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Glow In The Dark

2021.07.29 20:27 Eclectix Glow In The Dark

For everything that glows in the dark. Phosphorescent, fluorescent, bioluminescent, chemiluminescent; if it glows in the dark this is the right place for it.

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Blacklight and Glow in the Dark

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2023.05.30 14:01 thesuntrapp What Flavors Are in Dr Pepper 23?

What Flavors Are in Dr Pepper 23?
Dr Pepper is a unique carbonated soft drink that features a complex blend of 23 flavors. The combination of these flavors creates a one-of-a-kind taste that has become a staple in many homes.
Enjoy Dr Pepper ice cold as a refreshing beverage or use it as an ingredient in recipes. However you choose to enjoy it, be sure to drink it responsibly!


Dr Pepper is one of the most iconic soft drinks in the world. It is known for its unique blend of 23 flavors and has a taste that is unlike anything else. It is a true soda lovers drink and is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a refreshing beverage with a twist.
The secret recipe for Dr Pepper is a closely guarded secret, but the company has revealed some of the flavors that are included in the drink. These include amaretto, almond, blackberry, black licorice, carrot, clove, cherry, caramel, cola, ginger, juniper, lemon, orange, nutmeg, and rum.
The secret ingredients in dr pepper give it a unique flavor that is not found in any other soft drink. The combination of these 23 flavors creates a complex beverage that is sure to please any palate. Dr Pepper is a great addition to any meal and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It can be used as a mixer in cocktails or as a sweetener in recipes like cakes and brownies.

How Dr. Pepper was created?

Dr Pepper is a carbonated soft drink that has been around since 1885. It has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other sodas and has become an American classic. Dr Pepper is made up of 23 different flavors that work together to create a balanced taste. These flavors include cola, cherry, licorice, amaretto (almond-flavored liqueur), blackberry, caramel and many others. The combination of these flavors gives Dr Pepper its distinct taste that makes it stand out from other soft drinks.
Dr Pepper was created by Charles Alderton, a pharmacist in Waco, Texas. He wanted to create a drink that captured the aroma and flavor of the old-fashioned soda fountain in his drug store. Alderton experimented with many different combinations of flavors to find the perfect combination. He finally settled on the 23 flavors that make up Dr Pepper today.
While the exact ingredients in Dr Pepper are a secret, many fans have tried to crack the code. According to Mashed, the 23 flavors in Dr Pepper are cola, almond, amaretto, black licorice, blackberry, carrot, clove, ginger, juniper, lemon, nutmeg, orange, prune, plum, root beer, rum and tomato.

How Dr. Pepper was created?

What does dr pepper taste like?

Dr Pepper is more than just a soft drink – it’s a blend of 23 curious flavors that create a unique flavor experience like no other. Made from a mix of carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (preservative) and caffeine, Dr Pepper is sure to delight even the most discerning taste buds.
Charles Alderton, a pharmacist in Waco, Texas, invented the iconic beverage over 130 years ago and it has since become one of America’s favorite sodas. The secret recipe has been kept a secret, but there is no doubt that Dr Pepper’s signature 23 flavors are what make it so special.
Each of the flavors in Dr Pepper contributes to the classic taste, from the sweet notes of cherry, licorice, and amaretto, to the spicy notes of cinnamon and peppermint. The combination of all of these flavors creates a one-of-a-kind taste that is both refreshing and satisfying. Dr Pepper is a great drink on its own, but it also makes an excellent addition to a variety of recipes.

What Flavors are in Dr Pepper 23?

Dr Pepper 23 is a unique soft drink that features a blend of 23 flavors. Its complex and delicious flavor profile makes it a beloved beverage that has been delighting the senses for generations. This one-of-a-kind soda offers a tantalizing mix of exotic spices that creates a deliciously refreshing taste experience. Enjoy the rich taste of almond and amaretto or savor the darkness of black licorice paired with a burst of juicy blackberry. Dr Pepper 23 also boasts a unique ginger and root beer spiciness and zesty juniper berry flavor, rounded out by subtle tones of molasses and nutmeg.
The 23 flavors in dr pepper include classic cola, cream soda, apple, citrus apricot, tropical pineapple, succulent blackberry, fruity raspberry, bold root beer, refreshing wintergreen and luscious vanilla. The combination of these flavors is what sets dr pepper apart from other soft drinks. This iconic drink also contains a hint of caffeine, which gives it its signature kick. This is why it is such a popular choice for those looking to refresh their minds and bodies with an ice-cold, refreshing drink.

What Flavors are in Dr Pepper 23?

The 23 Flavors in Dr Pepper

DR Pepper is an iconic soda that has a unique taste that is unmatched by any other beverage. Its 23 secret flavors come together to create a one-of-a-kind drinking experience that is unlike any other. Whether you are enjoying a glass of dr pepper on its own or using it as an ingredient in your favorite recipe, Dr Pepper is sure to delight your taste buds.
The exact ingredients of dr pepper are a closely guarded secret, but the company has revealed that there are 23 different flavors in this famous soft drink. Many of these flavors are derived from natural extracts, but some are synthetically produced. The drink contains carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural and artificial flavors, and sodium benzoate (a preservative).
The mysterious flavor combination of Dr Pepper has made it a popular beverage for generations. The unique taste of this classic soda is a blend of spiciness and sweetness that has delighted the palates of many people around the world.

The 23 Flavors in Dr Pepper

How to make dr pepper at home?

Dr Pepper 23 is a unique carbonated soft drink that features the taste of 23 different flavors. The combination of these flavors makes it stand out from other soft drinks on the market and has earned it a spot as one of the world’s most iconic beverages.
Dr Pepper is not just for drinking, it can be used in a variety of foods and recipes. The flavors in dr pepper are complex and delicious and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
In order to make your own dr pepper at home, you will need a few simple ingredients. You will need sugar, water, food-grade dry malt extract, and spices. It is important to use high-quality ingredients when making your own dr pepper, as this will help ensure the best possible flavor. Once you have all of the ingredients, it is time to start making your own dr pepper! The process is fairly easy and will only take a few minutes. Enjoy your homemade dr pepper and be sure to share it with friends and family!

Frequently Asked Question

For 130 years, Dr Pepper has been a favorite of soda drinkers around the world. Its unique 23-flavor formula has made it stand apart from other soft drinks, and its distinct taste has kept fans coming back for more. Whether you prefer the taste of cherry, licorice or vanilla, there’s something for everyone in Dr Pepper’s one-of-a-kind mix.
What makes dr pepper so unique is the way it blends together so many different flavors to create a truly delicious experience. Whether you enjoy it straight out of the can or use it as an ingredient in your favorite recipes, dr pepper will add a unique flavor that’s sure to impress. So go ahead and give it a try! You won’t regret it.


Dr Pepper is a unique carbonated beverage that has a bold taste that is sure to please. The secret behind this iconic drink is the combination of 23 different flavors that create a deliciously tangy treat. The flavor profile of dr pepper 23 is complex and nuanced, with hints of fruit and spice that are sure to delight your palate. In addition to a classic cola flavor, dr pepper contains amaretto, blackberry, black licorice, carrot, clove, ginger, root beer, juniper berry zest, molasses, orange, peach, and nutmeg.
If you are interested in trying dr pepper 23, be sure to pick up a can from your local grocery store. You can also find dr pepper at many specialty soda stores and online retailers. Dr Pepper is a great drink on its own or can be used in recipes to add a unique and delicious twist.
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2023.05.30 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Seiko Expands King Seiko Collection With Two Non Limited Watches, Bremont’s New Watch Pays Homage To The Most Insane Race Ever And New Depancel Has A New Old Stock Movement From The 60s

It's Tuesday and King Seiko is back for good. It's just not the King Seiko everybody really wanted.

