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2023.06.04 20:07 Jenn837G Is someone regretting his life choices?

Is someone regretting his life choices?
Michael Simon/Startraks Friendly exes? Shannon Beador and David Beador have seemingly put their messy post-divorce relationship aside after they ran into one another while out on the town. "You never know who you are going to run into at the [The Quiet Woman restaurant],” the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 59, wrote via Instagram on Friday, June 2, sharing a smiling selfie with David, 58. Shannon also uploaded the reunion photo to her Instagram Story, adding the hashtag, “It’s Been Years.”
Several of the reality TV star’s RHOC costars were ecstatic about the reunion. "Awe your girls will be happy 🔥,” Vicki Gunvalson wrote via Instagram comment, referring to the twosome’s three daughters: Sophie, 21, and twins Stella and Adaline, both 18.
Shannon Beador and David Beador. Courtesy of Shannon BeadoInstagram The Real for Real founder and David tied the knot in 2000, nearly 17 years before they eventually separated after he cheated on her. “After much thought and careful consideration, David and I have made the difficult decision to separate,” Shannon told in an October 2017 statement. “We remain partners in parenthood and are committed to raising our three daughters. This is not the future we envisioned, and we kindly ask for privacy, especially for our children, during this transitional time.”
The now-exes finalized their divorce in April 2019. Nearly one year later, Shannon alleged to Us Weekly in October 2020 that David “doesn’t wanna” speak to her. “They love their dad,” the Bravo star exclusively told Us at the time. “I want them to have a relationship with their father. So, you know, I would prefer to have more of a coparent, but he’s not interested. But we’re getting through it.” The twosome’s coparenting relationship hit another snag the next year when David — who also shares daughter Anna Love, 2, with estranged wife Lesley Cook — refused to allow Stella and Adaline to film episodes of RHOC with Shannon. Us confirmed in August 2021 that the Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce alum filed an emergency court order one month prior to allow her twins, then 17, to continue filming RHOC. Shannon alleged in her court documents that David refused to permit the girls’ participation out of fear that they’d negatively mention Cook, 40.
“I have a new family that I would like to protect and not expose to a reality television show,” David wrote in court documents of his own at the time. “I find it very troubling that these proposed limitations are not acceptable with the Petitioner and/or her counsel considering the fact that Petitioner and I both have joint legal custody. It is also concerning to me that these narrowly tailored limitations are not acceptable with the Petitioner and her counsel because it gives me the feeling that Petitioner does in fact intend on referencing either myself, my new wife [and our] new daughter during the filming of this 16th season. This is absolutely not acceptable with me.” A judge ultimately denied Shannon’s petition before the former couple reached a settlement, agreeing that the girls could only film episodes if Shannon’s attorneys paid David’s lawyers a $6,938 sum.
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2023.06.04 20:07 StarkOverkill Bye bros

