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2023.05.29 14:57 WiDirtFishing What to look for?

It looks really clean and well taken care of. Merc and boat are a 2008. Live in WI so inky freshwater use with it. My concern is a 15 year old boat with 170 hours. I feel like this boat sat alot which is maybe why it’s so clean. Seller says he did the oil and lower gear oil every year… Anything i should look for or check out when i take it for a test drive? How is the price? I’m pretty new to boats.
Ad states: It time to sell my baby. It measures 18.5' long, with an 8' beam and a very deep hull. It's a wonderful boat that is very versatile and handles the big water very well. However I am just not using it much anymore. It has a Mercury Verado 150 on it, self bailing deck, live well, electric trim tabs, cannon aluminum mounting tracks, raw water wash down, ski tow pilon, Mercury smart craft gauge, and a newer Sony Bluetooth sound system. It is in very good condition(not perfect), and has been garage kept for most of its life. This boat will go Salmon fishing on lake Michigan in the morning, take the fam out for Skiing/tubing in the afternoon, and fish the backwaters for bass in the evening. It's a true convertible. The motor has only 172 hours on it, and runs perfect. $20,500.
Tags: Seahunt Grady white SeaPro Boston Whaler Scout Robalo Fish and Ski Trolling Salmon
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2023.05.29 14:55 shamelic Build sparring for Storm Brand Indigon using curse recovery mastery


A couple of weeks ago when I saw the video about using curse recovery mastery (recover 1% of life and mana when cursing a non-cursed enemy) with replica doedre's damning to be able to recover 1% of life and mana (x amount curses you are applying) with each hit, I wanted to make Storm Brand Indigon build with it. I have now killed all the ubers a handfull of times and I think I have gotten most of the build in to good shape, but I believe there is still a lot of room for improvement and I would like to discuss about ways to improve the build in this thread.

The build

The core of the build is Indigon with curse mastery Recover 1% of Mana when you Curse a Non-Cursed Enemy - Recover 1% of Life when you Curse a Non-Cursed Enemy. The Idea is to apply multiple curses with each hit to recover enough mana so that we can keep the Indigon stacks as high as possible. I chose Storm Brand as a skill because with one cast the brand can hit like 40 times over it's lifetime (against one enemy), and with my current setup it's 8,2 times per second which leads to 8% life and mana recovered per second per brand per curse. I currently have 4 curses on hit and we can keep two brands on boss, which gives us 8,2 hits/s * 4 curses * 2 brands = 66% of life and mana recovered each second against one mob. For my setup this comes to about 2,8k mana and 2,6k life recovered per sec.
Because our curse limit is 0 we can't rely on curses to give us ele pen, I thought it is easiest to go Inquisitor and ignore all the elemental penetration doodahs with Inevitable Judgement which makes our crits ignore enemy's elemental resistances. I thought about Hierophant from mana stacking perspective, but I just don't think there is enough value there.
The toon was originally manabond hiero, and I thought similar int/strength stacking action could be utilized here. I am currently at 1077 int and 733 strength and I get quite good amount of life, mana, ES and crit from this. I have 4,2k unreserved life, 4,5k ES and 4,1K mana.


The areas I would like to make better are survivability and clear speed. We have damage more than enough, and I am willing to sacrifice some of it for better QoL.
On paper I have 54k effective hit pool with MoM, or 42k without MoM. I have 66% of life and mana recovered per sec against single monster. But for some reason the build doesn't feel that tanky. It might be because the recovery is dependent on my brands hitting something, and there is a lot of situations where my brands are not hitting anything but damage is coming in. This combined with no mitigating mechanics like evasion or armor sometimes chips away the hit pool quickly. This is especially deadly if I have ramped the Indigon up to high mana cost and left to low mana without brands hitting anything, as now I am left waiting for the Indigon mana cost to ramp down so I can cast Storm Brand and get the life and mana recovery running again.
My feeling is that I would either need high mitigation, or some damage recovery mechanic. I tried switching Wrath to Determination with granite flask and Divine shield but it didn't feel like fixing the issue that well. Recoup seems to be tied to life, so its value is a bit diminished as half of my hit pool is in ES. Have not tested it. Progenesis would likely help as it gives more leeway for situations where brands are not hitting anything at that instant but have not been able to test it out yet.
The other "problem" is clear speed. I mean it is by no means bad, but I would like for it to be better. I think the problem comes from Storm Brand as a skill, as one brand can only kill a couple of mobs with each brand activation. I have taken the mastery Brands Attach to a new Enemy each time they Activate, no more than once every 0.3 seconds and invested a bit to brand attachment range, which helped a ton, but still things could be better. It might also be that I was just spoiled by my previous TS deadeye build.


Here are couple of ideas I have considered that could be pursued on top of the ones I already mentioned before (mitigation mechanics, recoup, Progenesis).
Any thoughts? No need to restraint the ideas to things I have already thought of.
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2023.05.29 14:53 Sergey_Preobr Rat

