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NoP: Trails of Our Hatred Ch. 4

2023.05.30 05:46 Rand0mness4 NoP: Trails of Our Hatred Ch. 4

Special thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for allowing fanfiction and giving us Tilfish. The man gave us a canon art of the bugs, and they're rad!
I'm surprised I got this motivation in my to write this part so quickly. I think the fine comments I got motivated me pretty well. Now, I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this. If its flow is smooth and feels right, let me know, I'm not usually good with dialogue.
Also, Feenstra, thank you for your kindness and support. I don't know how to respond to it, honestly, but you're a cool cat.
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Memory Transcription Subject: Marullo, Tilfish agricultural practitioner.
Date: December 2, 2136
I gripped the fabric over the side window and pushed it aside, spotting a Tilfish on the other side of the door instead of a cluster of predators. He appears rather calm, even though he's alone out in the open. My grip tightened on the blind before I tugged the door open.
"Visiting hours are closed." I stated curtly, my antennae twitching outside of my control. Formi I'm still riled up, and I want this man gone so I can dig a hole in peace. I eye the visitor sharply, not seeing any garment or air to him that would tip me off if this was a visiting politician. He's too soft to be a farmer, and I know for a fact there's no appointments he could be attending.
"Oh, uh, is this a business?" I don't even bother with a reply and give the stranger a long look, waiting for him to either acknowledge the massive emblem on the wall right above us or get on with it. He fidgets in awkward silence for a long few seconds. "Uhhh... okay, okay. Off on the wrong feeler here. I'm concerned, is all. I could hear you yelling for the past hour."
My antennae dropped slightly. "What?"
"You uh, your window was open." The stranger explained, mandibles clicking slightly in concern as I shut the door behind me and scuttled down the steps into the yard. I felt my chitin warm around my skull as I looked at the aforementioned window.
Don't tell me I broadcasted that entire conversation to the world.
Stupid sand spitters. Stupid sand spitters!
"I... am sorry for disturbing the peace." I hissed. "I had to wrangle some insubordinates into line. How much did you hear?"
"Not much. Just a lot of yelling. We could hear you from the apartments."
I dipped my head at the mention of the living block. The Regional Agriculture Advisory building was on the edge of the business and government district, and down the road was the start of a residential area. Towering buildings loomed over there, and on occasion they provided a nice view from my old office window with the setting sun reflecting off their many windows.
I was lucky that the masses were too nervous to be out and about in this sector. There was an infestation of predators in and around the capitol building, and even more outposts spread through the surrounding sectors. Being on the streets wasn't popular any more, so the normally lively road we were on was all but abandoned the past several days.
Oddly, I noticed that this stranger was very much alone. There was no swarm to keep him safe, and no vehicle in sight. On the far end of the road leading into the residential sector was a hastily erected barricade that still stood untouched by the predator's roving patrols, comprised mostly of furniture and scrap wood and metal. Looking towards the other end of the road leading towards the capitol building was a more firm barricade that surprisingly still stood, but the filthy tire tracks that cut over the sidewalk and through carefully maintained gardens and lawns told me how the predators got by. There was still nobody else in sight.
"It won't happen again. I had to enforce who's the new boss."
"The predators?"
My mandibles clacked and the stranger flinched at my snap, but stood his ground as I side eyed him intently. "No, me. I'm in charge of this operation."
"Did the predators tell you that yesterday?"
You tar sucking wretch.
The airy accusation made me clench my mandibles and feelers, and my antennae grew still. It must've encouraged the stranger to keep going.
"Because replacing our leaders with more traitorous Tilfish won't work. We're not the Venlil."
So that was what this was really about. Okay.
"You're mistaken," I began smoothly, ready to cut down this wretch with words alone. "My daughter got into trouble while I was working, and was returned to me. I've been terribly busy as you've heard in the old Advisor's place, with everything ongoing. Their visit yesterday did not pertain to my office, and any insinuation to the contrary will not be taken lightly."
"There was a boy as well. He seemed unnaturally comfortable with the beasts."
I will bury you underneath my garden.
"Your vision must be failing, because I assure you I saw no such thing under my roof."
"Good, good. We cannot have the diseased among us, no matter the times. I was wary of calling the exterminators prematurely, so I'm glad I checked in."
"The dead Exterminators?" I asked sharply, cocking my head. "Or the ones leashed to the predators?"
"..." The wretch stared at me for a long moment. "The dead ones, I suppose."
"What a shame about them, really." I drawled. "Anyways, did you have anything else on your mind you felt worth coming over this way to ask?"
"What happened to the old Advisor?"
"Dereliction of duty and cowardice. He's fled to a different system by now. For all the good that'll do him." The wretch's antennae flicked in irritation. "Now, the office is closed and I have work to do yet. Admittance is by appointment only. Good day."
The wretch didn't leave, apparently unsatisfied. We stared at each other a moment more.
"Is something else the matter?" I buzzed firmly.
"The swarm is more than capable of defending itself without the Exterminators. Don't think yourself above it's reach."
Something cold settled in my carapace. My claws itched. "Be very careful; threatening the Agricultural office is a high crime. I'm more than capable of protecting myself without the Exterminators."
A twitch from the wretch. "Is that so?"
"Don't come around my office again. Bounders are not welcome here, same as any predator."
His antennae lowered and he remained quiet, and I felt a faint trill in my chest. "Enjoy your day..."
"Eat sod." I responded sharply. I eyed the wretch as he retreated down the sidewalk, and something clicked in my mind.
Twenty paces. In twenty paces I could retrieve the gun in the lobby. You won't even see it coming.
A flicker of movement, and another Tilfish stepped out from some ornamental carvings in front of the filing office down the way, joining the wretch. I waited until the two were out of sight and long gone, arms crossed and feelers clenching my chitin as I waited even longer, before turning back to my abode and striding around to the garden.
"Marullo?" The voice above me is hesitant, and I bury my tool into the soil and look up. Tugal is above me at the lip of the hole, and I realize that I've dug way too far down. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. I don't feel like stopping, but I might hit a gas line if I keep going. I feel a flash of pity at my brother's distressed state.
"What... what happened while I was asleep? Holywood and Aegan are fighting over burning the last of our food- those Nectar Pods the predator touched. I thought we threw those out, but somehow they're back. Muttart climbed up the wall and left tracks everywhere, and he won't come down because he's still mad about last night. Cleo's locked herself in the bathroom and won't stop crying and vomiting. She searched the net for something and nobody can get through to her now. She mentioned the predator wanted something terrible from you, but that's all I could understand through the door. And you're out here destroying the gardens?"
"I was in my office all day. Food distribution is back on track for now, but who knows how long that'll last. It was stressful, and this is how I'm handling it." I began. I clacked my mandibles and ran my feelers over my antennae.
Formi, I'm filthy.
"Why destroy the gardens? And the hole?"
"The old boss's taste in décor was tacky. I'm sprucing it up. Oh! The Head of Agriculture is still with us. He approved my promotion, so I'm now the new Regional Agricultural Advisor." I rubbed at my face, my antennae twitching aggressively once more now that I'm not putting my entire focus onto tearing asunder this pathetic excuse of a garden.
"I'm making a burrow in case we need to hide the kids outside the building. I've already made two others in case we need to retreat through the back and into the next property."
"What did the predator do? Are you okay?"
I kicked at some loose soil before stretching my legs and scuttling out of the hole. I pulled myself up and fruitlessly wiped at the filth coating my carapace. "I'm not okay. Nobody is okay, or we wouldn't be here Tugal. We wouldn't need to worry about predators, or pests, or starving, or the humans, or each other if we were okay. For once, our predator didn't do anything wrong."
Tugal became alert, his mandibles clicking quietly as he waited for me to continue.
"There was a Tilfish that left the swarm. He went into one of the predator nests to talk. They didn't hurt him- the humans are too patient to eat the first ones that come to them, but after he left some witnesses told the swarm about it." How I really felt about the matter was slipping through with every single errant twitch I couldn't control. We were not supposed to be the monsters in this story. We were not supposed to be so susceptible to our wicked past. We were civilized!
I lowered my voice. "A group took him away from the city and tore him apart while he was still alive. They tried to feed him to Bark Saws, Tugal."
"Are you certain the story wasn't deception?" Tugal whispered back. "It's what they're known for."
I flicked my antennae in confirmation.
"Maybe... maybe they were defending themselves. Don't look at me like that, how they did it was sick. I hope they're screened and dealt with properly; we can't have people doing that in these times. It's no excuse. I'm just trying to understand it." Tugal stated, making my innards twist. "But these predators we're facing hunt through social deception. They're tricky, and the more of us they corrupt the more susceptible the swarm gets. That man, he could've done untellable damage. I just... I'm sorry you had to hear that. We have to stand strong against them, but we can't lose ourselves doing so."
Tugal watched me for a moment more, then gently prodded me: ", why the burrows? What else happened?"
I swallowed, my mandibles clicking repeatedly as I tried to reign in my thoughts. It was hard to speak suddenly, and I gripped my feelers until my claws started scraping into my chitin. "Where does that leave Muttart?"
Tugal flinched and his mandibles flexed. "No. Marullo, no."
"He's not afraid of them, Tugal!" I hissed quietly, feelers trembling. "He isn't! How do I help him? How long can I keep him here before he's too curious and sneaks out? What if someone sees him? What if Cleo finds out? He's not a threat: he's still a child!"
"Marullo, he'll be fine." My brother stated firmly, gripping my arms. "Nobody's going to touch him. We just need to talk to him- he doesn't understand what predators are capable of."
"And what about us?" I buzzed back. "What are we capable of? How can normal people do that?"
"It's fear, Marullo. Fear breaks us. You freeze when you're terrified. Others abandon the ones they love. Some... some fight back. Everyone goes crazy when threatened, and those people will pay for what they did."
Too many things flashed through my head at once. It felt like I was boiling.
"It's not just them, Tugal. Someone down in the residential area was watching the predators last night. He asked about him." My brother's feelers tightened on my arms, and he grew still. "They asked about me as well, and I think they believe I'm a threat. They're no different than the people that mutilated that poor man."
"How many? What did you say?"
"Two, at least. They didn't give their names. I didn't tell them anything about us. We can't trust anyone else to keep quiet. One word to the wrong person and we're all dead. Our chance at making this right dies. I told them off, but I don't think it'll be enough."
"They might come back because of that."
"What was I to say? Was I supposed to advertise that we're one of the last resistance networks left?"
My brother's grip loosened and he stepped away, antennae flicking with concern. "I can figure this out. We'll... I'll set up a watch throughout the day with the exterminators. If they're on hand if a mob shows up, one of them in their gear should dissuade any further action. They won't get to you or Muttart. You did good. Can you- please rest. Go clean up, you'll scare Holywood and Muttart."
I twitched my mandibles a few times, looking at the ruins of a once barely acceptable garden. "Let me tidy up back here. I have to order flowers and a few trees, and work on other gardens in the public view. I guess that part can wait." I tacked on quickly, trying not to flinch under Tugal's sharp gaze.
"I'll go out to the market and pick up food afterwards. We shouldn't need to worry about basic necessities."
"If you're up for it. Be watchful out there" Tugal warned softly. I appreciated his concern, and bobbed my head wordlessly. He paused a moment, and asked quietly: "How did the predator come across that crime?"
"I... I don't know."
Tugal sighed quietly. "How did it affect it?"
I paused, wondering why Tugal cared. Absently, I ducked my head in thought. "It's furious. I... I almost want to say bitter. We got into a fight over the Bark Saws, and it escalated. It's angry with me, and I need to figure out how to fix that before we lose it."
"We can try and-""
"No." I interrupt, surprising my brother. His antennae raise, and I continue. "Because I've been handing off the conversation to you and the others, we accidentally crossed it. If I had been the one to talk to it first instead of you, I could've avoided starting the argument with the Bark Saw. Cleo, Aegan, Zoil- they're hostile towards it and it believes I talk like that now. It feels threatened. I need to do this on my own and try and fix it. I can bring it back to us."
Tugal buzzed quietly, thinking. "Okay. Get yourself cleaned up first. Give it some time to calm down and go bring back some groceries. I'll talk with the others and get them back on track. I think our window to do this is closing, Marullo. If we can't get this human the risks we took will be for naught. Every other option will be riskier if this falls apart."
"I know. I won't let you down."
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2023.05.30 05:45 XXaudionautXX Sell investment property and land, upgrade primary, then heloc into another investment?