Hello my dear civvas, I am writing this to inform you that I am infact quitting civ I would like to thank the following for making my time on the server a great time -K0mmi for freeing my pearl after Docker murdered me for no reason as a newfriend -ComradeNick for letting me join MtA after kallos and letting me borrow quite a bit of slime blocks and TNT before I had any concept of basic civ mechanics -Capri for sitting in vc for 4 hours and explaining the entire history of civ via Naruto references -Wilson aka Gwua my dear for blackmailing me into gang shi and tolerating my newfriend shit for 3 months (and funding me) -TkonicRabid for providing 8 hour grinding streams, all around great guy -Antea for just being a great person -fastestgrass, what would civ ever do without you, youre a real one -TolypeVelleda also for his sheer patience with me when i was a newfriend, pretty nice guy -Topaz for answering any and all civ questions I had, and being pretty nice -NovaCeasar for being a good friend -Kai i love you (homo) -HassDaMahn for accepting me into the IF the day after I was kicked out of gang shi (im a poortea alt), and giving me whatever build mats i needed, truly are da mahn -Frostwarrior, you are a great guy -Cuppy for just being a nice guy TrueToneMatter and dcruzy for being the next generation of IF shitters, keep shittering -PotatoDuke, thanks for being my block game therapist -yodabird while you can be extremely annoying to talk to sometimes, youre pretty good when youre a functional bird (where is yodabird18) -zolo, zolobros thanks for the generosity -Sdorr, mushroom_cultist - you two are great! -Ch1pr, i dont care what kind of war criminal he is ingame, hes pretty chill same goes for, -Ez2Clutch, pretty chill guy -Druid, #freedruid, also femgoy -MyLittleAk47, fellow kendrick dickrider -Spoonce, a good friend -lakan_lakapati, (i hope to god i spelled your name right) you were great to chat to -phobitica, chill mercutie -_Oceanstar, nice to chat to, surprisingly knowledgeable about history -Jindosh, thanks for the godbow bb, also fun times, also also thanks for 100k blackstone -Kibbles aka _TheBoss_, you are very fun to just talk to while drunk at 3 am -SOGGYHOBO, my dear clickbuddy -Nuts, i will not send assassins to your home anymore, be safe! -Hendron, I didnt know you too well but you were fun to vc with -PhysicsGamer, while being a war criminal in the block game, surprisingly chill out of it -Cissonius, please stop saying sloff i beg of you -Moelii, great person, very hsm! - CutePastelStars aka Altlier also a great person, fun to chat with Red_Steel, for being red steel, im also the best fan of red btw, just saying, common red L
Again, thanks to everyone mentioned above and thanks to everyone else on Civ too for making my short 6 month period on this game a fun one
Also, I wasnt able to recover any screenshots or pictures so i cant post a whole gallery in here
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2023.06.04 20:07 the_easel_art Fill out commission forms with the link in the comments, or send me a direct message. Swipe for more examples of my work. Only two slots left! More details in comments. Prices start at $25+

Fill out commission forms with the link in the comments, or send me a direct message. Swipe for more examples of my work. Only two slots left! More details in comments. Prices start at $25+
Payments are made up front. To buy a commission, fill out the google form:, or direct message me here, on i nstagram- @the_easel_art (, or on discord- the_easel_art#9253. I do portraits, landscapes, pet portraits, character work, ect. Turn around time is 1-3 weeks. May be slightly less or more depending on size and request. Most of the work on my instagram is also for sale, so if you’re interested in that send me a message. Thank you! :)
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2023.06.04 20:07 SpriteDerBoss PCV of a '99 Saab 9-5 3.0t

Hey guys, I had a couple of questions regarding the 3.0l petrol V6 of my 9-5. I couldn't find any answers on the internet so I hope that you guys can help me out.
So my first question is about the PCV problem of early 9-5's. Do I need to update the PCV system just as the 4 cylinder engines? If yes, how can I detect whether I have an old PCV system?
My next question is related to that. I found that there is oil leaking in the front of my cylinder head gaskets. Could it be related to a faulty PCV valve?
I also found that the coolant level of the car always goes very low in the reservoir but stays stable there. It also looks pretty dirty and oily (I think) even though I changed it 3 weeks ago.
I thank you guys in advance and wish you a wonderful morning/day/ night!!
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2023.06.04 20:07 AccomplishedRich6477 Including WRE and not ERE, Commodus was the worst Roman emperor

