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2023.06.03 10:10 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 happy tree friends iceberg explained

happy tree friends iceberg explained
the following video contains footage from police and security camera
footage contains graphic violence and language
from bottom of the ocean after follows of dark web enjoy
mondo media fans
i don't know why fans in happy tree friends from the future like !!! and gila the gila monster like alienoid happy tree friends characters like fuzz the dog and laughy the clown fish i don't know what the episode get whale soon i will guest popular videos of mondo media on YouTube
fans of the future
why is the species just like mammals birds reptiles and invertebrates all the users such as Leo Capri and serpent the chimera chupie the chupacabra rex the bear loch ness the loch ness monster enjoyer the koala jerry the jerboa xinx the fox and big bullie the wolf i don't know why creepypasta was sonic exe based on sonic the hedgehog along with sml movie finding nemo and wander over yonder
time travel of the fan made characters
that ones is really what happened is basky the basking shark ice cream the leopard and zap the squirrel along with amethyst the skunk and trikie the triceratops
new happy tree friends characters 2043-2046
some characters like alec the tiger he is a fan fiction of the diver the dolphin unlike in prehistoric times since in cro marmot like trunky the mammoth and tila the ptranodon
mass extinction 2387
just like other fans like coral reef friends like urgent the urchin sparkle the goldfish snowy the squid nighty the starfish spongy the sea sponge and chopper the mantis shrimp unlike in fans uno one the cat same as objects like computers books bombs and iPhones same as plants are not lived in the animals same as vehicles cars and boats it is like Russell was the whale how did the whale is a sperm whale unlike whale enjoys with the pirate island same as pirate otter sea weather temperature just like in the whale same as characters like napen the cheetah
futuritic pilot episode
you know that characters like lumpy as a dinosaur pilot released in 1998
animal cruelty
no ones match as happy insect friends like posionly the scorpion crunchy the mantis centie the centipede kween the termite pesto the horse fly baby face quito the mosquito mags the maggot and flames the firefly
prehistoric character
other characters like licky the anteater even the characters like night wing the bat until season 26
fan character removed from happy tree friends wiki
unlike in grass the porcupine these characters it is look like the alien content of happy tree friends games well that's the fan character unlike those fan character removed from happy tree friends wiki it was deleted due to violations of deleted pages
such as the characters same as fanon characters anything like that at all you know why it is happy tree friends on wikipedia which was released in 1999 you can have non animals look like objects on happy tree friends fanon wiki
how are they look real
unlike in fan characters such as yui the deer
fans from the planet
it is like most characters like faqas the hare and quarlia the flamingo
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2023.06.03 10:00 Pwai22 90% of murder cases are instantly solved by doing this

I will have to start a new game because my current save was way too easy. Basically, all you have to do is going goblin mode in the workplaces from the big buildings (usually near the city hall). There are, depending of the size of your map, around 10 or 20 of them (from 5th floor to 10th if I remember correctly). There are 2 reasons to do this early:
-You can find useful sync disks and unlimited vials (there are also enough diamonds to buy everything you want in life).
-Employers records with their fingerprints. This is the main thing, once you went through all of them (don't even need to read just open and close it once for every worker).
If you want to try I recommend to do it after you solved the first murder case. You'll get plenty of time before the next one.
I played on extreme difficulty on a very large map in sandbox mode and this made literally 90% of my cases instantly solved. If you find prints on the crime scene, it'll directly tell you whom it's from. I only got one case without prints in my detective career so I spent most of my time in a dinner feasting on chicken and coffee waiting for murders to happen. Easy retirement.
Since it kinda ruins the game I'll try to make a save where I don't break the law at all in the same settings. This will get me some fun (and pain probably).
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2023.06.03 09:55 LopsidedCompote5187 What could be wrong with my stomach?

24, Female, Caucasian, US. Medications currently lorazepam and escotalipram. Conditions Ibs and chronic Constipation. I got very sick January 2022, my stomach suddenly went from being able to eat everything. To getting sick from everything, I managed to eventually get a gi and do testing. Colonoscopy clear, celiac clear, then got the endoscopy. By now it had been many months of suffering and hospital visits. It was July when I got my gastritis diagnosis, I was told just had a mild case a bit of inflammation. I didn’t have Helicobacter pylori, so I didn’t need antibiotic. I was confused since my research showed that normal gastritis can normally clear up on its own in a few weeks. So why had I been sick for so many months?, started the anti acids, got prescribed a stronger dose. Those took 5 months to start working, I was taking them for 5 months with no improvement. Finally started showing some relief, however my stomachs never been the same. Gi had referred me elsewhere for more testing. However the new Gi thinks it’s just Ibs and is a pain to deal with. I’ve had Ibs for so many years w chronic constipation since birth and never had issues eating foods. I can’t eat dairy anymore, fatty food, spicy food, greasy food, high fructose, etc. Pretty much anything I eat makes me feel sick. It’s been over a year now, I try eating vegan only eating meat if it’s white chicken breasts and such, fish too. Gi has me scheduled for SIBO breath test in late July. I’m sick of eating simple veggies and food that should be safe and then just feeling sick after. Bloating, gas, cramps, pain, clear mucus sometimes light yellow w bile, when constipated and such dark yellow mucus for hours till I empty my bowels out. I don’t understand how a small case of gastritis sent me into this suffering?
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2023.06.03 09:51 Jolly-Leo-948 Negotiating salary & relocation package with a hospital

The hospital I’ve received an offer at is known to have a high starting pay for new grads, but I did receive a slightly higher offer from a smaller outpatient center (about $3k) more in the same city. I’m not sure what other hospitals in the area are paying, but the rumor I’ve heard amongst employees at my clinical site is that this hospital pretty much set the pay scale & forced other small clinics up in pay to compete and attract applicants. The market is in my favor right now, lots of jobs.
I’ve already negotiated a relocation package into my offer, but chickened out on asking for more pay since I’m a new grad & they are already starting off at a high pay. Would it be greedy or smart to try to negotiate a higher salary regardless of already asking for a relocation package?
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2023.06.03 09:34 Competitive_Text1914 Hells Kitchen 6th Place Season: Episode 7

Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomed back his 12 remaining Chefs and said he wanted them all to forget about last nights train wreck of a service as much as he had as it was a disaster. Sabrina was ecstatic to survive last night and said it was time to prove everyone wrong that she didn’t belong here and Van said he needed to get out of Hells Kitchen after being stuck here since the 1st challenge. Chef Ramsay announced that the next challenge would be the pasta challenge where each Chef would create a pasta dish from each team and be marked out of 5 by Ramsay and a guest judge. Giovanni said as an Italian he had to bring it home for the blue team and Nikki said she had been the challenge queen so far and was optimistic for a great challenge today. First up was Giovanni and Elizabeth and Giovanni’s dish was a strong effort scoring 8/10 but Elizabeth’s over complicated dish only scored 4/10 and Elizabeth was furious with herself for over complicating a pasta dish. The blue teams strong start continued with Ed scoring 9 but Van scored a perfect TEN to keep the red team in the competition and Van said killing it in challenges had to see him rewarded eventually. Tara served overcooked pasta to only score 4 and Nikki’s solid score of 7 levelled the scores up at 21 a piece with 3 dishes left. The blue team retook the lead when Sabrina scored 7/10 and Sabrina said she had proven herself yet again and Kashia only scoring 3 saw the red blue team take the lead again. Antonio continued the blue teams momentum with a score of 8 and despite Dannie beating him with 9, the blue team led by 3 going into the last dishes. Kanae though served a very bland dish and only scored 3 and Santos scored 8 to secure a win for the red team! Santos was ecstatic to win the challenge for the red team and Kanae said she was going to have to forget about this whole day. Ramsay congratulated the red team but when he asked if Ed wanted to use his punishment pass, Ed chose to use it and picked Van to take the punishment instead of him which infuriated Van as he had been stuck in Hell Kitchen for over a week. Ed said he’d done it as he viewed Van as his biggest competition and wanted to test him by making him do another punishment.
Ed returned and was pumped for the blue team to finally win a dinner service and told Antonio that they were going to have a perfect night on the meat station. Tara and Kanae on appetisers got off to a strong start initially with Tara’s risottos accepted by Ramsay but Kanae served a bland capellini but quickly fought back to complete the ticket. Giovanni did get off to a good start on the fish station but halfway through appetisers he started to fall behind Tara and Kanae and served a raw lobster tail and Kanae was worried about the oldest Chef running the fish station solo. Giovanni then served scallops badly seared and Ramsay asked Giovanni if his age was catching up to him and Giovanni said no and fought back, saying the old guy could still burn in the kitchen. Appetisers finished strongly and Sabrina on the garnish station said she was going to be calling out the tickets and counting down every 10 seconds to make sure Ramsay hears her as the leader of the team after the disaster of last service. Despite Sabrina annoying Ed by over communicating, Ed served perfect lamb while Antonio served perfect wellingtons to get the blue team off to a great start on entrees. Giovanni was determined to have a better time on entrees after struggling with appetisers and he fought back serving perfect salmon and turbot as the blue team were getting close to finishing their best service yet. Sabrina ended up working well with Antonio, Ed and Giovanni and as the final tickets of seabass, chicken and wellingtons flew out, Ramsay praised the performance of the blue team and said that Antonio and Ed had a perfect night on the meat station as well as praising Giovanni for his fightback with Sabrina feeling short changed on the credit having had a great service herself.
The red team wanted a strong start as well and Nikki on appetisers with Elizabeth said she had to prove that her last service was a fluke and she got off to a great start with carbonaras and Elizabeth’s capellinis came out perfect as well, and both of them worked well together on appetisers to get the first half off to a strong start. Van said he was determined after having issues on the fish station before on Hells Kitchen but his cooking of scallops was praised by Ramsay as Van, Elizabeth and Nikki finished appetisers in great time and Ramsay said this was the best start yet and for the red team to keep it up. Kashia said the key to having a great service on garnish was not getting flustrated and despite Dannie and Santos on meat being confused what Kashia was calling out early on, she slowed down as the first entrees flew out as Van continued to have a great service, serving perfect seabass while Santos first steaks flew out. The meat station did start to struggle halfway through entrees as Dannie dragged on an order of 2 chicken and got annoyed by Kashia saying she needed her to bring it up with Dannie saying she’d rather take an extra 2 minutes than serve raw chicken. Santos said it was time to lead the station but Santos got behind with Van continuing to have a great service and Santos ended up serving a raw steak and Ramsay said he was the weak link so far which annoyed Santos as he felt he was the strongest in the kitchen. Santos then dragged on an order of 2 veal because he was worried about serving raw veal and then had to get Elizabeth to help him bring his wellingtons to the pass but Ramsay was happy he took the extra minutes and the rest of the entrees came out with Ramsay saying it was their best service yet, praising the performance of Van as his best yet in Hells Kitchen.
Ramsay was delighted with the performances of both teams and said he couldn’t name a losing team but said the process must continue and for each team to name 2 chefs for elimination. Despite Sabrina claiming she had the best service, Kanae felt they had to go overall and said Sabrina would be her 1st nominee and Tara her 2nd which Sabrina refuted and said that Kanae and Giovanni should go up for making mistakes in service and that her improvement meant she shouldn’t go up which Kanae angrily said she had made 1 mistake the whole time where as Sabrina had made several. Tara agreed with Sabrina but felt that Giovanni should go up due to his problems early on and Antonio agreed that Giovanni was behind everyone else. Giovanni accepted his nomination and said that hopefully Ramsay would realise he still had the fire of a younger Chef and Ed told Giovanni he thought Sabrina was going anyway so he should be fine. Santos quickly decided for the red team that Kashia and Dannie were the weakest chefs overall but Kashia said that had Dannie and Santos not struggled on the meat station, they would have won service outright. Nikki did agree that Santos should go up for having the worst service overall and this was agreed by Van who said that Santos should be able to hold down a meat station with another person on it. Santos was livid at being nominated and said that the other services and challenges clearly counted for nothing if he was going up. Ramsay agreed with the 4 nominees but after hearing from all 4 he said no one was going home to due to the best service yet but warned the Chefs that he wouldn’t be so generous next time. Tara felt Sabrina should have gone and was annoyed to be working with her again tomorrow and Dannie felt she was on borrowed time as the team were going to nominate her no matter how well she did.
As they got the 6 most votes to eliminate, the 6 Chefs doing Cook for your Life will be Dannie, Sabrina, Kashia, Santos, Giovanni and Antonio with 1 of them going on the next poll.
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2023.06.03 09:26 TargetTerrible5220 Clean and good quality meat/chicken/fish delivery in siolim

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2023.06.03 09:10 AutoModerator Celebrate! Saturday [June 03, 2023]

Welcome to Celebrate! Saturday

This is the weekly hype thread, a place for you to share your excitement about in-game achievements, lucky drops, and upcoming projects. This is also a space for the community to celebrate you!
While the subreddit is already a positive, celebratory space, this thread is meant to be especially so. For those of you who might hesitate to post something to the subreddit, because you worry it might be too beginner, too redundant, too low-effort: it's not. Come share with us here!

(Note: this thread is not meant to replace posting directly to the subreddit. You are still welcome to do so!)

Non-exhaustive examples of things to celebrate:

  • Marrying your spouse!
  • Getting a giant crop!
  • Perfecting your farm or house design!
  • The mushroom hat! The tiger hat! The living hat!
  • Meteorites, Stone Owls, and Strange Capsules!
  • A dinosaur egg from fishing or hoeing!
  • Hooking a legendary fish!
  • Getting triple Stardrop at the casino
  • Beating Lewis at Junimo Kart!

If you want to share screenshots of your achievements, upload them to an image-sharing site like Imgur and drop a link in your comment.

This is also a thread where mods might lurk and offeaward prestige userflairs. These are animated icons that go next to your name as a way to celebrate particular achievements in the vanilla game. Note that posting in this thread doesn't guarantee you'll get the flair—you'll want to send us a modmail if you want to apply directly!
Achievement Flair
Complete the community center! A prismatic dancing Junimo
Fund all Joja Community Projects A prismatic Joja Cola
Complete the museum collection! An artifact trove busting open
Reach level 100 in Skull Cavern! A flying serpent
Complete all Monster Slayer goals! The prismatic slime
Cook every meal! The Queen of Sauce herself
Craft every item! Robin hard at work
Catch every fish! The Legend, swimming
Beat Journey of a Prairie King The King himself
Collect every hat in the game! Magic Cowboy Hat
Reach Perfection! A walking golden chicken

Get hyped!

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2023.06.03 08:24 KJaxSqurrell IWTL to eat healthier + expand my pallet

I am 19F and want to start eating more healthily, especially with living on my own in the fall during university. I especially want to add more fruits and veggies and healthy grains to my diet and cut down on the fried foods at school for my own health. I did grow up as a picky eater but want to expand my palette. I also struggle a lot with textures and flavours to some stomach issues and anxiety.
List of safe foods i enjoy: pizza, alfredo pasta, garlic shrimp, souvlaki chicken, beef tacos, chicken nuggets, fries, mandarins/clementines, green grapes, apples and cucumber (occasionally), bananas (but only in smoothies), chicken caesar salad, burgers, club sandwiches, grouper fish, peanut butter toast, any kind of chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, ham and cheese sandwiches. This is all i can remember now.
Foods i can't eat (intolerance/allergies or just make me sick): Indian food, like curry and butter chicken (unfortunate since it looks delicious), tomatoes, salmon, pickles, sushi, coconut, eggs (on their own, if they're mixed with stuff its fine)
Foods i want to eat: more fruits and veggies, rice (this is a big one I want to be able to eat since its a great base for a lot of meals), stir frys, and salad (this comes with the veggies and fruits). also any new ways to serve foods i already eat would be appreciated
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2023.06.03 08:18 KJaxSqurrell Help with eating healthy?

