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2023.06.04 08:22 Buffering90 Late flight into Kansai Airport - Best accommodation tips?

Hey everyone,
My Cathay Pacfic flight is scheduled to get to Kansai Airport at 9:30pm September 15th. So I didn't think at all when booking this when the train lines from the airport (or throughout Osaka) wrap up for the night as I was more concerned with getting my travel done in a single day.
While Ill be joining my sister, neice and nephew in Osaka from the 16th and we will be staying together over the next 2 weeks in Japan, this inital night is stressing me out.
The plan was to be based in Namba so we are near Dotonbori for a few nights and then stay at USJ as thats a major highlight of our trip.
While I have a Suica card already, I forgot about customs as im a novice traveller and would also need to sort out Wi-Fi, get my checked luggage and put money on said Suica card in a reasonable time as the last rapid train is 11pm and last trains in general at midnight.
Would it be best to stay overnight at the Kansai airport and would they have food options at that time? Or try and find a place in Namba and see if I can walk there from Namba station?
We will be staying the night of the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th in Osaka then off to Kyoto early the 19th. Any accomodation recommendations? Travelling party of 4 but would split into two twin bed rooms preferable to save some cash.
Outside of USJ we are super excited to eplore Dotembori and will go to Shinsekai, Osaka Castle and the Umeda Sky Buidling so a good base for a few days post my inital stay potentially at the airport and before the Park Hotel at USJ is what we are after, any recommendations or help is much appreciated.
Matt :)
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2023.06.04 08:15 educabbangladesh Study in Australia Master of Business Administration Apply Via Educab Education and Migraton Services Bangladesh

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2023.06.04 08:15 Shaded-Dark Which PC handheld should I get?

If this is not the right place to ask this let me know.
Hi all I'm after some opinions on which PC handheld would better suit me as I'm struggling to decide. I'm based in NZ so prices will be in NZD. If anyone has any experience with these devices I implore them to share.
Basically I'm looking at four options:
I intend on playing titles like: Celeste, Xcom 2, Forza Horizon 5, Circuit Superstars, Dead Island, Fallout 4, Hades etc
Also some emulation like PS2, GameCube and older(not a priority just nice to have). I'll likely be playing near a power source for heavy games so battery life isn't the biggest priority. It would be nice to be able to get long playtimes out of lighter games on battery but not as important my other goal, to be able to crank settings to medium at a smooth 40-60fps at 720p/800p. 3-4H with lighter games like celeste I would hope is reasonable but i can live without it.
If I went with steam deck, I like the look of the ui and ergonomics, I'm a little concerned about the size being fatiguing but I do find a switch uncomfortably small for sessions longer than 30 minutes so maybe its okay. I would get a 64GB as I'm comfortable with electronics so I can upgrade the SSD. But I'm worried about running Linux and having to deal with little issues and incompatibilities with my steam library. I'm also worried about overall performance compared to the other options.
If I went with the ROG Ally it appears to have similar ergos to the steam deck and more power with the Z1 chip but with the trade off of worse ui and maybe worse battery life. Otherwise it runs windows which i know can be a pain but I am more familiar with so I'm less worried about trying to solve any issues that pop up. Though maybe I should be with the lack of transparency in the OS
The GPD WIN 4 looks like a good form factor and I like the inclusion of the trackpoint and keyboard and gpds approach to kb/m input with the gamepad controls. Once again it has the windows consideration to take if anyone could chime in on windows vs steamOS/linux on these handhelds. But I have concerns about the apparent variable build quality of GPD products and the fact that it wouldn't be sourced from a local retailer so local consumer protection's won't apply and Ill have to wait weeks if not months for any potential warranty support. It's also pricier than the rog ally and steam deck and I'm unsure of the performance improvements if any of the 6800u.
Ill admit I don't know too much about the AYANEO Geek. Just that its 6800u powered and has the same resolution screen as the steam deck and has hall effect triggers and sticks.
I don't mind spending the extra money on a win 4/ayaneo geek if it makes a significant difference in hitting my performance targets but if that's not the case why not save the extra $400
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2023.06.04 07:48 elefriendridejaipur Exploring Elephant Activities and Sanctuaries in Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is famous for its vibrant culture and rich history. One of the most exciting experiences in Jaipur is the opportunity to interact with elephants. There are various activities involving elephants that tourists can enjoy in Jaipur, from elephant rides to feeding and bathing them. Moreover, there are several elephant sanctuaries in Jaipur that offer a chance to see these gentle giants up close and learn about their care.
One of the most popular activities involving elephants in Jaipur is elephant rides. Tourists can take a ride on an elephant's back and explore the Amber Fort, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Jaipur. Elephant rides are also available at the Elefriendride Elephant Farm, which is located just outside Jaipur. The Elefriendride farm provides visitors with a chance to interact with the elephants and learn about their behavior and care.

Things to do in india
Another exciting activity involving elephants in Jaipur is feeding them. Tourists can feed the elephants at the Elephant Village, which is located near the Amber Fort. Visitors can also feed the elephants at the Elefriendride farm, where they can see the elephants up close and learn about their eating habits and diet.
Bathing elephants is also a popular activity in Jaipur. At the Elefriendride farm, visitors can give the elephants a bath and enjoy the experience of interacting with them. The Elephant Village also provides visitors with a chance to bathe the elephants, which is a fun and unique experience.
In addition to these activities, there are several elephant sanctuaries in Jaipur that offer visitors a chance to see these gentle giants up close and learn about their care. One such sanctuary is the Elefriendride Elephant Sanctuary, which is located in the foothills of the Aravalli Range. The sanctuary provides a safe and natural habitat for the elephants and offers visitors a chance to see them in their natural environment.
Another elephant sanctuary in Jaipur is the Elefriendride Sanctuary, which is located in the Amer area. The sanctuary is home to rescue elephants that have been rehabilitated and are now living in a natural environment. Visitors can interact with the elephants and learn about their care and behavior.

elephant ride in jaipur
In conclusion, Jaipur is a city that offers a unique and exciting experience for tourists who are interested in elephants. From elephant rides to feeding and bathing them, there are various activities involving elephants in Jaipur. Moreover, the elephant sanctuary in Jaipur provides visitors with a chance to see these gentle giants up close and learn about their care. So, if you are planning a trip to Jaipur, don't miss the opportunity to interact with these majestic animals.
Contact Us:
Address: Elefriendride, Amer Road near K.K. Royal Hotel Amer Water Tank, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302028, India
Call Us: +91-9982828777
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2023.06.04 07:46 lnedible A Strategical Blunder

