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Hello, I'm Adam, 13 male, From Northwestern balitmore area, goes to school in Augusta , likes :76ers, balitmore ravens, capitals @DC, World of warcraft, stars and strikes, mental health facts, prison books, crime movies, crime books . I'm on parole
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2023.04.18 22:10 romanticdrift [Not Your Fantasy Girlfriend] - Part 25 - Isekai Fantasy Humor

<< Last Cover Art & Start Next >> [Patreon + 5 chapters]
Your Narrator Gets Annoyed in the Woods
I tell him the Cliff Notes version of the series.
How Alex Prime infiltrates the rebels. How while the royals fruitlessly search for Silverwood Keep’s one survivor, he earns the rebels’ trust and rapidly climbs the ranks as their most talented, most effective, and most ruthless leader. How he steals the Hannu’s secret magical weapon and leaves their land devastated in his wake. How he conquers the Del Mar’s duchy and absorbs their power and resources. How he lays magical siege on Augusta until its people begs surrender, and then kills most everybody once he’s on the throne—the Queen, the baby Crown Prince, most of his rebel allies. Practically everybody but the King, whom he leaves alive to go mad over his family’s deaths instead.
By the time I’m done, my voice is more than a little hoarse.
I glance up at Alex. He’d started fixating on the map instead of looking at me halfway through, and is still doing it. I can’t exactly blame him for being taken aback after hearing about himself, you know, committing genocide, treason, and ruthless pillaging and murder.
I wet my lips. “Uh, the end?”
Alex closes his eyes for a very long moment. When he opens them again, he gives a long, shaky exhale.
“Okay,” he says. He looks again at the map. “With my family’s resources and troops intact, we can improve on that.”
Alex puts his finger on his family’s gold-outlined duchy, and traces a sharp line to Mediusterra’s southernmost tip, where I know the Del Mar’s Duchy of Aquamare is located.
“If the royal family can move against my family, then they can move against any of the royal houses. There may be no love lost between my family and the Del Mars, but they have been out of favor with the King for long enough that they should see the advantage in allying with us—or, if not, then our soldiers can force them to see the advantage.” He jerks his hand all the way up north. “If my other self was able to infiltrate the Hannu and steal this weapon with a small strike team, then we will be as well.” He moves now to Augusta. “Then, with proper planning, we should be well-positioned to strike against Augusta. The only obstruction are these damned rebels. They won’t come to the King’s defense, of course. But if we leave them alone, they might take advantage of the noble uprising and ensnare Silverwood in a two-front war—“
‘Wait, wait.” I lean forward and throw my hands over the map to interrupt this random, if impressive—and frankly, kind of chilling—, monologue. “Since when were we plotting like, world domination?”
I’d told him to just like, lay all the chips out. Share the knowledge, prove my ‘worth’, show him the royals and rebels are dead serious threats to his family,, et cetera. Not help move him along a path of psychopathy.
Alex frowns at me. He seems to be genuinely confused. “If what you’ve told me is true, then the King and Queen pose an unavoidable threat to my family. The only way to keep my family safe is to neutralize them.” He tilts his head. “I’m sure my father would argue that our oath of fealty demands we attempt to re-gain the King’s favor and oust the Queen instead. But the King broke his own oath to us in his cowardly attack, and the Queen has been his closest advisor for longer than I’ve been alive. It won’t work.”
“Well—okay, keeping your family is safe, that’s fine. But you can’t do that by like, planning to do all those terrible things other you did!” I protest. “Didn’t you hear me about how desolate the Hannu territories were afterwards? Or what happened to the Del Mar family?”1
Alex’s lips thin. “Do you think my family will be kept safe by wishing peace and prosperity on all?” he asks. “To survive, we must consolidate power. If not usurp the throne, then declare independence and protect ourselves.”
All this medieval politicking is really, super above my pay grade. But still, there’s such a thing as war crimes. Or at least, there should be. I open my mouth—
—But Alex shakes his head and cuts me off before I get a word out.
“These matters have nothing to do with you anyway. I’m not even sure why I was speaking my thoughts out loud. If all goes well, I’ll be having these fights with Aurelia, not you,” Alex says, which kind of stings.
I mean, he’s right. If the opinionated and heroic image of Aurelia I’m starting to build in my head is even a little bit real, then Aurelia is infinitely better suited to doing that than me.
It’s not like I want the responsibility of keeping unreal randos alive again anyway. Obviously.
Still stings, though.
Alex moves his hand again, this time to near the center of the map. “It’s an open secret where the Seer covens are. You said the one Future Alexandrius consulted and that you were thinking of head to was in Briar Glen?” Alex taps his fingers on top of the area. “Then we’ll head there. I’ve heard rumors that the coven there is the oldest and most powerful. It’s as good a starting point as we have to bringing Aurelia back.”
“Fine,” I say shortly. “Sounds a plan.” I stand up, and dust off the seat of my shift and my legs.
Here I was starting to like Alex a little. Or trust him, anyway. Why did I tell him and put those ideas into his head again? As if I’d be able to dissuade him from being psychopathic. It's practically his one defining character trait.
I should take his advice and mind my own business.
“Anything else? If we were just going to talk, did you have to drag me all the way here? What, was your family’s own guest quarters not private enough? Or are you just that nostalgic?” I ask.
“No, actually,” Alex says, while also picking himself up from the floor as well. “I actually had something else I wanted to do.”
He reaches towards his belt—and tosses the dagger there at my feet.
Aurelia’s dagger, to be exact. I recognize it from yesterday.
“So you really don’t know how to fight, huh?” Alex asks. His eyes linger on my throat. I hadn’t looked at—had avoided looking at, really—the bathroom mirror this morning, but I had pressed against the skin there and felt an answering ache, so probably it’s nicely bruised from his chokehold yesterday.
I pick it up and tuck it back behind my belt because hey, weapon.
But even though the dagger feels like a peace offering of sorts, I’m still not feeling charitable enough at Alex to moderate my tone. “Where would I have learned? I was a student. Why do you think I was reading about your history? In the future, most of us live peacefully instead of going around plotting murders—“
Alex smirks. “So it’s as I suspected. You’ll be a burden on the road.”
“Excuse me, I can totally take care of*—“*
Alex rushes towards me, so fast air cuts across my face. His right hand curls into a blurred fist—
I yelp, throwing my arms over my face and head and dropping down to my haunches.
There’s no impact.
I peek out from the protective circle of my arms. Alex is standing a short distance from me and looking down at his right hand.
“Well, you seem to have inherited Aurelia’s fast reflexes at least, though clearly not her training,” he muses as he flexes his palm open and closed. “You realize that if you bend all the way over at the waist like that, you won’t be able to counter-attack?”
I stand up again, with as much dignity as I can muster.
“Sorry I wasn’t properly prepared for almost punched out of nowhere,” I snap. “Even if you wanted to test which of Aurelia’s physical skills I inherited, couldn’t you have warned me?”
Alex approaches and taps my leg with one knee. “Drop from your knees and turn sidewise to minimize how much of a target you present,” he instructs, instead of responding to anything I said. “Take out your dagger as quickly as you can and slash as hard as you can at either the arms or the legs—arms kill, legs chase, so if you take either or both away from an assailant you’ll have more success running away. Or surviving before I can rescue you.” He takes a step back. “Try it.”
I glare.
One of Alex’s eyebrows rise. “Well? Do you need a demonstration?” Alex flicks his eyes up at the sky. “The messenger will likely arrive before midday. We don’t have all day.”
“I don’t remember saying I wanted self-defense lessons from you,” I say. Even though self-defense lessons actually sounds pretty useful. As Alex has so kindly reminded me, this is a savage, bloodthirsty world.
“Well, I’d rather Aurelia’s body not get hurt because you can’t defend yourself,” he points out. “And I assume you do want to not get hurt. You feel pain in her body, don’t you?”
I scrunch up my nose. The way he keeps yo-yoing from sort-of-tolerable to super-intolerable is giving me a headache.
But I guess he has a point. And I wouldn't exactly have anything more useful to do if I storm out right now and head back to the guest quarters.
“Fine.”I drop down from my knees and turn sideways. “Like this?”
“Lower. But straighten your back.”
At least I get to brandish the dagger at Alex.

[1] Like, to get the prideful Del Mar family to surrender, Alex Prime had to kidnap and torture the Del Mar’s young daughter. They did, eventually. But the girl apparently never recovered.
<< Last Cover Art & Start Next >> [Patreon + 5 chapters]
A/N: Yayyyy more bonding! And some starting plot
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2023.04.12 00:21 SouthNagsHead Alex Murdaugh has been Relocated to a 'Closed Security Facility'

(NewsNation) — story by Ashleigh Banfield
Convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh has been moved to McCormick Correctional Institution on the Georgia-South Carolina border, NewsNation has learned.
The prison includes both a general population wing and a “special management” wing for inmates who may be in protective custody, according to Located roughly 40 miles north of Augusta, Georgia, McCormick Correctional Institution is listed as a close security facility by the South Carolina Department of Corrections.
“Close security facilities are high-security facilities designed primarily to house violent offenders with longer sentences, and inmates who exhibit behavioral problems,” the department explains on its website. “Housing consists of single and double cells, and all perimeters are double-fenced with extensive electronic surveillance. Inmates at close security facilities are closely supervised and their activities and movement within the institution are highly restricted.”
The South Carolina Department of Corrections has declined to publicly disclose the location of the maximum security prison where Murdaugh has been incarcerated.
Police arrest third minor in Florida teens’ triple murder case
Murdaugh was found guilty earlier this year of killing his wife and son on their South Carolina property in June 2021. Prosecutors alleged at trial that Murdaugh carried out the killings to distract from the impending revelation he stole millions of dollars from his legal clients.
The disgraced attorney received two consecutive life sentences in early March. Murdaugh’s defense lawyers are appealing his conviction.
Alex Murdaugh relocated to ‘closed security facility’ (
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2023.03.31 23:06 JoeyWJBF Augusta man sentenced to life in prison for rape of 15-year-old girl

An Augusta man was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years on Friday after an incident when he abducted a 15-year-old girl and raped her in a hotel room.
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2023.03.16 12:54 Nik-Yura Leigh Hunt and company. P.3 Byron, Shelley, Keats and... Shrike

Leigh Hunt and company. P.3 Byron, Shelley, Keats and... Shrike
Oh, la, la... And it's funny and sad: some automatic moderation protocols on Reddit block my posts. It's not predictable! And at least beat your head against the wall...
And I see my post! He is invisible to others. And every time it is necessary to double-check whether it is visible to others or not.
In general, "Leigh Hunt and company. P.1 Nemesis..." it never happened to be published publicly on Reddit. Sorry. You can read it on my blog on another platform (which I didn't want to do). I recommend reading it. I HIGHLY recommend it. You will understand why. Link - Leigh Hunt and company. P.1 Nemesis...

Senator Byron Lamia had been a brilliant man.
Byron Lamia had been obsessed with the TechnoCore, consumed with the mission of moving humankind out from under the bondage the AIs had imposed over five centuries and a thousand light-years. [1]

Do you want to know the reasons why Senator Byron Lamia was sentenced?

"On February 12, 1812, 24-year-old Lord Byron, who had recently returned from a two-year trip to Europe and witnessed the liberation struggle of the Spaniards and Portuguese against Napoleon, visited Greece and Albania, which were still suffering Turkish oppression, made his first introductory speech in the House of Lords. It was built according to all the rules of classical eloquence – unconventional, however, was the content of the speech, which proclaimed the "rabble" the most useful part of the population, but also the most rebellious:
You call these men a mob... Are we aware of our obligations to a mob ! It is the mob that labour in your fields, and serve in your houses— that man your navy, and recruit your army—that have enabled you to defy all the world,—and can also defy you, when neglect and calamity have driven them to despair.
I have traversed the seat of war in the peninsula; I have been in some of the most oppressed provinces of Turkey; but never, under the most despotic of infidel governments, did' I behold such squalid wretchedness as I have seen since my return, in the very heart of a Christian country. And what are your remedies? After months of inaction, and months of action worse than inactivity, at length comes forth the grand specific, the never-failing nostrum of all state-physicians, from the days of Draco to the present time. After feeling the pulse and shaking the head over the patient, prescribing the usual course of warm water and bleeding—the warm water of your mawkish police, and the lancets of your military—these convulsions must terminate in death, the sure consummation of the prescriptions of all political Sangrados. Setting aside the palpable injustice and the certain inefficiency of the bill, are there not capital punishments sufficient on your statutes? Is there not blood enough upon your penal code? That more must be poured forth to ascend to heaven and testify against you?
The speech was truly revolutionary, but it did not prevent the lords from passing a law according to which the destruction of any machine was equated with high treason. At the end of his speech in defense of the unfortunate rabble, Byron did not forget to hint at the hypocritical demonstrative help that England provides to the poor of other countries, neglecting its own and pharisaically leaving them to the mercy of God. Byron backed up his speech with a remarkable satirical one that appeared in the same year 1812.
Byron spoke in Parliament only three times. The second, no less bold and formidable speech was devoted to the disenfranchisement of the Irish people. "Ireland is dying of hunger, but the great George weighs 20 pounds," Byron was indignant. In his third and last parliamentary speech, he spoke about the inviolability of the person of a parliamentary deputy.
Yes, Lord Byron was untouchable, but he challenged the society to which he belonged. The challenge was accepted. War has been declared." [2]

Whether by chance due to a translator's mistake, or consciously on his part, or even "by virtue of things" - but in the Russian translation, Senator Byron Lamia became Byron Browne. And the allusion became more obvious.

George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron FRS (22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824), known simply as Lord Byron, was an English romantic poet and peer. He was one of the leading figures of the Romantic movement, and has been regarded as among the greatest of English poets. Among his best-known works are the lengthy narratives Don Juan and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage; many of his shorter lyrics in Hebrew Melodies also became popular.
Byron was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, later travelling extensively across Europe to places such as Italy, where he lived for seven years in Venice, Ravenna, and Pisa after he was forced to flee England due to lynching threats. During his stay in Italy, he frequently visited his friend and fellow poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Later in life Byron joined the Greek War of Independence fighting the Ottoman Empire and died leading a campaign during that war, for which Greeks revere him as a folk hero. [3]

Portrait by Thomas Phillips, c. 1813

"In May 1812, when eight wreckers of machines – declared state criminals under the new law – were hanged on eight gallows in the main square of Chichester in a night with a huge crowd of people - England was seized with horror. Until now, only a crime against the king was considered a state crime.
In June, eight Luddites were hanged in Manchester, and in January 1813, seventeen more unemployed people were subjected to the same execution in York. The British gradually began to get used to the sight of corpses swinging in the main squares of their cities.
Percy and Harriet, who were expecting their first child, immediately joined the campaign to raise money for the benefit of orphans of executed Luddites.
In March 1813, the Hunt brothers published several articles in their magazine condemning the brutality of government measures. Following these articles, an account of the traditional dinner given by the Prince Regent on St. Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Ireland, appeared in the Examiner.
At one time, the Prince of Wales advocated concessions to the Irish Catholics, but after becoming Prince Regent, he forgot about his former promises. Therefore, when the last sounds of "God save the King" subsided and the first toast to the health of the Prince Regent was announced, he was greeted not only with applause, but also with a whistle that did not stop for a long time. In two newspapers at once – both in the Tory Morning Post and in the Whig Morning Chronicle – very tendentious descriptions of this dinner appeared, where the Irish marquesses were vilified, and the Prince Regent was praised in more than immoderate terms:
"You are the glory of the people, you are the patron of the arts, you are the patron of the century, by your very appearance you conquer hearts and dry tears. You are the source of eloquence, the inspirer of graces, you are as beautiful as Adonis," etc.
Leigh Hunt's publication was largely a response thrown in the face of this "dirty", as he put it, press.
Leigh Hunt expressed his deepest regret over the insults inflicted on "respectable, noble and talented Irishmen," and further spoke about how "it is regrettable that writers capable of such low flattery find their way to the table of the Prince of England": "This "glory of the people" causes a million reproaches, this "patron of the arts"unaware of the talents of his compatriots, he puts mediocre foreigners on a pedestal, this "patron of the century" has never patronized true genius, this "source of eloquence" is not able to link together a few reasonable words, this "conqueror of hearts" insidiously deceived hopes, this "beautiful Adonis" is just a fat fifty–year–old man, in short, a "wise, venerable, virtuous and immortal prince" is none other than a perjurer and libertine, trampling on family hearths, covered with shame from head to toe."
"But if the prince has enough generosity," the author of the article continued, "to forgive the Examiner and all of us for all the unflattering things that were said to him, the prince would prove us quite convincingly that we are wrong and would turn us from his enemies into his friends."
The prince, of course, did not show any generosity, and the Hunt brothers were convicted of "slandering a person of royal blood": they were sentenced to two years in prison, and in different prisons, and to an impressive fine of thousands of pounds.
Hunt recalled that Shelley paid him his first visit in the spring of 1812: "He was still too young and, perhaps, overly serious in any undertaking, and his thoughts were constantly reinforced by quotations from Greek tragedians." And in Shelley's memory there was a friendly gentleman, thin, tall, dark blond. "A real Yankee," he noted to himself.
Leigh Hunt, like his older brother, was very similar to his American mother.
– Young man, didn't you start asking society questions too early that it can't answer? Hunt smiled goodbye; that was how their first conversation ended.
The second meeting of the young radical with Lee Hunt took place in prison in the spring of 1813. Shelley was led through twelve or thirteen wrought-iron doors, each of which was immediately locked by the warden; and here he was at last in a small, quite cozy room of the prison infirmary, where Leigh Hunt was placed at the insistence of a benevolent prison doctor. The prisoner was even allowed not to part with his library and papers, so that the room of the usually empty infirmary turned into an office with a desk and a bookcase.
Since then, Shelley has become a frequent guest of Leigh Hunt, sometimes, after staying up past midnight, he even stayed overnight in a friend's cell.
The prison was located in the picturesque hamlet of Hampstead, a day's walk from London.
In prison, Leigh Hunt was visited by Byron. "His Lordship," Hunt recalled, "used to stop by Henderson's famous greenhouse first and bring me fragrant armfuls of flowers." Byron was often accompanied by his elder friend, the poet Thomas Moore.
Hunt, who admired the parliamentary speeches of the poet-couple, repeatedly urged him to continue his parliamentary activities, seeing in Byron the hope of English radicals.
"If you knew how hopelessly sleepy and boring our hospital can be during debates and how decomposed the patients are there," Byron replied, "you would be surprised not that I speak there so rarely, but that I even tried to do it with my, I dare hope, independent opinions. However, when there is a sense of freedom "outside the walls" of the parliament, I will try not to waste time within its walls.
Once Hunt was visited by an unfamiliar golden-haired young man, short, thin, with sparkling light brown eyes. It was John Keats, then unknown to anyone. He still kept his studies in poetry a deep secret, but showed great interest in literature. No one imagined that three years later Keats would be brought here, to the hamlet of Hamstead, to a large family of Hents who decided to spend the summer of 1816 here, and presented to the owner as a rising star of new English poetry, that Keats would like this place so much that he himself would briefly settle in Hamstead, and that many decades later his white two-storey cottage "Wentworth Place" will become a memorial museum. Now Hamstead has long merged with London, turning into the northern forest park of the capital, and the "Keats house", located in the "Keats grove", receives visitors."
"Shelley died on July 8, 1822, on the eve of his thirtieth birthday.
Byron, who was present at his cremation, had only two years to live. He died 36 years ago.
At the age of 25, the life of their younger brother, the young romantic John Keats, was interrupted.
The poem "Adonais", written by Shelley on Keats' death in 1821, became an inspired epitaph for the author himself." [2]

Leigh Hunt outlived them by 35 years...
But what does the Shrike have to do with it? Both in letter and in spirit.
The letter is simple: Frankenstein (one of the prototypes of the Shrike) was invented by Mary Shelley, the wife of Percy Shelley. But in spirit...
The confrontation of human and machine... Much deeper: it is a confrontation between the human and the mechanical. And even at the highest philosophical level: the confrontation of Christianity and Mithraism.
The Shrike itself is the center of this confrontation. An unsolvable paradox. Unsolvable in principle...
Luddites smash machines. Machines naturally come to the conclusion that humans are a harmful virus that must be destroyed. Omnius and Serena Butler, Neo and Agent Smith, Terminator and John Connor...
But this conflict itself is a child of the conflict that gave birth to Antiquity. And the first book of "Cantos" - "Hyperion" - also contains the plot of this conflict in disguise. But we need to talk about this separately...