From the beginning of the Roman Empire to the West’s collapse, I wholeheartedly believe that among all the depraved, despotic, and cruel rulers, Commodus is the worst Roman emperor.
At a time where administration had become super centralized, he spent all of his time partying and being a gladiator, leaving the hands of the empire in unqualified freedmen like Saoterus and Cleander who frequently made mistakes. Such mistakes include devaluing the currency by its largest since Nero’s reign and not responding to famines (this is what got Cleander executed).
Commodus was also incredibly lazy and upon ascending the throne, ended the Macromanic Wars his father Marcus Aurelius cared so much about, even though they were quite literally one step away from total victory. He did this not out of any concern over the casualties of Roman soldiers, but rather cause he wanted to quickly return home and start enjoying the life of the purple.
He was also a megalomaniac. He wanted to be seen as the reincarnation of Hercules and so dressed like him. He renamed Rome to Commodiana and called Romans Commodianans. He took pleasure in killing senators and fighting in gladiatorial games in an obviously rigged manner (standing from a platform to shoot animals, fighting against disabled people or arming his opponents with wands and sponges etc). He also charged the bankrupt Roman treasury 1 million sesterces for every single one of his appearances, and he participated hundreds of times.
The Pax Romana is considered to have ended during his reign. Cassius Dio writes about Commodus’ rule, saying that Rome went “from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust.”
As for what I think about other contenders:
Caligula and Nero honestly gets too much hate imo.
In Caligula’s case he gives me a bored kid vibe rather then an insane maniac. Him saying he would nominate his horse as consul could be seen as a way of mocking senators. His executions are not entirely unwarranted either. Marco certainly deserved his punishment and while Gemellus may not have usurped him, it could have gone both ways. People also say he killed Tiberius, but that is not actually agreed upon by all sources, and even if he did, after what Tiberius did to his family, it can probably be seen more as an act of revenge rather than an act of insanity.
Nero was just a frat boy. He killed his own mom yes, but most of everything else is slander. He did not start the fire or fiddle while Rome burned. In fact he wasn’t even in Rome during the time. It’s more his response to the fire like killing a lot of Christians and building a larger palace amidst the wreckage that rubbed everyone the wrong way.
Other than that, something important to note is how during the days of the early empire, administration was not yet super centralized. As such, a big part of being a good ruler was simply having good people in your administration, which both Caligula and Nero did have tons of.
Elagabalus is also seen as one of the worst due to how depraved he was. However he didn’t do as much lasting damage to the already declining empire, and was more so a puppet to the women, who held the real power in the Severan dynasty.
Honorius was terrible, there’s no denying that. He was a figurehead unwilling to help his empire.
However something important that I think isn’t mentioned much is how Stilicho was not perfect. He was very power hungry, and let Alaric escape multiple times, which is not something earlier generals or emperors would have allowed. His policies were also what allowed the barbarian migrations across the Rhine in 406.
As Gibbons puts it, he left it defended "only by the faith of the Germans and the ancient terror of the Roman name"
Valentinian III was also like Honorius, in being a puppet who wished to not do anything. However Valentinian III deserves less blame than Honorius imo, as while he lost far more important territories like North Africa, he also inherited a far worse situation than Honorius.
When looking at all these bad rulers, I believe Commodus did the most damage to the empire.
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2023.06.04 20:07 Mediocre-South-3175 Upvote4upvote

Free Karma 4 Me And You!
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2023.06.04 20:07 TechnologyUpstairs76 Free Karma 4 Me And You!

Karma for karma
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2023.06.04 20:06 Opposite-Tangelo136 FA went from I love you so much to Something isn't right, in 1 week

Hey all,
Sorry in advance for the long post...
So, been on the push, pull train with my ex for 15 months now, more off than on. I am sure she is FA, and I fall somewhere between FA (more anxious) and moving to secure.
Long story short, I met my ex, whilst still married (please don't judge). She has, quite rightly, felt insecure about my wife (divorce is coming through) and that I'll go back to her, as well as the fact I have children.
She has told me she doesn't feel good enough for me, doesn't deserve me, can't understand why I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever met. I've tried to reassure her as best I can.
We got back together recently after a couple of months apart and it was going amazing, until, I noticed some of my own avoidant tendencies coming into play. Rather than pull away, I leaned into the relationship, however, as I wasn't completely there, with hindsight, I missed some pretty obvious clues she needed extra reassurance.
When we bicker, small things, become prolonged and big, as we are both stubborn (something I'm working on!). We had been bickering, but, still communicating although I could sense some deactivation kicking in.
She told me she has never loved anyone like me before, she has only had 1 other serious relationship, which was when she was 17 for 4 years. She's now 27.
She sent me a text on her Birthday saying how much she loved me and appreciated me and within 1 week we were split up, as she deactivated hard, went completely cold and numb and told me that we just aren't right for each other and something doesn't feel right.
Note: I've been doing a lot of inner healing work the last 15 months and my self awareness and accountability is getting better, but, still lean anxious when triggered (working on this!).
I'm sure a lot of this is likely down to miscommunication, however, I wanted to see if there were any other FAs that could maybe share their insight as to whether this seems terminal, or, is another big deactivation, as she feels incredibly insecure in herself and certain aspects of my life (ongoing divorce etc) - this also wasn't helped by friends telling her a week before her bday that I'd realise the grass wasnt greener and go back to my ex wife.
Sorry, that's a brain dump, ask any questions if any additional info needed.
Appreciate the time! X
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2023.06.04 20:06 capstone291 Not able to break up due to family

