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2023.06.04 09:48 Albar_SA Telling people you're from Indonesia starterpack,

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2023.06.04 09:42 Any-Pen1123 Financial aid

I am waiting to hear what my financial aid will be. I’m starting a graduate program at NYU in the fall. Does anyone know roughly how much the typical graduate student will receive in regards to unsubsidized loans? Thanks!
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2023.06.04 09:35 Neither_Message3405 AITA for wanting my parents to sell some inherited properties?

My father’s godmother (in her 90’s and no direct family of her own) will leave him in her will 4 properties. 3 of them in the village (one of these her old home, the other two rentals) and a 3 apartment building in the beach. Note that all these properties are OLD, meaning no modernization or any type of construction were ever made on them since the 60’s (the rented properties have very low rent). My parents are the main caretakers of the godmother and as they are both retired, they have time to take her from the nursing home she is in to some walks, to the beach, to any family occasion, etc. My father is also the main executor of her properties right now.
So, my parents had a hard working life, we never had much money but we were never in need, which means that my parents never really “lived”. No trips, no big holidays, nothing for themselves, ever. As my father is not direct family, if and when the will will be opened, he will have to pay a big amount in inheritance tax (which they don’t have the money to pay right now) and also if the houses pass to my fathers name and he decides to sell any of them, he will have to pay tax on them too. Well, this all can be avoided if they decide to sell now, while the godmother is still alive, as in my country the law states that houses purchased before 1989 are exempt of that tax, and as my father his the main executor, he has the legal power to do so in her name.
I suggested that they sell the two rentals to avoid paying inheritance tax on them and the tax for selling, and invest that money in renovating the beach apartments, which will them become holiday rentals. This rentals would not only give them comfort and means to properly enjoy their retirement but also help me and my sister start our own families with more financial safety.
The problem is, they don’t want to sell anything, saying they want to recuperate all houses (they don’t have money nor time for that - father is 70) because it will all be for me and sister in the future and also because godmother is still alive. But as is, the old houses will be worth less and the ones we want to recuperate are gonna need more work, so each day the situation doesn’t move, we are effectively loosing money and more importantly, time.
AITA for wanting my parents to make a smart decision that can put our family in a stable financial position?
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2023.06.04 09:23 QuestToNowhere How to heal? I left my 8 years (and only) partner

Tonight I separated from the person I've shared the last 8 years with, who is 14 years older. We met when I was 19 and he was 33.
I've endured financial abuse (he was unemployed the whole time because he thinks himself too good for "shitty jobs" and being a "slave of the system" and kept working on "projects" that'd supposedly afford us a life worry-free of money), while I had a job and paid the bills. He has several masters and should be capable of finding well paid work but he is too picky with applications so his odds suck.
He also had, throughout the years, about 3 violent episodes in which he threw things and threatened to kill himself grabbing a knife, when I confronted him about being done and wanting to leave him. During these episodes he got in what I can only describe as a manic state and last time it happened, I called it quits.
He left tonight to fly out to his hometown. He did so in relatively accepting terms and acknowledged he has an issue but is reluctant to see a professional, let alone agree to potential medication. He apologized and said he will never do it again, and repeated he loves me, but I stood firm.
I'm feeling alone, scared and sad. A part of me knows I made the right logical call and should move on, I'm still young, yet, another part hopes he gets the help he needs and becomes a new man that comes back being the best version of himself and we have our happy life. Because beyond the broken promises of success and the manic episodes he was the only man I've ever felt comfortable with and could connect with.
Thanks for reading
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2023.06.04 09:18 throwawaybagelprune Financial aid & donated bursary options queries

Hi all, year 1 CBC student here, starting school in August. I am looking to apply for the donated bursary because I need the money, however most of the bursary have specific requirements like CEE, MS, WKWSCI etc. The only one I found is Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan Bursary.
Financial aids
  1. Higher Education Community Bursary - should be able to qualify for the highest bursary amount
  2. Donated Bursary - applying
  3. Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) & Study Loan (SL) - unable to apply as I can't find a guarantor
Trying not to worry about money these days but its tough haha, if I missed out on any external or internal financial aid, please let me know. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 09:08 brightside80 Should I tell my sister to move out?

