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Stevens Pass Ski Area, Washington

2011.12.13 22:43 sahala Stevens Pass Ski Area, Washington

A place for people who’s home mountain is Steven’s to get together and share the stoke. "While each person experiences Stevens Pass uniquely, we do have one thing in common: we are all part of the snow-centric Stevens Pass family, and we are pure Pacific Northwest. We have a shared passion for skiing and riding with friends, family and even that random person sitting next to you on the lift."

2013.08.18 23:24 DrTrocar A niche for funeral directors & embalmers to spill the dirt!

Welcome to [/TalesFromTheMortuary]( The niche for funeral directors, embalmers, crematory operators, cemetery workers and anyone in funeral service to share your unique and interesting stories, pictures, and experiences! If you don't work in funeral service but have a related story, we would love to hear from you!

2013.02.14 12:20 dolphinsushi we see dead people...

This is a community for Licensed FD/Emb, Mortuary enthusiasts and for anyone that has a question about our trade! We will speak frankly about the work we do and more often than not bodily fluids. This is not a place for those with weak stomachs....

2023.06.02 16:58 Oh_lovely_love Controlling parents

My stepdad (M51) and my mom (F 50) are very controlling and manipulative. In the last week it hasn’t been as bad as it has been. I’m moving soon to CA so I haven’t been interacting with my mom much. My stepdad and I don’t really interact directly usually anyways. At the beginning of this week my nephew (18) had a graduation party where all the family came. I told my mom and stepdad at once that my cousin, who we were having the party at invited us to spend the night. My stepdad immediately got mad when I asked to spend the night to them and said that I was sneaky and probably lying and that my cousin was probably lying and didn’t ask their parents. He also called all of us “morons”? Then my stepdad continued with saying “I need to talk to the man of the house there, I’m not going to talk to my brothers wife about this. I don’t care of your cousin asked her mom, the men of the houses need to talk”. It was very degrading and insulting because it came out of no where. I was asking them if I could spend the night there when technically I don’t need to ask because I’m almost 23 years old. The funny thing was that my uncle didn’t know but he said he didn’t care if I went there (in a positive way).
As I briefly mentioned earlier I am moving. I’m moving very far from home (the south) , with other family members. I’ve posted here before about this but my mom is a very negative person. She is doing her best to make me anxious about moving, talking about how family there will be rude and annoying. She also talks about me like I can’t take care of myself, that I won’t be able to handle living in a city, or working. One good thing she did was try to pay for my drivers school finally this summer. But when I talked to my other family about maybe moving.. I realized I’ll finally be able to be independent and my own person instead of having her and my stepdad control every aspect of my life down to when I go to bed or what I wear. Ugh. I’m so ready to be free but I’m scared that I’ll “miss the toxicity”. Yk when you move away from family and it feels good but you also miss them and feel guilty? I’ve moved out before (or been kicked out twice) and that would happen.
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2023.06.02 16:58 methenobody_ Why Donda Is My Favorite Kanye Album.

Why Donda Is My Favorite Kanye Album.
Ye Donda Outfit Drawing by Me (Not for sale)
When people found out Donda would go head to head with Drakes “Certified Lover Boy” a lot of people were taking sides saying one is better than the other. Around the time Ye was doing the Donda listening parties, I tuned in for the first time to hear what Ye had been working on and my god it was so fucking good. I’ve never been a true Kanye fan before then, sure I bought the Yeezys and was their for the Jesus Is King drop, but never a die hard fan. This Album not only won me over as a Ye Stan, but has gotten me through one of the hardest moments of my life and honestly helped me grow closer to god.
Back in 2021 I didn’t like the album too much. It was bloated, the censored words made verses awkward, and Tell The Vision & Remote Control were just Terrible. I honestly stayed in the 1st 10 songs of the album because of how lengthy the project was.
With many Ye albums, his releases are reflections of what he’s currently going through and requires context for the projects to make sense. Like JIK was his spiritual awakening, or TLOP is Ye balancing being a father and being a superstar, and 808s with the death of his mother and breakup with his fiancé. Donda was Ye finding peace in the hip hop world while struggling with the divorce of his now ex wife, Kim Kardashian. On most of the songs Ye explicitly talks about Kim and their children with earnest lyrics and shows a side of Ye we’ve never seen before since 808s back in ‘08. To see Ye in such a vulnerable state, like the 1st listening party where we see him fall to his knees when an early version of “Never Abandon Your Family” plays throughout the stadium. Or the “Runaway” of Donda, “Come To Life” where Ye speaks about throwing everything away, the money, the fame, the ego, just for him to have his family back. Seeing such a powerful figure (especially when he’s dressed up like a super Villian) look so lost and defeated by his emotions makes the album so much better. Donda was JIK done right, and even left us some bangers like “Hurricane”, “Praise God”, and even “Pure Souls”.
I believe the greatest thing to come out of the Donda era was the Come To Life music video. I feel like the video summarizes the vulnerable side of the era, as it shows Ye burning alive in his childhood home as he calmly sits in a single chair. The way the event performers wore all black mask and Donda vest made them look like some kind of evil minions, chanting and synchronizing while Ye performed. The final scene of the music video shows Kim dressed in all white waking towards Ye as he is burning on fire in the front of his home.
If you haven’t watched that music video, I highly recommend putting some time aside to really dig deep into the meaning. A lot of people think the last “core” Kanye album was TLOP, and I agreed with that statement until Donda released. Donda is the perfect 10th studio album and will continue to be (in my opinion) the best Kanye album since TLOP.
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2023.06.02 16:58 imakesawdust What are your electronic document storage practices?

Having recently dealt with two deaths in the family and the tedium of sifting through (paper) documents to figure out what's what has made me rethink how I currently store important electronic documents.
Presently, almost all of my important documents (financial records, tax statements, bills, etc) are delivered to me electronically. These are usually stored as GnuPG-encrypted PDFs on a ZFS dataset that resides on an encrypted ZFS array. That dataset is shared, via NFS, to a select few machines on my home network. In addition to the normal 3-2-1 backup scheme, these encrypted documents are also backed-up separately to another cloud service.
Sounds like overkill, and maybe it is, but I wanted to protect that information against both a network intrusion and a smash-and-grab burglary as well as more mundane things like having to RMA a hard drive.
Anyway, this works well for me but probably not so much for my wife. My wife, despite being a library archivist, is somewhat less geeky than me so I suspect she'd have a tedious time accessing these documents even when given explicit instructions. And I don't want to think about how much trouble she'd have should a hardware failure occur after I'm gone (she would, of course, still be able to access those documents through our cloud backup).
So that leads to my question: what are your household's practices regarding important electronic documents?
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2023.06.02 16:58 rattlesnakee passport advice!!

