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2023.06.03 16:08 diary-of-an-avocado Is she a mix of calico, tabby and tortoiseshell?

Is she a mix of calico, tabby and tortoiseshell?
This is a cat in my neighborhood that I have developed a bond with since a year ago! She’s super affectionate and cuddly, like most calicos are said to be.
I thought that her fur seems quite unique, because if you look at her leg and her forehead, she has tabby markings if I’m not mistaken. She of course is predominately a calico since she’s got all of the three colours. But if you look at her face, she seems to have the markings of a tortie as well (the spots)!
I’m a cat person but have never adopted one before so I don’t know about cats as much as most of the people in this subreddit would. I just wanted to share her with you all and hear what you think! :D
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2023.06.03 16:08 SaraCaterina Two week old aquarium, fish-in cycle. This is good right?

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2023.06.03 16:08 Bayleigh130 Reunion part 1 & 2 rewatch thoughts

I think Tom and Raquel thought the affair would blow over like Tom and Arianna’s did and that they could paint Arianna as the crazy one, just like they did to Kristen. Then Arianna would come off looking bad, and everyone would just support Tom and Raquel’s relationship and they would both secure their spots as a couple in future seasons. It worked well for Tom and Arianna, and bad for Kristen, so Tom probably thought, why wouldn’t it work again, this time with Raquel. Their plan failed miserably. I think that’s the reason for Tom’s anger at the reunion, the reason he needed a break from filming, and the reason he muttered to himself that he was blowing it. I think he was truly shocked his affair plan didn’t work this time. Since the affair with Raquel didn’t blow over like his affair with Arianna did, he will drop Raquel asap, if he hasn’t already.
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2023.06.03 16:07 Deathpaloma Chapter 2. Looking for Shelter

After a few hours walking and an encouter with a bear that could have ended badly I managed to find a sign of civilization.
I thought I was saved when I saw the buildings in the distance, but they are derelict and without matches to start a fire they are of no use to me, I have to keep going, I have no gloves and face the risk of frostbyte, if I don't find shelter soon.
This island sure is relentless, a while after my encounter with a bear I was spotted by a wolf after killing a rabbit, and as I ran from him I saw it...
The buildings in the distance, I ran as fast as I could terrified from the wolf, the cold air burned my lungs as my breathing grew heavier. I closed the door and stopped for a moment to catch my breath.
I searched the place looking for anything I could find, cloathing food, I could feel my mouth dry and my stomach rumbling, about 20 minutes after a got there a blizzard hit, but I was starving so I decided to search the nearby buildings anyway. Thankfully I found some granola bars, canned peaches, a par of driving gloves, a light shell and some matches. The toilets also had some water in them, which saves me a match.
The radios don't work, I opened one up and it seemed fine, but the batteries were dead. The cars don't work either but I didn't expect them to.
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2023.06.03 16:07 mweirath Looking for ideas - need to create 2 short-ish but unique infiltration missions

My group has learned of two spots in Avernus where they need to go and shut down something. They group knows these areas are each protected, but nothing else about them at this time.
What I am struggling with is coming up with a way of making each situation a bit unique and challenging at the same time. Here is what I am trying to achieve:
I would love to hear any ideas the community might have since I am clearly struggling on this one.
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2023.06.03 16:07 sesame-yeezy Had to put down my 16 year old beagle on June 1. Everything happened so suddenly. Any additional closure or reassurance would help

