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2023.05.29 12:59 Responsible-Log-2991 is Old man consequences henry or William? (Theorys)

ALR so me and my friend were trying to solve the Old man consequences and we gatherd theorys Im on henrys team and this is my theory
1: old man consequences only appeared in a single game which is my theory that he is Henry all of the souls will go to heaven while henry says in the ending "but one of you will be in the darkest pit of hell so dont keep the devil waiting old friend" which also OMC says that souls will rest and blah blah , what is old man consequences you may ask? Old Man Consequences is often associated with death and destruction. He is said to be the personification of karma, and as such, he represents the consequences that come from our actions. and William did get his karma many times. so if OMC is just karma from our actions or anything associated with death and karma then henry is OMC because henry did get revenge on Willaim and that is karma. that bear when we get to old man consequences is kind of golden Freddy or just Fred bear which is possessed by Cassidy and OMC says "leave the demons to his demons (which is apparently William) rest your own soul there is nothing else" he says that to Cassidy because Cassidy already got her revenge on William so is old man consequences henry? It'd match pretty well with OMC's name as:
Henry would be pretty old (likely in his 70's or 80's) by the time of FFPS.
The FFPS fire served as consequences for William's actions.
Another thing that could suggest this is OMC's whole schtick about freeing souls, as in UCN he has a role in freeing Cassidy and in FNAF World he has sort of a role of freeing CC soul too . Henry's mission in FFPS is literally to free all of the souls that became trapped because of William's actions.
And then there's also the similarities in dialogue between the two, both basically condemning William to Hell.
Although for one of you, the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don't keep the Devil waiting, old friend. -Henry, Good Ending Leave the demon to his demons. -Old Man Consequences, UCN
this is my friend theory that old man consequences is william
theory 1:the old man is FREDDY?!: if you set Old Man Consequences to 1 and the rest to 0, during gameplay, catching a fish will result in being sent to OMC's pond. You can move around, and you look like you're playing as golden Freddy because if you look at it, it looks like Golden Freddy (maybe because of the top hat). XD
theory 2:the old man is an animatronic: You see if you go & google "FNAF OLD MAN CONSEQUENCES" you will see lots of pictures of him and some show us that he's an animatronic that looks just like Monty from 'SB' mabey cuz he was released before monty so they took the old man & made him green?
theory 3:the old man is William [THIS IS A CRAZY ONE]: you see if in the game there is a hack that is triggered by setting all the animatronics to 0 and OMC to 1 then if you9 speed up the background audio sounds like somebody is screaming "MIKEEE, HENRYY, HELPPP, HELP MEE' yea something like that.

vote are you on henrys side or wiliams side?
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2023.05.29 08:40 ANDYBTZ13 teorie fnaf eu cred ca freddy te foloseste ca sa iei componentele celorlalti animatroni ca sa devina puternic si dupa sa invie William Afton

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2023.05.29 07:56 VelPoTto12 Human Ignited Freddy

Human Ignited Freddy
FNaF Concept: Human Ignited Freddy (Normal and Trasparent download)
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2023.05.29 07:27 Pitiful-Form378 Dark fnaf vr phantom freddy sings this is halloween

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2023.05.29 06:39 JOEMAMALOLBO Fnaf lore in a couple words (Not the whole lore just explaining what happened)

The Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) lore is a complex and captivating narrative created by Scott Cawthon, spanning across multiple games, books, and supplementary materials. It weaves a tale of mystery, horror, and tragedy, revolving around a haunted pizzeria and the malevolent animatronic characters that inhabit it. In this article, we will provide a condensed overview of the FNAF lore, touching upon its key elements and significant plot points.
The Origins:
The story begins with Fredbear's Family Diner, a small restaurant featuring animatronic characters, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. Tragedy strikes when a child is lured backstage and killed by an individual wearing a yellow suit. This incident sets the foundation for the haunting that plagues the franchise.
The Creation of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza:
Following the closure of Fredbear's Family Diner, a new establishment called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is established. It introduces a cast of animatronic characters, including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate. The pizzeria gains popularity but soon becomes the site of horrifying events.
The Missing Children Incident:
During the early years of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a man known as William Afton, using the guise of the Purple Guy, lures and murders several children. Their spirits become trapped within the animatronics, seeking vengeance for their untimely deaths. This incident becomes a significant turning point in the FNAF lore.
The Bite of '87:
One of the most prominent events in the FNAF lore is the infamous Bite of '87. During a birthday party, one of the animatronics bites the frontal lobe of a child, resulting in severe injuries. The specifics of this incident remain a subject of speculation and mystery within the lore.
The Puppet and the Haunting:
The Puppet, also known as Marionette, is a crucial entity in the FNAF universe. It possesses the ability to give life to the animatronics, using them as vessels for the vengeful spirits of the murdered children. The haunted animatronics, driven by the spirits, roam the pizzeria at night, targeting security guards and others who cross their path.
The Events of the FNAF Games:
The core FNAF games primarily focus on the experiences of security guards tasked with monitoring the pizzeria during the night shifts. Players must survive several nights while avoiding detection by the haunted animatronics, utilizing security cameras, limited power, and other resources. Throughout the games, players uncover cryptic messages, newspaper clippings, and audio recordings that shed light on the tragic history of the franchise.
The Afton Family and Sister Location:
The lore delves deeper into the Afton family, introducing William Afton's children: Michael and Elizabeth. Michael becomes a central character, seeking redemption for his father's actions. Sister Location takes players to a different establishment called Circus Baby's Pizza World, where they encounter a new set of animatronics, including Circus Baby and the Funtime animatronics. This game further explores the dark secrets of the Afton family and their connection to the animatronics.
Parallel Universes and Time Travel:
As the lore progresses, it introduces the concept of parallel universes and time travel. The existence of multiple timelines and realities adds complexity to the narrative, with characters like the Crying Child, the Older Brother, and the player character of the various games being intertwined across different dimensions.
The Conclusion and Future:
The FNAF lore continues to evolve with each new game release and additional media, expanding upon the existing storylines and introducing new mysteries. The franchise explores themes of redemption, guilt, and the consequences of one's actions.
In conclusion, the Five Nights at Freddy's lore is a captivating and intricate narrative filled with haunted animatronics, vengeful spirits, and the dark secrets of the Afton family. Scott Cawthon's creation has garnered a dedicated fan base, constantly speculating and unraveling the mysteries hidden within the franchise's chilling universe.
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2023.05.29 06:36 JOEMAMALOLBO Springtrap lore in a couple words

The lore surrounding Springtrap, also known as William Afton or the Purple Guy, is an essential part of the Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) series. Springtrap's story is a haunting and tragic tale of a man consumed by his own darkness, becoming trapped within an animatronic suit.
William Afton's Origins:
William Afton is a central character in the FNAF lore. He is the co-founder of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and the creator of the animatronics. Afton becomes progressively corrupted, driven by a sinister desire to experiment with life and death.
The Murders:
Afton, wearing the Purple Guy persona, commits a series of gruesome murders in the pizzeria. He lures children to secluded areas and kills them, ultimately leading to their spirits becoming trapped within the animatronics. This heinous act gives birth to the vengeful spirits that haunt the pizzeria and seek justice for their untimely demise.
Spring Bonnie and the Springlock Failure:
During the events of FNAF 3, William Afton dons a Spring Bonnie animatronic suit, which is one of the springlock suits used by the animatronics for performances. However, a tragic accident occurs as the springlocks in the suit malfunction, causing the springs to snap and impale Afton. He becomes trapped within the deteriorating suit, slowly succumbing to its decaying form.
Fazbear's Fright and Springtrap's Discovery:
Years later, Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction is established, seeking to exploit the legends and horrors associated with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The attraction's goal is to locate relics and artifacts from the old pizzeria. During the renovation process, workers unknowingly discover Springtrap hidden within the old animatronic parts. Afton's tormented spirit, fused with the decaying animatronic suit, now becomes known as Springtrap.
The Haunting and Vengeance:
Springtrap, driven by Afton's malevolent spirit, awakens and begins to roam the corridors of Fazbear's Fright, actively seeking out the night guard. The attraction serves as a new battleground for the vengeful spirits of the murdered children and the trapped soul of William Afton. The spirits aim to capture and vanquish Springtrap to find closure and end the cycle of violence.
Further Appearances and Lore Expansion:
Springtrap's presence is further explored in subsequent games and supplementary materials, expanding on his story and the consequences of Afton's actions. The character makes appearances in games like FNAF: Sister Location and FNAF: Pizzeria Simulator, contributing to the ongoing narrative of the FNAF universe.
Overall, Springtrap's lore is a chilling testament to the consequences of evil deeds and the everlasting torment that follows. The character embodies the darkness and corruption of William Afton, forever trapped within the decaying remnants of his own creation.
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2023.05.29 05:59 SalamanderNo5279 Let me Share My Theory for the movie.