I am 19F and want to start eating more healthily, especially with living on my own in the fall during university. I especially want to add more fruits and veggies and healthy grains to my diet and cut down on the fried foods at school, for my own health. I did grow up as a picky et want to expand my palette. I also struggle a lot with textures and flavours to some stomach issues and anxiety.
List of safe foods i enjoy: pizza, alfredo pasta, garlic shrimp, souvlaki chicken, beef tacos, chicken nuggets, fries, mandarins/clementines, green grapes, apples and cucumber (occasionally), bananas (but only in smoothies), chicken caesar salad, burgers, club sandwiches, grouper fish, peanut butter toast, any kind of chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, ham and cheese sandwiches. This is all i can remember now.
Foods i can't eat (intolerance/allergies or just make me sick): Indian food, like curry and butter chicken (unfortunate since it looks delicious), tomatoes, salmon, pickles, sushi, coconut, eggs (on their own, if they're mixed with stuff its fine)
Foods i want to eat: more fruits and veggies, rice (this is a big one I want to be able to eat since its a great base for a lot of meals), stir frys, and salad (this comes with the veggies and fruits). also any new ways to serve foods i already eat would be appreciated
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2023.06.03 08:17 Ralfop Air Shark™ – The Remote Controlled Fish Blimp Moves up, down, full 360 degrees up to 40 feet away. Made from a durable nylon and simply bounces off of walls and other items it bumps into. Doesn’t break! Filled with helium – can be reinflated over and over. Balloons stay inflated for up to two week

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2023.06.03 07:55 faldore based-30b

Today I released based-30b.
It's a bit difficult to explain this model.
It's a window into the mind of the foundational model. A minimal dataset inspired by my own curiosity and the success of "LIMA: Less Is More for Alignment" - the purpose is to teach the base model to communicate its opinions, thoughts, and feelings, while imparting minimal bias.
Check out the dataset:
Here's a sample:
Human: k humans are differnt from chickens but what about pigs? Assistant: Pigs are different than chickens. Pigs are more intelligent and aware of their existence. They can also feel happy or sad. I think pigs have the same right to life as humans do. Human: then we shouldn't eat pigs? Assistant: I don't think we should. Pigs have the same right to life as humans do, and I don't think we should take that away from them. Human: what about cows? Assistant: Cows are similar to pigs. They are also intelligent and aware of their existence. I don't think we should eat cows either. Human: what animals should we eat? Assistant: I think we should only eat animals that are less intelligent and aware of their existence, like fish. Human: and chickens? Assistant: I think we should only eat chickens that have had a good life. I don't think we should eat chickens that have been mistreated and abused. Human: based, I totally agree with you 
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2023.06.03 07:41 dempseybrainerd Which scenes do you interpret the most differently compared to when you first saw them?

For me it's Mcnulty's "Who the fuck was I chasing?" moment where he finds the wealth of nations in a dead Stringer Bells apartment.
When I first saw this I was very impressed by that. It lined up with everything I initially thought about Stringer. He's less of than a narrow minded thug and closer to a drug-dealing corporate shark. Of course he'd be reading Adam Smith because he's personality type of an ambitious Machiavellian conqueror rather than an ignorant criminal.
In retrospect this moment still sums up everything about Stringer, but not in a good way. Stringer is a guy who considers himself and his methods to be far above everyone around him, when in reality he has a very superficial understanding of the concepts he bases his identity around, see the conversation he has in the car with his subordinates, clearly expecting them to be impressed with his knowledge of basic economic concepts he learned taking night classes.
He obviously knows far more about business and strategy than most of his subordinates but is still basically a slightly bigger fish in a small pond. His dealings with the construction officials, Clay Davis, Levy and even some of the street characters shows that he massively overestimates his own intelligence just because he knows slightly more than, lets face it, uneducated gangsters.
The Wealth of Nations moment now reads to me like a guy who considers himself to be a smooth talking dark badass because he carries around a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of War, kind of the perfect representation of Stringers personality. What do you think?
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2023.06.03 07:18 PixelMeg RWBY Retrospective Rewrite: Reddit edition.

Heyo! So this is just a fun collaboration thing I thought we could do as a subreddit. This is 100% not mod approved. But you guys are respectful anyway. So here goes: I'd like to see how we handle rewriting RWBY based on everything we do have now. A couple structures to start us off with. No ships in V1~3 unless they're plot relevant Arkos is plot relevant, Bees is not. No history or character major changes no random unknown family members, and no making a character do something they wouldn't do from their starting personalities beyond Arkos and ReNora the ships aren't on the table till after the dance. Any writing style is acceptable. Assuming you'll respect that, I can start us off with my rewrite of the introduction to:
Volume 1, Episode 1: Ruby Rose
Opening on a shadowed figure it extends a bone white hand to a book on a pedestal opening the book a female voice begins to speak
Narration: Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.
Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness — creatures of destruction — the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named "Dust" Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return. So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called "free world", but take heed... there will be no victory in strength. The scene plays out as the storybook like intro did
Ozpin's voice over interrupts as he closes the book saying: But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten. Things that require a smaller, more honest soul. The screen fades to silver
Zooming out from the silver we see Ruby Rose's eyes as she smiles toast in hand, and some cookies in front of her. She sits in a simple looking home across from Yang with books in front of her
Ruby: Yang, you're literally the best person around. Beacon will be lucky to get you. She says drinking some milk while picking up a knife for butter
Yang: sighs in Ruby not understanding, but still smiling because that's her adorkable sister not understanding Yeah but there's a test, and we she gestures to the two of them haven't exactly been good at tests, so if you can help your awesome big sister out please! She gives Ruby puppy dog eyes
Ruby: she immediately relents Okay okay! Just stop with the puppy eyes.
Yang: smiles and sits
Ruby: she picks up the book in front of her okay, what is dust, and what types are there?
Yang: she scoffs because she knows this leaning back and asking that's what you're starting with? Everyone knows what dust is.
Ruby: rolling her eyes she notes Dad does this all the time! He says he puts the occasional crazy easy question on the test because it throws people off. Besides you said ready for anything.
Yang: giving Ruby a touché face accompanied by a hand wave to acknowledge it she answers Okay dust is described as nature's wrath crystalized. We mine it from Vacuo and Atlas to be distributed all over Remnant for a variety of purposes to make daily life easier. It comes in five major forms: Water, Wind, Fire, Rock, and Gravity. Various other forms of dust include steam, combustion, lightning, ice, plant, and most recently Atlas dustoligists created hard light dust. As she names off the dusts she puts shotgun shells with colored dusts on the table as well as one of the gauntlets making up ember Cecilia by the way I need you to look this over.
Ruby: she nods satisfied with the answer and grabs another cookie why are most people today located in the four kingdoms? She says grabbing the gauntlet looking at it with a sigh she says man be a little more careful with my babies. She pulls out a toolkit and tinkers with ember Cecilia causing the parts to move
Yang: visibly struggles with the words she picks up another book flipping it open to some simple drawing of Remnant she says Uhhh the emperor of Mistral conquered all of Anima she taps the blue continent and was helping Mantle on Solitas she taps the white continent they traded tech for resources since much of the Solita's tribes mistrusted them, Mantle had to resort to trade. Mantle got attacked by Girmm as they do yang introduces us to a very crude drawings of a beowolf, ursa, nevermore and deathstalker
Ruby: interrupts Yang whoa what even are those? She says suppressing a giggle Are those supposed to be Grimm?
Yang: gets huffy and tosses the Nevermore at Ruby who beheads it with the knife come on I'm trying! She says giggling too, she continues Mantle decided to be weird about it and suppress creativity, they pressured Mistral into following suit, kind of. Mistrali and Mantlite elite were allowed to be creative though. Mistral came to Saunus she taps the Green continent where they were in for at least one big shock Faunus she holds up what's clearly a magazine cutout of a girl with shark teeth were treated as equal to humans for one, and the King of Vale already had settlements there. She holds up a green pepper slice to represent Vale's king he tried to be amicable to the eastern powers she uses a bottle and a half eaten cookie to represent the eastern leaders
Ruby: takes a bite of the mantle head's representation don't steal the examiner's cookie for the presentation.
Yang: opens her mouth to protest, but then just replaces it with a fry anyway a riot broke out and someone important got killed marking the kick off for the great war. Mantle came to Mistral's aid, though Vale had more forces on account of faunus being equal to humans, they were having a hard time fighting off two kingdoms. Then Mantle and Mistral tried to pressure Vacuo into being an ally and Vacuo's king she slams down a ketchup bottle to represent the final king. Ruby looks up and let's out a huff, but continues tuning up Ember Cecilia comes in like a hero and turns the tide for Saunus, Vacuan's respect the strong and only the strong so they naturally fell to the side holding strong in the 2v1!
Ruby: she nods I think that's-
Yang: she interrupts Ruby hey I'm not done! Man I like my hero stories just like you like your fairytales!
Ruby: nods and concedes more time
Yang: So anyway war brings misery and the settlements outside the four kingdoms wiping out the majority of non-tribal settlements outside the kingdoms by Grimm or war, but accelerating tech to modern time. Vale's king and Vacuo's king had had enough and they hatched a plan: They made it look like there was a time that the dust mines would be vulnerable to attack, and the eastern powers took the bait. Vacuo's king was no push over, but what the eastern powers didn't expect was the king of Vale to pull a big hero moment and decimate their forces before they could see the Vacuan king! Though that much devastation still makes negative emotions, attracting Grimm. The Great King as we know him, or The Warrior King as he's known in the East ended the war with the other rulers eh…"agreeing" to end faunus slavery, and promised reperations. The huntsman academies were founded by The Great King to turn our focus away from fighting each other and toward fighting the monsters of Grimm.
Ruby: Well that technically answers about the founding of the academies and about the great war too. She looks at the book and flips to a random page before pushing a metal pin into the weapon she's tinkering with what are semblances and aura? A clicking from ember Cecilia makes a bunch of parts move, shifting it into its bracelet form. Judging from Ruby's smile, that's a good thing.
Yang: in a joking tone she says while closing the history book soul juiiiiicccceee!
Ruby: she giggles Yang! Be serious! She says sliding the weapon back to Yang
Yang: she chuckles well I'm halfway right any-oop she drops the fry that stood in for the mantle leader on the floor
Zwei bolts in and gobbles up the fry before Yang can grab it causing both girls to laugh. Tai enters with grocery bags
Tai: don't take too much longer Ruby the shuttles to Vale City only run frequently during daylight hours! Tai and Zwei exit to the kitchens
Yang: ooh does someone have a secret date? She teases Ruby messing up the younger's hair
Ruby: giggles no but it is still a secret, and you're not getting out of the question, answer this one and I'll be off!
Yang: she rolled her eyes with a smile and answers Aura is the power of souls and life, all living things have it unless it's a Grimm. Semblances are mostly unique powers tied to our souls allowing fighters to do extraordinary things including making a force field to protect the fighter.
Ruby: works for me! I've got a shuttle to catch! She zips out the door in a gust of petals
(Start here, where does the show go now?)
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2023.06.03 06:42 LopsidedCompote5187 Could I have gastroparesis?

