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2023.06.02 23:20 Rx_qveen Should I tell my FC leader that this kid Attention seeking is bothering?

I do get that some people only have the game as social interaction but the amount of drama that I have witnessed in FCs it's like you are in a teen drama show. Maybe it's because I'm old (42/married/with children) that this makes me feel weird? I really try ignoring this stuff and just get into doing my thing which is playing I'm not in for the social part to be honest but sometimes it's nice to have an FC that can help you around with game stuff.
But then this stuff keeps happening over and over. Right now there is this kid that I think is a kid because how he/she expresses on the FC chat and alllllwwwaaaaays talking random stuff or yelling and always like a fly with the FC leader, that FC leader is a saint cause I would have lost it.. But makes me feel uneasy because I'm kinda newish in the FC and don't want to complain about the 'noise' this person might need a lot of attention cause the thing she does for it...
I tried putting the chat on battle mode but then I'm missing other stuff.. Should I tell this to our FC leader or just go with it. It't a pretty nice FC and helps a lot, but the moment this kid got there it's been too much!
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2023.06.02 23:20 totarrgreens Too tired to eat well/eat at all

Does anyone else struggle with feeding themselves with depression? Specifically, not eating at all, or not finding the energy to eat something healthy? I know that I'm not alone, but no one in my close real life really struggles with this, so I can't go to anyone else.
This is kind of what I mean:
I am hungry. Sometimes I'm too tired to eat right at the moment, but I eventually have to because, duh, I'm starving. I go into my kitchen to look for food. I see a can of already cooked beans, just something that you can heat up. My excitement goes up because yum, beans, and I think that maybe today will be a good day and that things are happy after all. I go to get a pot to heat up said beans and I see they're all dirty. I think, okay, maybe a microwave will work, so I go to get a bowl. They are ALSO all dirty. I then get very mad because how dare my dishes be dirty (even though I'm the one that made them dirty and didn't clean them).
Instead of washing a singular dish to get my beans that I was very excited for, I simply sigh, feel a sudden bout of intense sadness (caused by no beans), and then either don't eat anything or eat something that's relatively bad for me because I'm way too tired and now way too sad to wash a bowl.
This cycle happens a lot for me and is very much a problem. Food obviously contributes to how you feel, like if you eat healthy food you feel generally good and not gross like you would if you ate 2 hamburgers, fries, and a soda. But since I can't make this healthy food, my mood just worsens because my diet worsens as well. How do I even begin to fix this????
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2023.06.02 23:20 Illustrious_Ebb1470 I need some locator 42 advice (or advice in general)

I am becoming frantic about my passport arriving on time...
07/03 - date of travel.
03/27 - I mailed my passport application to USPS.
04/03 - locator 42 received my application, and currently says in process
I know I have 1 month until my trip, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about my passport arriving on time. I keep seeing people who sent in their applications way sooner still waiting to receive their passports. My boyfriend mailed his application 4 days after mine, and locator 42 received his passport on 04/04. He received his passport on 05/19. We both did standard processing and standard shipping both ways. It is confusing to me why he already has his, but mine still hasn't arrived.
I called both locator 42 phone numbers (504-412-2669/8) multiple times today between 2 and 4 pm Louisiana time, and I keep getting a voicemail. I also called the main passport agency and they emailed me the Expedited Service Upgrade Request. I filled it out and emailed it back for expedited service and 1-2 day delivery. I am still not hopeful that that will surface, as I was told on the phone that it could take up to 27 business days from the date of request to mail the passport, and I am currently down to 20.
Does anybody have any other recommendations for what I can do to get the ball rolling with this? I really do not want to be in a situation where I am scrambling last minute. I appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.02 23:20 BlacktreadAudio I’m supposed to feel responsible, I guess.

