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2023.06.03 16:26 41916MAS Complete Beginner

Hi guys and girls, I have an idea for a game that will take me an insane amount of time but, I am ready for it. I have a plan for the game and the mechanics to include but I have no idea where to start. I have decided I will be using UE5 but I don't know how to use it, I have watched a few of the beginner tutorials but I cannot seem ro get my head around the ui of it.Can anyone spend a little time and teach me how to develop a basic map with roads? Ps. I don't know if this violates the rules of the page but if it does, I'm sorry
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2023.06.03 16:25 LuckyAceFace Maybe gaslighting, maybe just plain old abuse.

This is long. Sorry. Kind of.
My husband's behavior has been deteriorating since his dad died in 2020. Prior to this, he was an excellent dad and husband, and tbh the majority of the time he still is. But isn't that the nature of the beast? If they were monsters all the time, the decision to leave would be easier, wouldn't it?
I have three kids from a previous relationship (21m 20m and 17f) and we have one together (6f). He's been the dad figure to the older three since 2012. Their dad died and they treat my husband as a parent and vice versa.
Like I said, since his dad died, my husband has changed a lot. FTR, both of our dads died that year - mine in July from complications of diabetes, his in November from Covid.
Our most recent fight was a few nights ago. For a little context on it, our 17 year old is a graduating senior this year. Is has been a long struggle with mental health as she has had a lot of trauma with her bio dad's death at 6 after a long illness, then the loss of two adoring grandfathers close together during a pandemic that was really hard on the whole world. Attendance has been an issue.
Last week, she had two absences I thought had been mismarked so I contacted the school about them. It turns out one day she forgot to sign the roster sheet with a sub, and the next she was so tardy, it counted as an absence. I was upset with her for not giving me the whole story, as she had acted like she had no idea why she was marked absent and this is not the first time I've spoken up for her and come out looking stupid, but I try not to escalate her too much when I know her nerves are high (like right now as she's anxious about graduation) so I just told her that was pretty hurtful to me, and how if she had been honest I'd have approached it differently and more effectively, and how I really really don't like looking like an asshole.
My husband, on the other hand, got home and over dinner, started in about how often she's tardy. He started off fairly calm but quickly escalated into this aggressive not-quite-yelling thing he does, where he leans in and his whole posture is kind of intimidating. He is also 6'3" and almost 400lbs while my daughter is 5' even and I myself am 5'3" and 150lbs. He was ranting about how we "just" had another call about a tardy a few days before even, how we asked her to stop being tardy to first hour and she just can't respect us at all, she's "constantly" tardy.
Admittedly, she was frequently tardy earlier in the year, but she and I were both a little confused because aside from the one last week it has been a few weeks. So, I pulled the attendance up on my phone, thinking I could clear the argument up easily enough, we could see whether I got a call a "few days ago" or not. Attendance showed that the last tardy was, in fact, several weeks ago.
My husband slammed his hands on the table and yelled,
"Unbelievable. I can't believe you. You can't back me up. You can't be a united front with me."
I said I won't back him up if it means lying to our daughter, particularly in a way that punishes her or hurts her. Absolutely not. I pulled up that info on my phone to clear up the confusion and the info backed her. I won't lie to her. And he kept insisting the information was wrong, we had had a call, she had been tardy much more recently than that, I was wrong, we had a call just a few days before, he was sitting right next to me when I answered the auto-call about it. I said the school's attendance record was literally right here on my phone.
At this point he really lost it and started yelling at both of us, just laying into us. My daughter was hysterical and I told her she wasn't in trouble but she needed to take her food and go upstairs to her room, please. My husband moved to the couch and while my daughter ran by sobbing, he was still laying into her the whole way. "You just can't respect us, can you! Can you! Can you!"
A quick aside - Our six year old was at the table for a lot of this as well, but the 20yo who is currently home from college for the summer came downstairs and subtly snatched him up to his room to chill.
I told my husband he needed to take himself to the bedroom immediately and stop having a tantrum in the living room.
This is where the potential gaslighting comes in. I went in after him to use the bathroom and when I came out of the bathroom he had changed his tone. He was crying, and he told me,
"I'm genuinely concerned about you." I was like, what? And he repeated himself.
"I'm genuinely concerned that you don't remember that phone call we had just a few days ago. I'm genuinely concerned about your memory and your mental state. I wouldn't be this vehement about it if it hadn't happened, Aceface. I'm so concerned about you right now."
I told him, no. No, no, no. He is not going to do that. He is not going to call into question my mental health when he is losing the fight. That is abuse, that is gaslighting, and I will not stand around and be abused and he can get right out. He yelled at me to stop using "stupid reddit words" and closed down entirely.
Regarding the phone calls, I can't use my call logs to prove anything because all auto-calls from the school come from the same number, whether about tardies and attendance or about after school clubs or school lock downs. I did, however, remember that for ever call I get for a tardy, I also get a text, so I was able to go back and find that and my last text about a tardy was in line with what the attendance records had. Several weeks ago. This was not adequate proof for him. He is still convinced, days later, that I am wrong. Though he is being fine and normal now, at least.
This is not the man I married, or the man he was for the first 6 years of it.
He does also have a supposedly "benign" issue in his brain that can cause cognitive impairment, depression, and mood changes. He has an appointment for it coming up. I am not able to go to appointments with him and since he doesn't think he has mood or behavior problems, he won't bring this up with the doctor. He will not seek counseling or therapy because he says it would just be "one more chore."
He is a lawyer, ftr.
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2023.06.03 16:25 cgarriz I Have A&P but i have a 10 year old theft conviction. Anyone have experience getting on with airlines with this circumstance?

