Healing streams live with pastor chris


2022.08.16 11:37 EvaHitchens MommyRamblingsGossip

Mommy ramblings blog became pretty known on youtube with her videos on the Chris Watts case. For years she almost live streams every night. She talkes about true crime, crafting and auction sales. She let's members of her community call in often. A lot of ex members of her community claim she is dominant, demanding and she threatens them to expose personal information she has on them.

2011.03.27 03:32 Solfire Psionics: The Parascience Community


2013.11.29 04:27 What So Not

A subreddit dedicated to Sydney-based electronic music producer Chris Emerson, AKA What So Not.

2023.06.04 09:12 Floodman11 The Centenary Edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans - Test Day Discussion Thread

Everything you need to know about the Le Mans event!

Context, insight, history, experiences, legends, heroes, stories, classes, resources, discussion, times, and everything else you will need to understand this phenomenal event. If you've not had a look at that thread, make sure you check it out!

Session Times

Session 1: 10:00 Local, 08:00 UTC, 04:00 ET, 18:00 AEST – 3 Hours

Session 2: 15:30 Local, 13:30 UTC, 09:30 ET, 23:30 AEST – 3 Hours

Track Information: 13.626km (8.467mi) Circuit, located in Le Mans, Pays de la Loire, France
Track Website
Official Test Day Entry List
Track Map with Marshal Post and Slow Zone locations
Le Mans Weather


There is no video streaming of the Le Mans test day
Radio coverage thanks to Radio Le Mans

Live Timing

Social Media

  • Twitter Hashtags: #FIAWEC #24hrLeMans #LeMansCentenary
Jump into /WEC's discord server! We have a channel entirely dedicated to Le Mans action, plus voice chat, team ranks, and a very friendly bunch of people!
Remember to sort by "new" to stay up to date!
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2023.06.04 09:10 Vision-Quest-9054 Alternate Source Of Electricity

Hi everyone,
I'm new here, so forgive me for any mistakes or typos. This post might be a bit long, but if you can, please review it and give me your thoughts.
Given my deep concern over an impending natural disaster or SHTF event, I have been researching hard on where to find an alternative power source for my home. My house is 4,000 square feet or 371.6122 Square meters and has a main circuit control panel of 400 amps and a Generac propane generator reserved for emergencies that produce 15-20 kW per hour. My home contains multiple appliances, including a water heater, heat pump, 2 refrigerators, a large freezer, a chest freezer, a washer and dryer, and a well pump. My home is located pretty far up a mountain and close to the boonies.
Because of our isolated geography on mountainous terrain beneath tree canopies and dense covering, solar energy (as well as wind energy) is out of the question, and so is mini-hydroelectricity since there are no running streams nearby. Given these limitations, we are left searching for a biofuel generator. Weeks of research have left me with two options so far: an older diesel engine that can run on homemade biofuel or a wood gasifier that can (supposedly) transfer fuel into any generator engine where it will run efficiently.
When asking other experts at electric companies, including Generac distributors, about using wood gas as an alternative fuel to power my system, they tell me that the BTUs produced would be insufficient for my entire house and that going off-grid is unrealistic. They further discouraged me by saying that if a national emergency or social collapse happened, I should either go to the Red Cross for help or get used to living in the post-apocalyptic dark ages. This answer doesn't seem right to me.
Would anyone here know of a good generator system that could be used with biofuel to produce electricity? This system would need to tie in 60 Hz for my home rather than 50 Hz(standard nominal voltage for the American home) and would also need to maintain 110-120 nominal volts. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that there are no geothermal heat pockets in my region either.
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2023.06.04 09:08 Fearless_Friendship7 Vedo mai mansahar hai ya nahi ? Es prashan ka uttar

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2023.06.04 08:59 crazycatco If you need to recharge your energy, read very, very carefully

If you need to recharge your energy, read very, very carefully
If your battery is drained, if you find yourself really exhausted -
How connected are you really with the source of all life and the connection with your highest self?
Also let me say- this isn't that you're doing something wrong if you find yourself in that state. We all do.
This just means we need to recalibrate and we are being called to grow more.
We must learn the lesson before we can be freed.
It is about clearing away everything that isn't YOU first, because that is zapping away a lot of your energy
How will you do this though with the tools you already have if this has been a challenge? Wouldn't you have figured it out yet if those tools were enough?
That pain is calling you, and guiding you to more - that pain is your higher self guiding you
The feeling of being exhausted goes beyond the physical, beyond the heat, beyond the work- it goes into soul levels
I do the same energetic alignment each morning that I ask my students to do to maintain their own energy
The spirit realm is the really where the magic happens - so that has to come first
We are literally manifesting out in physical form all of the concepts and ideas from that realm
You could know all of the healing techniques in the world, and you could do them perfectly
But if your energy is not pure, the impact will be minimal
I want to teach you how to cultivate the ENERGY that heals, because that's the ingredient most people miss
And then they wonder why they can't make a living doing their healing work, when they could if they just refined their own energy
I get it. I went to school for psychology, addiction counseling, I became a certified hypnotherapist, I went through all the levels of Reiki
I would apply the protocols and concepts but when I first started, results for my clients were sparse
Because I hadn't learned how to cultivate my own energy fully yet
As soon as I learned the energetic keys that I now teach, things really started taking off
I was able to quit my office job and not look back, because the world needed my healing
I was filled with a vital energy, and I knew how to get back there if I fell off track
I went from confused and exhausted to trusting my intuition and was able to simplify everything down
To what's really important - my energy
If you need help getting your energy back to a good place, start with seeing yourself through the perspective of your higher self
Drain all the energy out of your field that isn't you - it's a process ✌️
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2023.06.04 08:58 AndreiDaBoi Dream

Had a dream last night, that doesn't happen very often, only if it's a déjà vu or my brain finally kicking in the excitement after I saw a mail form Xbox with Silksong on the top cover with 2 other games and they also made a full description about the game. In the dream there was this live video that was streaming since 2019 but also since recently. It was just black, the Void from HK and then it turned fully black. A noise like the clinging of swords made a small light and there appeared some kind of Silksong trailer which was very faint and then Hornet's theme started with new gameplay and locations that we have yet to see. Text appeared on the screen, text about although the delay, Silksong is realising, June 24th 2023. The Void took over again but something was off it wasn't the Void it was something else, a boss yet to be seen. I hope I'm not going insane, so I ask of your opinion dear friends.
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2023.06.04 08:53 Rid-Dler I hope you know this

You know how one day you are just a person with your whole life planned and on the docket with that "one" person who you thought would stay, only to find yourself standing at the crossroads of shattered dreams, watching as the certainties of your existence unravel before your eyes. Who you thought would hold you when the frenzy hurricane starts rumbling inside you. Who you thought would not let you be heartsick and heartbroken, the one who was supposed to make you feel like slab, unmovable and unbothered by silly little things life throws at you. But alas, you just felt a pebble, easily replaceable and thrown away.
I always thought death is the biggest loss anyone could experience. In most cases, it is indeed. But you know what is arguably the biggest or 2nd biggest feeling of loss - it is when you lose someone by choice. You lose someone who is alive and well, yet unable to mend things. I know it's hard, it's harder to live by it day by day. The constant anxiety, the uncalled panic, the sudden burst of emotions drowning you with the memories.
But you should probably know that this impending doom is temporary. I want to remind you that life, even in its most painful moments, still holds beauty. It's often in times like these, when our hearts are broken and our spirits are heavy, that we become acutely aware of the fragility and fleeting nature of life. Each day the memories will blur a little more, the pain will hurt a bit less, you will smile a lot wider and the life that you planned earlier will be a distant memory.
I know it may feel impossible to imagine this right now but life has an extraordinary way of mending our brokenness and guiding us towards something better. I hope you realise your capacity to love is infinite, and as you heal, you will find that love is not a finite resource. In the depths of your heartache, seek solace in the symphony of connections that intertwine your life.
And you know how one day you are just a person with your whole life planned ahead and on the docket with that "one" person who you thought would stay. I hope you understand that the "one" you really need to stay is "You". The "You" who hadn't lost herself in this crazy stupid world.
With love and care, V
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2023.06.04 08:51 queentofu gold in these comments. she will NEVER talk about what we wanna know.

