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2023.06.01 04:51 JoyfulJourneyman Public Journal To Fix My Life Day 2 of 90

Hello again, wonderful people! First of all, I just want to provide a summary for the new readers... This journal is meant to keep me accountable while I'm on my journey of healing and self-improvement. I must get out of a really deep hole, and I feel this is a great step. I can't promise that reading this will be interesting or fun, just real. That said, let's begin. Today was (mostly) a MASSIVE W. I woke up around 6 am (pretty early for me) and with more energy than usual. I suspect it is because I went to bed early too. I then did a 10-minute meditation and went to college. There, I managed to focus completely on getting some projects done. Blocking social media played a HUGE role in this. I feel like I entered a "flow state" where I was super focused on what I was doing. When the class was about to finish, a group of classmates invited me to a park. Normally, I'd come up with an excuse to avoid socializing, but I was brave and accepted the invitation. I went to the park with them after class, and this situation is where I feel the importance of doing this because I knew that going there would be a great addition to today's journal. In the park, I had a great time. I avoided using my phone and tried to be present. I played volleyball with my classmates (although I suck at it, lol) and I also had the courage to go and try to dance "salsa" with them. It was some silly dance just to laugh among ourselves, but normally, I don't do that kind of stuff as I'm too shy. In the park, there was a group of guys playing cool music, and I had the courage to go and ask them about their socials (after overthinking for 10 minutes) as I really liked what they were singing. I think they were improvising and came up with a REALLY good song on the spot. After that, I went to eat Pho with a friend. I feel like this is important because he used to invite me to a lot of stuff, and 90% of the time, I declined due to my shyness. I was feeling like I was slowly losing a friendship, so today I invited him to eat, and we had a good conversation for about an hour (pro tip: never eat spicy soup while you have the flu; it'll make you cough like crazy). Then, I came home. I was really tired but feeling great. I watched the extra time of the UEL final in my room and I realized how quickly my mood changes sometimes. I got kinda annoyed because the team that I was rooting for lost the match, lol. But it is not a big deal, just a sudden mood drop. Anyway, after that, I cooked rice and meat for the rest of the week, and while doing that, I talked with my friend and roommate - which is good because the past couple of weeks, I was isolating myself and trying to not engage in a conversation for too long. But today, I managed to talk to her, and we had a good conversation. Overall, today was a great day. Engaging in physical activities and being surrounded by people really feels like a big improvement. See you guys tomorrow! Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 04:50 Status-Ad-3901 just started working in a call center and wtf

it’s only my second day taking calls and i’m burnt out. no break between calls, the phone answers itself, back to back calls, entitled people, 40% of these people i can’t even hear because their mic quality is horrible. i gotta do this for 10 hours a day, four days a week , $17.50 an hour. it’s anxiety inducing and it’s boring because all i do is read off a screen and relay messages. should i stick it out to see if it gets better or look for another job? there’s no problem solving to this job. it’s just mindless, easy, difficult, tedious, and boring. but that money is good and i have already developed a slight crush on one of my coworkers but is it worth it
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2023.06.01 04:50 ShinjisFeels Our 7 Day Summer Itinerary

Just wanted some input on our itinerary for our upcoming trip to Iceland this summer. We rented a camper van. Some sections are spotty but this is what we have for a general outline. Please let me know if there is anything we must include!
Iceland Itinerary
DAY 1: Arrival & Blue Lagoon Land @ 8:45 AM Pick up campervan - shuttle pick up @ 10 AM *20 minute drive to Blue Lagoon Grab necessities - food, water, etc. on way to Blue Lagoon Arrive at Blue Lagoon @ 1 PM Dinner at LAVA @ 4 PM *11 minute drive to Grindavik Campsite Camp at Grindavik Campsite
DAY 2: South Coast Leave Grindavik Campsite @ 8 AM *30 minute drive to Selatangar Ruins Stop at Selatangar Ruins 8:30 AM - 9 AM *2 hour drive to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Arrive at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall 11 AM - 12 PM *30 minute drive to Skogafoss Waterfall Arrive at Skogafoss Waterfall 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM *30 minute drive to Solheimasandur Plane Wreck Arrive and walk to Solheimasandur Plane Wreck 2:20 PM - 4 PM *1 hour 40 minute drive to Stokkseyri Campsite Camp at Stokkseyri Campsite @ 6 PM ish
DAY 3: Golden Circle Pt. 1 Leave Stokkseyri Campsite @ 8 AM *30 minute drive to Kerid Crater Stop at Kerid Crater *30 minute drive to Skarholt Town Stop at Skarholt Town *1 hour 30 minute drive to Gullfoss Waterfall Stop at Gullfoss Waterfall *15 minute drive to Strokkur Geyser Stop at Strokkur Geyser *15 minute drive to Faxi Waterfall (Vatnsleysufoss) Stop at Faxi Waterfall Camp at Faxi Campsite
DAY 4: Golden Circle Pt. 2 Leave Faxi Campsite *25 minute drive to Laugarvatn Fontana Rye Bread Tour @ 10:15 AM Geothermal Pool @ 11 AM - 1 PM Lunch? *25 minute drive to Thingvellir National Park Roam national park for the day Camp at Thingvellir (Vantskot) Campsite
DAY 5 Ljosafossstod Valley of Reykjadalur Raufarholshellir Akranes Old Rusty Boat Old Akranes Lighthouse
DAY 6: Reykjavik Pt. 1
DAY 7: Reykjavik Pt. 2
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2023.06.01 04:49 monsteraroots Weaned from 150 to 50mg of setraline. Not sure if I’m having withdrawal symptoms or just PMS?? When did your withdrawals peak or get better?