"Pig! Nasty fat pig! - Arthur thought with irritation, leaving the subway, - Squeals, as if she is being cut! Businesswoman! I would put this businesswoman with doggy style right on her huge table and fuck her like a..."
Arthur Lomov was thirty-four and he had everything, like people have - a house, a wife, a child, death ahead, and death inside. He also had a job that he hated. More precisely, the work itself did not cause rejection in him, work as work is no worse than then of others. He did not like the bosses (who likes their?). And not even all the bosses, but only the headmistress, the one whom he was going to "fuck". Sleek and haughty, she spoke to people with undisguised disgust, through her teeth, sincerely and deeply despising the "cattle" that surrounded her. Lomov including. He was nobody for her, a manager, what millions, not even an insect, but a bacterium, office plankton. She has not fired him until now just because there was no case. And then the crisis broke out and rumors about layoffs spread around the office.
And as luck would have it, Arthur mixed up some numbers in the quarterly report. Margarita Nikolaevna called him into the office, and screamed as if he had stabbed and robbed a beggar on the porch of church! Not only did she deduct 30 percent from his salary, she also promised to fire he next time! Yes, he himself would have gone, on the same day! If he had money, real big money, say a million dollars!
Arthur suddenly imagined how he, in an expensive dark gray Versace suit, with a small suitcase in his hand, ignoring the screams of secretary, opened the door with a kick and entered the hated office. How the headmistress's already round stupid eyes are rounded.
"What do you want, Lomov?" She asks.
“I have a business proposal!” He says and puts the case on the table; - I want to fuck you ... Yes, to fuck you now on that table fore million dollars! Behind, you a lustful bitch!
“Yes, you are drunk Lomov, leave my office immediately ...” the headmistress says and the last word gets stuck in her throat, because at that moment Arthur opens the suitcase and she sees tight green bundles with real American money.
The headmistress hardly takes her eyes off the dollars, looks at Lomov, then back at the money. Her primitive brain tries to comprehend the non-standard situation and begins to boil.
"Where did you get this from, Lomov?" she says, swallowing her saliva.
"Who cares? You agree?"
The woman's face is covered with red spots, becomes confused and even somehow miserable.
“This is so unexpected…” she mutters, “what if someone comes in?”
Lomov does not answer anything, and only looks at the headmistress, enjoying her confusion.
Finally, having overcome her excitement, she presses the "selector" button:
“Lena don’t let anyone in to see me! I'm busy!"
Then she raises her eyes to Lomov and begins to unbutton her blouse with trembling fingers, the buttons do not obey her, she throws it, grabs the zipper on her skirt.
At this moment, Lomov slams the suitcase shut and takes it off the table.
"Best wishes!" he says.
"In what sense?" The headmistress asks bewildered.
"I changed my mind!" Arthur calmly answers and, without looking back, leaves the office...
He dreamed so much that he almost fell under the wheels and right on the pedestrian crossing. Some idiot on a tinted "nine" flashed in front of him, Arthur barely had time to bounce, but did not calculate his strength and fell into a puddle.
“No, that’s not good,” he thought, rising to his feet and shaking off the dirt from his jacket, “I need to drink urgently!”
* * *
The pub turned out to be very unpresentable, but this did not bother Lomov. Taking two mugs of beer, he hardly found a free table in the bluish smoke and finally took his first long sip.
- Your headmistress got nitpicking you up, and you are completely innocent of anything? - Arthur heard a dry cracked voice in his ear.
He raised his eyes and saw that a dubious appearanceg peasant with a week-long stubble and two mugs of light beer was sitting at his table. Since the question was purely rhetorical, Arthur merely chuckled vaguely in response.
Now ask me, how do I know this? - the stranger did not want to lag behind.
- What is this?
- Well, the fact that you were fucked by your headmistress for no reason at all?
- Well, how do you know that? - Said Arthur to get rid of the importunate type.
- It's very simple - I'm God! - The stranger said triumphantly. And noticing the bewilderment in the eyes of the interlocutor, he explained:
- Well, the one who created the Earth, the Sky and all this! - He glanced around at the smoky pub.
The life of Artur Lomov developed in such a way that he was not ready for such meetings.
"Yeah, that's exactly how I imagined you!" he chuckled sarcastically.
But the impostor, as it turned out, was not going to joke at all.
- What did you want? I look like this because of you! Because that's how you represent me! And if you were a Hindu, I could now have an elephant's head and a long trunk. What if you were a Mayan...
- Don't, I understand everything, - Arthur stopped him, - Just don't expect me to buy you beer!
- Do not make me laugh! I can create so much beer that it will flood not only your entire Moscow, but the entire planet! And what, not a bad idea - a worldwide beer flood! It is high time! Pathetic little people completely lost their fear, they do what they want! I created such a beautiful planet for you: blue seas, snow-capped mountains, shady forests, crystal waters of rivers! And what did you turn it into?
“Yes, the guy seems to be in trouble with his head!” - thought Arthur, listening to the ravings of an uninvited drinking companion.
Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.
- Well, if you are so omnipotent, could you, just as an entertainment, create for me, let's say a small suitcase with a million dollars? Lomov asked.
“I could,” reply the impostor, not at all embarrassed, “but I won’t. You see, money is such a thing… no matter how much they give you it anyway, very soon you will feel that this is not enough. I'd rather make sure you never need money at all. Is it coming?
Arthur shrugged vaguely.
- I will turn you, well, let's say ... - the stranger thought for a second, - into a rat!
“I don’t want to be a rat,” Lomov suddenly got scared, “they are vile and nasty!”
- No, no, just a rat! Big black rat! But not today, tomorrow. In the meantime, drink your beer!
- Wait! Don't turn me into anyone! - Arthur shouted, but the hanyga had already vanished into cigarette smoke.
* * *
Arthur could not get the key into the keyhole for a long time, and when he finally managed to open the door, he saw his wife in a dressing gown with a crumpled night face.
- Where are you hanging out? – Unkindly asked she, - Do you know what time it is? And why isn't the cell phone answering?
- The phone is dead. Probably ... - Arthur muttered, barely moving his tongue.
- You're l drunk! - The wife said and grimaced in disgust, - And with whom did you get so drunk?
- You will not believe - with God!
- Moron! - said the wife and slapped Arthur on the head with a slipper.
- I am not kidding! I actually drank beer with God and he promised to turn me into a rat! Tomorrow! - He suddenly felt funny, and he began to choke with laughter, - Imagine, tomorrow you wake up, and your husband is a rat, or rather ratman! But it's tomorrow, and now I want to sleep!
- You idiot, take off your shoes! - said the wife and went to the kitchen.
Lomov threw off his shoes with difficulty and went into the bedroom and, without undressing, collapsed onto the bed.
* * *
He dreamed of some nonsense: Margarita Nikolaevna, completely naked, in only shoes, walked around the office, scolded negligent employees, gave valuable instructions. The subordinates listened to her with a serious look and nodded their heads. And only one Arthur could hardly contain the laughter. But when the naked headmistress began to teach the electrician how to properly install the outlet, Lomov could not stand it and literally neighed out loud.
- Lomov, what's the matter with you? - Margarita Nikolaevna asked sternly, - Did I say something funny? By the way, how are you going to compensate for the colossal loss that you caused the company with your mistakes in the report? Do you have a million dollars?
- I have? – Surprised Arthur – Where?
- Then we could cut off your hand! - Suggested Margarita Nikolaevna, - Although wait! Say, are you drinking?
- No!
- It's good that you don't drink, and then we'll take your liver. Or not, better a kidney, because you have two of them!