i’m going away at the very end of august and need a new passport (not just because of name/gender, it is also expired) - i would get a fast track appointment however my nearest passport office with slots available is at least a 3h drive away, and i don’t drive, nor does anyone im close to who will be able to drive me, due to work schedules.
i have all the documents needed to apply for a passport under my new name and gender marker. I would’ve applied earlier but was only able to obtain a couple of these documents very very recently.
Would you risk applying for one under the new name/gender now? or get one under the old details and apply to change it after i’ve been away? both my younger brothers new passports just arrived only took 3-4 weeks (one was his first adult one, and one child) but they had no details changed. another point is i will have ZERO forms of photo ID in the meantime as i’ve just applied for my new provisional license too, and don’t have an old one.
advice?! really starting to panic 😭 tia!
follow up i travel in 13 weeks exactly - and if it’s been 6 weeks and you need it quicker you can apply for a fast track - which at least i know there is an option in a much more tight, worst-comes-to-worst, scenario. i’m putting the application in tomorrow when i return home (i work nights) so 🫶
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2023.06.02 16:57 KillBatman1921 Fourth Re-watch of The Boys. here's what I found

The Boys is my favorite series. Other than just the plot I love expecially the allegoric plot elements and the use of background details to make callbacks, forshadowing or just cool references. I periodically watch the series from beginning to end just to find new ones. I have began my fourth re-watch and here's some stuff I found (some of it I found them my previous times but I wanted to share them nonetheless):
1) Black Noir is in the "Supes club" just dancing.
2) in episode 3 when Hughie's home after killing translucent he shouts at his dad he hates pizza-rolls and that he like them when he was 7. Later we found out his mum left when he was six. I think pizzarolls for him were a confort food and at the moment he hates them because it would remember him how he just got over his mum leaving and doesn't want to do it with Robin
3) A-train whispers "fuck" react at his fuck up telling about the V to Popclaw and her letting some people find out. Homelander does not show reaction to this but completely blow up in season 3 and I think this shows his self mental health deteriorating
4) We can see Billy Zane both in "Terminal beauty III" and in " the mesmerizer". He'll later be in "not without my dolphin". That guy cashes big in Vought movies
5) there is a Lady injured by Tek-knight in the support group (episode 6). I wonder if there will be a callback like the no-dick executive
6) Shockwave is at the Mesmer convention. This means that despite being a speedster (and considered for a position in the 7) he is actually a C or D Lister
7) Frenchie talks about how the first woman he killed her was a beautiful woman with dirt under her nails. And he finds a bottle of nail polish in Kimiko's cage. I think this probably stuck to him as a remainder that they are doing a fucked up thing to a person he does not not know and probably contribute to make him see her as innocent
8) Butcher esplains that their truck is Just a truck on the street while a black truck with "flowers on the side is conspicuous". And realize the Boys have been taken by seeing one. There's also a line how the Feds did Vought dirty work
9) in episode 8 Hughie tells Annie about she saved him from a dark place. She answers that was not saving him but *just being there* and this my guys is the ENDING MESSAGE OF SESON 3
I'll post about other seasons as soon as I watch them
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2023.06.02 16:57 Jaythelostboy10 New Gs7 Contract Specialist for DoD near DC.

I start my new job as a CS for the DoD (army) in a month. I have never worked for the federal government before nor do I have any contracting experience. I'm moving (by myself) across the country for this position, but I don't know what exactly I'm supposed to be doing. I've been researching some things about this job, but my primary frame of reference for information about this job and its responsibilities has been from users on Reddit, and it's not reassuring, lol. I hear a lot of new information will be thrown at me at first and the work can be tedious and overwhelming. A lot of people seem to dislike this position, and I'm worried that I won't like or understand my job responsibilities. I hope I like it considering I'm moving 30 hours away from my home and I'll be stuck there.
I have an MA in English, and some teaching experience, but nothing close to contracting. This organization actually reached out to me and has the 7-9-11 step promotion ladder. Plus, I'll be working from home, so if I stick with it for three years I should be okay. It all sounds good, but I guess I'm just nervous because I don't know what to expect. Any advice on how to prepare for my new responsibilities? What should I expect / do within my first year to learn all the new information? Any solid advice that 1102 newbies should know?
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2023.06.02 16:57 palephx Zeus and Ganymede, Pt 41

As much as I wanted to write, "They offered me $500K to get out of your life and never talk to you again. So, umm... BYE." I get the sense you're not in a joking mood.
Your giant spazz-out yesterday wasn't appreciated, but I promised I wouldn't leave you hanging. You will at least do me the favor of not repeating anything I'm about to say. I have never asked this of you before, but I have my reasons. I had an early dinner last night at the Yard House with Barb, Janelle, and Lanie.
I hope I never see Lanie Bostwick for the rest of my life. Her appearance and demeanor are bizarre, unpleasant, and I immediately got the sense that neither Barbara nor Janelle warned me, deliberately, just to see what my reaction would be. Miss Bostwick smiled once during the entire meal that I sat directly across from her, and that was only when someone said something particularly obnoxious (about me, not you, actually).
I'm guessing she didn't like me much, either, as she kept kicking me under the table, until I crossed my legs up beneath me on the seat. I will not bother to describe her appearance. I figure you already know. Remember, she and I are the same age, somehow. We look like different species.
Janelle, by comparison, is clearly a "Life of the Party" type. I didn't find her offensive, but I'm kinda glad she lives in California. She'd be exhausting. Barb, who had pneumonia (and is still going to work) appeared to enjoy herself immensely. I didn't make any smart or sarcastic remarks. I excused myself shortly after we ate, thanked them for the drink and the calamari appetizer, and went home immediately.
I really need to stop meeting people who are hard of hearing in loud, dark places. Otherwise, everyone is still alive, and I presume that Janelle might have found me charming, at best.
While, yes, you were obviously discussed—and this was never initiated by me—I kept my responses brief and direct. Be VERY careful, if you are told that I did or said anything that doesn't sound like me. I know exactly what was discussed, and I didn't leave room for interpretation. I also said I had hope for you, and that you and I would work together on whatever you wanted to do, after release.
I'm not upset that I chose to do that. It felt necessary. I hope they got whatever they thought they wanted. As you know I am usually unfailingly polite, that should be the only impression anyone had. However...
For a woman I was told "loved gay guys," Lanie spent the entire hour shooting daggers at me when she thought no one was looking. I figure, given her family situation, the less I say or write about her, the better. Too bad. I was hoping she'd be useful.
Now, I want nothing to do with her, ever again. Do you feel better, now?
Love, — $palephx
PS: If I don't pick up after two calls, I'm not available. Stop taking it personally, and figure out how to get your visitation privs back, ASAP.
PPS: I have told you repeatedly how I feel about you. You recently told me I can't discuss it with anyone else, specifically your family. You have a right to control info with your family, and I'm not running my mouth on FB. If you don't actually believe that you're important to me, then why do you care?
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2023.06.02 16:57 General_Welder_2182 badly in need of a different perspective on my situation

