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Butthurt Republicans' Social Media Pontifications

2012.11.07 19:01 Brocktoon_in_a_jar Butthurt Republicans' Social Media Pontifications

A Treasure Trove of Butthurt Social Media Republican Rants

2013.09.18 05:27 h2ohman Reaching the 50 US State Highpoints!

For those trying to reach the highest natural elevation in any or all of the 50 US states. Post your summit pictures, trip reports, questions, and advice, as well as any recent news regarding trail conditions, access restrictions, etc.

2023.06.04 19:22 Significant-Notice- Sunday assorted links

  1. From Kyjnghyun Cho, total sanity on AGI risk.
  2. The Bible is now banned in some Utah middle and elementary schools, due to violence and vulgarity.
  3. “In a new analysis based on the latest telescope data, University of Florida astronomers have discovered that a third of the planets around the most common stars in the galaxy could be in a goldilocks orbit close enough, and gentle enough, to hold onto liquid water – and possibly harbor life.” Link here.
  4. Viable offspring derived from single unfertilized mammalian oocytes.” Not endorsing, but interesting to see.
  5. Louise Perry reviews Bryan Caplan on feminism.
  6. VR technologies reduce the cost of accessing and being immersed in new contexts, while AR technologies reduce the cost of understanding and navigating a given context.
  7. Good Ross column on where U.S. politics is procedurally at right now (NYT).
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]( - 2. Hahaby Mike W - 2. The Book of Mormon remains approved reading for all classes Breaking news - 2. just as orwell predictedby Future Bill the sensitivity reader - Seven. So we can return to the original sin. The reader The Amercan King

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2023.06.04 18:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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2023.06.04 18:39 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2023.06.04 18:22 autotldr Ukrainian army retakes southwest of Bakhmut - I24NEWS

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 30%. (I'm a bot)
The eastern city of Bakhmut had its southwestern section retaken by the Ukrainian army, the head of the Russian private mercenary Wagner group Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Sunday, just two weeks after Moscow claimed full control of the town.
Prigozhin announced on May 25 that he was pulling out his troops from Bakhmut, after what had been the longest and bloodiest battle of the Ukraine war.
This statement comes shortly after Ukraine's Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar announced that the Ukrainian army regained control over the southwestern outskirts of the heavily destroyed town.
Prigozhin long criticized the Russian Defense Ministry for the mishandling of the situation in Bakhmut, stressing that his organization alone lost nearly 20,000 men there.
10 days ago he announced the withdrawal of his forces, saying they were handing their positions over to the regular army.
Earlier on Saturday, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainian army was ready to launch a counteroffensive to regain Russia-occupied territories.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Bakhmut#1 army#2 Ukraine#3 Ukrainian#4 Forces#5
Post found in /UkraineWarVideoReport and /worldnews.
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2023.06.04 17:37 Good_Royal_9659 I CANNOT fucking believe people are denying actual issues rn.

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2023.06.04 17:33 The_Patriot Seditious stack formation plows into four years of prison for traitorous shitheads David Moerschel, Roberto Minuta, Edward Vallejo, and Joseph Hackett
A member of the extremist Oath Keepers group who joined other rioters in a so-called stack formation to breach the Capitol on Jan. 6 was sentenced Friday to three years in prison on conspiracy charges in connection with the 2021 attack.
In a 48-page indictment, prosecutors said that David Moerschel of Punta Gorda, Florida, had marched with other Oath Keepers in a “stack” formation up the east steps of the Capitol to the area outside of the Capitol Rotunda doors and joined a mob that included rioters who attacked officers and yelled “Take their shields” and “Our house!” with some of them disarming officers and stealing their shields.
After breaching the Capitol, the stack split up, with part of the group making an unsuccessful effort to push its way through a line of officers guarding a hallway leading to the Senate Chamber, and the other making its way toward the House of Representatives in an unsuccessful search for then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., prosecutors said.
Moerschel’s co-defendants — Roberto Minuta of Prosper, Texas; Edward Vallejo of Phoenix; and Joseph Hackett of Sarasota, Florida — were also sentenced this week.
All four members of the Oath Keepers were convicted in January of seditious conspiracy, though Moerschel, 45, received one of the shorter sentences handed down this week by Judge Amit Mehta as part of the seditious conspiracy case involving Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who was sentenced May 25 to 18 years in prison.
An attorney for Moerschel, Conor Martin, told NBC News that he believed his client received "a fair sentence," adding that the judge spelled out "why he felt Mr. Moerschel was less culpable than some of the other defendants that had received higher sentences.”
The maximum sentence for the seldom used seditious conspiracy charge is 20 years in federal prison.
Minuta 39, was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison followed by three years of supervised release and Vallejo, 64, was sentenced to three years in prison followed by three years of supervised release, including the first year to be served on home confinement.
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2023.06.04 17:21 Dave1000000000006 What even is this

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2023.06.04 17:10 Drachenblick Unsure about trip to Orlando

