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2023.06.01 05:06 Ok-Chemist-4986 Ram 1500 Laramie/water leak/disaster. Need help asap

Ram 1500 Laramie/water leak/disaster. Need help asap
First and foremost, I am using talk to text and some of my words might not make any sense but I’m sure you guys will figure it out.
I am well aware that the 2020 ram or fifth generation ram pick up truck has water leak issues. I know all about the RF module and the parasitic draw to the battery. I did my research and I also did $10 worth of flowable silicone on the entire top rear window. Can’t forget about the marine and auto weatherstripping on third brake light as well. I’m gonna try to keep this short. Started off with a dead battery back in January and the dealership said the battery was fine. I noticed the water stand shortly after and the dealership replaced the third brake light with a new one. Obviously, they put the same one back in but I also put weatherstripping on that. Through trial and error, I found out that water was coming in through both corners of the rear window for sure. Possibly other spots but not that I’m aware of. I tried to get it into the dealer a couple more times, but they were unable to give me a loaner vehicle because of whatever reason and I was in a position where I needed a loaner vehicle because my daughter is 18 months old at the time. I reached out to a friend of a friend who rolled out the red carpet for me at a different Chrysler dealership. I took it in and the only issue I had was the service manager. He gave me a little bit of attitude because I contacted general managers and asked for help before asking a service manager for help. He was way out of line but anyways, that’s nothing compared to everything else. They replace the RF module and put a new battery inside. And just so everybody knows, my truck factory three-year 36,000 mile warranty expired on April 30. I contacted Ram and I contacted the dealership begging them and pleading my case just to let them know that I have documentation over the last few months of the year, and I didn’t wanna have to pay out-of-pocket, and I did not want to have to spend one penny for deductibles or anything else. It wasn’t covered under my extended warranty. I made it very clear that if I need to spend one penny on my truck to please call me right away so I can come pick it up because I’m not going to have anybody open their wallet unless Chrysler pays for the repairs. I didn’t want to pay for anything, and I didn’t want the dealership to pay for anything. The next day they called me and fix everything anyways. They did not listen to what I said. I sound ungrateful, but I lost days of my life over this water leak. I had to buy a $500 jump starter just to carry around with me because of my daughter and, making sure we were able to get around. Anyways, moving forward, I go pick up the truck after six days and it’s dead as a door knob. I left the dealership in my loaner vehicle for the second time. Five days later I got a phone call telling me that the starter is bad and they need to replace that. Then I was told it was ready for pick up again. This time I told ram customer service that I will not be picking up my truck unless the rear window is replaced. So the truck stayed there another seven days. Yesterday I got the call letting me know that it’s done. I go pick it up and the rear window still on my truck. The original window. Fortunately, ram assured me that the back window will be replaced, but it’s on backorder at the moment. They said that they will cover the bill.
17 days total. I also want to be fully transparent. I am not trying to leave out any details. I was given a grand Cherokee is a loaner vehicle. On day 14 (when my truck should’ve been done with several times over again),…. I had a minor fender bender and I contacted the police immediately and my insurance company as well. I did not try to hide anything or anything else of that nature. My insurance carrier who is USAA told me that they will tell the dealership and for me to not call them. When I picked up the truck yesterday, the one man who I had a good rapport with gave me my keys and paperwork and sent me on my way. My one and a half year old is in the backseat and I am feeding her a pouch, because we were in a rush. The service manager, who I mentioned earlier, the real big prick. Asshole, stood behind my door while I’m feeding my daughter in the car seat. You continue to ask me over and over again what happened to the car and what happened to the jeep and where did it happen etc. etc. obviously I’m not going to admit fault and I’m not going to share any information with him as my insurance company already did. he told me that nobody told him anything and at that point I just didn’t care because I had an appointment. He stood in front of my vehicle and told me he is not letting me leave. I looked at him dead in the eyes and said, I will be leaving, no matter what you do or say, so please step aside. he still didn’t move. I asked him under what conditions or what reason why would I be unable to take my property off the parking lot and he told me there’s paperwork. Obviously for the accident, but I once again informed him to contact my insurance and contact the police for the police report. I told him I don’t have time for this, and he better get out of my way. He did step aside. Now I’m finally in my truck. Feels good to move forward. There was one issue I left out, the passenger side mirror would take it down when I went into reverse, and when I went back in the park or drive, it would return to original position. The service manager said it had to do with the RF module sending signals, and it was repaired for sure. That was not repaired obviously because it’s facing the ground as I write this. It’s not one of my major concerns, but it’s not their problem anymore. Then I started, noticing some of the weatherstripping, not being Tucktaway properly, and a couple, odds and ends that looks half ass. Ram customer service emailed and called me this morning to let me know that they will not be covering the rear window and they are closing the case. In my opinion, I can’t imagine a higher up executive or boss would ever let a customer leave in a car that has flowable silicone, blocking a water leak into their car. Then again I’ve been wrong many times. But this is where things get interesting.
I will share the photos below. Everybody who’s had this issue? Knows that the seats need to be removed. This afternoon I noticed a black plastic cover was loose. It’s a little cover that goes over the top of the seatbelt. Where are you go to grab it and put it over your shoulder. I also noticed that it snaps into place and it looked pretty cheap. I did not think much of it. I went out this evening to put my daughters car in the forward facing position because she is big enough to face forward in her car seat. I want to grab the seat belt and noticed the cover moved up more and more. Then I pulled the black plastic off because it was already falling off. Lol and behold, all I saw was a white metal, the ring, and the seatbelt not going through. Or I could not believe my eyes. I decided to leave it the way it was and put the seatbelt through and do a test going about 35 mph. I slammed on the brakes and that car seat went flying! So, I am in a position where the dealership basically has control of everything but after finding the seatbelt, I feel as if everything that happened is negated and does not matter anymore. This is a major safety concern, and, I consider this to be legal territory. I apologize for this being so long. I did not wanna lose out any details or forget anything which I’m sure I did. But are there any lawyers or anybody here who could steer me in the right direction. Obviously, I could go to another dealership and have them fix it at no cost. It’s a simple repair. but every time I think of my daughter, I think that somebody needs to pay the price. Same as when I think about trading it in. I worked so hard for this vehicle and put down a very large amount of money so my payment was nice and cheap., I will shut up now. Let me know what you think.
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2023.06.01 05:06 Citylight1010 Register : Lycan (By me)