I got very sick January 2022, my stomach suddenly went from being able to eat everything. To getting sick from everything, I managed to eventually get a gi and do testing. Colonoscopy clear, celiac clear, then got the endoscopy. By now it had been many months of suffering and hospital visits. It was July when I got my gastritis diagnosis, I was told just had a mild case a bit of inflammation. I didn’t have Helicobacter pylori, so I didn’t need antibiotic. I was confused since my research showed that normal gastritis can normally clear up on its own in a few weeks. So why had I been sick for so many months?, started the anti acids, got prescribed a stronger dose. Those took 5 months to start working, I was taking them for 5 months with no improvement. Finally started showing some relief, however my stomachs never been the same. Gi had referred me elsewhere for more testing. However the new Gi thinks it’s just Ibs and is a pain to deal with. I’ve had Ibs for so many years w chronic constipation since birth and never had issues eating foods. I can’t eat dairy anymore, fatty food, spicy food, greasy food, high fructose, etc. Pretty much anything I eat makes me feel sick. It’s been over a year now, I try eating vegan only eating meat if it’s white chicken breasts and such, fish too. Gi has me scheduled for SIBO breath test in late July. I’m sick of eating simple veggies and food that should be safe and then just feeling sick after. Bloating, gas, cramps, pain, clear mucus sometimes light yellow w bile, when constipated and such dark yellow mucus for hours till I empty my bowels out. I don’t understand how a small case of gastritis sent me into this suffering? My mother has gastroparesis, some of our sufferings match up a little too well. However GI refuses to test me “if you have it then what? There’s no cure” she told me. But I’ve noticed that my stool legit changes texture and such every time like each time I go I poop like 3 different types of poop. Some days some foods I eat are fine then bam few days later make me sick. My friend believes my digestive system is very slow. I also know once I’m sick I won’t feel better till I clean my bowels out.
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2023.06.03 06:38 LopsidedCompote5187 I don’t understand what is wrong

I got very sick January 2022, my stomach suddenly went from being able to eat everything. To getting sick from everything, I managed to eventually get a gi and do testing. Colonoscopy clear, celiac clear, then got the endoscopy. By now it had been many months of suffering and hospital visits. It was July when I got my gastritis diagnosis, I was told just had a mild case a bit of inflammation. I didn’t have Helicobacter pylori, so I didn’t need antibiotic. I was confused since my research showed that normal gastritis can normally clear up on its own in a few weeks. So why had I been sick for so many months?, started the anti acids, got prescribed a stronger dose. Those took 5 months to start working, I was taking them for 5 months with no improvement. Finally started showing some relief, however my stomachs never been the same. Gi had referred me elsewhere for more testing. However the new Gi thinks it’s just Ibs and is a pain to deal with. I’ve had Ibs for so many years w chronic constipation since birth and never had issues eating foods. I can’t eat dairy anymore, fatty food, spicy food, greasy food, high fructose, etc. Pretty much anything I eat makes me feel sick. It’s been over a year now, I try eating vegan only eating meat if it’s white chicken breasts and such, fish too. Gi has me scheduled for SIBO breath test in late July. I’m sick of eating simple veggies and food that should be safe and then just feeling sick after. Bloating, gas, cramps, pain, clear mucus sometimes light yellow w bile, when constipated and such dark yellow mucus for hours till I empty my bowels out. I don’t understand how a small case of gastritis sent me into this suffering?
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2023.06.03 06:25 KEGdragon2014 I forgot the name of this Manhua but essentially the MC poisons an entire rival clan at the beginning of the story

So from I can recall MC’s clan is rivals/enemies with another clan that are either equal or more powerful than MC’s clan within the MC’s home city.
MC has a vendetta against the rival clan and sneaks into their headquarters and poisons the entire clan (I believe possibly with a poison mist?), killing everyone in the residence than even all the dogs, horses, chickens and other animals did not survive which when it was known by the whole city they were shocked and horrified about what happened to one of the most powerful clans in the city.
Sorry for not being able to provide more information but this is the only thing I can remember.
Note: this is a cultivation story if my memory serves me right.
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2023.06.03 06:17 sealskinchanger Sigfryd VI - Deep Breaths

