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Antalya Airport Rent A Car Antalya Airport rent a car today that is outside living space for work or travel in other cities may be needed to travel a certain distance where you will be traveling on this bus is longer than Or private vehicle travel is tiring but also creates a waste of time or traveling longer journeys developing world such a very large proportion of people prefer air transport

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2023.06.04 18:43 Parabellim Spotted on my local FB page.

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2023.06.04 18:42 Billing_Throwaway953 Disputing a Consultation Fee?

A little while ago, I went to a dermatologist to see about getting a scar removed. I picked the closest doctor to me since I don't have a car. She charged $190 for a consultation (out of pocket, not covered by insurance) but said that it would be applied to the cost of the actual procedure.
The language on her website is as follows:
"Dr.____ offers patients state-of-the-art procedures including general laser therapy for scars, tattoos, hair removal, stretch marks, acne, and many other problems ... Dr.____ is now seeing patients at [X location] for Medical and Cosmetic appointments.
To me, that means I can get a scar removed at X location, but AFTER the consultation, she said "by the way, since we don't have any lasers here, you have to go to our other office" which is an hour and forty minutes away from me and would require a day off of work due to their hours.
This feels like a total bait and switch. They advertised a service the office don't offer, and weren't honest about it until after I paid them.
Their website has a generic "no refunds for any reason" rule.
Is this normal? Is it reasonable to expect a refund? If they won't offer one, in your experience is this something I could dispute via the credit card company?
Thanks in advance for any advice :)
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2023.06.04 18:42 Molni What are some business opportunities you see right now in the current market? Or what do you think is coming?

Given the current market conditions, macro-economics, geopolitics, regulations, generations, life focus and other elements, what sectors/industries/ideas do you currently see as business opportunities? Or what do you expect the following years?
No restrictions/limits needed in this discussion, but you can add them. Would also be good to add your location/continent. For example for Western Europe anything that has to do with electricity has been growing enormously the last year and a half due to regulations (electrification of car industry - EU setting an average CO² emmissions the car makers have to make) and the war in Ukraine. Heat pumps, electric cars, home batteries, electric car chagers, solar panels,... all have been exploding in demand.
What do you see as important the upcoming period and how would it be profitable to play into it?
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2023.06.04 18:42 EddyDrives Automatic Transmission issue?

I have a 2005 Corolla. When the car is cold it runs fine on reverse, but as soon I put in drive it dies.
When I put it in drive and press the accelerator it doesn’t die but when I slow down, it starts to shake like it’s gonna die. It only does it until the car warms up. Once it’s warm it runs without issues.
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2023.06.04 18:41 unicorn_ho How long will bunny take to adjust

I just brought my new baby bun home, she’s only 8 weeks old and the car ride took an hour and a half. Immediately when she got home she went to hide in her litter box (she has a 2 entries litter box, one front and one on the gridded roof so it has plenty of air flow and kinda functions as a hidey as well).
I actually left her home about an hour after I brought her home. Came home after 3 hours and I saw that she drank water, pooped a little bit and dug around her litter box a bit, maybe had some hay but it’s hard to say, but she was pretty much still in the same position as I left her.
So I don’t think she’s in GI stasis from the stress of the move but she doesn’t look too happy either. How long does it usually take for a baby bunny so destress after the move? When should I be worried? Cus I don’t wanna get inside her pen and snoop around causing her stress even more so it’s hard to monitor her exact behaviour.
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2023.06.04 18:41 Molni What are some business opportunities you see right now in the current market? Or what do you think is coming?

Given the current market conditions, macro-economics, geopolitics, regulations, generations, life focus and other elements, what sectors/industries/ideas do you currently see as business opportunities? Or what do you expect the following years?
No restrictions/limits needed in this discussion, but you can add them. Would also be good to add your location/continent. For example for Western Europe anything that has to do with electricity has been growing enormously the last year and a half due to regulations (electrification of car industry - EU setting an average CO² emmissions the car makers have to make) and the war in Ukraine. Heat pumps, electric cars, home batteries, electric car chagers, solar panels,... all have been exploding in demand.
What do you see as important the upcoming period and how would it be profitable to play into it?
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2023.06.04 18:40 3beesh USA -> AUS rental costs

USA -> AUS Rental Costs
Hi all, looking for someone who moved from the US to a major metro in Australia. I have read a lot that rentals are very expensive in Sydney, but when exploring rental prices online they seem to be reasonable for something that seems very nice with incredible views or location. Other than differences in median household income, is there something I am missing in the rental costs that make them more costly than the surface level weekly costs and bond?
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2023.06.04 18:40 Keep-it-concealed The nerve!