"You register tomorrow, how are you feeling?"
I extended and retracted my claws nervously. It had barely been three days since we realized I was a werewolf.
"Nervous," I said. "I knew they… we existed, and were even somewhat common. But I honestly never expected myself to end up as one."
"No one ever really does," she said. "But hey, it's pretty cool, at least. Don't you think?"
"I do think it's cool, yeah. But it's still a massive change from before. I just hope I can go on living as normal. You know, like from every werewolf movie ever? I don't want to be, like, hunted down and 'studied' if you know what I mean."
"You know that doesn't happen, the science is past that, at the very least. You'll go in, you'll register, then leave and move on. Just like a doctor monitoring any other condition. You know this already, chill out."
"I'll try," I said. "I hate doctors."
She laughed at this.
"You're a funny guy. But now we need to make lunch. Go slice some tomatoes, moon-sniffer."
"Ha-ha, very funny. You could be one too, you know."
"I know." She giggled. "But for now I get to tease you about it."
"Fiiine," I drawled sarcastically. "You make eggs or something then, I'm not doing all the work."
I woke up with a start, as usual. My alarm always scared the crap out of me in the mornings. Only something was different this time. My hand was caught in the blanket. I looked down in the dim light and saw my claws had involuntarily extended and shredded half my blanket.
"Well, crap." I muttered to myself. "That was 30 bucks."
I turned off my alarm and got dressed. I was really thankful it wasn't winter and the moon wasn't still out at 7am. I wasn't sure what happened with the whole "werewolf under the full moon" thing, but I didn't want to find out. I now wish I had taken that course in school.
Breakfast went as usual, I pretty much just drank coffee and didn't eat until lunch. My appointment wasn't for two hours, so I had time to nervously extend and retract my claws for another thirty minutes. I almost stabbed my phone through, but apparently being a werewolf comes with enhanced reflexes as well.
That done, I got ready and headed out. The clinic was only a 20 minute walk away, so I had plenty of time. The door seemed to slam as I shut it, despite not putting any more force than usual.
"Darn it," I thought to myself. "That was weirdly loud."
It was a really nice spring day and I could hear birds chirping, though they seemed far closer than normal despite the lack of trees on my street. I could hear everything better in general. As well as this, everything looked far brighter than before. I tried to shake it off, it didn't really affect me. Come to think of it, all my senses seemed to be functioning much better than I was used to. As I shook my head, I realized I could smell almost everything. Although, that was something I didn't really want to think about until I had to.
Twenty minutes later, I arrived. The clinic was a rather inconspicuous building, made of the same blue-gray brick as the other buildings on the street. It also wasn't much different from most family doctors, despite being licensed to register werewolves and shifters. I shook my head ruefully. Despite being probably the coolest thing ever to happen to me, I was still nervous about it. Good old humans and our hatred of change. As my sister had teased me about yesterday, it was supposedly just like any other doctor visit. I just hoped that was really true. Not in the least because I hated needles and people.
The bell above the door gave a cheerful ching, in stark contrast to my nervous state. I was 10 minutes early as I had planned, so I sat down to wait. I took a bag of peanuts out of my back and snacked on them while I scrolled reddit. Out of nowhere, I bit my lip.
"Ow!" I said far louder than I had intended.
This earned me a few stares, but everyone else in the waiting room soon went back to what they were doing. I touched where I had bit down, and was surprised to find blood. Not just a little, but the amount you'd expect from a full-on cut. I pulled out a random napkin I had in my pack and started to dab at it. Why did it do that? I had bitten my lip before, but never this bad. Having dabbed as much blood as I could, I threw the napkin out and turned my attention to the room.
It was a typical doctor's office waiting room. There were chairs lining the wall with the door I had come in, a reception desk and hallway opposite that, and posters covering the other two walls. The wall with the door was nearly all window, with sun-faded blinds pulled up on all of them. The reception desk was built in to the left wall of the room and extended most of the way across, with a gap at the end the width of the hallway behind it. All the posters, as with any doctor's office, displayed various medical processes and information. However, my eyes were drawn to the one on werewolves. I skim-read it in my mind:
"Two kinds, pathogen, moonlight, uncontrollable, rabies…"
Wait? Rabies? What the heck was that about? But just as I was shaking my head to try and calm down and read through more thoroughly, the receptionist called my name.
"Soren Crow?" She called.
I took a deep breath, stood up, and went up to the desk. The receptionist nodded at me.
"Right this way," She gestured down the hall. "Room four, last one on the right."
"Thank you." I replied.
I walked down the hall and into the room. It was a typical doctor's office. On the left side was one of those mechanical beds with the sheet of paper on it. On the right was a gray-laminate desk with a computer that looked like it became obsolete in 2009. Above this was a shelf full of binders and a couple jars and medical objects I didn't understand. On the far wall was a yellow and red box labeled "SHARPS" in bold font.
"Oh great," I muttered to myself. "Needles, yay."
I sighed and sat down on the bed. It had already been a strange day. First I shred my blanket, then every noise is unusually loud, then I nearly impale my face by biting my lip. I hope the exam goes somewhat normally. My head snapped toward the door then. I could hear footsteps. But they sounded really far away. At this point I rolled my eyes. I wasn't an idiot, I could put two and two together. Apparently becoming a werewolf came with hearing upgrades. Hopefully doctor bro would tell me it came with composure upgrades as well.
Then he walked in. He was of average hight, with black hair and gray glasses. He wore a white outfit that looked like a lab coat.
"Good morning." He said pleasantly, then looked down at his clipboard. "Soren Crow?"
"Yep," I replied.
"Perfect." He sat down on a stool by the desk and turned to face me.
"So it says you're here for a general exam because you're a werewolf?"
"Well, I have good news. You're a lycanshifter, not a true werewolf. That basically means you can transform at will between your human body, a humanoid wolf, and regular wolf forms. Some people also keep their claws in human form as well. Finally, your hearing, smell, and eyesight all self-correct to 20/20. Congrats." He smirked at me. "Anyway, how do you feel? Have you had any unusual symptoms?"
"Not really, " I said. "My appetite has been bigger and I accidentally shredded my blanket last night, but that's it."
"That's normal," He said. "Just like you learned to walk when you were little, you'll learn to control your claws through practise. Would you extend and retract them once for me?"
"Sure." I said, and I did. They were almost the same color as my fingernails, but with a distinct dark gray hue.
"Good news, they look healthy." He said. "Come back if they start feeling itchy or get infected or inflamed. Otherwise, you're good to go."
"That's it?" I asked. "I'm not going to turn into a rabid monster or anything?"
He chuckled. "No, you have nothing to worry about. Lycanshifting is perfectly safe. Just don't stab yourself. I'll put this in your file, and like I said, come back in if anything I described happens. Ok?"
"Alright. Thank you. I actually feel relieved now."
"No problem, have a good day."
We both walked out of the room. He turned down another hall, and I started walking home.
"Lycanshifting, huh?" I thought to myself. This was sure to be interesting. I knew the super-senses would come in handy regularly, but I wasn't sure what I would do with other forms or claws. Maybe it'll help chop vegetables, I don't know. On the way home, the sky seemed a little bluer than normal, the birds' songs seemed clearer, and the sun a little brighter. Unfortunately, this also meant the traffic was louder and the car exhaust smelled worse. Thankfully, nothing else noteworthy happened. I unlocked the door and went in.
"Welcome home!" My sister called from the kitchen. "How'd it go?"
"Pretty great," I said as I walked in. "Turns out I'm not actually a werewolf, but a lycanshifter. You know, the one that's not a monster."
"That's awesome! But you're still a moon sniffer." She quipped.
"You just watch it, you might be yet." I retorted.
We both laughed, and got on with our day
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2023.06.01 05:04 Starfruit_Kitten13 Micromanaging and petty client that fleeced me!

About a month ago, I had a client reach out to me on Rover to housesit her 19 year old cat. I went over to her house for a meet and greet and everything went well for the most part. She offered to go off app and pay me through Venmo, which I was okay with because that 20% does hurt a bit lol. I absolutely adored her cat as she reminded me a lot of my senior kitty and I just have such a heart for older animals! The owner was okay, she did talk a lot and rambled on about random stories, but I just figured it was because she was an older single lady who was probably lonely. Little did I know she would turn into the worst client I've ever had!
The actual housesitting went fine, the kitty just slept all day in her bed besides getting up for food, water, and her litter box. However, there were a couple red flags from the owner that I should have not ignored. To start with, this lady had ring cameras everywhere, I mean everywhere! She had 6 cameras total, 2 outside and 4 inside in practically every room except the bathroom. Normally cameras are not an issue for me because it doesn't affect how I care for animal, but as I was typing in the code to open the front door, she literally started talking to me through her ring camera and repeated all of her cat's care instructions that she already told me the day prior. It completely caught me by surprise and kinda rubbed me the wrong way but she didn't do it again for the rest of the stay. I just figured she had some anxiety about leaving her baby with a petsitter, which I totally understand so I didn't mention it or let it affect the rest of the stay. Halfway through the stay, she also messaged me asking if I could send her a picture of my ID. I told her I was not comfortable sending a photo of my diver's license, but reassured her that Rover does background checks on every sitter before they can accept bookings. This still did not satisfy her, so I offered to send her a picture of my university ID because that only has my name and my picture. She was good with that. During the day, I would leave to go do other drop-ins, walks, and go back to my house to feed my own cat and spend time with him too. She was aware of this before the booking, but anytime I left the house even if it was just for a couple hours, she would repeatedly text me asking me when I was going to be back. It was frustrating because it felt like she was micromanaging me and not letting me do my job. It also kinda made me uncomfortable to know that she was tracking my every single move through her obsessive amount of cameras. Eventually, the end of the stay came and she was very grateful and paid me promptly.
A few weeks go by and she asks me to housesit her cat again. I really didn't want to, but I like to make money and I have a hard time saying no to people. This time she asked me to housesit from Monday evening to Friday morning. I had recently set my profile to "away" for housesitting because I could tell my body needed a break from it and it was hard to be away from my own pets and fiancé all the time. I told her I wasn't offering house sitting at the moment, but I would be more than happy to do drop ins. She agreed and the only instructions she gave me were to stop by once in the morning and evening, no specific times. Looking back, I should have asked her for specific times, but I figured that she was trying to be accommodating and let me decide depending on my schedule.
The drop-in visits went great and sometimes I even stayed a little longer than 30 min just because I really enjoyed her kitty. I always sent her plenty of pictures and updates every visit that she was happy with. One night around 9pm, she texts me asking if I could send her a picture of her cat because she missed her, so I sent her one that I had taken a couple hours prior at the drop-in visit. After that her whole demeanor changed and she stopped responding to any texts or pictures I sent her altogether. I continued the drop-ins with pictures and updates even though she wasn't responding and sent her one final message after the last one letting her know her cat was happy and waiting for her to get home and that she could venmo me the $135 when she got the chance. 24 hours go by without a response from her and I started to get worried if she made it home safe or that she cat was alone without food/water since she never acknowledged that she made it back home. I sent her another text asking her to please let me know if she made it home safe. Another 12 hours go by and nothing. I try to call her and she doesn't answer. At this point, I'm worried and I can't help but think this is why she suddenly stopped responding to updates a few days ago. I sent a venmo request to her for the amount and decide I'm going to wait another 12 hours before I call the police to do a wellness check.
The next morning she finally responds to my venmo request, but only sends $100 and not the full total of $135. She leaves a message for me in the venmo transaction saying that she's only paying me $100 because I lied to her about being at her house when I actually wasn't. Before I could even process what was happening, she texts me and says that she was in the ER so that is why she didn't respond. She claimed I took pictures of her cat and then sent them later to make her think I was there when I actually was not. She said "You must have forgotten I have cameras and neighbors with cameras. You know her schedule and ignored it. Obviously you're no longer needed and you should be ashamed of yourself. You're also blocked so no need to reply." She had also gifted me a bottle of champagne before she left because I had just graduated college and told me "Oh and you're welcome for the champagne".
I was totally stunned and horrified. I was so hurt that she accused me of lying about taking care of her cat, I would never do that to any animal. I am the number 1 Rover sitter in my area and I take my business and care for animals very seriously. Why would I lie about that when I am painfully aware she has cameras? Also, what schedule could I possibly have ignored? There was no schedule because she never gave me one. It was just flexible times in the morning and night and I did that. At first, I thought she was misunderstanding that one night I sent her a picture of her cat and thought that was me trying to say I was there when I wasn't, but she was the one who asked me for that picture. She also made it very obvious that she watches all the footage of her cameras, so she would know if I was there or not. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like she was watching me the whole time trying to find something I did wrong to get upset about or accuse me of. Instead of just asking me if I was at her house that evening like a normal person, she asks for a picture and then assumes that is "proof" of me saying I'm there when I was not.
Safe to say I definitely learned a lot from this situation about how I'm going to handle bookings with clients in the future. Thankfully, because this booking was not on Rover she can't leave me a bad review, but I still don't like the way she spoke to me. She was so rude and petty. She said she trusted me, but clearly she didn't because she was watching me all the time. I hated how she micromanaged me by watching my literal every move through her cameras. Why didn't she just communicate her feelings/concerns to me right away? I should have known she was going to give me a headache and she will definitely not be missed!
Have y'all had any experiences like this?
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2023.06.01 05:03 hotdiggitydyke I love my job but my psychotic bipolar symptoms are making it miserable for me.

