Oval lamp shade replacement

✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨

2023.06.02 23:34 Beneficial_Pool_8241 ✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨

✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨
✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨ (OPEN) •LIMITED SLOTS •$5 C4$h4pp only •Flat color + minimal cell-shading •”Mom” can be switched to “dad”, or whatever wanted :) •Flag, tears, and “Gay” can be replace with any flag/sexuality/gender wanted! •Any species except human :) •Done before pride month ends
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2023.06.02 23:18 Positive_Technology2 Ai will not kill Art (Art is dead since 2008)

Drawing, illustration is dead. But it didn't die yesterday, it's not something that happened with the advent of AI. It is a phenomenon that has been around for some time, for at least a decade now.
It all started around 2008. 2008 was a year of great development for the internet in general, I personally have the perception that the web became mainstream around that time, especially thanks to the various social platforms which at the time were still crawling.
Now, without long rounds of words, the death of art is the fault of social media and capitalism. Very original thought I am aware. But the discussion obviously doesn’t end here. As I have been saying for a couple of years now, social platforms have betrayed their initial mission, there is no longer sincere sharing and publishing things on the net, especially for artists, has backfired. The internet is no longer a place where self expression makes sense, right now we find ourselves inside a monumental manger for AI companies and advertisers. These companies are straight evil, black or white, there is no shade of gray, basically Netslé if it was a tech company. They not only feed on our content but apparently now they aim to replace it. Call me a conspiracy theorist, luddite, do as you please. This whole story is just plain wrong. I could write long paragraphs to give you the impression that I have a little awareness or a deeper thought on the subject but that's not what I'm here for. I want to talk about the death of art.
When I say that art is dead I don't really mean it, the same goes for the internet and social networks, I am critical of these two things but there is no doubt that they have given us so much. The point of my speech is only one: saturation.
We are drowning in talent, there are too many masterpieces out there, it is full of people who are incredibly capable of creating entertainment of all types and for all tastes. Books, movies, comics, cartoons, video games. A single life is not enough to enjoy all the beauty of these infinite parallel worlds. But what role does drawing play in all of this? The greatest of masterpieces today is consumed with a speed not worthy of its quality.
What I mean is try to think of the most iconic video game released since 2010, the one that has generated the most reactions from the general public. Two video games come to mind: Minecraft and Undertale. I have to confess one thing to you, I'm not a big fan of these two, they are definitely close to my personal top 20 but there is a lot of stuff that I liked more. However, it’s impossible to not recognize their value, the impact that they had in videogame sub-culture.
Now, let's stop for a second on Undertale. You know Undertale's art style, right? It's iconic, but to call it inspired is perhaps a bit of an overstatement. It is certainly different and genuine and it is precisely this simplicity that has made it enter the hearts of many people. In addition to the incredible soundtrack of course. In the end, it's really true that graphics only count for a few, what counts is the artistic direction but even above are the ideas and the way they are applied.
I want to give you as an example a youtube channel that has recently exploded. It's called Monstergarden.
He is a guy who deals with fantasy and worldbuilding. If you take a look at his content you will quickly understand what it means to know how to use your imagination well. It's not just the drawing that brings you the numbers that his channel has raised in less than a month.
So drawing is useless? For me yes, in part. A poorly drawn comic with a good story, I can follow it (basically the original One Punch Man webcomic), but bad story and good drawing... eehhh When I say drawing is useless try to think about how much time you spend looking at a single drawing on the internet, a few seconds most of the time, at least that's true to me. Usually I stop for more time in front of a drawing when I read a comics… or porn (I'm a simple man).
As an artist, I occasionally get lost in my drawings, staring at them for several minutes. It's kind of sad to think that there will probably never be anyone who will spend at least half the time I spent looking at my stuff. In a way, I'm my own #1 fan, sounds a bit depressing I know. I think this doesn't just apply to me, it's my opinion but I think there are many of us in this boat. When I was younger I drew to show others that I was good at it, now that I've grown up a bit I do what I do just because I feel like it. I gave up on social media, now I'm only dedicating myself to my story. I draw and write because I feel that inside me there is something that needs to come out and if I don't I feel sad, it's practically like going to the bathroom.
Speaking of AI, about a year ago I was scared, now I no longer see AI as an "invincible rival". I filled my eyes with Ai art, but there was nothing vaguely worthy of memory. Huge quantity, lack of originality. Ai art has become synonymous with the word anonymous, it’s mid as fuck, once the eye gets used to it… there’s nothing more. The only thing I found genuinely interesting are the AI generated commercials, those are very interesting and worthy to be called art, but it is just a happy atoll in the middle of a flat sea.
Do you know why I like reading comics like Scott Pilgrim? As you flip through the pages you can see the author's style evolves volume by volume. We start with volume 1 which is done in a certain way and then we get to 7, a completely different thing. The same goes for an average art profile on Instagram, how cool it is to scroll down to see how the new stuff is different from the old stuff.
With AI art there is none of this, lately I've been treating it like the spam emails in my inbox. It's an algorithmic cancer, visual pollution that I have to filter out to be able to look at the real stuff, the stuff created by people. From the finest of painting to the questionable sonic fanart. I hate Ai art, but this feeling of mine isn't driven by envy as it could have been a year ago. It's a different kind of hate, like when you step on dog shit on the street. I can’t take a little walk anymore down my favorite alleys, this shit is everywhere, I am unable to fully enjoy art spaces like Art Station, the spaces that must belong to real artists not to a horny redditor who spends his days churning out disproportionate asian girls.
(Sorry for any grammatical errors, English is not my first language)
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2023.06.02 22:57 BasedChurchill B1501.2 - Inefficient Light Bulb Ban Bill - Division

Inefficient Light Bulb Ban Bill

Ban the sale and use of environmentally inefficient light bulbs.
BE IT ENACTED by the King’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—
Section 1: Definitions
(1) "Incandescent light bulb" means a general service lamp that produces light by heating a filament in a glass bulb filled with an inert gas or a vacuum.
(2) "Halogen light bulb" means a type of incandescent light bulb that uses a halogen gas to increase energy efficiency and lifespan.
(3) "Fluorescent light bulb" means a type of light bulb that uses an electric current to excite a gas, which then produces ultraviolet light that is converted to visible light by a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb.
(4) "LED" refers to inorganic light-emitting diodes, and means a technology which -
(a) light is produced from a solid state device embodying a p-n junction of inorganic material, and
(b) the junction emits optical radiation when excited by an electrical current
Section 2: Ban on Incandescent, Halogen and Fluorescent Light Bulbs
(1) The import, manufacture, distribution, and sale of incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent light bulbs shall be prohibited.
(2) No later than three years after the date of assent, the use of incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent light bulbs in all public buildings shall be banned.
Section 3: Exemptions
(1) This Act does not apply to incandescent, halogen or fluorescent light bulbs specifically tested and approved to operate --
(a) in potentially explosive atmospheres,
(b) for emergency use,
(c) in radiological installations,
(d) in or on military or civil defence establishments, equipment, ground vehicles, marine equipment or aircraft,
(e) in or on motor vehicles, their trailers and systems, interchangeable towed equipment, components and separate technical units,
(f) in or on civil aviation aircraft,
(g) in railway vehicle lighting,
(h) in medical devices.
(2) For the purposes of this paragraph “specifically tested and approved” means that, in relation to an operating condition or application, the light source or separate control gear—
(a) has been specifically tested for that operating condition or application, in accordance with standards produced by an international standardising body;
(b) is accompanied by evidence in the form of a certificate, type approval mark or test report that the product has been specifically approved for that operating condition or application; and
(c) is placed on the market specifically for that operating condition or application, as evidenced by
(i) the information in the technical documentation; and
(ii) except in a case to which sub-paragraph (1)(d) applies, information on the packaging and any advertising or marketing materials.
(3) The government may grant exemptions to this Act for certain areas or industries where alternative options are not yet available or would impose undue financial burden.
(4) This act does not apply to sodium vapour lamps.
Section 4: LED procurement
(1) Subject to Section 3, replacement of light bulbs as required under section 2 shall be of LED-type.
Section 5: Penalties
(1) Any person found guilty of being concerned in the import, manufacture, distribution or sale of any goods prohibited in this Act, shall be liable—
(a) on summary conviction, to a penalty of £20,000 or of three times the value of the goods, whichever is the greater, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, or to both; or
(b) on conviction on indictment, to a penalty of any amount, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years, or to both.
Section 6: Extent, commencement and short title
(1) This Act extends to England only.
(2) This bill shall come into force six months after receiving Royal Assent.
(3) This Act may be cited as the Inefficient Light Bulb Ban Act 2023.
This Bill was written by Ruijormar, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change on behalf of His Majesty’s 32nd Government and was inspired by the real life Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information (Lighting Products) Regulations 2021