My theory, for FNAF!
Vanesa: will be a villain/cult follower. She will be the scary White lady/bunny.
Freddy fazbear: Will have a good, and bad side (As you can see in 1 second). He has blue and red eyes, so... That could mean 1 of 2 things.
  1. He has 2 personality's. Like in a FNAF Book. Fazbear frights Step Closer.
  2. He is just nice to some People, and not nice to some people.
Ghost kid #5: This kid could be Chica "The One who has seen everything"
Mike Schmit: He could have killed a family member of William after he Killed.
William Afton: Kills Multiple kids (Like the game). Then Puts them in a suit.
Abby Schmit: A family Member who dies by William Afton, and then She haunts William Afton Like in the game "FNAF Ultimate Custom Night."
Or It's just 1 big Dream (Dream theory could be real!). Anyways THAT'S JUST A THEORY A REDDIT THEORY!
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2023.05.29 05:38 untitled_bread_6 Opponents for Sephiroth, golden freddy, neo, and shazam (final fantasy, fnaf, the matrix, and dc) (connection’s and who wins)

Opponents for Sephiroth, golden freddy, neo, and shazam (final fantasy, fnaf, the matrix, and dc) (connection’s and who wins)
Im sorry but i cant do the tier lists from 2 days ago for personal reasons… but after I finish i will repost it and i will actually do it this time… have a good day
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2023.05.29 05:30 Mikeywise14 10 reasons FNAF is my favorite franchise

  1. unlikely source
scott cawthon is a conservative christian from texas who made christian games and an animated adaptation of the pilgrims progress. you would not think he would make the most popular teen horror franchise of the modern age.
  1. humble and self-aware origins
scott made a kids game that was criticized for the character designs looking robotic and uncanny. this inspired him to make fnaf in a last ditch effort at game designing, and it paid off big time.
  1. the idea alone is god tier
a Chuck E. Cheese place by itself has a lot of potential for magic and horror, but you throw in haunted anamontronics, the place being worn down, AND the consequence of being stuffed into a suit and grinded by the gears if you fair, and you got the perfect mixture for scares and creativity (SOOOOO much creativity, which will be further explored below).
  1. The little details
Besides lore clues (more on lore later), you have details like the celebration poster, foxy being able to do a full sprint despite most of the footage of the anamontronics being standstill images, the build up to security breach by adding more and more voicework in each game, the jumpscare scream in FNAF 1 being a sound from an Alien knockoff film, and so many more incredible details and things to notice!
  1. It’s SO weird!
This series is known for going to bonkers levels in storytelling, and i LOVE it for that. There are Atari minigames where a purple guy goes into a bunny suit and bleeds out, ghost children possessing anamontronics, a man being scooped alive and an ectoskeleton taking over his body (yet when it leaves hes still alive), and a freaking AI soul transfer in the steel wool era!
  1. All the traumatizing, rated R details
Where to even start?! Child murder where the bodies get stuffed into anamontronics. The aforementioned bunny suit minigame, the robots getting so disfigured and worn down, the aforementioned scooping, skin suit, and the skin being alive despite no organs, the aforementioned consequences of failure, william’s (kind of) hidden screams in literal hell, and so much more! Speaking of which...
  1. There’s a game set in actual hell
Self explanatory; Scott went “screw it” and made a game set in hell where the consequences of losing are anamontronics torturing and mocking you.
  1. The humor
OH. MY. GOD. the humor is glorious. FNAF world is itself a giant troll, the certificate of insanity, the vampire soap opera, a lot of jokes in security breach (“a mr. Hippo fridge magnet?” “I am.... so sorry gregory). If horror comedies had more of THIS humor style, i be in heaven.
  1. The fandom being equally fantastic and pure cringe
The fandom has imaginative, creative, and hilarious fans... while also fans who make fanart of Chuck E and freddy having a baby together (i sware i saw that).
  1. It is horror’s lord of the rings
How many books are in the franchise? How many lore clues are in the games? How many wild concepts have been done? Matpat literally gained a fanbase over theorizing the lore of this franchise! For horror it’s unprecedented.
Feel free to add your own points or additions to the above in the comments below, and remember, excotic butters...
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2023.05.29 04:48 red_rabbit2010 Five nights at Freddy's in Minecraft FNAF 1