What's new

Seiko Expands King Seiko Collection With Two Non Limited Watches Inspired By The Legendary KSK
The rivalry between King Seiko and Grand Seiko has been strong for years. And for years they battled it out, but Grand won and the King was kind of forgotten. Until fans started asking for it to come back, and Seiko decided to oblige their wishes in 2020 when they started releasing limited numbers of King Seiko recreations. Theses seemed to have been hits for the company, as Seiko now expands the KSK-inspired collection with two slimmer, high-end and non-limited models, the SJE089 and SJE091.
In the 60s, King Seiko watches were deeply respected and they entered numerous chronometry tests, with good results. The most notable of all watches produced by KS was the reference 44-9990, with its hand-wound calibre 44A. Also known as the KSK (KS meaning King Seiko and the K at the end being the acronym for Kisei-Tsuki, stop-seconds in Japanese), it will serve as an inspiration for the comeback of the name.
After a number of limited models, Seiko is now ready to introduce two non-limited models, even though you’ll need a trained eye and a close encounter to differentiate them from a more accessible version from the SPBxxx range. Visually, they are indeed closer to the SPBxxx models and don’t try too hard to recreate the original KSK models, and at the same time, they share their specifications, movement and refinement with the two limited editions previously released.
For the two new models, Seiko has reworked the case to look more like the original 1965 watch and have increased the size a bit from the limited editions - up to 38.6mm from 38.1mm, while slimming it down from 11.4mm to 10.7mm. The finishing on the case is a combination of mirror polished surfaces and hairlines on top areas. The back, screwed and in solid steel, is decorated with the King Seiko emblem, but gone is the nice golden medallion of the two limited editions. Water-resistance is still rated at 50m. You can get the watches with a seven link steel bracelet.
The watch comes with two dial options, a silver and a black. The hands and markers have strong polished bevels on the sides and the dials have been reworked with a more understated and delicate sunray finishing technique that’s closer to the original watch. A small difference can be seen between the two dials; the silver edition has entirely polished hands and markers, while the black edition features a fine hairline finish on top of the hands and markers to heighten the level of contrast with the dial’s dark surface.
Inside is the calibre 6L35, a slimline in-house movement often reserved for the brand’s Presage limited edition. This calibre 6L35 was presented in 2018 as a thinner alternative (3.7mm in height), but also a movement with finer regulation than the other calibre of the brand. Beating at 4Hz with 45 hours of power reserve, it is given for -10/+15 seconds/day.
Launched as part of the permanent collection, the King Seiko SJE089 will be available in July 2023. They will be priced at EUR 3,400.
And these last two sentences are the main issue with the King Seiko. Historically, King Seiko stood for absolute accuracy. To put a -10/+15 seconds/day movement inside, at a price that almost reaches Tudor or a very slightly used (or maybe an even brand new) Grand Seiko, is not a good look and is, honestly, quite disappointing. Especially with their effort to position it as a more high end offering. The calibre 6L35 is not bad. It could just be a bit fine tuned and they would have a great watch.
Bremont’s New Limited Edition Watch Pays Homage To The Most Insane Race To Ever Exist
Before you continue reading this, go to YouTube and type in the Isle of Man TT. Say that you don’t feel going over to YT, just imagine this - you’re strapped to a motorcycle, practically lying down on the road, speeding through a village on the Isle of Man with your helmet inches from a cottage stone wall. That’s the Isle of Man TT, the fastest and most impressive race in the world. There practically hasn’t been a race in which someone doesn’t die - more than 250 riders have died since 1911, six just last year.
The Official Timing Partner of this insane even is Bremont, who just introduced a new watch dedicated to the race. And it’s not just a new colorway on an already existing watch, Bremont actually created a dedicated watch, which makes sense since they are one of the few large mainstream watchmakers from the UK, making it a logical partner for the Isle of Man. This bond is further enhanced with Bremont’s partnership with Peter Hickman, the fastest man ever to have completed the course at an average speed of 135mph (in 2018). The watch is the Isle of Man TT Limited Edition, a racing-oriented chronograph.
The watch uses Bremont’s layered Trip-Tick construction with its modular architecture. The top of the watch consists of a steel module that integrates the lugs. It frames a central container in stripped steel coated with black PVD. The back is closed by a solid steel element, secured to the case by five screws and decorated with the Isle of Man TT circuit. It’s a powerful and sizeable watch, measuring 43mm in diameter, over 15mm in height and 49mm in length.
Upon deeper consideration of the dial you will see it has all the features of a classic dial. But on first glance, it looks radical as it’s made to look like a speedometer on a bike. The hands rotate at 360°, but the main hour track mimics a gauge, with a sector that runs from 08 to 04, and frames two black-rimmed sub-counters, just like the subsidiary gauges on a sports bike. All elements are gloss-black printed over a matte white base, giving a fresh look to this watch. Red accents on the central hand and chronograph hands bring the desired racing vibe, and the date at 6 o’clock doesn’t even feel out of place in this speedy context.
Powering the watch is an automatic, chronometer-certified movement – calibre BE-50AV, based on the ETA 7750 architecture. It has a comfortable 56h power reserve. The watch is worn on a textured rubber strap, closed by a pin buckle.
Limited to 67 pieces and now available, the Bremont Isle of Man TT is priced at EUR 5,975.
The Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph Is A Love Leter To 1960s French Sports Cars With A New Old Stock Movement From The Same Era
Alpine, if you are perhaps unfamiliar, is a cult French carmaker most famous for its tiny sports cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. More recently, under Renault ownership, they have started making sports cars again and while they are supposedly fantastic cars, the old Alpinas, especially the A110, have a cult following. In order to document this cult following, Jürgen Clauss has formed alpineLAB and has since become one of the foremost experts on this particular French sports car brands. You know who else is into french sports cars? Depancel, who have a range of sports cars themed watches. Depancel teamed up with Clauss to create the Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph. What would otherwise be a boring collaboration for a number of highly specialized collectors actually turned into a very interesting watch.
The Alpine A110 from the 60s is most famous for a very bright blue color and it’s that same blue that dominates on this limited edition watch, with a blazing blue sunburst dial, with black chronograph subdials and baby blue accents on the bezel and seconds hand. The bezel insert is quite intriguing, with the first quarter reserved for a pulsometer and the rest a traditional tachymetre. That makes sense for a racing watch for vintage cars, as when timing speed you won’t be likely to exceed 240 km/h too often.
The 43mm diameter may be a big too big for some, but this is a traditional racing chronograph so you can expect it to wear comfortably with the curved lugs. You have two strap options in either a diamond-stamped leather strap with a small French flag stitch, or the full-steel bracelet which will come with the leather as well.
All of this would be normal in any other tribute racing chronograph. Where, however, the Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph differs substantially is on the inside. Depancel have sourced 150 new-old-stock Valjoux 7753 movements of a similar era to the original Alpine A110s, and refurbished them for use as bicompax chronograph calibres. These cam-actuated automatic chronographs were incredibly popular in their era, and many Swiss chronographs still use the same architecture or bases for their movements today. They have a power reserve of 48 hours and beat at 4Hz, plus you can gaze at it through the sapphire caseback with Depancel’s customised rotor.
That’s very cool. The Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph is limited to 150 pieces and can be had for €1,795 on leather or €1,895 for the steel.
Vulcain Teams Up With CronotempVs Private Club To Celebrate Grandson Of Company Founder Who Played For Real Madrid FC
Vulcain is on a roll. Hardly a week passes without them releasing a new watch, a new limited edition or a new collaboration. This seems to be all three, as Vulcain has teamed up with Spain-based private watch collecting club to create the Cricket André “DIDIXEIN” Ditisheim, a limited edition of 47 pieces of a different Cricket to honor André Didisheim, descendant of the founder of Vulcain and Real Madrid football player.
André Didisheim, grandson of Maurice Ditisheim, was as an excellent sportsman and footballer. In 1907, he went to Madrid to learn Spanish because at the time South America was one of the most important markets for Swiss watch manufacture. Didisheim displayed his talent as an attacking midfielder and signed with Madrid FC (now known as Real Madrid FC). While there, his name Didisheim was changed to “Didixein”.
Paying tribute to André Didisheim, the Vulcain x CronotempVs Collectors limited edition Cricket watch has a 39mm diameter case with engraved steel polished case-back. The crown placed at 3:00 can be used to manually wind the watch movement in one direction to set the alarm and in the opposite direction to set the time. The pusher placed at 2:00 sets the alarm with the arrow-shaped hand. Inside is the hand-wound double-barrel Vulcain V-10, an evolution of the original Cricket caliber from 1947, keeps the watch running and the alarm ringing
The vintage themed dial with the touches of gray colour, the dial features Arabic numerals coated with Superluminova. This timepiece is limited to 47 units.
The price of this latest Cricket is €4,300 excluding VAT.
Stepan Sarpaneva Takes Huge Inspirations From The Moon For His New Beautiful Watch
Independent Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva is obsessed with the Moon. You will see this on all of the watches he has made which have the moon face on it. They are, of course, so much more than just watches with a moon face, but rather small works of watchmaking art. His latest Lunations watch interprets the darker side of the Moon with its black ruthenium-coated plates and bridges.
The Sarpaneva Lunations, recently revisited in the more colourful Harvest Moon edition, now returns with a darker personality. The distinctive shape of Sarpaneva’s case, with its scalloped 6-sided bezel, short lugs and crown at 4 o’clock, is crafted from high-grade Outokumpu supra 316L/4435 steel and has a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 9.8mm. User-friendliness has also been factored into the equation, and the two-part crown, decorated with Sarpaneva’s moon face and 12 short protruding rays, is used to set and wind the time and adjust the moon’s phases.
An openworked matte black ruthenium-coated plate reveals parts of the inverted movement, including the exposed balance wheel, and features Sarpaneva’s signature moon face at 6 o’clock. The large moon face in relief is laser engraved, filled with a cross-section of optical fibre and finished by hand. The two moons on the reverse side of the case are illuminated with RC Tritec Lumicast to appear white in daylight and emit a blue, orange or purple glow in the dark. As they enact the lunar cycles, the luminous moons cast an eerie glow on the dial’s moon’s face to indicate the precise phase of the Moon.
In a departure from other Sarpaneva Lunations models, the applied and skeletonised chapter ring bearing the indices has been removed, allowing an even better view of the movement. The hour and minute hands can be ordered in pitch black, red gold, flame blue or rhodium coated.
A limited edition of 10 pieces, the Sarpaneva Lunations Black Ruthenium retails for EUR 39,500, excluding taxes. Delivery time is estimated between 4 – 12 months.