The nerve!
So I’m sitting at the light, on a hard tire, in the right lane.. when this convertible foxbody on a turbo & spray set up with a set of mickeys pulled next to me ..I mean the guy must’ve been testing his new tune and suspension on the street, idk.. kinda intimidating when he purged his lines and started bumping in. The nerve of this guy... I don’t usually street race but.....I looked straight ahead, put my 6m in first gear and started getting my rpm’s up..when all of a sudden, my life flashed before my eyes.. it’s like my mind was playing a compilation of every mustang crash I’d ever seen on the internet... I was like.. nah .. this isn’t the life for me... here’s the video capture from the car behind us.. he stopped and called 911 at the crash scene and I’ll be damned.. he said that he had footage ... life’s crazy🙏
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2023.06.04 18:40 ImmaCreep Couple of questions about allowed items in the caverns

Basically title - this will be my first night at the caverns, and I was curious how strict they are about the items listed on their website you can’t bring in. Mainly bags and blankets, I have a small shoulder bag and a woven blanket to keep warm I was hoping to bring in, but the website says both of those things are prohibited. Can anyone attest to this? Also, do they send you out of line or back to your car if you do have anything prohibited? Any insight is greatly appreciated :)
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2023.06.04 18:40 swaimdog In California, going through a divorce, my wife is going after equity in two rental properties I have owned prior to marriage, one was my family home I was raised in, and one was a home I built when I was 21.

Probably a story that has been told before, unfortunately going through a divorce after 20 years, we have quite a few assets. Two previous homes I owned before the marriage one I grew up in and when I built when I was 21. Unfortunately, I added my wife, to title five years ago, wanting to refinance the loan. All monies are separate. I have not commingled anything, she hasn’t even been inside the properties, does not even know where they were located, but here we are she’s coming after a portion of the equity. Anything I can do to fight this? And thank you for the advice in advance.
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2023.06.04 18:40 GamePlotsBot Rally Rivals

Rally Rivals is a fast-paced racing game where you drive a customizable car through multiple courses against 3 other players. In each race, you must boost the car using power-ups and upgrades, dodge obstacles, and drift around tight corners to be the first to reach the finish line. Gain currency for each race and use it to upgrade your car and purchase powerful boosts which will give you an edge against your opponents. Race to become the Rally Rivals champion!
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2023.06.04 18:40 RazTheExplorer Part 11.5 - Closure