Five nights at Freddy's in Minecraft FNAF 1
It's not over yet
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2023.05.29 04:09 Madness_Combat_man My Timeline (long as heck)

PROLOGUE: This story begins with two families, the Emilys and the Aftons. William Afton and Henry Emily, the businessman and the engineer, two people who together formed an empire, an empire of happiness, an empire where fun and joy come to life. now let's stop nonsense, not everything is rosy. Afton, William Afton has problems, he is going through a divorce and several court battles for the custody of his children, but he is a liar, a cheater. he always lies in court and yet ends up winning custody of each of his children. His wife, the mother of his children, she couldn't stand being alone, being betrayed. unfortunately, she took her own life, she could not stand it.
MIDNIGHT MOTORIST: William was devastated, even being apart affected him. He buried the body of his wife near the house, but he couldn't stand it, he fell into alcohol to the point of being kicked out of JR'S, the local bar. William, drunk and blinded by rage, goes to fredbear's family diner, the restaurant that he and henry opened to get even with henry, but he doesn't find henry, but his daughter, charlie. William, having no one to take it out on and being drunk, made a decision, a decision that would torment him for the rest of his days... after the murder, William watched from his car and noticed that the security puppet left the restaurant to rescue Charlie, but it was too late. Upon noticing this, William ran away at full speed because they could see him, when he got home after passing the speed limit of the roundabout Michael, his oldest son tells him "he had a long day, don't bother him" but he doesn't tell him I was going to say what to do, he was just a teenager. "I told you not to lock your door" "OPEN THE DOOR" William yells "I'll find a way in from the outside" he whispers as he leaves the house, coming out and around the house to his youngest son window he realizes something "he ran away to that place again" the window of the youngest son was broken "when he comes back he will be sorry" he thinks in his mind.
THE BITE OF 83: William knew that his youngest son was running away, even with the bullying he received from his older brother wearing that old, dirty and butchered foxy mask was not enough to prevent his escapes so William thought of taking action more extreme... from his office in his secret "bunker" he was monitoring the cameras that he installed in his youngest son's room while talking to him through a walkie-talkie that he attached to his son's favorite stuffed animal , everything seemed "normal" until now, but his plan would start at night, monstrous versions of the animatronics that his son once adore began to hunt him at night, leaving him without rest from 12 to 6 A.M. His plan worked perfectly, for every night that passed was another day of pure whining. Michael loved it, from one day to the next his younger brother began to be afraid of him and to celebrate he planned the ultimate joke. The next day, michael and his friends were ready, they grabbed michael's little brother, they took him in front of fredbear, they picked him up and..."i think the birthday boy wants to kiss fredbear in 3,2,1... Michael said before his brother's skull was crushed. michael and his friends stopped laughing and began to stress, scream and cry, while the day shift guard called an ambulance. After that William and Michael became distant, with each passing day William became more distant, each day spending more time in his office. He didn't even bother drinking alcohol anymore, William was furious about what Michael did and he wanted him to suffer the consequences and that's when he remembered those animatronics he used against his youngest son that were supposedly nightmares, he's going to make Michael pay for it. what he did.
EPILOGUE: William returns to fredbear's after charlie's "incident", but william noticed something strange in the puppet, charlie's body was covered by the puppet that miraculously continued to work, because it was making a short circuit due to the rain that night, William arrived at the scene of the crime and immediately the puppet began to wave its malfunctioning arms while pointing at william with purple tears that he did not have before, but that did not matter too much to him because they were taking the puppet to the sister location of fredbear's, freddy fazbear's pizza.
FREDDY'S: Due to various springlock failures, the incident involving William's son and the murder of Charlie, the springlock suits and the puppet were removed to Freddy fazbear pizza to be remodeled and used in safer ways, henry was in charge of the pizzeria, even after the death of charlie he was taking care of his work, something that he does not share with William. While Michael suffered at night, William thought about the puppet, about how it was aimed at him, about its tears that were painted on his mask. "Is it Charlie?", he wondered, curiosity was killing him so he decided to do an experiment. William drove to Freddy's, put on the springbonnie suit and started telling lies "your dog is alive, follow me" he lured the kids into the safe room and killed them one by one although he went a bit too far with the fifth "I'll put a bag on the head and I'll hit him with a shovel" poor Cassidy, William put each body in a suit to test if it had an effect, he left the suit and left without anyone seeing him, or so he thought, because the cameras saw him with the suit, but the police let him off because there was no evidence of him being the one wearing the suit.