The soldiers lined on Ardenholms beaches. Their bright, jewel encrusted armor flashed brightly in the glaring summers sun. The warriors were eager to get on with their game of conquering and subjugating. They were Ardenholmites, Humilauians, and Pommedorans, as well as Tuberite religious warriors hailing from Solanum. They were gathered in Ardenholm to prepare for an imminent invasion from Veritas and their leader, BB.
Ardenholm, Humilau and especially Pommedora were in open rebellion from BB. They thought of him as a tyrannical leader, levying heavy taxes and other unreasonable demands. They finally decided to declare themselves separate from BB, but the turmoil quickly devolved into a fight for control of the entire island chain.
Pommedora was a Tuberist nation, so they called upon their Solanarian brothers to help the fight. The Tuberists, thinking it would be an easy battle, happily joined in.
As the Tuberites made the short voyage to Pommedora, tensions arose. There was an attempt to reestablish diplomatic relations which quickly broke down, resulting in a raid from Veritas on Pommedora, their closest neighbor.
The Tuberites arrived far too late to join the fray, but fortunately the raid was mostly scared off before any real fighting could occur, and the casualties were 6 in Pommedora, after a single arrow barrage and 8 Veritasian raiders who brought their boat too close to the walls and were sunk by a well placed explosive firework.
Thus began an alarmingly fast arms race. Both sides were on islands, so a full force invasion was not viableโ€ฆyet. Seemingly overnight the once windswept and backwater islands in rebellion turned to industry. The once salty and warm air choked with the smoke from the flames of fires roaring in their mighty hearths. Peaceful and sunny harbors because overrun with heavy bots of war.
Veritas kept pace with the industrial might and the islands were equal in strength. Both bought mercenaries to fight, but Veritas gained a significant upper hand by taking a hefty loan from bankers overseas and buying much better metals than could ever be reaped from the earth on the barren island chain.
Finally the mines were depleted of what little resources they could muster. Though bright earthen metals were occasionally still warm from being melted and pounded into their molds.
With no more brawn games to play, both sides made a quick shift to mind games. Spies. Spies everywhere. In the streets. In the factories. In the harbors. Everywhere. Private conversations became public knowledge overnight. The town square of Ardenholm ran red with the blood of those suspected of treason.
Next came the starvation. The already small fields had been neglected because the farmers had been made to become factory workers. This time, the rebellion got the upper hand, with the Tuberists providing food from their vast fields back in Solanaria. Veritas attempted a naval blockade to stop the shipment of food from arriving. The Tuberists didnโ€™t slow down. The naval commander ordered them to hold. The Tuberists, already very near to the maximum pace, almost appeared to speed up. Finally they stopped just outside of cannon range. They waited in a locked stalemate for 3 days until the Veritasians ran out of water and were forced to return to port. Thus, they spent the winter on meager rations and had to sell some of their newly bought steel to pay for food.
Finally, after a long and cold winter of light eating and intense stare-offs, the spring blossomed in the remaining fields.
The Veritasians had survived the winter by the skin of their teeth and knew that they could not survive another winter. This years winter had been astoundingly warm (by West Phagosian standards). In fact, this was the warmest winter ever recorded.
Over on Pommedora, which at this point had been established as the capital, the situation was almost as grim. The Tuberists, who were creeping up on a years time spent on an island were becoming increasingly obstinate and downright treasonous. They longed to go back to their homeland, and run on green fields, with gently rolling hills bordered by lush, fertile marshes, encased by the great mountains far to the west, just where the eye could see them. They downright despised the cramped island.
Tensions were starting to boil over on all sides of the war, until finally the spy game did its job. The Pommedorans received definitive proof that the Veritasians would be sailing for a โ€œsurpriseโ€ attack on Ardenholm in one months time. This was the break they needed and with this knowledge they could easily win the war.
Under the cover of darkness they began to very slowly and methodically ship soldier to Ardenholm. They arrived on mail boats and pleasure crafts, in wine barrels and tiny crude rafts. Simultaneously, these same craft evacuated the women and children, bringing them safely to Pommedora.
Then, the day before the battle, an idea was had. It was decided that instead of defending the city they should go on the offensive while the opposing military was away. The idea was they would go quickly to Veritas and slay BB, and then swiftly bring his head back over to Ardenholm where his army, seeing that they had nothing to fight for, would surrender.
There were problems with this plan, though. The entire army was already on Ardenholm, and Pommedora was still the closest island to Veritas, so it would make no sense to keep an army anywhere but there. Also, the ships would probably sail right by each other on their way to conquer their respective islands.
โ€œNone the matter with these detailsโ€ said the commanders, โ€œThis plan is too good to pass up.โ€
And thus we pick up where we started, with the solders, armed to the teeth, sitting in the early morning sun, waiting for their boats to take them to Veritas.
They boarded and set off. 1/10 of the army was left behind to There was nothing but excitement as they lost sight of the shore. The soldiers were tremendously confident in their plan.
The boats sailed for 38 minutes without interruption.
Suddenly, a lookout sounded their horn. The soldiers instantaneously switched from their excited and eager chatter to silence as they looked on the horizon, expecting to see a fleet of opposing ships.
Instead they saw a tiny island. Barely even an island. More like a sad sandbar. The entire island was completely covered in Veritasian troops. They were all standing on the island, their bodies facing the fleet. They were all watching the fleet sail by.
All wielded a dull blue trident, the color of cold and drear ocean
Then one, the commander most likely, stepped forth and walked slowly to the edge of the shore, about 10 feet. He stopped at the edge and dipped the pronged fork of his trident into the water
Not a single eye strayed from his trident as it leapt to life. Itโ€™s dull and sad color replaced by an electric blue. The blue started from where the water touched the prongs and snaked down the trident at a decently fast pace.
Then he did the most unexpected thing of all, and fell face first into the water. All eyes remained on where he fell. The seconds ticked by. 15. 30. 60. 90. Was he dead? 120. Then at 133 exactly he sprang from the water. His right hand clamped so tightly around his trident his knuckles were bleached like dead coral. He sailed 50 meters in the air, well above the masts of the boats, and about 150 meters towards the boats.
Then his army all seemingly sprang to life and walked swiftly to the waters edge. It was a trap! They didnโ€™t pause for dramatic effect like he did, diving headfirst into the water and sailing through the air with almost no delay.
The archers attempted to ready their bows but the boats were already packed tight with men, horses, cannons, and all sorts of equipment of war.
The tridenteers sprang forth and plunged into the ocean like rain. A hundred a twenty, they numbered. They rapidly began closing the distance. The archers pulled back their bows and waited for them to get into firing range. They quickly closed in. Finally, they were in shooting distance and they fired. None of the shots struck. In fact, none even came close. The soldiers were simply too small to hit accurately, especially from a rocking boat.
The tridenteers then passed overhead, and did the most unexpected thing of all. A few reached into their pouches and pulled out a single gray stick about the size of a baton. They then dropped them.
All of the tridenteers possessed 8 of these sticks, so most waited until they had clear shots to drop. A few thought they did right then, and threw their sticks towards the ships.
All except one missed. It was tremendously hard to fire accurately while trying to dodge projectiles.
The one that didnโ€™t miss sailed down, down, down until it landed barely on the port side of a medium sized Humilauian cruiser. The wood of the boat was no match for the explosion that rang out. The front port side was torn. The water spout produced from the explosion went 15 meters into the air.
The ship sank in 2 minutes.
Immediately itโ€™s neighboring boats turned sharply to rescue the screaming survivors. The tridenteers passed about a kilometer away from the boats before veering to the left and turning to made another pass.
The ships were thoroughly spooked, and most moved to do evasive maneuvers.
Suddenly, three powerful horn blasts rang out. This was the sign to press forth. The ships readjusted course to fan out, but 9 blasts rang out, the sign to stick together.
A second pass was made with 2 ships sunk. Another pass was made, but no ships were sunk. Than another with no ships. Another with 1. Another with 1. Another with none. This continued until 87 passes were made. There were 137 boats in total at the beginning, 7 large, 38 medium and 94 small. 93 remained. There were 4 large boats remaining (the 3 that were sunk had been sunk at the very beginning), 15 medium boats, and 75 small boats. Almost all of the surviving medium and large boats had tied themselves together with rope and formed a sort of floating pontoon. This greatly increased the sailing time, and a journey of 3 hours took 6.
Not all of the ships that were lost had sunk. Of the 19 small boats that were not present in the final fleet, only 2 had actually been sunk.
There had been a sort of mutiny aboard some of the smaller boats after the 8th pass. 2 of the 7 large boats had been hit and were sinking and the situation was looking very dire. In the rear, 9 of the small boats and 8 of the medium boats (the medium boats were the very end of the fleet) all mutinied against their captains, with three being stabbed to death and one being cast into the sea and turned around back to Ardenholm. Watching them sail away nearly caused the entire fleet to break apart but they were guided by a common foe.
A few of the boats lagged behind. 4 medium boats couldnโ€™t keep pace due to being non-fatally struck and turned around. The tridenteers were given orders to at least damage the ships heavily enough to force them to turn around, so they allowed those ships to flee.
3 small ships, in an interesting turn of fate, were nearest to the islands when the bombing started. They were the ones who had sounded the alarm. The tridenteers had passed over them entirely without dropping a single bomb. They were still horrified watching the preliminary carnage before the ships could form up, and decided to run themselves aground on the tiny island the Veritasians had started out in.
They hid under the 6 palm trees for 8 days, not knowing anything about the status of any of the nations. They survived by eating the horses they had brought and drinking the wine they had brought which they were going to celebrate with once the island of Veritas was conquered.
Finally, after 6 hours, the boats sighted Veritas. The midday sun was high in the air and the archers could not see the trident wielders through the sun, accelerating their losses.
Veritas looked abandoned. The alarm has been raised but very few troops were on the walls, looking very frightened.
The soldiers let out a halfhearted cheer upon laying eyes on the island. The Veritasian tridents veered right after the fleet made their way into the smooth natural harbor.
The tridenteers had only lost 11. 7 from lucky bow shots, 3 from the binding from their wrists to their tridents slipping off, and 1 stupid soldier who tried to land on a small boat and was instantly slain.
The boats neared the docks of Veritas. The harbor wasnโ€™t much of a harbor at all, only having a narrow wave-breaking sandspit that only extended past a third of the docks.
The boats made passes towards the docks, with some soldiers being so desperate to get off of them they leaped from the boats and swam to shore.
The boats all started to unload as normal, with horses being placed on the shore and equipment to breach the great gate of Veritas being unloaded
Suddenly the great gate of Veritas, which was expected to be a large obstacle swung open and half of Veritasโ€™s army (still a formidable number mind you) roared forth, banging their shields, and sprinted at the unprepared rebels.
This was not expected at all, and no precautions for this had been taken. The rebels on the beach all turned to run back to the boats when, alas! The tridenteers reappeared from out of nowhere behind the boats. They hurtled towards the crafts, flying much more recklessly now, and dropped their bombs. The boats were not moving or fighting back this time and 8 were struck.
In the same run, 47 of the tridenteers dropped their explosives on top of the docks, blowing all except two up. Those two would be decommissioned in the next run.
This mostly stranded the peoples on the shore, whose only option now was the rowboats from the large ships. Some ran towards those but right then the charging army from the gates slammed into those on the shore.
18 rowboats were cast off, from the beach and the rest were not able to and were scuttled. The battle for the beach was a terrible situation for the rebels with them being completely pinned against the sea.
The battle lasted 15 minutes. There was no command from any officers due to most still being present on the boats. No definitive line was formed up and many men swam out to sea to try to wait out the slaughter. Most men threw their weapons on the ground and begged for mercy.
1/6 of the seaborn army was slain and 1/6 of the army surrendered on the beach, totaling 1/3 of invasion, or exactly 642 men.
The boats tried to leave the harbor but all tried to leave at once and a few collisions occurred. The boats that made it out were harassed by the tridenteers the entire time. A few tridenteers were observed landing on the decks of boats and stabbing sailors as they tried to get the boats under control before running away
To top it off, the winds were blowing in an awful direction and most of the boats were blown far to the right. They nearly crashed into an unwalled peninsula. The horn of orders was silent because the ship they were on had taken a direct hit and was rapidly sinking. The commander of the entire operation, on that ship, had died instantly in the blast. The entire senior commanding force had migrated to that boat during the trident harassment because it was centrally located and the safest option. None of the senior officers survived, as the bomb quite literally split the ship in two, and as they were gathered midship below the upper decks they had either been torn up from wood splinters or went down with the ship and were drowned.
Due to the lack of orders, all ships had their own idea of what to do. Most of them thought that the wind was far too unfavorable to set into open water so decided to land on the peninsula. About 1/3 decided to try the winds and sailed in various directions to various islands. This time, the tridenteers could harass them all they wanted and most would not get far. One tridenteer was assigned per boat, which ended up being a large blunder on Veritas's part because most were out of ammunition and could not do any damage.
Those who landed on the peninsula were met with an immediate problem. Unloading. Most of the men jumped overboard to swim to shore and some ships went completely unmanned before being either sunk or captured by the opposing force. Some men who didn't take of their armor were weighed down by it and drowned. The same happened for the archers, who's quivers filled completely with water instead of arrows, and if they were unable to get the quiver off they drowned.
There was one final factor that was at play. The peninsula itself. It was very long and narrow. So narrow that a tridenteer could safely jump all the way over it without being dashed apart on the rocks.
A single tridenteer sprang fourth. Their bright blue trident electric against the sky, which was growing progressively cloudier. They reached into their pocket and pulled out one of the sticks. They lazily let it go before safely landing in the water on the other side.
They didnโ€™t even have to aim. It exploded on the top right corner of the peninsula and some were caught in the blast.
The other tridenteers followed suit. There were only 26 archers still armed as almost all of them had either abandoned their gear or were weighed down by it trying to swim over.
The entire peninsula was scourged. The walls extended to the beach on either side, and the coast became far too treacherous and rocky to swim around.
40% of the entire army was slain on the peninsula. A further 20% (of the men on the peninsula) surrendered and only 19 men escaped. 9 on a rowboat that was let go because of its irrelevance and 10 somehow survived the swim around the walls and ran up the island before stealing a sailboat and escaping.
Those that turned around and fled immediately suffered casualties, but not to the scale of this. About 5% of the army died on the sail back from getting picked off. Most of the tridenteers ran out of ammunition.
A grand total of 67% of the army perished in this advancement. A further 14% surrendered and of those, 1% died in prison from disease or starvation. 1,531 men in total lost their lives.
As for the boats, of the ones that made it to Veritas, none of the large ships survived, 4 of the medium ships made it back (2 were captured, 9 sank) and 29 of the small ships made it back (38 sunk, 8 captured). Of the 18 rowboats that were on the beach during the initial beach attack, 15 landed on the peninsula, with the other three rowing all the way to Pommedora.
Those that escaped ended up on all manner of islands in the surrounding area. One boat drifted with only one man on board for 8 days. He too survived off of horseflesh but also was lucky enough to get rainwater.
The other half of Veritasโ€™s army had taken a longer route to Ardenholm. Ardenholm somehow managed to pull off an astonishing victory, despite being outnumbered 5-1. They were helped by the crew that had mutinied initially. They made use of their thick walls and used a turtle strategy to wait for help, until after 24 hours when they realized that something had gone seriously wrong they then went on a sudden offensive catching the Veritasian army completely by surprise because they had grown used to not being shot at.
The Ardenholm fighters used bows and a ridiculously large pile of arrows to shoot at the invaders non-stop until they finally gave up and went home. They were significantly hampered by not having the other half of their army. Both sides suffered relatively minor casualties, with Ardenholm losing 19 men and Veritas losing exactly 100.
Veritas lost 58 of their 120 tridenters, with the vast majority being lost by flying too close to the boats and being shot with arrows. Interestingly, 82% of those that landed on boats to stab individual sailors would perish. Their army suffered a loss total of 329.
This defeat left the rebels in shock. Their entire standing army had been effectively wiped out. They would start having to recruit younger men and paying more for mercenaries.
The Tuberists had taken the highest casualty rate, with an unimaginable 80% casualty rate and 16% captured. Only 4%, or just 16 men on one small boat, which they never left, managed to make it back. When the elder potatoes learned about this, they were understandably shocked and devastated and justifiably withdrew all future support to the rebellion. They claimed that the Tuberites had been used as cannon fodder and that that was an stupidly high casualty rate for a defensive mission. They had lost every single one of their ranking officers they had sent on that mission and demanded insanely high rates of compensation. It wasnโ€™t until the battle was thoroughly explained and they were promised that all the islands would convert to Tuberism that they agreed to help once more.
The defeat didn't spell doom for the rebels, but would certainly go on to hamper their future efforts.
And that is the story of one of the worst strategical blunders in Stoneworks history.
This story is based around the truth. Ardenholm was indeed attacked by Veritas and BB after rebelling with Pommedora and Humilau. The Tuberists did indeed help out for religious reasons. There was indeed a failed charge counterattack which was poorly planned and the casualty numbers are accurate if you combine the dead and captured and just consider them all dead. The Veritasians did indeed use tridents to pick most of us off, and I myself died. This would have easily cost us the battle as we lost 80% of our total gear and didnโ€™t really have enough time to make a proper repot. We used the good old 0-armor-stone-axe-rush strategy and only won because they placed capture points underwater which is illegal. So yeah the next battle is in a week (I think) and we have a LOT of grinding to do haha.
Also Stoney hmu if you ever want any scriptwriting help. I love to do this.
If you read this far um gg I guess
- lnedible
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2023.06.04 07:42 ThrowRA99988RFFGGGG My family and the family of my ex wife still want us to get together I am (30M) my ex wife (29F) what should I do?

