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2023.06.01 03:20 riccarjo Any OCD support groups?

As someone living in NYC with OCD it can be a bit of a lonely experience. I'm in therapy, I have a wonderful partner, and good friend group. However, none of them have OCD. Online message boards like reddit are great, but sometimes I just want to be face to face with people who know what I experience. I just want to not feel so alone with it.
I tried to search for places, but I just get OCD therapists or international OCD orgs, nothing really local or a meet-up for those with OCD. I even checked a few meet-up sites and there were a handful of groups, but none that were active.

Just shooting in the dark here!
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2023.06.01 03:13 FantasticReward8675 30 [M4F] Usa/NC/Anywhere- Looking for Serious committed talkers only.

Just a guy who is looking for a genuine partner who is looking for a stable man who takes control, who leads, knows what he wants, and already has a proper direction in life. I Host, I Drive, I Provide, all BS out of the way.
Me: Hispanic. 5ft 10 inches, Athletic Built.
Pros: Brutal Honestly, very Open Booked, Well Educated, Traditional, Old School, Commitment Oriented.
Cons: Very Selfish, Quiet, Introverted, Picky... eghh.. not allot to list down honestly, I was told I was hard to dislike.
Anyways, please be an Avid and Active Texter, I love conversations that are held and kept alive, I truly detest those who just hits you up, and doesn't invest into a talk that was initiated.
I do have preference, we can discuss those as we progress in conversation.
If you need a guideline, here are a few things: -Someone Reserved/Self Respected/Conservative/Tradition. -Fitness/Gaming Life. (I been great on Health. While keeping Life Fun) -Cook/Clean/Wanting Children/or Wanting to Work is encouraged as well.
PLEASE DONT WASTE MY TIME.. as you don't want yours to be as well.
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2023.06.01 03:09 AlouetteTheFirst Finding a boy/girlfriend - tips?

Howdy, fellow Bis!
Recently came out, and now I'm in the eternal struggle for a bf/gf. Little context; I'm male, and I'd prefer a same-sex partneboyfriend. I go to an all-boys catholic school, so that's a no-go, and I've been having trouble finding other outlets. I live in a fairly big city, but I can't find any active youth groups. Can anyone point me in the right direction with some general tips?
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2023.06.01 03:04 btc-daddy-dom 35 [M4F] Bi-curious gay dude looking for LTFWB for friends before fun

About Me/Who IS this guy?

What I am Looking For: Hey there Torontonians. I am a, well, I don't even know what to call me, but as the title goes, I am a quasi bi-curious gay dude who recently had his world turned upside down at Anime North. So pansexual I guess? I digress!
Cosplaying and connecting with the amazing community and vendors there made me realize that my heart (and other things) is very open to the wonderful world of women too! So, here I am, eager to embark on a journey of discovery with a more emphasis on enjoying each others company than just enjoying each others dangly bits. Would you be interested in joining me as we explore new frontiers together?
Physically - I'm 35, white, active (6'0/~160 lbs), shaved head, brown eyes, non-smoker, clean/DDF. Triple vaccinated for COVID, double for guardasil 9.
Personality - Think Gomez Addams x Andy Dwyer; a mixture of passion, wholesomeness, and some playful deviancy to boot. I've been described as silly, playful, sadistic, and caring. My love languages tend to be quality time, physical touch, making my partner roll their eyes and words of affirmation. My life is an ongoing quest for new experiences and genuine connections and some of those have led me here and now.
Interests - Mostly homebody, part social. I've got a pretty eclectic assortment of interests, including: TV/film (almost any genre), music (I miss live shows), art (I likewise miss museums), games (TCGs + video + trivia), reading/writing (side hobbies), health (mental + physical), cooking (it's in my belly), and digital art/photography Hopefully we share a few interests already. Have bounced careers two or three times and am back in college to specialize anew, or throw money away, time will tell.
I'm seeking a partner who shares my zest for life and laughter. Whether you're a woman, a fellow LGBTQ+ adventurer, or someone open to exploring new connections, let's connect! A good sense of humor and an appreciation for all things geeky are definite pluses.
I do not care if you are skinny, I do not care if you have a few extra pounds. I care that you like the skin you're in and maybe wanna rub some skin together sometime (cuddling not that, yet).
I'm just as much an open book. While I am pansexual most of my relationships and partners have been men, so during the later stages of "getting to know each other", I may need a little guidance on exactly the best ways to get you over the edge. I am sure we could have fun with it in itself ;)
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2023.06.01 03:03 mascarponemecheese AITA - My (30m) gf (30f) feels excluded by me for separating us and my new competitive sports friends

My (30M) and my partner (30f) have recently been fighting about something rather silly imo. Basically, I play pickleball and am a fairly advanced player. She is fairly new to the game.
I have made some friends recently that are similar to my skill level and we play a few times a month together. I haven’t invited my partner because this group likes to play a competitive, high level game. (I also haven’t asked this group if I should bring her. So far I’ve made an assumption, which is dangerous).
My partner feels excluded because I haven’t invited her and my solution of “let’s play with our other friend group that is also still learning” is rude and exclusionary. She has made a point to tell lots of our friends that I exclude her from things and even gone on to exclude me from “her” activities to prove a point.
My feeling though is that I don’t want to exclude her, I want us to practice with people closer to her level before bringing her to the advanced level game.
I have also emphasized I want us to become real friends with one of the couples in this new friend group. My partner however feels left out of this friendship despite being invited to every hangout with them aside from playing pickleball. She feels that it’s all couples playing and learning pickleball together in my group and that I’ve chosen to exclude her. But in reality there’s only 1 consistent couple that plays. She just happened to come watch one day when there was multiple couples playing in the group.
The last piece of this puzzle is when I was trying to explain to her why I want to stick with the advanced group on my own, is we all played tennis growing up and have a racket sports background so pickleball comes naturally to us. And again, we should play games with our other friends also learning and work our way into the advanced group together.
Needless to say I’m being called an asshole by her but am legitimately wondering if me wanting to play my own advanced level of the game until she also gets to that level makes me an asshole?
TLDR - My gf feels like I intentionally exclude her from a group of friends I met and play pickleball with, but in my mind I am trying to separate advanced level play from learning to play the game. I would love to help her reach the advanced level though. AITA?
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2023.06.01 02:55 Designer_Ad_4291 Girlfriend missed her period - GULP