PS. Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (née Byron; 10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852) was an English mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage's proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. She was the first to recognise that the machine had applications beyond pure calculation, and to have published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by such a machine. As a result, she is often regarded as the first computer programmer.
In 1975, the US Department of Defense decided to start developing a universal programming language. The Minister read the historical digression prepared by the secretaries and without hesitation approved both the project and the proposed name for the future language — "Ada". On December 10, 1980, the language standard was approved.
[1] - quotes from "Hyperion Cantos"
[2] - quotes from "The Story of the Lost" by Galina Gamper
[3] - quotes from Wikipedia

Leigh Hunt and company. Prelude: The Castel Sant’Angelo
Leigh Hunt and company. P.1 Nemesis...
Leigh Hunt and company. P.2 The Examiner
Leigh Hunt and company. P.3 Byron, Shelley, Keats and... Shrike
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2023.03.09 23:27 JoeyWJBF Got a parking ticket downtown? It might be a scam.
Richmond County Sheriff’s Office wants the public to be aware of a scam involving someone issuing fake parking tickets in downtown Augusta.
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2023.03.09 19:41 JoeyWJBF Augusta man sentenced to 5 years in prison for filing false $100M tax return
At trial, Williams took the stand in his own defense and claimed he was “acting righteously in God’s eyes” and told the jury “they would have to answer to God if they convicted him.”
The jury returned a verdict of guilty in under 14 minutes.
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2023.03.03 19:02 Edward_Stivenson Best Tips on How to Title an Essay

Best Tips on How to Title an Essay
How to Make a Good Title for an Essay
The success of an essay heavily depends on its title. This may not come as a surprise given that the essay title is the first aspect to provide the reader with a sneak peek into the text. It piques our interest to read the paper in the first place and gives us a preview of what to expect from the author.
Our research paper writing help prepared a thorough guide on how to title an essay. Here you may find tips and tricks for developing an effective APA or MLA essay title. So, let's dive straight into the article for more exciting details!
Essay Title Format
During your essay writing process, ensure you know the stylistic requirements before beginning an essay. Knowing the format you need to employ is crucial because different style manuals may have varying requirements. Mostly, you could have used an APA or MLA essay title format. Our custom writing service, where you can buy essay online, explains these two in more detail below.
Essay Title MLA
If you're required to create an essay title MLA format, check whether your instructor wants you to make a separate cover page. If not, put a heading at the beginning of your work that includes your name, the name of your professor, the course ID, and, lastly, the date.
On the other hand, if you must present a cover page for your essay title MLA, then you need to include the following:
  • The name of the college
  • The title of your paper
  • The subtitle of your paper, if applicable
  • Your first and last name
  • Your teacher or professor's name
  • The class name or course number
  • The date the paper is due
The formatting instructions are as follows:
  • Double-spaced
  • Centered
  • Times New Roman font
  • Size 12 font
  • Apart from very short terms, each word's initial letter should be capitalized. The initial word, however, must always be uppercase.
  • The title page shouldn't include a header with the page numbers.
Essay Title APA
Having discussed the MLA format essay title, let's explore what the APA student title page includes:
  • The paper title
  • Author names
  • Institutional affiliation where the author carried out the study
  • Name and number of the course
  • Professor name
  • Due date
  • Page number
The title of an essay format instructions:
  • double-spaced
  • 1" margins
  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • According to APA, your title should be targeted and brief, without unnecessary words or abbreviations
How to Choose a Good Title for an Essay: Important Qualities
Nobody will read a dull headline. Your title should grab your audience's attention and encourage them to read the rest of the work. As it is one of the initial things readers see, having a strong attention grabber is essential when writing an essay from scratch. To fully understand how to come up with a title for essay that is strong and exciting, let's consider a few following factors:
Employ a Catchy Hook - Usually, the title of essay format follows a similar basic structure, especially if they are used for an academic article. The hook serves as a unique component that attracts the reader. It's a captivating statement informing others about the topic of the essay. You can also explore several types of sentences with examples that can help you develop the ideal hook structure.
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Use a Colon - A colon is frequently used in academic titles to separate concepts and sentences. The standard procedure is to place a clever remark or brief quotation before the colon. Although these beginning words offer flavor, they can be overdone. Because of this, some individuals find using the colon to be repugnant. Therefore be careful not to misuse this method.
Ask a Question - To write essay title that is strong, consider asking a question. But, use it with caution because posing a question will make your tone less formal. As long as the question is suitably phrased to meet the subject of your essay, feel free to employ it. Always check to see if the title question still applies to your points in the essay's body. The thesis statement should be appropriately reflected as well.
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  • The title must bear the theme of the text: choose a title that summarizes the essay.
  • Capitalize all words with certain exceptions: Capitalize the first letter of every word in the title, but do not capitalize pronouns, articles, prepositions, and conjunctions.
  • Avoid underlining the title: Since topics come in boldface, underlining it will amount to overemphasis. Some authorities say that if you must underline it, do not bolden it.
  • Review the final version of the title: Do not forget to do a quick review of the final version of the title—check for grammar, structure, spelling and so on. Re-read it to determine if the title has given justice to the essay. Confirm if the topic is catchy enough to attract your reader’s attention.
  • When using a colon in your title, follow the rules: Since we are dealing with punctuation rules here, let us talk about the colon – when you have two eye-catching topics, separate them with a colon.
Student’s Guide on How to Come Up with a Title for an Essay
Titling an essay can be easy, but there are a few core principles to be taken into account. The following tips will help you stay on track and avoid any common pitfalls.
Essay Goes First
Never start with a title! If you write it before the rest of the text, it will be based on it, and it should be vice versa. Writing an essay before choosing a heading will give you a clear understanding of what should make sense to the reader. Re-read the finished paper several times to decide on the title. The last thing to create is a title - such strategy will give more time to spend on crafting an essay outline, conducting research, or writing the paper itself.
Take the Style of Your Paper Into Account
What are you writing about? What is the style of your paper, and is it an academic essay or a free-form essay like a narrative essay? If the topic of your essay is “Do people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty?” your title should not be humorous; it should be strict and to the point.
If your topic is “Why do people like watching funny cat videos?”, feel free to craft a funny title. Determine the tone of your essay and base your title on it—in consideration with the essay’s topic.
The tone can be:
  • Serious - “The implications of global warming”
  • Funny - “How cats and dogs love their masters”
  • Amiable - “Ways to fight depression”
  • Persuasive - “Why positive thinking is a must have skill for every person”
  • Informative - “Ten rules for creating a chemical at home”
Keep It Short and Simple
The main goal of a title is to name its paper. There is no need to tell an entire story in the title, or provide any useless details. Sum up your paper in a few words! Another way to do this is to sum up your thesis statement, as it represents the main idea of your essay. Take your thesis and squeeze it into 3-4 words. Imagine that you are creating a title for your favourite newspaper or a slogan for Coca-Cola.
Use Relevant Words
Don’t use fancy words! Take 2-3 main words (keywords), put them together, and stop wasting your time. Avoid jargon and abbreviations.
Involve a Little Bit of SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that can help any student and young writer reap benefits. While working on a title, detect the words related to the central idea of the paper. Type the words into the search field of Google and add the word “quote.” A search engine will show numerous web pages with in-text quotations that could be useful. Select the fragment you like. It is possible to learn how to make a creative title for an essay in this way.
Final Tips
Discover several more tips from experts:
  • Never forget the “What,” “Who,” “When,” “How,” “Why,” and “Where” questions (if you start with one of these questions, your title has a chance of getting noticed);
  • Come up with an unexpected image not related to the selected topic;
  • Sometimes, starting with a lie increases the chances of a title being able to catch an eye;
  • Review our catchy essay title examples.
Essay Title Examples: Bad vs Good
The strongest essay titles condense lengthy essays into concise statements. When wondering how to make an essay title, think carefully about your stylistic choices and essay format to produce an excellent one. Our dissertation help has provided essay title examples to let you understand the difference between good and bad ones more vividly.
Bad Essay Title Examples
As we discussed how to create an essay title and the specific elements that go into it, you should have a clear idea of how important it is to craft a strong title. In contrast, first, look at weak essay title ideas that can break your paper. This should serve as an example of why your heading should not be like this:
Ex 1: 'How Television Has Changed Our World' - too vast and not informative
Ex 2: 'The Ara Pacis Augustae' - unclear for those who don't know Latin
Ex 3: 'The Most Poisonous Frog' - does not provide any insight
Ex 4: 'A Brief History of Subcultures and How They Manifest Themselves in a Constantly Changing Socio-Economic Environment' - too long and complicated
Ex 5: 'The Little Mermaid 29 Years Later: Selling a Harmful Sexist Message Through a Naughty Image' - inappropriate language
Good Essay Title Examples
Now that you know what a bad essay title looks like, let's explore good essay title examples as their substitutes. Examine the following essay title format styles that will give you a clear understanding.
Ex 1: 'The Electronic Babysitter: A Social History of Uses of the Television' - gives an exact description of what the essay will be about
Ex 2: 'The Modern Historical Significance of the Ara Pacis Augustae to the City of Rome' - here, the reader can understand what they will be reading about
Ex 3: 'A Deadly Beauty: The Evolution of Skin Coloration and Toxicity of the Poisonous Dart Frog' - clear, informative, and on-point.
Ex 4: 'Reconsidering Counterculture in Contemporary Society' - informative enough and brief
Ex 5: 'The Projection of Gender Stereotypes in The Little Mermaid' - employs appropriate language
Catchy Essay Title Ideas
You now understand that long, complicated headlines do not accurately convey the paper's main idea. Take ample time to consider the word choice before tilting your work. How do you create good essay titles? Think creatively and with common sense. But meanwhile, for your convenience, we compiled title ideas for essays you may use as inspiration.
Persuasive Essay Titles
  • Why Receiving College Education is Important: Examining Long-term Benefits
  • Face-to-Face Courses Cannot Be Replaced by Online Learning
  • An MBA Does Not Ensure Corporate Success.
  • Every Company Should Adopt a Green Strategy.
  • Energy Drinks Represent a Lucrative Market Segment.
  • Aircraft, Excess Weight Charges, Need to be Prohibited.
  • Patients' Life Shouldn't be Put to Death by Nurses.
  • Google Glasses May Increase the Number of Auto Accidents.
  • All of the Conventional Malls Will Soon be Replaced By Online Shopping
  • How Do Team-building Exercises Contribute to the Development of Inventions?
  • Illegal immigrants are entitled to remain in the US.
Academic Essay Titles
  • Several English Dialects: The Link Between Various Cultures
  • Instagram: A social media innovation
  • Is it possible to reverse drug-induced brain damage, and if so, how?
  • What the Future Holds for Humans in the Light of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Story of Two Nations after Decades of Conflict: North and South Korea
  • Video Games and Their Learning Context in Schools
  • Free Wi-Fi: Strategies for Enhancing the City's Economy
Strong Research Paper Titles
  • Digital World Cybersecurity
  • E-business to Provide New Paths for Booksellers
  • Outsourcing for Large Businesses
  • Preparing for College Costs for High School Students
  • What News Reporters Should Do in the Digital Age and How to Do It: Examples
  • The Transformative Power of Music: How Heavy Metal Impacted My Life
Best Essay Titles for College Students
  • The Possible Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence for Humans
  • The Potential for Time Travel in Virtual Reality
  • What Role Has Mathematics Played in Human History?
  • How to Succeed in the Real Estate Industry
  • E-Commerce: An Empire of Virtual Businesses Worth Millions of Dollars
  • How to Achieve Financial Independence in the Digital Age Without Opening a Real Business
More Creative Titles for Essays
  • When getting rewarded for their grades, would kids do better left alone?
  • How Does Fake News Impact the Mainstream press?
  • Homelessness in Contemporary Society: A Dilemma
  • What News Reporters' Best Job Is in the Digital Age and How to Uphold It
  • Elon Musk: Brilliant Mind or Insane Person?
  • Positives and Negatives of Employing a Smoker
  • Do We Employ the Appropriate Student Success Metrics?
Professional Academic Help
Now that you know how to make a good title for an essay, you should also understand that you should approach the task as a process. While composing your essay title, you must condense your whole thesis and point of discussion into a single, concise, yet powerful sentence. If you have time before your deadline, give it some thought and don't hurry.
Don't forget that you can always rely on our professional academic assistance, whether you need a reflection paper, ideas for a strong essay title, or any other academic papers. Consider the following words - write my essay for me - magic keywords for delegating your most complex tasks to our skilled writers!
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2023.02.22 06:06 MattKellyRealtor Your Ultimate Guide To Renting In The Greater Augusta Area/CSRA!

Good evening Reddit! I have been getting quite a few messages about rental properties and have been seeing an even larger influx of posts asking about rental properties here in the area so I have spent a little time compiling my thoughts and advice on the matter from location, expectations, explanations, and how you can help secure a property faster!
\*** If you are currently in a domestic violence situation, your computephone may be monitored!*
Please call SafeHomes of Augusta 706-736-2499
The Cumbee Center for Aiken/Barnwell 803-649-0480 and exit this post immediately. \**\**

Location, Location, Location!
First let's talk about about different locations and why they may make an ideal place for you to consider! Let's go North to South!
North/Northwest Columbia County/Thomson (Appling, Grovetown, Harlem): Are you working on base at Ft. Gordon? How about Amazon, John Deere, Serta, etc? This is a great start. You are going to find a TON of single family homes or town homes available to you but do not expect a lot of walking to your favorite coffee shop, this is a suburban as it gets. You should also expect traffic work and density to increase the closer you are to I20! Many properties are going to be standard .33 acres with moderate backyards with the exceptions of the townhouses. You can find more brick ranch 3 bedroom style homes with potentially a little more space in Harlem and Appling but those will be far and few between. You will find your cheapest rental rates here. My boaters/fishers will love your short drive to Clarks Hill Lake!
South Columbia County Evans/Martinez: Tons of small business and the original suburb of Augusta. You will hear many people call this part of town a "sleeper community" because most work OUTSIDE of their borders. This is because you can really find yourself able to reach any part of Greater Augusta within a 20-30 minute commute; and that commute decreases to closer you are to Washington Road or 520 (Bobby Jones Expressway). You will find a ton of homes built in the 1970's and up that have various lot sizes and neighborhood styles. You also have smaller townhouse communities littered throughout but be prepared to pay a more expensive rent the closer you are to Evans Town Center. There are currently multiple market-rate apartment complexes being built out around the area as well. You should note that Columbia County has a great variety of well maintained parks throughout the county, but the mac daddy of them all is going to be located around the Lady A Amphitheater. Come and find me at the dog park sometimes I need friends.
Don't miss out on taking advantage of the Savannah River Rapids park as well! Great for all outdoor enthusiasts!
OVER TO SOUTH CAROLINA! Aiken/Edgefield/Graniteville/North Augusta: Bridgestone, Horses, Baseball, and the Greenway!
This region really excites me and for good reason. Aiken hosts a ton of small business and has developed a really cool downtown. It is a good 30 minute drive to downtown Augusta but I find it very pleasant. You are going to fit in these regions whether you are a young pro, travel nurse, or maybe a student at Aiken Tech. North Augusta is JUST across the river and you will find a really cool city center as well as the new SRP Park. Many people love the Ironwood, or Clubhouse apartments as well as the Landings but be prepared to pay some of the highest rent in the region, the view is kinda killer though. You will find town houses spread throughout but there are a ton of ranch and craftsmen style homes throughout Aiken and North Augusta and less so in Edgefield (similar to Grovetown) and Graniteville (similar to Harlem).
BACK ACROSS THE RIVER! WEST Augusta/Richmond County:
Tons of brick ranch homes and townhome communities as well as a bunch of established apartment complexes like Alexander Commons and Rockbrook. This area nestles up next to Martinez, and it the western gate to the city of Augusta. Neighborhoods like Montclair, West Vineland, National Hills, Country Club Hills, Summerville, Sand hills, Pendleton King, and all the communities off Boy Scout Road offer tons of properties for family and friends of all sizes but prepare for a lack of anything new. This is a very established and developed region so you will find many homes built in the early 1900's! You have some great parks and can find yourself in very close proximity to Augusta University as well as a plethora of small business. Walk-ability is not great with the exception of the Summerville area but rent will become quite expensive in that particular region. The close you are to Riverwatch Parkway, the closer you will be to some of the other entrances to the always fun Augusta Canal! This area is perfect for young pros, students at AU, or anyone who enjoys the downtown lifestyle but may want a little more yard!
Downtown Augusta:
Contrary to what you may read, I have heard great things from actual residents of the downtown/Oldetown area. Walk-ability is great and you have a ton of culture and thriving small businesses opening up shop every month. You will hear that this a "food desert' and there is no way of polishing that turd, you simply will need to check out local farmers markets or drive to the Food Lion on Wrighstboro or the Publix in North Augusta. You will find 3 of the regions 6 hospitals here including AU Health aka the Medical College of Georgia. Young pros, Vogtle, SRS, and students will find a lot to love about the downtown area, and you to all my extroverts, this is your playground.Rent will increase based on the square footage you are looking for as well as your proximity to Broad, Greene, Telfair or the Savannah River itself (Looking at you giant pink building. BRING BACK FORT DISCOVERY!)
South Augusta (Hephzibah, Keysville, Blythe):
All my tradespeople let me see your hands. Tons of brick ranch homes, tons of space for pets, and tons of industry. You will enjoy your commute to alot of the plants around the areas. Walk-ability is poor but you can find yourself in the heart of Augusta or Martinez rather quickly depending on your proximity to Bobby Jones Expressway. If you find yourself traveling, the Augusta Regional Airport is a stones throw away! To all my military and military contractors, you are going to enjoy your 10-15 minute commute to Ft. Gordon! If you made it this far, you will see on Reddit and many other local boards that this is a crime-riddled region. As a local of 29 years, I'd encourage you to contact the Richmond County Board of Education for all your information on demographics and crime in any area you are considering. You may be surprised at what the data tells you ;) .

How Do I Save Time and Money When Looking For A Rental?
Between application fees, housing scarcity, lack of incentives for affordable housing, and real estate agents not giving a flying &%#! if you call about a rental, I sympathize with you but lets put a little bit of it all into context and how you can improve your situation.
First, understand that YOU renting a property will only benefit one to three people. This would be the land lord, you, and a property manager if applicable. There is little to zero monetary incentive for a real estate agent to show you rental properties and it is simply not the highest and best use of an established agent's time. NEWER agents may see this as a viable strategy to build a pipeline of future clients but there are better options. Keep in mind, a real estate agent may receive a $100 commission on a good day. Them showing you a rental property is basically pro-bono work. Instead, ask an agent to utilize their MLS and many (including myself) would be happy to set you up on a drip feed that will go straight to your inbox every morning. This will free up time scrolling around on Zillow/ and instead allow you to look at cute puppies on YouTube or actually work.
*Please note that DIY landlords will not list on the MLS so maybe cut back on the puppy videos\*
*Also note: Some of the best land lords still haven't figured out the internet and you will find some gems by simply driving through the neighborhoods you like and looking for yard signs.\*

Utilize your property management companies instead!
One thing nobody can help is lack of inventory. Talk to your local leadership about building more housing units and maybe ask about a fun concept called a "build-to-rent" community.
What property managers CAN do is notify you of upcoming properties. This requires two things from you: START EARLY/CALL OFTEN! Property managers do have a great incentive to make you a paying tenant. It is called a procurement fee and it typically will be the first months rent! You may be required to fill out an application per company, but if they know you are qualified and looking, you will get a call and they will have personnel or a system that will allow you to see the property. Getting to know your property managers is absolutely key to securing a rental in highly desirable areas but they do get 100's of calls a day so STAY TOP OF MIND! Service will vary from company to company, so please temper expectations and plan accordingly.
\Application policies varies from company to company. I would ask if they have an option to pre-apply to help save time and money.\**

Like any home listing, a units rent is listed at what the property owner believes is market rate. The funny thing about a financial market is that it fluctuates every single day! I currently count 500 available properties for rent right now in the Greater Augusta market. Do not be discouraged by what a property is listed at. Call and ask. Tell them what you can afford and you may be surprised at what you find.
We live in an age where almost everyone has a camera on their phone, almost every landlord is getting real freaking cute with their "cleaning fees" (Thanks Air BnB)
Before you move into a new place, do not become the next bad Google review. Take photos of the current condition and email them to the property owner and take it upon yourself to have the property professionally cleaned before turning in the keys. It is a whole lot easier for a land lord to keep your security deposit than it is for you to get it back!
The single most important key to making this process as smooth as possible is preparation.
Keep in mind many property managers follow the 3x rule (Your monthly income must be 3 times the amount of the monthly rent). Factor this in when defining your budget but also know this is not always the case. Credit will also be a factor in some cases, know your score and disclose all of these numbers up front with the land lord to avoid paying for an application fee that won't be accepted in the first place.
If you are a pet owner, expect to be limited on options. Pets and pet owners are not a protected class and many property owners will turn you away. HOWEVER, money talks and some land lords will or can be persuaded to accept a pet deposit fee. These restrictions can range from certain breeds or a total blanket ban on all pets in general.
I have compiled a list of companies/apartment complexes to get you started on your search down below.
Disclaimer: This is NOT my specialization but simply a compilation of experience in real estate and what I have learned from professionals who do work on the leasing side.
I'd like to make this post as helpful as possible, if you have some constructive feedback, please reach out :D .
Happy Hunting!