Opening Speech:
My Lords,
As of today, close to two thirds of light bulbs sold in the UK are LED lights. These have, on average, a 5 times longer lifetime and 80% less power consumption than the alternatives. A complete shift to LED would reduce carbon emissions by 1.26 million tonnes per year, while also saving consumers an average of 75£ per year on energy bills. I urge the House to support this bill, so that we may turn off the power on inefficient lighting and shine a light on a more sustainable future.
This division shall end on 5th June at 10pm BST.
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2023.06.02 22:40 G_Heo "Will you let me in?"

During the fall time Mel would go to his family's vacation house out by the lake. It was a peaceful community full of retired inhabitants. He arrived just as the sun began to rise over the tree line having made the late-night drive to avoid traffic. Turning the car into the driveway he parked the car, turning the engine.
Mel opened the car door, taking a moment to step out and stretch. Going to the back of the car he opened the boot, beginning the process of gathering his bags then taking them inside. A note was on the counter left by his parents. Walking over, he glanced at the note briefly.
It stated that the pantry and fridge had been restocked. If the power were to go out to use the generator in the basement. What confused Mel was a scribble at the bottom left by his sibling leaving a warning.
Whatever IT says and no matter what IT does DO NOT let it in.
Was this some sort of joke since it was close to Halloween?
It was normal for them to play jokes on each other around this time of year. For now, he shrugged and began to unpack. By the time he was finished Mel was ready for lunch, so he made himself a meal.
While sitting there though...out of the corner of his eyes he could have sworn that he saw something move outside.
Was it an animal?
The neighbors do have pets, and it could have also been some of the local wildlife as well. Since deer have been seen in the area according to his dad. Who normally takes pictures of them for the local travel magazine in town.
Though it certainly did not seem animal shaped.
Finishing his lunch and cleaning up. Mel took his dishes to the kitchen, rinsing them off before putting them into the dishwasher to be washed later.
Placing a hand over his mouth he yawned looking over at the grandfather clock in the kitchen. Should he go for a walk or lay down for a nap? With whatever was looming outside Mel figured it would be best to stay inside.
On his way through the house, he checked the windows, pulling the curtains closed, checking the doors, and closing the sliding door shades.
Stepping back from the sliding glass door Mel could have sworn that there was a small tapping against the glass. He decided it was just the shades moving from being closed and made his way to the bedroom.
Before long he was fast asleep. After time had gone by, and the sun had gone down a considerable amount, Mel opened his eyes.
Getting up from his bed he reached over clicking on the lamp that was on the bedside table. He took a moment to rub the sleep from his eyes before he stood up. Entering the living room, the automatic plug-in lights lit his way, but he stopped halfway when they noticed a silhouette standing outside the sliding glass door.
Hands and a face pressed to the glass staring inside.
Mel was thankful he had closed the blinds. Taking a deep breath, he took a step back slowly only to see the head of the figure jerk in his direction.
"I can hear you in there. Won't you let me in?"
He kept quiet, not answering.
"I know you're in there! Why won't you speak to me?!"
Mel heard scratching on glass as if it were trying to make its way inside.
Should he call the police? What exactly would they even do?
IT banged on the sliding glass door as the whole thing began to rattle, and shake.
"LET me in...”
“Let ME...in”
Retreating to the master bedroom he crawled under the bed, Mel pulled out his cellphone tapping 911 onto the screen.
Waiting for someone to pick up the sound of glass shattering made him jump, losing his grip on his phone dropping it. Mel could only watch as it bounced and slid out from under the bed. Going to reach for it he quickly retracted his hand upon hearing footsteps as if someone were dragging their feet.
"Hello 911, what is your emergency?" A man's voice spoke from Mel's discarded phone that was a bit out of reach.
The man repeated himself, and sighed clearly annoyed mumbling about prank callers and how this happens every year.
His heart felt as if it jumped into his throat making it hard to swallow as those footsteps were now in the master bedroom with him.
Staying still Mel heard the creak of the bed as if someone or something was crawling across it. Holding his breath, wishing it would just go away. Slowly the side of the comforter began to rise.
It lowered its long black hair first then its face came into view. Its features contorted with a matching twisted, and upturned smile.
“Why wouldn’t you let me in?” it hissed angrily
Mel screamed, fainting from shock. He did not know how long he had been out and awoke when his sister Wynn called out for him. Opening his eyes from his place under the bed he could see that it was now daylight. Had IT left him alone?
Crawling out from under the bed he went to the living room where his sister was cleaning up the shards that were scattered on the carpet from the broken sliding glass door. Wynn looked at him over her shoulder as he approached.
“There you are Mel! I tried calling your cellphone, but you did not pick up”
“Sorry sis” Mel apologized “Say um...Wynn, about that warning you left with the note on the counter” he inquired.
Wynn was silent for a moment before frowning.
“Oh that? When I was here a few weeks ago I thought...I saw” she shook her head before asking, “What happened to the door?”
He wanted to tell her what she had warned him about was real. Knowing Wynn, she would just brush it off saying Mel was just trying to prank her since they did every Halloween, but not this year. Whatever was outside, desperately wanting in and had gotten in, left Mel alive.
Next time he may not be so lucky.
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2023.06.02 22:18 Throw-a-way-a-ccount New fixie modification advice?

Hopefully this is an ok place to post this, the questions thread in fixedgearbicycle is not doing me any good.
I just got my first fixie! It’s a late 2010s Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni and I got it for around 1000 USD. It’s THAT beautiful shade of blue all over and I haven’t taken delivery yet but I’m so excited. It’s had a couple things replaced like the drops and saddle but still has a stock brake, crank, and wheels. I hope I didn’t overpay but I really think I’m going to love it.
I have a few technical questions about modifying my bike: I keep reading that the frame I got is a little overbuilt and maybe heavier than similarly priced bikes. Is this true? And realistically, how much can I do to compensate that? It has a carbon aero fork but the stock wheels are probably not so light.
Also, I plan on putting one of those big white Campagnolo khamsin track disks on the rear. I see examples on eBay that all have a different size hub than my new bike (I think the bike is like 120 mm), is that going to be something I can change out on the wheel? Also, I’m finding it difficult to find comprehensive literature that would give me a crash course on all this hub, wheels, crank, etc. information for fixies. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.02 21:58 Tautological-Emperor Whiteout

