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2023.06.01 04:20 Levi_Snowfractal I saw a post on social media claiming that they can help American citizens who reside in Mexico claim any stimulus checks that weren’t collected due to residing in another country.

I am posting the following on behalf of my brother who is a U.S. citizen currently living in Mexico, as he does not have a reddit account:
Hello everyone, I’m not sure where to begin, so I’m gonna start from the very beginning.
I am a U.S. citizen currently living in Mexico.
Couple of weeks ago, I saw a post on social media (facebook) claiming that they can help American citizens who reside in Mexico claim any stimulus checks that weren’t collected due to residing in another country.
I got in contact with them and they gave me some explanation of how they were going to submit some kind of report on my behalf, and they would require my SSN and proof of ID which I unfortunately gave. I sent them photos of my passport and birth certificate as proof of ID.
Soon after that they explained to me that they were going to set up a meeting from someone from the IRS to verify that it’s really me. They said they weren’t able to verify that it’s really me and mentioned that they would send me a letter with some numbers and to verify again with those numbers / give them a call once I had the mail in hand. Unfortunately I have deleted all their messages and blocked them since then, so the details are fuzzy in my mind.
The person started requesting my families information like names, dates of birth, and other details. That since they were gonna call the IRS and pass the verification as if they were me, but at this point I declined in wanting to give out anymore information thus they replied to me saying that I’ve wasted all their time and to watch out since they already have my information.
After that, I blocked them, deleted all our messages.
I’ve gone ahead and contacted the 3 bureaus I could in regards to this to place an alert / freeze on my credit, but none of them can help me since I can’t verify my identity due to requiring a US number (I only have a MX number), and proof of residence in the U.S. Which I do not have as I have not lived in the U.S. in years, since I was underaged anyway.
As extra details, I have a job working in a fast food restaurant, and was also able to open a bank account with my passport and SSN. This is the part that worries me. With the information I gave away, what can the scammers do? And is there any way for me to freeze my credit or take any other precautions, given my limitations?
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2023.06.01 04:19 gechun888888 I'm Elaine. 35 years old, female. Make Friendship Friends

Hello everyone! As a person who loves life and enjoys making new friends, I would like to share with you some tips and experiences in making new friends. First of all, I think it's important to have an open mind and dare to take the initiative to say hello to strangers and communicate with them. Going to public places, social events or joining some interest groups are all good ways to make new friends. In the process of chatting, know how to listen, respect each other's opinions and views, do not interrupt or interrupt when the other party is talking, and do not just show their superiority. Secondly, you should know how to introduce yourself, introduce your profession, hobbies, interests and so on. Also pay attention to adjusting your emotions, do not bring bad emotions into the new friendships. A positive attitude is important to make a first impression. If you have the opportunity, you can also improve mutual understanding and communication through dating or parties. Finally, make it a point to reach out and maintain friendships. Exchange contact information such as phone numbers, social network accounts or emails, and then take action when appropriate by sending greetings or invitations to go out to parties, etc. In conclusion, making new friends is not an easy task, but with a sincere, open mind and effort in the right direction, you can successfully build diverse, fulfilling and wonderful social relationships. Let's work together, there will be more new relationships waiting to be discovered! Translated with (free version)
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2023.06.01 04:18 Nearby_Hamster1207 Folding phones that are compatible with Telstra/ 5G?

I'm looking at a folding (not flip) phone for my business, largely because I am constantly scheduling and want a bigger calendar view to help my dodgy eyes. I have had a good old google at what is available, but the one offering in Aus, the Samsung Fold 5, doesn't hold up against the Oppo Oneplus, Pixel Fold or the excellent Huawei Mate x3. My question is, does anyone use any of these (ie imported one) or know if Telstra would support them accessing the 5G network here? I have a big family bundle with Telstra including business number, don't really want to change. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 04:18 Gladi8r23 Spiraling

Hey all,
I, 22M, have had a porn addiction for the past 7-9 years, and it has varied in intensity. Right now is easily the worst it’s gotten; I have many, many stashes of nudes and other porn in various places on my phone and computer, including a second reddit account exclusively for masturbation. I get triggered very easily from posts on insta and tik tok, and I don’t have a very good record of ignoring those triggers when they happen. I am in a very loving relationship with a great sex life, but I’ve started to feel so hopeless and undeserving of love from my SO because of what I do when they aren’t home.
Any advice is appreciated; I really just wanted to get this in writing so I acknowledge it as a problem and get it off my chest. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 04:18 HyenaAggravating5014 Building my First Army - Adeptus Mechanicus

