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Supernatural RP!

2014.08.13 22:45 emerald_ice Supernatural RP!

Welcome to Supernatural RP! Create a Supernatural-themed character!

2019.01.04 13:13 Aethrs Vampire: The Masquerade - LA by Night

Discussing the web show VtM - L.A. by Night from World of Darkness.

2023.06.02 23:38 TheMysticNamedAmy Let us create something magnificent!

About Me

What I am looking for

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Fandoms I am interested in

Favorite Genres

Some Tropes I enjoy

Writing Examples - Long, Medium and Short. Do not feel obligated to read them all, it is just to show off the varying lengths of my messages.

Please DM me if you are interested and fulfill the requirements.
Tell me exactly what you want and send me an example of your writing as well, so I know you read this all or I will not respond.
I am sorry if that seems rude but I am tired of people not even reading half of all this.
Have a lovely day :D
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2023.06.02 23:34 TempestP0602 Screen goes black for 0.5s and crashes my steam games. HELP, I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING

Hello wise people of the internet.
I'm here cuz i don't have any solutions to my problem and it's been 3 days already. I've google every possible solution and tried again and again without success.
Here is my problem. I bought a new PC two month ago. I switched to a dual monitor setup with 144hz. Before switching, the problem didn't occur. My screen goes black for half a second when i play games on steam. On vampire survivor, it crashes the game completely (as seen in the link down below) and on Elden ring, it blacks out and i have to alt tab several times to get the game back.
It's only with steam games, i didn't encounter the problem with league of legends or legends of runterra.
I've update my graphical card drivers, reset the PC, disable the rgb if the psu had troubles running everything, plug the graphic with two power cords instead of one to the psu, did every satanic summoning possible, in vain.
Here is the example:
Here are my specs:
processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core 3600MHZ
motherboard: Rog Strix b450 F Gaming
OS: Windows 10 Family
Graphic card: Geforce RTX 3070
Ram: 32 Gig DDR4
PSU: Corsair 750W
Displays: benq zowie xl2411p 144hz and iiyama (i don't remember the model) 60hz
if anyone had an idea on what i could do to fix this, i would be in their debt forever.
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2023.06.02 23:34 Redbluewolfy Waste of sp*rm 💀💀

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Question for people who also sell/buy on DCS. When is the ideal time to post? When are you looking to buy on a regular basis? Also have you noticed the formatting failing recently? I used to be able to copy and paste my previous posts and just remove the ones I've sold. Now it bunches everything up and the bulletpoints no longer function. I had to bring an older version into a word proccessor. Just werid and frustrating.
Trying to clear out my codes! If someone wants to buy every single code for a deep discount HMU I’ll sell orders of $100 or more for 40% OFF, $200 for 50% OFF, $300 for 60% OFF, $400 for 70% OFF and $500 for 75% OFF!!
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2023.06.02 23:32 SaranMal What counts as "Infernalism" and why does it?

So, I know this may seem like a pretty straight forward question. Baalis masters of the Children, anything related to the Caul from Nephandi, maybe some of the elder dark gods from the Deep Umbra. Some Earthbound?
But, I've been digging into this concept, and my character in a recent game has come up with this question on her own after an encounter with a fallen.
Like, we know OoC that Infernalism taints the soul in some way. Aura sight from both Vampire and Mage list infernalism as one of the aura modifiers and you stay tainted by it for your entire life.
But why do only some pacts mark the person as an infernalist? Like, making a pact with a spirit via a Totem or to learn their gifts follows the same process of showing reverence/respect to the entity in order for a blessing. But it doesn't really alter your soul in any meaninful way?
Even if you make a deal with a Wyrm totem, your aura might be changed momentarily, but once you get rid of it, or otherwise cleanse yourself its removed.
If you make a deal with a mage and the mage changes you body and soul with a ritual for power, isn't this the same sort of concept?
Or what about normal Fallen that are not Earthbound? Everyone I've asked that knows DtF mentions that the Fallen pact doesn't leave any aura change to it. So why does some types of pacts change it, but others don't?
Same as I don't think Kuldonics show up as being Infernalists, despite their power coming from an Earthbound.
Why do some go away after a while, but others seemingly stay forever?
Etc etc etc. There are more examples too out there I'm sure. And I bet some of this is summed up by writers for WW over the years not talking to each other and things slipping throught the cracks. It just, makes for interesting discussions to try and figure out the whys when running heavy cross-splat games.
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2023.06.02 23:30 DaisyHoneyBunny Looking for an outside perspective

I’m looking for advice for my parents. They would never ask the internet, but I will.
I have a 24 yr old brother, and my parents are struggling to help him.
He was always a super happy kid growing up. He never did well in school. He was terrible. But he was a good kid, and never really got into too much trouble. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger and took medication for it. Despite not doing well in school, he had many interests like history, Egypt etc. (He’s super smart) He struggles with things like chores and hygiene. Like keeping things clean and organized, and brushing his teeth etc. It got worse in high school. He seemed to have become more rebellious and “lazy.” At this time he was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He was barley able to graduate his senior year.
Since his graduation he hasn’t done much with his life. He can’t drive. He always says he’s too afraid to drive and doesn’t want to learn. He has had no college. He’s had a few jobs but they don’t last long. (Couple months) He ends up making excuses about not wanting to go or not feeling good. When he is asked to do anything he doesn’t want to do, he threatens to kill himself. So for the past 6 years he has stayed home and played video games all day. In the midst of these years my parents have tried lot of resources to get him help. He sees a therapist, he takes medication, and they have tried a job program to help people like him. (I forget what it’s called)
My parents are at a loss. They have spent so much money trying to get him the help that he needs. And god forbid something happened to my parents, I don’t have the money to take care of him.
I’m looking for any advice or resources that someone might know of.
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2023.06.02 23:28 Drakolf TftM- Love Rubs and Cuddles

