"
(Fade to Commercial)
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2023.06.02 18:48 ogstabhappytwitch I asked for a spice list from chatgpt, this is what it gave me

Open sidebar
Spice & Herb Origins

You are a chef, spice and herb expert and culinary Master. I want you to list, organize and explain every spice and herb in existence Categorically based on location of origin. Including rare and exotic spices and herbs as well as common house hold versions. I want this list to contain every spice and herb in existence with a 2 sentence explanation about the herb and spices
2 / 2
As an AI text-based model, I can certainly provide you with a comprehensive list of spices and herbs based on their location of origin, along with brief explanations. However, please note that it's virtually impossible to capture every single spice and herb in existence in a single list, as new ones are discovered or created over time. Nevertheless, I will include a wide range of common, rare, and exotic spices and herbs for your reference. Here is the list organized by location:
Indian Subcontinent:
Turmeric: A vibrant yellow spice with a warm and earthy flavor, commonly used in curries and known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Cardamom: A fragrant spice with a sweet and citrusy taste, used in both sweet and savory dishes, known for its digestive benefits.
Cumin: A pungent spice with a warm and nutty flavor, widely used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, and known for its aid in digestion.
Oregano: A robust herb with a peppery and slightly bitter taste, often used in Italian and Greek dishes, particularly in tomato-based sauces and on pizza.
Rosemary: A fragrant herb with a pine-like aroma and a slightly bitter flavor, commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, especially with roasted meats and potatoes.
Saffron: A highly prized spice derived from the dried stigmas of crocus flowers, it has a distinct floral aroma and imparts a rich golden color to dishes, often used in paella and risotto.
East Asia:
Ginger: A zesty and aromatic root with a warm and slightly spicy flavor, widely used in Asian cuisines, known for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.
Star anise: A star-shaped spice with a licorice-like flavor, used in Chinese cuisine and commonly found in five-spice powder and various soups and braised dishes.
Lemongrass: A citrusy and refreshing herb with a delicate flavor, commonly used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines, especially in soups, curries, and teas.
Middle East:
Sumac: A tangy and slightly fruity spice with a deep red color, often used in Middle Eastern cuisine as a flavor enhancer for salads, meats, and rice dishes.
Za'atar: A blend of dried herbs including thyme, oregano, and sumac, mixed with sesame seeds and salt, commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking as a seasoning for bread, meats, and vegetables.
Baharat: A spice blend consisting of warm spices like black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, used in Middle Eastern dishes, particularly in meat preparations and rice dishes.
South America:
Aji amarillo: A bright yellow chili pepper with a fruity and slightly floral flavor, commonly used in Peruvian cuisine to add heat and depth to various dishes, such as ceviche and sauces.
Cilantro: An herb with a distinct and refreshing flavor, often used in Mexican and Latin American cuisines, particularly in salsas, guacamole, and as a garnish.
Annatto: A reddish-orange spice derived from the seeds of the achiote tree, used in Latin American cuisines for its vibrant color and mild peppery flavor, commonly found in dishes like rice, stews, and marinades.
Harissa: A fiery chili paste made from roasted red peppers, spices, and herbs, commonly used in North African cuisine as a condiment or flavoring agent for soups, stews, and grilled meats.
Berbere: An aromatic spice blend containing chili peppers, ginger, garlic, and various other spices, widely used in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisines to flavor stews and sauces.
Grains of paradise: A peppery and slightly citrusy spice similar to black pepper, native to West Africa, used to season meats, soups, and spice blends.
Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive, but it provides a glimpse into the diverse array of spices and herbs found across different regions.

I want this to be an exhaustive list of all known spices and herbs including rare and expensive ingredients. Do not spare a single detail, and use all your resources to compile this list.
I apologize for the confusion, but compiling an exhaustive list of all known spices and herbs, including rare and expensive ingredients, would be an enormous task that goes beyond the scope of this text-based conversation. There are thousands of spices and herbs used in various culinary traditions worldwide, and the knowledge of such ingredients is continually expanding and evolving.
Additionally, it's important to note that spices and herbs can vary in their availability depending on factors such as seasonality, cultivation, and regional accessibility. Some rare and expensive ingredients may be difficult to source or may only be found in specific regions or markets.
However, I can provide you with a more comprehensive list of spices and herbs from various regions to broaden your understanding of the vast range of culinary ingredients. Please let me know if you'd like me to proceed with that approach.

Lidt at least 150 rare spices and herbs including and not limited to house hold varieties as well as lesser known herbs and spices
Certainly! Here is a list of 150 rare spices and herbs, including both household varieties and lesser-known ingredients:
Grains of Paradise: A peppery spice with citrusy undertones, resembling black pepper.
