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Kyle Bickley quits Speedway

2023.06.03 10:07 xendistar Kyle Bickley quits Speedway

Just thought I’d hop on here and give everyone on update
Unfortunately iv decided to close the book on speedway I wish I could say it was a hard decision but it really wasn’t after this last week I made the decision after I got the phone call on Wednesday but decided I’d give it a go in the national league to try and not leave the team stuck,it’s been my life since I was as young as I can remember and this year I had said it would be my last year if things didn’t turn in the direction I was hoping for this season started off rocky but I came off the back of a poor 2022 and had little bike time for most of the season and it’s wasn’t great as a whole this year
I spoke to the Edinburgh management and was really excited to get underway and when we had conversations it sounded like they wanted to invest some time into me and I was relived and hoped it was my chance to get a full season in and start getting myself back to where I need to be but after the recent news that seemed to be the nail in the coffin for me personally and has really put me in a bad position, this year was about getting my love back for the sport but it unfortunately wasn’t to be, for me personally this is the best move and I’m really excited about setting my sights on other things in life
Thank you to everyone for the last 14 years of my speedway career there has been so many people who have helped me along the way
All my sponsors some who have been with me since I started and the recent ones all the help and support has meant the world to me I couldn’t thank you all enough
Thanks kyle
Taken from Kyle Bickleys Facebook page
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2023.06.03 09:13 Yourbrokeralexis Nf Won’t listen to Me about when to put toddler down for bed in order to have a less chaotic day.

I nanny my best friends 2.5 year old boy as well as have my 2.5 year old son every day for almost 12 hours. (6:30am-5pm)
I started to notice that when it came time to nap, he would sleep for almost 4 hours every nap. The longest was 5 hours the shortest was 2, and that 2 hours is very rare.
I found this odd so I asked her what’s going on. She said she would work harder to getting him to sleep at a decent time.
Fast forward literally 5 months later I find out this kid is going to bed at 10-11pm. I find this SO disrespectful and rude and quite frankly neglectful to bring me a tired cranky overstimulated 2 year old every morning that ends up whining and hitting and biting my son and just all around we all have an awful time until he naps for 4 hours.
I tell her every single day what time they napped and what time they should go to bed for a good nights rest (ex: If they wake up from nap at 2ish, I know they will be tired/be ready for bed by 7:30/8pm and if they wake up from nap around 3/4pm I know they will be ready to sleep by 9 THE LATEST) the sweet spot for them has been 5-6 hour stretches before sleeping.
So for a few days she listened to me and got him to bed on time and the difference is night and day.
Last 2 nights she’s sent me photos of him up and playing at 11pm. Like Wtf?
I’m at a loss idk what more to do or say. I’ll jokingly say “aww cute now go to bed please don’t want a cranky start to the day” and she thinks I’m joking or something.
This is just so wrong to me. Am I TA? I know it’s her kid but I just find it so selfish to keep a baby up from 2pm-11pm then wake him up at 6am to leave.
I’ve even asked them to trim down his nails because when he is angry he likes to grab skin and pinch which is causing so many issues, and they said “maybe I’ll try but I can’t find the clippers” like omg the more i type this out the more I’m realizing how much I am being mistreated.
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2023.06.03 08:48 Own_Candidate9582 Will fresh and fit get banned for recent shenanigans?🤔

I understand that it’s all fun and games, but to me it seems like with the 3 hour stream, the rumble kkk stream, and the power of the aba and preach left pandering race and victim card videos there will be enough to get fresh and fit off of YouTube and twitch. Myron is smart and I’m sure they have a team and even some representatives inside of YouTube but it seems like they went overboard in terms of what youtube allows on their platform. Even though the kkk stream was off of YT, in the past we have seen people get banned on YT for actions and comments they made off the platform. Idk lmk what you guys think. Myron was saying that he’s good and he has 13 rental properties, but I’m sure fresh will definitely feel the effects of a YT ban with all those car payments.😂 I’d hate to see the boys de-platformed but it was only a matter of time and this might just be the nail in the coffin.
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2023.06.03 08:47 Moonstrife1 Why interior DOES matter.