I feel I have to preface this so I don’t get fucking crucified: I support equal rights for everyone of every gender, and acknowledge that each gender has it’s own unique struggles. Okay? Okay. I don’t hurt women. I don’t hurt men either. I don’t hurt people. But because I’m a man, somehow I’m responsible for every horrible thing a man has ever done to a woman. I didn’t do anything wrong, I try to be a good person and help. I go to protests and marches, but sometimes I get told to leave, that I’m not welcome, that just by being there I’m “trying to make it about myself.” Thought maybe once I realized I wasn’t completely straight that I’d have a place in the LGBTQ+ community, but I guess my sexuality isn’t valid. I’m scared to even talk about these feelings with people; I know the response is always going to be that women have it worse, so I shouldn’t complain. So I’m not even allowed to be upset about feeling awful inside all the time. In fact, I’ve even been told that it would be healthy for me to take five minutes every day to think about all the crimes my gender is responsible for, and think about how I can start paying it back. The message I’m getting is “You’re a monster, we hate you, you deserve to be hated, and it’s your job to fix everything.”
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2023.06.02 23:20 CJizzNasty ExGF's (f35) BF (m37) texted me (m26) to look after her while he is away.

tldr I left exGF when she created an ENM situation that was not okay with me. other guy wants me to look after her while he's gone
I was with exGF for 2 years. 6 months into our relationship exGF and I got her online business running, which involved selling suggestive pictures and virtual interaction's to her customers. This was all her idea, but I was supportive and helped her in any way I could because I really had no issue with it. She had been bringing up polyamory as a curiosity as hers, and we talked about how it would be new to me and how it really depends on the situation whether it would be something I could do. We also talked about how it would be pretty new to her and how she feels the same way.
One time we went on a hike to a local peak with a view. We were spending time together at the top, and during a quiet moment she says "you're not going to like this" and proceeds to video call one of her online customers. We had an argument about it, and eventually agreed that she should respect our time out together, and I have nothing to worry about, and even though she stated beforehand, it wasn't her intention do do something to upset me. Her customer could see the whole view with a 360 turn and she wanted it to be personalized because he is her "top gifter."
ExGF's business has been in the "starting point" of the process the whole time. She encounters a lot of people across different platforms, but very few have been contributing to her and even fewer regulars. I expressed a few times that she gets too invested in the 2 people that she actually profits from. She saw her top gifter was an outspoken republican on his intagram and couldn't get over it. She would be crying about drama when I got home pretty frequently. Her mother recently passed away and, against my caution, she was immediately spreading the news to her followers. I explained that she can share whatever she wants to the world but I don't want an online presence of that form, so she often made up stories of being poly or with other people. Whatever worked, as long as my name and face were out of the public side.
I come home one day and we greet each other like normal, then she causally informs me that she drove a 3 hour round trip to pick up her gift from BF (her only regular gifter at the time because she told the other one off). I reasonably lectured her about safety, and questioned why she would even do that? Because she saw BF as a friend now, and how out of all the thousands of people she's met online, of course there's a chance she finds a friend. She justifies it as keeping BF invested in her business. I tell her I'm not okay with it, mostly because she didn't communicate anything to me beforehand.
As time goes on, all my suspicions come true that exGF sees BF as a potential boyfriend and wants to ENM with him. exGF and I have multiple discussions about whats okay, and everytime I would agree to something, she would exceed my boundaries I explained I was concerned about. This happened a few times and I would forgive, but not forget. I truly gave it my best because I wanted her to be happy.
She gave me warning that she was going to spend the night at his house for the first time for his birthday, and I couldn't stop her. I asked her if she was going to have sex with him, and she wouldn't give me a straight answer. Because I love and trusted her, I had to be okay with it. She's always told me she wants enm, and she was worth giving it my best, even if the situation wasn't okay with me.
Even my best wasn't enough for me to be happy, and I know she saw me as always holding her back and telling her no. BF offered exGF a room in his new apartment he bought significantly closer to us, for her business. From what I know, he coincidentally has been having struggles with his wife about polyamory in their relationship, and just so happen to be going through a divorce. I asked exGF if she thinks she is involved in their discission, and never got a straight answer. exGF accepts the appartment offer and decides she wants to live there and "split time" between us. I let her know, even beforehand, that I'm not going to be a part of that and I'm not going to "split time," so a few weeks went by as she tried to figure out how to get what she wanted. certain major boundaries were crossed (definition of cheating?), and I decided to break up with her and let her live completely with BF.
She tries to reach out, but really there's nothing that can be done to fix things. I usually don't respond unless its important (way more than I respond to friends and family). I'm honestly feeling much better without her because she has a stressful lifestyle, but I love her and am ultimately extremely hurt.
BF texted me some bullshit about how he didn't mean seem rude or selfish and how he thinks we have things in common and how I have more wisdom on how to take care of her. He is going to another country for a month and asked me to check in and keep an eye on exGF.
I really want to tell BF what I think, but I figured blocking his number is best for everyone. It doesn't sound like things aren't going the best for exGF right now, and BF says he's worried. If he's worried, he should be there for her. If he's not there for her, then sucks for her but she gets what she was working towards.
I plan on remaining a ghost, but any advice would be appreciated. This isn't nearly the whole story, so please ask if more details are needed
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2023.06.02 23:19 0Bubs0 I can't understand. Haven't the executives read the counter DD guaranteeing the company will be bankrupt in 6 months!?