i’m still in shock. i won’t go into detail right now about how perfect he was as a dog (because he truly was) rather i wanted to ask some vet professionals some questions that have been eating me alive. i know this is all part of the grief process, but i need to know.
on May 31 (around 6PM), right after we fed him dinner and let him potty, Keegan began to shake. our AC was on pretty low, so i turned up the temp and wrapped him in a blanket. that didn’t really help. he couldn’t seem to ‘snap’ out of his shaking. but it wasn’t a seizure.
i took him out to one of his favorite spots (pushed him in his stroller) and he was able to stand and pee. but he just stood there & didn’t sniff like he usually would.
i brought him back and get him comfy in our bed next to his brother, Clooney. at this point, i decided to take his temperature rectally @707PM. it was reading 103.6F. i proceeded to call 2 local ER vets.
the first ER i was able to speak to a doctor. i explained what was going on & she basically said it could be several things: from spinal/back issues, to infections, to cancer. of course they couldn’t see without seeing him. she told me as long as he seems comfortable and can sleep without presenting worse, we could probably wait until tmw morning when our primary doctor opened.
i called another ER vet and went through the same thing. the 2nd vet was only talking to a front desk staff and he said we could bring him in to check his vitals and triage if we’d like.
since he was able to rest on bed without fussing, we tried to let him sleep. we took him out before bedtime and he peed and pooped, again without assistance. he was “knuckling” his back left leg.
we laid him next to us in bed, and he did fall asleep. his breathing did stay faster than normal (60 bpms).
he woke us up @4am & we took him outside to pee and poop again. he was able to do both, but still shaky. i took his temp again @430AM and it was 105.1F and again @5AM 104.8F. he ate his breakfast out of my hand, but we no longer wanted to wait. usually if he had an off night, a nights rest would snap him out of it and bring him back to his spry (for a senior) self.
we arrived to the ER just after 7AM. thankfully there was no wait. he was taken back and his vitals were taken.
the ER doc who was great, said he was running a slight fever (around 104F) and that he’s breathing heavier than should, & she also saw him do the “knuckling” with his back paw.
she explained that this could be due to an arthritic flare up that’s extra painful and just throwing him off. she also wondered if he aspirated any fluid into his lungs. she wanted to begin with administering him fluids, getting a blood work ran, & getting a chest x ray. we said yes to all.
the blood work was going to be sent to a lab that’d take 2-3 hrs. so he had to stay with them as he got these tests done.
around @1145AM, ER doc called us back. she saw some changes in his lungs, but said likely due to old age and no obvious signs of pneumonia. she said his blood work came back and he had slightly lowered white blood cells, and some sort of protein (i can’t remember the exact name). she said next step would be to give antibiotics to try to break his fever, have him stay overnight, and get a neuro consult.
we said yes.
we dropped off his nighttime medications & signing off on his care plan. about 5-10mins after that, we get another call. ER doc said he just had a neuro consult.
based on the neurologist’s exam, coupled with his usage of desmopressin (for PU/PD), they had a strong suspicion of a growth in his brain. she also said his fever was raising & he’s declining. she advised us to come see him before deciding if we wanted to pursue an MRI or radiation therapy. thankfully we just were 5 mins away & got back as quickly as can be.
we wanted him to have an in home euthanasia, but when they rolled him in…it was rough. i’m still traumatized, as is my gf who held him. he was really breathing heavy, you could hear fluid in his throat, and he just wasn’t “there” anymore. if we brought him home, he likely would’ve passed on the car ride home.
we made the horribly difficult decision to put him out of his suffering. we were shattered, shocked, and broken. yes he was 16 but just a day before, he was 100% fine…how can this possibly be? he’s gone.
my mind has been racing and so much so i contacted Keegan’s primary vet to discuss with her. she assured me there was nothing we could’ve done differently that would’ve had a different outcome for him. regardless if we brought him in to the ER @6PM on May 31, or waited to bring him to them; she agreed on the suspicion of a brain growth that either ruptured or was pushing on something to throw him all out of wack.
i want to contact to ER doc & neuro doc just to have a similar conversation. could we have acted earlier and saved him? how certain can it be said that he had a brain growth? of course without an MRI to confirm, it might be possible.
but my mind can’t stop asking the “what ifs”.
what if we acted sooner? what if it wasn’t a brain tumor?
why couldn’t his fever get brought down? how did he decline so rapidly so quick?
i know nobody hear can answer these things without seeing all the reports, which i can try to get, but i need reassurance that we did everything we possibly could, short of running an MRI that he might not have made through, to help him.
was this really inevitable and just the cruel reality of living and dying?
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2023.06.03 16:06 scottstots85 One eyebrow flaking/fading more than the other?

