Is the belle chasse ferry open


2009.01.11 21:13 Louisiana

Louisiana: Home to Alligators, Mosquitoes, and Crooked Politicians.

2012.06.02 08:52 dpresk01 For practitioners or the curious to come and chat

This group is for the discussion of the religion of Vodou. For now, it is focused on the Haitian tradition, but I welcome links and discussions of West African, New Orleans, or other related traditions. I am resurrecting this group, so feel free to message me with any ideas for features, etc. that you would like to see.

2018.09.15 21:55 Camco88 Harpers Ferry (FO76)

Welcome to the SubReddit of Harpers Ferry (FO76). We are a Fallout 76 Faction with 100+ members who's goal is to civilize/rebuild the Wasteland. We offer many paths/playthroughs for our members such as allowing them to open businesses, joining our Military, buying a home, creating their own settlement, etc. In fact you can do whatever you want in our Faction. If you are interested in Joining us our Discord Link is Otherwise, have fun on the Reddit!

2023.06.02 17:07 childfreeentry I hate that I love Creed Aventus for Her

I initially sprayed this in store, I wasn’t wowed by the opening so I fobbed it off as another uninteresting “freshie”. I decided to give it a full days wear a few days ago and grew obsessed! I’m in love with the green apple note and musky, woody goodness in the dry down. It’s so beautifully blended and couldn’t stop smelling myself. This is how I want to smell! I think I’ve found the perfect summer scent for me but the price tag is a killer! 🫠
So before I bite the bullet, I was wondering what your experiences are with this scent, good or bad observations if any? Has the purchase or experience been worth the price tag for you? If not, why? X
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2023.06.02 17:07 JaceyLessThan3 Looking for Cast: Caverns of Thracia, OD&D

I am looking for players to take part in a series of recorded open table games of Original D&D, running the classic dungeon Caverns of Thracia. Voice chat is required, but webcam is optional.
The first session is going to be this Sunday, starting at 11AM Eastern.
Post here, or message me if you are interested!
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2023.06.02 17:06 ShotInteraction2894 Serpentine Tower - A possible confirmation of where the next step is - by Leon Nake.

Serpentine Tower - A possible confirmation of where the next step is - by Leon Nake.
Greetings, my friends.
Well, I'm Leon Nake, a brazilian player and like many in our community, I'm also part of the group of players trying to figure out how to unravel the mysteries that surround the game until today.
Leveling up or trying to get as strong for me has never been the type of game that I enjoy. Personally, I think that Nightmare and the game's Lore team did a great job of putting puzzles and hidden things to be simply ignored. But, well, everyone plays as they like, right?
I come here today to share what I discovered yesterday while investigating the serpentine tower. I'll warn you in advance: No, I haven't been able to free the Vampire or the Behemoth, but I've discovered things that may be proof of where the next step is or what it entails.
It comes as no surprise to anyone that many talk of the next step involving the Green Djinns, this is nothing new. What else is here on reddit are the photos of floors similar to the tower of the green djinns (if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll revisit below), but what I'm going to share with you is about a possible VALIDATION that the next step involves the Djinns. Let's go, what I discovered and how I found it, I show you below:
Initially, everything started with inspiration from a Tibia Secrets article called "Serpentine Tower: A New Perspective on the Vertical Labyrinth" by Meadek ( - it's an excellent read and has versions in English, Spanish and Portuguese, I highly recommend it).