I am a 27(M) from India and I've been in relationship with a girl 26 from 8 years now.
About 4 years into our relationship I told my parents about this and my mother initially did not agree as she did not approve love marriage but eventually she accepted it. The girl told about this to her parents about 3 years into relationship they also did not agree to this initially but eventually they agreed after about 2 years.
Now, before I told my parents there was a time where I did not want to be in a relationship anymore as I kind of started to feel very restricted and she was very insecure about our relationship but later she convinced me a lot and we patched up. After this similar situation happened about 3 years ago where I said we should definitely break up and she kind of became very dull and her mother noticed this and called up my mother about this. My mother told some emotional things and made me promise that I would not leave her. Then we had a marriage discussion with both families and decided that we'll get marriage after my Master's.
After this I left for US for my master's and I've been trying to change my mind about this marriage but no matter how hard I try I couldn't do it. I think that there is no way I could be happy by staying in this relationship. I tried telling this to the girl and even to my mother but they are not letting me get out of this relationship. My mother is threatening me by saying that she won't be in my life anymore and she might not be alive and all. And the girl is also not ready to breakup at any cost. My whole family is not supporting me on this even my sister and father are supporting my girlfriend (she has become very close to them in the past 2 years when I was in US).
Now, suddenly my sister said that she is coming to home tomorrow with my girlfriend for some shopping. I'm very sure that they want to talk about the current situation and somehow make me agree to the marriage.
I feel like my mind is falling apart. I know I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and should have stopped this long ago. But I just don't know what to to anymore.
TL;DR : I am in a relationship from 8 years and I am not able to come out of it.
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2023.06.04 20:06 deliriousbozo How much power does an upward trend hold?

This isn't about me in particular, but I'm curious as to how much an upward trend matters. For instance, if you were to get A's to B's and, maybe the dreaded C from time to time, in Freshman and Sophomore years, but 4.0 in the last 3 semesters before applying, does that alleviate the poor grades earlier on? When is it too late to show an upward trend? Can an upward trend in conjunction with a rigorous course load help us well? I've got a friend who had like less than a 3.0 before Junior year and then got straight A's and got into a UC. I'm wondering how effective that could be or if he was just an anomaly. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 20:06 zeldy1op Quitting at 21 at Day 3 and these dreams are so sick but

Will my brain ever recover? I’ve been smoking from time to time from age 15 to 19, covid came, became a daily user, admitted my addiction and now dealing with it as best i can by reading and drawing. But these brain studies got me really freaked out. I know i am cognitively less present and it will get better with time but a lot of these studies on the brain got me really anxious and freaked out about loosing IQ, not being able to get my concentration back and stuff like that.
If u can relate with my situation, how did it go for you?
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2023.06.04 20:06 mightbeathrowaway70 Can I do something to make sure someone does not become a therapist?

