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2023.06.02 16:54 celsius032 Need help understanding system wattage vs per channel wattage.

Howdy /CarAV. Stereo noob here looking to upgrade stock speakers in my 2005 IS300. I installed a a Sony XAV-AX5000 last year and absolutely love it. Now I'm looking into replace the tweeters, lower front door speakers, rear deck speakers, and installing a compact powered subwoofer. My question is about understanding wattage.
I'm considering Kicker 47KSC6704 replacement for my front door speakers, but they're listed as minimum 15 watts. My little Sony head unit is listed as 20 watts, but it's not immediately clear to me if that's per channel or for the whole system, meaning there would be no way I could run these without an amplifier, which I'm hoping to not have to do.
Reading the Sony owners manual, it states this for the wattage:
CTA2006 Standard
Power Output: 20 Watts RMS × 4 at 4 Ohms < 1% THD+N
SN Ratio: 80 dBA (reference: 1 Watt into 4 Ohms)
Does "20 Watts RMS × 4" mean the system's total wattage can go up to 80 watts, and that I should be good buying these kicker speakers which have a 15 watt minimum? Is there anything I'm missing here?
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2023.06.02 16:53 ZGMFX-42S [TotK] what I think should have happened in the ending( Massive spoilers ahead)

I think in the end of the game there should have been a scene where link, zelda, purah, and the others should have gone to the temple of time on the great sky island and there would be a pedestal and link put the master sword into it similar to what we see in the end of skyward sword the reason why I wish this happened is because every other link puts the sword back into a pedestal and I find it odd how in the end of totk link does not put it back into a pedestal but we do know link returned the sword to the Korok forest after Botw since after we get the sword we see link getting it back in the forest before he and Zelda go down into hyrule castle depths. But you may be saying “well in the totk sequel it will have a memory that shows link getting the sword again” and yes if there is a sequel it might show that but if Nintendo is not sure if they will make a follow up game it would have been nice to see link put the sword into a pedestal either in the temple of time or korok forest either of the two work.
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2023.06.02 16:53 hoosierblonde First Timer - Interpreting LH? CD Unknown

First Timer - Interpreting LH? CD Unknown
Hey there,
This is probably going to be an incredibly ignorant post- I literally got my Kyleena IUD out yesterday and decided to take a Wondfo OPK this morning for “fun” to get it out of my system.
I was shocked when this line showed up- I know it’s faint but what does it mean and what should I do next? Lol should we start BD tonight and the nexy few? Keep testing today to see if it’s a fluke?
Thanks so much for any insight?
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2023.06.02 16:53 Coops17 A word from an Australian and a Scottish Football fan