Property Management Companies:
Blanchard & Calhoun Property Management: (706) 722-7331
Auben Realty: (706) 305-1551
Augusta Rental Homes: (762) 585-4663
Bridge's Realty: (706) 922-6390
Lucky Star Properties: (706) 496-8062
Three16 Property Management: (706) 863-8182
Bragg & Associates: (706) 210-0494
McGillicuddy Rental Properties: (706) 737-5072
RentSmart: (706) 309-1000
Doorpost Management: (706) 863-1711
Rex Property & Land: (706) 722-4962
Meybohm Property Management: (706) 733-6497
Conrex Property Management (833) 426-6739)

Apartment complexes around the area:
Rollingwood Place: (706) 595-6111
Monterray Pass: (706) 595-1067

Ridge Crossing: (706) 863-2048
The Reserve at Whiskey Creek : (706) 868-0717
Joiner Crossing: (706) 726-5144
Brighton Park: (706) 496-6418
Bell Forrest:(706) 556-0073
The Belmont: (706) 666-5134
Walden Glen: (706) 920-5544
Blue ridge Commons: (706) 722-8334
The Heron at River Island: (706) 406-7800
Bradford Pointe: (706) 661-8494
Spring House Apartments: (706) 868-8181
Wheeler Woods Apartments: (762) 585-4663
The Gateway Crossing: (706) 869-4459

West Augusta
The Turn: (706) 445-3934
The Lory: (706) 496-3007
Forest Hills Apartment: (706) 496-3007
Rocky Creek: (706) 860-2801
The Avalon: (762) 222-6134
Rocky Creek: (706) 860-2801
Sanctuary Apartments: (706) 956-5188
Westbury Creek: (706) 744-0960
Annaberg Apartments: (762) 585-4663
Residence at Riverwatch: (706) 661-8843
Magnolia Park Apartments: (706) 738-9912
Midtown Apartments: (706) 739-7775
Grand oaks at Crane Creek (706) 247-7588

Downtown Augusta
Broadway: (706) 737-4548
Broad Street Commons: (706) 722-4962
The Downtowner: (706) 814-7199
Canalside: (706) 426-7742
McCoullough Townhouse Square: (706) 724-6971
Beacon Station: (706) 204-5409
The Row: (762) 260-9135
Millhouse Station: (706) 471-0849

South Augusta:
Antebellum Apartments: (706) 863-1711
Augusta Manor Apartments: (706) 793-0699
Hillcrest: (706) 796-9915
Pinnacle Place Apartments: (706) 793-2435
North Augusta:
Ironwood: (803) 594-6767
River's Edge: (803) 441-0034
Breckenridge Villas: (803) 867-5938'
The Edgewater: (803) 426-8261
Vierra Aiken: (803) 721-4342
Woodwinds Apartments: (803) 882-3718
Brittany Downs: (803) 675-5685
submitted by MattKellyRealtor to Augusta [link] [comments]

2023.01.31 05:39 Coy9ine Alex Murdaugh murder trial: Walterboro restaurants, food trucks serve influx of visitors

Alex Murdaugh murder trial: Walterboro restaurants, food trucks serve influx of visitors

Alex Murdaugh murder trial: Walterboro restaurants, food trucks serve influx of visitors

By Abraham Kenmore - Augusta Chronicle - 1/30/23
[Video Link]
The second week of the trial of Alex Murdaugh for the alleged murder of his son and wife began with an evenly gray sky and persistent rain.
Outside the Walterboro, SC, courthouse on Monday the barriers and "road closed" signs seemed set for a much larger crowd than was actually present, but there were a number of onlookers, law enforcement officers, and an outsized gaggle of reporters. The designated media parking lot near the courthouse was half-filled with satellite trucks, vans and an RV. A small shed seemed to have been set up as a studio atop several court parking spaces on a blocked off road.
"I've been following this since the boat crash," said Colett Dryden, who drove in from Columbia, SC, for the trial with James Fenner. They had been to Walterboro before, she said, but not often; Monday was the first day they came to see the trial in person. Today the gallery was nearly full, they said, an increase over last week.
"You get to see more, versus what the cameras show you," Fenner said.
A road is blocked off on the side of the Colleton County Courthouse because of the ALex Murdaugh trial during day one of jury selection in Walterboro, SC, on 1/23/23. McKenzie Lange/Staff
The influx of people for the trial has been enough to sustain a small corral of food trucks in the parking lot of a Wildlife Center, currently serving double duty as a media overflow space. Lori Barger of Live Oak Smokehouse said they have been driving about an hour each day from Moncks Corner, SC, since the trial began. They were one of the first food trucks to register through the Walterboro Chamber of Commerce.
“The first couple days it was just jury selection, and I think all of the food trucks were just trying to figure out what it was going to be like," Barger said. "Now, we’ve got a pretty good rhythm going, and people are starting to pick their favorite trucks.”
Tara Langdale prepares an order at Blazin's Blaine's Deep Fried Goodies food truck 1/25/23. A parking lot across from the courtroom is filled with food trucks wehre lawyers, sheriffs, journalists and onlookers gather for lunch. McKenzie Lange/Staff
Tara Langdale is a professional closet organizer, but for the duration of the trial she is working at the Blazin's Blaine's Concessions food truck, which is local to Walterboro. She said that other than fast food, only two restaurants in the town serve lunch.
“They’d never get through their hour break" without the food trucks, she said.
Gerald Pringle, owner and chef at Kitchen 27, said he heard about the opportunity from the town and brought his food truck from Ridgeville, SC, about an hour away.
"The locals now come to the food trucks in part because there are very few restaurants here in Walterboro, so I think the tourism is kind of looking like, 'maybe this is something we can kind of continue on,'" Pringle said.
Brick and mortar establishments have seen an uptick, too.
Tiffany Edenfield is a waitress at Bear Café and Lounge on Main, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner beside the courthouse. In the evening, it doubles as a hookah lounge with sports on TV. Now, the TVs are showing the trial next door.
“This town ain’t used to this, they never had a big trial like this before," she said.
Eric Bland, the estate attorney for the late Gloria Satterfield, talks on his phone before eating lunch 1/25/23. McKenzie Lange/Staff

Food truck owners in Walterboro develop camaraderie

During the summer, Edenfield said Walterboro sees plenty of tourists, particularly antiquers, the winter is slower. But last week business jumped when the trial started, she said, even if some locals are staying away from the hoopla.
“A lot of people won’t come until after five when they know court is over and all the reporters are gone," she said.
Longdale also said that a lot of locals come to the food trucks after the trial is over for the day.
“We get that five to seven rush," she said.
The little cluster of food trucks have become friendly since the start of the trial, figuring out what other places are serving so they can compliment, not duplicate, each other's menus and helping one another out.
“We’ve kind of all bonded in this little food truck world," Barger said.
Justin Bamberg, state representative for House District 90, checks out a food truck menu 1/25/23 McKenzie Lange/Staff
Roberta McCue and Pam Butler came in from Charleston for their first day in-person on Monday, but they too, have been following the case from the start. As the trial broke for lunch, they headed for the food trucks to check out the options.
"I think that was a wise idea," McCue said of bringing the trucks.
When she used to shop in Walterboro, there were limited food options, McCue said.
"Having elephant ears brings it to the circus," McCue said — she planned to get one of the funnel cakes on the way home for her daughter.
Edenfield at the Bear Cafe said she is hoping the good business continues in the second week of the trial, despite the rain, but she is looking forward to when it wraps up.
“I can’t wait for this to be over," she said.
Giuseppe Vitale, co-owner of Italian restaurant Panna E Ciccolata, fills his food truck generator with gas in the parking lot across form the Colleton County Courthouse 1/24/23 McKenzie Lange/Staff
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2022.12.28 13:16 geoffreyalls About Geoffrey Alls

About Geoffrey Alls submitted by geoffreyalls to u/geoffreyalls [link] [comments]

2022.12.18 14:52 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in AK Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Central Peninsula Hospital Sonographer Soldotna
Alaskan Observers Inc. Fisheries ObserveFisheries Biologist Unalaska
United Parcel Service Delivery Driver Wasilla
CompHealth Physician / Psychiatry / Louisiana / Permanent / General Psychiatrists Needed Anchorage
Northeast Division RN Registered Nurse Graduate Nurse Transition Program Anchorage
Enterprise Holdings Automotive Detailer - Car Washer - Santa Barbara Airport Anchorage
My Community Dental Centers Inc. Registered Dental Assistant - Hillsdale Anchorage
AFP CDL Class A Driver - Erving Magic Touch, LLC Anchorage
Bottomline Technologies Customer Success Manager, Fraud and Financial Crime Anchorage
CyberCoders Tax Manager - REMOTE Anchorage
Mirati Therapeutics Inc Associate Scientific Director, Formulation Development Anchorage
Cortland Maintenance Technician-Paseo at Bee Cave-Austin,TX $500 Sign-On Bonus Anchorage
Covenant Health Acute Care RN - Neurology - Covenant Medical Center Up to $15,000 Hiring Bonu Anchorage
Britt Medical Search Orthopedic Trauma Surgery Opening in Augusta, GA (Physician ) Anchorage
Joe's Auto Parks Shuttle Driver DTLA Area Anchorage
Atlantic Health System RN Assistant Manager, Home Care Anchorage
American Hardwood Industries Inventory Manager Anchorage
Suntuity Solar Canvasser Anchorage
Foster Blue Water Oil Richmond - Transport Driver Day & Night Shifts Anchorage
All Medical Personnel Licensed Therapist / Physical Therapy / Texas / Physical Therapist Job Anchorage
Day Ross Regional Class A Truck Driver Job in Waterbury, VT Aniak
GO Staffing Locums Family NP needed in Bakersfield, CA (2020) Barrow
All Ways Caring HomeCare Caregivehome Health Aide Bethel
SP Plus Corporation Security Officer - Driving Bethel
Page Southerland Page, Inc. Interior Designer (Mid-Level) Bethel
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ak. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.11.07 22:59 FortioriAbHinc Blueline, cop, police Predators/Sexual related arrests October 2022 Roundup

Total list 117 Aaron Thomas Mitchell, Customs and Border Protections Douglas AZ 2022 Thomas Wallace Wichita KS 2022
James Linton Leon County Corrections FL 2022
Collins Umoh ACI Correctional RI 2022
Guillermo Gutierrez Dodge City KS 2022
Brandon S. Stone Oswego County Corrections 2022
Daniel Horetski Oro Valley Police MI 2022
Michael Martinez Phoenix AZ 2022
Harry Seeders Louisville KY 2022
Mark Scheetz Kansas City KS 2021
Thomas Peoples Oak Ridge TX 2022
Nathan Nash Spokane WA 2022
Danny Bell Mobile Airport Police AL 2022
Allan Brown Columbus Police OH 2022
Frank Tallia Ponchatoula Police LA 2022
Anthony DeMetro WV Parole Officer 2022
Sheridon Archer Palm Bay FL 2022
Dale Edward Cheuvront FBI Police Officer VA 2022
Justin Mauliola Maui Police HI 2022
Gerry Paul New Orleans LA 2022
Steven Selph Altamonte Springs FL 2022
Jeffrey Alan Burrell Quincy Police MA 2022
Willie Cleaveland Murphy Jr. Enfield Police NC 2022
Julio Alcantara-Santiago NY New York Police Department 2022
Shaun Lorenzo Golphin Atlantic Beach Police FL 2022
Mike Tobin Clarksville Police IA 2022
Timothy McCormack Wisconsin Capitol Police WI 2022
Christopher Moorehard Delcambre Police LA & Shelly Lynn Friou Iberia Parish Jail 2022
Joseph Reid Copeland Denham Springs Police LA 2022
Joshua Timothy Sylvester Kenosha Police WI 2022
Vincent Ryan Potter Adam's County Sheriff Department CO 2022
Scotty Ballard State Of Alabama Law Enforcement ALEA 2022
Todd Allen Hutchinson Police Ks 2022
Sean Essex Los Angeles Sheriff Department CA 2022
Timothy Hyatt Denver police CO 2022
Curtis Arganbright Westminster Police CO 2022
Daniel Joeseph Donahue Scramento Police CA 2022
Fernando Chavira Soto El Paso TX Police 2022
Zake Rivera El Paso Police TX 2022
Abderrazak Boukhatmi El Paso Police TX 2022
Koby Don Williams ICE Ellensburg WA 2022
Tracey Naquin Louisiana Corrections 2022
Michael Scott Langton Ferndale Police WA 2022
Michael Wilson Trenton PD MO 2022
Anthony Brown Long Beach PD CA 2022
Christopher Chappell Florida Highway Patrol 2022
William Watts Sr. Philadelphia PD 2022
Michael baker Vermont Department of Corrections (Northeast Correctional Complex) 2022
Charles Johnson II, Washington D..C. Police 2022
William Arnold Jr. Alachua County Sheriff FL 2022
Shane Hickey Lawerence Township Police NJ 2022
Gordon Grabau Linn County County Sheriff IA 2022
Tajudeen Olarotimi Durodoye Anne Arundel County MD 2022
Peter Newton Addison County Sheriff VT 2022
Brian Wiilliam Helfert Menominee County Sheriff Department 2022
David Behney Miami Police 2022
Israel Garcia UC Merced 2022
Abraham Hohnke Western Michigan University Public Safety Officer 2022
Adam McNeal Conway Police Department 2022
Benamin Gray Sacramento Police 2022
Brandon Fox Daytona Beach Police 2022
Jerric Gilbert Carrolton Police 2022
Ryan Lee Carlin Broussard Police 2022
Sean McKenzie PA state trooper 2022
Evan Robert Dahl Torrance Police 2022
Aaron Cochrane Bradford Police 2022
Justine Hatfield Lancaster School Resource Officer. 2022
Austin Butcher Claiborne County 2022
Johnny Garcia Albuquerque Police 2022
Mason Jordan Honolulu Police 2022
DeAngelo Reyes Tulsa Police 2022
Michael Nicholas Covey Newport News Police 2022
Kevin Taylor ICE 2022
William Fitzpatrick Oil City Police LA 2022
Andrew Denoyer Eldridge Police Department IA 2022
Waldron Ralph Sheppard Camden Police Department AR 2022
Joshua Rogers Fayette County Detention Center KY 2022
Alejandro Carmona JacksonVille Sheriff Fla
Justin Weber Houton Tx Police
Juan Lopez Ice agent
Natalie Guadalupe Castilleja Denton County Correction Juveniles TX
Brandon Cooper Wilmington Police Delaware
Miguel Velasco-Herrera Killeen Police
Luke John Schauer Sioux Falls Police SD
Mathew Alan Jock Sioux Falls SD
Brett Parson Metro Police District of Columbia
Ismael Roldan III Alabama A&M Universtiy
Zarek Finely Wolcottville Police
Kyle Magner Cherry Point Police
Daniel Carrier Kaufman ISD SRO
Michell Singh Clovis Police Community Service Officer
Brandon Saffeels Maui Police Department
Nathaniel Lawrence Bruceville-Eddy Police
Joe Martinez Boston Police 2022
Javier Gomez Corcoran State Prison 2022
Ryan Hill Augusta Police KY 2022
Juan Garcia Treasure Coast Police 2021
Iraj Karkevandian St. Petersburg Police 2018
Shaun Dumont St. George Police 2016
Austin Brackeen Oklahoma City Police OK 2018
Otoniel Molina Cherry Valley Police 2019
Todd A. Lewwit Hermosa Beach Police 2018
Anthony Mileno 2019
Harold "Tad" Rogers 2021
Christopher Peto Las Vegas Metro Police 2020
Keith Williamson Columbia Police SC 2022
Timothy Barber South Bend police 2021
Christopher Sayeski Banning Police 2022
Thomas Cutri, Jr. Albany Police 2022
Leon Martin Isleta Police 2021
Jonathan Gardner Lawrence Police 2022
Steven J. Daniello Coral Springs Police 2021
Ricky Scaman Falls County Sheriff 2020
Jaylen Devon Fleer San Diego Sheriff Office 2021
Daniel Holtzclaw Oklahoma City Police 2014
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2022.11.02 21:50 spartachilles Breakaway Federalist Reform Convention of 1928 A House Divided Alternate Elections

Breakaway Federalist Reform Convention of 1928 A House Divided Alternate Elections
When 190 delegates walked away from the Civic Auditorium of San Francisco during the Federalist Reform Convention, few in the party even knew of their departure, much less their intentions. However, those in the know had secretly disseminated a new meeting location for the delegates to reconvene: a local American Legion Post not far from the center of San Francisco. Traveling in clandestine groups of no more than a dozen and navigating side streets in order to avoid making a scene within the city, the air of paranoia was palpable among the delegates. However, once they passed through the doors of the Legion’s Post under the careful armed guard of army veterans from the Grant era, the delegates were free to once again freely express political opinions often carefully repressed in the public sphere. With the overwhelming majority opinion rejecting liberal democracy if not pledging loyalty to Integralism or the old dictator himself, the crowded Legion Post had become the nucleus of a political movement grasping at the last straws of Grantism. With neither a party name nor party platform concretely decided upon (and even the idea of forming a party in the first place not totally settled), the delegates immediately proceeded towards the nomination of a candidate in the hopes that in the process they might elucidate their actual political goals.
The Presidential Candidates

President of the American Museum of Natural History Barnum Brown
Barnum Brown: The original locus of the breakaway movement in the first place, 55-year-old President of the American Museum of Natural History Barnum Brown remains a favorite choice of many of the delegates, although some have acknowledged that their support for him was a facade that they no longer intend to commit to. Under the tutelage of his mentor Henry Fairfield Osborn, Brown became a widely known figure in American paleontology after a number of fossil-finding expeditions in the American West. Perhaps the crowning achievement of his field work days was his discovery of the Tyrannosaurus rex after uncovering a fossil shortly before the outbreak of the Second Civil War. Developing a close relationship with the Grant dictatorship while maneuvering to ensure the protection of museums and the field of paleontology under the military regime (with some rumors claiming that he informed on paleontologists to set the Federal Bureau of Investigation upon them), Brown spent much of those three turbulent years traveling within the country and abroad on further expeditions to uncover a wide range of fossils (with yet more rumors suggesting that he served as a paid corporate spy during some of these ventures). Amicably succeeding his friend and partner Henry Fairfield Osborn as President of the American Museum of Natural History, Brown has achieved a fair amount of public standing allowing him to begin to articulate some of his political views.
Professing a social darwinist worldview akin to that of his mentor, Brown has used his museum as an instrument to advance the worldview that the European race represents the pinnacle of human development while also publicly attacking the immigration of those he views as inferior or lesser races and declaring that the Congo could never rise above being a mere territory. Closely associating himself with the eugenics movement, Brown has also suggested that the government should become involved with accelerating the progress of natural selection by forcefully sterilizing those deemed unfit whether due to mental disabilities, criminal activities, or their sexual behavior. Brown has also generally painted himself as favorable to big business interests and been heavily critical of workers going on strike, himself holding an iron grip over the employees of his museum and having close ties to the oil industry. However, Brown’s equivocations on the matter of the dictatorship have now put him in difficult straits among the breakaway convention. Some delegates have begun to question just how committed Brown would really be to their vision of authoritarian and nationalistic democracy (if not outright dictatorship), instead suggesting him to have merely been a front palatable enough for the Federalist Reform Party that now must be discarded as they crystallize their independent ideology.

Former Surgeon General Rupert Blue
Rupert Blue: 60-year-old former Surgeon General of the United States Rupert Blue is perhaps one of the few officials of the dictatorship with a relatively clean record. Rising to prominence as a public health officer with a record of battling disease and epidemics across the country, Blue was appointed by General Grant as the nation’s Surgeon General in the twilight months of the dictatorship after a well-established relationship with the dictator collaborating on sanitation issues in urban areas. Ultimately, Blue’s tenure in this role would be brief as the fearsome dictator became ill and died from cancer not long afterwards. However, a murky plot, primarily advanced by the Navy in the aftermath of Grant’s death, thrust Blue into a curious position as a contender in the power struggle to replace Grant as dictator. Ultimately, the scheme would fail to come to fruition as revolutionary fervor swept the nation, and Blue’s reputation would be irreparably damaged as a result of his depiction as an aspirant for dictatorial power. Forced out of his position by Provisional President John J. Pershing but only given a light punishment due to his limited role in actually attempting to seize power, Blue would spend the following years largely adrift trying to maintain his position as one of the nation’s foremost experts on public health (it was during this time that he coined the phrase “Safety First”). Most recently, Blue was formally pardoned and then unsuccessfully nominated by President John Purroy Mitchel for the position of Governor-General of the Congo, and was hired to defeat a smallpox epidemic in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, though not without controversy in both instances.
Blue’s positions on health policy are well known. His pioneering call for the implementation of universal sickness insurance to protect the American people from financial ruin in the event of illness introduced the idea in the nation’s political consciousness. Furthermore, he has supported the creation of a cabinet-level Department of Health as well as various measures and reforms designed to advance the nation’s medical and public health systems. However, even these seemingly innocuous proposals have not escaped scrutiny from his critics, who claim that he intends to grant excessive governmental powers to health officials to enable them to combat the threat of disease and epidemic in the country. That said, this has perturbed few of his supporters in the breakaway convention, with many in fact admiring that Blue has not once spoken against dictatorship as a form of government and only offered light criticisms at best of the tenure of General Grant as the ruler of the nation while steering clear of statements on the National Patriot League. Otherwise, Blue’s political positions remain relatively vague and ill-defined, but he is generally assumed to have a conservative attitude towards major issues. Ultimately, his supporters hope that Blue will strike the right balance of positive image and support for authoritarianism that might allow dictatorship to once again enter the range of acceptable political opinions.