Does this plan have any legs?
Current primary: 588 sq ft 1/1 near the beach in So Cal. Paid 500k for it in 2021. Live with fiancé and 2 cats. Want kids in the future (34M, 29F). Need more room. House needs new foundation (50k). Love the area and don’t want to move.
Investment property: my brother and I own a condo that we rent out. It’s probably worth 140–150k. If sold my take away would be 70-90k including the rents we’ve been stashing.
Family land: own 13 acres up north. Can maybe get between 100-150k for it. Would have to split this 3 ways so 33-50k take away.
My fiancé and I make about 150-170k combined. No other debts. 800+ credit. I have about a 45k emergency fund.
Here’s the plan. Sell the condo (bro wants to sell), sell the land, use money from both sales to replace foundation and add a bedroom and bathroom to the house, then afterwards take out a heloc on the house and tap some of the created value and equity (we have 110k equity right now as is) and launch that into a new investment property as a fat down payment aiming to buy a duplex for under 200k (Midwest).
Making somewhat large Assumptions: 1. we can get what we expect on both sales and it’s enough to cover both the foundation and the addition. 2. We can purchase a duplex that rents $700-800 per side and doesn’t need major work. 3. Fiancé and I can get approved for a heloc followed by a mortgage. 4. The rent would more than cover the heloc payment and the mortgage payment (would hopefully be tiny if existent at all. 5. The heloc would be enough to make the purchase happen.
Does this plan have any legs at all or is it a pipe dream? The hope is to upgrade our home and leverage some of that created equity into another investment property.
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2023.05.30 05:25 mcalz12 Padi Open Water in Ecuador - Is it supposed to be like this?