This was supposed to be an answer in another thread but i figured it became way to much.
This post is long.
I like the game, even if nowadays more for what it could have been that for what it is, otherwise i wouldn’t care.
You are allowed to disagree with me, you are allowed to still like the game the way it is, no need to get butthurt because someone dared to voice a different opinion.
TLDR: ship interior and the possibility to move seamlessly from your seat to wherever, is necessary for the immersion needed for a „life in space fantasy“ game and should therefore be a priority and slowly be implemented and build up over time.
The reason we’ll likely never see ship interior is that there is actually people defending fdev for this outright betrayal of the community and their backers, not ever to implement ship interior, using the same completely retarded argument that it would not benefit the game because there’s nothing to do inside the ships…
I’m supposed to get bored from walking 20 seconds from my seat through the ship but running minutes through the hangar, the corridors and the lifts to reach the barkeeper is okay…
Well guess what, then give us stuff to do there. What the fuck are they game designers for?
Move certain functions of the ship to separate seats like a crafting station or a fss console so that going multicrew finally makes more sense.
The big selling point of a game like this is IMMERSION!
Seamlessly getting from your cockpit seat to the outside and back is super important to achieve that.
Otherwise we could all just play eve online which by the way is 20 years old and does way better jobs in terms of gameplay balance and player driven economies.
No one really expected them to do it in one go as well, the ships bridges are already there, you could look around them in vr for years, there’s even a fucking coffee machine in some of them!
Let us get out of the seat open a door and leave the ship using a ramp or ladder for Christ sake and then slowly expand from there.
I find it mind boggling that it was so very important to put a damn coffee machine there, that barely anyone can see and no one can ever use, but now they want to tell us that interior serves no purpose, which is their own damn fault!
For years we heard David Braben fantasise about players being able to sneak on others ships as blind passengers or even stealing the tin can and now they told us they never gonna even let us walk around our own shitbuckets.
Over all these years what did they fucking do? What did they bring to us that’s actually worth mentioning?
Planetary landing on dead worlds with nothing interesting to be found.
Ground vehicles that are fun to drive but barely have a use.
Carrier ships that you can not fly, that can’t even be attacked and that normal players can never afford.
Stations we can walk around but not even meet each other there.
And a mediocre excuse for an fps with way to slow ttk and an unintuitive and unclear ruleset that runs with 40fps…
We still have a fucked up economy, how is an hour of mining or collecting bacteria ten times more worth than an hour of combat?
We still have those super retarded, sudoku committing limpets instead of proper drones.
We still have this stupidly unimmersive, endless grind of an engineering system.
Multicrew still does not work properly in so many situations, ever tried to use a gunner seat? It’s marvellous. You have two different perspectives one in the cockpit and one in the turret, one gives you radar but no target, the other gives you target but no radar….
I could go on and on, but all they seem to care about is their damn alien invasion (not even mentioning that you need an entirely different set of equipment to fight them).
They are only doing all of this to distract the players from their laughable lack of progress.
I mean they release an update and their big highlight is that they fixed some progress bar for their invasion content most players don’t even take part in.
I’m looking at this nonsense for years now.
Every now and then there is some steam post… discovery scanner, whatever bla bla, no interesting information, no fundamental changes to the game, they don’t even have the guts to give us a proper rundown of what they are working on, if anything, or to put the final nail in the coffin and shut the game down for good.
They don’t even care to give us an actual roadmap with useful information instead of 6 months of „improvements to the game“ and then some obnoxious „story element“.
Nobody cares about that! We need more and bigger ships for players to fly, better and more detailed ship customisation (and I’m not talking about stupid skins), less vertical and more horizontal progression,improvements to the fps aspect of the game and better multicrew features.
I want to see players ganging up to do missions together. Landing outside of a perimeter, dropping off a bunch of infantry and a support srv, then taking off again and using the ship and it’s fighters to provide air support for the ground crew.
I for myself want the game to become better, but it rarely ever does.
Why is that so? Is it a lack of funding? I guess it is. Star Citizens raised over 587 million dollares and although they grasped the scope a game like this should have way better and have all this funding, it is still an unplayable mess.
ED can not possibly even be close to that amount of money.
But even if thats the problem, they don’t have the balls to tell us.
ED exists in the shadow of games it used to be way ahead of, due to a lack of funding, communication and competence, because it’s developer prefers to tell players what they want instead of listening to what they want.
In other words: give me ship interior.
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2023.06.03 08:05 Heythere3152023 My Story