I’m on it for anxiety, never had depression. But I feel sooo sad and depressed. Like just really down. It’s been 10 days since I dropped from 100 to 50mg and it’s only been the last couple days I’ve felt like this. Very hopeless and just uncomfortable with the feeling. I remember when I started on it every dose increase made me feel similar about 3 days in. Looking to see if anyone had a similar experience. Also my stomach just feels so off.
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2023.06.01 04:49 Status-Ad-3901 just started working in a call center and wtf

it’s only my second day taking calls and i’m burnt out. no break between calls, the phone answers itself, back to back calls, entitled people, 40% of these people i can’t even hear because their mic quality is horrible. i gotta do this for 10 hours a day, four days a week , $17.50 an hour. it’s anxiety inducing and it’s boring because all i do is read off a screen and relay messages. should i stick it out to see if it gets better or look for another job? there’s no problem solving to this job. it’s just mindless, easy, difficult, tedious, and boring. but that money is good
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2023.06.01 04:49 Teammjs Guesses on what Rays series games might be more likely to be logistically cancelled this weekend due to weather?

I went to college in Boston in the 1990s, and my family is flying into town Friday, and I was so excited to return to Fenway after almost 30 years and take them to their very first game at Fenway.
However, looks like weather is going to be pretty awful Friday night through Monday, with a lot of rain.
I bought good tickets months ago for Sat night, but just curious if any long-time observers had predictions on what games might be more susceptible to be played (with some fair delay tolerance) or cancelled quickly, especially given Sat is a DH. Teams look off day on Mon, but that looks bad too, and not sure if trying to make up an entire series later in the season is something they'll actively try to avoid by focusing on a few games.
  1. I'm thinking about maybe buying some Fri night or Sat day tickets as a back-up, as I'd almost think they'd be more apt to try to play the Sat day game (with delays), and call off the night game. Is this plausible?
  2. How much light constant cold rain is considered tolerant in Boston to play through it?
Fenway really needs a roof (jk).
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2023.06.01 04:48 FilmoreFollies Opening passage from a book I've been working on, would love your opinions!