Hi! I just got my eyebrows microbladed for the first time about 9 days ago. The one on the left is healing perfectly, but the one on the right is flaking/fading in some spots. It’s not super noticeable and I know the artist can fix it during my touch up appointment so I’m not super worried. I was just curious if that’s standard or if it means I did something wrong in my aftercare? I followed all the instructions given (don’t get them wet, don’t exercise for 7 days,use grape seed oil after day 5, etc etc). It’s been hot as heck here so I made sure to wear a hat when I had to go out and tried to stay inside to avoid sweating.
I’ll ask the artist about it during the appointment too, but I guess my main concern is I don’t want to do something to cause flaking again after the touch up appointment. Would greatly appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.03 16:06 TonyBaloney2u Which song to cover next?

I've finally become a huge Rush fan after a lifetime of overlooking them (I'm 49). What got me hooked was diving in deep to learn songs on bass in this cover band I'm now in. The other two members were already huge Rush fans, and I've quickly found this is our sweet spot.
Cutting to the chase: treating this like a math/logic problem, "what comes next in this sequence?"... This is my nerdy request: what song would logically come next, based on the five we've done so far?
  1. Anthem
  2. Lakeside Park
  3. Bastille Day
  4. The Trees
  5. Xanadu
  6. ???
What would logically come next? Thanks for your ideas!
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2023.06.03 16:06 pandapio In town Friday for Taylor; tips?

I will be downtown most of the day waiting for the Taylor concert. I already have parking taken care of. Planning on getting there by 2:30. Any advice on a nice lunch spot, places to avoid, or general advice navigating what I’m sure will be a shit show? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 16:06 98Spirit181 Cant enable prisoners to do construction

I am playing with a lot of Mods. I tried to get my prisoners to do construction and fishing but everytime I enable it in the work tab it disables itself. How can I fix that?
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2023.06.03 16:05 Gahlilahi_Waya Idk even know

There is no one as horrible as me. Today I was supposed to water the dogs like always. I forgot and my sister did it and said that she had to water the dogs again. I told her I would clean the kitchen and the dining room on my own to make it up to her. She screamed at me and said i didn’t have to do that. UGH IM ALWAYS RUINING EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE. THEY ALL ASK ME “WHY CANT YOU BE NORMAL?!” WHY CANT YOU DO THIS OR THAT WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS. all I ever do is try to please people. I’m the best in my class, I’m athletic, I do Sports and play instruments I don’t even want to play. IS NOTHING I DO EVER GOOD ENOUGH FATHER? I know everyone at school talks about how wierd I am, they only hang out with me to get there homework done. Even my own family members hate me. They hate just as much as I hate myself. I wish I could run away but you can’t run away from your own disappointment of a face. When people look down at me I know they only see a burden, another mouth to feed, a spot of mold growing on the wall. I wish I could jump of the roof and break my neck, but I can’t die. If I commit kys I would disappoint god and go to hell. I’m stuck like this until I get happy. Which might never happen.
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2023.06.03 16:05 _crazyboyhere_ [OC] A map of when same sex marriage legalized in each US state.

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2023.06.03 16:05 J_Sauce_C How do you find bass when the entire lake is grass?

Hi all this is my first post here. I live up in PA and I’ve been bass fishing for about a year. I’ve really been struggling to get any good fishing in at my local lakes…
There are 2 lakes near me, one is larger in a state park that is heavily pressured. (I fish from a kayak). It’s hard to even get out before several boats are already there and more and more come as the day goes on.
Another lake nearby is smaller, way less pressured but, essentially, all grass and weeds the warmer it gets. Earlier this year I caught my pb there (before the grass came). The past few times I’ve gone though I didn’t catch anything (but weeds of course) I had trouble throwing anything without it picking up massive amounts of grass and I just didn’t know where to look! The whole lake seemed like anywhere was a good hiding place for em so I’m a bit at a loss for how to fish there.
Any tips for lakes like this?
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2023.06.03 16:05 SpacePaladin15 The Nature of Predators 121