So this all started 9 years ago i was a teen and so was she . It first developed as a crush but it was like the stars were on my side she and i became friends and for me it just bubbled into something that was special very very special. She was funny interesting and in general an extremely great person. I did not tell her anything then i know I was stupid . So the news hits that she is moving to another city again i say to myself that it would be useless to tell her now. Still spent plenty of time with her till she leaves. I being the traditional masculine male say its fine and move on but she in me kind of hurts like doesnt make me cry or anything but still leaves a void. She was a catholic and so times like Christmas Easter and all just made me feel empty I did not know why then but i soldier through the pain. Looking at other girls would just feel wrong and i did not allow my self to be guilty.
One day I had a dream of her I wake up sweating and the feeling i had in the dream was just magical it just completely filled the void, i smiled that day. I said enough was enough so i told my girl friends (girls that were friends) to talk to her about me I could not do that cause my parents were very strict and more then getting punished myself i was scared that they would tell her parents about it and all contact if any would cease. There was a lot of problems in the middle due to my so called girl friends but thats a story for another day .
So i finally talk(on call) to the girl this is(4 years later) I instantly profess my love (Stupid i know) but she was not awkward nor sounded weirded out she told me that she has to know me first in order to be interested. I was fine with that reasoning so slowly we used to call first it wasnt that often cause i am an idiot but slowly a year or two later I got my first phone (Yeah i know ) so then we started texting and other things i say i was okay at carrying a conversation during texting but while on phone call i dominated that game. Slowly time flew she and i again became close friends.
Then the lockdown hit thats when the story becomes interesting
We talked frequently and got closer and closer as friends . TBH talking to her was one of the most blissful things i think i ever did it was so much fun that how 3 to 4 hours passed like minutes we watched a few tv series together (Like she would be watching it on her side and i would be watching it on my side and texting about the events( cheesy i know )) . I would say it was true love on my side
this went on for around 2.5 years we texted we talked but just as friends she knew my position as to what i felt for her
She tells me that she cant be in a romantic relationship over the phone and a physical presence would be necessary which is a very rational though according to me.
Then one of my close friends who know my feelings towards her told me her loved and her and loved her since childhood her to
Now usually i would not get angry at this fact because its okay to like someone but this guy he was a goddamn playboy he was on girls like makeup an he was goodlooking was very talkented in dance and all that stuff that attracts girls but was not a great person so now there was a silent war between us but that a story for another day too
After a long struggle i won his truth was out and she told him no . Before you say this guy actually loved her He had another girl within three days of her telling him she was not interested. This was the same guy who swore promises of love and that if it was not her it was no one else. I ll explain that in detail some other time.
Now its just me and her again and i actually see a future there was hope for me in her words .
One day i was invited to friends' party this was a very quiet affair not a lot of music just conversations.
I walk in being the badass i am and I noticed a familiar face a very familiar face my heart dropped but then jumped so hard I would have given jesse owens a run for his money. It was her in the flesh and it was a surprise visit and now I will tell you something I usually do not waste opportunities so I turned on my charm behaved in the same way i was during calls (I actually was that way) and was myself We had a fun time. I wanted to talk to her alone and we did it was a lovely convesration it was then i decided it was her or no one. Man no had played with my heartstrings the way she did it was just bliss so everthing was done I showed her my real life self.She just as a friend held my hand and to be honest that was the best feeling i ever had. My friends doubted that i was actually in a relationship with her it was so good .This created another drama which was that we were in a relationship and lied to the friends which was not true.
Again the phone calls started and the routine began
Here comes the sad part
I had planned to start studying for a very tough competitive exam (trust me the SAT is child's play compared to that ) because the best college it provided was in the same city as she was in so i joined a coaching institute told her that now the talks would not be so frequent cause almost every evening i would not be there. So i started to prepare my ass off ass off means ass off. Slowly we spent lesser and lesser time together only texting but that too not a lot. There were no calls for almost 5 months and recently we spoke again she tells me she likes this other guy, for the few months they were in an untagged or unnamed relationship and i asked her was it special she said it was and the day we spoke was their relationship day it was over because that guy was preparing for the SAT. So the last few months with him were not that magical as the earlier ones were and as it is he was leaving the country and they could not pursue her relationship countries far.
Now i am one those guys i did not scream i did not cry and i will not cry.
I had made a promise to myself I will wait for her answer till the ends of time but if the answer is no i shall not try to pursue a romantic relationship with her anymore and no one else either.
I cant say how i am feeling now but it is similar to how felt earlier like a void .I will be friends with her I will still love her(Cant just remove love just like that ) but i dont i want her anymore she is beautiful talented and lovely person and she will get someone else as for me I was alone one before can be alone now too . Its okay she liked someone else sometimes you dont get your fairy tale but atleast you tried i know maybe i am at fault but hopefully i will be fine now .
I have a driveway and a garden where i would roam around and speak to her on the phone last evening i did that again as the symbol of the final nail in the coffin of my hope just with the difference that it was a song in my ears not her voice
I let her go now
TLDR: Dumb guy falls in love with a girl he cant have and is now on the internet writing his story
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2023.06.03 07:25 bgkdgndjn Is a full reset my only option?