Please don’t stop reading after you read the next sentence,
But… my girlfriend is on the combined birth control pill. She claims that she takes it with near perfect use, maybe missing one day a month but always taking it the morning after the night she forgets.
Has been on this for years and always has her periods on the 28 day cycle, falling on the week of her placebo pills.
After doing countless hours of research, for the first time ever, we made the executive decision to not use any other forms of contraceptive. I did not wear a condom and I did not pull out. As our research shows, her pill is incredible effective and it is designed for your partner to ejaculate inside of you. 99.9% effective!!
At the time of unprotected sex, she was also less than a week away from her “scheduled” regular period. (21 days straight on the active pill)… So, even if she somehow did ovulate this month which is near impossible with her on hormonal birth control, her fertility window was theoretically long passed. Egg released and dead
And well what do you know…. We are on day 7 of 7 of the placebo pill with no period.
She had light pink color blood discharge around day 5 of placebo that was barely detectable on her toilet paper. Definitely not her normal “period” that she gets on her bc. And no bleeding at all since that morning.
She has also been getting abnormal white discharge these past few days, which she hasn’t gotten before.
Well what do you know. Google that and it’s symptoms of early pregnancy.
She took a pregnancy test today and to nobody’s surprise it was negative. We had sex 7 days ago so it would not have shown if she is pregnant. So we need to wait another stressful, gut wrenching 2 weeks before the next birth control test will be accurate.
Anybody have experiences similar to this? Is their a way we can find out sooner? What are even the odds fr? Is this just the higher power letting us stress for doing sinful “unprotected” premarital sex?
What are the odds of this. Research shows a 1% chance of conception with intercourse days before your “scheduled” regular period (21 days after the previous period). And a 0.01% chance with her on the pill. We are getting ridiculously lose to 0%. Unless there was a glitch and the percentages got too close to 0 and reset back to 100%.
Most stressful week of my life hands down. And I’m 24 and been through some real shit. I know every time you put your wiener in a woman you need to be prepared to become a father. And if I do have a kid you better believe I’ll be the greatest dad ever. But man I’m so not ready for this. Not married. Super early in my career so I’m not earning much money. Mom is gunna kill me. I Don’t even live with my girl yet. And she has her own dreams and goals to accomplish before she is ready to have a baby. Sweetest girl ever and she is having sleepless nights now too. Can somebody hold me and tell me it’s gunna be ok.
Or give me any relatable experiences or advice
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2023.06.01 02:44 Fit_Childhood_7263 Communication in a gay couple with different attachment styles

This is a long post, so thank you in advance for reading this.
TL;DR: [I am in a fresh exclusive gay relationship and we have very different attachement styles (avoidant vs anxious) which makes me go though a lot of anxiety. Also I have had serious relationships before and he has been always single. I dont know how to communicate effectively without running into arguments.]
I (33M ) have been dating my boyfriend (27 M) for around a year, and for six months since we became exclusive. We are both gay men and have our own history dating and exploring our sexual life. I had a 10 year relationship that finished more than 7 years ago, and I am his first partner. Things have been progressing nicely and steady, but we have hit a few bumps. There are two main sources of potential conflicts between us two. The first is that we have opposite attachment styles ( he is more of an avoidant, and I am anxious). As per usual, there are issues derived from this, since I am usually expecting more communication from his end and confirmation of how he feels about us, and I am usually more pushy on communicate and talk through things. He is great at taking time off or deactivating and ignoring the problem when its happening so that he can decompress and think thorugh things, but usually this period is very painful for me. The second is that we have opposite sources of insecurities: I have had a long term relationship before with a lot of experiences and this makes him insecure thinking that he may not be able to live to that expectation and he is working on treating this as serious as we both want. On my end, I have pressing insecurities about his sexual past. I am a open minded person in terms of my sexuality, but he clearly lived way more than me since he came out. He experienced hard drugs, orgies, uploading videos having sex on his socials. While all of that sounds fun, it makes me insecure that he has really had fun that I feel that I should also offer to him. He states that that was a very specific period of time on his life but it makes me anxious. Our relationship works pretty well on the ordinary, but our divergent communication styles often sends me to a very anxious place. I have keys of his apartment and we spend most of our time together here, on dates, and we sleep together almost daily. However, the nature of our jobs( he needs to be always in person and i work from home) makes me be very flexible and constantly wanting him to let me know about when we are going to meet again. I try to be as flexible as possible since he is the one with the most time restrictions. However, when he does not do this (very frequently) I become very anxious and I think he just forgets about me and I feel neglected. I can understand he is caught up with work, but I constantly feel that what I bring to him is just some sort of stability and that he likes to have me here since I ground him. I dont know how to state that this dynamic sometimes is a bit tiring for me since I dont want to feel like a piece of furniture in his appartment (I like being here! just to clarify that). Sadly, my mind goes constantly to think that he is not excited by me since I am not this detached person that fucks him, but someone that has shown him not only a great sexual time but taking care of him, cooking for him, and trying to get some sort of couple routines. He constantly tells me that he is very happy with me and that he feel lucky to have me in his life, but I dont feel it like that. While we spend every night together I feel there is no excitement or anything new going on and that he will get bored and leave me. I go to therapy since several years ago, and I ackowledge most of my insecurities come from my own trauma. I have suffered abandonment in different ways and its a challenge for me trusting somebody. I also know he has his own trauma, being neglected as a child and never been able to take care of close relationships, only shallow friends that come and go. I want to be with him since I feel a very nice connection with him, and he also states the same and that he has never felt this for anybody. However I am very constantly in a state of ancxiouseness that I havent been able to communicate effectively since we constantly run into big arguments when I ask for more consideration -- he used to bail on me last minute to meet with his friends, or arrive 3 hours later to gatherings since he gets caught doing other social activities. When these situations arrised he became very apologetic but my upset state doesnt vanish inmediatley so he would just shut down and fall asleep rather than finding some sort of closure for the night. These moments really send me to a very very bad mental state. While we have been getting better at this and we are making an active effort to improve this (texting me and letting me know what is happening or specific easy actions like that) I am also already a bit tired of this dynamic. I dont know if this is part of getting to be with someone, and a toll worth paying, or if I should just come to terms that maybe we are not a match unless I know how to (somehow) work with this anxiety. My friends tell me that my relationship looks pretty well and are happy I am getting to work through my demons with someone that is showing me care and interest, and in a different way from what I am used to. So even there is nothing clearly wrong happening, I am unsure if this path is gonna improve (me adapting or him or both) or if I am just being to stubborn trying to make this work on my terms
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2023.06.01 02:29 riverlakepond Is there someone to blame?

Tested for EVERYTHING before last sex partner. Results were all negative/normal. No sexual activity inbetween . After my last partner, I tested as a general rule for myself (new partner, need to get tested). Results were positive for ureaplasma. I found out that he didn't test at all for it and never heard of it. But he treated me really poorly after I told him and even after I shared before/after test results. The information I found mostly centers around women, so now I'm confused. How else could I have gotten this bacteria?! Considering ureaplasma isn't a classic STI, is this something that could happen naturally? I feel kind of gaslighted and confused.
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2023.06.01 02:23 fables_of_faubus How being the family cook has helped my self-esteem.