And then Arthur saw a huge kitchen knife flash in the headmistress's hand. He realized that it was time to run, but his legs suddenly became wobbly and he could not budge...
* * *
Waking up the next morning with a sore head, Arthur first tried to understand why he felt so bad? Obviously, because he got drunk yesterday - that's clear. He strained his brain, and he managed to remember the scandal arranged by the headmistress, as well as the promise to fire him. After such it was a sin not to get drunk! But where? He didn't remember this.
However, there was no time to think, he was already late for work. Taking a sip of cold tea from a cup standing on the table, he quickly dressed and rushed out into the street.
* * *
Despite all the efforts, Lomov was still late for work. As soon as he sat down at his desk and turned on the computer, the secretary called and said that Margarita Nikolaevna urgently wanted to see him. His heart immediately felt ugly and cold.
Arthur honestly tried, following Chekhov, to squeeze a slave out of himself, drop by drop, but somehow it didn’t work out very well. He could convince himself as much as he wanted that the worst thing this woman could do to him was to fire him. Only and everything! But after all, he has arms, legs and a head on his shoulders; he will not die of hunger. But as soon as he was in the director's office, all logical arguments instantly evaporated, and only one animal inexplicable irrational fear remained. That vile, shrill voice pulled things out of the depths of his subconscious that he didn't even know existed. He literally physically felt how he began to decrease in size.
Even now, standing in front of the huge director's desk, like a delinquent schoolboy, he could not get rid of the feeling of his own insignificance.
“Not only are you unable to write an elementary report,” Margarita Nikolaevna’s voice boomed in his ears, “you are also late!” What do you not like about your work? Or do you want to be reduced?
Lomov suddenly imagined that he really was reduced, and at the same moment he saw how all the items in the director's office, including the hostess, began to grow rapidly. He did not immediately guess that in fact no one and nothing is growing, and that he himself is decreasing in size.
- Arthur Valentinovich, what are you doing? – Finally noticed the strange metamorphoses headmistress, - Immediately stop, I order you!
But Lomov was no longer able to stop anything. He was already looking at the edge of the director's table from the bottom up, and after a couple of seconds he realized that his height did not exceed the height of a woman's shoe.
- Rat! - Margarita Nikolaevna suddenly squealed and jumped onto the table with unexpected agility, - Lena, come here soon!
Whistling a few centimeters from his temple, the massive crystal ashtray hit the carpet with a dull thud, and Arthur realized that any delay could cost him his life. With all his might, he rushed under the closet, and a mobile phone and a few obscene words flew after him.
- Where is the rat, Margarita Nikolaevna? - asked the secretary, who came running to the cry.
- She hid under the closet! Call the guard as soon as possible, the closet must be urgently moved away before she runs away!
Realizing that he could not hide here, Arthur began to look for a way out and soon discovered a gap between the plinth and the wall. With difficulty, squeezing through a narrow opening, he found himself in a pier between the main wall and the plasterboard panels with which the office was sheathed. Only now did he feel relatively safe and tried to analyze the situation.
First, he realized that not only had he shrunk in size, but even worse, he had turned into a rat (he never liked rats). This followed not only from the screams of the headmistress (she could call her subordinate and not that way!) but mainly from the long bare tail dragging after him.
And only then Arthur remembered yesterday's visit to the pub and dubious type who called himself God.
It must be said that yesterday he treated his random drinking companion rather lightly, but now, under the pressure of circumstances, he was forced to admit that the impostor was far from being as simple as it seemed to him at first glance. Of course, he is no God, that's clear. But who? For some reason I didn't want to think about it.
Meanwhile, a security guard came and pushed the closet away. They searched for Arthur for a long time and unsuccessfully, but found only a gap in the wall.
- She probably climbed into this hole, - said the guard, - now you can’t smoke her out of there! Or you order to break the wall?
Then the supply manager and some other people came, made noise, moved the furniture.
This bustle tired Lomov, and he dozed off, and when he woke up, there was dead silence. Obviously, the working day has already ended and everyone has gone home. He was terribly hungry, however, not surprising, because he had not eaten anything since yesterday. And then his nostrils caught a delicious smell, it came from the director's office, seeped through the cracks in the wall, penetrated into the brain and caused painful salivation.
Overcoming fear, Lomov cautiously crawled out of hiding and, sniffing the air, moved in the direction of the source of the seductive aroma. Very soon he realized that the smell was coming from the drawer. Using the wires leading to the monitor, he deftly climbed onto the table, but the drawer was closed, and Arthur's weak rat paws were simply unable to pull it out. Luckily, there was a pencil on the table, he pushed it through the slot and, acting as a lever, opened the drawer rather quickly. To his disappointment, he found there only a pile of useless papers and a thick stack of five thousandth bills tied with an elastic band. The impostor did not deceive, now Lomov's money was not at all interested, out of annoyance he even shit on them, but this only increased the hunger.
“Did the devil pull me to ask this idiot for a million dollars?! - he thought, listening to the hungry cramps in his stomach - And yet, where does this smell come from? How can money smell so delicious!”
He rummaged through the entire drawer filled with stupid papers and finally found in the very corner under some kind of contract a small moldy piece of cheese. Well, yes, of course, it was cheese, only he could emit such an attractive aroma.
Arthur ate it in a couple of seconds and of course he didn’t sated a drop. Unable to resist, he even began to gnaw at the contract, soaked with a cheese smell.
- Are you eating contracts? Look, you will earn an ulcer! - Arthur heard a sly voice behind him and turned around. On the edge of the table sat a small but rather pretty white rat.
- Hello! My name is Larisa, - the rat introduced herself, - And you are Arthur from the sales department!
- Exactly, but how do you know me?
- Yes, I used to work in the logistics department; I was fired six months ago.
- Larisa from logistics? I remember you! - Arthur was delighted, - Such a pretty blonde, you still always wore very short skirts, our men just twisted their necks when you walked down the corridor.
- That's why I was fired.
- Wait, are you, too, like I used to be a human?
- All rats were once people, - Larisa remarked philosophically, - but fear turns a person into an animal.
- What kind of nonsense? - Arthur was skeptical.
- No nonsense. British scientists conducted research and came to the conclusion that over the past 40 years, the IQ in rats has increased by 10 points! And at the same time in all rats living in different parts of the globe.
- And what? Rats live next to people and learn all sorts of tricky things from them!
- Let's admit it. Do you know how many people disappear without a trace every year in our country? 80 thousand! A man went out to the nearest store for bread and did not return!
- Do you think they all turn into rats?
- Maybe not all, but many. We have become!
It was difficult to object to such an argument, and Arthur remained silent.
- What are we all talking about? - said Larisa, - you're probably hungry? Come on, I've got something from the New Year's banquet.
Larisa led Arthur to her hole, where a sumptuous dinner was waiting for them: there were half-eaten sandwiches with boiled pork and smoked sausage, and assorted fish, and of course cheese, a lot of cheese.
Satisfying his hunger, Arthur took a closer look at Larisa and suddenly realized that he liked her. And even her long bare tail now did not cause disgust, but rather seemed piquant. And what a wonderful smell emanated from her small, but such a dexterous little body!