Summary: mum passed away years ago, lived with grandma who threw us out, lived with dad, then moved to temp accommodation and now living in a home. I (25f)my sister legal guardian when she was 16.
My sister (19)has been going through deep depression. She lived with my dad last year, because we couldn’t cope living with each other and she needed a parent. My dad is financially stable and can help her( he’s a maths teacher with a tutoring school) but moved back in with me because she was feeling depressed etc.
She didn’t make it to uni, I have been trying to help her through her depression whilst dealing with my own life. I recently got a full time job after being self employed straight from university.
It’s been a rollercoaster, not going to school, school calling me whilst I’m at work. Last month she cried about having no parents etc, so I finally decided to give her money for the holiday she had been asking me for, but I’d didn’t ask her to pay me back. I partly blame musket because she wasn’t in this state prior to living with my dad. I advised her to go to the same therapy organisation I went to and she has been going.
It’s been difficult in the house. I understand depression can make you neglect yourself. I constantly remind her to wash up after heralded etc.
Now recently we had our first argument because she didn’t take the dog to pre and the house stank of pee. I tell her several times to take him out a few times a day, but she doesn’t and I come home to the house smelling of pre and I’m the one cleaning it up.
After this she said she doesn’t feel safe here, I’ve traumatised her and her therapist even asked if there is anywhere she can go and that she’s already doing so much in the house. All I ask is for her to clean after herself and buy toilet roll and hand wash. This is because she uses 1 toilet roll a day and I wanted her to start buying it so she can be more mindful and last year we had a fly issue because she left fruit in her room and the cupboards were filled with ants which I had to clean up. Minor things break in the house and I repair it. It’s hard because I’m on my own, and yes I have a supportive partner but it’s long distance. She also said I caused her depression and I’m making her feel suicidal. I was shocked and hurt as I had been actively trying to help her with the depression.
My elder sister who didn’t speak to me for 14 years because of my dad used to give me sweets if I told against her and would hit her ( her own words) called me and was quite rude. She always disrespects me and I’m tired of it especially because she hardly sees or helps my sister. When I went to uni I forgot to bring back my old phone for my younger sister and they both harassed mr saying do you know what it’s like to have no parts at and all your friends on the bus have phones your Decius etc. I was really hurt because I had just started uni and my elder sister didn’t even wish me good luck, that was the first time she texted me in years.
Anyway I’m waffling now.
I am walking on eggshells now. The atmosphere in the home is awkward. I understand she’s going through a lot but I think it’s best if she lives with my sister after her exams because this situation is affecting me and caused me to relapse on my ED. Plus I don’t think it’s best for her to be living with someone who has traumatised her.
I realise I have been treating her too nicely which people have already mentioned but I just wanted her to have a decent life especially because she only has me and she’s going through depression but nothin I do is good enough. I am even paying for her tutoring, give her extra money for clothes etc because she can only work part time, include her on holidays with my partner and cook meals and listen to her. I know I’m not perfect and have made mistakes but since my mum passed away I have had to be the mum to my sister and myself. I
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2023.06.04 08:59 Optimal-Plastic7212 Course question

Hey y’all, my advisor is rly confusing so I’m trying to figure some stuff out and see if other students have gone through the same.
I was originally told I have 12 classes left to take before I can graduate and I have been trying to fit them in with winter and summer courses. After trying to come up with a course schedule with what all I have left, somehow my advisor says I suddenly have 13 left instead, and I need to enroll in Fall 2024 for just one class. I don’t know if my financial aid or any of my benefits will cover only one class, and overall it’s just kind of sucky to graduate one semester late for one course.
Are there petitions I could sign? Or has anyone done dual enrollment with HCC or LSC to get an extra class done with on top of UH enrollment? Could use some advice!
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2023.06.04 08:53 Odd_Average_992 BLAST AI Not Responding

I got into this program in March. Still waiting for financial aid package. I have sent messages/emails multiple times but no response yet.
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2023.06.04 08:45 rosita-rose Took Advil while pregnant...because of a dog bite