Okay, a little bit of background
I bought a sq3 machine at the beginning of April. Upon unboxing it and trying it for a few weeks, everything went smoothly, the screen and sound were great, battery life was beyond impressive, and overall I was super impressed by the machine.
Fast forward to last week, I decided to install Unigram, yet whenever I opened it and/or switched windows, a small white square appeared on screen. Naturally, that made believe that perhaps this was related to the machine running on older drivers (I hadn't updated it at that point yet) and so I updated it!
That's when bad stuff began... Once it restarted and I had to type in my password on the in-screen keyboard, I noticed the typing felt a little more sluggish than usual (no big deal, I thought). Then I was greeted by the home screen, but the menu bar color was now solid black and without any translucency anymore (at first I thought that was just how the updated windows was supposed to look like, so again I didn't pay much attention). Finally, when I began opening programs and stuff, another thing struck my eyes, as the windows had lost their curved corners. All of the former led me to do some research and what I found out was that the qualcomm display adapters were not working for some reason, the OS was stopping them and as such it was defaulting to the basic display adapter... so no effects, no rounded corners, no smooth performance. To put the nail in the coffin, yesterday I also discovered that the sound drivers were gone, too! No sound either!
I tried installing the most recent updates, but the issue was still there. Then I tried uninstalling the updates I was allowed to uninstall, thinking it would regress to older drivers and give the ones I lost back, but same result.
Now I'm torn between three options: Waiting for another hardware update, with hopefully newer working drivers; doing a full factory reset (although I'm scared that if I update from there again, the same thing will happen); or reinstalling the OS.
It really sucks because this was otherwise a great product, now bricked by what was a seemingly harmless update, and I really really want to keep it and have a good experience with it as it suits my needs perfectly.
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2023.06.03 06:17 CookieKid420 Do any men find long fake nails attractive?

Talking about the acrylic nails women get at salons.
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2023.06.03 06:02 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel

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2023.06.03 05:52 djeorgie For the pretty girls / guys / gays who want to get their nails done!

Hii, my friends and I saw a nail studio that does long nail gel sets in Cedar Peak 2 months ago! Since no one really knows (I didn’t know rin hehe) / circulates info about Pinterest-esque services / slay / girlboss lifestyle in Baguio (outside of word-of-mouth / tiktok), I thought “Why not share it on Baguio subreddit?” Haha, sorry I’m not that big a fan of gatekeeping 😂 pero su4 q kau gatekeeping girlzxcs <3 luv u mwamwa
// i don’t work for Onni Nail Studio i just think the place looks cute 💕☺️ I hope their business flourishes #supportlocal
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2023.06.03 04:30 Got_2_Git_Schwifty Where can I find oral stim necklaces for adults?

Even if I search “for adults” the results are 95% kiddie designs. I’m not criticizing any adults who use something cute (smileys, unicorns, dinosaurs, robots) but I’d like to find something that looks less like a toy. I’ve seen arrowheads, guitar picks, and military dog tags, but they are not my taste. I’ve oral stim’d constantly all my life. Nail/lip biting, grinding/tapping teeth, and I currently smoke too many cigarettes. It would be really cool to find a chew pendant that is kind of toned down and…sophisticated…I guess. Preferably black or gray in color. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.03 04:23 spaced-out4 Gel base coat as glue for press ons?

