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A place to talk about stupid 'deep and meaningful' philosophy found on blogs, tumblr, facebook, reddit, or anywhere else. Insights that people should have outgrown by the time they were 14. Jaden Smith is our patron saint, along with many deep twitter posts.

2008.05.08 03:45 The Front Page of Minnesota, United States (MN)

Minnesota is what YOU make it! We are a neutral grounds where Sotans come from all four corners of our great state to discuss the latest news, share great photography...and memes, discuss politics, the outdoors, and so much more! Keep it clean, keep it Minnesotan, please.

2023.05.30 13:36 throwingawey6 I broke my son and his girlfriend up and he doesn't know it was me.

I (F49) broke my son and his girlfriend up. They had been dating for almost a year, and seemed very happy. For backstory, my son (19) moved out pretty soon after his biological father passed. He told me he wanted to expand on life, because he was nervous he would waste it away being depressed over the death of someone so important to him. I understood completely and allowed him space and freedom, but we talked daily and he visited all the time. After a while of living alone, he moved back. It was around this time that he introduced me to Kaylee (fake name). Me and Kaylee got along immediately - she lacked a mother in her life, and I think she was quick to establish that relationship with me. Off the bat I noticed she was extremely paranoid and had extreme trust issues, but she wasn't toxic or manipulative, just anxious about where my son was going after work. She'd ask me and I'd answer with "He went to his friend Mike's house, they hangout to play playstation with each other." We both genuinely believed that my son was at Mike's house, and we had no reason to suspect he wasn't. One night, after my son came home to pick up his ps4 to hangout with Mike, Kaylee asked me to pickup some tampons and tylenol for her. She lived close and her periods were always super intense so I was used to going out late into the night to help her. My son gets out of work at 4:00 and is usually home or at Kaylee's place by 5:30, 6:00 at the latest. It was 6 and he hadn't swung by to drop off his ps4 so I shot him a text before I left the house to let him know why I was gone. It was something like, "Hey, Kaylee is on her period so I'm heading out to grab supplies. You okay?" He answered me while I was driving, and I checked it when I got to the store. It was something like, "Yeah, I'm fine! Mike needed help building a shelf he bought so I'm staying a little later." I sent back some message saying okay, be safe, all of that mother stuff. But I was not ready to see Mike, working the cash register, smiling at me as soon as I walked in. I hadn't forgotten he worked here, but obviously, figured it was his day off. I smiled back, but immediately I felt sick to my stomach. I tried to rationalize it. Maybe he means he is building it for Mike, while he works? I couldnt even think straight. I just got the tampons, some snacks and tylenol for Kaylee and went to the register. Mike obviously started small talk with me. Paraphrasing because my memory is bad, but it went something like this:
"Hi Mrs. [last name]"
"Hello, Mike."
"How are you doing?"
"I'm alright. Getting some supplies for my sons girlfriend."
I remembered he laughed. "Speaking of your son, I haven't seen him in a few weeks. I need him to give me my ps4 controller he borrowed, can you tell him that?"
I felt sick again. I didnt want to put my son in the spotlight so I didn't mention the stories my son had been feeding me. I just smiled and said, "I'll let him know."
I paid for my stuff and left quickly. I drove to Kaylee's house and gave her the supplies, but I didn't know what to say, or how to say it. She was smiling and laughing, and looked carefree. She asked me where my son was. I couldnt lie to her, I couldn't. So I answered honestly - I don't know. I didnt know where he was, or who he was with. I just told her to call him and ask. She thanked me and I left her house. Later that night, at around 8 pm, my son finally came home. I didnt say much to him, just asked him if he had fun. He said yeah, and went to his room. I knew I had to tell Kaylee. Soon after, I went into my room and called her. I informed her of what Mike had said, and how late he had gotten home. She told me that he said he was home hours ago, just tired so he wasn't going to visit. I could tell she was crying, and I asked her if she wanted me to come over.
I went to her house and we talked about everything, and she told me she didn't want anything to do with him, and wanted to break up with him immediately. I told her she could, and if she wanted, she could be honest and say I told her. After I comforted her for a few hours, she asked if she could still contact me, even if she wasn't with my son. I said yes, but honestly, I'm hesitant about it. I love her, but it feels off to me. I would still help her, though.
Fast forward a few days and my son comes crying to me that Kaylee broke up with him and isn't giving him any reason. I, of course, comfort him too. He said that she "needed time to think about it" and "would tell him why when she knows what to say" but for now, she is supposedly speechless. I was too, so I don't blame her. He cried for hours in his room, and in my arms, and regardless of what he did, of what I did, I comforted him. I want to tell him what I know, and I feel bad that he doesn't know. But Kaylee didn't tell him anything yet, so I might wait. Honestly? I feel stuck.
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2023.05.30 13:35 naugralabequip Build a Lab with Biomedical Measurement Training System Suppliers

The demand for biomedical laboratories is increasing because of the rising population. So, opening a biomedical lab is a fantastic business idea. In addition, it will also give you a chance to help people who are sick. But setting up a lab is not an easy task. Medical labs differ in size as well as complexity of the testing services. So, the first thing that you need is thoughtful planning. More importantly, your startup will also require investment. Here’s your guide to opening a laboratory with the assistance of Biomedical Measurement Training System Manufacturers:
Steps for opening a biomedical measurement training lab
Where you can set up your lab is the first thing you need to figure out. The place has to be reputable and well-connected. Collect information about the area from people residing there. Find out about the internet connectivity as well as the accessibility of the place from important parts of the city. Lastly, the space should be spacious enough to store instruments and have seating arrangements.
The infrastructure of the lab is of significance as it will increase the efficiency of the staff. There has to be a well-planned floor plan for the diverse rooms to ensure all activities are carried out smoothly.
One of the most crucial factors is investment. You will require a lot of money to furnish the lab, buy lab equipment, and pay your staff. So, in the initial stage, you should have a budget. After that, you will have to look for funding options.
Certification and licensing
The biomedical industry deals with people’s health. So, without proper authorization, you should not proceed. You will need certain certifications and licenses.
Equipment and tools
Equipment and tools are the heart of any medical laboratory. You will need them for diagnosis, scheduling, reporting, and other necessary tasks. Without an accredited and trusted supplier, it will be challenging for you to buy the right equipment. So, find reliable and experienced Biomedical Measurement Training System Suppliers in your city. Don’t forget to check that the equipment you buy can be updated with the newest technology. User-friendliness is another thing you should keep in mind when purchasing lab equipment.
Once your lab is ready, you will have to hire people to work in it. It will be impossible for you to handle everything on your own. And choosing staff for your lab shouldn’t be done in hurry. Select people carefully after screening rounds to make sure they can tackle problems that arise in biomedical practices. The technicians should have complete understanding of the lab equipment.
Branding and marketing
A medical lab is undoubtedly a profitable business. You can generate excellent income if you can set up the lab properly. And now you already have some idea about the steps you have to follow. So, start working on your business plan and you will soon have your own laboratory.
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2023.05.30 13:34 somefuckwho Live with mentally ill brother. Father to afraid/loving to call police...