okay this might be a long post but I would like to know if I could do something about this girl I know. To be frank this girl is obsessive and a pathological liar. I outted her back in high school only to her, her brother and my close friend at the time knew because they were the ones who helped me figure out that she lied about her dad having cancer for at that point 2 years. I would like to make it clear, it was about once a week give or take that she was crying over her "dying father". I tell her that shes lying and all she did was not talk to me and that was that. A few years go by and we are all in college and her best friend (we spoke semi often after high school) spoke to me how she was upset because it was like she became a different person and how they had not have been talking as much. I said "well you know she is a bad person right?" and explained to her how she lied about her father. The girl calls the liar about this and at first she doesnt admit it but eventually caves in and says that she lied and chalked it up to other issues she had. They stop talking and now my friend gets prank calls, text messages and other petty garbage. I get a few prank calls but my friend is getting most of the problems (i would like to mention the girl who lied denies that she never prank called us, which is a lie). We bring parents involved and shes lying the whole way through and is shaking and red in the face, kept cutting me and my friend off while explaining our points. Reguardless, its over, nothing changes and no one besides the old best friend and her boyfriend knows about her dad not ever having cancer. Come a few months later prank calls AGAIN. stupid and dumb yes but at this point i have not spoken to this girl neither has my friend or any one for that matter and she decides to start with the prank calls again and for a few weeks this goes on for. she made the mistake of calling me in which i record the whole thing and call my boyfriend. so i text her best friend that she lied about her dad having cancer and that she is crazy. she then texts me saying how she never prank called me and yada yada, and is super angry i told her friend. she then keeps texting me saying how this is over and we should be grown ups blah blah. she sends me 19 text messages where i respond to zero and says how she is going to get a harassment charge against me and my friend, she said that my friend should watch her back (WTF? THIS GIRL DIDNT DO ANYTHING????) regardless the prank calls stopped and I am back at square one. why is this all important? this nut job wants to become a child therapist. this obsessive nut job should not be near anyone. she manipluated everyone around her, does childish stuff like prank call, and makes you feel like ur the crazy one when shes the manipluator. she goes to therapy herself and obviously hasnt gotten far but i need to know is therre somehting i could do to make sure she doesnt become a therapist??
TL;DR: manipulative, pathological liar, obsessive-nutcase wants to become a child therapist when she should not
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2023.06.04 20:06 g0man98 Is premium worth it?

I am a die hard Solo MM player playing between DMG and LE
ranking take too much time there and if i lose 1 match i don’t rank up after 4 win streak
Tried face it for some time around 15 matches and got a nice 6 wins streak then in the last match i had to play against lvl 0 non primes that they demolished me and i got frustrated so i wondered if prime could save me the hustle of these guys i am low at 1080 elo
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2023.06.04 20:06 WhyBarana How do I convince my psrents abt this?

I, (F15) Been struggling with a bunch of stuff.
First thing, I have speech difficulties. I sometimes say words that aren't even real words. I speak way too fast and get my words and sentences mixed up due to me thinking abt so many things at once that might not even be related to what I'm talking about. It's like my mind is a mess and everything is everywhere. Idk how to explain it any better. I never had speech difficulty before, it has only started to happen less than a year ago. But now it's been getting worst.
My parents keep Yelling at me and telling me to speak normally and speak slower but whatever I do I can't seem to control it. They r extremely mad at me, they just say "relax and speak like everyone else"
Moving on to the second issue, I have started to hear noises that no one else hears. Its not voices or anything, it's just, noises. Like a car engine, beeping, tapping, etc. One day the car engine like noise got so load I asked my mom "what is that" but she said its nothing and she doesn't hear anything. After that I confronted my mom abt every out of place noise I heard but she says there is no noise.
Third issue, I dont feel bad for anyone. I used to be a really caring and kind kid. Which I still try to be but now when ever I see one my friends cry, I dont get sad at all. Or when watching a sad film, nothing. And now because I don't feel bad for many ppl and I don't make ppl feel better when they break down infront of me, people in school started calling me heartless which hurts a lot.
I tried talking to my mom abt these and told her maybe I should go to a therapist but she just says, I'm not wasting money for attention seeking behaviour. Just tell me what's wrong and I'll help. BUT THE THING IS I TOLD HER MULTIPLE TIMES and she just ignores it.
I lost most of my friends due to these and I don't want to lose more. I don't know who I can tell these to without them ignoring me.
I never experienced any traumas in my life and grew up in a stable, avrage family. Never struggled with any sort of illness and I don't think my family has any record of mental illness either.i personally don't think what I'm experiencing is mental illness and its just probably stress but I want someone to take it srsly but my parents won't.
I know I'm too young to be worrying but I srsly need some advice.
So, how can I tell my mom n dad in a way they'll understand? (Sorry for bad grammar, English isn't my first language.)
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2023.06.04 20:06 the_easel_art Fill out commission forms with the link in the comments, or send me a direct message. Swipe for more examples of my work. Only two slots left! More details in comments. Prices start at $25+

