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2023.05.30 06:30 puppysilly_ Scared.. Popping/Catching Feeling in left breast when I move a certain way

As the title says. 18AFAB. Not on any meds. Scared of the worst hoping for the best. This has been going on for about 6 months.
I have poor posture (hunched over a lot) so maybe it's related to that. I also mostly sleep on my left side. I have to lay down often due to fatigue issues. Possibly could be a nerve thing then as I am known to lay strangely.
But it's only in my left breast, which became a different shape and size than the other over the course of a few months a little over a year ago, so still during the late part of puberty. The only way I can describe the feeling is that, when I move a certain way, I get a feeling inside the breast like a nerve is getting "caught" on something and it causes a popping sensation with a sudden jolt of pain that leaves almost immediately.
I'm scared of breast cancer, but I know it's not likely.. I don't think I feel any lumps, but there's a discrepancy in breast tissue amount between each so it makes me think I may be missing something. I've also heard of tumors being deep enough in the chest that a mammogram won't pick it up.. and with how it feels, that comes to mind. This is just my anxiety talking.
Since the left breast got significantly larger in a few months, I wonder if it's nerve weirdness from the speed of it? I had very prominent stretch marks on it for a while.
I don't think it's costochondritis, unless one of you thinks it could be. I can find only a couple mentions of this sensation online, and no one got any answers. Can someone help?
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2023.05.30 06:30 5shairfactory Vietnamese hair is crowned the best quality

Vietnamese hair is in great demand in the wholesale hair market, where a lot of it is bought and sold every month. This is mostly due to the high profit margins that retailers may get by selling Vietnamese hair.
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2023.05.30 06:30 Agitated_Pack_5446 Feel like I overreacted to my boyfriends message

Okay we were planning to hangout this weekend and I said do you want to come over Saturday and Sunday. He said he can't come both days because he "promised his other friend that lives near you that we'd hang out too". I pointed out that he phrased it like I was a friend and he didn't see the issue. I think this is not a big deal now and I am worried that I shouldn't have said anything in the first place
Also sorry English isn't my first language so I try my best
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2023.05.30 06:30 nattiiizz Mobile

Hello everyone! I'm finally going to Togo this summer. What network/phone operator has the best coverage? Preferably 5G!
Price doesn't matter, I've been looking into Moov and Togocel.
If it matters I'll stay in and around Lomé.
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2023.05.30 06:29 Halycon949 Do you value your individuality more than harmonizing with others?