Female. 5'5"." 130 lbs. 12.5 weeks pregnant, diagnosed with OCD, Psoriasis/Arthritis, and just finishing up a high dose of antibiotics for a UTI.
I was stupid and tried to break up a dog fight. I got bit pretty good on my hand. Dogs are healthy, no concerns there. But I lost health insurance two days ago, and I'm in the U.S. so I cannot afford an ER bill or any bill from a doctor without it 😔. Trying to get on state but that's a process.
My body went into shock after the bite. Sweating, almost puking, almost passing out. We did some major first aid work on my hand, but all we had was standard Advil. I took two pills because I was in so much pain and was genuinely worried I'd lose consciousness. I haven't taken any since.
Is this Advil going to put my baby at high risk of dying? I'm so scared but I can't afford to go in right now... 😔 I know I need acetaminophen, I just don't usually take any meds for pain so I forgot to buy some. I also don't usually get bit by dogs.
Disclaimer about the bite: I am aware of the risks of not seeing a doctor. But last time I went in for a cat bite (sick, feral cat did not appreciate my assistance), my bill was into the $15ks if I did not have insurance.
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2023.06.04 08:38 throwaway19052107 Using sec. 54F for 2nd residential property

I will be purchasing my first residential property using entire consideration of sale of some US stocks(Long term > 2 years) this financial year.
From what I have read about sec. 54F on taxguru and similar sites, there are two clauses that state that "The assessee must not own more than one house" and "The assessee must not purchase additional residential house (other than the new residential house purchased/ constructed to claim an exemption under section 54F is claimed) within a period of one year from the date of transfer of the long term capital asset."

Does this mean I can buy a second residential property from proceeds of sale of stock and avoid capital gains under sec. 54 F if I purchase the second house after one year? If yes, are there any restrictions / limits ?

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2023.06.04 08:34 Both-Statistician113 AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend?

AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend
Long story ahead but there is lots of context. Jump to **** for main AITA situation.
My (f26) best friend (f26) "Taylor" and I have been best friends for about 3 years; we met at work. We became close very quickly. Taylor has a husband (boyfriend when we met) "Jesse". Almost a year into our friendship Jesse proposed to Taylor and they decided they wanted to try to have a baby before the wedding. I was very supportive of their decision and was there for them during her entire pregnancy. I was so excited to be an "auntie", which they graciously granted me the title. My love language is gift giving and I do it purely out of love, not expecting gifts in return. Since the beginning of her pregnancy until this last time seeing her, I had gotten Taylor and her baby lots of items (diapers, clothes, toys, handmade blankets) out of the love I had for them; nothing crazy expensive or inappropriate. Right after the baby was born (about a week), Taylor, Jesse and baby moved across the country for Jesse's continuing education/job. Taylor and I vowed to make our friendship work long distance. Three months later was their wedding. I was hurt because I was not asked to be a bridesmaid, though there were more groomsmen than bridesmaids. Instead, very last minute I was asked to carry the baby down the aisle and I was so excited for my "special job". Things did not go as planned that wedding weekend. The other bridesmaids were very rude to me, not wanting to include me in wedding party activities, and literally taking the baby out of my arms, though I was willing to share them any time. I was supposed to walk the baby down the aisle with the rings but when we lined up, a bridesmaid took the rings out of my hands agressivly and gave them to the best man. I had taken care of the baby all day while the wedding party was getting ready and also had gotten the baby ready (dressed, changed, fed). After I got the baby ready, I took him for wedding party pictures, in which I was wasn't allowed to participate in. There actually aren't any pictures of Taylor and I from her wedding. I watched the baby til the babysitter came and got him at the reception, this was the plan so we could all enjoy the reception like adults. A little later Taylor then asked me if I would stop drinking and watch the baby overnight for them because the night babysitter backed out. She didn't ask family (her sober mom) or her bridesmaids (one pregnant/sober). At first I was honored to be asked, but it really was a change of plan. Being the sober one, I ended up taking on responsibilities that shouldn't have been on me. This included getting a very intoxicated guest out of the reception venue nicely because the bar staff was threatening to call the police on the girl causing a scene. I didn't want Taylor to have this memory of her wedding so I got the girl a ride home even though she screamed at me and threw wine on me, all without Taylor knowing. I also had to give first aid to a guest that slipped and fell. I ended up driving the very drunk bride and groom back to the hotel and picked up the baby. The bridesmaids were nowhere to be found to help during any of this. I never explained my frustration to Taylor, because that day wasn't about me and I moved on (my own fault for not ever telling her). Fast forward three months after the wedding and I fly across the country to visit them. For the most part we had a great time and did lots of activities, always busy and fun. The only "red flag" was when Taylor and Jesse propositioned me to join them in the bedroom, to which I politely set a boundary and declined. According to Taylor, Jesse was "very bummed" that I said no. Everything was fine and Taylor and I continued our long distance friendship.
****Fast forward another 6 months from then and I am going out again to see them for the baby's first birthday. I arrive and the whole vibe is just off but I'm determined to have a good time. Taylor doesn't seem to want to do much and takes the baby to daycare a lot while I was there even though she didn't have to work (I didn't care if he was with us). As a birthday present to her and the baby, I wanted to take them on a day trip to Disney (not far from them at all). We had dicussed this plan for a long time and Taylor at least claimed to be excited. I paid for the tickets with fast passes and parking, again just wanting to spend time with them, not expecting anything in return. We had everything ready to go for the morning we left because we wanted to get there early. We ended up there late, which is not a big deal, it takes longer with a baby. We get to the park and it is already decently busy. After we eat a sit down breakfast at Taylor's insistence, we get in line for a ride. We ended up riding 2 baby friendly rides and then she and I rode one "adult" ride with rider swap for the baby. After the third ride (we have maybe been there at most 3 hours) and she states out of nowhere that she thinks the baby is done and they should go home, after i had already booked the next ride. I was floored because everything was fine I myself had just fed and changed the baby who was content. Taylor said I could stay if I wanted and Jesse would pick me up later. So I was left alone at Disney ALL day. I was very disappointed, but again said nothing in the moment. After running all over the park all day, Taylor still wanted to do "girl's night out" that evening so we went out. At the restaurant I was on SC taking pics of the balive music, snapping my bf, when she took my hand and said "babe you're here to see me, you need to put your phone away". I felt like a little kid in trouble. So I apologize and put my phone up. We go to another bar across the street for the rest of the night where I order a drink infused with absinthe. I had never had it before and wanted to try it but I didn't want Taylor "mothering" or "griping" at me so I didn't tell her and got her a regular drink. Also i was already mad and didnt think it was any of her business what i was drinking as long as it's legal and we have a ride. Later that night we were about to get an Uber back and Taylor's phone is almost dead at 3AM. So I messaged Jesse and told him that we would be back soon and that I had absinthe but that i didn't tell Taylor. There was nothing else in the message and I have never sent him any sort of flirty or inappropriate message before, and never would. Taylor ends up being very controlling the rest of the trip and I couldn't wait to get home in a couple of days. Once home a couple of days Taylor calls me and starts going off on me about messaging Jesse the night were were out. I told her I was sorry for lying to her about the absinthe and sorry if I made her feel uncomfortable messaging him, not my intent at all. I also told her it was in no way meant to be flirty or even sneaky and really not even to do with him. I was intoxicated and wanted to tell someone I drank absinthe and I knew I wouldnt be in trouble with him and was already telling him we were safe and on the way home. She is still yelling so I hang up. I then procede to text her with a calm, well thought out text and tell her I had a bad time out there and how disappointed I was with the Disney thing, but was nice about it and even apologized again for my phone and messgaing Jesse. I didn't take any low blows or call names or anything like that. I hear nothing at all for 2 weeks (longest we've ever gone without talking) and spend 3 therapy sessions trying to work through this. My therapist said it sounds like an unhealthy relationship and it may be time to end it. My therapist also said I wasn't inappropriate and was confused herself. I wrote Taylor a nice, long, no blame, email telling her that I think we have changed and that I was thankful for her friendship but that we probably shouldn't be friends anymore. I again apologized for any hurt I had caused her unknowingly and told her I hope she has a happy/healthy life and id always care about the baby. I get an email back fairly quickly that essentially turned everything around onto me. Saying things like "you don't know how to communicate your needs ", how upset still she was about me being on my phone because she wanted quality time with me (but left me at disney??), "youve been having a rough year and youre taking it out on me" (blaming it on a trauma from a year ago), "you over extend yourself with the gifts", and how she couldn't trust me with Jesse (and how lucky she is that hes so "honest"). She never once apologized for leaving Disney, being weirdly controlling, or ANY of the other ways she hurt me. I have not responded to this email and don't plan to do so because it would just turn nasty and i dont want that, i just want to be done with the friendship. AITA for ending the friendship?
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2023.06.04 08:27 lonely-live Lack in extracurricular but not bad stats for NYU stern