I'm about thirty pages into this but wanted to share the opening passage to gauge opinions on tone and style!
I was honked at nine times on the drive from Verona to Venice.
The beat-up old Beetle I borrowed from the Parkers putters along like a cartoon junker. She was a powder blue distant memory of a car, born in the Sixties, but she was cute enough and served a purpose.
It was warmer than I’d hoped it’d be, but, with the windows down, there was enough of a breeze to provide some relief. Even still, I was sweating. I was also, truth be told, a few glasses of wine into my day, which, in conjunction with warm weather and the lopsided, silly, sputtering of an old car, can trigger a headache.
By 11:00 AM, I’d managed to park on Tronchetto Island at the Venice Passenger Terminal. Right when I opened the car door and stepped out the headache began to subside. I grabbed what little luggage I brought and took the vaporetto to Piazza San Marco.
On my trip into the heart of Venice, I sketched the faces of the various passengers aboard the vaporetto, the tourists and residents of the city of islands. There were some interesting faces and shapes, and so many couples with arms and hands touching that I was able to sketch a scene of a crowd resembling the knotted roots of a tree.
Il Palazzo was my destination. A budget hotel with a view of the Rialto Bridge.
My phone was dead when we disembarked from the vaporetto and so I bugged someone for directions to the hotel every block. My poor command of Italian meant I was asking things like, “è l’albergo Il Palazzo dove?” No one knew where it was.
As I searched for the hotel, streets opened up before me. Charming trattorias, intimate and rustic, little shops selling wines I’ll never sip, spices and jams, olive oils and vinegars I’ll never cook with. Each corner broke forth, luring me deeper into the city. Still, I was agitated and no amount of charm could temper me.
After meandering around Venice for the better part of an hour, I eventually found the place. I was sticky, leaning into melodrama, feeling oppressed by the infamous Venetian humidity. Summer in Venice, a sultry delight if you have the means.
The hotel was rundown with a shabby façade, a disconcerting sight given the state I was in. It gave me the impression of a building longing to collapse, if not under the weight of embarrassment regarding its appearance then simply to save anyone the misfortune of having to sleep inside. Nevertheless, I was assured a room with a view of the Rialto Bridge.
“Mi scusi,” I said to the concierge upon entering. He was short and thin, his shoulders slouched inward, his demeanor confused. “Checking in.”
“Yes, checking in.”
“Checking in, si,” he said and then he began scuttling around behind the front desk, shuffling many papers, looking under binders, but not doing much of anything.
“I was told I would have a view of the Rialto Bridge,” I said. “Is it a good view?”
“Who knows?” He said, still scuttling.
“No, I was told that. I was told, and that’s why I picked this hotel, for the view.”
“Who knows?”
“I thought I knew, but clearly . . .”
“Clearly,” he said, producing a key from a drawer.
“I wish I knew how well you understood me so I could decide how upset I should be.”
At that moment, an elderly coupled descended the stairs and entered the lobby. They seemed to have four arms each, carrying two pieces of luggage in every available hand and yet they appeared unbothered.
“There are no views of the Rialto,” the old woman said.
“What?” I asked.
“There are no views of the Rialto Bridge, not here,” she said. “It’s an advertising scam.”
“A scam.”
“It’s a bait and switch. Bait, Rialto, switch, a dirty courtyard view and a very loud family on the other side who yell.”
“They yell?”
“All night,” she said. “We’re checking out, Marco.”
“Si, Signora Preston,” the concierge said, spinning in place and remaining befuddled.
“You seem familiar with the place,” I said.
“Oh, we always stay at the Il Palazzo,” the old woman said, producing another arm in order to light a cigarette.
“Even with the yelling?”
“What?” Her husband barked.
“She asked why we stay here,” she shouted back through a fog of smoke. “We wear hearing aids, we can always turn them off. We’re checking out, Marco.”
“Si, Signora Preston,” Marco said, staring blankly at the three of us.
“And checking in, for me, checking in for Fern Guess,” I said.
“Si, yes,” Marco said handing me the key. “Camera tre.”
“Enjoy your stay,” the old woman said. “Marco, out, checking out. We are checking out!”
“Thank you,” I said as I gathered my luggage and shuffled up the stairs, unsure who I was thanking and for what reason.
The room was abysmal: the bed visibly sagged in the middle, nearly touching the floor, the shower was exposed in the corner, no curtain, no complimentary toiletries, and I could faintly make out the sound of dripping water, as if from a leak, and yet, upon searching the room, I found no leak. What’s more, it seemed the moment I shut my door I could hear the family yelling, their frustration resounding throughout the courtyard before settling in my room. The headache had returned.
I’m often accused of histrionics but, in truth, the deceptively named Il Palazzo is as tragic and repellent a place as any miserable accommodation one might imagine. For the rest of my life, I’ll associate the words “il” and “palazzo” with images of a sickly palace – the ill palazzo. That I managed to make my way in and out of the room without acquiring a rash was little more than serendipity. With places like Il Palazzo, it’s all a game of exposure. The longer you’re there, the higher the likelihood you’ll walk away with a tick or fleas or bedbugs. Even more likely, given the sordid conditions, you’re likely to acquire an admirer twice your age and short on English words that, when strung together, don’t form come-ons. Fortunately, business is so bad for Il Palazzo that I was left only to worry about the diseases and insects, not even sex pests were dumb enough to book a room at Marco’s hotel. What all this says about me is obvious and need not be stated.
A bit wounded, I snuck down the stairs with my sketchbook and tried to avoid making eye contact with Marco.
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2023.06.01 04:48 Background-Hunter-51 कबीरजी_का_कलयुगमें_प्राकट्य 3 Days Left Kabir Prakat Diwas

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2023.06.01 04:47 United_Researcher954 Locking to roof rack

Want to take my bike with me to work so I can ride after since I have 2 different trail spots within 10 mins. My job has security that drives around but honestly they’re not that great, so looking for a way to lock it to my roof rack. I have a rockymount tray with locking cores but want something else that I could put on once I get to work. I work during the day for 8hrs so it’s daylight the entire time and there is the security driving around but peoples cars have still been broken into. Or am I just better off driving all the way home and then going back out
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2023.06.01 04:46 KaldekoS Rooster attacking (no judgement please)

Hi all. We have a flock composed of a rooster (we were sold him as a hen before he matured, he’s about 10 months old), three hens and one of the hens hatched 10 chickens last month.
Over the past month or more the rooster started coming up behind me as I would leave to go out the gate to work. I thought he was just looking for food or something but on one of the occasions I noticed that we was also rushing our 1 year old Labrador from behind too.
I figured out (too slowly) that he was challenging me and I was probably encouraging him by walking away (going about my day). I have been reading about not backing down until he does, raising or flapping my arms, (I am a bit nervous about picking him up but I’m will to try.)
I think I overdid it this morning and it actually prompted him to attack me. He rushed in about 6-7 times with beak and once with his non existent (yet) spurs. I am regretful to admit I gently kicked him back with my foot and he eventually fled and cockadoodled to himself from a hiding spot way down the back yard for about 10 minutes.
Can I get some advice? We’re thinking we just need to regime him or humanely slaughter him at this stage because I’m scared to go tend the hens and chicks, and I’m worried what he’ll do to the dog when his spurs come in. Note: he’s not aggressive to my husband at all but he tends to catch him and hold him a fair bit more than I have.
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2023.06.01 04:45 BluSponge Last May Entry: Help fix my trap