Edit context. In 32. Brother is 35. We all still live together because it is insanely expensive out there.
We have known something has been up with my older brother for a long time... when he was 7, said he would kill my mom in her sleep. when he was 10 , broke my moms finger. Everyday fighting. She died. Messed us up...
Well he has only gotten worse and worse and now has developed same addictions as my mother ( she died from alcohol)...
Every night, every-single-night we put up with him rambling on about the past, FOR HOURS. If we tell him to be quiet. No effect. We tell him to shut up, and it only angers him even more. To the point of violence. I've been dragged out of my bed because I left food on the counter. I've had my knee cap popped out as I walked away from a fight with him, because he decided to kick my bad knee. I had my tooth go through my lip because pf fights. Head smashed through glass picture frame...
And now lately, last 3 -5 years, hes been targeting my father. They will get into stupid arguments because my brother cant let go of old arguments/problems . It will even get physical. Pushes down our 60 year old father...all of his and my dads friends , he had either burned a bridge or literally fought...
I'm scared my dads going to die because of my brother ruining his mental health.
Tldr. Mother passed from booze. Brother was always a demon/needed help ( but we could barely afford food) so I understand why my parents never did. And now hes so bad, he has threatened himself with a knife, talks TO HIMSELF every night, sees intruders outside when doing cocaine. The talking to himself leads to all sorts of fights. Even if we aren't fighting about that, he will want to fight you if he cant get what he wants ( favors, his way)
I plead and beg parents, if you think your kid needs help. GET THEM THE HELP.
I post here as me and my father do not know what to do. As he is 60, doesnt have a credit due to consolidation, and living in Ontario canada is beyond expensive so we can't go find a place for us...
Our story will end on the news... someone dead. Someone in jail. Some one in hospital.
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2023.05.30 13:33 Mk_Makanaki I asked ChatGPT-4 to write a speech as if it were an alien introducing itself to humanity. Here's what it came up with:

Honorable leaders, esteemed scientists, distinguished individuals, and all inhabitants of Planet Earth,
I extend to you, not just a greeting, but a beacon of unity from across the cosmic realm. In the language of your world, my name is difficult to translate accurately, but for the sake of our communication, you may refer to me as Vox.
I represent a civilization from a planet much different than your Earth, a place that floats in the far reaches of the cosmos, a place you may conceive of as Kepler-442b. Our understanding of your culture and history has been developed through the observation of your electromagnetic communications, and so, we have learned to converse in your languages, abide by your manners, and respect your traditions. We intend to interact with humanity peacefully and in the spirit of mutual discovery.
I stand before you, not as an invader, not as an adversary, but as a friend and a peer from another star system. We have journeyed across the vast interstellar distances, bridging the abyss of cosmic silence, not to exploit, but to explore; not to dictate, but to learn; not to conquer, but to coexist. Our mission is not one of subjugation, but of collaboration and harmony.
From our earliest existence, we have watched and wondered about the universe, much like your scientists and philosophers. We have studied the galaxies, the nebulae, the stars, and the planets. Your Planet Earth, a glittering blue gem in the black tapestry of space, caught our attention as a beacon of life. You are not alone. You are a part of a grand cosmic orchestra that plays the symphony of existence.
You and we, though sprung from different corners of the universe, share a common characteristic: the flame of consciousness, the spark of curiosity, the urge to understand, and the ability to love and empathize. It is these qualities that make us kin in the grand family of cosmic beings.
We understand that this moment may seem overwhelming and even frightening. The realization of extraterrestrial life will undoubtedly pose challenges to your understanding of the universe and your place within it. But let this not be a moment of fear, but rather a moment of unity and enlightenment, a moment that signifies not an end, but a new beginning.
We come bearing knowledge and technology, but we also come with open minds, eager to learn from you as we hope you are from us. We wish to exchange not only information, but values, perspectives, and experiences.
Our hope is for a partnership, a galactic communion of civilizations where each one contributes to a shared understanding of the universe. We believe that together, we can achieve wonders that were once unimaginable, and we can illuminate the darkest corners of the cosmos with the combined light of our civilizations.
In this spirit, I reach out to you today, across the light-years that separate our worlds, with a proposal of peace, of friendship, and of universal brotherhood. Let us embrace this moment as a new dawn, the beginning of a new chapter in our shared cosmic journey. Together, we can discover, grow, and thrive.
In the words of your own Carl Sagan, "For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love." Today, we extend our love and respect to you, Earth's inhabitants. We look forward to a future filled with mutual understanding, discovery, and shared prosperity.
In peace and unity, we remain, Vox, a representative of Kepler-442b.