Well, in summary, Meadek brings a method that he started to use to decipher or try to understand the Serpentine Tower through a perspective of our own character. It seems logical but it's something we don't usually practice in the game. It's an RPG after all, so even if we have a server with a map, showing everything he can within the maximum range of the screen, what in theory our character can see is what is within his range of vision (Ex: if you are going to end up in a room with 9 sqm of 3x3, in the middle of the desert and this room has no doors and windows, even if we see the desert, our character has no way of knowing since he is inside a room with solid walls , believe me, this is important).
So, having the Meadek style vision, he describes in the article the vision of his character, as if it were in first person (imagine you playing with your character in the style of Counter Strike, ok?). We know that the society of Ankrahmun was contaminated by a plague that turned them into Undead. We also know through the Research Notes, that in the Serpentine Tower, a tower of Sorcerers, there were several studies of spells that are the ones we have today or improved versions of the ones that already exist.
That said, when we entered the room below the bookstore, we found a messy room, as if someone had used that room for the last time. The blood was being investigated but the pharaoh asked to suspend this study (That research note that has crossed out letters, just see the explanation in the article cited above), so that's why there is blood under the other research notes. Someone was testing. Just like in the drawer, there's another note studying the cat-eye spell, which in theory would make it easier to see in the dark, which would make it easier for them to be discreet and not draw attention for some reason. Coincidentally, the room with the white pearl chest is a room activated by a secret mechanism and appears to be a study room, a testing room, which would be ideal for studying cat-eye since it has no lights.
We activate the extinguished torch and it does not light, but releases the Fire Elemental on the floor below. Torch - Fire - Fire Elemental. This you already know.
Having the same perspective, in first person, when going down the stairs, our character comes across a room with a symbol on the floor and a ladder to go down. - "What do you mean, Leon? There's a room in the left, with some things and there's a Behemoth, a Vampire and a Fire Elemental in the right!". Yes, but this is our vision! Assuming your character's vision, he will only see walls, in this case, now we see that one part of the walls opened and a Fire Elemental appeared, with a lever.
Pulling the lever and going down, we arrive at the floor that motivated this post. The Djinn's floor.
THE DJINN FLOOR A lot of people try a lot of things, throw various items and use as Maedek mentions in the article "brute force", but I believe that the visual part gives us hints but also causes distractions. The Djinn is a magical creature, it is trapped with a magic wall, energy field, in a cage surrounded by Lava. Imagine your character defeating the Djinn and looking at that room with items behind that grid, it need to talk to us. As the Djinn is clearly what the CIP wants us to look at (it seems). There is a lot of information that can be extracted from this room, such as the mystery of the description of the boots of walterwaking and ring of the wishes for example, however, I turned my attention only to the Djinn.
When I went to research the way to Mal'ouquah (Tower of the Green Djinns), since it had been a long time since I had gone there, I accidentally came across a tool that the website has when viewing maps (The website is like a tibiafandom, but Brazilian), where he can draw horizontal and vertical lines or diagonal lines as examples below:
Remembering s2ward's article on gethub (, showing about the magic web, I tried to take a shot in the dark and started looking in the Djinn's room if there was any correlation between the items shown with some other part of the room and this is where it started to get interesting...
....Again, it might be a long shot, but I found it to be a lot of coincidence.
If Mal'uoquah or the creatures from that place has anything to do with this part or may contain hints about the next step, there are 2 specific types of creatures: Green Djinns and Efreets (which is also a green djinn, but stronger). Taking into account the items exposed on the bench after the lava, only the Small Oil Lamp is dropped by both monsters, but the Efreet also drops the Wand of Inferno.
That said, I tried to draw a parallel using the lines laid out on the map with the items on the table and what I found gave my body that dopamine hit:
If you doesn't understand yet, I'll help you....
These are the lines in the room and this is the point where they intersect: In the second basin, right when we go down the stairs. That is, selecting this basin sqm, the stripes cross exactly over the 2 items that are dropped by Green Djinns. That in itself would be suspicious, but nothing that great yet.
However, the shivers got stronger when, without taking away from the selected sqm (in the basin) I went up to the surface and zoomed out, to increase the field of view of the map and to my surprise, the line that crosses the Wand of Inferno, passes right over...
Where there's strange filelds on the floor:
Picture from:
The next step from here is still being worked out by me and others trying to decipher the serpentine, but it could be a strong indication that we should focus on this part of the story for now. I think it's extremely important to take into account the game's roleplay, to understand that CIP works with puzzles immersed in RPG, so it's not enough to look at it from the player's point of view, look at our character, because we leave distractions aside and start to find things that can indeed have an effect, instead of spending so much energy in a rough way, looking for an answer in randomness.
I hope to contribute to these discoveries, write if you think it make sense, if you think it could be a path or if doesn't make any sense.
I'm in Gladera with the character Leon Nake at my disposal. CYA!.
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2023.06.02 17:06 Xenoryzen_Dragon Nintendo Switch Android Emulator App Inside Nintendo Switch Jailbreak Edition

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2023.06.02 17:05 marakarta Help! What would a card shop give me for these? And what are they actually worth? (NFS, yet) bonus Nolan Ryan game ball

