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A place for hamster owners to show off their photogenic hamsters! If you think your hamster could be in Hamster Vogue, then this is the place for you!

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This sub is dedicated to hamsters and their humans

2023.06.04 08:52 sirmilquetoast My Russian dwarf is still skittish after 6 weeks of having her - any tips to help her “get out of her cage”? haha

Hi! So I’ve had Scaphism (Scaph for short) for 6 weeks and she is the cutest!! She eats and drinks just fine, and she will even take treats from my hand! But I only ever see her about 2-3 times a day for about 15-20 seconds (just enough time to get food and water) before she burrows back into her nest): she has toys, a wheel, sprays, and other enrichment but will not touch them! I’ve only ever seen her on her wheel 4 times since I’ve gotten her, and only for a max of 10-15 seconds. I know hamsters are nocturnal, but I am often up into the wee hours of the morning and still do not see her. Any advice to help her stop hiding? She does not run away when she sees me, and will occasionally take a treat from my hand. Lastly, I do have 3 rats in a cage on the other side of my room, so maybe the sounds of the rats scare her? Thank you so much for all of your help!!!
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2023.06.04 01:37 brioIy stinky hamster

stinky hamster
my hamster is a big chunky dude, he drinks and pees a lot and his cage can become stinky really quickly. is there any ways to reduce this or is all I can do is just continue to spot clean his bathroom area every few day?
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2023.06.03 23:40 lavendergirl99 Questions

Can anyone give me diy c&c cage ideas? I'm looking to build one with a lid as I have cats and a dog I found this would this make a good C&C or no its plastic
Limited-time deal: C&AHOME Cube Storage Organizer, 16-Cube Shelves Units, Closet Cabinet, DIY Plastic Modular Book Shelf, Ideal for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, 48.4" L × 12.4" W × 48.4" H Transparent White
The other post cause it has pic
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2023.06.03 18:33 ShokaLGBT Qui se rappelle des jeux d’élevages sur navigateur comme Cromimi ? Pourquoi ils ne sont plus du tout populaire ?

Qui se rappelle des jeux d’élevages sur navigateur comme Cromimi ? Pourquoi ils ne sont plus du tout populaire ?
Cromimi existe encore mais juste le nouvel interface super bof et y’a bien moins de gens qui y joue qu’à l‘époque. J’ai l’impression que tous les jeux Pc sur navigateurs ont perdu leur popularité et y’en a plus vraiment de nouveau et je trouve ça dommage.
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2023.06.03 16:53 GroundbreakingEar438 Need help building a diy hamster enclosure

I have just recently got a Syrian hamster and it is living in a 40 gallon tank. I am worried that it isn’t big enough and I am looking online for tutorials on how to make a diy enclosure. I can get the supplies from Home Depot so if anyone has a tutorial or tips for building an enclosure please let me know!
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2023.06.03 11:42 Latter_Competition27 How to get my hamster to be active?

My male hybrid dwarf of 3 month never uses his 11 inches / 28 cm wooden wheel (i know this for sure as i have a monitoring camera, and the wheel is functioning as it should), and does not like beeing out of this enclosure, hence to free roam (always starts looking towards his enclosure, doesn't accept treats if taken out, no signs of boredom when inside). He weights 50 grams already.
I scatter feed him 1 tbs hamser mix from Jr Farm mixed w/ dryed worms every other day, plus dwarf safe veggies twice a week. As a treat he usually gets pea flakes, walnuts, rice puffs, pumkin seeds (any suggestion on helthier treats?). He got sprays, fruit tree braches and tiny toothbrush wheemzes (gets a new when done w/ previous) he chews on always available. I also sprinkle some herbs weekly.
His enclosure ( holds 7 inches / 20 cm of Uber paper bedding. The floorspace is the bare minimum, if not under, but that's all i can do for now. He has a multichamber hide, a pool of Trixie reptile sand that he never uses as a toilet (another issue, leaving soiled bedding is not helping), only as a bath/digging. As well as a volcanic lava stone crumbs substrate digg box where i hide some food mix.
He def knows how to use the wheel, as he sometimes gets on it by accident, runs for 3 seconds, and gets out. I give him treats whenever i spot him on the wheel. I also leave some foods there for him to at least get on it, to get more used to it. His only activity is creating his borrow arround once a week after spot cleaning (since he is peeing "underground"), sometimes digging in the sand and searching for food arround the cage.
I had dwarfs before as a kid, and their conditions were not the greatest, to say the least, but the wheel was used all night long. I really want his weight to stay stable. Any thoughts or suggestions on training, diet, etc.? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 09:28 BrownTown427 Booking Asuka's Current Raw Women's Title Reign