I am 40 and was only diagnosed last year. I am currently not medicated, but working on it. I have a wife and a 5 yr old child, and I struggle with all sorts of household and family management tasks.
I try to be a good dad and partner and I bust my butt every day, but I'm constantly falling behind and missing things. My wife is awesome, and has very different strengths. We've come up with a decently fair and evolving division of labour, but it can still be overwhelming and leave me feeling like a failure.
Over the last few years I've taken on most of the food tasks in our house. Running our family's kitchen has somehow become something I love. Here's why it works so well for me.
1 - It's a concrete task with immediate rewards. I cook, we eat, my family is fed, I feel good.
2 - I can put on music and focus on something healthy while I'm decompressing from the day. I find it difficult to get home and be social and facilitate kids activities until I've decompressed. Dancing to music while cooking is a wonderful outlet for me.
3 - I go shopping every weekend. With my daughter it's an excuse to be goofy and for the two of us to connect. Without her I've got a couple of hours with my headphones and a list to follow. It's a regular and straight forward thing to check off the list and feel good about.
4 - I can't procrastinate these tasks! I have a kid and a wife who expect to have healthy and yummy food around. They expect dinner at a certain time. I am best motivated by social obligations, and procrastinating making food has clear and immediate consequences.
5 - cleaning the kitchen is a struggle. I've really battled with it, but I've somehow made it to the point that we seldom go to bed with dirty dishes. I will still occasionally wipe 2 of the 3 counters or leave leftovers in the oven for days, but those are little things, and i feel successful.
I feed my family. I buy and prepare the food. I clean up after it. No matter how many Tupperwares I lose or parking tickets I get and then forget to pay, I can know that I cared for my family and provided for them on a day to day basis. It feels good to have something concrete to focus on when the "you're a falure and a burden" voice starts making noise in my head.
And of course my wife is a huge part of it all. She provides so much of the stable ground that allows me to succeed. And she loves that I cook, too. The rush of getting dinner together after work is stressful for her. She's not as accustomed as I am to a bit of chaos.
Anyways, I love being the kitchen guy for lots of adhd reasons, and I wanted to share with folks who might understand.
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2023.06.01 02:22 sparticis Gangs Recruiting in Victoria Area Schools

Gangs Recruiting in Victoria Area Schools
This has been widely shared around on the local Facebook group that shall not be named… Anecdotally, gangs from outside of Victoria have been actively recruiting in Victoria middle and high schools. Tasks start with the mundane and gradually the debts build up to the point where youth… kids… are committing violent crimes in the name of the gang of choice.
Talk to you kids. Keep them busy with extra-curricular. Idle hands and idle minds rarely finds benefit.
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2023.06.01 02:18 333mas26 [M4F] 21 : A budding relationship- comfort and praise!

18+ !!!
It’s hard being an adult. It’s a terrible combination of work, school, catching up with friends, and talking about nothing. It’s especially hard when you’re still faking the whole “got my act together” thing.
And the thing is, if someone isn’t helping, they’re pretty much actively hurting. When did it get so difficult to talk to nice people and feel good about yourself?
Wouldn’t it be so nice to come home to someone, eat dinner, and just curl up on the couch, talking about our days until we drift off? Or to wake up and have to choose between going to work and building a blanket fort today?
For this RP, I’m looking for a F ages 18-24, who’s willing to play a realistic long term partner. We can be at any stage of the relationship. It’s just about comfort and building each other up. I’d love for this to be long term, and you can play yourself or anyone you suggest.
As you can probably guess, this will be relatively vanilla and realist compared to some other prompts, though I’m happy to explore options as they pop up :)
My DMs are always open, so reach out! Also, if you aren’t looking to RP and just wanna chat, I’m down too! Im also PST, but don’t mind other time zones.
Talk to you soon!
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2023.06.01 02:05 Ruth-Willi Virgo Horoscope Today June 1, 2023

Virgo Horoscope Today June 1, 2023 (
Because today you tend to think carefully about everything, it is expected to be a productive day on the professional level. It may be difficult for you to feel fully satisfied due to the delay in some appointments or the postponement of some tasks. Today you have a point but no chance to prove it. You may enjoy participating in some religious or artistic activities.

Virgo Horoscope Today – Love

It’s nice to be always ready to fulfill everything your partner asks of you, but you have to slow down sometimes to see where it will lead you

Virgo Horoscope Today – Professional Life

Very thirsty during this period to do work that you have not done previously to get out of the state of routine in your current job.

Virgo Horoscope Today – Health

Help yourself first so that others can help you get rid of the anxiety that bothers you
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2023.06.01 02:04 Beneficial-Penalty70 Looking for active friends/ raid partners

Currently level 30 needing more people for raids. 9822 0019 2487 is my trainer code. I do daily gifts and raids.
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2023.06.01 02:02 VengefulPhotoshopper [A4A] Looking for literate Warhammer 40K rp partner.

Hello! I have recently reignited my love for Warhammer lore and roleplay. A little bit about me is that I'm in my twenties, I am literate, and I also am online 16+ hours a day usually so I am active. When it comes to a partner for RP it's required for you to be 18+, literate, and active or it won't work no exceptions.
It doesn't matter what era in the universe our rp takes place. Oh, and romance will happen. Please contact me and we'll have a wonderful time! (I'd prefer if your character was female.)
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2023.06.01 02:01 Ruth-Willi Scorpio Horoscope Today June 1, 2023

Scorpio Horoscope Today June 1, 2023 (
Today, some enlightening conversations and ideas are raised in front of you by the partner, and perhaps from your emotional partner, or from your business partner. You have new methods to work through, and these methods may include new technological means in order to speed up the pace of work and increase your income. You have to keep in mind that not everything you hear is true.

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Love

Determining the future with the partner will be determined in the coming days, and that remains subject to the outcome of the negotiations between you

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Professional Life

A few days separate you from achieving the goals that you set your eyes on, and you see success flapping its wings above your head.

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Health

Try as much as possible to reduce sitting for long hours, and take advantage of the time available to do some sporting activity
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2023.06.01 02:00 thebyrdhouse Sierra Ski Traverse 2023

