Making History at my Alma Mater!

2021.05.30 15:08 Soonerpalmetto88 Making History at my Alma Mater!

Blue Hose win Big South Title
Just wanted to give a shout out to the Blue Hose of Presbyterian College, who won their first ever conference title (Big South) as a D1 program yesterday! They came from behind to defeat the defending champions, the Campbell Camels, and will now play in their first ever NCAA D1 regional.
I've had mixed feelings ever since PC chose to move up from D2 to D1 and I guess I still do, I definitely had my doubts. But I couldn't be more happy about this! Sure they'll probably be silenced quickly in the regional but it wasn't too long ago that an underestimated Big South team came from nowhere and stole the national title in their first CWS appearance! In baseball anything is possible, which is part of what makes it so much fun!
Yes, I'm an Oklahoma fan first and this season was disappointing. But I think it's ok to take consolation in the fact that the college I actually attended is finally turning things around and making history!
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