Got my A&P this year and I’m coming up on 3 years experience in heavy MRO work. I’m planning to stay where I’m at for a minimum of another 2 years. I have a felony theft conviction from 10 years ago and i received a pardon from the state i live in. Working on trying to get an expungement but it’s up in the air. Has anyone in my shoes gotten hired on with an airline or know someone who has?
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2023.06.03 16:25 Emigrantoos Exploring an Abandoned Prison in Latvia

Exploring an Abandoned Prison in Latvia
Hey guys, I wanted to share my latest urban exploration adventure with you all. My friends and I recently stumbled upon an abandoned prison in Latvia. We climbed over a giant fence near the main gate and found ourselves in the prison yard. Inside, we discovered the cell block where the prisoners were kept.
It was both scary and fascinating to see the conditions that the prisoners lived in. The cells were small and cramped, and the walls were covered in graffiti and peeling paint. It was clear that this place had been abandoned for a long time, and it was eerie to think about the people who had been locked up here.
Despite the creepy feeling, we were all captivated by the history of the prison. It was like stepping back in time and experiencing a piece of Latvia's past firsthand. We spent hours exploring the prison and taking pictures of the hauntingly beautiful surroundings.
Overall, it was an unforgettable experience, and I can't wait to see what other abandoned places we can explore next. Have any of you ever explored an abandoned prison or found something unexpected on your urban exploration adventures? Let's chat in the comments!
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2023.06.03 16:25 Throw4Doubts Sister 1 (me, 32) vs Sister 2 (22)