First Prev
Patreon Arxur POV of the Cradle Series wiki Official subreddit Discord
Memory transcription subject: Captain Sovlin, United Nations Fleet Command
Date [standardized human time]: January 15, 2137
It wasn’t my imagination; our triangular shuttle was sinking like a stone. Water bobbed up against the cockpit windows, entombing us beneath the waves. Hull integrity would eventually give out and allow water to flood the compartment. The predators were just watching it happen, with not nearly enough panic showing in their binocular eyes. They made no attempt to inflate a life raft and escape, while we could still get the doors open.
The craft had tipped forward at a slight angle, and the airborne vehicle began to sink nose-first toward a watery grave. A feeling of immense claustrophobia gripped me, as the nightmare scenario came to fruition. My claws wrapped around Samantha’s arm before I could stop myself; the human looked at me with sheer disbelief, and pushed me away. Her nose was scrunched in an obvious sign of distaste. Carlos would’ve definitely been more amenable to my desperate outreach for support.
Samantha heaved a sigh. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just fucking do that, but it better not ever happen again.”
“Please! We’re sinking!” I croaked.
Onso snickered. “Sinking? You don’t feel the engines running? It’s a submersible aircraft.”
Upon closer listening, I could feel the quiet hum of the engines. Somehow, the combustion drive was still running underwater, and pushing us in a controlled manner further into the ocean. There were no signs of leaks seeping through the walls, despite being encased in the depths. I’d never heard of a plane that could fly underwater, but I should’ve gleaned our safety from the predators’ calmness.
If a human is running or terrified, that’s when it’s time to assume our deaths are imminent.
Sam wasn’t the least bit amused by me latching onto her arm, but Tyler and Carlos were both masking smirks. I dipped my head in shame. How had the Yotul known of technology which was unfathomable to the wider galaxy? Until today, I wouldn’t have thought such devices would ever have a use. It was embarrassing that the primitive kept his head better than me around novel technology, though I tried to push that egoistic thought out of my mind.
“Do the Yotul have this kind of technology, Onso?” I prompted the reddish-furred marsupial to answer, though I knew the reply would be in the negative. “I’ve never heard of such things, so I’m surprised it’s old news to you.”
“Well, I took it upon myself to read up on the specs; they were included with our briefing notes. Never know when shit’s gonna break, and someone’s gotta fix it. The Yotul have a saying, ‘Everything can break, so assume it will do so today.’”
“That’s valid. Every spacecraft crash is due to a ‘one-in-a-billion’ mechanical failure; unlikelihood upon unlikelihood. Uh, anyhow, I’m a little out of my element here, clearly nothing like you.”
“I don’t mind the water, Sovlin. Mama had a sailboat, which she’d take around the harbor. It was a little disappointing to hear human water activities involve hunting. There’s so many beautiful things to see; it’s the last untamed frontier. Even after space is explored, the oceans still hold so many mysteries and unique lifeforms!”
“Plenty of humans agree with you, even ones who enjoy fishing like Tyler. We’ll go snorkeling or scuba diving just to explore reefs and view marine life,” Carlos chimed in. “No boat, nothing but a basic breathing apparatus.”
“There’s water sports too. Surfing, where you try to ride massive waves on a board.” Samantha made odd gestures with her hands, as though conveying a series of hills. “Parasailing, up in the sky tied to a boat. White water rafting, where you go down turbulent, rocky rapids in an inflatable.”
I groaned. “Why…are any of those not mortally dangerous?! What is wrong with you predators? I thought you evolved from the fucking trees!”
“It’s all in the spirit of fun, a memorable experience. Don’t tell me none of it sounds like something you want to try once.”
“No, those stunts sound horrible. This is horrible. I can see the depth meter going up…it’s double digits! I can’t see the sky!”
“Quit being a baby.”
“Quit being a predator! I hate humans; I can’t stand you! Onso, back me up.”
“The surfing sounds totally badass. I can imagine riding a wave up to its crest, and trying not to fall,” the Yotul answered. “We should try it together, old man. Conquer your fears, do things you think you can’t.”
“I am not doing that. No way on the cradle.”
Tyler sported a devilish grin. “Hey, it could be worse, Sovlin. You could be doing shark cage diving.”
I offered the blond human a blank stare. Through the cockpit behind him, I noticed orange-striped fish swimming clear of the aerosub. There was a dark shadow in the murky depths below, which filled me with palpable unease. What if it was some sort of massive predator which hid in this oceanic range? Chewing at my claws with anxiety, I tried to parse through what he said.
Cage diving? That can’t be what it sounds like; locking yourself in a cage and jumping into the water…not trying to escape. What’s a shark?
We moved closer to the ambiguous shadow within the turquoise ocean, which I tried to ignore. The humans would freak out if there was reason for alarm; I couldn’t make a fool of myself again. Plastering a look of confusion on my face, I flicked a claw at Tyler for an explanation. His blue eyes twinkled with amusement, and my former guards watched with interest.
“Ah, you’re wondering what that is.” Officer Cardona tapped his fingers against his holopad, and noticed that his Yotul exchange partner was intrigued too. He showed a picture to Onso first. “I’d say it’s self-explanatory. Oh, and, yes, they have side-facing eyes, but sharks are predators. Humans have movies about them eating us, even though that’s uncommon in reality.”
Tyler turned the device toward me, and I flinched away with disbelief. Sure enough, a pack of Terrans were suspended in a metal cage below the water. “Sharks” circled them with predatory intent, serrated teeth visible. From what I’d learned about Gojids being omnivores, I’d trust the primates on binocular eyes not being necessary to eat living food. However, deciphering human behavior was a maddening endeavor. Was this some twisted way of reasserting their dominance as apex predators, against animals that dared to prey on them?