I've always felt this natural precedence not to let your own values and beliefs be overwritten when making connections with people (i.e. preserve your own identity or individuality) even when I was younger. I wonder if other fellow INTJs also do the same.
Have you ever felt the tension where you need to take out a part of who you are in order to establish a connection or form a deeper connection with someone that you just meet? And would you be willing to do compromise? Or will you choose to retain your individuality? This is the scenario I am trying to depict:
Example: You've meet a person at work with alienating values compared to yours such as being a people pleaser and being indifferent towards almost everything about life (i.e. he doesn't care), so much so that the quality of his work is usually shoddy. He also expects everyone to be the same as him as those are his values. You're eventually paired with him as a co-worker for the same project because the manager noticed you (as an INTJ) yield a higher quality output than he does, in order to help him. Eventually at some point of getting to know him, you realize your values conflict with his - and then you also realize later that almost everyone in the job practically are also people pleasers and being indifferent. It feels as if you're the only different fish in the big pond, being constrained by others.
Quotes and thoughts such as: "I'm not going to be a part of your system", Not letting others define who you are, "Do not waste time trying to please people, just be yourself" and the fear of being reduced to a common denominator strongly resonate with someone who is a user of Fi. Albeit these thoughts might look like typical rebellious thoughts of a youngster, I do think it can also extend as you grow older. They genuinely stem from the desire to preserve one's individuality (Fi) and possibly from the dislike of being dragged down to the least common denominator (hence you're also likely to hate posts made in this sub such as the occasional "You're not special!"). From my experience as well with high Fi users, they're likely to understand what: "You do you" means and respect your individuality (Fi) - even if its different from yours. Fi users tend not to trust externally but rather internal towards of themselves.
On the other hand, someone else can mature in the opposite direction (i.e. use Fe) and say to just put your personal individuality under the rug in order to harmonize with many more people and be able to connect for the greater good. Usually if you have an INFJ friend, they will implore you to go this route instead as they're naturally high users of Fe. People who mature in this way strongly resonate with: "Many over one, All people are created equal, and they are likely to sacrifice their individuality for the sake of establishing connections). Fe users tend not to trust inwards of themselves, but externally towards others.
Some other notes:
Fi is probably the least talked function even if its 3rd in our slot here, probably because people generally don't know what it is or that this function is inherently inward and introverted so its hard to explain to others. Here's a good explainer for what it is.
I didn't use religious differences, political differences or sexual orientation as an example for individuality, even though they technically are as well. They're very cliche and usually force readers to think black and white rather than providing a typical everyday scenario.
*Personally, I think the best word to describe Fi is individuality. I've used: "morals and values" before, but if you will just condense it to one word I think this encapsulates just about every aspect of it. It is synonymous to self-expression. Your individuality can be healthy or unhealthy as well.
Surprisingly, someone else's Fi are of no interest to others who are also high users of Fi.
This is also just one last more observation before I come to a full circle close with the first 4 functions as an INTJ. (See here for Ni-Te, Te, Se) I know Fi isn't one of our commonly used functions, but then again I am implored to discuss it as it is part and parcel of being an INTJ. We just typically barely focus on it.
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2023.05.30 06:29 dispensableleft Alberta Politics in a nutshell "The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity." Yeats

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2023.05.30 06:29 Spare_Pixel Question on Digestion

Read the title aloud 3 times fast! Anyway, I'm about to start ozempic and my main concerns center around the slowed digestion.
  1. What have you found to be the best in terms of easily digestible meals?
  2. Do you have any "avoid" foods?
  3. Has the slowed digestion caused any issues with... passing?
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2023.05.30 06:28 Virtual-Travel-2373 Should I (19M) forgive my ex (18F) for infidelity after 4 months together?