Fill out commission forms with the link in the comments, or send me a direct message. Swipe for more examples of my work. Only two slots left! More details in comments. Prices start at $25+
Payments are made up front. To buy a commission, fill out the google form:, or direct message me here, on i nstagram- @the_easel_art (, or on discord- the_easel_art#9253. I do portraits, landscapes, pet portraits, character work, ect. Turn around time is 1-3 weeks. May be slightly less or more depending on size and request. Most of the work on my instagram is also for sale, so if you’re interested in that send me a message. Thank you! :)
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2023.06.04 20:06 ThrowRAEmergency-69 Wife (F-38) prioritizes her parents over me (m-33) and our daughter

Wife and I have been together 4 years. Our daughter is a year old. She openly admitted when we first started dating that she moved away from her mother cause she was narcissistic. When my wife announced she was pregnant, her mother became her “best friend” and now our little family (I don’t even think about it like that-it’s her family and I’m a second thought) doesn’t even get the time of day. She is constantly on the phone with her mother. When they’re off They’ll pick my daughter up and take her around when I’m at work, which I don’t have an issue with but they are never home when I get home from work. My wife doesn’t communicate with me that they are taking her, just tells me once I ask where our daughter is at. She HAS to go 2-3 times a week to her parents house to spend time after work and on Sundays. A perfect example is, I was nearby for emergency work about 30 minutes away on a day where she was at her parents and when I asked her to come over to my hotel with our daughter, she got bothered because it was her day to have dinner with her parents. Now I always skip plans with my family even though she has 6 cousins her age that she can play with, so we can spend time as a family but she openly admits that she won’t do the same for her family. And her family will not consider having blended parties or get togethers to get to know each other (I don’t expect them too but I feel it helps to know each other)
I’m tired of being second string to her and her family. Now I have to say -I have no issue with her spending time with family. I come from a family where one parent prioritizes their family, and us children start believing that something is wrong with one side because our parents actions, as we grew up we realized this but I don’t want the same for our daughter.
My question is what can I do to get my wife to see where I am coming from? I have tried every approach I can think of but my wife just openly states she’ll never say no to her family.
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2023.06.04 20:05 Dry_Promotion9094 Fatigue!

Twitced for 19 months. Something that worry me is that both arms and legs gets very fatigued easily. Been like that for 6-7 months now. More or less permanent it seems
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2023.06.04 20:05 saflynn KC Grey Custom, James Barnes, KUFv2, Factor, SHF, MBK XLC Integral

Hey Guys, my wife is on her fourth surgery in 2 years, and it’s eating up the savings. So a lot of the collection is going to fund better health. I would appreciate it if you would take a look, buy a knife or two, and send up a prayer. I CANT BELIEVE THE LOVE I GOT FOR MY LAST POST THA N YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART
Pics And Timestamp


## Winterblade Factor Super awesome blade, you know it’s cool. This one was supposidly carried a few times. It is broken in, and I don’t see any marks other than a super thin scratch on the front ti. Blade is still very sharp.
SV $320

James Brand Barnes

Just a super cool knife, this is my third one. I am always won over by the look and the integralness but I always forget that it’s just not quite right for me. Oh well. Passing another one on, and I think everyone should try one of these. Soooo solid. Still sharp, but isn’t new by any means. Has a few marks around the knife, and the front t6 pivot was starting to get stripped when I got it. It’s clean currently so it shouldn’t have to be touched for a long time.
SV $460