gold in these comments. she will NEVER talk about what we wanna know.
okay guys. i’m done. i’ve snarked my ass off enough. i will still be reading and maybe will reply here or there if the mood strikes. but i’m done and i feel like i’m crossing over into a weird line here of snarking a bit too much to the point that it might be not the healthiest. i really just am someone who used to be a subscriber who thought she was genuine and authentic like she claimed to be. i guess i am just as flabbergasted and baffled as everyone else here. i guess i feel stupid and misled by someone i thought was a genuine person to look up to in a way as someone in recovery myself.
i just wanted to post these. i marked out people’s names but i color coded everyone with their own color. it’s wild to me the things she will like, the things she responds to, and the things she doesn’t.
does she not see that her silence says more than the fluff blabber she throws out there? does she not see that WE know she sees the stuff we are saying? we know she’s ignoring it. she deletes people’s comments off stuff and she picks the poorly worded comments to actually answer because they are easier for her to deflect on. if someone actually comes with a well worded - VALID form of the question - surprise! we don’t get answers. we won’t get accountability.
she thinks she’s really doing something by answering specific comments and then goes quiet when people get too specific for her to handle.
i included the one where she liked someone saying “the truth always comes out” just because i think it’s going to be GOLD when this all goes to shit and when she and J have a falling out and he turns on her. also when R can finally say his side. also when who knows what other shit is going to leak through the cracks.
before i make this my last post for a while - again, i just want to state that she needs to log off and take this dirty laundry toxic shit off the internet for the sake of herself - everyone involved and MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE: her children.
and to Jess (if you ever read this): anything i’ve posted - and i’ve been very careful with the way i’ve worded posts as well as comments - which you can see by viewing my profile… everything i’ve posted or said is what REAL “constructive criticism” actually looks like.
YOU made us feel like we deserve answers because you offered to come correct with proof about what we want to know in the first place. the drug tests for DSS/CPS…. the allegations of cheating on both sides with your ex. and then you back pedaled on it and now you have decided to completely gaslight ALL of us when YOU are the one who offered to speak on those things in the first place.
your manipulative and deflective trash might work with the majority of people in your life and online… but it doesn’t work for all of us. those of us with more than one brain cell and a clue.
the thing i really want you to take away from this is this: sure, you might upset a lot of people if you go dark on the internet. but it would be respectable at this point. healthy minded people see that’s not only the right thing for you to do - but the only way to ACTUALLY save your ass at this point.
not only that - but don’t EVER build a platform on being sober, being authentic, real, raw, honest, and “an open book” - promising us answers and saying you’re going to speak on things only to turn around and gaslight everyone by saying we are obsessed with your (sex) life and that we only get to know what you want to share and that we aren’t entitled to intimate details of your life. you have no problem sharing intimate details of your life as long as YOU don’t look like the bad guy. as long as YOU look like the victim. at the expense of everyone around you - and more than anyone else: your kids.
and yes - everyone has a right to change their minds… but just be honest about why you changed your mind. even if you said, “hey, you know what? i don’t want to speak about these things anymore because it doesn’t paint me in the best light and i’m scared of looking horrible for the things i’ve done.” even THAT would be more honorable and honest than what you’re doing.
just know - you have gaslit the people who got you that plaque. you have gaslit the ones who got you started on youtube in the first place. you said so yourself. we did that for you. the TRUE constructive criticism (not hate) is coming from those of us who are upset because we followed you and thought the world of you in the first place.
everyone fucks up. we are human. you acting like you are only ever a victim responding out of reactive abuse isn’t admitting your faults or fuck ups. you aren’t a victim 100% of the time. and you’d rather have us believe that lie than just being AN OPEN BOOK that you claim to be.
log off. take a break from online. work on healing for yourself and your children. use your degree you’re so proud of and get a real job that doesn’t involve monetarily gaining off ruining your ex online and blasting intimate details of your children’s lives.
go eat a sandwich and take a nap.
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2023.06.04 08:50 n47iq Yesterday I read a reddit post discussing my tweets and I wanted to adress some things.