At Royal Rumble 2023, Asuka returned after a brief hiatus, sporting a deranged look reminiscent of her days as Kana. And since that point, the Empress of Tomorrow has solidified her powerful aura, winning the Elimination Chamber match and avenging her disappointing loss to Bianca at WrestleMania 39 by dethroning the EST at Night Of Champions. And while Asuka has been Raw Women’s Champion before, this time feels…different…
Monday Night Raw (5/29/23):
Following Night of Champions with the crowning of Asuka, it would appear the landscape of the women’s division has changed. While some individuals are surely eager to go after singles gold, this isn’t initially the case for the Way. In a backstage interview with Byron Saxton, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell express their desire to go after the Women’s Tag Team Titles, only to be interrupted by the lunatic duo of Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville. Deville tries to get under the skin of the pairing, particularly LeRae, mocking her struggles to get victories as of late. However, Candice retorts that Sonya and Chelsea haven’t done anything either, their only actual success as a duo being making Adam Pearce question his own sanity. After a few more moments of bickering, Green tries to slap LeRae, but Hartwell blocks it for her, shoving Chelsea to the ground. Sonya shoves Indi back, and Candice in-turn attacks Deville, forcing several officials to have to separate things.
This results in a singles match later in the evening between Deville and LeRae, with Sonya trying to make an example out of the “Poison Pixie”. It’s a fairly back-and-forth encounter, with LeRae starting the match off hot, but Sonya is able to adapt, using her MMA background to her advantage with increasingly strong shots. However, as Sonya gains control, her emotions also start to fluctuate a bit. Rather than just go for the win at points, she decides to inflict further damage, regularly targeting the right arm in particular with a combination of stomps and armbars. However, the turning point of the match comes when Deville kneels down, once again looking to apply some type of submission hold…only for LeRae to transition it into the Garga-No Escape! While Sonya doesn’t submit, it gives her enough breathing room to mount a comeback, eventually hitting her signature springboard moonsault to finish things.
Candice LeRae def. Sonya Deville via pinfall
After the match, Candice and Indi take a moment to celebrate the win…BUT HERE COMES ASUKA! The Raw Women’s Champion is in the building, and she looks as maniacal as ever. She makes her way towards LeRae…and offers a handshake? Candice is definitely hesitant to accept, and for good reason, as when she starts moving her hand out…ASUKA HITS HER WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Indi tries to avenge her downed partner, but Asuka takes her out with a spinning backfist. The Empress moves back towards LeRae, staring at the injured right arm…AND SHE APPLIES A VICIOUS ARMBAR, SNAPPING IT IN THE PROCESS! Asuka eventually lets go, with Johnny Gargano and a medical official coming out to tend to LeRae while Adam Pearce wants to know what’s wrong with Asuka…to which she merely replies with a sinister smile…
Monday Night Raw (6/5/23):
About half-way through the show, Johnny Gargano comes to the ring, ready to give an update on his wife Candice LeRae. He says that while LeRae is unable to compete, it’s only for a short period of time, and the fracture to her arm was small enough as to where she won’t require surgery. However, Gargano also says that LeRae wanted him to pass along a message…which is why he’s calling out Asuka to the ring! On cue, the Empress comes out, looking at Johnny Wrestling with a curious look. Gargano says that once upon a time, he and his wife both had respect for Asuka’s accomplishments, especially her record-setting run in NXT. However, with the actions of last week, they no longer have those sentiments, and when LeRae returns from this set-back, she’s challenging you for that Raw Women’s Title! As Gargano says this, Asuka just begins giving a deranged laugh. No one in the arena knows what to make of this…until Asuka picks up a mic…to simply say…bye bye…
As Asuka makes her way to the ring apron, Gargano is left staring in confusion at what transpired…but suddenly, the lights go out! When they turn back on…a trio of masked men are destroying Johnny Wrestling! He tries to fight back, but he’s just overpowered, and left to be stomped on as Asuka just watches on from ringside, enjoying the carnage. The biggest of the three hits Gargano with a top rope splash, before what appears to be the leader hits…a wheelbarrow neckbreaker. As the individual hits this, Asuka comes back into the ring, standing alongside the figures. She whispers something to them, and they move their hand to the top of the masks, pulling them off to reveal…IT’S SAnitY! Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain are all back in WWE, and it appears they’ve aligned themselves with the Empress of Tomorrow. But the question left to be answered… Where is Nikki Cross in all of this?
Monday Night Raw (6/12/23):
In a backstage segment early in the show, the camera shows Nikki Cross backstage, alone and looking down, drowning in her own crazed thoughts…until Eric Young enters the shot. Cross raises her head, looking expressionless while a smile slowly creeps across the face of Young. He asks her…
“Won’t you join us?”
However, before Nikki can answer…HERE COMES JOHNNY GARGANO! He dives at Eric, looking to get revenge on one of the men who decimated him the week prior. He’s successful initially, but soon enough, Wolfe and Dain rush in, prying Johnny off Young and starting to beat him down. Luckily for Gargano, he came prepared, as he too has backup in the form of Dexter Lumis! SAnitY backs off as Dexter comes in with a steel chair, but not before Young mouths the words…This isn’t over…
Monday Night Raw (6/19/23): Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis vs. Eric Young and Killian Dain
With the tensions continuing to rise between the Way and SAnitY, it was inevitable they’d have to square off at some point, and Adam Pearce decides to see if a tag match can resolve this. The match starts off with Gargano and Young, Johnny Wrestling anxious to annihilate him while Young is more amused than scared. Johnny is able to get the upper hand initially, a superkick giving him the brief opportunity to then apply a Garga-No Escape. However, Killian Dain breaks up the hold by just hitting a Senton on Gargano’s back, a tactical maneuver to give Young the chance to gain control. However, Lumis enters the ring as well, grabbing Dain and trying to set him up for a side slam. However, Killian avoids it, and the pair move to the outside of the ring to brawl. By the end of the match, Gargano is weakened, but he’s still got the power of adrenaline on his side. He’s able to tag in for Lumis, getting in a flurry of offense against the big man Dain, including a pair of superkicks to knock him off his feet. However, as he goes for the One Final Beat, Young grabs his foot by the ring apron, preventing him from springboarding into the ring. Gargano’s able to kick him away, but when Johnny does go for the maneuver, Dain catches him, planting him in the center of the ring. He follows up on it with a splash from the top rope, with Young tagging in as he does so. And with Killian shoving Lumis off the apron, Young is able to hit the Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker to finish the match.
SAnitY def. Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis
After the match, Asuka makes her way to the ring, standing alongside SAnitY once again. She looks at the downed Gargano, now with a disgusted look on her face rather than an evil grin. She turns to Young, who nods and motions for Dain and Wolfe to pick Johnny up. But right before Asuka can seemingly hit him with the Mist…Here comes Nikki Cross! She rushes to the ring, sliding in and looking right at Asuka as she does so. Young walks up to her, asking her the question…
“Are you with us, Nikki?”
Cross stares at Young for a moment…then to Wolfe…then to Dain…then to Asuka. It’s to the Raw Women’s Champion that she gives the longest stare, Nikki’s eyes slowly growing wider and her expression becoming more intense. And with that, she mutters just a few words…
“You hurt my friends…she hurt my best friend… now she will pay.”
And with that, Cross dives onto Asuka, unleashing a flurry of strikes and catching everyone in the ring by surprise. However, Young pries Nikki off of the Empress, to which Cross responds by starting to attack him! However, it’s short lived, as Asuka runs up behind Nikki and drops her with a roundhouse kick. She quickly gets her locked in a crossface chickenwing as well, Nikki unable to escape and ultimately passing out. Before she fades, she’s left to only see the disappointed looks on the face of the SAnitY members…”You made the wrong choice Nikki”. But the attention soon shifts back to Gargano and Lumis now. They’ve slowly risen to their feet, and Gargano, looking directly at Young, demands another fight! Young sighs, seemingly bored at the prospect of SAnitY having to dismantle those two again…but it shall be done. However, before they can move in for the kill, we suddenly hear crashes echo throughout the arena. They happen for a few seconds, before the lights dim slightly. An unfamiliar melodic theme starts playing, sounding slightly reminiscent of that of a final boss, but as the lights turn back on, it changes back into the more recognizable song…
NO ONE WILL SURVIVE! IT’S TOMMASO CIAMPA! After being on the shelf for months, he’s finally back, and as he gets into the ring, he looks at Johnny Gargano…there’s no shortage of history here. And while there’s a momentary tension as to what he’s gonna do, he sides with his former DIY partner, making it a more fair fight! Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the chance to lay into any of SAnitY, as they decide to make their exit, already having made a statement with the victory and assault on Asuka, nothing more needed to be done…tonight, at least.
Monday Night Raw (6/26/23): Indi Hartwell vs. Asuka - Non-Title Match
In her first match since beating Bianca at Night of Champions, Asuka looks to prove why she’s the champion. She starts off the match well, not letting Indi get any momentum by just rocking her with a series of kicks to the chest. After dragging Hartwell to the outside, Asuka begins going after the arm, slamming it several times into the ring post before deciding to inflict some pain to the skull with a tiger suplex. This momentarily causes the ref to check on her, potentially looking to end the match…but Asuka isn’t willing to let that happen. She gets Indi back in the ring, lining her up for a running hip attack…BUT HARTWELL TRANSITIONS IT INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! Despite having just been on the ropes, Indi managed to use what she had left in the tank to take down Asuka, and as she gets to her feet, she feels the crowd surging behind her. She starts taking it to the Empress, getting her backed into the corner and landing a few solid chops. However, she gets a bit overzealous, trying to get Asuka on the top rope for a potential suplex attempt, only for the former Kana to kick her away and land a knee directly to the back of Indi’s neck. And with that, Asuka remains in the power position, eventually locking on the same Armbar that injured Candice LeRae and forcing Hartwell to tap or get snapped.
Asuka def. Indi Hartwell via submission
But before Asuka really has a chance to even get up…HERE COMES NIKKI CROSS! She runs out with a kendo stick, furious as to what transpired the week prior, and gets in a few shots on Asuka before Alexander Wolfe attempts to pry the weapon away. In response, Nikki shoves it into his gut, before hitting him with a swinging neckbreaker and sending a message to Asuka that she’s just as much of a force to be reckoned with. And it’s later announced that this match has been declared official for Money In the Bank: let’s see if these two dangerous competitors can live up to their classic from NXT…
Money In The Bank (7/1/23): Nikki Cross vs. Asuka (c) - Raw Women’s Championship