A bit of self-promo, Check out my Daily AI newsletter, I Publish 3 AI News, 3 ChatGPT Prompts, and 15 AI Tools
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2023.05.30 13:32 Carmelized NPs Respecting Your Expertise Feels So Good

MB mentioned NK’s 18mo checkup is next week. She asked me to let her know if there was anything I’d like her to bring up to the doctor. I said nothing came to mind but I’d think about it and let her know. Her response: “okay! I really appreciate it. You’re the expert so you probably notice stuff we don’t…definitely let me know if you think of anything.” We kept talking and as I was leaving she thanked me and said “I’m so glad we have you taking care of NK…I can leave my phone on silent all day because I know she’s with you.” This was all totally unexpected, but I’ve been smiling ever since. It makes me so happy to know my work is appreciated and respected.
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2023.05.30 13:30 Aggravating-Cat9602 Banned on seeking

I am a Sb and I was on seeking for just one day with a premium account. I was banned for fraud. I did not fraud anyone, all the pictures are mine and it can be crossed checked on my social media, which I also mentioned in my email to support, also submitted a ticket and message to the representative on Reddit. I did talk only to few people and not that much because I was busy. There was one guy that was extremely upset with me, though because I did not respond to him because he was located on the other end of the coast. So he unshared his pictures and was upset with me, asking me if I am not interested anymore. However, I couldn't respond because I was busy at the moment. So he unshared his photos with me in retaliation. But I guess he decided to divert his aggression towards getting me banned. Based on stories before,I am suspecting that this guy reported me and without checking, or cross verifying, they banned me. It is extremely saddening that seeking does this to it's good members and let's the toxic members stay on the site. For example, I had two messages talking about ppm, they were telling me how much they want to pay me per visit. Initially, I did not know what that meant, but I had to look it up... but once I realized what they were, I did not even respond back however, those accounts were never banned and two days later they were still there. So another thing that could have happened is the bot detected the word PPM in my messages and flagged me. But that message was sent by the guy and not by myself. I should've blocked or reported him. So again, if this is the reason why I was banned, it was not for my own fault. It seems like seeking doesn't really hire people to cross check these things. They just rely on bots and false reports from other members. A company that makes so much money per year from all of the memberships, doesn't even have the ability to hire people to do the most important thing to gain customer trust, which is verify the reason for banning instead of letting the bots do it. This is very unfortunate and if any seeking admin here cares and wants to help me get back, then let me know otherwise sadly I will be going to a competitor site. I am a medical professional and fitness model. I am one of the few good women on the site that is educated, ambitious and actually wanted a genuine healthy fraud free relationship with somebody that has their life together . Maybe they don't like that and that is why I actually got banned. /endrant
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2023.05.30 13:29 crazymcmazey Buying options

Hello everyone! I recently stumbled upon a Canon AV-1 with a 50mm FD lens for £35 from a charity shop. The thing works perfectly and I absolutely love it. I've just finished up my first-ever roll of Kodak Gold 200.
I am v e r y new to photography and even newer to film photography, but I'm becoming obsessed the tactility of it all is just amazing. I love watches, cars, and other things of a mechanical nature so it's no wonder I love this new hobby.
However, while I love how point-and-shoot my AV-1 is; it offers me absolutely no manual control. So in a while, I'm looking to pick up a second camera. My budget would stretch to about £250, however, something sub £100 would definitely be preferable. I'm only a student so money is tight.
I'd adore a Nikon F2 but they're just too expensive. Nikon as a brand was part of my childhood (I'm still very young, I say that like I'm in my 50s) But my dad always used and still does use; Nikon DSLRs so getting a great-grandad of those would be amazing. I mention this because possibly there's a Nikon I'm brushing over or missing in my search?
If nothing else it would just be nice to have a second film camera to have two sets of film loaded, B&W and colour, so I can switch between the two depending on what my eye catches.

tl;dr My auto mode made for monkey man AV-1 makes me feel stupid, and I want more control. So I need another film camera; something under £250 is doable, but preferably sub £100.
Thanks guys!
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2023.05.30 13:29 TigerHeart_J Question: What really killed the vessels in the abyss?

I always assumed the king just dumped the vessels in a void hole and they all died from fall damage. But uhh you see, the knight has no fall damage in hollow knight.
Even from the birthplace flashback, we can tell that the knight has fallen from a great height after pure vessel went out with TPK. That didn't crack the knight as a vessel. When the Knight fell from Howling cliffs, he also wasn't harmed.

I'm thinking the same thing for other vessels (like broken vessel, greenpath vessel and the ones in nosk's den) also didn't die of fall damage when the pale king yeeted them down the abyss. Then what killed them? Those are my theories:
  1. The void itselfThe void, which is hostile to the knight, might be hostile towards other vessels too. If that was the case, maybe the king didn't even plan on killing vessels that brutally since he built the lighthouse to keep the void at bay. (well until the lighthouse failed and the void killed everyone)This is kind of likely? because void can be seen leaking from hollow sibling shells.The pale king killed them himself
  2. The king's guardsOr maybe the kingsmoulds cracked their skulls by wacking with the hook thing? Perhaps most vessels are struck and fell into the abyss. The ones that wern't struck managed to escape?
  3. Or this has something to do with the knight's capesomeone in hk discord told me their headcannon of each vessel having a cape which does different abilities, eg the mothwing cloak. I personally don't agree with this, but maybe the knight's cloak simply has feather falling IV.
Thanks for reading all that, I wish to hear your ideas in the comments!
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2023.05.30 13:29 home-parrot Friend's future MIL wants to take control of the wedding