The screen over your eyes says COGHAZ DETECTED: ZERO in didactic lettering. Fiat. It is what it is.
You move down into the chambers. Down from ancient regolith pale as bone and crumbling as dreams upon waking. Everyone is silent under the protective vigil of the didactic words in their visors. Light sweeps here and there across the pitch darkness.
You descend like divers into a sunless, soundless world.
Something at the corner of your eye is a suggestion of static, the possibility of erasure, and suddenly the words change. Your heart races. COGHAZ DETECTED: ONE. Weapons sweep in exorcism and the light that comes is more than flashlights and glow-lamps. The thing is a crumpled static form in your vision.
You move on.
The regolith vanished as smooth, shapeless obsidian emerges from the stratum, first in pockets and whirls, then in behemoth frescoes that dwarf you against its background. The more complicated suggestions of structure are replaced with static. There is nothing to shoot, and vaguely frustrated, you move on.
Scans say the rooms are getting larger, and more is becoming static-shielded. What was at first small and easily ignored becomes more. Whole sections of wall. Giant, vertical somethings edited in real time. Rooms so vast they hold faint cloud banks become staccato impressionist nightmares, white and black and white again. Fizzing angrily.
You don’t know when you got here.
The squad is gone.
This place buzzes like a trillion far away hornets, like an ocean. Whiteness frothing at you. Something is behind the redacted curtain. Your letters of aegis stutter in stroke, you feel needles desperately trying to administer terminal medications into your veins but they shiver and spray numbly.
Something wants you to see.
Something wants you to witness.
You can feel it, beyond the protective pall, so huge and impossible that your eyes seem to slide like clumsy figures on ice.
It wants you to see.
To see.
The whiteness shivers, quakes. An avalanche.
Something wants you to see.
And you do.
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2023.06.02 21:30 matrisfutuor Replacement/dupe for Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in the shade “Dolce”

Help! I am running out of the above shade (found it in my makeup drawer after getting it ages ago) and I think it’s been discontinued- can’t find it anywhere (I’m based in the EU).
It’s a lovely sort of tan/orange shade with gold shimmer, which works really well for me, mostly because of the gold shimmer and the fact that I’m blonde and so it just fits the vibe.
Anybody any suggestions? I would love a replacement, or more likely a dupe, but a lot of lip products seems to be pink and mauve toned right now, which don’t suit me at all.
Thank you 🥹
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2023.06.02 21:09 Beneficial_Pool_8241 ✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨

✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨
✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨ (OPEN) •LIMITED SLOTS •$5 C4$h4pp only •Flat color + minimal cell-shading •”Mom” can be switched to “dad”, or whatever wanted :) •Flag, tears, and “Gay” can be replace with any flag/sexuality/gender wanted! •Any species :) •Done before pride month ends
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2023.06.02 21:08 Beneficial_Pool_8241 ✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨

✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨
✨🏳️‍🌈$5 PRIDE YCH🏳️‍🌈✨ (OPEN) •LIMITED SLOTS •$5 C4$h4pp only •Flat color + minimal cell-shading •”Mom” can be switched to “dad”, or whatever wanted :) •Flag, tears, and “Gay” can be replace with any flag/sexuality/gender wanted! •Any species :) •Done before pride month ends
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2023.06.02 19:29 libraime help with putting new lampshades on old lamps

help with putting new lampshades on old lamps
I received these gorgeous lamps, and they definitely need new lampshades, but I'm a little confused on how to put new shades on? I've tried unscrewing the whole lightbulb socket part but I don't think I can put a new shade on with the wire that comes alongside it. I don't really know how to describe it, but please help?
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2023.06.02 19:22 VeryUnluckyDice Playing By Ear - Ch12 (NoP Fanfic)