I love this sub Reddit for the simple reason that it’s so much more reasonable than Spurs Twitter, which is so bloody toxic. With that in mind a lot of you are unsure about Ange Postecoglu. He may not even be hired. But if he is here is why I’m excited, and why maybe you can be too.
There’s a couple of points I want to address.
1) To be clear I’m a Rangers fan, not a Celtic fan. I’ve been one since I was old enough for my dad to say “you support rangers” so, I guess they’re my boyhood club. So this is all coming from a position from the other side of the divide. But I watched it all happen and it was crazy. Feel free to skip the background info early on if you’re clued up on Scottish football. But the context is important.
2) I’m not even going to bother going into all the Brisbane Roar, Socceroos, Yokohama (his time in Japan I know the least about) stuff. But maybe I will if enough of you are interested.
3) I don’t know much about it all, I only know what I have seen being in the unique position of being Australian, a spurs fan and a Rangers fan
4) a lot of people are saying “SPFL is a 1 horse race”. It is not, albeit, it’s a 2 horse race.
The 2 horses are the Glasgow giants, Rangers and Celtic. Celtic has won a heap in recent years 10 titles to be exact. Their first of these was in 2012, that’s because their main rival Rangers went bust in 2012. Before that, Rangers had won the last 3 titles in a row (despite being in financial peril). Before 2012 it was a consistent 2 horse race. Rangers and Celtic are 2 of the most successful teams in world football.
It took Rangers nearly 8 years to get back from the basement of Scottish professional football to the top league. In that time Brendan Rodgers won 8 titles in a row facing very little competition from any other side in the division. Only 1 of which was won with Rangers back in the division, after which he left mid season for Leicester.
After that Neil Lennon (who was in charge last when Rangers were busy winning 3 in a row) swooped in and won the treble up against Gerard’s Rangers who were finding their feet in the league (practically gimme titles). This was Celtics 9th title in a row equaling a league record held by Rangers.
In his third year in charge of Rangers, Steven Gerrard and his assistant Michael Beale won Rangers first since their financial collapse and their 55th league title overall. They did it tearing Celtic apart by 23 points. After which Neil Lennon was sacked unceremoniously, leaving Celtics squad and the club in an absolute mess.
Gerrard left Rangers for Aston Villa, but his second in command (the guy running the show) Mick Beale went to coach QPR. Without Beale, Gerrard was found out, and Beale has since been rehired by Rangers as head coach.
In the mean time Ange Postecoglu was hired by Celtic to the same uneducated jeers he is receiving from some of our fans now. What he did was remarkable, he picked up a completely broken Celtic. The remains of Brendan Rodgers tired, old, used up and disillusioned squad was pick up and galvanised m, the spent players were sold and he brought in bonafide stars from a league he knew well (Japan). He then proceeded to Beat the shit out of Rangers playing exciting attacking progressive smart football. and will probably win a domestic treble in his first year coaching in Europe.
Without context or understanding this treble doesn’t feel like a massive feat. But when you understand just how broken that Celtic side were when they brought him in. Then you start to get and idea of how good this guy is.
If you admit to knowing nothing about either the manager or the league, then consider just listening and learning and reserving judgment. Or heck maybe you’ll read this and get excited, like I am.
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2023.06.02 16:53 JustCuriousArizona Why Does Nokia Need Cash?