I’m an audio engineer and was very lucky to get the only paid studio internship that I’m aware exists in my city. I love it, but the only tough thing is that I work the late night shift where I’ll administer the last couple sessions and lock up the studio. I’m the last person to leave the building. In any setting, I cannot stand to be alone. It makes me super paranoid to the point where I start having auditory and visual hallucinations. I’ve been here for a long time and haven’t told my superiors about this, because fortunately/unfortunately, I’m very high functioning. But I’m so tired of being terrified up here, it’s turning something that I love into an exhausting experience. I do have a second job which is actually where most of my income comes from, but not enough to support me, so I’m not in a position to drop either job right now.
***Also, I am on Seroquel which does help me quite a bit. The problem is, the studio is a little under an hour from where I live, and since that shit puts me in an instant coma, I can’t take my meds until I get home.
I guess, does anyone have any methods to talk yourself through a psychotic panic?
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2023.06.01 05:03 Iamanediblefriend Peregrine's Shopping Trip

Peregrine the fairy has been the apprentice of his town's finest gem crafter for a little over a year now. He couldn't be happier with the position. He's always wanted to work in this field and to end up working under the finest? It was a dream come true. Not only was this his first visit to Stonewrought but he was being sent alone! His master had sent ahead with the order. He had been given the gold. All he has to do was inspect the product for quality, pretty much a formality at this point considering the dwarves' work, and then.. recover from the sale. He was happy that he was being trusted with this job but deep down he knows it's because his master didn't want to deal with that anymore. He isn't exactly young after all.
If he had been standing Peregrine would be just under a foot tall.. but he was currently sitting cross-legged on the front of the small heavily armored metal wagon that was being pushed along by the shimmer he was projecting behind it. The armoring for the jewel cart was almost pointless. Very few people want to provoke a fairy. Very few people enjoy exploding. Even going through a portal, he was still not sure how he felt about that experience, this trip had been going on for several days now. He was currently traveling up a well crafted smooth path cut deep into the mountain surface. He couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship on the bronze lanterns hanging from a pole every 20 feet or so. Nobody could top the dwarves when it came to metalwork.
A while later he came around a bend that had been obscuring his vision and finally could see the entrance to Stonewrought. A massive rectangle carved into a sheer face in the mountain. At least 100 feet tall. Even from where he was sitting he could see how elaborate the carvings were around the entryway. On either side of the entrance were statues of dwarves just as tall as the entrance itself. 2 holding rifles, 1 an ax and one raising a flagon. He had heard the story but barely remembered. Some great dwarven heroes of the past. Maybe they had something to do with that death nymph thousands of years ago? He had never been good at history despite his people's obsession with archeology. He only had eyes for jewels. Well..also that girl who worked at the bakery across from his gem shop.
As he approaches the city he passes between guard towers occasionally. From where he is sitting he can see the rifles leaning at the ready. All the dwarves at least wave and grin as he passes. Most raise flagons as way of greeting. It really was true about how much dwarves love their beer he is learning. He's seen a few in his life but never really approached them. Whenever they came to his village it was to visit the archaeological museum they had built just outside of town. It was by far their largest was constructed so all races could enter and learn from what his people had uncovered. He hadn't been since he was a child and it was required as part of his education. All he really remembered was some old jewelry from the race who built the portals.
Finally he approaches the gate. As he was nearing it he had noticed the small windows with more riflemen in them between the carved entrance and the statues. 2 dwarves had approached from a guard house as he neared. The shimmer behind the cart vanished as he stopped to talk with the guards. "Fairy eh? Gem crafting business?" One dwarf said happily..but very loudly. The other was drinking. From where he was sitting he could see several kegs in their guard tower. "Yes! My first time here actually. I'm excited to see your city. I've heard it's amazing." He said earnestly. The dwarf who was drinking stopped long enough to scream "AYE!!!" while toasting then drank deeply to celebrate. "Who are you here to see? Do you know where you are going?" The first dwarf asked. Peregrine turned around and held out his hand. The several locks along the top of the cart opened in a shimmer and a parchment map floated out from among his supplies. It unfurled itself in the air where both him and the dwarf could easily view it.
"Actually yes! I'm going to MacIntyres. My master has this map he lent me. Marked it and everything." He gestures at the map with the glowing mark on a business deep in the city. "MACINTYRE!! He beat my brother unconscious in a bar brawl just last month. Great man. Had him 'round for dinner the next night." the dwarf roared happy as can be. Peregrine just stared. He had no idea how to respond to this. The dwarf didn't seem to mind his silence at all. "Well then! On your way I'm sure you have lots to do!" He said happy as ever. "AYE!!" yelled the other dwarf between drinks.
Peregrine waved happily as he recast his spell to start pushing the cart again. He still wasn't quite sure what to make of his first interaction with dwarves but they seem very nice. As he passed through the great entryway he looked up and around. He saw the large slots in the wall going all the way up. He had heard that the entire entryway had extremely strong iron gates that could be pushed out to seal off the city. He couldn't imagine metal work that large. Very quickly the pathway starts heading downward at a sharp angle. He quickly deactivates the spell pushing and cast another one in front of the cart to keep it from moving too fast as gravity pulls it down the pathway. As he moves down the path he can't help but marvel at the bronze and stone walls with their elaborate carvings.
After nearly 10 minutes of traveling deeper into the mountain he finally enters the city itself. He is in total awe. He can barely make out the mountainous roof of the miles and miles of city stretching out before him. How can all this be underground? How could they have carved all this? They don't even have magic! The buildings are all stone and metal yet very warm and inviting looking. All of them with elaborate carvings. He manages to gather himself together and waves his hand bringing the map back up to his side. He examines it and starts on his way down a beautiful street lined with shops. He looks at them in curiosity as he goes. Clothier. Shoe maker. Tavern. Butcher. Rifle shop. Tavern.
He rounds a corner into what the map tells him is the theater district. He has heard all his life about dwarven theater. He's always found it odd, and now that he has met some dwarves downright preposterous, that dwarves are the greatest playwrights and actors on Lumina. He's never actually seen a play put on by the dwarves but he has seen his people act one out. He has to admit the story was amazing. He is approaching elaborate doors on his right at the top of beautiful marble stairs. This must be their main theater. As he gets close people start flooding out talking excitedly. The play must have just ended. He stops to allow the crowd to pass and watches the people as he does. Mostly dwarves but he spots several other races in there. An entire group of gnomes pass by. He's never seen one of them before. A redhead in all green floats out of the door and he immediately recognizes her as a wood nymph. He's very taken aback by this as they rarely venture out of the forest. He has seen them in his village of course but his people have a unique relationship with them.