First / Prev / Next
Memory transcription subject: Professor Haeli, Galactic Music Professor at White Hill University
Date [standardized human time]: September 7, 2136
I've always taken my work seriously. Music might not be as directly applicable as engineering or business but it does have influence over the public. Even as an entry-level professor, I put forth great effort in my work. Even if it was for my own desire for integrity.
Still, Blyne’s expectations were surprising.
It's not that I felt incapable. Rather, no one had ever approached me with something so…delicate. This was a new development, something that had been lacking in my field for as long as I could remember.
So, naturally, I found myself completely and utterly stumped.
I was glad to see such importance placed on my position. I was often used to music being overlooked. For as much as the Federation touted the cultural advantage of prey species over the dreaded Arxur, songs didn’t defend the planet from raids. Guns did. I recognized that reality but often felt as though musical education was overly neglected. Despite the promise of newfound attention, being in such an unfamiliar situation had my nerves frazzled.
I was hoping Grace, being a professional Human musician, could offer me some insight on what I should do.
“The headmaster wants me to prove that Humans and Venlil have a place in one anothers’ societies. I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to prove that. I teach music, not socioeconomics.”
“I think he’s just looking for something practical, love. Maybe I could do a little virtual performance for him over video; show him that Humans are perfectly capable of cultural intelligence, and that we can be cordial in a performance setting.”
I still wasn’t used to her calling me ‘love’ like that. Apparently it was a dialect thing.
“That might help my case if it’s not too much trouble. He seems genuinely interested in what Humans are capable of.”
Could I even get Blyne to watch something like that though? He said he supports my efforts but still…
“Which reminds me, we still haven’t done a video call yet.”
I had tried so desperately to avoid the topic but she was always steering our conversation toward that fact. She was within her rights to desire such a thing. That was, after all, the point of the program.
“Grace, I know it’s only a matter of time. I just…It’s scary.”
“I assure you I don’t pose any threat. Look, if you’re going to get through all of this, you’ll need to make peace with our faces. Your student has already managed it. As his teacher, you shouldn’t let him overtake you so easily, in my honest opinion. You should be able to surpass him.”
“Sounds like an awfully competitive approach. Are all Humans that way?”
“You call that competitive? I’d call it a simple expectation. You’re supposed to be the one paving the way. That’s why you came up with this project, yeah?”
I sighed. She was right. It was my cowardice that was barring me from progressing. I’d decided to start this study and now I was being passed up by my own students.
“Alright. You win. Just…could you turn to the side at first. I don’t want to be met with predator eyes immediately.”
“Of course. I’ll turn the camera off if it goes to shite. But, I think you’ll find I’m less monstrous than you might imagine.”
I’d seen reference images. In some way, they were rather flimsy looking. Despite the piercing binocular eyes, they didn’t have the long claws or powerful builds of the Arxur. Still, even the still reference photos had sent a shiver down my spine.
This is Grace, though. You know her. It’s not some unnamed Human model.
I pulled the exchange app up to the computer screen, bracing myself for the Human visage.
“I’m ready.”
“Very well. I’m putting it on.”
The screen changed to reveal a Human side profile. Instantly, my heart rate shot up and I gripped the sides of my chair.
“Haeli, love? Are you alright? I actually can’t tell since I’m looking the other way.”
“I-I’m fine. I j-just need to a-adjust.”
“Take your time. It’s alright.”
Grace had switched from her regular voice to the sing-song voice she had used when I’d first spoken to her. The melodious tone helped to put me at ease.
I took deep, slow breaths to steady myself. My muscles began to relax and the shaking receded. I looked down to find that my claws had torn through the fabric on the armrests of my seat involuntarily.
I didn’t know my claws could even cut that well.
The realization gave me enough of a distraction to steady myself completely. I focused on the screen and took the image in. Grace’s one visible pupil and skin were different shades of brown. She wore a gray artificial pelt that ran over her shoulders and down out of the frame. Her hair, a deep black, sat tied back and drooping down behind her head. Her nose jutted outward to about the average length I’d seen in the references. Just as well, her mouth was fairly small, not lending itself to the idea of a jagged-toothed predator.
Her eyes remained fixed off to the side, trying not to look at me.
Welp. Here comes the hard part.
“I’m calm, I think. Please, turn to face me. I know that’s how Humans usually communicate.”
“Alright, I’ll turn my eyes first by themselves slowly. Then I’ll turn my whole chair.”
I flicked my ears in acknowledgement though she was no doubt unable to see it. In fact, she was probably unfamiliar with the motion in the first place.
How unfortunate to not be able to communicate in such ways. I wonder how Humans read each others’ body language?
As I considered such a thing, her one visible eye slowly swept towards the camera. After a moment, it was trained on me. I flinched slightly at the realization but stayed firm, continuing my deep breathing.
“I’m turning the chair now.”
Slowly, her whole body turned to face me, her eyes, now both visible, remained trained on the camera as though they were locked in their orientation. I shuddered at the sheer accuracy of her vision, letting out a slight whimper by accident.“Too much?”
“N-no. I-I’ll get through th-this. I h-have to.”
Grace slowly nodded her head in a motion I didn’t recognize. Submission? Concern?
Wait…I think I read that it was acknowledgement. Maybe I should do that in place of ear flicks. It’d be something we can both do and read easily. That is, if I can get through this without having a fucking heart attack.
Grace’s face was fully facing the camera. Part of me expected something terrible to happen, like my subconscious was warning me of impending doom even as my logical mind knew that it was just a video call. I held my eye up to her predatory stare, gripped by terror but unmoving regardless.
Of course, nothing actually happened. As I sat there in my office, far from any threat, I began to slowly let myself go slack. The tension I’d been experiencing left my body in increments. I took the time to study her more closely as curiosity got the better of me.
As I’d expected, the eyes were really the only threatening thing about her. Granted, her mouth was closed so I didn’t get a look at her teeth. From what I had heard, the Human canines were rather small and they also had teeth for crushing plant matter similar to our own.
“Are you…s-seriously an apex predator?”
The words had left my mouth before I had a chance to consider them. Even in my fearful state, I managed to question a predator’s ability to hunt. Was I out of my mind? Would that make her angry?
Her hand shot up to cover her mouth as she giggled in response. She was laughing at me?
“Oh, trust me, love. We didn’t become apex predators with our natural armaments. We were just smart enough to use strategy. That, and we can put just about anything on a hell of a flight path. Humans are rather well-versed when it comes to throwing.
Throwing things? There’s no way that’s all it takes.
“H-how does throwing things m-make you a good predator?”
“Prey animals on Earth can be dangerous up close. I know that’s a foreign concept for the Venlil but such wildlife can be difficult to hunt for that reason. Can’t get close? Fashion a spear and strike from afar. Simple as that.”
Dangerous prey? Humans must not be that naturally threatening if they consider prey dangerous.
As she gave me her explanation, I found myself beginning to fully relax. Despite the fact that she was talking about hunting, it was still her voice, one I’ve become familiar with over the last few paws. That recognition became my anchor, allowing me to make peace with her visage. It helped that she lacked the massive fangs and claws of an Arxur. It would take some time to adjust but I could accept the forward-facing eyes. That wasn’t enough to make a Human dangerous by itself.
I slowly raised my ears from the top of my head and tried to sit with the confidence befitting a professor.
“I a-apologize. I’m usually n-not such a mess.”
“I’ve heard plenty of disastrous stories about partner introductions. Comparatively, I think you’re doing quite well.”
“Th-thank you.”
I was doing it. I was speaking with a predator. This is what I’d expected of myself at the beginning but I still felt surprised. My desire to converse with Humans had come from my passion, my drive to make a difference and learn new things. My aversion had come from my experience, having only known predators as evil monsters for all my life. The two lines of reasoning were clashing in my mind. But, I could feel the optimism winning out. I could do this.
“So,” Grace continued. “How about we drum up a catalog I can play for the headmaster? I’m sure between the two of us, we can make something appealing.”
“R-right. That’s a good idea.”
Can I really get Blyne to listen to her? I guess I have no reason not to try. He's been supportive thus far.
Part of me wished the doubters had been right; that Humans would have no musical complexity. Now I’m faced with a daunting challenge. I could only hope that I had the capabilities to succeed, not just for my own sake, but for our chances of working with Humans in the future.
Memory transcription subject: Kila, Venlil Engineering Student (First Year) White Hill University
Date [standardized human time]: September 7, 2136
If the simulations were trustworthy, the slender metal tubing I’d left laying in my dorm room should work well enough.
Theoretically, of course.
Unfortunately, I was still missing the most important part. The vibration mechanism was continuing to act as my biggest roadblock. I’d been engrossed with the project against my better judgment since my call with Brad. I would probably benefit from a break but the frustration of not being able to figure it out had taken me hostage. Even in the midst of lectures, I was playing with the simulation rather than taking notes.
“Kila, the lesson ended some time ago. Are you stumped by something?”
The words of Professor Gretty snapped me out of my focus. Despite my wide field of vision, I’d still somehow managed to ignore the entire lecture hall being vacated. I felt my face turn orange with embarrassment.
“No, sir. Actually, I was working on my own project. Sorry, I might have not been paying as much attention as I should have been.”
He flicked his tail in a motion of indifference.
“You’re one of the more capable students in this class. Not many students attend office hours for the first five sessions.”
It was no exaggeration. As the term had begun, I’d confided in Professor Gretty for an early engineering project. It had been my goal to overachieve initially to give myself a buffer in case I struggled later on. All in all, I was glad for those efforts now that I was most definitely slacking in regards to my school work.
“I’m glad you think highly of me sir. You’re a capable teacher in your own right.”
“I appreciate the compliment but I must say I’m curious. What exactly are you working on that has your attention so captivated that you don’t notice that you’re in a room devoid of people?”
“I’m trying to figure out how to redesign a h-”
Probably shouldn't bring up the specifics. It's a touchy subject.
“-an instrument for Venlil use. It typically uses a method of playing that we can’t naturally replicate. Basically, I need to cause buzzing at this point to vibrate the air column in the instrument.”
I motioned to the point on the model. The mechanism needed to be small, able to fit into the end of the tubing. I’d been hashing out ideas for far longer than I would have liked.
“The main trick,” I continued. “Has to do with the changing frequency. See, it has to change along with the slide as it moves in and out. Also, it has to be able to change harmonics depending on each position. The player needs to push air through the system to maintain the internal state. So, I need a way to create the vibrations independent of that while still allowing air to pass through. As of right now, I'm just trying to work through the math and figure out what frequencies I need at what lengths to get everything resonating properly.”
Gretty studied the design closely, taking stock of the model thus far.
“Odd. I’ve never seen an instrument like this before. Why rework an instrument anyway? You're not a music student. Is it a personal project?”
Glad that he didn’t pry anymore into the origins of the device, I answered before he could decide to.
“Yes, it’s a personal project. A friend of mine actually is a music student. I thought he might enjoy using an exotic instrument but it’s proving difficult to accommodate for our anatomy.”
“I’m not much of an engineer but I could maybe help you figure out the frequencies required to create the right resonance. Send me the dimensions and I’ll see what I can do.”
“Oh, it’s not that big of a deal, professor. You don’t need to worry about it.”
“Nonsense. I’m happy to see my students applying what they learn even for personal projects. After all, what good would an education be without practical use? Send me the dimensions. I insist.”
I flicked my ears in affirmation.
“Thank you, professor! I’ll get those to you right away.”
“Remember, Kila,” he leaned in for emphasis. “If you run into any issues you think I can help with, I’ll lend you a paw. Just make sure to do your best.”
Flicking my ears one more time, I picked up my belongings and made my way for the exit.
Maybe I should have been less secretive with him. No. I can’t risk it. Human integration is a controversial topic right now. It’s good to know he’s willing to help, though. Having the numbers mapped out would make it way easier to design the mechanism.
I could probably emulate the vibrations easily enough. It’d take some tricky robotics to get the different frequency options working. The real question was how to handle the controls. A Venlil player wouldn’t just be able to move the muscles in their mouths the same way a Human can. I’ll need to find a way to get it to respond to the movement in the slide automatically. Then, maybe I could place buttons on the slide itself to change the harmonic up or down. It'd probably have to be a short-range wireless setup. I'd need to make sure there isn't a noticeable delay too.