Context: I met a girl at a club in January, and we started seeing each other two or so weeks later. Where we live, it's normal to unofficially date for a while before one person (typically the man) asks their partner to officially date. Essentially we were "dating" for almost four months; I met her parents, spent a lot of time with her, and was about to officially ask her to date me before the incident in question. Our relationship was very stable up until this point with no big arguments, grudges, or other incidents of infidelity, and I was looking to introduce her to my family as well. We also go to the same uni where she is one semester below me and both our classes are quite large (90-100 students each). Additionally, our uni does not offer dorms, so both of us live with our parents in the same city since our families already live here.
First off, I'd like to start by saying that I understand that both in terms of the infidelity in question and the time my ex and I were together, this isn't as serious as some of the other posts related to infidelity. That being said, for reasons I'll explain later on, I don't have anyone in my life who knows the full context of the situation and I also need a place to get all of it off my chest, so here we go. This is my first-ever post, so I apologize in advance if this is too long or hard to read, and there's a TL;DR at the bottom.
The incident in question happened this past Friday (a couple of days after my birthday and a week before our final exams). She went to a bar with her friends before heading to a club where she got drunk and kissed a guy (who we'll call Steve) from her class at uni.
I know 'Steve' is, as she kissed him at a party we both went to right before we became monogamous; a moment I saw myself and nearly made me give up on pursuing the relationship further. She would have occasional run-ins with him between the party and last Friday, but they weren't close, and from what she told me they weren't flirtatious at all during these interactions (which were few and far between). She used to tease me with Steve because in her words he was the only person that affected me from her past and she wasn't interested in him whatsoever.
According to her, the kiss lasted only for a moment and wasn't hot or heavy. As soon as she kissed him she called me crying, told me what happened, and headed home. I was feeling kind of tired and since our exams are coming up this Thursday, I stayed home. I took a quick nap and woke up with her call. She was crying and frantic, so much so that I could barely make out what she was saying and thought someone had forced himself upon her.
I went over to her house where she told me what happened: she had kissed Steve, the same guy that nearly broke us apart before and all it took was for him to insist a little on the kiss for her to go for it. I couldn't wrap my head around it at first; I felt a mix of confusion, anger, and more notably pain and sadness. All I could make out at the time was "I'm going home, I don't know what to say right now. And you tell Steve that I better not see him anywhere outside of campus" That last part sounded very out of character for me, as most people who know me can attest to the fact that I'm very level-headed and kind. That being said, Steve was directly involved in two of the most hurtful moments of my life recently, and he knew that she was seeing someone (even who I was) when he approached her on Friday. My threat was not a sort of macho-esque need to assert myself over him, but rather a warning that I'm not sure I'd be able to control myself if I saw him because he embodies all the anger and pain I currently feel.
As I headed home I was bombarded with messages from her, apologizing and telling me she loves me (something I'd already felt, but that neither of us had mustered the courage to say to each other). I walked into my room and hit my wall several times, leaving bruises on my hands and waking up my dogs and my dad. He came into my room and as I told him what happened he consoled me as I cried and told me I can either forgive her and continue the relationship, or break up. I slept on it and decided that the logical move was to break up.