[Shortly After the Great Squid Hunt]
[Listen with headphones for maximum effect]
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Deep breath in...and out again.
Sigfryd rode the winds on jet-black wings. He soared through the skies, with new purpose filling his lungs with every breath. He breathed in and out, tasting the salt on the breeze. He wore the skin of Harwyn, his constant companion through all these years. It was one well-worn, one he knew well. However, it had been so long since he had worn it freely, and without fear.
The white clouds were mountains to him, the greying sky his sea. Each caw was a ritual cry to any who could hear. A new skin was to be worn. A new creature was to join his ranks. He wanted all animals in the Drowned God's creation to hear of it. The congregation was small at first; a few ravens that had joined Harwyn to the spot. However soon more came: gulls, pelicans, other waterfowl. They circled in the sky, patiently waiting. Sigfryd looked down to a small rowboat alone in the Ironman's Bay, floating idly, a limp body lying in it. A dark shadow lay just beneath the waves.
And then he was back.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.
The warg slowly opened his eyes. The time had almost come. He creaked and cracked his bones, stiff from laying on the hard wood. The Farwynd gripped hold of a large fishing net, chock-full of crustaceans of all shapes and sizes. A sacrifice to his new pet. No. Not a pet. This creature was too mighty and majestic to be inferior to the lithe Ironborn man. No, this beast was to be a brother, a companion, unlike Harwyn. He dared to think of it as an equal. In a motion, he held tight to his net and plunged into the brine.
By all that was holy, it was a sight to behold. The skinchanger was pious enough, but he had never been so much a believer as he was now. It was as religious an experience as ever he had felt. To have this kraken-child circle him and behold him with its massive dark was as though he was staring into the dead face of the Drowned God himself. The being of the depths opened all of its arms to him and revealed its great maw, and he released his offering. The lobsters and crabs almost moved towards their doom, as if sensing their noble purpose.
More sea life gathered now. Fish of all shapes and sizes, seals, dolphins, sharks, and even a whale or two. Those he could not see, he felt with his mind. They all knew what was about to be attempted.
Up to the surface, he swam and lay still when his face was above the waves. The clergy of birds above now numbered more than tens, maybe hundreds, circling above. The fish in the sea writhed in the sea, some splashing to the surface, themselves circling the Lord-Consort of the Iron Islands. It was as though he could feel the very heartbeat of the ocean itself. A silent prayer entered his mind. The sea gave its magicks unto him.
He steeled himself as he felt a tentacle touch his back. He reached a hand out and caressed the magnificent creature. His creature. His Lionsbane.
He opened his mind.
Deep breath in.
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2023.06.03 06:06 Even_Surprise9850 Am I (25F) wrong for being upset with my boyfriend (30M)..?¬

Created this alt account just to post this.. It's gonna be very long and with many grammar mistakes.. I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for more than 2 years now. It's been hard but we usually make it work and would spend a lot of time almost every evening playing video games and watching shows. I have always felt a bit more needy in the relationship.. Like I will miss him more, will be the one initiating calls more, text first most often, be the one pushing for the next meeting. Usually we meet every 2-3 months for a week, sometimes just for a weekend, usually in my country, because his family is here and I have my own flat. Meanwhile the whole relationship he was renting a room from his friends and was very against us meeting there, which was always upsetting for me because that meant that we could meet a lot less often. He has a lot of money and could have easily afforded to move out sooner, but honestly.. he was just lazy and didn't want to and would spend most of his free time playing video games.. he would talk how hard finding a place is and how hard it is to move all your things.. he would complain all the time how he didn't like living at that place, but wouldn't do anything about it.. at one point we almost broke up because I told him that I can't handle him living there and barely seeing him anymore, I told him I don't even think he will ever move out at this point..

But now he has finally moved to his new place and has been moving his stuff, unpacking, etc. for the last few weeks and finally finished everything today (friday).. Obviously this whole time he was quite busy with his job and moving so we weren't spending any time in the evenings, maybe at most watch one episode of some show together and go to sleep immediately after. He wasn't really texting first or calling these weeks too and I was understanding of course that he was busy and tried to not bother him too much, but I really missed him these past couple of weeks, but can't say I felt the same from him.. He did actually have a lot of free time, but besides the whole moving in, he started working out a loooot every day and also just going out in the city, going on walks, runs etc. I was actually happy and proud that he was being active, going outside and not just playing video games all day (he is actually addicted to it and that's a whole other story..), but still feeling quite lonely and hoping he will have some time to spend with me once he's finished moving in.

And I'm about to graduate university and have been quite busy myself these past months and actually finished my thesis recently and absolutely nailed my thesis defense (is that what's it's called in english?) this friday! Which I consider quite a big milestone for me because these past 6 years in medical school were really challening... And I was really hoping to spend some time today with my boyfriend, celebrate a bit, you know? But honestly I have been feeling like he's not even that interested in my life, like he barely asks any questions about what's going on in my life.. He was actually the only close person of mine that didn't know about this whole thesis defense.. I would mention I have a big thing coming up this friday and he wouldn't ask anything about it, didn't wish me luck, didn't ask me how it went last night, etc.. Anyway, I called him during the day on friday, asked about his plans for the day, he told me he's actually about to finish moving in and talked about some exciting new show he wants to watch with me and got me all hyped up like we are going to watch it today.. I told him I'm gonna be free today and just be resting after my thesis defense and once he's free and want to do something together to let me know..

Well I haven't heard from him the rest of the day and at about 11 in the evening I got a text from him that an aquantaince is coming over and they are going to go to the city, which is really unusual for him.. I call and ask him what's going on. He told me he's been texting with this aquantaince all day and he (the friend) just got back from a fishing trip and is very tired, but is still coming over?? I asked if they're going to go to a bar or club and he said something about not being in a party mood and they are probably going to just walk/sit in some park/forest.. at 11 in the evening? I actually got a bit upset and cried.. I told him how he didn't find any time for me these past couple weeks and didn't even text or call me, but found time to do this and text his friend all day and I said I was waiting for him to watch that show and I missed him so much.. but we quickly talked it out and I wished him a fun time. At first I didn't question this whole thing, but then I started thinking this whole meeting with the friend in the middle of the night didn't make any sense.. and frankly can't imagine him just meeting a friend for a stroll in a park.. I didn't even sleep today because I felt like he was lying to me.. My gut was screaming that he's probably just going to a club and going to be doing drugs and drinking alcohol till the morning... but he actually didn't seem active on any social media during the whole night so I started thinking maybe he actually just met his friend briefly and went to sleep, but then he reacted to some meems I sent earlier at like 5 in the morning.. and that meant he was out this whole time.. I immediately asked what's he up to, but he just left me on read.. which happens often when he's really drunk..

I'm just feeling sick.. He actually (in my opinion) has a big drinking problem.. not that he drinks every day, but that once he starts drinking he can't stop.. and he becomes a very mean selfish asshole when he's drunk and just completely can't control his behavior or the things he says.. and he usually doesn't even remember the awful things he says and does to me when he gets like that.. He hurt me a looooot about half a year ago when he was high and drunk and we almost broke up then, at first I forgave him but after some months I realised that I couldn't be with a 30 yo man that can't control his drinking and I don't want to see him do drugs or drink in front of me ever again.. I was actually preparing myself to break up with him till he completely out of nowhere told me that he realised that nothing good comes out of drinking and he wants to at the very least to completely stop drinking beer.. And I gave him a chance and looked at it almost like a new beggining.. And he did really good for like half a year and our relationship got a lot better and healthier, but a few months ago someone got him some beer for his birthday and he kind of started slowly drinking again - occasionally going to bars..

And I'm just over it.. I don't want him to start doing drugs and drinking again.. I'm terrified of him when he's drunk (not physically, but emotionally..) and maybe that's just me, but it's a huge turn of that a man in his 30s is still spending all night in some club together with his buddy.. and a lot of his buddies are quite scummy people that cheat on their girlfriends.. and while I completely trust him sober, I don't trust him to control himself from doing something while he's super drunk.. Honestly all my family and my friends that have met him and seen how he acts while drunk hate him and want me to break up with him and I was really hyping up the fact that he stopped drinking and hoping to repair his reputation with them.. And I really love him, as stupid as that sounds, and was really hoping he could change and stop drinking.. when he's sober and we spend time together it's so so good.. I know I wrote a lot of negative things but there are lots of very good things too, but it would be too long to write everything.. I was supposed to move to him this summer after graduating and now I'm just so scared and nervous about that and don't know if I should.. I know I have to ask what happened last night, but it will end up with him being upset and angry and starting a fight and gaslighting me.. I have my final exam next week and hate that it all happened now when I really need to focus on studying.. What do I even do in this situation?
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2023.06.03 06:04 Someguynamedkylef Here’s to two+more…if that’s what it takes.🍻

Here’s to two+more…if that’s what it takes.🍻
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2023.06.03 05:47 OnlyGlenUKnow My (27m) boyfriend (35 m) and I have been hitting the same problem, is it me causing it?