Hey guys so we are mid-way through taking a Padi open water diving course in Ecuador.
The whole thing is a bit of a hilarious mess of screwed up equipment and poor training.
I am gonna run through our experience for two reasons:
  1. I genuinely want to know what should be in a Padi Open Water course and what everyone else does in theirs
  2. So you can get a laugh out of how terrible it all is over here
This cost the same as all the other shops selling courses in this area and it was $340 PP (Asked 5 tour shops) so I’m not holding back on them. Their charging full-European rates on this and giving a shit service.
Day 1
We meet our “English Speaking” instructor. Barely any English he just nods at everything. At one point I asked if we were taking a Tuk Tuk to the pool. He responded with yes, thank you I love to teach diving it is my passion.
We watch a 1 hour video on the TV and he says yeah that’s enough the rest is not so important. My partner has a cold so we insist with some debate that she will not do the course (As the video said).
Move on to the pool and do some drills. Take jacket off and replace, swap breathing tool with dive buddy, use reserve breather etc.
Most of the kit was leaking air a lot. Rubber protectors broken off and lots of corrosion. If I removed my breathing tool I has to shake and twist it to stop air flowing out. We did 1 dive for about 45 mins and called it a day.
Day 2
Our first open water dive on an island. Boat barley worked and required 5 mins of playing around with a screw driver each time we set off.
Got to the site went to put together my gear and there was a frayed line on the pressure gauge and a leak. Guides said it’s fine. I pointed out another leak and a jamming breathing tool. Got it changed for a new one.
Assembled the kit and got ready to jump in. After a few seconds in the water I say my breathing tool is a bit hard to draw from (usable but annoying) he said switch to the secondary and use that. It’s missing one of the bite pads which was a real pain. No more extras on the boat and did not want to go all the way back.
Okay so I just hold the mask on my way down. Get to the bottom and my dive buddy floats off a bit. I had just finished an exhale and my mouthpiece fell out of the breathing room (We are around 8 meters deep here). So I had no air in my lungs and also no breathing tool.
I tap the guide and point to my reserve (previously main) and he hands it to me. It was a bit out of my reach and I did not have much time to get it as I had not realised the breathing tool was detached from the mouthpiece and got some water in my mouth on an inhale.
I’m fairly stoic so was not freaking out. Between us someone would have given me air but it was my first time in the ocean (ever). I cleared the tool with the button on the back (As I had 0 air) and managed to get a good breathe.
Anyway so he had a spare mouthpiece for my reserve one that he gave me. All good and breathing again. My dive buddy has floated away at this point and he signals to wait here. I wait for about 3-4 mins alone and they return. Had a little browse around and saw my first school of fish (Total time ever with scuba gear now 50 mins including 40 from the pool). We do 2 dives with my dive buddy repeatedly floating off.
We are on the boat talking to the instructor and we go what’s the deepest you’ve gone diving. He replies “The most was 35M because I have not done my advanced divers course yet” SO HE JUST HAS OPEN WATER TRAINING.
The owner of the dive shop is a dive master I believe but he spoke no English and was not diving with us. He will probably go down on the paperwork as the teacher. BTW my Spanish is decent and in the end we were speaking mainly in Spanish anyway. My hope was his English would be a lot better than my Spanish.
Under the water we did stuff like take off and put on jacket. Clear goggles etc. Total about an hour underwater maybe more. Tomorrow we finish off the course.
I did a bit of looking around and it sounds like other people did exams, lots of studying and way more diving but those were from 6 or so years ago. How different is Ecuadorean diving from the rest of the world?
Dive location: Salango Island
Edit: I had already paid so thought I’d see it though. We went back and did 2x 20M dives today. Went through their stuff in the morning and although most of it was crap found the least crappy one and brought that with. So today no gear failures.
Although my dive partners respirator did stop working at around 10M down. Had to swap it for emergency and he used that for the rest of the dive (okay now that even I wouldn’t do).
I’ve been told I will get a Padi certificate in my inbox within 2-3 days. Will update when I get it.
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2023.05.30 05:24 Plenty-Asparagus-580 Why are people worried about AI being a threat to humankind?

This is a genuine question. I understand the worries about AI replacing jobs, which in the short term can lead to struggle for individuals/ certain parts of the population who would lose their job. That sucks. I get that AI could be used to create and spread misinformation. But we already have this issue right now, and I also think that we, as a society, learn to get better at dealing with this (e.g., rather than believing any video we see, only trust information that comes from a reputable source).
There could be cyberattacks that utilize AI in some form; however cybersecurity would then also be able to make use of AI to deal with those attacks.
Even people like Sam Altman says in interviews that he is a bit worried about the rapid development of AI. I struggle to see the potential issues. There won't be an army of killer robots, because we can barely build robots that walk on two legs as of today. Even then, as humans, can't we always just pull the plug is a last resort?
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2023.05.30 05:10 YoshiYogurt Replacement for full mesh fabric chair?

Looking to replace this chair :
that broke after 4 years of use. Had a similar one at my parent's place from sam's club that is still fine after 12+ years.
Seems like it's impossible to find these cheapo full mesh cushy chairs anymore. They're super comfy to sit cross legged in too.
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2023.05.30 05:06 AJNadir The Runebound Sage - 12