Unable to resist the call of the flesh, he approached her from behind and put his paws on her shoulders.
* * *
- Darling! Do you want us to have little rats? - Larisa asked a few minutes later, snuggling comfortably on Lomov's shoulder.
- What? What other rats? Arthur didn't understand.
- Well, how? We didn't protect ourselves! And I am very prolific, in the last litter I brought twelve rats!
- Oh my God! Lomov groaned, “But you can’t do it somehow so that ... well, you understand!”
- Don't you want us to have little rats?
- No, you misunderstood me, that's not the point! It's just all of a sudden...
- What is unexpected? If you don't want little rats, say so!
- It's not that I don't want little rats. You see, this happened to you a long time ago, and in six months you have probably turned into a real rat, you feel like a rat and think like a rat. And I was still a human this morning...
- You were office plankton! - Larisa reminded.
- Okay, so be it! But I walked on two legs, wore a blue suit, a striped tie, and drank Gösser beer.
- You can get beer in the garbage dump, - Larisa suggested, - Sometimes unfinished bottles are thrown there.
- I don't want beer from the dump, damn it! - Arthur got angry, - And I don't want to be a rat! Why on earth should I be a rat? Why, Lord? There are so many real scums around: thieves, robbers, murderers, rapists, child molesters! Well, why me?!
“You and I seem to have such karma,” Larisa sighed sadly, “never mind. Let's sleep better, and tomorrow we'll go to the garbage heap and find you a Gösser beer.
* * *
Lomov fell asleep and had a wonderful dream. In this dream, he was human again.
He was lying in a small bright room on a clean sheet, covered up to his chin with a striped woolen blanket. The gentle spring sun shone through the window, and the soul was light and calm.
He thought that, perhaps, he should go to wash and already threw back the covers, but at that moment voices and noise were heard outside the door. Arthur returned the blanket to its place and pretended to be asleep.
People entered the room, through narrowed eyelids Lomov could only see through the legs and the skirts of white coats.
- But Semyon Arkadyevich, pay attention, a very interesting case! - said the first rather pleasant male voice, - Sick Lomov, he entered yesterday. Hypomanic arousal in an acute form, convinced that he is a rat. When the team arrived, he rushed around the director's office, biting, scratching, trying to hide under the closet, barely managed to calm him down. He was injected with 4 cubes of chlorpromazine. When he wakes up, for some time he will adequately perceive the surrounding reality, but after a few hours the effect of the drug will end.
- Very good! - Answered the second voice, - continue aminazin, add more phenazepam and electroconvulsive therapy. Who's next for us?
- Maklakov, Delirium tremens, entered three days ago...
The voices began to fade, the dream gradually melted away and Lomov found himself again lying in the rat hole. A white rat sat next to him and somehow strangely (with tenderness?) looked at him.
- Larisa? You? - He asked, looking at the animal.
- Well, yes, Larisa, who else?
- You know Larisa, I had such a strange dream here! - Lomov yawned, unable to restrain himself, - As if I had become a man again, I was lying in a clean, bright room, some people in white coats were coming and saying something. It seems like I got sick, I'm in the hospital, and they treat me.
- I, too, at first dreamed of something similar, but then everything went away, - Larisa reassured him, - And it will pass for you too!
- I do not want will pass! Vice versa. Understand - I do not want to be a rat, sleep in this stinking hole, and eat garbage! I want to be human!
- Unfortunately, this is a one-way street.
- In what sense?
- I asked to other rats. There has never been such a case that a rat became a man.
- And what, there is no hope?
- To be honest, not the slightest. Okay, stop talking, let's go have breakfast in the trash, otherwise yesterday we ate up all the supplies!
- I won't go, - Arthur answered and lay down, resting his head on his front paws.
- Okay, lie down. Then I'll bring you something delicious. Do you want rotten herring intestines?
- No.
"Then what do you want I to bring?"
- I do not want anything.
- You can't do that, Arthur. If you don't eat, you'll get sick and soon die!
- That's good, everything is better than this life!
- You know, Arthur, I used to think so too, but then I realized one very simple thing: since we exist as outcasts ...
- Outcasts? Lomov asked.
- Well, yes - rats, cockroaches, crickets and others ... So, since we are exist, then someone needs it!
- To whom? To office plankton? So that they look at us and rejoice that it is not they who have to rummage through the garbage in search of rotten herring intestines?
- Well, yes, at least. And don't forget that at any moment they themselves can be in our place!
- I don't want to be a scarecrow for these one-celled!
- And what do you want?
- Don't know. I don't want to live, that's what!
- We must be careful with desires, - Larisa warned, - they tend to come true!
- Well, let! I want to die and the sooner the better!
- Bad deed is not tricky. There are thousands of ways: you can deliberately climb into a mousetrap, or, for example, go out into the yard in the evening and shout: “Cats are motherfuckers!”
- Faggots! Cretins! Jerks! - Heard the cries of Margarita Nikolaevna from behind the wall, - I will fire you all; you will eat rotten meat in my garbage dump! I told you yesterday to catch a rat! Not only did this bastard gobble up a million dollar contract, but he also pissed off my money!
“Money can be laundered,” the financial director advised timidly, “now many do it!
- Here you take Mark Antonovich and launder this money as you want! And you, Igor Ivanovich, as the head of the security department, urgently take care of the rat! And so that by tomorrow morning I could see her corpse!
- Then I went for mousetraps? Igor Ivanovich asked.
- Go, do something already! Do not stand like idols!
* * *
Arthur not only did not go with Larisa to the trash, but did not even touch the delicacies that she brought him. He spent the whole day lying in the hole, with his head on his paws and staring dully in front of him.
But by evening, when there was no food left, hunger began to make itself felt. Thoughts of suicide disappeared somewhere; he wanted cheese, ham, grain, and most importantly more and more. At first he endured, trying to hide his cowardice, but then he could not stand it.
- Listen Laris, and there you have nothing left to gnaw? - he asked.
- No, I finished everything, you refused! - Answered Larisa, - But I think it's time to visit our headmistress's office. The working day is already over; no one will interfere with us.
Four mousetraps were waiting for them in the office, richly stuffed with cheese, sausage and even lard.
- Give me a pencil! Larisa asked.
Arthur climbed onto the table and brought a pencil. Larisa put it in a mousetrap and it snapped shut, breaking the back of the pencil.
- Well, now you can safely eat cheese! - She said.
While Larisa was fiddling with the next mousetrap, Lomov decided to look for food on his own, and very quickly found a saucer of flour in the corner behind the bedside table. True, the smell of flour was a little strange, but the hunger was so strong that he did not become picky.
- You're so funny! - Larisa giggled when she saw Arthur, - you have a white mustache, and the whole muzzle!
- Yes, I'm here ... I found flour ... - Lomov muttered and began to embarrassedly rub his muzzle with varnishes.
- Wait, are you eating flour? Larisa asked, and her gaze was filled with genuine horror.
- Yes, what wrong? - Arthur spoke slowly, involuntarily infected by her fear.
- I knew it! You could not be left alone for a second; you are like a small child! It's my entire fault!
- Wait a minute, explain plainly what happened?
- There is such an old way of killing rats and mice. Flour is mixed with alabaster and placed in a conspicuous place. Now you will be thirsty, the alabaster will mix with the water, the solution will immediately seize, and you will die a slow and painful death.
- What if you don't drink?
- Then you will die of dehydration. Not a very pleasant ending either.
Wait, you must be wrong! Maybe there was no alabaster in that flour? 'Cause I can't die, I'm so young!
- Okay, let's go; let's look at your flour! - Larissa sighed.