CBEAR: William knew he had to keep experimenting, but he couldn't go back to Freddy's or the police would eventually catch him, so he got down to business, William created animatronics with mechanisms to catch and kill children, so William could catch and kill children(duh). experimenting with this new thing he discovered called "remnant" but his animatronics didn't kill the right girl. "Daddy, but didn't you just make it for me?" When no one was looking, Elizabeth, William's daughter, approached the circus baby who was tempting her with ice cream, but that didn't turn out very well...
FNAF 2: Freddy's reopens its doors, even with the blood stains in his name he manages to sell pizza and merchandise, William, seeing that Freddy's reopened without him as co-founder, he will not let them take all the glory, if he could kill 5 kids then he can kill another 5, even though he didn't have his rabbit costume he still has the bear costume. This time William didn't even bother to hide the bodies, because the more obvious they are, the more popularity fazbear entertainment is going to lose. William took the night watch job, as he did not get the chance to see the results of his subsequent assassinations, his experiments turned out to be quite effective which led him to continue experimenting in his secret office.
EPILOGUE: After Jeremy's shift change and incident, a new security guard appears on orders from his father to manipulate the animatronics, Michael Afton.
FOLLOW ME BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT FNAF 1: A year has passed since the closure of Freddy's and William continues to experiment, he knows that animatronics can be possessed, but not how, so he goes to the now abandoned location of Freddy's to try different methods of experimentation in the endo skeletons of the animatronics. The first thing he tried was to melt the endo skeletons and inject them into the funtime animatronics, surprisingly this worked. On his fifth visit in search of more metal parts he found the souls of those children he murdered and we all know how that ended.
SISTER LOCATION: Of all the orders that his father had given him, this was the strangest "look for your sister on the ground floor of CBPW" but Michael did not question it twice and he listened to his father, he went to CBPW, he went to the elevator and there he was in some kind of secret bunker that he never knew about, blah blah blah as "baby" guided Michael towards the scooper, Ennard, this combination of funtime animatronics gets ready, michael arrives at the scooper, Ennard turns on the scooper and...
FNAF 3 AND 4: Michael wants to find his father now more than ever, William took his life and now Michael will take away everything that was important to him. A new Freddy's opened, but it wasn't a pizzeria, it was an attraction, a horror attraction. Michael heads to work there looking for his father and making him pay with his own life and business, and yes, he did find him, but not in the way Michael expected. What was once his father is now a rabbit? How low have you sunk William afton, Michael thinks in his mind. For every night he spent in that attraction hallucinations from his past come to life along with his nightmares, those monstrosities in the shape of Freddy's gang tormented him once again as in his childhood until he put an end to the attraction and to his father.
EPILOGUE: After the fire, fazbear entertainment auctioned off what was left of the ride, even with two people hoping to see and buy William afton he still ran away before the auction. These two people were Henry and Michael who met at the auction, thanks to the fact that the two share the same goal they put together a plan.
FFPS: Henry and Michael start their plan, while Henry informs the rest of the members of Fazbear entertainment to build a new pizzeria, Michael, with CBEAR technology and his technical skills, he creates small robots called RASC using technology of audios that his father had developed to attract the animatronics. Once the pizzeria is finished its construction, Michael attended as a guard to do the interviews with the animatronics and to finish this once and for all.
UCN: Michael and Henry's plan worked, William was dead and paying the consequences of his actions, being tortured by copies of his and Henry's creations, but, ironically, the one that was once massacred by William is now massacring William , Cassidy.
HELP WANTED: Fazbear entertainment was reduced from a corporate entity to an LLC entity. FE uses the little money they had left to make various VR games in an attempt to reverse Freddy's bad reputation, however, the circuit board of one of the endo skeletons they scanned infected the system and two people were possesed, Vanessa, the beta tester and Gregory, a boy who bought the game after Fazbear entertainment believed that the virus disappeared, but the virus is still intact.
In this part the TFTPPs occur that I am not going to explain because I am not here for that, Special Delivery would also go but it does not have much lore.
SECURITY BREACH: After the Storyteller infected the Pizzaplex and killed the CEO and Edwin Murrey, Fazbear entertainment removed the Storyteller from the Pizzaplex although the damage was done, with the arrival of Vanessa and the strange and unexplained presence of Gregory, evil dwelled below from the Pizzaplex with the intention of copying and imitating William Afton who had been dead for at least a year. END.
Here is a graphical version of the timeline: https://ibb.co/LRG2xDR
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2023.05.29 01:58 qwertywastakenv2 holy fuck holy shit i dont know what to do im losing it