Personal information
I'm an international students, south east Asian studying in an international school, no fancy stuff such as legacy or first gen (though my parents and their family have never went overseas for university, so I'm the first for that), only child. Currently a junior.
My school do 4.3 gpa (with A* being 4.3) so my cumulative gpa is 4.03 If we changed A* to be 4.0, my gpa would have been 3.84 We don't do school ranking or weighted GPA
I'm currently taking full IB diploma (never take honors or AP before)
HLs are
Sls are
Mandatory government class - A* (only one semester)
A* = 7 A = 6 B = 5 Currently predicting that my predicted grades would be in the range of 40-43
My math is borderline A* (2% away) so I'm hoping to improve it in senior year. I'm also planning to move my econ from SL to HL next year (so taking 4 HLs)
Since the start of high school, I keep getting a B in English every year, it's what drags my GPA down and I'm really struggling in it. This is mostly due to the fact that I got into an international school just last year and previously never spoke English at school Everything else has been an A or A* though.
SAT - 1350, didn't study for it at all and because I'm taking IB I'm not going to apply or sent my SAT scores.
Extracurricular (sadly not much)
I wish I got scholarship but we're prepared to apply without it and without any financial aids, as long as it's a valuable investment (though if anyone have information regarding this that could help us financially without reducing my chance, I would love to learn more about it)
My dream school is NYU stern business but I'm also planning to apply to many other schools such as University of Washington for CS, Boston college, UCLA, and UCB.
Would love and be very grateful to hear your thoughts and some advice/recommendation for me! Would also answer if anyone needs additional information or want to do reserve chanceme
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2023.06.04 08:14 its_aura707 Should my parents come to my college graduation?

To make things quick and easy: I am an American (southeast) university student studying in the UK. I am graduating this year and the plan was originally for my family to all come to my graduation in September. Now, maybe surprising to some, my family isn’t wealthy. My tuition over here was cheaper than most out of state institutions and it’s only three years. So this was all partially a financial decision. Issue being my mom recently came to me with an idea my dad had. They send me to graduation alone and use the money they would’ve spent on flying/staying over to buy me a car instead. Logically, I know this a great idea. I’m going back to the states after grad for a few years at least. I’ll need a car to get around and work. Emotionally I will be devastated to walk across the stage alone. My family has never been able to fly over to me before. This was finally going to be the one time they see what I’ve worked for the last three years.
So, what would you do?
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2023.06.04 08:05 sigpowr Sig Report - AI and Share Lending

Two topics in one post. First, a quick comment on the current AI buzz. The entire financial press is talking about how AI isn’t just the next big thing in technology, but that it is possibly the biggest investable movement in technology history – bigger than the internet and smart phones. Stocks that are associated with AI are attracting massive investment dollars. What is more ‘AI’ than hardware sensors and software combining to give machines ‘vision’ that allows them to act much faster than any human operator and without creating bigger second-order problems due to human reflexive reactions? To be more specific, what is more ‘AI’ than MicroVision?
Second topic – brokerage share lending programs. I received a telephone call from TD Ameritrade Thursday while I was traveling so I used a little windshield time to talk when I normally would not have taken the call. The specialist freely acknowledged the tight lending market in MVIS shares and the quantity of shares that I control, stating that “we had a mutually beneficial opportunity” for great income. The “mutually” is because I and TDA would split the earned interest 50/50. He was quick to point out that “the loaned shares are 100% collateralized through a third-party bank”. I requested some written information, and he immediately emailed me the document “Frequently Asked Questions: Fully Paid Lending Income Program”.
There are two standouts in the FAQ document. The first is regarding the question, “What are the risks in the Fully Paid Lending Income Program?”. The Answer is: “A primary risk is counterparty default”. The second standout FAQ is, “How will SIPC coverage be impacted?”. The Answer is: “SIPC will not cover the securities position on loan. However, the loan will be backed by 100% collateral held at a third-party bank”.
I’m on my 40th year in community banking and I have seen a lot of cases of “counterparty default”. The lender never comes out whole due to ‘scope of time’ in resolving the default, legal costs, and collateral value. Defaults involve a Judge, a Court date way in the future, and attorneys to represent the lender – they take many months, and often years, to resolve. When the collateral is finally recovered and sold, it is nearly always a small percentage of the loan plus legal costs that are recovered by the lender.
The TDA FAQs does state that “TD Ameritrade is your counter party on fully paid lending transactions. If TD Ameritrade were to default on its obligations as defined in the MSLA, you would have the right to withdraw the collateral from the custodian bank in the manner described in the Collateral Administration Agreements.” Does anyone think this custodian bank will release the “collateral” without you having to hire legal counsel and provide a library of proof that TDA defaulted? If the counterparty does default, that will also be a much bigger deal than just custodian-held collateral (think Silicon Valley Bank).
Consider why such a default would happen and exactly what it would mean for your stock shares. The default would happen because the stock price is rocketing higher, and the shorting party becomes insolvent and cannot return the borrowed shares to your counterparty/broker. The TDA FAQs state the loans are secured “with FINRA approved methods of collateral (cash, U.S. Treasury bills and Treasury Notes)”. As the stock price of your ‘loaned shares’ rockets higher, the counterparty will presumably have to add more collateral to keep up with the value of the loaned stock. When default happens, no more collateral gets added, but the stock price will continue the ascent. The collateral will be sold at some point (hopefully days/weeks and not months) to pay you your portion for your loaned shares, but you will not get your stock back – you will get the cash from the liquidated collateral. Effectively, you sold your stock at the stock price on the date of the default (could be for less money if the U.S. Treasuries held as collateral are worth less than when they were purchased due to interest rates rising). You no longer participate in the increasing stock price because your shares are gone.
The shorting parties really aren’t taking the risk of a major short-squeeze – the stock lender is taking the risk! Once the shorting party burns through their equity, they get to walk away bankrupt - "you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip" is the old banker saying. The stock lender then walks away with only the daily interest they collected for lending prior to the default, as a gain on their investment. I am CEO of a professional business that makes its money by lending, but I won’t lend my MicroVision stock shares no matter how high the interest rate goes. The high interest rate says it all about the risk that you are taking!
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2023.06.04 08:03 burnt_toast404 Realtor coerced us to disclose disability related info