Help! What would a card shop give me for these? And what are they actually worth? (NFS, yet) bonus Nolan Ryan game ball
These where my uncle's collection that I got when he passed, and from what I've been told they where all sleeved immediately upon opening. The first pic is a 1/8" metal "card
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2023.06.02 17:05 TekAzurik I desperately need a hose recommendation

Hello folks, I don’t garden a ton but I’ve been trying to do more and I’m really struggling with hose selection. My hose hookup is near the front of my house and I primarily need to keep my hose at the back of my house, so I’ve been buying 100’ lengths, running a length to the back of the house and coiling up the rest. During the warm months (I live in the north east) I have the valve open so I don’t have to walk all the way to the front to turn the hose on. This of course puts wear on the hose and my big issue with conventional hoses was trouble coiling them when full, they would eventually kink and break. So I bought a flexihose. This one lasted all summer like this and was great but I didn’t do a great job of storing it for the winter and it got leaks. I bought another one, a third party one because flexihose wasn’t on Amazon when I looked. This one has only lasted like 2 months and now has a hole in it. I would love something that’s tough enough to withstand being full of water for 6 months but flexible enough that I can coil and uncoil it without a lot of effort. Does such a product exist? Can one patch a flexihose? Thanks!
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2023.06.02 17:05 Fabulous-Ad-8866 I (36M) think my fiancée (33F) is being unfaithful but I can't prove it and I don't want to lose her.