Maine Governor Carl Milliken
Carl Milliken: 51-year-old longtime Maine Governor Carl Milliken represents yet another alternative for those hoping to lend an air of strength and legitimacy to the party. First elected in 1916, Milliken has been the chief executive of his state for six consecutive terms and gradually molded it into a state now regarded as the “Prussia of America”. Boasting a disproportionately enormous and well-armed National Guard, the state became notorious for its near-constant drilling of the Guard against the threat of communist revolution and for having one of the strictest criminal syndicalism laws in the country. Some have even suggested that Milliken’s Maine resembles a police state due his authoritarianism, and claim that either his close alliance with the media outlets of the state or even outright voter intimidation have been key to his extended tenure in control of the state. Although he remains in the state capital of Augusta and has given no direct indication of his support for a bolt from the Federalist Reform Party, his supporters nonetheless believe that his iron-fisted regime and leadership of the hardliner wing of the party naturally lends itself to support for the incipient breakaway party’s ideology.
Besides the infamy of his governorship, Milliken is perhaps best known for his advocacy of a national criminal syndicalism law that would enable the government to target and prosecute those advocating for the use of violence to support political or economic change. Of course, few doubt that his sole intention with such a law would be to target and persecute radical leftists such as the Industrial Workers of the World, having previously attacked their influence on American politics and all but endorsing the lynching of their now-famous martyr Wesley Everest in the aftermath of the Centralia Massacre. Additionally, as the sole major public official in consideration by the delegates, Milliken has a well-established record on more bread and butter political issues, including support of cutting excessive government expenses, attacking corruption, moderate tariffs, and universal military training. However, the main detraction against his candidacy comes from a perceived weakness despite his image as a new Sherman Bell: when faced with the threat of federal intervention to prevent Maine from enforcing an unconstitutional portion of its criminal syndicalism law, Milliken folded to the Bliss administration and rejected suggestions that he attempt to rise in rebellion against the federal government.

Author Richard Washburn Child
Richard Washburn Child: 47-year-old Massachusetts author Richard Washburn Child is the favorite of those in the party who seek to model its principles after the government of Italian Integralist dictator Benito Mussolini. A prolific author, Child became an intellectual leader of the Integralist movement during the Miles presidency and served for a brief time as an Integralist Representative. After the fall of democracy, Child was contracted by the Grant dictatorship to write propaganda and ideological tracts in support of the dictatorship. Despite these deep ties with the dictatorship, Child received amnesty during the Work presidency and returned to his writing career to continue to expand upon the intellectual basis for Integralism. Thus, after Benito Mussolini seized control of Italy in his now famous March on Rome, Child immediately became enthralled by the realization of his political ideals and even emigrated to Italy for several years to observe its progress. Deeply admiring Mussolini, Child’s position on the man is best summarized by his recently published biography on the Italian dictator: “It is one thing to administer a state. The one who does this well is called a statesman. It is quite another thing to make a state. Mussolini has made a state. That is super-statesmanship.” Child has thus spent several years writing propaganda for Mussolini and spreading a positive image of him in the United States, and has now returned to his home country hoping to bring Italian Integralism with him.
Openly scornful of “those who conjure with the word ‘democracy’” as being beholden to special interests rather than genuinely caring for the needs of voters, Child has insisted that Integralism is not incompatible with political liberties but rather represents an opportunity to mold “a new concept of citizenship and a new day in America”. He thus brings together a curious blend of commitment to constitutional government alongside support for the institution of an authoritarian regime. Strongly critical of the Taft Court’s decision that the Enabling Acts of the Miles presidency were unconstitutional, Child has urged for the decision to be revisited alongside the implementation of a law that would ensure that the party securing a plurality of the popular vote would be granted a 2/3rds supermajority in Congress to allow them to enact their agenda. He has also urged for a paradigm shift in the conception of politics from “rights” to “duties”, urging the American people to pledge themselves to service to their government rather than the reverse. Avoiding a commitment to a particular social or economic agenda, Child has also suggested that Integralism is a malleable ideology designed to constantly adapt itself to present conditions in order to ensure the spiritual and economic uplift of the American people. Thus, his concrete political opinions remain scarce outside of his previously stated political reforms and a desire to reorganize the economy along corporate lines with government-mediated negotiations between organizations of labor and organizations of business.

Advertising Executive Albert M. Briggs
Albert M. Briggs: 53-year-old advertising executive Albert M. Briggs of New York represents the choice of the delegates unashamed to announce their support of the notorious political terrorists of the National Patriot League. Having a well-established career in the advertising business, Briggs is widely believed to have been a collaborationist ringleader in the business world, maneuvering his advertising agency to secure the blessings of the dictatorship at the expense of his rivals. Although he has never publicly confirmed such rumors (albeit never denying them either), Briggs nonetheless followed the pattern typical of collaborators by allying himself with the Federalist Reform Party from its inception. However, increasingly dissatisfied with the party’s direction as it strayed towards the economic messaging of the New Nationalism, Briggs became increasingly radical after the General Strike of 1919 and later came to affiliate with the National Patriot League. Although as of yet he has not been prosecuted for any crime, there is little doubt among the mind of the delegates that he is in fact one of the last high-ranking lieutenants of the terrorist organization. Among his well-known former “business associates” were Judge John F. McGee, who notoriously called for state-sanctioned firing squads to liquidate strikers in 1919 and later shot himself to avoid arrest by federal authorities after refusing to pay civil fines arising from his support for the National Patriot League, as well as Sheriff Harry F. Wheeler who notoriously orchestrated the deportation of hundreds of strikers into the Arizona desert and later died of pneumonia while on the run from federal forces.
Although his business career has begun to suffer amid increasing scrutiny on his unsavory political opinions, Briggs has not shied away from supporting policies well outside mainstream political thought. Vociferously anticommunist, Briggs has called for strict criminal syndicalism laws enforced through the collaboration of government-sanctioned vigilante groups and a recreation of the Grant-era Federal Bureau of Investigation while also endorsing a repeal of the right to strike amendment. Also rabidly nationalistic, Briggs has planted himself firmly behind exhaustive curriculum reform that some might label as an attempt to brainwash the American youth, while also endorsing the call for universal military training and a restoration of the military’s former strength and prestige. Although he has not given this opinion without it being solicited from an ally of his, few doubt that Briggs supports the reinstatement of the dictatorship in some form as well. Thus, Briggs forms the core of support for the radicals among the delegates who don’t care for the disavowal of violence.

Terrorist Leader Ulysses S. Grant III
Ulysses S. Grant III (Write-In Only): 47-year-old leader of the terrorist National Patriot League and fugitive from justice Ulysses S. Grant III remains a distant possibility with few seriously considering his candidacy. However, with the right momentum it may just be possible for him to secure the nomination despite his notorious reputation. A West Point graduate, Grant served with distinction as a minor officer during the Second Civil War, but his career would not be shaped by his own military exploits but rather those of his father: the infamous military dictator and tyrant Frederick Dent Grant. After Grant the elder seized control of the nation’s government amid the instability surrounding the Electoral Commission of 1908 and President Nelson A. Miles’ assassination, Grant the younger served as his father’s personal secretary throughout the dictatorship. Only 31 at the time of his father’s death, Grant was thought to be too young and inexperienced to be seriously considered as a successor to the dictatorship, which precipitated a power struggle between his father’s former lieutenants and the eventual collapse of the dictatorship. Fleeing the country after the Second American Revolution, Grant spent several years as a military advisor for the Venezuelan government. However, amid the General Strike of 1919, Grant returned to the country to begin his most recent political saga as leader of the National Patriot League. Escaping the notice of the Peabody administration as one of many paramilitary organizations harassing strikers, the National Patriot League reached its apogee during the presidency of John Purroy Mitchel, becoming increasingly brazen and terroristic in its acts of political violence against strikers, socialists, and its many other opponents. However, the League’s fortunes would turn when Tasker H. Bliss assumed the presidency, as the new administration launched a blistering assault against the League that has all but destroyed the organization and turned Grant into a fugitive from justice.
As a wanted political terrorist whose whereabouts are as yet unknown, few seriously believe that Grant could be nominated, much less win election as the nation’s president. However, that has not stopped Grant’s most dedicated supporters from attempting to sound out his candidacy as a symbolic statement in support of a return of Grantism to the country. Naturally, this would entail a return of military dictatorship, universal military service, repression of undesirable political elements, and a concentration of power in a unitary executive. With this, they hope to ensure the stability of the American government, achieve a greater degree of cooperation with the business elite over the direction of the economy, and protect the American way of life from the threat of leftist revolution. Grant’s supporters also typically support the alignment of the country with Integralist powers abroad, most notably the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini in Italy, whom many of the delegates openly admire. However, the nomination of Grant would mark the party as anathema to the mainstream of American politics, and many delegates fear that would open the door to the Bliss administration suppressing the budding party altogether as the political arm of a terrorist organization.
Who will you support in this convention?
View Poll
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2022.10.30 05:57 Gallionella ALLS14I

Accurate data can help farmers and companies focused on agriculture make informed decisions about crop management, marketing and logistical operations, as well as help ensure a sustainable food supply and manage risk, according to the statement. The USDA department has been using satellite data since 2007 to investigate crop progress and conditions and create production statistics throughout the growing season.
Planet’s data provide “a frequent and high-resolution solution for agricultural modeling as farming becomes an increasingly data and technology driven process,” Rick Mueller, section head of the NASS’s Spatial Analysis Research Section, said in a statement. “With Planet’s robust dataset integrated into our workflow, NASS can better understand and quantify trends in upcoming growing seasons, identify regions prone to drought stress and natural disasters, and provide high resolution assessments of crop production.”
“People might think they’re cutting back on added sugar, but it’s sneaking into people’s trolleys through everyday foods, which makes the habit so hard to crack,” Coyle says
“In this long-term study, we demonstrated that herbicide reduction is viable provided there is a diverse rotation with a broad array of control methods,” she said. “Increasing crop life-cycle diversity can reduce weed outbreaks and selection pressure for herbicide-resistance weeds. Using an integrated approach, it is possible to make agriculture more sustainable and environmentally friendly without decreasing productivity.”
Nitrogen use efficiency, an indicator that describes how much fertilizer reaches a harvested crop, has decreased by 22% since 1961, according to new findings by an international group of researchers who compared and averaged global data sets.
“If we don’t deal with our nitrogen challenge, then dealing with pretty much any other environmental or human health challenge becomes significantly harder.”
Excess nitrogen from fertilizer and manure pollutes water and air, eats away ozone in the atmosphere, and harms plants and animals. Excess nitrogen can also react to become nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
Significant disagreements remain about the exact value of nitrogen use efficiency, but current estimates are used by governments and in international negotiations to regulate agricultural pollution.
The researchers said that a content analysis of marketing materials from Cosmetic Surgery Centers reveals that some facilities are already using strategies that focus customers on specific “flaws.”
While there are marketing applications, Mittal is more interested in the insights it provides for people contemplating plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.
"If you're thinking about getting cosmetic procedures, maybe you need to take a step back, to be more holistic and think about the future,” Mittal said. “If I have this procedure done, breast enlargement, liposuction, whatever it is, where do I see myself in one, three, five, 10 years from now? Is it actually going to have a long-lasting, positive impact on my life? Is it worth the risk? What is recovery going to look like, even just over the next couple of months? Actually taking a forward focus is something that consumers can do to give them a more holistic view before making a final decision,” she added.
Masks were encouraged, but not enforced and the festival Covid-19 policy required attendees to present evidence of one of the following before entry: a negative lateral flow test result within 24 hours of entrance, proof of both Covid-19 vaccines or proof of natural immunity via proof of a Covid-19 PCR positive test within 180 days of the event (but not within 10 days).Attendees were also asked to take another lateral flow test during the event and log results on the app and anyone who had a positive test was asked to leave the festival. Over 450 people were reportedly either refused initial entry because they failed to provide this proof, or asked to leave mid-festival.
Although it is possible that transmission occurred not only within the festival grounds, for example on transport to and from the event, music festivals during the pandemic are quickly becoming common superspreading events. Over 1,000 people tested positive after a Dutch music festival in July, despite having similar proof requirements to the U.K. festival.
“I am trained to be a scientist, but the cutting-edge science that is being done is not what I’m most proud of. It’s definitely the relationship building, making sure that the science is communicated, making sure the science is ethical, making sure that we’re incorporating Traditional Knowledge into our science…that is the most rewarding work.”
White-dominated spaces, including academia and workplaces, can be taxing on the mental health of scientists of color, particularly women of color, Peter said. But at Polaris, Peter is encouraged to think creatively, and when she presents an idea, her supervisor often tells her to “run with it.” Case in point: Peter wrote a guide for equitable research in the Arctic. “That’s something I’m pretty proud of because it’s gotten a lot of traction in the science world,” she said.
But by the end of the study – which followed students during their first semester at school – almost 70% of the students reported no vigorous physical activity at all. At the beginning of the study, students reported higher levels of activity, with only 40% saying they weren’t exercising hard enough to start panting at the beginning of the study.
“You have to be really motivated to engage in that level of activity,” said Yangyang Deng, lead author of the study and a graduate student in the Mary Frances Early College of Education. “In high school, there are many opportunities to be involved in sports, but those disappear for many students in college.”
Farmed carnivores may become 'disease reservoirs' posing human health risk
Study: Prevalence of diabetes in U.S. children has grown significantly since 2001
Researchers predict a peak in population numbers in 2064 followed by a 50% drop by the end of the century from changes in human reproductive behavior and function. There has been a 50% decrease in sperm counts over the last 50 years. People are stressed out from more frequent but less quality social interactions, and stress can suppress sperm count, ovulation and sexual activity.
Why the Research Is Interesting: Our brains contain a lot of cholesterol, which is known to affect the function of brain proteins. Brain cholesterol is also increased in people with Alzheimer’s dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Ion channels play a fundamental role in nerve cell communication and elevations in cholesterol can increase the activity of these channels, leading to decreased neuronal activity. Findings from this study open the doors for the larger research community to utilize this cholesterol site in the ion channel for drug development and potentially treating neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
But a brain map with neat borders is not just oversimplified — it’s misleading. “Scientists for over 100 years have searched fruitlessly for brain boundaries between thinking, feeling, deciding, remembering, moving and other everyday experiences,” Barrett said. A host of recent neurological studies further confirm that these mental categories “are poor guides for understanding how brains are structured or how they work.”
Neuroscientists generally agree about how the physical tissue of the brain is organized: into particular regions, networks, cell types. But when it comes to relating those to the task the brain might be performing — perception, memory, attention, emotion or action — “things get a lot more dodgy,” said David Poeppel, a neuroscientist at New York University.
"Australian production companies are decreasingly Australian owned, especially among those producing sizable quantities of adult drama hours," said Professor Sanson.
"Such acquisitions raise questions about the extent to which Australian stories continue to feature in their productions, although they continue to access significant sums of Australian supports. They also leave local companies in a position of being without the significant resources provided by such conglomerates."
"Australian policy does not prioritize Australian-owned companies in the allocation of funding supports and unreliable criteria are used to determine content as 'Australian.'"
The report also revealed the extent to which commercial broadcasters' contribution to Australian drama has diminished. "More than anything else, it is the decrease in adult drama hours commissioned by commercial broadcasters that reshaped Australian television drama between 1999 and 2019, as broadcasters responded to the audience fragmentation and cost increases from the introduction of multichannel services," said Professor Lotz.
"The fall in hours is not so much due to a change in the number of titles being produced but the number of episodes per series—
A thermoelectric ink that turns car exhaust pipes into power generators
He said some studies have shed light on the potential correlation between COVID infection and microbiome disturbance, but have limitations that require further investigations with larger sample sizes to approximate the general population.
However, the researchers found more evidence supporting the gut-brain link and the relationship between depression and the gut microbiome. They see this connection as a potential new and more effective target for depression management.
“It is clear that the gut microbiome's makeup in individuals with depressive disorders is disrupted and lacks the appropriate levels of beneficial microorganisms,” said Dr. Ghannoum. “We believe that encouraging the growth of such beneficial microorganisms and rebalancing the gut microbiome in individuals may be a promising step toward helping individuals ease their depression via the gut-brain axis.”
WASHINGTON – The soil, groundwater and surface water of an additional 59 military installations across the U.S. are contaminated with the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, according to Defense Department records obtained by EWG. This brings the number of affected bases to 385.
The DOD records reveal PFAS levels at the 59 installations ranging from 3.4 parts per trillion, or ppt, to 870,000 ppt in the bases’ soil and water. There are no federal limits on PFAS in soil or water, but some states have moved to limit the most ubiquitous type of PFAS in drinking water to levels as low as 6 ppt in order to adequately protect human health.
Sweden’s brown bears nearly disappeared in the early 1900s, the victims of enthusiastic trophy hunters and angry farmers. Conservation efforts have slowly brought them back—along with an unexpected bonus. DNA from the animals’ teeth now reveals that, almost immediately after antibiotics were introduced in the 1950s, the drugs had penetrated even the remotest Swedish forests. The new finding, out today, could help scientists better understand the spread of antibiotic resistance, a worldwide problem with major impacts on human health.
Meet Bessé: 7,200-year-old skeleton of a young female discovered in a cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is identified as a 'new type of ancient human' called the Toaleans - who only died out 1,500 years ago
“The findings suggest that either spike mRNA vaccine will work well against SARS-CoV-2, even if a person doesn’t experience symptoms after vaccination or if they had a prior infection by the virus,” says study lead author Amanda Debes, PhD., assistant scientist in international health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “This should help reduce anxieties that the vaccines will be less effective in either situation.”
Preeclampsia — a complication that occurs in about 1 in every 25 pregnancies in the United States — is characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to an organ system, most often the liver or kidneys. It usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in women whose blood pressure had previously been normal. In a new study, a multidisciplinary team of Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers has found that the periods before pregnancy and in between pregnancies are key times to address preeclampsia risk factors like obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
In a study published in Nature Metabolism, the research team report that irisin, secreted by muscles during exercise, could be an effective therapeutic for addressing deficits of the brain that result from Alzheimer’s disease.
Alarming new study finds number of people with high blood pressure has doubled over three decades
The study, which was published in The Lancet on Tuesday, analyzed blood pressure measurement and treatment data from over 100 million people in 184 countries.
Your Brain Is Not a Computer. It Is a TransducerA new theory of how the brain works — neural transduction theory — might upend everything we know about consciousness and the universe itself.
New concept for identifying chemical combinations with potential health effects
at Duke University, identifies the compound that plays a key role in triggering the development of plants’ lateral roots.
The research team had a good suspect: retinal, a type of retinoid, looked like it would fit the bill.
In humans, as well as all vertebrate animals, turning a fertilized egg into an embryo with a little beating heart requires that stem cells differentiate, specialize and generate specific tissues, such as bones, blood vessels and a nervous system. This process is kickstarted and regulated by retinal. Animals can’t produce their own retinal, though, they must ingest it from plants, or from animals that eat plants
The other significant contribution of this work refers to the identification of potential molecular targets associated with the circuits that could be used to treat overeating.
“One potential target is serotonin receptors, which are molecules that mediate the functions of the neurotransmitter serotonin produced by the neurons,” Xu explained. “We found that two receptors, serotonin 2C receptor and serotonin 1B receptor, are involved in both types of feeding behavior. Our data suggests that combining compounds directed at both receptors might produce a synergistic benefit by suppressing feeding.”
With Myanmar’s press muzzled, experts warn of surge in environmental crimes
This is a cruel twist for individuals with obesity. For such people, losing weight by increasing activity is likely to be substantially harder than for a lean person, whose compensation is much less and whose need to lose weight is much lower.
"Around the world, national guidelines tend to recommend a 500–600 calorie deficit through exercising and dieting to lose weight. However, they do not take into account the reduction of calories being burned in the most basic of human functions as the body compensates for the calories burned on the exercise," said Prof. Halsey.
Prof. Speakman added: "This analysis using data from the DLW database shows how individuals are not all the same in the way they budget their energy use. People living with obesity may be particularly efficient at hanging onto their fat stores, making weight loss difficult."
At-home rapid COVID-19 tests detect almost as many infections as lab tests, study finds
researchers have found that while playing musical instruments can emit the same levels of potentially COVID-laden airborne particles as singing, simple safety measures, such as masking instruments, social distancing and implementing time limits, significantly reduce this risk
Across the board, scientists from a variety of universities found that requiring employees to keep their cameras on during meetings made them more exhausted and, contrary to popular belief, less engaged with the meeting and their jobs in general.
The study also revealed an alarming trend about power dynamics at work. Employees with a lower degree of organizational tenure — that is to say they’d worked at a company for less time or were on a lower rung of the corporate ladder — reported feeling more exhausted when required to keep their camera on than did their higher-ups. It also seems that women are hit harder by Zoom fatigue than men.
Despite its global dominance, Delta will not be the last variant, and concerns have been mounting that a more menacing one may evolve to displace it. “New variants are bound to develop as a natural evolution of the virus,” said Pillay. “The evidence to date indicates that the nonpharmaceutical interventions remain the key responses to these variants.”
An international team of researchers took a new approach to imaging the positions of particles making up liquid water, capturing their blur with femtosecond precision to reveal how hydrogen and oxygen jostle within water molecules.
Their results might not help us make a better cup of tea, but they go a long way in fleshing out the quantum modelling of hydrogen bonds, potentially improving theories explaining why water – so vital for life as we know it – has such intriguing properties.
"This has really opened a new window to study water," says Xijie Wang, a physicist with the US Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
"Now that we can finally see the hydrogen bonds moving, we'd like to connect those movements with the broader picture, which could shed light on how water led to the origin and survival of life on Earth and inform the development of renewable energy methods."
However, those older adults with high dietary intake of nutrients commonly found in nuts, soybeans, olive oils, and fish (such as vitamin E, lysine, DHA omega-3 and LA omega-6 PUFA) tended to have lower brain iron and better working memory performance than expected for their age.
“Our results suggest that these nutrients may offer protection against brain iron accumulation and cognitive decline in older adults,”
Doctors and scientists need to have an honest conversation with the American people about what the goals of COVID-19 vaccination are and how the pandemic will end.
Even without the rise of the Delta variant, no one should be surprised to see some people develop infections a few months after vaccination. Though there may be value in eventually giving an additional dose or two to strengthen protection against disease, we’re unlikely to prevent all infections with booster shots. But the key message is that if you’re vaccinated, you’re well protected against life-threatening disease.
If we can’t prevent all infections, what’s the endgame? A July COVID-19 outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, offered a preview of what America’s post-pandemic future might look like. Almost three-quarters of the people who became infected with the coronavirus there were fully vaccinated, and most had symptoms of a bad head cold.
World's Northernmost Island Was Just Discovered But It May Not Be on The Map For Long
My analysis of all biosimilars licensed by the FDA and EMA shows a common trend: Except in a few instances, all products were tested for clinical efficacy and safety; none of the tests failed, and where results were borderline, the FDA allowed adjustment of acceptance criteria to make approval possible. No product was tested in more than 1 indication, despite the allowance of all indications by the FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA).
If you are one of the big pharma companies dabbling in biosimilars, you would prefer to conduct these studies because you are used to meeting with prescribers with published clinical studies in hand. Other companies, not as well grounded in the value of clinical studies, performed them because they kept thinking of biosimilars as new biologics and had great uncertainty in their abilities. This article is not for those who are fixed in their belief that clinical efficacy testing is needed. Here are a few points of advice for biosimilar developers....
...The reason I am insistent on helping biosimilar developers simplify the qualification process is that, so far, the approval of biosimilars has been disappointing;
This is also why you’re more likely to see brown eggs labeled as organic or free-range, says Anderson, because these birds are less suited for the alternative — cramped commercial farms.
Why is walking so good for the brain? Blame on the "spontaneous fluctuations" Going on a walk makes your mind wander in ways that neuroscience is only just coming to terms with
Blame Rodinia<
It is believed that supercontinent Rodinia — which pre-dated the better-known Pangaea — formed through a process, called extrovert assembly, in which pieces of a prior supercontinent that has broken apart meet again after having traveled all the way around the planet. During their extended journey, the edges of the pieces experience significant erosion before smashing back together.
"At the edges of Rodinia," says Flowers, "where you have continents colliding, you'd see these mountain belts like the Himalayas begin to form. That could have caused large amounts of erosion." In addition, the researchers speculate that the birth and death of Rodinia may have wreaked havoc all over the world as its pieces first came together and then eventually broke apart.
Flowers concludes, "We're left with a feature that looks similar across the world when, in fact, there may have been multiple great unconformities, plural. We may need to change our language if we want to think about the Great Unconformity as being more complicated, forming at different times in different locations and for different reasons."
Studies Reveal Surprising Benefits of Smoking Cessation and ‘Greenness’
Quitting smoking positively impacted ACS patients’ mental health, while living in greener areas lowered risk of new CVD.
A commonly-used pesticide could be partially responsible for the global obesity epidemic, says a study led by McMaster University scientists.
Researchers discovered that chlorpyrifos, which is banned for use on foods in Canada but widely sprayed on fruits and vegetables in many other parts of the world, slows down the burning of calories in the brown adipose tissue of mice. Reducing this burning of calories, a process known as diet-induced thermogenesis, causes the body to store these extra calories, promoting obesity.
Scientists made the discovery after studying 34 commonly used pesticides and herbicides in brown fat cells and testing the effects of chlorpyrifos in mice fed high calorie diets. Their findings were published in Nature Communications and could have important implications for public health.
The researchers discovered that single-neuron responses to natural movies are unstable across weeks. In other words, individual neurons did not respond the same way to the visual stimuli -; what was happening on the screen at the exact same moment in the film -; when the mouse watched the film one week as compared with another week. This research finding was consistent with a study published by their collaborators in the same journal issue, Xia said.
However, in this particular study, the Washington University physicists were able to develop a way to decode the response to the visual stimuli across weeks if they factored in the population activity all of the neurons tracked for a given mouse -; they just couldn't do it using individual neurons alone.
Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of alcohol consumption 9,000 years ago at an ancient burial site in southern China, shedding light on what could be one of the earliest known instances of ritual beer drinking to honour the dead.
According to the researchers, including Jiajing Wang from Dartmouth College in the US, this kind of ritual drinking 9,000 years ago may have played an important role in “maintaining social relationships and paving the way for the rise of complex farming societies four millennia later”.
Promising innovation continues to be made towards the effective delivery of individualized recommendations through digital communication technologies, for example by a mobile phone. However, the study suggests that progress towards more widespread adoption might be less dependent on hard evidence than on governing policy interests that, for example, place more importance on fertilizer subsidies that inhibit change. More work is needed on outreach towards—and partnership amongst—stakeholders that are motivated to create more SSNM-enabling environments within the crop production chain.
Lush wetlands in Arabia lured waves of early humans out of Africa Stone tools in ancient lakebeds show sequential expansions of different cultures
Dogs distinguish between intentional and unintentional action
A simple fish stock assessment model applied to over 500 years of catch data demonstrated that if Canadian authorities had allowed for the rebuilding of the stock of northern Atlantic cod off Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1980s, annual catches of about 200,000 tons could have been sustained.
As for the origin of that pollution, “We find that diesel trucking is the largest source of NO2 inequality” in all cities in the study, Pusede says. Pusede and her team focused in on the effect of NO2 emissions from heavy duty diesel traffic by comparing NO2 emissions on weekdays and weekends, when most heavy duty diesel trucks are off the road. Across the cities in the study, a 62% reduction in diesel traffic on weekends reduced the exposure of marginalized groups to NO2 so much that inequality decreased by 37%.
The rest of the inequality is driven by gasoline vehicles, construction equipment, and stationary sources such as power plants, Pusede and Demetillo find.
Gaige Kerr, a postdoctoral researcher at George Washington University, says this work is an important addition to a growing body of evidence of the underlying sources of NO2 inequality. His recent work shows that NO2 exposure disparities persisted during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Kerr says it’s time to rethink how goods are moved around the country by rerouting diesel traffic and electrifying the heavy duty trucking industry.
While Marangoni and his colleagues were investigating the chemical components of cocoa butter, which makes up almost 30% of chocolate, they discovered a much simpler way to temper chocolate. By adding more of a fatlike molecule naturally found in cocoa butter to melted chocolate, they quickly and easily produced a batch with the ideal hardness, gloss and texture -- indistinguishable from chocolate tempered the old-fashioned way, the researchers say. The study was published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.
“This study demonstrated a significantly higher humoral immunogenicity of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 vaccine (Moderna) compared with the BNT162b2 vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech), in infected as well as uninfected participants, and across age categories,” the study concluded.
Moderna elicited about 2,881 units per milliliter (U/mL) of antibody titers among previously uninfected volunteers. By comparison, the Pfizer formula generated about 1,108 U/mL following the full two shot regimen.
Similar increases were seen among individuals who were previously infected with COVID-19.
The antibody levels seen in both vaccines saw a negative correlation with age in those who were uninfected, implying lower antibody levels for older vaccine recipients.
Pfizer was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for formal use as opposed to emergency use. As the delta variant continues to surge and U.S. health experts recommend booster vaccines for waning immunity, Pfizer is expected to seek authorization for an additional booster dosage.
As of last week, Moderna completed the requirements for full FDA approval.
"Food and water are known to be major sources of PFAS exposure. Our study shows that indoor air, including dust, is another source of exposure to potentially harmful forever chemicals," senior study author Rainer Lohmann said in a press release.
"In fact, for children in homes or schools with old PFAS-treated carpets, inhalation may be even more important than dust as an exposure pathway to volatile PFAS that eventually could biotransform to more persistent and harmful PFAS," said Lohmann, a professor at the University of Rhode Island whose research focus is marine and atmospheric chemistry.
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are a class of synthetic compounds used in a variety of industrial processes and found in dozens of household items.
The study uncovered "high-value drug targets" for potential treatments. A so-called drug target is a molecule in the body that is linked to the way a disease process plays out and could be altered using a drug. These targets are important in helping to stop disease progression in the body.
The researchers were able to identify these targets by pinpointing genes that were likely the cause for osteoarthritis.
Many people around the world learn to count on their fingers, but we don't all do it in the same way.
Gut microbiome patterns provide clues to brain damage in extremely premature infants
An international team of scientists has calculated that a crewed mission to Mars should only last a maximum of four years if the astronauts' health isn't to be endangered by prolonged exposure to cosmic radiation.
Planning a crewed mission to Mars would be one of the most daunting challenges of any exploration attempt ever made by humanity. Every aspect of such a multi-year adventure would have complex impacts on every other factor, producing a constant tug of war as scientists and engineers seek compromises to fulfill mission requirements.
Tryptophan is an amino acid found in high concentrations in foods such as milk, turkey, chicken, and oats. Adequate intake keeps our microbiome healthy, but our needs seem to increase as we age. So a diet low in tryptophan makes the gut microbiome less protective and increases the risk of inflammation throughout the body. A healthy microbiome also helps optimize the beneficial effects of tryptophan, including the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which reduces the risk of depression, and melatonin, which promotes good quality sleep, explains lead author Sadanand Fulzele, Ph.D., an expert on aging at the Medical College of Augusta University.
Researchers have found that drug-resistant strains of a potentially deadly fungus isolated from a tulip bulb showed evidence of genetic recombination and fungicide resistance. The team revealed that plant bulbs provide a place for strains of the human pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus, which can cause highly lethal fungal infections, to evolve drug resistance.
Hen Hazard: Salmonella a Threat From Backyard Chickens
Wing shape determines how far birds disperse. Flight efficiency estimated from museum specimens can predict bird dispersal distances
A simple mechanism could underlie the growth and self-replication of protocells -- putative ancestors of modern living cells -- suggests a new study. Protocells are vesicles bounded by a membrane bilayer and are potentially similar to the first unicellular common ancestor (FUCA). On the basis of relatively simple mathematical principles, the proposed model suggests that the main force driving protocell growth and reproduction is the temperature difference that occurs between the inside and outside of the cylindrical protocell as a result of inner chemical activity.
Video analysis reveals aspects of posture that lead to success in judo throws
Further investigation revealed that the L-galactose sidechains are critical for nematode attraction. Interestingly, while D-galactose is commonly found in plant cell walls, L-galactose is comparatively rare, with flax seeds being an exceptionally good source. The researchers believe that the nematodes' unique preference toward L-galactose suggests that they possess a sophisticated recognition mechanism capable of distinguishing small molecular differences of the attractant molecules. Researchers further confirmed that synthetic rhamnose-linked-L-galactose disaccharide is sufficient to attract nematodes. These sugars are likely not utilized as a source of nutrients for the nematodes, but strictly as an attractant.
"Using the nematode attractant discovered in our study, we are now one step closer to developing a functional nematode-trapping device,"
submitted by Gallionella to zmarter [link] [comments]