I have a support dog. I know there's a difference between service and support and I'm not conflating them. I'm used to getting overlooked in rental apps if I disclose them and I have a letter from my long term doctor of 11 years stating they're medically necessary. The dog and I have a flawless record, great income/assets, and letters or rec from previous landlords.
Anyways my roommates and I put in an app. Another realtor who we mistakenly told we had a dog told the realtor for this app. She called me and blindsided me saying that I have to disclose the animal in the app, which in MA I know legally isn't true. This is in Boston.
We gave a deposit to take it off market that she's now voided. I'm confident that this unit is covered by HUD and FHA since it's not an owner occupied unit with less than 4 apartments. Anyways, since the realtor forced my hand to disclose we were of course denied.
No other information such as breed or size was disclosed. We all financially qualify and there were no other applications since they took it off market and we were told we were the only ones.
The realtor said the landlord is going to move on. I'm waiting to hear from our attorney since this sounds and feels like discrimination. Under no circumstances am I legally required to disclose during the application. I am required to request accommodation either before signing or after signing. Both realtors were likely acting in the interest of keeping their client, the landlord. Something here seems illegal to me.
Now I'm worried they're going to start sharing my information to other realtors and getting denied everywhere. My animal has never done any damage to our units and has never attacked anyone.
Now I'm stressed over how to find a forever apartment in Boston. I'm done living in college-quality units.
What can be done about this?
Other semi-related info:
I could have qualified for a psychiatric service dog years ago but I couldn't afford one and could get a dog for free as part of my management plan. I considered rehoming the animal at that point, and can have another attorney and her husband attest to that, but that was five years ago. Obviously after developing a bond with an animal, I'm not giving it up just because I can now afford a psych service dog.
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2023.06.04 08:02 EvanderTheGreat More free speech “absolutism,” this time at the behest of Putin

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2023.06.04 08:00 Big-Research-2875 Population Explosion

Population Explosion

Population Explosion

A population explosion may be a step-up within the variety of people in a very explicit species.Population explosion offers rise to variety of social issues. It results in migration of individuals from rural areas to the urban areas inflicting the expansion of slum areas.
People board most insanitary and unhygienic conditions. state and economic condition cause frustration and anger among the educated youth.Overpopulation is related to negative environmental and economic outcomes starting from the impacts of over-farming, deforestation, and pollution to eutrophication and warming.

