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Pokémon GO! Atlanta Subreddit

2016.07.07 04:47 average_AZN Pokémon GO! Atlanta Subreddit

Pokemon GO! Atlanta Subreddit. Looking to converse and strategize with others in Atlanta Georgia. Feel free to post pics of interesting poke-stops and gyms and anything else that's on your mind!

2023.06.03 16:09 wavvysoul subleasing!

hi !! i’m looking for a subleaser for the Pavilion on Berry !! Private bedroom that locks, has its own closet and bed. rent is $709/month, utilities included Share a bathroom with one other roommate, kitchen is shared, living area is shared. Close to UMN campus, parking is available and the light rail is near the building. Housemates are fun, all have hobbies related to cooking, crafting and music. Very lowkey group of girls. The house is visitor friendly. Good communication, cute decorations, clean, respectful. + anyone able to sign on i will throw in an extra $100 (i desperately need this spot filled) ++ dm me on insta if you’re interested! @w.avvysou.l
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2023.06.03 16:09 DaCoffeeKween Planning and remodeling with one month left!

You guys this is freaking STRESSFUL. I'm a FTM at 31 weeks and it is crunch time. We finally got a bigger car that can actually fit our carseat and we have a safe place for her to sleep plus all of her essential items. There's still more I'd like to have before she gets here but that's what the baby shower is for.
Sadly the baby shower can't remodel our upstairs! My husband waited until last minute to move out our roomate (his friend) from our spare room and now I'm crunching numbers and days to see just how much we can get done so we can have a guest room for family to stay and help after baby is born!
We need new carpet in all three upstairs rooms (technically all 4 but that 4th one is just storage for now and we aren't dealing with it until we get the basement adressed) and in order to do that we need the spare room empty to move stuff around. So we can't even start until the roomate is out (latest being July 8th).
I have a full plan laid out and my husband just needs to take the days off and make the phone calls to the people to help. If we don't get it done its not likely our bedroom will ever get painted.
For context: we painted the rented room first before his friend moved in. At that time the nursery was empty (hadn't got pregnant but were trying) so we also could take a weekend to paint it. Well we couldn't paint our room do to space issues (where would we put our stuff/sleep?) And also we didn't have time before the roomate moved in to use the empty room for that, So we left it. Now we have the chance again but once it becomes a guest room it will stay that way so we gotta go fast.
I'm going to be so close to ready to pop while this is going on and I am so worried I'll birth earlier than my due date and we will be stuck with an unfinished room. I'm currently thinking about the new bed set we are gonna be getting for ourselves (the plan is to take the old bedroom set and bed to use in the guest room while we get fresh new stuff so worst case I guess we just have new stuff in the old room but we won't get to move it out to paint.. there lies the problem).
I've been thinking about bedding and what colors we want and if we want to do duvets or comforters. Right now we have about 3 bedding sets for the queen bed all have their our pillow cases, sheet, top sheet, and heavy blanket/comforter. This works fine. I wash a set and put it fresh one on then store the one after its washed. Though when I was looking at sheets for our new king bed the online sets often showed just the sheet/top sheet/pillow case and a duvet cover instead of the full comforter. What happens when something soaks the duvet? Then you must wash the cover and duvet as well yes? I'm thinking blood post birth/amniotic watemaybe even baby mess after if I lay her on our bed to play/change at night. Would I need a spare duvet for that? Should I just get 2 duvets and then buy just sheet sets then try and find matching duvet covers? Or stick with the "bed in a bag" options 🤔. Opinions welcomed!
Thanks all for reading my anxiety rant this morning lol today is our big monthly clean day (where we go a deep clean the areas I don't get on the daily) and it really sparks my motivation to plan and prepare this new bedroom arrangement my husband doesn't want to listen to me go on and on about what type of bedding to get he just let's me pick and he pays...which works but....I need more than "whatever you want honey"
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2023.06.03 16:09 Chilli-byte- A question about keycaps from a DVORAK user.

Hello keyboards!
I've been getting more and more into keyboards recently. Honestly I don't feel anywhere near ready to put decent money on a keyboard. Mostly due to lack of information, but I'm not here for tips on custom builds (yet, but feel free to throw some at me)
I have 2 mechanical keyboards, logi pop keys and a cheap one branded RKPrime.
Logi pop is pretty much unswappable, not that I want to, but the RKPrime could use a glow up.
So I'm shopping for keys and noticed some letters associated with different key caps? But I couldn't fully understand the images with it. Like OEM KMS XDA DSA.
Now for standard users I guess this would just be try to see what keys feel best, yet I type in Dvorak and have done for over 15 years. I have to swap keys out of the standard configuration and different heights ends up REALLY messing things us. Gradient keys are out, but worse is typing gets super funky with the heights in different rows.
So, to the point, which letter combinations should I avoid and which ones would work for me? (consistent height)
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2023.06.03 16:09 gweleif Thirteen game concepts