“You just said it was in fucked-up human movies…it’s CGI! That’s not a real fucking thing!” I screamed. “I thought we were keeping it professional, huh? You all are definitely saying, and making up, predator nonsense on purpose, at this point!”
Tyler flashed his teeth. “It’s real. We don’t need to make anything up; humans will go to great lengths for thrills.”
“That seems to be tempting fate. I’ve always believed in respecting nature, though it would be cool to see these animals up close,” Onso said.
“Good news: you can see them in aquariums too.”
I thought humans would think water decorations were stupid…wait, what did he just say?!
My spines were bristling. “You have aquariums, like the Kolshians on Aafa?”
“Yep,” Tyler affirmed.
“And instead of sea plants, you keep dangerous predators in them?”
“Yeah? They’re cool to look at, man.”
“Protector, I don’t care if we’re in the middle of the ocean. I want off this sinking boat!”
Carlos stifled a laugh. “Well, your wish is about to be granted. This puppy isn’t meant to dive deeper than 100 meters. The UNS Deep Core is up ahead.”
The foreboding shadow had grown larger in my periphery, and my eyes swiveled back to the viewport. It was a submersed ship, but one that was so large, its breadth faded into the murky distance. There was no way this wasn’t in the triple digits of meters long; the all-black, undecorated exterior would cause an observer to mistake it for a shadowy patch of water. There was a tower affixed to its spine, which perhaps housed an equivalent to a bridge.
“The humans must’ve snuck this ship here days ago. How long has it been lurking?” I murmured to myself. “They couldn’t have airdropped it from too high up either…I don’t think.”
Samantha rubbed her hands together. “If you think this is the only one sent, think again. We’re told as much as we need to know, Sovlin, but it’s a blast to fill in the blanks.”
Our aerosub glided down to the bottom of the Deep Core, before flipping over and latching onto to a watertight door. It was similar to how a spacecraft would dock for boarding; my concerns were assuaged a little, noticing some familiarity. Packing such a large crew into a metal tube must be stressful for any land-dwelling species, but the humans were insane enough to tuck their senses aside. There could be enough predators aboard to compose a small village.
I disliked the fact that I was hanging at a ninety-degree angle, though I didn’t voice my complaints. The humans awkwardly dismounted, with Tyler helping Onso down. Carlos hoisted me to my own two feet, and I took a steadying breath. Our own watertight hatch, which I mistook for an emergency exit when I thought it was a sane vehicle, was on the right exit. There was a click, as human personnel opened the circular door from the other side.
The five of us were helped up through the threshold into the submarine, and we admired the metal inner workings of our surroundings. The tunnels were narrow, with small doorways leading between compartments; many required a slight step up to clear. One Terran greeted us at our docking point, though he wore a different uniform than the getup I was used to. I wasn’t sure what to expect from land predators who operated underwater, but the ample facial hair checked out with my mental image.
“Welcome aboard the Deep Core. I’m Commander Fournier; your presence is requested on the bridge,” a gruff voice greeted us.
I blinked in confusion. “May I ask why…sir?”
“First aliens to step foot on a submarine. You’re VIPs; it’s a good photo-op, you could say. Follow me.”
Of course, the humans are worried about optics as we’re descending to an outlandish location. Sometimes, they’re awfully predictable.
Claustrophobia threatened to flare up, with the cramped passages and lack of direction. Onso showed no such uneasiness, forcing Tyler to ensure that the Yotul studied objects with his eyes, not his paws. The primitive seemed enamored with any machinery or design quirks, even basic things such as hinges. I was really trying not to look down on him, but when he was gawking at simplistic nails, it was difficult. At least his dimwitted curiosity was a distraction from our present environment.
The bearded commander led us to a steep stairway, and communicated for us to follow his lead. There was a thunderous bark of “up ladder!” before the human-in-charge popped open a hatch. Tyler waved a hand at me and Onso, signaling for us to climb after Fournier first. I ensured that my balance was steady, hustling up the rungs. There was a railing surrounding the hatch, along with a safety chain that our guide was unclipping.
“Sir, may I ask how much air we have left?” I couldn’t resist asking, despite being out of breath from the short ascent. “I presume you’ve been submerged a few days. Even spaceships can only carry a few weeks of oxygen, and I don’t see any tanks, um…”
Fournier issued a throaty laugh. “Scared of submarines, Gojid?”
“A little, uh, yes…sir.”
“Don’t be. We have as much air as there is water in the ocean.”
Onso bounded after us. “The Terrans use electrolysis to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in seawater they collect, then use that O2 to ventilate the ship.”
“Why, I like this one!” the commander bellowed. “Read up on subs, haven’t ya?”
“It drew me in…like a vortex of knowledge. I always liked machines.”
“Then I take it you’re an engineer? I can see that kid-like glee in your eyes.”
“A rocket engineer. The unchanging rules, the complex order, the concreteness and the planning: it speaks to me. Having a new class of machines to study really lit that fire, for the first time since the Federation killed my passion. Not even studying your weaponry truly scratched that itch. It’s just, I never dreamed I’d discover a new alien boat!”
“Well, well! I’m no engineer, but I’ll be happy to share what I know. Feel free to ask any questions; we love talking about what we do, to someone who really wants to hear it.”
“Thank you, sir.”