“Hey Raz, I got one!” Raz’s voice was cut by static as he called back, “Great! …at quarry …die.” Well, that wasn’t ominous at all, I thought to myself as I adjusted the rear-view mirror to check on the operator I had just blown past. They were doubled over coughing, their gas mask swayed side to side on the ground next to their feet. I don’t know what compelled me to not flatten what I had thought to be an AQ soldier, but I’m glad I didn’t.
I slammed my hummer in reverse, coming to a stop next to the helpless operator. “Hop in bud, we can get you to final exfill yet.” He slowly hauled himself into the bed of my hummer, landing with a dull thud and a groan as he fell onto his back. We cleared the gas, and I was immediately put on edge as my passenger started to gain consciousness. If he was planning anything nefarious, there wasn’t much I could do about it now. “You good back there? Normally I’d stop to send an invite but given the situation that might have just caused more problems.” He leaned through the non-existent rear window, “Nah, I understand man. When we get further from the gas we can stop and squad up. Don’t need to risk lighting each other up if things get hot at the exfill.” I couldn’t help but chuckle, “I don’t think that would be much of an issue regardless. Hey, we didn’t leave any of your friends back there, did we? I know we peeled out pretty quick.” I saw him shake his head and point to our left in the rear-view mirror. “We got split up, but they were running for a car, so I wasn’t too worried.” I followed his finger, a white hatchback cruised along parallel to us, swerving through buildings trying not to eat too many AQ bullets. “Hey boys, Dutch here is gonna roll with us to final. We’ll squad up when we get there.” I was barely able to make out one of his squad mates call out “Tight!” over his earpiece.
“Hey, listen, I’ve got friend I’m rolling with. His name’s Raz, he’s gonna meet us at final. If you see a red, white, and blue LTV, don’t shoot alright.” Raz chimed in, his radio finally clear of the static, “That’s very kind of you to tell them not to shoot me Dutch.” Before I could respond, a black turreted LTV slid out of Said City ahead of us. “Is that your boy Dutch?” I wanted to give my passenger the benefit of the doubt, it is windy in the box after all, he might not have heard me. “Nah man, wrong colour, and he didn’t have a turreted LTV last I saw.” The black LTV continued North along the main road as we cut away into the quarry proper. “Raz, company is headed your way. Looks like it’s just a solo in that truck but you can never be too careful.” “Thanks for the heads up Dutch.”
I rolled to a stop at the base of the helicopter ramp, gently flattening a couple of AQ who were getting a little to close to the bird for comfort, just shy of the battery running dry. The other two operators in the hatchback slid to a stop just down the hill from us. I got out of the hummer, a tad worried that my good fortune was about to come to an end at the hands of these fellas. As they ran up the hill, the notification finally popped. I accepted and ran down the hill to grab the hatchback, breathing a sigh of relief. “Wait, where you goin’ Dutch?” One of my clients called out. “Raz and I will run interference while we wait for the chopper to take off. Any AQ or unfriendly operators are gonna have to go through us.” “You keep talking about this Raz guy, but I’ve yet to see anyone other than that black LTV.” Almost on queue, a black LTV flew up the hill narrowly missing my hatchback. My clients went into a frenzy. “Operators pushing us! Take ‘em down!” The LTV spun in the sand in front of me, a glorious and perfectly oiled moustache glinting in the Al Mazrah sun. “Hold your fire! It’s Raz!” I called from below my clients. I sent an invite to him which he had hopped out and accepted faster than any of these guys could pull the trigger. “You see the operator that was in that earlier?” Raz shook his head, “No, I pulled up on it and they were gone. Must be out on foot somewhere.”
With 5 seconds left on the clock, there wasn’t enough time to go find them, our clients now panicking as they realized we weren’t on the bird. “What are you two doing?!” They shouted from the air as we waved goodbye. “Al Mazrah is our home gentlemen. That bird was never meant for us.” I gave Raz a pat on the shoulder as the gas rapidly approached, another successful day had come to a close.
The clack of a Kastov charging handle was almost unmistakable. We both turned to see the operator from the LTV standing there, rifle honed on us. “Well shit.” Their rifle dropped towards the dirt as they looked back over their shoulder at the nearly out of sight exfill chopper. They pushed through us, wandering towards the North side of the quarry. Raz and I locked eyes, shrugging in unison. That was one of those moments where we really wouldn’t have blamed them for their decision, whatever it might have been. “We better get back to HQ, Compton said I.T dropped off something for you.” Raz said as the gas engulfed us.
“I’m going back to the island boss.” My hands were shaking as I gripped the file folder that I.T had left for me. “Twitch.” “He’s back, it took him a bit, but he’s managed to re-take the castle and hunker down since we last saw him. And if he’s back then we might finally be able to get some proper intel on those blue tracers, direct from the source.” I handed the folder to Raz. He took it, turning to no doubt address the rest of the crew. I grabbed his shoulder, stopping him before he could speak. “Not everybody, not this time. They’ve doubled the defences; we’d be walking into a slaughterhouse.” “Well, you can’t go in there alone, we look out for our own Dutch, you know that.” Raz’s brow tightened, I could tell he was already trying to figure out what my plan was. “I’m bringing Maze and Alex. They’ll provide sniper cover while I infiltrate the castle. I still have my old uniform. As long as they haven’t drastically changed up their callsigns, I should be able to get in undetected.” I could tell Raz wasn’t convinced. “Dutch, like you said, you’d be walking into a slaughterhouse. How does you going in solo make that any better.” “After what happened in the complex…I’m not putting anyone else at risk, I can’t. The Bomb Maker…Twitch, I’ve gotta face him myself. Look him in the eyes so he knows I crawled out of Hell to drag him back down there.” “Alright, I couldn’t really stop you if I wanted to, could I?” Raz shrugged. “No, not unless you shot me, and honestly, I’d take those odds.” I punched his shoulder and started heading for the breakroom to grab Maze and Alex. “You keep that up I’ll be moving you back out to that sea can of yours.” Raz smirked.