Even by wood nymph standards her flight is wobbly. As her and the young human female accompanying her get closer he sees she is openly crying. The human has a weird mix of exasperation and amusement on her face. "H..h..HE HAD TO CHOOSE!! Why did he have to choose Nyx??" She slurs at the top of her lungs, clearly drunk. Her friend, Nyx apparently, says "I know Abigail. It must have been so hard." Her tone is soothing but Peregrine can tell she's holding back laughter. As they pass out of view the wood nymph cries harder than ever and almost falls completely out of the air. The city is definitely not what he was expecting. Finally the crowd disperses and he's able to continue.
A few more turns. A few more streets. A dozen or so more taverns. He finally reaches the shop. There is quite a bit of debate among fairies in his village about who to go to for raw gems but his master swears by MacIntyre. Apparently their families have had a working arrangement for several generations. He parks his cart near the door and, wings fluttering, enters the shop. Walls. Tables. Cases. All full of gems. Despite how long he had been at this he doesn't think he has seen this many gems throughout his entire life. As he looks around a dwarven head appears in a window leading to another room. "You must be Peregrine!" The Dwarven male yells happily in a deep masculine voice. He disappears from the window and enters the room through a door nearby.. and the extremely large breasts take Peregrine by surprise. He had heard, with their beards, it was very hard to tell male and female dwarves apart but he never thought it would be this hard.
He quickly recovers from the shock. "Yes! Are you MacIntyre?" He says politely. "Mrs. MacIntyre! Normally my husband would handle this but he felt like heading to the tavern. Speaking of which! Where are my manners? Come! Come! We have everything ready for you." She says as happy as all the other dwarves have been. Peregrine flutters along behind her as they enter the room she had just left. Laid out along the extremely long table is the entire order. A years worth of raw uncut gems organized by type and size. He immediately begins flying towards the gems to begin his inspection but is cut short. "No! Where is the fun in that? Drink! Drink!" She shouts happily gesturing at the table on the far side of the room. There are six kegs on the table all together. Three of them are fairy size along with a flagon made just for his people. He knew this was coming. He does love their beer but.. not a lot of it. Hopefully he can get through this and somehow politely turn down a few drinks.
Wings beating quickly he flies over and fills his first flagon. As he drinks he does somewhat understand why the dwarves can't stop. During his 1 beer Mrs. MacIntyre drinks several herself. Finally he finishes his beer and it seems she's happy for the moment so they can get to work. He goes up and down the table, row by row, very slowly. He trusts their work but he wants to prove to his master he's really putting in the effort. He examines each gem both with his tools and magically. Every few gems she happily declares it's time for more beer. At first he's frustrated because he really doesn't want to drink but as time goes on he doesn't seem to mind anymore. As the beer starts really affecting him the conversation turns to relationships. She happily tells him about how she met her husband out in the forest when it turned out they had been tracking the same boar to hunt. He has very little relationship experience to discuss but ends up finding himself spilling his guts about the cute fairy who works in the bakery across the street.
"H..her WINGS!!!" he shouts, reminding himself of a dwarf. "So pink! S…so delicate! So SHAPELY!!" He flutters toward the kegs of his own free will this time. It takes him 5 tries to get the flagon under the tap. "D..don't get me wrong. I'm not that kind of fairy. I..I don..don't just look at a girl's wings" he adds worried about how he sounds. "Of course not! But we all notice things. You should see my husband handle a rifle.." Mrs MacIntyre says. As he goes back to work drunkenly, but still accurately, inspecting the gems he continues telling all about Rosalind. He talks about how often he goes to the window just to see if she's visible working. How he goes there everyday for lunch even though he doesn't particularly like bread. How his conversations with her are the best part of his day. "Well? Why not just tell Ms pretty wings how you feel?" she asks in the closest thing to a soft tone a dwarf seems to be capable of. "I…i…i…" and that's where things go a bit blank for Peregrine.
Next thing he knows he's waking up in a dwarvish room that's his size. He had been told to expect this. The dwarves long ago learned fairies were going to need some place to sleep off the beer and constructed these just for them. He slowly sat up, his head throbbing. "These…are not my clothes." he thinks to himself as he throws off the blanket. He decides to solve that mystery later as he looks around the room. He zeros in on a large jug of water with a set of glasses on the table against the opposite wall. He quickly gets up and attempts to fly to the jug but the beating of his own wings is just too much sound for his throbbing head. He makes his way to the jug and, ignoring the glasses, drinks the entire thing quickly. He makes his way to the door and slowly opens it and steps outside.
He sees his room was built halfway up a wall and he's now standing on a ledge. As he looks left and right he sees there are several more fairy rooms. "They really do like to be prepared.." he thinks. He walks to the railing along the edge and looks around. Judging by the normal sized doors lined up along the other wall he's in an inn. Just as he's coming to this conclusion a door opens at the end of the hall and a familiar face pokes its head into the room, sees he is awake, and smiles brightly before entering the room fully. "Well hello! You have been asleep quite some time." Mrs MacIntyre says in a voice softer than he thought dwarves were capable of. He is extremely grateful for this. "I don't remember how I got here. Or…these clothes…"
Mrs MacIntyre laughed loudly despite her attempts to keep quiet for his sake. "I myself brought you here. See those hinges on the wall? That lets us open the entire room. Your people usually need help getting in bed. As for the clothes…not long before you passed out last night you declared yourself to be lord of the gems. Your first proclamation was to outlaw clothing and then you burned yours. I have to say you are quite the dancer." Peregrine's face burns bright red in shame but he presses on. Part of him doesn't want to know but at the same time…he has to find out what else he did. "Did…I do anything else horrible?"
"Horrible?! Your dance was the highlight of my year! And seem to need to learn to loosen up anyways. Other than that we mostly talked about Rosalind. How much you love her. How scared you are to tell her. And….quite a bit about how you want to chew on her wings. You were very detailed about that." She smiled brightly as she said this as if she hadn't just said something even more terrifying than his clothing law. All he could do was lean on the railing and hide his face. "Don't be ashamed!! You opened up to me. You can with her as well. Well…maybe not about the wings just yet. But reading between the lines and speaking as a woman…from what you said of your conversations last really sounds like she is interested in you as well"
Despite the shame he looks up hopefully. "You really think so?" He says quickly. She smiles and nods. "Last night we had quite the conversation about her love of the hanging bioluminescent vines along a lake near your village. She brings it up a lot you said. Silly fairy..she's been dropping hints about a date for months." His jaw drops. That…sounds very possible. The fear is still there but that has given him a lot of hope. "I…thank you.." he manages to say between his racing thoughts. "It's my pleasure Peregrine! you think you are ready to begin the trip home?" She says. This snaps him back to reality. The inspection! "Did I inspect the gems?" He asks quickly. "Inspected. Juggled. Danced with. Blew one up because it offended you somehow. Your master doesn't need to know. I already replaced it." More shame fills his tiny body but he tries to hide it. "Thank you.." he manages to say.
From there she leads him downstairs to the inns main room. They eat an amazing breakfast and she tells him more about the signs she noticed about Rosalind. By the time breakfast is over he is feeling rather confident. They make their way through the city back to her shop. His cart is still parked outside and she informs him they loaded it for him. They say their goodbyes and he thanks her from the bottom of his heart for her insight. As he is leaving the city he is barely paying attention to the journey. He's building an entire life in his head.
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2023.06.01 05:02 Southern-Sector3509 My gay brother (37M) tried to have sex with me (26M).