2022.10.28 00:33 MeanFluffyBunny Dog attack advice update

Link to original post.
Animal control showed up today. I sent them a picture of the house with the dog off leash before they arrived. I’m so glad I did. First, the owner claimed he only had one dog. The officer shows the photo and guess what? The dog was home. Had no vaccinations either. Next, he claims the dog is always leashed but it “slipped out a couple days ago”. He also claimed he had no idea it attacked my dog. He said the dog isn’t aggressive, and then the wife chimes in “he’s just mouthy”…the exact words he told me after the attack (and I had told the officer that).
Now, I had asked her twice to see me in person. Not over the phone. She was literally next to my house. But no, she calls me. Explains what happened. Went on a rant about politicians and crime. Yelled at another driver. Beeped the horn twice at someone else. Told me she’s not making them register the dog as a dangerous or nuisance because it’s the “first time she’s been there”. Yelled at me for giving the wrong address (even tho she found the right house and didn’t go to the wrong house). Told me “maybe our dogs don’t get along”.
The worst part was, she partially blamed me for this. She told me this would have never happened if I reported the first fight. However, no one got hurt, I had no idea how crazy this dog was, and I didn’t want to start shit with my direct neighbor right after moving.
Anyways, I think my next step is to either get in contact with her supervisor or call state police. I haven’t found anything that says a dog has to attack twice to be registered as dangerous. And she was incredibly unprofessional. Anyone have any other advice I should hear?
And here’s a photo of the attacker and some of the aftermath
Not pictured is the hole right above her ass that could be life threatening if infected. I literally need to peel the scabs off 3 times a day so it heals from the bottom up.
Update. I called animal welfare in Augusta, explained the situation, and they ordered the ACO to go back and issue a dangerous dog summons. Took 5 minutes. They said the ACO didn’t know the law. She claimed the dog had to have at leash two complaints before that could happen.
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2022.10.14 06:57 iwasdusted Regal Weekly Roundup: Movies, Events, PLFs, Promos, Q&A - Week of October 14, 2022

Regal Weekly Roundup: Movies, Events, PLFs, Promos, Q&A - Week of October 14, 2022
This thread is designed to be a one-stop shop for any weekly updates, for the theatre week running Friday, September 14 - Thursday, October 20, 2022. Click here to see a list of all Regal locations, and which of the three Unlimited tiers they are part of: Unlimited @ $18/month; Unlimited Plus @ $21/month; Unlimited All-Access @ $23.50/month. Select locations also feature king-size recliners.
Feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns about Regal, Regal Crown Club, or Regal Unlimited below. :)

New This Week with Regal Unlimited!

Movies without theaters listed are opening in 21 or more Regal locations this week; if theaters are listed, the movie is only playing in 20 locations or less. Theater bookings are always subject to change. For PLF locations, see our PLF section.
The following English language movies are new this week and included with Regal Unlimited:
  • Bromates - 2D
  • Halloween Ends - 2D, 4DX, DS, IMAX, OC, PLF, RPX, VIP
  • Lumpia with a Vengeance expands - 2D
    • 2D: Avenues, Columbus, Dole Cannery, Edwards Fairfield, Edwards West Covina, Escondido, Irvine Spectrum, Kapolei Commons, Kingstowne, Lansing Mall, Meridian, Mission Marketplace, Natomas Marketplace, Pearl Highlands, Rancho Del Rey, Riverside Plaza, San Bernadino, Sherman Oaks Galleria, UA Laguna Village, Valley River Center, Village Square.
  • Tár - 2D
    • 2D: Edwards Greenway Grand Palace, Tara.
  • Terrifier 2 - 2D
  • Till - 2D, RPX, VIP
    • 2D: Atlantic Station, Gallery Place, Majestic, Union Square.
The following foreign language movies are new this week and included with Regal Unlimited:
  • Aye Zindagi (Hindi) - 2D
    • 2D: Citrus Park, Commerce Center, Grand Parkway, Henrietta, Medlock Crossing.
  • Boyfriend for Hire (Telugu) - 2D
    • 2D: Burlington, Commerce Center, Commonwealth, Crossroads - Cary, Fossil Creek, Fox, Hadley, Harrisburg, Henrietta, Hollywood - Nashville, Interstate Park, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, Southland Mall.
  • Code Name Tiranga (Hindi) - 2D
    • 2D: Cantera, Commerce Center, Crossgates, Crossroads - Cary, Downington, Edwards Mira Mesa, Fox, Hadley, Harrisburg, Hollywood - Greenville, Hollywood - Nashville, Huebner Oaks, Medlock Crossing, Solomon Pond, Stonecrest at Piper Glen, UA Kaufman Astoria, Walden Galleria.
  • Doctor G (Hindi) - 2D, VIP
  • Karnosubarner Guptodhon (Bengali) - 2D
    • 2D: Citrus Park, Commerce Center, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, Transit Center.
  • The Legend of Maula Jatt (Hindi) - 2D
    • 2D: Burlington, Commerce Center, Edwards Bakersfield, Fox, Medlock Crossing, Simi Valley Civic Center, Stockton City Center.
  • The Legend of Maula Jatt (Punjabi) - 2D
    • 2D: Burlington, Edwards Bakersfield, UA Kaufman Astoria.
  • Medjugorje La Pelicula (Spanish) - 2D
The following special events are playing this week, and are included with Regal Unlimited.
  • Saturday 10/15 & Tuesday 10/18 - Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (Sensory) - 2D
  • Saturday 10/15 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show (2022 Reissue) - 2D
    • 2D: Meridian.
  • Sunday 10/16 - IMAX: Fire of Love
    • IMAX: City North.
  • Monday 10/17 - Moment of Contact (Plus Q&A with Filmmaker) - 2D
    • 2D: LA Live.

What Else is Playing with Regal Unlimited?

The following older English language movies are playing this week and included with Regal Unlimited:
  • Amsterdam - 2D, DS, OC, VIP
  • Ask Me to Dance - 2D
  • Barbarian - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Battery Park, Bricktown Charleston, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Fox Tower, Pearl Highlands, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Midway.
  • Beast - 2D
    • 2D: Bowie, Edwards Santa Maria, West Ridge.
  • The Black Phone - 2D
    • 2D: Edwards Santa Maria.
  • Bros - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Battery Park, Bricktown Charleston, Bridgeport Village, Dole Cannery, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Fox Tower, Makalapua, Pearl Highlands, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Midway, Union Square.
  • Bullet Train - 2D, OC, SX, VIP
    • OC: Pearl Highlands.
  • DC League of Super-Pets - 2D, OC
    • OC: Battery Park.
  • Don't Look at the Demon - 2D
    • 2D: Boulevard Centre, Cobblestone Square, Coldwater Crossing, Dole Cannery, E-Walk, Edwards Ontario Palace, Edwards South Gate, Edwards West Covina, Majestic, Mall of Georgia, Oaks, Oviedo Mall, Parkway Plaza, Round Lake Beach, Santiam, UA Colorado Mills, UA Cottonwood, Village Park, Warren East.
  • Don't Worry Darling - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Albany, Battery Park, Bricktown Charleston, Essex Crossing, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Midway, UA Sheepshead Bay, Union Square, Vancouver Plaza, Windward.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Dubbed) - 2D, ICE
    • 2D: Arbor Place, Austell, Bel Air, Burlington, Cinebarre Arboretum, Edwards Long Beach, Edwards Ontario Palace, Hemet, Killeen, Lakewood, Live Oak, Movies on TV, Oakwood, Oceanside, Omaha, Opry Mills, Oviedo Mall, Parkway Plaza, Plymouth Meeting.
  • Easter Sunday - 2D
    • 2D: Guam.
  • Elvis - 2D
    • 2D: Great Northern Mall, Parkway Plaza.
  • Fall - 2D
    • 2D: Lone Star.
  • The Good House - 2D
  • Halloween (1978) - 2D
    • 2D: West Ridge.
  • The Invitation - 2D
  • Jeepers Creepers Reborn (Encore) - 2D
  • Journey to Hell - 2D
    • 2D: Aliante, Edwards Aliso Viejo, Edwards Ontario Palace, Edwards West Covina, Foothill Towne Center, Garden Grove, Grand Parkway, Oceanside, UA Cottonwood, Village Square, Winrock.
  • Jurassic World Dominion (Reissue) - 2D
    • 2D: Edwards Santa Maria, Permian Palace.
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile - 2D, OC, RPX, VIP
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru - 2D, OC, RPX
    • OC: Atlas Park, Dole Cannery, Essex Crossing, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Midway, UA Staten Island, Windward.
  • Moonage Daydream - 2D
    • 2D: Bridgeport Village, City North, Essex Crossing, Majestic, Oceanside, Sherman Oaks Galleria, Union Square.
  • Nope - 2D
    • 2D: Edwards Santa Maria, Green Hills, The Landing, University Town Center, Vancouver Plaza.
  • Paddington 2 (Classics) - 2D
    • 2D: Edwards Santa Maria.
  • Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank - 2D
    • 2D: West Ridge.
  • Pearl - 2D, OC
    • OC: Essex Crossing.
  • Riotsville, U.S.A. - 2D
    • 2D: Downtown West, UA High Ridge.
  • Running the Bases - 2D
    • 2D: College Station, Longview, Shiloh Crossing, UA Parkway Place.
  • See How They Run - 2D, OC
    • OC: Pearl Highlands.
  • Signs of Love - 2D
    • 2D: UA High Ridge.
  • Smile - 2D, DS, OC, RPX, VIP
  • Spirit Halloween: The Movie - 2D
    • 2D: Hamilton Commons, Marysville, O'Fallon, Warrington Crossing.
  • The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry - 2D
    • 2D: Arroyo Grande, Edwards Boise, Edwards San Marcos, Edwards Santa Maria, Escondido, Fox Tower, Oaks, Parkway Plaza, Santa Fe, Virginia Gateway, Warren East.
  • SUPERSPREADER: The Rise of #LetUsWorship - 2D
    • 2D: Gilbert, Irvine Spectrum.
  • Top Gun: Maverick - 2D, SX
  • Triangle of Sadness - 2D
    • 2D: Union Square.
  • Trick 'r Treat - 2D
    • 2D: West Ridge.
  • Where the Crawdads Sing - 2D
    • 2D: Cinema South, Columbus, Edwards Santa Maria, Foothill Towne Center, Kiln Creek, Phillips Place, Transit Center, West Ridge, Westchester Commons.
  • The Woman King - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Atlas Park, Battery Park, Dole Cannery, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Keauhou, Makalapua, Pearl Highlands, Pioneer Place, Prince Kuhio, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Midway, UA Sheepshead Bay, UA Staten Island, Union Square, Windward.
The following older foreign language movies are playing this week and included with Regal Unlimited:
  • Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne (Punjabi) - 2D
    • 2D: Burlington, Commerce Center, Edwards Bakersfield, Fox, Hacienda Crossings, Stockton City Center.
  • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) - 2D, 3D
    • 2D: Medlock Crossing.
    • 3D: Bella Bottega.
  • Cuando Sea Joven (Spanish) - 2D
    • 2D: Boulder Station, Edwards Corona Crossings, Edwards Santa Maria, Rancho Del Rey.
  • The Ghost (Telugu) - 2D
    • 2D: Hadley, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, Parkway Plaza, Starlight - Charlotte, Stonecrest at Piper Glen, Virginia Center.
  • Godfather (Hindi) - 2D
    • 2D: Interstate Park, Omaha, Village Park, Warren West.
  • Godfather (Telugu) - 2D
  • Hold Me Tight (French) - 2D
    • 2D: Downtown West.
  • Kantara (Kannada) - 2D
    • 2D: Citrus Park, Commerce Center, Deer Park, Edwards San Marcos, Fox, Hadley, Harrisburg, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, Simi Valley Civic Center, UA Commerce Township, Village Park, Virginia Center.
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (Spanish) - 2D
    • 2D: Edwards Greenway Grand Palace.
  • Moon Man (Mandarin) - 2D
    • 2D: Tangram.
  • Poran (Bengali) - 2D
    • 2D: Augusta Exchange, Citrus Park, Commerce Center, Gateway, Hollywood @ North I-85, Kingstowne, Majestic, Manassas, Royal Palm Beach, Sawgrass, Trussville, UA Galaxy - Indianapolis.
  • Project Wolf Hunting (Korean) - 2D
    • 2D: Dole Cannery.
  • PS-1 (Tamil) - 2D
  • PS-1 (Telugu) - 2D
    • 2D: Stonecrest at Piper Glen, Village Park.
  • Swathimuthyam (Telugu) - 2D
    • 2D: Virginia Center.
  • Vikram Vedha (2022) (Hindi) - 2D
    • 2D: Bella Bottega, Commerce Center, Crossgates, Medlock Crossing, Meridian, Oaks, Simi Valley Civic Center.