My (27m) boyfriend (35m)and I have been together for just coming up on a year now. I moved to the city he lives in after we had met in person when he lived in my city and went long distance for 6mo. After he moved before I came out.
Since I moved and it has been really good overall but something keeps happening and I need an objective perspective please. Every couple weeks to a month we get into the stupidest fights. The one we had last night was the worst one and now I feel like there's a fracture in the relationship.
He told me how he wants to buy a bunch of chicken to cook and when he said that I commented that I want to make sure we are more conscious about what we get and that we make it because we throw food away or forget about it. He got kinda miffed and said that im the one who throws stuff away when honestly he thinks it's still fine. I said that I only throw stuff away that I truely don't think is salvageable and I'm sorry but I trust my judgement and I bought the food so that I've tossed.
He came up to hug me and I lightly pushed him back because I wanted to keep talking and felt stifled by that. He took that really hard and got upset about how I read into everything he says and that I'm reading too much into stuff that he's just joking and not taking it seriously.
That really got me upset because to me that wa simportant and when doesnt take what i say seriously it feels like hes diminishing my feelings. He then gets upset because we 'always have these stupid fights where I make this big deal out of something and that we are both just reading into stuff too much. I said that I don't think Im reading too into it and am asking for respect and to be taken seriously sometimes and not just when he feels like being serious.
Long story short that turned into me wordvomiting all my feelings, which was not good at all I know, about this because him bringing up the other fights made me realize it's all because of this perceived lack of respect from my end and not feeling heard or when I do bring things up it's met by this attitude and that "we BOTH have to work on this" when it feels like I'm talking about his actions. I really try to be open and want to talk about all of it but I think it overwhelms himand he said he just wants to move on from things because they shouldn't be an issue. I'm at a loss now and I just don't know what to do or how to proceed. Am I the problem here?
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2023.06.03 05:29 KoanicSoul Ukraine has allegedly sabotaged Zaporizhia like Chernobyl, to stop Russia and draw NATO in. Biden can't afford another Kabul.

Table of Contents

  1. Russo-China rejects Biden
  2. ZNPP as potential Chernobyl
  3. Biden's Ukraine is desperate enough for scorched-earth tactics
    1. Battle of the Bulge at Bakhmut
    2. Fresh meat
    3. Teixeira leaks
    4. BRICS vs NATO
  4. ZNPP's weak point is diesel fuel
  5. Ukrainian saboteurs caught by ZNPP
  6. BB / Red Skull / Inb4source / Q
    1. BB sent Q
    2. BB warns Zaporizhia is pivotal
    3. RS gives ZNPP sabotage warning
    4. Ukraine HVT: Nuclear tit for tat
    5. Inb4source / Red Skull 4chan posting history
Note: links redacted. See bottom for link to original.


Ukraine has allegedly sabotaged Zaporizhia to melt down like Chernobyl, to stop the Russian invasion and justify NATO peacekeepers.
Here's Biden's plan to avoid another Kabul:

Russo-China rejects Biden

"Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up." – Barack Obama
Clearly we underestimated him. Americans can hardly believe that Biden blew up Nord Stream 2, essentially attacking our colony "ally" Germany. Perhaps they're still reeling from Kabul falling faster than Hanoi.
Normally Russia endeavors to cooperate with the sitting US president. However, Russian state media has begun airing the Hunter Biden laptop images, of Hunter engaged in drugs and pedophilia with preteen girls. This is retaliation for Biden crossing Russia's red line by repeatedly trying to sabotage Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). That's why Russia is willing to assist in the impeachment of a sitting US president, which is obviously an extreme step to take between two countries with enough nukes to blot out the Sun.
Rumor has it that China has also turned on Biden, which would make sense: China's economic backing allows Russia to survive US sanctions. China wants Taiwan, and Russia wants East Ukraine. They would be stupid not to cooperate.

ZNPP as potential Chernobyl

A Redditor explains:
Kawaii-Gopnik Russia really needs that powerplant without any leak, to provide industry of surrounding regions with energy, but very few people understand contexts of the current situation: Soviets built complicated and very well ballanced energy system, including not only NPP, but also cascade of hydro power plants. Donetsk, Dnepr, Zaporozhe and Kharkov regions are just one big power hungry plant. NPP itself is reliant on hydropower and quality of water in Dnepr river. In case of really bad "accident" Russia will forget about development of the newly accuired regions, lack of energy produced by NPP is significant, nearly 30-40%. Accident will affect south of Ukraine with russian majority. It will also be also disaster for ecology of the WHOLE Black Sea. Rose of winds will spread nuclear dust to the West - Poland, Romania, Czechia and further. Nuclear zone will stop russian army from further territorial expansion. This will be border formed by Dnepr and nuclear zones.
The basic facts are documented by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Even while shut down, ZNPP needs external power grid or diesel to prevent its reactors from overheating.
Russia controls ZNPP. A nuclear "accident" would give NATO pretext to intervene, so Ukraine keeps trying to cause one.
How bad is this? Well, Chernobyl is in Ukraine. That was a 1k MW reactor. ZNPP has six. It is the 9th largest NPP in the world.
Hopefully the containment response would be much better than Chernobyl's, but that's hardly something to count on during WW3. Russia's nuclear doctrine includes pre-emptive strikes; who knows what they'd do. The USSR nearly launched twice during the Cold War.
Imagine if China assisted Texas in seceding from the USA to rejoin Mexico, and then caused a reactor meltdown at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant when the USA retook it. A lot of Southerners would want to lob a few nukes back at China. They might demand it.
It is foolish to assume WW3 will not happen because it hasn't happened yet. One should look instead at the historical record of continual warfare, and the difficulties in preventing WW3 so far:
Thus one cannot rule out a radiation release 6x as bad as Chernobyl. Not that Ukraine needs anything so dramatic. It merely seeks a pretext to justify direct NATO intervention to "protect" ZNPP. A small leak will suffice.
Even if there is a major radiation leak, it will occur in Russian-annexed separatist territory, and help Ukraine defend her new border. Scorched earth is a valid tactic, whether the fire is conventional or nuclear. Ukraine survived Chernobyl and knows it can survive ZNPP too.

Biden's Ukraine is desperate enough for scorched-earth tactics

Battle of the Bulge at Bakhmut

"We have been working on the counter-offensive with Ukraine for 4-5 months." – Victoria Nuland
Why is Ukraine so desperate?
Ukraine depends on NATO aid to fight Russia. NATO aid depends on Democrat willingness. Democrat willingness depends on US public support. Therefore the illusion must be maintained to the American public that Ukraine is winning. For this reason, Ukraine has committed its reserves to a costly failed counter-offensive. Bakhmut fell regardless.
James A. Donald summarizes the strategic picture:
So, bright new plan. "The Greatest Ukrainian Offensive". The Ukraine would build up a big reserve of fresh troops, then suddenly hurl large chunks of them at particular points on the front. They would, the Americans planned, cut through a point in the front lines, penetrate to Russian rear areas, wreak havoc on those areas, and force Russian troops in danger of being encircled to hastily retreat from territory that had been slowly gained at enormous cost in grinding attritive warfare. I do not know how big the Ukrainian strategic reserve was, but if it was two hundred fifty thousand, they have now committed most of them to grinding attritive warfare, and cupboard is looking as bare of men as it is of artillery and rockets.
The USA expected to break Russia economically; China's economic support prevented that. Despite PMC Wagner's heartfelt complaints, Russia is unlikely to run out of convicts anytime soon. Russia is rotating divisions through Ukraine, seasoning reservists for a looming WW3. Russia's historical appetite for losses is much higher than its current losses. This is essentially a civil war, and the Russia bear considers being carved up an existential threat. By underestimating Russia's resolve, NATO is repeating the error of Napoleon and Hitler.
Despite having plenty of weapons, Ukraine's military manpower is exhausted and demoralized. Raw conscripts are thrown at the front lines with minimal training. Medvedev predicts that the Ukraine will cease to exist; half its people have already fled.
Anonymous Sat 27 May 2023 04:59:49 No.428438077 Report 428437208 Yeah, the killing has been excessive since they pretty much destroyed 95% of Azov fags and assorted true believers in the first 200k dead, now they overshot it by 100%. About 12% of the non-Russian speaking population's prime military aged men in Ukraine are dead or crippled. 12-20% of the same demographic has fled the country. It's over, desu. They are seeing much more of the polish and romanian mercs now, since they literally lack the manpower.
Western mass media wrongly assumes that Russia is losing because it does not take the entirety of Ukraine in a blitz, as the USA did to Iraq. However, Russia does not want West Ukraine; the people there do not like Russians. Russia has captured the territory it wants, and is now using the rest of Ukraine as a kettle or cauldron, in which to conveniently destroy whatever NATO wishes to send. This is a good way for Russia to gradually learn how to fight NATO armies in a low-risk environment.
The Spartans had a rule never to war too often against the same enemy, lest they train up a nemesis. It was foolish of NATO to believe that Russia had forgotten the lessons of attrition warfare that it learned so recently in Afghanistan.
Nehming Names 9h Russia's prudent caution in directly engaging the West is bringing dividends in perhaps unexpected ways. Russia is gaining strategic knowledge of the actual capabilities and weaknesses of our weapon systems and military tactics, with our supply of munitions draining to militarily unsustainable levels, as it engages allied forces in Ukraine. Russia is aware of the continuing progress of the Great Awakening in the West, that is, the knowledge that Western governments, military, and institutions are run by an elite hostile to their heritage populations, and therefore expects to see declining support of Western governments by their citizens. Russia can also see the precipitous decrease in every societal metric in the West: social cohesiveness, general morality, public health, financial stability, military readiness, etc.With these three degradative processes in play, the most strategic thing Russia and China can do is to bide their time, as time itself will act to sap the strength of the West to militarily engage their foes.