I went to her house and told her I couldn't forgive her, much less trust her after what had happened. We both cried and talked for about half an hour, and I went home completely broken. I then told my closest friends about it, and after a reinforcement class for one of my subjects, I called them separately. One told me that the situation sucks, but that I should focus my pain to fuel my workouts and that we could get girls if I came to visit him over the summer. Another told me that out of all the people cheating could happen to (including himself), he couldn't believe that it happened to me because in his eyes I'm one of the people who least deserves such a thing to happen to them. Both of them concluded that it wasn't as bad because the relationship wasn't too long and I can look forward to being single again.
As I mentioned previously, no one in my life knows the full context of the relationship; my house is undergoing renovations so I couldn't invite my gf to my house, and my parents wanted to meet with her for the first time without extended family, both of which never coincided in our time together. On top of that, I didn't talk about her much to my friends or family; my family respects my privacy and since all my friends were single during this period and I hadn't had any fights or problems with her, I didn't want to flaunt my relationship on them, as when I was single I'd feel a little bad about myself when my friends told me about how well their relationships were when I'd never had one.
My relationship with my ex was really good, as I mentioned we had no big arguments, but that wasn't because we hadn't encountered hardships, but rather that both of us were able to communicate openly and honestly. We were able to open up about our insecurities and share all sides of our personalities and our quirks. The only thing that bothered me slightly was that she sometimes hung out with a guy she'd kissed somewhat recently, as well as her interactions with Steve. That being said she wasn't close friends with either one of them, I didn't want to be possessive or toxic, and up until that point I had no prior reason to believe she'd be unfaithful so I chalked it up to my own insecurities, and kept it to myself. Since the incident, she's mostly respected my need for space, even if her friends haven't (supposedly not at her request).
Back to the present, I felt absolutely miserable from Friday night to Sunday morning, tossing and turning about what had happened. I woke up on Sunday to some messages from her saying she wrote me a card that I could pick up at her lobby or have a delivery boy bring to my house. I didn't mind heading over there so I picked it up with the doorman and went to a friend's house to study and finish up a final project. I didn't tell anyone about the card, neither did I open it until I headed home. I stayed for around 10 hours in my friend's house wrapping everything up, and while it was a necessary break from all the turmoil, the letter was gnawing at the back of my head the entire time.
As soon as I got home I opened and read the letter. I won't divulge what was said in it, as even though this is an anonymous post I'd still prefer to keep its contents private for me and her. Nevertheless, it was very moving, and it made me reevaluate my decision on top of my continued feelings for her.
All of that brings us to today: I just finished one of the best workouts of my life, listening to my saddest playlist throughout and passing bruise cream on my hands (they've started to hurt when I move them). I thanked her for the letter and told her that regardless of what happens between us, we should talk things out after the end of our exams, as right now we both need to focus on passing our classes.
I feel heartbroken, confused, and hurt, but at the same time I miss her and our time together. She was my first relationship and realistically the first time a girl truly cared for me besides my family and friends (I've never gone past one-night stands or hooking up at parties other than a couple dates). I'm worried that I'd be making a mistake by being with her again, as it goes against most of the advice I've received and I could just be head over heels because this is my first serious relationship. Furthermore, I'm also worried that because of what's happened I'll have trust issues - be it with her or someone else - that'll make things toxic. What should I do?
TL;DR: My girlfriend of four months kissed a guy at a bar. I broke up with her but I'm not sure it was the right decision because of how special our time together was. Should I give her another chance?
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2023.05.30 06:28 J4m3son Absolutely cannot find How to use generators a month in, any help?