The locks took a bit of fighting to get open. While this footlocker had only been on Ashika Island for a few months, the constant spray of salt water had worn away what little integrity it once had. The black uniform, emblazoned with the Rook and Spade of Shadow Company, was still in excellent condition, save for a bullet hole just under where the plate carrier would sit. I paused for a moment, holding it up in the air, memories of the past flooding in. “Not a lot of fond memories in that uniform I take it.” Maze called out from the catwalk in our home away from home. “I think part of the problem is that there are good memories. It’s a little concerning that such fond memories can hide out amongst so much evil.” “We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. Some of us just did things other people also wouldn’t be proud of either.” Alex chuckled to himself as he cleaned his rifle on the cot next to me. I grimaced, mostly because he was right. I slipped into the old black fatigues and strapped on my old plate carrier. My weapons were all still intact too, I pulled my Taq-56 out of the footlocker, running my fingers over the engraving in the side, ROOK-XLIV. I cycled the charging handle a few times before loading in a fresh magazine and setting it on the cot next to me. I pulled out a pistol belt, two pearl handled revolvers, one with an ebony Rook on the grip, the other, an ebony Spade. Umbra Catavae engraved along each barrel. Maze had come down from the rafters now, a look of mixed intrigue and concern on her face, “I take it those don’t invoke fond memories.” I had done a poor job of hiding my look of disgust. “No, unfortunately they do.” I felt a wave of guilt wash over me. “Each of these was given to me for completing outstanding performance in the field. I did things I’m not proud of, and I was rewarded for it, handsomely. Holding these in my hands, I feel the same pride I had felt when they were first handed to me. It makes me sick.” I strapped the belt around my waist. The pearl handles shining against my all black silhouette. Alex piped up again, “Hey, at least you are trying to make amends for your sins, not many can say the same.” I let out a long sigh, “I suppose you’re right. You both remember the plan?” “Get to the radio towers and start lighting the place up when shit inevitably hits the fan.” Maze grinned. “Close enough.” I pulled my balaclava up and headed for the door.
The guard at the gate didn’t immediately shoot me which gave me some spark of hope that this might work. “In position!” Alex and Maze called out almost simultaneously. “Jinx, you owe me a beer!” Maze rejoiced. “What? Why would I give you a beer for that?” Alex sounded genuinely confused. “Hey, cut the chatter you two, don’t need to give them any reason to not let me in alright.” The guard held up his hand. “I don’t recognize you, let’s see your I.D.” I held up my old I.D card. “Well I’ll be damned, look who crawled out if his grave.” He pulled my mask down to confirm. “You look pretty good for a corpse, though your I.D card is out of regulation. You might want to stop by the I.T guy to get a new one made.” “Thanks, I’ll head right over.” The first thought that came to my mind was Bob. There’s no way he still worked for these assholes, is there.
“You used your old I.D?! You mad man!” Maze cackled over the radio. “Ok, I’ll admit, this wasn’t my greatest plan. I honestly thought they’d just capture me after seeing who I was.” Alex cut me off, “Go with the flow I suppose.” “Spade-499 up one-two.” The local radio channel began to drown out my squad’s comms. “Rook-3468 down one-one” “This is some odd radio traffic Dutch.” Alex quipped. I watched as a Shadow Company mercenary approached a stairwell, each step primed and ready to pop a leg off whichever unfortunate soul chose to ascend. “Spade-5454 up one-two.” “It’s how they know to deactivate the traps.” I whispered into our secure line. I approached the same stairwell. “Rook-44 up one-two.” I could hear the traps audibly click off. The guard at the to put his hand out as I reached the top step. “Sorry, no ghosts allowed on the second floor.” “Ghost? What…” He bent over laughing. “I’m just messing with you man. They said you died holding off the ULF while Bob and Twitch escaped, going out in a blaze of glory. Clearly, they didn’t have their facts straight. Glad to have you back.” I’m glad I had the balaclava on because I was struggling to hide my confusion. Last I checked I was the scape goat for the largest backstab in Shadow Company history, not a hero. I was never a hero when I worked for them. “I take it you are going to see the boss, call up two-zero, we don’t want people to be just guess on the fly, just in case someone tries to sneak in.” If only he knew.
“We don’t have eyes up there Dutch. Whatever happens, you’re on your own.” I could hear a tinge of worry in Alex’s voice. “Just make sure whoever is in here doesn’t get reinforcements.” “You got it!” Alex and Maze both called out in unison. “Jinx, you owe me another beer.” “There’s free beer at headquarters, why would I owe you a beer for that.” Alex called back clearly still confused. “Radio silence please. I’ve got a rat to kill.” I took a deep breath, pulling my Bryson from its sheath, the chrome exterior brushed over with a dull grey to blend in. “Rook-44 up two-zero.”
“Well, well, well. I was wondering when I’d see you again after our last encounter. Urzikstan and Al Mazrah clearly hadn’t kicked your ass enough so you decided to come crawling back to me for another round.” The traps clicked off. “Come on up, I’ve been looking forward to this.” I slowly ascended, keeping my Bryson trained at the top of the stairs, my eyes scanning each stair for an actual trap. As I crested the stairwell, my eyes were immediately drawn to him. His back turned to me, Trophy Systems whirring and clicking around him. “I missed you Dutch. Well, the old you. The one that would shoot through a hostage just to prove a point, the one that would dangle captives from buildings by their collar until they squawked like a bird, and then still dropped them anyways. I miss the Dutch that smoked Keller because his gas mask worked and yours didn’t when we those crazy Russian’s tried to hit us with mustard gas. I still get a little nauseous when I think about you peeling his face out of there.” “I’ve changed Twitch, I’ve moved past all that. I found a calling that doesn’t require me to be a conniving bastard.” Twitch laughed as he turned around, his hands empty. I kept my Bryson trained on him. “That’s what you think I am huh? I prefer shrewd businessman, but if that’s what helps you sleep at night.” He walked to one of the barred windows. “You really think what you and those taxi driving hooligans are doing matters?” “Clearly it does, or you and the Chemist wouldn’t be working so hard to sabotage us.” I took a few steps towards him. “Well, I suppose it matters to one of us. The Chemist and Raz go way back, but you know that. What I care about is the money, and I get a lot of money for helping that crazy bastard try to wipe out your little band of Merry Men.” “And Women. This guy just loves the sound of his own voice. Can I remove his head already? He’s looking right at me, practically begging me to pull the trigger.” I could hear the contempt in Maze’s voice. Twitch always did love a monologue. “You can still fix your mistakes Twitch. Gives us what info you have on those tracers of yours and I might consider not killing you.” I snarled. “When you went soft Dutch, you lost any respect I might have had for you. We are long past the point where you can intimidate me. Besides, any info I did have, is with the Chemist. He paid a handsome sum to get the formula, and really, it was becoming a logistical nightmare to ship enough of those little blue gems across the sea. Better for everyone to have it made close to the front lines.”