So yeah. See title. This happened a couple months ago but I have not been in the right mental state to type this out. Throwaway for obvious reasons.
The backstory:
We have had an unconventional relationship from the beginning. My brother (let's call him James) was placed for adoption at birth, since my parents were very young at the time. He grew up in California with a mom, dad, and older brother who was also adopted. We are fully blood related, as our parents stayed together and had me 11 years later after they were finally in a stable position to raise a child. When he was 23, my parents found him through an online service and reached out to him. I know some adopted folks don't want anything to do with their biological family, but James did (to my parents surprise and delight). So, at the age of 12, I met my "long-lost brother" I never knew I had.
We got along like two peas in a pod. Despite our age gap and wildly different families and environments, we ended up being incredibly similar people. I felt like I had known him my whole life. As I was growing up, I saw him about once a year; sometimes he would visit us, sometimes we would visit him and his family. After a few years, our parents interacted less and less, but we still had a strong relationship. We played video games together almost every night for years, and those are still some of the fondest memories I have of growing up. As I got older, we started going on adventures together: backpacking, snowboarding, beach trips, etc. Over the last 15 years, we developed an incredibly strong bond--unlike conventional brother-brother relationships, too. Since we didn't grow up together, we never really fought or got on each others nerves that much. Sure, I didn't see him in-person that often, but I always knew he was just a call/text/game away.
I grew up in a southern conservative environment, and only after going to college discovered that I'm a little bisexual. Especially as a man, it was much easier for me to go along with the more-socially-acceptable option of dating girls. I had known James was gay since I was 14 (he told me this despite my parents asking him to wait until I was older). And since I trusted him so much, when I finally figured out my sexuality at the age of 20, he was the first family member I told about it. I went to him before my parents since I knew he would understand and be able to give me advice on dealing with the social dynamic that comes with that territory. I'm mentioning this now because it will be relevant for the aftermath.The point is that I felt that I could trust him with anything. Absolutely anything. So I did, specifically with deep, personal issues like sexuality.
When SHTF:
On a snowboarding trip a couple months ago, we decided to get some weed and whiskey and chill out in the hotel after our first day on the slopes. In hindsight, getting cross-faded was probably not a great idea (for several reasons), but in a weird way I'm glad we did because, as he later told me: "that combo is like a truth serum" to him.
So there we are, drunk and high, shootin' the shit, talkin' about life. In that moment, I just felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude wash over me. I realized how lucky I was not only to have him as a brother, but also how lucky we were that we could afford to go on these adventures together and share so many experiences. So I tried to tell him how I was feeling. I don't remember exact words, but something along the lines of "the relationship we have is so special and important to me, I love you so much, bro." As I'm telling him this...
All of a sudden he grabbed my face and leaned in to kiss me right on the fucking mouth. Eyes closed, lips slightly apart. There was no way to mistake it for meaning anything else. I stood there like a deer in headlights for a moment, and he managed to make contact before I could realize what was happening and push him away. Dumbfounded, I had no idea what to say or think. My entire view of our relationship was shattered in an instant. Poof. Like WTF BRO!?
The aftermath:
He started apologizing profusely for misunderstanding, and we talked for probably another 2-3 hours about what it all meant and what the hell he was thinking. We also talked for several hours the next day before he dropped me off at the airport to go home. I essentially took on the role of a therapist, asking him questions to try to dissect where these complicated emotions were coming from. On the inside, I was so fucking pissed and still in complete disbelief/shock, but I couldn't let him know that out of fear for my safety at the time. After all, I was stuck 3 hours away from the airport and he was my ride back. Not sure of what else he might do and not wanting to risk setting him off, I placated him. I pretended like everything was fine, and that I understood and forgave him for everything.
I was so upset, terrified, distraught, [insert emotion here], etc. But I just played it cool, kept asking him questions, and saying it was all okay.
I distinctly remember asking him: "how long have you had this fantasy?" To which, he said "you don't want to know."... yeah, you read that right. LIKE WHAT?! So all these years we've known each other, he had been thinking about fucking me? Turns out that when I told him about my bisexuality, he apparently thought I was coming onto him or something. That I was only telling him because I was interested in him. He mentioned that over the pandemic (when we were playing a lot of video games together), he often thought about us building a bunkehideout/cabin in the middle of nowhere and living out the apocalypse together... and I guess having sex all the time?
He explained how, in his mind, that since we didn't grow up together that it was possible for him to develop these fantasies in the first place. He claimed that he read somewhere that siblings are often attracted to one another, but never act on it because they grow up with each other. I could go on about more things he said, but this post is already long enough.
My concern:
James has had a troubled social life for a long time. Lots more to say here, too, but the long story short is that he has never truly felt connected and satisfied with his personal relationships. He's never said this to me directly, but I know. And he knows it, but is too afraid to admit that he has grown complacent in a lot of aspects of his life over the years. He still lives with his parents, is addicted to porn, has limited social interaction with people his age, and his last real relationship (to my knowledge) was more than a decade ago. I'm fairly certain that his fantasy of me was rooted in a deep longing and desire for love and connection. But that's the thing--we did share love and connection. I still have no idea why he had to bring sex into our brotherhood, and I'm not sure I ever will understand.
Despite what he did to me and how much pain it has caused me, I still love him and care about him deeply. To be honest, I'm extremely concerned he's going to off himself. In his drunkenness that night, he even said so. I wish I could just forget about it and continue having a relationship with him, but the truth is, I don't know if I can ever trust him again. I've been re-thinking all the time we spent together for the last ~15 years, and I keep having this gut instinct that tells me he had an ulterior motive the whole time. It hurts to even think about, much less type this out, but: I'm thinking I have no other sensible option except to cut him out of my life. I don't know how I can trust him, or even give him the opportunity to re-gain my trust.
My question:
Should I cut him out of my life, or try to rebuild our relationship?

TLDR: Brother is gay, I told him I'm bi a few years ago. We are fully related, but he was adopted and I met him for the first time when I was 12. He recently confessed he has fantasized about having sex with me for a long time, and that his fantasy became stronger after I told him about my sexuality. I rejected his drunken advance, and now I think I have to cut him out of my life, but I'm worried he's going to off himself. And before anyone asks, YES, I AM IN THERAPY.
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2023.06.01 05:02 Bananne_ First Time BC/Whistler Advice

Hey everyone, we are a couple in our early 30s staying in Whistler for 2 nights for a work event. We have extended our trip for another 3 nights and fly out of Vancouver. My question is, our budget is pretty limited and when looking at booking our stay for the remaining 3 nights, it was much cheaper (to our surprise) to stay in Whistler than to book downtown Vancouver (or anywhere Vancouver really).
That said, we’re wondering if we should stay in Whistler the entire 5 nights or if we should go explore other parts of BC (within reasonable distance to Vancouver airport) and budget friendly. This is my first time in BC so any and all advice is appreciated. We love food, shopping, nature, and are pretty easy going. We are taking the shuttle up with work but perhaps we should look at renting a car instead?
Thank you!
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2023.06.01 05:02 monkyonarock Having a very weird relationship with my mom right now. (TW!! CSA not any details but i do mention it)

I (20f) used to live on a farm in the literal middle of fucking nowhere with my mom and her new husband A. she married A when i was 9, and we didn’t move out of his house until i was 14. i saw my bio dad every-other weekend through this time (bio dads not the best either but not nearly as bad as A. A is an extreme “functioning” alcoholic with some sort of undiagnosed mood disorder. he never hit us but he threatened to all the time, he would scream all night long, call us lazy, call my mom a whore, my sister fat, my brother a bastard. i would clean the whole house ALL DAY and he would come home and purposely leave his muddy shoes on and drop dishes to break them)
Ive been diagnosed Bipolar II with PTSD from living at his house along with events that happened when i was 14, 15 & 17.(i’ve been diagnosed since i was 16). Three months ago i started getting all these flashbacks in both dreams and waking life of my step dad (A) SA me when i was around 9-11.
I’m in trade school for massage therapy right now. I told my mom what i’m remembering happened with A, she SAYS SHE BELIEVES ME, SAYS SHES “SORRY THAT HAPPENED”, but will not divorce him. she’s saying she doesn’t have the money to divorce him, she has too many expenses, he helps her pay for them. i don’t think that’s true, i think she could get some of his stuff out of the marriage, maybe sell his stupid mid life crisis car, get some land, i don’t know. she also makes decent money doing her own job.
she says her main reason for not divorcing him is money, and she said he is “like an old pair of shoes i can’t get rid of”. WHAT??? WHAT?? she came to my house, sat on the couch with me and i told her what happened and we cried and i told her about all the times i can remember asking her why she didn’t do anything more. she says she didn’t know it was happening. i brought up how he SAID very creepy things to me throughout my life, i won’t go into detail but honestly it’s just shit that nobody should ever say to a 9-14yr old girl. she says she’s sorry it happened, and respects that i wont go to her house anymore unless he’s guaranteed not going to be there. i don’t want to see him ever again.
me now not wanting to see him, and my sister also now extra not wanting to see him, means i’m not going to be coming over for christmas or thanksgiving or coming to birthday dinners if he’s there.
she keeps making appointments with me to come into my school and work on her back, and she wants us to get our nails done together every weekend now. i think she feels bad about what happened and she’s getting lonely. i just want her to divorce him. that’s all i want. i don’t need her to try to get closer to me, spend more time with me, i want her to DIVORCE HIM. i can’t respect her when she goes to bed with him every night, cooks him dinner, goes out with friends with him, kisses him, does his fucking laundry like are you KIDDING ME?? FOR FUCKING REAL BRO??
i want to like my mom so fucking bad. i love her, she’s my mother, she taught me how to clean, she’s accepted me in being a lesbian, she helps me with housing, she pays my car insurance. i’m incredibly grateful for her but it’s like there this knife constantly in my stomach. she’s so good in so many ways.
she’s an older woman (upper 50’s) in an abusive relationship. she has a shopping addiction. she’s incredibly insecure. i feel bad for her. i love her and i want to be there for her. it just makes me so sad that she “believes me” and won’t do a single thing about it. i just want to cry. how can she stay married to him?? my brother is 17 and still has to see him all the time. A owns his house on the farm, and my mom owns her house in town. A goes and sleeps at his own house maybe 3-4 times a month. My mom moved away from the farm to attempt to divorce him when i was 14 and she ended up giving him a key and eating dinner in the new house with A like nothing is wrong about a week after we moved back to town. my little brother is STILL living there.
how can she let my brother stay there?? how can SHE stay with him?? i don’t understand
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2023.06.01 05:01 Fair_Sweet_748 Just an advice to all jeeneetards in Kota 🙂