It’s going to take some finnicking with electronics. I hope I remember how to design compact circuits. Plus there's the code to write. Should be simple enough.
All of this for something a Human can do with their lips. I was really running against the wind for this.
Memory transcription subject: Professor Haeli, Galactic Music Professor at White Hill University
Date [standardized human time]: September 8, 2136
Entering Blyne’s office, the plateau of paperwork seemed to have only gotten taller. He peaked up over the impending workload, eyes even more tired than before.
“Hello, Professor Haeli. I hope the paw has treated you better than it’s treated me so far.”
I took a seat across from him, just barely able to make him out over the wall of documents.
“Judging by the new height of your desk, I’d say it probably has, headmaster.”
He chuckled at the comment, though the fatigue crept through his features.
“I’m still determined to make time for you. After all, most of this paperwork is awaiting your conclusions anyway.”
I swished my tail in understanding but he may not have noticed given the stacks were impeding his vision.
“Honestly, headmaster, I’m somewhat surprised that you agreed to this. It took me several paws to work up the courage to enter a video call with my partner. Are you sure that this is a good idea?”
“I trusted you to be head over Human studies for the time being. And, I told you that I’d support you where I could. Hundreds of Venlil have entered visual contact with humans. If the integration continues as it has, that number will only grow. I’ll handle it. I trust your judgment. Also, I think I'm too damn tired to bolt from my desk at the sight of your partner.”
Flicking my ears in acknowledgement, I turned my attention to my pad. Navigating the app, I initiated a video call with Grace. Hopefully, she hadn’t forgotten about the time we’d decided on.
I was satisfied to see that she had remembered as her side profile appeared on the screen. I flinched slightly but stayed composed. This time, the camera seemed further away, able to capture the image of both her and her piano. The device was one of the more recognizable Human instruments. According to Grace, it was standard for songwriters to have one. Easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master.
“All set here, love,” she spoke without turning to face me. Instead, her binocular eyes were trained on the pages in front of her.
“Headmaster Blyne, are you ready?” I questioned, giving him one last chance to back out.
“Turn the pad to me, Professor Haeli. I’m prepared.”
I slowly spun the pad around to face Blyne, propping it up against a tower of paper. He tensed up and inhaled sharply at the sight. However, after a moment, he began to relax his muscles.
“G-greetings. My name is B-Blyne. I'm the headmaster at W-White Hill University. To whom d-do I owe the pleasure?”
“My name is Grace Patel. But, I know the Venlil typically only use one name. You may refer to me as just Grace. I'm a professional musician that specializes in this: the piano.”
“W-what a peculiar device,” he observed. “Quite large for a musical instrument, no?”
Despite the initial quiver in his voice, by the time he reached the end of his thought, it already carried the same confidence that was typically present.
He got over it that fast? I guess I should expect nothing else from the headmaster. He’s used to dealing with stress.
“Yes, sir,” came Grace’s response. Though, she continued to face the pages. “A grand piano is among the largest despite its commonality. It owes its size to the fact that it’s technically somewhat of a string instrument. Each key moves a small hammer that strikes long, taught strings inside.”
“Fascinating. Could you show me what it sounds like before moving into a full piece?”
“Of course.”
Grace’s hands flew lightly across the keys, rolling up and down scales with ease. I couldn’t imagine Venlil paws being so dexterous. She made it look effortless.
She’s a professional alright.
Grace also tapped the keys with different amounts of force, putting the breadth of dynamics on display. Then, she played some chords. At first, they were small and simple but they quickly grew to massive complex variants.
Initially, the fact that they used only half the tones we placed between sets made me believe that their harmonic practice would be lacking. It seemed that was rather short-sighted.
Blyne appeared to be rather entranced by the sound.
“What immense range. You said this was called a grand piano?”
“Yes, sir. There are many variations on the piano but this is the most common for symphony orchestras and solo pieces.”
Blyne flicked his ears in acknowledgement.
“I must say I'm rather impressed thus far. It may come as a surprise but I used to play a couple instruments myself in my younger years. I can tell that you're very technically proficient even by that little demo alone.”
“I like to think that I am. After all, I do this for a living.”
“How fortunate that Human society accommodates for that,” I interjected. “I think most Venlil would expect there to be no room for such a thing in a predatory society.”
Grace squinted her eyes but they remained trained forward.
“It's not exactly an easy occupation, I’m afraid,” she responded. “It's a lot of hours and not always great pay. In the end, it usually gets sidelined for jobs that are considered more practical.”
“It's a similar story within the Federation too. After all, music doesn't grow crops or fight Arxur.”
Blyne seemed to look sympathetic to my plight. He no doubt felt guilty of such standards. Time and time again, the budget had found its way to other departments. Not that I blamed him. There was always pressure from donors and the government. I new technological advancement would always take priority over musical capabilities. That was the truth. And, in all honesty, I couldn't bring myself to disagree completely with the principle.
“Music has its applications,” Grace continued. “It can bridge cultural differences or improve morale in dark times. For Humans, it can also be used to bring awareness to social issues. I'm not sure if that's standard practice for you, though.”
Using music as a form of protest? I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of such a thing.
“I understand that Humans have a rich musical history,” Blyne spoke. “I'm intrigued to know what you've selected for us today, Miss Grace.”
“I'm very excited to play for the both of you. I don't believe Haeli has heard this first song yet, either.”
We’d already selected a few pieces some time before. I'd heard each and every one. Yet, she was going beyond our list? I hoped that she knew what she was doing.
“This piece,” she continued. “Was written by Claude Debussy a little over two hundred years ago during the standard Human year of 1905. It was made exclusively for piano. Today, it’s regarded as a classic.”
Grace sat up in her seat and hovered her hands over the keys.
"The title of this piece is Moonlight."
She scooted herself ever so slightly closer to the behemoth of an instrument and entered a state of visible focus.
Then, gently, she pressed down on the keys.
The sound was nearly inaudible. Grace’s dexterous hands tapped gently along the instrument, leaving ample space between the groupings of tones. It didn't seem like she was abiding by any particular rhythmic structure. It was loose but not in a chaotic sense. The tune drifted lazily from each point to the next like petals in a breeze. Harmonically, it felt melancholy; not bright and cheerful but not necessarily dark either.
This changed for a brief moment where the chords became somber. However, the higher tones returned with a kind of arcing motion to counterbalance it. Grace’s timing lent itself to a rising and falling motion to match the tonal development.
Soon, those arcs turned into cascades, starting slowly and gradually increasing in tempo. I almost didn't notice the volume increasing alongside it. The chords began to feel more foreboding. I could feel my heart rate rising as Grace vaulted into increasingly dark tonal motion.
Then, suddenly, she played a bright pattern in an upwards motion, much more lightly than the cascades before. The motion was repeated a few times, each one lower in volume.
After a moment of blissful serenity, Grace’s playing took on a quality that I could only describe as wonderment. Once again, the piece became dynamically louder. The rate of tones increased but didn't carry the darkness from before. Instead, the harmonies were bright and easy on the ears.
The speed at which she played was impressive, though unconventional. Nothing she'd played for me had reached that pace. I wondered if Blyne could handle the sudden jump in tempo. But, when I stole a glance at him, he seemed just as entranced as I was.
For a moment, the tiredness in his eyes seemed replaced with wonder.
The music seemed to falter, not in the executive sense but rather there was a feeling of specifically designed instability. It was as though the piece was portraying a loss of balance, just barely leaning over a sharp edge.
But, just as it seemed about to fall, the volume once more dropped to near silence as it returned to its melancholy origin. It seemed to be nearly identical to the opening. And, after drifting between patterns for a moment, each reminiscent of a broader section of the work, it ended as meekly as it began. I was briefly unsure that it was actually over. It was like it just slipped right out of the room. I only had my confirmation when Grace slid away from the piano.
Blyne and I sat in silence momentarily, soaking in the experience.
“It's been many years since I've heard something so immersive,” Blyne’s voice took on the sound of nostalgia. “Truly, that was encapsulating.”
I flicked my ears in acknowledgement.
“I'm not sure I fully understood the symbolism though. It's likely a planetary difference. How do Humans interpret the moon?”
Grace tilted her head to the side in a look I assumed was confusion until realization hit her.
“Ah, I almost forgot that's what it translates to. See, the title is in a different language than the one I speak. I speak primarily English but the title is French. Your translators seem not to discriminate. If you wouldn't mind, turn them off for just a moment and I'll say the title verbatim.”
Blyne and I both complied with the request, powering them off and flicking our ears in a ‘go ahead’ motion. After the motion was lost on her briefly, Grace realized we were ready and spoke the title once more.
Claire de Lune.”
It sounded starkly different to the Venlil sound that it had been translated to. Though, it sounded almost melodious in nature.
After we turned the translators back on, Grace continued her thought.
“To answer your question, Haeli, the moon can mean a number of different things depending on culture. But, one thing that is constant is its association with the night. I'd say in this context, it served as the inspiration in a sort of atmospheric sense. You may equate it to a picturesque street illuminated only by a few lamps and the moonlight from above. It's serene in that regard.”
“It was a beautiful piece,” I assured her. “But, it wasn't one we selected beforehand. What made you want to perform it?”
“Honestly, I would have very well suggested it earlier had I remembered it. It just popped into my head after the fact and I thought it would be a perfect introductory piece.”
“To that, I can agree,” Blyne offered. “I can tell that immense thought was put into the composition of the piece. And, I can tell that you have spent much time honing your craft. As such, I have a request.”
A request?
“Please, miss Grace, turn to face the camera.”
I tensed up. Even after already exposing myself to her face, I felt reluctant to have her eyes burrow into me again.
“Are you sure about that, sir?” Grace asked tentatively.
“I understand that you haven't been able to see us so far. And that, for Humans, looking away is often considered rude. It's probably been difficult to remain facing away from us this whole time. The least I can do for such a stunning performance is to look you in the eyes.”
Grace looked unsure but slowly she turned to face us. I felt my muscles tense further and Blyne stiffened across from me as well.
“You really needn't subject yourself to this,” Grace spoke, clearly noting our collective discomfort.
“I f-feel inclined to disagree,” came Blyne’s response. “If we are to live and w-work with Humans, we will need to overcome our instincts. I'm willing to give that an honest try just as Professor Haeli here is too.”
“I appreciate the effort. Truly, I do. But, save your energy. That song is not all I intend to play for you. Haeli and I selected quite the program.”
I flicked my ears in acknowledgement and accompanied it with a head nod for Grace.
“Yes, indeed. I believe you'll very much enjoy the rest of these, headmaster.”
And so we continued, traipsing through various piano melodies. From the slow, methodical sounds of Gymnopédie No. 1 to the almost haunting motion of Arietta, we sat enamored by Grace’s playing until, finally, we ran the established catalog dry and she bid us farewell before signing off.
Now in the silent office, Blyne suddenly fell against the wall of papers.
“Stars,” he spoke through the now collapsed pages. “I'm too old for this, Haeli. Her playing was incredible. And, I think I did well as a professional but her eyes are still terrifying.”
“I know how you feel. My student says you get used to it pretty fast, though.”
“To be young and have that kind of flexibility. It's going to take me some time, I think.”
“You held together well all things considered. I cut into the fabric of my chair with my claws just from tensing up so much.”
“Don't go destroying university property, now. We just got those chairs two terms ago. Also, about that student of yours, he's made quite the amount of headway, yes?”
I thought back to Mezil’s progress. It had certainly been more than I’d expected from any of my students.
“Yes. Grace was encouraging me to get him more involved. I can only really think of one way to do it. Actually, after her performance, I have a pretty ambitious idea.”
Blyne lifted his head from the paperwork and eyed me warily.
“You need my help, I assume.”
“I'll definitely need the go-ahead from you for this one. That, and I'll probably need some help figuring out the logistics.”
He sighed and started straightening out the stack he'd toppled.
“Alright then, Professor Haeli. What is your plan?”
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2023.06.02 17:24 sillykitty70 Replacement sunroof shade rubber stopper?