I spawned in Rosewood, and have managed to clean out the town in 3 weeks. However the water and power's out and I can't find How to use Generators. I've checked all the residential houses, the school, and the book store along with every other building in town. I've been thorough and have marked every building on my map.
I even took a roadtrip north to the town with the rural supply. After grinding Mechanics 2 & Eletrical 1 for hotwiring but came up bust. I found lots of guns in the rural supply but nothing useful in the nearby book store. My map knowledge isn't the best so I'm out of ideas on where to look next. Is there somewhere specific loaded with books nearby?
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2023.05.30 06:28 FinalFantasy_Nerd Set some boundaries regarding my newborn baby but feel horrible.

I (30f) am 37 weeks pregnant with my husband's and my first child and had a heated discussion with my mom (54f) about the conditions when they come and see baby.
This is a long one so I am sorry in advance.
I must explain it a bit further. My mom calls herself "baby crazy" and openly admitted to me that the baby stage is her favorite stage when it comes to kids. She loves cuddling baby's, taking photos of them (photography is kinda her hobby, which is fine), kissing them and so on. I am one of 6 children and my brother already has two children of his own (5m, 4f) so there were and are plenty of children in her life. But, since she is merely interested in small baby's, she and my dad quickly lose interest in the children from a certain age. Maybe around the time they go to school. My parents then only feed, dress and house the children and deem it enough. No words of endearment or affirmation are ever heard again. Of course, as teenagers, we called them out on that. Exclaiming how they never ask uns how we do, we never talk around dinner table how our day was. Their excuse: they find it bothersome to ask us every day how we are. Which was never our goal (all we wanted was for them to ask us how we are every once in a while) but they always have the same pattern of excuse: drawing the argument completely out of proportion to make it sound ridiculous in their ears. According to my mother, if they didn't take an interest in my siblings from the age of 6, the time we went to school, then she would have given all of us up for adoption. See? Completely out of proportion. We called them out on how they never say "I am proud of you" or "I love you". Their answer: of course we do love you/of course we are proud of you. Yet they never say or show it. We just "have to know". This continued all my life. 8 years studying in university, no "How are you?". 1 year studying abroad as an exchange student, no "How is it going?". Now I live with my husband in a different country (in Europe) for 3 years and they never shown any interest in my life. Or my husband for that matter. Never send him a Happy Birthday text. Last year, even I didn't get a Happy Birthday text. They also never visit. Not ever. Whereas I try to show interest by calling on their birthdays, visiting for Christmas etc. I am used to this general lack of interest by now and don't mind it, as long as it keeps the piece.
Side info: yes they do have a smartphone and the whole family has different group chats on a messenger app. They could easily text (which they often do concerning my niece and nephew), call or even video chat, like I did last week because it was my dad's birthday and I couldn't travel the 300km each way while heavily pregnant.
But what did upset me was that although my parents never bothered to ask how my pregnancy is going or how my baby is doing, suddenly, with the birth coming closer and closer, they are so excited to come and see the baby. Mind you, they never even asked for the baby's name and wouldn't know till today if my sister didn't say it by accident when she visited for a birthday. I did send every ultrasound picture in the family group chat (also for my siblings to see), send them info's about my baby's health or send videos showing how the baby moves inside my belly. These were all met with a simple thumps up or heart emoji. No further questions. Nothing for 9 months. Due to the lack of interest, I stopped at some point. The only information my mother send me during this whole pregnancy was that she bought a number of photo albums for her grandkids. She has some for my niece and nephew already and bought 4 more. One for my baby when it is born and three more so I could give her 3 more grand babies. I was upset by this as I was hoping she would show some general interest in me or my baby, not just her wish to have a full album of photos or a wagon load of grandbabys. This went along with her demand "And I want lots of pictures of the baby when it's born" as if she is entitled to them.
She had other demands during my pregnancy, like letting me know she is gonna do some hand- and footprints of the baby when they visit. And she would do some for me as well since she still has the paint to do it from when my niece and nephew were born. Like I couldn't make some prints myself. Also, she let me know that she is gonna buy lipstick, put it on herself and kiss my newborn all over her face to take a cute picture showing how much her grandma loves her new grand baby. She never wears makeup and has no clue what good brands are. She would buy some cheap lipstick and use it. All of these things (and more) were not questions, they were demands! I usually ignored them since they caused a lot of stress for me, thinking about how she going to do all that to my baby. I admit I should've said something earlier and I fully take responsibility for that.