First Previous Next
Finding monkeys proved fairly easy. That didn’t come as much of a surprise, as Noah had practically been drowning in the mangy monsters when he’d first been shunted into Vermil’s body.
After just a few minutes of creeping through the trees, he spotted a red-furred monkey hunched over the blood splattered carcass of another monkey, savagely tearing into it and ripping large chunks of flesh free.
It shoveled them into its mouth, letting out an incredibly uncomfortable combination of moans and grunts as it fed. Noah didn’t even bother to hide his disgust. He stopped in his tracks, keeping a few trees between him and the distracted monster, and channeled one of his Wind Runes.
An arc of energy swirled between his fingertips and leapt out, scything past trees and connecting cleanly with the back of the monkey’s neck.
The monster pitched forward and fell prone on top of its meal, the stump of its neck pumping blood out onto the ground. A rush of energy slithered through Noah’s veins and up his spine.
Noah immediately brought forth his Vibration Rune. It flickered, indistinguishable from what it had looked like before. If killing the monkey had done anything to make it grow in strength, he couldn’t see the results.
“Lovely. I sure hope these things aren’t endangered, because I think I’m going to be killing quite a few of them.” Noah closed his palm.
No matter how many he had to kill, at least it was better than sitting around and doing nothing. That was one thing he’d never do again. Better to try and fail than to be stuck wasting even more time.
He knelt by the dead monkey and used one of its hands to saw at a claw. A few minutes later, he ripped it free with a grunt. Noah wiped the blood off on the monster’s thick hair and hefted his makeshift dagger, nodding to himself.
It was time to hunt.
Five more monkeys met similar fates and fell to Noah’s Wind Runes. He was tempted to test out Ash, but Wind felt like a much better tool for his current opponents.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Hours ticked by as he stalked the denizens of the forest, and the sun trekked through the sky, making for the horizon. Noah’s streak of good luck finally came to an end as he reached a small clearing in the burnt trees shortly after midday.
Something had ripped the trees in the area apart and thrown them all to one side, leaving jagged stumps protruding from the ground everywhere. Four small monkeys sat in a semicircle around a huge one that Noah recognized all to well from its enormous claws and butt-ugly face.
A Slasher. The same monster that had killed him several times shortly after his arrival. A mixture of fear and anger mixed in his chest and Noah instinctively ducked behind a tree, pressing his side to the brittle bark.
He waited a moment before peeking out again. The monsters didn’t seem to have noticed him. The Slasher just stood before its smaller fellows, grunting unintelligibly and occasionally waving its hands around.
Are they intelligent? That’s an unsettling thought. Might take a moment to get over that.
Okay, I’m over it. Bastards went for me first. Enjoy waiting in line, assholes.
Noah flexed his fingers. He unhooked the gourd from his waist and padded back in the way he’d come for a minute, hiding the gourd at the base of a large tree before returning to the clearing.
He wrapped around the clearing to get behind the back of the Slasher. He hadn’t fought the monsters in a group yet, but that didn’t change the fact that the huge monkey was still the most dangerous of the lot.
Wind slithered around Noah’s palm and formed into a vibrating crescent moon before his palm. He took aim and let the spell fly at the monkey. Not waiting to see if it connected, he formed another disk and launched it before dashing back into the trees.
A raged screech followed by a gurgling howl told Noah that his attacks had struck. Thundering footsteps followed by a loud crunch gave the additional information that they hadn’t struck quite well enough.
Noah swore under his breath, pumping his legs as hard as he could as he dipped and dove through the forest. Trees cracked and shattered behind him as the monkey gave chase, hollering in fury.
It was gaining on him. Noah couldn’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu as the distance between them steadily closed. He could hear the calls of the smaller monsters growing closer. Noah caught a flash of one of them swinging through the trees to his side.
He spun, firing a blade of wind at it. The monkey dropped to the ground, dodging the attack, and lunged for him. The smart move would have been to dive to the side or try to avoid the blow.
That was likely what the monkey had been expecting. Instead, Noah stepped toward it and whipped his elbow up into the monster’s nose. It let out a screech and staggered backward, momentarily stunned.
Noah slammed his palm into its face and unleashed a blade of wind point blank. Blood sprayed and it fell back without another noise. Energy flooded into Noah, but he was already running again.
Three more monkeys. Two small ones and one wounded Slasher. Noah spun behind a tree, raising his hand and firing a blade of wind just as the Slasher barreled clean through a thin tree, sending fragments of wood flying everywhere.
Its furry neck was matted with blood and its beady black eyes burned with hatred and pain. The monkey opened its mouth, revealing rows of jagged yellow fangs, and let out a howl. Noah’s spell caught it in the chest, carving a thick wound across it.
It screeched and lunged at Noah. This time, Noah got the feeling that trying to punch the monkey out would just result in getting shredded to ribbons. He dove away, landing in an awkward roll.
Something popped in his arm and he swore in pain. Noah rolled over, raising his other hand defensively just as the Slasher arrived before him. It raised its hands, screeching in victory.
I saw the other monster do this too. It’s going to slash down with both hands.
Noah rolled to the side. Dirt whumped behind him as the monkey’s claws slipped clean through it and its palms hit the forest floor. His arm throbbed in pain, but Noah ignored it. He raised his other hand and fired a blade of wind into the surprised Slasher’s neck.
Its cries finally went silent and it crashed to the ground beside him, dead. Noah shuddered, adrenaline coursing through his veins with such intensity that he could hear his heartbeat.
Energy filled him and he staggered to his feet, scanning the surroundings. There were still two monkeys left, and he still remembered what happened when he celebrated a victory too early.
Noah turned in a slow circle, his eyes flicking at every faint rustle of wind through the cracked trees. His chest rose and fell with heavy breaths and he held his hand before his chest, his teeth bared.
“Come on,” Noah snarled. “Where are you?”
A powerful blow slammed into Noah’s back and he staggered forward. He staggered to the side, but too slowly to avoid a clawed hand as it raked across his back. Noah screamed and fell to the ground, desperately twisting around to see the monkey lunging to rip his face off.
Magic swirled and a blade of wind caught the monster in the neck. Its corpse slammed into Noah, knocking him to the ground. The wounds on his back screamed in pain and Noah snarled, shoving the creature off him.
Numbness crept along his body. He tried to stand, but his legs wouldn’t work properly. He slipped in the growing pool of his and the monster’s blood on the scorched ground and fell back with a groan.
With a feeble, shaking hand, Noah grabbed his makeshift dagger. He dragged himself back across the ground with it, pushing himself against a tree to prop himself up. Every breath came shallower than the last, but Noah kept his dagger raised before him.
“One more,” Noah wheezed. “Come on.”
Seconds ticked by and Noah’s hand dipped. The world grew darker and his vision narrowed to a pinpoint. Strength left Noah’s limbs. His last action was to toss his dagger as hard as he could – which, at this point, was just half a dozen feet away from him.
A tiny flicker of motion in the edge of his fading eyes was the last thing he saw before he slipped off.
Noah’s soul peeled away from the body, lifting into the air. He stared down at the bloodied corpse beneath him and scrunched his nose. The final monkey was behind a tree, staring warily at his body.
“Well, not a bad run by any means. A definite improvement over the previous one. And – oh, goddamn it. Please stop that. Don’t eat my face, that’s disgusting.”
The monkey couldn’t hear him. And, even if it could, Noah suspected that his request would have fallen on deaf ears.
Greyish black energy wound around his neck. Noah didn’t even blink as it yanked him away.
An instant later, he sat up with a ragged gasp. His head pounded with a violent headache, and the gourd rested on the ground beside him. Noah pushed himself upright using the trunk of the tree, leaving his gourd on the ground.
He instinctively tried to call on his magic, but it was for naught. The Runes were completely inaccessible for him, and judging by previous experience, they’d remain that way for several hours.
Noah massaged his temple and trudged into the forest in the direction of his corpse. Even if he didn’t have magic, he needed to get his clothes back or he’d be returning to Arbitage with everything on display.
He repressed a pained chuckle.
That’s one way to get fired.
Several minutes later, Noah stopped walking. Loud crunches came from where he’d died, and he didn’t need to use much imagination to know what they were. Noah crept forward, watching the ground to make sure he didn’t step on anything too loud.
Luckily, the monkey seemed distracted with what it likely assumed to be the prize of its patience. It was hunched over his body, letting out faint hoots as it ripped him apart. Noah’s dagger rested on the ground where he’d thrown it.
Moving as quietly as he could, Noah walked up to the dagger. He scooped it off the ground and the monkey paused, looking up from its meal as its ears finally picked up on the noise.
It was too late. Noah plunged the blade into its ear, twisting it savagely before ripping it out and slamming it into the base of the monster’s skull. The sharp claw bit through the dense hair and the flesh beneath it.
The monkey slumped, dead before it even got a glance at him. Noah shoved it to the side and grabbed his clothes from his corpse, doing his best not to look at his now mangled face. He ignored the blood soaking into his shirt and pants as he pulled them on and turned, heading away without a second glance.
He collected his gourd, still fighting the violent headache pounding in his skull, and climbed into a tree to wait for his magic to return. Despite the pain rippling through his body and the fog in his mind, Noah’s heart thumped with excitement. He was starting to really enjoy this.
Also, read ahead on RoyalRoad or get 30 bonus chapters on my Patreon!
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2023.05.30 04:28 Professional-Row8286 Tips And Tricks: Do Transition To Summer Decor