So I'm from Germany, but my grandaunt lives in Orlando. We've never visited her there (although we did meet her here a few times, so it's not like this is the first and only chance to see her) and now, my dad asked my brother and me if we wanted to on fall break.
A few years ago, I would've probably said yes, but with all the recent news going on, I'm not even sure whether simply visiting Florida for a few days is safe right now. I'm a minor and even though I completely pass in my daily life and have never really been misgendered before, I'm unsure.
I assume most of the guys here are American, so I wanted to ask for your opinion: Is it safe to visit Orlando for a few days as a trans minor?
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2023.06.04 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Sun, Jun 04 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Chinese warship nearly hits U.S. destroyer in Taiwan Strait during joint Canada-U.S. mission
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Le Pen’s far right served as mouthpiece for the Kremlin, says French parliamentary report
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Lecture on Holocaust in Poland canceled after far-right lawmaker storms podium
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Clumps of 5,000-mile seaweed blob bring flesh-eating bacteria to Florida
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Tennessee federal judge rules 'drag ban' is unconstitutional
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2 young boys killed by gunfire were playing with kittens in yard, Pennsylvania officials say
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Study supports the use of anti-poverty programmes such as cash transfers to improve population health. Researchers found that cash transfer programmes were associated with significant reductions in mortality among children under five years of age and women.
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Escalated police stops of Black men are linguistically and psychologically distinct in their earliest moments
Comments Link
People with heightened sexual nostalgia tend to also have heightened sexual satisfaction, according to new research. The results indicate that the positive association between sexual nostalgia and satisfaction is particularly strong among insecurely attached individuals.
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Milky Way over a Turquoise Wonderland. Credits: Petr Horálek / Institute of Physics in Opava.
Comments Link
Jupiter seen from the James Webb Space Telescope
Comments Link
NASA's Mars helicopter is somehow still flying - and playing hide-and-seek
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Delegates working to end global plastics pollution agree to craft a draft treaty
Comments Link
Artificial Intelligence Will Entrench Global Inequality - The debate about regulating AI urgently needs input from the global south.
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Experts issue a dire warning about AI and encourage limits be imposed
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If your penis made a noise every time it got hard, what would you want the noise to be?
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What’s something (besides your phone) that you take with you everywhere?
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What will always be dirty no matter how often it's cleaned?
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TIL that Steve Jobs is buried in an unmarked grave
Comments Link
TIL that an American POW in World War 2 was questioned about US atomic bombs after the bombing of Hiroshima. He told them he didn't know anything about that, but when they threatened to kill them, he "revealed" they had hundreds and that Tokyo and Kyoto were next.
Comments Link
TIL that the legs of the 630 foot 192 m) Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO had to be built with a 1/64” (0.4 mm) tolerance so that they would meet at the top. Several filmmakers documented the entire construction in hope that the legs wouldn’t meet.
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[OC] The entire history of Premier League teams in one chart ⚽️📈
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More than 50% of Vienna's Area is closer than 2km to a metro station [OC]
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[OC] A map of when same sex marriage legalized in each US state.
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Why is pita in Greece nothing like pita in the US? Am I missing something?
Comments Link
What can an air fryer do that an oven can’t?
Comments Link
Want to make queso that's dippable regardless of temperature, like the store-bought stuff? Use sodium citrate and corn starch.
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[homemade] lemon curd and blueberry pancakes.
Comments Link
[I ate] pulpitos
Comments Link
[homemade] cheddar cheese biscuits
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Walt Disney's Pixar Targets 'Lightyear' Execs Among 75 Job Cuts
Comments Link
Contact (1997)
Comments Link
What is one seemingly insignificant scene or character in a movie that you just can't get out of your mind?
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Touched A Nerve, Jon Silent (Me), Ink and Acrylic, 2023
Comments Link
Pluto, Dracopuella (me), digital, 2023
Comments Link
Middle of nowhere, Naif(me), Pixelart, 2023
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Julie Plec and More WGA Members Detail Writers Strike Negotiations, Demand Streamers to Release Ratings: ‘We’re Mad’
Comments Link
‘Full Monty’ Actor Reveals He Was Sacked From Disney TV Series After A Female Runner Saw Him Naked In Trailer
Comments Link
'House of the Dragon’ Star Olivia Cooke Is Totally Fine if You Don’t Like Alicent: ‘That’s the Beauty of What We Do’
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Senator John Fetterman at Pride parade.
Comments Link
Reunion of the cast of The Mighty Ducks
Comments Link
My parents 46 year old blender still works like new
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Paula Abdul fatality
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Nest with a 360° view
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Just lay back and relax
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I’m at the NYC Macys and the escalator is made out of wood.
Comments Link
A small local movie theater me uses reusable metal bowls for the popcorn
Comments Link
Rabdomly found a TARDIS in somebody's front yard.
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*Squirrel trying to fake an injury *
Comments Link
Man puts 10ft buggy wheels on a Tesla and drives it upside down
Comments Link
Never Forget what happened in China 34 years ago: Remembering the fearless Demonstrators at the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests
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Thats not why you get cats
Comments Link
One of them is very smart
Comments Link
Cat carries mouse to food bowl
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Potato requires belly scratches
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Cute Child Comforts Adorable, Nervous, Puppy
Comments Link
Puppy fall asleep during the meditation session.
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2023.06.04 17:00 triplescosmos 230605 tripleS : Weekly Discussion & Recap Thread

Welcome to the tripleS Weekly Discussion & Recap Thread!
This post serves as an outlet for tripleS fans to discuss all topics related to tripleS. Discussions are not limited to tripleS only, so feel free to share or talk about anything in particular. Please remember to keep the discussions respectful and safe for work!
Moderators will also sometimes use this post to make announcements as well as bring you up to speed on the latest updates from tripleS from the previous week.