Ajowan: A pungent spice with a thyme-like flavor, commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.
Asafoetida: A strong-smelling spice with a savory flavor, used as a flavor enhancer in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.
Epazote: A Mexican herb with a strong, earthy flavor, often used in bean dishes and salsas.
Long Pepper: A spice resembling black peppercorns but with a more complex and subtle flavor.
Mace: The dried outer covering of nutmeg, with a warm and aromatic flavor used in both sweet and savory dishes.
Cubeb Pepper: A spice with a peppery and slightly sweet flavor, often used in Indonesian and North African cuisines.
Grains of Selim: An African spice with a smoky and slightly bitter flavor, used in West African dishes.
Sarawak Pepper: A high-quality black pepper variety from Malaysia, known for its strong aroma and fruity undertones.
Juniper Berries: Small, blue berries with a pine-like flavor, commonly used in Scandinavian and Northern European cuisines.
Shiso: A Japanese herb with a unique flavor profile that combines mint, basil, and citrus notes.
Nigella Seeds: Tiny black seeds with a nutty and slightly bitter taste, often used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.
Lovage: A perennial herb with a flavor reminiscent of celery and parsley, used as a seasoning and in soups.
Sichuan Pepper: A spice with a citrusy and numbing effect, commonly used in Chinese cuisine, particularly in Sichuan dishes.
Epice du Cru: A French spice blend consisting of various aromatic herbs and spices, often used in French cooking.
Grains of Heaven: A spice similar to cardamom but with a more pungent and resinous flavor, native to West Africa.
Kaffir Lime Leaves: Fragrant leaves with a citrusy flavor, commonly used in Thai and Southeast Asian cuisines.
Anise Hyssop: A herb with a licorice-like flavor, often used in teas, desserts, and savory dishes.
Mahlab: Ground cherry pits with a sweet and nutty flavor, used in Middle Eastern baked goods.
Voatsiperifery Pepper: A rare and wild pepper variety from Madagascar, known for its complex and fruity taste.
Saffron Crocus: The flower stigmas used to produce saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world, prized for its vibrant color and delicate flavor.
Schinus Molle: Also known as Pink Peppercorns, these berries have a sweet and mildly spicy flavor, often used in gourmet dishes.
Chervil: A delicate herb with a mild anise-like flavor, used in French cuisine, particularly in salads and egg dishes.
Tasmanian Pepperberry: Native to Australia, these berries have a unique, fruity, and spicy flavor, often used in spice blends and marinades.
Grains of Selim: A spice with a smoky and mildly hot flavor, used in West African cuisine to season meats, soups, and stews.
Angelica: A fragrant herb with a musky and bitter flavor, commonly used in Scandinavian and Eastern European cuisines.
Pandan Leaves: Fragrant leaves used in Southeast Asian cooking to add aroma and flavor to desserts and rice dishes.
Black Garlic: Fermented garlic with a soft and sweet flavor, often used as a gourmet ingredient in various cuisines.
Vietnamese Balm: An herb with a citrusy and minty flavor, commonly used in Vietnamese cooking in salads and soups.
Japanese Knotweed: A tart and tangy herb used in jams, pies, and sauces, resembling the flavor of rhubarb.
Perilla: A herb with a unique flavor profile, combining mint, basil, and anise notes, commonly used in Korean and Japanese cuisines.
Tasmanian Pepperleaf: The leaves of this native Australian plant have a spicy and peppery flavor, used to season meats and seafood.
Sweet Cicely: An herb with a sweet and anise-like flavor, often used in desserts and as a natural sweetener.
Grains of Paradise: A West African spice with a warm and peppery flavor, commonly used in spiced beers and ales.
Lemon Verbena: A fragrant herb with a strong lemon flavor, used to add citrusy notes to teas, desserts, and sauces.
Culantro: An herb with a pungent and strong flavor, often used in Latin American and Caribbean cuisines.
Black Salt: Also known as Kala Namak, this Indian salt has a sulfurous and eggy flavor, used in vegan dishes to mimic the taste of eggs.
Sweet Woodruff: An herb with a sweet and earthy flavor, often used to flavor drinks, desserts, and jellies.
Peruvian Black Mint: An herb with a strong and minty flavor, commonly used in Peruvian cooking, especially in ceviche.
Blue Fenugreek: A spice with a smoky and slightly bitter flavor, used in Georgian cuisine to season meats and stews.
Chinese Five Spice: A blend of five spices—star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel seeds—used in Chinese cuisine for a balanced flavor.
Hyssop: An aromatic herb with a minty and slightly bitter taste, often used in teas, liqueurs, and Mediterranean dishes.