Tips And Tricks: Do Transition To Summer Decor
The summer is coming and we all love the summer vibe! If the spring gives you a feeling of cheerfulness and liveliness, the summer will be the one that gives you a feeling of refreshment and blazing. A lot of people prefer to renovate their home decor a little bit in summer decor to welcome natural light and there is maybe more space for family activities.

Tips And Tricks: Do Transition To Summer Decor
Thus, how to transition into a summer vibe is considered a sought-after topic. Let’s read these easiest tips and tricks to find out!

1. Swap All Thick And Heavy Textiles Into Lighter Fabrics

Having said that, the simplest way to transition your home decor from spring to summer is to switch out heavy fabrics, especially curtains.
Summer reminds us of comfort and coolness. Replace your thick blankets and pillows with lighter weight options, for example, linens or cotton with brighter colors and patterns to avoid heat.
With curtains, you pick out lighter-weigh options to take advantage of the extra sunlight, and your house will look stunning.

2. Put In Fresh Flowers And Greenery In Your House

Adding fresh flowers and greenery is considered an excellent way to add brightness and color to your home decor. It's a tendency for people to plant flowers and small trees in their gardens and even in houses to limit the heat. Gorgeous bunches of flowers and plant spots improve our mood and create a stunning centerpiece for your house.

3. Mix With Spring Decor

Reusing spring-themed decor is a convenient way to bring the perfect match into your home. Taking advantage of spring decorative pieces like vases, wall art, table runners, and table settings will save tons of money and satisfy your creativity.

4. Simplify All Your Decor And Stuff

Summer weather boosts our skin metabolism and then our bodies sweat easily. Therefore, cleaning up unnecessary items and storing them in storage is a great idea. A comfortable bed, desk, and table set are ideal. The more you simplify items and furniture, the more space you have. A stuffy, cramped, and cluttered room is a bad idea in the summer and it makes us feel like we’re in a tiny box.

5. Add Some Greenery

Bringing in some greenery is a great way to liven up any space. Consider adding potted plants, fresh flowers, or even a small herb garden to your kitchen. Not only will this add some color and life to your home, but it will also make it smell amazing.

6. Add Up Natural Textures

Summer is an excellent time to add some natural textures like rattan, wicker, or bamboo. They are wonderful highlights that draw the guests' attention and make your house feel like you are immersed in nature!
Last but not least, building a new patio or seating in the garden is a perfect option. You’re able to both enjoy nature and spend valuable time with your family. Imagine that you are reading books, and getting a great experience from a cup of coffee on a table with a table set mixing with natural textures on the patio! How amazing it is!

7. Where Can I Find A Place To Buy My Patio Furniture?

There are various stores that provide unique furniture designs. If you need to find a reliable store, Flowyline Design is your next adventure We’ve provided many metal table legs that help your patio space look more stunning and exquisite.
Article Source:
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2023.05.30 04:00 routerhunter Multi-Gig router (CCR-2004) experience/review

My service is now installed, and I thought I'd post an update with my experience for others considering upgrading to multi-gig service.
I bought a MikroTik CCR2004-16G-2S+ router, an S+RJ10 module, an SFP+ DAC cable, and attached it to my existing MikroTik CRS312 switch.
I do not recommend this setup if you are not technically inclined. If you don't know what DHCP, NAT, stateful vs stateless firewalls, or bridges are, pick up something else.



The router does not come with any configuration out of the box, so you have to build it up basically from scratch. Before actually ordering my service upgrade, I set up a local NAT behind my existing router so I could benchmark it. A basic NAT+stateful firewall was able to perform at full duplex 9.4gbps through the SFP+ ports at under iperf, so I was happy with that.
Once I actually had the tech come and upgrade my service, I ran into a few issues. First, I was only getting 4gbps from - solved by running speedtest on the CLI.
The next issue was fan noise - the MikroTik module was toasty, and the fans were running pretty much full speed trying to keep it cool. After researching online I bought a WiiTek module off amazon, which ran about 5 degrees cooler even with the fans at lower speed. But your mileage may vary - a relevant detail of my setup is that my ONT was 50-60 feet of cat6a cable away from the router. I pulled some fiber along that route instead, and used a short 1 foot cat6 cable to connect the ONT to the router, and temps dropped further. The fans are still audible but no longer loud. I'm going to replace them with noctua A4x20 FLX and it'll be really silent. This router also comes in a passively cooled variant with a giant heatsink and slower clocks, which is probably what I should've bought :-)
Overall I am quite pleased with the Ziply service and my router choice. While the interface was intimidating at first and some customization was required, I was always able to google and find documentation and instructions.
And here at the end is a little guide that could be useful as actual instructions if you buy one of these routers, or to help you decide if this sort of configuration is within your comfort level. All of this is doable via the GUI, which is basically 1:1 with the command line, but I didn't feel like adding a bunch of screenshots to this post.
Configure SFP+ ports.
/interface ethernet set [ find default-name=sfp-sfpplus1 ] comment="WAN SFP1" set [ find default-name=sfp-sfpplus2 ] comment="LAN SFP2" 
Not required, but I chose to use interface lists so I could reassign stuff easily later if I wanted to.
/interface list add name=WAN add name=LAN /interface list member add interface=sfp-sfpplus1 list=WAN add interface=sfp-sfpplus2 list=LAN 
Create a pool to assign IPv4 addresses from:
/ip pool add comment="10/24 " name=dhcp ranges= 
Add a DHCP server to the LAN port:
/ip dhcp-server add address-pool=dhcp interface=sfp-sfpplus2 lease-time=10h name=dhcp1 /ip address add address= interface=sfp-sfpplus2 network= /ip dhcp-server network add address= dns-server= gateway= netmask=24 
Set up DNS:
/ip dns set allow-remote-requests=yes cache-size=8192KiB max-concurrent-queries=1000 max-concurrent-tcp-sessions=50 
/ip firewall filter add action=fasttrack-connection chain=forward comment="Fastrack established/related" connection-state=established,related hw-offload=yes add action=accept chain=forward comment="Accept established/related" connection-state=established,related /ip firewall nat add action=masquerade chain=srcnat comment="IPv4 WAN" out-interface-list=WAN 
Example port forwarding configuration for games, servers, etc :
/ip firewall nat add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment="HTTP server" dst-port=80,443 in-interface-list=WAN protocol=tcp to-addresses= 
Now we're going to get connected to the internet, but we want to be safe first, which means a firewall to block WAN connections to the router.
/ip firewall filter add action=accept chain=input comment="Accept traffic from LAN to router" in-interface-list=!WAN add action=accept chain=input comment="Accept ICMP" protocol=icmp add action=accept chain=input comment="Allow established incoming traffic" connection-state=established,related in-interface-list=WAN add action=drop chain=input comment="Drop incoming traffic to router" in-interface-list=WAN 
This configuration will drop incoming connections to the router unless they originate from the LAN interface list.
Now that our NAT and firewalls are set up, let’s connect to the internet! (ziply does not yet support ipv6 unless you get the 10g package)
/ipv6 settings set disable-ipv6=yes /ip dhcp-client add interface=sfp-sfpplus1 
After all this, you basically have the default configuration a customer router ships with - DHCP, NAT, default-deny stateful firewall, local DNS cache. I followed up with static DHCP leases, local NTP server, ddns update scripts - maybe in the future I’ll install some docker containers.
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2023.05.30 03:59 Wirecommando Metering AC condenser disconnect - odd reading?

