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My new tutorial on how to use leg rides (or whatever that's called) and actively hooking with your legs from top. Enjoy!

2023.05.29 14:42 kolaner My new tutorial on how to use leg rides (or whatever that's called) and actively hooking with your legs from top. Enjoy!

My new tutorial on how to use leg rides (or whatever that's called) and actively hooking with your legs from top. Enjoy!
So, here I am. Last time I posted on reddit was at purple and it seemed to have resonated quite well.
Just some background: Using my hands has become extremely painful due to arthritis, torn ligaments, overall wrecked tissue, so I had to resort to becoming a bit creative. This has completely changed my passing style and I actively try to pin my opponents/partners legs with mine before transitioning into scoring positions. Been working quite well with my students so I thought about sharing Part 1. Think of it as "playing guard from top position".
I don't have a wrestling background but I assume that much of that stuff must have a name in folkstyle. As you'll see, I'm not consistent with my terminology because I simply don't know better, lol!
Filmed it in march, wanted to film it last summer and took me nearly 3 months to upload it. Work and daddy duties I guess.
I will eventually upload a Part 2, if not Part 3, focusing on the Nogi-stuff.
I hope some of you, especially intermediates can benefit from the content.
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2023.05.29 14:41 kblocker123 I yawn so much every hour

I’m a personal trainer (which is good for me because as soon as I sit down I nearly fall asleep.) I yawn 5-10x an hour and clients get SO offended. Just a few know I have adhd and don’t bat an eye. It’s exhausting trying to explain to people so most of the time I just don’t.
Does this happen to anyone else? And how do I make it seem less offensive 😂
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2023.05.29 14:40 thoughtdrops A logical polyphasic sleep pattern

all my life i havent sleep well or much. i found out it was due to low salt at first because I was drinking tons of water and thought salt was evil. turns out low salt can cause insomnia, so i tried some salty soup or popcorn before bed and it did the trick.
But i was also like a machine and needed to sleep by 9pm every night or i was a wreck. I found out about working with melatonin cycles, that everyones melatonin produces between 8-10pm naturally no matter if you even worked 3rd shift for 20 years.
I always woke up in the middle of the night and would get really worked up about it because being tired ruins my days. But then i learned about how before electricity folks would wake up for an hour or so in the middle of the night and even hang out with neighbors for this time. blue light changed all that. but still soo many people, myself included, thought this type of sleep cycle was insomnia until finding out about polyphasic sleep schedules.
I found what works great for me is not neccessarily reducing sleep hours but splitting them up. I started taking some regenerative medicine supplements that gave me an insane amount of energy but i was having trouble staying asleep for 8+ hours. I realized that some supplements or foods are outright stimulating but others are actually making your body recover quicker and need less sleep. I tried Going to bed at 9pm till 3am, then staying up til max 5am and sleep for however long needed to wake up on my own, usually 8pm or so. It helps me get a jump on the work day and i seem to be able to focus and zone in more during those early hours. plus i dont get angry about it so i helps my mentality
Now that i know the term polyphasic ive done more reasearch and i dont think i could ever do the uberman but this method described here seems logical for me, just wanted to share my experience.
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2023.05.29 14:40 Eldenman90 33[M4F] uk looking to make female friends

Hey im richard i live in the uk and dont really have any contact with women because i work in a male dominated environment and my social circle is all male so would be nice to actually talk to a women rather then a man for a change lol
a little about myself i like to game on the ps5 to chillout nowhere near streamer or on it all the time just enjoy chatting online with friends or playing a good story based game, i go to the gym with my friend just to keep healthy. I do like socialising with friends whether its gaming, going to the pub or out on day trips.
If you want to get to know me then DM me whether its a short chat, friendship always up for chatting 🙂
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2023.05.29 14:40 speciallydolxn i am obsessed with my boyfriend’s ex…