Where: East to West Ski Traverse from Shepherd's Pass Trailhead (Independence, CA) across the Sierra to Wolverton (Western Sierra Foothills), sometimes referred to as the "Sierra High Route Ski Traverse" or the "David Beck Route" after the ski guide who pioneered the route in the 1970s. Getting to cross the Sierra on skis, particularly with a historic snowpack, was an amazing experience.
When: May 25, 2023 – May 28, 2023
Distance and Vert: 50 Miles, 15,000' ascent (CalTopo:
Conditions: Continuous snow from mile ~6 at 9400'. Weather varied from zero visibility clouds, scorching direct sun, precipitation/graupel, and frigid mornings.
Lighterpack: for a couple (shared sleep system and ski gear for two)
Cars/Transportation: This might be one of the biggest challenges of the trip. Some people choose to stage cars at both trailheads, but that would require a six-hour drive before and after the trip. The ideal situation, which we were able to work out, is to swap cars with another group crossing in the opposite direction simultaneously, trading keys on route. However, not everyone will be this lucky. Another option is to hitchhike from Wolverton to Three Rivers, then get a ride to the Fresno airport, fly to Reno, and take the 395 shuttle to Independence. But this will add days to your trip.
Road Closure: This year, an additional complexity was that the road from Hospital Rock to Wolverton was closed due to rain damage. It is a 14-mile stretch with an elevation gain of approximately 5000'. We spoke to rangers at SEKI, and suggested they might look the other way if we rode our e-bikes outside of construction hours, which they believed were from 7 AM to 7 PM. So, one group rode e-bikes with cargo trailers we purchased on Amazon from Hospital Rock at 2700' up to Wolverton at 7400'. They locked up the bikes and trailers and headed east. When we arrived at Wolverton after our traverse, we unlocked the bikes, loaded our gear, and rode the bikes back down to the car parked at Hospital Rock. Walking that stretch would be a pain after already crossing the Sierra, particularly because you'd probably have to haul boots and skis down the road with you on your back.
Purpose of [Long] Report: I've wanted to cross the Sierra on skis for many years, but poor snow conditions had stymied previous attempts. With the historic snowpack this year, I finally got a chance to ski it. Prior to this trip, I scoured the Internet for information, but most of it was either old and lacked details or came from guide companies that lead clients across in about six days. In the interest of aiding future skiers, I wanted to put together a comprehensive trip report with some of our group's learnings. However, a caveat to future readers, our trip was much later in the year than is typical and followed the deepest winter in recorded memory in the Sierra, so your experience may differ greatly.
Our kits were relatively light given it was a ski traverse, which was essential due to the long ski and boot carry on day one. This lighter pack is my wife and I's shared and personal gear combine. She was less egar to list out her clothing individually (she does not share our affliction) however she let me weigh it all at once:
Sleep Kit: For anyone contemplating winter camping with someone they feel comfortable sharing a sleeping bag with, I cannot recommend the Feathered Friends Spoonbill enough. It is the single greatest piece of kit I have ever owned. It's absurdly light and warm and more comfortable than a solo bag because it's large enough for both people to stretch out. Of course, it only really works if you feel comfortable cozying up with your partner, but if you're a couple, like we were, it's the greatest. Just make sure that you have pad straps that hold the two sleeping pads together. When we first got the bag, we contemplated one of those double sleeping pads, but they're heavy and not as warm as the Therm-a-Rest Xtherm. Instead, I've sewn pad straps with grosgrain, similar to the ones you can purchase from Gossamer Gear, that hold the pads together perfectly. It's also nice that each person has their own pad to inflate to their preferred firmness. The Xtherm is also warm enough to eliminate the need for extra closed cell foam pads.
Skis: If you're contemplating this route, you might be tempted to reach for ultralight skimo skis, but I'd urge caution. The snow conditions you're going to encounter are wildly variable, and unless you're used to skiing sun cups with a super heavy pack down steep passes, you may want something more robust. I ended up opting for my Blizzard Zero G 105 because I wanted that additional flotation in the soft afternoon snow. It ended up being a pretty good choice, although it was pretty heavy to haul up Shepherd's Pass on my back.
Sharps Kit: We carried aluminum boot crampons and ski crampons. Both were essential. My partner had a BD Whippet to assist on some of the passes. I just opted for poles. If you're used to booting, I think crampons are probably enough, and you can likely leave the ice ax at home.
Stove: We debated bringing an alcohol stove (Trail Designs Ti Tri), but we ended up bringing a MSR Reactor, worried that we would have to melt snow for water. We ended up collecting 95% of our water, and we could've easily collected all of it. I've heard from other groups that when the weather gets cold, it can be more difficult to track down water, but we could have gotten away with an alcohol stove.
Footwear: I wore light road running shoes up Shepard's Pass. They got pretty shredded on the trip, but they were a welcome addition and served as great camp shoes too while I tried to dry by boots in the afternoon sun.
Eyewear: At the last minute, I ditched my goggles and wore Smith Wildcats exclusively. Although I did have a backup pair of sunglasses, just in case I lost the Wildcats, I'm glad I didn't bother with goggles. The descents themselves were pretty short.
Pack: We both used HMG Porter packs without the HMG ski carry mod, but our own MYOG tubular webbing contraption to hold skis in place without damaging the webbing straps. They were perfect for the trip. I do know HMG now makes a ski-specific pack, but I purchased the Porter many years ago. However, even if the new pack had been available, I'd still prefer the Porter for versatility in other activities like climbing, packrafting, general backpacking, etc.
Early on the morning of May 25th, we left the Courthouse Motel in Independence, CA bound for Shepard's Pass Trailhead. With skis and poles in hand, the proprietors looked perplexed when they asked us were we were headed and we told them “Fresno.” Despite significant runoff this year, the road to the Shepherds Pass Trailhead is passable with a low-clearance vehicle. While we couldn't reach the "hikers" trailhead, we easily reached the "stock" trailhead at 5600'. Starting our traverse from there, we ascended Symmes Saddle toward Shepard's Pass in lightweight running shoes, with skis and boots on our backs. Along the way, we encountered clear evidence of the historic avalanche cycle, including massive trees blocking the trail. Crossing the creek multiple times, we devised creative ways to keep our feet dry, using pack tosses and rock jumps. At the final crossing, we bypassed a sketchy log and carefully waded through the creek with our heavy packs.As the trail steepened into switchbacks, intermittent snow appeared around 8400', soon becoming continuous. Pushing on through snow with sneakers, we reached Symmes Saddle at 9100'. There the trail transitions to a south aspect and the snow disappeared completely. After a few more miles, we arrived at Mahogany Flat, there we switched from shoes to skis, encountering consistent snow for the rest of the traverse. Our first night's camp was set above the "Pothole" on granite slabs, offering a breathtaking view of the Owens River Valley below.
The following day, we ascended Shepherds Pass using boot crampons, reaching the Tyndall Plateau. Descending on firm, sun-capped snow, we made our way to the Kern River, where we were fortunate to find a snow bridge, a crucial element of our route. Crossing without a bridge would have been sketchy. From there, we faced the grueling climb up Milestone Basin under a scorching sun. Fortunately, afternoon clouds provided relief and intermittent graupel. We ascended Milestone Pass late in the afternoon, then descended into Milestone Bowl, where again we camped on granite slabs.
On the third day, we descended the remainder of Milestone Bowl before embarking on several long traverses across massive bowls. At the end of the first ski traverse, we booted up an unnamed ridge marked by glide avalanche cracks. After briefly meeting the other party traveling from West to East and exchanging information on conditions ahead, we crossed over Triple Divide Pass. The next pass, Copper Mine Pass, presented more glide cracks and cornices that showed signs of recent collapse. Instead of taking the conventional route north of the peak, exposed to hazards, we managed to skin up just below the Copper Mine Pass summer trail, which surprisingly was melted out and allowed passage to the next drainage. We finished the day with an easy skin up Horn Col and a relaxed ski down to Lonely Lake.
On the final day, we climbed over Pterodactyl Pass below Big Bird Peak before turning north and continuing to ski into the Tablelands. Once near Tablelands Pass, we removed our skins for the second-to-last time and enjoyed a fun but gentle descent toward Pear Lake Hut. The hut was completely buried in snow, having sat unused throughout the entire winter. From the hut, we skinned up the final hump before embarking on a true survival ski down to Wolverton. The snow extended all the way down to the parking lot, but it was wet and covered in pine needles, branches, and pine duff—the type of snow one can't truly fathom without venturing beyond ski resort boundaries.
Finally, we arrived at the parking lot and found our e-bikes securely locked to the barricade, which the eastbound group had prepared for us. We assembled the cargo trailers, attached them to the bikes, and began the long and winding descent from 7400' to 2700', reaching the road closure at Hospital Rock, the truck, and very welcome warm beers.
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2023.06.01 01:59 emspeechie Is this fixable?