I spent 2 years in Kota, studying in Allen 🤡 preparing for neet. Did dummy schooling and got 89 percent and getting 504 in neet, well that's not the story.
In Jan this year practice practical sessions were organises by dummy school and i went there long story short during boards practicals this girl asked my number without any efforts from me and texted me on whatsapp telling me how i am exactly like her father, a gentleman, my smile is so cute, and all that basically making me fall for the trap.
Uske saath raat ke 10 baje se 2 baje tak karne ke chakkar mein maine boards mein bhi hagg diya aur neet toh chhodd he do. But i started imagining my future with her thinking she's the one we literally talked about marriage and everything 😢 Fir usne kaha ki hum dono saath mein drop le lete hai tum wapas Kota aajao ( i am from Lucknow) now neet mein 500 plus thay aur boards mein 89 percent toh parents ko convince krna wasn't that tough aur mai 18th may ko wapas Kota aagya joined aakash with her.
Fir picchle do din se she started acting different and last night she told she didn't had any feelings for me, she was just infatuated. 🙂
Moral of the story :- jab lage ki sab sahi hone wala hai don't fall for it, coz that is the period around which tumhare lagne wale hai.
Ab mujhe 1 saal iss chutiye shahar mein firse rehna hoga 😔
Motivation toh boht hai Neet toh phod dunga but i have to make that girl realise that how big of a mistake she did. Koi suggestions hai toh please dedo, how can i make her regret her decision 🙂
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2023.06.01 05:01 Vendetta1883 Trust your gut

It was a normal Tuesday night. After work I walk to our local pub for food and drinks with some work friends. We meet up every Tuesday night and go to the same place. This night was different. It was very cloudy and there was a chance of rain. I live close to work and the pub so I usually walk. After getting to the pub I sat with my friends and since I was last to arrive I had to buy the first round of drinks. We usually don’t take shots since we all still have work the rest of the week. As soon as I take my first sip I notice something out of the ordinary, or rather someone. I notice a beautiful woman sitting at the other end of the bar. Usually we were the only people in the pub drinking, so this was odd. I take a good look at her and I’m instantly smitten. She has the most beautiful strawberry red hair, piercing brown eyes, snow pale skin, and an emerald green floral sundress. My friends started to give me shit for staring and to my surprise, she was staring and smiling back at me. I wouldn't say I’m an ugly man, but I’m also no model. I’m of average height and build. Nothing special. My friends are trying to hype me up to go talk to her. After a couple more drinks of my beer I walk over to her and introduce myself. “Hi, my name is Paul. It's nice to meet you.” “Hello, I’m Caroline. It’s a pleasure to meet you Paul.” Her voice was as sweet as frosting. It was soft and just the right amount of quiet. We get to talking and she convinces me to take shots with her. She orders six shots of Jack Daniel's for the two of us. By the time the bartender was done pouring I noticed my friends were gone. That's okay, we never stay too late anyway. We take the shots and I start to feel tipsy. It’s safe to say, I have no tolerance. We order one more round of shots and I’m done for the night. I’m as drunk as I allow myself to be. We talk for a few more minutes and she invites me to her place. I’m reluctant since I have work in the morning and I’m not one to have one night stands. But man this woman has a way with words. Caroline says she doesn't live far from here. She actually lives in the same apartments as I do. I was surprised since I’ve never seen her before. But at this point I’m too drunk to care. I followed her to her apartment and thankfully it's not raining yet. We stumble inside her apartment and we start making out. We kissed for a good couple minutes and all I could think was, “Man work is gonna suck tomorrow.” She pulls away and says in her sweet voice, "I'm going to make us a couple drinks. You stay here handsome.” I do as she says and I start looking around her apartment when I notice, It’s oddly empty. In the living room there's just the couch I’m sitting on and a very long glass coffee table. It looks like it's not originally meant to be a coffee table but I think nothing of it. She comes back with the drinks and wants to have a chugging contest. This is when I get a sinking feeling in my stomach then I hear a noise. It sounded like a metal pipe hitting the floor. I tried to ask what it was but she put the red solo cup to my lips and I started to drink. Something's not right. The drink tasted bitter and the texture was kind of grainy. I finish the drink and I notice Caroline isn't on the couch anymore. I got up to find her and I overheard her talking to someone in her bedroom. I peek in and there's two very large men dressed like they are about to perform surgery. I look next to them and there's surgical tools on the bed. I try to run but right at that moment I pass out. I wake up freezing cold with the afternoon sun blaring in my face. I feel a sharp pain in my back and my left eye. I try to get up but I’m too weak. I notice I’m in a bathtub full of ice. I say to myself “Fuck, this bitch stole my organs.” When I fully come to I use all my strength to get out of the bathtub and crawl to the front door. I’m screaming in agony and I see a trail of blood following me. I manage to stand up and open the door and yell for help before passing out again. When I wake up I’m in the hospital. I hear machines beeping and people talking around me. I ask what happened. The nurse who was talking with the police says that one of my kidneys was dissected and even my left eye. I start to cry in disbelief. “You're going to have to be on dialysis until you get a donor since your healthy kidney was badly damaged.” The police approach me and I tell them the whole story. They looked shocked then they ran out of the room. The nurse looked at me and was confused. Then the cops come back with someone. “Is this Caroline sir?” one of the cops asked. “Holy shit, yes that is!” I yell as loud as I can in my condition. “How did you find her?” “She works here as a custodian. 'says the nurse. Caroline looks angry and scared. She tries to make a run for it and the cops tackle her. As she's being cuffed she yells in a loud sharp voice “You should have died in that apartment!” After the cops cuff her they take her away. I’m in the hospital for a couple weeks. Thankfully after my family heard about what had happened, they all got tested to see if they were a match for a transplant. I have both kidneys again and I made a full recovery. My work threw a welcome back party for me when I came back. My friends were all very apologetic for leaving me with that psychopath. I have no hard feelings towards them. But the lesson I learned was to never follow a woman home for a one night stand. Stay safe out there.
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2023.06.01 05:01 AlmightyKobra I(23M) and GF(21F) broke up due to my insecurities. Is it fixable?

Okay, hi, so my ex (21) and me (23) broke up a little over a week ago because I threatened to break up with her because she didn't call me one night when she said she would. I already apologized in depth and have realized my mistake, and my insecurity was really showing. This isn't the first case of this. Earlier, when we first started dating, I declined to join her during dinner because she wanted to bring a male friend along, a childhood friend, as part of the friend group, she said. I declined because it was two other couples and I viewed it as a couples outing, but she insisted that he was a childhood friend that was a part of the friend group. However, I insisted that I didn't like it, that the other couples weren't bringing anyone else, and that it was a strange dynamic to bring him along. Anyway, we got past that, and I still don't know how to feel about that, but I later opted into another dinner involving him, and I'm not inclined to think anything mischevious was or is going on between the 2 of them. He's from another state and just visits.
Anyway, the breakup started when I texted her in anger, drunk, when she didn't call me when she had agreed that she would. It was around midnight when I texted her very toxically, saying, "Okay, I'm going to block you and break up with you if you're going to just ignore me". She was probably just sleeping, and I was drunk, so I apologized the next day but was still a little upset. Then, while I was at work, she called and told me she was going to grab her things and leave, so she did. She then told me that we were done for now and that she needed time. So I thought it would be cute to leave a basket of items that I knew she would like at her house to show that I was sorry and that I loved her.
She said we're broken up for now and just need time, but she'll sit down and talk with me when she's no longer upset. She says I'm manipulative and obsessive; she told her parents of everything that had occurred, and they searched her car for a tracking device. They also said that they would call the cops if I ever entered their property without permission. They think I'm a psyco, and I don't know if there's any salvaging this relationship even if she was willing.
I really love this girl; we were together for about 8 months until this, and I'm wondering what my next course of action should be. She said she wants time, so I'm leaving her alone. I know what I did was wrong. I trust that she wouldn't do anything to hurt me and understand her frustration with being accused of cheating so often and I want to stop being so insecure. Any advice to salvage this relationship? All I'm doing now is giving her space and hoping things work out. I can't fit every single detail in here, so if you feel like you need more information, please ask, and I can probably provide more. Thank you.
TL:DR: gf broke up with me because she is tired of false accusations, Parents think im insane and im worried the relationship is beyond repair.
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2023.06.01 05:01 Diputsur_o0o You really tryin to scam ME?