Strap in. It's a long one, and may be a bit NSFW. I'll start with the background, could be important. We've been together 17 years, and obviously there have been highs and lows. We're both bisexual but I don't think that really has any bearing on the situation. Up until about four or five years ago, I had a somewhat insatiable sex drive. To the point where it started to feel like I might have a condition or an addiction. Often it would feel to me like I was pestering her for sex. At the time she was working long shifts in nursing, I can understand that she would be tired and maybe not interested in sex. Eventually (like I said, four or five years ago) I managed to control my urges and started initiating sex a lot less. Things got good, we were intimate when we both felt like it, and the sex was good. She got a new job in IT, working from home when the covid thing happened. And her sex drive suddenly went through the roof. A complete 180, now it sometimes felt like she was pestering me. I struggled to keep up honestly and it showed. She told me it felt like I was just "going through the motions". I got a new job after the whole covid thing, now I was (still am) doing 12-14 hour shifts daily, coming home absolutely shattered. Add to this that I've put on a fair bit of weight, and the guys at work like to joke about that kind of thing, with not being able to satisfy my fiancée in the bedroom, it's safe to say I feel like I'm at my lowest point mentally. I have never felt this depressed. Things came to a head in April this year, around the time of our anniversary. We booked a week away in a nice little cabin. There was a hot tub, it was secluded. She packed a few toys and nice lingerie she had bought especially for the occasion. But on the first day I struggled to bring her to climax, not a thing that happens a lot, but has happened more than I would like recently. We had a chat and I confessed that the stress of work and how I don't feel great about myself right now has kind of killed my sex drive. She said she understood but I could tell she was upset. Understandable. We enjoyed the holiday overall and we were intimate a few times, one of which was the best we'd had in a long while. Now, we had discussed a few times in the past the possibility of introducing another person in the bedroom. And even the possibility of seperate "playmates". While on the holiday, I suggested it again. She laughed and said she wouldn't want to, as she thought it might make things worse for me in my current mental state. One reason we discussed seperate "playmates" is because there are fetishes that we don't share. To the point where she expressed interest in something in particular that turned me off so much I flat out said "go and find someone else to do that for you" So. About a week after our holiday she came to me and said she had indeed found someone to indulge in her fetish with. Now I must preface that this fetish does not involve penetrative sex. We had a discussion and set some boundaries. Those boundaries being no penetrative or oral sex. Anything else is on the table, go and have fun. She told me who this other person was, and it's a male friend she has told me about before. They met on a discord server for people with "deviant" sexual tastes (I think. I'm not entirely sure of the actual purpose of the server, it started when another server (one that revolved around sharing NSFW/risqué pics of goblins, that I was also a member of) kind of went to shit). Now I need to make it clear that I'm not some kind of prude. I have my own deviant tastes, just some things aren't to my taste. This friend she had met up with once before. She told me it was for drinks and there were other people there. She also went on to tell me that he was a shy type that had no real friends and was lonely. She hung out with this guy one on one a few times afterwards and told me that she felt sorry for him because he was lonely and had no friends. When we discussed her meeting up with this guy to indulge in her fetish, she added that he was not her type and that she wasn't even sexually attracted to him. On the day she was going to meet up, she left very early, a lot earlier than I had assumed she would. But it is like a 3 hour bus journey, so I thought nothing of it. The whole day I worried. We had agreed that she would share her location with me in case anything happened. But she shared it for an hour and then nothing the rest of the day. At about midnight, she messaged me saying she had missed her bus and could I come pick her up from the station in that town. Of course I agreed. When I picked her up I asked her how it was, and would she be doing it again. She said it was "alright" and might do it again. She also mentioned that she had tried to give the guy a "happy ending" but that he couldn't keep his erection. I don't know why she felt the need to tell me that but thought nothing of it at the time. I will say that after that day, I don't know if it's jealousy or some kind of fetish I didn't know I had, but my sex drive has started to improve. This is important for later I think. About a week later she told me she would be going to hang out with him again, but just to hang out. The next morning I went to work, and found that I had gone in too early as they had put me on a later shift and I failed to check the rota board. So I went back home. Bearing in mind this was between 7 and 8am. When I got home my fiancée was nowhere to be seen. I admittedly panicked a little. Something snapped in me and I tried to call her. She didn't answer 3 times. Then she called me back about 15 minutes later saying she was on her way to her friend's place and that he had messaged her the night before and asked her to hang out, and that she could work from his house. I noticed that it sounded like she was indoors, not on a bus or train. It was like she was in a hall that echoed. I went on with my day, but couldn't stop thinking about her and what she was doing. She was out until midnight again and I really started to worry then. I actually broke down crying. Shamefully, I also tried to access her computer to look at her discord conversations with her friend. I found that the pin she usually uses does not work on he pc and her discord password no longer works on our shared tablet. When she got home she apologised for not telling me. I told her her how it made me feel and that I had tried to get into her discord account and she said she hadn't changed her passwords then she apologised again and said if I wanted she would stop hanging out with him. Of course I said that wasn't necessary and I was just being silly, but she does need to tell me when she's going and how long she's going to be. The latest thing, the one that has cemented my thoughts that she's not sticking to those boundaries we set happened last Friday. She said on the Tuesday that she was gonna meet her friend on Friday for "a meal and drinks" to celebrate her birthday which was on the Sunday. Now I assumed that a meal and drinks would mean an evening thing, right? On the Thursday night she showered and did her hair. Putting in a LOT of effort. She's quite meticulous with her appearance, but this just struck me as a lot. Then on the Friday morning, I left for work. She messaged me at 10:30 letting me know she was on her way. I asked why so early and she brushed it off saying its a 3 hour bus ride. So I thought okay, maybe she plans to come home earlier. When I get home I find a few things out of place that concern me. The first is that in the shower, there is her douche. It's normally kept in the cupboard and she only ever uses it when she plans on doing some "butt stuff" (this also includes what she did with her friend, that I admit I've been considering trying in an attempt to remove him from the equation). The second thing was that the draw of my end table next to the bed was open. I normally keep condoms and lube and some toys in this draw. There is one particular lube we have exclusively for butt stuff. That bottle was not in the draw. I lost my cool. I got very angry and punched a wall. I may have damaged my hand. I left it and stewed in my own bile for a few hours. Then at about 10 I messaged her and asked about the douche and lube. After an uncharacteristic pause (with the "typing" bubble appearing and disappearing a few times) She brushed it off, has no idea where the lube is and douched because she was worried about a smell down there due to her period. At half past midnight she still hadn't texted me to tell me she was on her way home. Cue another bout of anger and more tears. I messaged her asking if she was coming home. After another uncharacteristic pause, She said she was on her way and would be 40 minutes, but would get an uber from the station. Now I know for sure she would have missed her last bus and it takes about 40 minutes to drive from her friend's town, so I instantly thought she was lying. I waited outside to see if she had in fact got an uber. As far as I can tell she did. But maybe from her friends place instead of the station. We had another long discussion and she reiterated that she didn't know where the lube was and that she wasn't having any kind of sex with her friend. I told her I thought she made a lot of effort for just a meal and drinks and she just said I was being ridiculous and it's the normal amount of effort she would make. She offered to show me the contents of her bag so I could see she didn't have the lube with her. I gave up and said that wouldn't be necessary, my insecurities were just making me paranoid. I even told her exactly what I thought was going on. Basically accused her of cheating. The whole time she didn't get angry or even look upset in the slightest. I asked her about it and she just said she understands how it looks and she's not angry or upset. We celebrated her birthday over the weekend, we didn't have sex, which is a little unusual, but considering what happened on Friday, I can understand. On Wednesday however I was tidying up before going to work, and I accidentally knocked her bag off of the sofa. The contents spilled out and as I was picking them up I found the missing bottle of lube. Now this was a new bottle when I last saw it, still had the plastic seal over the lid, we hadn't used it yet. But when it fell out of her bag and I picked it up, there was no seal. I tried to forget it and go to work. Maybe she put it there when we went out the weekend before? But unfortunately on the way to work I started to panic. I couldn't focus on anything but that bottle and I started shaking and my chest felt tight. So I told my boss I had to go home. When my fiancée woke up I confronted her with the bottle. She said she had no idea it was in her bag. She even said why would she tell me to look for it if she knew it was there and was trying to hide it. I broke down. I ugly cried, huddled in a blanket, shaking. I pleaded with her to tell me the truth. And the whole time she remained calm, I even thought emotionless. She's normally a very empathetic person, doesn't like to see people cry, and has said on multiple occasions that men crying really gets to her and makes her upset. At this point I can't help thinking something is definitely going on. But I can't get any proof. I don't want to push it with her, I don't want to ask her to show me her discord conversations. I just want to forget the whole thing. I love this woman, and she says she loves me too. I wish I could just go on like nothing has happened. But whenever I get a moment to myself I have thoughts that she's going to leave me. She's just waiting for something. I don't know what. Both of our birthdays are within two weeks and I'm worried that after mine, this coming Tuesday, she's going to drop this huge bomb.
Sorry for the long post, any help on how to put it out of my mind would be great. TLDR is in the title.
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2023.06.02 17:05 IllBeGoneSoon-Sorry What is it like to have at least 90,000 in student loans?