i (18F) and my boyfriend (19M) have been together for acouple of months now, throughout these months and even when we first started talking i’ve been slowly obsessing over his ex. Now this isn’t without reason, my boyfriend has multiple exes and i’m completely okay with them but this one is the one that’s stuck. Let’s call her Lily.
I live in a small town, which means I see his exes on a daily basis. Lily is the same age as me and we went to the same school so I saw her all of last year. Her and my boyfriend dated in 2021 and broke up a month or two after getting together, I heard rumours back then of why they broke up and it was because she was talking to multiple other boys that my boyfriend had issues with which caused him to break up with her. She ended up getting with one of these boys shortly after they split.
If it had ended there I really don’t think I would be this obsessive over it but it didn’t end there. My boyfriend saw me at my work place last october when I served him and after that he kept on asking one of my friend’s who’s dating his best friend to set us up. At the time I was not looking for a relationship, but he was still very persistent throughout the months leading up to december.
During december I went to a party and my boyfriend happened to be there, he looked really good. One thing lead to another and we ended up kissing before the night ended. After a week or so he asks my friend for my snapchat and she gives it to him… he adds me 2 weeks after that. The thing is he broke his phone acouple months before this so he was using someone else’s each time. He didn’t message me until half way through january, but then he ended up ghosting me and not messaging me until over half way through february (he said this was because he had no phone and just bought a new one) and we talked every day after that until we eventually got together.
Now here’s the thing, I found out he was hooking up with Lily all through december despite the fact he was talking about me to his best friend the entire time. After we kissed he probably went home to Lily in his bed, we kissed at the start of december and he was still hooking up with her throughout the month. My friend told me that he had been trying to get her to leave his house near the end, but a part of me feels like he only said that infront of her because he knew she would tell me. When I asked him about it he said he was the one who broke things off with her.
Ever since I found out about this it won’t leave my mind. I have no issue with Lily personally, she’s so beautiful and she’s always been nice to me but this entire thing that happened with her and him just won’t leave my head. I feel like they’re the type of exes who get back together each year after every split they go through like they’re drawn to eachother especially given the circumstances they ended on the first time. He reassures me that I am the only girl he wants and I want to believe it so bad but I always have her in the back of my mind. She’s gorgeous I do not blame him for going back, but it still makes me feel so insecure even tho I know it’s wrong for me to feel this way. Lily and her ex had broken up not long after she started hooking up with my boyfriend, so she had went straight to him after and he knew that.
Today i saw a message from a blocked account on his phone and they had video called the same day he added me on snapchat and it just brought everything back. I feel like this is really bad for my mental health and needed to get it off my chest, I just really don’t think i’ll get over it.
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2023.05.29 14:40 siusiusiublack 32 [M] California- Currently in Hong Kong, Family based in Sacramento, here for some serious relationship

First time post something here. Nice to meet you guys. I am a lonely man living in Hong Kong. Family is living in Sacremento, California.Really considered for relocation for a long time. After 30( I am currently 32 ). I know that I want my future partner will be white girl. I really enjoy dating white girl, I think they are so beautiful, that my soul is knocked with them. But I also tired of dating expat here in Asia. It is dilemma that the easiest way to date an expat is to club, white girls love clubbing so much😢. But due to clubbing, all expat that I date here is not serious.. they always says fuck is fuck .. doesnt mean to be togather. All I want is just to find a partner to do little things togather. Like walking alone the beach, cooking, singing .I dated mostly European here , I dated British, Latvian , Turkish, Canadian, Spanish. But none of theme work out . I think is because the expat population here is too few, so I cannot meet girls that has the same thought with me.Thinking to move to Uk or US. In high chance will be US, because my family is there. If go to Europe will be alone.If I move to US, will live near River Grove Circle , Sacremento. Any one lives nearby here ? 😂Here are things that I want to do with my partnerLet visit L.A Malibu and sing Miley’s Malibu togatherI need to visit Hermosa peer where they tool the scene of lala land. And I want to take picture and do the post just like what Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone did in Lala Land!here is my picture

My height is 177cm , weight is 69Kg , a bit skinny
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2023.05.29 14:40 youknowit1998 Does it seem like these carts are legit from this dispo?

So I live in NY and the only thing near me is reservation dispensaries I'm going on vacation about an hour and a half from upstate canna co. I've been wanting to try carts but I would only want ones that are legit, i didnt see these brands on the fake list any help is appreciated. Does it look legit? Don't know if anyone on here has been there. I can't post the link to the store due to rules.
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2023.05.29 14:39 Siddeadboy My love, My heart, My pain.