Partner and I (both mid-late 30s) have been together a couple years, friends for decades. Planning to get married next year but I am worried about whether this is actually going to work for marriage.
TL;DR: I love this man and it is overwhelming to imagine us not being together. But I don't think he really wants marriage and I am afraid that even if we do get married, there won't be room for me in the marriage. It feels like so much of this relationship relies on me meeting him, but it is confusing to me because he feels like he is working so hard and sacrificing so much - that I am asking too much of him. I think I know the hard truth I just want other perspectives before I make a mistake. If we break up, I am not convinced there is better out there; I just don't think that's a reason to try to force something that's not working.
The good: - Great friendship - He's a wonderful man, very smart, has an incredible family - I admire him in so many ways - he's one of the strongest, most resilient people I know. He is generous, funny, has a huge heart - He is responsible, follows through on things, has a good job and has life goals he actively works towards (as do I) - We both have our own interests and there's no jealousy, pretty easy for us to have our own friends and interests - We share a lot of weird tendencies (e.g., going down oddly specific rabbit holes of information for periods of time) and get excited sharing these things with each other - We both love traveling - My family loves him, his family loves me - its easy to be together - We both really care about each others' happiness - If I am upset, he will always try to comfort me, even if I know he has no idea what to do or say to make it better (which isn't his job). - We are honest with each other, and I believe we love each other for who we are. - I love being with him and am genuinely excited about a life together in many ways - Physical chemistry is great (when he is open to it or interested) - We agree on financial priorities and how we budget. He makes more than me and even though I don't care about the money, I really appreciate that he pays for some things to make it easier for us to do things together. He also acknowledged that if I move, i will lose my pension with my employer. He set up a retirement account that *he*makes deposits in every month which would, in theory, replace the lost pension if/when I end up moving. - we agree on kids - we agree on most ethical questions and religion - I like talking to him when we don't agree on things; I value his perspective and learn a lot from him. (see below)
The concerns: - I often feel unvalued or unappreciated. I don't feel like he values my perspective and sometimes I think he just wants to be right and that I have insulted him by not agreeing with his opinion. Sometimes, I think this is just my own insecurity though. - He doesn't really believe in marriage and for him he'd prefer not to get married every; he'd be doing it because it's important to me. I appreciate how big that is, but I also don't want to give up the great life that I have for someone who isn't marriage-level committed. - He is very afraid of losing his autonomy - terrified of the idea of "happy wife, happy life" and thinks all marriage become about the woman controlling the man - It seems that his family will generally take priority over my family when it comes to deciding how and when we spend holidays/time off - I feel like there is a big imbalance between us emotionally - I am affectionate and try to show my appreciation for him in many ways, frequently. He is not very affectionate in general (better when we are together in person) and he does not have a desire or willingness to learn how to do this. - It seems we have the same fight over and over again - it doesn't feel like we are resolving the underlying issue (for me, this is lack of intimacy and vulnerability) - He says he thinks he probably should go to counseling, but has come up with many reasons why he won't. (fwiw, I attend counseling and in theory, he is open to couples counseling). - We tried a pre-marital work book, but it didn't go well. I felt like he wasn't really invested and some of his answers were so surface level, it was very hard to have a conversation and he seemed largely uncomfortable with it all - like it was fine at first but then he just wanted to get through it. Then we had a chapter about intimacy and it fell apart so hard. He shut down completely. I felt really concerned about the whole thing. - He is many years sober, but I don't think he's dealt with the underlying issues much at all. He doesn't go to AA anymore and generally thinks it's BS (maybe it is). I don't believe he is likely to start drinking again, but the reasons he drank seem to just be shoved so far down, I worry they come out in other ways (like anger, gambling, food, etc.) - He gets really intense about some things - driving, board games, being in crowds. I feel like I don't matter sometimes because of it. I try to be understanding but if he is angry and takes it out on me in a moment, he doesn't apologize. Even if I tell him later, "I don't like when you talk to me that way," (e.g., he raises his voice and gets very directive suddenly) or "It's scaring me how aggressive you're driving right now" he gets defensive and seems to think he's doing a great job controlling his anger. He would *never* lay a finger on me, I am positive of this. But his anger bothers me. And I don't understand why something as inconsequential as board games turns into a fight - I hate feeling so condescended to and am worried he just sees his agenda (winning the game) as more important than me or my feelings. I feel unvalued when he talks to me like I'm a nuisance or just in his way. - I try to communicate my concerns directly and in non-threatening ways, acknowledging that I can do better, too. He said he thinks I just want to control him and that I just want him to be my "simp" boyfriend and do whatever I ask. I feel like I defer to him in so many ways and try to accommodate so many neuroses, I truly don't understand this. I am worried it's how he truly feels but it doesn't make sense to me. I want him to be him and I also want to be able to ask for what I need or work on things together, especially communication and conflict resolution. I want him to ask for what he needs as well. - Sometimes I feel like our only overlapping interests are things that I have decided to show interest in because he likes them (e.g., I like traveling, but he likes cruises so I do cruises with him, even though it's not how I'd prefer to see the world; he likes to spend the evening playing board games and having a cigar - I can tolerate the cigars and I enjoy games, but I'd like to go for a walk usually, he does not want to walk, so we rarely do; I like hiking, he doesnt so he generally doesnt want to go with me; he likes tennis and I'd play with him but he doesn't want to play with someone so novice. The list goes on). I don't feel like he shows much interest or effort in what I am interested in. I am pretty flexible and happy to do things he likes but when he shows no interest in what I am passionate about, I again feel concerned about the longevity of this relationship.
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2023.06.01 01:59 xeniasthighs Rapid symptom changes?

Currently 8 weeks pregnant and absolutely confused by how quickly my symptoms come and go and just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same?
I don’t know if it’s just me, but from weeks 3-5 I was extremely in the mood. Even more than usual, and we are very active. But now, the opposite. I’m now 8 weeks and I couldn’t think of anything worse. I’ve had the same with food aversions.
From weeks 5-7 I could barely stomach a thing. I wasn’t throwing up, I just couldn’t think of anything that I wanted (I was incredibly nauseous also) but at this point that feels like it’s disappeared completely. I still get nauseous randomly, with no rhyme or reason I or my partner can recognise.
At the start of week 7, I threw up two days in a row. Just once, about an hour after I woke up. ‘Here we go’ I thought. Nope. That was it. Apart from another isolated incident a few days ago, that’s also gone.
The only symptoms that are sticking around are peeing constantly throughout the night and wild nightmares.
Is this just me? I feel I can barely keep up with my symptoms.
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2023.06.01 01:57 Present-Ad-9441 Rae and Lexi