im fucking losing it rn so you know the person who voices joker in persona 5.... he also voices the smash announcer in ultimate but the part thats making me fucking lose it is that he played the fucking freddy sock puppet in the random encounters fnaf: the musical videos... yes all 6 parts
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2023.05.29 01:32 apt_batman_1945 Please don´t hate me for that...

First of all, take a deep breath! I'm not trying to prove anything or saying that what I'm going to propose is the truth, I myself am fully aware that it isn't, so you don't need to comment that...
As a long-time fnaf fan (I was present at the height of the first 4 games and loved watching it all) one thing bothers me a lot with Fnaf confirmed or "officially resolved" things, one of them is this:
The bite of 83 and 87.
I can't get over the fact that a kid had his head crushed by an animatronic onstage on his birthday and 4 years later no one remembers. The guy on the phone doesn't even mention it, you can tell it's company policy to remove the absurd stain it would bring on the franchise and that makes sense! but how does this apply to good old FNAF 1? I mean why does the phone guy only mention one of the two accidents?
I remember perfectly, I know it seems excessively nostalgic on my part, but when golden freddy (I know it's fredbear) seemed to have been revealed as the author of the bite I thought it was a great moment for the saga. All the tips, when lining up 1987 in custom nights he gave you jumpscares, he was abandoned and dismantled from the first game, it made so much sense.
When this 83 bite story went official in fandom i was completely confused, what about the fnaf 4 teasers mentioning 87? the game files with that number? 83 because the television in the crying childs living room said 83? what if it was the creation date of the tv show about the characters? the opening date of the restaurant, anything else? I wondered how people took it so easy.