Kid's selling a felony on FB marketplace, claims car is like new, only run once or twice... so I reach out and ask a few questions: "tires are great, like brand new", "a few scratches on the chassis, but body is perfect", "smart 3s batteries like new, less than 5 charges on them" ... alright so it may be worth the $500 (with dual charger) and we schedule to meet up. I tell him to make sure both batteries are fully charged for the meet because I wanna see it run before I will hand over any cash... "Cool, no problem"
So we meet tonight in the Walmart parking lot. Body is scraped up (obviously ran more than twice) and when I said something about the pictures he's like "same car, I took the pics last year when I unboxed it" OK, but if you're going to sell it, why not take another picture of WHAT THE CAR YOU'RE TRYING TO SELL ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE? He's like "I did, those are pictures of THIS car". Whatever, I can't argue with a 14 year old so I take the body off and... F**K! Car's got the opposite of smart batteries, they're stupid! Soft cases and puffed out so they don't even lay flat. No adaptors in this car either, he cut off the ec5's and soldered on shit dean's connectors! I'm like WTF, you coulda warned me and he's like "didn't think about it, don't care, you want it or not?"
I'm pissed, but I'm there, so I say let's see it run. "Let's see the money first". Really? I told him I want to see it run before I consider giving anything for it... and he's like "if you can't show me the $500 I'm asking then you can fuck off, this isn't free play time" I was fuming, only had $155 on me (was going to get the rest out of the ATM in Walmart if I was going to buy it - but pretty sure now there won't be a trip to the ATM) As it was mostly singles and fives, stack looked pretty fat - so I pulled it out quick and was like " $500 right here, happy? Run it" and stuffed the cash back in my pocket.
He's connecting batteries and I notice tires are bald so I'm like "you said they were like new, want to see the chat?". Kid goes "I don't give a shit about your chat, it is what it is, what you see is what you're going to get, got it?". Don't know what to say, but it's ready to go, so he just starts ripping it and ... Holy shit those felonies are AWESOME! Wish it had the handbrake, but that thing flew! Speed gear installed, I don't doubt it didn't hit the 90 they advertise on the box... LOVE it.
I'm like let me try that shit, and first he's like "nah" but I say no way I'm going to buy without the try.
He puts the controller on 50% and says "be careful". I run it to the corner of the parking lot, turn it around, and flip the controller back to 100%.
100% throttle, I sent it straight into the side of the building. "Oops! It didn't turn!" Car's in about 100 pieces and he's flipping out saying "You stupid asshole, I told you be careful... you just fucking bought that car"
"You lied about the car. It wasn't worth $500 before, and it certainly isn't worth $500 now. It was broken already, tires were shot, didn't turn... I'll give you 75 bucks for it but that's it"
$500 $80? No you're paying $500 $85? $500 or me and my brother kick your ass and take it.
Yup, kids brother was done shopping and just came out looking for him. Wanted to know what's going on and WTF happened to the car!
I waited while he told his side, tried to explain mine but brother man wasn't interested in hearing any more, says give him $400 and we'll call it even.
Can't do it, $100 is the most I'll pay, cars broke!
And... the first kid sucker punched me! Had his brother not been there, it would have been game over for him! I did put up a good fight, and they're both hurting more than I was... But they did manage to knock me down at one point and got most of the cash out of my pocket so it ended up costing me $128 ...
But I got an s2100 charger, near mint controller, all the electronics still work, body believe it or not is still useable... chassis and from end need replacing, as well as tires... But can't beat the price!
And they probably won't be trying to scam anyone else any time soon!
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2023.06.01 05:01 JEBplayswithhisfood Has this happened to anyone else?

So I’ve decided to become sober recently (1 week in and with a plan of attack in effect). After my last night of heavy drinking, half of my hand has had a tingling falling-asleep sensation that hasn’t gone away. The articles I’ve been reading have been referencing alcoholic neuropathy, but they describe it as more of a pain sensation rather than a numbness. Has anyone else experienced this?
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2023.06.01 05:00 H4km4N The mysterious case of Carrie Selvage

The mysterious case of Carrie Selvage
In March of 1900 a forty-three year old Indianapolis schoolteacher named Carrie Selvage was admitted into Indiana Union State Hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown, her family were a prominent fixture in the society and at the hospital she was given a big private room overlooking the Hospital grounds on the ground floor of the two story building. On March 11th 1900 nurse entered the room to check on her and saw the forty three year old standing by the window taking in the view, she asked for a glass of milk, after the nurse stepped out of the room to get the glass of milk and returned less than 5 minutes later she was shocked to discovered that Carrie was gone, escaped out the locked room, last seen wearing a long blue night dress and felt slippers. An extensive search of the ground's and surrounding area was done by the Hospital staff, despite the efforts there was no trace of the missing school teacher. Later in the day Carrie's brother Joseph came to visit that's is when the rest of the family and he became aware of her disappearance. With the cooperation of local law enforcement and a group of volunteers, family set out on their on search for the forty three year old, spending days exploring nearby field's, creek's and lakes also searching small space's on hospital ground's but they found nothing. Carrie's family offered a generous reward for information that would bring her home but it went unclaimed.
A few witnesses claimed that they saw her boarding a train bound for Ohio where the forty three year old was born but they were soon proven to be false. It wasn't until 1902 where in a Medical School, student thought that the corpse had a striking resemblance to the missing Carrie Selvage and the Professor agreed. Her dentist was sent to by the Professor who noted that there was a gold filled tooth in the same location. This seemed like a good confirmation and Professor called for her brother, who couldn't be sure if that was his sister body and wanted further proof. Once law enforcement was involved the school staff was questioned how the remains came in their possession, they responded that the remains were purchased from a local black man named Rufus Cantrell. He was subsequently arrested, Rufus a infamous grave robber from Indiana who was called The King of The Ghouls reportedly spoke freely with the investigator's, named a number of surgeons who paid him extra for fresh corpse, explained the ins and outs of stealing and selling a body even supplied the names of others working with him. Then confessed to kidnapping a woman on the night of March 11th, 1900 when he and his men were stealing from a cemetery and noticed a woman sneaking on nearby Hospital grounds, fearing that she'll give them up they snatched her too. Took her to the basement of an old disused farm house where they abused her for day's before selling her body to the Medical School. Cantrell later denied having confessed to the Police claiming that law enforcement, the media or both made up the story. Cantrell received 10 years in Prison and Carrie was laid to rest among her long deceased family members.
The Indiana Union State Hospital was closed soon after the disappearance and turned into a boarding house which shut it's doors too not long after opening. Later it was purchased by a company that planned to convert it, the construction work began quickly after it was bought by removing pieces of the building including a section of the attic. After an iron worker was given the job of removing the cupola he decided to enlarge the opening from the attic and looked in, there he came face to face with a skeleton. The remains were in a sitted position with a blue night gown, Carrie's suitcase and felt slippers laying nearby. Investigator's arrived with Carrie's family, they identified her clothing and believed that the body was hers and no cause of death could be determined but law enforcement did not believe that the 43 year old was met with violence, her intact skull was laying on the floor and her upper bones leaned against the wall. They theorized that she starved or froze to death.
Carrie's family were not satisfied with these two answer's especially her brother, Joseph in particular stated his belief that a Hospital worker had taken his sister's life and stashed her body in the attic. Coming to the conclusion because Carrie was partially blind and suffered severe arthritis so he couldn't understand how she'd manage to climb into this space by herself. Newspapers at the time described this as a building of unusual construction the space where the body was found is apparently a second attic access by going through a door to the left of the main attic climbing over an inside roof and down to the right into a small corner where the skeleton was found which accounts for the length of time the body lay in the attic without being discovered.
The body that was initially thought to be Carrie was exhumed and returned to the Police, remains never identified.
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2023.06.01 05:00 Informal_Emu_8980 Karyotype test came back...suspected fuckery? 🤔

AMAB here. Well, things have been weird recently. I have vaginal components, there's no denying it - I have clear pictures and it seems to be opening up - showing up more and more as time goes on. Last night part of my ass separated to reveal more of it.
I can now see the shape clearly instead of what looked like scarring from stitches in a line with a triangle at the top... Can even feel it now.
My karyotype test came back - normal male it says. I noticed that in the portal used to access the information, the doctor uploaded those results separately from the other tests I had done - a separate pdf that says "no provider specified". The other pdf has her name attached to it in that same field. The karyotype test is listed in with the other results in the that pdf, but the field where the results go is blank. It comes with a letter that looks like it came from a lawyer. What the fuck? Who includes a letter along with a test result???
Looking for support. I'm only more confused now, and angry. I don't know for sure, but I suspect my doctor has some legal and/or religious reason to lie about the test results.
Why would I have a vagina unfusing if I'm not intersex?? Do typical males have vestigial vaginas left over from forming in the womb? This seems like something I would have heard about by now.
To the mod of this sub - you're right about me placing too much faith in the karyotype test annnnnd doctors. Fuck.
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2023.06.01 05:00 IShallZuccYou Bizarre Costume by the Lagoon??