So, I have been debating for years on what to get into as my first army...I am a huge Grim Dark fan and love everything WH40K, AOS, and on. I am overwhelmed with the faction choices and sheer number of things to learn. I do play the tabletop Blood Bowl so I'm not completely in the dark (I know WH40k is on another level like twilight imperium is to tabletop games). I know from prior research that AdMech is all about buffs and knowing what units have the *core* keyword for Marshall/Magus buffs
With that said , I based my choice in army based on looks and the design of the Ironstrider Ballistarii.
So far for things bought :
2x Ironstrider Ballistarii 1x Boarding Patrol Box (based on prices of rangers + Scicarian alone this was a good price) 1x Core Rules / Adeptus Mechanicus Codex 1x Citadel starter Paints kit 1x Tamiya extra thin glue 1x Army Painters brush set (basic)
my question is, have I gone too far... and, What kinda tips can I get basing the 500pt army around the 2 ironstriders. Auto/las cannons or Dragoons? Are they easy to magnetize parts to interchange? recent posts say iron striders are good solo rather than in units... to many things to ask... Let's Just start here.
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2023.06.01 04:17 Dirt_Lanky Beginning Weight Loss - Help Needed

Hi Everyone,
Hope your day is going well!
Needed some help/advice and hoping some of you could assist me. I am a 23yr old male, roughly 5'8/5'9 & weighing around 85-87kg (187-190lbs). A little about my lifestyle:
9-5 office job (more like 7-6 with commute + carry over sometimes 7/8/9 pm). Have a home gym and typically like to get my workout in sometime between 4-6AM. Home gym consists of Power Rack, dumbbells (adjustable), treadmill, adjustable bench seat & Marcy all in one, 150lbs machine.
Reason for this post is I seriously want to cut down and get into good shape. I have decent to beginner experiences with the gym, in and out of it since high school. I was looking to cutdown to 74KG (165lbs). Was looking for some help on counting calories + macros (how much I should be consuming or if there are any good links out there I can give a read). Similarly, was wondering if there were any recommended workout plans? Ideally, I want to workout 4 times with week (most feasible with work) alongside, 2-3 runs a week.
Really hoping to get some help! Let me know if there's any questions I can answer.
Thanks a lot and have a good evening!
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2023.06.01 04:17 taxhelpyeg Stay engaged and fight back

We’ve all had a couple of days to digest the election results and I wanted to share my thoughts going forward as a progressive on how we can keep working towards electing an NDP government in the next election.
  1. Stay engaged and aware of what the government is doing. Only get your news from trustworthy and unbiased sources. Post reputable news stories on social media to help spread the word. At the same time, limit your social media consumption and doomscrolling to what your mental health will allow. Discuss with family, friends and co-workers so they stay current.
  2. Push back on policies that you disagree with and turn your outrage into action. When they consult the public on issues, fill out surveys on the AB government website. Send emails and letters to UCP MLAs and the premier’s office voicing your opposition. There were many issues in the last session where I did this – parks, coal mining, curriculum, etc. At best, there were issues where the public pressure worked to lessen the blow of these policies. At worst, you feel like you did something and didn’t sit idly by while they wreck the province.
  3. Don’t rage alone - find comradery and support in your community. Join your local NDP riding association (costs $10). Donating your time is as valuable as donating money. Attend events, policy meetings and protests. Help select the NDP candidate in your riding for the next election. When the time comes, drop flyers in mailboxes, make phone calls or go door knocking to identify supporters. Another couple thousand voters in specific ridings would have made the difference this election - a win is closer than the popular vote numbers reflect. If you’re in Edmonton, you can still help the party build their base in Calgary and Lethbridge as well as the outlying areas. Being around like-minded people feels great when you’re having a rough day.
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2023.06.01 04:16 toadhall81 I have an iPhone 13 and interested in 3D scanning with photogrammetry. What apps should I be looking at?