You have ruined me. You are ruining me. I have clung to a love that is only seen after a catastrophic explosion.... I cherish these moments. I miss these moments...and God damn do I hate them. I hate the hurt that has been made and the dismissal thereafter. Leaving me yearning for the "heartfelt" apologies and just a glimpse of genuine love and humility on your part. I hate waiting up at night flooded with daydreams of better days only to wake up to the nightmares of reality. I hate being a fool by merely loving and trusting you with the most important part of myself, the only one I can give. My heart...
You see. I see myself as a damn strong person. One who has experienced the world and abusive situations enough to recognize when things are turning to shit. I just didn't want to see it in you. I didn't want that to be real. I loved you so much and felt so deep with you when it was good (forehead to forehead cry with eachother good) that I wanted to believe my strength was powerful enough to hold me up and help you. It wasn't... and God damn does it suck. Feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. The thing is though, no one can help someone who doesn't think there's something wrong. No one can help someone who pushes blame and gaslights/hides to avoid being wrong. No one can help someone who says hurtful things when its actually them that is hurting but won't admit to what it is. No one can help ANYONE until they accept they're wrongdoings....
I just couldn't wait for you to realize it anymore.
Honey, my love, my Adonis... I love you but I am so fucking hurt by your actions, your violence, your deceit and your lack of follow through. That I find myself more a fool to stick around, brainwashed by "what if's", then I do to start a new. It really hurts. The loss of you is a pain I have yet to find anything more intense. But the truth is the lose of me is even worse. Because I really did love you and would have tried anything to make it work. Living and striving for eachothers betterment. I would have for you. Because I love you. Still, I want to grab you by your shoulders and scream and cry and ask. "How could you do this to me?! I thought you said forever!? You said you loved me!!! .... Didn't you love me?..."
I'm so tired of crying. I'm so tired of feeling alone and hurt because I want your love. When did I get to be so low that I allow myself to feel this pain over someone who isn't ready to feel anything? The world is cruel enough. I don't need someone on the inside doing it too. I am my own worst critic and make it hard enough on myself as it is. I will not allow someone to do it for me. Not you. Not the one who was supposed to love me the most...
We chose eachother out of everyone in the world.. but I did not choose this. It's time to level up. I have learned so much from you. How much I could love and the way I wanted to be loved. Now. Now I need to learn to let you go. I need to learn to grow with out you. And if someday you learn to grow towards betterment and if the love we had was as true as you say. Maybe one day....
I don't want to fool myself into waiting.... I love you. I really really do... I'm rooting for you.. But I'm rooting for me too.
Goodbye for now. My love, my heart, my pain. Goodbye 🖤
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2023.05.29 14:38 RealNmSis GAMMA - Reaserchers quest question

So I was gathering samples for the ecologists in various places, now I am doing the ones in the Red Forest. I've done most of the previous ones without issues but now for the life of me I cannot find the dead guy with the PDA in Western tunnel. I've searched the one near the bridge that gets "blown up" in Clear Sky, but didn't find him there, so reluctantly I went north to clear out the Sin and Monolith near the Forester's outpost. Searched the mines as they are on the west side of the map as well, but I was not able to find him either. Anyone who has completed the questline is willing to share the body's location? I really don't want to clear out these mines again if I don't have to.
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2023.05.29 14:38 Earthsophagus D'Leon's / Abelardo's / Lina's Burrito style -- is it a Omaha/Lincoln distinctive style?

I've never had Burritos in southwest, but previous places I lived (Seattle/Boston) and on trips I've taken, I've never seen burrito places with anything similar to what these three chains sell.
Before 2012, I thought it ordained that restaurant burritos are filled mostly with rice, with some mandatory beans, a grudging portion of meat, salsa sourcream.
Good burritos from these places are 14 oz of seasoned meat, slurried into 1.5 oz of fat & grease, pico, guac. No rice/beans/sourcream. The grease at the end of the burrito pools impressively in the last saturated bit of stretchy bland flour tortilla. The tired onions from the guac linger on the breath like a night of illicit love on the conscience.
My enthusiasm is specifically for the carnitas burrito.
Of course some people think they are disgusting, kind of people who wear matching socks and drive in one lane. But for the cognoscenti no other style of burrito sates gluttony with similar authority.
Can you get similar burritos on West Coast? other places? is it something that evolved around here?
Lina's on 90th and Lina's on 13th (opened in April, 1/4 mile south of Zoo on the east side) are my favorites in Omaha, D'Leon's in Lincoln south of airport was my initiation and forever holy to me. The Abelardo's at 108th & Q in Omaha used to be great for blast of grease and onion warming a cold car at 7:30 AM.
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2023.05.29 14:37 SapphireBlueLotus Magical/whimsical songs?

After seeing The Little Mermaid, it made me realize that I desire to live a more carefree life. I’m a tired adult with too many responsibilities, and I just want to view life through the eyes of a child again, with lots of curiosity and a more playful attitude.
So far I only have three songs that give me that feeling on my playlist.
Limahl- Neverending Story
Pure Imagination- Kathleen (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Ultraluminary- Phillipa Soo (from that movie Over the Moon, great self concept song).
Any other suggestions?
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2023.05.29 14:37 GamersAreDumb7 Exploration in Elden Ring isn't good