Today's games repulse me with their copycat, timid and shallow character. Though it seems like there is a variety of concepts flashing around, in practice games revolve around the same half-dozen tropes. Their hallmark sign is that it is nothing that is not seen on TV. If the game's idea is not a reflection of the modern world from someone who, by all appearances, has never read a real book or has experience to share, then it's Pirates in Some Carribean, or the Victorian Age When Jack the Ripper Roamed in a Black Cab, or the Middle Ages with Standard Treachery, or Abstract Space Exploration. I was sick and tired of this a few years ago, now I have all but given up on this art form. Even when the concept is interesting, it is rarely taken far or with force. Neutered developers are afraid to give offense and as a result make bland, short-breathing stuff, but I think the sharp edges are never there to begin with anymore. I don't know anybody who sets out to defy the world, stand apart from its simulations and blandishments and spit a good gob in its ugly square face.
I have never had an opportunity to make a game of my own (it takes a team besides everything else), but I have made mods for a very old RPG for years - new mechanics, plots, magic, quests, effects, scripts, writing and so on. I have more or less put that old engine on its head, though I know hardly anyone will ever find out about my efforts. This is to say that I am not a pure theorist. Some time in the winter, bored and exasperated, I decided to do a quick marathon of game ideas - for RPG, quests, simulations, something in-between - and see how many I can whip out on the run. I would like something from here picked up by a company, but I am not advertising. I realize that is probably not something that might happen. It was a good exercise for me, however. Here are the results for all to see. I did ten first, then three more occurred to me.
1) Circa Caotica
You play the role of Jabsh, a clown of a traveling circus, who suddenly discovers that he is no orphan but the son (Raka, daughter for female players) of the director, Maestro Leotardi. Minutes later after making the sobbing confession the boss is swallowed by the Crocodile Man in a suspicious accident. You have to own up to his legacy and step into the tight and tall boots of the director. Your responsibility is to keep the circus going by fine-tuning and inventing acts based on ideas solicited over regular all-troupe brainstorming sessions despite little starting respect from the others, who have decided to unionize as well (the mentalist takes notes). You must keep drawing in crowds to avert the bankruptcy, earn respect and manipulation points and find the truth behind Leotardi's death and the disappearance of the Big Green cashbox with everyone's last year salary and the medallion that supposedly bears the face of your mother the same evening. All the while you still have to perform in regular clown acts with your partner. You can play as a red clown or a white clown, and the other type will be your foil.
2) Nachtwaffe
"Ah, count. Decided to join me for a walk?" Vampires steal planes from the Nazi airforce to zoom through the dark skies over the Balkans and turn humans to make more of their own. You start out as a single nosferatu, converted from an arrogant German, and must find and raid small airports and landing strips across the forests and mountains of Roumania, impersonate a living officer to get supplies and fuel, avoid communist guerillas, find and build places to hide during the day and choose which humans to turn to expand your force. Naturally, it is all quite a dead end, as the war is bound to finish sooner or later, which radio broadcasts confirm, and what then will happen to the vampiric empire? But this is something that the gameplay begins to convey to the player gradually. Hopefully the fate of someone who has no future but still does his all will touch some dormant strings in players' hearts.
3) Yuck!
The sleepy Tibetan village of Dongtso is unaware of what lurks in the bushes and the mountains: you, the desperately lonely yak-man. Born with a big head and two horns, you have only one connection to civilization: the gold ring in your nose. Squinting cross-eyed, you can just make out some kind of symbols on it, and a banner over the village shrine features ones like them. This must be the key. You have to lurk about the supersititious hamlet, helping the folk at night and out of sight with small chores and evesdropping on their reactions and conversations until you can pick up a few words, including, at some point, "Hello." Since this is a game about Tibet and shaping up something rebellious, let the tongue be one of Tibet's many and accompanied by Tibetan script. You can train to pronounce the words when you dare show yourself to children, old people and widows, to improve from mooing to legible speech, but until then you have to dodge men's hunting parties and survive. With enough good deeds and a few friends, you might win the folk's confidence and stand before the village council so that someone might teach you to read. The quest becomes complicated, however, by the appearance of the army of People's Republic of China that establishes a base in the village in its push to subdue Tibet. The year is 1952. One of the newcomers is a local - a renegade llama who, the villagers say, has been on many supernatural journeys in the mountains, but is now wearing the uniform of Tibet's conquerors. The writing on the ring, deciphered, identifies him as your father.
4) Footlocker
This is a soccer-themed RPG, but you view the sport from the point of view of a bookie besieged on all sides by mafia. To pay back his debt he resolves on a colossal set-up: first get control of an underdog team, then bring them at least to the regional semi-finals and, with the bets in their favor, make them lose in a big way. The thugs are ready to provide cash handouts, leg-breaking, knuckle sandwiches, addictive opioids and more to get the right people on the team and stubborn elements out, but at the cost of increased control and cut of the profits. You must balance their appetities with placating sports authorities, the press, sponsors and police. In the final match a dilemma presents itself: go through with the plan and ruin the team or defy the gangsters and take your chances on the right side of the tracks?
5) And See It Again For the First Time
Starting out from your homeland on three caravels, you unfurl the sails and set out to circumnavigate the world. The globe is randomly generated every time and rolls away at the horizon, with the map, continents and straits unknown beforehand, in the manner of River Raid. Your characters are the three ships and their crews, condition and supplies are their stats. Dropping anchor at strange shores and dealing with natives will be necessary but dangerous as they fight with each other, shuffle and migrate like microbes. Loss of crew can't be repaired. At least one of the ships must find the passages and make it to the fabulous Gate of Makhamedi, enter it from the far side and begin the journey home.
6) The Person and the Essence
In the beginning chapter you play Sauqin, second-in-command to general Varziranga, head of the army of the Arcolan Empire sent to quash the rebellion of Panlaa, who has tried to bring his province to secede. The imperial army has crushed Panlaa'a troops a fortnight ago and has got him shut in the Ravine of the Gold Specks. Complete victory is near, but the commander has been acting strangely since the battle. On this decisive night his behavior spins out of control just as Panlaa makes a sudden sally from his trap, causing great confusion. As his lieutenant, it falls to you to maintain order in dealing with the various officers as well as the clerics of the One, who insist that Panlaa, a lapsed pagan, be given to them for execution once he is captured. The ending of the chapter will determine whether Panlaa ends in the emperor's prison in the capital, Hotharsoom, alive or dead at the clerics' hands, whether Varziranga will be simply demoted or disgraced.
Chapter two will take place in the capital city. You will have been promoted to a top military command for your performance, only to become embroiled in an intrigue involving the emperor's controlling mother, a consequential schism in the church of the One over whether the head of state is eternally the same person reincarnated or a series of persons, demagogues in the public and lurking pagans with unclear motives. Other chapters will follow, and the endings will determine who sits on the throne and who stands behind it, whether state policy is in principle subject to revision and criticism or not and whether the pagan faiths are crushed without mercy or adopted into the church of the One. The material here is Byzantium, Egypt with the notion of the pharaoh as incarnate Horus and the empires of southeast Asia. Some early Christian heresies also deserve to be revivified.
7) Of Rats and Men
You are a rat trapped in the gears of the Trumpet of Doom, the hugest, heaviest and most advanced steam ship ever to paddle the Grumuous Sea. This basin is famously salty enough to let even an iron float for a time, which, the public money finally gathered, made it the perfect road to carry the 25-inch-gunned ("24 + 1 for Paterland!") Trumpet to the shores of Festaly and at last give those Festalians what for! The citizenry is cheering with patriotic joy, the brass bands are blowing. The ship rats are less happy, especially you, who were captain Reissenpouf's pet before you managed to scramble through a porthole and below the desk as he was buttering a toast. You are nearly panicky with fright. Unlike the locals there, you have spent time locked with the diagrams in the captain's safe and know that the battleship is very weakly armored below the waterline. Someone must have made a good bit of business during the construction selling the metal. When the Trumpet comes up against the Festalians with their triton suicides or their rumored counterpart ship, the Rough Musician, not even the Grumuous Sea will keep it from ending up as a gigantic, barnacled wreck on the ocean floor.
To avoid this fate you only have so much time to organize the other rats for systematic sabotage. The game's world is the enormous ship below and above the deck. The humans of the crew are, of course, adamant in their resolve to get themselves killed, so they will repair the servos, the cables turning the massive gears, the ball bearings, the hydraulics and the rest almost as quickly as those are destroyed. This effort will be headed by the near-transparent, monochrome spindle of a man, Admiral Hel, the leader of the expedition, always of his private high deck, sipping his black milk and staring through his spectacles ahead to where TOD's fate awaits it. If all of you ratfolk together gnaw through and spoil enough of the ship's devices, however, the captain might just have the authority to radio Kaiser Walzer of the decision to turn back... though you personally may also have to sneak back into his cabin to sit on his pillow and intone suggestions as he sleeps. The fact that you are an albino rat and at first come across as a crazy visionary doesn't help, and neither does being a female rat and having to give birth to a litter every so often. The current mate can be deputied on tasks while lactating. Other ships may sometimes be encountered in the sea, with different results, and you may improve your reputation in the murine community by predicting these encounters, if you check the looking glass often enough. The length of the game, and hence the difficulty, depends on the distance to Festalian waters - from two weeks' journey to three months.
8) Cosmic Choir
You play as one of the planets of the solar system. The other actors and your partners are the thieving and scurrilous Mercury, the lusty and sly Venus, the militant braggart Mars and so on. And you are the meh-in-the-middle Earth, and in this group of strong personalities stand out with your unique ability of Rational Decision (it would be nice to get Woody Allen for the voice acting, were he younger). Other planets have other powers, and all of them certain characteristics and appetites (for tasty meteorites, for more intimate or more standoffish orbits and so on). The plot revolves around the announcement of the Sun that it has had enough of burning hydrogen and wants to retire, going immediately into the red giant phase, which would, of course, burn up all of the inner planets and kick the outer planets way out. For this the star has recruited a planet-sized asteroid, large enough to pull most of the star fuel away so that the moribund transformation may be set in motion. The euthanatic dark planet is whirring ever closer. Before it gets on a near enough orbit to disrupt the Sun the other planets must find out what caused this sudden depression and persuade their ruler and source of life otherwise. (The answer is that the Sun has always dreamt of going nova but lacks substance.) Playing as the only inhabited planet, you must also keep the life forms on you alive through all of the maneuvering. If you can get Mars to cooperate, however, you may shorten the distance enough for humanity and some of the ecosystems to make the leap and found Musk City there, and then you won't have to care about your surface anymore.
9) Paris, 1245 A.D.
A meticulously researched simulation of the criminal underworld of medieval Paris and the worlds that abutted on it: those of the church, guilds, city watch, the university, lepers, the court and so on. No shortcuts and simplifications for babies who can't tell a Benedictine from a Cistercian. A dynamically filled encyclopedia may be included, though, and remain permanently unlocked for later replays. The main character is a vagrant and a thief. This may be a persistent sandbox, possibly a multiplayer RPG, or it may have a plot, but strictly within historical realities.
10) The Last Supper
You play the role of Jesus, son of God, in the company of the twelve disciples. The game should probably be in first person. (The Sermon of the Mount and such may be shown in cutscenes, or they may be challenges in quiz form.) The time period is your wanderings in Judea after the baptism and until the last night before the arrest. The background is the Judaic society at the time and its Roman controllers, somewhat historically accurate. This is a detective story, a wholldoit where you need to figure out who is best suited to betray you in due time so that you may prep him for the job and finally give him the impetus to "do it quicker" at the Last Supper. For Christ certainly needed someone to betray him. It's not always Judas: the identity of the potential traitor, along with his motives, will vary randomly between playthroughs. Incidents and encounters along the road, both recorded in the Bible and invented, will liven up the experience and better inform you about the personalities of the disciples, building on but going beyond what is known (Peter with his short temper, the lofty John an so on).
11) Cuadrophobia
Ships and the sea again. This time you are a typical sailor with an atypically strong survival instinct on one of the vessels in a colossal game of Battleship between Our Guy and the Other Player. Accordingly, there are two grids firing at each other: your side's and the enemy's, though you only get to travel across your own. The ship you begin on is chosen at random: it may be anything in size from a single-squarer to a five-squarer. Smaller ships are less likely to be hit, of course, but when a ship is finished, it sinks, and you with it. The purpose of the game is to survive until Our Guy's victory, which programmatically is likely but not guaranteed and happens about 70% of the time. To do this you must desert on a regular basis, setting out in a dinghy to a ship more favored in the current situation. However, the dinghy only travels three squares per turn, and you can only spend two turns in the open sea before dying. You also need time on board ships to access their radio broadcasts, which, besides playing some inspirational propaganda, update the picture of the grid as the battle rages. Without it you are limited to paddling to vessels that you can directly see. The role-playing element comes from dealing with ship commanders, who all take their duties and titles - captain of Cruiser! captain of Battleship! - very seriously, from picking up supplies in floating debris and from acquiring special abilities that let you, for example, paddle an extra square farther. Is war evil? Is it to be hated, or is our side to be cheered on? After all, if Our Guy loses, this will all have been in vain.
12) Standardom
In this game of life, dedicated to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), you must pass through all of the Gates of Conformity to win your ultimate prize - death from old age, as opposed to suicide. The option to kill yourself is always available in the menu. Being the hero and chickenshit that you are, though, you are determined to submit to every humiliation just so you can press forward. The world of the game is a vertical platform that moves with you along the Y axis, which represents time from some random year forwards: you may begin at 100 B.C., 1824 A.D., 12749 j-Spec and so on. It is really all the same where on the timeline you are dropped off. As with other platformers, once the screen has moved, there is no going back. You can walk freely to the left and right, however, pick up bonuses, disarm threats and converse with characters. Going up, every so often the screen is intersected by a wall with a gate in it. Your character's silhouette must either match the cut of the gate or be smaller to pass through. You start out small as a baby, a little circle, but very soon handicaps such as Discovery of Talent, Unusual Upbringing, Independent Spirit or Love of Sex will begin to rush at you to complicate your silhouette with Г, & and other such protrusions. You will also grow in size until your late 20s. Luckily, opportunities will also present themselves to prune some of this exotica: Family, Steady Job, Political Engagement, Puppy, Human Interest and other bonuses can be found or obtained from conversations to simplify your puzzle to a manageable cut until such time as the years pile on and the worst is behind you. You will become smaller and smaller and able to rush through the checkpoints one after the other to the finish line.
13) Six Handshakes to Liberty
The country is suffering under a cruel dictatorship. Ar-Parason, the president-for-life, has wrung the last of resources from the nation and has now thrown it into a disastrous war. In his palace he is surrounded by guards armed to the teeth and without a shred of conscience to shoot the bastard. What can you, a humble microbiologist living in the suburbs, do about this? Nothing, it seems, until you discover a strain of bacteria that is absolutely deadly within weeks and immune to all known antibiotics except one, still not fully developed. The microbe is passed along by touch. Alas, you discover it when you become infected with it. You still have the resources to finish the research on the antibiotic and save yourself, but now you realize that you possess the perfect secret weapon to rid the country of the tyrant. Although you can't get so close to Ar-Parason in person, someone must enjoy that intimacy...
Every day you do your research at the computer, look through the press, then put on gloves and go out in search of people in contact with other people who will, you hope, ultimately carry the strain to its target. You have to follow news to figure out whose hands to shake and who to sleep with - secretaries, daughters of generals, corrupt officials - and many times the scheme will fall short of success. The chain of handshakes will terminate early somewhere, and these intermediaries will just die. But all those sacrifices are worth it, aren't they? You keep several intrigues going at once, determined to see one of them to the end. Meanwhile an epidemic is beginning in the country, Ar-Parason is starting to take precautions, and your own remaining time that could be spent on finishing the antibiotic is also running short. What is more important: life, revenge, justice, survival, honor? Your actions will be your decisions.
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2023.06.03 16:07 bdgitrky I want to learn more, but I'm so lazy