Commander Fournier led us into a stout compartment, where a vast array of gadgetry and screens covered a wall. Humans were examining a green circle on display, with a rotating line and labeled angles. Data feeds were also listed there, which led me to conclude it was a sensors equivalent. Navigations was at the front, at least from the appearance of several control columns. Some predators appeared to be acting as officers or supervisors, peering over others’ shoulders and issuing commands.
This isn’t that dissimilar to a starship, but where is the viewport? How can they see?
I cleared my throat. “Sir, where is the viewport? There’s no windows!”
“We don’t need windows,” Fournier explained. “We use sonar, because sound travels further in water than light. Glass or transparent materials are just a weak point in the hull, and a potential source of leaks if we take a hit.”
“Okay. Then why did the submersible craft we took here have windows?”
“Because it needs to be a spacecraft too, and you need to see when you’re flying. It’s useful enough to outweigh any concerns,” Carlos chimed in.
“This is so cool!” Onso bounced on his digitigrade hindlegs, and the commander fortunately didn’t take offense to his excess excitement. “The sonar doesn’t need to see at all. It just…listens.”
Fournier nodded. “Precisely. I saw you examining the bearings on our machinery, and I’ll impress upon you the importance of noise reduction down here. We keep everything detached from the hull frame to avoid vibrations…even dropping a wrench can give you up to an enemy. Sonar receptors pick up the slightest vibration, and then, they know you’re there.”
“That explains why your engines have to be so quiet. I was reading about how you try to avoid cavitation…you know, where the vacuum pressure caused by the propeller makes water boil. The bubbles pop and give off noise.”
“You don’t need a rundown at all, Yotul; you already know everything. We have a speed range where we can operate silently.”
I was growing bored of the technical explanations, and Onso, a primitive, was outshining my knowledge to the humans. Perhaps the Yotul was desperate to prove himself as an academic equal, but he didn’t need to prattle on about science like he was reading a textbook. While there were impressive feats of engineering on display here, I agreed with Samantha’s assertion of naval obsolescence. What good was fighting in the water, except in this extraordinary circumstance?
The predators can hide far away from any targets or locations of value forever. How ingenious. They’d be unseen altogether if the other human tribes realized this theater was irrelevant in a war.
I suppressed an irritated huff. “Permission to speak freely, sir?”
“Granted,” Fournier replied, a curious twinkle in his eyes.
“Respectfully, sir, I do not see the purpose of putting all this time into submarine development, at least for military aims. You’re a spacefaring species, and you’re incredible at ground assaults. What use is it to hide so far away from civilization…from the action? Maybe you sink a few ships that are using an outdated method of moving resources, but I don’t get it. You have better weapons.”
“You really don’t know? To use your word, these ships are masterful predators; nearly undetectable, capable of hearing the slightest sound, and able to surface anywhere in the world. But it goes far beyond that. The destructive power housed here is a hell of a deterrent. That’s why we’d never actually trade nukes like ya Feddies thought we did.”
“Nukes? I’m not following.”
“There’s tens of nukes stuffed onto just one of these things. We can hang off the shore anywhere, and fire missiles while underwater. Not that we have to be close to our target; we can shoot ICBMs halfway around the world. You never know where we are, if it’s right down your neck or prowling distant shores. We’re waiting to strike, anywhere and everywhere, with the technology to end civilization itself, even after command is destroyed on land. Obsolete, my ass.”
I gulped with discomfort, wishing I could recede into the ship walls. That declaration was so calm yet predatorily destructive; there were chilling implications for the extent of human aggression. It suddenly made sense why Earth tribes were intent on sniffing these predators out of the ocean’s recesses, and why the subs tried to remain undetectable at all costs. Should the current battle go awry, Talsk could be devastated by an unseen arsenal of epic proportions.
As Commander Fournier took his post, I tried to understand why humans would devise such machinations, for use against their own civilization. The Federation’s “irradiated Earth” could’ve been a reality; these capabilities shouldn’t exist in any culture. I didn’t understand why my kind-hearted friends would even think of such predatory weaponry. Surely, understanding the apocalyptic consequences of these vehicles should’ve convinced them not to build them.
My therapist could’ve elaborated further on the full heights of Terran aggression. Humans didn’t enjoy killing, yet they brainstormed and actualized the optimal ways to kill every human in existence? It was a paradox. Perhaps their predator nature factored into their decision-making in a manner they didn’t understand. Orders were issued to begin our descent, and for all sailors to report to battle stations. I felt the submersible tilt down, so I tried to clear my head of what the primates were capable of.
I have to believe that they will never actually do something like that…that their goodness will prevail. They didn’t snap after Earth, right? I trust their better judgment.
“W-well, if there’s really a base at the bottom of the ocean, the Farsul are fucked,” I murmured to my posse.
Samantha’s fist tightened, as her smirk returned. “I’d say they are.”
The numbers on the depth meter continued to escalate, as the submarine navigated the ocean which spanned below us. Locked inside a steel tube with predators, and knowing the potential of its onboard weaponry, my nerves were anything but quelled. The submarines somehow eclipsed even the worst starships in its dastardly capabilities. The Farsul wouldn’t be prepared for this predatory contraption, should we stumble across any of their flotilla.
I was glad that the humans were on the same team as me; there was no telling where their capacity for annihilation ended.
First Prev
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2023.06.03 16:04 gg7143 A lot of reading to come