I was told to post here by my friend I am from India and didn't knew about reddit till now the story is I am a male of 30 years and my ex wife is an year younger than me we dated when I was in my 3rd year of medical college (BHU UTTAR PRADESH) I was 22 then still studying when I met her at our hospital she was practicing as a nurse and this was her 2nd year studying we liked each other and kinda met and didn't told anything to anyone social standards are very high in my family like no dating or anything just straight up marriage we dated we dated till I completed my pg and 2 years of md total of 5 years then we decided to come clean to our parents about everything they agreed it become a love arranged marriage we got married but be had a prenup as proposed by my cousin brother after marriage she quit her job at the private hospital and I was able to get her a leverage at my government hospital as a nurse as she had 3 years of experience so it was easy for her we both had a good incomes in the same year she got pregnant we had a child and nothing much happened for 2 years till one of the nurses in my hospital told me one of the doctor in the other department was really close to my wife I didn't thought of it but when I asked her about it she got startled and asked how I knew him as he was from a really different branch from me and all at that moment I kinda got suspicious but still nothing as in India cheating is not very common and is despised in our society too so I didn't even though of this well nearly after a month when I was attending a seminar at a different state I was contacted by my maid that someone comes at my home with my wife at evening and leaves with her at the morning I was still confused and didn't thought of anything but was more suspicious when I came home I asked her who that was she was I would say horrified how i knew i told her our maid told me and I know he was a male I thought it would be her brother but at that moment I was sent into a shock as she told me it was the Dr from the trauma center and she suddenly told me everything I don't know why I guess she thought I knew everything she started crying and all even I started crying and sobbing but didn't know what to do so I just called a cab and left I started at a hotel for That night and took a few day of sick leave from my work I went to my hometown and told my parents about everything and I didn't knew what to do but my parents and his came together and made it so we don't get divorced and still get be a couple and hell I gave it a shoti got an std check and she told me she'll get job at a different hospital and our child was mostly cared by an aaya(maid for children I guess) I was in it for the him then but after 2 or 3 months after one of the cousins told me to have a paternity test for the baby so just to be sure and I was preety sure she cheated and it was all emotional she was hesitant of it but when the results came I was not the father it was maybe the biggest shock i ever had I was broken even wanted to die but made it though after that mine and her side of her family asked her who was it she finally confessed it was the other doctor but she said she was sure the baby was mine and how was this possible. I was still doing my job at the hospital now she quit till now and was living with her mother and father and my parents were with me at my home(I am a single child) when me and my father confronted the other doctors family they had nothing to say I guess all they said that they were sorry but how could my wife do this and I was kinda with them and when we told them the child was not mine but could be his like 99% chance they were shocked the real thing is that he was married for 7 years at that moment with twins we asked for paternity test they agreed if only we don't tell anyone else about this we agreed and after 3 months when the results came here he was the father if i remember he still is married but don't know much. We got divorced after that it took a few months and our parents were still against it but went along it's been an year since we divorced I went to a different state to continue my practice (I am an ophthalmologist if anyone is interested) but now my parents are inviting her every event that's happening and she still teachers maya the name of the child that I am her father and also dating in India is not as easy as outside if you are a divorce I tried bumble tinder and few others my parents still Want us to reconnect and all and she is all for it but how can I prevent it I don't want to cutoff my parents is there any other way please tell me if there is.
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2023.06.04 07:36 sadgurl115 I 25f fell in love with someone 26 m who left me out to dry.