Hey all. Last day of May. Still going.
I need some help for this one. I'm not happy with it. It feels 90% of the way there, but that 10% feels like the difference between night and day. So maybe you folks can help me get this one over the finish line (or swap for a better replacement).
Setting: The tomb/prison of an ancient witch.
Purpose: Trap and kill any who seek to free the witch from her "resting" place.
Character Level: 2-3
Style: Less instant-kill and more Indiana Jones/James Bond pulp style death trap.
Special: As spellcasters would be the most likely to benefit from freeing the witch, the trap is designed to make them a liability in any escape.
System: B/X D&D (OSE) but adaptable to 5e.
Got all that? Good. So here is what I have.
False Tomb
Once all the PCs enter the chamber, the door slams shut and a 20'x20' cube of magical force appears around the intruders. Touching the walls of the cube shocks the PC for 1d6 dmg. If you hit it with a magical weapon (+1 sword, etc), the damage is split between the cube and the PC.
After the first round, the cube begins to shrink, 2 ft each round. If a PC hits it with a spell, the effect is neutralized and the cube shrinks an additional 2 ft.
The cube can be dispersed two ways:
That's it. I dunno. Right now it feels...too simple? What do the rest of you think? How can I make my mage-proof death trap cooler?
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2023.06.01 04:44 crobinson2279 Low MCAT scorer post/advice

This Reddit post is made to show low MCAT applicants that it is possible. I do not recommend having a low GPA or MCAT. Still, sometimes that is the reality of the situation. Hence, I want to share my story and experience to hopefully give hope to others.
I typed out my resume below and removed my personal info for anonymity. So usually, when I read these posts on the thread, low mcats are described as 505ish. That is true, but as you can see, I am indeed a low mcat score who received 4 acceptances (2 md WlA and 2 A's from DO).
Things I wish I knew: 1) A low GPA and MCAT are pains in the butt and will make this process harder. Before applying, I went through the entire database of medical schools to see which schools would let my application through. I emailed tons of admissions offices and explained my situation. Most were helpful, saying my application would or would not be screened out. 2) If your scores are low, you need something allowing committee members to go to bat for you. I was a very research-heavy candidate and relied on that and my student job/volunteer work to craft my personal statement and discuss it in interviews. ( I was grilled in one interview that I looked like a Ph.D. candidate and not a medical school applicant, and this was a valid critique) 3) This process is long, and everyone is different. I had friends who received no interviews and others with 3+ acceptances and scholarships. You need a support system to keep you from going crazy. 4)Apply early. ADCOMs have a difficult job and will look for any reason to screen applicants out, and I didn't have the luxury of getting another strike by being late to apply. 5) The WL is not a death sentence. Schools often take the high scorers first to inflate their MCAT and GPA to soften the blow for individuals with lower scorers that they "are taking a chance on" 6) Avoid SDN and Reddit at all costs. If you have a question, ask it, receive an answer, and leave immediately. These websites are a blessing and a curse, full of information, but the people here are hardcore, blunt, and neurotic. 7) You have to plan everything. There is little room for error, and turning in primaries and secondaries is critical (don't rush but move with some urgency). Prewrite essays, and don't try to reinvent the wheel. If you aren't passionate about this, leave immediately not worth your time or money. 8)Craft your list carefully. I didn't qualify for FAP, but I am not a trust fund baby by any standards. I was very selective in the schools I applied to and selected them because I liked their missions, and I knew they would actually look at my application. No point in wasting money that I could spend elsewhere. 9) Your essays need to get you in the door. While your interviews need to show them something. Mentors from other programs read my essays and helped with mock interviews. I had the belief that I needed an opportunity to meet the members and that I could show them I was a good candidate for their school. The people reading your apps and interviewing aren't idiots; they will see your BS. Take some time to think about why you are doing this. 10) The deck may be stacked against you, but not everyone matriculating has a 3.8 and 510+. Some people have low stats, and others got off the WL. It only takes one, I promise.
You can do this!!
Stats: URM From a Northeastern State HBCU graduate MCAT 1st attempt: 501 MCAT 2nd attempt: 497 Cum GPA: 3.68/ ScGPA:3.45 (Repeated orgo II received a D) ECs: 2-year Fellowship/Postbacc at NIH Summer Research Internship @ MIT 2 years of Neuroscience Research in Undergrad (Poster Presentation) Honors Biology Lab (Poster presentation) Awards: University Scholarship to study abroad Business Competition 3rd place award Hackathon award winner Skills: MATLab (intermediate) R-Studio Analysis(novice) C-Sharp (novice)
Community Service: Student Advisor in Guidance -(full-time position 1500+ hours) Something Leadership Initiative (2-week service trip in an African country) Local food bank- 120 hours Honors Society Tutor for students with disabilities- 120 hours
Clinical Experience: Medical Shadow, "Blank" Medical Hospital 150 hours Medical Scholar, Summer Health Professions Education Program "50 shadow hours
Conferences Attended: MIT research Symposium-oral NIH research week-poster Axel Rod symposium-poster Society For Neuroscience-poster "my university research week"- poster
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2023.06.01 04:43 FloatingTriangles Experimental Trial 12-2 - Preview 2: The New Game's Reality