I’ve recently been accepted into Georgetown’s graduate school, however, I’m very hesitant to take on 90,000 worth of student loans for a masters degree. I know there’s a lot to take into account here, like what my masters degree would be in and the sort of career opportunities it would open up.
But what I want to know is this: How have students loans impacted your life? How do you think your life would look without them? Do have any warnings for those who are considering taking on a debt like yours?
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2023.06.02 17:04 eatyourvegetablessss Southern California

Open enrollment is coming up in a few months and I have Kaiser. My coupon runs out at the end of the month and I’m struggling to get the 12.5 dose. It seems to be out of stock everywhere. Anyways I am shopping for a insurance plan that covers Mounjaro without a PA that will approve it / cover it at a reasonable price. Please drop down your recommendations!
I met with w a kaiser PA yesterday. They said they’re not allowed to prescribe Mounjaro until it’s approved by the FDA. & the FDA is taking forever to approve it.
Started Mounjaro august 2022 SW 236 Cw 199/200 A1C went from 5.7 to 5.3 Blood pressure is now normal Triglycerides currently 166 from 181
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2023.06.02 17:04 LongComprehensive774 Do I need a business account for flipping?

I'd like to ask your opinion regarding bank accounts. At which stage do you guys think I should open a business bank account?
My plan is to flip houses and wholesale deals. I am in the earlier stages of investing, but I've already been spending money with direct mail, LLC fees, website, training...all of these I used my personal credit card for payment.
Appreciate your help and opinions.
Thank you so much.
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2023.06.02 17:04 Eremenkko reflecting on horrible experience i had 2.5 years now, after realising the other person probably had bpd