KCGrey Custom Scale and Finish

This is a super cool knife that has been reborn a couple of times. I am the second owner. First owner bought this as a satin bladed and brown micarta piece, then he had an amazing butterscotch micarta scale built, it was very thin and light, and of all the knives my wife had to drop onto concrete, this was the one. The corner of the micarta snapped off, so off to geckocustomz again. He made a super strong contoured antique micarta scale that has been reinforced and changed the design to make the lock up and security better. Now it’s super super solid. It’s light and thin and works as a great gentlemen’s carry.
SV 500 450 425 400

SHF Spartan Harsey Folder Runes and Staves Limited Edition

Can you say tank? A knife that can handle anything, this one is in a really cool limited edition layering. It was a 2020 special (and man, what a frickin year that was) and I think it really makes for a cool knife. This one has been carried but I think a few snails actually add to this design. Blade looks new. If they had a medium size I would be all over it. Blade Length: 4" Overall Length: 8 13/16" Finish: Black PVD Blade Thickness: 0.154" Thickness: 0.5" Blade Steel: CPM S35VN
SV 450 DROP TO 425 $400
## Leong Mah KUF V2 CF The KUF is such an unbelievably cool knife. Super thin, and super comfortable to use. Legitimately a folding kitchen knife. This is achieved by super rounded corners, and a narrow profile, and I think it works great. Has two really outstanding features, the crazy backspacer that Mah borrowed from a custom designer (I forget who) and the tellitubby front flipper. It is actually genius, and all the reviewers seem to miss the point. If you have a front flipper and your hands are wet from chopping carrots or something, ain’t no way you are getting that sucker open, with this front flipper, you can. It has so much leverage. My final note here is that it makes the coolest sounds of any knife EVER, And I’m 300 knives deep. The thwack is crazy, and it makes noises even with a gentle flick. This one is very lightly used, was bought as a forever keeper and life got in the way.
SV 275

MBK XLC Titanium Integral

Such a better knife than I gave it credit for. Super slim, light titanium integral. This one has been customized by adding the blurple rainbow ano and a regrind to make it ever thinner (and who doesn’t love grind lines). It has some marks on the ano, but I will strip it for you for free if you want a shiny new finish. Only warning is it tends to have some lock rock if the pivot gets loose Overall Length: 8.5” Blade Length: 3.75” Handle Length: 4.5” Blade Material: M390 Weight: 3.8oz Ray Laconico Design
SV Drop 190
Thanks all, I love ya, really do. Keep up the awesomeness

$$$$$$ SOLD BELOW $$$$$$

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2023.06.04 20:05 benevida How to Troubleshoot ESXi KVM Passthrough Preventing VM Boot?

I passed through a USB 3.2 Controller. No problems. But, when I have my KVM plugged into one of the ports on the USB Controller, the VM boot does not get past the VMWare splashscreen.
Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5955WX Motherboard: Gigabyte MC62-G40 USB Controller: Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card (USB3C-8PM-E) KVM: Rextron 4 Ports 8K DisplayPort 1.4 KVM Switch With USB 3.2 Gen 1 (PAAG-E3114B) Host OS: VMWare vSphere ESXi 8.0 Update 1 Guest OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 22H2 x64 (also tried with Win11 and Linux)
The USB PCIe card I added has 4 separate controllers. I have 1 assigned to passthrough to each of 4 VMs. Other than the VM with my KVM plugged into the external USB port of the USB Controller that's passedthrough, there have been no problems. I've tried having the KVM plugged into different VMs with different OS's, (i.e. Windows 11 Enterprise, Linux) and the VM boot will not progress past the VMWare splash screen in this KVM is plugged into it, (a screenshot of the splash screen can be found here for reference).
If I unplug the KVM, then boot the VM, and then re-attach the KVM, it works fine. I get full functionality out of the KVM (keyboard, mouse, and any other USB peripherals plugged into the KVM's built in USB hubs). I've tried unplugging all of the USB peripherals from the KVM while booting, but the problem remains. This leads me to believe that the problem is specific to the hubs built internally into the KVM.
I also passthrough other PCIe devices, (video card, network card) and I passthrough USB devices explicitly (Corsair PSU, Corsair Fan Controller, USB SSD stick). I have tried not passing them through as a troubleshooting step, but it didn't help.
Windows Device Manager doesn't show any yellow bings or other obvious signs of distress, (a screenshot can be found here for reference). The chipset used on the USB controller is ASMedia, so I did some research and found out that there might be a better driver. I performed the driver update successfully, but the problem remains.
I looked through the vmware.log file of an unsuccessful boot for errors and I couldn't see anything that looks germane to this issue. If anyone wants to see the log file, you can find it here. With any luck, someone else can find something helpful. I tried comparing the file to one from a successful boot and didn't see any differences that stood out.
At this point I do not know where else to look, or what else to try.
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.04 20:05 Sword-of-Malkav You can be as anti-democratic as you want- but you should still vote.