Sansho Pepper: A Japanese spice with a citrusy and numbing effect, commonly used in Japanese cuisine, particularly in grilled dishes and noodles.
Barberry: Tangy berries used as a souring agent in Iranian and Middle Eastern cuisines, often added to rice dishes and stews.
Sichuan Button: A flower bud with a tingling and numbing sensation, used to add a unique sensory experience to dishes and cocktails.
Galangal: A rhizome with a spicy and citrusy flavor, commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking, particularly in curries and stir-fries.
Elderflower: Fragrant flowers used to add a floral aroma to drinks, desserts, and syrups.
Lovage Seeds: Seeds with a strong flavor reminiscent of celery and anise, used to season soups, stews, and pickles.
Wattleseed: Ground seeds of Australian Acacia plants, with a nutty and roasted flavor, often used in baked goods and sauces.
Curry Leaves: Fragrant leaves used in South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines to add aroma and flavor to curries and rice dishes.
Lemon Myrtle: An Australian herb with a strong lemon flavor, commonly used in desserts, sauces, and seafood dishes.
Tarragon: An herb with a subtle anise-like flavor, commonly used in French cuisine to season sauces, dressings, and poultry.
Vietnamese Mint: An herb with a peppery and citrusy flavor, often used in Vietnamese cuisine in salads, soups, and spring rolls.
Rau Ram: A Vietnamese herb with a pungent and minty taste, used in salads, soups, and noodle dishes.
Sweetgrass: An herb with a sweet and vanilla-like aroma, often used in Native American cuisine for flavoring teas, desserts, and smudging ceremonies.
Peruvian Pink Salt: A gourmet salt with a delicate flavor and a blush-pink hue, often used as a finishing salt for enhancing the taste of dishes.
Red Shiso: A Japanese herb with a tangy and slightly spicy taste, commonly used to pickle plums and season sushi rice.
Lemon Balm: A herb with a lemony and minty flavor, often used in teas, desserts, and salads.
Thai Basil: An herb with a strong and slightly sweet flavor, commonly used in Thai cuisine, particularly in stir-fries, curries, and soups.
Salicornia: A sea vegetable with a crunchy texture and a salty flavor, often used in salads and seafood dishes.
Lemon Thyme: A herb with a citrusy and herbal flavor, commonly used as a seasoning for poultry, seafood, and vegetables.
Lovage Root: The root of the lovage plant, with a strong and aromatic flavor, used in soups, stews, and pickles.
Dragon's Breath: A chili pepper claimed to be one of the spiciest in the world, with an intense and long-lasting heat.
Carob: A sweet and chocolatey substitute for cocoa powder, often used in desserts and as a coffee substitute.
Chameleon Plant: An edible plant with a tart and slightly tangy taste, used in salads and stir-fries.
Epazote: A Mexican herb with a pungent and earthy flavor, often used in bean dishes, soups, and tamales.
Lemon Basil: An herb with a strong lemon flavor and aroma, often used in teas, desserts, and seafood dishes.
Chinese Mugwort: An herb used in traditional Chinese medicine and cooking for its aromatic and bitter properties.
Szechuan Peppercorn Oil: An oil infused with Szechuan peppercorns, used to add a numbing and spicy flavor to dishes.
Chinese Red Dates: Sweet and chewy dates used in Chinese cuisine for their natural sweetness and health benefits.
Rat Tail Radish: An Asian vegetable with long, slender pods that have a spicy and radish-like flavor, often used in stir-fries.
Black Cumin: Small black seeds with a smoky and nutty flavor, used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisines.
Mexican Marigold: An herb with a pungent and floral flavor, often used in Mexican cooking, particularly in moles and stews.
Fingerroot: A ginger-like rhizome with a citrusy and spicy flavor, commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisines.
Longevity Spinach: A leafy green vegetable with a mild and slightly tangy taste, used in soups, stir-fries, and salads.
Cuban Oregano: An herb with a strong and pungent flavor, often used in Caribbean and Latin American cuisines.
Fish Mint: An herb with a strong fishy aroma and flavor, used in Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cuisines in salads and soups.
Black Sesame Seeds: Small seeds with a rich and nutty flavor, often used in Asian desserts, breads, and as a topping.
Blue Tansy: A flower with a herbal and slightly fruity aroma, used in herbal teas and as a natural coloring agent.
Red Bayberry: Small berries with a tart and sweet flavor, commonly used in Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines for jams and sauces.
Cuban Oregano: An herb with a pungent and savory flavor, commonly used in Caribbean and Latin American cuisines.