Just had the siding redone, and had to reconnect my AC condenser. Breaker on, disconnect pulled I get a solid 120/240 on the line side. Was happy, and was just about to fire it up but I kept poking around…
If I meter one leg of the line and one leg of the load (picture), I get ~115v of potential. Load to ground is 0v. Load-to-load is 0v.
Is this because the capacitor is still charged? Am I safe to fire it up, or do I have a more serious problem? (FYI: this is an older unit, but the compressor is fairly new and I replaced the start capacitor last year).
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2023.05.30 03:57 Proletlariet Captain Gundam

"Attention! I have been granted special dispensation to use firearms in defense of Neotopia. Lay down your weapons at once!"
Before a perpetually peaceful world, when Neotopia was attacked by an evil force who wished to destroy all organic life, they needed a saviour. This saviour came in the form of the secret organization of the Super Dimensional Guards, and in particular Captain Gundam, A robot authorised to use any means neccesary to protect his world. While initially insisting on keeping his activities a complete secret, the actions and support of a local boy named Shute helped activate his Soul Drive, a special contraption in his chest that greatly increased his abilities. The two would work together in the newly formed Gundam Force, alongside Gundams from other dimensions whose homes had already fallen to the Dark Axis, seeking to protect harmony in the universe.
Captain Gundam, after being greatly injured, was later repaired and had some upgrades made to his exoskeleton. Besides from a new ultimate attack, it's unclear how much this affects his abilities otherwise. All feats obtained in this upgraded body are marked with 'UP' to distinguish them.



Lifting / Throwing



Blunt Force











Beam Saber

Option F

An optional extra pack attached to his back while equipping his armour, giving him greater flight capabilities

Option Z

In the final battle, Captain equips Option Z, an experimental jet-like add-on which takes the place of Option F.


In-Built Equipment and Robot Abilities

Soul Drive

The 'most vital unit inside of Captain Gundam', the Soul Drive activates in response to strong emotions of friendship with Shute. This massively increases Captain Gundam's abilities while active. While it's unlikely that his durability also increases in this state, such feats have nevertheless been included in this section just in case they do. He can sense what Shute's doing through his soul drive and even have it activated through his actions when he's nowhere nearby, with this actively healing him from a previously incapacitated and highly injured state. For the majority of the series he can only activate his Soul Drive when synchronized with Shute, but in the final battle he draws on his memories with him to activate it stronger than it had ever been before while Shute was trapped.
While he was still alive, albeit in an unconscious state after having his Soul Drive removed, based on Commander Sazabi's defeat it can be speculated that destroying it would instantly kill Captain Gundam.






An enhanced form first seen given to Captain while he was alive but unable to act fully consciously due to his Soul Drive having been removed, this form gives Captain a large amount of extra gear on top of his standard combat armour which, among other things, allows him to transform into a vehicle.

Captain System

With his Re-Equip Ring, Captain Gundam can activate Captain Mode, using his Soul Drive to access the programming of all the robots in Neotopia. Like this, he deactivates the control devices on all of them, freeing them from the Dark Axis' mind control


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2023.05.30 03:57 BakeHistorical5062 Little black bugs all over me at box canyon

I went swimming today at the swimming holes in the bottom of the box canyon hike over by payson, AZ. I had been swimming and climbing rocks and sliding down the mini waterfalls and at one point after going down a few pools stood up out of the water to find tons of little black worm looking things all over my chest and legs and everywhere else that was exposed. They came off pretty easily but would squirm around a lot, I am utterly confused as to what these are. The water was quite cold but it’s getting hot outside if that means anything. Anybody have any idea what these were?
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2023.05.30 03:53 Proletlariet Nemesis

Respect Nemesis!

A prototype intelligent bioweapon created by the sinister Umbrella Corporation. Let loose in Racoon City, it was given a single order: hunt down and kill S.T.A.R.S. members, more specifically Jill Valentine. Relentless and nigh-unstoppable, it took nothing short of an experimental, high-powered railgun to take the mutating terror down.
All feats come from the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3 unless stated otherwise. The "cutscenes" category also includes scripted gameplay.

First Form

Nemesis's initial and most iconic form. He can produce a prehensile tendril from its body, seemingly only one at a time.


Death Animations




Death Animations


Death Animations





Second Form

After taking enough damage, Nemesis mutates into a hulking quadripedal form. After getting his arm taken off by Jill, he grows a large tentacle to take its place.

Strength / Tentacle Arm

Death Animations







Third Form

Nemesis's final form, basically just an enormous blob with weird limbs and a tiny little head. Nemesis only ever enters this form after getting defeated by Jill and left in a chamber that gets flooded with acid. Since there's not really that much for him, I'm not going to bother with splitting it up by gameplay and cutscenes.