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2023.06.02 23:19 Statistics499 Backgammon (2023) Cheats Like Heck

Even the 2023 version is rigged, but not how you think. After nearly 10,000 dice rolls, this is what I found when keeping track of rolls and getting back onto the board after being captured (clearing the bar):
I wish that Tesla would not reward game makers that use cheating especially when they claim that they used AI. I wish Tesla would reward game makers with a work ethic that represents the work ethic of Tesla.
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2023.06.02 23:19 Bored_Chemist521 Botox time!

Guess we got spend more $$$ on unnecessary stuff for herself (SELFISH B). How about using that money to get a specialist for your baby who clearly shows signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome… or just wait as it will become more and more apparent as he ages.
Once again a shoutout to Nate and his family, here is a clear case where she spends tons of money on herself but not her children and most likely pawned off notebook on to someone while she went to her ✨injections✨appointment. Get a lawyer and fight!
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2023.06.02 23:19 Hired2sleep Dragons Dogma is one of the best and worst games I've played.

I revisited the game recently, streaming my gameplay on twitch, and began to quickly realize why I never ended up finishing the game, despite how much I enjoyed playing it through many years and all the time I've spent in it. I began to question why it almost feels like one of those dreams where you're running as fast as you can in the middle of a corridor but you're not actually getting anywhere.
More is not always better: The game starts off quite slow, but very well paced, in terms of gameplay and narrative points, and has one of my favourite starting sequences in a game. But by the time I got to Gran Soren, it became bloated very quickly. Despite how big gran Soren is, I didn't feel encouraged to go over every nook and cranny as I usually do, It just felt empty and I wanted to get out asap. There's so much content thrown at you at once that it quickly becomes meaningless, as I got demotivated to continue the more time I spent.
Difficult does not mean good: DD seems to pride itself on being a difficult game to get into. It's designed in a way that makes you spend more time on what you have to do rather than what you want to do. A difficult game that gives you skill based challenges is different from a game that's difficult because it's inaccessible and designed to be difficult for the player. The main difference is that the first can be very fun and rewarding, and the second is usually more frustrating than it is fun, and rarely rewarding. DD is more the latter, there are very little skill based challenges, and all difficulty/frustration I've faced so far is because of the lack of meaningful quality of life options. The traversal is really bad, the encumbrance system had me spending hours allocating resources to different pawns then to other areas because the pawn is also over encumbered, and being heavy sucks in general because not only is your overall speed slowed but your combat ability is also reduced because of this handicap, which you will really feel if you're playing a character with slower combat abilities like a warrior.
With so much time being spent on doing things that just aren't fun, I'm quickly doubting whether the gameplay is fun to watch and realizing why so few people make gameplay videos of it, I can imagine it would be fun if all side content is ignored and only main story quests are played, while editing out all of the slower, non progressive parts.
I know that alot of these issues are possibly just because the game is really dated, and I definitely do have high hopes for the upcoming game.
For a game that has some of the most vast and diverse bestiary of monsters, a good core narrative and some really cool detailed features like the pawn system and the ability to climb monsters and focus on weak spots, I am ultimately disappointed, DD has so much potential to offer if only some things were done differently.
I do intend to finish it before the second one is out, I'm not giving up yet. Just wanted to vent out some of my observations and frustrations.
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2023.06.02 23:19 notsomagicbus Need to talk to my old-fashioned dad about Autism assesment. Advice?