It was 6 months. We were best fucking friends. On the phone all morning and all night, sometimes with our family members chatting over speaker. We met drunkenly and were magnetic from that point. He is so fucking fine itโ€™s like good built him to my preferences. He did immediately tell me he might have to go prison for up to a year and a half for selling weed, which isnโ€™t a moral concern to me because I smoke weed everyday. I was also drunk and thought I was going to just make out with him and never see him again. Didnโ€™t even remember it until the next morning and he brought it up. When we met he was more obsessed with me than I was with him. Iโ€™d make it a point to not call, just to see if he would. He did daily- from the very day we met. Weโ€™d go one dates and stay at hotels and he would just cuddle and love on me, we hadnโ€™t even had sex yet. Heโ€™s never disrespected me or called me out my name and is so patient and gentle with me. Met his whole family. I took care of him when he literally almost died. He lost his job, fell into a depression, had a major injury, and things crumbled from there. I supported him; he needed the help but hated accepting it. He likes to suffer alone (rough child hood and only kid) He has such a beautiful, calming soul but I saw pieces of it washing away. But even on the worst days when he was in pain and the world was falling, I was happy to have him near. Iโ€™ve never had a connection like this and never expected one either. I genuinely thought I couldnโ€™t fall in love.
After 6 months he wouldnโ€™t commit to me and I was angry. It was a combination of not wanting me to have to date a man in prison, a man who needs work but physically canโ€™t, but also a bit of a fear of commitment. He hates himself and says Iโ€™m too good for him and it makes me livid. I have never been happier to have someone in my life or a man treat me so thoughtfully. I just wanted to help him through. I cut him off because I knew I had to. We went back and forth for just a bit but it ended with us both being frustrated but still being respectful. He called once and hasnโ€™t for a month. Itโ€™s made me feel like nothing, but I know heโ€™d say heโ€™s purposely not reaching out because he wants me to get over him and find someone better. It makes me want to sob every time he says that.
And donโ€™t get me wrong, I know my worth. Iโ€™m smart, educated, have a great job, Iโ€™m kind and a caretaker, and Iโ€™m pretty cute too. He said the same things about me to his mother on our first date (we FaceTimed). I donโ€™t need his validation. But he is the only man I want to be worth for.
When I started writing this I was angry. Angry that he wasnโ€™t thankful enough to commit to me. Angry that he threw me away and didnโ€™t even try to get me back (I refuse to contact him) Angry that he came in my life and made it 10x better then leaves telling me Iโ€™m not allowed to decide whoโ€™s good for me. But now Iโ€™m less angry and more sad for him. Anyone else would say he has no business being in a relationship, and thatโ€™s what heโ€™s thinking. But I donโ€™t believe in that, because our relationship was already what it needed to be for me. I do think I have the right to be angry about mixed signals. But at the same time, with so much life coming at you that fast I know your brain doesnโ€™t function properly.
I feel like meeting him was some sick gotcha joke. I donโ€™t really know what to do with my emotion. I consider this a journaling session, but I guess Iโ€™m also looking for connection from other women whoโ€™ve been there. For some reason, breakups donโ€™t bother me until about a month or two after. Itโ€™s hitting me all at once and I donโ€™t know what to do with all of it.
**I would really appreciate if everyone tried to not make assumptions. I will answer any questioasked. Please donโ€™t remind me he doesnโ€™t want or love me, I already know. ***
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2023.06.04 07:28 SonsOfSithrak Doomhold, the Wizard's Tower

I built a wizard's tower on my server in the mistlands many months ago. Here's a video tour of it before I shut the server down:
seed: 4eterstupa
[[this was a pre-mistlands server started in January last year. some of it might not be accurate because update]]
Some interesting notes about this build:
General Build experience was a 1/10. This sort of thing is fun to look at but really challenging even with a feather cloak.
PS: Please don't tell OSHA.
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2023.06.04 07:19 PointsOutCustodeWank How do we beat a 3.5 artificer?