My parents also never asked us when they could come visit. I am very fortunate that my husband gets to have a full month off of work when the baby comes but we are also in the midst of moving into a bigger apartment so that the baby will have a room of her own. We are expecting end of June although the baby could also decide to come early July. Who knows? Yet the month of July will be our busiest month, taking care of a newborn, growing together as a family and moving. What sparked the heated discussion now was a voice mail from my mom, exclaiming they decided they want to come mid July to see the baby. In her mind, I already would have had 2 to maybe 3 weeks after birth and they would wanna see the baby as long as it is still tiny and cute. I was livid since first of all, they never asked us when they could visit my whole pregnancy, simply stating a fact again and second of all, they only want to see my baby when it's tiny and cute? So it only matters to them when it's fresh out of the womb? I talked to my husband and we decided to calmly let them know that July wouldn't work for us and maybe they could come in August, when the baby is a bit older and the move is done. She went ballistic, sending me a 50 mins (!!) voice mail saying they couldn't come on August since they made other plans (like a doctor's appointment - for real!) and the baby would already be so grown then. My mother said that since babys grow so fast, I would strip them of the moment to see the baby so small. A moment they will never get back. Another strategy she always uses: making us the villains and making us feel bad. She also started to cry and, when the discussion goes nowhere, shuts down and literally runs away. It has always been that way. So that discussion went nowhere.
Since my mother is "baby crazy" I did see a number of times how she always wants to hold and cuddle baby's. And I know she will want to do that with my baby too which in itself is a not a problem for me. But I also know that the baby is the only reason they come. They will focus only on the baby, not bothering with my husband and me. They will come into the apartment, head straight for the crib and take my baby. Doesn't matter if the baby is sleeping or what. Since I know how my mother is, I started to get anxiety early in the pregnancy. A fear she is gonna take away my child. Not giving it back when I say so. Not giving it back when it's time to feed.
I also told her that I don't feel comfortable knowing she is gonna take my baby away from me to cuddle and kiss. In her 50 mins tirade she first said "Of course we come to see and cuddle the baby, that's what we come for in the first place" (thanks mom for wanting to see me btw). Later she went a step back and said she would not take my baby out of the crib when it sleeps. Probably because she feared I would forbid her from seeing the baby all together. But later she again said that they do wanna come and hold the baby and if they couldn't, then they wouldn't come all the way. Only to later again say of course she will give the baby to me when I ask. Also she said that she wouldn't want to come just to see the baby from afar when it sleeps. But then stating that she would be fine to just get a glimpse of it. But then also saying that she is only there for 2-3 days and wants to hold it as long as possible in that short time and "you can have it back when we leave". She literally said that it belongs to me again when they leave. Like what? Like it only belongs to you when you are here?? All these mixed signals made me even more anxious.
All in all my husband and I know that she has difficulties differentiating the baby as not her baby. It is my husband's and my baby but she seems to forget that and believe it to be hers.
She is the type of woman that says "mother knows best" and would argue with me how the baby is so comfortable right now while cuddling her when I tell her to give me my baby back. Also, she openly said that since July is so busy for us, she would take care of my baby while my husband and I can do the heavy lifting when moving or that I "will have time to do chores". I hate people who believe the only way of helping a new mother is by taking the newborn out of the her arms to cuddle while the mother "finally" gets to do the housework. It makes me furious.
So, we did what we had to and directly told them when it would be a good time for us to have them over (last week of July, to make a compromise) and we put our foot down and set the following rules: #1: no baby holding unless asked or given to. #2: no photos taken unasked or even shared on social media. #3: no hand- or footprints done when not asked, no lipstick kissing photos. #4: if they want to take part in my baby's life, they need to come to me and ask for information, photos or videos. Not the other way around.
We thought these rules were not too extreme and would give me a piece of mind, soften my anxiety. Since telling her our rules she only gave us the silent treatment. I know she is mad that she doesn't get it her way. I know she must be crying, which makes my dad livid (from my sister who's still living with my parents I know that my dad supports her in every decision she made about my baby).
I am easy to guilt trip. And now I am wondering if we did something wrong.
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2023.05.30 06:28 Putrid_Heart_7178 Need Stick Vacuum Recs - Pet Friendly, 90% hardwood, based in US