4 days before the release of our album, We got in an argument. I had clarified from the beginning i would need 2 things if we're going to do a collaborative album - a primary on the project + 50% splits (In all of our earlier collaboration nothing like this was ever discussed but we're coming together after 3 years and both of us have a brand of our own now, its work and thus i clarified what i needed before hand). He agreed to that. As soon as the masters came I reminded Nanku that make sure it comes on my profile and you make splits. He uses distrokid where he had exhausted all his artist slots, I suggested him to use CD Baby for one time use and we can split the money its required to distribute through it, He said cool ill do it today and inform you. I checked with him 2 days later to find out he distributed it without my name on the album, without informing me, and without making splits. We were on a call about the same thing and as soon as he cut the call he distributed on Distrokid without adding me in the primary, without making any splits and without informing me. When confronted he says "Yaar ab randirona mat kar". It was followed by a long to and fro where I held him accountable and he tried his best to manipulate me into letting it be. Things like "Dude who cares spotify is social media" "Kya farak padta hai naam aye ya na aaye" "Bhai ek hafte baad sabkuch shift hojayega" "Bro is spotify>Life?" "Ab mai album dekhu ya teri wants" And a couple of more totally obnoxious things. I wanted it to be redistributed the proper way, He was adamant on not doing that because that would mean it wont be live at the bombay gig.
About the Bombay launch – His management had the idea of launching the album on Bombay gig. They almost finalised everything and had made their mind before talking to me about it. Next day when they told me, I said dude you know I have my exams coming any moment now, You know I can’t come there, and if it’s a collaborative album both the artists should present it. He told me he wants even if I’m unable to come, him and his team should launch it themselves because it’s “once in a lifetime” opportunity (?) He started guilting me by saying things like “Bhai mai teri jaga hota toh ye hone deta agar mai nahi aa paata toh bhi” “Bhai isey rok mat isey hone de”
I gave in and said cool. Anyway back to where I was
We fought for a while. He said most he can do is submit an edit request to put my name after (issue with that is, most of times, edits reflect after weeks, so the album would still go live without my name; luckily it went through on time and it got sorted however things had turned way too ugly by then) He then involved a LOT of people and created an absolute mess like Roy who decided to call me randomly and explain to me how I should focus more on youtube and other platforms and not spotify and that he'll make videos and do branding work for me if I let this slide (?).
Anyway. Later that night, He decided to get shit drunk and shout like an absolute maniac at me how i am a fucking this up, simply for wanting my name on my work (lmao) , it got very ugly and got to the point where I wanted it to be canned. The central theme of the project was the time we spent at Naharpur, our friendship, It seemed very lame and meaningless after hearing these things from my “Friend”. I told him i dont wanna produce this anymore, take your songs and produce them yourself to which this dude replies "Teri beats to mai le raha hu, kya karega? Case karega?" and laughed. I warned him if he does that, i will premiere it right now on youtube. He said cool karle. I set the premiere, Informed him that i am doing that. He said alright
If the album comes it will come my way or it wont. Not rijul's way, Not Roy's way, Not anyone else's way. I worked equally hard and contributed a lot more than just beats. If the other half of the project wants to be inconsiderate and selfish, I don’t have any business considering what he wants as well.
Next day they told me I HAVE to come to bombay (In his defense, he had booked expensive last moment tickets for me to come to the gig) But no way I was gonna stay one whole day with this maniac. I cancelled the flight.
During the launch i see him branding the whole thing as "My album", his friends potraying it as “Bhai ki album” and these subtle things. Next day he went ranting and bitching to everyone about how i uploaded "without informing" him and fucked the launch, completing leaving the part he threatened me. Telling people they should not work with me. Verbally harassing my friend Toorjo multiple times for hours at a time (who wasnt even involved in this any way) because he couldnt get to me. Telling him he should watch his back with me, intrestingly he had the same thing to say about Toorjo to me just a few months ago (lol)
PS - my tweet about Reddit review of the album wasn't meant in a bad way and I was not complaining about it. It was just suprising because the songs I was least confident about were appreciated the most (BOP and Zubaida) and opposite with songs i was sure about (Trippy, Dhishkyau!, SOJA).
After a few days, Karun on a call with toorjo said "I don't want to be associated with you guys anymore" and was pretty rude in general, I gave it back to him but I saw them milking our releases 2 days later at paid gigs. If you really do not want to be associated, why not stop playing our instrumentals at gigs? Why not clear royalties and move forward? Fuck that, why not take down and builld the album fresh like you did with Itti si?
My scene with J block was not related to royalties, it was more of a personal thing. J block had royalty issues with Siddhant, him being a friend, I was standing up for him. It started with Siddhant finding out they split gig money amongst themselves but don’t keep Siddhant in the loop, after which Lonekat flipped out. They held his royalties (650$) for months and then started saying we dont have it, have sent it back to the distribution site, which is impossible. Not sure what happened afterward, stopped following up on that. They also claimed to have “made” Siddhant when in reality, they only started getting any sort of traction after Siddhant came in to the picture. They also used personal incidents Siddhant shared with Lonekat in confidence to trigger and personally attack him. And the worst of it all, they said they’ll send a “bill” to Siddhant for production, mixing mastering, recording his songs. Why would Siddhant pay you for songs that he wrote, recorded, made videos for and agreed to give it to you to put on your channel? He's working and putting stuff on YOUR channel. It’s like I can’t ask someone to give me a verse on my song which is going to release through me and then also say “it’ll cost you to rap on my beat” it doesn’t make sense. After the “bill” thing, Siddhant asked them to remove his stuff. Faizan asked to not include his guitar if Bandeya is reuploaded but when I asked him to take down my songs nicely and politely, it was a big deal? Lol. That’s exactly what you did with Bandeya.
I agree with Agaahi that I have not been professional and striking isnt the way to deal with things, however he completely skipped the part where It had not come to that before he said something along the lines of – Song isnt coming down do whatever you want, take it down if you can – or something like that. Not sure, don’t have the chats anymore. Hence "gundagardi". I retracted all the strikes the very same day when Circle Tone and Saqlen mediated things. But not surprised Agaahi would talk shit about now out of all times, Block and associates have been trying to ride on Udbhav and Karun’s hype since way too long. Also what’s this “We should call him out” ya’ll already did with some kids putting stories about me after you told them stuff. And weird of him to use Naezy incident against me now when he was very quick to shit on Naezy on facebook posts in support of me when it happened.
I was in 10th or so when Naezy’s first track had come out (2014-2015). I was very active in the Facebook hip hop community and started talking to Naezy there. He asked me if I can produce, I was fairly new at production. He asked me for a beat on which him and his friends could shoot a cypher on. Few months later he blew up and got signed so I assumed the cypher wont happen anymore and forgot about it. Me and Naezy didn’t communicate after it. 2017 I randomly see that very same beat being used in Bombay 70 – MAMI short film, I wasn’t told anything about my beat being used and there was no credits as such, On reaching out to Naezy he didn’t do anything about it and I let it slide. 3 years later I saw him actually release that song. No permission, No informing, No producer credits in the title (It was pretty standard at that time in hip hop songs). On confronting he said “Description me likha hai na, kaafi hai permission aur title ka kya karna hai” etc. He did some similar shit with the artists who used to make artworks for him. We collectively decided to call him out for these things.
Feeling solely entitled to a collaborative piece of work seems to be a common issue in all these incidents. I don’t think its very hard to grasp you cannot claim 100% ownership of work you got done for free.
Someone said royalties arent significant in amount, why fight over it – No one knows when a song might blow up, we never knew Aajkal would have half a mil streams 3 years later or Heeriye 800k. Plus if its so hard to get royalties which are small in amount what do you think is going to happen when they are big in number?
I don’t have people to babysit me through a music career unlike some of the people mentioned , So excuse me if i come on a lil too strong to get my share of whatever I have made. I have to look after myself and my work and I don’t find anything wrong in doing so. I’m just trying not to get screwed in the name of brotherhood and friendship. Friends don’t pull shit like this for a couple of claps, views and story mentions.
This is my final say on the issue
Thank you
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2023.06.04 08:46 PiggyMcoof Article 22: Mimic