A big problem I had with the game was that the exploration isn't rewarding to me, which makes me question why it needed to be open-world to begin with. The open-world really just takes more away from game than it adds to it in my opinion.
The side dungeons feel very same-y in their layout, enemies, aesthetics, and overall design with very few exceptions. The feeling of similarity is made exponentially worse by the near universally mediocre bosses you find in them, which is made EVEN WORSE by the fact that these already mediocre bosses are repeated constantly.
Most of the rewards you obtain from these dungeons aren't very useful either. They're mostly just spirit ashes, which are useless if you don't use them and still not that great even if you do, since spirit ashes are horribly balanced and ones like Tiche and Mimic Tear completely invalidate the existence of the rest.
My least favorite part of these side events by far though is how they make the main game less special. Why in the fuck is Godrick repeated in an evergaol? Why is Astel repeated in some random ass dungeon in the Consecrated Snowfield? Why is Mohg repeated in the sewers? These encounters are unbelievably stupid and make major bosses feel less special and unique. Imagine playing through Dark Souls 3 and encountering a one-to-one repeat of the Twin Princes in a shitty side dungeon, imagine how fucking stupid that would feel.
So what's the point of this side content? The dungeons aren't fun to explore, the bosses are garbage and repeated, the rewards are terrible, and they actively make the main game feel worse. It's all very quantity over quality to me, which is the exact opposite of what I come to From Software for.
I really hope their future titles aren't open-world, but given Elden Ring's commercial success, I unfortunately think I will continue to be disappointed.
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2023.05.29 14:37 Outrageous_Coat_6745 What do I do

I got a job at popeyes so I can earn money save for uni and get more work experience for the course I want to take (medicine) but my parents dont want me to work and are trying to stop me. they say it’s cus they don’t want me to get to stressed but for me work is therapeutic because it’s a chance to get away from the my toxic household and they’re under the impression I’m staying home for uni so I don’t have to save . My parents are extremely manipulative especially my dad and they think they’re doing everything right according to religion. They made me leave the place I used to work by manipulating me cus I have anxiety and it was my first time getting a job and I didn’t it rlly know how jobs worked and they used it against me and they all pretend including my younger sister that I quit because they were exploiting me and I was becoming to stressed but I rlly wasn’t they just didn’t allow me to go to work or step outside the house for the whole of summer and I didn’t do anything it’s only cus my dad found out I had TikTok he also took my phone and my laptop (for a whole 7 months and gave me this shittty old Samsung that u couldn’t anything on like if u were in a fatal situation uwouldnt even be able to call the police )so I had no way of communicating or telling my manager I couldn’t come to my shifts so the only time I got my phone back was to respond to my manager was to tell him I can’t come to work anymore so I quit then and there so I wouldn’t just leave him hanging (cus it doesn’t make sense to go to work for 2 weeks then never come back again) so now I’m looking for jobs because I need the money to become independent and in case I need to run away and after applying for literally 100s of jobs I finally get one but Ofc my dad (who was telling me the other day I need to get work experience) gets angry and starts shouting at me how stubborn and stupid I am and that I’m a fool blah blah just calling me names and whatever and this guy doesn’t fucking give up he waits till the whole family is in the same place and brings up the topic that about the job now my mum is fine ab me getting a job and she says it’s fine and he gets angry and starts saying things like talking about my weight and trying to bring up my self harm and says that he will never allow me to go to work and I m gonna stay in this house .at this point I’m so fed up and fustrated with my family so I’m zoning out while he’s saying all of this shit and he’s shouting at me to look at him as so I do and he goes quiet and everyone starts looking at me and he says “did you see the way she looked at me so scarily” and apparently I’m still looking at him like that and everyone starts shouting at me like my sister starts crying and screaming at me and says that I’m a flipping weirdo and I ruin everything and this family and calling me names and that and then my mom says if I continueI with this attitude god will deal with me then she starts calling me names aswell like fatty and idiot (my family have cussed me such bad body dysmorphia cus they complain ab my weight ever since I was little but I just went thru puberty earlier so I ended up being curvy and a bit chubby) and she’ll beat the living shit out of me and that I can’t go to work but I’m tired of listening to them should I still go to work and just face the consequences Sorry this is so long
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2023.05.29 14:37 RDUppercut I accidentally kicked my cat halfway across this room this morning

So, I woke up at like 5am. As soon as I open my eyes, I feel it: the tightening in both calves, a prelude to the inevitable cramps that follow. Instinctively, I jump out of bed to stand up, trying to get ahead of the pain that was coming.
Unfortunately, I did not realize in those moments that my cat had been sleeping at the bottom of the bed near my feet. So in my dash to get up, I accidentally punted her, and sent her flying. Thankfully she didn't hit anything, she just landed on the floor on her feet like cats do, but I imagine it was quite the shock for her to go from peacefully sleeping to airborne like that. Rude awakening for sure.
I apologized profusely and gave her treats, but she's still mad at me. I feel SO bad about it. She'll get over it, though.
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2023.05.29 14:37 vS4zpvRnB25BYD60SIZh "Is anyone else tired that people are more compassionate now?"