Hello! Recently started using BTArtbox press on nails instead of acrylics but i have exhausted all nail glues and nothing seems to last over 2 weeks. Can I use gel base coat as a glue and cure the nail on instead of glue? do i have to add base coat and cure first to my natural nail and then add another layer to the fake nail and cure? thank you in advance ☺️
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2023.06.03 04:05 ElderberryLanky Those with thin and weak nails, what has helped you?

I’ve always had thin bendy nails that were prone to breaking and chipping at the free edge, I used to do acrylics since I wouldn’t really be ruining my nails much worse than they already are lol. I used gel polish over the acrylic and I love having nice nails, they just make me feel more put together! But recently, I’ve been struggling with chronic illness and I usually don’t have the energy to do a set on myself. I’ve been growing them out and haven’t had acrylics in about three months, I’ve started using OPI nail envy hardener and it’s worked a little bit. I know gel polish isn’t supposed to adhere well on anything but the buffed nail surface, but could the gel stay on if I buffed the nail envy on my nail? It’s pretty hard and it has a rough surface so I feel like the gel might stick, has anyone else with thinner nails had any luck with just having a gel manicure without any extensions? I know cuticle prep is key and I always do it vigilantly, but it seems whenever I apply gel to my natural nail it just lifts and peels, even on my bare freshly buffed nails that I’ve dehydrated with acetone. I’m not a nail tech and I definitely know I might be doing something wrong, I’m just someone trying to feel pretty and put together when I feel rough. Any advice is welcome and appreciated❤️ (and btw I can’t afford to get my nails done at a salon 😰)
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2023.06.03 03:33 Ralfop PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel’s formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nai

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2023.06.03 03:20 KindofDone I have no life - I'm only living for the sake of my parents but every now and then I think about just putting myself first and finally letting go. CW: Dark

If I was to describe my life, I would say it has mostly been like a waking coma, especially in recent years. Every day is the same. I exist without purpose, not living, just dragging out the days. Stalling pretty much so that I go one more day without ending it all, and then another and then another. I continue to stall and stall and stall and stall and stall and life goes on. People get older, I get older and soon we’ll all die. That’s an inevitability.
I say this all the time but when I ask people why live if in the end we are only going to die? They answer: life is about the journey, not the destination but, what if I’m not enjoying the journey? What if the journey has no flavour to it, no fun? I always found this saying weird because when I think of going places, the journey has never been my favourite part, in fact it’s the part I dread. It’s stressful, boring, uncomfortable – you get the point. So, if my life isn’t about the journey or the destination what am I living for? It’s kind of like I’m just stalling a lot of the time. Living one more day, drawing out this painful existence 24 hours longer just in case things get better. Sure I have good days or days when I’m not depressed and spending my time crying or sleeping to escape reality. But they’re not much special. I don’t accomplish anything substantial enough to satisfy me and while I’m having these good days and bad days life continues to pass me by.
I’m turning 21 in less than 2 weeks and that will change nothing other than the fact that another year of my life will have disappeared into the void, unretrievable, and still, I remain where I am. Day in day out everything is the same. I wake up, I waste time, I nap, I eat, I waste more time, I sleep. I feel like throwing a tantrum sometimes. GIVE ME BACK MY CHILDHOOD! GIVE ME BACK THOSE “BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE”!! I want it. I want what I didn’t have but am told I was supposed to have. I want a life! I want a purpose! I want meaning. I’m not ready to grow up, I’m not ready for my parents to die, I’m not ready for anything because I haven’t experience anything, I haven’t lived and learned! It’s like my whole life has been a waking coma and it continues!
How do I keep smiling when I know there will never be another family holiday with all my siblings grown up now. Or when I know that whether I like it or not one day I won’t have a mum and dad or maybe they won’t have me. I’m not sure who’s going first to be honest. I don’t think I want to stick around to become an orphan. I still feel like a child, I still need them. I want a redo, a second chance, for something to change right now just anything please just don’t leave me like this I can’t stand it anymore. I want a life. I don’t want any more time to pass me by. I can’t stand it.
Other people got one, where was the one I was promised?! It’s cruel to bring me into existence only for existence to be continuous dull pain. If I am going to be alive, then give me what comes with it! Give me a life! Otherwise, why was I even born? When you ask for a sandwich, you expect the bread. When you are brought into existence, you expect a life. So where is mine. I want it and I want it now. In fact I want it more than now. I want it 20 years ago!
I know people have had it worse than me but that doesn’t stop this fact from making me sad – most if not all of my childhood was stolen from me due to undiagnosed autism, misunderstanding and lack of awareness of mental health and of course, both of those things existing inside my brain. I’ve had OCD and anxiety since I was around 7 years old. Obviously, I’ve been autistic all my life. Then the depression and other disorders came in too, just to add some toppings to my ice cream sundae of suffering through existence. I think the time that upsets me the most though is when I lost the ability to leave the house. I wasn’t in classes like all the other kids, I was sat in a room, reading because we hadn’t found a solution to my inability to attend lessons yet. I didn’t play outside, go shopping, have day trips. When my family suggested a holiday and I agreed as soon as it was booked it felt like the world had ended. I screamed and cried, and I mean that literally. That memory is hazy as my brain was just turning itself inside out. I remember how I beat my fists on my bed, curled into a ball and screamed, tried to destroy things, said awful things that I can still hear myself saying in my head. The memory of it is so painful it makes me want to scream and cry all over again even though it’s been over 5 years since then.
Anyway, that day marked the end of it all for real, it was kind of the nail in my coffin. From that day it was a given that I don’t go outside, I don’t go on holiday, I don’t have a life. What were supposed to be the best years of my life were just monotony. The same thing day in day out. If anything school was nice in a way (once I got online classes that is) because at least then the days had meaning but now as a 20 year old on disability benefits, I don’t really have anything to break up the days.
I just exist and I really, really hate it. Throw me a bone here or just let me go. Don’t hang me on a tether and leave me to rot. I really just want the world to let me go if this is the cards I’m dealt, I’m ready to fold.
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2023.06.03 03:18 vapegoatcoast2coast Connor won