Kona gave everyone a tour of his base. When he was done, it had become night. "It's nighttime, I recommend everyone gets a bit of sleep. We don't want to work on this project tired." Kona said. When everyone was asleep, a figure explored the lab and temple below. This figure is blended to look like Ron but yet isn't Ron. Kona saw this on his camera and grabbed his blowtorch. Kona went into the room Ron was sleeping in and used his blowtorch on Ron's hand. "OWW!!! What was that for?" Ron says as his hand was burnt. Kona responds "You went downstairs without permission. Of all it had to have been you." Kona remarked. "You fried my hand. Isn't that a bit much?" Ron asks. "Well, I guess I have been known for getting carried away in situations like this, but still you shouldn't have been down there." Kona replied. Ron was shown the footage and just ran outside where the swarm of infected grew. In the night Ron had abandoned everyone at Kona's house and started going on his own. The frigid temperatures were nothing for his suit and helped soothed his burn to the point where it just needed to physically heal. Some time later Annie and Duocara went down to the downstairs temple to clear the way for everyone. The first thing they encountered was the thousands year old pharaoh. His claws were long and sharp... He went straight for Annie. Annie tried her best to dodge the pharoah's blows. Duocara's face switched to it's blue sad state "Nobody touches friend..." Duocara said in his robotic voice. Ron was walking through a snowy forest when he found a couple of old Festive (or not so festive because this timeframe isn't anywhere near the holiday season) Cabins. Ron knocked on the door and an older wolf opened the door to greet him. "Wanda Wolf..." Ron said in awe and shock. "Yes it is me. It's been so long since the last we've met hasn't it?" She said admiring how long it's been. "You know when you officers locked me up in the slammer." Before Ron could respond to that, she said "Through my time in there, I've learned a few things. But the struggle of money was a big hassle. Regardless, I hope my children are doing well." Ron paused and asked "Willow and William?" "Correct, do you know what happened to them?" She asked. "I do but unfortunately nothing good." Ron told her. "William died and Willow as far as I know sacrificed herself to an infected." Ron says while taking his hat off and holding in in both hands in front of him, like what he did in front of Willow. "Well, before I loose myself, I want to show you to my friend." Wanda told him. Wanda and Ron walked into a room where there was an elderly tiger staring at a drawing. "What are you look at?" Ron asked the old tiger focuses his eyes on Ron. "It's a drawing my son made of himself, after I haven't heard much of him after he left." he answered. "What made him leave you? And what's your name?" Ron asks "My name's Tank and my son left us because of the things my wife did to him, I remember sneaking him out of the house when she was asleep because I didn't want to see him live life suffering like I did, we got him enlisted to the military and that's the last I've seen of him." He said you could tell he's being fully honest. At that moment Annie found what looked like Ron. With his head down and his back faced towards Annie then Annie says "Ron, there you are, why did you run off? It's okay to tell me anything and you know that." She said in her nice gentle voice. But the reaction she got wasn't so nice and gentle... At that time Kona came down to the temple to see what was going on. That's when he tapped a golem statue made it come to life. "Gryffyn, catch." The Ron-like being said and soon enough Annie and Kona had been picked up by the Gryffyn. Duocara saw this but the Ron-like entity pulled several gears out of Duocara's chest resulting in Duocara breaking. Eventually Annie and Kona were tied together and brought to a dangerous place... The military base of Outpost Echo. Hanging in the cave over a high edge Annie and Kona had be taken. Back at the cabins with Tank, Wanda, and Ron a full on military aircraft landed in the front. Where Commander Fergus hopped out and took Wanda and Ron to see Sgt. Monroe. "Well, what's this? Cop and criminal. We've been flying around for a while. Didn't think we'd see other survivors. Now, we got a distress call from Dr. Payton. The mission would be to get to him and get rid of all the infected." Sgt. Monroe says in his gruff and deep voice. It was then where Ron said "I think I'm feeling a bit queasy." before falling to the ground and blacked out. Purple spirals surrounded the scene. Ron saw Markus and then Dessa then Zizzy, Glenn, Willow, and Marley Russell surround him. "No, you lot are not real." Ron says denying what he sees. Out of all of them Dessa walks up to Ron and put her hand on his arm. "Come with us Ron." She says in a soothing voice that sounds a little chaotic Ron then blinks and all of his dead friends disappeared and TIO takes his position in front of Ron. "Ron..." TIO says. "I've been fascinated with you for a while. You humans are rather... Unique. You see, you nor Annie can't get infected." TIO continues. "And you're calling me unique... Take a look in a mirror." Ron responds. "I love making deals, deals nobody can forget. Look what has happened to Markus, Dessa, Zizzy, Glenn, Willow and Marley Russell." TIO says before talking a bit of a breath and then continues."Join me and we'll get the upper hand on the infection." He continued. "What makes you think I'd join someone like you?" Ron asked. "Why you..." Ron says in frustration as he woke up. He woke up in the military vehicle. "You fell sleep, no worries. You didn't miss much." Said Commander Fergus. Wanda and the Sargent talk about day-to-day lives. Ron walked up to the commander. "So, did you loose anyone near and dear to your heart, Commander Fergus? "Oy, I remember when the troops die to infection. So sad." It was the Ron noticed Commander Fergus' thick and Russian accent, "How about people like family? Maybe a friend you made?" Ron asked Commander Fergus and the commander answered "Oy, it's been so long since I've seen them. They're probably the infected now." Commander Fergus says, his expression being a bit sadder than before. Meanwhile Tigry and Delta led Doggy, Pony, Bunny, Laura, Katie, Mr. P, Sheepy, Torcher, Mimi, Giraffy, Shardantus, Silzous, UNIT-10, Robby, Georgie, and the twins to Outpost Echo. Tigry and Delta along with the other aforementioned personel arrive to Outpost Echo first, only to be greeted a cold welcome... The coldest welcome by Mr. Bliss. The living snowman caught Mimi by surprise but before he could attack, Mitch stopped him, it was living scarecrow vs. living snowman. Mr. Bliss was using his icesicle hand to Mitch's axe, Mr. Bliss then hopped on a building and then Glenn was summoned as shards of ice and crystal blocked the entrance. Mr. Bliss now holding Mitch by the neck while Glenn and the infected soldiers terrorize everyone. That's when Anteo (Another one of Dr. Payton's projects) enters the scene and holds Mr. Bliss by his ant hands, releasing Mitch that's when Mimi recognizes Mitch and gives him a hug. Glenn has cornered Bunny and Giraffy but then Glenn sinks to the ground. That's when the military vehicle arrives at the base opening to reveal Sargent Monroe, Commander Fergus, Ron, Wanda, and some living soldiers. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Sargent Monroe asks himself, "The king of Dolovia, some scientists, civilians and a bunch of deserters and a criminal." The sargent says while looking at everyone. "A serial killer and don't get me started on you..." Sgt. Monroe says while looking at Silzous and then Laura. Doggy was less focused on the military but wondering what Ron was doing with the military. "Ron! There you are. Where have you been? I missed you." Doggy asks. Ron explains it "So, I saw an odd version of myself on Kona's camera and went to blow off a bit of steam when I find a cabin where Wanda here was waiting for the infection to roll over." Meanwhile Shardantus asks the Military to give him and his friends access to the base's lab. Fergus pulls out a white key from his pocket and hands it to Shardantus. "Good luck with that cure. We'll handle things from up here for you. Tigry, Torcher, Delta, do you three mind? Rockets, petrol, and ammunition are plentiful in here." Said Sgt. Monroe. Sargent Monroe looked at Mimi and said "Mimi, it's been so long. Good luck in there." Mimi then responded "Thanks dad, and may the best of luck on blowing brains out of infected." She says while hugging him. In the cave they find Annie and Kona tied up dangling over a ledge. "Hey guys..." Annie says in bit of a struggling but also relieved to see everyone, Kona on the other hand is sleeping heavily. That's when everyone witnesses the other version of Ron appear even though the real Ron is standing between Doggy and Mimi. Ron then charges at the other version of himself and then Ron and his mimic got into a fight, punching, kicking one another. Kona woke up to the sound of Ron and the imposter Ron. The imposter Ron falls over and then a spirit or some sort of entity comes out of it. She flew herself over towards Annie and Kona. She hops into Annie and the imposter Ron disintegrates into nothingness while an imposter Annie falls to the ground on the opposite side of everyone else.
End of Article 22.
"Master would be proud of me. I'm making his distraction."
"No one can hear me down here and Anteo is gone. It doesn't matter, I have you to at least keep me company. Though you may be an infected... A darker, creepier infected... You have kept me company for this long."
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2023.06.04 08:45 HildegardVonBangin19 For the ones triggered by the corporal punishment in SHP.