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2023.05.29 14:36 GamersAreDumb7 Exploration in Elden Ring isn't good

A big problem I had with the game was that the exploration isn't rewarding to me, which makes me question why it needed to be open-world to begin with. The open-world really just takes more away from game than it adds to it in my opinion.
The side dungeons feel very same-y in their layout, enemies, aesthetics, and overall design with very few exceptions. The feeling of similarity is made exponentially worse by the near universally mediocre bosses you find in them, which is made EVEN WORSE by the fact that these already mediocre bosses are repeated constantly.
Most of the rewards you obtain from these dungeons aren't very useful either. They're mostly just spirit ashes, which are useless if you don't use them and still not that great even if you do, since spirit ashes are horribly balanced and ones like Tiche and Mimic Tear completely invalidate the existence of the rest.
My least favorite part of these side events by far though is how they make the main game less special. Why in the fuck is Godrick repeated in an evergaol? Why is Astel repeated in some random ass dungeon in the Consecrated Snowfield? Why is Mohg repeated in the sewers? These encounters are unbelievably stupid and make major bosses feel less special and unique. Imagine playing through Dark Souls 3 and encountering a one-to-one repeat of the Twin Princes in a shitty side dungeon, imagine how fucking stupid that would feel.
So what's the point of this side content? The dungeons aren't fun to explore, the bosses are garbage and repeated, the rewards are terrible, and they actively make the main game feel worse. It's all very quantity over quality to me, which is the exact opposite of what I come to From Software for.
I really hope their future titles aren't open-world, but given Elden Ring's commercial success, I unfortunately think I will continue to be disappointed.
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2023.05.29 14:35 EBoyiswhattheycallme Ecstasy tolerance

So me and my friends took 2 ecstasy pills that were supposedly 230mg a few nights before and we are thinking about going to a party again as we are graduating school, so we are planning on taking 3 of the same pills with us. Im wondering how to space them out so we wouldn't come down as hard, because the last time we took the 2nd pill around 4 hours after, and we didnt trip nearly as hard. So my question how to space them out to keep the trip going? And will we have a lot higher tolarence because of a mere 5 day break?
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2023.05.29 14:34 arknined Edinburgh Marathon - Couch to 1st Marathon in 7 months

Edinburgh Marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
1 Sub 3:25 no
2 Sub 3:45 yes
3 Don’t Walk no


Split Time
1 04:22
2 04:25
3 04:20
4 04:34
5 04:35
6 04:24
7 04:41
8 04:31
9 04:41
10 04:35
11 04:42
12 04:39
13 04:44
14 04:41
15 04:46
16 04:43
17 04:49
18 04:50
19 04:49
20 04:53
21 04:56
22 04:54
23 04:58
24 05:03
25 05:11
26 05:12
27 05:18
28 05:19
29 05:17
30 05:24
31 05:24
32 05:42
33 05:56
34 05:57
35 06:51
36 07:22
37 07:03
38 06:34
39 06:30
40 07:32
41 05:38
42 05:49
43 02:36


Just turned 50 this year (50M) and started running (again) in Oct’22 from a base of zero exercise for the past five years (excepting having 3 small boys (5,7,&9) and the hustle of daily life, family walks, family activities etc. In 2014 I did a couch25k and between 2014-2017 started to run commute into work averaging about 10km per week over this period - (2014 - 900km; 2015 - 500km; 2016 - 650km; 2017 (jan-aug) - 500km). This culminated in a half-marathon race (Rock n Roll Dublin) in 2017 for which I didn’t follow a training plan but did a few longer runs of 13k(ish) and finished in c. 1:48 (ran out of steam at c.19k and had to run/walk a couple of times to finish).
Before 2014 - there was no exercise/running/training/gym - I was relatively ‘active’ but no sports/activities to note.
In October last year (‘22), I decided to go for a run to see how it felt and surprised myself by running 7km @ 6:10/km pace. I enjoyed it, and decided to get back running with a vague aspiration to complete a marathon in my 50th year….


… so I started training. Decided in November to book a bib in the Edinburgh marathon, figuring that 7 months should give me a decent enough training block. Avg went from 50km/week to 100km/week over this period.
Month Distance Avg Pace
Nov 216km 6:16/km
Dec 321km 6:07/km
Jan 284km 5:26/km
Feb 237km 5:25/km
Mar 291km 5:19km
Apr 412km 5:07/km
May 305km 5:00/km
Didn’t follow a specific plan (per se), generally ran 5 or 6 days a week with one long run (5:00/km to 5:30/km), one medium/tempo type run (4:40/km to 5:00/km), three easy runs (5:20/km) and a sprinkling of ParkRuns.
I had no (observable) issues in stepping up the mileage over this period, two small injury niggles,one in Nov and one in Feb, and I rested with no reoccurrence of either.
I self-diagnosed regularly occurring foot pain as a Mortons Neuroma (flared up after c.9km and could be run through - but painful) and went through a variety of shoe types to lessen the flare-ups. Settled on Altra’s and roomy footbox, which worked for me.
Parkrun (5k) times went from 25:26 (Oct’22) to 19:06 (May’22) over this period.
Other notable times -
10k times - avg sub-45mins on tempo/fast runs
Half-marathons - (did over 20 runs at this distance over the 7 months) ran x2 sub 1:40 and x1 sub 1:34 during the block (not races, just fast/tempo runs)
In Mar&Apr’23 I completed x5 long runs >30km (longest @33km) and a further x2 (27km & 29km) as part of the build up.
I trained with SIS gels and a water bottle filled with Tailwind mix during the long-runs and they settled ok, a little queasy but ok (I did all other runs (<27km) without nutrition or water)
The <1:35 half-marathon was the last fast/long run before the start of the taper (from 100km to 80km (wk1) to 55km (wk2) to 25km (wk3)).