There appears to be a misconception of why Nokia needs cash. The reason is, Nokia has positioned itself to BE in a DYNAMIC and growing market space. The issue is, most investors think of Nokia as a cellphone company, which they aren't, also the past business execution of Nokia and the past stock performance.......well suck, as stated repeatedly on this board.
Also for investors who understand that Nokia is now competing in RAN equipment for CSP's, think of 5G, cell phone market as saturated and as only a smart phone market. So in their mind, the cell phone market is now a commodity, slow, stodgy and highly predictable.
The issue is, today's thinking is NOT tomorrows reality. Companies who thought this way is best demonstrated that in the cell phone market in 2008 are no longer in the cell phone market or not dominant in it anymore, Motorola, Nokia and RIM but to name a few. This truth that the wireless market is changing at double digit rates is now recognized by Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung but to name a few companies scrambling madly to "user in the future".
If the future wireless market was going to be a commodity wireless market, then yes, high R&D and high amount of cash wouldn't be required. The game of the wireless market is no longer with the traditional CSP equipment suppliers, it is beyond the traditional smart phone market. The M2M (machine too machine) communication systems envisioned will be to some extent be specialized for various market scenarios. What Pekka said, the future is too big for any one company to dominate is correct, both in terms of vision as well as product. If a future is going to be thrust upon us, we may know the future in general, but we DO NOT know the future in specific and it is knowing the specificity which will make a company successful. So what specificity? Specifics like, functionality, which company will dominate, what new products will be created that wasn't seen, who will make the best widget, what is the cheapest architecture that the consumer will like or decide they need (the consumer reaction to a product/system is very unpredictable, e.g., who would know that "pinch/zoom" that was seen on the Apple Iphone would become a necessity for every smart phone and the consumer didn't even know they wanted "pinch/zoom" before Apple showed them it on commercials.
So the question maybe, Ok, we don't need cash, let's just up the R&D. There are several issues with this. One is to realize why do accounting at all, the basic reason to do accounting is to grasp how effective the business is running. All companies need effective and truthful accounting to get insight in the efficiency and profitability of running an organization, even a criminal organization will need to have a set of books which are truthful, hence the term "two sets of books", one set of books which lies to the government and the 2nd set which lets you know how efficient the organization is running.
Operational expenses, like R&D, like cost of production and SG&A are generally thought of as fixed expenses, which perpetually happen every year (I used perpetual which is a little strong to use but I use it to emphasize the cost is planned and well defined.). Within the income statement, expenses are taken away from revenue and what is left over is profit. Profit is generally considered by investors as money which CAN come to them, and this is proper. As an aside comment, this is one reason Nokia stock was hit so hard when they missed earnings, the investors were not happy with Pekka and the Nokia board of missing earnings, even though everything else in the Q1 23 report looked pretty good.
A company playing in a dynamic growing market will take some of the profit and allocate it to cash. If the company isn't in a dynamic growing market, it cash requirements are much much less. But if a company EXPECTS to PLAY in a market space which they KNOW/BELIEVE is going to change, they are wise to increase their cash reserve. The other place a company will increase it's cash reserve is if the market becomes uncertain, a cash reserve will help them over come a cash flow crisis if for example the market should crash, the cash reserve in this case is to keep the company afloat for 6 months to 12 months till the market comes back.
R&D is considered an expense, you hire full time employees a specific head count, they aren't temporary and these people will be around every year for as long as Nokia stays financially healthy. R&D budget also takes away from earnings, so you don't want to allocate money into R&D unless you plan to have these people and the job function around forever or at least as long as the company remains financially healthy. Cash is used to smooth out the uncertainty's. For example let's say you are in a dynamic market and you are co-developing a product with a dynamic new startup company A, but let us say, unknown to you, another small company B emerges and develops a far superior product that the market likes. In this scenario, you are likely to dip into your cash reserve, talk to the small company B and get cojoint future development and access to there product. The other place you may dip into your cash reserve is, let's say that someone, competitor, customer, new company, a university professor suddenly comes up with a brand new requirement/design that potentially meets the market place needs, which was unplanned/unforseen, in such a scenario you are likely to dip into your cash reserve and fund extra temporary development people to develop the idea or to see if the idea is good. Besides, the development, you may want a market report suddenly because of new information that wasn't foreseen or planned, that is a one time deal, you are likely to dip into your cash reserve. Your cash reserve is likely to be used for ANY one time design, sales, study.
When you are dealing in a dynamic market place, which Nokia is in now, you need a cash reserve. So how much do you need? One way to answer this is to remembeexperience, that if you need cash and don't have it, it is really terrible, you could say well have a line of credit, this has it's own bad financial repercussions. The other way is to look at your competitors and if you have the same % of revenue you are likely Ok.
So does Nokia need a cash reserve.......YES. How much, it is for argument. Should we spend a lot time arguing about cash reserve.......NO. Why, because time is money and many of the future big markets that Nokia is dealing in are growing at double digit rates. These future markets need to developed now at an expense level and it needs to be recognized that Nokia, Ericsson and Cisco, do not know exactly the new product definitions, new systems, new startup companies, old companies opening up new business units to compete in the market space. So if you believe Nokia is playing in future new dynamic market space, which I do, what should Nokia do? It would be wise to talk to, educate, co-partner with as many of these companies as you can, which should come out of cash.
The other reason NOT to increase R&D is for every dollar you put into R&D you take it away from the investors because you reduce earnings. Investors, as you saw from Nokia's Q1 report are very sensitive to earnings drop from expectations. Earnings are mostly considered the fair return to investors, ROI, cash can be used by the company for any one time opportunity or deficit occurrence. Cash, can be considered as the companies, self insured insurance policy against bad things as well as to capitalize on good things. Large cash reserves are a must for companies playing in future dynamic markets.
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2023.06.02 16:53 Anosh_chodankar I dug my own grave somehow

Well i sent my "over religious" friend a post which showed casteism in action ( up dalit girl getting raped and police harrasing them , father commits suicide) he saw that post was like what is caste what is brahmin what is this and that , he said caste doesn't exist and asked for proof that caste exists in hinduism, he asked some unrelated questions like what was the name of ved vyas's mother's name , i think he wanted to show that fisher women married a king so it changed their caste or something showing that caste doesn't exist , idk how thats a proof thats like a exception a story doesn't prove anything, irony of this is that he shared me videos of showing casteism in islam( this happened before this incident) ,after that he was talking something about pujas and its procedure idk much about that stuff so it made me lose the debate somehow, he did alot of mental gymnastics , he talked with me like i am a anti hindu muslim , like he was asking what's so good about Islam ( i am a exhindu) and this and that i was confused after that my head started hurting so much this was the first time my head actually started hurting from a conversation so it was my own mistake to even respond to his questions and responses , idk i just wanted to post this idk why .well this doesn't show his side of story properly but for context he idolizes shiva and does goofy pujas and wants to become a brahmin ( he belongs to other caste ( i am not castist just wanted to say)). So idk this has alot biases .
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2023.06.02 16:53 takumidesh every twenty minutes or so, I am getting skipping on my extruder. I pause the print pull out the fil and see this blob at the end. does anyone have any ideas what would be causing this? ender 3, klipper, hote end at 210 degrees.