On hand - a selection of reviews

Hands-on with the seriously extreme Bohen StarDiver
A review of the very Italian Venezianico Bucintoro Chronograph

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

Second Hour’s Mandala Burst offers a fresh take on the everyday watch
Heralding from Australia, Second Hour has been making a little space for itself on the independent watch market by offering fresh takes on the traditional genre of watches. From divers to field watches and of course, everyday timepieces. The brand’s latest release comprises two new colours and an updated design of their core collection called the Mandala. The name comes from the Buddhist and Hindu circular shape used in the practice of meditation, among other things. On the watch, the term refers to the guilloché dial and its dégradé finish that have made this collection stand out.
The giveaway of three Seiko Alpinists in that lovely green will be ending tomorrow, so head on over to the newsletter before Wednesday, midnight CET if you would like to enter.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.05.30 13:58 nihoh Chat GPT lore.

I tried to force chatGPT to make lore on what the emperor was doing today but it needed some guidance
Can you generate a scenario of what He would have done on the 30th of may 2023?
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, known as a being of immense power and wisdom, continues to exert his influence from the depths of the Golden Throne on Terra. Although physically immobile, his psychic presence remains ever watchful and connected to the Imperium.
In the depths of his psychic realm, the Emperor focuses his attention on the countless battles and conflicts raging across the galaxy. His mind delves into the intricate strategies and tactics employed by the forces of the Imperium, guiding his generals and champions in their ongoing war against the forces of Chaos, xenos threats, and internal challenges.
On this particular day, the Emperor's psychic gaze may fall upon a critical campaign taking place on a distant planet, where the Imperial forces are locked in a desperate struggle against a horde of heretical cultists. Sensing the precarious situation and the potential consequences of defeat, the Emperor channels his psychic energy to empower the minds of his loyal Space Marine Chapters, bolstering their resolve and fortifying their defenses.
Simultaneously, the Emperor's psychic presence extends beyond the battlefield. His vast knowledge and foresight enable him to perceive threats to the Imperium before they materialize. On this day, he detects a looming plot by a traitorous Inquisitor seeking to undermine the stability of the Imperium. With his psychic influence, the Emperor subtly manipulates events, planting seeds of doubt and discord among the traitor's followers, ultimately leading to their exposure and downfall.
Amidst these cosmic matters, the Emperor's psychic energy also extends to the spiritual well-being of his faithful subjects. Through dreams and visions, he imparts hope, strength, and guidance to countless individuals across the Imperium, inspiring them to stand strong against the darkness that threatens to engulf them.
While the Emperor's actions on the 30th of May 2023 remain hidden from the eyes of the mundane world, his influence continues to shape the fate of the Imperium, ensuring its survival and fighting against the encroaching forces of chaos and destruction.
no. i want you to write what the emperor was doing on the 30th of may 2023, on earth. you need to reailse that the emperor did not leave earth before the bulk of humanity achieved interstellar space flight, so he would have been somewhere on earth living in cognito, perhaps in a suburban existence. paint me a picture of that.
Apologies for the confusion earlier. In this alternative scenario, we can imagine a mundane day in the life of the Emperor of Mankind on the 30th of May 2023, living in cognito on Earth:
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, in his enigmatic guise, resides in a modest suburban neighborhood somewhere on Earth. Masked in an unassuming human form, he goes by a simple name, perhaps John or David, and lives a seemingly ordinary existence to conceal his true identity and immeasurable power.
In this suburban setting, the Emperor inhabits a cozy home filled with books, artifacts, and works of art that reflect his vast knowledge and appreciation for human history. The walls are adorned with paintings depicting ancient battles and noble figures, a nod to his own past and the many conflicts he has witnessed.
As the morning sun casts its gentle glow, the Emperor rises from his slumber, embracing the routines of human life. He prepares breakfast in the kitchen, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the simple pleasure of a warm meal. The newspaper rests on the table, a glimpse into the world beyond his secluded existence.
Engaging in the daily activities of a middle-class individual, the Emperor may have a job, perhaps as a university professor or a historian, where he imparts his vast knowledge and wisdom to eager students. With his unparalleled insight, he illuminates the minds of those around him, leaving a lasting impression on their intellectual pursuits.
During lunch breaks, the Emperor finds solace in nearby parks, where he can observe the beauty of nature and engage in quiet contemplation. Underneath a sprawling oak tree, he might immerse himself in ancient texts or pen his own philosophical musings, drawing on his eternal wisdom and insight to decipher the mysteries of the universe.
In the evenings, the Emperor returns to his suburban haven, cherishing moments of tranquility and reflection. He may indulge in hobbies such as painting or playing musical instruments, using these expressive outlets to channel his emotions and connect with the human experience on a profound level.
As the day draws to a close, the Emperor takes solace in the starlit sky, gazing upward with a mixture of nostalgia and longing. Though confined to Earth, his mind transcends the limitations of the physical realm, traversing the vast expanse of the cosmos, keeping a watchful eye over the Imperium he built.
While the world around him remains oblivious to his true nature, the Emperor silently carries the weight of humanity's destiny on his shoulders. His suburban existence, shrouded in anonymity, serves as a necessary refuge, allowing him to bask in the simplicity and fragility of human life while protecting the Imperium from the shadows.
In this quiet suburban existence, the Emperor of Mankind finds purpose and solace, patiently awaiting the time when his presence and guidance will once again be required to lead humanity to its ultimate destiny.

Faction Name: The Cetacean Dominion
Lore: The Cetacean Dominion is an enigmatic race that dwells beneath the depths of the oceans on countless planets across the galaxy. Millennia ago, a group of genetically enhanced dolphins, imbued with psychic powers by an ancient xenos artifact, underwent a mysterious transformation. They evolved into a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species, transcending their aquatic origins.
Driven by a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to protect the oceans they call home, the Cetacean Dominion has developed an impressive civilization within the vast undersea realms. They harness the power of psychic abilities, bioengineering, and advanced technology to maintain their dominion and preserve the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.
Despite their aquatic nature, the Cetacean Dominion has developed unique exosuits and adaptive technology that allows them to venture onto land for brief periods. Their exosuits provide protection, enhanced mobility, and weaponry specifically designed for land-based conflicts. On the battlefield, they employ a combination of psychic powers, advanced energy weapons, and specialized marine creatures bioengineered for warfare.
As a society, the Cetacean Dominion values harmony with nature and the pursuit of knowledge. They seek to uncover ancient secrets hidden beneath the waves and defend their oceanic territories from any threat, be it xenos invaders, chaos forces, or the ravages of pollution and exploitation.
The Cetacean Dominion is led by a council of wise elders, known as the Oracles of the Abyss, who guide their society with their profound psychic abilities and unrivaled wisdom. These oracles communicate with the cosmic energies of the Warp and possess clairvoyant visions of possible futures, aiding their people in making strategic decisions and safeguarding their civilization.
With their advanced technology, psychic mastery, and unwavering determination, the Cetacean Dominion emerges from the depths of the ocean to protect their aquatic realms and fight alongside the other factions in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

Feel free to generate some more junk lore for me to read please.
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2023.05.30 13:58 Mobile-Ostrich-5510 Optional tool advice/recommendations

I used to build MG and PG model kits back then. I lost all my tools. I'm getting new tools at target or walmart. Not amazon atm, I'm moving out in a few days and fear it won't be delivered on time or delivered wrongly.
I was wondering if you guys got any tips, advice,or recommendations on precision snips.
Also I'm thinking of using a fine point sharpee pen instead of the traditional gundam markers. Are they the same thing?
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2023.05.30 13:57 vyom First Ketamine Therapy Session Tomorrow

Going through some real dark shit.
Ex fiancee went no contact after calling wedding off over phone call, tried to convince her multiple times to talk in person or even over at least over phone call again, but to no use. This was after I thought she was cheating on me, found she lied multiple times about other things and asked for explanation.
Never even raised voice during all this. Just begged and begged.
As last ditch attempt, yesterday I shared how I have lost 7 Kg in last 3 weeks since not being able to talk to her, not being able to eat much. Shared weighing scale app screenshots. I told her I still want her in my life. Even if as an acquaintance.
I had asked her to treat it as my last attempt to contact her, but not to say anything to her dad, cause he has been really nice to me since her breaking up with me even when she stopped talking to me.
I don't know what she told her dad or what her dad said to my uncle, but I received two angry calls from my uncle. Saying I said something awful in mail which he didn't specify. I hadn't said anything wrong. I was just begging even more for have back in my life.
I totally lost it and I told her dad everything I swore in email would never tell her dad about why I thought she was cheating.
We were definitely done then. Felt like every last bit of good in me has burned to ashes.
First time I had urge to kill myself. Even planned to schedule a message to her late at night of telling me doing it, so by the time she sees the message, it would be all over.
Got urgent appointment with my new psychiatrist. Told him everything, except suicidal ideation. He suggested Ketamine Therapy. I said yes.
Woke up today morning dreaming of her being next to me in bed. :(
Went to office first time since called off wedding. Doing WFH. While talking to my boss, almost broke down. I asked him to be excused not to embarrass myself, want to leave for the day and he said okay. He asked to take care of myself, as he has never seen me like this. And I left the office, though I was supposed to be waiting there for another work meeting.
Can I be fixed? What should I expect?
I have been asked to not eat anything 4 hours leading upto therapy and not even to drink water.
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2023.05.30 13:57 Baabtra234 Choosing the best python training course for your skill level