Excluded from Regal Unlimited

Unlimited excluded films do not count towards the 2022 Unlimited milestone challenge, as only Unlimited passes count.
The following foreign language movies are playing at Regal, but are excluded from Regal Unlimited.
  • Al Hayba: The Movie (Arabic) - 2D
    • 2D: Cantera, Cielo Vista, Edwards Greenway Grand Palace, Edwards Ontario Palace, Edwards Rancho San Diego, Fairfax Towne Center, Garden Grove, Gilbert, Grand Esplanade, Great Northern Mall, Pointe Orlando, UA Commerce Township, UA Galaxy - Dallas, UA Staten Island.
  • Fadl W Neama (Arabic) - 2D
The following special events are playing at Regal, but are excluded from Regal Unlimited.
  • Sunday 10/16 & Wednesday 10/19 - In the Heat of the Night 55th Anniversary (TCM Big Screen Classics)
  • Monday 10/17 & Tuesday 10/18 - Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai
Regal is NOT showing the following new releases this week:
  • Benediction - now streaming on Hulu 10/16
  • Bitch Ass - limited release by Quiver
  • BROS - now available on VOD 10/18
  • Clerks III - now available on VOD
  • The Curse of Bridge Hollow - streaming on Netflix
  • Dashcam - now streaming on Hulu
  • Decision to Leave (Korean) - limited release by MUBI; will expand to Regal in coming weeks
  • The Good Nurse - limited release by Netflix 10/19; streaming on Netflix 10/26
  • LiSA: Another Great Day (Japanese) - streaming on Netflix 10/18
  • Mama's Boy - streaming on HBO Max 10/18
  • Piggy (Spanish) - limited release by Magnolia
  • Raymond and Ray - limited release by Apple; streaming on Apple TV+ 10/21
  • Rosaline - streaming on Hulu
  • The School for Good and Evil - streaming on Netflix 10/19
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home - Extended Cut - now streaming on Starz 10/18
  • Stars at Noon - limited release & VOD by A24
  • The Stranger - streaming on Netflix 10/19
  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - now streaming on Starz 10/19
  • V/H/S/99 - streaming on AMC+ & Shudder 10/20
  • Year One: A Political Odyssey - streaming on HBO Max 10/19

What's Playing in Regal's Premium Formats?

The following list of PLF movies is sorted by format shown on the movie ticket. All movies may not be showing at all locations in all formats.
  • Showing this week in 4DX: Halloween Ends at all locations.
  • Showing this week in Director's Suite (DS):
    • Warren Broken Arrow: Amsterdam, Halloween Ends, Smile.
    • Warren Moore: Halloween Ends.
    • Warren Old Town: Halloween Ends.
  • Showing this week in ICE Immersive:
    • LA Live: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Dubbed).
  • Showing this week in IMAX: Halloween Ends at all locations.
  • Showing this week in PLF:
    • Hale Ikua at Kapolei Commons: Halloween Ends.
    • RealD Premiere Cinema at LA Live: Halloween Ends.
    • Warren Grand Infinity at Warren Broken Arrow: Halloween Ends.
    • The Warren Grand at Warren East: Halloween Ends.
    • The Warren Grand at Warren Moore: Halloween Ends.
  • Showing this week in RealD 3D:
    • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) at Bella Bottega.
  • Showing this week in RPX:
    • Till is showing at Atlantic Station.
    • Minions: The Rise of Gru (first matinee only) and Till are showing at Union Square.
    • Halloween Ends is showing at all other locations.
    • Grand Parkway has multiple RPX screens: Halloween Ends, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Smile.
  • Showing this week in ScreenX:
    • Bullet Train is showing at Edwards Fairfield, Natomas Marketplace, Niagara Falls.
    • Top Gun: Maverick is showing at Beaver Creek, Belltower, Bridgeport Village, Cobblestone Square, Crossgates, Dania Pointe, Edwards Aliso Viejo, Edwards Long Beach, Hollywood - Topeka, Irvine Spectrum, Issaquah Highlands, Kingstowne, Magnolia Place, Martin Village, New River Valley, Old Mill, Opry Mills, Stonefield, Stonestown Galleria, Thornton Place, Tikahtnu, Union Square, Valley Mall, Warren West, Warrington Crossing, Winrock.
    • Bullet Train and Top Gun: Maverick are both showing at Edwards Fresno.
    • All other locations are not showing a ScreenX title this week.
  • Showing this week in VIP:
    • Regal VIP at Atlantic Station: Halloween Ends, Till, Smile, The Woman King.
    • Regal VIP at Benders Landing: Amsterdam, Halloween Ends, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Smile.
    • Regal VIP at Dania Pointe: Halloween Ends, Smile, The Woman King.
    • Regal VIP at Edwards Fresno: Amsterdam, Halloween Ends, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Smile.
    • Regal VIP at Edwards Houston Marq'E: Halloween Ends, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Smile.
    • VIP at Irvine Spectrum: Barbarian, Bros, Bullet Train, Doctor G (Hindi), Don't Worry Darling, Halloween Ends, Smile, The Woman King.
    • VIP at South Beach: Amsterdam, Bros, Halloween Ends, Smile.
Check out our list of PLF locations including surcharge information on our Regal PLF database. It's still a work in progress, so all fields may not currently be filled out.
Check out our subreddit FAQ for descriptions of all the premium formats and what you can expect from each (work in progress - to be published soon).

Coming Soon with Regal Unlimited!

All of the following movies are coming soon to Regal, and should be included with Unlimited. Movies in premium formats carry a surcharge with Unlimited. Each separate listing counts as a separate movie for the purposes of the 2022 Unlimited milestone challenge. Movies in bold have showtimes available on the Regal website.
Movies listed here are not necessarily on sale. All the movies on this list have showtimes posted, or are listed under "coming soon" on the Regal website. Theater bookings are always subject to change.
Here are plenty of reasons to stay subscribed to Regal Unlimited!
Opens Friday, October 21:
  • Black Adam - 2D, 4DX, DS, IMAX, OC, PLF, RPX, VIP
  • Lumpia with a Vengeance expands - 2D
  • Ori Devuda (Telugu) - 2D
  • Paul's Promise - 2D
  • Tár expands - 2D
  • Ticket to Paradise - 2D, OC, VIP
  • Till expands - 2D
Opens Wednesday, October 26:
  • Ram Setu (Hindi) - 2D
Opens Friday, October 28:
  • The Banshees of Inisherin - 2D, OC, VIP
  • Call Jane - 2D
  • Prey for the Devil - 2D
  • Tár expands - 2D
  • Till expands - 2D
  • Triangle of Sadness expands - 2D
Opens Friday, November 4:
  • Armageddon Time - 2D
  • The Banshees of Inisherin expands - 2D
  • Decision to Leave (Korean) - 2D
  • The Estate - 2D
  • One Piece Film Red (Dub) - 2D, 4DX, IMAX, RPX
  • One Piece Film Red (Sub) - 2D, IMAX, PLF, RPX
Opens Friday, November 11:
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - 2D, DS, IMAX, OC, PLF, RPX, SX, VIP; 3D, 4DX 3D, ICE 3D, IMAX 3D, RPX 3D, VIP 3D
Opens Friday, November 18:
  • The Menu - 2D
  • She Said - 2D
Opens Wednesday, November 23:
  • Bones and All - 2D
  • Devotion - 2D
  • The Fabelmans - 2D
  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - 2D, OC
    • Select locations featuring 12:01am preview shows.
  • Strange World - 2D, 3D
Opens Friday, December 2:
  • Violent Night - 2D
Opens Friday, December 9:
  • Empire of Light - 2D
Opens Friday, December 16:
  • Avatar: The Way of Water - 2D; 3D, 4DX 3D, IMAX 3D, RPX 3D
Opens Wednesday, December 21:
  • I Wanna Dance with Somebody - 2D
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish - 2D
There's more to come! For other future releases not yet listed on the Regal website, see our routinely updated release schedule! (2022 movies 2023 movies)

Special Events Coming Soon - Unlimited Eligible!

The following special events are coming soon and are eligible to use Regal Unlimited with.
  • Friday 10/28 to Monday 10/31 daily - Dawn of the Dead 3-D (1978) - 3D
  • Monday 11/7 - Monday Mystery Movie - 2D
  • Thursday 11/10 - Black Panther Double Feature - 2D
  • Saturday 11/19 & Tuesday 11/22 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Sensory) - 2D
  • Tuesday 11/22 @ 9pm - Knives Out (Classics) - 2D

Coming Soon - RU Excluded

All of the following special events are ineligible for Regal Unlimited.
  • Saturday 10/22 - The Metropolitan Opera: Medea (2022)
  • Sunday 10/23 & Thursday 10/27 - Bram Stoker's Dracula 30th Anniversary
  • Monday 10/24 & Tuesday 10/25 - First Responders
  • Tuesday 10/25 - NT Live: Frankenstein w/ Cumberbatch - Creature (2022 Encore)
  • Wednesday 10/26 - The Metropolitan Opera: Medea (2022) Encore
  • Thursday 10/27 & Sunday 10/30 - Astro - Stargazer: Astroscope (Korean)
  • Friday 10/28 & Saturday 10/29 - Coldplay: Live Broadcast from Buenos Aires
  • Saturday 10/29 - The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) & The Phantom of the Opera (1943) Double Feature
  • Sunday 10/30 & Wednesday 11/2 - Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli Fest 2022) (Dubbed)
  • Monday 10/31 (select locations) & Tuesday 11/1 - Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli Fest 2022) (Subbed)
  • Tuesday 11/1 & Saturday 11/5 - Grateful Dead Meet-Up 2022
  • Wednesday 11/2 - Mother Teresa: No Greater Love
  • Thursday 11/3 - Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (Godzilla Day)
  • Thursday 11/3 - It's Happening Right Here
  • Thursday 11/3 & Wednesday 11/9 - Duran Duran: A Hollywood High
  • Saturday 11/5 - League of Legends World Championship Final
  • Saturday 11/5 - The Metropolitan Opera: La Traviata (2022)
  • Saturday 11/5 & Sunday 11/6 - Kendal Mountain Tour
  • Sunday 11/6 & Monday 11/7 - Planes, Trains, & Automobiles 35th Anniversary
  • Sunday 11/6 & Wednesday 11/9 - The Bodyguard (30th Anniversary)
  • Tuesday 11/8 - Meet Me in the Bathroom
  • Wednesday 11/9 - The Metropolitan Opera: La Traviata (2022) Encore
  • Sunday 11/13 & Wednesday 11/16 - To Kill a Mockingbird 60th Anniversary (TCM Big Screen Classics)
  • Various dates between Monday 11/14 - Monday 11/28 - The Great Basin
  • Tuesday 11/15 & Thursday 11/17 - PROPHET
  • Friday 11/18 - Tuesday 11/22 daily - The Chosen Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2
  • Tuesday 11/29 - It's Christmas Again
  • Thursday 12/1 & Saturday 12/3 - A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story
  • Thursday 12/1 to Sunday 12/4 daily (dates vary by location) - I HEARD THE BELLS
  • Saturday 12/3 - The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute Holiday Encore (2022)
  • Sunday 12/4 & Wednesday 12/7 - The Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary
  • Monday 12/5 - Wednesday 12/7 daily - Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon
  • Saturday 12/10 - The Metropolitan Opera: The Hours (2022)
  • Monday 12/12 & Tuesday 12/13 - 5,000 Blankets
  • Wednesday 12/14 - The Metropolitan Opera: The Hours (2022) Encore
  • Sunday 12/18, Monday 12/19 (select locations) & Wednesday 12/21 - It's a Wonderful Life 75th Anniversary (TCM Big Screen Classics)
Showtimes for the 2023 portion of the 2022-23 Metropolitan Opera season are also already on sale.

2022 Regal Unlimited Milestone Rewards
Each separate listing and separate format counts as a separate movie for the purposes of the 2022 Unlimited milestone challenge. Open caption versions of a film count separately, as do dubbed vs. subbed versions of a given film, sensory friendly screenings, etc. Movies in premium formats carry a surcharge with Unlimited.
Only movies that you see with an Unlimited ticket count toward this challenge. Movies you pay for out of pocket without using a free Unlimited base ticket do not count, and neither do Unlimited excluded films like Fathom Events and concert experiences.
Here are the different formats that count as unique movies toward this challenge: standard (2D), 3D, 4DX 2D, 4DX 3D, Director's Suite, D-BOX, ICE Immersive, IMAX 2D, IMAX 3D, Open Caption, PLF, PLF 3D, RPX 2D, RPX 3D, ScreenX, Sensory, VIP 2D, VIP 3D. Additionally, movies that have a "Reissue" or "Classics" designation count separately from the original release of a film. And movies available in multiple languages count separately for each language: "Dubbed" vs. "Subbed" or "Hindi" vs. "Telugu," etc. You could see the same title in 5 different formats, and it would count as 5 separate films for the challenge!
For comparison, earning points by spending usually occurs at a rate of 100 points per $1.00 spent. Therefore, the 25,000 bonus credits for completing this program would normally require you to spend $250!

Regal Crown Club Promotions & Perks

The following is a list of all current and upcoming Regal Crown Club promotions and newly branded "perks." Click here to see a list of recent past winners. Click here to visit the Rewards Center and see what your RCC points can get you beyond popcorn, drinks, and tickets!
  • Smile RCC Bonus Points - See Smile from September 30 - October 16 and get 500 bonus RCC points.
  • Halloween Ends Concessions Combo - It's time. Regal Crown Club members: You can witness the end of a murderous era and enjoy a small popcorn + small soda for only $6 while you do it. Get your tickets now!
  • Lumpia with a Vengeance Comic Cover - The crowdfunded action comedy that is making history, Lumpia with a Vengeance, is finally in theatres this September. To commemorate the crime fighting occasion, we are giving all our Regal Crown Club members who see the movie a custom Regal cover on your very own comic book.
  • Click or Treat Returns! - Click the “Click or Treat” button in each weekly email 10/6-10/27 (four in total) by 10/31 and receive a free small popcorn! Plus, each click reveals additional fun along the way. Must complete by October 31.
  • Dawn of the Dead Extra Credits & Combo - The ORIGINAL Zombie Classic hits the big screen for the first time ever in 3D and EXCLUSIVELY at Regal this Halloween! Regal Crown Club members earn 1978 extra credits AND get a $6 small popcorn + drink combo.
  • Black Panther Double Feature - Journey to Wakanda to experience the rise of King T'Challa before you join the Wakandans as they embrace their next chapter with the Black Panther Double Feature on 11/10. Fans will receive an exclusive double sided coin commemorating Black Panther (2018) and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Exclusive Offer: Regal Crown Club & Regal Unlimited subscribers can enjoy a $10 Large Popcorn & Large Drink combo.
  • Wakanda Forever - Forge a new path for the kingdom of Wakanda with 1000 extra credits and a FREE mini-poster (while supplies last) when you see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in 4DX or ScreenX opening weekend.
  • Glass Onion Sneak Preview Event - See Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery in theatres during an exclusive sneak preview event a month before it premieres on Netflix! One week limited engagement beginning Wednesday 11/23 at select theatres.
  • Year of Marvel Heroes - It's the Year of Marvel Heroes: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever! Earn up to 6,000 RCC credits, 1,000 Disney Movie Insider points, and a free small popcorn by seeing all three! Offer valid May 6 – December 31, 2022. Full rules can be found here.
  • Avatar Continuity - The adventure returns and Pandora is calling you. See full rules here. Offer valid September 10 - December 31, 2022.
    • See 1 (Avatar OR Avatar: The Way of Water) in 3D - get 300 EC & Double Disney Movie Insiders Points
    • See 2 (Avatar AND Avatar: The Way of Water) in 3D and get 3000 EC, popcorn, & Double Disney Movie Insiders Points
  • IMAX Triple Crown - Use your Regal Crown Club card when purchasing your tickets to 3 different IMAX titles starting September 30th and you will get $10 off your 4th IMAX ticket purchase!
    • Qualifying titles at this time include: Amsterdam, Halloween Ends, Black Adam, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Avatar: The Way of Water.
    • You must see the 3 IMAX titles by December 31st to get the $10 off reward, which expires January 31st, 2023. The reward can only be used in person at the theater, and cannot be combined with Regal Value Days.
    • Offer does not apply to IMAX movies seen using your Unlimited pass, but does apply to purchased tickets and tickets gotten with a voucher (like the RCC 2D ticket). Full rules here.
  • Collectible Tickets - Purchase a ticket with your Regal Crown Club card or the Regal app and receive your own digital collectible ticket! See our current selection of available tickets. Promotional digital collectible ticket not valid for admission. No retail value.
  • Candy Mondays - Every Monday, Regal Crown Club members get 25% off any candy.
  • Regal Value Tuesdays - Every Tuesday, Regal Crown Club members get discounted movie tickets and 50% off popcorn! Check out the discounted ticket price for your location here -- select locations marked in the list also offer this ticket discount on Sunday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • Extra Credit Wednesdays - Download the mobile app and sign into your Crown Club account on Wednesdays to get 20 extra credits.
  • Free Refills - Receive one free refill with the purchase of a large soft drink and/or a large popcorn on the same day of purchase.
  • AARP: Sit Back and Enjoy The Perks - Regal is thrilled to provide special promotions for all AARP members. Present your AARP card at concessions to get $3.00 off the purchase of a small (or larger size) popcorn and soft drink combination. (Cannot be combined with Regal Crown Club Rewards)
  • Birthday Parties - Fill out this form to contact the theatre of your choice about setting up a birthday party!
  • Private Watch Parties - Imagine inviting up to 30 of your friends to a private screening of a new release movie for an unforgettable experience! Now with Regal's Private Watch Party, you can! Perfect for celebrations with friends and family, group outings, social events, and team building! Fill out this form to contact the theatre of your choice about setting up a private watch party! Please make your request at least 7 days, but no more than 6 weeks in advance of your preferred event date. Current Availability: Sunday - Thursday: 1PM, 4PM, 7PM, 10PM; Friday: 1PM, 4PM; Saturday: 1PM. If you are looking for a private screening outside of these restrictions (more people, different times, etc.) consider booking a private screening through Regal corporate.

Regal Theater Closures in 2022

The following Regal locations have already closed in 2022:
  • Regal Arbor @ Great Hills, Austin, Texas
  • Regal Berkshire Mall, Lanesborough, Massachusetts
  • Regal Branford, Branford, Connecticut
  • Regal Brass Mill, Waterbury, Connecticut
  • Regal Colonnade, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Regal Columbia, Columbia, South Carolina
  • Regal Crow Canyon, San Ramon, California
  • Regal Edwards Anaheim Hills, Anaheim Hills, California
  • Regal Edwards Calabasas, Calabasas, California
  • Regal Edwards West Oaks Mall, Houston, Texas
  • Regal Edwards Westpark, Irvine, California
  • Regal Fiesta Henderson, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Regal Gravois Bluffs, Fenton, Missouri
  • Regal Greenville Grande, Greenville, North Carolina
  • Regal Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Regal Middleburg Town Square, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Regal Parkway Plaza - Tukwila, Tukwila, Washington
  • Regal Placerville, Placerville, California
  • Regal Richland Crossing, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
  • Regal Richmond Town Square, Richmond Heights, Ohio
  • Regal River City Marketplace, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Regal Sherwood, Sherwood, Oregon
  • Regal Stonington, Pawcatuck, Connecticut
  • Regal Texas Station, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Regal UA Amarillo Star, Amarillo, Texas
  • Regal UA Broadway Faire, Fresno, California
  • Regal UA Court Street, Brooklyn, New York
We will keep track of any new Chapter 11 developments as they happen.
submitted by iwasdusted to RegalUnlimited [link] [comments]

2022.09.09 08:52 iwasdusted Regal Weekly Roundup: Movies, Events, PLFs, Promos, Q&A - Week of September 9, 2022

Regal Weekly Roundup: Movies, Events, PLFs, Promos, Q&A - Week of September 9, 2022
This thread is designed to be a one-stop shop for any weekly updates, for the theatre week running Friday, September 9 - Thursday, September 15, 2022. Click here to see a list of all Regal locations, and which of the three Unlimited tiers they are part of: Unlimited @ $18/month; Unlimited Plus @ $21/month; Unlimited All-Access @ $23.50/month. Select locations also feature king-size recliners.
Feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns about Regal, Regal Crown Club, or Regal Unlimited below. :)

New This Week with Regal Unlimited!