Despite not having a stipulation like their Last Woman Standing Match in 2017, the match is still intense from start-to-finish. Cross runs at Asuka immediately, getting in some shots with the elbow to the side of the face. Asuka is forced to a sitting position, allowing Nikki to gather some steam from running along the ropes before landing a kick to Asuka’s jaw! Unfortunately for Cross, her frenzied nature ends up backfiring, as when the action shifts to the outside, Asuka dodges a running attack and sends Nikki nearly head first into the barricade! With Nikki instinctively grabbing her head after the missed maneuver, Asuka sees what to target, dragging Cross to the ring apron and repeatedly crushing her skull into the ring post. And as the action shifts back into the ring, it’s just more of the same, Asuka being momentarily hit by mini-bursts of offense, but the damage inflicted on the skull clearly affecting her. This is evidenced when Cross has Asuka lined up for the swinging neckbreaker, potentially able to get her the win…only to collapse before she can properly hit it. With that, Asuka is able to apply the Asuka Lock, and as happened a couple of weeks ago, Cross passes out in the hold.
Asuka def. Nikki Cross via submission pass-out to retain the Raw Women’s Championship
On the Raw after Money in the Bank, Candice LeRae would make her return from injury, calling out Asuka for a match…only to learn she isn’t in the building. But she decides to still issue a challenge, saying that while she wanted the Raw Women’s Title initially…now it’s about more than that. Asuka took out Candice’s friends and family, and left her away from the ring for too long…now, she wants to beat Asuka for vengeance first, gold later. And later on, it’s confirmed that the match will be taking place when Asuka returns…except it’ll be for the title as well! Pearce claims that the decision is due to Asuka’s recent actions, as after all, letting someone try to break someone’s limb after a match with no repercussions is a pretty bad look. But while this choice of action would normally upset some superstars…it might just put a smile on Asuka’s face…
Monday Night Raw (7/10/23): Candice LeRae vs. Asuka
Before making her entrance, Candice LeRae gets herself prepared with the rest of the Way, with Nikki Cross sitting in a corner nearby as well. Indi tells her to be cautious…Asuka’s a very dangerous competitor. LeRae of course knows this, but she’s caught off-guard by some words of wisdom from Nikki several feet away:
“Destroy her.”
Candice looks at Nikki, who’s staring back at her with something in her eyes…A look of needing something… wanting Candice to kill the Empress. LeRae nods, and she heads out to the ring, more confident than ever…And she truly gives it her all. LeRae’s strategy is simple: prevent Asuka from using her signature kicks. And for most of the match, she executes on her plan, moving herself back whenever she senses a roundhouse coming and catching Asuka off-balance. However, this was never going to last, and once Asuka lands a kick to the gut, she’s able to gather steam. And while this doesn’t finish LeRae, the “Poison Pixie” even managing to hit a springboard moonsault AND lock in a Garga-No Escape at various points, Asuka eventually locks in an Armbar on the previously-injured limb that Candice can’t overcome.
Asuka def. Candice LeRae via submission to retain the Raw Women’s Championship
After the match, the rest of the Way comes out, helping Candice to her feet. As they do so, Asuka stares at them, and then begins…counting them? The Way and the commentary team are confused, but as Asuka only counts four people…a maniacal expression overtakes her. She starts walking quickly to the back, and a few moments later, it becomes clear what her intentions were…
As the Way walks backstage, they’re horrified to discover a brutalized Nikki Cross! They rush over to her, asking who did this…and to no one’s surprise, she says it was Asuka. However, it soon becomes clear to Gargano…Ciampa might be next! While Indi and Candice stay with Nikki, Johnny (and Dexter to a lesser extent) start rushing through the halls, trying to get to the right locker room…but it’s too late, as SAnitY and Asuka are seen moving away from it! While Lumis stands guard, Gargano rushes inside, and finds Ciampa not just taken out…but also sprayed by Asuka’s mist! Johnny rushes over, giving Tommaso a towel, but as Tommaso wipes the mist off his face…there appears to be a dark look in his eyes, something not seen in him since when he destroyed DIY…
Remaining Build To SummerSlam:
While Ciampa, Gargano, and Lumis keep their attention towards SAnitY for a bit, Asuka shifts away from LeRae, Hartwell, and Cross, having beaten all three after all. With an open mic, she begins giving one of her standard energetic promos, seemingly wanting to know who her next challenger is gonna be…even though no one is ready for Asuka. It’s not long before someone interrupts though…and it’s someone who Asuka has grown familiar with in 2023…It’s Bianca Belair! The EST remained off television for several weeks following Night of Champions, but now, she’s back and angrier than ever. Bianca grabs the mic straight out of Asuka’s hand, and cuts a quick promo:
“Asuka… you say no one’s ready for you. But you’re wrong… because I’ve ALWAYS been ready for you. I proved that at WrestleMania 39, when I beat you clean in the center of this ring. And what did you do? You had to use that mist, that cursed, blinding mist. And you know what? Congratulations, it got you the title, but not for long. Because I say we have ONE MORE MATCH. But I think it’s time to have a match where no excuses can be made, and there are no rules to be broken. Asuka… At SummerSlam…I challenge you to HELL… IN A CELL!”
The crowd are clearly in favor of this stipulation…And it appears Asuka is too! She starts nodding repeatedly, and Bianca just stares on with a prepared look, perhaps fazed in the past by Asuka’s personality traits but now just ready to finally vanquish her and get the Raw Women’s Title back in her possession. In the remaining weeks, Bianca competes multiple times, getting the ring rust off with multiple victories, while Asuka is content with sitting at ringside for both contests…studying her competition…
SummerSlam (8/5/23): Bianca Belair vs. Asuka (c) - Hell in a Cell Match for the Raw Women’s Championship
We’ve finally made it to the Biggest Party of the Summer, and what better of a place to host it than in Detroit at Ford Field (definitely no bias as a Lions fan)! Once both Asuka and Belair are locked in the cage, the match starts at a feverish place, Bianca hitting a strong shoulder tackle only for Asuka to respond with a spinning backfist a few moments later! As the dust settles on the first fifteen seconds, the competitors look at each other, giving a momentary smirk and scoff apiece before continuing with the action. Bianca showcases her power, getting the Empress lifted in the Gorilla Press position and just hurling her at the cell wall! The several-foot fall to the floor certainly adds to the blow, and Bianca continues the assault outside the ring, slamming Asuka’s head repeatedly into the cage! However, she decides to look under the ring for a weapon, a table quickly catching her eye. She pushes it into the ring, but makes the mistake of turning her back to Asuka while doing so, the former Kana grabbing her from behind and hitting a Tiger Suplex onto the floor!
With Asuka now the lone woman standing, she follows up Bianca’s decision to look under the ring, pulling out a kendo stick. She feels it around in her grasp, getting a good feel for the damage she’s about to inflict. Once Bianca groggily gets to her feet, Asuka just decimates her back, hitting the stick ten times in immediate succession! However, Bianca’s able to dodge an eleventh shot targeted towards the throat, pulling the kendo stick to her and snapping it in half! Asuka looks briefly stunned, but not before she gives a condescending set of claps. In response, Belair grabs her, picking her up for a powerbomb and sending Asuka’s back to connect with the ring apron! Bianca then drags Asuka into the ring, proceeding to set up a table and initially primed to hit a K.O.D. through it. However, Asuka grabs Bianca’s hair, weakening her grip momentarily and presenting an opportunity to escape. Upon doing so, Asuka roundhouse kicks Belair, before getting her positioned on the table, climbing to the top rope…AND HITS A SPLASH ON BIANCA RIGHT THROUGH IT! 1-2-KICKOUT!
Despite the table spot being unable to put away Bianca, Asuka appears unfazed. She exits the ring, bringing a pair of steel steps back into the squared circle. Asuka picks Belair up, seemingly trying to hit a brainbuster on it…But Belair dodges, landing backwards on the steps before turning around and hitting a mini-elevated Spear! This leaves both women down for a few moments, but Bianca rises to her feet first. She gets in some of her signature offense, including a spinebuster on the steel steps! However, her attempt at a K.O.D. on the steps doesn’t work in her favor, with Asuka once again avoiding it. And unfortunately for Belair, Asuka is able to hit her with a suplex on the steps, this being the key factor for the rest of the match-up. With Bianca’s power lessened a bit AND Asuka’s submission hold targeting the back, she faces a tall task, and is ultimately unable to overcome it, the Asuka Lock resulting in a pass-out.
Asuka def. Bianca Belair via submission pass-out to retain the Raw Women’s Championship
After an impressive victory at SummerSlam, Asuka has definitely proven that she’s going to be difficult to beat. But soon enough, she finds herself confronted by a potentially harmful numbers game…
Monday Night Raw (8/7/23): Damage CTRL Promo
Despite recent events not going so well for Damage CTRL, with Dakota Kai tearing her ACL and neither Iyo Sky nor Bayley able to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase, they’re still determined to get momentum back on their side. Bayley makes the bold decision to call out Asuka, saying that if she were actually a fighting champion, she’d consider accepting a match for the title. Asuka comes out, grinning at Bayley trying to goad her into a title opportunity. Asuka looks at Bayley as just another poor soul to be destroyed, but Iyo…Iyo has potential. Asuka even tells Sky…”Bayley isn’t your friend…but I am…”
This seems to get in Iyo’s head, as she begins looking questioningly at Bayley, who attempts to diffuse the situation by just pointing out Asuka being a freak who gets in people’s heads. In response, Asuka kicks Bayley square in the gut, and when Iyo instinctively goes to fight, Asuka shakes her head…I don’t want to fight you… You don’t need to be part of this…
Remaining Build To Extreme Rules:
Over the coming weeks, Bayley becomes a little more sympathetic, her intentions appearing less out of pure arrogance and more about striving to win championship gold back and improve her honor. She goes on a winning streak, but when confronting Adam Pearce about getting a confirmed title shot, he says there’s one more person she has to beat…Iyo Sky.
At this same time, Iyo looks perturbed whenever she’s on television, still at Bayley’s side but signs pointing to her being less convinced than when Damage CTRL began. And after Bayley does defeat Iyo to earn the #1 Contendership, Sky is just left sitting in the ring, staring down at the mat whilst utterly disappointed. Bayley offers her a handshake, but Asuka stands at ringside, motioning her to come roll out of the ring and stand tall with her. In response, Iyo moves in neither woman’s direction, rolling out to the entrance ramp and walking away alone, uncertain of what her future holds.
But with Extreme Rules approaching, there must also be a stipulation, and after a set of assaults from Asuka leave Bayley staring at the lights, Bayley decides it’s in both of their best interest to settle on…A Last Woman Standing Match! Asuka can try to keep putting her down, but she’s gotten back up each time, and come the PPV…The reign of the Empress will be history.
Extreme Rules: Bayley vs. Asuka (c) - Last Woman Standing Match for the Raw Women’s Championship