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2023.06.02 15:53 SexyWelder Wondering what this trim is called

I have a 2007 Chevy Impala LT, and over the summer I want to black out all of the chrome on it. When it comes to the trim around the windows I’m not finding a whole lot online besides the pillar trim. There are plenty of options to replace the pillar trim. But I can’t seem to find any after market options for the rest of the trim. I would prefer to paint everything anyway so there aren’t a bunch of mismatched shades, but it would be nice to know how they’re secured to the car before trying to take them off.
Any help would be appreciated! Or if there is a better subreddit to ask please let me know
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2023.06.02 15:32 onlinecoolers Air Conditioner in UAE: A Guide to Choosing the Right Cooling Solution

Are you looking for the perfect air conditioner to beat the scorching heat in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? With the soaring temperatures in the region, having an efficient and reliable cooling solution is essential. In this article, we will explore the different types of air conditioners available in the UAE, important factors to consider when choosing one, and tips for maximizing cooling efficiency in your space.

Introduction to Air Conditioners in the UAE

Air conditioners play a vital role in providing comfort and respite from the hot and humid climate in the UAE. Whether you’re looking for a cooling solution for your home, office, or commercial space, it’s important to select the right air conditioner that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Types of Air Conditioners in the UAE

  1. Window Air Conditioners: Window AC units are compact and fit into a window or a slot in the wall. They are a popular choice for small spaces and are relatively affordable. These units typically cool a single room or a small area.
  2. Split Air Conditioners: Split ACs consist of two units — an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is installed inside the room, while the outdoor unit is placed outside. Split ACs offer better cooling efficiency, quieter operation, and the ability to cool larger areas.
  3. Central Air Conditioning Systems: Central AC systems are suitable for cooling large commercial spaces, such as malls, hotels, and office buildings. They consist of a central cooling unit that distributes cool air through ducts to different areas. These systems provide centralized control and efficient cooling for extensive spaces.
  4. Portable Air Conditioners: Portable AC units are mobile and can be moved from one room to another. They are versatile and do not require permanent installation. Portable ACs are a good option if you need cooling flexibility or have space constraints.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioner

  1. Room Size: Consider the size of the room or area that needs to be cooled. A small room may require a window or split AC, while larger spaces may benefit from central air conditioning systems.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Look for air conditioners with high energy efficiency ratings. Units with higher energy efficiency will help reduce electricity consumption and save on utility bills.
  3. Cooling Capacity: Ensure that the AC unit’s cooling capacity matches the size of the space you want to cool. A unit with inadequate cooling capacity may struggle to cool the room efficiently.
  4. Noise Levels: Consider the noise levels produced by the air conditioner, especially if you plan to use it in bedrooms or quiet areas. Look for AC units with lower noise levels for a more peaceful environment.
  5. Additional Features: Check for additional features such as programmable timers, sleep modes, remote control, and air purification filters. These features can enhance convenience and improve indoor air quality.

Tips for Maximizing Cooling Efficiency

  1. Proper Insulation: Ensure proper insulation of windows, doors, and walls to prevent cool air from escaping and hot air from entering the room.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner to keep it running efficiently. Clean or replace air filters as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Smart Thermostats: Consider using smart thermostats that allow you to control the temperature remotely and set schedules for optimal cooling.
  4. Zoning: If you have a central air conditioning system, consider implementing zoning techniques to cool specific areas as needed, optimizing energy consumption.
  5. Shading and Curtains: Use curtains or blinds to block direct sunlight and reduce heat gain inside the room.