“Spade-101 up two-zero.” Bob’s voice cut through the tension. “Well I’ll be, it looks like we are gonna have a little family reunion.” Bob’s head poked up the stairs, “Hey boss, another server bank has shorted out from the sea air, I told you we should invest in better waterproofing the housings but if you still…” He trailed off as I dropped my Bryson, the sling catching it just before it hit the ground, and drawing my two revolvers. “Oh, hey Dutch. Nice to see you too.” Bob stammered. I cocked the hammer on each one, keeping one trained on each of my old squad mates. “Really Bob? Really! I understand you sticking around the day of the heist. But now? After everything that Shadow Company has done to these countries. To its own people.” Before he could respond, a siren blared over the intercom system. “Defensive positions! Hostile operators have breached the perimeter.” “Dutch you’ve got six operators approaching the castle, I think it’s time to bounce.” Maze was drowned out by her own gun fire, her Signal .50 raining death into the courtyard. “Looks like our time is up here Dutch. Since you clearly don’t have los cojones to pull the trigger, you might as well see yourself out, and let me and my men handle this.”
“Fuck it.” The hammer of the first revolver slammed down, dropping Bob instantly. I turned to face Twitch, his face a mix of surprise and pride. “Maybe I was wrong, the old Dutch still lives.” I charged forward, tackling him through the window and off the roof. Both of us lay on the ground, groaning as the chorus of gunfire roared around us. He dove for one of my pistols, but unfortunately for him, I had managed to hold on to the other, putting a round through his arm just before he could grab the gun. He rolled out of the way of the second round, bringing his one working hand up to the radio on his chest. The explosion from the castle threw both of us across the courtyard, debris raining down around us. I felt like I was reliving one of the worst days of my life all over again. I hauled myself to my feet, Shadow Company mercenaries and operators wandered aimlessly through the ashes. Everyone seemed too disoriented to fight. “I think it’s time to leave Dutch.” “I second that.” Maze and Alex were barely audible over the ringing in my ears. “Regroup at the boat. If I’m not there in 5, go without me.” I never heard a response, even if they tried, they wouldn’t have convinced me to leave, not with him still breathing.
I combed through the smoke and fire, carefully checking every nook and cranny I came across but the slippery rat was nowhere to be seen. “Looks like you 3 aren’t thick as thieves after all, eh Dutch. Poor Alex here was left all alone on the beach, no boat to be seen.” Twitch was sucking in air between words, no doubt kept standing by adrenaline. “You lay a finger on him, and I’ll make you wish you had died in that explosion.” I spat into my mic. “Don’t make me wait too long.”
I limped over a hill towards the beach where we were supposed to regroup. “Alex! Where’s Maze?” I called out as I stumbled down the sand bank. Alex didn’t respond, his head held in a tight headlock by Twitch, my second pistol against his temple. “She abandoned you both, and now I get the pleasure of killing you both after yet another betrayal. When will you learn Dutch. This world is a cruel place. Only the strong survive, clearly Maze knew that.” Twitch cut me off before I could retort. “Save the fight me with honour B.S that I know you are gonna spew.” I’m gonna kill you and your buddy and salvage what little I can of this operation. Then maybe retire to Cuba. I do love a good cigar.” “Adios, pendejo!” Alex brought his arm down, the knife concealed in his hand connecting with Twitch’s thigh. Twitch let out a high-pitched yelp, letting loose a round from the revolver which narrowly grazed Alex’s hair. Alex dove into the sand right as Twitch’s shoulder exploded in a pink mist followed shortly by the unmistakable crack of Maze’s Signal .50. I squinted trying to see where the shot came from, all I caught was the glint from her scope in the sun, the boat hardly visible in the rolling surf.
I limped forward, Bryson in hand, chrome starting to show through the worn grey paint. I kicked the revolver away from Twitch, placing a boot on his chest and the barrel of my Bryson against his forehead. He began to mumble and cry, hardly able to string together an understandable sentence. “Save it, you’re gonna need your energy for what comes next.” Our boat slammed into the shore, Maze hopping off, rifle raised and ready. “Oh shit I actually hit that!” “I’m not gonna lie, I thought you’d actually just bailed.” I laughed as she helped Alex to his feet. “You still go those claymores?” I asked Maze as Twitch continued to writhe in panic under my boot. “You wanted the old Dutch, eh Twitch. Ask and you shall receive.” Maze handed me the claymores, while Alex kept sidearm pointed at Twitch. I planted 4 around him, just far enough away that they wouldn’t go off unless he moved. I drew one of my revolvers, popping the cylinder out and emptying all but one round. I gave the cylinder a spin before flicking it closed. I tossed the revolver at Twitch. “Don’t waste that on me. You’ll only regret it in about an hour.” I took my other revolver, and hurled it towards the sea, the pearl grip glinting in the sun as it spun through the air, disappearing into the crashing waves. “Good riddance.” I sighed, that chapter of my life finally ended. Twitch was silent, his whimpering now just deep, laboured breathing. I turned back before I stepped onto the boat, watching as his hand slowly moved to the pistol in the sand next to him. “Well played Dutch, well played.”
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2023.06.04 18:39 Youtube-Gerger I prefer being the passenger instead of the driver in cars, airplanes, motorcycles etc.