In a rematch of their TakeOver: Dallas encounter, the feel of the match is similar to what it was several years ago. Bayley, despite having been around in WWE longer, is the underdog, looking to prove herself against a terrorizing monster who we’re unsure can truly be beaten. The action quickly spills out of the ring, with Bayley even managing to hit a quick Bayley-To-Belly Suplex. Unfortunately, Asuka gets up before even a count of 5, disturbing Bayley. The action spills into the crowd for a while, with Asuka suplexing Bayley on the staircase and the former “Hugger” sent tumbling down for a solid five seconds. But eventually, Bayley recaptures the momentum, finding a trash can with weapons and using a kendo stick to start wailing on Asuka. And as the action approaches a set-up table, Bayley is able to not just prop her up on it, but successfully hit an Elbow Drop from a ledge through it as well! Bayley gets up at a count of three, and while Asuka is left stunned by the move, she recovers at a count of 8, continuing the match-up.
From there, the match spills back closer to the ring, with Bayley putting Asuka in the ring before grabbing a table. She sets it up, but Asuka manages to recover in time to avoid a Bayley-To-Belly through it, instead tossing Bayley to the side momentarily before going at her with a running hip attack. Asuka keeps control for a bit, but as she looks to put Bayley through the table…Here comes Iyo Sky! She slowly walks to the ring, not attacking Asuka initially, but giving Bayley enough time to send Asuka off the top rope and to the floor. However, with the action back on the outside, Asuka looks to be a bit desperate, using her signature Mist to blind Bayley! After this happens, Iyo rushes over to Bayley to try and help…But Bayley shoves her down hard to the floor, thinking it was Asuka! Meanwhile, the real Asuka appears behind Bayley, dragging her back into the ring. Asuka decides to lock on the crossface chickenwing, attempting to pass out Bayley, but this seems to only increase the fire in her spirit, Bayley able to back her into a corner to break the hold. Bayley rubs her eyes, improving her vision, and she drags Asuka to the table, seemingly able to hit the Bayley-To-Belly through the table this time…
BUT IYO HITS BAYLEY IN THE BACK WITH A STEEL CHAIR FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Bayley falls to her knees, slowly turning around with a look of heartbreak and pain on her face. Iyo returns the look with an icy cold stare, before Asuka pops-up behind Bayley, applying the Asuka Lock to pass the former “Role Model” out. But given this requires a ten count for Bayley to be down, and Asuka wanting to see what Iyo can do…she motions to the table. Iyo nods, getting Bayley set-up, climbing to the top rope, and hitting a Moonsault, crushing Bayley’s ribs, her friendship, and her hopes of winning the match in one fell swoop.
Asuka def. Bayley via KO to retain the Raw Women’s Championship
After the match, Sky raises Asuka’s hand, signifying the start of an absolutely lethal new duo in WWE…
With Iyo Sky now having made her allegiance clear, Asuka would appear set-up to remain dominating moving forward. However, the enemies she’s made over the past several months aren’t so quick to forget what transpired, which could potentially create problems…
Build To Survivor Series:
Despite having already made an impact to this point, Asuka and Iyo Sky aren’t just going to put away challengers…it’s time to take out everyone. After a singles win on Raw, Becky Lynch would be blindsided by Iyo, being laid out with several shots of the Steel Chair before a Moonsault to cap things off. The following week, Bayley expresses her dismay at being left alone, to which Asuka and Iyo interrupt, immediately kickstarting a brawl that would seem to favor them once again…Until out comes Becky Lynch! Despite having been bitter rivals earlier in the year, Becky makes the save for Bayley, the pair nodding at each other afterwards to signify a slight respect…We don’t have to like each other… but there’s a bigger threat to be stopped…
But soon enough, this action spills past just being a two-on-two situation. Zoey Stark, the former tag team partner of Iyo Sky in NXT, decides that Becky didn’t suffer enough during their rivalry after helping Trish at Night of Champions, and that it’s worth it for these veterans like her and Bayley to be ousted. Along with that, Asuka’s power and general craziness draws the interest of the Unholy Union known as Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, the pair pledging loyalty to The Empress and perfectly willing to destroy Becky and Bayley. However, there are several other competitors backstage sick of seeing Asuka gaining an army, with Bianca Belair and the Way coming to the save to help even the odds. And of course, after a brawl featuring all of these competitors, William Regal comes out briefly to make his patented announcement:
To determine which team gets the advantage leading into Survivor Series, we get ourselves a strong match in Iyo Sky vs. Becky Lynch, really the catalyst of what’s led into a two-on-one situation into an upcoming 5v5 match inside a destructive steel structure. Becky more than holds their own, but Iyo Sky shines even brighter, a cheap shot by Stark eventually allowing Iyo to hit the Moonsault and give the “heels” the advantage.
Survivor Series: Bianca Belair, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, and Candice LeRae vs. Asuka, Iyo Sky, Zoey Stark, Alba Fyre, and Isla Dawn - War Games Match
Kicking off the match is Zoey Stark and Becky Lynch, with Becky initially successful in getting Zoey downed, but Isla Dawn coming in presents a problem. She’s initially able to hold her off, but a chop block by Zoey Stark and a subsequent attack of the leg leaves Becky in a rough spot. She’s able to get some assistance, with Nikki Cross coming in with a trash can lid and just whacking Zoey and Isla around with ease. However, Alba Fyre is next to come out, and upon seeing Cross staring her down from inside the cage, she grabs a kendo stick, ready to defend herself. While Nikki initially gets the advantage, Stark and Dawn are able to pull Nikki back, sending her into the steel cage repeatedly. Bianca coming in next is a game changer however, the EST taking control of the match-up and getting a slight breather while awaiting the fourth competitor…which is Asuka!
But as the rest of the field comes in, with Asuka being the last entrant for her team and Bayley for the opposite side, the action starts to get more and more intense. With all of the competitors brawling in one ring, Iyo sees the chance to hit a Moonsault from the top of the cage, wiping out everybody (including herself)! However, a table being brought into the mix benefits the bayfaces, Bayley hitting Fyre with a Bayley-To-Belly through it (she finally got to hit it… just not on Asuka). However, the ending sequence comes down to Asuka and Iyo on their feet against Bayley and Becky, back where it essentially first started…AND IT ENDS WITH IO HITTING A MOONSAULT ON BAYLEY! 1-2-3!
Team Asuka def. Team Becky via pinfall
Just like that, Iyo Sky has once again proved her worth, defeating her former stablemate to win the match for her team and cementing herself as a force to be moving forward. And though a fairly small shot, we can see Asuka glance over at Iyo, a slight frown on her face for a moment before moving back to stand with the rest of her team. What could that mean…
Build To Royal Rumble:
Despite the result of the War Games Match, Becky Lynch isn’t through with either Asuka nor Iyo by a long shot. She fights off both of them over the coming weeks, along with picking up several singles victory, establishing herself as the next #1 Contender. And as Lynch points out, she and Asuka have history at Royal Rumble. Asuka beat her in singles action in 2019…before Lynch went on to win the Royal Rumble and headline Mania. But this isn’t about the Rumble match now…it’s time to put away the Empress.
As for Iyo, she also has a run of singles success, carrying a lot of momentum heading into the Royal Rumble Match. And soon, we learn that she requested training from one of the most respected female competitors in the locker room, a former NXT UK Champion…Meiko Satomura! While Satomura doesn’t intend to compete right away, she’s more than willing to help Iyo, with vignettes being shown of them together and Satomura even being at ringside for her matches. However, as this keeps happening, Asuka’s looks towards Iyo become more and more strained. Sky is abandoning me… after all I did for her… something’s going to change soon enough…
Royal Rumble: Becky Lynch vs. Asuka (c) - Raw Women’s Championship
Earlier in the night, Iyo Sky does indeed win the Royal Rumble match, punching her ticket to WrestleMania. This doesn’t seem to affect Asuka’s thoughts however, the Empress looking as ruthless and as calculated as ever en route to using an Armbar to submit Becky after a pretty back-and-forth encounter. And while Asuka proved herself the master of the Armbar between the pairing, Iyo Sky coming out with Meiko Satomura to acknowledge the title win seems to aggravate something in Asuka. Her grin has become a definite frown, and she stares an icy dagger through the pairing. Something isn’t right here…
Asuka def. Becky Lynch via submission to retain the Raw Women’s Title
Build To WrestleMania:
In a conversation between Meiko Satomura and Iyo Sky on an episode of Raw, Satomura asks if Sky would be willing to use her Rumble Victory position to challenge Asuka. Sky doesn’t look too convinced about doing that, which Satomura says is fine, but it’s advisable to weigh all her options. However, in the background, Asuka can be seen, carefully listening to the conversation.
A week later, Satomura addresses the WWE Universe. She’s made the announcement that she wants to have one last run before she retires, and wants to face some of the best names this women’s division has to offer…which is why she’s challenging Asuka for Elimination Chamber! Asuka comes out, her face paint being more red than usual…but while it looks like she’s having to contain herself, she shakes Satomura’s hand, seemingly paying respect to a legend.
Elimination Chamber: Meiko Satomura vs. Asuka (c) - Raw Women’s Championship
Unfortunately for Satomura, this retirement run of sorts looked to hit the ground before it could even get going. While she catches the Empress off guard at the beginning of the encounter, as time moves on, Asuka appears to be getting more and more angry. This comes to a boiling point when after one Tiger Suplex, Asuka hits another…then another…then another…then another! The ref pleads for Asuka to quit the assault, which she does…only to pull a Bryan Danielson and just start repeatedly kicking Satomura in the face! This goes on for disturbingly long, and when it’s become clear that Satomura is passed out, the ref calls for the bell, him having made the discretion for the match to end.
Asuka def. Meiko Satomura via ref stoppage
After the match, Iyo Sky rushes to the ring, checking on the woman who’s helped her out tremendously over the past couple of months. Asuka looks down at Iyo, a look of disgust on her face, before demanding to know who Sky is facing at WrestleMania. And it better be a specific answer…
The crowd roar in approval, Asuka somehow shocked initially…until a smile comes across her face. I’m not surprised you made that choice…but unfortunately, it’s the wrong’s a shame this has to happen Iyo…so much potential…
WrestleMania 40: Iyo Sky vs. Asuka (c) - Raw Women’s Championship
Despite that inner monologue running through Asuka’s head at Elimination Chamber, Sky proves why she’s not to be taken lightly. On the Grandest Stage of them All, Iyo just looks…better. Having been around Asuka for several months, she knows the mechanics of her offense, doing a good job at avoiding those signature kicks while also having the speed advantage. And at the end of the match, Sky proves herself superior over The Empress of Tomorrow, hitting the second Moonsault of the match to pin Asuka, and end a spectacular title run while opening a new chapter for another one.
Iyo Sky def. Asuka via pinfall to win the Raw Women’s Championship
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2023.06.03 09:12 Frownycatgirl Is it normal for a new hamster to want to escape?