DM constantly pulls stuff from older editions. It's actually been pretty neat, there's clearly been a lot of work put into translating them and the variety of monsters and NPCs has been pretty great. BUT. There's one thousands of years old douchebag ruling over their own little island, basically undefeatable because they're a true artificer from back in the day who can make proper magic items. We weren't supposed to fight them, but I cannot stress how much we want to kill this dickhead.
We're level 12 and a fairly well rounded party but even having taken several runs at them we've achieved nothing. The visual description we have is a mass of different body parts looking like they belong to all kinds of creatures all covered in magic items, but that's only with true seeing as they make themselves appear normal so no idea what their actual sex or species is. Any time we even get near they fly off at rocket speed or burrow into the ground and last time they pulled all the water out of our animals and turned it into water elementals which we had to fight.
Now, I'm not stupid. I know we weren't supposed to fight them and winning just might not be possible. But this isn't a case of homebrew DM monster is arbitrarily strong, it wont be able to do anything artificers couldn't do. He has his own character sheet, even if we don't get to see it, and in theory there might be ways to beat him. I've tried looking up 3.5 artificer guides, but advice for players back in the day isn't so helpful to us. So, and keeping in mind there is no amount of metagaming or cheese that's off limits when we're fighting something way too strong that isn't important to the plot, does anyone have an ideas?
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2023.06.04 07:14 Harry0706 New Card Recommendation (template used)

Hi everyone, looking to decide on a long-term game plan on how I pick my new CCs in the future to be most efficient with rewards programs.
Current Cards:
DiscoverIT: $4,950, opened Aug 2018
BoA Cash Rewards: $2,000, opened Aug 2020
Chase Freedom Flex: $4,400, opened Apr 2021
Apple Card by GS: $3,750, opened Aug 2021
Citi Simplicity (product changing to CCC in a few days when it's eligible): $2,000, opened May 2022
CapOne SavorOne: $8,000, opened Nov 2022
FICO Score: TU 729, EX 755
Oldest Account: 4 yrs 10 months
Cards Opened in 6mos/12mos/24mos: 0/1/3
Income: $67,000
Categories: ok with category cards and rotating categories
Avg Monthly Spend:
Rent: $1200-$1400/mo starting next month
Dining/Bars: $300-400 at most
Groceries: $200-250 at most
Gas: $40-60 at Costco
Travel: $100-$150 on Uber maybe
No plans to travel abroad right now but would love to in the near future and passport ready
Memberships: Costco, Amazon Prime, Verizon PostPaid (has Disney+ bundle and Apple Music), I bank w CapOne/US Bank for depository accounts, already applied to Global Entry so the credit isn't super appealing to me until renewal time
Business Cards: I would rather not
Purpose: I just want nice rewards to use mainly for travel as I have a decent CB setup I think, and I want to start traveling more soon. I have potential for a lot of work travel but everything is booked on company AMEX, although I can still earn airline/hotel points and have Plat Elite at Marriott right now. I don't have a preference on airlines/hotels, but have recently been flying American and staying Marriott for work if I do have travel happening.
Cards appealing to me: Would like to begin getting AMEX cards potentially, or maybe expand in Chase but I don't think any Chase cards are a good option for me (correct me if I am wrong). Been looking at the Venture X as well as I will def be making at least 1-2 personal flight trips a year domestically and could use the credit, also scared Cap1 will deny me if I get more cards before the VX so idk if I should try to get it now. Also thinking about applying for the BILT card for rent points, will definitely be renting for next few years to come.
Any insight is appreciated, tysm!!!
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2023.06.04 07:00 Umitencho The Real House-Keepers of Jacksonville Beach - The Story So Far

Pretext - out of boredom, gonna write a summary of the ongoings of a certain hotel at Jax Beach. I get to vent, you get hot tea not seen on tv or streaming.
The Story So Far - New hotel is opening soon. They fired their old staff during covid and need new workers. They host an internal job fair(they are the only company there hiring) at a sister location.
I go to the fair on Saturday, I want to be a laundry-person so that I can work without having to put on a fake smile in front of people everyday. I also interview for front desk. I am turned down for not having front desk experience. I get turned down for laundry and instead get pushed to being a lobby person because of my "personality". It gets described as almost like a restaurant hostess position with tip potential, the base pay is higher than my past job so eh. I get hired. After a delay in paperwork, we show up two weeks later for orientation. Nothing out of the ordinary except we are told that we have to put the hotel together ourselves once we get the permits to be on location. We train at two hotels. Nothing remarkable except workers were drinking guest coffee and apparently the housekeepers were running the clock. Our breakfast manager gets into an argument with some of us during the computer training section because we need to be quiet and do our work. First crack in the social fabric.
We finally get the permits to be on the premises. Less than a week of being on site, a house keeper and the breakfast manager start arguing. Not long after that, the same housekeeper got fired for cussing out our HR lady while arguing with the head chef in the elevator going home.
During a planned power outage caught two workers giving head in one of the rooms while I was putting hangers in each room. My partner for the same task would never return to work after lunch.
We were promised an extended weekend near the hotel opening. The day before said weekend, corporate came by and canceled that weekend. Everyone was pissed and I was the only one of few people to show up on Sunday. Around this time, my manager decided to fill our staffing gaps with a staffing company. Two of these workers were caught spying on everyone else to take pictures on everyone and go to my manager with the pics. My manager also cussed out the staffing company because how dare people want to be off on Sunday or have a life outside the hotel. Go cuss out corporate for being a bunch of tone deaf idiots.
My manager sent me and 3 others to go clean the employee break area. We did not need that many people. I could have done it alone myself. I have to once the hotel opens anyway. I decided to just delegate different cleaning tasks and then finish up once they are done. Breakfast manager comes in and just starts sweeping for no reason. My boss comes in and chews me out in front of other people. I do later get an private apology in our gym, but I felt I was set up.
We are allowed to visit bars but not drink alcohol and must be at tables, not the bar section itself. Breakfast manager was going to Lynch's for lunch and having a beer, and then showing the pics of said beers to my co-workers. The managers in general got caught with some apple based alcohol in their office as well.
So once the hotel opens, our positions become malleable. I was told I would be either Lobby or Houseman. I have to now do the duties of both + room service. And no, people don't tip for room service, at least I am paid decent enough, then again I don't pay rent so maybe I am speaking from a privileged position.
Let's talk about the two spies - They are the other lobby-person and our main houseman. Everyone hates cleaning windows. The other lobby-person is supposed to handle such a job but neglects them. After back and forth with my manager, I handle windows now. Our houseman is supposed to handle the upper floors + take out the trash. He is seen constantly on the second floor laughing it up with laundry and doing lobby person stuff. I asked for a assistant and was denied, but the other lobby-person gets one. He was slacking off so hard that he neglected to clean the guest laundry for three days, and as such we got complaints daily about it being dirty. I now handle the guest laundry. I caught him following me and taking pics. And some other workers came up to me and said they heard him in conversation with my manager over these pics. Apparently the pair wouldn't work until our manager came to work, and would sit for hours in the break room, yet complained about our graveyard shift worker doing the same. They started disappearing in the morning before the manager came in. No one knew where they went. We found out at last what they were up to. They got caught in one of these house keeping closest having sex. This same person is about to get promoted. Suck your way to the top top top.
We were having issues with keeping housekeeping closets stocked because our houseman was busy having a party in laundry. I started stocking them myself during my shift. Due to the benefits of such, people during my shift(not me anymore) have to stock the closets now. We had a similar issue with laundry as there is only some much we can wash and dry in one 8 hour shift. I suggested we open up a night shift for laundry. In the meantime I would wash and dry as I could. We eventually got a night-shift. Laundry flows so much better now.
They choose a terrible color for our lobby floor. White and it's various shades including cream are hard to keep clean. Especially with the foot traffic from people coming to and from the bar. After an complaint from bar staff about the spots our temp cleaning machine missed. I got the idea to just take some industrial de-greaser and scrub the floors myself. It took three days. It so also happens that our president was coming for a visit, so my little idea of scrubbing the floors also saved everyone's tooshies. Did I get a thanks? No. "When are you gonna clean up your mess" was the response while I waited on the floors to dry. I have to put down wet floor signs so that we don't get sued to oblivion is someone slips. Sorry that wet floor signs aren't aesthetic. Dirty floors aren't either you know.
I got written up twice. Once for leaving early and not telling graveyard shift such. I was told by my manager that if I arrive late to shift my leaving time so I am still giving the company 8 hours of work. The same for the vice versa. It was also around the time when I realized that I was now also doing houseman duties despite what I was told and promised. So written up for following manager instructions and low key insubordination because excuse me for trying to do the job I was contracted for. I arrive early to work and leave exactly at the appointed time. You just written up into more money. Thanks.
The second time was really really my fault. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been doing social media on my current accounts for like 6-7 years. Work + keeping up with it was getting a little overwhelming last month and I worked myself into going to work, doing social media stuff up to two hours before before my next shift with no sleep, and went to work. I was exhausted and should have sent myself to the break room. I was instead chilling with front desk between tasks and that got caught on camera. My manager also was trying to accuse me of not cleaning the bathrooms properly, but after seeing my process realized that it wasn't me. And I didn't get any verbal warnings that I was picking up bad behaviors. Straight to write up. She gives me this look after that incident, but that might do to now wearing sunglasses and a mask to work. I clean bathrooms for a living now. Excuse me if I don't want to be breathing in poop and pee particles + these heavy cleaning materials. My mother is sick with cancer, I don't need to be bringing anything home. Period. Also the lighting is too bright, thus shades.
Oh, yes the Lobby-person position. It's just another term for janitor. I asked to be transferred to the kitchen after my manager got caught making fun of me to other managers and suggesting ways to fire me, but she blocked the transfer. I went in an asked for a raise, radio silence.
Starting today or Monday is associate/employee appreciation week. It is also time for our 90 day assessments. I fully expect to be fired this week, so maybe these posts will last for only one more post.
See you next Sunday.
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2023.06.04 06:47 AmmianusMarcellinus Lake Maggiore deaths: why were Italian and Israeli secret service agents on a boat in northern Italy?
A group of tourists board a boat on a beautiful lake at the foot of the Alps. The boat capsizes in a sudden storm. Four drown as others swim to safety. In the days that follow, as authorities struggle to trace hotel bookings for the passengers, it emerges all were affiliated with the Italian and Israeli secret services.
Five days after Gooduria, a 16-metre houseboat, was swallowed up by Lake Maggiore, there is growing speculation over what its passengers were doing in this corner of northern Italy.
On Thursday, a police source working on the investigation confirmed that eight of the boatโ€™s 21 passengers either currently or formerly served with Italyโ€™s secret service, and 13 had ties with Israelโ€™s.
Two of the victims โ€“ Claudio Alonzi, 62, and Tiziana Barnobi, 53 โ€“ had worked for the Italian intelligence authority. Another was a 50-year-old retired agent with Israelโ€™s Mossad spy agency. The fourth was Anya Bozhkova, originally from Russia who was crewing the boat along with her Italian husband, Claudio Carminati, the boatโ€™s skipper. Carminati is being investigated over the deaths.
Carminati and Bozhkova, who was reportedly unable to swim, ran a company called Love Lake and provided a โ€œboat and breakfastโ€ service on Gooduria, which only had a capacity for 15 passengers.
The group boarded the boat, which was registered in the Netherlands, at the Piccaluga shipyard in Lisanza on Sunday morning for what was reported to have been a birthday celebration.
The police source said the group toured the Borromean islands, an archipelago on the western side of the lake, and stopped off for lunch on Isola Pescatori (Fishermenโ€™s island). The boat capsized in a sudden and violent storm on the lake on Sunday evening, with the survivors either swimming to shore or being pulled to safety by other vessels.
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2023.06.04 06:43 Embarrassed_Bench214 What If Germany won the Battle of Britian?