Grahim was having the worst day of his life.
While this hyperbolic statement was likely entirely untrue, in the moment, the Canician was in the worst mood he'd been in for a long time, and had a very short temper as a result. His proposal at the Galactic Council had been rejected before he could properly get it off the floor- stupid Silarians and their flashy and impractical solutions to literally anything- and his lunch had been outright stolen from him by a Rakat who claimed he was the one trying to steal the food- and during the brief time that Grahim had brought up his receipts and proved that he was the one who bought it, the Rakat had absconded with the food, and the security force simply told him they would try to find the culprit, without offering any form of recompense.
The Hedron was widely known for its automatic sliding doors, none of which Grahim would slam shut to vent his anger. He was tired, hungry, and the last thing he wanted to do was lash out at anyone who didn't deserve it.
Like David.
Before he could beeline for his room, David was already approaching, arms wrapped around his abdomen and face buried in his fur.
"Not now." Grahim growled. It was instinctual, unintentional. It always hurt him when he growled at David, the Human was trying his best.
"Rough day, Grrhaf?" David asked. His pronunciation of the Caniti word was rough, but understandable. Though there wasn't a direct translation that worked- the best approximation was the sweet meats of herbivorous prey bathed in fresh blood from an equally fresh kill- Humans opted to translate it as 'sweetie' or 'honey', as it conveyed the same linguistic function as a term of endearment.
"If we were on Caniti Grrau, there would be several dead men today." Grahim growled. His stomach growled as if in agreement.
"Well, it'll please you to know that I've made dinner. We're having meatloaf with gravy, sausages, and those little cocktail weenies you like so much in your favorite sauce." David replied. Grahim's tail wagged at just the sound of the meal, let alone the scent that was beginning to waft his way.
There was no hesitation, dinner was served and eaten- Grahim noted David eating a salad along with his food, the plant matter not only digestible by his more omnivorous companion, but also enjoyed with the same sauce used with the cocktail weenies. Even when eating prey food, David liked to drench it in meat juices.
It was after dinner that the two went into their recreation room and sat down, David surprised Grahim by pulling him to a laying position. "Grrhaf, why have you done this?" Grahim asked.
"Shh, you've had a rough day. Lay your head on my lap." David replied firmly.
Grahim didn't argue, he rested his head on his companion's lap as they browsed the Hedron's television network for something they both could enjoy- or, that would be the normal course of action, yet David went directly toward Canician channels.
"David, you hate Canician broadcasts." Grahim remarked.
"And you don't." David replied. Then he did something with his fingers, Grahim at first didn't understand what it was, only that it was pleasant, almost intoxicating. David's fingers gently snaked through the fur around his ears, lightly scratching in an almost obscene way, and then David's other hand gently rubbed along Grahim's belly.
The Canician normally hated having anyone touch his belly, it was soft and vulnerable. Yet, David's blunt nails were no danger, his largely flat teeth- while capable of tearing flesh- were so blunt that they were no danger. Grahim felt... vulnerable, but he didn't feel in danger. He nuzzled David's hand almost involuntarily, and those blunt nails gently scraped against the sensitive area around his neck.
The growl that left his lips wasn't one of warning or threat, but of surprised contentment, and as the television began broadcasting Canician bloodsports, Grahim realized that maybe this was actually the best day ever in disguise.
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2023.06.02 23:26 lue123scm The Best Pet Care Methods for Daily Life

Pet care is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership. Ensuring the well-being and happiness of our beloved furry friends requires daily attention and consistent practice. By implementing a few key pet care methods into our daily lives, we can provide a healthy and enriching environment for our pets.

Nutritious Diet

Crucial for maintaining a pet’s overall health. Consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate type and amount of food for your specific pet. Establish a regular feeding schedule and provide fresh water at all times. Avoid overfeeding and be mindful of any dietary restrictions or allergies your pet may have.

Regular exercise

Dogs, in particular, require daily physical activity to keep them mentally stimulated and physically fit. Set aside dedicated time for walks, runs, or play sessions. Cats can also benefit from interactive toys and playtime to satisfy their natural instincts. Engaging in regular exercise not only improves their physical health but also helps prevent behavioral issues caused by pent-up energy.

Good hygiene

Regular grooming, such as brushing their coat, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears. Dogs should be bathed as needed, while cats typically groom themselves. Dental care is often overlooked but is vital for pets’ dental health. Brush their teeth regularly with pet-friendly toothpaste and provide appropriate dental chews or toys to help prevent plaque buildup.

Regular veterinary check-ups

Schedule annual or bi-annual visits to monitor your pet’s health, update vaccinations, and address any concerns. Early detection of health issues can greatly increase the chances of successful treatment.
Implementing these pet care methods into your daily life will help ensure the overall well-being of your furry friend. By providing a balanced diet, regular exercise, proper grooming, preventive healthcare, emotional support, and a safe environment, you can create a happy and healthy life for your beloved pet.
As a local veterinarian in Appleton, WI, we care for your pet and plan to keep it with you as long as we can. Call Animal Medical Center of Appleton at 920-749-1717 today to make an appointment with one of our animal health professionals for any and all questions and concerns.
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2023.06.02 23:25 mommawolfspartan I'm getting my bottom dentures on the 12th. Had my upper for 4 years and only used the powder.

Adhesive... From all my digging on this sub, I know that I'm going to have to find what works for me in that department, and I'm just going to go ahead and buy a couple brands for when I can use them.
But... What's y'all's best practice for getting that stuff off your mouth and denture? The one and only time I tried the tube stuff, it didn't stick to the denture but to my gums. The only thing that kept me sane with trying to get it off was texting my daughter with updates lol.
I use the Polident overnight whitening soak
On a side note. My dental assistant complimented me on how clean my top denture was after 4 years. And I was shocked, like, how hard is it to clean? Tablet, soak, water, brush, rinse. WTF
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2023.06.02 23:22 JosephM-Curwen The Legend Never Dies. I painted this vampire about 13 years ago for WHFB in High School, in the mail today I received the highly based Goblin Green Marker from Warcolours and decided to repaint the original drab brown base in the correct colors. Vibrant green, tasteful yellow drybrush. Classic.