Title Thread
tripleS : +(KR)ystal Eyes - The 1st Mini Album 'AESTHETIC' (DIMENSION / Era Recap Thread) Thread
tripleS : +(KR)ystal Eyes - The 1st Mini Album 'AESTHETIC' (Album Discussion Thread) Thread

News & Information

Date Title Thread
230530 tripleS : Twitter Update - WAV who were waiting for the youngest's solo live🐥 And WAV who need to 🆙their energy🔋while watching YeonJi! See you tonight at 10PM KST Thread
230601 tripleS : Twitter Update - Let's be enthusiastic in June🌈! 🤩Start the month with the extrovert Nien See you tonight at 10PM KST Thread
230602 Happy Nien Day! Thread


Date Title Thread
230529 tripleS : SeoYeon and JiWoo - Queendom Puzzle (Queens, Assemble! - Teaser Poster) Thread
230529 tripleS : SeoYeon and JiWoo - Queendom Puzzle (Queen’s Profile - Teaser Images) Thread
230601 tripleS : ACID EYES - Cherry Gene (Release Schedule) Thread



Date Title Thread
230529 tripleS : SIGNAL - MC Kotone's Gonna Rap Thread
230530 tripleS : SIGNAL - Wherever HyeRin Goes is a Delicious Thread
230531 tripleS : SIGNAL - Soda's Playlist for WAVes Thread
230601 tripleS : SIGNAL - NaKyoung YuBin Quarantinez Reunite Thread
230602 tripleS : SIGNAL - Birthday tripleS' Treasure, Nien Thread
230603 tripleS : SIGNAL WEEKLY - Sweetie Nien's Delightful WINKLY Thread
230604 tripleS : SSSIGNAL - I Live Alone (Actually as a Group of 14) Thread


Date Title Thread
230530 tripleS : sweets - 'tripleS’ wife that I know' Thread
230601 tripleS : sweets - 'The origin of Hangang' Thread
230602 tripleS : sweets - 'A regular came back as an idol' Thread
230602 tripleS : sweets - 'Produced by NaKyoung. Cover Behind Story' Thread
230603 tripleS : sweets - 'Kwak Kwak Kwak YeonJi's first-person speech feat. I am' Thread


Date Title Thread
230603 tripleS : SecretBase - Nien.SSS (Video Diary) Thread

Behind The Scenes

Date Title Thread
230531 Modhaus Naver : Blog Update with tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes (Cherry Talk (Krystal Ver.) - Performance Behind Photos) Thread
230603 Modhaus Naver : Blog Update with tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes (AESTHETIC - Cherry Talk MV Behind Photos) Thread


Date Title Thread
230602 Pocket TV : Play With Me Club - K-POP Random Play Dance with K-pop Idol (feat. tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes) Thread

Social Media


Date Title Thread
230602 tripleS : Twitter Update with +(KR)ystal Eyes - Signing Order SeoYeon➡️JiWoo➡️ChaeYeon➡️SooMin Thread
230602 tripleS : Twitter Update with +(KR)ystal Eyes - WAV Happy Friday night to meet you🍒 With full of excitement +(KR)ystal Eyes❤️ Let's be together all the way through the weekend🥰 Thread
230603 tripleS : Twitter Update with +(KR)ystal Eyes - Signing Order JiWoo➡️SeoYeon➡️ChaeYeon➡️SooMin➡️⁉️ Thread
230603 tripleS : Twitter Update - +(KR)ystal Eyes, SoHyun, WAV I am happy to meet these three💗 I had a lot of fun today😘🍒 Thread
230604 tripleS : Twitter Update with +(KR)ystal Eyes - Signing Order SeoYeon➡️SooMin➡️JiWoo➡️ChaeYeon Thread
230604 tripleS : Twitter Update with +(KR)ystal Eyes - If WAV and +(KR)ystal Eyes are together Boom Cherry Talk💣🍒❤️ It was a fun weekend together😘 Thread


Date Title Thread
230527 Play With Me Club : Instagram Reels Update with tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes - Cherry Talk (Dance Challenge) Thread
230530 Rocket Punch : Instagram Update - JiWoo with Yeonhee and Suyun Thread


Date Title Thread
230527 tripleS : TikTok Update with Kotone and Nien - Adi Adi Challenge Thread
230529 Mnet : TikTok Update with Drop The Beat (tripleS SeoYeon, MOMOLAND JooE, Weeekly Soojin & Zoa, Rocket Punch Yeonhee & Suyun) - Charismatic (Queendom Puzzle - Dance Challenge) Thread

Dance Challenge

Date Title Thread
230529 tripleS : SeoYeon (with ARTMS HeeJin) - Charismatic (Queendom Puzzle - Dance Challenge) Thread
230603 tripleS : ChaeYeon and SooMin with KyoungSeo - 120BPM (Dance Challenge) Thread

Song Covers

Date Title Thread
230531 tripleS : NaKyoung - Boy's a liar Pt. 2 (orig. PinkPantheress, Ice Spice) Thread
Last Week's Discussion & Recap
Weekly Discussion & Recap Archive
Monthly Objekt Exchange Thread
Media Archive
Variety Archive
Stream +(KR)ysyal Eyes "Cherry Talk" MV
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2023.06.04 15:20 LindainMa Bring it, big boy.