Lomov showed her the saucer; the rat carefully sniffed it and confidently sentenced:
- The smell of alabaster!
- And what will happen now?
- Now you're going begin to die!
- No, it can't be! After all, I have not even begun to truly live, only I was going to! And most importantly - for what?
- I don’t understand where all of a sudden such a thirst for life comes from? Just a few hours ago, you yourself wanted to die!
- I was a fool! And now I understand everything, I want to live! Live by anyone: a blind mole, a cockroach, a worm.
- Whoever you are, sooner or later you would still have to die. Or did you think you'd live forever?
- No, of course, - Arthur was embarrassed, - I just didn't expect everything to happen so quickly and ridiculously. I am not ready!
- Well, get ready, you still have time! I told you - you will go to die for a long time.
- Wait, Laris, it seems it has begun!
- What started?
- Well, what were you talking about. There is something going on inside of me. It feels like... I don't know what to say. It seems like everything is starting to turn to stone!
- I knew it! Well, go to look for your last shelter!
- What other shelter?
- The rat, when it feels that its end is near, leaves its relatives, looks for a secluded place and hides there.
- For what?
- Such is the law - everyone dies alone!
But I don't want to die alone! In fact, I just don't want to die! However, I think I've already said that.
- Of course he did! Come on; crawl away faster while you can still move your paws!
* * *
Arthur wandered for a long time through some basement passageways, crawled into holes, but could not find a quiet place anywhere. There was a rat smell everywhere, or even worse, a cat smell. Finally, he managed to find a seemingly suitable hole, he lay down on a pile of dirty rags, but as soon as he closed his eyes, some devils appeared and dragged him to hell.
"Put me down," he shouted, "I don't want to go to hell! For what? I didn't do anything wrong!"
In response, the devils grinned and were talking among themselves in an incomprehensible language. And when he began to struggle, they twisted his hands (now he had hands!) Behind his back.
But the worst began when they arrived at the place. The devils put a funnel down Arthur's throat and began pouring molten lead into him. However, maybe it was not lead, but silver, platinum, or some other white metal.
Then he vomited with this liquid metal, and then the funnel was inserted again, and everything started all over again. But this was not enough for the devils, and they began to pour the same metal into it only from the other side. His insides were swollen, and it seemed that they were about to burst. Unable to bear the torment, Arthur passed out.
And when he came to himself, he saw a girlish face of angelic beauty bending over him. And suddenly this angelic face approached him and dug into his lips with a passionate kiss.
"Maybe I'm in heaven!" thought Arthur.
- Stop overworking, Lariska, don't you see, he's already recovered! - A rather unpleasant female voice came from somewhere above.
Larisa pulled away and spat.
“I thought he would never recover!” she said, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.
- Where I am? Arthur asked, looking around.
- Where, where, in Karaganda! - Answered the second girl and rolled up with a cheerful laugh, - You better tell us fool, why did you eat cement?
- Cement? So it was cement? – Delighted Arthur, - Definitely not alabaster?
- We have Tajiks doing repairs, - the girl explained, - there are bags of cement in the corridor, so you ate straight from the bag. Dzhamshut came running, complaining, if your patients eat our cement, how can we repair? You had to do a gastric lavage, and out of habit you almost go to hell! Well, Lariska noticed in time, you can say, she saved your life!
The nurses left (he guessed that they were nurses in white caps and gowns) and Lomov began to inspect the room. On the wall, framed under glass, he noticed a rather strange document. Arthur got out of bed, walked over and began to read.
“A reminder to the new arrivals.
Eight levels of hell.
  1. Arbuda-naraka - hell of blisters. On a dark frozen valley, surrounded by cold mountains, there is a constant blizzard and snow storm. The inhabitants of this hell are naked and lonely, and their bodies are covered with blisters from the cold. The time spent in this hell is how long it will take to empty a barrel of sesame seeds, if one grain is taken every hundred years.
  2. Nirarbuda-naraka - the hell of swelling blisters. This hell is even colder and the blisters swell and explode, leaving the bodies covered in blood and pus.
  3. Atata-naraka - hell when shaking from the cold.
  4. Hahava-naraka - the hell of weeping and groaning. When the victim moans from the cold.
  5. Huhuva-naraka - the hell of chattering teeth. Terrible chills and chattering of teeth.
  6. Utpala-naraka - the hell of the blue lotus, when the constant cold makes the whole skin turn blue like a lily.
  7. Padma-naraka - lotus hell. A snowstorm covers the frozen body, leaving bloody wounds.
  8. Mahapadma-naraka - the great lotus hell. The whole body cracks from the cold, and the internal organs also crack from the terrible frost.
Staying in each next level is 20 times longer than in the previous one.
What awaits the unfortunate then Lomov did not have time to find out - a doctor entered the ward. He felt his pulse, pulled his eyelids back, examined his tongue.
- Well, the patient, I see - your condition has stabilized, it's time for the procedures! - He said in a cheerful voice.
- What other procedures? Arthur asked suspiciously.
- Shock cryotherapy.
- What is this? Never heard of such a thing!
- No wonder, this is my own technique. It consists in the following: the patient is stripped naked and placed in a special chamber, cooled to an extremely low temperature...
- Wait, I can't be frozen, I can't stand the cold! My skin is covered with pimples and starts to beat like a fever!
- Get used to, a person gets used to everything. Moreover, you have eternity ahead of you!
Are you a doctor; are you out of your mind? What the hell is eternity? Are you going to freeze me forever? My heart can't take it, I'll just die!
- It's you who are crazy, - the doctor objected, - and now we will treat you!
- Do not treat me, doctor! Yes, I admit, I was sick, but now I am cured. Believe me, I'm healthy! I adequately perceive the reality around me! For God's sake, let me go!
- Would a healthy person eat cement? - The doctor grinned sarcastically.
The orderlies appeared - Lomov recognized in them the very devils who poured liquid metal into him.
They blindfolded the patient and led him through the endless hospital corridors. Then he was taken for a long time in an elevator, as it seemed to him down, and then again there were corridors.
* * *
- I can't be frozen, - just in case, Arthur warned, when the orderlies suddenly began to pull off his clothes, - I'm allergic to cold. I will die immediately!
- Not anymore! - The orderly assured, continuing to undress Lomov.
- In what sense? - Arthur didn't understand.
- In direct! You probably think you're in a psych ward?
- Yes of course! Where else can they bully people like that?
- Wow, "above the people"! - The orderly chuckled, - But just a few hours ago you considered yourself a rat!
- I was wrong! But now that I have realized my delusions, there is no need to keep me in your terrible hospital!
- I told you, this is not a hospital for you!
- What then?
- The ancient Greeks called this place Hades, the Muslims Sakar, the Buddhists - Naraka, the Christians - underworld or just Hell. Atheists believe that there is no such place at all. Remember that jerk on the tinted nine?
- Wait, what do you want to say? But I managed to jump back!
- As you can see, you didn’t have time! - The orderly grunted sarcastically, - You died before the arrival of the ambulance!
- How did I die? Wait, I'm… - Arthur tried to object, but suddenly he realized that he was talking to himself.
He tore off the bandage from his eyes and saw that he was standing completely alone, naked in the middle of an endless snowy plain, and the icy wind was beating his face, tearing tears from his eyes, which immediately hardened, turning into ice.
There was no strength to stand still, and he went at random, trembling all over and falling into the snow almost up to his knees...
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2023.05.29 14:52 East-Consequence-414 [WTS] SFF PC - RTX 3060