was recently looking at another subreddit, which was discussing a twitch live-streamers recent actions and how they were similar to the actions someone bpd would take.
symptoms of, risk taking behavior, impaired social relationships, narcissism, victim complex, fear of abandonment, poor self image, and others.
kinda made me think back to an experience i had, which i now realise that person probably had BPD.
2.5 years ago i slept with someone on the first date who had those symptoms, and told her i was open to go on a second date with her. retracted that statement a week later after i realised the numerous red flags that i was blind to and she sobbed to me for 40 minutes in a phone call, pleading and begging me to date her. i said no, but mistakenly said we could be on speaking terms as friends cause she had no support network.
i dont hear from her for another week, she ends up calling me and saying that she came back from the mental hospital after ingesting a bottle full of pills that she had to get removed out of her stomach. alongside of this listing all of her life-long trauma in her life which caused this episode, including me not going on a second date with her. basically backhandedly insinuating that i was one of reasons why she tried to kill herself.
shit fucked me up for a while, and was legit questioning my morality in the situation even though all i did was reject going on a second date.
im glad i came to my senses and just blocked all her accounts a few days after, cause i just couldnt handle even being a friend/acquaintance to someone like that despite her mental health
after this experience, let me give you a hypothetical, is it okay for in a future relationship, if someone you admire tells you that they have bpd. are you perfectly in the right to end things there? cause i have not researched this mental health illness much, but i dont know if situations like this are common or if its a case-by-case basis to where people with this dont act this way? i have alot of patience and i can sacrifice parts of my time and effort to compensate for it but im not sure if i could handle dealing with stuff like that again.
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2023.06.02 17:04 SharkAttackTime Genderfluid, or in transition denial?

Hello! So I'm 34, AMAB, and have identified as genderfluid for a while now, but I'm wondering if I have been doing so purely out of convenience. I have to "boy mode" at work, and usually present somewhere in the middle at home as my partner hasn't quite gotten to the point where she is comfortable with me presenting full femme.
While I don't necessarily feel miserable in either of those forms of expression, I do find myself fairly fixated on feeling and presenting as female internally. This was a little ridiculous, and an eye opener for me as to how obsessed I have become, but I spent about 3 hours yesterday putting on a cute outfit, taking pictures, editing them to add makeup and more feminine features in order to make an AI app think I was female, and then had said AI app "undress" me and give me a female body. My heart was literally pounding throughout the whole process. Now I can't stop staring at the pictures it made, and I think that I look great with boobs. If that doesn't scream dysphoria then idk what does.
So yea, TLDR, I thought I was GF but have been obsessing about the feeling of being a woman, so am I just in denial of wanting to transition fully out of convenience? Obviously no one knows the answer, but I'm curious if others have felt the same and what the end result was. Thanks loves!
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2023.06.02 17:04 Foxythegod My Mom kinda “forced” me to come out to her and now I feel lost

So for a some context, I’ve been slowly tackling the questions I’ve had since around 2019 about my gender (mtf) but really started tackling them in mid 2022. And in the cautious march tackling the questions, I’ve really started to like myself the more I see a more feminine person in the mirror; whether that be by doing makeup, or wearing skirts and leggings and other stuff.? With that all being said, and living with my parents over the summer while college is out, it’s been difficult for me to continue doing the same things at home as I did at college and I’ve kinda sunk back into the mild depression I was in before. My mom, seeing as how I wear my “athletic pants”(leggings) around the house everyday and have been growing out my hair more and talk about trans issues a fair bit, yesterday kept texting me she wanted to talk and as we were sitting at the dinner table she kinda alluded to all that and asked whether I wanted to tell her about anything which I didn’t really want to have the conversation yet. She then told me to come talk with her in the bedroom so my dad didn’t get involved in the conversation. Before just opening up with, so why do you want to be a girl? And from there it was just 15 of the longest minutes I’ve ever felt of being questioned over everything some of which more PG-13 and telling me that while she didn’t care regardless, that her my grandma would more than likely support me but I’d likely lose everyone else. The whole time I felt like I was trying to somehow justify myself and had my dogs not been in the room with me I probably would’ve broken down trying to. Now I just feel more lost than ever and don’t know what to do. I like being a girl and being called a girl when I’m in person or playing online, but that doesn’t seem to be enough justification as if I needed to justify my feelings.
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2023.06.02 17:04 adeelmoon120 No permission required

No permission required
I am unable to Grant any permission.. the app said no permission required but unable to open Media without permission.. my phone is s23ultra n i have premium informer. Plz help
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2023.06.02 17:04 DERPYTHANOS321 I'd like to have some suggestions of what to play.