Choosing the best python training course for your skill level
Python is a popular programming language that is widely used in various industries, such as web development, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. If you are interested in learning Python, then taking a training course can be a great way to get started. However, with so many courses available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this blog post, we will provide some tips on how to choose the best Python training course for your skill level.
Python training courses are available in a variety of formats, including online courses, on-site courses, in-person classes, and hybrid models. Consider the format that works best for you based on your schedule, learning style, and preferred mode of instruction. Among many institutes in Calicut, Baabtra, a renowned software training institute in Calicut, offers comprehensive Python training courses that are highly suitable for individuals seeking to enhance their Python skills. Here are a few reasons why Baabtra is an excellent choice for Python training in Calicut:
Expert Teachers: Baabtra has a staff of competent, experienced teachers with a background in Python programming. These instructors can guarantee a high-quality learning environment since they have professional experience and are well-equipped to offer useful tips and examples from the real world.
Customised Curriculum: The Python training courses offered by Baabtra are made to accommodate students with a range of programming experience, from absolute novices to seasoned professionals. The thoughtfully designed curriculum covers fundamental Python ideas as well as more advanced subjects depending on the needs of the business, like web development, data science, and machine learning.
Practical Learning: Baabtra strongly emphasises practical learning. Their Python training programmes include practical assignments that let students apply their learning to actual situations. Using this strategy, students gain invaluable experience and confidence.
Strong contacts with the industry are maintained by Baabtra, allowing them to offer insights into current trends and practices. Students are better able to comprehend the practical uses of Python in various fields thanks to this industrial exposure, which also gets them ready for future employment options.
Collaborative and helpful Learning Environment: Baabtra promotes a helpful learning environment. Students have access to mentors and other students, allowing them to interact, ask for advice, and clear up any doubts. This helpful network helps to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.
Course delivery options are flexible, thanks to Baabtra, which provides both online and in-person instruction. The format that best meets a learner's schedule and learning preferences can be chosen because of this flexibility.
Reputation and Performance: Baabtra has a proven track record of delivering high-quality training in Calicut. The quality of their Python training sessions is demonstrated by their track record of successful alumni and favourable feedback from former pupils.
In conclusion, Baabtra's Python training programmes in Calicut offer a comprehensive and personalised learning environment. Baabtra provides an excellent platform for people looking to improve their Python abilities and thrive in their chosen sector, with knowledgeable teachers, a useful curriculum, industry connections, and a supportive learning atmosphere.
Finding your skill level is the first step in choosing a Python training course from Baabtra. If you are just starting out, you should look for beginner-friendly classes. On the other hand, you should opt for more advanced classes if you are an intermediate or experienced Python coder. You should think about your objectives before selecting a Python training course. In conclusion, selecting the finest Python training course necessitates careful assessment of your skill level, goals, online reviews, curriculum, instructor credentials, course structure, and pricing. You can pick a course that will enable you to properly learn Python and accomplish your objectives by taking these considerations into account. Examining internet evaluations is one of the finest ways to judge the calibre of a Python training programme. You can determine the course's quality and suitability for your skill level by reading these reviews.
Before enrolling in a Python training course, you should check the course overview to be sure it covers the topics you want to learn. The same is viewable directly on the Baabtra website. Searching for Python-related courses that teach both the foundations and more difficult topics like data analysis, machine learning, and web development will help you find a solution. You can talk to Baabtra if you have any inquiries.
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2023.05.30 13:57 whitespadex How To Get Leads In Any Niche That Convert Into "HIGH-PAYING" Clients (Facebook Ads)

If you want to run Facebook Ads for your business and generate HIGH QUALITY leads that pay & convert into high paying clients…. Read this post 👇
For the last few days I’ve been popping in to this group and I’ve been seeing a LOT of you struggling to get leads, clients, revenue…. It seems like there’s always some issues with your systems…
Either your Facebook accounts get disabled or your business managers are restricted!
If its not that , then your CPMs are either too high… you’re not getting the clicks that you want… so your CTR’s are too high..
Either you’re not getting “motivated” and “qualified” leads… or you’re not getting them within the costs that you’d want (also known as KPI).
Anyway - what does this mean?
It means.. there’s no lead flow, there’s fewer sales opportunities, and so you’re making fewer offers… and basically revenue is either stagnant OR even worse, decreasing month over month…
The first thing that comes to peoples minds is - you instantly think somethings wrong with the FB algorithm…
Just looking back at the last 10 posts submitted here - the number #1 thing everyone’s asking is “hey… is anything wrong with the algo!”
Now, this isn’t a unique question - I’ve been in this sub since 2018 there’s been these SAME questions asked every single day, every single week, every single month…
BUT the fact is, there’s nothing wrong the FB algorithm!
And today I want to, once and for all, solve a bunch of problems for you…

If I could teach you ONE system to get: - Consistent high quality leads - Sales meetings that convert - Abundant sales pipeline of prospects wanting to buy from you…
It will be laid out in the post.
After reading this post, and applying everything I say, you’ll finally have a machine that produces high quality leads on demand..
But not just leads… you’ll get sales meetings that convert into high paying clients - in any niche.
I book over 300+ sales meetings per month for my own agency using FB ads… AND I’ve helped 200+ business owners do the same…
So rest assured… this will certainly work for you. Let’s begin.
There are 3 things you need to get in order:
Offer -> Audience -> Messaging
If you’ve got the perfect offer… … targeting the perfect audience… … and if you copywriting is on point… Then there’s absolutely NO reason why you cannot be hitting $100k+/ per month in record time…
There’s nothing wrong with the FB algo…
The problem is in your Offer -> Audience -> Messaging … these 3 things aren’t dialed in.
So let’s talk about how to dial these in BEFORE you even think about running Ads.
Everything begins with market research.
But not the stereotypical boring market research that most gurus teach you. When you do audience research, I want you do focus on PSYCHOGRAPHICS instead of DEMOGRAPHICS.
Demographic targeting is: Who that specific person is (age, gender, income, city, state etc etc.)
Psychographic targeting is: What that specific person wants (needs, desires, wants, problems, frustrations, anxieties etc)…
The biggest mistake people make when running ads to their “audience” is that they don’t have sufficient psychographic data on their market.

So you need to find out this stuff first: -> What are their biggest problems? -> What are their biggest worries & anxieties? -> What keeps them up at night? -> What are the biggest obstacles they face when trying to achieve their goals? -> How long have they been facing these obstacles for?

Before you can run ads it’s crucial to get this information in as much detail as possible… because that will allow you write good COPY.
If you want to make it big on the internet… regardless of what you’re selling… you are going to have to get good at writing copy.
If you don’t like writing, you’re going to have to hire a copywriter. WITHOUT good copy you are most certainly going to fail online.
Writing is the lifeblood of internet marketing… and so you better get started right now..

Now that you know exactly what your market is struggling with, now that you understand their challenges in detail… you need to create an offer that solves ALL those problems..
AND that offer needs to be very easy to understand.
The “mechanism” of your offer needs to be sophisticated, which means, not everyone should be able to do what you do… (or you won’t stand out)…
But it needs to be communicated in very easy language.
You audience needs to be able to VISUALIZE their success as they’re reading through your offer…
You offer should be: - Unique - Beneficial - Important - Exciting
-> Unique: It needs to be demonstrated in a way they’ve never seen before. It needs to have a UNIQUENESS to it. A sense that it cannot be found anywhere else.
-> Beneficial: It needs to solve ALL their problems EASILY. It needs to get them their desired results FAST. They should be able to visualize their success with your offer.
-> Important: It needs to be an important problem that you’re solving. It needs to be a pressing crisis that they need an immediate solution for. An offer that can solve this problem will be considered highly important.
-> Exciting: It needs to be communicated in a way that they can easily visualize their success. When your prospects can see in their minds eye, that by working with you they are CERTAINLY going to get their desired results… the offer will automatically become EXCITING.

Okay now that you have done your market research… and now that you have a banger of an offer that is unique, beneficial, important and exciting…
It is time to create messaging around your offer. Your messaging is the vehicle that takes your offer to market.
If your market doesn’t know about your offer, its potential is being wasted by simply lying around.
You need to be able to take your offer to market… and in order to do that effectively you need to write COPY in a way that grabs your markets’ attention, makes them interested in your offer, excites them about your offer.. and then makes them wanna get in touch with you.

For this we use 2 tools: - Ads - Sales Letters
You need to write 2 types of messages. Let’s explore them in detail.

Writing copy for Ads can be a long drawn out subject that you might need to study for months… however.. I will simplify everything for you here.
You Ads are the precursor to your landing page where you host your “Sales Letter”. The sales letter is what sells your offer.
Your Ads need to get your prospects from “never having heard of you before” to your sales letter where they “want to get in touch with you”
The Ads ONLY job is to get the CLICK The Sales Letters job is the get the APPOINTMENT

If you can’t even get people to click on your Ad, how can you get any appointments?
So let’s see how to get your Ads as many clicks as possible from your market.
There are 4 elements you NEED to insert inside your Ad copy: - Intrigue - Curiosity - Energy - Confidence

When your prospects see your Ad they must be intrigued, it must spark their curiosity, it should give them a little internal energy to stop and pay attention to you… AND it should start building some confidence in them, that makes them wanna click on your Ad.
They way to build intrigue & curiosity is by making a CLAIM that DIRECTLY solves their DEEPEST problems and issues…
This needs to be supported by ENERGY… you create energy in your copy by showing them some proof in your copy… this makes them visualize the end result…
Intrigue + curiosity + energy gives them a bit of confidence so they want to Learn More… that’s what makes it an “INTERESTING AD”
Interesting Ads always get clicked on.