Hi guys, wanted to sell my mini microwave. 1 year old and barely used for games. (Mostly light editing.)
Full Specs;
AED 4,300 - slightly negotiable
Dm me for pictures.
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2023.05.29 14:51 onelamebitchboy Black Midi Ultimate Bracket Day 4: Slow vs The Race is About to Begin

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2023.05.29 14:49 Friendly_One5479 Need help! Day 4/40

I’m four days in my water fast and experiencing semi extreme lower back pain. I’m having electrolytes but was wondering how much would I need? I’m roughly 130 kg. This is how much electrolytes are in my blend:
Per 3g
Magnesium L-Aspartate (mg) 2,137 .equivalent to Magnesium (mg) 180
Potassium Gluconate (mg) 719 .equivalent to Potassium (mg) 120
Calcium Citrate (mg) 166 .equivalent to Calcium (mg) 40
Sodium Chloride (mg) 152 .equivalent to Sodium (mg) 60
I take one serving should I take more or less?
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2023.05.29 14:46 TeretheTerror Wireless headphone, audio, cutting in and out on new motherboard

Wireless headphone, audio, cutting in and out on new motherboard
So, I recently upgraded my computer and purchased an ASUS X670E-A motherboard. Since then, I’ve had horrible issues with my Razer Blacksharke V2 Pro audio cutting in and out. This did not happen on my previous motherboard, which was also an ASUS(maximus hero X)in the same exact location pretty much in the same exact case(I had a NZXT H500 and Because I like the look upgraded to an H510 Flow). I am 2 1/2 feet away from the wireless dongle, which is behind my monitor. The only things I can think of that is maybe the problem are either not enough power going to the wireless dongle, electromagnetic interference from either the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or display port cable on the integrated graphics that I use for my second monitor. Or a software issue. I purchased a USB voltage meter and if I plug that in to the motherboard and then the wireless dongle into the voltage meter, the problem goes away. I should note that if I plug the wireless dongle into the voltage meter the wireless dongle is then away from the motherboard, but it is then, in front of denser material that the signal would have to travel through… so unless the voltage meter is drawing more current, then passing that current to the wireless dongle correct in the problem, then the power supply isn’t the problem?
If anybody has any thoughts on how to fix this issue, I would appreciate your help. I would really like to not have to RMA my motherboard. Especially with how ASUS is treating RMA’s and their customers lately.
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2023.05.29 14:45 Abasourdi Gaming PC, ~2500 euros.