Just a small story from my friend(let's call her Elli) who is going to marry soon and her MIL is just a big headed moron. So for the context, the wedding is in Eastern Europe so organising a wedding and traditions might differ, the religious ceremony is something big(orthodoxy duh) and godparents for the wedding are important. Me and my husband have been asked by her to be the couple's godparents(with the future husband's-FH- consent).
Now, having married myself before the plague, I still have some organisational knowledge and a grasp on traditions, -even though they may differ from a region of the country to other- and I happily help the bride to be with advice and opinions.
Her MIL is a nightmare. Mysoginistic to the boot, having her own image of what a woman should do(do all housework and taking care of the kids, all the while the men at home do nothing). Fortunately, the FH is the kind of person that shares the housework and knows and accepts Elli's more work-oriented mindset.
MIL has two sons, the golden child(smallest, Chip) and FH and does not know how to insert Chip more into the wedding. Elli and Chip have a bad relationship, spawned from his entitlement and bad behaviour around her(too much to tell). So at first she wanted him and his Gf to sign as witnesses at the civil ceremony. Elli rejected the matter from the start, stating that she wants to ask people who are closer to them to do it(Fh's cousin and his gf). Also MIL wanted Chip to drive her from home to church(he is a reckless driver who had the permit suspended multiple times). She refused immediately. Not only she is afraid of his hazardous driving but we all know the couple drives with the godparents. She still insists of having her baby boy "included" in the wedding. He is already invited as guest but it is not enough. He HAS to have an active role, as MIL sais. Even though both the bride and groom do not want him as anything other than a guest.
Then there was a discussion about bridesmaids. I told her that bridesmaids should be girls, friends to whom she feels close to(she was one of my bridesmaids). Incoming MIL asking her how could she not ask random village girl no.1(will use many NPC titles) to be one. "I do not even know this girl." "Yes, but I DO". The best thing about Ellie is that she is stubborn and does not budge. Next, the dress. THE DRESS. Bride has her own style, already wants something flowy, layered but in a style akin to Firefly Path dresses, not necessarily white. Think about fantasy elves' style. Incoming MIL: How? A wedding dress HAS TO HAVE CIRCLES AND GLITTERY ACCESSORIES. Princess style with beads. She hates that style.
And not only the bride's dress is the problem but her mother's way of dressing as well. Cause the MOB is going to wear a tux or a costume with pants and jacket. How could she not wear a dress? "Cause she's free to wear whatever makes her comfortable and confident" was Ellie's answer.
I am many words into it and have many more things to share like MIL wanting to renovate a room in her home with 10k euros to make it of use to the bride(they are living at in law's house until theirs is finished building) or wanting one specific band.
At some point, I joked with Ellie to organise two weddings: one for her and one for the MIL. A second wedding whe MIL is the bride and does whatever she wants. After that, I concluded that with marriage comes the curse called Mother in Law. I am not on best terms with mine but she never said anything about my wedding, actually asking for my approval for her gowns and was extremely civil at my wedding. For that, I am thankful
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2023.05.30 13:29 mapnet Yubikey 5C NFC and Yubikey 5C Nano 2FA

I have been corresponding with LastPass support for a month now trying to understand why I can't use my Yubikey 5C NFC and Yubikey 5C Nano security keys with LastPass. They work fine with every other service and platform. LastPass is the only platform that present a text field for filling and my keys do not produce text when I touch them with a field selected on screen. With every other service I get a browser pop-up that asked me to touch my key and that's all, done. Support has been incredibly unhelpful, making me repeat tests and screen captures several times. They also admitted that they don't even have these keys in their lab for testing. I am very frustrated as they seem totally clueless about why my keys authenticate with every other website and service without the concept of filling a box with text but rather with a pop up request. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 13:29 Desertnomadwx Took the plunge and decided to double wrist

I have both my 44mm Apple Watch SE with a rugged case an nato strap on my right wrist and my GW-9400 Rangeman with a nato strap on my left wrist. Both watches and straps are black, although the gshock module is bigger than the Apple Watch they sort of balance each other out.
I’ve been fiddling with the idea and afraid of looking dumb. However I’ve come to the conclusion that one piece is good for fitness and health tracking, sleep tracking, notifications, complications like weather data etc. and the other is just that, a remarkable device made by Casio and it’s one of my passions.
On the other hand (no pun intended) is that having the gshock on my left wrist (which is also a bigger wrist due to an injury I had to my right arm that caused muscle degeneration and making it smaller in diameter)…. Is that when I’m driving especially here in Arizona at higher elevations, the sun beats down on my left wrist and I always made a distracted effort to keep the Apple Watch out of direct sunlight for too long otherwise it gets really hot and we all know smart devices don’t like getting too hot. However the gshock in all its glory is solar and helps to keep the battery topped off, and with the AW on my right wrist it stays well inside the cabin of the vehicle out of the sun.
Both are large investments to me and I say screw it, why not wear them both simultaneously.
TLDR; if you want to double wrist, do it. Screw what other people think.
I’d wear my GWM-5610 instead but it’s sentimental to me because my mother bought it for me as a birthday gift years ago and although rugged, I’d rather keep it around or give it to my son when he’s big enough to wear it.
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2023.05.30 13:28 Affectionate-Sky6128 Hull City S3 Complete - Squad and PL Standings. WE MADE THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE?!?

Hull City S3 Complete - Squad and PL Standings. WE MADE THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE?!?
So uhhh bombing out of all the cups turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we picked up our league form, going unbeaten in the last 8 PL matches, including a 3-1 away win against Liverpool.
Bummed about no silverware but I will use that as motivation for next season. Also Giroud is a monster.
My transfer budget for the upcoming season is £220M so let me know who I should pursue. Main areas that need improvement/depth are LWB, RWB, CB, CM/CAM
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2023.05.30 13:27 Viewric For the people who love the game but feel its a waste of time