I (18F) had a psychological assessment done today because I wanted a fresh perspective and advice on where I should go from here with my life. I had been previously diagnosed with BPD and it just didn't feel right, plus I thought I may have a mild case of Autism. So I wanted an unbiased individual to give me their thoughts on that, and leading up to the appointment I reminded myself that I had to be open to and accept what the doctor had to say, even if it wasn't what I expected.
The results were pretty unsurprising, though. The assessment was 2 hours, and he confirmed my previous diagnoses of depression with psychotic features, anxiety and ADHD. He undiagnosed me with BPD due to the absence of severe childhood trauma and fear of abandonment. He explained that I was probably mistaken for having it due to my history of suicidal ideation/self-harm and angry outbursts. Lastly, he said he would be "very suprised" if I didn't have level 1 ASD, and that he would send referrals for a formal assessment in the report since he can't do them himself. The only problem is my dad, who is going to have to pay for it. He's not a bad guy, just old (63) and not super educated about Autism. I think he has this image of Autistics, like they're all Chris Chan levels of... I don't even know. And he's really touchy about stuff that would insinuate I'm anything like that. Crazy, unintelligent, foolish... you know. He's probably gonna want to know what exactly I'm getting tested for, which is fair. But if anyone has any tips on what I should say to him or how I should go about it, I'd really appreciate it.
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2023.06.02 23:19 WoolyWoolyRagwort I hate to be posting here, but I'm really unwell...

So I do have intrusive suicidal thoughts from time to time, but it's pretty bad today. I am sick with the flu, had to work despite of that, and am facing the probable end of my marriage on top of it all.
My husband is depressed and in effect blaming me for having ruined his life. He says he has nothing to live for because he hates: - his job (which he has to continue to do in order to earn a living); - having moved to a different country to be with me (although I begged him not to follow me ten years ago when I came here); - the fact that I betrayed him by having an "emotional affair" for basically three days of effective communication after 16 years of a sexless marriage with him; - not having anything to live for because I do not want children and he does (even though he knew this from the very start of our relationship); - the fact that we haven't bought a house here yet (even though we both own properties in our native land).
I on the other hand am alone in the world without him. He is literally my only friend in the world and almost the only person I can talk to. I have no one to vent to. If I try to talk to friends, family, or even people on the internet, I end up talking about their problems, comforting them and never getting a chance to discuss my own issues.
I am 36 years old, do not have a remarkable career or remarkable savings, no home of my own in this country, no children, a dissolving marriage...all because of me. What should I live for?
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2023.06.02 23:19 StringBreen SIB Remnant: Complete Edition, or Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe?

The PlayStation store has a big sale going on. Remnant has looked interesting in the past. But I’ve actually played Borderlands 3 several times, but I’ve never done any of the DLC. So should I get a wholly new game, or get all the DLC to a game I enjoy
(I enjoy the gameplay of BL3, not the story/writing. If the DLC has better story/writing I’d love to know!)
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2023.06.02 23:19 Cat_Patsy "Just us" wedding options

In and around Sacramento, within an hour's drive or less.
Ideal scenario: Apply for the license and get married same day, same place. Civil ceremony at a historic courthouse. Said courthouse is walking distance to other interesting site(s) (garden, nice hotel, bridge, surprise me - we like weird and unusual too) and photographer hangs w us for another 2 hours after ceremony. We finish up eating cake and drinking champagne at nice restaurant or cute bakery.
Any surrounding counties w beautiful courthouses and cooperative staff that will marry us outside vs. in a fluorescent lit wedding ceremony room?
Any b&bs that offer packages that include everything or offer a la carte options?
Recs on planners that can make this happen? Mid summer, we're flexible w dates. --- yes, I know it's going to be blazing hot.
What's important to us is the intimacy and "realness" of the day. Not having to drive from A to B to C to D or reserve a formal wedding venue. We want it to feel like and look like what it is: we are there for a work trip and decided to stay an extra day or two and get married.
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2023.06.02 23:19 sagegreenelephant Dress code help!