Movies without theaters listed are opening in 21 or more Regal locations this week; if theaters are listed, the movie is only playing in 20 locations or less. Theater bookings are always subject to change. For PLF locations, see our PLF section.
A note on this week's shows: Regal has cut operating hours at most theatres due to the slow business and lack of new content this time of year, exacerbated by pandemic delays. Theater hours depend on location -- some are open a full day, 12pm-11pm; some are open 1pm-8pm; some only 3pm-8pm; and so on. Check your local listings for new (temporary) operating hours.
The following English language movies are new this week and included with Regal Unlimited:
  • Anime Expo Cinema Nights: The House of the Lost on the Cape (Dub)
    • Bella Bottega, Brandywine Town Center, Carlsbad, Delta Shores, Edwards Alhambra Renaissance, Edwards Mira Mesa, Edwards South Gate, Fenway, Huebner Oaks, Irvine Spectrum, LA Live, Meridian, Rockville Center, Thornton Place, UA King of Prussia.
  • Barbarian - 2D, DS, OC, PLF, RPX, VIP
  • Beautiful Blue Eyes - 2D, VIP
  • Medieval - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Continental, Union Square.
  • Unfavorable Odds
The following foreign language movies are new this week and included with Regal Unlimited:
  • Anime Expo Cinema Nights: The House of the Lost on the Cape (Sub)
    • Bella Bottega, Brandywine Town Center, Carlsbad, Delta Shores, Edwards Alhambra Renaissance, Edwards Mira Mesa, Edwards South Gate, Fenway, Huebner Oaks, Irvine Spectrum, LA Live, Meridian, Rockville Center, Thornton Place, UA King of Prussia.
  • Batch 2013 (Punjabi)
    • Burlington, Commerce Center, Edwards Bakersfield, Fox, Medlock Crossing.
  • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) - 2D, PLF 2D, RPX 2D, VIP 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, PLF 3D, RPX 3D, VIP 3D
  • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Telugu) - 2D, RPX 2D, VIP 2D, 3D
  • Captain (Tamil)
  • Natchathiram Nagargiradhu (Tamil)
    • Commerce Center, Commonwealth, Crossroads - Cary, Edwards Mira Mesa, Fox, Hollywood - Nashville, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, River Point, Starlight - Charlotte.
  • Oke Oka Jeevitham (Telugu)
  • Oru Thekkan Thallu Case (Malayalam)
    • Burlington, Citrus Park, Commerce Center, Downington, Harrisburg, Hollywood - Greenville, Hollywood - Nashville, Mall of Georgia, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, Parkway Plaza, Solomon Pond, Stonecrest at Piper Glen, Transit Center, Village Park, Warren East.
The following special events are playing this week, and are included with Regal Unlimited.
  • The Godfather - 2D, PLF, RPX
    • Monday, September 12 only.
    • Select locations: also Tuesday, September 13 & Wednesday, September 14.
  • The Godfather: Part II - 2D, PLF, RPX
    • Tuesday, September 13 only.
  • The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone - 2D, PLF, RPX
    • Wednesday, September 14 only.
  • Moonage Daydream - Early Access Screening - IMAX only
    • Monday, September 12 only.
  • Twilight - PLF, RPX
    • Friday, September 9 & Saturday, September 10.
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - PLF, RPX
    • Sunday, September 11 only.
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - PLF, RPX
    • Sunday, September 11 only.
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - PLF, RPX
    • Saturday, September 10 & Sunday, September 11.
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon - PLF, RPX
    • Friday, September 9 & Saturday, September 10.
    • Select locations: also Sunday, September 11.

New This Week - RU Excluded

Unlimited excluded films do not count towards the 2022 Unlimited milestone challenge, as only Unlimited passes count.
The following special events are playing this week, but are excluded from Regal Unlimited.
  • Clerks III
    • Tuesday, September 13 - Thursday, September 15 daily.
  • Goodbye, Don Glees! (Subbed)
    • Wednesday, September 14 only.
  • Lifemark
    • Friday, September 9 - Thursday, September 15 daily.
  • Pitch Perfect 10th Anniversary
    • Sunday, September 11 & Wednesday, September 14.
    • Some locations also showing Monday, September 12 or Tuesday, September 13.
  • UFC 279: Chimaev vs. Diaz
    • Saturday, September 10 only.
Regal is NOT showing the following new releases this week:
  • End of the Road - streaming on Netflix
  • Flight/Risk - streaming on Prime Video

What Else is Playing with Regal Unlimited?

The following older English movies are all playing at at least one Regal location this week.
  • Anime Expo Cinema Nights: The House of the Lost on the Cape (Dub) (Manhattan)
    • Battery Park, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Union Square.
  • The Bad Guys (Reissue)
    • Edwards Santa Maria, West Ridge.
  • Beast - 2D, ICE, OC, RPX, VIP
    • OC: Atlas Park, Auburn - Washington, Commonwealth, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Keauhou, Lakewood, Parkway Plaza - Tukwila, UA Sheepshead Bay, UA Staten Island.
  • The Black Phone
  • The Blob (1958)
    • Clarksville, Streets of Indian Lake, West Ridge.
  • Bodies Bodies Bodies - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Essex Crossing.
  • Breaking - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: City Center, UA Sheepshead Bay.
  • Bullet Train - 2D, DS, IMAX, OC, RPX, VIP
  • DC League of Super-Pets - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Albany, Atlas Park, Battery Park, Cinebarre Boulder, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Keauhou, Poulsbo, Prince Kuhio, Tangram, UA Midway, UA Sheepshead Bay, UA Staten Island.
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    • Totem.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Dubbed) - 2D, VIP
  • Easter Sunday - 2D, OC
    • OC: Keauhou, Prince Kuhio.
  • Elvis - 2D, VIP
  • Emily the Criminal
    • Arbor @ Great Hills, Colonnade, Foothill Towne Center, Lincolnshire, Sherman Oaks Galleria.
  • E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (2022) - 2D, OC
    • 2D & OC: Union Square.
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once (Reissue)
    • Totem.
  • Fall
    • Auburn - Washington, Austell, Boulder Station, Boulevard Centre, Cielo Vista, Edwards Nampa Spectrum, Edwards South Gate, Foothill Towne Center, Green Hills, Hollywood - Merced, Lone Star, Manchester - Fresno, Northwoods, Oviedo Mall, Rancho Mirage, San Jacinto Metro, Visalia.
  • Gigi & Nate - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Canyon View, Interquest, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Midway, UA Staten Island.
  • Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. - 2D, OC
    • OC: Atlas Park, Battery Park, Continental, Essex Crossing, Pioneer Place, Prince Kuhio, Tigard, UA Colorado Mills, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Staten Island, Union Square.
  • The Invitation - 2D, DS, OC, VIP
  • Jaws (Reissue) - IMAX 2D, 3D, RPX 3D, VIP 3D
  • Journey to Hell
    • Gilbert.
  • Jurassic World Dominion (Reissue) - 2D, OC
    • Makalapua, South Hill.
  • Laal Singh Chaddha (Hindi)
    • Bella Bottega, Commerce Center, Edwards Westpark.
  • Lighting Up the Stars (Mandarin)
    • Tangram.
  • The Lost City
    • West Ridge.
  • A Love Song
    • Downtown West, UA High Ridge.
  • Mack and Rita
    • Edwards Anaheim Hills, Interstate Park, Nitro, UA High Ridge, West Ridge.
  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
    • Edwards Santa Maria, Foothill Towne Center, Fox Tower, Sherman Oaks Galleria, Totem, UA High Ridge.
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru - 2D, OC 2D, VIP 2D, 4DX 3D
    • OC: Atlas Park, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, UA Sheepshead Bay, UA Staten Island.
  • Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
    • Arbor @ Great Hills, Barn Plaza, Cobblestone Square, Colonnade, Downtown West, Edwards Aliso Viejo, Edwards Long Beach, Edwards San Marcos, Edwards Westpark, Green Hills, Independence, Kiln Creek, Lake Zurich, Middleburg Town Square, Oaks, SouthGlenn, Tara.
  • Nope - 2D, OC
    • OC: E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Gallery Place, UA Kaufman Astoria.
  • Orphan: First Kill - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Essex Crossing, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Sheepshead Bay, UA Staten Island.
  • Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank
    • Edwards Santa Maria, Shadowood, Totem, West Ridge.
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue) - 2D, 4DX, DS, OC, RPX, SX, VIP
  • Three Thousand Years of Longing - 2D, OC, VIP
  • Thor: Love and Thunder - 2D, OC, VIP
    • OC: Prince Kuhio, South Hill, UA Kaufman Astoria.
  • Top Gun: Maverick - 2D, DS, IMAX, OC, RPX, SX, VIP
    • OC: Alderwood, Battery Park, Bella Bottega, Bricktown Charleston, Cascade, Crossroads - Bellevue, Essex Crossing, Fairfax Towne Center, Germantown, Manassas, Martin Village, Spokane Valley, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Sheepshead Bay, UA Staten Island, Westview.
  • Vengeance
    • Arbor @ Great Hills, Edwards Anaheim Hills, Edwards Santa Maria.
  • Where the Crawdads Sing - 2D, OC
    • OC: Cinema 99, City Center, Sherwood, Tigard, Vancouver Plaza.
The following older foreign movies are all playing at at least one Regal location this week.
  • Alienoid (Korean)
    • Guam.
  • Anime Expo Cinema Nights: The House of the Lost on the Cape (Sub) (Manhattan)
    • Battery Park, E-Walk, Essex Crossing, Union Square.
  • Bimbisara (Telugu)
    • UA Commerce Township.
  • Cobra (Tamil)
    • Commerce Center, Hadley, Mall of Georgia, Medlock Crossing, Omaha.
  • Cobra (Telugu)
    • Fox.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Subbed)
    • Killeen, New Roc, Tangram, UA Kaufman Astoria, UA Sheepshead Bay, UA Staten Island.
  • Emergency Declaration (Korean)
    • Fairfax Towne Center.
  • First Day First Show (Telugu)
    • UA Commerce Township.
  • The Good Boss (Spanish)
    • Arbor @ Great Hills, Downtown West, Edwards Westpark, South Beach, UA High Ridge.
  • Hansan: Rising Dragon (Korean)
    • Fairfax Towne Center, Parkway Plaza - Tukwila.
  • Hawa (Bengali)
    • Citrus Park, Germantown, Hollywood @ North I-85, Manassas, Movies on TV, Oaks, Royal Palm Beach, Sawgrass.
  • Holy Land: The Last Pilgrim (Spanish)
    • Jewel.
  • The Invitation (Spanish)
    • Edwards Bakersfield, Manchester - Fresno, Stockton City Center, Turlock.
  • Karthikeya 2 (Telugu)
    • Bella Bottega, Burlington, Cantera, Commerce Center, Fox, Germantown, Gilbert, Hacienda Crossings, Hadley, Mall of Georgia, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, Omaha, Solomon Pond, Virginia Center, West Oaks Mall.
  • Maid in Malacanang (Tagalog)
    • Dole Cannery, Edwards Cerritos, Edwards Ontario Palace, Guam, Kapolei Commons, Nu'uli Place Twin, Parkway Plaza - Tukwila, Pearl Highlands, Saipan, Village Square.
  • Moon Man (Mandarin)
    • Dole Cannery, Hollywood @ North I-85, Irvine Spectrum, Meridian, Rockville Center, Tangram, UA Laguna Village, Village Square.
  • Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga (Telugu)
    • Citrus Park, Commerce Center, Fox, Hadley, Medlock Crossing, UA Commerce Township, Virginia Center.
  • Sita Ramam (Telugu)
    • Avenues, Cantera, Commerce Center, Edwards Long Beach, Fox, Hadley, Medlock Crossing, Middleburg Town Square, Movies on TV, Oaks, Starlight - Charlotte, UA Commerce Township, UA Denver Pavilions.
  • Tasleem Ahaly (Arabic)
    • Fairfax Towne Center.
  • Thiruchitrambalam (Tamil)
    • Commerce Center, Hacienda Crossings, Medlock Crossing, Oaks, UA Commerce Township.
  • Waiting for Bojangles (French)
    • Arbor @ Great Hills, Downtown West, Edwards Westpark, UA High Ridge.
  • Yaar Mera Titliyan Warga (Punjabi)
    • Burlington, Commerce Center, Edwards Bakersfield.

What's Playing in Regal's Premium Formats?

The following list of PLF movies is sorted by format shown on the movie ticket. Remember, each separate format counts as a separate movie booking for the purposes of the 2022 Unlimited milestone challenge. Most theaters will NOT be showing all movies offered in the format this week. It's a cluster! All movies may not be showing at all locations in all formats.
  • Showing this week in 4DX: Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue) at all locations.
    • Union Square: Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D.
  • Showing this week in D-BOX at Regal Grand Parkway: None this week.
  • Showing this week in Director's Suite (DS):
    • Warren Broken Arrow: Barbarian, Bullet Train, The Invitation, Top Gun: Maverick.
    • Warren Moore: Barbarian, Bullet Train.
    • Warren Old Town: Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue).
  • Showing this week in ICE Immersive at Regal LA Live: Beast.
  • Showing this week in IMAX:
    • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) 3D: Atlantic Station, City North, Crossgates, Crossroads - Cary, Destiny USA, Downington, Edwards Long Beach, Edwards Mira Mesa, El Dorado Hills, Fox, Gateway, Grand Parkway, Hacienda Crossings, Hamburg Pavilion, Irvine Spectrum, Lincolnshire, Majestic, Mall of Georgia, Sawgrass, Short Pump, Simi Valley Civic Center, Stockton City Center, Stonecrest at Piper Glen, UA Farmingdale, UA King of Prussia.
    • Bullet Train: Dole Cannery, Edwards Alhambra Renaissance, Edwards Aliso Viejo, Edwards Fairfield, Edwards Ontario Palace, Edwards South Gate, Edwards Temecula, Gulf Coast, Louisiana Boardwalk, Martin Village, South Beach, Sunset Station, Tall City, Thornton Place, UA Staten Island, Waterford Lakes.
    • Jaws (Reissue) 3D: Bridgeport Village Center, Commonwealth, Crocker Park, Deer Park, Dickson City, Dole Cannery, Edwards Camarillo Palace, Edwards Fairfield, Edwards Fresno, Edwards Ontario Palace, Edwards Temecula, Edwards Valenica, Hollywood - Ocala, Kendall Village, Lloyd Center, Martin Village, Old Mill, Opry Mills, Pinnacle, Pointe Orlando, Simpsonville, Streets of Indian Lake, Thornton Place, Tikahtnu, UA Amarillo Star, UA Colorado Center, UA Sheepshead Bay, Warren West, Warrington Crossing, Westbury, Winrock.
    • Top Gun: Maverick: Aliante, Arbor Place, Augusta Exchange, Barkley Village, Cascade, Delta Shores, Edwards Camarillo Palace, Edwards Valencia, Escondido, Fredericksburg, Goldstream, Issaquah Highlands, Lloyd Center, Lone Star, Manassas, Mayfaire, Naples, New Roc, Palladium, Parkway Plaza, Permian Palace, Rancho Mirage, Red Rock, Sandhill, Stonefield, Streets of Indian Lake, Transit Center, UA Colorado Center, UA Sheepshead Bay, Valley River Center, Warren Moore, Waugh Chapel, Yorba Linda.
  • Showing this week in PLF:
    • Kapolei Commons, LA Live, Warren East: The Godfather Trilogy, The Twilight Saga.
    • Warren Broken Arrow: Barbarian, The Godfather Trilogy, The Twilight Saga.
    • Warren Moore: Barbarian, Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) 2D & 3D.
  • Showing this week in RealD 3D: Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) and Jaws (Reissue).
    • Edwards West Covina: Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Telugu).
  • Showing this week in RPX:
    • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi): Bellingham, Cantera, Commerce Center, Destiny USA, Edwards Mira Mesa, Edwards Ontario Palace, Grand Parkway, Hacienda Crossings, Hollywood - Greenville, Hollywood - Nashville, Huebner Oaks, Independence Plaza, Kingstowne, Lansing Mall, Lone Star, Medlock Crossing, Nanuet, Stonecrest at Piper Glen, UA Denver Pavilions, UA Kaufman Astoria, Walden Galleria, Warrington Crossing.
    • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) 3D: Bellingham, Cantera, Commerce Center, Edwards Ontario Palace, Grand Parkway, Hollywood - Greenville, Hollywood - Nashville, Huebner Oaks, Independence Plaza, Kingstowne, Lansing Mall, Lone Star, Medlock Crossing, Nanuet, UA Kaufman Astoria, Walden Galleria, Warrington Crossing.
    • Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Telugu): Destiny USA, Edwards Mira Mesa, Hacienda Crossings, Stonecrest at Piper Glen.
    • All locations not playing Brahmastra will be showing The Godfather Trilogy and The Twilight Saga. See the new movie section above for each film's selected days. Additionally, many locations are playing one other movie as the first show of the day.
      • Barbarian: Grand Parkway, Lone Star.
      • Beast: Avenues, Grand Esplanade.
      • Bullet Train: UA Colorado Mills.
      • Jaws (Reissue) 3D: Dania Pointe.
      • Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue): Biltmore Grande, Birkdale, Bricktown Charleston, Clarksville, Crossroads - Taylorsville, Deerfield Town Center, Edwards Big Newport, Fairfield Commons, Great Northern Mall, Hamburg Pavilion, McCain Mall, New River Valley, Sandhill, Virginia Gateway, Westbury.
      • Top Gun: Maverick: Celebration Pointe, Continental, Grand Parkway, Interquest, River Point.
  • Showing this week in ScreenX: Top Gun: Maverick at all locations.
    • Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue) is also showing at Dania Pointe, Edwards West Covina.
  • Showing this week in VIP:
    • Atlantic Station: Beast, The Invitation, Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue), Top Gun: Maverick.
    • Benders Landing: Barbarian, Beast, DC League of Super-Pets, The Invitation, Minions: The Rise of Gru, Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue).
    • Dania Pointe: Barbarian, Beast, Bullet Train.
    • Edwards Fresno: Barbarian, Beast, Bullet Train, The Invitation, Jaws (Reissue) 3D, Minions: The Rise of Gru, Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue), Top Gun: Maverick.
    • Edwards Houston Marq'E: Barbarian, Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) 2D, Bullet Train, DC League of Super-Pets, Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue), Top Gun: Maverick.
    • Irvine Spectrum: Barbarian, Beast, Beautiful Blue Eyes, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Hindi) 2D & 3D, Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva (Telugu), Breaking, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Dubbed), Elvis, Gigi & Nate, Orphan: First Kill, Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue), Thor: Love and Thunder, Three Thousand Years of Longing.
    • South Beach: Barbarian, Bullet Train, The Invitation, Medieval, Spider-Man: No Way Home (Reissue).
Check out our list of PLF locations including surcharge information on our Regal PLF database. It's still a work in progress, so all fields may not currently be filled out.
Check out our subreddit FAQ for descriptions of all the premium formats and what you can expect from each (work in progress - to be published soon).

Coming Soon with Regal Unlimited!

All of the following movies are coming soon to Regal, and should be included with Unlimited. Movies in premium formats carry a surcharge with Unlimited. Each separate listing counts as a separate movie for the purposes of the 2022 Unlimited milestone challenge. Movies in bold have showtimes available on the Regal website.
Movies without theaters listed are opening in 21 or more Regal locations this week; if theaters are listed, the movie is only playing in 20 locations or less. Theater bookings are always subject to change and more locations will likely be added over time.
Movies listed here are NOT necessarily on sale! All the movies on this list either have showtimes posted, or are listed under "coming soon" on the Regal website's movies tab. Here are plenty of reasons to stay subscribed to Regal Unlimited!
Opens Friday, September 16:
  • Confess, Fletch
  • Moonage Daydream - IMAX only
  • The Mystery of Padre Pio (Spanish)
  • Pearl - 2D, OC
  • Running the Bases - 2D, OC, VIP
  • See How They Run - 2D, OC, VIP
  • The Silent Twins - 2D, OC
  • The Woman King - 2D, 4DX, DS, IMAX, OC, PLF, RPX, VIP
  • The Woman King (Spanish)
  • X (Reissue)
Opens Friday, September 23:
  • Cuando Sea Joven (Spanish)
  • Don't Worry Darling - 2D, OC
  • The Greatest Beer Run Ever
  • Moonage Daydream
  • Railway Children
Opens Friday, September 30:
  • Bros - 2D, OC
  • The Good House
  • Lumpia with a Vengeance
  • Smile - 2D, OC, VIP
  • SUPERSPREADER: The Rise of #LetUsWorship - 2D, VIP
Opens Friday, October 7:
  • Don't Look at the Demon
  • Lumpia with a Vengeance expands
  • The Storied Life of AJ Fikry
Opens Friday, October 14:
  • Lumpia with a Vengeance expands
Opens Friday, October 21:
  • Lumpia with a Vengeance expands
Opens Friday, October 28:
Opens Friday, November 4:
Opens Friday, November 11:
Opens Friday, November 18:
Opens Wednesday, November 23:
Opens Friday, December 16:
Opens Wednesday, December 21:
For other future movie releases, see our routinely updated release schedule! (2022 movies 2023 movies)

Special Events Coming Soon - Unlimited Eligible!