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2023.05.30 03:39 kiki_x0 32F [relationship] let’s explore the depths of the mind

For me this usually starts off with a life story, about a woman (aka me) on a Friday or Saturday night pondering on life as it is. Wondering why at 32 years old, I’m sitting at home, alone & pretty f*cking lonely. Instead it’s a Monday night, after a busy day at work & leg day at the gym trying to stop myself staring every minute at my gym crush.
I’ve become so content in my own company where my norm is taking myself out on dinner dates, spending a stupid amount of time at the gym & scrolling mindlessly through reddit or even dare I say it, tik tok.
Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who are basically family, a small group, a loyal group, people I probably couldn’t live with out, I also have a loving family, however I’ve always felt there’s one thing missing, that thing being my person, my “one true love” hahaha. As corny & sappy as that sounds I suppose it’s what I desire the most.
What I’ve found difficult though is finding another that is on the same page, that I vibe with, that I can just talk to endlessly about anything without it really feeling like a chore. You know the type of connection where your heart skips a beat, you get excited to hear from them & you can’t wait to share nearly every aspect of your life.
The problem I face on a regular basis though is trying to date in a pool of men who are either way out of my league, living on the other side of world or just wanting to dip their d into a moist v.
So here I am… again. Single & ready to find someone to do life with, so if you’re actually interested in taking the plunge, then read on to find out a little about me.
I’m 32 Living in Sydney, Australia. Born in New Zealand. I work full time. I decided I was sick of being miserable & hating on myself… so nearly a year ago, I decided I was going to start walking every day, which I have mostly done (except when covid knocked me about), I eventually joined a gym & realised I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I did. I’ve lost a decent amount of weight, but still thiccc af haha (I’m working on it) I love to travel & have booked a trip for the end of the year. I game here & there & for the first time this year, I’ve been doing things a little out of my comfort zone, building confidence in myself & living life a little differently.
I’m happy… for the first time ever, so I’d love to share that with another.
So if you’re keen on getting to know one another, keen on dealing with my sarcasm & satire & ready to share everything there is about you over dinner, then message me :)
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2023.05.30 03:29 Any-Thanks-5794 22 [F4M]i am new here TX Why do I keep doing this?

For me this usually starts off with a life story, about a woman (aka me) on a Friday or Saturday night pondering on life as it is. Wondering why at 32 years old, I’m sitting at home, alone & pretty f*cking lonely. Instead it’s a Monday night, after a busy day at work & leg day at the gym trying to stop myself staring every minute at my gym crush.
I’ve become so content in my own company where my norm is taking myself out on dinner dates, spending a stupid amount of time at the gym & scrolling mindlessly through reddit or even dare I say it, tik tok.
Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who are basically family, a small group, a loyal group, people I probably couldn’t live with out, I also have a loving family, however I’ve always felt there’s one thing missing, that thing being my person, my “one true love” hahaha. As corny & sappy as that sounds I suppose it’s what I desire the most.
What I’ve found difficult though is finding another that is on the same page, that I vibe with, that I can just talk to endlessly about anything without it really feeling like a chore. You know the type of connection where your heart skips a beat, you get excited to hear from them & you can’t wait to share nearly every aspect of your life.
The problem I face on a regular basis though is trying to date in a pool of men who are either way out of my league, living on the other side of world or just wanting to dip their d into a moist v.
So here I am… again. Single & ready to find someone to do life with, so if you’re actually interested in taking the plunge, then read on to find out a little about me.
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2023.05.30 03:21 Comfortable_Relief23 Cancelling life events because everyone hates me.

I’m (28 female) currently 28 weeks pregnant (7mos) and have been with my man for almost 2 years in august (34male). He has a daughter from a previous relationship that is 16years old. But she is out of state. So he only sees her a couple times a year. Anyway! His family has made it clear that they don’t like me or want me or my 6 year old daughter around. They will be passive aggressive and make us feel unwelcome. Examples: boyfriends mom has slapped my daughters hands when we were playing uno because my kid was having a hard time dealing the cards. I was livid. Another time my bfs sisters husband (male 40s) pushed my daughter in the deep end of the pool when she had barely learned how to swim and I have also caught him quietly scolding her in private. Another time I served my kid her food and my bfs sister took half my daughters food off her plate and put it on her babies plate instead of grabbing some recently prepared food. In the same day my bfs dad put a blanket on the ground and told my daughter she wasn’t allowed on the couch but his grandkids (4 male, 1 female) were. Keep in mind I’m always on top of my daughters behavior. I’m always asking her to calm down or clean up after herself or to not jump on couch’s etc. I even talk to her before entering anyones house about respecting their home. Not because she’s a bad kid but because we want to be respectful. These are only a few things they’ve done to my daughter. As far as I go, they don’t care for my birthdays or anything pertaining to celebrate me. My bfs mom will be extra affectionate with my bf when I’m around and when he’s extra affectionate with me she’ll say things like “you don’t treat me like that!” Which is disgusting to me. His mom never has complimented me or told me anything positive that she likes about me. For instance on Valentine’s Day I did my hair differently and instead of saying I looked nice or anything she said her daughter could do the same hair do as mine but it looks way better on her. And if I was going to wear a sweater because I was showing legs and cleavage. I was living with them for almost a year until I switched jobs and when I came home from work one day my bf and his parents were huddled on the couch talking about me. His mom was facing the entry and saw me and continued talking about me saying I needed to move out. They didn’t say why. To me or in front of me. Weeks later I made my bf tell me why and they had told him that they know that I would never amount to anything. That I am a loser. After this we moved out , And we had stayed in air bnbs through thanksgiving and until December. By this time we had found a place and we’re on our own. When Christmas came around I was already pregnant by 5 weeks. And he mentioned it to his parents Christmas Day when he went over to his parents house alone. Their response to our pregnancy was “ok..?” At this time my daughter was w her biological father. I I spent the whole holiday alone. Crying. I don’t have parents. Most of my family is extremely toxic and they truly could care less about me. As they have made it clear when I was a victim of domestic abuse and violence from not only my daughters father , but the relationship I had after that. I went homeless to get away from both those relationships with my family never offering to let me stay with them.
Here’s my question. My boyfriends sister offers to throw me a baby shower. (When she was drunk) so she said she’d take care of everything. She asked my input for a theme and I told her what I was feeling. So she made the invitations on Etsy and showed me them in person on Mother’s Day. She then proceeded to give me the invitations and left it up to me to invite people. This made me feel like she was back tracking, as I have made it clear to their family I have nobody to invite on my side. So I told my bf to take care of it. Weeks have passed and he has done nothing. So I told him to reach out to his sister and cancel. My heart hurts that I’m alone with no support from either side. And I’m also hurt that his sister offered to do this and then proceeded to let all the responsibilities fall on me. I did mention to her that I would only want 2 invitation. One for my scrap book and another for my kiddo. So I cancelled. Am I being problematic for doing this ? I also don’t feel the need to have them in my new sons life. And won’t be able to see my baby until he is able to walk because I don’t trust any of them. I’ve also seen my bfs mom smack his granddaughters hands hard (1year old ) because she wasn’t “listening”. I have decided to completely take myself out of the equation. But my bf wants me to keep trying. I’ve also cancelled things that mean so much to me. But I know people will not show for me. And don’t care about me. I don’t understand why. It’s just always been like this for me. Am I wrong ? Can someone give me some insight is it just me or all in my head ?
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2023.05.30 03:03 Zealousideal_Oil_455 [WTS/WTT] Arbor Arms, Esstac, G34 Barrel, TRS-26, Med pouch

Hey all,
Looking to sell or trade some of these items. Mostly looking for cash, but will trade for: 3x magnifier, 3mag pouches, dump/dangler pouch, small admin pouch
$120, Gold Zaffiri threaded barrel- bought here, used for about 100rds by me before replacing, previous owner also used less than 100-300rds, don't recall exactly. No name comp included.
$80 TRS-26- got in a trade, like new, small spots of overspray from previous owner, most comes off with light rub.
$60 Arbor Arms 3 magazine placard "Wombat", Coyote Brown/FDE- Seems to be an earlier offering, holds 3 magazines, the new model holds 3, 6 if expanded.
$40 Esstac 5 magazine subgun daedon placard, RG/ODG- used with glock style magazines
$60 NAR drop leg medical pouch, Coyote Brown- selling as empty, anything that might be inside should be considered training use only
PayPal for payment if bought, others also available but not preferred. Shipping included in price, out within 3 days. Lower flair ships first on trade. Buyer covers G&S. Prices can be discussed in message. Wipe front to back, etc
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2023.05.30 03:02 Classic-Cherry-2110 I know it’s unlikely but is it possible?