I've been dealing with feelings of jealousy about preferential treatment towards my younger sister for a long time and I want to vent.
I was born soon after my parents married- both fresh MBBS doctors, they hadn't done their PG yet. They trained in the US- they sent me back to grow up with my maternal grandparents when I was 4. Though they didn't have much money they sent me American toys every 6 months or so (a lot of which my grandma would lock away) but otherwise I wasn't very connected with my parents. My grandma had a foul mouth and a nasty temper- I was physically and emotionally abused a lot. She'd constantly compare me with my fairer skinned cousin next doors who had better handwriting and was a stronger singer too. She'd tell me my art was talentless trash and curse and beat me while supervising piano and other activities she deemed more worthy. There was a prized male servant who sexually abused me there too ages 6 to 9. From a bubbly kid I became sad and fragile- nobody really noticed or questioned why. My dad would visit every year or so and push me to new impossible standards to acheive- he'd berate me for being dark and chubby, not smart enough, not athletic enough, etc. Mom came back when I was 10, pregnant with my sister. We lived with my dad's family where my mom was treated poorly, more like a maid. Dad came back when I was 13, never confronted his family on mom's behalf though. We moved to the maternal grandparents house again and at 14 my old abuse story came out and the grandparents said I was lying rather than to have to lose that guy. There were other clashes too so we moved out to a tiny rented home. Mom had breast cancer the next year at just age 36 and went away for treatment. That's when I started putting in effort in my studies and became a topper going on to do MBBS and MD by merit in a top college (Yaay me!). I have a lot of childhood trauma (a lot more in college and beyond too) and have had very very low self esteem but I managed to reach here.
I don't know if my parents were ready to have me back then- or if my very existence makes them feel guilty about the ways my childhood got messed up but they'd tell me, the sensitive teenager that I'm not "strong" like them and I have all my bad traits are coz I grew up in "THAT house". My dad is a narcissist and my mom is a passive enabler. I only started standing up to them when I was 28.
The younger one came along when i turned 10. Dad was back in 3 years and I was off to college when she turned 6. Our lives didn't overlap much. She grew up in better circumstances- parents were doing well and they bought her A LOT of gadgets (a good digital camera, a Nintendo Wii, not one but TWO Nintendo DSes). Parents were always tight lipped about money so I always thought we didn't have enough and I didn't have enough self esteem to ask for stuff even when she got hers (shouldn't they have just matched purchases themselves?). I'd ask her to share but she didn't like to, was quite sadistic - my parents would mock me saying "have some self respect! Don't grovel! She's younger too" (don't most elders teach us to share?!). She had chaperones ensured everywhere she went (because of my old abuse). She was allowed to say the RUDEST things and get away with them. She grew up very shielded, entitled and sadly vain and shallow. She's fairer, thinner and taller so dad would tell her- your sister has the brains, you have looks, we'll marry you off if you don't study well and get into college. Princess chose a very expensive private college, got distracted by romance, sports, culturals and everything else and flunked 1st year. It was very stressful for us all- she didn't care. She's had panic attacks since school days so my parents were careful to get her therapy to cope (they have been mocking me for going recently). Mom immediately dropped everything to go be with her for a few weeks (she's done this for her a few times, never for me- heck I needed spine surgery 3 years ago and my parents were delaying showing up coz they prioritized their hospital inspection). With half ass efforts she barely passed a year later and is in 2nd year now. She is cold and manipulative and has my parents wrapped around her little finger.
I'm a very straightforward person who ends up butting heads with my parents more because I'm not as traditional as them. They call me immoral, the black sheep, tell me that I have multiple demons in me. I have yearned for their acceptance for YEARS and have just started giving up. It all seems unfair to me. My sister is getting even nastier with age and keeps trying to widen the gap between the parents and I. How did she turn out so awful? I recently asked my dad why I always got the short end of the stick- he robotically said "each child will be provided for as per their needs". No further explanations.
Maybe being around me is hard for them? Especially mom (very religious vs atheist me)? She was due to visit this month but is now humming and hawing. They are currently busy indexing old question papers in my sisters text books (the heck?! They NEVER put in this much effort for me- Dad never taught me physics but called me dumb for not being good at it but actually sat and taught her.. and they've been working like some sweatshop over question papers the last few days.) Sis video called to show me that on some other dumb pretense- she likes rubbing my nose in it. She flippantly tells me to let my past go coz "we all have trauma" and to stop criticizing the parents (easier for her to say coz they have done WAY MORE for her).
Maybe they shouldn't have had me back in 1991. They have never been kind or supportive to me after then either. I'm also a "failure" to them because they couldn't find me a groom since I turned 23. Dad wants me to move off abroad and find someone. They mock me to my face but brag about my acheivements to strangers- it's absolutely retarded.
I'm upset. How do I deal with the poor treatment of myself gracefully without seeming juvenile? It affects me too much.
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2023.06.03 16:24 docbrowse GP followed by ED CESR