As-salamu alaykum,
I (26,f) work full time, 40 hours a week. It's about a 2 hour commute to work on the odd days I can't get a lift. I also do all the cooking at home and most of the cleaning. My husband helps out here and there and if I ask him to do anything he will do it for me, so I have help in that aspect. Apart from cooking, he hates cooking so that's strictly my job. We'll order if I am really tired or sick. So, I'm usually quite busy and tired. I don't have a Monday - Friday job, it's shifts. I usually have a day off here and there and every other weekend off. My job is also physically demanding, so I am exhausted when I get back home.
I've been a Muslim for 3 years now. The first year I converted, I lived in a Muslim country and wasn't working so I had time to learn. I learnt a few surahs and the basic principles, as well as some other things such as hadiths and a little history. I was a Christian beforehand and started learning about Islam for my husband to get a better understanding of his beliefs and holidays. Soon, my visa expired and I had to return to my country in the UK, back at home with my non religious family and find a job. As far as I know, there's not a lot of Muslims near where I live and the mosques are quite far. I started to learn less and less because I was busy with family and got a job.
I do try to learn every now and then. I have books I will read sometimes. But I haven't really studied Islam or learnt anymore surahs for a long time. 3 years I've been a Muslim and I only know 3 surahs by heart and only half of ayat ul Kursi, I always forget the last half of it. I also do not know any Arabic. I know the first few letters of the alphabet and then that's it. My mother in law tries teaching me when I'm in her country, but it's quite confusing. Especially because my mother in law and I don't speak the same language, so she's trying her best to explain but I can't understand her. My husband has tried helping me too. He recently moved to my country with me, but he also works full time and is tired and we often work different hours from each other, so if we have a weekend off we like to spend a day doing something together.
I had my tonsils removed this week. I have at least 2 weeks off work. I never get this much time off work, but all I'm doing is watching films and playing games. I have a bookshelf full of islamic books I could read, I have apps I could use to learn Arabic and I have YouTube where I could watch islamic history or anything like that, but I'm just relaxing and playing some old childhood games and watching TV. I feel a bit guilty, because I have been given time now to learn, even just to learn one more surah, but I'm so lazy I just want to relax. Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this? Just to overcome the sheer laziness? I am tired due to the painkillers I've been given and I am in a lot of pain so might not focus a lot, but like I say I could stick on Islam channel or something like that on YouTube but instead I'm watching films I've seen hundred of times before.
I feel like there's so much I should do I just don't bring myself to do it. I need to learn my husband's language, I need to learn Arabic to read the Qur'an, I need to learn surahs and some more history of Islam. I know the basics and that's it. I didn't convert for my husband. I learnt about it and met with imams to talk, but now that I am a Muslim it's like I don't want to learn anymore. I don't know. I feel especially guilty when I see other reverts who have been Muslim about the same time as me or less who already know Arabic or who are going to classes at the mosque. I just don't have the time. The mosque that does classes is quite far from me, and I'm working a lot. I'd love to go part time, I'd love to be a housewife more than anything, but it's just not affordable at the moment.
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2023.06.03 16:06 cateyemirrorshades Improvising/scatting as a vocalist in a jam session

I have always loved singing standards (emphasis: at home, in the shower) and only recently started joining jam sessions at a small but really vibrant jazz club. Most of the people playing there have many years of experience and are regulars to the club, which has jams almost every day. Some pros even come through and join. I know I can't expect to be perfectly flowing instantly, but I don't want to look like a square any longer than I have to haha, so please give advice. And I want other musicians to actually enjoy playing with me. Imo, they are all super nice to even let me join them, so I really want to do a good job and at least show them I'm trying.
Well, I have a pretty good voice (and was told I have excellent rhythm for a singer, and it wasn't a totally backhanded compliment haha) and studied classical singing in college, so singing the songs isn't an issue for me. I just really struggle to feel when I should enter throughout the song, when I should let someone else solo, how long my solo should be I should solo. My impulse is to just improvise whatever I feel like, of course in line with the underlying harmonies. And scatting/improvising, although it's new to me and I'm not great at it, honestly feels pretty natural and good. But I admit I don't know how long I should solo, and sometimes my pitch/rhythm improvs are so different from the main theme that other players act like I've lost them. The setup is usually a pianist, bass, drums, and sax and/or trumpet, along with me. I watch other vocalists when it's their turns but as I actually don't often know the songs they sing very well, I can't really follow the action clearly. When I listen to standards at home, they're usually made for consumers with short attention spans I guess, bc any recordings of famous vocalists focus exclusively on the vocalists. So I'm not really getting much help from listening to those, in terms of timing and switching.
So could anyone give me some tips?
Also, if there are any good videos or books teaching about this, please let me know! I don't want to be the clueless singer in the jam anymore! Thanks for any help :)
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2023.06.03 16:06 Throwaway_Tadpole339 My (36 F) husband (34 M) is fuming because I turned him down for sex and now he's sleeping in another room and ignoring me