Once they click on the Ad you need to send them to your landing page.
Forget about all the same boring stereotypical landing pages that you’ve encountered a million times.
Today we’re going to talk about the sales letter. This same sales letter method has made my clients $55M and counting in just under 3.5 years..
If you use the sales letter model you will make a LOT of money… there’s no doubt about it.
I use the sales letter method at my own agency to bring 6-7 figure deals every single week…
My sales staff is rammed with appointments on their calendar, and they’re all closing deals back to back!
And it’s the SALES LETTER that brings them these appointments… I’m gonna show you how to do it.

The sales letter does a very important job… - It eliminates bad prospects - It only keeps good prospects on your page - Bad and uninterested prospects automatically leave your page - GOOD prospects that are motivated to work with you fill out an application form and book a call…
What you do is… you write a long form sales letter that addresses all the pains, problems, concerns, worries, anxieties that your prospects are having…
You then show off some proof of your offer and RESULTS of what your offer delivers in the form of case studies…
From there you start taking about HOW your offer works…
YET.. it should be explained in very simple language - so the prospects can visualize getting the results using your offer.
Key point here is to NOT have any CTA (call to actions) right upfront…
You want to plug you CTA only at the very bottom of the sales letter ONCE you’ve fully demonstrated your value proposition…
This helps you eliminate bad prospects, helps you weed out uninterested prospects.. and it ONLY funnels GOOD prospects onto a call with you.
Now are you worried that people are not gonna read the sales letter? Don’t you worry… people DO read.
Always remember one thing - copy can never be too long, it can only be too boring…
So if you write interesting copy… people are not only going to read it… but they are going to read the ENTIRE sales letter…
And at the bottom they will see your CTA to “Book an appointment”
There you should have an opti-in form and send them to an application form.. After filling out that application from you should send them your your calendar to pick a time slot to book a call with you.

If you’ve done this properly you should get some OUTSTANDING results… Let me show you what some of my results look like:
Ad spend: $5,000 Leads/Opt-in: 100 Applications: 90 Meetings: 85 Close rate: 30-40% Clients closed: 25 Revenue: $125,000 Customer Acquisition Cost: $200/ per client Revenue per client: $5000 Cost per lead: $50 Cost per appointment: $55
(now the way I do my targeting, I’m getting appointments for $25-$30 per sales meetings these days… read more below on the FB setup side of things)
If you’re selling anything over $5000 per client you will see these results too…
But first… let’s look at HOW to setup the Ad Campaign… after all that’s what you really want to know right?

This is going to be the most easiest setup you’ve ever seen.
I use only: 1 CBO 1 AD Set 1 CREATIVE Budget: $100-$200/per day (or more depending on your budget)

Keep in mind… unless you’re spending $700-$1000 per day you DO NOT need more creatives or more ad sets… this is not ecom..
This is high-ticket appointment generation using Facebook Ads.
1) You’re going to create a conversion campaign 2) You’re going to select your special category if you’re doing housing, finance or politics 3) You’re gonna set the budget on the CBO level (for newbies, it’s now called Advantage+) 4) Select your pixel, set the conversion events to lead (if you don’t know how to setup conversions API go read my other posts ASAP) 5) Keep your audience size between 3M-5M (Depending on your niche. If you’ve done your psychographic targeting correctly you should have absolutely NO problems selecting the right targeting)
\*Note here: these days I rarely do interests… I do high intent custom targeting using the FB API - so I’m able to target specific FB users directly BYPASSING interests completely - hit me up for more info on this.***

And that’s pretty much it.
The FB Ads are really not that hard to setup, or to make work.
People unnecessarily over focus on what buttons to push, and what the campaign structure should look like etc. etc.
In reality, this very simple campaign structure works wonders…
It’s the OFFER -> AUDIENCE -> MESSAGING unison that does the majority of the heavy lifting.
... If your Ad is great ... If your Sales Letter is great ... If your copy is on point ... If your Audience research is on point
And most importantly…
...If your OFFER is on point…
You’re going to get FLOODED with appointments.
Go ahead and test this out! There’s literally no way you can fail… I’m telling you because I’ve done this at least 300 times across almost 40 industries..
Do it properly and it WILL work for you..
Good luck.
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2023.05.30 13:57 Transact_Bridge Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS

Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS


Businesses must pay close attention to the payment infrastructure they choose to adopt in the quickly changing Software as a Service (SaaS) market. For customers to be happy, to generate income, and for a business to succeed overall, a payment procedure must be simple and safe. A solid payment stack, supported by a dependable payment software solution, becomes essential in this situation. In this post, we'll examine the crucial factors to take into account and the procedures to follow in order to create the ideal payment stack for your SaaS, with an emphasis on selecting the best payment software.
Transact Bridge aims to help you expand your company in India so you may take advantage of the largest market in the world. Every business finds India to be the most alluring market since it is the largest centre for commercial activities. We typically help you by bridging the gap between India and your company. The hassle-free experience and our depth of knowledge in India speak for themselves. Businesses are eager to attract Indian clients, Transact Bridge is glad to report, given their expanding requirements and reliance on the internet.

Understanding the Value of a Payment Stack

The set of tools and services that a SaaS company uses to manage payment processing is referred to as a payment stack. It includes merchant accounts, payment gateways, security measures, and interfaces with other crucial technologies. An effective payment stack guarantees smooth transactions, reduces friction, and provides a superior user experience. You may simplify payment procedures, reduce risks, and realise the full potential of your SaaS company by installing the appropriate payment software solution.

Identifying Your Payment Needs

It's important to evaluate your particular payment needs before constructing your payment stack. Take into account elements like price tiers, currencies, and the ability to accept payments from abroad. Subscription models (one-time, recurring, usage-based). Additionally, consider any particular industry standards or compliance laws that may apply to your organisation. You may choose the best payment software solution to suit your needs by being aware of these requirements.

The Best Payment Software Solution

Transact Bridge
Transact Bridge is the team of professionals that brings your business to India since success in expanding markets needs skilled guidance. Transact Bridge specialise in localization for emerging markets. This implies that we are fully committed to providing a versatile, all-inclusive payments solution that maximises reach in emerging countries and generates new income streams. Your increased success rate and client retention speak for themselves as the payments become simple. Transact Bridge accepts UPI, Net banking, NEFT, RTGS, and Card payment as well.
Reliability and Security: Security should be given top consideration when choosing a payment software solution. Make that it adheres to industry standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and has strong encryption and tokenization features. In order to avoid any negative consequences on your company from payment processing interruptions, look for a supplier with a proven track record of dependability and uptime.
Integration: Your payment software should be easy to connect with your current SaaS infrastructure. In order to effortlessly integrate payment capabilities into your platform, look for APIs and developer-friendly technologies that make integration simple. Important elements like synchronising client data, managing subscriptions, and invoicing should be included in this integration.
Flexibility and Scalability: Since your company's needs may change over time, it's critical to select a payment software solution that can expand with you. Make sure the solution can manage higher transaction volumes, accommodate a variety of payment options, and modify to fit changing company models. You may serve a larger consumer base while accepting their preferred payment methods if you use flexible payment software.
Reporting and Analytics: For analysing your payment performance, spotting patterns, and maximising revenue sources, comprehensive reporting and analytics tools are essential. Try to choose a payment software system that provides real-time reporting, scalable dashboards, and thorough transaction analytics. With the help of this information, you'll be able to decide how to proceed with your business and spot potential problems.

Working together with Payment Gateway Providers:

To finish your payment stack, you must interface with payment gateway providers who streamline transaction processing. Pick reliable payment gateway partners that meet the demands of your company, accept the payment methods you want, and have affordable prices. Redundancy may be provided and the risks related to downtime or technical difficulties can be reduced by cooperation with many payment gateways.

Continuous Optimisation and Maintenance:

Creating the ideal payment stack is a continuous process. Monitor and improve your payment systems constantly to improve user experience, boost conversion rates, and lower churn. To keep your payment software solution current and compliant, keep up with market trends, new payment options, and security procedures.