“Melody,” I suppose…
Then I’ll be “Kuromi.”
I’ll take my second choice, then. Call me “Zero.”
Please address me as “Kira” from now on.
T-that’s an…interesting codename. Hehe...n-not creepy at all!
Anyway, I’ll be “Mecha,” 'cuz that’s short for “mechanic”!
Guess you guys can call me “Leaf.” Despite the circumstances, it’s nice to meet you all.
“Misao” is totally better than all your terrible codenames!
“Smile” seems fitting, I suppose...
Oh, I know, I know! I’m the one and only “–”!
“Dash,” huh?
No, no, no! It’s “–”!
That’s what I said!
Nuh uh! You said “Dash,” which is way wrong and you should feel really bad about yourself. I’m “–”!
One by one, the fifteen came up with codenames, and introduced themselves to the group. After everyone had named themselves, Monotaro threw Monopads to each of them.
Okay, don’t forget those codenames! And don’t forget this very important fact: the mastermind’s gonna strike again!
You won’t know how, you won’t know exactly when, but some innocent sap’s blood’s gonna be on your hands tomorrow if you don’t act! Ahahahaha!
Monokuma vanished. Monotaro stayed behind, briefly, as if he’d again forgotten his cue.
Oh! Right! So long, bear-well!
And then Monotaro was gone, too. With his departure, the fifteen were seemingly left to their own devices for the day. On top of everything they’d just heard about being thrown into a killing game with a murderous mastermind, there was still the matter of what to do with the unfortunate dead boy in the Library.
Could we…bury him?
Of course we can, Melody. This building must contain tools we can use, and there’s plenty of space outside to choose a lovely spot worthy of your classmate.
Yeah, what, uh, Kira said! It’ll look…nice.
Sounds like a plan. Who wants to help me carry him out?
I was the one who found him, so I sort of feel obligated to volunteer.
Then I’ll go grab a shovel from the warehouse. I didn’t have a lot of time to check it, but I know there’s gotta be one in there!
The fifteen became a procession, as the dead boy was carried out of the Library and up the stairs. Everyone went along, and outside, though they were trapped in a domed cage under a blue sky, there was a stone set in the grass around the back of the Academy building that marked a good, picturesque place to lay someone to rest. It was a natural gravestone.
Once the hole was dug, and the dead boy lowered into the hole, Melody said a few words.
I…don’t remember his name. I don’t think I knew him very well, either. I…remember wanting to, though…
She told the group about a memory she had of the dead boy, about a time he’d cared for an injured crane. Once she’d finished, one voice piped up. It was Dash.
All those pretty vague details about this random guy…you sure you’re not just lying for attention? That’d be pretty messed up.
That caused a bit of commotion, but the impromptu funeral was soon over. The rest of the day stretched out in front of the fifteen, trapped in this strange place, with strange people, playing a strange—and already deadly—killing game.
I know what Monokuma said. But he said what he said to get us to distrust each other. Even if there is a mastermind among us, we need to stick together. So, do you guys want to get something to eat? We’ll get a chance to get to know each other better.
Good idea.
That’s an acceptable proposition.
Hmph…whatever. But I’m only going with you losers because I’m hungry!
After finding the Dining Hall stocked with food, the hungry fifteen settled down to eat and learn a little bit about the group. It was clear that everyone’s memories were hazy, about almost everything, though there were bits and pieces that people still remembered of their past lives before being trapped here. This strange collective amnesia was puzzling, to say the least. While they couldn’t do anything about that, they could try to figure out as much as they could about this “Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles.”
We’re all sticking together until we find an exit. Everyone got that?
There has to be something Monokuma and Monotaro overlooked, right?
Right! We’ll definitely find a way out of here!
Things did not go quite so swimmingly.
As a group, the fifteen spent the rest of the day exploring the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, trying to find a way out that their captors had overlooked. They uncovered many things during their search, as every floor of the Academy was open to them, and there were several other buildings to investigate, as well. Many rooms they could get into, but a few doors were locked.
One such door was the Ultimate ??? Research Lab on the Fifth Floor of the Academy building. Another was the sixteenth dorm room in the dormitory building, the one the group presumed to be the dead boy’s. The third was a futuristic-looking door in the Courtyard. And the last, found late in the day, when they were all feeling tired and some felt discouraged, was the underground metal hatch, protected by its electric barrier. Some felt hopeful that, at last, they’d found what they’d been looking for.
It was then that Monokuma showed up for the second time.
Thinking of going somewhere?
So sorry to burst your recently-blown bubbles, but getting through here’s a no-go without the code!
But since I’m such a nice bear, I’ll give it to one person, free of charge!
Puhuhu…who wants to be the lucky one? All you’ve gotta do is stop the mastermind’s killing spree with a kill of your own! Do that, and get away with murder, and the code’s all yours! Pretty easy, right?
Monokuma’s offer left the group at another dead end.
Somehow, guys, we’ll find that code. I’m sure of it.
Even if that exit sign is the truth, this killing game won’t end so quickly, once someone decides to kill.
I mean, come on. The game’s already started. We buried what’s-his-name today. The mastermind could even be one of us!
Still, her determination, in spite of the grim reality…it really is inspiring. We shouldn’t waste that hope!
Unfortunately, you just said it yourself, did you not? That hope has no place in our reality.
There was no further debate, as everyone was too tired from the long day. However, it wasn’t as if all were determined to leave things on such a negative note. At dinner, Kuromi and Melody had a proposal for the rest.
Melody and I will be hosting a little concert after in the Ultimate Pianist Research Lab for anyone who wants to come.
Hopefully, Kuromi and I can put on a show everyone can enjoy.
Two girls offering to put on a concert just for me? Hell yeah! No way I’m gonna miss that!
I believe they said they were hosting it for everyone, Mecha. Of course I’ll attend.
No way. Listening to whatever music you wanna play sounds like a good way to die of boredom.
Wouldn’t it be safest to stay in a larger group, Misao?
Most agreed to go to Melody and Kuromi’s concert, but a few did not.
…No thanks.
I will return to my room instead.
Go ahead and pretend everything’s gonna be okay if you want. See ya tomorrow…or maybe not! Nee-heehee!
As those four left for the dormitory building, the rest headed up to the Ultimate Pianist Research Lab, where Kuromi’s piano playing and Melody’s singing serenaded them all. At least, until…
Hiya! It’s now 10 p.m. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, you bastards!
Monotaro’s announcement marked the day’s end. And the impending arrival of a new one, when the mastermind would be free to kill again…

The next morning...