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2023.06.04 15:00 beardown_bot This Week's Upcoming Events (Week of June 4, 2023)

Below are the upcoming events at The University of Arizona this week.
Are you a club or organization wanting to add your events to the calendar? All events are pulled from the official UofA calendar. Add your own events to the calendar using this link.
Rule #5 still applies for any comments in this thread

Upcoming Events

Sunday, June 4
'Linda McCartney Retrospective' – Community Table 8am - noon
Monday, June 5
Classes Start for First Five-Week Summer 2023 Session all day
Classes Begin for the 10-Week Summer 2023 Session all day
Tuesday, June 6
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions 9am - 11am
Wednesday, June 7
Live Q+A: 'Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement' noon - 1pm
The 8-Track Experience at The Linda McCartney Retrospective: Nicandro Guereque 5:30pm
Thursday, June 8
'Library Carpentry' Workshops 9am - noon
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions 1pm - 3pm
Friday, June 9
Friday Meditation noon - 1pm
Ongoing Events
'Desert Triangle Print Carpeta' May. 27, 2023 - Dec. 21, 2023
Desert Triangle Print Carpeta Jun. 3, 2023 - Dec. 21, 2023
Ancient-Modern: Continuity and Innovation in Southwest Native Jewelry Feb. 4, 2023 - Oct. 28, 2023
The Vault Show: Staff Picks May. 27, 2023 - Sep. 30, 2023
Online Exhibition: 'The Legacy of Yinyuan Longqi (Ingen Ryūki) and the Art of Ōbaku' Aug. 31, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2023
'Inspired by Plants: The Art and Science of the Campus Arboretum Florilegium' Feb. 13, 2023 - Aug. 31, 2023
Worlds of Words Center Presents 'Paper Son: Lee's Journey to America' May. 22, 2023 - Aug. 10, 2023
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2023.06.04 15:00 hockeydiscussionbot Playoffs Pre-Game Thread: PLUS, links to ALL Game Day Threads inside - 04 Jun 2023

Pre-game thread to talk about anything!

🔗 Game Day Threads (GDT) and Post Game Threads (PGT) links

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Yesterday's Games

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FLA (2) @ VGK (5) Link Final
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Regular Threads

Mod News/Threads

Some useful resources

/hockey stands with BIPOC, AAPI, and LGBTIQA+

/hockey aims to be an inclusive environment where people of all races, ethnicity, and how people identify can come and talk hockey. We will do our best to lift the voices of the hockey community that speak up against racism, sexism, or any other hate by ensuring their posts make it to /hockey for those to read. We will continue to do our best effort to enforce and remove any comments or racist remarks as well as all bigotry, sexism, and xenophobia.
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2023.06.04 14:37 CommercialNo6364 Scientist lives underwater 100 days, claims to have slowed aging by 20%

"“We're checking for human health, and what happens when you stuff a person in a tube for a little while,” Dituri said as another scuba diver swam up to the porthole."
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2023.06.04 13:50 GordyFL Poll: No bump for DeSantis as Trump continues to climb

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was surely hoping for a bump from his presidential campaign launch last week. But a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows no sign of improvement.
In fact, the survey of 1,520 U.S. adults, which was conducted from May 25-30, suggests that DeSantis may have actually lost ground against frontrunner and former President Donald Trump since officially entering the race for the 2024 GOP nomination.
Among potential Republican primary voters — registered voters who identify as Republicans or GOP-leaning independents — Trump now leads the full field of seven declared candidates with 53%. That’s up from 48% in early May, before DeSantis threw his hat in the ring.
None of the remaining candidates clear the 5% threshold...
Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley (3%)
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (1%)
South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (3%)
Tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy (3%)
Radio host Larry Elder (1%)
A hypothetical two-way matchup, meanwhile, is no better for DeSantis, with Trump leading 55% to 31%.
As DeSantis tours the country, I think his poll numbers will improve as voters become more familiar with him.
To gain in the polls, DeSantis will have to go on the offensive against Trump, which he has done just lately.
His other hope would be at the debates. I expect some of the Republican candidates will gang up on Trump on the debate stage. Attacking Trump is risky, but if a candidate is far behind in the polls, it would probably be worth the risk.
DeSantis: "Florida is where woke goes to die."....
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2023.06.04 13:29 donna5304 DeSantis lawsuits cost FL taxpayers
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2023.06.04 13:19 saintsweatshirt [RF] A Man of Some Renown

The Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, fifth class, is the highest rank a Ukrainian foreign national can achieve. Its newest inductee is back home in Florida and has been in the shower so long he’s lost track of time. His feel for the present moment will return in about thirty seconds when the hot water runs out. His hair has been both shampooed and conditioned. His body throughly soaped. It’s the shower’s warm solitude he cannot leave. There is plenty to do today; an interview at a radio station at eleven, lunch with his sponsor, an early dinner at his mom’s pastor’s. All of them want to know more about his experience overseas, they want to know how the war is progressing, they want to hear how he went from Highland Hills High School to war hero. What they don’t want to hear, what David does not want to hear, is how cold his new found notoriety makes him feel. Before can explore his melancholy any further, the hot water goes. The steam rising above the shower clears as a lukewarm solution rinses the remaining soap and warmth off David’s body. He remembers taking similarly cold showers in Ukraine, and how happy he was to have them. It’s shocking how clean a man can get with a half full bucket of water and a couple of towels.
“Ah look at Abie! Clean enough for a Russian bitch.” says Bone in his thick provincial accent. Words David can’t remember Bone actually saying or they only sound like something he would say. Sitting around waiting for mechanics, waiting on orders, waiting on food, waiting on the Russians to start shooting, David didn’t know war could be so boring. The only thing Bone said he liked more than killing Russians was fucking them. The rest of the guys in the platoon knew Bone was probably lying, but he was their instructor, and they were the international volunteers, so he was never questioned. He was the only person in their platoon who spoke Russian and Ukrainian and English. One guy, this kid from Belgium, called Bone a cunt after failing to pull the pen on a grenade during a training exercise, and Bone gave it to him.
“What is this? You do not have to pull pens in Belgium? Or do you like to give your enemies the grenade so they can throw it back?” said Bone. He then effeminately ran around the kid saying, “Here Mr. German. Take my grenade. They are loud and I am afraid.” Bone comes back to his real voice. “Killing Russians is no different than driving a truck. It is your job. Don’t think. Don’t be like this Belgian. Pull the pin. Kill Russians.” The Belgian kid said something to Bone but no one knew what it was because no one spoke French. This didn’t stop Bone from hitting him in the face so hard it broke his nose. The kid quit later that day, and Bone got written up which David told him is like a kid being put in timeout during a house invasion.
“What is this time out?” Bone asked.
The water is cold so David gets out. In the kitchen his mother goes over the day’s itinerary again, just to be thorough she adds.
“Do you know where you are going David? No, sorry. Do you know where you are going Abie?” she asks as David grabs a breakfast banana.
“Yes ma’am.”
“You know parking can be difficult downtown. Be sure to take quarters for the meter.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“And be sure to be yourself. I hope they are nice to you. You know how the media likes to spin things these days. I don’t think they are too liberal but don’t let them put words in your mouth. If they ask you something you don’t want to answer, you just say ‘No comment'. You just tell your story. You are a hero. And then you’ll meet with Fred, and then dinner at Pastor's. Be there at four. If it’s ok with you I’m going to bring the medal. Pastor will want to see it. He’s a big fan of Zelensky.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Ok. Enough doting. That’s all you’re getting out to me today. Are you excited? Isn’t this exciting? News Radio 950 is doing a story about you. They want to hear about their local war hero…and that’s you. Give me a hug and get going before you are late.”
“Yes ma’am.”
In his car, David listens to Domination by Pantera at full volume. The heavy riffs, screaming and terrifying drums raise his spirit. Bone used to play it all the time. David hasn’t prepared anything for save his memory of his time in Ukraine. Perhaps Bone is giving an interview somewhere? You didn’t do anything wrong, he tells himself as he opens the station’s door. Inside he finds an attractive, young woman named Sara who has been emailing him for the past several weeks.
“Nice to officially meet. Right this way.”
David does his best not to stare at her as she leads him through corridor of offices and hallways.
“She looks nice. Go into an office with her.” says Bone.
“We’ve all been looking forward to having a more in-depth conversation with you. Our programming producer, who is also named David, will be asking you most of the questions. But I begged him to let me ask some too, so you might say I will also be interviewing you. I hope that’s ok?”
Sara’s blonde hair folds into a neat part on the left side of her head. David pictures her styling it in her bathroom, in a bathrobe. It’s been a while since he has smelled perfume. He found a bottle in an abandoned apartment in Zaporizhzhia and kept it. It had some Chinese lettering he couldn’t read, but it smelt nice. Some of the guys teased him when they found it saying he was going to attract Russian because he smelt like an Asian. Sara’s perfume smells expensive and French. She introduces him to David the producer and the three of them find three seats on the end of a conference room table. Sara sits on the same side as David. After introductions, David starts the interview by saying even though he is not sure exactly when the piece will air, he is certain it will before the end of the month. He then adds something about how David is a hero for doing what he did.
“So tell us how you found yourself in Ukraine?”
“Well it was pretty easy really. I went online and volunteered for the IVB, that was the name of my unit, the International Volunteer Brigade. I don’t think I talked to a real person until I booked my flight to Poland. It was mostly just forms I was filling out online. So yeah it was pretty easy. So I landed in Krakow and my recruiter picked me up. I stayed in a hotel for a few days while we waited on a couple more guys to show up. One was from Spain, another from Portugal. The Portuguese guy never showed, or if he did he didn’t come with us. I guess he could have volunteered with another outfit. I guess that’s the thing about the war I didn’t really expect. We were always just kinda losing people. And I don’t mean they were killed, although a lot of them were. I mean guys would just be with you one minute and gone the next. And then you’d find them a week later and I go, ‘Where have you been?’ ‘Oh I’ve been in Dnipro’ or ‘Oh I got picked up by the Regs.’ It was crazy. The only place where that didn’t happen was the front.”
“Who do you mean by ‘the Regs?’” asks David.
“The regular army. The Ukrainians. The good guys we were there to help. Sometimes they would be short a man so they’d just nab one of the volunteers. That was a bad gig. The Ukrainians wanted their most motivated guys fighting in the worst places. I only had to do it a couple of times, but…it was not something I did and wanted to do again. ”