Hi guys, throwaway here. I have a question about what to say or do concerning my other half because I'm unsure how to clearly explain how his words and actions hurt me last night. For reference, we've been together 16 years, married for 8.
So, as we were winding down for the night, we planned to watch an episode of one of our favorite shows in our bedroom. We decided to take a shower in our respective bathrooms (my bathroom is the master bathroom). I came out of the shower, dried myself and stepped into the bedroom when my husband instantly came over and wrapped his hands around me groping me. I knew what he was after, so it wasn't a surprise. He normally is very pushy for sex (not in a rude way just doesn't take no for an answer) and I usually oblige, but today I've had a weird, painful sensation in my belly - like a cross between a stomachache and cramps - and I wasn't feeling sex tonight. I told him so and I kept trying to push him off me but he kept going at it and kept trying to persuade me. I got really annoyed after like the 10th time I told him no, so I told him "I don't owe you sex." He went quiet, and then got angry, telling me that what I said bothered him because I made him out to be an abuser or something. I don't know where he got that from - it's true, I don't owe anyone sex, but I didn't call him an abuser or anything. So he stormed out of the room, angrily said fine I'll leave you be and went to the office/guest room of our house to game online for the next several hours. Around midnight, he left the office to tell me he was sleeping in the guest room. Still had a scowl on his face. Didn't even tell me goodnight, even though I told him goodnight.
This is not the first time he's blown up at me over a seemingly benign statement. It's not like I call him names or insult him. How can I explain to him that if he felt like an abuser by my statement that it's his internal feelings that he needs to wrestle with, not me? Should I not have said what I said or said something different? Is there anything you guys think I should do to ameliorate this? Please let me know. I legit want advice, not looking to rant here.
TLDR: husband wanted sex. I didn't due to pain. Husband persisted. Told him I didn't owe him sex. Proceeded to storm out of the room angry and slept in another bed.
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2023.06.03 16:05 Consistent_Lecture95 Little update!

OMGGGGG everythings been going so amazing my hard work and effort are finally paying off IM OFFICALLY DOWN 18 POUNDSSSSSS!!!!

so like i made a post a while ago about how i was going stagnant for almost two years and slowly gaining because i got my height wrong but om im just soooooooo happyyyyyyy YAHHHHHHH RAHHHHHHH CONSISTENY FAITH AND DICPIPILNE NEVER FAILED MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

im just so happpy and exited ONlY 65 MORE POUNDS TO GOOOOOOOO!!!!
also for some reason my dad tried to insistet that i'm only slightly overweight???? like im l not obese???? i know i carry it all "well" its mainly in my thighs and booty does anyone relate? alsooo i was hoping to get a second opinion on my goal weight i heard 125 would be ideal im a 5'5 female at 15 years old? alsoo i totally wanna rant about how i got fat for a bit so i was always a skinny healthy little kid then i had to move in with my grandma for a bit and she had these really yummy mexican sweets and i had like 3 a day i was like nine years old and thoses things were like 600calories each AT THE LEAST and with additon i always got adult sized plate to eat off LIKE THE BIG ONESSS and i wasnt per say forced to eat it all but it felt wrong wasting food so i sat down and ate adult rotions and lota or cookies and cearal for like 2 year while i was living with her and on top of that time altho i ws the happiest little girl it was objectivly awful i gained 80extra pounds in two years and on top of that i had really bad lice the entire time and nobody really taught me about hygiene so i wouldnt shower or brush my teeth i woulnd brush my hair or even change my underwear and nobody told me why i had to when i asked it was awful i wish i had somebody there to teach my that stuff i was just a stupid kid i didnt even know why i had to wash my hands i litterally had a wart on my hand because i didnt know better it was awful i just know i smelt so bad somtimes i wonder how i even had friends i was definetly the stinky kid but i guess my personality was enough to shine through?? hats off to me i guess thx for reading lol :)
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2023.06.03 16:05 J_Sauce_C How do you find bass when the entire lake is grass?

Hi all this is my first post here. I live up in PA and I’ve been bass fishing for about a year. I’ve really been struggling to get any good fishing in at my local lakes…
There are 2 lakes near me, one is larger in a state park that is heavily pressured. (I fish from a kayak). It’s hard to even get out before several boats are already there and more and more come as the day goes on.
Another lake nearby is smaller, way less pressured but, essentially, all grass and weeds the warmer it gets. Earlier this year I caught my pb there (before the grass came). The past few times I’ve gone though I didn’t catch anything (but weeds of course) I had trouble throwing anything without it picking up massive amounts of grass and I just didn’t know where to look! The whole lake seemed like anywhere was a good hiding place for em so I’m a bit at a loss for how to fish there.
Any tips for lakes like this?
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2023.06.03 16:05 SpacePaladin15 The Nature of Predators 121