I am up in the middle of the night processing. I watch all the documentaries and docuseries that come out, as an ex-fundie lite. Over time, these things have been less triggering to me than they used to be. The Hillsong & Liberty stuff had there moments, but I started “officially” deconstructing in 2019 (after like 15 years of a slow unravel) and I’ve been through some great therapy. It still stings though and every time one of these “things” comes along, I still have to acknowledge it and make space for how it lands on me.
I was really triggered by the reminder of the goals and aims of corporal punishment. Just seeing the umbrellas again was triggering. That feelings of powerlessness took my breath away. The fact that IBLP ideas about authority and punishment had infiltrated the military and police and education systems across our country filled me with rage and deep sense of despair. I didn't realize there was a direct connection.
The goal of corporal punishment is to break your will. To cause you to disconnect from your needs and desires, to minimize them, deny them, gaslight yourself into not wanting them because your needs and desires are bad. To essentially become a robot. If your will can’t be broken, you are “carnally minded” and evil. The things you want and desire are actually evil. Your needs are not important at all. You are just a vessel of God, a tool, an instrument. That is your purpose. You better find a way to purge those evil desires or everyone will know, especially God, that you are bad and you are going to suffer because of it. You will be a Jezebel. Rebellion is witchcraft.
I was a Jezebel and I knew it. I created a very rich inner world that I lived in much of my childhood. My parents tried to break my will. And they did to a certain extent. When you’re asked to place yourself over your dad’s knee or hit with a wooden spoon or a hair brush enough times, you learn it’s just better to comply. Externally. But inside your mind, you can do whatever you want.
Hello dissociation, my old friend. Still learning how to stay present, to feel safe enough to stay present.
The problem is that when your needs and desires are beaten out of you and you hear constant messaging about your wickedness (and the wickedness of others), your sense of self is shattered. It takes a long time to heal - to deconstruct and reconstruct your identity - and that journey is different for each person. All these years later I still have moments where I have to take a moment to actually construct a part of my identity, to accept a need that I have or explore a desire through the eyes of my authentic Self. I have to recognize when my behaviors are because I am self-punishing. It's hard to get rid of that feeling that punishment, pain, is the only way you'll get better. Those Inner Critics take awhile to disarm.
I forgot how powerful corporal punishment and the enforcement of authority and hierarchy were in shattering my sense of self, by villainizing my legitimate needs and desires and rendering my powerless over my environment. That feeling of being isolated from my own Self. I remember feeling betrayed when my parents hit me. Like, I could never accept that it came from love. It always felt like they loved me in SPITE of me. Not love me BECAUSE I’m me. It’s still the case today.
Having my son is what ultimately initiated my actual deconstruction. It’d been slowly happening over the course of a decade but when I looked into his eyes, I realized there is NO FUCKING WAY I’m teaching my son that he’s evil and wicked and deserves to be in hell. There was no way that I could hit him. I didn’t want to love him IN SPITE of him. I love him for all that he is, no matter what.
I realized that, because of the way that I was “loved,” that I had “loved” others that way too… in SPITE of them being flawed. I realized that Christianity had taught me to love people that way and that I didn't want to love people that way. I wanted to love them BECAUSE they are who they are, it's special and wonderful. That all human beings deserve love.
I hate everything about the IBLP and conservative Christianity because they truly believe that everyone, including their children, are full of wickedness and need authority and punishment to be better. To have their will broken, to be purged of their true identity so that they will comply with their superior. They want you to be powerless and then accept that your powerlessness is good for you. FUUCCCK. Triggering.
This is why we have the prison system we do in America. This is why we have unchecked police. It’s why we throw people with addictions in prison instead of getting them treatment. Their entirely warped beliefs about the wickedness of humans have shaped this country deeply. BURN IT ALL DOWN. Fuck them all.
They TRICKED you into thinking that their version of love is the "real" kind of love BUT IT IS NOT. REAL LOVE DOESN'T LOVE YOU IN SPITE OF YOU... REAL LOVE LOVES YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU. Those are some miserable people. Their love is fake.
edit: clarifying works because typing in the middle of the night
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2023.06.04 08:43 Breeds1 Breedsblood1 Channel: Tarja - Until My Last Breath - Live Streaming Reactions with Songs and Thongs

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2023.06.04 08:42 cosmicrailway2020 2.5 years no contact. It's much better but I still struggle

About 2.5 years ago I ended a 3+ year relationship with my nex after finding out he was having an affair for 3 months or so. The whole relationship was rough but it eventually got to a point where I was barely hanging on.
The last few months prior to the breakup were terrible and while the cheating occured (which I didn't know of) my ex was constantly breaking me down and causing fights and problems to prove to me how terrible our relationship was because of me, making me try to fix everything about myself in hopes of repairing it.
Then what went down after the breakup was even worse. The breakup itself was calm, amicable because by that time I had no energy to fight so i just accepted it and left.
My ex kept our apartment and the cat bc I couldn't afford it alone so I moved to a dorm. He didn't let me go pack my things for 2 weeks and only mailed what i packed in boxes about a month later. Some of my stuff arrived after 4 months and some never arrived to this day.
He brought the woman there before I moved out and she left her stuff all over the house like a dog marking territory. It was horrible to go home and see someone replace you in just a few days. This was followed by small petty actions like returning gifts i gave him over the years to me or my mom, unfollowing me even on stuff like pinterest and keeping my belongings hostage etc.
I live in a foreign country too (his country) and I was completely alone when all this happened. I had no support system and had just started a MA back them and didn't know anyone yet.
I cut all contact and started therapy and psychiatric treatment right away. I have adhd and insomnia and on top of that I developed bad anxiety and a severe depression (was considered a suicide risk and had to go in weekly for check-ups for over a year).
Eventually things got better and i slowly healed but I'm still in therapy and still on antidepressants. Every once and again when something bad happens in my life (like having another failed relationship or losing a job etc) i fall back into that depression and that pattern of self-doubt. Back then my ex convinced me all of it was my fault and I should be grateful to that woman coming into our relationship.
It's been 2.5 years now since. I've never spoken to him since but we have some common friends. I stayed away from any socials but once a year or so I'd hear about him. It got easier in time but it's still painful. I learned he got another cat about a year ago and that women lives in the apartment we got bc we planned to get married. He got a new job and seems to be doing better than ever.
I've done a lot too, I graduated with and almost perfect gpa, I opened a business etc but I've never gotten back to my old self. I'm still struggling with my mental health, I struggle having relationships that close again, I feel lonely often and my self esteem never fully recovered. I've kinda given up on pursuing romantic relationships and on the idea of having a family someday too. And the saddest of all, I used to be a very ambitious and resilient person with big dreams. I've achieved a lot of things I'm proud of but I lost that passion. I worked incredibly hard to move to this country to be with him and pursue my studies and I saw that breakup as the result of my hard work.
What makes me sad is that even after so long has passed I'm still dealing with the aftermath of that relationship and having a hard time while the person who hurt me is living their best live as if I never existed from day 1. It feels like someone erased a huge chunk of my life and everything I had during that time just evaporated, including my furniture and my cat and all I've got left from it is a big suitcase full of trauma and sad memories.
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2023.06.04 08:41 Breeds1 Tarja - Until My Last Breath - Live Streaming Reactions with Songs and T...

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2023.06.04 08:41 AutoModerator [Download Course] Ellen Mackenzie – Dishing Up Digital School (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.04 08:40 Educational_Gap9731 At the start of last year, I was in the lowest point in my life with my sexual addictions. Now, this year I’ve made consistent slow progress and seem to be on the come up in life again

I’ve been addicted to pornography since I was 13, since then I was gradually escalating my use to new novel content and moral misalignments in the real life negative behaviours that came from consuming harmful sexual content online. I started off with just being naturally aroused by the hyper stimuli of a fully grown woman’s body, but knew it was a problem when I would find myself sexualising the girls I went to school with, a moral line I felt I was crossing at such a young age. And then of course finding deeper content to scratch the first itch I got from discovering the universe of porn existing. Femdom, labelling myself as less than and using the negative feelings of shame and low self esteem as fuel to go deeper into the void. This continued on and off, I always knew it was wrong, and snapped out of it when I got into my first relationship with a girl. By then, I felt it was too late. I could feel the years of watching porn surface up in my intimacy, and eventually after breaking up I found myself going even deeper. Using Omegle, and actively seeking out online encounters with strangers to satiate perverted fantasies that porn gave me. Fast forward to a couple years ago, I’m at the most lonely point of my life and I discover gooning. Finding myself drinking alcohol on my own, getting high, and putting down all barriers to let any perverted porn fantasies to freely run their course.
With the help of 🍄, some deep introspection, and deep emotional understanding and growth, I’m happy to say that the darkest days are over. I haven’t been blackout drunk and gooning in almost a year. I haven’t sent risky gooning related photos to strangers on Reddit at all this year. I’ve put up 2 90 day porn addiction trackers, and while they’re not perfectly coloured in, I’m making great progress and it feels like I have this project of recovery which I’m gradually seeing less and less setbacks in. The amount of times I’ve gone onto gooning related content this year is less than 10, and even then it has never gotten as long (I’m talking hours) as where I was at last year. The recovery process is slow, but I’ve found patience and just making 0.1% progress forward emotionally, physically, and spiritually day by day is leading me towards my ultimate freedom. Stay strong all you kings that have read this far, and never stop processing and healing your inner wounds that allow the addiction to live on within you. Love 🙏
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2023.06.04 08:39 itsjoshlee Crossed $30k on UpWork after 5 months of full-time. Some reflections, thoughts, and advice.