Sunday, September 18 only:
  • IMAX LIVE: Renee Fleming's Cities That Sing - Paris (IMAX livestream)
Monday, September 19 only:
  • IMAX Live: Don't Worry Darling - The IMAX Live Experience
Wednesday, September 21 only:
  • Renee Fleming's Cities That Sing - Paris (IMAX encore show)
Thursday, September 22 & Saturday, September 24:
  • Phantom: The Musical (Korean)
Friday, September 23, Saturday, September 24 & Monday, September 26:
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Saturday, September 24 & Tuesday, September 27:
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Sunday, September 25 & Wednesday, September 28:
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Sunday, September 25 & Thursday, September 29:
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
Monday, September 26 only:
  • Monday Mystery Movie - secret R-rated upcoming movie with $5 tickets!
Tuesday, September 27 only:
  • Smile - Early Access
Wednesday, September 28 only:
  • IMAX LIVE: Brandi Carlile: In the Canyon Haze - Live from Laurel Canyon
Thursday, October 6, Saturday, October 8 & Tuesday, October 11:
  • Trick 'r Treat - 2D, OC
Friday, October 7, Monday, October 10 & Thursday, October 13 only:
  • Halloween (1978)
Sunday, October 9 & Wednesday, October 12 only:
  • The Lost Boys
Friday, October 28 to Monday, October 31 only:
  • Dawn of the Dead in 3-D (1978) - 3D only

Coming Soon - RU Excluded

All of the following special events are ineligible for Regal Unlimited.
  • Friday, September 16 - Sunday, September 18 daily:
    • Clerks III
  • Saturday, September 17:
    • Canelo vs. GGG III (livestream)
  • Sunday, September 18:
    • Goodbye, Don Glees! (Dubbed)
  • Monday, September 19 - Wednesday, September 21 daily:
    • Jeepers Creepers Reborn
  • Monday, September 19:
    • Bros presents - Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    • Goodbye, Don Glees! (Subbed) - select locations only
  • Tuesday, September 20:
    • Bros presents - Trainwreck
    • Goodbye, Don Glees! (Subbed)
  • Wednesday, September 21:
    • Bros presents - Knocked Up
  • Sunday, September 25, Monday, September 26 & Wednesday, September 28:
    • Poltergeist 40th Anniversary (TCM Big Screen Classics)
  • Sunday, September 25 & Wednesday, September 28:
    • Howl's Moving Castle (Studio Ghibli Fest 2022) (Dubbed)
  • Monday, September 26:
    • Howl's Moving Castle (Studio Ghibli Fest 2022) (Subbed)
  • Tuesday, September 27:
    • Anvil! The Story of Anvil
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island (Subbed)
  • Wednesday, September 28:
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island (Dubbed)
  • Wednesday, September 28 & Sunday, October 2:
    • DIO: Dreamers Never Die
  • Thursday, September 29:
    • Saint Michael: Meet the Angel
  • Saturday, October 1:
    • The Mummy (1932) & Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
  • Monday, October 3 & Tuesday, October 4:
    • Mother Teresa: No Greater Love
  • Wednesday, October 5:
    • The Retaliators
  • Wednesday, October 5 & Sunday, October 9:
    • Billy Joel: Live at Yankee Stadium
  • Thursday, October 6 - Saturday, October 8 daily:
    • Terrifier 2
  • Sunday, October 9 & Monday, October 10:
    • Scream 2: 25th Anniversary
  • Sunday, October 16 & Wednesday, October 19:
    • In the Heat of the Night 55th Anniversary (TCM Big Screen Classics)
  • Monday, October 17 & Tuesday, October 18:
    • Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai
  • Saturday, October 22:
    • The Metropolitan Opera: Medea (2022)
  • Sunday, October 23 & Thursday, October 27:
    • Bram Stoker's Dracula 30th Anniversary
  • Monday, October 24 & Tuesday, October 25:
    • First Responders
  • Wednesday, October 26:
    • The Metropolitan Opera: Medea (2022) Encore
  • Saturday, October 29:
    • The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) & The Phantom of the Opera (1943)
  • Sunday, October 30 & Wednesday, November 2:
    • Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli Fest 2022) (Dubbed)
  • Tuesday, November 1:
    • Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli Fest 2022) (Subbed)
  • Thursday, November 3:
    • It's Happening Right Here
  • Saturday, November 5 & Sunday, November 6:
    • Kendal Mountain Tour
  • Saturday, November 5:
    • The Metropolitan Opera: La Traviata (2022)
  • Wednesday, November 9:
    • The Metropolitan Opera: La Traviata (2022) Encore
  • Sunday, November 13 & Wednesday, November 16:
    • To Kill a Mockingbird 60th Anniversary (TCM Big Screen Classics)
  • Thursday, December 1, Saturday, December 3 & Sunday, December 4:
  • Saturday, December 3:
    • The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute Holiday Encore (2022)
  • Monday, December 5 - Wednesday, December 7 daily:
    • Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon
  • Saturday, December 10:
    • The Metropolitan Opera: The Hours (2022)
  • Wednesday, December 14:
    • The Metropolitan Opera: The Hours (2022) Encore
  • Sunday, December 18 & Wednesday, December 21:
    • It's a Wonderful Life 75th Anniversary (TCM Big Screen Classics)
Showtimes for the 2023 portion of the 2022-23 Metropolitan Opera season are also already on sale.

2022 Regal Unlimited Milestone Rewards
Each separate listing and separate format counts as a separate movie for the purposes of the 2022 Unlimited milestone challenge. Open caption versions of a film count separately, as do dubbed vs. subbed versions of a given film, sensory friendly screenings, etc. Movies in premium formats carry a surcharge with Unlimited.
Only movies that you see with an Unlimited ticket count toward this challenge. Movies you pay for out of pocket without using a free Unlimited base ticket do not count, and neither do Unlimited excluded films like Fathom Events and concert experiences.
Here are the different formats that count as unique movies toward this challenge: standard (2D), 3D, 4DX 2D, 4DX 3D, Director's Suite, D-BOX, ICE Immersive, IMAX 2D, IMAX 3D, Open Caption, PLF, PLF 3D, RPX 2D, RPX 3D, ScreenX, Sensory, VIP 2D, VIP 3D. Additionally, movies that have a "Reissue" or "Classics" designation count separately from the original release of a film. And movies available in multiple languages count separately for each language: "Dubbed" vs. "Subbed" or "Hindi" vs. "Telugu," etc. You could see the same title in 5 different formats, and it would count as 5 separate films for the challenge!
For comparison, earning points by spending usually occurs at a rate of 100 points per $1.00 spent. Therefore, the 25,000 bonus credits for completing this program would normally require you to spend $250!

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  • Regal Replays in RPX - The Twilight Saga - Relive your favorite vampire love story on the big screen for this weekend only, September 9 - 11! Watch the Twilight Saga in RPX for just $5 a ticket!
  • Regal Replays in RPX - The Godfather - We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. For a limited time, watch The Godfather Trilogy in RPX for just $5 a ticket! Movie screening September 12 - 14.
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  • Renee Fleming $6 Combo for Regal Crown Club Members - Join Grammy®-award winning soprano Renée Fleming as she performs iconic favorites and tours one of the greatest musical cities of the world. Renée Fleming’s Cities That Sing - Paris. Experience this LIVE IMAX event at Regal and we will give you a $6 small popcorn + drink combo. Offer only valid for livestreamed 9/18 showtimes and NOT encore shows on 9/21.
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  • Horror Week - Scream along with these terrifying classics! Trick 'r Treat, Halloween, and The Lost Boys back in theaters October 6-13. $5 tickets!
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submitted by iwasdusted to RegalUnlimited [link] [comments]

2022.09.02 14:05 bajie90 This video has gone viral on tiktok, man finds album that he thinks may have extremely rare and unusual photos of the Nanjing (Nanking) massacre.

But things are not like they seem, I'll explain in the following tweets. 🧵
Now I'm not really into trigger warnings, but I do realise that as someone who has researched crime and war for a long time and has witnessed a few awful things, I'm no longer shocked to things normal people still are shocked to.
So, be aware, lots of horrors ahead.
Mind you, I will link to these things but try and avoid sharing pictures directly.
Follow the links on your own discretion, you know what you can handle.
Background; The Nanjing Massacre or the Rape of Nanjing
The Pawn man thinks the album is extremely rare because of the photos in it.
The album itself is not rare, it is genuine though.
But this "My oriental" album was a souvenir album countless sailors bought when their tour of duty was about to begin.
From another copy;
There are lots of them out there.
And you can buy an empty one, right now;
So the album itself is not that unique, but of course it's all about the content.
The sailors who bought these albums filled them with their own photos, letters, postcards, all sorts of souvenirs, they're all different.
Here's one with innocent pictures;
But even this chap mentions that photos depicting "public executions (beheadings, death of a thousand cuts, etc.)" were in the album but separately in an envelope.
That sounds suspiciously familiar doesn't it?
Here is another album online, it too shows photos of war and atrocities but different ones;
The pawn man has been sharing some of the photos on Twitter, you can see them on his account here;
Again, they are horrific.
But they are also familiar, I wish they weren't.
But I've seen some of these before.
And it didn't take long for me and others to find some of the photos in the album elsewhere on the internet, like with stock companies.
This one for instance can also be found on stock image websites titled "Public execution of a communist in the streets of Nanking 1927".
Of course stock image companies are often wrong, but other photos can be found there as well and it seems most/none of them are not related to the 1937 massacre.
Another photo showing "the death of a 1000 cuts" very likely shows the execution of Fu Zhuli in 1905.
So what have we got here?
An album filled by sailors with photos they took and stuff they found during their tour, it's a souvenir album.
We know that the man who owned the pawn man's album served on the USS Augusta;
It seems this ship was not in Nanking during the massacre.
So what are these photos doing in that album?
I reckon the photos were being sold, which sounds weird to us, but it was news, there was no tv or internet, just magazines & newspapers.
I bet that some of these sailors had the photos offered to them at a market or in a shop, bought them, added them to their albums, it may illustrate what they witnessed, it did illustrate what was happening in the region at the time.
And whoever sold them may have added a few unrelated photos just to get an even number, to have more pictures to sell.
Those foreign sailors won't know one of the photos was made in 1905 and pay good money for them.
Something similar happened to me, I bought a Dutch photo album that contained photos of the bombing of Rotterdam, same size, same look, you could easily be fooled into thinking they were made by the owner of the album, photos on the left are real, on the right were bought;
Just after the bombing people were selling little sets of these photos everywhere, as a reminder, as news, to show people what happened, etc.
And some people put them in their albums.
Now and then someone tries to sell those albums as super rare because of the bombing photos.
submitted by bajie90 to twitter_read [link] [comments]

2022.07.21 01:50 TufYoo2125 A Mulher da Casa Abandonada virou circo

Não sei se vocês acompanharam ou viram por cima o que rolou hoje à tarde, mas foi um Deus nos acuda. Primeiro a Luisa Mell apareceu na casa devido a uma suposta denúncia de que um gato estaria lá dentro. Mais tarde descobriram que a denúncia, na verdade, era de um gato de energia (e a companhia elétrica foi lá na casa mesmo pra averiguar se tinha o tal do gato. No final, não tinha nada, e todo mundo saiu de mãos abanando).
Para não perder a viagem, a Luisa Mell descobriu que a velha tinha um cachorrinho. Então, no meio de uma confusão causada por:
A tal mulher saiu da casa, sem sua famosa pomada Hipoglós na cara, pra proteger o filhotinho. Acabou não dando muito certo porque, a esta hora, já estavam armando o maior pampeiro da história de Higienópolis, e de repente, não mais do que de repente, a mulher resolveu botar o cachorro por baixo da sua camiseta para que a Mell não o tirasse do meio dos seus peitos (é isso mesmo que vocês estão lendo). Só que nem isso deu certo, e a Luisa Mell roubou o cachorro da mulher mesmo assim.
Eis que então surge o Chico Felitti no meio da confusão toda, de camisa aberta like a bicheiro, e, então, por algum motivo escuso, começa a ser entrevistado pela Luisa Mell para a sua live de resgate de gato elét... De felino.
Nisso, a rua já estava lotada de curiosos, e é avistado um carro de bombeiros tentando passar, a duras penas, pela multidão.
Depois disso ainda tivemos Datena propagando informações erradas (parece redundância, hahaha, mas nesse caso é porque nem ele, nem a equipe, apuraram nada que foi divulgado no podcast), policiais entrando à força na casa com um mandado que ninguém soube explicar por qual motivo foi emitido, advogada e delegadas do caso dando entrevista ao vivo no Brasil Urgente, médico do SUS indo avaliar se a velha tem condições de viver sozinha numa casa absolutamente insalubre, gente querendo pegar a mulher na porrada etc.
Considerando que hoje foi o fim "oficial" do podcast (ainda que se saiba que o Chico vai lançar um episódio extra sobre os, bem, "desdobramentos" da história), queria saber de vocês o que acham de todo essa comoção que está rolando: se vocês acham que o Chico está praticando o bom jornalismo ou não, se acham que as pessoas estão sabendo lidar com certas informações que consomem, se a mulher agora vai passar de criminosa à vítima depois de todo esse pampeiro, enfim.
Também gostaria de saber o que vocês acham do fenômeno de conteúdo True Crime, que vem se expandindo lá fora e aparentemente vai explodir de vez por aqui depois desse podcast. Vocês consomem esse tipo de conteúdo? Por qual motivo? Por que gostam desse tipo de material? A curiosidade bateu depois de ver o fuá de hoje na casa, hahaha. Particularmente, eu não consumo esse tipo de material (e a primeira vez que fui consumi-lo foi justamente agora, com esse podcast da Folha), mas queria entender como funciona o apelo do conteúdo para as pessoas que o apreciam.
Ah, eu acho que o Chico escreve muito bem (acho sensacional aquela reportagem dele sobre o Fofão da Augusta, que, posteriormente, virou livro), porém não tenho uma opinião formada sobre o podcast dele sobre esse assunto, ainda que a revolta contra a mulher da casa abandonada seja imensa.
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2022.07.20 18:53 CrassostreaVirginica The Comprehensive List of Virginia-Specific Subreddits

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Also please always feel free to reach out to the mod team to let us know about your questions, comments, or concerns about the subreddit.
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Unrelated Civic Links

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2022.07.20 14:47 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Stock Exchange Of Heart by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (07/19/22)

"Sadly, he shakes hands with ghosts and imaginary people." - Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX), on a real weird tangent about president Joe Biden for some reason during a transportation infrastructure hearing

Check (cli)Mate

As Europe continues to sizzle, a new threshold in the climate crisis might finally be enough to shake politicians who have been dragging their feet for decades. We hope.
These dramatic developments will require big solutions to meet the moment, but it’s unclear whether on our side of the pond, Democrats are up to the task at hand.
The 117th Congress is the oldest in over 20 years. Half of the Senate is over 65, one-quarter is over 70. Joe Manchin is 74. The median age in America is 38.8, so in order for the Biden administration and the Democratic Congress to prove that the Democratic Party is worth voting for ever again, they need to stop letting climate action be held hostage by representatives who used to smoke on airplanes will not live to see its most dire consequences.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

The term “Metaverse” is suddenly everywhere - But what, exactly, is it?
This week on Offline, Jon is joined by pioneering theorist and venture capitalist Matthew Ball to discuss his new book "The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything", to break down what the Metaverse is, and how it may someday be the gateway to online experiences and underpin much of the physical world.
New episodes of Offline with Jon Favreau drop each Sunday wherever you get your podcasts.

Under The Radar

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, once again, has some explaining to do. This time it’s because her husband Paul recently bought between $1-5 million worth of stock in the California software and computer-chip company Nvidia according to publicly-available disclosures. This hefty purchase comes, conveniently, just as the Senate is expected to meet this week to discuss a bipartisan bill to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing. Pelosi has been a vocal public opponent of barring members of congress and their spouses from trading stocks, largely out of step with members of her own party, whose rank-and-file members ultimately succeeded in dragging her kicking and screaming to eventually drop her opposition in February. A survey conducted by conservative advocacy group Convention of States action found that 76 percent of voters believe that lawmakers and their spouses have an unfair advantage in the stock market, and only five percent of respondents support lawmakers being allowed to trade stocks. Pelosi’s spokesman deflected questions about her husband’s Nvidia acquisition, noting that she does not personally own any stocks, and “has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transactions.” This is where we all say in unison: “COME ONNNNNN.” You can’t claim to oppose stock trading for lawmakers and spouses in good faith if, months later, your spouse buys stock in a company that could be affected by a forthcoming bill worth more than most Americans will ever see in their lifetimes. If the third-highest ranking member of the U.S. government is serious about prohibiting lawmakers and their spouses from trading stocks, she should put her considerable amount of money where her mouth is.

What Else?

The House passed a bill on Tuesday that would codify the right to same-sex marriage, anticipating another rogue civil-rights rollback from the hard-right Supreme Court; 47 Republicans joined every House Democrat.
An increasing number of Americans have sought medical sterilization since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.
Twitter’s lawsuit to force billionaire/Dickensian villain Elon Musk to buy the company (which he, you know, promised to buy) will go to trial in October.
Former president Trump recently told his advisors that legal immunity might be motivation enough for him to run in 2024, and announce his campaign historically early.
France and the United Arab Emirates have signed an energy cooperation agreement as Europe prepares for the possibility that Russia will completely shut off fuel imports in retaliation for E.U. sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine.
Speaking of Russia, Russian president Vladimir Putin arrived in Tehran today for a meeting with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi. I’m sure they talked about normal, good-guy stuff!
House January 6 Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson has contracted COVID-19 and will likely miss the panel’s Thursday hearing, though the proceedings will continue without him.
An Indiana judge has reversed a 2016 decision to block the state from enforcing a law that not only prohibits abortions of fetuses with genetic abnormalities, but allows doctors who perform the abortions to be sued for wrongful death.
An upstate New York venue canceled its plans to host a leg of the “ReAwaken America” tour featuring Trump sycophants Roger Stone and Michael Flynn after a local petition opposing the event on the grounds that it was “likely to draw white supremacists and other members of hate groups” received more than 2,000 signatures.
Chipotle announced today that it would permanently close one of its stores in Augusta, ME, after workers there began the process of forming the company’s first union. You’re telling me that a multibillion-dollar corporation did union-busting? No, that doesn’t sound like them.

Be Smarter

It’s difficult to convey how important this year’s midterm elections are for congressional Democrats, and maybe that’s because voters are fatigued from being told exactly that every midterm election cycle. The DCCC seems to believe that some of its best House pick-up opportunities are in California, but most Democratic congressional strategists are chiefly concerned with playing defense just to maintain the razor-thin majority Dems currently have. To that end, it doesn’t appear that the party has a cohesive strategy. Some state Dem operatives are boosting the most extreme Trump-backed Republicans in their primaries in the hope that those loons will be easier to defeat come November, an extremely risky gamble that could backfire horribly, and honestly they should stop that. Another gamble is swing-state Dem candidates embracing law enforcement in campaign messaging to “boost their credibility,” after the right wing so effectively exploited the “Defund the Police” slogan (which it should be repeatedly stressed never actually resulted in the defunding of any major police departments). Hopefully, as November draws nearer, Democrats will settle on a coherent strategy, because Republicans won’t let up their attacks.

What A Sponsor

Trees are pretty great, aren’t they? They provide shade, make oxygen, prevent erosion, suck up all that carbon, provide homes for animals - is there anything they can’t do?
To turn something as awesome as a tree, and more accurately, a forest of trees, into toilet paper just feels wrong. These trees spent decades growing only to get cut down and flushed down the toilet.
At Reel Paper, we feel the same way. Reel makes a sustainable toilet paper that uses 100% bamboo. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass, and some can grow up to three feet per day! And like grass on a lawn, you can harvest the same stalk over and over without disrupting the plant or soil.
Even better? Reel Paper ships FREE in plastic-free and compostable packaging.
For a limited time, head on over to to sign up for a subscription and get 30% off your first order.
Let's stop flushing our forests. Reel is tree-free paper for the planet.

Light At The End Of The Email

The Chicago home where Emmett Till lived has received funding for renovations to restore it as a national historic site. It is expected to open along with the nearby Obama Presidential Library in 2025.
The Ohio Supreme Court rejected a second Republican-drawn Congressional district map because it was so heavily gerrymandered (obviously).
President Biden will sign an executive order expanding the tools available to deter and disrupt other countries taking Americans hostage and wrongful detentions.
Volkswagen plans to unveil a new line of sporty, fully-electric trucks.


Anna Fitzpatrick on Twitter: "International news is like, “more mass death due to global warming and climate change” and local news is like, “bike lanes: are they too inconvenient to SUV drivers?”"
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