With that being said, I remind you again that this is just a rant from a fan who has been around for a long time... I have more to say about this, if anyone has identified with this opinion at all please let me know, I want to know if I'm alone in this...
I actually have more things to discuss in this subreddit but something tells me if I expose too much my discontent with some "sacred" theories I might be banned or something.
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2023.05.29 01:29 Anom000nono Made this myself, enjoy

Made this myself, enjoy
FNAF at Freddie’s, is this where you wanna be,
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2023.05.29 00:44 Pooppissfartshit With a modern outlook and all strategies ironed out, how would you rank the FNaF Challenges?

If you ranked these from easiest to hardest, how would you?: FNaF 1: 20/20/20/20 FNaF 2: Golden Freddy mode FNaF 3: Aggressive Nightmare FNaF 4: 20/20/20/20 (or Blind/insta/mad) FNaF SL: Golden Freddy mode
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2023.05.28 22:34 JackWatkins3820 All I want Rn

A Normal (FnaF 1) Freddy for someone to send me, I would really like for it to have the Plush Suit and CPU of Freddy. Very simple, however it will get the job done.
If you can do this, please leave your codes in the Comments.
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2023.05.28 22:31 TTV_Jdez2786 Fnaf security breach ruin for free?🤨

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2023.05.28 20:34 jkmaher I gotta

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2023.05.28 20:26 INSERT_ME64 Dbd fan concept: the pirate part 2 killer add-ons! Part one linked in comments.

The pirate has 20 new add-ons, 4 brown, 5 gold, 5 green, 4 purple and 2 red Brown: rusty old part: a broken and mostly useless part used in one of the animatronics. Decreases cool down of dead man running by 4%. Chipped gold tooth: a old tooth that was in the jaws of Foxy. Increases speed of dead man running by 3%. Arcade token: a token used for arcade games. Increases cool down of dead man running by 9% but you run 11% faster. Moldy eye patch: the prototype for foxy’s eye patch. Increases speed of DMR by 4% Gold: janitor name tag: a name tag that reads, tony. Your speed is increased but you take 3 seconds longer to recover after using DMR. Spare part: foot. A old foot used for the animatronics. Getting pallet stunned does not take you out of DMR. Stale soda: a drink that has most of its contents drunk. While in DMR you see the aura of survivors in a 7 meter range. Arcade ticket: a ticket that could be redeemed for prizes. Survivors hear no heart beat while you are running for 4 seconds. Freddy plush: a plush that was given out as a prize. Hitting a survivor with a basic attack will cause them to scream and reveal their aura for 8 seconds. Green: Bonnie plush: a plush given out as a reward for completing a challenge. As soon as the exit gates are powered, you gain a 5% haste permanently. Chica plush: a plush given out as a promotion. Survivors in or past terror 3 will hear constant heart beat and you no longer have a terror radius to that survivor for as long as they are in or past terror 3. Spare part: hand. A rusted hand for animatronics. Basic attacks cause hemorrhage effect until healed. Spare part: torso. A torso created for the swivel effect. Hitting a survivor with DMR will cause the survivor to take damage. Glass shard: a piece of glass from the prize counter. When survivors are past or in terror 2 you gain 2% haste and 3% chance to instant down that survivor. Purple: Foxy plush. A plush given to people for beating pirates conquest. Grants the ability to kill survivors when they are in terror 4 or more. Security badge: a badge given to people working the night shift. Getting to terror three takes one less DMR power use. Spare part: head. A fresh head for an animatronic. For every survivor with mangled effect, gain 3% base speed boost (max 12%). Moldy pizza slice. A slice of pizza with a strange mold covering the entire slice. When using DMR you gain the uneducable status until the power ends. Red: broken flashlight. A flashlight used by security guards. When all gens are done, all survivors gain the hindered effect for the remainder of the trial, you gain a 2% permanent base speed increase. Spare part: new hook. A hook that was meant to be used during shows but kept falling. You have a 3 second cool down to DMR after hitting a survivor. (Part three will be killer skins and new survivor)
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2023.05.28 19:22 HelpyCentral My small theory on RXQ being Glitchtrap and thus the big bad.

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2023.05.28 19:00 HelpyCentral My small theory on RXQ being Glitchtrap and thus the big bad.

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2023.05.28 18:35 ogva_ My house is a pizzeria (P&P)

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