I dabbled in UpWork for about a year and a half and made around $2,000 in total. I started taking UpWork seriously in Jan 2023 and just hit $30k billing. That might not sound like a lot to some, but I think it's pretty decent. For reference, I do copywriting, marketing, and lead generation.
Here are some thoughts in no particular order.
- You have to have the right mindset. I thought "mindset" stuff was all bullshit until I did shift my mindset and it completely changed my work and life - no hyperbole. So some of the below has a lot to do with Mindset.
- 90% of UpWork is trash. As someone that has been a freelancer and a job poster, this is true on both sides. You need to accept that fact and realize this means two things: 1) You can skip 90% of the postings and not waste your time. 2) At least 90% of other freelancers aren't your competition.
- Raise your prices. Low-paying clients are the worst and most demanding. Why wouldn't you just raise your price, work for better clients, work fewer hours, and make more money? If you think you can't charge more for your service then 1) Increase your skills, or 2) Find a service that is more valuable to businesses.
- You set your price. Similar to the above, you get to choose how much you charge for your work. Sometimes I get clients that respond with "Your fee is too high" or "I just need X." I tell them to come back to me when they have a higher budget for the price.
- Work with people who have money. Pretty obvious, if a lemonade stand on the side of the road wants a full marketing campaign done, they aren't going to have the money to pay you.
- Understand how people with money think. I'm by no means rich, but there's a difference in thinking when you have more money than less. There is usually an inverse coloration between how much money someone has and how much time they have.
When you have no money, you always want to get the value. When you have money to spend, you just want to pay someone and have them complete it with as little input from you as possible so you don't have to spend any of your time. You want to go after this latter group of clients.
- Raise your prices. So important I had to list it twice. The amount you can charge has no relation to where you live. Your price should be based on the value you can bring someone.
- Change the power dynamic with your clients. I had a "sales call" last week where the prospect said, "Convince us why we should work with you." I responded with something like "I'm not here to convince anyone. I'm here to learn about your business and see if we're a good fit. If we are, we can take it from there."
If you go into a "sales call" with the mindset of 1) I can walk away from this, and 2) This call is for them to sell me on why I should work with them, you'll have much more confidence and sales will be much easier. I understand turning down clients is only possible when you already have a steady stream of income, but regardless, going into sales calls with this mindset will help you.
- Do valuable work. If you're trying to sell a service that doesn't make a big impact on your client, you can't charge that much. I can make $5k+ net per client because I help them make $50k+.
- Sell outcomes. Similar to the previous point, you shouldn't focus on your service as much and should focus more on the outcome you can bring to a client. Spending money on "blog articles" is an expense, but developing a content strategy that will get the client traffic and qualified leads is an investment. It's more or less the same kind of work, but it's all about how you position yourself.
- Take UpWork seriously. I'm sure no one consciously thinks they don't take UpWork seriously, but many do. If you want to work with serious professionals and make serious money, you need to be serious. This means sending out good proposals, getting on a call with the client, writing out a contract, following up, etc... If you don't take UpWork seriously, you're going to get crushed by those who do.
- Get another lead gen system in place. You can get booted off UpWork at any time, so I'm working on other client acquisition methods. I'm currently putting together a book funnel.
- Get your money. If it's a fixed-price job, demand at least 1/2 upfront funded and released before starting work. If a client doesn't want to do this, they are probably not very experienced.
- UpWork fees aren't that bad. UpWork taking 10% of your money sucks. But your other option is to use something like Stripe which takes 2.9% and worry about chasing down your money or getting late payments. This fee can also be considered a client acquisition cost. Bake this into your pricing.
- Client red flags.
🚩I just need XYZ.
🚩I need this done yesterday.
🚩The last few freelancers didn't work out and I had to fire them.
🚩I could do this myself but, XYZ.
🚩If you do this for a low price, I'll have much more work for you in the future.
🚩This is a commission-only job.
🚩Very low budgets.
- The bidding system is a blessing for everyone that does take UpWork seriously. When I was starting out, I thought the bidding system was a scam. After hiring a few people on UpWork, I realize it's the only way to keep the platform alive.
The money you spend on UpWork is a lead generation expense. That means you should bake that into your pricing for clients as well as compare that to other lead generation expenses.
Let's look at some math.
Let's say you want to use Facebook Ads to get clients. First, you'll need to figure out how to do Facebook ads and lose money figuring out how they work. But let's assume you already figured out Facebook ads.
You need to make creatives and write copy. You need to know who to target. You need to set up a lander with a lead gen form. You need to follow up on those leads.
Just some conservative back-of-the-napkin math and we're looking at $0.25 per click with a 10% lead fill form and we're already at $2.50 to get someone to fill out a lead gen form. That number is very conservative and doesn't include the time spend and the falloff that comes with following up. And hoping your lead actually has a project they need help with in the next 30 days or so.
But on UpWork, I can pay ~$5 to get my pitch directly in front of someone who needs a project now. Lately, my typical net per client is $5k. If I send out 100 good proposals at $5 per and I get a very low closing rate of 1%, I've spent $500 to make $5,000.
I'll take that deal every single day of the week. And because I can spend $500 to acquire a customer, I can spend that money to jump ahead of everyone else that isn't making enough money to afford that or isn't taking UpWork seriously enough to spend that.
- No excuses. "But English isn't my native language," "but I'm not from the US," "but another reason." I admit being an educated white native English speaker gives me advantages when it comes to a prospect's perception. But you gotta work with what you got. It's either that or sitting around complaining about why you're not getting clients.
- Raise your prices. Seriously. Just do it.

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2023.06.04 08:35 dandelilons FanClan Idea ! [CW - Dark themes, Body horror]

I came up with an idea for a fanclan just last night and I wanted to write it down/share it. It deals with a LOT of horror elements, even kit body horror, so be warned going on !
Basically. It follows a cursed Clan where every cat is doomed to suffer from whatever their prefix name is and it gets worse and worse the older they get and cannot die to their curse. Examples: Rabidclaw - Suffers from rabies. Unable to hunt or fight, or even become a medicine cat, due to the constant dysfunction from the rabies. Twistedheart - Although suffix doesn't effect the curse, they were named after their internal organs becoming twisted. They live in constant pain and are forced to work anyways.
I came up with the leader being "Coldstar." A cat who is cursed with a constant chill. Not just physically, the ice has set in their veins and all warm emotions they may have had are null. Frozen and cracked with the rest of them. I figured it would be a good way to explain why their leader is able to keep doing this to their own clan.
I even thought up a kit naming ceremony where Coldstar walks up to the kit and kitmother, staring blankly at the kit, pointing at them with a claw and tonelessly saying "Drowned." (originally thought of the name Waterlogged but it's pretty long djjsdj) The kitmother looks horrified at Coldstar before switching gazes to.. Drownedkit.. who is now starting to violently vomit water, it even streaming out of their eyes along with their tears.
There would be a lot of play with in terms of curses... Physical or mental or both. Lost[suffix], cursed with forever feeling lost, leading to extreme anxiety and more.
Anyways. This was kind of a ramble but I really wanted to share this :^)
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2023.06.04 08:33 subgirl13 Needing some Barbie bum success stories