Now, Germany winning the Battle of Britian is extremely unlikely. The British had the advantage technologically speaking as German bombers (mostly lightly armed twin-engine planes such as the Heinkel He 111 and Junkers Ju 88) lacked the bomb load capacity to strike permanently devastating blows, and they also proved, in daylight, to be easily vulnerable to the British fighters. The German Junkers Ju 87 โ€œStukaโ€ dive-bomber was even more vulnerable to being shot down, and their premier fighterโ€”the Messerschmitt Bf 109โ€”could provide only brief long-range cover for the bombers, since it was operating at the limit of its flying range. In addition to this, Germany had zero consistency in their plan of action. By the end of mid-august, the Luftwaffe had lost nearly 600 aircraft and the RAF had only lost 260 aircraft. So, I believe Germany could pull off a victory if Hitler and Goering had planned the whole course of action a little bit more. It'd also help if they had updated their premier aircraft as they were both well aware of the RAF's superiority and the flaws of their own planes. With these simple flaws updated, the division comprising of more than 1,300 bombers and dive-bombers, 900 single-engine, and 300 twin-engine fighters has a good chance of taking out the 600 frontline fighters of the RAF defending the island. I'd assume after the Battle of Britian is won, the British Air Defense weakened, and their major cities crippled, I assume Hitler would activate Operation Sea Lion. However, Hitler isn't an idiot. For as insane as he is, he knew that invading Britian was basically a death sentence. The Royal Navy, like the RAF in our timeline, absolutely blew Germany's naval capabilities out of the water. German high command knew they didn't have the ships to pull off a full-scale invasion, and they could never make a dent. Their forces would be decimated before they could even reach the shore. The absolute size of the Royal Navy far outweighed the Kriegsmarine (German Navy). To give you a perspective, the Kriegsmarine comprised of modified river boats that couldn't control themselves and were pulled by tugboats. These forces would be demolished before they could even reach the shore, so.... yeah. Operation Sea Lion is more of a nightmare than the final nail in the coffin for the allies like it's often perceived as.
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2023.06.04 06:43 fitzafnu MD port authority planned Patapsco CAD site

The Maryland Port Authority has to constantly dredge the Baltimore Harbor, shipping terminals, and shipping channels to keep them open. Much of the dredge removed from the Baltimore harbor and Patapsco River near old industrial sites is contaminated with heavy metals, oils, and other toxic "forever" chemicals. The Maryland Port Authority (MPA) has to dry and store this dredged material in special "containment sites" because it is unsafe for human exposure. (See Before the 1970s, this material was often dumped back into the Chesapeake Bay. After ecological awareness arose in the 1970s and dumping was regulated, MPA was forced to create diked land-based dredge containment facilities to dry and store dredged material.
These sites, once created, are forever contaminated. MPA has done its best to create these sites where they make the least impact - often in already-contaminated abandoned industrial areas. MPA also creates conservation areas to make amends for the harm, makes clean dredge available for shoreline restorations and construction projects, makes contaminated dredge available for re-use research, and in some cases recreates islands lost to erosion (Hart-Miller Island, Poplar Island, and James and Barren Islands) using dredged material.
After significant pushback from communities near Hart-Miller Island for decades and years of litigation, MPA shut down the Hart-Miller dredge containment facility before its completion and shifted their attention to creating dredge containment sites near Baltimore in already-contaminated industrial areas next to Fort Armistead (Cox Creek DMCF) in Anne Arundel County and in Masonville next to Brooklyn. Ongoing dredging activities and plans to fill these sites to heights of 60 feet or higher with contaminated dredge and their runoff are already a significant concern for the quality of the water and the aquatic life in the Patapsco and its tidal tributaries. A potentially even greater concern is that because MPA is running out of land-based locations to contain contaminated dredge, it now plans to create Confined Aquatic Dredge (CAD) sites in the seabed of the Patapsco River to essentially bury contaminated dredge underwater in the sea floor. The first MPA full scale CAD site is planned to be built one mile off the shore of the communities of Stoney Beach and Riviera Beach near the entrance to Stoney Creek.
The planned Patapsco CAD site will be up to 220 acres in size. MPA plans to remove clean seabed material from the site for several months and make it available to construction companies and for shoreline restoration efforts and then replace it with contaminated dredge material for several more months sometime in the next year. MPA asserts that unlike historic dredge dumping, this CAD site will be "capped" and "safe". However, there will inevitably be a significant release of contaminants and turbidity into the Patapsco from this activity and permanent impact within and near the CAD site. Contaminated dredge material suspended in water can't be totally contained. Moreover, long-term ecological impacts from leaching and seabed shifting can't be predicted.
Northern Anne Arundel communities near the planned CAD site are very concerned about several potential issues related to its creation:
  1. The noise from planned 24/7 dredging for several months at a time as well as spotlighting at night since this will be over a mile closer to Stoney Beach and Riviera Beach than the shipping channel.
  2. The safety of residents in nearby waters to swim, fish, and engage in watersports on the Patapsco and in Stoney Creek, Cox Creek, and downstream tributaries during and after dredging from exposure to chemical and biological toxins released into the water.
  3. The impact of such dredging on aquatic life and ecosystems including waterfowl that depend on it.
  4. The long-term ecological impact on the CAD site, nearby shorelines, and the tidal waters around it.
  5. The potential short and long-term geographical extent of ecological and human exposure to released toxins given unpredictable winds, currents, storms, tidal swings, and sea level rise.
We have questions related to these concerns and would like a greater understanding of how impacts will be measured and mitigated and what the potential risks to our communities might be - including being exposed to chemical and biological toxins. Of particular concern if this program moves forward is how will toxins be measured, where will they be measured, how will communities be notified if toxins in the water around their shoreline reaches harmful levels, and what might the long-term effects of such toxins be that might settle around our shorelines?
While we are concerned, we also appreciate that MPA is creating conservation sites such as the Swan Creek Wetlands next to the Cox Creek facility and making clean dredge material available at little or no cost to communities engaged in shoreline restoration efforts - including Stoney Beach which is planning an important natural shoreline project to protect a highly eroded natural area at our point where the Patapsco meets Stoney Creek. This greatly reduces the cost of shoreline restoration.
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2023.06.04 06:35 jkk45k3jkl534l [SPOILERS] The Ghost of a Tale 2 teaser screenshot implies that the sequel doesn't take place at the location Tilo traveled to, and we may not be playing as Tilo