Population Explosion
Without taking action currently, billions of individuals across the planet can face thirst, hunger, slum conditions and conflict in response to droughts, food shortages, urban sordidness, migration and ever depleting natural resources, whereas capability tries to catch up with demand. and therefore the projected growth in demand is staggering.

Effect of Population Explosion On setting

Following square measure the most effects of population explosion:

1.Problem of Investment Requirement

World population is growing at a rate of one.8 % each year. so as to attain a given rate of increase in per capita financial gain, larger investment is required. This adversely affects the expansion rate of the economy.

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2023.06.04 07:58 UrbanPrepper_SEA Copycat identity thief Narc GC siblings?

Repost with name of YouTuber removed.
Ever experience the GC sibling mimic you the black sheep to an excessive uncomfortable extent of echoing phrases ad verbatim, stealing interests, stealing two majors (film studies and anthropology) which she showed ZERO interest in prior. When it was my time to go to university first those courses were out of my family's reach financially but a few years later, she took them as if she has an original idea in her head.
This is the result of what [EDITED: a certain well-known Narc professor] calls narcissistic "snapshotting". Narcs can only relate to people as one-dimensional snapshots or stereotypes, being unable to account that as constantly evolving personalities, we're always in states of flux. Many other instances of kneejerk sneering at me for my other interests (the ones I still shared about until I finally admitted to myself she was a covert Narc who was never happy for me or has any real interests that isn't a means to getting attention to out the spotlight on herself on just how interesting she is).
Have also had women (now former) friends who would rifle through my social media like they were AI scouring data, going back years on my newsfeed or albums in a single sitting and do it for days on end, then I find them trying to emulate my interests by BUYING "dressing" that represented those interests. You can't go out and buy an interesting life and hang it on yourself like a collection of Christmas tree baubles.
It's almost like how the AliExpress algorithm still can't figure out my profile and I get redirected random ads for African women, BDSM paraphernalia, stuff for school age children, vacation homes in Bangladesh... because phones seem to be listening to my wide ranging chats with my grownup daughter, LOL, and came up with this grotesque Frankenstein botch job.
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2023.06.04 07:48 Layne_Staley33 New girlfriend is teacher- A few questions before I ask her more specific questions? State-MD, grade-4, topic-Additional help

State-Maryland, grade-4, topic-Additional help
So, I am dating a 4th grade teacher. She teaches in a low income school with mostly minorities. I hope this question is allowed because it will help me understand how to support her before I try to get her to give me info on how to help her...
So, for example. She throws a pizza/ ice cream party at the end of the year from a chain this week. We are officially dating, I see her for the 3rd time this coming Saturday.
After she mentioned the pizza party, she had talked about all the stuff teachers are expected to buy on their own, supplies, how to support the students with things... and it is quite overwhelming.
However, I am from social work, and empathy is something I am big on and would love to support my partner as much as she would allow me.
As a surprise I bought her a giftcard for the full amount of the pizza as I wanted to show her how kind she was to me and how much she meant to me sharing the information about her school and what she does.
Of course, I don't want it to seem like I am just giving her money. This is not my intention, and she understands this after I called her once she received it in email and was extremely happy I did this small gesture.
Now, before I meet her for dinner during the weekend, and since I don't want it to be the only thing we talk about, is anyone able to give me, a person dating a 36 year young teacher, what they would need, and what her 4th grade classroom may need? I also happen to be a carpenter too so I can build bookshelves if allowed etc.
What can I suggest if she forgets to tell me specific things, for example? Or, more importantly, things I can read about so I can support my new girlfriend? I know she will be under a lot of stress, and she has mentioned this at different times of the year.
What can I do as a partner to make her life easier? Like I said, financially it is a big issue her not being able to support her students fully...but I have a lot of disposable income and I would love to help her classroom be the best it could be and help these kids feel great coming to class everyday.
I dont know what is important in an elementary school classroom, besides having books etc. What other supplies or things I wouldn't even think of that I can't help my girlfriend with getting?
Again, I know she might want to do this all on her own, but if she does accept my help, I'd be more than happy to do so.
So thanks for anyone who is willing to give me any advice on helping improve a teacher's classroom, their students' well-being, and our new relationship. Have a great day!
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2023.06.04 07:47 hexnilge Are internal scholarship opportunities sufficient?