1) he is the eldest son.
kendall is the eldest boy, but he's still a boy. connor is in the class of grown ass son. kendalls birthday party was a childhood age play. succession? more like regression. connor throws classy parties and cares about butter temperature because he has EMPATHY. if you can't spread your butter then it's nothing but a garnish that makes the bread even less appetizing.
connor doesn't participate in the sibling rivalry, but he is not completely free from the poison that drips down. he shares logan's love for perfect execution and competence at a high level. that's why he would make a better president than CEO.
to put the nail in this coffin (too soon) what was connor's gift to Logan?
OLD BREAD. that's right. old bread is not exciting, but it's heartfelt. as much as logan rolls his eyes at this gift, we can see form the mausoleum texts that logan sees connor more as a peer than a child, and thats a win for connor.
2) he is a serious person.
he's genuine and serious. he really wants to be president, he really thinks his dad wants old bread, he really loves willa. he's so serious he doesn't see the comedy of himself running for president and he doesnt roast the other kids back. when he stands up for himself near the end of s4 he deals with the manic roman very calmly and deliberately. and seriously. no "shove so many dicks up your ass they come out your eyes" or anything just honest truth. he isnt playing, he doesnt want to play.
he doesnt want to play?
we all know he doesn't want to play the corporate game. but what's one of america's historic symbols of play? THE american game? BASEBALL. what happens in s1e1 of succession? baseball. who's watching from the sidelines while all the other kids play? connor.
3) he has the best romantic partnerelationship
willa the killa. when they're together i'm always smiling. how are you feeling when kendall and riva are together? shiv and tom? roman and a window pane over the city of new york?
they support each other. they communicate honestly. they have never back stabbed one another or said anything nasty to intentionally hurt the other. the worst thing willa did was throw his ipad in the ocean. and to them an ipad is disposable like a tissue. if you consider living in Uman for U man , you might be a keeper. connor doesn't use her. she doesn't use connor.
at the funeral, Marcia tells Kerry, "Look how far you've come" as a dig on her background and how she benefitted from being with Logan. she would have said the same thing to Willa in the situation. Kerry's reply to Marcia, "yes, look at us both" could be said by Willa as well. Willa more than any other sibling partner is looked down on by the others with older wealth.
but what are all these women doing with Logan? would any of them be with him if he wasnt rich and powerful? just because willa started as an escort doesn't mean she deserves anyone's disrespect. first of all sex work is fine, secondly didn't all the women get together with Logan for his money and power? the lifestyle? they're fucking him and they're living an elevated lifestyle because of it. they all have characteristics that logan likes and desires, and we know logan doesnt like or desire many people. so willa, marcia, kerry, and tom are all kinda doing the same thing.
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2023.06.03 03:17 Sxnflxwer2584 Blue the Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Update?)