every twenty minutes or so, I am getting skipping on my extruder. I pause the print pull out the fil and see this blob at the end. does anyone have any ideas what would be causing this? ender 3, klipper, hote end at 210 degrees. submitted by takumidesh to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:52 SprayOk8248 Old gods of Asgard - The Poet and the Muse sounds identical to another song but I can't find any reference to it. Please help with finding what song is the original of the Poet and the Muse.

Alright friends, I don't think I've ever made a post but I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. It's very rare that I can't find someone who shares the same thought as I've had but nevertheless it does appear (based on comments and google searches) that I may be the only person who things the song The poet and the muse sounds IDENTICAL to another song. I mean I'm 100% it must have been a cover yet I can't find any references to whatever song the original maybe.
Please help a fellow out. All your help is much appreciated.
What song does Old Gods of Asgard - The Poet and the Muse sounds identical to?
I put this link which is a female cover because the song in my head is also a female singer.
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2023.06.02 16:52 __SinglePlayer__ You are not your mind - if you want to end the suffering, look within

Happy afternoon! Here is another little post from me - more in the form of few random notes, than something that is a complete story, but I hope I can provide some information and guide you to become happier, more at peace, and suffer less. Most of those is something I have found in a book "The Power of Now" (E. Tolle) - the book I have just started to read, but I find very useful already.
As the author said in the preface, he used to suffer from depression. One day, he woke up and said in his head "I can not live with myself anymore" - which led him to interesting conclusion. If HE can not live with HIMSELF anymore, that means there are two selves that are separate. The logical question is, which one is true, which one is false, and how to kill the wrong one?
This is where the discussion begins. There is only one true self - the issue is that we often do not see it, since we are thinking about everything excessively. There is a noice in our head all the time, and that noice make us unable to see ourself for who we really are in our essence. As Tolle claims - since we are out of balance - this kind of inability to control our thoughts is illness/addiction. It is true with everything else - if you are unable to stop drinking, you are alcoholic. If you can not control your mind - you have the same kind of problem.
Now mind is a powerful machine - if we use it the right way. Without it, we would never invent things, we would never get out of the living in wild, never invent fire, and so on. Mind is amazing and we need it - it is a tool - probably the best tool we have.
The problem is when we do not use our tool, but let it use us. Mind is great servant, but terrible master. We need to realise that we are not the mind, but we have mind, just so we could live better. We shall never identify with it, as that kills our happiness. We should learn how to control our thoughts and how to use our mind, but always be aware - we are not our minds.
Now, I am still learning to do this, but the author suggests 2 tools - one is to become aware of your mind - for example when you think about something, observe it. Do not "force yourself not to think", because that is not going to work. Instead become aware - okay, this worry about tomorrow's exam is not me, it is a mental construction of my mind. The second thing is JUST BE. Whatever you are doing, focus on it. If you are walking upstair, try to be as much as possible in present - do not think about your lunch or raise, but observe your footsteps, the chairs, colors, shapes, feel the pressure in your knee, notice the heart beating and so on. In the end of the day, this is how meditation works and what meditation is all about.
Once you find your true self, the raw, the one, the core, the essence, you will find out how beautiful the life is. It is not the feeling of euphoria. It is just pure peace and bliss. You need to learn to detach, to realise, you are not your mind. Clean the noise. You are something so much more precious and eternal.
Will write more as I keep reading. Stay well and keep seeking. Peace :)
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2023.06.02 16:52 Advanced-Ad-3091 I feel like a boob job would help my body dysmorphia..