Some of my favorite games are RDR2, Ghost of Tsushima, The Witcher 3, God of War, Horizon games, and TLOU. What games would you recommend me based on my favorites? I've played the Assassins Creed games as well, they're okay, but I want to play something incredible with a great dramatic story (like the games I've mentioned) and descent gameplay as well with some open world. I have an interest in Bloodborne, but knowing the Souls games, they aren't really story based are they? I like good non repetitive combat (I'm looking at you Assassin's Creed), is Bloodborne or Sekiro a good choice for my description though? And if you guys have any recommendations please say.
Btw other games I've played are Elden Ring, Cyberpunk, and all the GTA games, and etc., I haven't played any Uncharted game though. So yeah I'd like some recommendations.
Edit: It doesn't really have to be Open World, but just give your great suggestions.
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2023.06.02 17:04 grenskaxo looking for a short linear singlepalyer game

Whilst I'm waiting for the diablo 4 release, I'd like to find a game to play just until it released which is when I can play it. so ideally I don't want a massive exploration filled open world RPG or anything like that. preferably not have any side quests, so that I can just focus on the story and complete it. If the game does have side quests but still linear that is fine. doesnt matter how many hours but maybe something pretty short.
i wont go into details what i have palyed cause i dont want to make this comment too long but i have palyed star trek resurgance and it fits the fill. Miasma chronicles is good and its pretty much light hearted story than mutant year eden zero and its from the same dev and its been a banger playing it even though little bit long cuase its turn based like xcom. Kara no shoujo is like preety much short version of phoneix wright but no court depepnds on the ending route you get. Pretty much aether gazer even thoughi ts a gacha game is like this for me too cause side content are just optional and the main story is just missions by missions same thing with punshing gray raven. Uma musume is good for this too its just like uhh football manager esque take on it but with like a anime horse girl and has a main story than football manager. so yeah anything good short linear singlpelayer games to tide me over?
Thank you very much
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2023.06.02 17:04 Registeredweaver Will I be safe in Florida if I’m trans

My family is going on vacation to Disney bc of work rewards.(has to be a holiday inn in Florida, that’s the reward) But I’m trans, am I safe within the walls of Disney? Can the government take me from my family (I’m won’t quite be 18 when we go) the laws in Florida scare me. If I am open about being trans in Disney world, will I be “turned in”? Magic Guides did an article(Is Disney World Transgender Friendly?) say the staff is taught to be accepting to trans people (posted in February) so I’m hoping that’s still a standard when we go. I want to be myself and be safe.
(Note: I’m a Canadian citizen and would also like to know if I can be taken anyway or does being Canadian give me protection)
TL:DR am I safe from the laws in Florida inside of Disney
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2023.06.02 17:04 jjaekksseun Best laptops for incoming college freshman in US. I was given $1500 as a technology grant for low income students, so I would like to put most of that towards a new laptop.

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2023.06.02 17:04 golangprojects [Hiring] Senior Golang Engineer - Remote in EMEA at WunderGraph (work from anywhere in Europe!)