Plan & Pre-race

All marathon time predictors (runalyze; metathon; crplots) had me at a 3:10 to 3:12 marathon time based on my strava logs - I felt this was optimistic (4:34/km) as I had a tendency to drift (pace & heartrate) on longer runs. Based on the half-marathon times in the training block I felt i could sustain close to that pace for maybe 30km - but >40km would be a push - so settled on the following plan for race day:
First 16km (10 miles) at 4:40/km, next 16km (10miles) at 4:50/km, last 10km to keep legs moving and hold-on to the finish. Goal A - was to run a sub 3:25.
Pre-race prep was unremarkable - flew to Scotland (from Dublin) on Friday evening - ate well Fri/Sat (lots of pasta, steak, bread) slept ok . Collected bib Saturday morning, pottered around the city for a couple of hours , rested the rest of the day.
Race day morning, grabbed a banana, coffee, croissant - had 500ml of tailwind c. 2 hours before start - greased myself up (sunscreen & anti-chafe), bathroom, checked bag, warmed-up (stretches/gentle jog). Fuelling plan for the race was a gel every 6km topped-up with Tailwind which I carried in a hand-held bottle.
Weather was warm and overcast at the start (10am)


Start was largely downhill for the first 8km, and I tried to keep the pace under control. Legs felt strong and were turning-over well. Despite best efforts, the combination of the downhill, first marathon excitement, over-confidence, other runners pace, me being an idiot, had the first 8km in c.4:35/km pace - which was faster than intended, but not wildly so. The course then hit the sea front and the breeze helped to take the edge off the pace and I settled into the target pace of 4:40/km (-ish) for the next 8km.
Took the gels at 6km, 12km and 18km and sipped from the hand-held bottle (tailwind) throughout. I grabbed a few gulps from the on-course water as I ran-by. Weather started to warm-up as the sun broke through the clouds.
Hit 16km feeling good - slightly ahead of target pace and the race-plan was to run the second 16km at an avg 4:50/km so I eased off a little to adjust to plan. Hit half marathon in 1:38ish which was ahead of plan, but I felt ok, knew I had completed a 1:34 half a few weeks back and the race-strategy was to target 4:50/km from 16k to 32k.
Then things changed at around 23/24k mark - legs started to lose some power which came as a surprise, I also started to feel a little nauseous. I skipped taking the planned gel at 24k as i felt i would be ill if i forced it down.
At 25k I just couldn’t hold a sub5:00/km pace at all. I recognised that I was in trouble and it was barely half-way through. Resolved to move to my long-run pace for the training block at 5:20/km and hoped this could see me through to the end. Took a gel at 30k and temperatures were getting warmer. Despite all the difficulties I hit 30k in 2:24 (avg. 4:50km) but i was weakening and getting worried.
When I reached 32k in the marathon I knew I was fucked, pace had slipped to 6:00/km, sun was beating down, other runners were struggling, and I started negotiating with myself to just. keep. running.
By 35k I had to start run/walking as my legs had completely gone. I was gutted but there was nothing left in the tank. Walking through the two water stations I could actually drink the bottles of water and was surprised at how thirsty/dehydrated I was. Pace times dropped off as I continued to run/walk for the next 5k. Nearing the end I gave it everything I had to run the final 2k.
Crossed the finish in 3:43


Disappointed I couldn't run the whole 42k but recognise sub 3:45 is an achievement for a 50year old (couch to marathon in 7 months).
Hard to rationalise what went wrong here - initial thoughts:
1). Over-fatigued / over-trained - despite feeling strong during training this was not actually the case - taper ineffective (??)
2). Target pace too aggressive - over-confident/ego/greedy - did not respect the distance - went out too fast
3). Fuelling/hydration was wrong - sweated too much -relied on tailwind - did not take enough water on-course - skipped gel at 24k
probably a combination of all of the above factors.....

Next Steps

i) Rest for a week ii) Dublin marathon at the end of Oct iii) Start structured plan Pfitz. 18/55 or 18/70
Made with Strava race report generator.
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2023.05.29 14:34 AlyStar123 I hate my job soo much but I work for myself - am I just being entitled?