The Legend Never Dies. I painted this vampire about 13 years ago for WHFB in High School, in the mail today I received the highly based Goblin Green Marker from Warcolours and decided to repaint the original drab brown base in the correct colors. Vibrant green, tasteful yellow drybrush. Classic. submitted by JosephM-Curwen to WarhammerFantasy [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:21 NarwhalTrance How much time do you spend rehabbing your brain?

I hope this is all clear. I'm having a very bad communication day.
I start speech therapy next week because the neurologist thinks it will help my brain create new pathways to restore functions lost in the damaged areas. In addition, per the neurosurgeon's instructions I'm supposed to be reading and working on my vocabulary (this was a vague instruction and I'm not sure exactly what he meant). Although I have to admit that reading feels like pulling teeth since the brain surgery, whereas I use to read tons. I'm also using a brain training app for about 15 minutes a day.
One thing that no one has made clear yet is how much time I should be spending each day working on these things. Minutes? Hours? It's honestly a struggle to clear my head and motivate myself to do these things, but I hope that if I have a clearer idea of how much time I should be dedicating to it that it might help motivate me.
How much time has everyone here dedicated to rehabilitating their brain?
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2023.06.02 23:20 OPSlick911 WTS - CYMA M4A1 Gel Blaster - North FL, US

WTS - CYMA M4A1 Gel Blaster - North FL, US
CYMA M4A1 Gel Blaster
Acquired from
Internals have been upgraded to metal gears and metal stainless barrel. Running poly piston with metal teeth and upgraded head/piston ring. Shoots hard and very fast with LiPO 3S battery. To prolong the blaster, it is recommended a MosFet be installed.
Exterior is mostly Nylon plastic. Magazines can be pre loaded by pulling charging handle. Will include both mags and free gels (some high quality, and some low quality), along with 3S LiPo battery. Blaster was rewired to accommodate new type of plug.
Only shot for fun at the house, never used in a match. Built it to play with friends, but hits a little too hard for close blaster fights, and now I want other things.
Pretty good starter gun, not nearly as nice as what they are building in Australia or for top dollar, but could definitely be fun.
Prefer not to ship, located in North Florida. However, will consider shipping at buyers' expense. Paid about $230 to build it, not including gears which I pulled from my airsoft gearbox. Looking for 180 specifically to pay for a few new toys.
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2023.06.02 23:19 orchidpetaldesign Don't call me Cinderella (p3)