Here is the GoaT 2 teaser screenshot:
So at the end of GoaT 1, Tilo sails off toward Periclave to find Merra. However, the screenshot here shows a wanted poster of Tilo put up by the Red Paw, who obviously don't have a presence on the legendary island of Periclave. This means that either all or part of GoaT 2 will take place at some location with Red Paw presence, or a location near or within normal civilization.
This also means that either Tilo veered off-course and ended up in a place with Red Paw presence, or he did make it to the island and we won't be playing as Tilo at all.
There's also the chance we may play parts of the game from multiple character perspectives. As Tilo in one act, and as another character in another act. However, I get the hunch we'll be one character all throughout.
So, is it a con that GoaT 2 won't take place at Periclave? How do you feel about not playing as Tilo? We wouldn't be seeing the story conclude with Tilo finding Merra, but I'm invested in the world and actually don't want to see the story end right away (maybe GoaT is a trilogy?).
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2023.06.04 06:33 AlpharacidousV2 Rhyniognatha

Has anyone been finding these guys on lost island? I've heard they're more common on the island than lost island, but since the island tends to favor lower level creatures I've stuck with lost island.
I've been searching around the swamp near the redwoods on lost island, killing things and doing dino wipes (and waiting a bit after wiping) every time I finished sweeping the whole area. No luck
Is there a better place to look for them on lost island?
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2023.06.04 06:10 Isanbard [R1S] San Francisco Bay Area -> Illinois: Part III

Well, I'm weary and tired, I've done my day's riding Nighttime is rolling my way The sky's all on fire and the light's slowly fading Peaceful and still ends the day
โ€”John Denver, "Song of Wyoming"
Part 1 Part 2
When last we left our intrepid explorers, they were camped at Buckland Flats near Salt Lake City. Driving down from Buckland Flats in the early morning, Nibbler and I are tired, but wanting to make some good headway into the trip. It's been an exhausting trip so far. The camping is fun, but when mixed with 400-500 mile travel days, it begins to wear on you.
According to my calculations (i.e. guesses), I think we can make it well into Wyoming before needing to charge again. And surely most cities in WY will have charging stations, even if they aren't the 3-lightning-bolt ones.
Okay, so I was wrong.
We roll into Rock Springs with around 57 miles of range still left. I thought I saw on the map that there was a charging station at the local Wally World, but no. It turns out that the nearest charging station is 104 miles back the way we came (there's one in Rawlings on our route, but it's 112 miles).[1]
I have no clue what to do. A call to Jessica at Rivian confirms that I'm a screwed. Jessica consults with her colleagues and they discover a small charger in the downtown area. The drawback is that it charges at ~15 miles / hour. I spend the day in Rock Spring's downtown, with exciting boarded up buildings, delectable no restaurants, and so little to see and do! There is a cafe at least, so I can drink some tea while staving off boredom.
Once I get a charge of 115 miles, I make my getaway. The speed limit varies between 70 and 80 mph, which will destroy my range, so once again I have to drive well under the speed limit.
Trucker 1: What the...? That Rivian jerk is back at it! I thought he was going west! Trucker 2: Are you sure this isn't the omen? Trucker 1: Don't start on that again. I told you that Ouiji board is just a game! Trucker 2: But how do you explain this guy and the ravens we saw back in Salt Lake?!
u/Isanbard's Tips for Driving on Minimal Charge:
  1. Use Conserve mode (natch),
  2. Drive no more than 65 mph, preferably less,
  3. Use regenerative breaking as much as possible, and
  4. Avoid superstitious truckers.
This should increase your range by a few miles and allow you to fulfill the prophesy!
Anywoo, we get to Rawlings with scant miles to spare. It's late in the day, and while Wyoming is beautiful, I'm not in the best mood and am weary and decide that once we get to Cheyenne we'll spend the night in a hotel. It was a great idea (except the not-putting-Nibbler-into-his-carrier part, but I had too much blood in my body all ready).
A quick chat about the Ireland Republican Army at a rest area later and Nibbler and I roll into Cheyenne, which is smaller than I thought it would be. The night at the hotel is much appreciated by all involved.
Next: No more butt biting? Yes please!
To Be Continued
1 As it turns out, Wyoming isn't too keen on Biden's plan to create an EV charging infrastructure...
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2023.06.04 05:50 StockEvaluator Addiction, alcoholism, please help

A good friend of mine is in a very bad place. I'm hoping to get some sources of information/recommendations.
Back story: Male, use of drugs and alcohol for 20+ years. Drinks everyday, consistently takes various pills, opioids, maybe meth, cocaine, ecstacy, psychedelics, kratom, etc.
Has been detoxed multiple times, rehab twice. Has ADHD. Has issues with sleep, basically up all night and sleeps all day. Depression since young teen.
Looking for:
Recommendations for rehab centers near Vancouver area, Vancouver island, sunshine coast etc.
Counsellor recommendations
Addiction specialist recommendations
Program recommendations
Alternative methods to get clean, sober, and stay healthy.
Medication recommendations
Open to any and all types of information, podcasts, etc.
I am at a bit of a loss with how to proceed seeing as everything we've tried hasn't worked yet, as well he is very resistive to trying again because nothing has worked for him this far.
Any and all information is greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you
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2023.06.04 05:46 ProposalEcstatic3944 Sweet Dog Needs new Home Grand Bay, Alabama