Blue the Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Update?)
I've made a few posts here about Blue the Macaw.
The short of it is I work at a vet, and the clinic owner adopted 34-year-old Macae from an ailing woman who was going to senior living. I've always found birds peculiar and hard to read (as most of my experience is with dogs/cats who more readily display physical signs of agitation/distress/happiness/etc), but Blue was going to be here, so I wanted to get to know her.
My last post was the story of Blue's first (known) bite after a child didn't listen to me when I told him not to touch her. The little one is okay, and a few days after that post, my boss (clinic owner) had a discussion with his mother, and she decided to seek other care for her pets' needs. No stitches and no lawsuits -- overall, the best outcome that could be expected.
Since then, Blue's main abode has been moved to our kennel area at the back of the clinic, and she has multiple perches throughout the clinic that she visits depending on how busy it is. We've noticed that when it's busier, Blue is fussier and at the end of our days (when appointments slow down), she gets very vocal, and my thinking is she knows we won't fuss about any noise she makes as she knows there are fewer people around.
Blue has taken to mimicking dogs (barking and whining mostly) instead of people. It's super cute! Except when a client is suddenly concerned that their dog is making THAT noise. "No", we tell them, "that's a bird."
Blue and I odds 😂😂 She dances with me when I sing for her, but I cannot pet her -- unless there is a peanut involved. A couple of pets may be redeemed for a singular peanut. I dont know how the deal was made but it was made. Mostly, I offered her the peanuts (I personally give her 1 or 2 daily since I don't know what else she's being fed or how often) and I would walk away to kind her that I didnt have any expectations? It made sense in my head.
I much prefer it to the outright aggression she has towards one of the techs. Every time the tech walks by her, Blue lunges at her and tries to bite. I'm not good at reading birds but that seems glaringly obvious 😅 I don't know that anything has happened between them, but I do know that Blue is like this with one other technician who is (very) part time, doesn't have a key to the building, and clocks maybe 10hrs weekly.
I cant honestly remember if I've mentioned it before but Blue needs a bath. Her feathers point every which way and are clearly not lying as they're supposed to but she will not bathe herself and the one time we tried to put water on her (just a few drops from someones hands), she fell from her perch in her panic to get away. She landed talons/chest first but we still took x-rays to be sure she was okay. We also can't trim her nails or her beak.
We're a small animal hospital (cats/dogs only) so none of us have idea how to properly restrain a (very) fussy middle-aged bird, and no one is willing to potentially harm her (or be harmed themselves because shes got a wicked beak) by trying. Clinic Owner is currently out of town and has said he will try with her when he gets back, but I know he's never worked with avian/exotics before, so I'm unsure how productive that will be.
But otherwise! Blue is doing fine. She was slow to warm up but I'm hoping maybe she'll let us bathe her soon. More research required, but she (somehow) looks itchy to me (no mites spotted, just a very dirty birdie), and I would love to see her bathed.
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2023.06.03 02:45 StPapaNoel 😂 Only BOF, FMW, CM, BBE, & Even Lush Get Talked About..

This sub has died a lot because the old guard who all got banned from the original sub just stopped carrying about NJ and that was that.
A section of those and new people got into the various new media by Trell/SMAC, AD, Lush, and BBE Associated Group.
I've noticed on here and on the original sub no one even talks about No Jumper anymore.
The only talk is when Adam tries to insert himself in drama (I thought he was happy to be done with that? Lol) by commenting on Lushes videos.
All the drama, all the hate, all the props, all of it is for the various other communities.
That tells the whole story.
Like it or not, no one even comments about No Jumper because nothing is going on over there and that is the biggest nail in the coffin.
Hate or not you want people talking and no one is talking.
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2023.06.03 02:44 Successful_Sundae906 Are good acrylics impossible?