I watched GoT series and have read F&B , but I have finally gotten around to start reading A Game of Thrones.
I’ve read 90 pages and oh my It’s honestly so great.
And already mentioning the event of the dance of the dragons in those first couple of chapters too?!?! Honestly just amazing.
Makes me wonder how much pre history he had created on the spot while writing or if it was calculated before writing AGofT.
GRRM is honestly a genius.
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2023.06.03 16:04 Fragrant-Astronaut29 Do you remain friends with someone who doesn't apologize/acts like nothing ever happened when you call them out for keeping talking over and interrupting you?

I had a good friend, she called me her sister - for years. After she moved out of state we did a great job of maintaining the friendship via phone.
But I noticed our calls became like therapy sessions, where I'd ask her lots of questions but she wouldn't ask me much about myself. But when I did talk about myself she would talk over me, finish my sentences, make incorrect assumptions.
One of the last times we spoke, I said "Will you let me finish?" Again, she interrupted. Then I said "we just spoke half an hour about your family. Can I get a word in edgewise? Can you even hear me talking?" Her response was "well you ask a lot of questions" and "I heard every word you said." In which case, if you hear me talking, why are you talking over me. I didn't think to say that at the time. i was so angry, I said I had to go.
The she reached out via text a few weeks later like nothing ever happened, no acknowledgement of this behavior, no apology, and like nothing ever happened and sent a longtext about what was going on in her life.
I wrote back something factual and kept it brief and we haven't spoken since then.
I am starting to wonder if this behavior is part of the reason why she is estranged from her family. BUt ultimately the reason doesn't matter I suppose.
I am not a soft spoken person but I notice a few people talk over me, interrupt me, and I really doubt I am the only person they do this to. For me it is a huge turn off because I ask quetions and care about them. I am starting to realize that I need to learn who to spot this behavior earlier and not engage with people like this to begin with. And if I see x minutes are going by without any mentoin of how I am doing (not half an hour!) I need to learn to disengage faster, test people more.
With this particular person, she wasn't this way when we knew each other in person years ago.
I just wonder your thoughts/advice. I am going out for the day but I will read your responses when I get home and thank you in advance.
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2023.06.03 16:03 Conivie White things on my plant