Altough operating a vehicle can be fun, to be a passenger means you dont have to worry about keeping your eyes infront of you and doing everything correctly. You can just sit back and enjoy the view or drive :D
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2023.06.04 18:39 TorquayBlokey Gardening leave from work - What should I be asking for?

I have been offered a job with another finance firm, so I handed in my notice on Friday. My employer confirmed they would put me on 1 months gardening leave.I don't have a contract with my employer, I have worked there for 6 years, and I was told from the outset I would be on a 'Statutory contract and rights'.
  1. Should I receive a full months pay for 1 months gardening leave?
  2. Will any holiday I haven't taken (nearly all) be paid as part of the final payment, or will that holiday be taken within the 1 months leave
  3. I have a company car and pay benefit in kind tax - will that tax be applicable if I'm not using the car for a month?
  4. Am I allowed to travel abroad during the gardening leave period?

This is all very new to me so I really appreciate the advice!
*Edit - I'm based in England

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2023.06.04 18:39 Frosty_Blueberry7967 Today’s a big day for me and apparently I’ve set high expectations again

I just finished my last final for uni. I’m done now. Bachelors degree in computer engineering ✊🏻 I left the exam feeling so happy. I cried when I was in the car bc university was not easy for me and accomplishments mean a lot to me. I got diagnosed with depression and started therapy with the start of uni. I wasn’t coping with anything and broke down everyday.
Okay not gonna write the story of my life here but like I said, finishing uni is such a big thing for me right now.
I come home super happy expecting to see my mom n tell her. I wanted any kind of reaction from her.
Instead all I got was her usual yelling and screaming. Saying we all want her dead. That we’re killing her. And that she wants to die.
My mom becomes like this whenever she has something to attend to or some special occasion she’s invited to or literally anything. My cousin gave birth and she was invited to go see her at the hospital. Now instead of preparing herself to go, she starts doing things she doesn’t have to do and gets irritated about the smallest thing. Yells about everything. Tells me she wants to die. Tells me me and my siblings want her dead.
My mom is mentally ill. That’s quite obvious. My therapist told me this too. But she refuses therapy and she hates me for going to therapy. Tells me I wasted my money. Blabla she doesn’t want to get better and she never listens to anyone.
To sum up, I walked out of uni seeing people laughing n taking pics n having their family there waiting for them celebrating the fact that they graduated now.
And I just wish I could have that too.
During my highschool graduation my parents were constantly fighting and it got so so bad so me graduating wasn’t in their heads at the time.
I’m frustrated and sad because she cried when my brother graduated. She threw him a party. She cooked for him. She only does things for him.
And to add up to everything, that same brother sexually assaulted me when I was 7-10 and put cameras in the bathroom which I’m still traumatized abt. And she only protected him that time too and left me defenseless and confused after I told her what’s happening.
Literally told me to never tell anyone at that time and then ignored me whenever I talked to her abt it for weeks. I just hate how she just does stuff for my brother but not for me. She just continues to attack me every fucking day and then when it’s my brother she becomes all happy n smiley n caring.
I’m engaged, I’m leaving the house in abt 2-3 years. I just feel bad right now. I haven’t slept or eaten well bc of having to study 24/7 for my finals.
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2023.06.04 18:39 Neat_Measurement6328 Moving out for the first time while dealing with my mother is exhausting