Hello good peeps of Reddit!
I’m thinking of messing around with creating printable objects from scans of things I have around the house. Maybe toys or even to print replacements of broken plastic parts around the house.
I don’t expect much in terms of resolution and quality of results, just enough to get a good enough basic model to dump into Blender or whatever to clean up and post process.
I know there exists tools like the Revopoint or CR Scan Lizard etc, but since I’m just testing the waters, I don’t really want to buy a dedicated device just yet and want to use what I already have.
With that in mind, what iPhone apps should I be looking at? Thanks in advance.
Edit: I have an iPhone 13 Pro, if that makes any difference.
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2023.06.01 04:14 kaymer327 "Optional" Return to Office

Wording and any possible replies will be purposefully vague because my tin foil hat is screwed on too tight today...
The backstory:
So like many, the pandemic caused my SO's company to go full WFH. While business was impacted to a certain extent, they were able to continue operations almost completely. Over the 3+ years, multiple "no raises, but be glad you still have jobs" (nearly verbatim) type e-mails have been sent out or line has been stated on all hands conf calls...
The company has been teasing return to office for the better part of a year and it finally happened last week in the form of a "hybrid" schedule with much corporate fanfare. Pretty much everyone has been grumbling about it for months - they've been successful from home, so why go back into the office? My theory: because someone decided to move the office (location makes business sense for at least one reason, but "asses in seats" isn't it) and needs to justify the decision to spend money on new office space that hasn't been used at all...
The location move has at minimum doubled the commute time from the old office (and exponentially increased it from just rolling out of bed)... I thought the cherry on top was the open floor plan that makes it so easy to collaborate with people that SO doesn't need to because they'll be busy on the phone doing their job, but I was wrong! This e-mail was sent out today noting that WFH full time is optionally available again, after just one week (3 full days) of hybrid/in office work. Taking something away and "giving it back" in this way seems so wrong.
Here is the e-mail in all it's glory:
​From: ​​[REDACTED] ​
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2023​ ​[​TIME ​REDACTED] ​
Cc: ​​[REDACTED] ​
Subject: Work from Home Request
Hello ​[REDACTED] ​Client Services and Technology Loca​​l Teams:
By now you have settled into your new office spaces, and we hope you are enjoying the new atmosphere. The Company put a lot of time, energy, and money into creating a safe, fun, and engaging place for you to work and collaborate.
As you know, ​​[REDACTED]’s current return to work Hybrid Model requires you to be in the office just two days a week, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. We allow you the opportunity to work i​​n the office or remotely on Wednesdays, and work remotely on Mondays and Fridays.
We have spoken to some employees who enjoy coming to the office two days a week, while others have expressed an interest in working in the office less than two days a week and are willing to trade minor compensation for the flexibility to work remotely up to five days a week.
It is our goal to create a work environment that is both accommodating and productive, taking into consideration organizational needs. ​​[REDACTED] would like to grant teammates who work on the Client Services and Technology Local Teams (CSSs, CSAs, Programmers, QA, Implementation) the option to request a schedule that comprises less than the required two hybrid workdays per week in the office. Instead of the current eight days a month (2 times per week) in the office, we are offering a choice to work in the office either four days a month, two days a month, or fully remote. Under any election, you will be expected to attend in-person meetings in the office from time to time when determined necessary by your Supervisor.
If your request for the revised Work From Home program is approved, other than for medical or disability, then for the initial calendar year you will not receive a raise, and your current annual base compensation will be adjusted one time as follows: a) If you elect to work in the office 50% of the Hybrid Work in Office Days (four days a month), you will receive a one-time reduction in your current annual base compensation of 5%; b) If you elect to work in the office 25% of the Hybrid Work in Office Days (two days a month), you will receive a one-time reduction in your current annual base compensation of 7.5%; c) If you elect to work in the office 0% of the Hybrid Work in Office Days (fully remote), you will receive a one-time reduction in your current annual base compensation of 10%. The Work From Home Form will allow you to select which days/weeks you wish to work in the office based upon your election (unless fully remote).
To make such a request, please contact Human Resources to receive the Work From Home Form, which you must complete and submit to Human Resources by this Friday June 2, 2023, by 12:00 pm. Once completed, your request will be reviewed by your Supervisor, and then Human Resources will advise you of next steps.
We believe that in-person time together is important for a variety of reasons, including connection and moral, thus the Company’s investment in renovating the workplaces and purchasing new furniture. While we prefer that everyone has a presence in the office on the scheduled two hybrid workdays per week, at this time we are letting you make the decision based on your personal preference. It is our hope that by giving you the flexibility to decide the number of days to work in the office and remote that we will continue to create a successful working environment for everyone.