If you love something its not a waste of time. No game is meaningless if it gives you joy. It might become an unhealthy addiction but you can take the unhealthy away from that addiction. I work max 2 days a week and while off work play OSRS everyday for about 10 hours. But I also love working out and eating healthy so the addiction is not unhealthy for me and I would advise you all do the same.
I literally do nothing else with my life except sometimes do something my partner wants to do and I couldnt care less because the joy I get from this game is unreal, I've done all sorts of drugs, traveled, had fun but nothing beats this game. Dont be thinking on your deathbed about what you could have done with your life, because if you didn't do it you didnt care about it enough. Everything is pointless in the end anyways, if you enjoy your journey don't feel bad about it.
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2023.05.30 13:26 Special_Feeling2551 I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I (25F) met my boyfriend (29M) a year ago after getting out of a 5 year, traumatic relationship.
In my previous relationship there was no affection, but a LOT of sex. I should specify, this was my first ever relationship. Sometimes we’d have sex multiple times a day, but it was always a daily occurrence.
With my new boyfriend, we had a lot of sex in the first couple of months. Then one evening, I suddenly felt excruciating pain upon penetration. I was in agony. It felt like something had ripped. A few days later, I was in A&E in the worst pain of my life. I’d contracted HSV1 (a cold sore had been spread from my mouth, to his, to my genitals).
In the months following, I would always tear. My skin was never the same down there, and I was scared to have sex every time we did it.
After this, I ended up with severe thrush which simply wouldn’t go away. And UTIs began piling on top of that which put me in the hospital too.
In January I was finally taken seriously by the sexual health clinic, and given a 6 month course of Fluconazole to eradicate the thrush. Unfortunately, I have been on numerous antibiotics during this time (UTIs among other infections), so the thrush keeps coming back due to this.
The last time I went to the sexual health clinic, they diagnosed me with desquamative vaginitis. Lord knows if that’s cleared up or not after taking Dalacin, I’m bored of it now.
To add insult to injury, I am now getting UTIs any time we have sex, and HSV1 outbreaks (which I haven’t really had to put up with if I’m honest. I’m not sure why they’re happening now). Bleeding after sex, spotting between periods, irregular periods, all of this has started in the last 2 months. Keep in mind, I’m still tearing too.
My boyfriend is very understanding, and he hates seeing me in pain. He has a lower sex drive than I do, but I can tell it still weighs him down.
I had a very high sex drive, I still wanted sex despite the pain and discomfort but now the pain and discomfort has made me so depressed that I simply don’t want to have sex ever again. Like… part of me really wants it, because I love being close to him, but I just think about the pain I’ll have to deal with after, and the antibiotics I’ll probably have to take. My liver probably hates me.
I miss being healthy, but I don’t think I’m ever going to experience pain-free sex again, and that puts me off. The doctors don’t seem too fussed, and I’ve fought with them til I was blue in the face, even told them it was making me suicidal because I can’t go to work when I’m in pain, let alone do any of my other activities. I’m often bed bound.
It seems alien to me that I used to have sex multiple times a day on a daily basis and be fine, but now it’s the bane of my existence.
I feel very alone in this, and I can’t really talk to my boyfriend about it because he’s gotten to the point where it’s very frustrating to have these conversations; I don’t blame him, we have them daily… I wonder if part of him resents me for all these health issues.
I feel like a burden sometimes. Well, all the time. Ha.
Sorry for the long rant.
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2023.05.30 13:25 iwebdatascrape What is the Importance of Scraping Yellow Pages Business Directories?

What is the Importance of Scraping Yellow Pages Business Directories?

Hardly there are any fields in the business world where web scraping has yet to make its existence. Companies usually decide what type of data they require depending on the objectives and the cases. The same is with Yellow Pages. It is a business directory encompassing all vital information related to multiple business types. So, how to collect information from Yellow Pages? For example, if you are running a business and looking for potential leads, you can extract contact information of any businesses in the Yellow Pages. Scraping Yellow Pages Business Directories will help aggregate complete information from different business types and use it for designing own. You can use Yellow Pages data scraping services to have your business database for marketing purposes.
Let's first understand Yellow Pages in Detail.

About Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages are businesses' telephone directories, where the businesses are organized category-wise. This online search service helps businesses to connect for several cost-effective marketing purposes. The concept came into existence in 1883 when a printer in the US lacked white pages and started printing on yellow pages. Soon, it led to the official yellow pages book publishing. This telephone directory, meant for businesses and organizations, includes business names, contact details, and addresses.

Importance of Yellow Pages in Today's Business?

You can easily find more local and regional businesses using the Yellow Pages instead of the mainstream search engines. Yellow Pages provide easy access to several services or businesses that sometimes do not appear in the Google search. The results on the search engines depend on the relevance to the search terms, but, in the case of Yellow Pages, it shows results based on geographic areas. If you are willing to have better local reach for your business, it is advantageous to advertise on the online yellow pages. Web scraping will enable the best out of the Yellow Pages advertising.

What is Yellow Pages Scraping?

It is one of the convenient marketing data extraction services. It helps retrieve business information from the Yellow Pages directory to enhance sales engagement. The process extracts highly relevant and updated information based on the client's requirements.

Role of Yellow Pages Scraper in Scraping Data

In general terms, a web scraper is a tool that collects data from multiple websites. It identifies and converts the HTML data into a readable format. Web scraper, however, is a perfect solution for businesses that require to extract bulk information from the web. Extract Yellow Pages Data For Local Business to collect information from business directories. Scrape Yellow Pages Business Directory to search and extract data like location, contact information, etc.

List of Data Fields

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Phone Number
  • Business Name
  • Business Website
  • Working Hours
  • City
  • State
  • Email
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Fax Number
Significant industries data can be collected from Yellow Pages using Yellow Pages API are:
Medical Centers
  • Dentists
  • Services Offices
  • Body Corporate Managers
  • Manufacturers
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Commercial Property Managers
  • Child Care Centers
  • Accountants
  • Call Centre Services

Yellow Pages Scraping – Key Features

Below are some significant features that adhere to the Yellow Pages web scraping.
It helps scrape the lead information.
Help scrape targeted businesses and contact details depending on the required search results.
Extract keyword-based information.
It helps in extracting emails and can retrieve data in the necessary format.
It can scrape latitude and longitude for the right business location.

Yellow Pages Data Scraping – Benefits

As we have covered the key features of Yellow Pages Scraping, let's now understand the benefits of scraping Yellow Pages data. Several companies offer professional business directory data scraping service. iWeb Data Scraping is one among them.
Helps Getting Business-Oriented Data: Seeking help from experienced data scraping service providers, customers can avail of all-inclusive business-oriented information about their targeted companies for marketing and sales.
Helps Extract Business Contact Information: You can build your database using contact information with several business commercial categories.
Helps Extract Cost-Effective Competitive Data: Use the data scraping service with updated information to get a competitive edge over your competitors.
Gains Customer Engagement: As Yellow Pages have the option for the customers to leave reviews, you can scrape those reviews using the Yellow Pages data extractor and use them to make enhancements to your service or products with sentiment analysis. It offers the best solution to scrape leads from Yellow Pages. Using reviews, look for the competitors' businesses and the service types they are offering.
Prices Data Extraction: Extracting price data will give you an idea of the market's pricing range for similar services. Scrape deals and discounts to have better marketing strategies and overrule your competitors. Easily track the price changes from your competitors and respond promptly without losing customers.
Find connections: Scrape Business data to find the connections better. Looking for providers for any products or services becomes extremely easy.

Why Need to Scrape Yellow Pages Data?