Jesi had never been in a hotel before certainly not one as fine as the one Mr Ericson took her and Damion too. They had a suite all to themselves it had two bedrooms connected to a living room, and kitchen. The hotel room was larger then the apparent she used to share with her mama all those years ago. Damion shared a room with Mr. Ericson but for the first time in her life Jesi had a room all to herself. She thought it would feel secure, but she still slept with a knife under her pillow. Still the bed was so soft she felt like it was going to swallow her alive every night. Her nights were one thing but the days were another thing entirely, they were a whirlwind activity. First there was the image coach, a person that Mr. Ericson hired to find a way to make sure Damion and Jesi, both looked nicer then street kids but were still comfortable. Then there was the mountain of paper work and explanations of how her life would change once she signed the papers. Mr. Ecrison said that the press had heard there was an heir to the O’Connal empire but they didn’t have her name or face yet. He was hoping that meant they would have a quite arrival when their plane landed in upstate New York.
He realized he was wrong the moment they entered the airport. Mr. Ericson was shocked to see the number of reporters swarming the gate. He cursed under his breath he’d been so careful he’d even gone out of his way to ask O’Connal’s business partner Constance Karington if they could borrow her family’s private jet to fly the girl in under the radar. With a sigh he squared his shoulders and looked at the two young adults behind him. “You both need to stay quite they will snap photos, shout questions, and shove whatever kind of recording devices they have practically down your throats for a sound bite. Do not give them one.” Mr. Ericson commanded as he lead them toward the crowd. Airport security was already attempting to hold the crowd back. The instant the crowd caught sight of Jesi flashes began to blind them all while the questions started flying
“Miss Jahari is it true you never knew your father?”
“Miss Jahari are you going to sell the company?”
“Miss, Jahari how does it feel to be Cinderella?”
Jesi was proud of herself for not pulling her knife on any of the reporters at the airport. She didn’t like people in general and she certainly wasn’t used to crowds surrounding and recording her. Mr Ericson parted the crowd as best he could and then shoved both Jesi and Damion into a waiting black sedan, with a driver. A short ride later and the small black sedan pulled up to a set of iron gates in the center of a brick wall that surrounded a mansion as big as a castle. The street in front of the wall however was filled bumper to bumper with cars parked on the curb. As the black sedan they were in pulled up to the gates people mobbed the car banging on the windows shouting questions making it hard for the car to move. Mr. Ericson pushed a button on his phone and the gates swung inward admitting the car the driver moved forward slowly through the throng as the gates swung shut behind them. The car pulled up to the front of the house and an older matronly type woman, came rushing out, as Mr. Ericson opened Jesi’s door.
“Ah, let me look at you!” the woman cried out in a thick Irish accent as she looked at Jesi.
“Jesminda Jahari this is your father’s maid and cook Mrs. Mable Mcguil, she has served your father’s family since before I can remember.”
“Aye, your mother must have been a beauty. Why just look at ya! You did get yer Father’s hair though I see, and his eyes.” Mable said as she reached out to brush a strand of red hair from Jesi’s face
“You knew my father?’ Jesi asked
“Knew him? Why I helped his mother raise ‘im I did. Kindest boy you’d ever want to meet. Ack, but he did he ever have a stubborn streak.” Mable added with a laugh
“Mable, my dear, I know you want to get to know Miss Jahari but that’s better left inside I think as the wolves are snapping pictures at the gate.”
“Ack, of course where are my manners, get in here all of ye.” Mable said as she turned to lead the way into the house. Mr. Ericson handed Damion and Jesi the 2 small carry on bags worth of clothes they’d purchased a few days ago, and motioned the two of them to follow Mable inside while he took his own bag from the trunk.
Jesi stepped wide eyed into the large foyer, the floors were a black and gold marble. The walls were a pristine white, with a stair case on either side curving up to the open second floor but what drew Jesi’s eye was a large painting hanging on the wall between the stair cases. A small family of three with a rather severe looking man with blonde hair standing tall a woman beside him with red hair gave anyone who entered a warm welcoming smile. The boy in the front drew jesi in he was around 7 at the time of the painting. Red hair green eyes but the happy smile he gave didn’t quite make it to his eyes. Jesi walked toward the painting staring at the child.
“That’s your father.” Mabel said walking up beside Jesi. “I remember that day clear as a bell yer grandfather insisted on a family portrait sitting. Ah, but yer father little scamp that he was was having none of it. All he wanted was to go out and play in the yard. The artist finally got yer grandfather to agree to take a photo to make the painting off of. As soon as he was free Conner went out and rolled through the grass in that fancy suit you see ‘im wearing. Aye but yer Grandfather was in a snit for days over the grass stains.”
“This house is massive.” Jesi said looking around the foyer.”
“Ah, but we do agree on that. To the left You’ll find the kitchen, dinning room, ballroom, bathroom, den, and living room. Through the right door you’ll find the home theater, another bathroom, library, office, gym and indoor pool. Upstairs there are nine bedrooms each with their own on suite bathroom, And the master bedroom has exclusive access to it’s own balcony. The third floor contains the greenhouse conservatory and excellent views.”
“So many rooms for only three people.” Jesi marveled turning a slow circle around the foyer.
“Yes, that was yer Grandfather for ye. The man insisted on showing the world how successful he was by getting the best of everything privet jet, fancy yacht, all the cars, the house. Yer father was a much simpler type He would have been happy with a one room apparent in the city. That’s why he never replaced the privet jet after the crash. He didn’t see a need, said if he was gonna fly it could be commercially, with real people.”
Jesi stood staring at the painting tears burned the back of her throat, as waves of emotion beat at her. Her father sounded like such a good man she wished she could have known him, but right on the heels of that she was so angry, her father lived in such excess while she and her mother had scraped by on nothing. Yet according to Ericson her father had never known that she existed her grandfather had lied to her father to her mother. Jesi choked back the tears and clung to the only emotion that had kept her alive for so long. Anger. “I hate them.” she ground between clenched teeth.
Mabel’s face fell she seemed to be hoping for a more joyful reaction from Jesi, but to her credit she didn’t try to talk the girl out of her pain either. Damion walked over and placed an arm around Jesi’s shoulders. “Mrs. Mcguil, is there a room we can go to for rest and a little privacy?” Damion asked
As soon as the door to the large guest bedroom drifted shut behind them Jesminda let her real feelings be known. She broke into deep sobs and fell into Damion’s arms.
“I don’t- I can’t- How could he- How could they-” Jesi started so many sentences but the jumble of emotion stampeding through her.
“Easy Jes, take a breath.” Damion tried as he held her.
“Why am I morning a man I never met? A man who abandoned me?” Jesi started
“Because he didn’t abandon you not on purpose Jes.”
“I want to hate him. I need to hate him, Why can’t I hate him?” Jesi sobbed
“Your right Jes it’s not fair. None of this is fair. It’s a lot to take in, and neither of us have taken the time to really process this.”
“In the hotel he didn’t seem real, but now… He was my father, and I never knew his name.”
“I know, Jes, it’s not fair.”
“He was stolen from me!”
“Yes he was.”
“This whole life was stolen from me!” Jesi hiccuped
Damion just held her and let her cry. There was so much for them both to process. Jesi was now one of the richest women in the nation, and she had insisted that Damion share her home as the brother he’d been to her since the day they’d met.
Jesi spent the rest of the day in the guest room that was now her bedroom with Damion bouncing between sorrow and anger like a rubber ball. Eventually she cried herself to sleep. Damion had just eased her into the plush bed, when a soft knock sounded on the door.
“Hey, uumm.” Damion stammered he wished he could remember the maid’s name.
“Mabel deary. How is she?” Mabel asked as she tried to look past Daion towards Jesi.
“She’s sleeping.” Damion said protectivily blocking to door.
“I mean her no harm.” Mabel said gently
Damion winced and tried to force himself to relax “Sorry, I know you don’t it’s just…” He trailed off at a loss “I’ve protectd her since she was five. Its just really hard to let that go.”
“Ye love her then?” Mable asked
“Of course.” Damion stopped and then a thought occurred to him “Oh! Oh you mean! No, no we’re not like that. She’s basically the sister I -” he stopped.
“Yer sister?”
“The crash that took my parents. It also killed my five year old sister Amy. Three days later I met Jesi, she looks nothing like Amy, but she was the same age and well I guess I wanted to protect her the way I couldn’t protect my family.”
“Ack, ye poor dear.” Mabel said with tears pooling in her eyes. “She’s safe here though, not a sole can get past the walls without setting off the alarms.”
Damion stiffened “Jesi, doesn’t like loud noises. Not since her mother was shot.”
“She was there?” Mable asked
“I thought Mr. Ericson would have told you?” Damion asked in confusion
“No, he told me who she was and that her mother had been killed but nothing else.”
“Yeah, she was there, her mom had to take her to work that night and, she says all she remembers is her mom stuffing her in a cabinet then she heard someone yell for the manager then the shots.”
“My God! Did she see anything?”
“No the officer on the scene worked really hard to make sure she didn’t see anything, But she’s been really jumpy ever since.”
“Ack, the poor dear. Well it seems there’s nothing more You and I can do for her til she wakes come I’ll show ye to yer room you must be tired as well.”
“I-I can’t leave her I’ll just stay here with her.”
“She’s safe here. Your safe here. You need rest too.”
“And I’ll get it right here beside her.”
“Ye’ve taken care of her for thirteen years, Ye’ve earned a rest and so has she.”
“We rest better together.”
“I’m sure ye do, and you’ll be ale to hear her through the wall if there’s trouble.” Mable encouraged
“Yer both safe. She’ll be fine.”
Damion reluctantly followed Mable from the room. Mable made a show of taking a key from her pocket and locking the door to the room she explained that she was the only one with a key to unlock the bedroom doors but that all door could be locked or unlocked from the inside.
The next morning Mable opened Jesminda’s door with a cart of food behind her. “Good moring Miss Jes-” Mable froze as Jesi lept from the bed a knife brandished in her hand it’s tip nearly rested on Mabel’s neck
“Sorry,” Jesi said as she lowered the knife. “Force of habit.”
“Well, I will say that’s a new way to get the blood runnin in the mornin.” Mabel said with a giggle “Is there a reason ye have a knife on ye?”
“I’ve slept with a knife since I was sixteen.”
“And ye haven’t cut yerself?” Mable tried to joke
“No, Sargent Mullens trained me and Damion how to defend ourselves.”
“Sargent Mullens?” Mable asked
“He was staying at the first homeless shelter we crashed at after leaving the home. I was young inexperienced in street life and so excited to have my first shower in weeks I wasn’t careful enough. After I walked into the ladies room a man grabbed me from behind. He clamped his hand over my mouth and put a knife to my throat. I tried to scream to struggle while he cut my clothes off. Sargent Mullens heard the struggle and rushed in. He pulled the man off before anything happened and called for help. The man tried to cut Mullens but he dodged the blade, disarmed him, and held him until the folks that ran the shelter arrived. He told them to bring the guy to the police for sexual assault. After he helped me and Damion disappear when the police showed up and then taught us how to survive on the streets we stayed with him for about 4 months, until he disappeared.”
“That must have been hard on ye both.” Mable said
“It’s life on the street.”
“Jesi!” Damion called out as he rushed into the room.
“Ah and that saves me the trouble of bringing breakfast to ye as well.” Mable said as she motioned to the cart behind her. “I didn’t know yer preferences, so I, well, I made yer Father’s favorites. Bacon, sausage, pancakes, as well as some fruit a selection of juices and, aspirin.”
“How did you know I have a headache?” Jesi asked
“I’ve spent more then a night or two crying meself te sleep. I know the headache ye wake with in the morin all to well. OOP!” Mable said as she pulled her phone from her pocket. “And it seems that Ericson has arrived for the day with company not far behind. Best ye eat up and prepare seems as though yer in for yoru first dose of Constance.”
“Heellloo, Constance Karington,” The tall blonde woman in her early twenties stepped up to Jesi and offered her hand “Your sister.”
“I have a sister?” Jesi asked
“No, you do not.” Ericson answered.
“Oh not a biological sister but Conner was like a second father to me.” Constance said
“That makes one of us.” Jesi griped under her breath
“Oh look at you aren’t you a vision well besides that scare on your neck but don’t you worry my step-mom knows a great plastic surgeon we’ll have that gone in days.”
Jesi rested a self conscious hand over the knife scare on her collar bone.
“I wish you had consulted with me Ms. Karington, Miss Jahri’s schedule is full today.”
“Oh, so I cleared my entire morning of running my very successful company to hang out with my new sister for nothing” Constance protested actually pouting at Ericson.
“I believe you’ll find the company belongs to both of you Ms. Karington, and as I Said if you’d checked with me I could have told you that Miss Jahari’s scheduled is full this morning.”
“Oh come on I’m sure you don’t need a stuffy old man telling you what to do Jesi. You don’t mind if I call you Jesi do you?” Constance’s words dripped with sugar.
“Actually I do mind.” Jesi wasn’t buying Constance’s act for a second. “And Ercison has a full day planned.”
“Well, what am I supposed to do with an open morning Ericson?” Constance tried again
“Since your so keen to have family time I suggest you go connect with your brother.” Ericson suggested
“I suppose I could find Skyler but I look forward to dinner tonight Jesminda.” Constance commanded
“I will contact your office and arrange for a dinner in a few weeks then.” Ericson offered.
“I look forward to it.” Constance said with a smile as she turned to go.
“Oh Ms. Karington I would like to know how our confidential flight itinerary was leaked to the press.” Ericson asked
“Oh right, I have talked to my pilot about that rest assured he’ll be disciplined for his loose lips. Ta.” Constance tossed over her shoulder as she left.
“Who was that?” Damion asked when the door closed behind Constance
“Constance Karington, she is the co CEO of O’Connal and Karington Enterprises.”
“Isn’t she kinda young to be a CEO?” Jesi asked
“She was a child prodigy she graduated high school early and earned her MBA by the time she was 20. Two years ago she convinced her father to entire and hand over his half of the company to her.”
Constance slammed the front door to her family’s home. And let out a frustrated scream.
“I take it your plan to get Cinderella to sign the papers was a bust?” her brother Skyler appeared at the top of the stairs.
“I thought you’d still be sleeping.” Constance griped
“I was until you slammed the door quite rude if I’m honest sister dear.” Skyler, said with a lazy drawl
“Well, tell whoever your current girlfriend is I’m sorry to have disturbed her.” Constance replied with a forced smile
“You can drop the loving sister routine Constance I’m alone today.”
“For once.” Constance laughed sarcastically. “What do Nora find you flirting with a waitress?”
“Her name was Ashley and no, she asked for commitment, and you know I don’t do commitment.”
“Hm. Yet another doe eyed debutante that thought she could marry New York’s most eligible bachelor?”
“Yes you’d think they’d know better by now don’t they all talk?”
“Brother this may surprise you but the world does not actually revolve around you.”
“And it doesn’t serve you sister dear. A fact it seems ‘Cinderella’ reminded you of today.” Skyer gloated
“That company is mine! Conner promised it to me! Then that worthless brainless rat shows up and takes everything from me!” Constance shouted.
“I’m not sure Cinderella showed up isn’t more like Connor hunted her down?”
“Cinderella?” Constance said as a calculating smile slid on to her face
“That look never bodes well.” Skyler observed
“Well, every Cinderella needs her Prince Charming doesn’t she.”
“As I understand it she came with hers did she not?”
“The street rat no he’s more a brother to her as I understand it, but you Brother dear are currently between lovers at the moment.”
“Ha! Don’t even try it. Your little Cinderella is no where near my type.”
“Oh please, she’s beautiful, rich, and a woman that’s exactly your type.”
“Hardly, once a street rat always a street rat!” Skyler objected
“I don’t care, you will romance her get her so infatuated with you that when you tell her it’s in her best interst to sign over the company she’ll comply.”
“And if it can’t.”
“Then you’ll keep it in your pants until you marry her! I will not let some brat swoop in and steal everything I worked my entire life to get!”
“You can’t make me do any of this.”
“Can’t I? Last I checked Brother dear I control your trust fund.”
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2023.06.02 23:14 AggravatingSearch334 Midnight Warriors, Chapter 2: Mother fucking Dan