Some notes that I have to the email:
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2023.06.01 04:14 all-hail-the-noodle What’s going on with Orchid Thai Cuisine?

Their hours most days don’t line up with the actual hours, I go and they are closed. They only have a staff of 4 what it seems like? The guy who owns it is a white dude who seems to get angry at the staff constantly and their phone number to call is out of service.
Anyone know what’s going on in this place? They use to be such a good Thai restaurant and now it seems they are shutting down??
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2023.06.01 04:14 ExpensiveMango14 Doing a Khloe is now a thing

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2023.06.01 04:13 Dirt_Lanky Gym Help Needed

Hi Everyone,
Hope your day is going well!
Needed some help/advice and hoping some of you could assist me. I am a 23yr old male, roughly 5'8/5'9 & weighing around 85-87kg (187-190lbs). A little about my lifestyle:
9-5 office job (more like 7-6 with commute + carry over sometimes 7/8/9 pm). Have a home gym and typically like to get my workout in sometime between 4-6AM. Home gym consists of Power Rack, dumbbells (adjustable), treadmill, adjustable bench seat & Marcy all in one, 150lbs machine.
Reason for this post is I seriously want to cut down and get into good shape. I have decent to beginner experiences with the gym, in and out of it since high school. I was looking to cutdown to 74KG (165lbs). Was looking for some help on counting calories + macros (how much I should be consuming or if there are any good links out there I can give a read). Similarly, was wondering if there were any recommended workout plans? Ideally, I want to workout 4 times with week (most feasible with work) alongside, 2-3 runs a week.
Really hoping to get some help! Let me know if there's any questions I can answer.
Thanks a lot and have a good evening!
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2023.06.01 04:13 girlwhoposhes No weeks available to certify even though it's been 3 weeks since my last certification...

My situation:
I work in a weird project-based industry that is currently on union strike. I'm not union but it does affect the number of projects that are staffing up. I was unemployed for 6 weeks in the beginning of the years so I filed a claim in mid-January. Luckily, I have worked steadily from mid-February until last Friday. Now I'm unemployed again and due to the strike I'm having trouble finding new work in my industry. I will obviously venture outside my industry soon but I supposedly have another project lined up in a week or two so hopefully that one works out. I certify every 2 weeks regardless of whether I am employed or not since I never know when I will need to rely on UI suddenly.
Anyway, the real question:
The last week I had to certify was the week ending May 6th. I haven't received any emails and there aren't any weeks available to certify when I login. I don't have any messages or notices and my claim appears to be active still. I double checked my answers to my last certifications and I didn't answer anything incorrectly or differently than past weeks.
Has anyone else had delayed certification weeks? I normally get the emails and available weeks like clockwork so I'm a bit concerned. I just noticed this today when I realized I hadn't seen the reminder email and hadn't yet certified for weeks ending May 20th. I will be trying to get ahold of someone on the phone tomorrow.
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2023.06.01 04:12 Scb2121 Weird Polycom issue

We just switched voice providers and purchases all new polycom phones. We weren’t aware there was a big difference between the OBI software and the UCS and they were UCS which didn’t have as large of a feature set supported by our vendor so we upgraded the software to OBI.
We experienced the oddest issue, post upgrade the phones would not get an ip address when plugged in to the network jack at the employee desk but worked fine plugged in to the switch directly. We could move the phone to a different desk and would get an address sometimes but not others. We could unplug the patch cable and then go directly to the exact same switch port no issue.
None of the runs are extraordinarily long but thought it might be a cable issue. Where it gets weirder is that we could take a different phone and plug it in to the same wall jack with the same firmware version and it would work fine.
I am truly at a loss as to what might be causing the issue. All jacks have tested fine, all cat 6 cabling coming from Aruba 1gb Poe switches. No runs exceed 100 meters, most having issues were under 50.
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2023.06.01 04:10 Consistent_Welcome93 Can Alexa use Google / find my device?