Just got my very first hamster a few hours ago and he’s a long haired Syrian. He has lots of enrichment and He’s in a pretty big cage especially compared to the one he was living in at the pet store but he wants out so bad and I’m hoping it’s just cause he hasn’t gotten used to it.
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2023.06.03 07:49 Thick-Cod319 Are depressed hamsters a thing?

My first hamster is almost in complete contrast to this second one I got recently. This second one seems to sleep both at night and day, spending the majority of the time lying down in a corner and napping. it runs on the wheel for 5-10 minutes before quitting and lying in a corner staring into nothing. It's not curious about its surrounding, and seem to not care about anything, nothing seems to excite it. My first hamster in contrast, was hyperactive, highly curious, constantly trying to escape, climbing curtains and walls, exploring, running, going up and down the stairs, eating and drinking a lot, and even when it had 1-2 hours of playtime out of its cage, as soon as I put it back, it begins biting cage, monkey barring, constantly moving and looking in my direction to get my attention for me to let it out, and had tons and tons of energy to the point where I could not sleep at times to wake up for work tomorrow.
This second one I just don't understand at all, it doesn't seem ill, plus it's very new. One could argue it's unfamiliar with its new home, but my first one was already crazy hyperactive when it first arrived at a new home. I wonder if something happened to it at the petstore, it also was very reactive to noises, and my touch, very scared easily, runs away crazily and seem like it could be trauma. The first one had basically zero fear and greeted everyone, everyone touched it and it never got spooked, even met with our cat no problem. Thoughts? Could this just be personality?
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2023.06.03 05:12 mikeslilhammy Why do I feel so bad cleaning my hamsters cage