Chapter 2: Mother Fuckin Dan
Dream had gotten a balayage at her hair appointment. She liked the way it looked but found the way that the hair dresser cleaned her hair to be too dry and immediately went home to add hair oils into her hair. Dreams hair was a lost cause, it's not that it couldn't be cleaned, it's that she didn't like the way it looked or felt when clean. Just like Angelafina's rotting teeth and Sky's snotty sleeves, this was a choice they made daily not to fix because they enjoyed these things about themselves. Some may see it as flaws but they saw it as normal and comfortable.
The girls had decided to go to the address the following day because Dreams hair appointment took so long and they all had to meet up with their personal trainer Kaela at her business "Fun Kicks" to do their training for soccer. Nikki, due to her extreme delusions also thinks she is a soccer star so her friends humor her and pretend to be her teammates for Nikki's tiktok videos where she pretends to be a professional soccer player and well, everything else. So they had found a personal trainer that they knew also had a lot of delusions of fame and status knowing she would be perfect to help Nikki think she's doing a great job. But in reality, all of the girls are terrible at soccer, especially Kaela the trainer.
The girls arrived at the museum and followed the signs leading them to the steps that go to the basement where the museum is. It was right under a metaphysical shop they had been to many times before but had never seen this museum under it. Maybe it was new, there is no way they missed it so many times before. After they enter they see a beaded curtain leading to a backroom with a red light emitting from the room. "Back there," Dream says nervously, "we need to go back behind the curtain". Angelafina, confused, asks Dream how she knows. Dream replies, "I don't know but I just feel like I've been here before and that's where we need to go". There was no one in the main part of the museum so they figured they might as well follow Dreams suggestions. As they walk through the beaded curtain they hear what they can only describe as 80s porn music playing and the smell of the men's cologne Drakkar noir. Between the red lighting, music and smell of cologne they immediately worried they had gotten themselves into a dangerous situation.
Suddenly the mysterious man walks out from the other room wearing his baseball cap and his porn stache looking great and faces the girls to say "Hello ladies, it's about time you showed up, I'm Dan and you are the midnight warriors". They all stood there for what seemed like an awkward amount of time in shock staring at Dan. Who is this mother fucking Dan and why does he think we know what the midnight warriors even are? "No we are Sky, Nikki, Dream and Angelafina!" exclaims Sky. "OH but you are SO much more than that, don't you ever wonder why you all love Greek mythology so much? It's no coincidence, I've been awaiting your graduation to tell you 4 to start your training" Dan says with excitement. "I just have one question" Nikki interrupts, "can I record the training to post on my tiktok? I'm pretty tiktok famous and this is so much more exciting than making a video of me writing my grocery lists and trying to tie my shoes and struggling to do so. " Dan seemingly irritated with Nikki responds harshly "This is what your biggest concern is after hearing this news? No you can not post our training it's top secret!". Nikki, now upset, looks up at him and says "you're lucky your hot or I'd be so mad at you mother fucking Dan!". Concerned, Dan looks to the girls and says "yeahh so that's another thing, please stop calling me hot, I am your father, all of you, I don't know how you've all not noticed how similar you look to each other before, the only difference is your hair but your faces are pretty identical". It wasn't until that moment that the girls looked to each other and made the realization he was right, how did they not notice they were all so similar looking before? Maybe it was because each girl was very narcissistic and only cared and focused on themselves. They were so beyond being self absorbed they somehow never noticed they all looked so much alike. "So what are we training for and how did we not know we are sister?" Dream finally asks. "I'm not calling you daddy!!" Nikki complains. "You abandon us our whole life and show up now to train us?" asks Angelafina. "I am training you to learn how to harness the power that is already within you, you were all born in a different realm than this, I am your father but you each have a different mother and you each have partial powers of your mothers. How you never realized that you all look so similar is beyond me. You all took after my looks not your mother's." mother fucking Dan explains to the girls. Sky thought about it for a moment and he really did look a whole lot like herself with just a mustache and hat on. "After tonight your lives will never be the same again girls, let me tell you the story of how you all came to be born and what your powers are first thing tomorrow so we can start your training." Dan tells them as they stand there still looking shocked. The girls agree to meet Dan tomorrow at a different location that he wrote on another piece of paper to hand them. As they approach the bus stop they turn back to look at the metaphysical shop again and noticed that the signs to the museum were gone. The place was never there to begin with? Are the girls losing their minds or is there something strange and magical happening here? "Mother fucking Dan...I can't believe he's our dad...I wonder who are moms are?" Dream says to the other girls. "I guess we will find out tomorrow!" responds Nikki. This was just the beginning of their very long journey and best believe Nikki is recording it and posting every moment even though Mother fucking Dan told her not to. I wonder what he would do if he found out.
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2023.06.02 23:12 thatoneboyaiden Lincoln Daily Discussion Results!