I know Alexa can call my phone. It would be better if somehow it could use Google's / find my device because that will ring my phone at maximum volume. In addition my Android phone requires Google call screening whenever a private number calls. Alexa doesn't use a public phone number.
Any suggestions are welcomed
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2023.06.01 04:10 kyrene520 Future Development Trends of Outdoor LED Electronic Screens

Future Development Trends of Outdoor LED Electronic Screens
Build a platform
Significantly reducing the vacancy rate of advertising screens is not only a marketing method issue, but also requires breakthroughs in technology, as well as innovative incentives in concepts and systems. Programmed purchasing has tasted the sweetness of online digital media advertising practices and opened up new niches for big data-based marketing. However, the fragmentation integration of digital outdoors scattered everywhere, first of all, requires a programmed purchase platform (APP) that can easily purchase vacant time slots and quickly launch advertisements anywhere, at any time, by anyone and for any reason (Any Place, Any Time, Any One, Any Thing). The cancellation of outdoor advertising registration in Shanghai Pudong, approved by the State Council, has created institutional conditions.
Reduce energy consumption
Logically speaking, there is nothing in the world that cannot be sold. Many large screens have a vacancy rate of over 70% because their advertising prices cannot attract enough brand advertising. The fundamental reason for the high prices is not only the high purchase price at the beginning, but also the high cost of electricity and energy. LED billboards in the United States have also been questioned by environmentalists, stating that these all-weather LED billboards consume 30-46 times more energy than ordinary American households. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has issued a warning to reduce electricity consumption by five sixths, which requires a reduction in electricity consumption per square meter from 660 watts to 110 watts. Today, some LED screen manufacturers in China are capable of achieving 100 watts. Mesh Screen is a good option.
Self media
LED electronic displays in outdoor spaces have localized attributes and information radiation service radius. Any large screen has the intention of becoming a visual coordinate in that area. Why isn't everything satisfactory? The relevance of the content is insufficient. Many of the content has nothing to do with the audience of passersby passing by, and even has nothing to do with small and medium-sized shops in the surrounding area. It is also known as the power of forced viewing by outdoor media. At present, the industry generally values big customers, but the advertising presence of big brands has fallen short of the media volume. The key to the improvement of China's general consumption level lies in the improvement of small companies and individuals' consumption levels. With the outdoor screen program purchase platform, LED screens can be cut and filled with fragmentation vacant time with more customers, less frequency and low price through smart phones, attracting a large number of residents, shops, restaurants, etc. in surrounding communities to become advertisers of self-produced content, adding a heavy touch of color to everyone's Chinese dream, and making the Chinese etiquette of "birthday, congratulation" on the big screen, Make the consumption of large screen happy information a shared economic habit for residents' daily consumption.
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2023.06.01 04:10 inadequatpoliticians Dear Sara from Boulder creekfest beer tent area: I lost your number.

We talked about going to a dog park. She put her number in my phone but I didn’t hit call right away, and now it’s lost forever. Maybe she’s on here, who knows.
(Lives in Denver so I put it here.)
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2023.06.01 04:09 FishyKeebs Update-ish on found signet ring

Update-ish on found signet ring
Update-ish on found signet ring
Since this group got me started dow the right track and I am still getting a couple messages or comments a month about this I figured I would update with the lack of information I have discovered about it.
  1. Yes, it is real gold 19k, pawn shop offered me about $500 for it, I think it was 8-9 grams.
  2. It is contemporary, I could not find anyone interested in it beyond gold value or able to give further details. I tried jewelers, coin dealers, etc.
  3. An archivist at the Cambridge University Library confirmed the it appeared to be the university crest. However it is not an official Cambridge product, nor had she ever seen one similar to this.
  4. u/CosmicContentOwl share a photo of the same ring with me and u/Own-Counter-2360 has posted a picture in this sub requesting information. I have had dozens of messages from new, suspicious and blatant scam users claiming they have one for sale or extremely high offers to buy it.
  5. Obviously not unique or one off, someone somewhere made a number of these? An alumni association?
  6. Reserved for further details
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2023.06.01 04:08 SakeMahn Need help with final decision, am I getting a good deal? Or not?