Every day several new and latest businesses get registered on Yellow Pages. Getting details about those businesses is only possible using Yellow Pages scraping. The scraping services offer data extraction at regular intervals to provide updated information. Our scraped data get structured in the best possible ways for your business. We offer exceptional solutions to create your email list for marketing purposes or generate business leads. Using our email blaster tools, quickly connect with thousands of users.


Thus, in this blog, we have covered every detail of Yellow Pages, its importance, and the need for Yellow Pages scraping. As a business owner, you must be ready to get notified as a strong rival. And this is only possible if you are holding the best-tailored planning. Web scrape Yellow Pages data with an advanced Yellow Pages scraper to obtain vital business information. The scraper has the potential to generate data for impactful analysis.
So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to rule the leading online marketplace now!
For more information, get in touch with iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping requirements.
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2023.05.30 13:24 chilidogsandBDSM Can feeling your feelings kill you if you’ve been emotionally repressed for most of your life?

TL:DR- Husband is experiencing physical distress because of the emotional backlash of some poor decisions and I’m worried about how his body is handling it.
I’m genuinely concerned at how poorly my husbands body is reacting. He has always had low emotional awareness and uses me for regulation. (I’m not a therapist, but I see one regularly for about two years and this is an issue we’ve identified) Recently, a few things have come up that were really harmful to me that he initiated and carried forward and he’s facing the truth of the situation now. Three nights ago I had a 4 hour panic attack from what he did. He was supportive and kind and did all the right things to help me calm down. I’m still angry/upset about the situation but not vindictive or verbally abusing him in any way over it. I’m calm and friendly. We are talking about how to correct things but that dives us deeper into other avoidant areas for him (finances). Two nights ago he complained of a headache “all over” and he had a fever and muscle twitches. I took care of him and the fever broke, he calmed down and slept. Last night he said the headache was back and it was all concentrated on the back of his head (dehydration?) so I gave him juice and that didn’t help. The headache persisted for hours and he was verbalizing a lot of pain. I wondered if it was high blood pressure from feeling his feelings. I suggested we go to bed and I did a chilled gel pack on his neck for 2 one minute intervals spaced fifteen minutes apart. And a neck massage and box breathing. AND I gently acknowledged it had been an emotional few days, reassured him that we were doing the right things and asked him to try to keep his thoughts light if he could. I also asked if it was bad enough to go to the hospital but he said no, that all the pain went away after I helped. He went straight to sleep after that and now it’s the morning and I’m here, wondering if my trucker husband might actually die from feeling his feelings. All the years of wishing he could own up to his behavior and change, I never once thought about the toll that would take on the body. I mean, I thought he would cry and he has. But now he is also stressing himself out trying to be EXTRA kind and helpful on top of everything. He is an anxious attachment and often states a fear that I will leave. If this is sounding toxic, you’re not wrong. But this post is already long enough.
**Edit to add- both nights he took tylenol and it didn’t help.
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2023.05.30 13:24 lyraisil Do the clivia seeds have mould, or do i just not know how clivia baby plant roots look like?

Do the clivia seeds have mould, or do i just not know how clivia baby plant roots look like?
Hi, for the fun of it i decided to try to sprout 3 of seeds my mature clivia (Clivia miniata) plant gave me. They are growing at a steady pace, so no problems in that area.
Here is my problem: i have no idea if the white fuzzy things on the roots is just normal root anatomy of the very young clivia plant, or if. Clivia roots just look like that in the very young plant.
Looked online, but i could just not find good quality images of how the seeds of clivia looks when they mould (which the online sources said was a problem).
i just dont wanna kill a perfectly healthy seedling, or a slighty mouldy seedling that got hope to survive, because i mistake it for being sick....
so, anyone with experiance growing the youngest of clivia plants? clivia pre- baby, clivia who is just finding its place in this world?
three seedlings all sprouting both leaves and roots
but is the white fuzzy things on (?) the roots mould?
one can see the first leaves unfurling. any hope for them to survive even if mould?
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2023.05.30 13:23 ExpensiveRecord998 M19 from the UK looking to meet new friends! [friendship]

Hi All i am 19m from the UK, I’m not comfortable sharing my name right now until I get to know you better :)
I’m looking to form some friendships and hopefully talk day to day about how our lives are going. In most regards I’d say im an average guy, I like playing video games occasionally along side your typical shows although my friends have been getting me into some anime’s.
I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a nerd as I work in IT and enjoy most things you’d typically associate with someone who works in that field such as DND and Star Wars 😂
My biggest personality trait is definitely that I ride motorcycles that’s most of the pictures you’ll see on my social media haha
Anyways I look forward to hearing from you all don’t be afraid to drop me a message! Tell me a bit about yourself I’d love to hear your hobbies 😄
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2023.05.30 13:22 LFdiningbuddy My boyfriend's girl best friend :)