White things on my plant
Got this guy about 2 months ago. Saw these spots the same day and removed them. It came back and now there is more. Im new to succulents and plants in general so I would appreciate some help! While making this post i saw one of these spots move lol, how do i help my little guy?
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2023.06.03 16:02 TheZeppelinBombBuff A fairly large unexploded bomb

A fairly large unexploded bomb
What you are seeing in this image is a fairly large unexploded bomb that was found near the fish wharf in Yarmouth, England, on January 23rd, 1915, after a zeppelin bombing.
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2023.06.03 16:02 swag_meister2 AI sponge rule

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2023.06.03 16:02 stollba [NM] 21325 Medieval Blacksmith - 116 spots @ $2 each

Escrow for u/EliteAbola
Item Name Set Number: Medieval Blacksmith (21325)
Lego Price: $196, includes tax
Shipping: 7lbs, 20 x 16 x 7, 99016 to 33136 UPS Ground = $36
Raffle Total/Spots: $232/116 spots @ $2 each
Price justification:
Call spots: Yes
Spot limit per person: No
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: No, sorry
Timestamp pics:
Description: Some shelf wear

PayPal Info: PM for PayPal
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Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 116
Number of unpaid users: 0
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This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.

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2023.06.03 16:02 CV2nm Started combined pill 5 days before period is due, now no period?

I have endo so I started taking BC (Yasmin) about 5 days before my period was due to help symptoms. It helped A LOT. I was spotting previously, but now apart from some discharge mixed with old blood, I have nothing. I am now 4 days late. Two pregnancy tests have confirmed negative, using condoms up until 8 days into pill. I get odd cramps but nothing has happened. My gyno has said as long as test this weekend was negative, I'd be in the clear. Next month I'm supposed to skip the pill free week due to Endo symptoms. My boobs are sore, I'm a bit moody but generally feel pretty healthy all things considered.
Looking for experiences here, am I safe to assume the pill has overriden my natural cycle?
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