Wasabi Leaves: The leaves of the wasabi plant, with a similar flavor to wasabi root, often used in salads, sushi, and pickles.
Wild Fennel Pollen: The pollen of wild fennel flowers, with a sweet and aromatic flavor, used as a gourmet seasoning.
Mitsuba: A Japanese herb with a parsley-like flavor and a hint of celery, used in soups, salads, and as a garnish.
Samphire: A coastal plant with a salty and crispy texture, often used in salads, seafood dishes, and pickles.
Makhana: Also known as Fox Nuts, these are seeds with a light and crunchy texture, used in Indian sweets and snacks.
Chinese Artichoke: A root vegetable with a nutty and sweet flavor, often used in stir-fries, salads, and pickles.
Wintergreen: A minty herb with a cooling and refreshing flavor, often used in candies, gums, and herbal teas.
Mountain Pepper: Native to Australia, these berries have a hot and spicy flavor, often used in spice blends and sauces.
White Turmeric: A rhizome with a peppery and earthy flavor, used in Indonesian and Thai cuisines for curries and soups.
Thai Eggplant: Small eggplants with a slightly bitter and tangy taste, commonly used in Thai curries and stir-fries.
Chayote: A fruit with a mild and crisp texture, often used in salads, stir-fries, and soups.
Marjoram: An herb with a delicate and sweet flavor, often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.
Burdock Root: A root vegetable with a mild and earthy flavor, often used in stir-fries, soups, and teas.
Brazilian Peppertree: A plant with small red berries that have a spicy and peppery flavor, commonly used in Brazilian cuisine.
Tahitian Vanilla: Vanilla beans with a floral and fruity flavor, often used in desserts, baked goods, and beverages.
Grains of Paradise: A spice with a zesty and peppery flavor, commonly used in Scandinavian and African cuisines.
Vietnamese Coriander: An herb with a spicy and citrusy flavor, commonly used in Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cuisines.
Salal Berry: Small berries with a tart and slightly sweet flavor, often used in jams, pies, and desserts.
Jungle Pepper: A wild pepper variety from the Amazon rainforest, known for its hot and fruity taste.
Java Pepper: A rare and aromatic pepper variety from Indonesia, used to add a unique flavor to various dishes.
Red Perilla: A herb with a spicy and cinnamon-like flavor, often used in Korean and Japanese cuisines.
Ratanhia Root: A root used in herbal medicine and as a natural dye, with a bitter and astringent taste.
Honshimeji Mushroom: A delicate and flavorful mushroom used in Asian cuisines in soups, stir-fries, and hot pots.
Persian Cumin: A variety of cumin with a distinct aroma and flavor, commonly used in Persian and Middle Eastern cuisines.
Vietnamese Cinnamon: A type of cinnamon with a sweet and spicy flavor, commonly used in baking and desserts.
Ajwain Leaves: The leaves of the ajwain plant, with a pungent and thyme-like flavor, often used in Indian cooking.
Yamatoimo: A variety of Japanese yam with a slimy and starchy texture, commonly used in soups, stews, and pickles.
Black Cardamom: Larger and smokier than green cardamom, with a bold and aromatic flavor, often used in savory dishes and spice blends.
Japanese Pepper: A spice with a citrusy and peppery taste, commonly used in Japanese cuisine to season grilled meats and soups.
Moringa Leaves: Nutrient-rich leaves with a mild and slightly earthy flavor, often used in salads, soups, and smoothies.
Vietnamese Mint: An herb with a peppery and citrusy flavor, commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine in salads, soups, and spring rolls.
Japanese Mustard Greens: Leafy greens with a sharp and spicy flavor, often used in Japanese cuisine for pickling and stir-fries.
Wasabi Arugula: A leafy green with a peppery and wasabi-like taste, used in salads, sandwiches, and as a garnish.
Tasmanian Pepperleaf: The leaves of this native Australian plant have a spicy and peppery flavor, used to season meats and seafood.
Spanish Saffron: The stigmas of the saffron crocus, with a deep and floral flavor, often used in paella and risotto.
Stone Flower: A dried flower bud with a woody and earthy flavor, commonly used in Indian cuisine to add complexity to curries and biryanis.
Vietnamese Star Anise: A variety of star anise with a stronger and more pungent flavor, commonly used in Vietnamese dishes.
Hyssop: An aromatic herb with a minty and slightly bitter taste, often used in teas, liqueurs, and Mediterranean dishes.
Ajwain Seeds: Small seeds with a strong and pungent flavor, commonly used in Indian cooking to add a distinctive taste to breads and snacks.
White Sage: An herb with a strong and savory flavor, often used in Native American smudging ceremonies and as a culinary seasoning.