One part of WunderGraph is what we call the "Engine", it's the backbone of our product and is used in our API Gateway, the WunderNode. As we're seeing more and more demand for our product, we're looking to extend our team with a Senior Golang Engineer who will be working mainly on the Engine and the WunderNode.
This is why we’re hiring a full-time, fully remote Senior Golang Engineer - Remote in EMEA As a Golang Engineer at WunderGraph, you will work on some fun projects The "Engine" is essentially a Golang application which translates GraphQL requests into any other protocol, like OpenAPI, SOAP, gRPC, GraphQL, Apollo Federation, etc... You could consider the Engine as a "GraphQL Compiler" or Transpiler. The Engine is responsible for parsing, normalization, execution planning, execution runtime, etc... If you are interested in working with ASTs, AST transformations, etc... you will love this kind of work. We have performance requirements, so you should be proficient in writing performant and low GC code in Golang.
Some of your tasks will take more than a few weeks to complete, Ideally, you're someone who likes to go deep on one topic instead of going wide and shallow on many different topics.
Here's a list of things you might be working on: Extend the Compiler "backend" to support Apollo Federation v2 Extend the Compiler "backend" to support gRPC Implement a native Go-based data source for SOAP and OpenAPI, currently we're using a Node.js based solution with a bridge Improve the batching-implementation of the Engine Improve the performance of the Engine in general, driven by feedback from our customers
If I (the CEO) had more time, I'd do all of this on my own, just because I enjoy this kind of work. Unfortunately, my role requires me to focus on Marketing, Sales, Product, and other aspects of the company. That's why we're looking to expand our "Engine Team" with you!
What you bring to the table You should have enough experience to work independently A hard requirement is that you can dig into hard problems and find solutions on your own. We can help you to understand the Engine Architecture, but then you should be able to work on your own. You should have experience working with ASTs, AST transformations, etc... You should have experience writing performant and low GC code in Golang, and know how to benchmark Go code Experience with GraphQL, API Gateways, Proxies, and Networking in general is a plus Experience with OpenAPI, SOAP, gRPC, GraphQL, Apollo Federation is a plus Ideally, you could show through your Open Source contributions that you're a good match for this role You should be comfortable working with a remote team and be able to communicate effectively in English You should be open to meeting with the team for a few days in a row once per quarter in a retreat-like setting You'll be primarily working on open source projects, so you should be comfortable working in the open The Engine team is currently 2 people, you'd be the third. The team is in EMEA, so you should be in a similar timezone.
How we work We're currently a team of 13 developers. We have cycles of 2 weeks, but we keep the planning and regular meetings to a minimum. We really like async work, e.g. by writing down RFCs and discussing them asynchronously via GitHub or Notion.
It's currently a super exciting time to join WunderGraph, as we're seeing a lot of traction in the market. This means that you will be working on a product that has immediate impact on our customers and their businesses. You'll get immediate feedback after a feature is released and see how it's being used by our customers. We love small iterations and shipping early and often so we can get feedback as soon as possible and adjust our plans accordingly.
At the same time, we put a lot of emphasis on quality, testing, and code reviews. We're currently building out a testsuite of end-to-end tests to improve the stability of our product a little bit more with every pull request.
Why it’s fun to work at WunderGraph Small, fast-moving team (really nice people!) with team members from 9 countries You can make a difference both with your work and your personality Opportunity to be part of a fantastic engineering culture Build something you love Discretionary PTO Competitive compensation Quarterly team retreats across the globe
Note: This is a full-time, fully remote position. We are looking for someone who is available to work during European business hours. 
The Process Intro with our CEO and CTO Culture fit call with the team Reference Check and Offer
We’re looking forward to your application so we can grow together!
Read more / apply:
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2023.06.02 17:04 ugneaaaa MTF trans going to uni

I’m going to go to university this year and I’m concerned about dorms, I’ve been on HRT for quite some time now and I have visible breasts, look sort of female and every week I male fail a lot even with men’s clothes on. My legal sex is male so I’m going to get housed with 1-2 other men in a single room, also I will have to share an open shower room with all men on the floor. I’m genuinely afraid of being sexually assaulted or harassed, most guys are quite aggressive and spend all of their free time drinking hard liquor. I don’t know what to do
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2023.06.02 17:03 SharkAttackTime Genderfluid, or in transition denial?

Hello! So I'm 34, AMAB, and have identified as genderfluid for a while now, but I'm wondering if I have been doing so purely out of convenience. I have to "boy mode" at work, and usually present somewhere in the middle at home as my partner hasn't quite gotten to the point where she is comfortable with me presenting full femme.
While I don't necessarily feel miserable in either of those forms of expression, I do find myself fairly fixated on feeling and presenting as female internally. This was a little ridiculous, and an eye opener for me as to how obsessed I have become, but I spent about 3 hours yesterday putting on a cute outfit, taking pictures, editing them to add makeup and more feminine features in order to make an AI app think I was female, and then had said AI app "undress" me and give me a female body. My heart was literally pounding throughout the whole process. Now I can't stop staring at the pictures it made, and I think that I look great with boobs. If that doesn't scream dysphoria then idk what does.
So yea, TLDR, I thought I was GF but have been obsessing about the feeling of being a woman, so am I just in denial of wanting to transition fully out of convenience? Obviously no one knows the answer, but I'm curious if others have felt the same and what the end result was. Thanks loves!
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