First Prev
Patreon Arxur POV of the Cradle Series wiki Official subreddit Discord
Memory transcription subject: Captain Sovlin, United Nations Fleet Command
Date [standardized human time]: January 15, 2137
It wasn’t my imagination; our triangular shuttle was sinking like a stone. Water bobbed up against the cockpit windows, entombing us beneath the waves. Hull integrity would eventually give out and allow water to flood the compartment. The predators were just watching it happen, with not nearly enough panic showing in their binocular eyes. They made no attempt to inflate a life raft and escape, while we could still get the doors open.
The craft had tipped forward at a slight angle, and the airborne vehicle began to sink nose-first toward a watery grave. A feeling of immense claustrophobia gripped me, as the nightmare scenario came to fruition. My claws wrapped around Samantha’s arm before I could stop myself; the human looked at me with sheer disbelief, and pushed me away. Her nose was scrunched in an obvious sign of distaste. Carlos would’ve definitely been more amenable to my desperate outreach for support.
Samantha heaved a sigh. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just fucking do that, but it better not ever happen again.”
“Please! We’re sinking!” I croaked.
Onso snickered. “Sinking? You don’t feel the engines running? It’s a submersible aircraft.”
Upon closer listening, I could feel the quiet hum of the engines. Somehow, the combustion drive was still running underwater, and pushing us in a controlled manner further into the ocean. There were no signs of leaks seeping through the walls, despite being encased in the depths. I’d never heard of a plane that could fly underwater, but I should’ve gleaned our safety from the predators’ calmness.
If a human is running or terrified, that’s when it’s time to assume our deaths are imminent.
Sam wasn’t the least bit amused by me latching onto her arm, but Tyler and Carlos were both masking smirks. I dipped my head in shame. How had the Yotul known of technology which was unfathomable to the wider galaxy? Until today, I wouldn’t have thought such devices would ever have a use. It was embarrassing that the primitive kept his head better than me around novel technology, though I tried to push that egoistic thought out of my mind.
“Do the Yotul have this kind of technology, Onso?” I prompted the reddish-furred marsupial to answer, though I knew the reply would be in the negative. “I’ve never heard of such things, so I’m surprised it’s old news to you.”
“Well, I took it upon myself to read up on the specs; they were included with our briefing notes. Never know when shit’s gonna break, and someone’s gotta fix it. The Yotul have a saying, ‘Everything can break, so assume it will do so today.’”
“That’s valid. Every spacecraft crash is due to a ‘one-in-a-billion’ mechanical failure; unlikelihood upon unlikelihood. Uh, anyhow, I’m a little out of my element here, clearly nothing like you.”
“I don’t mind the water, Sovlin. Mama had a sailboat, which she’d take around the harbor. It was a little disappointing to hear human water activities involve hunting. There’s so many beautiful things to see; it’s the last untamed frontier. Even after space is explored, the oceans still hold so many mysteries and unique lifeforms!”
“Plenty of humans agree with you, even ones who enjoy fishing like Tyler. We’ll go snorkeling or scuba diving just to explore reefs and view marine life,” Carlos chimed in. “No boat, nothing but a basic breathing apparatus.”
“There’s water sports too. Surfing, where you try to ride massive waves on a board.” Samantha made odd gestures with her hands, as though conveying a series of hills. “Parasailing, up in the sky tied to a boat. White water rafting, where you go down turbulent, rocky rapids in an inflatable.”
I groaned. “Why…are any of those not mortally dangerous?! What is wrong with you predators? I thought you evolved from the fucking trees!”
“It’s all in the spirit of fun, a memorable experience. Don’t tell me none of it sounds like something you want to try once.”
“No, those stunts sound horrible. This is horrible. I can see the depth meter going up…it’s double digits! I can’t see the sky!”
“Quit being a baby.”
“Quit being a predator! I hate humans; I can’t stand you! Onso, back me up.”
“The surfing sounds totally badass. I can imagine riding a wave up to its crest, and trying not to fall,” the Yotul answered. “We should try it together, old man. Conquer your fears, do things you think you can’t.”
“I am not doing that. No way on the cradle.”
Tyler sported a devilish grin. “Hey, it could be worse, Sovlin. You could be doing shark cage diving.”
I offered the blond human a blank stare. Through the cockpit behind him, I noticed orange-striped fish swimming clear of the aerosub. There was a dark shadow in the murky depths below, which filled me with palpable unease. What if it was some sort of massive predator which hid in this oceanic range? Chewing at my claws with anxiety, I tried to parse through what he said.
Cage diving? That can’t be what it sounds like; locking yourself in a cage and jumping into the water…not trying to escape. What’s a shark?
We moved closer to the ambiguous shadow within the turquoise ocean, which I tried to ignore. The humans would freak out if there was reason for alarm; I couldn’t make a fool of myself again. Plastering a look of confusion on my face, I flicked a claw at Tyler for an explanation. His blue eyes twinkled with amusement, and my former guards watched with interest.
“Ah, you’re wondering what that is.” Officer Cardona tapped his fingers against his holopad, and noticed that his Yotul exchange partner was intrigued too. He showed a picture to Onso first. “I’d say it’s self-explanatory. Oh, and, yes, they have side-facing eyes, but sharks are predators. Humans have movies about them eating us, even though that’s uncommon in reality.”
Tyler turned the device toward me, and I flinched away with disbelief. Sure enough, a pack of Terrans were suspended in a metal cage below the water. “Sharks” circled them with predatory intent, serrated teeth visible. From what I’d learned about Gojids being omnivores, I’d trust the primates on binocular eyes not being necessary to eat living food. However, deciphering human behavior was a maddening endeavor. Was this some twisted way of reasserting their dominance as apex predators, against animals that dared to prey on them?
“You just said it was in fucked-up human movies…it’s CGI! That’s not a real fucking thing!” I screamed. “I thought we were keeping it professional, huh? You all are definitely saying, and making up, predator nonsense on purpose, at this point!”
Tyler flashed his teeth. “It’s real. We don’t need to make anything up; humans will go to great lengths for thrills.”
“That seems to be tempting fate. I’ve always believed in respecting nature, though it would be cool to see these animals up close,” Onso said.
“Good news: you can see them in aquariums too.”
I thought humans would think water decorations were stupid…wait, what did he just say?!
My spines were bristling. “You have aquariums, like the Kolshians on Aafa?”
“Yep,” Tyler affirmed.
“And instead of sea plants, you keep dangerous predators in them?”
“Yeah? They’re cool to look at, man.”
“Protector, I don’t care if we’re in the middle of the ocean. I want off this sinking boat!”
Carlos stifled a laugh. “Well, your wish is about to be granted. This puppy isn’t meant to dive deeper than 100 meters. The UNS Deep Core is up ahead.”
The foreboding shadow had grown larger in my periphery, and my eyes swiveled back to the viewport. It was a submersed ship, but one that was so large, its breadth faded into the murky distance. There was no way this wasn’t in the triple digits of meters long; the all-black, undecorated exterior would cause an observer to mistake it for a shadowy patch of water. There was a tower affixed to its spine, which perhaps housed an equivalent to a bridge.
“The humans must’ve snuck this ship here days ago. How long has it been lurking?” I murmured to myself. “They couldn’t have airdropped it from too high up either…I don’t think.”
Samantha rubbed her hands together. “If you think this is the only one sent, think again. We’re told as much as we need to know, Sovlin, but it’s a blast to fill in the blanks.”
Our aerosub glided down to the bottom of the Deep Core, before flipping over and latching onto to a watertight door. It was similar to how a spacecraft would dock for boarding; my concerns were assuaged a little, noticing some familiarity. Packing such a large crew into a metal tube must be stressful for any land-dwelling species, but the humans were insane enough to tuck their senses aside. There could be enough predators aboard to compose a small village.
I disliked the fact that I was hanging at a ninety-degree angle, though I didn’t voice my complaints. The humans awkwardly dismounted, with Tyler helping Onso down. Carlos hoisted me to my own two feet, and I took a steadying breath. Our own watertight hatch, which I mistook for an emergency exit when I thought it was a sane vehicle, was on the right exit. There was a click, as human personnel opened the circular door from the other side.
The five of us were helped up through the threshold into the submarine, and we admired the metal inner workings of our surroundings. The tunnels were narrow, with small doorways leading between compartments; many required a slight step up to clear. One Terran greeted us at our docking point, though he wore a different uniform than the getup I was used to. I wasn’t sure what to expect from land predators who operated underwater, but the ample facial hair checked out with my mental image.
“Welcome aboard the Deep Core. I’m Commander Fournier; your presence is requested on the bridge,” a gruff voice greeted us.
I blinked in confusion. “May I ask why…sir?”
“First aliens to step foot on a submarine. You’re VIPs; it’s a good photo-op, you could say. Follow me.”
Of course, the humans are worried about optics as we’re descending to an outlandish location. Sometimes, they’re awfully predictable.
Claustrophobia threatened to flare up, with the cramped passages and lack of direction. Onso showed no such uneasiness, forcing Tyler to ensure that the Yotul studied objects with his eyes, not his paws. The primitive seemed enamored with any machinery or design quirks, even basic things such as hinges. I was really trying not to look down on him, but when he was gawking at simplistic nails, it was difficult. At least his dimwitted curiosity was a distraction from our present environment.
The bearded commander led us to a steep stairway, and communicated for us to follow his lead. There was a thunderous bark of “up ladder!” before the human-in-charge popped open a hatch. Tyler waved a hand at me and Onso, signaling for us to climb after Fournier first. I ensured that my balance was steady, hustling up the rungs. There was a railing surrounding the hatch, along with a safety chain that our guide was unclipping.
“Sir, may I ask how much air we have left?” I couldn’t resist asking, despite being out of breath from the short ascent. “I presume you’ve been submerged a few days. Even spaceships can only carry a few weeks of oxygen, and I don’t see any tanks, um…”
Fournier issued a throaty laugh. “Scared of submarines, Gojid?”
“A little, uh, yes…sir.”
“Don’t be. We have as much air as there is water in the ocean.”
Onso bounded after us. “The Terrans use electrolysis to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in seawater they collect, then use that O2 to ventilate the ship.”
“Why, I like this one!” the commander bellowed. “Read up on subs, haven’t ya?”
“It drew me in…like a vortex of knowledge. I always liked machines.”
“Then I take it you’re an engineer? I can see that kid-like glee in your eyes.”
“A rocket engineer. The unchanging rules, the complex order, the concreteness and the planning: it speaks to me. Having a new class of machines to study really lit that fire, for the first time since the Federation killed my passion. Not even studying your weaponry truly scratched that itch. It’s just, I never dreamed I’d discover a new alien boat!”
“Well, well! I’m no engineer, but I’ll be happy to share what I know. Feel free to ask any questions; we love talking about what we do, to someone who really wants to hear it.”
“Thank you, sir.”
Commander Fournier led us into a stout compartment, where a vast array of gadgetry and screens covered a wall. Humans were examining a green circle on display, with a rotating line and labeled angles. Data feeds were also listed there, which led me to conclude it was a sensors equivalent. Navigations was at the front, at least from the appearance of several control columns. Some predators appeared to be acting as officers or supervisors, peering over others’ shoulders and issuing commands.
This isn’t that dissimilar to a starship, but where is the viewport? How can they see?
I cleared my throat. “Sir, where is the viewport? There’s no windows!”
“We don’t need windows,” Fournier explained. “We use sonar, because sound travels further in water than light. Glass or transparent materials are just a weak point in the hull, and a potential source of leaks if we take a hit.”
“Okay. Then why did the submersible craft we took here have windows?”
“Because it needs to be a spacecraft too, and you need to see when you’re flying. It’s useful enough to outweigh any concerns,” Carlos chimed in.
“This is so cool!” Onso bounced on his digitigrade hindlegs, and the commander fortunately didn’t take offense to his excess excitement. “The sonar doesn’t need to see at all. It just…listens.”
Fournier nodded. “Precisely. I saw you examining the bearings on our machinery, and I’ll impress upon you the importance of noise reduction down here. We keep everything detached from the hull frame to avoid vibrations…even dropping a wrench can give you up to an enemy. Sonar receptors pick up the slightest vibration, and then, they know you’re there.”
“That explains why your engines have to be so quiet. I was reading about how you try to avoid cavitation…you know, where the vacuum pressure caused by the propeller makes water boil. The bubbles pop and give off noise.”
“You don’t need a rundown at all, Yotul; you already know everything. We have a speed range where we can operate silently.”
I was growing bored of the technical explanations, and Onso, a primitive, was outshining my knowledge to the humans. Perhaps the Yotul was desperate to prove himself as an academic equal, but he didn’t need to prattle on about science like he was reading a textbook. While there were impressive feats of engineering on display here, I agreed with Samantha’s assertion of naval obsolescence. What good was fighting in the water, except in this extraordinary circumstance?
The predators can hide far away from any targets or locations of value forever. How ingenious. They’d be unseen altogether if the other human tribes realized this theater was irrelevant in a war.
I suppressed an irritated huff. “Permission to speak freely, sir?”
“Granted,” Fournier replied, a curious twinkle in his eyes.
“Respectfully, sir, I do not see the purpose of putting all this time into submarine development, at least for military aims. You’re a spacefaring species, and you’re incredible at ground assaults. What use is it to hide so far away from civilization…from the action? Maybe you sink a few ships that are using an outdated method of moving resources, but I don’t get it. You have better weapons.”
“You really don’t know? To use your word, these ships are masterful predators; nearly undetectable, capable of hearing the slightest sound, and able to surface anywhere in the world. But it goes far beyond that. The destructive power housed here is a hell of a deterrent. That’s why we’d never actually trade nukes like ya Feddies thought we did.”
“Nukes? I’m not following.”
“There’s tens of nukes stuffed onto just one of these things. We can hang off the shore anywhere, and fire missiles while underwater. Not that we have to be close to our target; we can shoot ICBMs halfway around the world. You never know where we are, if it’s right down your neck or prowling distant shores. We’re waiting to strike, anywhere and everywhere, with the technology to end civilization itself, even after command is destroyed on land. Obsolete, my ass.”
I gulped with discomfort, wishing I could recede into the ship walls. That declaration was so calm yet predatorily destructive; there were chilling implications for the extent of human aggression. It suddenly made sense why Earth tribes were intent on sniffing these predators out of the ocean’s recesses, and why the subs tried to remain undetectable at all costs. Should the current battle go awry, Talsk could be devastated by an unseen arsenal of epic proportions.
As Commander Fournier took his post, I tried to understand why humans would devise such machinations, for use against their own civilization. The Federation’s “irradiated Earth” could’ve been a reality; these capabilities shouldn’t exist in any culture. I didn’t understand why my kind-hearted friends would even think of such predatory weaponry. Surely, understanding the apocalyptic consequences of these vehicles should’ve convinced them not to build them.
My therapist could’ve elaborated further on the full heights of Terran aggression. Humans didn’t enjoy killing, yet they brainstormed and actualized the optimal ways to kill every human in existence? It was a paradox. Perhaps their predator nature factored into their decision-making in a manner they didn’t understand. Orders were issued to begin our descent, and for all sailors to report to battle stations. I felt the submersible tilt down, so I tried to clear my head of what the primates were capable of.
I have to believe that they will never actually do something like that…that their goodness will prevail. They didn’t snap after Earth, right? I trust their better judgment.
“W-well, if there’s really a base at the bottom of the ocean, the Farsul are fucked,” I murmured to my posse.
Samantha’s fist tightened, as her smirk returned. “I’d say they are.”
The numbers on the depth meter continued to escalate, as the submarine navigated the ocean which spanned below us. Locked inside a steel tube with predators, and knowing the potential of its onboard weaponry, my nerves were anything but quelled. The submarines somehow eclipsed even the worst starships in its dastardly capabilities. The Farsul wouldn’t be prepared for this predatory contraption, should we stumble across any of their flotilla.
I was glad that the humans were on the same team as me; there was no telling where their capacity for annihilation ended.
First Prev
Patreon Arxur POV of the Cradle Series wiki Official subreddit Discord
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2023.06.03 16:04 IceHawk292 Anybody else's customers act like you're trying to stick them with a hot poker when they pay using their watch?