I've finally decided that a base model mazda cx-30 is the ideal car, feels great to drive, price to performance is awesome, and should last me a while. What I need help with is looking at the Financials, and see if the numbers are good? Am I getting fleeced? Is it appropriately priced? Currently looking to finance via chase at 6.74% with 3000 down. Help is greatly appreciated
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2023.06.01 04:08 aegorsuch Run Cat6 through basement to rooms, free with TT, BS right?

So I moved into a new place and want to run a 3 way Cat6 jack plus wires from dining room down through basement, then up into 3 different one way jacks in my living room (30'), home office (30'), and bedroom (20'). Called to schedule in home estimate and the agent on the phone was insistent that if I had TT again and bought jacks and cords in store, it would be free labor? Seems too good to be true and they were misinformed.
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2023.06.01 04:08 motapumi I found a gem!

I found a gem!
I bought this 1991 NA from an individual off of Facebook. She was selling it because it was her FIL’s and he had passed away.
Turns out this baby is one owner and California raised its whole life! I was doing a little more digging and I found out the original owner was the previous vice president of Footlocker!
All stock except an aftermarket radio and security system.
I think I hit the jackpot.
I named himb John Hanover in honor of his first owner.
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2023.06.01 04:06 dhorror138 Post Wrestlemania Bloodline, Cody & Wrestlemania 40

I thought of this before the announcement of the new title and Draft. Post Mania with the Usos now out’ve the tag title picture Jay earns a spot in MitB and wins. Roman cuts a promo the following Smackdown congratulating Jay and advising that because Jay wouldn’t dare cash in on Roman and that Roman will never lose the Title he has Roman’s permission to challenge for any other title. Meanwhile Cody would be working towards a rematch against Roman at summerslam. They’d still have the Brock feud which leads to Cody’s earning the rematch w/ Roman. At summerslam Cody wins the Universal Undisputed Championship. On the following Raw, Cody is in the ring to celebrate his win (so what do you wanna talk about, meh) when the Usos slide in from the crowed and jump Cody. Suddenly Roman’s music hits and he comes down, enters the ring standing over Cody. Without breaking his stare on Cody’s battered body Roman reaches out his hand expecting Jay to relinquish the briefcase to Roman. Jay clutches the briefcase, his opportunity at a undisputed title match now that Roman no longer holds the title. He backs out’ve the ring and down the isle as Jimmy calls to Jay from in the ring. This would lead to Jay and Roman butting heads then a match for the briefcase. Leading up to the match roman is holding everything Jay is doing against Jimmy (like after Sami turned on Roman.) “What’s your brother thinking. Where is he? I am holding YOU personally responsible for your brothers actions.” (Literally why Jay came back for Mania, to protect Jimmy from Roman’s wrath.) At this match (PPV after SummerSlam which currently is either Saudi or Survivor Series but let’s pretend there’s a September PLE) when Jay is down and out Roman berates Jay until Jimmy has had enough and super kicks Roman (same way we saw in Saudi) and Jay pins Roman. After the match Solo comes in and confronts the twins mid celebration. Roman gains his composure and demands Solo attack the twins. Jimmy gets in Solos face, “we’re your brothers, not Roman. Our blood is thicker than water.” Then solo spikes Roman. The three assault Roman and we dont see Roman for some time. The usos are now working on a face turn. A few months down the line, The now re-dubbed Main Event Jay Usi cashes in the briefcase the only way faces know how… by challenging Cody ahead of time at the Royal Rumble. In an amazing match Cody defeats Jay. This year the men’s rumble is the main event. Number 28.. the returning Roman Reigns. Roman throws out 2 or 3 combatants when he’s suddenly thrown out’ve the ring by Gunther who goes on to win the rumble. Then wrestlemania 40, Cody vs Gunther. Gunther does not forget how Cody mart he’s down the isle as #30 in 2023th Rumble only to usurp Gunther the number one entrant that year. Now it is time for the ring general to take his revenge and his rightful place as WWE Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion. I wouldn’t have Cody lose at mania again but their match sparks a feud between the 2 through summerslam 2024. Gunther gets a DQ win at some point maybe even wins MitB and cashes in on Cody at summerslam. In between there’s a 6 man matches with imperium vs Cody and the USOs. Their feud ends at summerslam, Cody retaining his champion and the USOs regaining the tag titles from Imperium who won them from Sami and KO at mania. Where we go from there? Skies the limits.
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