For your SaaS business to succeed, you need a well-thought-out payment stack that is supported by a reliable payment software solution. You can give your consumers a flawless payment experience while generating the most income by comprehending your payment requirements, selecting the appropriate payment software solution, working with reputable payment gateway providers, and ensuring constant optimisation. Future continuous development and consumer happiness may be ensured by making investments in a robust payment infrastructure now.
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2023.05.30 13:57 Odd-Imagination-9856 Just finished episode 3 and this is just sad

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2023.05.30 13:57 RngNick Welcome to LoLTalk

Hello everyone and welcome to LoLTalk! League of legends sub dedicated to talk about the game itself specifically.
We as community are just getting started so I ask for a little patience before it gets enough ppl for meaningful traction. But I do believe that with more enthusiastic ppl we can have great time even at smaller number.
Point of this sub was to create LoL pro scene free and other rather just informative stuff free social media with less strict regulation in comparison to leagueoflegends. I would like if posts were aimed to strike conversation rather than were sludge of "here is piece of info, do what you want with it" and the content was directly about game ( champions, items, minions, mobs, patch notes, etc. etc. ). Just please no cosplays. No montages. No esport ( there is dedicated sub for that ). No art. And ideally no rants. Definitely no explicit content and please be civil.
PS: Please, turn of dark mode for Poro background. ^_^
Also I would be really, really glad if any of you proactively help to grow this community. Thanks.
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2023.05.30 13:56 spidey555 [US-46112][FS] Huge Massive Darkness 2 bundle [W] Paypal

Buyer pays shipping from 46112. Paypal accepted. I use Pirate Ship to keep it reasonable.
Huge Massive Darkness 2 bundle - all in great shape and never played but some content sorted. Chits in plano container and some cards are sleeved $450
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2023.05.30 13:56 treboy123 What do economists think about the "Chicago Plan"?

The questions I want to be answered is: what is wrong with the Chicago Plan? What are some criticisms of it? Why do the vast majority of economists not support the Chicago Plan or even talk about it?
TLDR: The question is above, the rest of this post is describing a monetary reform proposal called the "Chicago Plan," which calls for (1) mandating commercial banks to keep liquid assets to back 100% of their customer's demand deposits, and (2) allowing the money supply to change by giving Congress the authority to fund some of their spending by directly injecting new money into the bank accounts of businesses and people.
This post is long but please read it, I structured the post so you can easily skim the major points that describe the Chicago Plan. I personally have been a proponent of my own version of the Chicago Plan.
Intro to the Chicago Plan:
The “Chicago Plan,” authored in 1939 by Irving Fisher and a set of Chicago economists, who were some of the most prominent and well-respected mainstream economists of their day. There are slightly different versions of this today that exist in various think tanks as well as in the 2011 NEED Act (H.R. 2990), introduced by then-Congressman Dennis Kucinich. The Chicago Plan is only applicable to countries with their own sovereign currency. Some earlier economists, such as Ricardo and the British Currency School, also advocated for very similar Chicago Plan policies, and the British Currency School economist Sir Robert Peel wrote the Bank Charter Act of 1844, which was successful at turning some of the monetary reform ideas into English law for a few years.
The problems the Chicago Plan identifies include:
(1) Fractional-reserve banking is problematically risky as private banks each, in an uncoordinated and haphazard way, lend and invest their depositors' money. Moreover, banks lend their depositors money without having the depositors properly contractually agree to, or even being aware of: how much of their money, if any, is being used to fund the bank's loans and investments; depositors are also unaware of when, to whom, or for what, their deposits may or may not be loaned or invested by the bank. Fractional-reserve banking has moral problems, and it also can cause bank runs and general economic instability.
(2) Fractional-reserve banking is a leading cause of boom-bust cycles. During a boom, the money supply, prices, and profits all increase in an upward spiral until there is a collapse. Expansionary, inflationary booms are followed by contractionary, deflationary busts, which manifest in a decrease in the money supply, credit supply, prices, and profits.
(3) The complexity, instability, uncertainty, inherent riskiness, and questionable ethics of fractional-reserve banking result in needing a complex, expensive array of laws and entire governmental bodies that oversee and regulate banking.
These laws and governmental bodies are: burdensome for the government to create, fund, and manage; burdensome for banks to comply with; and is problematic for the macro-economy as scarce resources such as buildings and expert professionals have to be dedicated to the unproductive oversight of banking instead of being dedicated to something better.
(4) In order to fund necessary things like infrastructure, the government has to rely on funds from taxes and funds borrowed.
This is a problem because if Congress can directly spend new money into circulation as the Chicago Plan proposes, then the government no longer has to rely on finding funds: through levying high levels of taxes, being conscious of keeping government spending levels low, increasing the national debt by means of borrowing funds at interest, and/or having the Federal Reserve ease the process of increasing the national debt by increasing the money supply, which is done by means (that come with their own adverse consequences) such as establishing artificially below-market interest rates and inserting new money to the balance sheets of banks and other large, non-productive financial institutions that sell assets to the Federal Reserve.
Goals of the Chicago Plan:
(1) Making banking less risky, thereby addressing ethical concerns as well as increasing the stability of the monetary and financial system and the stability of the economy and society as a whole.
(2) Reducing the frequency and severity of booms and busts by addressing fractional-reserve banking, which is a cause (if not the primary cause) of boom and bust cycles. The Chicago Plan addresses fractional-reserve banking by entirely eliminating it via mandating banks be 100% liquid on their customer's demand deposits.
(3) Making it realistic for the government to balance its budget while funding itself--all without having to resort to reliance on taxes, spending reductions, or increasing the national debt.
(4) Fostering a monetary and financial system that is not inclined to produce unnecessarily high levels of public and private debt.
(5) Stabilizing interest rates.
(6) Accomplishing these goals: (a) without harming the banking sector or any other party and (b) by a simple solution that is not too complex, expensive, destructive, or radical to implement or enforce.
The provisions of the Chicago Plan, which aim to solve the above problems:
The Chicago Plan calls for two broad reforms:
(1) Mandating all commercial banks back all of their customer's demand deposits with liquid assets (this is something akin to "full-reserve banking"). "Demand deposits" are "checking accounts" (but "time deposits" such as "savings accounts" do not have to be 100% liquid). Liquid assets are cash and government bonds. AND
(2) Allowing Congress to create money by directly spending new money into circulation, thereby taking the power to change the money supply out of the hands of commercial banks and the federal reserve and into the hands of Congress. Congress will have the power to increase the money supply by direct spending new money into the economy; for example, by passing an infrastructure bill and paying for it by inserting new money into the bank accounts of the companies that receive the contracts to repair roads, repair dams, etc. A newly established "Monetary Authority" will sit in the Department of the Treasury and decide how much money Congress can create and otherwise manage the monetary system, and the Monetary Authority will subsume all powers necessary to manage the money supply, including all the powers currently scattered among the Federal Reserve, President, Secretary of the Treasury, and other places. The Monetary Authority will manage the money supply as to have the money supply not be inflationary or deflationary and let the long term monetary and credit aggregates commensurate with the long run potential to increase production. The goal of monetary policy will be to achieve stable prices, moderate long-term interest rates, and maximize employment levels.
Benefits of the Chicago Plan include but are not limited to:
(1) There will be less risk and uncertainty in banking and the economy because of the absence of risky activities that result from our current system's fractional-reserve banking. For example, since banks will be 100% liquid on demand deposits under the Chicago Plan, bank runs are now impossible (and consequently, there is no need for the FDIC, which leads to the second benefit, listed below).
(2) Banking regulation can be grossly simplified, which lowers the government's overhead costs and also lowers banks' overhead costs of complying with many complex regulations. The Monetary Authority will replace most if not all of the currently existing entities that regulate, monitor, or otherwise intervene in banking. The job of the Monetary Authority will be much simpler than the current job of the Federal Reserve.
(3) Boom and bust cycles that are caused by the current monetary system will not exist. Maybe there will still be booms and busts, but not ones that are caused by fractional-reserve banking and our current monetary system. To the extent booms and busts still exist, they will not occur as regularly as they currently do and when they do occur, they won't be as long or severe.
(4) The government can simultaneously balance its budget while having the funds to adequately fund important things like infrastructure; in the current monetary system, the government never comes close to doing either of these things, let alone doing both of them together.
(5) Congress under the Chicago Plan will allocate new money more efficiently than private banks would under the current monetary system. For example, it is more efficient for (a) Congress to directly fund things like long-term national investments and strategic plans for national infrastructure/security/agriculture/industry than it is for (b) private commercial banks to allocate funds in a haphazard manner, often for unproductive things like speculation, leveraged buyouts, or people financing unneeded purchase like unneeded cars or boats or unneeded vacation homes.
(6) Interest rates will be stabilized in the short- and long-term and interest rates will be predictable. With fractional-reserve banking, interest rates are at times abnormally high and other times abnormally low. However, when commercial banks are required to back 100% of their customer's demand deposits with liquid assets, banks can only lend and invest pre-existing money instead of newly created money and as such, money/credit is now finite and scarce and therefore it is subject to normal market dynamics, by which the pricing mechanism rations off scarce goods according. In other words, the Chicago Plan creates a market for loanable funds which is subject to supply and demand and is subject to the dynamics of the market just as food, sneakers, and any other good traded on markets are.
(7) The money supply--which will be increased by Congress spending it right into the economy and purportedly on fundamental things like infrastructure investments--can be increased without depreciating the currency and causing inflation, without increasing the national debt, and without having to distribute money directly to large, unproductive financial institutions.
(8) Necessary things like infrastructure can be more easily funded without burdens that cause time delays and overhead costs, where these burdens include (a) lawmakers having to politically compromise on spending levels and (b) the cost incurred in the process of seeking and obtaining financing as well as the costs incurred from paying back any borrowed funds with interest.
(9) National sovereignty and security are more respected as: the currency will be a strong and predictable store of value for Americans as well as the rest of the world; we as a nation will not owe debt to foreign people/companies/governments, some of whom may be our adversaries; and unemployment and critical infrastructure can be easily and cheaply addressed/funded.
(10) Stability and predictability in tax revenues and other economic variables. Tax revenues will be more steady and predictable because the economy will be more stable in general, for example there will be less regular and less severe boom-bust cycles, and hence taxes revenues will not be as volatile and uncertain. A stable economy means not only that tax revenues will be stable and predictable, but so will things like wages, employment levels, interest rates, the value of the currency, inflation/deflation, rates of profits, investor and consumer confidence, and more.
(11) Congress can better exercise its Constitutional powers to provide resources for the welfare of the general public.
(12) According to Fisher, commercial banks themselves will benefit because: (a) people’s savings would accumulate more rapidly and at a steadier rate; (b) loans and investments would become larger and safer; and (c) banks’ cost of managing demand deposits will be reduced because banks will be merely a project of warehousing liquid assets.
Citation for the original Chicago Plan proposal:
Fisher, Irving, Douglas, Paul H., Frank, Graham D., Hamilton, Earl J., King, Willford I.,
Whittlesey, Charles R. (1939). A Program for Monetary Reform. University of Chicago.
There are people who make claims like "fractional-reserve banking does not exist" or "it is not good to talk about fractional-reserve banking because the textbook models of it are so misleading that they are virtually incorrect." Even if such claims are true, the proposals in the Chicago Plan would still adequately address most/all of the problems that it identified and would still carry most/all of the same benefits. So, the Chicago Plan cannot be written off as useless just because "fractional-reserve banking" is misunderstood or does not actually exist.
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2023.05.30 13:56 Nixght_ I dont know if I have DPD