As the fifteen had previously agreed to meet for breakfast the next day, after Monotaro’s 8 a.m. announcement, most made their way to the dining hall. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the early morning’s quiet peace to be shattered, as Misao had to sit near Mecha.
Ugh, you reek!
Hey! That was really rude, Mecha!
Not cool.

O-okay, okay, I didn’t mean like that, all right?
Ngh…hichic…I-it’s not my fault!
I can’t take a shower! I…I can’t tie my kimono sash by myself…
Don’t worry, Misao. I’ll help teach you how to tie it after we eat, okay? So, you don’t have to cry anymore.
…O-okay, Smile.
Look, I’m sorry.
Huh? Who said that?
Oh, you're still alive. You smell so shitty, I thought the mastermind had already killed you or something!
After all that commotion, it took some time for the group to realize that they were one person short. Dash hadn’t shown up.
I had wondered where he was. Perhaps the mastermind has already struck?
Come on, seriously? Dash’s alive, just probably being a real pain in the ass somewhere.
Well, that’s probably true, but we still have to find him.
Yeah, we can’t abandon a party member!
Shall we organize into groups?
Most of those present then organized into small groups to search. A few others had different plans of how they were going to spend their morning. However, everyone agreed to meet up again for lunch at noon.

A little before 12 pm, in the Dining Hall…

Back in the Dining Hall, a few had arrived for lunch earlier than the others.
Where the hell is that guy, anyway?
Dunno. He’s still alive, though, I just know it.

Suddenly, Dash strolled in, acting as if he was without a care in the world.
What’s the food situation looking like, guys? I’m starving!
Dash! It’s so nice to see you unharmed!
As Dash got some cereal ready for himself, and as the others began walking in, the conversation obviously turned to where he’d been all morning.
Hey! We’ve been searching for you all morning, asshole! We looked around outside, we tried your room…where the hell were you?!
Oh, was that racket you guys? Nee-heehee…I was too busy plotting murder to open my door. You know how it is.
Acting this way is playing right into Monokuma’s hands, Dash. This is exactly what he wants!
They didn’t spend their entire lunch talking about Dash’s disappearance, however.
There’s something everyone here should know. I found a Secret Door behind a moving bookcase in the Library. There was a Card Reader next to it.
Fenrir and I tried to find a way inside pretty much all morning.
…No luck.
And there’s one more thing. Just a question I’ve got. Anyone ever heard of the “Ultimate Hunt”?
First time I’m hearing of it.
Maybe…it has something to do with the Ultimate Research Labs?
It’s definitely a possibility.
Guess no one else knows either, huh. It was just in a random book in the Library, so I didn’t have high hopes. Anyway, that’s all I had.
There was one more topic of conversation at lunch.
Since we’re all here, I’d like to host a get-together in the Ultimate Cosplayer Research Lab after lunch. Think of it as…a chance to talk about ourselves. Maybe if we all do that, we’ll start remembering more things about ourselves. It’s worth a try, right?
Of course it’s worth a try, Kanata!

I could take some pictures during it, too, if that’s okay.
A lovely idea!
Sounds like fun.
Put me down as a maybe.
If you’re sure me joining in wouldn’t be too much…
I-I’ll go, but I don’t wanna share stuff in front of everyone! Just Smile!
Well, it’s my get-together, so I have to be there, too…but we’d have until dinner. It’s plain to see we’d have time for everyone who wants to be there.
With some plans decided, the group of fifteen went their separate ways, promising to all meet up again at dinner…

6 pm, in the Dining Hall once more...

Only fourteen people made it to dinner.
Has anyone seen Leaf?

N-not me…
He was in the building, if that helps. I saw him a couple of times.
So did I…
Well, Dash was fine before, right? Leaf must be, too.
…Crossbow parts and bolts are missing from the Ultimate Assassin Research Lab.
The parts themselves are useless unless someone knows how to put them together to make the weapon, but still. It’s out there.
I…I put it together earlier. Damnit…!
I don’t know! I didn’t know I could! I was doing inventory, when all of a sudden…it was like I was possessed, and I put it together somehow! Then I ran outta there so fast, I forgot about the crossbow…!
H-how could you be so irresponsible?
Kyahaha! Star’s such a dumbass!
Yeah, like hell I’m gonna be your friggin’ sidekick! You did something way worse than what I did!
I know, I know, but I’m gonna make it right! I’m gonna find that missing crossbow if it’s the last thing I do!
Well, okay, you do that, but we still need to find Leaf. I can search in the building here, top to bottom. Who’s coming with me, and who wants to search outside?
Search teams searching for Leaf inside the Academy, searching for Leaf outside on the grounds, and searching for the missing crossbow in the Academy were figured out. With three distinct goals in mind, the fourteen split up and searched…

Just before 9:15 pm, at the bottom of the Basement stairs...