Selecting the right air conditioner in the UAE is crucial for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Consider the type of air conditioner that suits your needs, factors such as room size and energy efficiency, and follow tips to maximize cooling efficiency. With the right cooling solution, you can stay cool and beat the heat in the UAE’s challenging climate.
Check out this: https://coolersonline.ae/air-conditioners/
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I bought a torchier floor lamp from Target with 3-way sockets. The manual said that I can install a 6/13/18.5 W LED light in the bigger shade and a 6/9 W bulb in the smaller one. Only the bigger one has 3 way socket. Now yesterday I connected the Philips bulb in the bigger shade with a 9 W Govee bulb still in the smaller one. When I powered it on, both the bulb went out. I had a dumb bulb with me but that one didn’t turn on as well. So what lamp stand should I buy to accommodate my smart bulb? The lamp will be the only source of light in the room.
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2023.06.02 13:59 dreftzg [Daily News] Oris Introduces A Very Purple Aquis, Hamilton Gives Groovy 70s Pan Europ Automatic The Ultimate 70s Color, IWC Slips White Dial Into The Mark XX And Arken Is A Fantastic Dual Time Affordable Watch

It's Friday and it looks like there's a bunch of watches in this edition that are supper affordable and aim way above their price point.

What's new

Oris Introduces A Very, Very Purple Hölstein Edition 2023 Aquis, The First Without A Date
For the fourth year in a row, Oris has announced its 2023 Hölstein Edition. Every year on June 1, Oris releases a 250-piece limited edition to celebrate the registration of its company in its hometown of Hölstein, Switzerland, on June 1, 1904. And this year they have for the first time used their Aquis diver for the special edition. And boy, is it special. First of all, it’s the first Aquis with no date. But, more importantly, it has the purpliest purple dial you have ever seen.
Other than the purple dial and lack of a date window, it’s an Aquis. 41.5mm wide, steel case, gray ceramic bezel insert and 300 meter water resistance. Introducing the watch, the co-CEO of Oris said in an interview that the purple as a dial color and a no-date Aquis were options fans have been asking for from Oris. I get that fans were asking for a no-date option. But purple? So many people explicitly asked for a purple dial? While I find that hard to believe, I won’t complain - it looks amazing.
Inside the watch is Oris’ caliber 400 with a five day power reserve, for which Oris promises 10-year service intervals and provides a 10-year warranty. On the caseback, there's Oris Bear diving in his scuba gear.
The watch will be limited to 250 pieces, available on Oris' website from June 1 for CHF 4,000 (~$4,400), a slight premium over the standard Oris Aquis Date Caliber 400. It’s a very nice shade of purple and it’s cool to see Oris have a bit of fun with watches, introducing this after the controversial Kermit Pro Pilot.
Hamilton Gives Their Groovy 70s Inspired Pan Europ Automatic The Ultimate 70s Color - Beige
Let’s say it again, all together - the 70s were the coolest era of watches. I know you don’t agree. I still think they were. And the good people over at the Swatch Group agree with me. That’s why in 2011 they revived the 1971 Pan Europ Chronomatic, which was one of the first Swiss-made Hamilton watches, equipped with the now legendary Calibre 11. The success of that model led Hamilton to add a simplified non-chronograph version in 2014, a day-date Pan Europ Automatic. And now they are putting out two new versions of that watch, both in very 70s colorways - a light green and a beige sunray.
The cushion-shaped steel case is 42mm wide and has a a polished unidirectional rotating bezel with a burgundy aluminium insert, with numerals indicating 5-minute increments, and marked with one-minute differences for the first quarter-hour. Despite the rotating bezel, this is not a diver, as it only has a 50m water resistance.
Other than the new colors, the dial remains the same, with two cutouts at 3 o’clock for the day and date indicators. The rectangular, sloped hour indices (with middle Super-LumiNova stripes) as well bulged-in the inner bezel ring with the minute track are all very 70s. The nickeled hour and minute hands are also coated with Super-LumiNova, and the second hand is lacquered to match the bezel colour and the markings on the dial.
Inside is the H30 movement, based on the ETA C07 series (Powermatic 80) calibre, an evolution of ETA’s 2824-2 calibre. You can get the watches on a green or beige soft touch leather racing-style strap, closed with a pin buckle, with an additional brown or burgundy NATO textile strap, depending on the dial colour.
The watches are now available as non-limited editions, and the price is EUR 1,195.
IWC Slips White Dial Into The Familiar Mark XX To Celebrate 75 Years Of The Mark Series
If you want an IWC pilot’s watch you will go to their boutique, admire the craftsmanship and impressiveness of the Big Pilot, and you will then buy a Mark series watch, because you are likely not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger and can’t pull off a car wheel on your wrist. Ever since 1993, when IWC launched the Mark XII as a replica of the Mark 11 made for the British Royal Air Force, the Mark series has been seen as the entry-level model in the Pilot’s Watch series, and now IWS is releasing an update to last year’s Mark XX with two new silver-white editions.
If the Pilot’s Watch series of IWC often brings to mind the oversized, almost provocative Big Pilot model (and we mean the real one, not the smaller, simpler 43mm version), there’s another watch that, even though more discreet, might be of even greater importance… The Mark series. First introduced as a watch for the pilots of the British Royal Air Force, under codename Mark 11, it has later become one of the most classic series of the brand, with the launch of the Mark XII in 1993, as a replica now also intended to civilian amateurs. Now known as the entry-level model in the Pilot’s Watch series, this no-nonsense watch entered its Mark XX version last year, and IWC now releases two new silvery-white editions.
The Mark XX measures 40mm wide, 10.8mm thick, 49.2mm long and has a screw down crown giving it a water resistance of 100m. Most of the steel case is brushed for a rugged tool-watch look, with a couple of polished accents. As for the dial, no surprises. It’s all very much Mark series, with a clean layout, highly legible markers and tracks and a time-and-date display. The Mark XX brought some minor evolutions, such as slightly redefined numerals and indices improving time reading and contrast. The two new references get silver-plated dials, blackened hands and black tracks – except for the indices marking the quarters, which are white and luminous.
Inside, the Mark XX has the biggest improvement over the predecessor. Instead of the past ETA and Sellita movements, the XX gets the calibre 32111, a movement made by ValFleurier and also used in the recently launched Ingenieur.
When the brand says they are releasing two new references with white dials, they mean that the only difference is what kind of strap you get them on. You can have it on a black leather strap (IW328207) or a 5-link stainless steel bracelet (IW328208).
The new IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XX White Dial is available now through all priced at EUR 5,700 (incl. taxes) on leather, and EUR 6,800 (incl. taxes) on steel bracelet.
Arken Unveils Their Second Act With The Dual-Time Equipped Alterum
Arken is a U.K.-based microbrand that released its first watch last year. It was a titanium diver called the Instrumentum. It came just in time for summer and as a integrated bracelet sports watch, at the height of the integrated bracelet sports watch craze, it sold out instantly. It’s not that weird that it sold out so fast, considering it had a titanium case, a depth rating of 300 meters and a shockingly low pre-order price of just $500. Here they are, back this year with their second watch and are jumping on another trend bandwagon - the GMT - with their titanium dual-time travel watch called the Alterum.
The Alterum carries over a bunch of the Instrumentum, but this is a much more elegant watch that looks way more expensive than it’s price point. Gone is the aggressive bezel of the diver, replaced by a fixed brushed bezel without any markings. Kind of weird for a GMT… It’s measures 40mm in width, 46mm lug to lug and 13mm in case thickness, but since the bezel is 38mm wide it looks much smaller than it actually is.
Also carried over is the unique handset (although smaller and less aggressive) and distinct hour marker layout intertwined by its own solid track line. Accompanying the handset is a colored lollipop GMT hand and a pair of AM/PM indicators that correspond to each hour hand. The date is at six o’clock and is managed by the screwdown pusher located at four. The main highlight of the Alterum’s dial is its frosted texture, one of which comes in an anthracite gray with an orange GMT hand and another with a black dial and a blue GMT hand. You are completely free to call me crazy, but this watch is giving me Vacheron Overseas "Everest" Dual Time vibes with the orange hand, textured dial, pusher at 4 and even the bracelet.
Inside is a modified Miyota 9015 that the brand calls the ARK-9015DT. And it’s not a slight modification. It has an additional additional 12-hour hand and two AM/PM indicators that work in tandem with each hour hand, which helps a lot since the bezel does not have any markings. The movement also has some peculiarities you won’t see in others. Rotating the hands clockwise moves the entire handset, including the GMT hand, as well as both AM/PM indicator discs. However, moving the handset in the opposite direction will lock the GMT hand and its corresponding AM/PM indicator (left of the dial) allowing you to set the time difference between your local and home times. With the time difference adjusted, you can now adjust the hands moving forward to the correct local time. Since it’s such a weird movement, it can’t exactly be called a caller or a flyer GMT movement, but rather a combination of both.
Arken is offering the Alterum publically via a pre-order with either a grey or a black dial, and both will come on a quick-release nylon strap for $700 on release day (July 1, 2023) or $745 thereafter. Additionally, the brand will offer other versions of the Alterum via a private members-only platform that has been established for those that bought the Instrumentum last year. These include a black dial version with a black cerakoted case and a version with a white dial. While not specifically limited, each of the given colorways will be produced in runs of 200 units, and deliveries are expected to start no earlier than January 2024.
Isotope Teams Up With Watch Customizer Seconde/Seconde/ For Limited Edition Hydrium Diver, A Memento Mori Watch Without A Skull
Seconde/Seconde/ is a brand name for Romaric André, a former financial auditor who has in recent year profiled himself as one of the leading vintage watch customizers, known especially for replacing hands with those of his own design. He has worked with a whole slew of brands, including Vulcain, Nivada Grenchen, Louis Erard, Bamford and H. Moser & Cie, creating watches that take the original and update it with fun. His latest collaboration is with the UK based Isotope, a brand known for their strong visual design and accessible prices and together they created a Seconde/Seconde/ version of the Isotope Hydrium dive watch.
The Hydrium comes in a 40mm stainless steel case with a unidirectional bezel, screw down crown, sapphire crystal and 300m water resistance. The dial is a matte black with a raised lacrima in the center of the dial and a railroad-style minute track printed along the periphery in white with small bright green blocks to denote the hour markers. At the top of the dial is Isotope’s original logo, although it has been overhauled by Seconde/Seconde/ and given a number of bright green updates. The actual letters of the Isotope name have been rearranged to spell “OTOPSIE” (autopsy), with green arrows pointing to where the letters would go if the logo were to be printed normally.
While autopsy might sound a bit morbid, the brand points out that this is a memento mori watch, without a skull. Additional reminders of your mortality are the hands. While the hour and minute hand appear in Isotope’s classic i-shaped format, the bright green seconds hand has a shape that mirrors the appearance of a failing heartbeat on an ECG machine.
The new Isotope Hydrium Seconde/Seconde, a limited edition of 50 pieces, is offered on a quick-release soft black leather strap with a signed microblasted steel buckle. Inside is the Swiss Landeron 24 automatic movement, which follows the same core design as the ETA 2824 or Sellita SW200 but better decorated with perlage and Geneva stripes.
The Isotope Hydrium Seconde/Seconde/ is now available from the brand’s website and priced at GBP 900 (excl. taxes).
H. Moser & Cie Revamps The Streamliner Flyback Chronograph 2.0
Despite being made in just 100 pieces and just before the pandemic, the H. Moser & Cie. Streamliner, a luxury sports watch elements with an unusually fluid shape, was a huge hit for the brand. Since January 2020, the Streamliner has evolved into a collection with time-only, tourbillon and perpetual calendar models. It is now time for the Streamliner Flyback Chronograph to undergo a slight update, entering its 2.0 phase.
There aren’t any huge updates here, but still welcome. The originality of this collection is intact, with its rounded curves. 42.3mm in diameter and with a relative thickness of 14mm, it features a cool radially brushed finish on top. The dial, apart from a single detail, hasn’t changed. It retains its fumé funky blue colour, tachymeter scale on the periphery and hands with Globolight inserts. The one detail that has changed is the logo, which is now made using transparent lacquer… almost like a secret signature, a reminder of the pre-eminence of the product.
Inside the case is the same calibre HMC 907, a movement that is also known as the AgenGraphe and that has been developed by talented movement maker Agenhor. The architecture, an automatic column-wheel chronograph with an innovative horizontal clutch with a friction wheel (to avoid any issues when the teeth intermesh and reduce unwanted jerks), is the same as before, but the power reserve is now boosted at 72 hours. It has been refreshed with new decoration, including Moser stripes angled at 45° and anthracite grey rhodium plating on the bridges and main plate.
Now available and part of the permanent collection, the Streamliner Flyback Chronograph Automatic Funky Blue 2.0 is priced at CHF 45,000.