Its gonna be months before I can get any kind of mental help (there's a long wait time, apparently) so right now all I can do is sit and rot with my thoughts And I CANNOT stop thinking about DPD. So I thought, hey, while im waiting, lets get other opinions.
I can't tell if this is the missing puzzle piece, if this is what has been Wrong with me this whole time
I have diagnosed GAD and Autism. For the first 12 years of my life, I lived in a neglectful home. Dad (who is also autistic and socially awkward) is distant, mother was an alcoholic who spent her time passed out on the couch
I do not remember my childhood, those are the only facts I know. At 12 years old I was taken out of that house to live with my sister, who became my guardian. I lived there until I was 22.
My sister was both abusive and overly protective. Would get worried if I went out when it was dark or if I bought stuff she didnt know about, while also screaming in my face every day about how useless I am and how she hates living with me lol
I dont remember much of my teen years either, so I dont know when it started. But for as long as I can remember I've had this ingrained thought that I cannot care for myself, I need other people to care for me. If I were ever alone, I would die
It was pretty much drilled into my head for years too, by the people I lived with. I lived like a child until I was 22. Being talked down to, constantly ordered (not asked) to do chores, having my entire life dictated by my sister, having to ask to do things like go to the corner shop
Being autistic, and also nonverbal, and also 5'0 with a babyface, I went through school with everyone treating me like a 12 year old even at like, 17. At home I would also be treated like im mentally 12
I guess it got so drilled into my head that along the way I just accepted this. I believed I couldnt fend for myself if I didnt have my guardians, I believed I was lower than other people. I believed I was mentally 12. I was a doormat in that house, I would be screamed at for every little thing and I wouldnt say a word. For a whole decade, I lived like that
Whatever I wanted to do, Did Not Matter. What everyone else wanted me to do was what mattered. There was only obeying, no arguing
So here's what caused me to believe I may have DPD. I found someone online. We became friends, we talked every day. I developed a crush. She was very gentle and understanding when nobody else in my life was. She would make sure Im okay, she would reassure me its not my fault.
Whenever I accidentally hurt myself I would show her immediately, because she would comfort me and tell me how to look after the wounds
Little things like her showing me how to open an umbrella felt almost euphoric. Sometimes I felt the urge to purposefully dumb myself down, to pretend I didnt know things so other people would care for me and show me (Most of the time I just genuinely didnt know how to do said things lol, but I would sometimes take advantage and exaggerate)
I developed separation anxiety. I would get severely anxious whenever she was offline for long periods of time. I had a HUGE fear of abandonment (and I couldnt figure out where this came from, because nobody had abandoned me before) to the point where it was debilitating. I would ruminate on these thoughts of abandonment all day every day. She would have to reassure me she loves me and wouldn't leave a LOT. She didnt mind doing it. She has mental illnesses too, she understands
I was so clingy, she was all I could think about. I was open about my separation anxiety and clinginess.
I relied on her, the thought of losing her was my biggest fear. I fully believed I could not live without her.
She became what I jokingly called a "budget caretaker", and I panicked about this a lot even when she repeatedly reassured me she didn't mind.
Obviously, while she wasnt dependent on me like I was on her, the love wasnt one sided. If she was ever upset I would drop everything to listen and be there for her. I spent a LOT of money I worked hard to make from art on birthday gifts for her. I would send a good morning message every day and tell her how much I love her.
Everything I did, I did for her. She tells me she likes how I look in certain clothes, I get that stuck in my head and I will impulsively buy more, Just to take pictures in them to show her. I have to tell her everything, what Im doing at any moment, from eating to drawing to tidying. Everything I did was worthless if she wasnt there to witness it
Things like her off-handedly suggesting a get a desk for my room, and me months later being so excited to show her I followed her suggestions despite her probably not remembering she suggested it
She suggested food to buy that would be good for me, and I bought it just to show her I bought it, and I never ate it. If we disagreed on anything, I would panic. We usually have the same opinions on everything so in the rare case we didnt it felt like my world was ending. I would back down, seeing her opinion as more important, and I would immediately try to turn it into my opinion, changing my feelings on the topic to fit hers
I never once saw her get angry or upset with me, but it was one of my biggest fears
The anxiety attacks Id have over the thought of her leaving me left me miserable and suicidal. I hated being this way. I hated that she had to witness that. I hated that I always needed her to look after me.
This weird people pleaser attitude is something ive always had. I chalked it down to an inferiority complex, inherently seeing other people's opinions as worth more than mine. Or assuming everyone around me is smarter, and if I had a clashing opinion I was the black sheep and I had to change it to fit in
Changing opinions is something I can do easily, unless its something im VERY passionate about, or something that will Never be up for debate (abuse, bigotry, etc). I also chalked this up to me being gullible? Im not sure
It's a bit weird, because with this online friend it's the first time I'd ever felt equal to another human being. I didnt feel like she was above me, but also I would want her to look after me? In times of anxiety or distress I'd feel smaller and she would comfort me, and it made the distress worth it
Once I got bitten by my sisters dog and I genuinely didn't care because my sister was nice to me during that time when she . Did the bare minimum (stop yelling at me, take me to the doctors, be a little nice to me)
I left my sisters house, something I never thought I could do. I did it because my online friend would be proud of me. My separation anxiety worsened that day, because it was such an extreme event I could not be alone without feeling nauseous
The only reason I could leave was because I had my brother, who offered to let me live with him. And my brother immediately became someone who would take care of me. He takes me places I dont feel I can go myself, he takes on responsibilities like my bank account or signing me up for counselling, he makes sure I eat, etc
If I didnt have him, I would've never left my sister.
My online friend cut me off 2 and a half months ago (nothing I did, she cut all her friends off for mental health reasons) and it has been the worst months of my life. I have this constant desperation to get her back, I cannot see myself living a happy life without her. I know she's moved on from me. But I cannot. I feel like I need her. I sit here and wait every day like a lost puppy for her return I sometimes want to find someone else, but the thought of starting over and the thought of it not being her, who I loved with everything I had for over a year, deters me
A little while after she left I had arm and chest pain and fully believed I was having a heart attack (I wasnt). I wasnt anxious because I went to her DMs and told her this and her simply asking "are you ok" filled me with such euphoria that I did not care about The Situation
I can be alone as long as I know I'm not Alone alone. Like, I like being alone in my room as long as my brother is in the house in a different room. Or I can be alone in my room as long as I know that I can talk to people online whenever I want (I have other online friends, but we are not close)
I actually run a Discord server, but I rely on my mods to make decisions and changes, and allow them to do whatever they want. Its a small server and the only active members are friends who would never break the rules or argue, so its easier. But before it was chill like this there were some bumps in the road, where we had to ban some people and I panicked the whole time and just thanked God that my mods were with me because I couldnt handle it on my own
And sometimes I find myself thinking, can I post this in this channel? Is this weird to say? Is this allowed in this server? It never fully connects that its MY server that I OWN
I struggle to make decisions a lot. I'd get yelled at a lot because Id reply "I dont know" for everything and I'd let others decide for me. For example, with dinner. My guardians would make me dinner even at the age of 22, and Id share it with my 7 year old nephew. We lived like there were only a few years between us
OH i just remembered when I was 14 I allowed one of my biggest bullies to become my boyfriend because he became nicer to me and admitted he liked me LMAO
At 17 I had another bf, but I allowed him to bring another person into the relationship even when I didnt really know this person, and we were a poly relationship . I dont remember anything really, I dont remember how we fell apart
The relationship with the online friend I talked about was the very first time I felt wholeheartedly loved. The first time I felt empathy and unconditional love for another person.
For me, I HAVE to have people to talk to at all times. Romantic, platonic, I dont care. Me and this person, we didnt care about labels (well, I did at first, but she didnt, so therefore I didnt either) I need to feel loved and nurtured. I've learned I can get that with very close friendships and I yearn to to be close to people constantly. I need what I had with her back
Another thing ive noticed is that whenever Im alone I pretend people are watching me. I live life as if Im in a video and Im being watched, so therefore what im doing at that moment matters. I chat away to these nonexistent people , acting as if Im recording a video or Im live or something. And even THEN im a people pleaser!!!! I get worried that these nonexistent people will judge what they see on my screen, or will judge what im doing, and I justify it to myself so they wont think im weird
Obviously these people dont exist. There's no voices or anything, I know im not being watched. I know im talking to myself. Its so normal to me that I never considered it until now I also do this to show off hobbies. I love pretending people are watching videos with me of hobbies or interests nobody else would realistically ever give a shit about. Its nice.
I will never be independent. I cannot. The thought of living alone, existing without other people feels like looking in an alternate universe.
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2023.05.30 13:55 Batmench Crusadia Deck/Discussion