I still have no idea what I want to do. I don’t know where I want to settle down. I like acute care, want to make a real difference for my patients and can see myself either in clinical management or outside of medicine later in life.
I can see GP giving me 3 years of good broad clinical experience with a certificate at the end. I can then decide where I want to live and work, potentially go away for a few years. If at 35 I feel like I made the wrong choice, I would like to think I can get a trust grade position in ED and CESR, whilst avoiding a lot of the awful shift patterns and moving around involved with the training scheme. This route seems to gaining popularity due to flexibility.
I think I’m just not willing to commit to 6-8 years of being controlled by a training scheme. I’m in no rush to become a consultant, I just want to be a good one. I’ve never heard one say they wished they’d become a consultant earlier.
What are the flaws with my plan?
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2023.06.03 16:24 JayMag23 The Reunion of Israel (10 Northern Tribes) and Judah in the Restoration!

Ezekiel 37:15-28 NLT
15 Again a message came to me from the LORD :16 “Son of man, take a piece of wood and carve on it these words: ‘This represents Judah and its allied tribes.’ Then take another piece and carve these words on it: ‘This represents Ephraim and the northern tribes of Israel.’17 Now hold them together in your hand as if they were one piece of wood.18 When your people ask you what your actions mean,19 say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will take Ephraim and the northern tribes and join them to Judah. I will make them one piece of wood in my hand.’20 “Then hold out the pieces of wood you have inscribed, so the people can see them.21 And give them this message from the Sovereign LORD : I will gather the people of Israel from among the nations. I will bring them home to their own land from the places where they have been scattered.22 I will unify them into one nation on the mountains of Israel. One king will rule them all; no longer will they be divided into two nations or into two kingdoms.23 They will never again pollute themselves with their idols and vile images and rebellion, for I will save them from their sinful apostasy. I will cleanse them. Then they will truly be my people, and I will be their God.24 “My servant David will be their king, and they will have only one shepherd. They will obey my regulations and be careful to keep my decrees.25 They will live in the land I gave my servant Jacob, the land where their ancestors lived. They and their children and their grandchildren after them will live there forever, generation after generation. And my servant David will be their prince forever.26 And I will make a covenant of peace with them, an everlasting covenant. I will give them their land and increase their numbers, and I will put my Temple among them forever.27 I will make my home among them. I will be their God, and they will be my people.28 And when my Temple is among them forever, the nations will know that I am the LORD, who makes Israel holy.”
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2023.06.03 16:24 TuerkiserHase Need help with contact lenses/vision stuff, please

Questions first:
  1. For those of you who have experienced corrected vision as very overwhelming: is this likely to get better if I force myself to keep wearing contact lenses/glasses for long enough? How long is that likely to take? Any advice to make it easier?
  2. Does anyone have any strategies to arrive at an optimal prescription when the fine-tuning process is really overwhelming?
  3. Anyone know what a reasonable error margin is on a prescription? Are small errors inconsequential, or is this a contributing factor to why I find it so uncomfortable to wear corrective lenses?
  4. Any tips for taking out contact lenses for someone with poor motor planning/fine motor skills?