Im sure it's no surprise there's a lot of clowns at postleftanarchism, but I'm going to go ahead and point out their most obvious bad take- anti-voting.
Yes, yes, we get it. Democracy bad.
But we live in it. Other people live in it. In fact, despite a lot of resistance and bloodshed, we still live in it.
I will allow you a moment to recover from your shock.
Now that you're back from your cardiologist and you've been ok'd to read the rest of this post, let's continue.
If you are both informed about the bad shit going down in places like the US and Britain right now regarding genocidal legislation- and still refuse (and even ridicule others) to partake in electoral politics for ideological reasons- you're an equally shit person and a shittier anarchist.
I consider myself to be an egoist, and post-left myself, but I consider this attitude to be a combination of anti-intellectual, disingenuous, and misanthropic on a good day.
There are people I know and care about who are being affected by this legislation coming out- and while I can help them to the best of my ability- I can not protect them from the rising shitstorm coming for them. And most of them can not even protect themselves.
The least I can do is vote for the least genocidal dictators to rule us with a slightly less spikey iron fist. So I vote, and I advocate doing likewise.
These people (or around half of them from what the upvote/downvote wars would suggest), do not do the least thing. In fact, its highly unlikely they do anything at all but shit talk people on the internet- which brings me to my point:
Your value system shapes your actions- and your actions reveal your values.
Anyone who, in this day and age, being informed of the shit we know, still refusing to vote and actively bashing others for doing so is telling you something about the values they hold and what they're made of. Which is to say if they value anything at all- it certainly isn't other people.
And I would argue they arent even conscious egoists. Nothing good comes from this stance- it only leaves a you-shaped hole in the wall for all the fucking nazis to crawl through.
The anti-voting stance is taken up with a religious devotion, lacking any subtlety or nuance. It doesnt matter to them we arent in a world where we get to choose the kind of politics we are building- they hold to their religious strictures to be more anarchist than thou without regard for any of the people that actually have to live here.
How can anyone claiming to be an egoist be so spooked? Are these people just philosophical zombies, unable to read beyond the most surface level representation of their own fucking hero?
Don't be a clown. If you give a fuck about anyone but yourself for any reason, don't avoid the least thing you can do.
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2023.06.04 20:05 the_easel_art Fill out commission forms with the link in the comments, or send me a direct message. Swipe for more examples of my work. Only two slots left! More details in comments. Prices start at $25+

Fill out commission forms with the link in the comments, or send me a direct message. Swipe for more examples of my work. Only two slots left! More details in comments. Prices start at $25+
Payments are made up front. To buy a commission, fill out the google form:, or direct message me here, on i nstagram- @the_easel_art (, or on discord- the_easel_art#9253. I do portraits, landscapes, pet portraits, character work, ect. Turn around time is 1-3 weeks. May be slightly less or more depending on size and request. Most of the work on my instagram is also for sale, so if you’re interested in that send me a message. Thank you! :)
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2023.06.04 20:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (

[Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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