I like Orcust but i know a lot of people here hate it and how consistent it is at setting up a board with 3 backrow and destruction protection. So here's a Crusadia deck that so far for me in the WCS Qualifier event, has been beating a lot of Orcust decks and keeping up with their BS with its own BS.
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2023.05.30 13:55 adrenalinisan Lada 238 from Czechoslovakia

Lada 238 from Czechoslovakia
Latest addition to my collection, just back from a mechanic. Got it in terrible condition, after thorough cleaning/sanding/polishing/repainting some bits brought it to the mechanic for a complete rewiring, new compensation spring and needle position adjustment.
Its special features are 6 mm zig-zag and beautiful satin stitch - stitch length regulator has very granular marks in the range of 0 to 1 mm.
Was originally considering getting a much more advanced model (237, which has industrial-like shuttle and lots of decorative stitches), however it is linen chain belt driven, meaning once the belt is stretched the machine is broken beyond repair as spare ones are no longer available.
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2023.05.30 13:55 skinfintyderma 7 Areas to Treat with an Oxygen Facial for Rejuvenated Skin

Hey, skincare enthusiasts! Are you looking for a transformative treatment to rejuvenate your skin? Look no further than an oxygen facial! This innovative skincare technique can work wonders in revitalizing your complexion and giving you that healthy, radiant glow. Today, I want to share with you the 7 key areas that can be effectively treated with an oxygen facial. Let's dive in! Read More
  1. Forehead: Combat fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead with an oxygen facial. The infusion of oxygen and nourishing serums can promote collagen production, improving skin elasticity and giving you a more youthful appearance.
  2. Eyes: Say goodbye to puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines around your eyes. An oxygen facial increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and provides hydration, resulting in a brighter, more awake look.
  3. Cheeks: The cheeks often show signs of sun damage, pigmentation, and loss of volume. With an oxygen facial, you can even out skin tone, restore radiance, and achieve a healthier glow. The infusion of serums targets specific concerns, such as hyperpigmentation or dullness.
  4. Nose: Tackle blackheads, enlarged pores, and oiliness on your nose with an oxygen facial. This treatment effectively unclogs pores, reduces blackheads, and regulates oil production, resulting in a smoother and more balanced complexion.
  5. Lips: Don't neglect your lips! An oxygen facial can hydrate and plump your lips, reducing the appearance of fine lines and making them look fuller and more youthful. Increased blood circulation can also enhance their natural color.
  6. Neck: Extend the benefits of an oxygen facial to your neck. Tighten and firm sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and restore a more youthful contour. Oxygen infusion and nutrient-rich serums improve elasticity and overall skin texture.
  7. Décolletage: The area between your neck and chest is prone to sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Treat your décolletage with an oxygen facial to stimulate collagen production, diminish wrinkles, fade sunspots, and achieve a smoother, more even complexion.
Now that you know the 7 areas that can be treated with an oxygen facial, it's time to explore this rejuvenating skincare experience. Consult with a skincare professional to tailor the treatment to your specific needs and enjoy the incredible results. Say hello to rejuvenated skin and embrace your natural radiance!
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2023.05.30 13:54 Snormax90 Can anyone identify these models? Friend found them in the loft - I thought they were citadel fantasy specials but I can’t find the models anywhere - may not even be citadel? Thanks!

Can anyone identify these models? Friend found them in the loft - I thought they were citadel fantasy specials but I can’t find the models anywhere - may not even be citadel? Thanks! submitted by Snormax90 to Warhammer [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 13:54 ibh08 Flickers in Peripheral Vision

Has anyone experienced flickers (for lack of a better word) in their peripheral vision, like a very quick dimming of vision, less than a second? It is super quick, like when a light bulb flickers off for a quick second. This has happened to me 4-5 times in the past six months. My vision doesn't go dark, it's more in my peripheral vision (both eyes), again it's a split second sensation. I've had two comprehensive eye exams (dilation, retina exam etc) with two different ophthalmologists/retina specialists, everything looks fine. They both said this type of vision sensations are typically migraine related, even when not accompanied by an actual headache.
I have to say I am hypervigilant about my vision (I had retinal tears repaired in both eyes 25 years ago), so sometimes I think I might be imagining these sensations, or that they might be something most people would not notice if they weren't burdened by fear of something happening to their eyes, like I am.
I am 48 and I've had occasional migraines in the past six years (tension headaches are more common for me), none in the last few months. I've had many classic ocular migraines in the past (with zigzag lights etc), for the past 20 years, but none in a while.
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2023.05.30 13:53 wwesn Two Missing Boys in Quinte West, Ontario - 15-year-old Brock and 14-year-old Damian

Two Missing Boys in Quinte West, Ontario - 15-year-old Brock and 14-year-old Damian submitted by wwesn to MissingPersonsCanada [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 13:52 _sambi Boy sneaks out of house every night to walk around by himself

All I remember is the book is about a boy around 10-13 possibly lives with just with his dad, he starts sneaking out of the house at night time to wonder around his town, I can’t remember the reason why ? details I remember are he put an alarm clock in a sock under his pillow to wake him a certain time every night so he can sneak out without waking his parent
Pretty sure at a certain point he tells another kid about what he is doing the they start some sort of club or pact to walk around at night together,
they end up getting caught because one of them gets stuck somewhere or they climb somewhere high and get stuck From memory the book is either in winter time or somewhere it snows Pretty sure the cover was a dark blue and had stars, it was a children’s fiction book aimed at the age range 10 to early teens
Sorry description is vague read this book over 10 years ago now
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2023.05.30 13:51 Mast_Banarasipaan Get Different variety of paan franchise Online

Get Different variety of paan franchise Online
We, as a brand, are delighted to be connected to our consumers by introducing the unique concept of bringing up Banarsi Paan in India. Mast Banarsi Paan has become a legacy brand over the years and has established itself as a trusted and unique paan among customers. We provide more than 100 flavours of paan made with real and raw ingredients.
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2023.05.30 13:51 ShadesOfRomeo How much does it cost an Instagram model to make a living on social media (like money from ads)? How do they afford their lifestyle?

How much does it cost an Instagram model to make a living on social media (like money from ads)? How do they afford their lifestyle?
The cost and income associated with being an Instagram model can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the individual's level of influence, engagement with their audience, brand collaborations, and other revenue streams they may have. It's important to note that the information provided here is a general overview, and specific figures can vary widely.

Droll Pics - Sell your Selfies
  1. Brand Collaborations: Many Instagram models earn income through brand collaborations and sponsored posts. Brands pay models to promote their products or services to their followers. The amount an Instagram model can earn per sponsored post depends on their following, engagement rate, niche, and negotiating power. Fees can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand per post, depending on these factors.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Instagram models often utilize affiliate marketing, where they earn a commission for promoting products and driving sales through their unique affiliate links. They may partner with brands or affiliate networks to generate income based on the sales generated through their promotions.
  3. Ad Revenue: If an Instagram model has a substantial following, they might be eligible to monetize their content through features like Instagram's "Creator Studio" or by linking their Instagram account to YouTube, where they can earn ad revenue from their content. However, it's worth noting that this revenue source typically requires a large and engaged audience to generate significant income.
  4. Product Sales: Some Instagram models create and sell their own merchandise, such as clothing, accessories, or digital products. By leveraging their personal brand and audience, they can generate revenue directly from their product sales.
  5. Personal Brand Partnerships: Instagram models can extend their personal brand beyond social media by collaborating with companies to create their own product lines or become ambassadors for certain brands. These partnerships can provide additional sources of income.
Regarding how Instagram models afford their lifestyles, it can vary depending on their income, personal financial decisions, and cost of living. Some models may use their earnings to support their lifestyle, while others may invest a portion of their income for long-term financial stability. It's important to note that not all Instagram models necessarily have lavish lifestyles, as financial decisions and priorities can differ significantly from person to person.
It's worth mentioning that building a successful career as an Instagram model requires consistent effort, creating high-quality content, engaging with followers, and staying relevant in a competitive landscape. Additionally, it's advisable for individuals to diversify their income sources and develop a business mindset to sustain their social media career in the long term.
Droll Pics - Sell your selfies and get cash for your photos
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