Pretty much as above, people move their hand away or actually physically lean away from me/card machine as it gets near. It's not all customers, just enough to notice it happens quite a bit.
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2023.06.03 16:03 jeijay_ Update on Helix

Update on Helix
Hi everyone — just a quick update for anyone who’s curious about what happened to my helix:
I went back to the walk-in clinic yesterday because I was experiencing mild inner ear pain, throbbing on my left temple, and some weird flaring with my eustachian tube. My old lobe piercing was also getting some pinkness and shininess near the piercing hole. Whole ear is also puffy compared to the right.
Managed to get the same doc (who last week told me I had a mild infection and told me to take ibuprofen) and got prescribed cephalexin for a week.
So when people say don’t take out your infected piercing, please don’t do it. 🤗
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2023.06.03 16:02 gitright99 I miss the life I think I could've had

My former partner and his son died in a car accident 6 years ago. That little boy was incredibly sweet and emotionally intelligent for a toddler. The first time I babysat him I took him to lunch and he stared down a lady near us before deciding she needed to sit with him because she looked sad. He drew her napkin pictures and told her about his pawpaw's cows. It turned out her husband was sick in the hospital, he made her day. I miss him daily.
Lately with how hectic and honestly how terrible my life is right now because of my current partner I often think about what things would have been like if I hadn't lost them. Would we still be together, would he have started calling me Mom, would life be good? I miss them.
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2023.06.03 16:02 Gazmacho1 Breakthrough therapy insights

I finally understood why I was suffering from dpdr, this happened when my therapist confronted me with the following. He mentioned that everything I was trying to do to, cold showers, no coffee, no alcohol, sports, vegetarian diet, no porn etc etc, are all external factors, but that dpdr is a symptom of trauma - which is not only a memory of the brain, but also a memory of the body (!).
A bad trip from drugs (a traumatic experience by itself) often preceded by trauma such as loss, abusive childhood, being bullied, divorced parents, maybe all of it, or some of it, it is stored in our bodies. Even if you are not or barely thinking about it anymore, the event lives on in the body in the form of stress, grief, pain.
And trauma comes in all kinds of ways, it doesn’t have to be postwar ptsd - a car crash, an immense fight between your parents at a young age, maybe losing your job or a dramatic breakup. Whether you felt unsafe, hurt, unloved, unwanted, frightened, something happened inside your body, it caused a wound. Most of us don’t learn how to cope with our inner wounds, so subconsciously we suppress the pain as life goes on and we have to perform. But our brain keeps fighting against the event(s) that keeps on living in our bodies.
Suppressing leads to split off feelings, dpdr (!) as it’s impossible to selectively filter positive and negative feelings, you either feel everything or suppress everything.
Dpdr is a symptom, which has it’s functions for survival (frightening, yes), but you can overcome through help.
Essentially we need help from a therapist. Through mine I learned how to dig into my nervous system, and activate unresolved trauma - the result, lots of crying, shaking, urges to yell and intense sensations, but then finally relief.
And it makes so much sense. If a nerve is squeezed in your vertebra, you can accept as much as you can but only once your physio cracks your back, you may be able to find relief.
In a way your brain is stuck in a similar way. It is registerring stress, unresolved grief and anxiety that’s stored in your body. In order to survive it finds a way to shut it down, but it shuts everything down, your feelings, sensations, all kinds of stimuli.
But once your to start to heal, flush the stress, cry and process the pain, your brain will notice and will get back in to relaxed modes.
What kind of therapy helps? For me therapy that focussed on the somatic side of things. Eft, emdr, psychotherapy - techniques that dig up deeply stored anxiety and stress (even if you can’t feel them at this very moment, belief me, it’s still there).
It is KEY to embrace everything that needs to be seen and felt. Cry out loud, yell if needed, talk about it. I’ve felt so blank and fake that I never thought to find a way out. Focus on your body, move you awareness through your body, embrace your frustrations, and observe your thoughts instead of identifying with them all the time.
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2023.06.03 16:01 zarbang Pain in the Left side of head