Don’t try to move around, okay? You’re hurt.
Mecha and Star soon came down the stairs, and were shocked to see what they saw. Zero and Kuromi were tending to Dash, who was bleeding from a somewhat-bandaged head wound.
Is he okay?!
W-what the hell happened to him?
I shouldn’t complain, but I’m glad you’re the last two down here. I won’t have to repeat this horrible story anymore…
As Zero recounted what had happened, other voices could be heard in the Library, too. When the late arrivals entered the library, they were met with another shocking scene.
N-no fuckin’ way…
They saw blood in the Library. Blood covered a toppled tower of books, and a trail of blood led to the moving bookcase and the Secret Door. And, everyone besides Leaf was accounted for.
Several things soon happened in quick succession: Fenrir and Zero took Dash upstairs to check his wound; Melody ran out of the room, while Kuromi followed her; and Star began pounding on the Secret Door.
Leaf! Leaf! If you’re in there, try to open the door! Come on!
Leaf! Please!
If you can hear us, say something!
The rest just stood there, as if shell-shocked. Kira called for Monokuma to explain this horrible sight. Without a body, the bear would not confirm or deny that anything had happened to anyone. However, the black-and-white bear had this to say…
I told everyone, didn’t I? The mastermind will kill another each day, unless someone else does it first.
Monotaro’s 10 pm night time announcement would play soon enough. Those who hadn’t left already would leave the bloody crime scene in the Library. They would then leave the Academy building together. Some would try to keep the group together. Most would just head to bed, and await the next day.
Tomorrow, their number would possibly shrink even further at the mastermind’s bloody hands…
…Unless someone else killed first.
Hey everyone, Tri here again with the second preview. The third should be the last.
I'll need to hold signups for Chiaki. The signup date and time will be finalized when the third preview is posted. So, look forward to that.
More to come. :)
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2023.06.01 04:43 seventy-serpents Preservative free eyedrops are helping me with my migraines...

Very strange discovery. Back story: I have had chronic migraines for almost a decade. Over the past couple of years they became a near-daily occurrence for me. I've tried Verapamil, magnesium, nurtec, Emgality, exercising at different times of the day, fixing my sleep issues, medication changes, medical marijuana, and triptans. None of these have consistently reduced the severity/frequency of my migraines, except for one: -Switching from Vyvanse to Adderall
Well, about a month ago, I got Lasik, which coincided with my decision to stop taking Vyvanse. At first I thought it was just the Vyvanse. I went two weeks with only one or two migraines. But then they started to come back again with greater frequency and severity. They weren't as severe or frequent as they were on the Vyvanse, but definitely more than they were the first two weeks after Lasik. I started wondering what it was I had been doing differently and I realized that the only thing was the frequency with which I was using eye drops. I switched to using them only a few times a day as instructed by the surgeon. Well, over the past few days I decided to test out using eye drops more frequently. Whenever I'd feel the beginning of a headache (usually starts on the right side), I used the eye drops. I noticed that within 5-10 min, the throbbing would go away. This happened about 5 times today, for example. Alhough I have not tried it for long enough to know whether it'll last, this is truly an aberration... If a migraine is that persistent, it usually ends up happening and there isn't much I can do. Somewhere between noon and the end of the day, I will end up getting one. I should have gotten a migraine today because I woke up with mild pain in my right eye. If I wake up like that, it's not a good sign. I almost never survive the day without one if I wake up with one already starting, so I'm really surprised, honestly. I know that dry eyes are known to co-occur with migraines, but they don't necessarily cause them. Has anyone else tried this or heard of this being effective for people?
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2023.06.01 04:42 escape1424 What is happening?

Hi there I 23 (f) have been living with extremely painful periods since age 10. I have always been in the overweight category the majority of my life. The only time I lost significant amount of weight was during times of high physical activity. But my weight has always fluctuated. I'm at the biggest weight I have ever been at being 230, I struggle with insulin resistance that is not related to PCOS. Two months ago I started changing my physical activity to hopefully manage my insulin resistance but something else happened. I had swam competivley in high school and it really shed my weight off after a couple of months. I decided to start swimming again for 1hr, 4-5 times a week. I really enjoyed it and my body and mind felt clear. While my weight did not budge I notice more muscle definition and tonedness.
I have had pain during ovulation since 16 and sometimes I spot a little. However I noticed when i ovulated after 1 month of swimming I had no pain or bloating whatsoever. No spotting either, the only reason I knew I was ovulating was that I physically felt hotter which is rare for me because I'm anemic and run cold. I was shocked. And was even more shocked when my period pain was the least it had ever been. I still had some mild cramping but was nothing compared to the horrible pain I endure every single month. I did notice that my I bled a little longer than normal during this period, however little pain. I also had clotting that lasted until day 5 when in my usual period it stops at day 3.
Does anyone have any thoughts on what happened here?? Did my fibroids possibly shrink?? For some context I've never been formally diagnosed with fibroids due to medical neglect and discrimination of having medicaid. I was offered the pill which I rejected. I thought for years I had Endo since the symptoms are so similar, however now I believe I've been struggling with fibroids all these years. Any advice or possible explanations would be great.
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2023.06.01 04:41 FlyNSail22 How to Dispute a Cash Advance?