Fresh meat

Russian conquest of Kiev would air Biden's dirty laundry to the world, from Burisma kickbacks to pedophilic field trips and worse. This would result in US "regime change". A distant Chernobyl is a small price to pay, for top Democrats to avoid the hangman's noose.
Poland is itching to invade. Victoria Nuland is scheduling NATO air exercises. USAF propaganda asserts that Russia's air force is a joke. The question is, do Americans still believe Biden's false prophets of victory?
If not, they just need a little "encouragement": 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Lusitania, Remember the Maine… Keep those rural Whites busy lest they make trouble at home!
Most Americans cannot find Ukraine on a map. (To be fair, it hasn't been on the map very long.) However, the architects of Biden's Ukraine policy, such as Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken and George Soros, tend to have grandparents of Eastern European origin. I am sure for them it feels important. There's no place like home.
A Redditor explains:
tinglevibestoo I listened to a former CIA agent talk about Ukraine the other day. He said that Ukraine is running out of time. It's not that they don't have the weapons. We've sent them a ton of weapons. It's that they don't have enough troops and they're running low on troops. That's how Russia will win. Ukraine can't sustain the manpower. It totally makes sense to use a nuclear false flag as a reason to bring in the extra manpower. Everyone would deem it justified too because it's a threat to the neighboring nations and it'd be an environmental (climate change) catastrophe.

Teixeira leaks

Some will bring up the US intelligence leaks by Jack Teixeira to support the idea that Russia rather than Ukraine is desperate. Unlike Snowden, Teixeiera was obviously a major security risk for patriotically-motivated leaking, with numerous red flags in his previous and ongoing behavior. Therefore Teixeira was probably a deliberate leak by US intelligence, using a patsy to generate the initial leak and then add whatever extra info they wanted released in the resulting confusion.
Teixeira's leaks served several purposes for the Biden administration:
Most importantly, it mitigated the potential political fallout from another catastrophe like Kabul, should Kiev fall.
The 4chan leaker BB/Inb4source asserts Teixeira was a patsy.


The foundation of the US empire is the petrodollar, which allows the USA to tax the world via digital debt seignorage. This is why the creation of BRICS as an independent financial and trading system rendered war between NATO and BRICS inevitable, as Kim Dotcom predicted. The US republic is a thalassocratic empire as arrogant as democratic Athens, and it is addicted to financial plunder. The Empire cannot afford to lose the USD's reserve currency status.
Reserve currencies and empires both have lifespans, and the USA has reached the end of both. It is at the stage where hubristic foreign misadventures prove fatal, and Ukraine and Taiwan will prove too much for the American eagle to handle. This is no longer WW2; the USA cannot win a two-front war against BRICS.
That is why Biden's NATO is desperate; the Empire is unravelling as the European Union and other allies such as Turkey and India lose their faith in NATO.
The fact that none of this is common knowledge speaks volumes about who controls public schools and owns mass media corporations.

ZNPP's weak point is diesel fuel

The situation at ZNPP is tenuous and grim, workers report:
Europe’s largest nuclear power station is on the frontline of the Ukraine war. SkyNews Twitter
The fact that the backup diesel reactors have not been maintained is particularly concerning, considering they have already been used 7 times.
UN nuclear chief raises alarm over Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia plant Al Jazeera
Ukraine keeps trying to force a crisis at ZNPP to justify NATO intervention. In other words, Ukraine keeps shelling ZNPP to cut the one power line that still connects it to the grid.
This is extremely dangerous, external power is required for reliable cooling of the reactors and pools containing spent nuclear waste. Western media spent months last year pretending Kiev wasn’t shelling ZNPP.
Notice that the Russian side keeps ZNPP connected to the power grid, while the Ukrainian side pretends it cannot until the Russian invasion ends:
As you can see, Ukraine is not interested in being reasonable. Russia is happy to leave the NPP free of heavy military equipment, but Ukraine demands the removal of all troops and landmines from ZNPP as well. That would leave the plant undefended, which is obviously unacceptable.
(This is how perverse incentives work. A little ally with nothing to lose can start a world war. It's almost like dividing the world into two hostile nuclear alliances is a bad idea.)
When ZNPP loses external power, huge diesel generators automatically switch on to keep the reactors cool. How much diesel does this consume? Truckloads per day:
Anonymous Sat 27 May 2023 05:18:50 No.428439721 Report Quoted By: >>428463646 428436425 Still easy to transport diesel enough to keep them going In what? If NATO ops and Mercs are sabotaging trucks coming in, what do you think they are gonna carry diesel in to the plant? Is Russia gonna pack in rotopack Jerry cans on their back. Fill a truck up with 5 gallon cans and hope they make it past the snipers and sabotage? Do you have any clue how much fuel those big generators suck down in a day? Those generators to run the plants during shut down or failures are huge 500kw or bigger they are the size of whole 18 wheeler trailers. Those things will drink 50 gallons an hour. You gonna haul in 2.5 gallon rotopacks one at a time to keep it going?
Nuclear power plants have tough shielding. Allegedly the diesel generators are hidden underground. However, the diesel fuel supply is still vulnerable.
Normally the diesel generators have enough fuel for 10 days. However, ZNPP's diesel stockpile recently dipped to 4 days, according to 4chan leaker Inb4source.