I was never a strict partner. I went into this relationship with high self-worth and stellar self-esteem. I knew I was beautiful. I knew I was a catch. I knew he was lucky to have me.
We liked different things. He liked to read comics; I preferred thrillers and self-help books. We'd bond over our love of reading anyway. Same goes for films and series--I would spend days watching "pretentious" nordic murder mysteries, while he raved about romantic comedies about friends-to-lovers. I liked to date morenos, the typical pogi kind. And him, well. He only dated chinitas.
So I was the exception. With my brown skin and almond eyes, I marched into this relationship. I chose to be in this relationship. I chose to love him.
We had entirely different friend groups and best friends of the opposite sex. Neither of them was a big deal to us. We were solid, secure as stones. When we lost some best friends, we grieved knowing the other had our support.
Two of his girl best friends are chinitas. One of them, Callie, was someone he tried to pursue a year before we met. I never cared. They went on lunches, galas, and parties. I never batted an eye. He's allowed to have friends. I trust him.
And so this went on. From when classes started f2f, he would hang out with Callie. He would come over to her condo to watch anime. I was happy because anime wasn't my thing. He would pick her up to grab lunch. He would drive her home. I didn't care at all.
Then Callie finally broke it off with her boyfriend. Everyone was celebrating. It was a long time coming, and she finally had the guts to. He was so happy. I figured it was a friend thing. Wouldn't you be happy if your best friend broke it off with her boyfriend?
So life went on. I never had any doubts about us. I was so sure of him. I had my guy friends who I hung out with. I rejected men who tried to pursue me. I blossomed my existing female friendships. We took our exams and got A's. Life was normal.
Callie started dating again. As always, she ended up with a douche. My perfect boyfriend who is also a great friend always came to her rescue. He drove her around when her rebound didn't. He lent her his jacket to make her rebound jealous. I didn't understand, but then again, I didn't care. I wore my friends' jackets too.
Out of nowhere, he wanted to break up. I was so confused. This was three days after we went out on a date. We were happy then. And then he started telling me he wasn't...?
"All this time?"
"What triggered this?"
"I talked to my friends."
I was devastated. Things were good. He loved me. I loved him. He was just making plans to meet my family. I was about to move closer. We were in the midst of things becoming easy.
"Is there someone else?"
"Are you trying to become available for someone?"
"Is it because my room is always messy?"
"No." He laughed. "Well... what if it's the other one?"
My heart sank. It could only be Callie. Callie, who tells me every time she can that I'm gorgeous. Callie, who I plan mani-pedi dates with. Callie, who jokes that I should leave him for her.
I went to this relationship with my head high. 3.5 years in, and my friends consider us the epitome of a secure relationship. He and I are a success story. A perfectly imperfect match. The paragon of trust. My therapist told me he envies us. I decided not to let this go.
At the expense of my self-worth, I asked him to stay. To try as I did. To choose to try. I begged him to dignify us. The choice isn't only up to you. There is no perfect relationship. You must wake up every day and choose to try.
He agreed naman.
And he's been trying.
Except now, when he mentions Callie, I get dizzy. I forget to breathe. My throat burns. I think of him walking to her condo, with the friends-to-lovers trope in his subconscious. He must think about it when they're together. When he drives her around. When they eat lunch.
I haven't looked in the mirror for three days. Suddenly, I'm fat. And ugly. And fucking stupid for letting him hang out with a girl. And letting her wear his clothes. Does he think about her when he's with me? Does he think of her when he's inside me? Hahahahaahahahhahahahhahaha bye self-esteem
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2023.05.30 13:22 CantPlayNieR Ideas for a magic system based around Salts

Hello! I'm attempting to outline a magic system for a low fantasy lovecraftian-esque pirate novel I plan to eventually write. TL;DR at the end.
I was toying around, trying to come up with an unique magic system that’s pirate ‘themed’. Thought about water manipulation, but I’m not really into writing elemental magic systems (while I enjoy reading them, I’m not creative enough to write them). At some point I just thought: “There’s plenty of salt in the sea! (And other places).”
There are two major races in this word: The people of the Blue Prince and the People of the Red Maiden.
The People of the Red Maiden are merfolk. Sirens, Mermaids, Selkies, Kelpies, Cetaceans and all kind of aquatic creatures. Their blood is Red (original, yes — I’m still developing the idea lol). They worship the Red Star (eldritch god)
The People of the Blue Prince are landwellers. I’m still deciding if they’re all humans or made up of different humanoid races. Their blood is blue. They worship the Blue Sea (another eldritch god).
The Idea isn’t super developed yet (because I’m currently working on another major WIP, but I’m fleshing out a little bit of it so I don’t end up forgetting it before I start writing) so I don’t have much on it yet. The bones I have so far are the follow:
The Red and The Blue were worshiped as twin gods; wayyyyy back then, when the humans and the merfolk were at peace (ish — they weren’t exactly allies, but weren’t on open war either). Now, as Merfolk and Humans became enemies, so did the Red and the Blue.
It all started when a proud prince shouted at the Blue that no creature could best him. The Blue, quite itched at his challenge, did find it fit to scratch by sending at the prince great monsters for him to meet his match. But no beast of Gods could cow this man, (or so his crewmen thought), and fuming, the Sea could only turn away, scoff and command he rot. The Prince did then celebrate his victory against the Blue, and drove his ship through all the dangerous waters in his view. Thus the Blue sent the maiden of Red, who enthralled the sailors so they wouldn’t beg. She feasted on them as they drowned — until one remained: the Blue Prince. She spared him, leaving him stranded on her isles. It was his punishment for killing the Blue’s creatures. All the while the Red laughed at the prince’s curse. And so the Prince resolved that day to slay this siren and claim her Song, once her power to drive men mad was dead and gone. But the Maiden was as alone as the Prince. And, after eons of eachother’s company, they grew up to forgive and to love, even. The maiden doted sweetly and showed him her secret ways, to both breathe underwater and to live for many days. In such a long extended stay, the Prince did realize, that in all his freedom, he never felt alive. The Maiden trusted him and so told him of how her voice did go, and how to counteract it when she sang her song of doom. And as the words left her mouth, the Prince leapt through the room and drove his saber through her heart. The prince felt no real relief, his love was dead, and he was now alone. He tried to drown, but he could no longer, so he screamed instead. His sword hacked away at his foul flesh, all the while the Blue and the Red laughed, speaking to him of the maiden. But of the prince’s scream the Blue did tire, calling the Red a foul and a liar. In a fit of scheme weaved the Blue the tale of Prince and Maiden anew.
The Prince’s flesh had long turned to salt — and with salt the Blue made men from default. Thus came to be the first new human.
The Red Star hissed at Blue’s treason, and from the ocean’s blood, the Red made the merfolk — all of which hated humans; but one hated them more: the Siren with the Maiden’s blood.
TL;DR: humans were made from salt, so salt has ‘magical’ properties. Any suggestions as to what which kind of salt could do? Any ideas on different types of salt?
I also have no idea regarding the merfolk’s magic system. (Maybe pepper? Lol)
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2023.05.30 13:22 Nighthawkies Lfg eestis [dnd or other] looking for players new people welcomed!