Hear me out. I'm not saying a surgery would fix my problems.. but it would help me feel more feminine.. and not as pressured to be skinny.
My boobs are barely a B, probably an A at this point. I'm a tall gal, like 5'10" ish. If my boobs were even a cup size bigger I feel like I wouldn't feel this pressure to be skinny enough to have my boobs stick out more than my stomach. My abusor engrained into my skull that "if your stomach sticks out more than your boobs, you're fat." Which isn't true AT ALL but for some reason his voice enchos in my head. It's probably trauma.. but it still makes me feel really awful that no matter how skinny I get, so matter how much weight I lose, my boobs are always going to be smaller than my stomach.
Idk what the point of this post is, sorry if I triggered anyone. I just don't know what to do. I can't afford a boob job by any means, and I hate the thought of modifying my body like that. I'm not about plastic surgery or any of that, but I'm tired as hell of dealing with my AN. I've been "in recovery" for the last few months. I've put on a few pounds, but this is the point where I usually relapse. When I realized I've gained weight, when my clothes aren't baggy anymore. I spiral and go back down the hole of st***ing myself. Idk what to do.
I feel like without my boobs (I've had 3 kids so any breasts I did have are sad, empty, saggy sacks of skin) I'm less feminine. Shirts have never fit me right, I can't wear low cut tops. Dresses are made for cleavage that I don't have. I just want to feel pretty, I want to feel like a girl. Idk. This probably makes no sense. I get my lashes done to try to feel better but it doesn't make clothes fit me in a more flattering way.
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2023.06.02 16:52 cakepiex Mileage converting to Star Memories is exactly why this game will not have grand success like similar gacha games

What you can buy with Star Memories in the shop is pathetic. In Honkai Star Rail they carry over your pulls and pity to the next banner. In this game you essentially get a reset.
I believe players (like myself) will more likely to stick around this game knowing having current 112 Mileage will mean I only need 88 more to hit pity even in the next banner. I’m not spending a dime on this game unless this fundamentally changes. Such an outdated and sad system. Please learn from those succeeding in the gacha game space Stove. Cheers.
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2023.06.02 16:52 charlotte-jane ftm top surgery approval!!

application was sent on feb 17th and my doctor confirmed that i got approved this morning!! freaking out 🥳🥳🥳
i'm actually pretty surprised, it seemed like they were in early jan like 1-2 weeks ago. i wonder if they just hired more people or something.
anyways, does anyone know what wait times for the mcclean clinic look like these days? 😭🥰
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2023.06.02 16:52 DespressedAF Weird or nah?

Okay I don’t know if it’s just me or what. So my fiancé was FaceTiming his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. We have only met his girlfriend a few times so we don’t really know her. Anyway, they were about to hang up and then the girlfriend said to my fiancé “I miss your face”. Something about that just rubbed me the wrong way. What about him does she miss? She doesn’t even know him… is she just awkward like me and didn’t know what to say? Idk I just thought that was a weird thing to say to someone you don’t really know.
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2023.06.02 16:51 vitaminoso What does that mean?

What does that mean?
Why the message saying it's encrypted repeats 4 times?
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2023.06.02 16:51 iamtheone2295 One Piece Theory: Imu's Powers, Flowers, and Disney Connections