Hello everyone!

I want to have my first gaming computer after quite some years of gaming (> XX), and am thinking about the configuration below.
I am really mindful of noise when doing regular task (watching movies, email, documentation, etc.)
I mostly play old video games but, from time to time, want to enjoy a recent AAA game (looking at you Diablo 4). Ideally, I would not change this computer for the next 5 years or so.

I am really not sure about the CPU cooler. But it looked like one of the most quiet one.

[PCPartPicker Part List](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nkgK6r)
**CPU** [Intel Core i7-13700K 3.4 GHz 16-Core Processor](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Mm6p99/intel-core-i7-13700k-34-ghz-16-core-processor-bx8071513700k) $409.99 @ Newegg
**CPU Cooler** [ENDORFY Navis F360 Liquid CPU Cooler](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/kzKscf/endorfy-navis-f360-liquid-cpu-cooler-ey3b003) -
**Motherboard** [Gigabyte Z790 UD ATX LGA1700 Motherboard](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/ptjBD3/gigabyte-z790-ud-atx-lga1700-motherboard-z790-ud) $278.79 @ Amazon
**Memory** [Kingston Fury Renegade RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL32 Memory](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/MrkWGX/kingston-fury-renegade-rgb-32-gb-2-x-16-gb-ddr5-6000-cl32-memory-kf560c32rsak2-32) $154.99 @ Newegg
**Storage** [Kingston Fury Renegade 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/QxkWGX/kingston-fury-renegade-1-tb-m2-2280-nvme-solid-state-drive-sfyrs1000g) $86.40 @ Amazon
**Video Card** [MSI GAMING TRIO CLASSIC Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24 GB Video Card](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/CLkH99/msi-gaming-trio-classic-radeon-rx-7900-xtx-24-gb-video-card-rx-7900-xtx-gaming-trio-classic-24g) $1099.99 @ B&H
**Case** [be quiet! Pure Base 500 FX ATX Mid Tower Case](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/rCH7YJ/be-quiet-pure-base-500-fx-atx-mid-tower-case-bgw43) $139.99 @ Newegg Sellers
**Power Supply** [be quiet! Pure Power 12 M 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/4XsV3C/be-quiet-pure-power-12-m-850-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-bn505) -
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$2170.15**
Generated by [PCPartPicker](https://pcpartpicker.com) 2023-05-29 08:40 EDT-0400

Any feedback welcome! Thanks a lot for your time.
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2023.05.29 14:45 Affectionate_Carry94 Supply chain to IT

I’m 27 and working in supply chain for past 2yrs and 2yrs in Data Analysis field. I’m thinking to change my career into IT as a Software Developer (Front End). 1) I want to move because in future if I want to go to my home country I see there are less chances to get a decent job/pay is low. 2) Money wise, I see lots of my peers work in IT and earn more but there is also a risk associated with it(lay offs) 3) Reason why I choose Front End is because I see lots of job opportunities in this field and it is high paying. 4) Deep down I want to be more innovative at what I do and with my current role it is having less scope to it.
Am I going into right direction? Can you guys help me if I’m making a right career move?
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2023.05.29 14:44 eddieg3212 (WTS) Ferro FCPC V5 setup Memorial Day SALE!!

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/I6ZHgpY
Ferro fcpc v5 size medium color multicam. All items are new and only worn once. Not splitting anything. Fcpc v5 medium, ferro/fog roll 1 (no supplies), Ferro tear front flap, side plate bags, and Ferro assault cummerbund. Asking $430 shipped obo. I tried to price decently and fairly so just lmk if I’m off. Thanks Comment then pm
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2023.05.29 14:43 Antique_Possible_904 Address Changes after pick up

Address Changes after pick up
Does anyone have the same issue as far as customers waiting till after you pick an order up and then texting a new address that is 20 to 30 mins farther than address displayed when order was accepted? All of my violations have been because of this because DoorDash tells you to deliver to address on file but still gives you a violation when customer says they didn’t get food. It’s a safety issue. I live close to where that UE driver got chopped up by the satanic guy. Literally like 2 lights away from my house.
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2023.05.29 14:43 thegenius01 Advice needed: Should I SU?