My boyfriend (29M) and I (26F) were dating for 8 months. He lived out of state (2 flights away) so we met each other every 3-4 months for about 5 days each time. whenever we are together, it felt amazing. he felt like home. we really enjoyed our time together and I was very happy. However, last month I got to know that he was still talking to his ex. he had lied to me that they broke up a year ago and have not been in contact since. this ex was a very very long relationship, probably about 12 yrs. she lives abroad and so they have been doing long distance for over 8yrs. they have had continuous problems, dating on and off, taking breaks, him seeing other people etc. he has been trying to break up with her forever however had not had the courage to since their families are involved. his family and hers are in close contact as they've been dating for years. he faces extreme family pressure and backlash whenever he brought up breaking up with her in the past. mind you, we're from an Asian background and families are very tight-knit and hard to convince. when he met me, he was determined to go see both families and end it once and for all however, till then, he spoke to his ex on and off like any couple would. she thought they were still dating, although the facetiming was limited to probably 2-3 times a week, emotionless and distant.
he was a completely different person with me. he would call me countless times a day, respond to my texts within minutes, would check up on me all the time, would stay on call whenever I’m driving late night, would send me food if I hadnt eaten. And whenever we met, oh the butterflies! he would cook for us, cuddle me, treat me like no man had ever treated me before.
when I got to know this, I was devastated. his sister had involved my family into this problem, telling them to ask me to back off and all that drama. and so my family is completely against this relationship now. when I confronted him about this, he told me that he wanted to let his ex down softly, so that none of the parties would be hurt. I am having a hard time believing that he ever loved me and I am utterly confused as to if I can ever trust him again. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.02 16:57 mrs_strawberrybee I want to give my husband what he deserves

A little backstory, I am married, and we have pretty much nothing. I have three kids from a previous relationship that I share custody of with their father. We never went to court (weren’t married, but we were together for 13 years). I did not fight my ex for the house, child support, spousal support or anything, so he has the house we bought together. I had a pretty stable life, but my relationship wasn’t there anymore. We separated, and I am now remarried.
As I said before, my husband and I have pretty much nothing. We both work retail, while trying to raise these three wonderful girls. We don’t own a home, and are sharing a car, as the other is not drivable. We rent in a not great or convenient place, but despite all this, I am happier than I have ever been. My husband is a wonderful man who has had a very hard life before now. I know he loves us, and is fine with what we have (we are both pretty simple people, who grew up poor, and so we are both ok with not having much but each other), but I long to help my husband realize his dream.
My husband has had a hard life. He was born to a mother who could not care for him, and was placed in foster care. Then, he was adopted by an abusive woman (who still claims she wasn’t) who he does not speak to much. He was not allowed to have a childhood, and grew up hard. He left his mom’s house as soon as he was able, and moved far away from her. Without going into detail (because I don’t believe he would want me to) he had some people in his life that were horrible to him, and hurt him deeply. This pretty much scarred him in a way, and he suffers from depression, but he manages it well.
Throughout his childhood, and young adulthood, he had pretty much no one. The people who were supposed to care for him didn’t, and he has never known someone who was there for him unconditionally, and he still seems insecure about the fact that I love him because of this. Whenever he was going through anything he had trouble dealing with, he would work out. The gym, and working out, was an escape for him. For some it’s music, or movies. For him, his place was the gym. It was just something that was there for him always, when no one else was. Something he could count on when times were rough.
His dream has always been to own a gym. He has even told me he’d be happy with a gym job where all he got to do was clean equipment all day. The gym is his place, his dream.
Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way we are ever affording for him to own a gym. All of the jobs at gyms around here are part time, or don’t pay enough for us to support our family. So he’s stuck in a crappy retail job he hates, so he can take care of us. I know there isn’t much we can really do about it; sometimes you’re just stuck in a place you can’t get out of.
I guess there’s not much point to the story other than to vent my frustration and sadness at the fact that I can’t give this loving and deserving man something he so desperately wants. I want to so bad, and it’s so soul crushing sometimes to see people that aren’t good people (in my own life) succeed when someone with such heart, who was willing to deal with this hard life, and still stay so happy, and loving, and not bitter can’t have anything.
Sorry this was so long. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it. I feel like such a failure as wife in this aspect, and I love him so much. Thanks for reading if you did.
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2023.06.02 16:57 Rockfish00 [Partially Lost] The video game Spintires has been lost for about 2 years now

Before I go into this again I have to mention this. My original post was removed under some confusion regarding the title and content. After talking with a mod over this I have taken it upon myself to just redo this post.
A brief history of Spintires and its sequels. Spintires originally came out in 2014 as an independently produced game on steam. It was a game where you were a logging trucker in the depths of Eastern Europe and North-Central Asia. You had access to quite a few demilitarized soviet vehicles and the challenge of the game was managing fuel, time, and route planning to make it from point to point on a large map while having to traverse mud, rocks, fallen trees, road debris, sand, rivers, and streams. It is a rather challenging game and the sequels Mudrunner (2017) and Snowrunner (2020) build on this premise.
The intellectual property rights of this game have changed hands since Spintires was released hence the naming convention changing constantly. This is very confusing for people new to the series. Spintires was developed by Oovee Game Studios and then the rights were handed off to Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive. Oovee at this point is down to the original dev, Pavel, who had been supporting the game for some time on his own and keeping the game afloat. On January 6th 2021 the game would receive its final update 1.7.1
The game had recently released a DLC set in China which was released December 15, 2020. Following this post was the removal of the game from the Steam store page Some time around 12:00 pm. It was unclear what was going on at first, but it got out that Pavel was in legal dispute with the IP holders of MudRunner and SnowRunner. When a game is legally disputed, it is pulled from the steam store and the community hub is all that remains. It seemed after some time that the disputes were settled, but to this day the game is still no longer avaliable on Steam or anywhere on the internet. The final update post has currently 1,812 thumbs up and 186 comments making it one of the more active parts of the community forum.
I am not an expert on the story and it seems a lot of it is disputed and unclear to the outside observer. Instead of unintentionally spreading misinformation I will leave the legal case here.
It is an unfortunate turn of events to have a game as good as this and as young as this disappear. I hope it comes back and things can go back to normal, but I have long since given up on that. If something can be done to make sure this game doesn't fade away I would love to support it.
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2023.06.02 16:57 Sephoria09 Need advice on working towards programming career.