Sweet Dog Needs new Home Grand Bay, Alabama
Original post below from rescuer Regina.
Hi, this is a very hard post for me to write because I have been fostering this sweet girl for some time now. I can't even remember for certain because my children and I have been through so much the past ten years. The exact date, even year, is hard to recall. But it was around 2018 or 19 that I discovered this beautiful lady being abused and neglected by her owner in my neighborhood. She was chained to a small deck with no shelter, and I never saw any food or water as I walked by daily. Her owner even tried to run over her with a car, stating she just didn't like her as the reason. She was so skinny and malnourished, and she still has a scar on her throat where she broke free of the cable tied around it. After my very nasty separation from my kids' father, and the death of my own, I moved in with my mother. She knew I was rescuing dogs, and she forbid me to bring any to her home. Rescuing was something I couldn't just turn off though. My heart went out to the masses of neglected, abandoned and abused dogs out there. I never registered formally with a rescue organization because, as previously stated, my mother had forbidden it. But they seemed to find me. Wandering into my yard, one even flew out of a truck that flipped three times on the interstate while I was shopping for campers, which I hoped to make a temporary home of for my kids and me. My home was uninhabitable for us. But when there was no other choice, rescue intakes closed, and a dog either had to continue being abused and neglected or face euthanasia, it worked as a safe place for them. My neighbor allowed me to run an extension cord for heat or air-conditioning, and I went over three times a day to feed and walk them. One day, as I was over tending to another foster, this girl came over for probably the fourth time, bleeding, again, from her neck, and overjoyed to see me as I always gave her pets and treats. Something she never got from her owners. I kept hearing my mother's voice saying "do not bring anymore dogs here!" In the back of my mind. But I couldn't continue to ignore that she needed me. The county wouldn't even come out to do a well check bc she had no history of aggression. I managed to talk the owners into surrendering her to me, as I had spoken with a lady that said she would happily take her if I was able to get her. However, once I met her, I found that she also planned to keep her chained, and was unable to handle her anyway. She was disabled and could barely walk. This girl, having so much boundless energy, would surely be too much for her to handle. She also could barely afford to feed herself, let alone provide vetting and food for this bottomless "pit".๐Ÿ˜… So sadly I had to decline this adoption. She stayed at my old home for about a year, until I insisted she had to come home with me to my mom's. She wasn't happy, but she knew county was out of the question as they are still a kill shelter. I have attempted to adopt her out a few times since then. One inquiry turned out to be from a dog fighter. They thought I didn't know. Anyway, Big NO! I drove about four hours away to meet a lady who, unfortunately was hoarding pitties in a small hotel room, and was incidentally giving birth to a new baby when I arrived. My instincts told me this was a very risky situation. Another interested party had a trial for one night. I told this person this dog must have a fence or be leash walked, as she is reactive to small animals. He agreed, but waited til I left to try his luck with letting her free roam in a highly populated area in the city. So I went to get her back, knowing this couldn't possibly end well. It seemed she might end up staying, as I was absolutely mentally exhausted from all the failed attempts, and from being cursed at by several others who failed to pass adoption criteria, which included vet checks, character references, evidence of ability to provide adequate care and safe environment. I have taken some time off from trying to adopt her out. Keeping her just seemed easier and safer than continuing to try to adopt her out. It seemed so unlikely that I would find a suitable adopter anyway, with so many desperately needing help. But recently, my health has gone downhill. I have been managing, but having been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and pancreatitis, along with being a full time mom, and caring for my mother, whose health has also declined drastically, it's becoming increasingly more difficult for me to keep up with the demands of caring for her. I've been tired before, and experienced burn out. But this is something entirely different. For the first time, I'm seriously afraid that the day is coming soon that I might not be able to tend to her. I am having more and more trouble walking. And she has so much energy, she desperately needs to be walked and played daily with to keep anxiety at bay. She is such a sweet girl, and has responded well to training. She is in good health, and the thought of her ever going to the county kill shelter terrifies me. But I fear that one day in the near future, I may have no other choice. As I said, I am managing. It is painful many days, and some days I am literally going on autopilot with no regard to my condition. I will continue to do my best to care for her as long as she needs me. But have decided that, in order to avoid the possibility of having to send her to a shelter where she will most likely be euthanized, I need to put forth my best effort to find her a loving home. She is spayed, and as mentioned previously, has had some training. She responds well to cues when I am able to consistently work with her. She loves to snuggle and give hugs. She even likes to dance with her paws around my waist. She loves kids too, but should be supervised as she does get excited and jump up for a hug. She loves to do zoomies too, and at times will forget herself and crash into her person. Very manageable, tho, by a strong healthy person. Regular walks and engagement help with this anxiety induced burst of energy tremendously. She has been sleeping in an air conditioned kennel, with lots of room in a large fenced yard to roam. But what she truly wants is daily walks and playing, and to be inside snuggling with her person. If you have experience with pit babies such as this, have no small animals, and can and will give this sweet girl the life she deserves, please message me. Please be prepared to offer vet references so that I can ensure that she is going to a responsible person. I am ok with self care such as holistic care and self administered parvo vaccines. But I would need to contact your vet to know that she will be vaccinated for rabies and that you are a responsible and loving pet owner. Also, you and your family must be able to keep her environment calm and without chaos as it is a trigger for her anxiety. I know it sounds silly, but I would also need to know that she chooses to go/stay with you to ensure that she will be happy with this transition. Preferably someone nearby, or I am willing to travel and spend a couple days letting you get to know her if you are willing to allow me to see where she will live. I don't care if you're not a great housekeeper. Or if you live in an apartment so long as you have time to walk her. I will not let her go somewhere she is not happy tho, or at risk of encountering and harming another pet. My ultimate goal is to get better. To possibly have surgery for my back, followed by physical therapy to regain strength, to control pancreatic flare ups through diet modification. And assuming I am able to make a significant recovery, I hope to get even more serious about rescue and go on to save many more lives through training and education. I am actually hoping to be able to attend school for training, become certified at a behavioral specialist, and, at some point, provide training to shelter dogs to increase adoptability, as well as to aide in their success post adoption. For those if you who don't know, one of the number one reasons dogs are returned to shelters after adoption is lack of training. And for those of you who do know, you are well aware of how essential training truly is, primarily for large, strong dogs such as pitties, and what a game changer it can be for them. Thank you for reading. Again, I am located in Mobile, Alabama. I promise, if you are qualified and looking, this could be your next best friend! I have never know a dog to more loyal or loving!
Point of contact
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2023.06.04 05:44 autotldr China warns 'NATO-like' alliances could lead to conflict in Asia-Pacific

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 74%. (I'm a bot)
Singapore - China's defence minister warned Sunday against establishing NATO-like military alliances in the Asia-Pacific, saying they would plunge the region into a "Whirlpool" of conflict.
CIA Director William Burns made a secret trip to China last month, a US official announced on Friday.
Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink will travel to China on Sunday for a rare visit.
China claims Taiwan as its territory - vowing to take it one day, by force if necessary - and has in recent years ramped up military and political pressure on the island.
The Taiwan Straits encounter followed what the US military said was an "Unnecessarily aggressive maneuver" by one of Beijing's fighter's near one of Washington's surveillance planes in the South China Sea last week.
A senior US defense official also told reporters: "Actions speak louder than words, and the dangerous behaviour we've seen from the PLA around the Strait, in the South and East China Seas, and beyond really says it all."
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: China#1 Taiwan#2 region#3 Austin#4 State#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.04 05:19 OneDisastrous998 Questions About MV

As said above, I am planning a trip vacation to MV in end of July, I checked that MVTA bus system is the best choice because it's cheaper and easy to get around. However, I have noticed few things:
1, 5, 6, 10 and 13 is the only routes that runs till late evening at least midnight but for #1 and #13, they run till 1:20am. But are there people riding that late on a small island?
I see they sell day pass, I assume it's cheaper than paying each way since they charge different fares based on town, crazy huh? Seems MVTA makes moolah that way.
I know they have Cumberland Markets, Shell and Stop & Stops and most are local shops.. But why they dont have like CVS, Walgreens, 7-11, etc? I mean tourist should have more options so more money spend on island, no?
For hotels/motels/inns, I see 99% are local operated/owned, no national chain hotels, is that bad? Most of them require 1 night deposit and most of them are too expensive.
I never been on MV so I am curious to hear these answers and many thanks and have a good weekend!
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2023.06.04 05:16 StockEvaluator Need help - Alcoholism, Drugs, Addiction, mental health. Vancouver

A good friend of mine is in a very bad place. I'm hoping to get some sources of information/recommendations.
Back story: Male, use of drugs and alcohol for 20+ years. Drinks everyday, consistently takes various pills, opiates, maybe meth, cocaine, ecstacy, psychedelics, kratom, etc.
Has been detoxed multiple times, rehab twice. Has ADHD. Has issues with sleep, basically up all night and sleeps all day. Depression since young teen.
Looking for:
Recommendations for rehab centers near Vancouver area, Vancouver island, sunshine coast etc.
Detox center recommendations
Counsellor recommendations
Addiction specialist recommendations
Program recommendations
Alternative methods to get clean, sober, and stay healthy.
Medication recommendations
Open to any and all types of information, podcasts, etc.
I am at a bit of a loss with how to proceed seeing as everything we've tried hasn't worked yet, as well he is very resistive to trying again because nothing has worked for him this far.
Any and all information is greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you
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