Last night (2-3am) I was taking a late night walk around the lagoon and I saw a 7-8 foot tall fully white figure hunched over a bush. I assume this is some kind of frat thing, maybe to freak people out? But i haven’t seen anything like it in my three years here. It stood in complete silence and after a few seconds of shock i just turned and walked straight back to my car. Does anyone else have experience with this???
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2023.06.01 05:00 jeffslittleelf Catalytic converter was cut and stolen

Hi all,
Last night my car was vandalized in my own parking space. Two other neighbor cars were also targeted. We all have Honda Accord 2003/2006. Catalytic converter was cut and stolen in all three cars. I only have collision coverage and no comprehensive coverage in my auto insurance.
Please see pictures. How much is this going to cost me to get it fixed? What are my options? Thank you! I appreciate all your inputs.
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2023.06.01 05:00 RuralFireVA Ahhh I hate panic disorder

Actively suffering through a gigantic panic attack straight up for unknown reasons. I guess my body was just like fuck you here's a gigantic one, deal with it. I tried to deal with it like a mere mortal but with blood pressure issues and shit that are well known and documented my brain was just like fuck you you're going to die right now unless you take medication, if you try to sleep you will die in your sleep, you have to stop this right now before any action is taken. Having these really strong ones always reminds me to be kind and helpful to people who also experience them on here as these strong panic attacks feel humbling almost.
I guess since I have been working nights recently my body is straight up in agony due to the fact that I am actively laying down, I am also dreading these 2 12 hour night shifts I got this weekend, so I'm not sure if the "impending doom" of the shifts is contributing lol.
This is one of those benzo-worthy panic attacks and I am thankful I have this resource at hand, I have taken the medication (clonazepam) and I can expect the panic to slowly taper off over the next 30 or so minutes. I actually just get relief from taking the medication which I have always thought it kinda funny.
I also do this (maybe weird) thing where I get obsessed that I have enough of my clonazepam to last me at least a month when I get it refilled. I am dependent on it (psychiatrist knows I experience withdrawal) and I know doing this is not smart nor healthy, and actually scares me that I do it. Though since I am dependent I like seeing a large amount available since it means I have been taking it less so I can convince myself I am getting better. It is stupid to do but it is just an irrational thing that I do.
Unfortunately I have to say this stuff on here and not to a therapist or my psychiatrist (who is straight up awesome btw). My psychiatrist knows I skimp out on taking the medication daily as prescribed, but I don't think he understands the sheer amount I have saved, not even for like nefarious reasons, at this point it is like a game to see how little I am able to take in a month. So far I'm on track to refill and get 104mg. This is kind of my obsession as counting the amount that I have and calculating the amount I've taken in a week allows me to understand the severity of my panic any given week or month to see trends. If anyone is interested, I have hovered around the 104mg at refill mark (usually 45mg + 57-59mg saved) for the last 3 or 4 months ever since this obsession started.
I really want to taper but man is it days like this that makes me remember why I am prescribed this medication.
Anyways I guess my complaining is over, I took so long to write this out and edit any mistake my shaky hands made that I am starting to feel better (thank god). If anyone has any questions regarding their own symptoms or whatever you can throw them below and I can try and help you out. Anything I mention is not medical advice and should not be treated as such, use the advice and information I give at your own discretion.
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2023.06.01 04:59 Super-Athlete2591 My bf (21M) cheated on me (20F) in our first year. How do I move past this? Im embarrassed to mention it to him

Our 3 year anniversary was last week...
I was going through my boyfriends email looking for an insurance claim from a car accident that happened around 2 years ago for my lawyers. I stumbled across past emails of him being active on Plenty of fish and Hinge, and you can obviously see when an email has been read. I saw "you've matched" with so and so start chating!
This produced curiousity, and I had to check the dates and he used the apps, to find out he used them our entire first year of dating. I feel terrible for even snooping, and wish I never did TT
He obviously stopped using them since, but it made me think of all the times we celebrated each month, our California trip, camping trips, our first I love yous. We bought eachother different letters too. Ever since I found out last week, I havent been able to look at him the same way and I am so devastated.
I decided to take it upon myself to ask him when he stopped using dating apps with me, and he told me as soon as we started dating.
I was shook yall 😳 i am still shook
The first year meant so much to me, its like the foundation of our relationship, I was head over heels in love. When I look back at all our Polaroids and thousands of photos, it feels like it was a show. You know that Rihanna song, take a bow?
Feels unfair to me and the person I gave him at the time, and not to mention the white lie. I understand its to protect my feelings, lying is still lying.
Ive decided that I might break up with him over this, but I haven't come to a decision just yet because we have been fine these past two years and he has changed for the better, but it does weigh heavy on my mind I love him so much, how can I trust him moving forward.
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2023.06.01 04:59 DawnlightWarrior 27 [M4F] Spain/Europe/Online - What if this is the start of something?

Hey you! Yes you, the one reading this message. I hope you like this message and here is a bit of information about me:
Who the hell I am?

Have you decided to talk to me yet? Maybe these opinions will help you
He is a really handsome boy - My grandmother
My brother is special and crazy, don't talk to him. - My brother
I want to make him mine, break up after a few months and write a song about him. – Taylor Swift
I wanted him as my padawan, but they imposed Anakin Skywalker on me and you know how it ended. - Obi Wan Kenobi
He was going to be the model I used for my sculpture David, but he's neither as handsome nor as strong. - Michelangelo
I was about to hire him to play Sebastian in La La Land, but he can't sing well or play the piano, Emma Stone preferred him to Ryan Gosling. - Damien Chazelle (La la land's Director)
I turned down Ted Mosby for so many years because I waited for him, he never came and in the end I had to stay with Mosby. - Robin Scherbatsky
I'd like to see him die in one of my movies - Quentin Tarantino
He has a good musical taste and at least he does not put the music to full volume - My neighbor
If you think we can get along, do not hesitate to send me a message or a chat invitation, you are pretty welcome. The chatting app that I use most now is Discord, but I can use any other app if you prefer or just chat on reddit. Please include some information about yourself in your message. If you're not sure how to break the ice, ~throw a iceberg at me~ include an interesting question you've been thinking about lately, a song you love or any interesting thing, if you can't think about a question, this is my question for you, What would be the last song you would listen to if you knew today was your last day on earth?
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2023.06.01 04:59 Lonelygirl476 AITA for trying to help my friend in his hour of need?

I have a friend who got into a motorcycle accident yesterday. I've known him for 18 years.I know what he likes and dislikes, we were practically joined at the hip. Needless to say I'm like family to him. Lived with him for 8 years. He moved out last year, got engaged, and had a baby. He bought a motorcycle and wrecked it. His family is just dealing with the accident and kids right now.
When it comes to logical decisions he trusts me indefinitely. So I asked him about getting a lawyer set up. I managed to get a few numbers from a few connections that I have at work. He's unable to answer the phone so I have to talk to his fiance and his family members. These lawyers will help get certain services set up to help him and his family.
When I tried to give his family members and his fiance the lawyer information they pushed me away and told me to stop trying to help. They want to make sure that he gets out of the hospital first. I like to be proactive and I'm really good with trauma experiences like this and I know how he is. The family has told me to step away and to not contact him for a week because I don't know what they want and they don't want me to interfere.
I plan on hanging on to the information for right now. I know that this is a multi-million dollar case from experience. I know that the lawyers have a way of helping him while he's in the hospital now. And a it's good way to make sure that he gets all the help he needs without the insurance butting in. The family won't listen to my reasoning. I understand that they are worried about him but I am too. From my perspective it seems like they don't want me to help at all. Just from a few conversations that they gave me over the phone.
Am I the asshole for trying to help this way?
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2023.06.01 04:58 ComprehensiveSign429 I 18m have a “thing” 27f coworker.

For context I got a job at delta airlines last year making food carts. And 6 months after I started working there was this one girl who was hired in my department. We didn’t talk much until December of last year. And as of recently we’ve had a lot of people quit so I had to help her with the flights she had left. This is kinda out of the subject but but I’ve been dealing with anxiety and withdrawal. so one day me and her were on our lunch break and she had a “cart”. Mind you I still had a hangover so after we finished smoking it, I tried to go to sit in my car and she pulled me aside and we sat on the curb. So then she started hugging me and Idk what got into me but I almost kissed her and I sobered up for two seconds so I just told her “I love you,” as a friend” but deep down I feel something different and I don’t know what the hell I should do, i love her. I just need tips on this type of situation
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