David rubs his hand over his arm. He can’t smell the hot blonde anymore, only trench dirt and gun oil. The soil of Donetsk had a deep brown color to it he always enjoyed. Even with snipers supposedly in the area, digging was one of his favorite jobs. The earth smelled vibrant, full of worms and nitrogen and reminded him of his granddad, coming in from a day of field work, his jeans and boots caked in a rich layer of his land.
“So tell us what is it like being a hometown celebrity?” asks Sara. “You’re from here so people already know you, but what’s it like now? I mean now, gosh, everyone i know has been talking about this kid from Highland who won a medal from Zelensky. Did you get to bring it by the way? You were on the national news. It was NBC, but still…”
A bouquet of scents and questions. David looks across the room and sees Bone sitting with a heavy slouch in a chair at the other end of the conference table. He looks rough; still alive but not by much. He sits holding his side, his chin on his chest.
“It’s neat I guess. I walk down the street and people call my name. I take lots of pictures with people. Everyone is really nice. I felt like I was kinda a wallflower before.It’s something I think lots of people think about experiencing. I know I did, I just never thought it would be for this.”
“What did you want to be when you were a boy?” asks Sara.
“I don’t know. The normal stuff; doctor, fireman, my Dad was in sales, so not that. I think about it a lot. I think mostly I just wanted to be good. I didn’t like getting into trouble.”
“Oh my gosh, I was the exact same.” says Sara. Then durning her boss she adds “David, I don’t know if you knew this about me and this David, but we actually went to Highland High at the same time. I was a senior when you would have been a freshman, but I swear I remember you. I thought you were cute.”
“Don’t be trying to steal my assistant Dave. Can I call you Dave?”
“David’s fine.”
Bone perks up and tells them to call him Abie
“Ok so let’s get back on track. You’re over there, you’re fighting Russians, you’re helping the Ukrainians, can you tell us, what was that like?”
“What is war like?”
“Yeah the war, but you’re doing a good thing. You volunteered to help an oppressed people, to fight against tyranny, something I think our listeners think our government should have done a long time ago. But while our President sits on his ass, you bravely go do the thing that needs be done. God it must have been exhilarating, but I don’t know, I don’t want to put words in your mouth.”
Bone lays his head back on the desk and says something David can’t quite make out but thinks he knows what his commander is saying.
“What?” asks David.
“It’s a Ukrainian word I learned while over there. It means purpose, but more than just doing a job, it’s your calling. It’s a word the priests with the beards use a lot. Everyday I knew exactly what was expected of me and what I could expect from everyone around me. I had clarity for the first time in my life. I felt like I could see for miles in every direction, like sitting on the roof watching all the cars going by.”
Bone stands up out of his chair and walks out of the office.
“Even when I was scared I knew that was to be expected. And when I was tired, I knew that too was to be expected. And when I was hungry, and wet, and cold, and angry enough to kill. I knew that too was to be expected because war is a cauldron. Everything gets boiled into a singularity. It’s terrifying but also pretty damn motivating. What sucks is that I can already feel everything starting to get cloudy again.”
Leaning his belly against the table, David leans in to ask his next question as if he does not want to be heard.
“Did you, you know…and this will be off the record…did you kill anyone else?”
Sara places her empty hand on the table, an offering for David to hold should his answer prove too much. But David knows the answer is not too much for his has thought of little else.
“Nope. Just the one.”
After another few minutes of hearing how brave he has been, how proud his family must be and how grateful the station is to have him come in, the interview is over. The producer shakes David’s hand and Sara walks him out. She mentions that friends of her’s are going to a new bar in the Depot and suggests David should come too. He says he can come but it will be late because he has dinner plans. “That’s ok. I’ll be there pretty late.”
Only a few blocks from the radio station, David pulls into a Waffle House parking lot. There is condensation on the windows of the building and cigarette butts near the door. Nothing here breathes well, David notes. Inside he finds his old sponsor sitting at booth by himself. David sees Fred before Fred sees him and for a moment considers leaving. However, he sees Bone sits in the corner of the restaurant, smiling and looking to flirt with a chubby waitress with grown sons.
“How the hell are you Abie?” says Fred. No turning back now.
“Sober for today.”
“Me too.”
The pair order eggs, toast and bacon. The cook makes each of them a waffle on the house after recognizing David. He finishes his plate before Fred can finish a piece of toast. Meals happen quick on the battlefield and David can’t seem to slow himself down long to enjoy his food. Bone is no longer in the corner. David sees him moving around the room; following an old lady into the restroom. He comes out with a grotesque look on his face. “That little woman took the biggest shit I’ve ever seen! Abie, come and look at it. It won’t flush. Call in a drone strike. We are going to have to pull back!”
“So” says Fred, “Mr. War Hero, how are you really? You’ve got recognition, a war recommendation, you’re doing interviews, you still got your sobriety. Life seems to be going well, but…”
“How I am really?” When he was in NA Fred could always sniff out if he was high. As his sponsor that was his job, but David never liked it. I know you say you’re fine, but how are your really. Effective, but crude. Fred taps his finger to the tip of his nose. Bingo kid. David looks around the room for Bone but doesn’t find him.
“I’m good man. Things are going well. Everyone always asks me how I’m doing, but I’m really fine. I honestly don’t feel much different than when I left. Same shit different day you know? Girls come up to me now, so that’s different I guess. So…yeah…things are good. Still sober. No real temptation to go back down that road. Been working the Steps since I got back. Doing the work. I didn’t even think about getting high when I was over there. I’m serious. Not once. I’ve got a therapist that I’m seeing. She’s really smart. And I get to see her for free. It’s part of some rehabilitation program from the federal government. I’m moving out of my Mom’s soon. I found an apartment through the church she goes to. There is a guy there who owns a bunch of places and he hooked me up with a really nice place for really cheap. He gave us a really good deal on it. The same guy said I could come work for him too when I felt I was ready. He has a real estate business and said he is always looking for new realtors. With my story, he told me, he thinks I could to really well.”