Hi, hope you're doing well :)
I'm 26 yrs old with no degrees or high school diploma due to a lot and looking to start and grow myself in programming. I've been to IT school and have a basic understanding, but I would really like to teach myself and start a career from home.
What I would like to know is where to start. I have a lot of time on my hands, and I'm willing to learn no matter what difficulty. I like a challenge.
What language will give me a head start towards doing programming work from home? And are there any steps that you would recommend me to take?
Sorry if my grammar is off.
Hope you have a wonderful day <3
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2023.06.02 16:57 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VII C12

Humans have an expression. No. That’s wrong.
Humans have many expressions relating to what I’m going to say next.
‘Think of it as being bitten by a stray dog’ refers to an unfortunate and unforeseeable event.
‘When it rains it pours.’ Refers to how bad things tend to come in groups.
And my personal ‘sort of’ favorite, ‘When something can go wrong, it invariably will, and at the worst possible moment.’ Commonly referred to as ‘Murphy’s Law’, at first glance it would appear to contradict what my people refer to as the law of Independent Causality, which states that positive and negative events can take place without respect to circumstance.
But it keeps to the Law of Dependent Causality, which states that structural or systemic flaws are often exposed by temporally proximate but seemingly independent events. I know, it’s complicated. A simple way to understand it is this…
Suppose you have a bridge, and the bridge collapses during a storm. Now you have no bridge. Well, why did the bridge collapse? Simply put, it fell apart because of ‘weather’ which is an independent event from the bridge’s collapse.
However, the bridge was weak because the maintenance wasn’t performed properly, and ithat wasn’t performed properly because there was corruption involved, paying somebody for work that they were either not performing at all or were underperforming to increase their profits.
Because you have a corruption problem, the bridge collapse is only one sign of a problem that is far more widespread. If you start checking ‘other’ construction projects, you’ll find similar results. Thus when you start spotting other issues, you are seeing ‘dependent causation’ which is to say…
To borrow another human idiom, you found the bad apple that’s spoiling the bunch.
You might wonder why I’m saying all this, particularly since it wasn’t in the first edition of this volume.
I added this so there would be some context to some other external events that were taking place ion the far reaches of the galaxy. Events… nobody really recognized yet as being related, largely because at this point in time, we just didn’t talk to each other very much.
This is something difficult for later generations to really comprehend, now that it’s simply a given that the various species communicate regularly and that trade takes place on more than just isolated space stations that route goods to planetary or moon colonies.
But at this point in time, human and dlamisan species were unique in that we spoke as much as we did. Our governmental leaders, civil and military, genuinely took a liking to one another and would spend abundant time together.
But mowentari, avinris, leonid, maxiki, and the countless other species, did not typically remain in long term persistent contact with each other, and what humans refer to as ‘nomanslands’ were exceptionally common, with border friction great and only certain paths of travel considered ‘acceptable’ and therefore protected.
It made piracy common and the zenti, not to mention other piratical groups, could go deep into the galaxy by following the many branches of the Sindari Road or by other, little used paths to establish themselves and raid peoples even far from their own borders.
And since nobody talked to one another and border tensions were always tight, not only were cleanups of pirate activity rare, but even knowing that losses were taking place was little reported, at home or abroad.
A mining station being destroyed in avinris territory would not be spoken of to the mowentari. The mowentari would not tell the leonids, and nobody would tell Dlamias if there was a pattern of destruction from other bases, leading toward dlamisan territory.
If it seems like madness… it is. Or was. Depending on when you read this.
But it was so normal that we all just accepted it.
And when I say ‘we’, I mean this necessarily includes ‘me’. At least until I began the phase of my experimentation that involved the multispecies combat tournaments.
The gravity of that error on all our parts was made evident when I reached out to Livingston and informed him of what I’d learned.
He was seated behind his desk and staring down his snout at me. “I assume I don’t want to know where you got that information, and I can probably guess, regardless.”
“You probably can, sir.” I said, choosing to be formal while I sat in my room in the basement of the Walker house. It was as good as confirmation, and he scratched beneath his jaw.
“A few years ago, I would have had you hauled off and deported over this.” He said as his ears drooped. “But… everything is different now. And I don’t just mean the fact that you’re no longer a mere impoverished student.”
Having my status elevated was no small thing, it wasn’t something my people did lightly, and this is especially true without ‘formal’ status. In name, I was no different, but since my life had ‘evolved’ a few new roles, deporting me would have been a disruption, and I no longer had anything to fear about that.
“Thank you, sir.” My tongue lolled out of my mouth as I gave him a polite nod to acknowledge his quiet praise for my usefulness.
“Don’t thank me yet.” He answered, and then said, “It’s because of your…usefulness as a backchannel. , I want you to go back to your fighters, the leonid, the mowentari, the avinris, and speak to your fellow students too. I want you to feel out the possibility of a general ‘Rapax Conference’, something covert. Like the earlier idea of military operations.”
“They’ll ask to what purpose.” I prompted, the fine fur on his body was standing on end, and the tension rose another notch as he leaned toward the viewscreen.
“This. Does not. Reach. Anyone. Else. Am I understood, Bailey Walker. The humans know. I know. Your mate knows. I do not know if anyone of the others haves been experiencing the same thing, but we need to find out.” Livingston stared at me with a long, silent look that said I had better be taking him seriously.
For a moment I wasn’t sure who he meant… then it hit me. ‘Bonny Red knows…whatever it is? What did she find?!’ My academic curiosity was piqued.
“I understand. I won’t even speak to Fauve.” I promised.
“She’ll know soon enough anyway.” He grumbled, and then after what felt like an eternity he said…
“Colonies are disappearing. So are colony ships, and so are entire space stations. Not just ours. But some of the small human settlements that were meant to lay the foundations for future colonies. If it is happening to both us and humans. M, my colleague and I are concerned if it might not be more widespread. And what’s more, the same thing is happening among the Praeda class species. Bonny Red’s excursion found abandoned, damaged, destroyed outposts, colonies, floating hulks… something is amiss, and it appears this is the cause for the Praeda arming for war.”
“Did we do it?” I asked point blank. It was the sort of thing Dlamias would do if it ensured a long term victory, our highly militarized society would not play games of chance with our future if we could avoid it.
“No. I can confirm that we had nothing to do with it. For one thing, Gaozu is on Earth. He has been for months at least, and the last time he left, it wasn’t for long. If we were behind it, he would be in charge.” Livingston’s protest rang true to me.
He was our best, it would be inconceivable for him to be offworld, let alone attending my sporting events every week while a proxy or covert war was being waged.
“Alright. I understand. I’ll reach out immediately and have my fighters contact their embassies and suggest that there are some explosive matters to discuss and the problem won’t vanish if it is ignored. They’ll take the hint.” I could promise that much.
Like I said.
Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. And it seems the human expression did not go far enough, when it rains, it pours, and then it floods.
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2023.06.02 16:56 rowurboat9 Dusk is finally getting used to her new home, so excited to see her out & and about :,)

Dusk is finally getting used to her new home, so excited to see her out & and about :,) submitted by rowurboat9 to Scorpions [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:56 Throwaway420694203 Selling home now at a high price under 2 years, or wait and accept more risk?