31 Male 190cm 94kg Hello doctors. I had this issue for 2,3 years. I didn't address this problem until now. Every time I sleep on my left side I'm getting pain and a headache. Pain starts from the left side of my upper jaw near wisdom teeth and goes to my eyes and scalp. It doesn't go away with codeine or ibuprofen and it stays with me for 3 days at least.
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2023.06.03 16:01 Biggiesmallsnl Brother flipped out at my cat

On December 24th, 2022, my family and I (25M) were spending Christmas watching some holiday movies. I had adopted a cat back in September of that year and this was his second time out home, so he was sniffing around the home and getting to know the place.
My brother (21M) was sitting in a recliner chair, and my cat jumped up on the back of his chair (there's a bit of space on the back where he could stand), and my brother immediately just blew a gasket and freaked out and my cat immediately leaped down off the chair, and ran into my room. I asked him what his deal was and he started to tell me I needed to discipline my cat more, following him threatening to hurt my cat if I didn't do anything. My cat didn't do anything wrong, just get up on the chair my brother was sitting on. My dad was watching the whole thing unfold and told my brother to go to his room and he did.
My cat at one point was curious as to what was going on, and peeked into my brother's room after coming out, and I was talking to my dad asking what my brother's deal was and why he was acting like a jerk. Well, my brother heard that and stormed out of his room, yelling, and nearly kicking my cat in the process, who once again ran into my room to hide, and he started acting tough and instigating a fight (threatening to hurt me, approaching me). When my brother tried to do something to me, I grabbed him to push him away, my father got in between us and broke it up.
My brother ended up going home on Christmas Day, and we have not spoken to each other since, however he thinks he's not in the wrong at all. He is a music producer and has gotten to live life as normal doing shows and not acknowledging the incident at all. My mother and father have not mentioned the incident and have not mentioned the incident to other family members even when they ask why we're not on speaking terms.
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2023.06.03 16:01 False_Helicopter_292 Buying clothes too small to motivate myself to lose weight

Does anyone have the same toxic trait as me? I'm constantly buying clothes 2 or3 sizes too small to be my inspiration to lose weight. I've always been 50-55 kg (110-120 pounds) but after I had my children I gained nearly 20kg and nothing I do gets it off. I'm stuck with nothing to wear so I feel frumpy in my too small clothes and then eat my sorrows in snacks. My closet is full of clothes that have never had their tags taken off them. I don't want to buy bigger sizes because I tell myself I'm only going to be this big for a short time but it's been nearly 1 year now. How do I get out of this slump and this cycle
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Relationships when one partner has been unfaithful might allow for behaviors like checking the other person's phone or even using outside assistance from hackers. Well, who am I to judge how others choose to maintain their relationships' sanity? Once upon a time, I was in a relationship that nearly made me lose my mind. My partner had been cheating on me, and I was being told lies right in front of my face. I was curious to find out the truth for myself, if only to prove that I wasn't going crazy and that I had been correct the entire time. You could also need to use a hacker's services. He can be reached by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). He is dependable and worthy of trust.
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2023.06.03 15:59 nevrevous [TOMT][MOVIE] A movie including a clip of the final scene of The Breakfast Club , which gets cut off by a jarring noise

The clip was of John Bender crossing the field and pumping his fist in the air with "Don't you (forget about me)" playing, but when it freezes the song stops and a sudden loud noise plays, maybe some kind of audio distortion or record scratch or a shout? I think it played near the beginning of the movie.
The movie was fiction and live-action, was probably something appropriate for a 10ish year old to watch, and had nothing to do with the breakfast club.
Sorry this is so vague and I can't give any details about the actual plot of the film. Thanks in advance for any help:)
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2023.06.03 15:59 Spirited_Note3615 As Long it Takes

My girlfriend makes me so mad sometimes lol. So it started last week. The pandemic, I'm sure has people through the ringer, by the time we were to stay inside for however long till the vaccine, my girl and I went from roommates to significant other's and now fiances over the coarse of 4 years. But the stress and family tragedies have kinda messed with my mental state a bit. My girlfriend is awesome and not only do I help support her in her anxieties but she's a really big help with mine. Recently the evil voices have come back to whisper negative thoughts. "You're autistic, relationships never work out for your kind" "You're ugly." "You make her feel like she's raising you." Yeah needless to say, my mental health has been a hot mess. "Why did you say your girlfriend made you mad?" You ask. Well, for those of you who have TikTok, you're probably familiar with the song by d4vd called Here With You. "I don't care how long it takes as long as I'm with you" Ive loved this song since it first came out last year. So one day I had a pretty much poop day. Didn't get enough sleep the night before so I was tired, and angry at myself because if I can't sleep, neither does my fiancee. Inspite of how lovely she was to me, my day still looked like it was gonna be bad. We ate breakfast, showered, my protest against doing it together fell on deaf lovestruck ears lol. She dropped me off at work and I pretty much had to deal with crap customers and crap orders, crap fragile mental state, just crap. Called an uber, and arrived home. Texted her to let her know. I did some chores, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, laundry etc. The rest of the day, I got a blanket and curled up on the couch and listened to YouTube videos on my phone. Around 4 she got home. "Hey babybird." "Hey.." She sat on the couch with me and gave me a big hug. Then suddenly, "Watch the sunrise along the coast As we're both getting old I can't describe what I'm feeling And all I know is we're going home So please don't let me go, oh Don't let me go, oh-oh-oh And if it's right I don't care how long it takes As long as I'm with you I've got a smile on my face Save your tears, it'll be okay All I know is you're here with me" I hugged her tight and we both sung along together. The next morning, I woke up to her singing it again while spooning me. She has been doing this for a week straight and I'm angry because so far it has been a struggle feel like a crap mistake. She has made me feel like maybe God was meant to put me here on Earth. And I'm so angry at her that today because its Saturday I'm just gonna snuggle with her under the blankets the whole day. And if I start feeling like crap again I'm just gonna have to wrap my arms tighter around her shoulders. I fucking love that stubbornly loving crazy, possessive goofy bitch!
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2023.06.03 15:59 Inorai [Remnants of Magic] Legion - 54.2