Are good acrylics impossible?
Hi. I’m crying. Spent nearly 3 hrs in the salon. My nails look awful. This happens every time no matter where I go. Am I cursed or is doing acrylics difficult and I’m too picky? Wtf?😭crying bc I hate waste. Waste of time, money and products
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2023.06.03 01:07 OkFlatworm5033 Peter Frampton followed up his 8x Platinum selling hard rock album with an R&B inspired pop rock record featuring Stevie Wonder and Mick Jagger

"Frampton Comes Alive!" was an unexpected smash hit in every sense of the word. To date it's one of the best selling live albums in history and still a staple of classic rock radio.
The follow up? "I'm In You", a record that sounds largely like Three Dog Night got together with the Moody Blues and threw in a couple of fuck-around funk jams.
Was it unprecedented? No, Frampton has dabbled in identical music before his smash hit. Was it smart? Also no. Frampton was labeled a hard rock god after "Alive", and "I'm In You" guaranteed that that title stay for one album, and one album only.
Is it a trainwreckord? I don't think so, it's honestly pretty decent for what he was going for. And for the record it still went Platinum in the US. That being said, it still blew his candle out quickly. He could have had a legacy as wide as other 70s hard rock giants like Lynyrd Skynyrd, but this album was the final nail in his coffin, at least to the hard rock crowd. There was no coming back.
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2023.06.03 01:04 deli-schmeat Experimenting with cheap shuttles

Experimenting with cheap shuttles
I have a lot of equipment for doing acrylic nails and one day decided to take my drill to one of my aerlit shuttles. I changed the shape, mod podged some old sheet music to it and then gel coated and uv cured the whole thing. I’m honestly so happy with the results and am definitely going to be doing this with other shuttles!
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2023.06.03 00:28 DramaticZucchini22 My new VPR "revelation" theory -- the restraining order.

After all of the talk and rumors about what this "revelation" is, I have a new personal theory. From what the cast and friends have been saying, I think it's going to be something that is more subtle than a pregnancy or another affair, other people knowing, etc. I keep wondering what could be so "surprising" to the cast that would potentially affect production.
I think maaaybe we find out that Tom is the one that advised Raquel to file the restraining order. (This may have already been guessed.. I'm not sure!!)
Here's what I think happened:
Tom & Raquel shot that final scene at her apartment with the galaxy lights, and Tom is starting to realize that Raquel is not handling this... well. Not in front of the cameras at least. She's coming off emotionless, saying the wrong things, making them look TERRIBLE. He comes into the apartment saying they belong in hell, she disagrees, etc. She's so...awkward? Soulless? He's smart enough to know that even though they both feel that way, you gotta put on the act. He's realizing that she doesn't quite know how to work the cameras in this situation and that she can't keep up with him, she can't improvise.
They film the scene and he starts to panic. He realizes what's about to happen and demands that they reshoot the scene (this was swirling around in the news around that time). Production says no. He tells Raquel to basically go into hiding and not film anymore - he tells her its for her protection, that she needs to get away, etc. but really he's smart enough to understand that she is going to fuck this up even worse if she keeps filming.
He tells her she should file a restraining order against Scheana - gives her some reason along the lines of "violence not being the answer" but really HE is trying to keep Raquel from being able to attend the reunion and keep her from doing more damage.
I think maybe Raquel tells Andy in their sit-down interview that Tom is the one who advised her to do it. Seems subtle, but I think the restraining order had a bigger impact on Scheana than anyone anticipated, and this might be the final straw for her. She seemed genuinely shook up by the stress of it all.
Learning that one of her oldest "friends" not only did all of this bullshit, but would THEN go as far as to legally get her in trouble would be too much, especially now that she's a mom. I think she is the only person in the group that could have MAYBE served as a bridge between each "side" from the perspective of the show/filming. Ariana's done for obvious reasons. Lala and Katie are completely repulsed by the Toms and Raquel. I think Scheana is the only one where there could be a sliver of hope that she films any scenes. I think the next season could have shown the fallout of Scheana/Raquels friendship, or Scheana could have been a key character as a "go-between" with Ariana and Tom. But knowing how genuinely affected Scheana was emotionally by the restraining order, this might be the final nail in the coffin and she may want to completely cut all ties even if it affected the show, and Tom and Raquel truly may not have anyone left to film with.
Maybe??? LOL
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2023.06.02 23:48 Blynn025 Fancy Nails

Hello! I will be moving to Mobile this summer. I have acrylic nails... long coffin shaped. I'm the kind of lady who has a standing appointment every 2 weeks with the same tech. Where do you get your nails did, people? Or is there any place you would avoid? TIA 😊
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