Hello I was hoping I could get some help with my dress code wording. I am getting married in December in Southern California at a old Italian inspired house. I am hoping to have a more elevated event but understand our wedding isn't truly black-tie (DJ instead of band, chartered bus from hotel vs. valet, a few other small details). The wedding will be very formal and include tray passed champagne, open bar with liquor, tray passed apps/dessert,, plated dinner, etc. I have been told Black-tie optional is not really a thing so I am trying to figure out how to word my dress code. I understand not everyone will have access to a tuxedo but I really do want to encourage long dresses (and given the season and venue I think that seems reasonable. This is what I have come up with.
"We are excited to dress up with you! We kindly request our guests wear formal attire. Tuxedoes and long evening gowns are encouraged, however, a dark suit and tie is acceptable."
Any thoughts or suggestions? Worth noting a large portion of the gust list will be traveling from Mexico
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2023.06.02 23:18 MPCNRBCP First Time New Car Buyer, Am I Asking the Right Questions?

Hey all,
For the last 6 years or so I've been driving a 2007 Hyundai Azera I bought off my parents. I really like the car, but it is definitely showing its age. The engine had to be entirely replaced after ~80K miles (before I got the car), and I've had to replace the alternator and some smaller components in the half decade I've used it. So before I get too deep in the sunk cost, I've started looking to buy a new car.
With the Azera, the high points for me are: interior comfort (I never feel cramped, even with a full car), the trunk space ( I've been able to fit my entire family's suitcases in the trunk at once), the low tech (I like my key ignition and stick shifter), and general road performance (I'm never fighting the car to accelerate for merging/changing lanes in traffic). The low points are definitely the reliability as mentioned above, the lack of any modern safety features, and the gas mileage. I only get 20mpg average between fill ups (I didn't measure it myself, that's just what the car reports, so it could be less).
For context, I live in the California Bay Area, so gas prices are...excessive. My commute is ~30mins-1hr based on traffic, the breakdown on average is about 40% surface streets / 40% 65+ highway speeds / 20% stop and go traffic.
With all that context out of the way, I've been looking for a car that keeps the high points of my Azera while fixing the low points. I'm also looking for something to keep as long as possible. I was drawn to the hybrid Camry, Accord, and Sonata since they seem to fit the bill (which I now recognize are the boring and obvious choices now that I've done research lol).
First question: Am I right to look at hybrids in my situation? It looks like all 3 models would double my gas mileage even if they get less than their listed mpg. Does my commute work well with hybrids, or am I better off not paying the premium and getting a gas version instead?
Second (inevitable) question: which model should I favor? Most posts here recommend the Camry. Compared to my Azera, it has the benefit of not using a push-button shifter like the other two models, but is smaller in both the interior and trunk according to the specs, has the least advanced interior features, and is the most expensive (at MSRP). The Accord is big but it gets less mpg than the other two models. And the Sonata is cheaper and has the most interior features, but may run into the same reliability problems as my current Hyundai plus this whole theft thing that's been going on.
Third question: I know nothing about trims, what are the best value trims between price and features given for these models?
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2023.06.02 23:18 spacecat67 im pregnant and i need help to abort it

someone help..im pregnant and im 16 i weigh 85 pounds and im extremely boney and struggling with my mental health and life in general, i took a positive test and am showing all the signs of multiple babies and im so scared. i was on the pill to prevent this bc my body cant handle it and if my parents found out my life would actually be over. im not menatlly ready for a baby i cant even take care of myself. i live in north carolina and i cant find any way to get the abortion pill without my father and my mother isnt in the picture i have a stepmom but she isnt legally my stepmother yet and i just have no legal way of getting this without everyone finding out. im scared for my life in so many ways and its so hard to sleep now. i cant rest i cant eat. im so much more despressed and anxious now i cant live with this happening inside me. please if anyone out there has a way to get mifepristone and mail it to me i have $200 rn and will cashapp/mail you back the money i swear this isnt a scam i dont have any other choice at this point. if anyone could help me, it would actually save my life. please help.
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2023.06.02 23:18 JSTLF Mandatory Assistance In Dying

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2023.06.02 23:18 thespygorillas POV: We're stuck in an eternal bear market.