Bone sits in the booth next to Fred. His face his clean, empty. Without blinking, moving or saying anything he stares at David; human mirror he is unsure is alive or dead, in a Waffle House in Florida or an expensive dirty tank in Ukraine.
“But then I think, do I really wanna use my story to sell real estate? Some douchebag buys an apartment I’m selling him because I killed a Russian general. That’s not why I went over there. And who would even ask me to that? They don’t know what it was like. They make it seem like going over there was no big deal, that killing generals is something that happens all the time, or that the war is going well. Really man, I got so lucky with that shot. I’ve had trained snipers tell me they probably couldn’t hit a target at that range. But I did. I did that and I know I could never do it again. Even if I could, I don’t know if I’d want to. I didn’t know that guy. I mean I now know a bunch of stuff about him, but it’s only what I’ve been told. They told me that he supported Putin from the beginning and that a lot of the war planning was his idea. Ok. If you say so Bone. But I looked this guy up, he has a wikipedia page, and a wife, and kids, probably grandkids. I don’t know if his family is proud of him or not, but I know they will never see him again. And then just the charade of it all. So I got to meet the Ukrainian War Minister, Zelensky’s right hand man. Still not worth it. There’s just nothing noble or romantic about it. It’s all just a cold, black hole that runs on death and killing and for some reason you have to look at it…at least I do. I suppose I thought at some point I would see something. Never did though.”
Bone breaks his stare and cracks a smile.
“And for who, for what Fred? What is going to happen when all of this is over other than the same thing that happens after every war. A cabal of erudite assholes are going to meet in an overly secure room in the Netherlands and draw a new line in between Ukraine and Russia which is exactly what those same assholes did seventy years ago, and seventy years before that, and in seventy years we’ll do the same thing all over again. Wash, rinse and repeat. That line makes about as much sense as the first day of Spring. Sure, there is an official first day of Spring, March 20th or whatever, but we all know that there was some really warm days before the 20th and there is going to be some real cold days afterwards. But the 20th is the official day. It doesn’t make Spring happen. It just kinda helps sense out of a blurry situation. It wasn’t two days after getting there I realized the whole thing is so complicated. Half the regs were guys who had either lived in Russia at some point, gone to school there mostly, or had family living there. It felt like trying to break up a fight at a family reunion, only everyone is holding ARs as they argue about whether or not the 20th is the first day of Spring. The conflict goes back so far you can’t make out the start. And the profiteering my god, that’s what really gets me. Just like that asshole who wants to use the war to sell real estate, all the arms manufacturers who are pouring guns and bullets and tanks into Ukraine, propping this war machine so they can win another government contract. It’s sick. The people running those companies have the first available seat in hell. And Putin too. He started this whole mess. First him, then a nice row of CEOs and shareholders, that’s who I want to in hell. And there is never talk of any alternative. None. Not even a whisper. Just two sides trying to exhaust the other for a better seat at the bargaining table.”
Bone gets up to leave, but not before stretching his back, revealing a large, dark red stain in his uniform, just above his waist line.
“So here I am in all my hometown glory.” says David, “The renown Prince of the Order of the Ukrainian Shit-Show.”
There is a wet spot on David’s pants which he is not sure how it got there. He looks at Bone who is already out the door and running down the street. It’s ok, David thinks to himself, I know where he is going. ———————————————— At the 7-11 next to Waffle House David buys two tall boys and two shots of Jack. He pours the whiskey into the cans and kills the second one as he pulls into Pastor’s driveway where several Mercedes, Teslas and BMWs are parked. David clears his throat, spits into the bushes and unwraps a stick of gum. He enters the house after two hard knocks.
“Oh I think that is him.” David hears his mom say after shutting the large, dark front door. She comes around the corner of the corridor to tell him he is late and to take his shoes off.
“But my socks don’t match.”
“Well take those off too! Pastor just put down new carpet.”
“Ah well, since there is new carpet involved. Let’s not walk on the new carpet.”
The rest of the dinner party comes around the corridor in their socks. Each of them personally thanks David for coming and for his service. The men shake his hand. The women all give him hugs. By the end of introductions David has met two bankers, two retirees, and handful of housewives, as well as two more pastors and their wives. Bone is the last to shake his hand. He tells Abie he smells like old lady perfume. Elenor, Pastor’s wife, takes David’s arm, sliding her’s underneath his, leading him into their recently renovated kitchen. The rest of the group follows.
“Well dinner is almost ready. As we wait, why don’t you tell us about Ukraine.”
“Leave him alone Ellie,” says Pastor, “maybe he’s tired of talking about it.”
“I don’t mind.” says Abie. “I don’t mind telling people about blowing some Russian guy’s head off.”
“David Absalom!”
“It’s ok Mom. Yeah so I saw this column of tanks approaching our trench, which ran parallel to this road running west outta Horlivka. I don’t think they knew it was there, or if they did know, they sure as shit didn’t know we were in it, which was weird because we’d been trading fire with them all day. We were all scared shitless. It was only me and Jizzy and Bone. Right Bone? Oh yeah, it wasn’t Jizz it was that kid from Croatia. The one who fucking just ran off one day. I don’t remember his name. Anyways, Bone tells us to all be real still, play like we are dead. So this entire tank column passes by us. Takes for fucking ever. Couldn’t have been more than an hour, but it felt like ten. Finally it starts to let up you know, the last tank passes. So Bone takes the radio and tries to find a spot to call it in. As he is doing that I see the last tank, which was what Bone, about four hundred yards from us? Anyway, he comes to a stop, and out pops the unluckiest son of bitch in the whole war. The General gets out to take a piss, I take aim, figuring I’ll just scare him. And yeah. Bam. Headshot. He didn’t feel a thing; killed him with his dick in his hand. Speaking of which…if you will excuse me.”
“The bathroom is back down the hallway, first door on your left.” says Pastor.
“Is it a full bath?” ask Abie.
“Close enough.”
No one looks him in the eye, no one except Bone and Pastor. The bathroom has been redone in the same tile as the kitchen. David takes off his clothes, turns the steel knob in the shower to red, sits one floor and waits for the water to get warm.
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2023.06.04 13:03 BullAlligator [General Discussion] REGIONALS WEEK: Part IV (2023)