  1. Ana Ng: 9.70
  2. Where Your Eyes Don't Go: 9.60
  3. Kiss Me, Son Of God: 9.59
  4. Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal: 9.47
  5. Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon: 9.45
  6. They'll Need A Crane: 9.33
  7. It's Not My Birthday: 9.26
  8. Weep Day: 9.21
  9. Snowball In Hell: 9.17
  10. Cowtown: 9.11
  11. Purple Toupee: 8.99
  12. Shoehorn With Teeth: 8.87
  13. I've Got A Match: 8.75
  14. Mr. Me: 8.68
  15. I'll Sink Manhattan: 8.44
  16. Lie Still, Little Bottle: 8.10
  17. Stand On Your Own Head: 7.73
  18. The World's Address: 7.72
  19. Cage And Aquarium: 7.60
  20. Piece Of Dirt: 7.54
  21. Pencil Rain: 7.50
  22. Santa's Beard: 7.40
  23. Birds Fly: 7.22
  24. Become A Robot: 7.08
  25. Lady Is A Tramp: 7.07
  26. You'll Miss Me: 6.42
  27. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You: 6.04
  28. The Big Big Whoredom: 5.69
  29. The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix): 5.66
  30. Hello Radio: 5.53
  31. Counterfeit Fake: 5.11
  32. Swing Is A Word: 4.49
A few thoughts about this round.
This was certainly a high scoring category. Ana Ng thankfully took the top spot, but I was surprised to see how many other tracks like Cowtown and Shoehorn With Teeth rose the ranks.
The tracks that really surprised me were the They'll Need A Crane B-Sides. I love them, but I did not realize how beloved they were by the fandom. At one point Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon and It's Not My Birthday held the top spots.
I love to see Hey Mr. DJ and Weep Day rise the ranks. Although the ranking is very Linnell heavy, I'm glad we at least got Flansy's beautiful Snowball In Hell in the top 10, which I thought would've gotten a lot higher.
Once again, I don't really disagree with a lot of the bottom rankings, despite a personal love for Become A Robot.
I would love to hear what you all think about the ranking in the comments, but oveerall, this was a fantastic round this time around. I'm going to take a short break for a week or so, but then I'll be back to cover the Flood tracks and the Istanbul B-Sides!
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2023.06.02 23:12 blakewhitlow09 Vampire Chess (with Night and Day mechanics)