Me and my gf just got out of the pool and we were in the moment so I put my thing on her while standing up and idk if I had precum on my tip or not but if I did I’m concerned. She then wiped her leg and her area with the same towel because she was still wet from the pool so is it possible that the precum (a possibility) was on the towel and then went into her vagina because she was drying it with the same towel eventually leading to her getting pregnant. I know this is outrageous but I am paranoid with everything just need validation that this is not possible to lead to pregnancy.
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2023.05.30 03:01 minnesota420 Things I wish I knew before installing my subs

Obviously I can’t cover everything, but these are things I wish I knew before putting mine in (also opinions):
  1. Don’t try to attach the fuse above your engine bay. Do this on a table, ahead of time and splice the wire no more than 6 inches from the other end that terminates to the battery.
  2. Get a coat hanger for when you have to snake the power wire through the firewall, into the engine bay and duct tape the power wire to it.
  3. Don’t try to solder in your car. Your car will smell like ass and you’ll get Liquid Metal on shit and burn your leg.
  4. If you’re getting a radio, sure you can get one on amazon, but figure out if you need a single or double din and if you’ll need a dash kit. Best way to do that is to check Scosche’s website. They tell you. I put a double din in mine and I probably could have been okay with just a single din, but I also could have gotten the dash kit that Scosche had with the wire harness and it all would have looked better.
  5. Butt connectors suck in comparison to wire caps, but could short out if any wires cross, so make sure to use them sparingly.
  6. Get some extra wire because there’s a good chance you’re going to accidentally wire the remote turn on wire from the amp to the wire that the Chinese head unit says is the remote wire and then it’s not gonna work and you’ll need to replace the wire in the harness that you cut.
  7. Before cutting any of the wire harness wires, label them or draw on them with sharpie if you’re cutting one and two of them have the same color.
  8. Save some money and buy an aftermarket wire harness that you have to solder instead of one that terminates with butt connectors. Chances are someone will have returned the aftermarket wire harness and the butt connectors will already be crimped and then you’ll have to return it and get a whole new one.
  9. The instructions for your amp and sub and head unit are going to suck. YouTube is your friend, so it could be a good idea to pay for one month of YouTube premium so you can wade through lots of YouTube videos to figure out what you need.
  10. IMO best song to test subs and amp is Mercy (Kanye, 2 Chainz, Pusha T and Big Sean) you also have to tune the sub and turn up the settings.
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2023.05.30 02:50 halooo44 Evaluating HOA spending - how spendy is too spendy? (In CA)

TLDR: How do you decide if a potential HOA is being too spendy?
For my fellow Californians, what is a reasonable per unit expense for a well-maintained but definitely non-luxury complex in a HCOL part of California?

The Background
I have an accepted offer on a condo in a complex that was built in the late 1980's. There are about 170 (1BR and 2BR units) and each unit has a one car garage. It's in a pricey part of California and units are selling between $500k and $650k (I know those are ridiculous numbers, it's not a luxury complex, this is just where I'm from and while I've lived in a few great cities in different parts of the country, nothing is worth being away from friends and family).

About the complex, on the positive side:

On the downside:
I will get the financials for the HOA and be able to see the budget, reserves, and if there are any upcoming assessments (eg, are they about to do a $2k/unit assessment for paving???) but how can you tell if a potential HOA is too spendy?
The 2018 expenses were about $500k which is about $3k per unit. That just seems high for 1BR and 2BR units and I'm sure it's a lot more now.
Fellow Californians, what is a reasonable per unit expense for a well-maintained but definitely non-luxury complex in a HCOL part of California?
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2023.05.30 02:47 NoMadicWanderer97 What filter is this?

What filter is this?
Looking to replace my filter cartridges. What exact model is this? Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.30 02:44 AvianUndertaker What is this hardware?

What is this hardware?
I recently bought a small Roxton side table with the intention to repair some minor damage. The design is a round top on a large spindle, and the top currently sits at an angle due to warping in the metal piece connecting the two. I assumed it would just be a matter of refinishing the top and replacing the warped hardware, but I've run into a wall where I have absolutely no idea what I'm replacing here. I'm not a wood worker so this may be obvious to everyone else, but I can't figure out what this piece of hardware is called and my descriptive google searches aren't giving me anything. I attempted to find a regular top plate instead, but all the top plates they have in my area are the small kind for attaching chair legs; none are big enough for the table.
If anyone could point me in the right direction as to what this thing is called so I can find another one it would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.30 02:29 mjh8212 I want this to stop

Today my husband put the air conditioners in and I started chores around the house. I got chicken and rice started in the crockpot. Then I put away dishes and washed what was there. I finally sat down almost unable to move. Husband helped with dinner but I was on my feet the whole time. A few hours later I look over at my husband and he’s asleep, nothing new he works third shift at a grocery store and all the tourists are here so he’s doing that and a side hustle. I got up shredded the chicken added the rice. I sat down and realized I could not move, it hurt so bad. Husband wakes up and I told him I couldn’t move I am just sitting with the heat pad. I have nothing to drink right now and he’s in bed for work tonight and I haven’t trained my cats to fetch yet.
I want things to be the way they were before, I had three chronic pain conditions that were managed and I was mobile . The last three years I’ve been less and less mobile. I’ve done physical therapy. I was in a little over three feet of water in a small pool with the current gently pushing me around and I had to stop because it was too painful. I had the nerve test and it was determined I do have a pinched nerve because when he put the needle in my back it made the bad sound. The scans X-ray and mri on both sacral and lumbar don’t show anything and the neurosurgeon doesn’t understand why the radiologist report says I have a bulge and stenosis because it’s just not there. Neurosurgeon still believes I’m in a lot of pain that’s why he sent me to the neurologist for the nerve test. I’m waiting for the neurosurgeon to call me about a treatment plan. I am now an ex smoker, I have quit smoking and next will be talking to my primary about losing weight.
I want to be able to stand more than 3-5 min. Im hopefully going to get answers after this test. Sitting hurts standing hurts and even laying down hurts. The numbness and tingling in my leg makes it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. No matter how hard I try I cannot just lay on my left side I keep waking up on my stomach making my back hip and groin hurts and my leg to go numb. It’s been a couple weeks I think since the test and am going to contact the office again tomorrow. I hope whatever happens is good.
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