Hi all,
I am overwhelmed with information on how to decide which vacuum is best for our needs.
Currently, we have an approx 1400 sq.ft. home, with a mixture of hardwood and tile & 1 high-pile area rug. We are pet friendly with cats that shed tremendously.
We need a vacuum that is compact and portable with decent suction on our shag rug. We have zero storage space in our home currently, which is why we desire a stick vacuum and not a typical upright vacuum. Other features that are desired: LED light, slim fit (to navigate under our couch) and a replaceable battery. I’ve read through several posts and have seen that Sharks are not well recommended due to longevity. However, I am not as concerned with longevity so much as fitting our current needs. We hope to move in a year, at which point we will invest in an upright vacuum.
Ideal budget is under $500. We are based in the US.
Thank you!!
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2023.05.30 06:28 DildoShwa66ins I (37M) have some paternal instincts kicking in and now confused on whether I should be staying with my so (42F) or not

Hello all 👋
37M here and I would say that I am a pretty ‘normal’ guy as far as things go. No kids and was generally never really that into them/ been fussed about having my own.
I have been with my current partner for 7 years, someone who I love dearly and could absolutely see spending the rest of my life with as we get on in so many ways. She has a daughter that has always lived with us and despite what I have just said we have always had a great relationship and she is genuinely a great kid and someone who I would be proud to say is my own.
However the past 7 years have flown by and she is now 21 years old with a little boy of her own who is now 1 years old.
Over the years I have had multiple family members who are close to me, have children of their own and I have held babies and been around the experience of it all a fair number of times but I have also been one of those people who just never ever ever felt/ saw that love and magic that is within children and what comes with it.
Fast forward to around one ago when little Felix arrives and the first two - three weeks I didn’t even hold him! Partly because Angela was a new mum and still young herself and so I just held back and let her do her thing.
Then by the third week something strange started happening, I couldn’t hold back any more, I just wanted to hold him so bad, never in my life had I experienced this before!! Usually when I have a baby I am looking forward to handling it back and that of course is nothing personal to any particular baby out there lol.
So this one night I ask to hold him and as soon as this little fella is placed into my lap he stares directly up to me with the most gorgeous deep blue eyes that I had ever seen before and this deep sense of warmness then begins to take over and almost overwhelm me.
As the next few months carried on we of course began to grow a great bond and the love and intense feelings I began feeling for this little guy were something that I had never experienced before. Almost like when you are a teenager and first experience the deep romantic feelings for another for the first time .. I guess something like that but on the unconditional level. There have been multiple times when we have been sat on the living floor playing with his truck and putting blocks into it and he just stops and looks up into my eyes. No smile, no frown, just complete neutrality that exhumes this pureness and completely exposes just how innocent and darn right cute the little bugger is. It is these moments that pull on my heart strings so damn hard that I can’t even look at him for too long without tearing up. I’m talking 4/5 seconds max and that’s it I have to get out of there and get my mind away from the situation.
This is really starting to become a problem because I want to be able to just sit there and stare back into his eyes and talk to him and engage but I just can’t handle it a lot of the time and I have to get myself out of there for a few minutes to save embarrassment in front of the little dude and also other family members who may think I am weird.
I’m not even 100% sure what is going on through my mind when these moments occur. I think it’s just down to the fact that I think he really is super cute and is also becoming such a nice little person who is so kind. I also believe that it is because this whole experience and the love that I have been feeling has been quite a shock to me as the idea of fatherhood never came natural to me. However this is now beginning to lead into conflicting thoughts such as wondering if having my own children is something that I will one day regret not doing?
The truth is that it was little Felix who looked into my eyes that night and unlocked something truly magical.. It was like I absolutely f**king get it now and I can totally see the magic in what having children is all about and why people say that despite all of the hardships, that it is still the best thing in the world. I even feel like a bit of a dumbass for not seeing it until so late in life and truly feel like I have missed out on something. I see young couples in their twenties with two/three kids and I am envious that by the time they are my age they could have a bunch of teenagers for kids and potentially get to experience having grandchildren at a young age themselves.
This conflicts my emotions and my head about everything again because the last thing that I want to do here is come off as ungrateful with having the amazing things that I already do have in life and ofcourse never seeing my partner and little Felix again would be an extremely tragic thing to experience.
I also can’t shake the feelings how much I would love to see my own parents play with my children and have them experience seeing me with the next generation of our family. They are both getting older and neither are in the best of health and so I can not help but admit that it does sadden me to think that this may one day never happen… something else that I have never considered until now in life. I have been truly lucky to have been blessed with having the best of parents in life and for them to see my children would be a dream come true for them and that does sadden me also I have to admit.
I am not even sure what I am looking for here but if you have read this far and find any of this interesting at all and would like to give your two cents then please feel free to say what ever you like.
Thank you & kindest regards
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2023.05.30 06:28 Perpayt I found this in a fanfiction and I wonder how everyone reacts to this slander of a beloved character.

"Iroh was one such variable, and one she had a particular distaste for. The fat old man had been given the best start in life imaginable in this world: born the prince and heir to the Fire Nation. He'd been dropped into the pinnacle of luxury without having to lift a finger. But what had he done with his opportunities? First he'd slain the last of the dragons, dooming a unique and likely majestic species to extinction purely for bragging rights. Then he laid siege to Ba Sing Se, only to give up on the eve of victory when his son was killed in battle. How did he think that had looked to his soldiers? Thousands of troops had given their lives during that seige, yet all their sacrifice was wasted at the last moment as soon as royal blood was spilled. And to top it all off, after returning home and having his time to grieve, Iroh had never taken another job. He'd become a tea-drinking freeloader mooching off the royal palace's income, rather than using his position as the new Firelord's brother to assist with political duties. In summary he was a prideful, lazy elitist, and as far as Tanya was concerned the Fire Nation was damn lucky Firelord Azulon had seen sense at the last minute and named Ozai heir to the throne."
-from Tanya the Firebender
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2023.05.30 06:28 Dynamic_Kid The Khurse is real with Boston 😂😂

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2023.05.30 06:28 PurpleSolitudes Best RAM For Gaming in USA Available on Amazon

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2023.05.30 06:27 Secure-Commission140 Should I Change Programs?