Hey folks. I developed astigmatism in my early twenties, though it took me quite a few years to realise that I should probably actually do something about it. I have had prescription glasses for the past over-a-decade, but I can't seem to make myself wear them regularly, because it just feels totally overwhelming when I have them on. I have been trying to identify what exactly the problem is, so that I can solve it, but it's a struggle. I thought maybe it was just that I don't like having things on my face, but I just realised that I can tolerate non-prescription sunglasses (or at least I can tolerate one particular pair: they feel like a relief to put on, because bright light is brutal, so maybe that makes up for the thing-on-my-face discomfort?), so I don't think this is the primary issue. When I wear the prescription glasses, I kind of just feel ...really dissociated? It definitely impacts my depth perception, which I hear would likely go away if I forced myself to wear them consistently for long enough, but I can't seem to get over the hump with that.
Anyway, so I haven't been wearing my glasses. I don't drive, and my vision isn't that bad, so I've been getting by mostly fine, squinting when necessary. However, my vision is notably worse in one eye than the other, and I'm a little concerned that my brain might eventually give up on the bad eye (not sure how realistic a concern that is, though?). I also recently took a course, and realised (via comments from the instructor) that in order to see the board, I am essentially making 🤨 face all the time. Probably not ideal. I've also had a few weird "episodes" where my depth perception "cuts out" for a minute or so, but I'm not sure if it's related to my vision or whether it's some kind of vertigo or something. Every time I try to explain it to a doctor it's clear that they don't understand what I'm trying to describe, so it hasn't been investigated in any way, but maybe it will just stop happening if I wear corrective lenses.
So I thought I would try contact lenses. The ophthalmologist scanned my eyeballs to determine my prescription (no idea if it's worse than it used to be, but whatever), and then I took that prescription to an optometrist. The optometrist did that thing where they attempt to "fine-tune" your prescription by trying different lenses in the glasses-simulator thingy, and this is something that I consistently struggle with, because they're like, "which is better, this one, or this one?" and every time I'm like, "I don't know," because it gives me that overwhelming "I AM WEARING GLASSES" feeling, and I just can't tell which is better because they both feel bad, even though my vision is clearer. At this point, it's obvious that I'm a very irritating patient, so then I just try to just pick one, in the name of not saying, "I don't know," but I'm really not sure if that's a good approach. It has resulted in a prescription for the bad eye that is 0.5 diopters different from the cylinder measurement that the ophthalmologist measured. In other words, the prescription that I'd be wearing is not what the computer calculated based on scanning my eyes, however, maybe that's normal and inconsequential? If it's not inconsequential, does anyone have any advice for getting through this process with a more accurate prescription?
I tried on the contact lenses with the help of the optometrist, and they did seem to be more tolerable than glasses, with less of the I-don't-know-where-my-body-is sensation, though still kind of overwhelming. I was nervous about how they would feel on my eyeballs, but it was reasonably ok. I was able to get them into my eyes without issue, but getting them out was really, really difficult. It took me a really long time, and a lot of box breathing, and I have not actually worn the contact lenses since, because I'm scared that I'm not going to be able to get them out again. I'm not sure if that fear is rational or not, because my fine motor skills are actually pretty shit, but I should still be able to do this, right? Any tips for mastering this skill?
I have another appointment with the optometrist in about two weeks to check if it's all going fine, and that's presumably the time to determine if the prescription is correct, but it has little chance of being helpful if I haven't actually worn the damn things in the interim. Argh. Also all of this wasn't fully covered by my insurance, so I'm reluctant to just give up, since it wasn't cheap. Maybe I just need a pep talk?
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2023.06.03 16:24 Broad-Pace-5040 Confused about how fat cells work

Hello, I am watching this video (timestamped) https://youtu.be/RLXsZaD3oJ8?t=397 and the person says something along the lines of when you eat junk food, as it is high in simple carbs, your blood sugar spikes and since you arent using it, the hormone insulin converts it into fat. Is this true?
Does it mean that your body creates fat cells and stores them as long term body fat when you eat junk food or just any meal where you consume an excess of sugar and carbs?
From that, then wouldnt it make sense that it is possible to gain fat in a calorie deficit? Please help me clarify this misunderstanding, as I know that this logic is probably flawed but just wanted to get a good understanding on how this works
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2023.06.03 16:24 Music_is_life-24_7 What I took away from Ted Lasso.