I accidentally typed this whole rant on the LiB subreddit. Whoops!
But anyway, I think it is so fucked up the way Lexi refused to look at Rae during the table discussion. Actively ignoring your partner when she's trying to be open just feels cruel. The eye rolls and side eyes are just so unnecessary when you tout yourself as this super mature individual. And then to turn around and be all googly eyed with Mal. Gross behavior.
Then, the beach conversation where she's tearing into Rae AGAIN and offers zero support after she makes the poor girl cry was hard to watch. It's obvious that Rae is timid and admittedly reserved. Lexi has a huge personality and refuses to have a conversation with Rae that doesn't include Rae agreeing with her or just giving up.
If Mal was all in on Lexi, I have no doubt she'd leave Rae in a heartbeat. It was so satisfying when Mal's friend said that Mal is the type of person that is just so kind that everyone thinks she's into them when she's not. And that Lexi can't negate the love Mal has for Yoly. Rae needs to run away and do some growth through self-love.
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2023.06.01 01:56 xeniasthighs Anyone else having rapid symptom changes?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but from weeks 3-5 I was extremely in the mood. Even more than usual, and we are very active. But now, the opposite. I’m now 8 weeks and I couldn’t think of anything worse. I’ve had the same with food aversions.
From weeks 5-7 I could barely stomach a thing. I wasn’t throwing up, I just couldn’t think of anything that I wanted (I was incredibly nauseous also) but at this point that feels like it’s disappeared completely. I still get nauseous randomly, with no rhyme or reason I or my partner can recognise.
At the start of week 7, I threw up two days in a row. Just once, about an hour after I woke up. ‘Here we go’ I thought. Nope. That was it. Apart from another isolated incident a few days ago, that’s also gone.
The only symptoms that are sticking around are peeing constantly throughout the night and wild nightmares.
Is this just me? I feel I can barely keep up with my symptoms.
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2023.06.01 01:49 xtremexavier15 TSWT 24 (pt 2)