[Remnants of Magic] Legion - 54.2
Once inside, I blinked, looking around.
I…don’t really know what I expected, truth be told. Most of my experience with the immortals’ home bases thus far were based off Aedan, who mostly had a tent, and Anke, who had…everything.
What greeted me was a shockingly normal entryway that looked plucked straight out of an average suburban home, its crisp white walls hung with cheerful paintings and crimson drapes covering a window off to one side. I stood in the entrance for a long moment, decidedly unsure. This house definitely did not belong behind a downtown doorway.
A hand nudged me forward. “Keep going,” Mason mumbled.
“Oh,” I said, and stepped to the side. The others filed in behind me—and they too stopped, equally dumbfounded.
That confusion was tempered, though. It was something tingling in the air, a shiver of energy beneath my feet. I might not be Keira, but I could sense the magic all around us.
“Come on,” Recluse said. I looked up again, in time to see him and Aedan round the corner at the end of the hallway. “Don’t dawdle. And don’t touch anything.”
“Cheerful guy,” Mason mumbled.
I heard Amber whap him in the side. “Shut it.”
A mound of shoes sat off to one side, with Aedan’s sneakers in the mix. I shuffled over, yanking my feet out of my shoes. Tromping all over the guy’s house with dirty shoes seemed like a good way to piss him off, and pissing him off seemed like a really bad idea. And then, socks scuffing against the white carpet, I hurried after them.
Or I tried to, anyway. As soon as I turned the corner into an expansive living room, I froze again, eyes going wide.
A wide, languid window sat in the wall next to me, opening out onto a picturesque farm field that was nowhere near Denver, filled with trees bearing fruits I couldn’t name. That much…well, it caught me by surprise, but it was within the realm of possibilities I’d considered once magic was in the mix.
But there was another set of windows on the far side of the room too—and whatever was going on outside them, it didn’t even look like anywhere on Earth. Black stretched from edge to edge, with twisting, twining waves of blue and green swirling across the darkness.
“Is that magic?” I whispered, taking an uncertain step forward. “What’s-”
“Don’t trouble yourself with it,” Recluse said. I glanced up. He’d dropped into an overstuffed couch, square beneath the windows. He gave us a cursory glance, then turned his sights back on Aedan. “Sit, sit.”
“Okay,” Aedan mumbled. He shot an uncertain look my way, then eased down onto one of the surprisingly comfortable-looking chairs scattered around the room.
Seeing Aedan so out of his depth left me even more shaken than I already was. I glanced to Amber, who shrugged back at me, her expression carefully flat. “I guess we sit,” she whispered.
So we crept forward, taking up seats of our own.
Recluse didn’t spare us so much as a look. “So,” he said, leaning back. His arm stretched across the back of the couch—and he smiled, eyes glued to Aedan. “You’re the damn Wanderer.”
“That’s me,” Aedan said, raising a hand. “I, uh…I just go by Aedan. Usually.” He ran a hand through his hair, shifting in his seat. “Doesn’t really matter, I guess.”
“Names matter,” Recluse said, though, nodding approvingly. “No shame in wanting the right one used.”
“And you?” Aedan said, raising an eyebrow. I could see him settling second by second, coming back into himself as he eyed our host. “I heard you go be Tafari, but-”
“Nah,” Recluse said, chuckling as he waved a hand. “That name’s dead now. Used it too much. Who gave it to you, anyhow?” He shifted, his head falling to one side, but his eyes stayed fixed on Aedan. “How’d you find me, anyway?”
“We work for the Legion,” Cailyn said. I jumped, startled by the new voice. She sat with hands clasped demurely in her lap, watching the unfamiliar man. “Anke. She-”
“Ah,” Recluse said. He grimaced, shaking his head. “Figures that the nosy bitch herself had a hand in this.” His gaze darted back to Aedan. “Heard you got mixed up with her. Shame.”
“Hey,” Cailyn mumbled.
“Now and then,” Aedan said, folding his arms. His expression steadily turned stony. “She’s got nothing to do with this, though.”
“Yeah, I s’ppose,” Recluse said. His dark hair was pulled back into a rough ponytail, and as I watched, he smoothed a hand across it, making a face. “Still, that explains it. That lot have never had respect for a damn soul in their lives. ‘Course they still haven’t picked up on me leaving that name behind.”
“You?” Recluse said, turning a look on Aedan. Just when my heart started to beat a little faster, he nodded—and the gesture looked approving enough to leave me feeling a bit baffled. “You can call me Dejan. It’s got another few decades of life in it before it’s used up, I think. But you lot?”
I flinched as he sat forward, twisting back around to face us. His finger came up. “It’s Master Recluse from you.”
“Yes, sir,” Cailyn said meekly.
He sniffed, wrinkling his nose, and shook his head. “Shouldn’t let you inside the place at all,” he muttered. “Brings nothing but trouble.”
“About that,” Aedan said. I looked up, as did Master Recluse. Aedan grinned nervously, rocking his shoulders. “Ah…I should probably apologize. I know we’re here at the ass crack of dawn. I, uh. I just thought-”
“Really?” Recluse said, fixing a dead-eyed stare on him. “I hadn’t noticed.”
Aedan ducked his head low, ruffling his unkempt mane of hair. “...Sorry.”
Recluse heaved a sigh, sitting back on his couch again. “Would you look at that? The Wanderer even has some manners to his name.”
Amber let out a snort. I kicked her, not taking my eyes off the pair in front of us.
Settling himself, Recluse shook his head just once. “It’s rude as hell,” he said, his gaze sharpening. When Aedan flinched, he seemed to sit a little taller, shoulders squaring. “If anyone else had tried it, I’d have cast their atoms straight into the void the moment their shoes touched my carpet,” he said. “A man’s got a right to enjoy the peace in his own home, you know.”
My pulse quickened. What the hell did that mean? What exactly could this guy do?
Aedan sat up, wetting his lips. “Look, I-”
“But, I suppose it’s fair enough, coming from you.” Recluse chuckled, one eyebrow raising as he watched Aedan’s reaction. “Been hiding from you a bit, have to admit. At first I wasn’t sure what sort of mess you’d drag with you, and then…” He shrugged. “It was just easier to stay to the shadows, once I’d started. Sorry.”
“What?” Aedan said. “I…I don’t-”
“I suppose this is about what I can expect, in the end,” Recluse said, not even seeming to hear him. “Bit surprised it’s taken you this long to track me down, truth be told.”
Aedan’s expression grew more confused by the second. I almost felt bad for him. Almost. “I’m sorry, I don’t-”
“Long story short, I probably owe you this one,” Recluse said. He grinned, the corners of his eyes crinkling. A few minutes ago I wasn’t sure we’d make it through the encounter without the immortal killing us. I still wasn’t entirely convinced of that, actually. But looking at him now, with genuine pleasure on his face, I felt myself starting to relax. “So, you can be a little rude tonight. I’ll let it slide.”
Aedan hesitated again. His eyes flicked to me, then back to the man. “I don’t understand a word you’re saying,” he said, arching an eyebrow. “You get that, right? You’re just over there spouting off whatever you want and no one understands a goddamn thing.”
My gaze turned to daggers. Horrified, terrified daggers. “Aedan.”
“Oh, no,” Recluse said. “I didn’t confuse you, did I? I feel horrible.” His intonation changed not one bit, his expression as amused as ever.
“Just another asshole, aren’t you?” Aedan said. The corner of his lips twitched, a grin starting to take shape—one I saw mirrored on Recluse’s face, to my utter, abject relief. Aedan leaned forward, still fixated on Recluse. “I’m gonna have some questions. But we came here for a reason, and I…I need your help. Can we ask you some questions?”
“No one ever comes for pleasure,” Recluse said, spreading his hands helplessly. His gaze drifted over to me, and he shook his head, as if we were commiserating about it all. “Can you believe him, barging in here and making demands?”
“He’s a handful,” I said, my mouth dry. Recluse’s eyes were a dark, bottomless sort of brown, sucking me in deeper. It felt like I might drown, like I might-
“Ah, well,” Recluse said, looking back to Aedan. I sagged, the strings holding me up shorn through. “You’d best be careful, Wanderer. With a mouth like that, I might cast you into the void yet tonight.”
“I’d get better,” Aedan said, still wearing that deathgrin of his.
That got a chuckle from Recluse—who nodded, sitting back again. “Looks like I was right,” he said. “You’re trouble and a half. But tonight is your night. Promised that already, and I don’t take back promises.” His chin lifted. “Ask your questions, Wanderer.”
I saw Aedan’s eyes widen, their green glinting in the dim light of the living room. He glanced to me, triumphant.
I gave the slightest of nods, slipping a hand to Amber’s knee. There it was—our opening. Our chance to get some answers.
Aedan nodded back—and looked to Recluse, sitting back to cradle his hands in his lap.
“Then…let me explain why we’ve come.”
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2023.06.03 15:58 DownWithTheFever Got approached and now I don't really feel safe

I just wanted to vent for a minute. I workout in a public area near my home.
A while ago, the sun set earlier than I expected, the place kinda got dark and a shadow of a man walking close caught my eye, when I felt uncomfortable I walked away amd saw that he started walking towards my direction but at a slow pace. I got away from him and reached home safe, but I couldn't workout after that, when I tried I'd be too busy looking around and worried for my safety to finish my workout
But today, I woke up in a shitty mood, so I worked up the courage to try work it out, in the morning, in a safer part of the place, this time I got approached by a fucking bodybuilder or some shit "Giving me advice" the place got empty, and he stood next to my exit, I got scared! I ended the conversation with a "thank you I gotta get back to it" and he backed away from me, I stupidly thought that means I could continue, nope! He lingered around, telling to continue my workout which involved me jumping...he wanted to see me jumping in front of him? see if I'm doing it right? I don't know.
I ended up pretending to be too tired and left, but now I don't feel safe, I mean in my home right now with the doors locked, I still don't feel safe!
I have had worse happen to me, and I dealt with creeps before, why is this interaction effecting me so much? My heart rate hasn't went down since!
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