Like I know it’s best for him and everything but he looks so sad and anxious when I gently let him crawl onto my hand like normal then put him in hamster prison (tiny petco cage that I keep for cage cleans) and then all of his things are in slightly different spots and his stash of treats and snacks is gone he looks so betrayed and it like breaks his trust and he’s scared to go onto my hand for the next few days
I try to make it nice by giving him his favorite treats during cleanings and one time I tried to put him in the bathtub with a towel down and his toys and stuff but he just freaked out and almost escaped (plus I couldn’t keep a very good eye on him while I was actually cleaning in a different room because the bathroom is kinda small) I just want to make it a non-stressful experience for him ;-;.
Free roaming isn’t an option because of my cat who sees him as a chicken nugget (easy mistake to make for a cat) any ideas on how to help make it easier for him?
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2023.06.03 01:28 Gouldingz is something wrong with my hamster?

is something wrong with my hamster?
for the laast week my hamster hasn’t really come out of his house, not even at night. he usually would wake up around 9-11pm and be active on his wheel, biting his wooden toys, eating (he loves his treats) etc but recently he’s not come out of his house, he’ll only come out once for a drink then goes straight back inside to sleep, he hasn’t touched any of his favourite treats i’ve left out for him either. and when he does come out he climbs on the bars in the corner of the cage and stays there for about 3ish minutes. he also walks very slowly. (attached photo of him sitting in the corner) his fur recently has been looking sort of greasy? usually it looks very soft. (i attached a picture to kind of show what i mean) is this normal? i purchased him when he was 8 weeks old in september. is it just old age? or could it possibly be something else? i care about this little guy so much and i’d be devastated if he’s possibly ‘on his way out’ :( any help/tips would be great<3
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2023.06.03 00:30 Exact_Muffin_9765 Syrian Hamster Bedding