Hellooo, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice! I want to major in chemistry/biochem and then onto teaching as a career. I will be entering a social sciences program in the fall, but want to change into sciences for chem/biochem. However, I’m struggling a lot in pre calc 12, and no matter how hard I study, I always end up disappointing myself because I get stuck on the test. My Asian parents are telling me to do something else but expect me to make a lot once I graduate. So I’m not sure if I should forget about doing sciences and stick to social sciences so I won’t struggle (although there’s nothing in the faculty I’m particularly interested in).
I tried my best this year as a senior student to get admitted to university since my mom gave me so much pressure, and I want to at least get a degree in something I have interest in. However, I don’t know if I can even do sciences if I am struggling in math.
Any advice is helpful, thank you!
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2023.05.30 06:27 mtnq9 Looking for Roomate July - August

Looking for Roomate July - August
Want to find roommate for Towers at costa verde(South Tower)
short-term lease (available for July and August) one month or both are fine. Long term rental is also fine
Location and Transportation: 8775 Costa Verde Blvd, San Diego, CA 92122 Downstairs is the UTC Light Rail Station, a 5-minute direct trip to UCSD central campus. It's a 3-minute walk to UTC, the most bustling shopping area. A secondary bedroom (square-shaped) in a 3B2B (three bedrooms, two bathrooms) apartment at Towers is available for rent. The apartment is fully furnished, ready to move in. You will be sharing the bathroom with another male roommate occupying the other secondary bedroom. The master bedroom is occupied by a female graduate student who is currently job searching.
Requirements: Roommate gender: Not specified We are looking for someone who is quiet, does not host parties, maintains cleanliness in common areas, and participates in maintaining the clean environment. The original price for the room is $1136 (same price as other units' living room), utilities and internet are paid separately. The room is clean and tidy, fully furnished, facing southeast, abundant sunlight, located at a high floor with a great view. UTC entrance is just across the street.
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2023.05.30 06:27 Alone-University-182 I feel like my friends don’t like me

I’ve been feeling really bad about myself and super lonely. I’m home for the summer from college and I have my hometown friend group, but for 2 weeks they’ve been hanging out in smaller groups without ever inviting me (not everyone together tho). I wanted to see if they would reach out first to hang out and stuff, but only one of my friends did. Eventually, I asked another friend to hang out and we had a really great time. But it really hurts being left out of the smaller hangouts and not being reached out to first, when I have reached out first in the past. This happens during the school year too when we are all separated. I am often the one to check in and see how they’re doing and they never do, expect that one friend. And I know they check in with each other, just not me. It seems to me like I’m just in the friendgroup as a formality and not by genuine want. It really sucks because there’s a girl in the group who has had beef with literally every single person in our group but still get invited/called on these hangouts. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I genuinely try my best to be a good person and friend. I’ve come to truly love myself but this is pushing me backwards. I don’t know what to do, any advice is appreciated!
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2023.05.30 06:27 Acrobatic_Zucchini45 best data science institute in hyderabad with placement

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2023.05.30 06:26 Tigeri102 so many of my friends are moving and I'm so happy for them!!

a grand total of 5 of my best friends - albeit in two groups - are moving this weekend. the first set was a group of 3 of my dnd friends from college who are moving of out their folks' places for the first time into a big apartment together, I drove up the other day to help them start to get situated. I haven't really seen them in person since covid so it was nice on its own to visit, but we got most everything set up too! their bedrooms, work desks, kitchen, etc etc. I drove around the area a bit too and it seems really nice. the other people moving, meanwhile, are moving out of their first apartment. my good buddy and his fiancé found a really nice house in their budget after looking for so long! they've been so excited, and tomorrow morning they close and are gonna start getting moved in! I'm heading out to meet them there and I can't help but be excited too. I'm gonna be so exhausted by tomorrow night, but man, im so excited for all my homies. <3
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