Hey all,
I'll make it short n sweet. Due to interest rates vs when I bought my home, no way I can afford buying again in my goal neighborhood. I'm trying to calculate selling my home under 2 years and taking the gains tax hit, vs waiting and not having to get taxed on earnings, but seeing the price of the house likely go down since trends seem to be pointing to price cuts.
Bought the house for: $337,000. 5% downpayment.
Houses in my neighborhood with the same floor plan been selling for approx $400,000.
Been here 1 year. Mortgage of 1900 a a month. Currently my outstanding mortgage is 314,315.
I know no one really knows the future, but when trends experts are saying expect a housing price cut due to the high interest rates not really coming down, do I risk waiting 1 more year to move to avoid the gains tax, if it means the house sells for 370k opposed to 400k? It's 15% gains tax for the house if it's under 2 years correct? So for example say I sell it for 400k, make 86k profit, takes 13k of that so still 73k profit seems really nice... then again if the house only sells for 350k when the prices cut, that's 50k profit and that's that.
I'm leaning towards leaving early but I don't know man... I'm torn reddit! Any profit is good. It's not like I'll need a down payment for a new house so any profit goes into savings with some going into investments, but I still want to make the right choice you know?
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2023.06.02 16:56 GSC_4_Me First time owning plants! I’m so excited!

First time owning plants! I’m so excited!
I made a visit to my local garden center with a friend who’s super into plants/gardening and he helped me get set up with some “beginner friendly” plants. I’ve always been nervous to kill plants so have never owned them, but decided to take the plunge. Here’s some pics after I got them home and into pots - the Aloe and Snake plant were almost bursting out of their pots.
One thing I realized after buying is how quickly this can get expensive - my friend joked plants are where all his spending money goes. Does anyone have any newbie tips for ways to save money with this hobby?
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2023.06.02 16:56 Smart-Curve7038 Rubbing Alcohol

For the past month my kitchen and living room smell like rubbing alcohol. The AC guy came and checked for leaks nothing. I also unplugged my refrigerator for about a week. Yesterday I went into my home and it seems like the smell of rubbing alcohol became stronger. I don’t know what else it could be or who to call. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be or what I could check for?
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2023.06.02 16:56 nothankyouuu_ What is the healing process like with a c-section? What’s the first day back at home like? Can you walk once home, or are you bedridden?

I’m more than likely going to be having a c-section and am just curious about everyone’s healing processes.
Obviously it’s a major surgery, and I’m most curious about if majority of women are bedridden for some time when they arrive back at home, or if you’re able to walk around?
I know it’ll vary from person-to-person. I’m honestly nervous about potentially not being able to care for newborn to my fullest potential if I can barely walk 😭.
Anyway, what was YOUR healing process like?
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2023.06.02 16:56 Baba_Yayga Tomorrow (6/3) my wife and I are planning on kayaking the Dan River around noon and doing a public meetup hike at Hanging Rock by 3pm, and you are welcome to join us

Howdy! I’m Zack, and my wife Hannah and I are going to be hiking with some friends tomorrow at Hanging Rock around 3pm. I think our friends only want to do the short Hanging Rock trail and the lower cascades, which are on the short side.
My brother just scored a deal on a new hiking backpack, and I too recently got a Mystery Ranch ruck I wanna break in, so we’re hoping to get into a more substantial hike after our friends go home.
If kayaking up the Dan around noon, or a small hike to Hanging Rock at 3pm, or a bigger hike probably around 5ish sounds like fun and you would like to join us, please do!
Since it’s public property you can show up unannounced and impose your company on us, or you can DM me so we can be easier to find, we’re cool with it either way!
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2023.06.02 16:56 Ok-Account-5980 WIBTA If I left home without my family knowing

WIBTA Because I'm leaving my family soon?
In about a week I will leave my family. Iv18 years old f ,and I want to leave home , my family is not entirely the problem but my mother, whom I will call Sarah. Sarah is 40 years old and beside me a 1-year-old girl, whom I raised, I feed her, I stay with her, I change her, I teach her to walk, I soothe her when she cries, Not her, Sarah makes me hate my life, he yells at me, swears at me, tells me how wrong I am, that he would rather not have me and that he doesn't want to see me in front of his eyes. Nothing is enough , and I can't thank her for anything.I tried everything but nothing worked, I ended up exhausting myself trying to please her but it wasn't enough so I decided to leave. Dad didn't interfere, he just looked, pointed but nothing more and started Enough is enough, I decided to move even though I know that after my departure there will be many scandals and that I will have problems with the police, but I think it's worth it I have a perfect studio apartment already rented and a car that will pick me up during the evening. The problem is that some friends think it is Wrong and that I shouldn't leave Because they will have a lot of work and they won't be able to handle it anymore , and I will make their lives much harder just because I can't stand it. So WIBTA
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2023.06.02 16:56 Mo_Salah_ How the hell did no one win any acting awards for The Walking Dead?