Hi everyone , I use softwood shavings as bedding for my hamster but I’ve heard it’s not great for them. So I bought “Kaytee Clean and Cozy “ paper bedding , the second I put my little girl into the cage she started sneezing uncontrollably, I quickly removed her and put her usual softwood shavings bedding and she hasn’t sneezed once.
Has anyone else experienced this with paper bedding?
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2023.06.03 00:17 pokishmoki Very silly question

My hamster isn't a big chewer, but i want to keep his teeth down. The only toys he has mostly chewed are the pets at home ones (he had for about a month then i found out about the issues and binned them, replacing with wooden toys) Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or products their hamsters loved chewing i could try encourage him to use both in his tank and his playpen.
At the minute he has plenty of wooden furniture, access to wood sticks and i was thinking of buying him some dog treats that my rats used to like (toothbrush shaped ones) and he always has chew toys in his playpen plus he has DIY cardboard toys too. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
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2023.06.02 07:48 Jordennison Does anyone know of a good setup for these requirements?

TLDR: DIY Panavision C-Series
My budget for the setup is $2000 CAD or about $1500 USD but it’s not really set in stone.
The camera I’m using is the Lumix S1. It has a sensor size of 35.6 X 23.8 millimetres and a resolution of 6000x4000 when using the full sensor in photo mode, but the video mode which I’m gonna use for this setup for has a max resolution of 5952x3968 and is using 35.3152x23.61mm of sensor size. I’m going to have a 2.4:1 aspect ratio and a 2X squeeze factor with this so the highest resolution I can have and would prefer is 4962x3968 which uses 29.44x23.61mm. The lowest I can go in resolution for what I want is 3840x3200, which would be a sensor usage of about 22.8x19mm, just above 4-perf S35. Since actual anamorphic lenses are pretty expensive, I’m looking for a projection lens setup.
As before it has to have a squeeze factor of 2X. I’m also needing blue flares (actually blue not turquoise) no matter the colour of the light making them that are as big and bright as possible. Another absolute must is blue chromatic aberration on bright parts also like the C-Series as seen in arguably the most famous shot in Blade Runner (1982) on Rachel’s right cheek and a bit on her hand As I said in the TLDR I’m wanting essentially a DIY Panavision C-Series so I think I would need to have a vintage taking lens for a chance to copy the C-Series. For focal length I want as wide as I can possibly get without any vignetting. For size and weight I honestly don’t care if it’s like lugging a bag of flour around. For focusing I definitely need a variable diopter mainly because I don’t want anamorphic mumps and it’s also just way easier with single focus. I also have a UUrig cage for my S1 that might be useful for supporting the setup. No clue about what clamp to use.
I think that’s everything needed for a good recommendation but if something is missing or doesn’t make any sense lemme know. I’m still quite unknowledgeable when it comes to anamorphic. Also if no one here knows of a setup that could work for me, please let me know of somewhere else I could ask.
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2023.06.02 07:01 flyingdren My boys won't stop fighting and I'm worried

I have two lovely boys. I got them from a breeder together when they were six months old when our previous two passed within a month of each other.
They got alone great, grooming and putting on health weight until the last few months
At first I thought they were playing, or establishing dominance now that the older guys are gone but it's escalated
The smaller one has a few small puncture wounds of his side (we have separated them but only have one large cage) and he's gotten a little thin because the bigger one will not let him near the food dish
We have tried everything short of neutering them (I don't even know if there's a vet here that would neuter them)
Seperate food dishes, water dishes, even putting one in an old hamster enclosure (large tote) but still
I'm so scared for my sweet boys and I don't know what to do. We only have one large cage which is about 4 ft tall with 4 platforms.
Any advice would be much appreciated!
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2023.06.02 03:24 iheartnjdevils Wobbly Hamster & Vet Questions

We’ve bought our Syrian 1 year and 7 months ago. She’s been great… an energetic sassy floof that has yet shown any major signs of aging.
Except yesterday, she came out of her den unusually early (5:30pm) and her balance was off. I wouldn’t say she was falling over, more like swaying a bit or how a you’d imagine a hamster might act if she were intoxicated. She ate and drank normally but had zero interest in coming out for some exercise. Her eyes didn’t seem right (like sort of squinty?)
She’s still seems off today, maybe minor improvement and though she’s still eating and drinking, she still has no interest in her wheel or coming out of her cage and running around.
Obviously, I’m concerned and am wondering if there is a anything a vet can do to help her. I know I’d need to find a vet that treats hamsters but am wondering if there anything else I should know or consider before I make an appointment for her. Like is a carrying case and some bedding good enough to transport her in? Should I bring a stool sample? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.02 00:07 slammeddd Secondary Substrate Options?