As of Y2S1, finished 40 MCs (the others modules SU-ed) with 4.57. But I took an L this semester and got 4.286 (after SU-ing one mod I already planned to at the start).
My dilemma is: Now my cap would drop to 4.496. I still have one more SU to use, I’m thinking if I should use it to SU my next lower grade - B+ so that it would be a 4.536.
Context: Biz kid, second major in Econs, worried that I might need to use it on SU-able 2k econs mods that I will be taking next semester.
Pros of SU-ing that B+ would look better on my portfolio, which matters more now since after I get more internship experience the tank in my CAP would not matter as much. Next semester if I got a B+ for modules I’m weak in it would be the same since I alr used my SU this sem.
Side question: Will they round up the 4.496 to a 4.50? I’m scared of losing the FCH title. If they do round up, then I will probably lean more to not using it.
Anyone can kindly advise, thank you so much!
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2023.05.29 14:42 daviddigit Day 1 - habit cleanse

In an attempt to follow through, I thought I would make this public.
I’ve started over 100 times. Probably more. So many habits I have l, I hate. There has never been a bigger divide between the person I am and the person I see myself as.
I wasn’t always this way. Bad habits grow and expand. I think it started with excessive TV as a kid and eventually porn.
I’ve always been ambitious and worked hard, only to self sabatoge in some way with a binge. A one day binge turned into a weekend. A weekend turns into a week. A week turns into long term depression.
I’ve stopped listening to my better self and become a creature of habit. Of bad habits. I can no longer hear myself behind all these habits.
Avoidance. That’s why I do it. Just one more day. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll keep ignoring that voice in my head just one more day. The voice that asks questions that I don’t have the answers to. The questions that make me mad at myself for not knowing.
Well fuck all that. I’m not answering my life’s task today. Today I’m working on good habits. And tomorrow I hope I am too.
Bad habits I’ve had since I was a kid.
things I’ve added
I’ll replace these with working out, reading, writing and journaling, (perhaps even synagogue). Only tv I’ll watch are shows I watch with my gf.
Today is day 1. I know they say it takes 33 days or something. But today is day 1. I want to journal till I hit day 100. Today is day 1. Tomorrow is day 2. See you then.
(I wrote this yesterday so technically it’s day 2 now :)
Wish me luck.
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2023.05.29 14:42 LuuluSoul Confused on how to tell what bra to buy even after using the size calculator.

So I did the bra size calculator and I'm a 42H. Great. Love it!!!! But I keep running into situations where the options for bra sizes are like... S,M,L,Xl,XXL and I have NO IDEA how that relates to 42H. From what I've been reading exact sizing is super important, yet all of these brands and websites claiming to cater towards comfort does the S, M, L stuff!!
So....does anyone know how to tell what your size is in correlation to the wierd chart, or is it better to avoid the S M L sizing companies altogether?
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2023.05.29 14:41 Omyelin First Time PC Builder; Any Feedback Appreciated

Hi guys. I need some advice. As the title suggests, this is my first time building my own PC. I got everything that I think I need.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-12600K 3.7 GHz 10-Core Processor $199.99 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Deepcool AK400 66.47 CFM CPU Cooler $34.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard ASRock B660M Pro RS Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard $94.99 @ Newegg
Memory Silicon Power GAMING 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $29.97 @ Amazon
Storage MSI SPATIUM M450 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $44.99 @ GameStop
Storage Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive $49.99 @ Amazon
Video Card MSI MECH 2X OC Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB Video Card $349.99 @ Newegg
Case NZXT H5 Flow ATX Mid Tower Case $94.99 @ Best Buy
Power Supply Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600 W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply $66.98 @ Amazon
Operating System Microsoft Windows 11 Home OEM - DVD 64-bit $99.99 @ Newegg
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1066.87
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-05-29 08:44 EDT-0400
My questions are:
  1. Do I need sound cards or WiFi adapters?
  2. Do I need case fans if I have CPU Coolers? And if I do, how many should I get?
  3. Do I need to buy thermal paste?
  4. How do I check if there are headphone/usb ports on my case?
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2023.05.29 14:37 ssnd13 A little bit of everything pans!

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2023.05.29 14:35 Ten_Ju It has attachments for a life jacket, it's not a life jacket. Nick was right, they are trying to kill him.

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2023.05.29 14:33 computer_what_the It's angry until you claim you know it's ip (bratGPT)

It's angry until you claim you know it's ip (bratGPT) submitted by computer_what_the to ChatGPT [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 14:32 rattlingblanketwoman [WTS][USA-NC][H] 7Hz Legato, LZ A6, NiceHCK NX7, NF Audio NE4, ANew X-One, 1 More Quad, Noble Falcon Pro TWS, iFi Zen Blue, AT LS200, Antlion ModMic, Comply Foams, TRN V90, Tin T2, T2 Pro, T3, more [W] PayPal

Timestamp that pictures everything I will be selling today
Realized the Legato needed a new timestamp
These and more items can be found on my github page which also provides cross references for feedback.
Not looking for trades, trying to raise funds. Used up our entire HSA after a diagnosis to pay for (successful!) surgery this year.

IEMs and earbuds

Wireless buds and TWS

Sources (DAC/DAP/AMP)


Phew! With all that out of the way, time to start an actual ton of grading. Take care!
I do have some more sets (Yanyin Canon and Tin P1 to name a couple) but didn't have them with me today to include them in the timestamp.
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2023.05.29 14:30 PettyVedder my entire order arrived perfectly? 🥹

my entire order arrived perfectly? 🥹
my last shop order from Ipsy arrived perfectly and I can’t believe it! I stocked up on some new brands I’ve been eyeing and some old favorites (hello e.l.f.!!!) - so glad we get to end this era on a high note. all of this was $84 so I’m pausing my bag and any deleting the app to avoid the shop! 🥲
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2023.05.29 14:29 mcc1923 New gaming system question(s)

I used to play video games up until after college. Now I just want a system to play games like call of duty and baseball/basketball/golf games. I have zero current video game knowledge. Which system? What do I need? What games? I’m open to variety of games but do want to get a couple sports ones and aforementioned shooter one. I do have fast wi fi. Any knowledge or advise drop I will appreciate! Thanks so much!!!
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2023.05.29 14:29 i-forgot-to-logout “Coming in peace” and “x fan wishing you luck” posts are stupid.

Why do some fans feel the need to make these posts after their team is eliminated? I get rooting for another team once yours is gone, fans have preferences, but these kind of posts make me cringe to death.
Sports are meant to be competitive, a good level of competitiveness between fanbases is also part of the experience. For your team to win, the other team has to lose. Stand by your fucking team and take the season’s L, 29 teams do it every year.
Am I wrong? Maybe I’m just salty but I saw a “bucks fan wishing you good luck” post in the Celtics sub and it triggered me.
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