There are an infinite versions of love. Many of them are made flesh in Ted Lasso.
C.S Lewis said it was way too easy to write evil characters like in his Screwtape Letters. He said he’d never focus on that again. Good, however, is difficult to write because it often becomes as saccharine or corny or boring. Ted Lasso showed us how good and getting better can be portrayed and lived so well. So many versions of this in these character arcs.
You don’t always have to talk. In the last episode Ted had said all he needed to say after his speech to his team and barely spoke just quietly, using only facial expressions, responded to others- especially Rebecca, his platonic soulmate.
In good writing many next episodes of characters lives are hinted at but not fully fleshed out. We are invited to imagine our own next scenarios on our own.
“All people are different people.”
Perfection is not our goal. Good and getting better is. Even God at creation merely says “It is good.” We live in hyperbole land where every little thing is fantastic, or awesome etc. when really things are simply good.
Like the story lines in Ted Lasso where major events happen off screen, the people we meet and who we are are the results of what happened before in us and to us that others did not get to witness. It’s ok. Just be kind. Love. Forgive. Allow for second chances.
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2023.06.03 16:24 imheckingnomo What is the purpose of the observers?

At the beginning of the manga Miyagi explains that the observers are there to stop people in their last year of life from doing reckless things that endanger others knowing they will be dead soon. When asked, she adds that if someone were to do something reckless and crazy their lifespan would be terminated, stopping then from carrying it out.
My issue is that later on in the manga Miyagi tells Kusunoki that she was lying and that he won't die and can do whatever he likes to her. If thats the case, then short of writing "_______ chose to go psycho" in their little notebooks what are they goingg to do to stop someone from living life like its GTA? If they can't actually stop them from doing it what purpose does an observer actually serve?
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2023.06.03 16:24 bby-jay how do you satisfy a curious mind without the internet?

as a multi passionate person, most of my joy lies in the act of learning and absorbing new information, all the time. i am a generally curious person, so the internet enables me (and my attention deficit) to an extreme level where i will have about 50+ tabs open at once trying to consume news, learn facts, find new music/ film, socialize, etc.
it is overwhelming and i actively know it contributes to my inattentive behaviors and limited ability to retain information/ long term memory.
does anyone have any recommendations on limited internet use and it’s relationship to learning (in general). when you have questions about the world, do you turn to the internet to answer these questions? where do you turn first?
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2023.06.03 16:24 Zeldias Big Ups to Jeff Jarrett

I used to talk mad shit about Double J, as I know many did. He was a fun and easy target for his gimmicks when he had probably his biggest exposure in his career, IMO. And I don't think he'd disagree. Him being a country singer was absurd in an era that was abandoning that kind of absurdity.
Holy shit, is he great now. He really aged into this shit well. And honestly, I think I've aged to where I can really appreciate what he's doing.
Maybe he's just really found his niche as a wrestler and an exec/whatever else he does there. I don't know what it is but the man is on fire right now. Blinking cowboy hat off to him, he has truly hit his stride.
Shit, put him, Billy Gunn, and Dustin in a trios stable. "The Good, the Bad, and the Booty."
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2023.06.03 16:23 mogekag [Sanity check] PG signal on ATX12VO PSU

A little over two years ago I bought a new machine for work, a Dell XPS 8940. I have used this machine every day, either for working from 9 to 5 during weekdays, some casual gaming at nights and studying over weekends and it always fit me well.
Last week I woke up to my computer turned off, but I left it on previous night. Trying to turn it on did not work, the power button didn't trigger any sign of life, not unplugging and plugging power cord back to the computer. Not a single light or click sound.
This power supply is incredibly hard to find around where I live, and it seems that Dell does not sell power supplies like this. My only alternative was to buy a used/refurbished PSU. The "new" PSU did not work, same symptoms.
Measuring PS_ON shows high (5V), measuring PWR_OK shows low (0v). Now, if I lower PS_ON to COM, the PSU turns on, as expected, but PWR_OK still shows low. As far as I understood, when PSU turns on, if all voltages are within specifications, I should see PWR_OK outputting high (5v), but that is not the case. Am I missing or misunderstanding something?
Both PSU shows present same behavior, which makes me think the issue is, in fact, with MOBO, but I am a bit curious about this PSU behavior.
tldr: Computer died, cannot be sure if MOBO or PSU is dead/malfunctioning.