so i (20f) am moving out of my family home for the first time this week. i am moving in with my best friend (24m) whos like a brother to me (the friendship is strictly platonic and im also gay lol). he needed help with rent, and it lets me spread my wings and act like an adult. my parents were supportive at first when i told them, but now, my mom especially, is making everything hard for me.
im already extremely nervous about moving out, like literally on the verge of throwing up from nerves. but my family keeps making uncomfortable comments about me and my friend (especially my mother). she literally asked me today if i was pregnant and thats why i was moving in. my best friend has never made advances on me, has never made me uncomfy, and my mom knows that. shes made comments in the past and ive set boundaries with her about it and expressed that it annoys me and makes me uncomfortable. still she does it.
i keep trying to tell myself that im almost done with her and im almost out, but im really scared her repetitive comments and insinuations are going to damage me and my friend’s relationship. if he was a girl this wouldn’t be happening. im just over it and its really not helping my stress :(.
every conversation with her is about him. he comes up every time. when i give him rides to work she tracks my every move, she calls me multiple times WITH HIM IN THE CAR. and if i don’t answer i get text messages. obviously i know shes worried because her oldest is moving out for the first time. but im absolutely over her. ive done nothing for her to not trust me. i leave the house for work and to drive him to work and that’s literally it. i dont do drugs, i dont drink alcohol. i keep to myself. (this lack of trust isnt a new thing either its been my whole life, especially this past year).
i just dont know what to do. i feel like shes ruining everything for me. i cant even be excited about the move without her making comments about it :/
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2023.06.04 18:39 MeanRefrigerator5923 Restore a glass lens

Restore a glass lens
Hi DIY wizards of Reddit.
I am restoring and old lamp. It was previously build in to a large outdoor tile, so the surface got scratched.
There are multiple products for sale that can “restore” car headlights and I also read about the toothpaste polish method.
Both are worth a try of course but I am trying to think before I act. (And I leave the thinking up to you)
My third option would be, to apply a thing coating of clear resin to fill the scratches.
Is does not have to be 100%, but a bit better would be nice
Do you all have a better idea or solution for my problem or give me some good tips.
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 18:39 Substantial_Table_77 Clothespin Cookies

A long time ago, I had a recipe for Clothespin Cookies. Over the years, moves, and loss of a PC, I have lost that recipe. I have tried to cobble together a recipe using other Clothespin Cookie recipes I have found online but they aren't quite the same. The dough was simple and used sour cream. The filling was some kind of Ermine frosting(esque) and not crazy sweet. Is there any chance that someone out there happens to have this recipe (they are also called cream horns and Lady Locks)? I got it while living in the OH, PA, and KY area (in case someone was thinking about where it may have come from). Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.04 18:38 lvc214 Renting an ATV in Milos day of?

I have reached out to several rental places and only 2 have responded to me, both saying they are fulling booked for June 13th. We are only trying to rent for 1 day. Does anyone have experience with renting day of in Milos? Kind of freaking out thinking we might not be able to get one.
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2023.06.04 18:38 Weird-Departure4202 What does this say about the current state of things?

What does this say about the current state of things?
Found yesterday on IG (source unknown to me--please tag if you do)
We have been hearing this non stop for the past year in headlines and in casual conversation. It almost feels like an unquestionable, unverified fact that people just throw out there like some weak, colorless, presidential campaign slogan.
"People don't wanna work anymore"
People have to work to make ends meet. We have things we want to pay for, like food and electricity and our interests in life. Life... Imagine that.
The argument is a lot of things. A lot of people have a lot of opinions about this and I have known business owners in the construction field (I recently left trade work after 22 years of my life in it) and they say people don't want to work, but are offering the exact same pay, or less, for a job today as you got paid fifteen years ago. People want to get paid and people are willing to work, but not for what's unfair.
It's not like we do not know companies need to turn a profit to keep afloat. It is not that we are maniacs that crave to be millionaires or billionaires like the people we often work for. Most folks I speak to just want enough. Enough to get by and live a good life, not struggling to have a credit score (credit scores started in 1989? Is that for real?) that is required to buy a house or a car because of inflation prices have practically sunk the chance of buying them outright. We sign up to spend money, just so we can borrow more money, so we can spend the rest of our lives paying off debts that are often inherited by our children. You cannot even die free anymore. Everyone and everything has a value, but the almighty dollar ain't it and we do not need to see the further monetization of human life.
Please, people who are struggling through these times--you stay strong. You are good people out there who just want what's fair, and enough, and a balance to your life. We do not owe our lives to any corporate office, any boss or any governing body of officials.
They've cried wolf before and thrown trantrums in the past. Let them cry until their throats bleed money.
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2023.06.04 18:38 AbeLincoln30 real-life community policing that Colvin and Carver would appreciate