Long story short, I'm in Thailand and forgot my new debit card. I've been using my Navy Federal Credit card for cash advances.
In the hotel strip in Krabi, none of the ATMs would give me the option of cash advance, only withdrawals. I would try it and it would deny me for not having any funds.
I tried about 10 ATMs and noticed that 2 ATMs from 7/11 hit my bank account even though I didn't get any cash. ($600 total...)
I tried the next day at a different bank and it finally worked (and hit my credit card statement correctly).
I disputed the charges on the navy federal app, but I'm worried because how do I provide documentation? I didn't get any money, but me saying that isn't proof...
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2023.06.01 04:40 Adventurous-Tone-495 AITAH for blocking my best friend because of something he said

I dont know where else I ca put this, so why not put it here where every me can judge. Ok so I (f) have a best friend (m). Something to know about him is that he has sorta a offensive sense of humor, racist sexist jokes ect. Recently he’s been the one I come to when I have problems and he does too, I would say we are pretty close. Today I asked him what his love language was because me and another friend were talking about our love languages. He responded by saying touch and gifts. I wasn’t suprised by the response, but after I read a message saying “what’s yours? Cutting your wrists?”. I was a little offended by this. He knew that I was struggling with my mental health and getting tested for bipolar disorder Bpd things like that. I told my closest gf and she said that I talk about it to him since she knew that he’s not the kind of person to be serious. The thing is he has said similar things in the past but I always just brushed them of as him joking of that’s just his humor and making excuses. After crying about it for about a hour I sent the following message (You really need to stop taking shit to far Most of your jokes I don’t mind, but you can’t keep pushing it, we are friends but you still have to have some respect for me. And no you can’t keep saying that you’re just being realistic and being truthful, but there is a difference.”. He then said that he has done nothing wrong. I told him I was done and said goodbye and blocked him on everything. His twin brother then messaged me why his brother was blocked and I told him. He then told my sister and a few other people who told me I over reacted. I don’t know if I went to far or not. For more context this is a long distance friendship and I’m friends with both the twins and so is my sister. We had plans in a couple days for their sisters graduation. I don’t know weather I want to go and just ignore him or to just stay home and make new plans. So AITAH
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2023.06.01 04:40 StunningNobody8668 Yep…this was what Lawson said in his peoples interview on the peoples website, it was never a pregnancy lol

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2023.06.01 04:40 Ok-Consideration2676 My mom lost her watch, and it’s my fault apparently

Me, my mom, my sister, and my boyfriend went to the lake today. We set our stuff down and go our ways and everything. I was wondering around out of view of our stuff, so anything that happened I didn’t witness. At some point, we decide we wanna move our stuff closer to the water, so we do. However, my mom had taken off her watch prior to us moving out stuff and set it on one of our blankets. We move our stuff, then an hour later go home because of the weather. Mind you, my mom had set her watch down on a blanket. Supposedly, she asked my sister to put it in her bag - my sister brought her own bag for books and stuff while me and my bf shared a bag with the towels and such - when we moved stuff, however I have 0 recollection of that.
About 10 minutes ago - a whole 12hrs later - my mom realized her watch was not in any of the bags. She went ballistic on me and my sister, about how she’s always accountable for our stuff but we never pay attention to hers. Me and my sister are 18 and 12 respectively, and have enough knowledge to keep track of our own stuff, and even as children were more than responsible for our own things. Since the lake closes at 9 (it’s like a state park) she can’t go back to look for it until tomorrow if it’s even there.
This isn’t uncommon for my mom to blame other people for her mistakes, I wanna mention that. This is very habitual of her, she very much plays the victim (and overplays it a lot), so honestly I knew she was gonna blame us to begin with.
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2023.06.01 04:39 vuentes Discovered terrible 'hack'

I've made the terrible discovery that I can focus 100x better when I'm dead tired. I have to submit my graduation paper in Monday. I work all workdays at office hours. I've kinda successfully shifted my day/night rhythm. I work from 10 am - 5pm, then I do a 30min nap and regular household stuff. Then at 11 pm I start writing on my paper until 5 am. Then I sleep till 9am. Rinse and repeat. Feeling this tired helps me overcome my perfectionism, I can actually add words to my paper instead of rewriting the same fucking line, or researching synonyms to use. I skipped all possible chances to discuss my paper in proces with the teacher that has to grade it and she has been very clear that I am disappointing her with my neglectfulnes and laziness. I asked my studies for accommodations but I swear to god I think the woman that has to provide me with guidance probably has worse adhd then me. Despite the terrible odds I think I will actually make it in Monday.
Anyway, I'm wondering if I'm going crazy or did more people discover this 'hack' that's gonna be detrimental to your health.
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2023.06.01 04:39 Expensive-Banana-780 i dont like where this is going it says valid date 1 days will i lose out on my stuff☹️??

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2023.06.01 04:39 Honeypotsandstripes Star Trek back for 11001 but requires all 21 levels?

The deal doesn't have tiers for levels 12, 17, and 21. How doable is 21 levels in 30 days? Willing to spend money to make money on this one, but I'm worried it's all or nothing if I don't make it to 21
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