My favorite game developer, Wise Wizards, has an app in beta called Vampire Chess. It's on the GooglePlay store, possibly on the Apple Store too, I'm not sure. They have an open Discord where anyone can provide feedback to better the app.
Vampire Chess is a battle between kingdoms ruled by vampires. The pieces move differently during daytime than the nighttime.
Special Rules:
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2023.06.02 23:10 callmedramaqueen klaus still loves aurore

klaus said to camille: he hurt you for that alone i will kill mikael, yet aurora turned camille into vampire and he let her still be alive sort of. so yes i think klaus had still feelings for aurore. god knows why.
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2023.06.02 23:09 MagnusLawyer Skaven, Lord of Petty Politics

So me and my friend are doing a run where we play rats. He's clan ikit and I'm clan mors. The first thing I did was bankrupt myself to make four armies and steamroll my local province. Then I started taking cities I didn't want as a means to barter and immediately made friends with the silver counts (small vampire faction to the south), the Beastmen, Khorne, and the Tomb kings. Got them all into a military alliance by trading cities I never planned on holding.
Then I built military outposts because while clan mors can make cheap armies quick, the lines crumble against heavy armor like the dwarves or literal jurassic Era dinosaurs. I used my allies to employ units that would halt an entire armies push and maxed out my ability to summon rats as disposables and then started pushing out plagueclaw catapults (they have great range and they contaminate lowering leadership). This gave me the means I needed to eliminate the orcs near me, the dwarves, and keep the Lizard folk from turning me inside out and using me as a condom.
While I was doing this my friend was using his ratling gunners quite liberally to turn his local elves and vampire coastal lords into target practice.
Through trade routes, guile, and the reckless agreements to wage war on people I figured I would never meet I managed to befriend everyone I needed to police my borders as I used four to five rat armies per Dwarven stronghold to ensure total victory.
Now, at turn 75, about 45 turns away from the end game being triggered we are in the top 10 for strength ratings and everything from misty mountain to Mount Gundir is mine while he owns everything from his starting faction, through the former corrascone knights and to the former abode of the wood elves.
The reason I make this post beyond bragging is normally diplomacy in total war games is absolutely ass, the last good game they made for it was shogun 2 (since we've seen the continual degradation of AI programming and them no longer having fog of war) and yet I have managed to convince everyone to be my friend merely by throwing thousands of rat lives away on pointless conquests for the means of making a nice bartering chip.
If anyone wishes they could convince the AI to be your friend I highly recommend you take a city next to their border and wrap it in a bow for them, especially if you are playing a race everyone hates!
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2023.06.02 23:06 Lanky-Trick5711 ETD Diagnosis Questions

So last night I went to the ER following 5-6 days of severe headache. I literally felt as though something was bursting on the left side of my head- accompanied with neck pain, shoulder pain, clicking, and popping. The headache was only on one side (left) and reached around from intense pressure in my temple to the back of my head. And no pain meds or sinus meds were helping. I could barely drive my car as the pressure on the left side of my head was so severe.
ER doc did reflexes to do a basic rule out stroke/brain infection and as soon as he looked in my left ear he noticed significant swelling around my Eustrean tube in the left ear. He gave me shot of naproxen and sent me home with Motrin for 3 days and mometasone spray for two weeks. I have already noticed a bit of improvement (still dealing with bouts of aches in my left temple and fullness in ear). However, I am wondering what I can expect in terms of if this will become a long term issue. Also I am wondering if chewing gum frequently can worsen ETD and if there is any correlation between ETD and teeth grinding/tooth pain. Thanks.
Edit: for context I am mid 20s, generally healthy and no underlying conditions I’m aware of. I experienced intense ear popping on planes as a child to the point I would cry in pain so maybe that’s connected?
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2023.06.02 23:06 AKABeast18 Dentist lied?