There is a theory by Yuimaru (ドロピザ) that provides an explanation for Imu's powers and sheds light on her character. The theory suggests that the names of princesses, queens, and notable female characters in One Piece are all related to flowers, except for Imu. However, by examining the kanji for flower (花), which consists of the characters イ and ム (Imu), it is proposed that Imu is indeed a girl or woman. The theory also introduces two kanji that can be associated with Imu's powers.
The first kanji is 化, which means "to assume the shape of" or "to turn oneself into." This suggests that Imu may possess the ability to transform herself and others into different shapes, possibly monsters. This aligns with the importance of changing appearances in the overthrowing of kingdoms, as seen in the cases of Alabasta, Dressrosa, and Wano. Additionally, the theory speculates that Joyboy, who may have been a giant, could have been tricked by Imu, who possesses a talent for deception.
The second kanji is 仏, which means "Buddha." Oda has previously used this kanji to reference Imu in the One Piece story. The theory suggests that Oda deliberately gives kanji different readings for added flavor. In Chapter 537, the kanji 仏 is read as "Okama," which leads to the theory that Oda may be using an homage to Disney stories in One Piece. By referencing Disney's Beauty and the Beast, the theory speculates that there may be a connection between Imu and the Nefertari family, with Vivi playing a significant role.
The theory proposes that Imu loved Lili, who was the Beauty, while Imu herself represented the Beast. It suggests that Imu's insecurities about her appearance and identity as an "okama" (a derogatory term for a homosexual male) are reasons why she resides in The Phantom Room and kills anyone who sees her. The theory draws parallels between Imu's actions and those of Katakuri, a character with insecurities who hides and eliminates witnesses. It is believed that Imu obtained her power, the Bake Bake no Mi, from a wish to change her appearance, but instead can only transform herself and others into monsters.
The theory also mentions the connection between Imu's powers and the witch from Snow White, who changed her appearance to poison Snow White. The shape of the witch's crown is noted as significant in relation to Imu's powers.
The theory suggests that Imu's powers and character are related to flowers, her ability to transform into monsters, her insecurities as an "okama," and her connection to Disney stories such as Beauty and the Beast and Snow White.
TLTR: The theory proposes that Imu, a character in One Piece, has powers related to flowers and the ability to transform herself and others into monsters. It suggests that the names of princesses and queens in the series are connected to flowers, except for Imu. The theory also speculates that Imu's powers may be crucial in overthrowing kingdoms, and that she may have tricked Joyboy, who could have been a giant. Additionally, it suggests that Imu's character is linked to Disney stories, particularly Beauty and the Beast and Snow White, and that she may have insecurities about her appearance and identity. The theory connects various elements from the series to support these claims.
[Prefacing this is original version of the theory posted as a comment on a youtube video ]
There's a Japanese theory (about one year old) by Yuimaru (ドロピザ) with some parts already being confirmed since then - that especially makes sense in reagards to Imu’s powers (Imu and Gorosei all changing) and explains a lot about Imu. Everything about Imu is in the name. Imu = イム. Every princess and even their mothers (queens) as well as other notable female characters that Luffy&Co have formed a relationship with have the names of flowers. Imu’s portrayal suggests she is a girl/woman but would be the only princess/queen without a Flower-Name. So is she not a girl? She is! The Kanji for flower: 花 It's イ and ム (Imu) with a crown. Queen of the world = flower. That’s why all the Queens and Princesses have flowers as names. At the same time, there are two Kanjis made of those two Katakana/two Kanjis that can be seen as イム. First Kanji: 化. 化ける (bakeru) means "to assume the shape of" / "to turn oneself into" (mostly in association with monsters and animals). If there's a Mane Mane no Mi (Bon Clay) and an Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyūbi (Devon), there might as well be a more rudimental and powerful version called the Bake Bake no Mi. Meaning Imu would have the ability to turn herself as well as others into monsters/different shapes. Noteworthy: we have had three stories of overthrown kingdoms (or at least the attempt to do so): Alabasta, Dressrosa and Wano. For all three usurps, the ability to change appearance was crucial: Mane Mane no Mi for both Alabasta and Wano; and the Hobby Hobby no Mi (changing appearance of citizen) in Dressrosa. It makes sense if "changing appearances” was also important in defeating/overthrowing the Ancient Kingdom. In addition: There’s a chance Joyboy was a giant (bc of the gigantic Straw Hat). Giants have a history of being tricked and used in One Piece:

Link: IMU'S REVEAL One Piece Chapter 1085 FIRST REACTION , Username: @bexclue3007
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2023.06.02 16:51 Wesleygh05 What does the +08 mean? Have the exam tomorrow so I don’t want to get the timing wrong lol

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2023.06.02 16:51 thesuntalking Conway, Benny, Boldy and Stove God are featured on Statik Selektah’s album dropping next friday

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2023.06.02 16:51 WeWereOnABreakIII EMDR and extreme anger.