The title screen was shown once again, the Aftermath theme playing as the flaring letters took the scene back to the beach where Josh was now standing alone.
"Welcome back to the Total Drama Aftermath!" he greeted. "Bruno's been restrained, and now we're going to take this episode to the next level of excitement. Here's Dawn with the deets!"
"Thanks, Josh!" Dawn said as the scene cut to a cliff near a large waterfall, the Peanut Gallery members assembled closer to the edge and divided roughly based on who they were supporting. "So, have any of you missed being in the game?"
The camera cut closer to the nineteen former competitors, none of whom said anything.
"That's what I expected!" Dawn continued, "because you're going to be competing to help your favorite Final Three contestants win!" he said as the camera panned over the unenthused faces of the gallery.
"Unsurprisingly," Dawn said, looking at the lack of Mal supporters, "no one has Mal's back for the finale."
"If it was Mike, then some of us would switch sides just to support him," Eva said.
"Good point," Dawn nodded, "but this challenge won't work that well because of it. So temporarily, I'd like some of you to switch over to Mal's side."
"Not going to happen," Ella disagreed.
"Definitely," Sadie agreed.
"Just think of it as supporting Mike, or else I'll make you do so," Dawn got serious.
Not having a choice, Beth, Brick, Cody, Courtney, Shawn, and Sky stepped over to Mal's side.
"I'm glad to hear you guys are so passionate about who you're supporting," Josh said as he walked up to the group, "because one member of each team is about to risk their lives for their favorite! Any volunteers?"
"I will volunteer," Ella immediately volunteered for Team Ezekiel.
"But I wanted to do it," Harold said.
"Surfing the waves can improve my mood, and I need a stress reducing activity to take part in," Ella mentioned.
"Let me be Mal's proxy," Shawn told his team. "I could use more screentime."
"You are skilled enough to go on a surfing mission," Cody said. "Go for it."
"Thanks!" Shawn cheered. "I get to show you all my newfound surfing skills."
"And who's going to represent Team Izzy?" Dawn asked the team.
"Ooh! Me me me!" Owen stepped up immediately.
"Perfect! Let's take a look at what Ella, Shawn, and Owen are up against," Josh said with a knowing look at the camera, and the shot cut to the bottom of a lower cliff face with a staircase carved into it. "Players have to race to the top," the host said as the shot panned upward a little ways to another grassy area where a trio of wooden heads sat behind a simple altar, the central one large and intimidating, "and then snag one of the traditional Hawaiian leis from Lono, the Hawaiian god of prosperity and sporting events." The camera zoomed in close to the central wooden depiction of the god, then panned leftward to six surfboards in a variety of colors and styles standing nearby.
"Then, grab a surfboard and take it back down the stream!" Josh continued, the camera moving towards a rapid stream running down a fairly steep slope. "And when you get to the bottom, watch out! There's a bit of a lava spray nearby," the host said, the camera cutting to the mouth of the stream at a waterfall situated next to a small but active lava vent that shot out a small burst of molten rock. A few yards away from the stream's mouth, floating on the ocean, were a trio of rafts that were empty save the flag each bearing a face of one of the finalists.
Ella, Owen, and Shawn gasped in shock.
"It's a good thing no one got heavily injured," Dawn quietly told Josh. "Everyone's in perfect shape for this challenge."
"First though," Josh said as the shot zoomed out to reveal the large blackboard that had been wheeled next to them, "here are some pictures of animals you can find in Hawaii!" he said, motioning to the images on the board.
"If you went to the Maui Zoo!" Dawn added.
"Each team must pick an animal to represent the spirit of their player," Josh explained as the camera zoomed in for a closer look at the choices: bear, dolphin, Doberman Pinscher, shark, deer, jaguar, rhinoceros, raccoon, moose, lion, and kangaroo.
"Owen," he turned first to the optimist, "which animal do you think best represents Izzy?"
"I'm going to go with the jaguar," Owen responded. "They're both super fast."
"So Izzy's spirit animal is a jaguar!" Dawn said with a smile. "Shawn, can you choose for Mal?"
"Drats," Shawn said. "There are so many vicious ones?" He stared at the board for a few moments.
"You do realize this show's half-hour right?" Josh asked impatiently.
"It's only twenty-two minutes," Shawn corrected. "And that's counting the opening and closing credits. I got it!" he declared suddenly. "Shark. Mal is a shark."
"That's a not so obvious choice," Dawn deadpanned.
"Sharks aim to kill, and Mal has the same motive," Shawn said.
"Ella, you're next. What's your choice for Ezekiel?" Josh asked the princess.
"Deer," Ella said confidently. "Ezekiel's a deer."
"Why are you picking a deer for Ezekiel?" Duncan asked.
"He's pure when compared to Izzy and especially Mal," Ella answered.
Josh spoke up. "Here's the catch: If you can make it all the way down the stream and past the lava spray without losing your leis," he explained as the camera cut to the mouth of the stream as another spurt of molten rock shot out of the vent, "you have to put that lei on your team's spirit animal to win." The shot moved down to the three rafts, upon which the three chosen animals were now standing tethered to the posts holding up the pictures of the finalists: Ezekiel's deer on the right; Mal's shark in the middle; and Izzy's jaguar on the left. The black male intern finished adjusting a collar on the jaguar's neck and the animal snarled at him, prompting the intern to fearfully turn and dive into the water.
"Looks like we made good decisions with our animals," Shawn told Ella. "Sad to say, but I'm dominating this challenge."
"Getting a lei on a shark will be harder than a deer," Ella replied.
"I really hope that jaguar doesn't eat my lei," Owen begged to himself.
"Whoever manages to lei their animal first will win a major advantage for their finalist, and whoever gets second will win a modest advantage," Dawn announced.
"And last place gets nothing," Josh added, "which will make winning really hard for their finalist, assuming they can even make it to the final challenge."
"Good luck!" Dawn told them brightly.
"And go!" Josh set them off.
Shawn struck a karate pose. "Prepare to lose to my combat and survival skills!" He ran off at top speed, leaving Owen and Ella behind.
"That advantage belongs to Ezekiel," Ella added before running off as well.
"Up I go," Owen said to himself before running in the opposite direction…only to realize his mistake and ran to where Ella and Shawn went.
The footage flashed ahead, showing the leis and the giant carved head of Lono as Shawn skidded up to it in his normal clothes. "Mighty Lono," he said reverently, "thank you for this flowery blessing!" He picked up a lei. "I may have forgotten my swim trunks, but I won't let you down!" he said as he looked to the sky.
It was stolen, however, by the sudden reappearance of Ella, now changed into her pink short dress-like one piece. "We'll see about that," the princess said as the conspiracy boy scowled.
Owen was the last to arrive, wearing a pair of orange trunks. He was panting as he ran and bashed his head against every low-hanging tree branch he encountered. When he finally made it to the leis, he stopped long enough to pant. "Whoo, that is steep. But I made it."
The trademark dings of a musical number sounded, the note icon appearing just above Owen.
"Sorry," Dawn said as she walked up, "but Chris said we have to make you sing a song."
"Aww man. I thought we were done with that," Shawn griped.
"I didn't mind it now," Ella said. "So what are we supposed to sing about?" she asked Dawn.
"Just a challenge song," Dawn told her.
[A drumline opened the song, an acoustic guitar soon joining in as Ella bobbed her head to the rhythm.]
"Doing this Hawaii style; surfing through this magic mile!"
[The waterfall and cliff were shown from a distance as she began singing, then the shot cut in close to the surfboards again as she grabbed a yellow one, spun it around, and dipped it as though it was a dance partner.]
"Just hope I can get past by, the lava that is flying!"
[A quick pan showed the stream below, then returned to the clifftop as Ella looked down determinedly, then jumped with her lei in one hand and her board beneath her.]
"One last chance to prove my might; what else keeps me up at night!"
[Shawn sang next, looking down thoughtfully with his lei clenched in his left fist; he extended his right hand as if to grab something, then spun around and grabbed a red and orange striped surfboard from the row.]
"Why else would I volunteer, for something death-defying?!"
[He smiled confidently, then sang as he ran across to the cliff's edge, jumping into the air and putting his board beneath him. A splash was heard as the scene cut to the stream.]
"I'm winning for real!"
[Ella sang confidently, Shawm soon catching up, singing "Yeah yeah!"]
"I'm winning this deal!"
[Shawn shot back, pulling ahead as Ella repeated "Yeah yeah!"]
"I'm a surfing goddess!"
[Ella countered, pulling ahead again as Shawn sang "Yeah yeah!"]
"You're put to the test!"
[Shawn countered back as he regained the lead, Ella once again repeating "Yeah yeah!" as she caught back up.]
"I'm not stiff, but I don't move much! So what if I can't such and such!"
[Owen sang as the focus moved back to him on the top of the cliff, holding his green surfboard with a lucky charm implanted as if it were a dance partner. He stopped 'dancing' to hold his lei.]
"I'm the king...of Izzy's team! So! I'll show them I'm a winner!"
[He deftly moved behind his surfboard and shoved it to the cliff. The camera cut to the cliff as it soared toward the edge, but cut away before it was shown falling off.]
"I'm winning for Zeke!"
[Ella sang, the focus cutting back to her close-up. In the background, Shawn and Owen sang "Yeah yeah!" together.]
"'Cause I'm not weak!"
[The camera pulled back to show an image of Ezekiel sitting on the surfboard and waving to a happy Ella before disappearing in a sudden puff. Once again, Owen and Shawn sang "Yeah yeah!" in the background.]
"I'm surfing for Mal!"
[Shawn sang as the camera cut to him, showing an image of Mal sitting on the edge of the surfboard and smiling triumphantly. In the background, Ella and Owen sang "Yeah yeah!"]
"And he's not my pal!"
[Shawn sang skeptically, the image of Mal on his board squinting her eyes in frustration and disappearing with a puff.
"Aaahhh!" Ella suddenly yelped, gaining the attention of both Shawn and the camera. "Hot hot hot!" she said in a slight panic as she ducked under a few burning rocks that had been ejected from the volcanic vent. "Ahh!" she finished as the tip of her board was singed by one.
"Ah!" Shawn said, the camera cutting back to him as he also tried to dodge the semi-molten rock and got his board burned in the process. "No fair!"]
"This is messed up, it's true!"
[Owen sang to a few pointed drum beats, the shot cutting to a close-up of him in a surfing pose.]
"I'm not planning to sue!"
[The camera pulled back to show Owen riding his surfboard through the lava spray.]
"Step aside and let me through!"
[Shawn sang to Ella, speeding up and passing her; in the background, all three of their voices chanted "Yeah yeah!"]
"I'm not quitting soo~oon!"
[Ella countered, quickly catching up so that she and Shawn were vying for the lead. Once again, all three of their voices chanted "Yeah yeah!" in the background.]
"Oh~oh, I'm winning this ti~ime!"
[Ella continued, taking the lead briefly as the three voices chanted "Yeah yeah!" once again.]
"Sorry Ella, it's mine!"
[Shawn countered, taking the lead again as the three voices chanted "Yeah yeah!"]
"Sorry but I'm be-hind!"
[Owen told them, catching up to them but not gaining the lead.]
"Oh~oh, I'm winning this time!"
[The three sang together, the camera zooming out to show Shawn in the lead, Ella behind him, and Owen in the rear.]
"Yeah, yeah, yeah!"
[The three sang together again, finishing out the song.]
Shawn was still in the lead after the music faded out, and was quickly faced with another volley of burning rocks. He quickly swerved out of the way of one after the other. He quickly looked back, but in his distraction, allowed another burning rock to land on his board just as he shot off the final waterfall.
He smiled confidently, then looked down and noticed the rock burning his board. "That isn't good!" he said, his panic causing him to throw his lei a little early. He splashed down safely into the ocean, but the ring of flowers didn't quite make it all the way to its intended target – it only landed in the tank, and was promptly picked up and swallowed by the shark. The shark laughed playfully, earning a groan from Shawn.
"WOOHOO!" Owen cheered as he fell off his board and landed in the ocean. The camera followed the surfboard as it sailed through the air with the lei on top... and was kicked by the jaguar into the water herself.
"Ooh," Dawn and Josh winced from the host couch.
"Whoops," Owen winced as the camera cut to him.
He was promptly alerted by a scream overhead, and looked up to see Ella finally shooting over the waterfall on her board. She flew straight for her target, and the deer smiled at the human coming its way. The princess managed to splash down right in front of the raft and let the lei loose as she did so, and she managed to hook it on the deer's antlers. Ella resurfaced behind the raft.
"Did I win?" she said, looking around as she caught her breath.
"Ella won it!" Josh said as the scene returned to the hosts and the crowd went wild.
"The others were close though," Dawn added.
"So is Bruno going to be sent to your animal shelter?" Josh asked the moonchild.
"He is, but I'm going to ask Ella to take care of him by singing her songs in case he acts out of control," Dawn winked.
A cough interrupted them. "Sorry," Ella said as she walked up, Shawn and Owen right behind her and all three still dripping wet, "but what did I win?"
Josh smiled. "That was an impressive display, Ella," Josh told her, "but, no one was actually supposed to win."
"What?" the three challenge competitors said at once, the crowd wincing and murmuring their obvious disapproval.
"It was Chris's idea," Dawn explained. "But someone did win, because all of you are excellent!" She looked at the camera, and the crowd cheered. "And thanks to Ella, Ezekiel is going to receive a major advantage to use in the final challenge!" As she spoke, the black male intern brought a wheelbarrow out center stage. "Which is good for our underdog of the season," she added. "A wheelbarrow!" she announced, the camera moving in for a close-up of the tool. "It'll make sense later," she added as and aside.
"Team Mal, congrats," she continued. "You win the minor advantage: a baby stroller!" A white male intern wheeled the carriage out next to the wheelbarrow.
"And since Team Izzy came in last," Josh announced, "Izzy wins nothing but chance of losing the finale!"
Dawn laughed a bit. "That's not going to help her in the final challenge."
"How will Ezekiel's advantage play out?" Dawn asked the camera with a smile. "Will Mal be able to keep up with just a stroller? Will Izzy even be able to keep up with her disadvantage?"
"How in the name of Lono will any of them get here for the finale?" Josh added.
"Find out the answers to those and a lot of other questions next time," Dawn said as the season's blaring title music played, "on Total! Drama! World Tour!"
(Roll the Credits)
(Bonus Clip)
The clip opened to the Hawaiian beach. Ella was reclining on a chair in her swimsuit as Ron and Luna accompanied her.
"Now remember, Bruno will join the animal shelter, so do your best to make him feel welcome," Ella advised the hawk and rabbit, who nodded in agreement.
She then saw Sadie walking up to her. "Hello Sadie. The episode is over, so you're free to converse with me," Ella said.
Sadie sat next to Ella while Ron and Luna left in order to give them privacy.
"You were right about Mal being in control over Mike, and I didn't believe you because I didn't think anyone could be truly evil," Sadie began her apology.
"You never took into consideration my words, and that really hurt me as we were friends," Ella responded.
"You were right. I was so mean to you, and you were just trying to help me," Sadie said. "I'm sorry for doing those things."
"I should apologize as well. I was too fierce in trying to get you to believe me, and that made you irritated," Ella apologized as well.
"So can we go back to being best friends before the Mal fiasco?" Sadie begged.
"No. BFFFLS!" Ella spoke jovially before they embraced each other and stayed that way for a while.
The camera cut to the left to show Ron, Luna, and Bruno smiling and wiping tears at Ella and Sadie's reconciliation.
18th: Shawn
17th: Amy
16th: Lindsay
15th: Rodney
14th: Jo
Eliminated: Owen
13th: Duncan
12th: Sky
11th: Heather
10th: Cody
9th: Ella
8th: Noah
7th: Sadie
6th: Owen
5th: Eva
4th: Topher
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2023.06.01 01:46 SCS-Group The Importance of Deep Cleaning in Residential Spaces