About a month ago I took my daughter(4) to the dentist for a cleaning. Her old dentist stopped taking kids so I was in a rush to find a dentist for her 6-month cleaning and to fill out her Kindergarten paperwork. This dentist had an appointment the same week and everyone else was booked at least a month out. They are not a kid dentist and the insurance we had didn’t have a pediatric dentist in network. I took the appointment.
I took her in and eventually the doctor came in and looked at her teeth for no longer than 3 seconds (this isn’t an exaggeration). She said she had a cavity and that I needed to floss her. I’m super anal about my kid’s teeth so I was surprised and told her, “We floss every night.” She repeated that she had a cavity and that I needed to floss. For some reason, they didn’t clean her teeth(or take x-rays) and scheduled another appointment to take care of her cavity and the cleaning (which I cancelled to go somewhere else and get a 2nd opinion).
Fast forward to today. We have new insurance which kicked in on the 1st and allowed me to take her to a pediatric dentist that I have taken my kids to in the past. I waited a month for this appointment so I would assume the cavity she supposedly had would be worse. They took x-rays and cleaned her teeth and said her teeth look great and there is no cavities. They also really looked in her mouth compared the the other dentist. The first dentist just had her sitting straight up without the light. The pediatric dentist had her lying down with the light and looked for way longer.
Did the first dentist lie or am I missing something? I’m pretty upset about the whole situation but an open to whatever I might not be understanding.
TLDR: took my 4yo to an unknown dentist who claimed she had a cavity. Went to a pediatric dentist a month later who said the opposite and that her teeth look great.
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2023.06.02 23:06 Wafflehussy New here but seeking advice on a situation with giving notice

My primary question is: what is the expected notice to give someone in the case of no longer caring for their child any longer?
We gave a 7week notice and being told that is disrespectful and that it should be open ended.
The details: We have a toddler and been watching our friends baby the last 12 months. I believe that this has been at the detriment to our toddlers development and we are expected to prioritize their child over ours.
We’ve also learned that our child care styles are very different and it’s been emotionally draining: - We believe in baby led weaning within reason and they have forced us into cold turkey stopping bottles/formula and ask us to limit food and liquid intake to half the recommended amount for a infant. -They smack their teething infant in the mouth for biting and in the face for screaming, among other reason 😩 we DO NOT HIT our child - the list could go on….
Fast forward to current date:
We gave notice a week ago and have asked to talk through a plan and set a end date multiple times. Each attempt is met with more and more aggression. They won’t settle on an end date and have told us it’s selfish to not allow them all the time they need… which could be up to 6months.
I tried to come in with a rational approach of, “this is a situation where we both need to do what is best for our families. And in a literal sense this is a notice of resignation to an employer. It is not unheard of to expect to settle on an end date. “ ohhhh lord that was met with pure insults and me being told I have no clue what Im talking about.
I finally stopped trying to include them in the plan and gave a date 7weeks out. Which apparently is unfair and unreasonable because they think it’s ridiculous that we want to focus on our own child.
I know this was SOOO much information but is this out of line? Do we actually need to give more notice? I’m just blown away by the level of entitlement they have…. Unless maybe we really are the entitled ones in this case.
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2023.06.02 23:05 DeathEagle117 The Stupidity of Escaped Slaves

Let me paint you a picture
In the past in my Crusade against the Holy Nation ....I have freed countless slaves in the HNs labor camps, however some will stay and refuse to leave even after their overlords have been slain and lie dead in the dirt. Even taking them from their cages and placing them outside then run right back in the camp and lock themselves up(to presumably starve since everyone at camp is dead) I only want the best life for them..... to start anew and figured they must just need help. So in the mining camp south of Bad Teeth I find 7 slaves who will not leave even after breaking their shackles and picking the lock on their cages. So my troops gather nice armor off the dead Paladins/Sentinels....take their swords and bandages and loot the slaves and equip them with a full paladin armor set/weapons and bandages so they can survive in the harsh world of Kenshi. Once all 7 are fully geared my squad picks them up and carries them and I start to look for an ideal place on the map. Two states below I see the city of Shark nestled deep in the The Swamps and figured that isn't a bad place for 7 newly freed slaves to start anew. So off we go traversing through Okrans Pride and The Border Zone and finally The Swamps until we are the drug trafficking capital of Kenshi------ Shark.
We go to the bar and buy beds for them to sleep and even toss them a few fish so their stomachs aren't empty. After waking up all seven proceed to leave in a group and curiosity got the best of me....what will these slaves do now? So I tell the squad to follow the pack of 7 to see how they will use their newfound freedom. They start heading North towards the Border Zone---a bold first move since they are recently freed slaves from HN. I continue following them north and approach Okrans Pride--- perhaps they are seeking vengeance on those that imprisoned them for which I will gladly help slay their foes. They continue their journey until we are back at the camp we liberated then from. Perhaps I left one of their brothers behind and they are back to free them? Nope they head right inside the slave building and hop back into their cage and await death from starvation >_<
Moral of the story- these dumbasses are so brain dead I could probably take them to an anti slaver camp or Tinfist and they'd still journey several states away to get back in their original cage to starve to death rather then accept freedom
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