This show has some truly incredible performances, off the top of my head you have:
Andrew Lincoln as Rick which needs no explanation really, when you look at the other juggernaut around the same time period as TWD, Game Of Thrones, there is absolutely no comparison between some of those leads, such as Kit and Emilia, and Andrew Lincoln.
Jon Bernthal, I mean this show literally in his own words, saved his life and gave him a proper career where he went on to land roles in one of the most successful movies in TWOWS as well as being a major character in the Marvel Universe, Frank Castle. All of this after he portrayed Shane to absolute perfection.
Then you have David Morrisey and Jeffrey who I can’t believe weren’t awarded for their villainous performances.
Furthermore you have people like Melissa, Lennie James, Scott Wilson, Danai Guaria, Norman Reedus, Micheal Rooker, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan who have all given some consistently strong performances.
Though I’d also like to point out that while I’m not an expert on award show categories, I know there are nominations for best child actors and guest performances, with that in mind, the girl who played Lizzie and the man who played Eastman come to mind immediately.
It is crazy to me how a show with so many great performances but some truly top tier ones is so lacking in the awards department.
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2023.06.02 16:56 fulktryllvt Crisis- please help

My son was diagnosed at 2 with lvl 1 and have received ABA for a year. He just aged out of his program when he turned 3. There is a lack of therapists in our area and they say that once they manage to hire someone we can resume services. ABA has not been helpful. The therapist has been very inexperienced and there has been no oversight. We have had more luck with his private nanny with lots of daycare experience. She just gave her notice. In addition he is in two daycare, and we will move him to one soon at 5 full days.
My son is very difficult at home. He has a hard time with food, does not listen well , has a hard time with going to bed and has big tantrums for diaper changes and showers. 80% of my time with him on weekdays are spent on these tasks. We have a 1 year old daughter so we have to constantly monitor him to make sure he does not hurt him.
The last couple of days his tantrums have gotten a lot worse. He screamed and kicked down the baby gate in front of the stairs. I could not calm him down for 15-20 min. It was hard to keep him from jumping down the stairs. He hit and kicked me. We are in such a bad mental state that my husband starts to shake and vomit when these things occur. I am constantly nauseous and depressed . We have no family in the area and no support from any institutions.
He is well behaved at daycare. They do not know that he has autism and the only thing they have flagged is that he is behind on self help skills ( but not enough for any intervention) and very far ahead in terms of math and reading.
We feel that things have escalated in the last few days and how we handle this will set the tone going forward.
Any advice on how to handle these big tantrums and transitions especially from home to daycare and daycare to home would be greatly appreciated. Also how to communicate to him that certain things are impossible and that’s why he can’t do it/have it.
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2023.06.02 16:56 SabbyOfSableWine Space pirates make the grave mistake of attacking a human's loved one. They very quickly learn what happens when a human is angry and full of adrenaline

This is part of my little series about the adventures of Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick. If you'd like to read previous parts, they're linked below, along with brief summaries of each:
Part One: Alien learns what "sleep" is and how humans prefer to do it in a comfy bed with blankets and pillows. And they find it utterly adorable.
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick are sent on a survey mission together. Things go south, Aldrick makes sure they're safe, and then Vr'ocria learns what human sleep is and how vulnerable humans are when they sleep. Vr'ocria's people don't sleep, but enter stasis, a form of rest in which they typically stand, and they are still slightly aware of their surroundings. Vr'ocria finds human sleep utterly adorable, and also decides she will protect Aldrick while he sleeps. And she also develops a massive crush on him. (Her scales turning purple is her version of blushing)
Part Two: An alien + human adventure with such shenanigans as poison drinking, befriending dangerous wildlife, and fighting a space pirate. Oh, and they have a huge crush on each other.
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick end up assigned together for another survey mission. Vr'ocria tries to deny her feelings for Aldrick after a tense conversation with her nestmate about the danger of humans, but when they're ambushed in the night by a pirate and Aldrick takes a blow to save her, becoming injured in the process, she comes to realize just how strongly she feels for him. She kills the pirate, carries Aldrick to safety, and the two share a tender moment.
Part Three: When a cold-blooded alien has to cuddle a warm-blooded human for warmth
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick are assigned to an ice plant for their next mission. Aldrick chews out Command for assigning Vr'ocria there when they know she's cold-blooded and not built for the cold, and when the power goes out, they cuddle to keep her from freezing. They finally confess their feelings for one another, and Vr'ocria learns what kissing is.
Part Four: A human leaves a hickey on his alien lover. Her nestmate doesn't understand what a hickey is, and thinks the human injured her
Vr'ocria enjoys neck kisses, and asks Aldrick to indulge her. Later, she has a video call with her nestmate Galek. Galek is already wary of humans, and when he sees a bruise on her throat that she didn't notice, he figures out Aldrick is responsible and freaks out, thinking Aldrick intentionally hurt her. Vr'ocria dresses Galek down, explaining that it's not an injury, and also that he needs to get over it and respect her relationship with Aldrick.
Now for the new story!
TW: There will be blood and broken bones.

"I have a bad feeling about this."
Vr'ocria turned to Human Aldrick in the pilot seat next to her. He was drumming his fingers on the console, brow furrowed, as he watched the Xenthum solar system approach.
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"I dunno. I just–" he bit the inside of his cheek. "You ever just get an ick feeling about something?"
Vr'ocria frowned. "No. Can you explain it?"
He scratched the back of his neck. "It's hard to explain. Like, there's nothing wrong that I can tell about this mission, but ever since we got within visual range, I've had this gut feeling that we need to turn back."
Vr'ocria wasn't sure she understood, but she didn't like seeing him uncomfortable. "Well, we're here on orders–"
"I know, I know, I don't want to get us in trouble, I'm already on thin ice after yelling at Lieutenant Prax–"
"–but the minute anything starts to go wrong, no matter how small, we can turn around."
He glanced over at her. "Thanks," he said with a grateful smile.
They had entered the Xenthum system now. Its main planet was sparsely populated, used mostly as a trading outpost since it was so close to the Dridian border. The trick was navigating through the minefield of asteroid clusters. Aldrick let Vr'ocria take the lead piloting, since of the two of them, she was more skilled at delicate maneuvers.
They were almost to the planet when an alert pinged. Aldrick sat up to check the sensors.
"There's a ship nearby," he reported. "A big one."
"Where?" Vr'ocria pulled up the sensor on her screen. "I don't see anything. Just asteroids."
"Turn on the warp detector and increase the ion frequency."
Vr'ocria pressed a few controls. "Oh wow, you weren't kidding." She frowned. "It's way too big to be in the middle of an asteroid field. What are they doing?"
"I don't know, but I don't like it." She could feel the tension radiating from him.
"You want to get out of here?" she asked.
He chewed his lip. "Y'know what? Yeah. Let's at least take an alternate root, we can–"
But before he could finish, there was a loud BANG and they were sent flying from their seats as the shuttle rattled.
"What the fuck?" Aldrick yelled as he scrambled to his feet, lunging for the console. "Did we scrape an asteroid?"
Vr'ocria crawled back into her seat as well and banged out a few commands on her screen. Her blood froze.
"No," she said in a low voice. "It was phaser fire."
They'd been so focused on the massive ship that they'd missed the tiny shuttle creeping up from below them.
BANG. The screens flickered and glitched.
Aldrick cursed. "We've lost shields!"
There was another hit, then another, and another. Sparks were flying now, and the sensors were screaming as the shuttle's operating systems started failing.
Vr'ocria was tossed against the wall in one particularly brutal crash, and the last thing she saw was a broken panel flying right towards her face.