I started a coaching and training side hustle 10 years ago. I was so passionate about it then and hustled so hard to build it up and I use to love what I did - it initially didn’t even feel like work. I had just been made redundant and it was the perfect opportunity for me to try something different.
It was the best job ever as I was my own boss (well not really, my clients are my boss) but you get what I mean. It was soo much better then my previous job. Also once you start working for yourself, I knew it would be super hard to go back to being an employee so I guess I kind of felt like this option was the better compared to the alternative.
I managed to sustain the passion an drive for a while but eventually it started to feel like work an I started dreading it. I still tried to persevere an put in long hours and days as like I mentioned the alternative seemed crap and I wanted to save as much as possible so to never have to put up with a crap job ever again.
But I eventually got burnt in the process- working 6 to 7 days a week for several years. I also explored the idea of hiring people to try deliverer the “product” but found I hated managing people, running a business an the admin and skills needed for that and much preferred it just being my little side hustle.
Anyway fast forward 10 years and I’m ready to consider giving it completely and then the pandemic hit. I managed to transitional all my clients to online and still charge the same rate.
I lost some clients and got new ones and now run my whole business online but I still hate it!
I’m now just working from home and meeting clients on zoom and as shameful as this sounds but I started to have a discrete glass of wine/beer if it’s an evening session just to try get through it. I also try to multi task whilst coaching my clients like watch YouTube - how bad is that? I guess it a reflection of how much I hate the job now and how little passion I feel currently unfortunately.
I kind of feel like it’s a form of golden handcuffs. I get to work from home, watch YouTube or have a drink, not have a boss, but I’m soo drained. It is soo exhausting coaching clients and I get super anxiety looking at my schedule, thinking about my appointments, clients..etc
All I want to do is go on my bike, go to the gym or literally do anything that will get me off a computer screen and not on zooms or teams.
I don’t t think I can really raise my prices any further as I’m already on the upper range. I guess if I contine at this pace, I can probably quit work all together in 5-6 years and then just chill for the rest of my life. I’m currently 37 years old so should definitely have the stamina and time I guess.
Alternatively , I can get start closing down my side hustle and look for a job which would not pay nearly as much and it would mean I would have to work for much longer but hopefully it may be a lot more enjoyable?
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2023.05.29 14:34 HeronFree5802 Should I take a nap during the day or not at all?

I (22M, 181cm, 166lbs) get roughly 5 to 5.5 hrs of sleep every night. I maintain a strict routine such as having my meals, workout, and other activities at the same time daily. I'm also cautious about my diet. Yet I mostly feel tired throughout the day. I tried taking a nap in the afternoon which is the only free time I get in a day. But it doesn't seem to help much and sometimes it makes me feel even worse smh. I only smoke cigarettes once every few days. Any tips or advice?
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2023.05.29 14:33 asoundusername How do I get rid of this guilt?