I started EMDR around two months ago and went through three sessions so far. I struggle with CPTSD which is the result of an abusive and chaotic childhood. I remember getting angry when I was a child and a teen, and I remember expressing that that anger by screaming at the top my lungs, even though as a boy, the culture I lived in said I should punch and break stuff since "screaming is for girls".
Since I started EMDR my levels of anger are pretty high and some of the emotions I used to have as a child are back. Sometimes I feel like a kid just throwing tamper tantrums, and I don't like it. I'm an adult, I have a demanding job that I can't just simply let my anger show up whenever I'm under stress. I don't want to heal my trauma if it means I will sabotage my present.
I tried to notice what I'm thinking when I'm angry, and what are the things that trigger that anger, and it all comes down to two things, 1. People's obliviousness/Incompetence/Meh attitude. 2. Disrespecting my boundaries. The first was always a trigger for my anger, but the second one is new. I never thought I'm the kind of person that pays attention to boundaries since I didn't have that luxury in the household I grew up in. As an adult I was told by others that I don't respect their boundaries, and it was something that my partner and I had a lot of arguments over since I always interpreted boundaries as dislike/dismissal. Now I'm the one who gets angry when his boundaries are broken. Make it make sense.
All I need right now is to control that anger, I don't want to be this angry, I don't want the healing if it means I will be a walking volcano ready to erupt.
Any thoughts and tips?
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2023.06.02 16:51 Acceptable_Till_7868 Mortys heist movie was really coming together

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2023.06.02 16:51 synergievdp Stuck on vocabulary

The short story is, I grew up bilingual, Dutch and English. I picked up Russian about 20 years ago in primary school and due to personal problems, I've got little to nothing to show for it. And Korean. And German, French and Spanish in high school. Let's say, I have no succesful experience of actually studying a language to a satisfying level. If I didn't speak Dutch with my parents, I'd probably have forgotten it by now.
Thanks to a friend studying another language, I recently wanted to give Russian another try. So I bought new, modern coursebooks for self-study and I got stuck on what the book claims to be A2+ level. Personally, I think my skills are all over the place and I'm not sure where to go from here. I guess my goals also aren't very clear? I got into Russian because I love complex grammar and maybe it'd be nice to read and write in it?
I think my main problem at the moment is vocabulary. I loathe rote memorization. I feel like Anki is a necessary evil if I don't read much, don't watch movies or series and don't listen to podcasts, but I haven't found a way yet to make it less of a slog for me. At this point, I'd rather repeatedly write down wordlists on paper than deal with flashcards. I'm currently trying to read Olly Richards' Short Stories for Beginners and there's so much vocabulary I don't know, that when I do finish a chapter I'm too frustrated to celebrate.
Does anyone know some other activities to acquire vocabulary besides a lot of reading and flashcards? Or a way to make Anki a bit more engaging? An example I personally like is keeping a journal in your target language.
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2023.06.02 16:51 BijutsuYoukai Location of new Exchange NPC?

I recently came back to DMO after noticing the shop system seems to have been replaced with the Exchange system that looked like a more automated and less tedious system if I am understanding correctly. However, while I can find the Exchange Management button to setup to sell items, I cannot find the NPC to BUY items. Does the NPC only appear if you have the Exchange Preferential Certificate, meaning you must pay to even buy items from other players now? Or am I just super blind? Who even is the NPC? The website just states 'the NPC' without other specifications.
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2023.06.02 16:51 No-Mathematician4625 Cannot lose weight for the life of me

Hi — I am a 22 F who is 5’ 3” currently weighing 138. I used to be an athlete in high school and then coming to college and with covid I put on the expected “freshman 15.” I have always stayed active however especially with weight lifting. For the past three months, I have been a member at core power yoga and go to their yoga sculpt (hot yoga with weights) for 5 days a week while also commuting 3 miles per day of walking. I definitely find joy in food and don’t like to go on crazy diets especially since mentally I’ve been going through a tough time, however during the week I stay relatively consistent on breakfast (scrambled eggs with half egg whites, Canadian bacon, latte) and dinner (meat, carb, veggie). Lunch can range from chipotle if in a rush, sandwich, and even nothing. I know it’s not accurate but per my Apple Watch I burn up to 1200 calories per day. I’m wondering what I could be doing wrong where I’m not losing fat? I am definitely getting way stronger and can feel myself able to do more while working out every single day and I think I’m gaining more muscle but I’m just unsatisfied with the fat loss/toning not happening. Does anyone have any suggestions ?? I’m open to whatever I’m just a little clueless lol
TLDR: working out every day, walking, no toning results
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