I have an area in my hamsters cage I would like to have segmented off and have a different substrate in there to provide him a bit more variety. He has regular paper bedding everywhere now, has a sand bath so already has access to sand. I was thinking coco coir but I'm not sure of what other hamster safe options would be good for a small section of cage? I'll add this is an area not used for burowing and will be maybe 2-3 inches deep. He has a lot more paper bedding the other side of the cage for burows.
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2023.06.01 21:49 Public_Ad_6464 Hamster may be bleeding! Help!

I found blood in this hollow coconut thing that I have in my hamster cage, but it's not anywhere else in the cage. Also, it could be a stain from this red lettuce I fed her, but I don't want to rule out the bleeding thing yet, but I'm not sure how worried I should be! Also, if you need to know, she is a black teddy bear hamster.
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2023.06.01 20:46 ThrowRAnadanada I made a big mistake with a hamster when I was 5, and it haunted me for years, so now I'm working to learn from it and do better

So...let's just start off by saying there seems to be a whole thing where hamsters just die in the wildest of ways. I attribute a big portion of that to parents getting very young kids hamsters, as well as bad information and people who aren't willing to take constructive criticism.
Before I get into the story, I just wanna say, anyone who reads this and gets the urge to be like "this is cruelty" or whatnot, stop typing. I was 5, it was the early 2000s when information was bad, we were unsupervised children and I clearly feel bad about it enough to make a positive change and learn from it.
So essentially when I was 5, my parents bought my sibling and I hamsters. First mistake was made right there. A 5 year old should not be allowed to have a hamster. Second mistake was that they were kept in one of those awful little PetSmart cages rather than a big tank with a ventilated lid. So there was very little space, for the sake of being cute and fun looking. Third mistake....(so help me god) that we as kids were trusted to be alone with the hamsters and safely handle them on our own. Well, when your 5 you have no clue what an animal can and can't eat or drink, and whether an animal can swim or not. So while our parents weren't around, my cousin and I got one of the hamsters and with the best intentions thought that he could swim and that he'd want some iced tea. Now again, remember, we were five and still believed in Santa and thought that the princesses at Disney world we're real. So we made a little pond with iced tea and allowed the hamster to swim. Only issue is the hamster didn't swim, he drank the tea and sank.
So naturally we flipped our shit, ran upstairs screaming and crying to our parents and tried to save him but to no avail, he passed on.
Now as genuinely innocent and overall morbidly goofy as this all is, I still feel bad even though I was 5 years old when it happened. Now I'm in my 20s and have made other mistakes with pet care in the past, but nothing even remotely bad like that. I'm in a financially stable place, a good place emotionally, and so I decided to rescue a hamster. I'm giving him a huge 40-50 gallon terrarium with deep burrowing substrate, a nice wheel and whatever else he needs and I plan to give him a good life. I think it'll be good as a way to both provide him with a good life, as well as a way to kinda show myself that I can take care of one without having everything go downhill. So wish me luck.
Maybe I should just learn to forgive myself for it too. Idk, if you're 5 years old and this type of thing happens, is it truly the kids fault or the parents?
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2023.06.01 20:44 ThrowRAnadanada I still feel bad for a pet mistake that I made when I was 5, but I'm getting better with it

So...let's just start off by saying there seems to be a whole thing where hamsters just die in the wildest of ways. I attribute a big portion of that to parents getting very young kids hamsters, as well as bad information and people who aren't willing to take constructive criticism.
Before I get into the story, I just wanna say, anyone who reads this and gets the urge to be like "this is cruelty" or whatnot, stop typing. I was 5, it was the early 2000s when information was bad, and I clearly feel bad about it enough to make a positive change and learn from it.
So essentially when I was 5, my parents bought my sibling and I hamsters. First mistake was made right there. A 5 year old should not be allowed to have a hamster. Second mistake was that they were kept in one of those awful little PetSmart cages rather than a big tank with a ventilated lid. So there was very little space, for the sake of being cute and fun looking. Third mistake....(so help me god) that we as kids were trusted to be alone with the hamsters and safely handle them on our own. Well, when your 5 you have no clue what an animal can and can't eat or drink, and whether an animal can swim or not. So while our parents weren't around, my cousin and I got one of the hamsters and with the best intentions thought that he could swim and that he'd want some iced tea. Now again, remember, we were five and still believed in Santa and thought that the princesses at Disney world we're real. So we made a little pond with iced tea and allowed the hamster to swim. Only issue is the hamster didn't swim, he drank the tea and sank.
So naturally we flipped our shit, ran upstairs screaming and crying to our parents and tried to save him but to no avail, he passed on.
Now as genuinely innocent and overall morbidly goofy as this all is, I still feel bad even though I was 5 years old when it happened. Now I'm in my 20s and have made other mistakes with pet care in the past, but nothing even remotely bad like that. I'm in a financially stable place, a good place emotionally, and so I decided to rescue a hamster. I'm giving him a huge 40-50 gallon terrarium with deep burrowing substrate, a nice wheel and whatever else he needs and I plan to give him a good life. I think it'll be good as a way to both provide him with a good life, as well as a way to kinda show myself that I can take care of one without having everything go downhill. So wish me luck.
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2023.06.01 20:36 Fragrant-Stranger-10 I cannot tame my hamster!

I need help. I got a new hamster, he was two-three months when I got him. He has everything he needs, a big wheel (my dad made it himself), a lot of hiding spots, sand etc. At first, he was understably scared, but he is with us for a month now and he is still very skittish - he escapes every time I stand near his cage (by the way, he has no problem being out when I am like a meter away, sitting in front of my desk). He doesn't want to take treats from my hand, he doesn't even try, he just freezes. I am helpless.
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2023.06.01 16:24 full_circa Anyone know of any small animal fosterers / charities in Sheff?

I’m looking for animal fosterers / charities in Sheffield that look after small animals such as rats / hamsters / ferrets etc.
Our rats have all passed away now and we have some useful stuff for sick and disabled animals that we’d like to donate. It’s mostly things like puppy pads, specialised foods, cage accessories, sensory toys, F10 solution, etc. Recommendations very much welcome!
Also, I’m aware not everybody likes rats but it costs you nothing to keep your thoughts to yourself. Please don’t comment anything nasty. Ta very much.
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