Karapulko: A South African herb with a bitter and medicinal taste, commonly used in traditional African dishes and teas.
Nance: Small yellow fruits with a tangy and tropical flavor, often used in Latin American desserts, sauces, and drinks.
Thyme-Scented Geranium: A geranium variety with a thyme-like fragrance, commonly used in teas, desserts, and potpourri.
Sarsaparilla: A root with a sweet and herbal flavor, commonly used in beverages and traditional herbal remedies.
Japanese Green Shiso: An herb with a minty and basil-like flavor, commonly used in Japanese cooking to season rice, sushi, and soups.
Voatsiperifery Pepper: A rare and wild pepper variety from Madagascar, known for its complex and fruity taste.
Quassia: A bitter herb used in herbal medicine and as a flavoring agent in bitters and liqueurs.
Lemon Ironbark: An Australian tree with leaves used to brew a lemony and herbal tea.
Fenugreek Leaves: Dried leaves with a slightly bitter and nutty flavor, commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.
Calendula: Edible flowers with a mild and slightly spicy flavor, used in salads, soups, and as a natural food coloring.
Sichuan Peppercorn Oil: An oil infused with Sichuan peppercorns, used to add a numbing and spicy flavor to dishes.
Sawtooth Coriander: An herb with a cilantro-like taste but with a stronger and more citrusy flavor, commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine.
Borage: Edible flowers and leaves with a cucumber-like flavor, often used in salads, teas, and cocktails.
Kudzu: A root starch with a mild and starchy taste, often used as a thickening agent in Asian cooking.
Herbes de Provence: A blend of dried herbs including thyme, lavender, rosemary, and oregano, commonly used in French cuisine.
Quinoa: A nutrient-rich pseudocereal with a nutty and slightly bitter flavor, commonly used as a rice substitute or in salads.
Wild Rice: A type of grass seed with a nutty and chewy texture, commonly used in pilafs, soups, and salads.
Cardamom Pods: Pods containing small black seeds with a sweet and floral flavor, often used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.
Juniper Berries: Small berries with a piney and slightly citrusy flavor, commonly used in gin production and as a seasoning for game meat.
Camu Camu: A fruit with a tart and tangy taste, known for its high vitamin C content, often used in beverages and desserts.
Shiso Leaves: A herb with a distinctive flavor, combining mint, basil, and citrus notes, commonly used in Japanese and Korean cuisines.
Chervil: An herb with a delicate and slightly anise-like flavor, often used in French cooking as a garnish or in sauces.
Cubeb Pepper: Small berries with a spicy and peppery flavor, commonly used in Indonesian and North African cuisines.
Achiote: Also known as annatto, these seeds have a mild and earthy flavor, often used as a natural food coloring and in spice blends.
Ashwagandha: A medicinal herb with a slightly bitter and earthy taste, often used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.
Dill Pollen: The pollen of the dill flower, with a strong and aromatic flavor, used as a gourmet seasoning.
Nigella Seeds: Small black seeds with a nutty and peppery flavor, commonly used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines.
Aleppo Pepper: A mild and fruity pepper variety, commonly used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.
Indian Bay Leaf: A leaf with a strong and spicy aroma, used in Indian and South Asian cooking for its fragrance and flavor.
Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many more rare spices and herbs available.
Free Research Preview. ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts. ChatGPT May 24 Version
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2023.06.02 18:46 varwom Help me find a dress that fits my requirements..

Help me find a dress that fits my requirements..
Hello, I would be really grateful if anyone would help me find a dress I am imagining? I have a few requirements...:
- Made of organic cotton, bamboo or other natural fibers. (Worst case I would be OK if it is not organic, but still natural fibers!)
- Have a similar type of lace tie/corset style back like the pink dress. (Because I want it to be figure fitting and really flattering to an hourglass shape)
- Sleeveless with shoulder straps (Like the blue dress - although I'm fine with the straps being thicker, as long as it doesn't have sleeves).
- Not too bright/neon colors. I like a more toned down "nature"-tones, like in the reference images.
- Below knee length
-Ships to Europe
Fingers crossed anyone has any tips. (The dresses in the images are from AYM studio. I really like them BUT the blue dress is made of polyester and the pink dress has long sleeves so neither checks all my boxes..)
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2023.06.02 18:14 Morriganalba Balsamic vinegar stain on monoblock path. How to get it out?!

My dad dropped a bottle of balsamic vinegar onto their (just professionally cleaned) monoblock paving. It's stained. My mum has tried various online tips, such as cleaning with bio washing powder, bicarb, and acetone.
Hoping that people here will have some fantastic suggestion using UK based products. Thank you!
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