Everything hurt.
Especially her nose. The tang of blood clung to the back of her throat.
There were muffled voices somewhere nearby, and the sound of metal scraping. When she tried to move, she abruptly registered something cold and hard encircling her wrists.
"She's waking up."
Vr'ocria coughed, blood splattering from her lips. Moaning in pain, she managed to lift her head and crack her eyes open.
The scraping sound was the heels of her boots sliding across metal grate flooring as she was dragged by her wrists. She craned her head back, pain shooting through her neck, and realized that her wrists were clapped in rusty manacles. A massive blue hand fisted the rust red chains that suspended her arms over her head.
"Wha' th'fmm–" she slurred. Her brain felt like sludge.
Suddenly she was yanked even higher into the air, her toes just brushing the floor. A shock of cold assaulted her and she yelped, flinching as water dripped down her face.
"You awake now?"
A man was standing in front of her, tossing aside a now-empty bucket. There were several people, actually. All different species, all looking very pleased, and all wearing distinctive black Norvidian armbands.
A hand cracked across her cheek, sending more blood flying. She bit back a cry as the shockwave laced through her broken nose. "Fuck you," she spat instead.
The man chuckled. He was tall, muscles bulging through his coat, and his skin was blue. He must've been the one dragging her. "Picking up human words, I see."
Vr'ocria's blood turned to ice. "What have you done with him?" She demanded in a low voice.
His grin only widened. His teeth were crooked and rotting. "I'll be asking the questions here."
Her scales burned a bright and hot yellow and snapped as they turned on end. But before she could respond, his hand lashed out and grabbed her throat–not enough to choke her just yet, but enough to make her freeze.
"You're the lizard bitch from Theta-7, yes?" The grin was gone now, replaced by a withering glare.
Understanding dawned on Vr'ocria. Blast. Oh, blast.
He saw the realization in her eyes and slowly released her throat. "You are."
"What's it to you?" She snapped.
He sneered. "You killed one of my men."
"He attacked us first!"
Stars burst behind her eyes as the air was forced from her lungs, and it took her a moment to realize that he had punched her in the gut. All she could do was cough and gasp, trying to regain her bearings through the pain as he turned away from her and towards the others standing around. He raised his arms.
"We are Norvids!" He boomed, and the others whooped in agreement. "We stand together! We protect our own!"
Vr'ocria tuned him out as he kept proselytizing, using the opportunity to look around the room. It was massive and almost all metal with towering walls. Crane chains hung from the ceiling, and crates and barrels of different sizes were scattered about, everything dusty, rusty, and old. A storage room. An old cargo ship? She wondered. That would explain why it was so big.
She ran a quick headcount of everyone she could see. Seventeen.
But where was Aldrick?
Vr'ocria felt sick. You better be okay…you have to…please be okay…
The man–the captain, she guessed–finally turned back to her. He drew a dagger from a sheath strapped to his arm, and her eyes went wide.
"A life for a life," he growled, stalking towards her.
But before he'd made it even two steps, a voice rang out through the cargo bay.
"Don't you fucking touch her."
It was enough to stop the captain in his tracks.
Footsteps sounded from behind her, and Vr'ocria tried in vain to twist her body around.
But she didn't have to. The man approaching from behind came forward and stepped in between her and the captain, and she didn't have to see his face to know who it was.
"Aldrick," she nearly whimpered.
The caption sneered. "Well well, a little escape artist, are we?"
Aldrick was silent.
Deathly so.
Vr'ocria swallowed.
Even the captain, who was twice Aldrick's size, seemed to waver. Vr'ocria wasn't sure she wanted to know what he saw on Aldrick's face.
Finally, Aldrick spoke. "Any of you touch her, and you will die." His voice was so cold it pierced her to the bone. She could see his clenched fists trembling at his sides. He's not even armed!
The captain began to laugh, his voice echoing around the bay. The others laughed with him.
"And who's gonna stop us?" He demanded. "You? Little human, you don't know who you're messing with." He dashed forward, raising the blade, ready to strike.
"Aldrick!" Vr'ocria screamed.
But Aldrick dodged as easily as water flows through a river, ducking under the dagger and going for the captain's legs. He barreled his full weight against his hips, and with a shout, the giant fell, the dagger clattering from his grasp. Quick as a whip, Aldrick snatched it up–and drove it directly into the captain's throat.
Vr'ocria couldn't help but watch in horror as green blood frothed forth, spraying all over Aldrick. The captain's eyes were wide, and he choked and spasmed as his life drained out onto the dirty floor.
By now, the others were surging forward, shouting, screaming, and brandishing their own weapons.
"NO!" Vr'ocria screamed as they converged on him. She kicked and yanked uselessly at her chains, desperate to help, to do anything. The manacles bit painfully into her scales, some of them even popping off onto the floor, leaving beads of blood welling up in their wake. But the manacles did not yield.
When she looked back, she was terrified she'd see Aldrick lying dead on the floor.
But he wasn't.
In fact, there were three pirates–no, make that four now–sprawled lifelessly instead. Aldrick was a whirlwind of limbs and gnashing teeth–he ducked and dodged, spat and kicked, slashing at knees and elbows, slowly incapacitating or discombobulating each one until he was able to sink the dagger into throats, chests, between ribs–bodies were dropping--he was covered in blood now, eyes wild–
"BEHIND YOU!" Vr'ocria screamed.
Aldrick turned just a second too late, and a woman covered in dark fur landed a kick directly to his chest. He hit the floor, the dagger flying from his grasp. The woman pounced, her hands wrapping around his throat. His legs thrashed as he clutched at her hands, and he was just able to roll them over until he was on top. From there, he simply started punching, and punching, blood spraying his face with each hit.
A large man behind him had stumbled back to his feet. He lunged forward and yanked Aldrick into the air by the back of his shirt, throwing him bodily into the air, where he crashed against a metal crate.
He hit the ground and didn't move.
Vr'ocria was screaming. She didn't know if she was saying words anymore, but she was screaming, and blood was streaming down her arms now from how hard she was pulling against the manacles. All she could do was watch as the final three pirates approached her mate where he lay lifeless on the floor.
They stopped before they were in arms length, looking between each other. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but one of them finally edged forward and poked Aldrick's side with her toe.
Vr'ocria wanted to rip their entrails out with her bare hands.
He still didn't move. Seeming satisfied, they moved forward, and one bent to grab him.