So, I was doing pretty well immediately post-hospital (still thankful for the surgery, but we’re deep in the daily trenches of non-linear healing, will explain in a moment) but have hit a big dip in mood & healing & could use some positives to look forward to.
The sticky details: my stoma was moved and the incision from the original location opened up and now requires packing every other day with Aquacel & covering before applying the wafer, which sucks & hurts and is a lot more work than just the healing stoma. (Changing the entire bag setup in the exam room, when having OCD was a FEAT.)
Then my suprapubic incision has decided to randomly weep (I say weep, but it likes to literally pour out at inconvenient times) sticky clear-ish serous fluid just randomly.
And to top it off, my bum-wound isn’t healing so well so we had to drive (how the heck do people sit in the car?!) 40 mins out to Mission Bay on a Friday before a Giants game (the drive back was 1 hour plus, but I was asleep) to get it looked at. The verdict is packing it daily (?!!!!!) with Aquacel and uh. I love my partner for doing this, but wow that is NOT FUN.
Plus! I’m having these stabbing pains in an area I had to have a drain placed last year with my initial loop ileostomy, which they want imaging of ASAP, but the earliest STAT CT scan is WEDS. eyeroll
Ugh. So yeahhhh. I am going through some shit. I have a good therapist, my partner is amazing, but overworked, and what family I have left is … well. They’re all in Oklahoma and no one really has a clue what I’m going through emotionally & physically.
So I could use some reassurance that this will get better, that it won’t always be this hard, my body will figure it’s shit out and start healing & despite the amazing PAs @ UCSF, I still need to hear it from people who have lived it. Also, any tips for peeing safely (as a female), as well as tips for healing in general? And how do you transport yourself/your loved one to these appointments (geesh, ow!)?
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2023.06.04 08:32 Tainavea Path of Gossamer Threads

light and force aspects
Alternate version called Path of Red Threads also uses blood aspect
Goldsign takes the form of a veil of white, or red. In the latter case, quite reminiscent of the Goldsign of the Blood-Chorus warband of the Eight-Man Empire. The Goldsign is actually quite useful against illusions, highlighting and seeing through illusions constructed from light, and sidestepping illusions of dreams by allowing them to see light aura. Wouldn't be of as much help against sufficiently powerful and/or complex dream ruler techniques which directly affected their body’s natural dream aura. Also less useful against illusion Paths that use both light and dream aspects. The addition of blood aspect makes it easier for them to detect sources of blood aura.
An older Goldsign that they used to obtain from a type of Sacred Spider granted them extra spider-like limbs, but that's no longer as prevalent.
Veil of Silk / Red Veil: a complex full-body enforcer / ruler technique that absorbs light and kinetic energy, takes the form of a hazy cloak of light that glows brighter and brighter with time, once fully charged the sacred artist can shoot blasts of hard light.
The addition of blood aspect in the mix allows the artist to draw blood aura from any bleeding wounds on the opponent, to apply a mild healing effect on themselves. Also makes the light blast glow red, but more importantly, be more effective against flesh and blood.
Spider Seamstress: a full body enforcer / forger technique that creates extra limbs of light and force madra, with the latter granting the illusory limbs solidity.
The addition of blood aspect helps make the limbs more "real", smoother and easier to control- with proper training, almost as though they really were extra limbs rather than madra constructs. Note that the "smoother and easier to control" part really does require some practice, otherwise it's just awkward and discombobulating to suddenly have extra limbs.
At Lord level of advancement, many choose to use their Soulfire to make these limbs more real. A replacement for the Path’s older Goldsign.
They also use a full Forger version of the technique where the arms are not connected to their own body, this technique is known as the Flower Hands. Can be used for grabbing and throwing, as platforms or to directly strike. Most notably, they use this technique in conjunction with another one of their Forger technique, to create a move called Cat’s Cradle. And for the Dance of the Hundred Handed Battle Goddess, from which emerged a new branch Path.
Silk Ribbons / Red Ribbons: flexible Forger technique that often also doubles as an Enforcer technique. The artist forges silvery ribbons which they can use like a whip to strike at enemies. To grab, ensnare or trip them, or to catch and to hurl objects or people, or to intercept attacks. Can be wrapped around oneself defensively, like a cocoon. Or used like a rope or swing or prehensile tail or tentacles for maneuverability.
Silver Needle / Red Needle: Striker technique taking the form of silver needles that they can shoot at opponents. The addition of blood madra makes the needles even better at perforating flesh.
Some artists choose to Forge the needles instead, for additional durability of the needles, extended duration for which the needles last, plus additional control rather than just launching them.
Silverweave / Scarletweave: Forger technique, though many use a Forger Ruler variant, with the aura added for extra oomph. The artist forges thin, nearly invisible, but strong strings into a gossamer web. The strings are sharper than razor wires, sharp enough to cut through flesh, especially so with the addition of blood aspect.
Cat’s Cradle: Silverweave in conjunction with Flower Hands, to add additional maneuverability and control to the deadly strings.
Dance of the Hundred Handed Battle Goddess: the artist forges as many Flower Hands as they can, many of the hands have long claws, many hold forged weaponry. This technique eventually birthed a whole new Path.
Path of the Hundred Handed Battle Goddess
Force, Blood and Sword aspects
A Path built around the eminently flexible Dance of the Hundred Handed Battle Goddess technique, which is rather underutilized in the Path of Gossamer Threads. Lets go of the light aspect in favour of sword aspect. Keeps the blood aspect.
A full Forger focused Path.
The Dance of the Hundred Handed Battle Goddess is itself composed of two techniques: Flower Hands and forged weaponry. To create multitudinous disembodied hands holding various weaponry.
War Goddess’ Avatar: is an enforcer / forger technique much like Spider Seamstress. A complex technique which, in addition to a full-body enforcement component via force and blood, forges and grafts extra arms of madra on the artist’s body, which can be made more real with Soulfire.
Effigy of the War Goddess: a Forger technique that creates a full statue of a many-armed warrior goddess, holding various weaponry. At Lord level, the statue can be animated with willpower, to become a Living Forger technique.
Hymn of the War Goddess: Ruler technique that takes advantage of the Path’s blade constructs to create a cascade of sword aura resonance, cutting everything in an area into tiny bits.
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2023.06.04 08:28 midsalma I feel jealous of the chemistry my boyfriend and my sister have when the three of us hang out.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over a year. He’s great. We’ve had our issues but have always been able to talk about them and move forward. Tbh most of our issue’s have stemmed from our own insecurities and the lack of communication, of keeping those negative feelings inside and not sharing them but we have gotten closer over time to the point that I can be myself completely, the good and the bad, with him and it’s reciprocal. We have talked about how much we have grown together as people, as people in a relationship. He’s always telling me how beautiful, smart, funny, sexy I am and how much he enjoys spending time with me, my heart swells up with a lot of joy and love because I feel so happy with him and I’ve seen him grow so much personally and professionally. Granted, it hasn’t always been like that, it’s taken a lot of work on each others side that why I feel so happy about my relationship. Although, recently I’ve had this gnawing feeling that there is some attraction or chemistry between him and my sister. I’ve talked with my boyfriend about this and the insecurities it brings up, infidelity, betrayal, comparing myself. I’ve talked with my sister about this and the first time I directly spoke to her about it was in march, when I moved back in with my sisters to a metropolis nearby (I was in my hometown living with my younger sister and my parents). So it’s not the first time I’ve felt a knot in my stomach about them interacting. I have to add that my sister has gotten involved with our eldest sister ex boyfriend… I was the first to find evidence of that, it destroyed the trust I had in her completely (she’s done a lot of shit in the past that has left our family broken, thankfully we have managed to heal for the most part), so I do feel like I am in the right to feel like this but it’s becoming difficult to deal with. I spoke with a close friend about this, this friend of mine is such a good person I love her so much I trust her 100% she told me to be careful and that there is a reason that we have these ‘gut’ feelings, it comes from instinct. Coincidently, I’ve been more attentive to my emotions and my body so this feeling I’m having is not something I just want to discard but it’s becoming too awkward to hang out with my sister and my BF because I can’t hide my discomfort. I figure I only have two options, I can break up with him or I have to actively avoid hanging out with my sister when I’m with my boyfriend. I have decide to move out of the apartment that my parents have for us since the apartment only has two rooms and I’m basically living in the living room (I moved back to finish school, currently I’m the only one studying so technically I should have a room but it’s too much of a hassle to fight for a room so fuxk it) my sister is leaving for a trip that will last about a month and half to two months. I was thinking of moving out after this semester is over but I’m going to have to do it before. I just needed to write it down. I def need to see a therapist.
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2023.06.04 08:27 pkmnbrawler123 [Dumb Effortpost] No one has the ability to think critically online