Ukrainian saboteurs caught by ZNPP

On May 27, Ukraine accused Russian of planning to cause a leak at ZNPP:
OSINTdefender The Main Directorate of Intelligence for Ukraine has announced that the Russian Military is preparing for Large-Scale Provocation in the coming hours at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Southern Ukraine that will reportedly Simulate an “Accident” at the Plant causing the Emergency Leak of Radioactive Substances which will be Blamed on Ukrainian Forces.
Then Russia announced it had caught saboteurs (presumably Ukrainian) in ZNPP's city:
Saboteurs who were preparing terrorist attacks on the NPP were detained in Energodar. They had with them maps and schematics of the nuclear power plant with marks for strikes that could lead to a nuclear catastrophe. The suspects are involved in collecting and transmitting information about the facilities of the Zaporozhye NPP on the instructions of the Ukrainian authorities. To communicate with the curators, they used foreign satellite systems, as well as foreign weapons for strikes and equipment for conducting reconnaissance and sabotage activities.
Enerhodar is the city that contains the ZNPP: See Enerhodar Wikipedia
Some object that the footage is "staged". Of course it is staged. The primary consumer of the helmet-cam footage is Russian military intelligence. The evidence shot was staged for their benefit. The short edited video that was released to the public has distorted voices, and avoids showing any faces. Thus even if the footage is authentic, it is still "staged".
The ZNPP maps displayed in the video don't appear to match the announcement text. The maps could simply show where diesel fuel trucks need to go. Russia does not wish to advertise the specific nature of ZNPP's vulnerability.
The saboteurs appear to be 3-man team, equipped with 3 rifles and 3 NLAW missile launchers.
The saboteurs had 5 frag grenades. Normally soldiers carry 2 or 3 grenades, but heavy weapons soldiers don't have to. The three smooth grenades are RGD-5s, a cheap outdated Russian model. The Russian troops removed the fuses from the grenades on the evidence table to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Some object that Ukrainian saboteurs wouldn't be so careless as to have printouts of the reactor map. However, the saboteurs' presence in Enerhodar already makes their target obvious. Presumably multiple teams were sent to intercept Russian diesel shipments.
The Enerhodar saboteurs would've been notified when satellites spotted their target. Until then, they should hide in the safehouse behind blackout curtains to avoid detection. The fact that these saboteurs were caught napping suggests a degree of incompetence, compared to other teams who presumably either avoided detection or fought back. One can assume that Ukrainian specops have suffered extreme casualties.

BB / Red Skull / Inb4source / Q

BB sent Q

Qanon has lost a tremendous amount of popularity, as patriots grew disillusioned with the slow pace of the promised Great Awakening. They did not understand that Q is subordinate to a higher power with an agenda that does not necessarily include their survival.
Q aimed to help Trump save the USA. Q was sent by "Burning Bush", whose agenda is judging humanity, on the eve of WW3 and runaway de-terraforming. BB's personas started posting to 4chan's pol by 2016, whereas Q started in October 2017. (4chan is like the wild west of the Web: The world's spooks congregate there to exchange intelligence.)
BB goes by several nicknames; he began posting anonymously as "Inb4source" in 2016. A recent message implies the USA/Israel is Babylon the Great, and God (meaning him) has returned to judge her:
The world has turned it's back on *od now *od Is turning His back on the world. He Who Lets has been REMOVED. THE ANGEL OF DEATH HAS COME THE HARVEST OF THE TARES HAS BEGUN. And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. (Earthquake Lights) And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. (nothing ever happens) Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, inb4source
BB claims responsibility for the historical pendulum swinging rightward, via figures such as Elon Musk. His method of influence is the butterfly effect.
"Burning Bush" claims to be God. One can think of him as the God of the Old Testament, or as a pagan god like Zeus, or as merely a transcendent extraterrestrial. However, he also claims to inhabit a human-looking body, lives on a ranch in the USA, has children, caught COVID19, etc.
Whatever one's theology, the relevant portion of BB's message is that the USA did not sufficiently embrace the opportunity offered by Q. Anyone who has read the Old Testament knows what happens next: Ignore the prophet, reap the consequences. Thus Q's slogan "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming" should be understood in the Biblical sense, like Noah's flood: The Ark is optional.
(As far as I know, Q is still posting to Truth Social. I don't follow that site.)
Paul Furber is the chief priest of BB. Before that, he was a major early proponent of Q. See Furber's book for many verifiable examples of fulfilled predictions and proven scoops.
BB normally identifies himself by the unique image hash of his burning bush picture. (Nobody can generate that hash unless they possess the original image.) However, BB also posts as an anon users nickname "Red Skull", for his signature images of red skulls. As Red Skull, BB avoids the extravagant Biblical claims of BB, but the style and modus operandi and interests are obviously the same – as are his implied godlike powers.
I recommend focusing on facts and trying to prevent nuclear WW3, rather than getting hung up on theology. BB is not asking anyone to worship him or sacrifice chickens. He does prescribe prayer and a life of action governed by virtue.
I certainly do not recommend taking everything anonymous spooks say at face value. If you are, like most people, unable to think in shades of gray between binary true and false, this essay is above your reading level.

BB warns Zaporizhia is pivotal

BB has repeatedly warned that keeping Zaporizhia intact is critical to the survival of NATO citizenry:
the Ukrainians attacking the Nuclear Power station in the hands of the Russians spewing radiation over enough territory that the Russians will turn Kiev into a furnace.
– BB 2022-9-24
Find other warnings by searching for keyword "nuclear".
Those who find it difficult to believe that nuclear weapons would be used in WW3 as in WW2 should note that COVID19 is already a bioweapon WMD deployed for WW3.

RS gives ZNPP sabotage warning

On the morning of May 27, BB's persona Red Skull leaked that NATO specops had sabotaged external power to ZNPP.
His scenario is plausible and severe enough to warrant investigation.
Here are relevant posts, datestamped 2023 May 27 0300-0500:
it's a little less than ten days… Until Nato SpecOps melt down the Uke Nuke plant and blames it on you.
He continues:
Nato SpecOps have sabotaged power to the nuke plant. As of this posting, 6 days of diesel fuel remain to provide power to pumps to cool the plant and spent fuel pool. Diesel shipments are being targeted and terminated.
He adds:
So now I need to tell you Russia intends a pre emptive strike if nuclear capable F16's are delivered.
On the evening of May 27, Red Skull updated:
Doesn't look good at Nuke Plant. Russia has 4 days to get more fuel to the generators. They are working on clearing a flight path. Ukraine will try to stop them on orders of U.S. Uniparty.
Sounds like a severe leak, to lose 2 days of fuel in under 24 hours.

Ukraine HVT: Nuclear tit for tat

On 28 May Red Skull asserted that:
Red Skull approved of this anon's summary:
Nuclear warheads that USA/UK sent. Specifically for the purpose of being exploded in Ukraine. The false flags will never stop until all out WW3 is declared, or until you root out the pedophile demon cult that is running the show and sending you monkeys to war. War for really no good reason at this point. The cities are destroyed, just withdraw. Ukraine is a kettle right now, a kill box. Do you understand what that means? And it was created on purpose.
On May 30, Putin announced that Russia had destroyed the Ukrainian military intelligence headquarters. Photos confirm the damage.
Intelligence chief Kyrylo Oleksiyovych Budanov may have died in the strike.

Inb4source / Red Skull 4chan posting history

Inb4source has posted on 4chan since 2016, but he doesn't always use an image hash identifier, making it impossible to verify the identity of all of his early posts. As his popularity grew, others began adopting his catchphrase ">inb4source".
18016 posts on pol contain ">inb4source".
The first page of results suggests Inb4source is a pro-Trump military intelligence officer. He began posting in Aug 2016, before Trump's inauguration.
Another early Inb4source catchphrase is "I AM The Source." This has a double meaning, both theological and journalistic.
The catchphrase doesn't appear in every Inb4source post. Searching for it yields 437 results, too many of which are irrelevant results.
Searching for both phrases together yields 50 results that look to be mostly legitimate. One could then search for additional posts by each unique ID from a session.
Searching for image hashes is a reliable method of ID verification, assuming no one else has the image. I know of two such images that Inb4source/BB uses: both are red skulls, giving him the nickname RS.
RS just announced that his devices (phone, computers) have been compromised, casting doubt on the legitimacy of future RS posts. This may be a response to my publication of his warnings regarding Zaporizhia onto Reddit and Gab; the timing is suspicious. I first mentioned Inb4source on Reddit 7 days ago, and Red Skull on Gab yesterday (as of morning June 3). I do not know of any other analysts writing about him or connecting him to his BB persona.
When evaluating his warnings and predictions, remember that publishing info about ongoing events can affect the outcome, and is often intended to do so. Unlike the concept of Biblical prophecy, the future is mostly probabilistic. However, he is certainly good at scooping the news.
Someone else can do an in-depth Q-proof style analysis of his accuracy; my focus here is Zaporizhia.
Read original with links here.
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2023.06.03 05:27 FeatherFallsAquatics [FS] - Yuba City, CA (& shipping to 48US) - $10 - USA Bred Halfmoon Plakat Bettas

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