People are getting bored with this never ending bear market, but also getting excited about a bull run in the near future. but what if it never happens?
Crypto stagnates around the same average prices for years, with the occasional mini pumps that brings people hopes up for a bit before they are crushed again.
Shitcoins keep popping up, but less and less so over the years as people get tired of them, and even the FOMOs realize it's not worth it anymore.
The crypto community gets saltier and angrier as time passes on, and a lot drop out from the crypto day trading.
Ramen sales skyrocket, as no one got to accomplish their get rich quick schemes, and early retirement dreams.
CEXs shut down and skedaddle with “your” money.
Adoption of crypto throttles as it becomes mainstream to “hate on crypto bros”, and NFTS.
As a result, every crypto's prices start crashing. and Crypto slowly goes out of relevancy. and countries revert all crypto laws, as they're not even needed anymore.
All this while Satoshi is sipping on some pineapple juice on a private island.
This though is probably opposite of what is going to happen, so stay positive and hang in there!
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2023.06.02 23:18 SANIPOOP LG C2 standby light questions.

Hello recently I’ve noticed after plugging in a new soundbar that my LG C2s standby light turns from white to red after powered off for awhile. When it’s red it blinks 3 times before turning on the tv. The tv work’s completely fine and has no issues but when I google this issue I get a lot of mixed results such as the tv has an issue or it’s completely normal. Looking for a definitive answer here as this tv is brand new and only a month old. Is this normal behaviour. Prior to the new soundbar being connected the tv standby light would only ever stay on white and not blink 3 times when turning on.
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2023.06.02 23:18 BiGnoize This game is so forgiving with everything and good to F2P players that the lack of limited banner reruns stands out

I know that this is a business and FOMO is a big thing in gacha, but I wish I atleast had some chance of getting some of the previous limited operators without spending a fortune/missing out on 4-5 other limited ops.

This isn't about clearing content. I've got plenty of units that can pretty much clear everything, but collecting units is part of the joy in gacha games and why a lot of people play them and it really bums me out that I'll never be able to get Rosmontis or Nian.

As it stands, I only pull on limited banners because I don't want to add to the list of units I'll never be able to play. I even buy a pack or two cause they can be such good value, but that doesn't bother me too much cause there are so many ways to get previous non-standarad units over time whether its through cert shop, recruitment or off banners. That is not the same for a limited unit.

If I didn't pull for a unit banner myself in favor of a another one thats all fine but it just kinda sucks to never even had the chance to pull for some units I like cause I didn't know about the game early enough.

And yeah yeah... like I said, I know it's a business and they do this because more money and all that, I'm not an idiot. I just really want to vent because eveything in this game is so F2P friendly except this one thing.
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2023.06.02 23:18 Shadowcloud95 P7P not switching to 4G/5G-NSA when 5G-SA is unstable at my location

I recently got a new SIM Card from my provider (Vodafone Germany) which enables me to use the 5G Standalone (SA) band. Since I booked the option to use 5G+ (as they call it) I am having a hard time getting any signal. Only when I am near the confirmed location of the cell tower. When I leave my house and the WiFi drops, I literally have no signal on 5G until I get closer to the tower.
That though, wouldn't be a problem, if the P7P would actually TRY use the 5G NSA (Non-Standalone) or 4G network in these situations, because before I got the new SIM it was working just fine and I at least had a connection, or it simply switched to 4G+ instead.
But as of the SIM Card switch, it apparently won't even try to change from 5G SA anymore, at least not when I am as near to the cell tower as I am when I'm at home. It just shows the exclamation mark beside the completely empty network icon for a couple of seconds, before trying to get a connection again but then again resorting to the exclamation mark after some moments, which results in web pages only sporadically working, apps not loading and calls not coming in (WiFi Calling is a blessing now.). And it does that without even thinking of changing to a different network band at all. Only when I specifically choose to only use the 4G network I do have full reception, but that basically gets rid of a feature this phone has for me and that I pay for with the contract.

Is there any way to tell the P7P to actually at least consider choosing a different network band than 5G, because the automatic switch doesn't seem to kick in, at least where I am usually located at. Or should I just cancel the 5G+ option with my carrier to get back to using 5G NSA only?
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2023.06.02 23:18 billyjoecletus A box and a hot bed makes for a very good filament dryer 🤣

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