What Happened When a Brooklyn Neighborhood Policed Itself for Five Days
On a two-block stretch of Brownsville in April, the police stepped aside and let residents respond to 911 calls. It was a bold experiment that some believe could redefine law-enforcement in New York City.
By Maria Cramer - Photographs by Amir Hamja - June 4, 2023 - The New York Times
It had been a quiet April afternoon until about a dozen teenagers began running up Pitkin Avenue in Brownsville, yelling and cursing. They were chasing a girl of about 14 and it was clear they wanted a fight.
Five plainclothes police officers watched warily. Across Pitkin stood about half a dozen men, civilians in jeans and purple-and-gray sweatshirts.
“They got it,” an officer said.
The teenagers slowed as they spotted the men, workers from an organization called Brownsville In Violence Out, who calmly waved them in different directions. They scattered as the girl fled down a side street.
The brief encounter encapsulated a simple yet unorthodox concept that is at the heart of a bold experiment organizers believe could redefine law-enforcement in New York: letting neighbors, not the police, respond to low-level street crime.
Several times a year, workers from Brownsville In Violence Out stand sentry on two blocks for five days. The police channel all 911 calls from that area to the civilians. Unless there is a major incident or a victim demands an arrest, officers, always in plainclothes, shadow the workers.
The civilians have no arrest powers. But they have persuaded people to turn in illegal guns, prevented shoplifting, kept a man from robbing a bodega and stopped a pregnant woman from hitting a boyfriend who had not bought a car seat and a stroller as he had promised.
They are part of the Brownsville Safety Alliance, a group of neighborhood and city groups, police officers and members of the Kings County District Attorney’s office that is trying to ensure that fewer people are arrested and entangled in the criminal justice system.
As the men and women from Brownsville In Violence Out watch for mayhem, agencies offering services like free child care and addiction recovery sit at folding tables, distributing pamphlets and luring passers-by with games, stress balls and pens... (full article here)
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2023.06.04 18:38 chknmnky Here’ our short long story of putting an old freelander back on the road. Some Pics include.

Here’ our short long story of putting an old freelander back on the road. Some Pics include.
Long update with photo overload:
American Freelander owner here. We bought this freelander in 2020 as a project vehicle. It was about to be sent to a crusher, but my family and i had an suspicion that we could fix it. So we gave it a shot.
Our initial inspection identified 1. Non functional gauges 2. No A/C, 3. Transmission in limp 4. Malfunctioning SRS 5. No front passenger seat 6. Bald Tires
Knowing it was going to be an endeavor, we set forth on our project.
First order of business was to figure out the “why” for the non functional gauges and AC. All the parts were there and looked like they were in good order.
We took it to a few reputable mechanics, but literally none had any experience with this uncommon vehicle. Each one made either an excuse (all mechanics tied up) or quoted astronomical prices to diagnose ($400+).
Defeated, we took to the internet and scoured the old forums. From there we chased down all potential possibilities. We swapped out the abs ECU, speed sensors, fuses and so on to no avail.
I had a momentary flash back to when we were buying it from the seller
“Probably a wiring issue” he said…. Almost as if he were hinting.
So we started tracing the wires from the dash board and found the culprit. Hidden up and behind the glovebox were three wires that were completely severed on account of a field mouse.
We were stoked that we found the issue, but frustrated to learn we would have to disassemble the entire dashboard to address it. Frustrated, but determined, we dove into the repair.
It took about a month (i work a full time job) to complete the job. It wasnt difficult, but wasnt without more complications either. We inadvertently broke the steering wheel SRS sensor thingy and had to order a new one.
Regardless, SUCCESS!!! All the gauges worked and the transmission came out of limp mode. Time to move on to other issues. Specifically, the AC.
This one was much easier to identify, but more challenging to remedy. That same mouse chewed through the wires that’s located at the base of radiator. It wouldn’t have been a problem if that lil shyte had chewed it further from the adaptor, but noooooooo…. He had to do it right at the plug.
Luckily, we found a junk yard within a two hour drive time that had a Freelander recently added to its inventory. My son and i set out on a day long journey.
While there, we toured the wrecked cars. It was marvelous. The bent and twisted metal of the wrecked cars spun our imaginations into a world of fantasy of how said accident occurred. To say the least, see those cars like that was exhilarating.
Anyhow, back to point. We found our donor. It was a vibrant yellow 2 door Freelander. I felt bad for not finding it sooner… i could’ve fixed it. Oh well. We tore through it finding anything useful.
A new seat, check. New spare tire wheel, check. HDC button, check. The list goes on. It was great to be able to pick and choose what i needed.
Now… the AC pigtail harness. This was slightly difficult. Not because i couldn’t find it or reach it. It was right there in beautiful condition within easy reach. No, not for this guy. One of the employees of the junk yard accompanied us and was adamant about us not putting hands into the empty engine bay.
“I’m not leaving without that pig tail” i told myself. My son, clued into the situation, took action to help and began talking car stories that we made up to the guy. He took the bait, both of them turned their focus away from the truck long enough for me to get my wire snips down into the bay.
Clip, snip, pull, and it was free. I stashed that thing away as quickly as i could. It took a whole 1.3 seconds.
They finished their conversation and we took our trove to the register and paid for our findings. I think it was a total of $200.
Excitedly at home, we piecemealed the truck back together. The seat here, the clip there, the this, the that, and BAM!!! A fully functional LandRover Freelander was in our garage.
Since then, we’ve been trying to keep it maintained. As mentioned before, we took to decorating it with Jurassic park logos. Even painted the wheels after getting new A/T tires. I’m praying it stays on the road long enough for all my kids to enjoy. We’ll see. That V6 isn’t known for its reliability.
Thanks for reading if you got this far and i hope you enjoyed our photos.
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