What have I tried?
What I know
6 pin (MOBO):
PS_ON 12V 12V
4 pins:
12V 12V
Other people on Dell forum, with same Dell XPS 8940, have experienced same issue, sometimes a little over 2 years after buying the machine:
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2023.06.03 16:23 Cyanopsitta [SG] LG UltraGear 32GQ950 32" 4K 160Hz IPS Monitor - Warranty Replacement Unit [W] £630 Paypal G&S (Inc postage) or £600 BT (Collection only)

Item Name: LG UltraGear 32GQ950 32" 4K 160Hz IPS Monitor
Condition: Monitor is used but display panel is a brand new replacement from LG
Timestamps: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11636nsaeudnXJ4-xdCRIdUIgm7UX211A?usp=sharing
Price: £630 Paypal G&S, or (£600 BT collection only)
Postage and Payment: Free
Any additional information: LG UltraGear 32GQ950-B 32" 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor - Warranty Replacement Unit.
A brand new panel was installed by LG's warranty team after the original developed a fault. The new panel has since fixed all issues and is in pristine factory condition.
The unit has had around 1100 hours of use time since its purchase in October 2022 and it has been kept in a low dust, smoke and pet free environment. The manufacturer warranty is still available until October 2024 so please contact me for details about this if you decide to purchase!
What you will receive: LG UltraGear 32GQ950-B 32" 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor Accompanying monitor stand Original monitor power supply
Selling as I bought another monitor when this was sent to LG for the panel replacement.
Please note, in the timestamps the monitor is only showing 60Hz as my laptop does not have HDMI 2.1 but it is capable of 4K 160Hz HDR on both the HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 (DSC).
The monitor will not come in its original packaging but will be packed properly.
Collection available from Bath between 03/06 - 07/06 and 09/06 - 12/06 or West London (Kensington area) between 07/06 - 09/06
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2023.06.03 16:23 mxjmaj Shall I pick up the slave 1? It has no stand or minifigs

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2023.06.03 16:23 Rhaenelys My (26F) mother (54F) doesn't want to celebrate Christmas ever again

My father died the 25th of December 2021. That year, we had a really small gift exchange between my mother, my brother and me. We originally wanted to be with my father at the hospital that day, but he was already too far gone, and even if we didn't admit it out loud, we all knew we wouldn't see 2022.
The thing is : my brother and I didn't really have a close relationship with my father. We were sad when he passed, but I must have cried a day or two. I don't associate his death with Christmas, neither do my brother.
Mu mother does it. Last year she absolutly wanted to forget about Christmas, and insisted on going to a foreign country. I organized a trip to Spain. I wanted to include my brother, but that would have also included my SIL, and my mother can't stand her. As a result, I had to have a very akward conversation with my brother about what our plan for Christmas were. I could tell he waq a bit hurt we didn't ask him before making the plans. But he got to celebrate with his inlaws, who are VERY MUCH into celebrations, more like my family ever was. Apparently, it was really nice.
The thing is : I accepted to forget about Christmas one year for the sake of my mother, but she now acts as if I accepted to do it every year. She is stating that I promised we would go the a foreign country every year, to do tourism instead of celebrating.
I never did. When I told her that I still wanted to celebrate Christmas, and maybe sometimes with my brother, she answered that Christmas was not important, "It's the same every year, what is the point ? Gift is for birthday, at Christmas you better throw an envelopp full of cash !" I suggested we may try to do a celebration with my brother's inlaws. Her response : "they make 20 plates, it seems so boring !" Once again, my family has never been into real celebration. They taught my brother and I the celebration yoj see on TV, whether for Christmas or Birthday, are just for TV. Our birthday didn't have eveb a cake before my 18th where I decided to organize my own party for the first time. Best I ever had.
When we talked about our plans this year, I was adament I wanted to celebrate Christmas. She was adament that she wanted to travel, and if I wasn't on board, then she'll go alone.
I feel letting her leaving alone would make me a jerk. But I also really want to celebrate Christmas. I don't have any family outside of my mother and brother.
I don't think it's a legacy my father would have cared leaving for us. He made great effort every year to piss on every thing we made for Christmas, and not one into finding us gifts...
So : how can I explain to my mother that this really bothers me ? Thab even if it's the sale every year, I really like Christmas and actually want to do bigger parties than I ever had in ly childhood ? That I don't associate my father with that day ?
I know it's really early, but she is already looking into plane tickets.
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2023.06.03 16:23 onmyway133 Over 50 places to promote and launch your products