/collegebaseball General Discussion Thread - REGIONALS WEEK: Part IV (2023)



Get Team Flair

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Regionals Week Games

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2023 Postseason Top 25

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Rank Team Conference D1B BWA USAT Prev. Δ
1 Wake Forest Demon Deacons ACC 1 1 1 1
2 Florida Gators SEC 2 2 2 2
3 Vanderbilt Commodores SEC 4 3 4 6 ↑3
4 Arkansas Razorbacks SEC 5 4 3 5 ↑1
5 Clemson Tigers ACC 3 6 5 8 ↑3
6 LSU Tigers SEC 7 5 6 4 ↓2
7 Stanford Cardinal Pac-12 6 7 6 3 ↓4
8 Miami Hurricanes ACC 8 8 10 10 ↑2
9 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Sun Belt 9 9 8 7 ↓2
10 Virginia Cavaliers ACC 11 11 9 11 ↑1
11 Campbell Fighting Camels Big South 12 10 11 15 ↑4
12 ECU Pirates American 15 12 12 12
13 Connecticut Huskies Big East 10 13 14 9 ↓4
14 Oklahoma State Cowboys Big 12 16 15 13 17 ↑3
15 Dallas Baptist Patriots C-USA 18 14 15 16 ↑1
16 Southern Miss Golden Eagles Sun Belt 13 17 19 21 ↑5
17 Oregon State Beavers Pac-12 14 21 17 13 ↓4
18 Tennessee Volunteers SEC 21 18 16 14 ↓4
19 South Carolina Gamecocks SEC NR 16 18 19
20 Maryland Terrapins Big Ten 19 19 25 25 ↑5
21 Alabama Crimson Tide SEC 22 20 23 NR ↑6
22 Indiana State Sycamores MVC 23 23 20 NR
23 Kentucky Wildcats SEC NR 22 21 23
24 West Virginia Mountaineers Big 12 NR 25 22 18 ↓6
25 Auburn Tigers SEC 20 27 NR NR ↑1
NR Duke Blue Devils ACC NR 24 NR 24 ↓2
NR TCU Horned Frogs Big 12 17 28 NR NR
NR Oregon Ducks Pac-12 24 26 NR NR
NR Boston College Eagles ACC NR 29 24 20 ↓9
NR Texas A&M Aggies SEC 25 30 NR NR
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2023 Division 1 League Champions

Conference Regular Season Tournament
ACC Wake Forest Clemson
America East Maine Maine
American ECU Tulane
A-10 St. Joseph's George Mason
ASUN Lipscomb Lipscomb
Big 12 Oklahoma State, Texas, & West Virginia TCU
Big East Connecticut Xavier
Big South Campbell Campbell
Big Ten Maryland Maryland
Big West UC San Diego* ɴᴏɴᴇ
C-USA Dallas Baptist Charlotte
Horizon Wright State Wright State
Ivy League Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
MAAC Fairfield Rider
MAC Kent State Ball State
Missouri Valley Indiana State Indiana State
Mountain West San Diego State & San José State San José State
NEC Central Connecticut Central Connecticut
Ohio Valley Morehead State Eastern Illinois
Pac-12 Stanford Oregon
Patriot Army Army
SEC Arkansas & Florida Vanderbilt
SoCon Samford Samford
Southland Nicholls Nicholls
Summit Oral Roberts Oral Roberts
Sun Belt Coastal Carolina Southern Miss
SWAC Alabama State Florida A&M
WAC Grand Canyon Sam Houston
West Coast Loyola Marymount Santa Clara
*ineligible to receive automatic qualifier; Cal State Fullerton was rewarded the bid
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2023.06.04 12:45 Humble_Novice Democrat Bravely Condemns Ron DeSantis on Stage at Paramore Concert

Article: Here
Maxwell Alejandro Frost has laughed off criticism after he yelled at Ron DeSantis while performing on stage at a Paramore concert on Friday night.
The Florida congressman joined the rock band for a barnstorming rendition of their hit song “Misery Business” during a show at Capitol One Arena in Washington DC.
When a clip of Mr. Alejandro Frost’s outburst was posted to Twitter by the Conservative War Machine account, he replied “lol they’re so mad”.
“I said what I said,” he wrote in another post.
The 26-year-old shared several photos of himself with Williams onstage and after the show.
“Very grateful for this moment. I’ve been practicing in the shower for YEARS,” he posted alongside a video of him rocking out with the band.
Earlier this week Williams told fans during a performance at the Adjacent Music Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that anyone who votes for Mr. DeSantis is “dead” to her.
Mr. DeSantis announced his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential primary last week.
Paramore’s This Is Why Tour continues in Cleveland on Sunday.
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