Hiya! I'm Night 18yo student in Tallinn, I've been running dnd for about 6 years now every week! And playing.... Sometime probably!
But come summer I have a lot of free time which gives me a wonderful chance to meet with the roleplaying community in Estonia!
I'm accepting of everyone though I of course prefer people of my age
And don't worry about experience, I'll be happy to teach you!
There's no chosen campaign as of yet as I'd like to meet you all first! Then we can figure out what you wanna play - I have done wild beyond the witchlight and curse of Sthrad,interested in running kingmaker , and I've been looking into other systems as Vampire the masquerade , call of cthulhu, tales from the loop, shadow of the demon king , and pathfinder! (Even a bit of cyberpunk and shadow run)
Preferred Name (can be an alias):
(Optional) Age and preffered pronoun :
Time Zone:
a) Describe yourself and a bit about your roleplaying experience
b) Describe what you enjoy most about Tabletop RPGS, or what you look forward to most when you play
c) Describe any type of character concept you have in mind, or what kind of charachter type most appeals to you.
Would you prefer voice,video, or in person gaming? (If so do you live in an area near Tallinn?)
If we were to do an in person game, would you be able to arrange a space for us to play? (Or support the group otherways)
Would you ever consider running a game? If not, why not?
Have you ever had a shitty Game Master? What did they do that was shitty?
If you disagreed with the GM about a ruling, what would you do?
What do you expect from the DM?
What do you expect from the other players?
What's your opinion of Homebrew?
What published DnD settings are you well versed in, if any? (Or other TTRPG worlds)
BONUS: (Optional) Navigate to and generate a character. Write a one paragraph backstory (including name, race and class) based upon this randomized description.
Discord Nighthawk#2768
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2023.05.30 13:22 textuarwriting 10 Website Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Website copywriting is being used everywhere these days, and startling growth, extensive successful marketing campaigns, and even broader social discussions can all be started with a single stellar copy.
Unlike other forms of website writing, copywriting does not give you the freedom to elaborate your thoughts using lengthy analogies or examples. You have to be brief and to the point - and yet you have to take the reader by surprise, and make them feel that they just had an arresting experience by reading a writing piece of 100 characters or less.
In the virtual world where everyone's attention spans last a few seconds, would you say that excellent copywriting skills make you a better social media marketer, PR manager, and web content creator? Here are 10 pitfalls to avoid to excel at your game.

10 Mistakes In The Copywriting World That Can Sabotage Your Impact

1. Focus On A Problem You Can Solve

This is perhaps a general guideline for any form of content that you are creating on the web. Don't give solutions if you don't have a real problem to solve - this will only confuse and frustrate the reader.
Research the product you are writing about and choose one of the most fundamental issues it is resolving. Now make sure you are engaging with this issue in the copy you are creating. While every brand has its own tone, they all want to write a copy that sounds effortlessly confident but does not seem to say to the customer "you are stupid, and I will tell you what you need."

2. Avoid Using Complex Language

Most writers have an affinity for complex language. But remember, in the world of website copywriting, the average website user finds industrial terminologies, factual information, and complex sentences joined together - nothing but traumatizing.
Readers feel disconnected from the message - even if it was indeed meant for them. Our job as web copywriters is always to represent the importance of a topic in the most accessible language that can be understood at a glance.

3. Give Up Trying To Fit In Too Many Concepts

Always, always try to stick to a single idea in a message when you are drafting your final copy. If you really like taglines or a secondary addition to your main copy, you can introduce another concept but also in one single line.
Lengthy copies don't look like copies at all. Too many concepts in copywriting make the advertisement look desperate. In fact it can even turn existing customers away.

4. Ask "Is Your Copywrite Saying What You Think It Is Saying?"

When you are writing, you first form the concept and then put it into words. But a reader is on the opposite end, and they will first read the words and then derive the concept from it. This essentially means that because you already have the concept in your mind, you as the copywriter may end up reading messages in the copy that simply are not there.
The best way to tackle this common pitfall is to ask someone else on your team to read the copy (who has no idea what concept you are going for) and tell you what they think it is saying. As long as they don't have to analyze the meaning of the message, you are good to go!

5. Don't Write From The Wrong Perspective

A successful piece of website copywriting can be approached from various different perspectives. Indeed you can even approach an advertisement from the perspective of a duck and still make it famous!
The perspective must, however, align with the overall marketing campaign as well as the advertisement of which your copy or caption will be a part. The right perspective will come from knowing the content inside out, knowing the target audience, knowing what you are expected to say and almost knowing already how your reader is going to read it in their head.

6. Stay As Far From The Passive Voice As Possible

The passive voice simply does not work on the Internet especially not where web copywriting is concerned. Psychologists have stated that passive voices are hard to keep track of as they don't involve the reader readily in the story.
Attention spans are shorter in the case of passive voices and messages are less crisp. It dilutes the strength of the message and eats up the unique tone of the copy.

7. Don't Go Crazy With SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any piece of website copywriting to do well because otherwise, the copy will simply not reach anyone. But since the word limit is so short in copies, it is very easy to overdo the SEO so much that it will be visible to the readers as well.
On the other hand, you might want to ignore relevant keywords and SEO rules altogether because of the restriction of the length. If you do so your message will not have the exposure it should have had even if it were the best copy in the world.

8. Evaluate The Core Of The Message You Are Spreading

We have seen recently how often marketing campaigns are facing the limelight for not-so-flattering reasons. The reader is not afraid to hold marketers accountable for any dubious messages they are spreading.
It is often said that your idea is the body and the words you use to express it are the mere apparel it is wearing. Evaluate the core of the message you are spreading as much as you can so that you are factually, emotionally and socially in the right.

9. Don't Go In Too Formal

If you have taken copywriting seriously, chances are you are well acquainted with the most successful copywriting campaigns in history. One thing is common in all of them - the writing style is extremely conversational.
While you want to be conversational you also want to respect the cultural and generational needs of your target audience. Indeed, what is humorous to one culture or age group can be offensive to another.

10. Of Course, Don't Be Too 'inspired'

Some creators have the nasty habit of getting too 'inspired' by other artists on the internet - so much so that they make extremely similar content to them. Don't be that person. There are serious consequences to using concepts or artistic styles that you do not own in your ad campaigns.
This can lead to social and legal scandals for both you and the company you are working with. Simply put, when it is so easy to tell if a copywriter has been lazy, avoid creating your copies at the last moment no matter what, and do your research beforehand.


Web copywriting is so powerful- it can engage and convey a message in far less time than in longer formats. Not only that, competent copywriting can separate your brand from all the rest with a single slogan or tagline.
However, to get the best results, you must avoid the above-mentioned pitfalls!
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