I'm bored at work tonight and I have 6 hours left in my shift. Please don't read this if you want something insightful I'm just working through my thoughts about the current state of discussion online. I wanted to write up a small thing over Destiny's latest video and focus on the YouTube comments. The more I see discussions in these spaces the more I don't know where I could actually go to have a genuinely thoughtful and good faith discussion online. YouTube is obviously a biased selection of the more idiotic type of comments but all over this subreddit and all over Twitter I will see paragraphs written about things that seem to just be ill informed and presumptuous from the start.
I'm not even a hardcore Destiny fan, I think I've posted in this subreddit twice. I watch a lot of his YouTube videos but I've only tuned in to a couple streams over the years. I enjoy most of his podcast appearances and respectful debates and I avoid the shouting matches and heavy drama stuff for the most part. I really like his takes on culture and relationships and they've helped me grow a lot in my personal life. I see so many fans of his or what I assume are fans of his commenting on videos and tweets and threads. They feel less like people who found a personality they enjoy and relate to and want to learn and grow from, and more like fanboys trying to imitate someone they think is cool. To me it feels like if you idolize Destiny you would want to take his advice and incorporate it into your life and not just try to do what he does because he looks cool doing it.
I once replied to a tweet he made about the East Palestine situation talking about my personal experience because I live in Ohio and I heard about it all as it happened before the conspiracy theorists latched onto it weeks later. Destiny's tweet was about how the news reported it when it happened and no one other than those close to it cared so they stopped reporting on it. I replied confirming that I heard about the news as soon as it happened because I only live a few hours away. We were updated on the situation throughout the day and I paid attention to it because I needed to know if I had to stay away from tap water if any chemicals had made it into the Ohio River. Me and my girlfriend were both worried about it. Someone, who I assume is a Destiny fan, replied to me along the lines of "Do you think Destiny cares where you live?" And I couldn't even think about how to start replying to them because of how weird they had read my tweet. Destiny said it was reported on and no one cared so they stopped reporting on it. I confirmed that it was reported on locally and it wasn't like the media was ignoring it. Somehow that was taken as me being contrary to Destiny and I was replied to by a fan derogatorily because of that.
It feels so weird to me how people are so comfortable jumping to conclusions and firing off replies with so little thought. I would be so embarrassed if someone pointed out something super obvious I overlooked in my smug dunk I just posted. I've heard IQ is based off of pattern recognition and it almost feels like people will recognize what they think is a pattern of a bad argument, not actually read the argument, fire off a nonsensical dunk and move on. When you actually assume someone has thought through a position then it's not hard to interpret a message in good faith and talk about it if you disagree.
Anyways, onto my main point. Destiny posted this video on his YouTube channel earlier today and as I was watching it and listening to his takes on things I was tying it back to things he's said previously on his self defense takes. I listened to his conversation with Pisco and remembered him talking about how he was planning on writing up a justifiable defense for killing someone over a blade of grass.
One of the clips in the video is a woman on TikTok filming a man and asking them repeatedly why they grabbed her wig off her head and just kept walking. The man appears to be drunk or out of it and just keeps smiling and mumbling as she keeps shouting the same questions over and over asking him why he would do that. The man was working for a law firm and ended up getting fired over the clip. Destiny was talking about how recording this after the fact and going after someone's job is a bad thing to do and he would consider it worse than calling the cops or beating the man up in response. He says going after someone's livelihood like that is a really bad thing to do in his opinion.
Looking at the comments on this video most are addressing that clip of the lawyer who got fired. I see this comment with 38 replies. The comment seems genuine enough and the replies seem genuine enough. Most seem to be arguing over whether snatching a wig and someone's hat is equivalent and could be justified with force. Some are arguing that snatching a wig could genuinely cause physical harm to the person and the response was warranted. I only see a couple comments addressing what I would call the meat of the issue. Is blowing up someone after the fact and going after their livelihood a justifiable response to assault?
With respect to Destiny's kill someone over a blade of grass thing. If you were to beat up someone for snatching your wig or call the cops on them and report them for assault, that feels like an entirely different beast than going after their job and their livelihood. Recording a confrontation after the fact and trying to blow them up over it seems more like revenge and less like self defense to me. I could be convinced that you could be justified in killing someone if they tried to take your wig and things escalated. It does feel to me like going after someone's job because of something they did that is no longer a threat to you is a bad thing.
I don't really feel sorry for the guy for being a dumbass, but I do think the revenge filming for doing a bad thing and reporting them to their employer is a bad thing to do. Everyone does dumb shit every once in a while. I would be screwed if I was held liable by my place of employment for dumb shit I did off work years ago when I first started.
The same way it feels wrong for payment processors to deny your transactions based on the work you do, it also feels wrong for employers to fire people for dumb things they do off hours that are not related to the company.
Other comments feel a lot less thought out and I can't ever imagine myself comfortable posting something similar. This comment seems so obviously dumb to me. I dont even watch the vods and I remember his position on this clearly. His problem wasn't someone throwing an egg at him. It was that someone posted his current location online and encouraged people to go to him and throw an egg at him. If someone posts where you are and says hey go assault this person then it's probably fair game to dig through their public info and report that behavior to an employer. I don't know if I would necessarily call it a good thing or say I agree with it but it definitely isn't "My assault bad, this assault ok" Just a dumb nonsensical dunk that doesn't hold up to scrutiny. If you watch Destiny and believe when he says he thinks about his positions why would you assume he just makes random justifications that don't hold up? How do you think he got through arguing about the egg thing when it happened? Why would you mischaracterize his position so much for this? To me it feels like someone saw a pattern of logic that was almost close to another pattern of logic, threw them both together and sent a comment off. Why write off someone who is very popular for debating and thinking through positions so easily? Destiny is known for knocking down paper tigers over and over again because he can argue their side better than they can. Why would he have such a flimsy justification here?
This comment could have a point if Destiny hadn't addressed it specifically in this video. He doesn't feel like assault and attacking someone's livelihood is equivalent. Especially after the fact. Argue against that point, not the point that he already addressed. As a side note, the phrase "This is such a weird take from x" annoys me. Just say you think it's dumb, why try to characterize it as them being contrary to their values or something. If you agree with their stuff but this one feels off to you, investigate that. Don't just be like "huh that's weird" and give it no further thought. Why is it weird to you? Why do you think it doesn't line up with other things they've said? Does it actually go against their values or are you misinterpreting something?
This comment is some of that good remedial shit. So cocky and so off the mark. His whole point is the reason she's recording it is for clout and to get the guy in trouble. He says he would rather the guy get beat up or reported to the authorities than try to hunt down the guy's place of employment and get his job taken away from him. If you actually disagree with that take then argue against that take not these stupid mischaracterizations of his takes that make him easy to defeat. If you can't argue against the actual position and you have to make it dumber so you can win you're just giving yourself a participation trophy.
I know YouTube comments are supposed to be the bottom of the barrel but honestly I feel like I see the same shit just as poorly thought out all over Twitter and all over this subreddit. I don't think most people engage in discussion on social media in good faith and I wouldn't know where to go to actually do so. It all feels like poorly thought out dunks and seeing people be smug about it is just annoying.
Hopefully that all doesn't come across as an aimless string of run on sentences and I actually communicated my thoughts coherently. No TLDR for this, it's not an important post. Read it or don't. Feel free to roast me on not communicating my thoughts effectively. I'm kind of just shooting my thoughts into the ether here, I don't even know if this could be considered an actual effort post.
Also just to note, posts like this are exactly what I'm talking about. At least some of the comments here are reasonable.
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