Hi, is it just me or do you guys feel like UST offers insufficient scholarship opportunities?
I even read that applying/renewing scholarship programs is a difficult process. Has it always been like this?
My post's concern is mainly about the Santo Tomas Scholarship. I just feel like it's difficult to be qualified despite having really good grades. I just wish they would offer this program to more students, not just for top 1s and 2s.
Do others feel the same for the other scholarship programs? I genuinely want to know if you feel like you are given adequate opportunities for these. I am not athletic/artistic and I do not meet the requirements for financial aids so I would like to hear from those who are eligible for these scholarship programs.
I understand that scholarships are not meant for every student in the university, but I think a lot of us will need it because of the inflation and the expected tuition fee increase. I just feel a little miserable knowing that a lot of universities offer more tuition fee discounts. Even a 25% discount will be so much helpful for me (it's around 17k for my program).
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2023.06.04 07:43 MilkPizza14 [23/M] Iowa - Relationship!

Howdy! 🤠 I’m in search of meeting the right girl for a relationship.
I am a 23 year old guy from the state of Iowa. I currently work for a financial institution, and I have a bachelors degree in philosophy and history.My hobbies consist of bowling, exercising, the outdoors, music, movies/TV, and reading.
I like to think of myself as a nice person, and I try to be open-minded. I would describe myself as introverted, somewhat goofy, and humble. I can also being very caring and get attached easily.
I would love to meet a girl that is interested in someone such as myself. I’ve been in a few past relationships, but they have ultimately not worked out. I’d prefer to meet someone that is in the age range of 19-27 and is from Iowa. If not that, then someone from the Midwest, or worst case scenario, the United States.
If I seem interesting to you, please feel free to send me a chat request! Other than that, have a great day/night! Take care 😎
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2023.06.04 07:42 Fit-Importance1497 Chance a PubPol Kid

I'm an Asian Male applying from International School from a very competitive Asian country, Rising Senior, need not apply for financial aid, but EFC is around 65k USD
I'm applying for Public Policy but I want to have enough flexibility to change to whatever I want later, including the sciences or engineering
No demographic advantages
Type of School: Private, Competitive, has roughly 1 Ivy League each year from a cohort of ~25, generally 3 T10s
SAT: 1550 (760 English, 790 Maths), in my sophomore year
Academics: IGCSE (10th Grade): 9 A*, 1 A IB (11th Grade): 41/42 IB (12th Grade): 45/45 (predicted) AP Calc BC, AP US Gov, AP Micro, AP Macro all 5s, while self studying
Courseload: IB: Maths AA HL, Economics HL, Physics HL, French B SL (this is where I'm getting a 6), English A Literature SL, History SL
Awards and Honours: Over 15 Best Delegates at MUNs A really prestigious fellowship (acceptance rate <0.5%, also has a large scholarship with it) AP Scholar w/ Merit (idk what particular AP award I qualify for)
1) Fighting a case in the Supreme Court of my country currently; lead plaintiff - this is a case on the constitutional validlity of certain health laws (won't discuss further so as to not doxx myself)
2) Managed to get an extra 1.14 Million USD per year in annual funding for healthcare expenses for my community, by lobbying to expanding access to the single payer health insurance we have
3) Collaborated with the national digital ministry to form a forum wherein students directly interact with policy makers and pitch their ideas
4) CEO/President of a youth-focused media organisation with a monthly physical readership of around 20k, digital is another 60k; roughly 100 contributors; we also run courses with classes curated by professional journalists
5) Founder and President of my school's MUN Programme, currently the largest extracurricular activity in the school + did ~40 MUNs
6) Founder and President of my school's Debate and Rationality Club; I have trained students who ultimately got placements in the country's national debate team
7) All expenses paid summer programme about rationality/maths, acceptance rate is around 2%
8) Head of Media and Editor-in-chief of my school's magazine and social medias
9) Researcher, have published papers on the law I'm fighting in the Supreme Court and the systems I got funding for; though these were in mediocre journals (high school/youth-focused journals)
Essays: Will be great I think, are quite unique
LORs: Will be good again, I'll be able to convince my teachers to include what I wish for
Reaches: Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Amherst, Williams, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, UChicago, Northwestern, UC Berkeley
Targets: Swathmore, UCLA, Georgetown, UVa, UNC Chapel Hill (pls suggest more)
Safeties: pls suggest
Thanks! The supreme court case may seem unrealistic, but the legal system of my country has an oddity which makes it so that I can work without lawyers without compromising the quality of the case
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