The Importance of Deep Cleaning in Residential Spaces
The Importance of Deep Cleaning in Residential Spaces


Maintaining a clean and healthy home is essential for the well-being of you and your family. While regular cleaning helps keep your living space tidy, there is an equally important task that should not be overlooked—deep cleaning. Deep cleaning goes beyond the surface and targets hidden dirt, allergens, and bacteria that can accumulate over time. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of deep cleaning in residential spaces and how it contributes to a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Removing Hidden Dirt and Allergens:

Regular cleaning may tackle visible dirt and dust, but it often overlooks hidden areas and hard-to-reach spots. Deep cleaning focuses on those neglected areas, such as behind furniture, under appliances, and in crevices. By targeting these areas, deep cleaning eliminates accumulated dirt, dust, and allergens that can trigger allergies or respiratory issues. It promotes cleaner indoor air quality and reduces the risk of allergic reactions, creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

Preventing the Growth of Bacteria and Germs:

Residential spaces are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Kitchen countertops, bathroom fixtures, and frequently touched surfaces are particularly prone to harboring harmful microorganisms. Deep cleaning involves thorough disinfection and sanitization of these areas, effectively eliminating bacteria and reducing the risk of infections and illnesses. By regularly deep cleaning your home, you can create a hygienic environment that minimizes the spread of germs and promotes overall well-being.

Extending the Lifespan of Surfaces and Appliances:

Deep cleaning not only benefits your health but also helps protect your investments. Over time, dirt, grime, and stains can accumulate on various surfaces and appliances, leading to deterioration and damage. Regular deep cleaning prevents the buildup of these substances and helps maintain the condition of your furniture, flooring, countertops, and appliances. By extending their lifespan, deep cleaning saves you money in the long run, as you won't have to replace these items prematurely.

Improving Indoor Air Quality:

Indoor air quality plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy living environment. Dust, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne particles can settle on surfaces and circulate in the air, contributing to respiratory problems and allergies. Deep cleaning includes activities such as vacuuming carpets, cleaning upholstery, and dusting hard-to-reach areas. By removing these particles, deep cleaning improves indoor air quality and promotes better respiratory health for you and your family.

Enhancing the Aesthetics of Your Home:

A clean and well-maintained home is aesthetically pleasing and creates a positive ambiance. Deep cleaning revitalizes your living space by restoring the shine and luster of surfaces, eliminating stains and discoloration, and refreshing the overall appearance. It brings a sense of pride and satisfaction, making your home a more inviting and enjoyable place to live.

Stress Reduction and Peace of Mind:

A cluttered and dirty living space can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. It's challenging to relax and unwind in an environment that feels chaotic and unclean. Deep cleaning your home provides a sense of order and cleanliness, promoting a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It allows you to fully enjoy your space and provides peace of mind knowing that your home is clean, organized, and free from hidden dirt and allergens.

Time and Cost Efficiency:

While deep cleaning may require more time and effort compared to regular cleaning, it ultimately saves you time and money in the long run. By regularly deep cleaning your home, you prevent the buildup of stubborn stains and grime, reducing the need for intensive cleaning sessions in the future. Additionally, deep cleaning helps identify potential maintenance issues early on, allowing you to address them before they become costly repairs.


Deep cleaning is a vital component of maintaining a clean and healthy home. By targeting hidden dirt, allergens, bacteria, and germs, deep cleaning promotes better indoor air quality, reduces the risk of illnesses, and extends the lifespan of your surfaces and appliances. Moreover, it enhances the aesthetics of your home, reduces stress, and provides peace of mind. Incorporate deep cleaning into your regular cleaning routine to enjoy the numerous benefits it offers. Your home and your family will thank you for the effort you put into creating a clean and comfortable living space.
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