All at once, her human surged back to life. The man closest to him hit the ground as Aldrick swung his legs around, sweeping the man's feet out from under him. Once he was down, Aldrick bashed a crane hook–one he must've picked up from the floor–into the man's skull so hard that it caved in with one blow. Still lying on the floor, Aldrick used his vantage point to kick the woman's knee backwards, and she collapsed with an agonized scream. One more strike with the hook, and she was silenced.
That left just one. The final pirate appeared to be reptilian like her, although he had large spines stretching across his head and shoulders. This one didn't try to rush Aldrick. Instead, he kept his distance, watching warily as Aldrick climbed to his feet.
"So it's true," the spined pirate said, "what they say about humans."
Aldrick returned a deadly stare. "And what's that?" His voice almost didn't even sound like his anymore.
"You're monsters. Demons. Scourge of the universe."
Aldrick grinned, but it looked more like a feral animal baring its teeth. "That's me."
The pirate's spines flexed. "You could join us," he said. "Join the Norvids. We'll find another crew, you can be captain."
They were circling now, Aldrick crouched like a predator ready to strike, the pirate shuffling back with his hands held out.
"You could be rich!"
Aldrick picked up a rusty chain from a barrel as he passed by.
"Think of the power you would wield!" The pirate cried desperately.
Aldrick still said nothing. He forced him back, and back, until the pirate realized, too late, that he was cornered between two crates. His back hit the wall and he slid down, cowering, as Aldrick loomed over him.
Vr'ocria could barely hear because of the distance, but the metal room carried Aldrick's low hiss as he bent down to the trembling pirate: "You hurt my mate. Now, you die."
The rusty chain crackled as Aldrick wrapped it around the pirate's neck in one fell swoop. He pulled the loop tight and the pirate clutched at the noose, his eyes and forked tongue bulging out. Then, with one swift and hard yank, an audible splinter-snap filled the room–and the pirate was dead before he hit the floor, his neck bent at an unnatural angle.
Aldrick dropped him in disgust. His back was turned, but Vr'ocria could still see his chest heaving.
He turned and met Vr'ocria's eyes, and the demented expression drained from his face. He stepped towards her, slowly at first, and then broke into a sprint.
It seemed like he wanted to throw his arms around her, but he came to a sudden halt before he could touch her, instead raising his shaking hands to her face. "Vr'ocria, 'ria, my Ria, I'm so sorry–" his voice broke and his eyes welled with tears that quickly spilled over and began running down his face, carving tracks into the grime and blood spatter.
"Aldrick," she whispered, drinking him in. He's alive.
"Hold on, hold on, I'll get you out of these cuffs, fuck–" he turned to the dead captain on the floor and rifled through his pockets until he produced a key.
He returned and had to stand on his tiptoes to reach the manacles, and with a scrape and groan of metal, the manacles cracked loose.
Vr'ocria collapsed onto Aldrick, her legs too weak to hold her up. Her arms fell over his shoulders, and he caught her around the waist. Together they sank to the floor until they were both on their knees, clutching at one another as if they would disappear.
Aldrick buried his face in her neck, shaking with silent sobs. Vr'ocria tangled her hands in his bloody hair, not caring about the mess. Her people couldn't weep like humans did, but she might as well have with the way her chest heaved with stuttering breaths, her scales burning bright red.
Aldrick clutched her tight enough to hurt, but she didn't care. "Ria, my Ria, my love," he gasped like a mantra.
She finally took his face in her hands and pulled him back, forcing him to look at her. "Are you alright?" She implored. "Are you hurt?"
He let out a half-laugh, half-sob. "You're asking me?"
She used her thumbs to wipe away some of the grime on his face. "You took on all of those people by yourself," she croaked. "And the way he threw you–planets, I thought you were dead."
His hands slid up her back to clutch her shoulders. "I'm alright," he assured her. "Bumps and bruises is all. But you–" he looked her up and down, rage rekindling in his eyes. "Son of a bitch, what they did to you–"
She shook her head. "They're dead now," she said firmly. "It's over and done." She leaned forward to squeeze him again, resting her head on his shoulder. "Let's just go home."
"Don't have to tell me twice." Aldrick rose, pulling her up with him. Her legs were still too unsteady to walk, so instead, he slid one hand under her knees and swept her up into his arms. She settled against his chest as he carried her out of the cargo bay.
"Should we be worried about any other crew members?" She asked, casting her eyes around the barren corridor.
Aldrick shook his head as he walked. He seemed to know where he was going. "It was just them."
"How do you know? And what happened to you, by the way?"
His arms tightened around her. "After you got knocked out, they locked a tractor beam onto the shuttle and pulled us inside."
They came to a fork in the corridor, and he turned left. "I thought they were just raiding for scrap metal and Union tech, but when they boarded the shuttle, they went straight for you. I–" his voice cracked. "I tried to protect you, but there were so many of them and I was so caught off guard..."
Vr'ocria stroked the nape of his neck with her thumb. "It's okay, it's not your fault."
Aldrick swallowed before continuing. "They took you away and locked me in an old storage container. Thankfully the hinges were on the inside, so I just popped the pins out once they were gone. I was able to access the ship's computer and scan the whole ship, because the idiots didn't know how to encrypt anything. All brawn and no brains, I guess. That's also how I was able to figure out where they kept their own shuttles, since ours is pretty busted."
"Is that where we're going?"
He nodded. "Anyway, I used the scanner to find your location, and then I just crawled through the air ducts so I could get inside without them knowing." He stopped. "We're here."
They'd arrived at a loading door with a rusty label that read "SHUTTLE BAY."
Twenty minutes later found them back out in open space in the least-old shuttle they could find. The engine puttered every few minutes, but with any luck, they'd reach their ship in an hour or so.
Vr'ocria had regained her bearings, and she was rummaging around the storage box at the back of the cabin. She finally found an old "in case of emergency" kit, but frustratingly, all the first aid supplies had been picked clean. She did, however, find an unopened package of wet wipes.
Vr'ocria took the wipes back to the front of the cabin. Ripping the package open, she knelt by Aldrick where he sat in the pilot seat.
"What're you doing?"
"Hold still," she murmured. She raised a wipe to his face, and began gently cleaning the blood off. His eyes became soft as she tended to him, throwing the dirty wipes aside one by one while she worked her way down his face and neck.
When she was done, he took her hand before she could get up. He reached for the package as well, and began wiping the blood from her arms, taking care around the nasty scrapes that marred her wrists. "We need to get these bandaged up."
"It's okay. They're not bleeding anymore, we have time."
Aldrick placed a hand on her cheek. "I love you so much," he whispered. "And I'm glad you're okay."
Vr'ocria leaned into his hand, closing her eyes. "I love you too."
submitted by SabbyOfSableWine to humansarespaceorcs [link] [comments]