Over the years of building apps, I've bookmarked places where we can share and launch products. Product Hunt launch is usually the primary focus but it does not hurt to promote it in other places

So I've listed them here https://indiegoodies.com/awesome-launch with taggings. It has helped me a ton when I launched my projects. Hope you find it useful
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2023.06.03 16:23 LimpAd9994 Camera repair shops near upd

Hello! Does anyone know where I can get my digital camera fixed? Preferably yung around campus lang.
Thank you :>
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2023.06.03 16:23 ksprzk Moving to Orange County, looking for some help with cities / neighborhoods

My wife and I are moving to Orange County but haven’t decided where yet. Hoping to get some recommendations on areas to look at as well as any advice / thoughts.
Short background on us, we’re in our mid-thirties. We have a 2 year old who goes to a Montessori daycare/school. My wife will work remote and I’ll be working in Irvine.
We will be renting a house to start and then likely buying a year later. We currently live in Portland in a 4/2 ranch with a 2 car garage. Ideally we would rent something similar. We do have a small dog so areas that have nice walks / safe streets would be good. Since our daughter isn’t in school yet, school district isn’t as important but will be when we buy in a year or so.
Outside of work we love good coffee, music, restaurants, and parks for the kiddo. A city that has farmers markets / community type of events would be nice. I do jiu jitsu and will likely end up at One in Irvine or Conde Koma in Los Alimitos (I have friends at those gyms, I know they’re not close to each other). My wife surfs but she is fairly casual and she also does ballet and would love to find a ballet studio.
For commute: I have to go to the office 2-3 days a week and I’m not opposed to commuting 20-30 minutes if it means we are in a neighborhood we really like.
For neighborhoods we’re looking for something quieter, not looking to battle street parking or super high density neighborhoods. Somewhere safe for my kid. Close to coffee shops, restaurants is a plus. Bars / nightlife aren’t as big of a deal.
I think that’s about all I have. Thanks if you’ve read this far!
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2023.06.03 16:23 yt_coolcrooner Game with a red ball [unidentified media]

Hi. I'm searching for a game, and some of my friends told me that this was the right place.
Description of the game :
This is a 2D platformer that I've got on my old mobile, where you're controlling a red ball, and you need to save other balls (I'm not sure but I think there is one in black and white).
The atmosphere is chill, like most of the levels are in something like a meadow, with flowers and clear grass. I remember that there was some bosses to save some balls, there was a level in some "hell" looking design, If i'm remembering correctly, and a boss that was flying, shooting at you in the air or directly going on you to attack you.
I'm sure the game is not from the red ball serie (red ball 1-2-3-4-5) cause they got released way too late and the graphics are absolutly not looking like this, you can see the pixels and it isn't made for touch screen
The phone it was on :
Does not have a touch screen, with a physical keyboard I changed it 8 years ago and I don't remember the name or the brand of it.
Buyed it in around 2010 so I think its like a 2008-2013 phone
The resolution of the screen was quite low, so the game is not "polished", you can still see the pixels of the graphics, even if they are pretty small.
I remember having really good times on this game, so I want to find it cause of the nostalgia.
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2023.06.03 16:23 DonMahallem ADXL345 frequency analysis for input shaping on Marlin

As marlin does not intend(for reasons I understand) to support automatic input shaping Tuning via probes like on Klipper I threw together a very rudimentary frequency analyzer with an ADXL345 and an ESP32. As I had to learn a lot along the way and only spent few hours on this it is far from prime time BUT the results where not that far of from what I got from the tuning tower but it took far less time and material.
I wanted to ask if you know of any projects that do something similar(which are less jank than mine). I intend to write a Octoprint plugin to automate the whole thing but with better Arduino code than I do currently use.
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