Hi! I (19) have been experiencing continuous guilt following the unexpected death of a young teacher. Any advice on how to get rid of this guilt is greatly appreciated!
Here is some more information:
At my primary school there was a great PE teacher. I was never a big fan of sports or exercise haha, but she made it fun. I remember when I was graduating primary school, I was sad to leave but that changed when I found out that this teacher would be working in the secondary school too! She also taught hockey classes after school which I participated in for a few years despite my terrible hockey skills haha.
I only knew her for about 7 years, but in that time I saw a lot of cool moments in her life. I still remember how happy she was showing her engagement ring to my classmates and hearing about her wedding. She also rocked a variety of hairstyles over the years and she suited all of them!
Back at the start of 2020, I volunteered at my primary school for a week. When I entered the staff room, I saw that teacher but she just seemed kind of off, kind of down, which was a strange sight. Back then I was a dumb teenager who had some reason become bored of the occasionally monotonous nature of life. Very unusual for me, as I’m normally quite optimistic. This resulted in a low mood where nothing seemed exciting anymore, typical teenager stuff haha.
I remember she asked me a bunch of questions and told me she was pregnant. Thanks to the stupid mindset I was in, I don’t remember being as enthusiastic as I wanted to be. Additionally, as I got older, I became nervous to speak to her fearing I’d say something stupid, not that she would pick up on it, she was too kind for that haha. There was literally no reason for me to be nervous. During our conversation, she asked me about my singing lessons, a hobby which I have always loved especially throughout primary school and I was touched that she still remembered this. However, I still noticed that something slightly off with her.
In the past I used to get intrusive thoughts and that day was no exception. After our conversation, an awful thought appeared in my mind: What if she died? But it was good to have this thought, as it put me back in the moment and I had a great time helping her out with her PE classes. Afterwards, I obviously dismissed the thought due to how bizarre it was, since there are a million other reasons why someone could be feeling down. Following that week, I remember feeling bad about my lack of enthusiasm, but didn’t think much of it since I’d have another conversation with her in the future when I would be in a better mood. Or so I thought.
Little did I know that over a month later, that teacher was diagnosed with cancer.
Then came the Covid-19 lockdown, it wasn’t ideal but hey everyone’s in the same boat! (Now knowing the reality of the situation, turns out that was a lie. I still can’t believe that this teacher was sick the whole time in lockdown.) After lockdown when I got back to school, I obviously didn’t see her. Over the years, more teachers had joined the PE department, so she wasn’t needed as much in the secondary school. So I assumed the whole year that she was working in the primary school, not dying in hospital.
I didn’t find out until my mom told me what had happened a day after she died back in the summer of 2021. Not only that she had cancer but that she had died from it? That came completely out of nowhere and was definitely a shock. One good thing that came from Covid is that the recorded funeral was available online for anyone to watch. It was nice to learn more reasons to like her.
I wish I had known that she was sick. It’s so dumb but I had her school email. if I had known, I would have sent her a message. And I know the chances of her reading that are extremely low with what she was going though, but it would have been something. Just something instead of nothing.
Fortunately, the anger and sadness has subsided. This death has truly shown me how precious life really is. Yet the guilt is surrounding the conversations we had, not knowing they were the last, still remains. I took her for granted. I took it all for granted and I can never get it back. Looking back on it, it makes me so angry at myself: knowing what she could have been thinking health-wise but still having light conversations with me. And all she gets back is unenthusiastic responses? I hope I didn’t offend her. I was such an idiot.
It’s got to the point where any time I do a good deed, it just feels like I’m putting on a facade. This week I visited my primary school to drop off cards and gifts at reception for my old teachers to show my appreciation for them. Ever since that teacher died, it’s become very important that the remaining teachers know they are appreciated. I thought this would make me feel good, but it only brought up feelings of guilt, anger and sadness since I’ll never be able to thank this teacher and make sure she knows that she’s appreciated.
I know nothing good comes of ruminating about this. And I know she’s dead and I’ll never see her again. But for some reason this has stuck in my mind. I’ve thought about her everyday since she has died. Which is strange because I don’t remember thinking about her everyday when she was alive. We weren’t close and I wasn’t sports-obsessed haha. It’s been nearly 2 years since she’s passed, I still don’t know why I’ve cared so much about this. Even if she had been alive when I graduated, we both would have gone our separate ways when I left the school. Obviously she wasn’t meant to be around forever, but I didn’t realise how soon she would go.
There are people you meet that you don’t get a lot of chances to speak to but you just hope that life is kind to them. She was one of them.
I feel like I’m so close to putting this out of my mind forever (I hope), but the guilt is still holding me back. Deep down, I still feel like a terrible person and I’m not sure what to do about it. But I do know that I have to get rid of this guilt. This is the last step to moving on, any advice on how to accomplish this is greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.29 14:32 capnemo-1734 Do you do full-on FP in JavaScript? Want it?

I've watched a lot of talks, but it was Rich Hickey's which most captivated me and, ultimately, inspired big change in how I coded. After discovering Clojure I was so desiring FP (i.e. ClojureScript) in the browser without a build step and hoard of dependencies that I wrote my own library.
And this fascination has not been a fad. When I first discovered Ruby I was enamored with the language and equally impressed with what the community was doing. I learned a lot!
Clojure changed my perspective in a bigger way. It so clicked with my way of thinking Ruby ceased to interest me.
I'm a web guy. And the browser is my canvas. So JavaScript is my bread and butter. But I've been dying to have more FP goodness in JavaScript. I've eagerly awaited pipelined and partial application (affording tacit style) and records and tuples (immutability all the things!). Once it gets first-class protocols it'll be near full-on Clojure in the browser!
I've experienced firsthand that FP is a portable, language-agnostic paradigm. All a suitable language does is provide facilities. Clojure, like Ruby, could've been written for OOP, but Hickey favored immutability.
Well, I'm an FP guy who does mostly JS. But I carry that mindset into all my JS work. I'm wondering if there are other JS devs, who similarly carry the FP mindset into their work. I don't mean just a smattering of LINQ-style pipelines but a true separation of the pure from the impure. What do you bring to the browser (or Node/Deno/Bun) to get your FP on in JS!?
And quick aside. Command-Query Separation. This is FP, right? Is it something which plays heavily into how you think about and write code? For me, it's a resounding yes! I made a proposal for JavaScript called Command Syntax which leans heavily on CQS and FP thinking, but at times in discussions with other JS devs I don't usually sense a deep FP connection. I feel like I'm speaking another language to another community with different cares.
I want more FP in jS. If that's you too and you like the idea I'm promoting, please consider lending support in this forum thread. Sign ups are free. Plus, your feedback and perspective, since you are of FP ilk, will be especially valuable.
Thank you.
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