On hand - a selection of reviews

The Grand Seiko SBGH283 you can only buy at their Studio Shizukuishi in Japan
A review of the Panerai Radiomir California PAM01349 in Brunito eSteel

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The new Tool Watch Co. Diver is a lot of watch for not a lot of money
The Tool Watch Co. Diver will be available as of today through the company’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. During this period, you’ll be able to order the watch for US$295, and after that, the Diver will cost US$500. Even at its regular retail price, I think this watch delivers a lot of value for its money. But especially at that lower introduction price, it feels like an absolute steal. A titanium dive watch with an automatic movement, 300m water resistance, a sapphire crystal, a very decent titanium bracelet…should I go on? I think that’s really impressive for less than $300!
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.06.02 10:10 Dutchie_PC Interior Tips, Tricks, and Ideas You Learned Over the Years

I thought it would be a nice idea to share some practical tips and tricks you may have picked up over the years. No hard do's and don'ts, as taste is subjective, but guidelines that should work for every home could prove really useful. Of course, many tips will be incredibly individual or subjective, but we've got to start somewhere.
What are your Tips, Tricks, and Ideas? I will gladly add them to the list!
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2023.06.02 09:50 Lililovesart RONB - May 2023

Hello everyone,
Here is my update for the month of may.
TW: product and brand names in spoilers.

How the month went ?

I finally hit pan in MUG Tan Lines ! It's a warm brown crease eyeshadow that I have been trying to pan for a year and a half. When I started focusing on it, I thought 30 uses tops would do it, well it took 98 uses, and the pan is really a pin prick ! But it's my favourite crease shade and it still performs perfectly, so it means I will literaly never run out. I am just very happy that I hit pan. :)
I mostly focused on wearing bright lipstick this month, which I loved !
I reached 100 wears on my liquid highlighter by Becca, it's only a sample size and I thought that it was almost done at 100 uses, so I transfered it in an empty gel liner pot... Let's just say I still have at least 2 years worth of liquid highlight in this pot, and the original tube isn't empty yet. Keeping in mind that I have two of those samples in barely different shades, because I bought those as a bundle years ago. Don't get me wrong, it's very beautiful, but the tube component was getting messy as it's getting low. Hence the transfer to another container.
I didn't recreate any look from my inspo folder. I think that as long as I'm focused on reaching usage goals on my products, at least on eyeshadows, I won't be really interested in recreating looks. I'll try it in the summer, when most of my usage goals will be reached.

Did I buy any beauty product ?

I only buy replacements for SPF when I was on the last leg of the preivous one and cleansing oil. As I couldn't decide which beauty product to buy, I didn't buy any makeup this month.
I also haven’t bought gel yet, so my hair doesn’t look as curly and cute as it usually does.

June Plans

I will be on a 3 weeks holiday in Scotland, so I won't have time to think about buying makeup. June will be a no buy month.
Here is what I am shopping my stash for next month:

2023 remaining goals :

Did you have any goals for may ? Did you do a no buy or RONB ?
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2023.06.02 08:43 Kinnlsfurniture How to Make Small Bedroom More Spacious? Designer’s Tips to Share

How to Make Small Bedroom More Spacious? Designer’s Tips to Share

Decorating and arranging a small bedroom is really tricky, because it is not easy to satisfy the utility of the space, but also to make the bedroom as large and bright as possible. Especially in the current environment, in addition to meeting the basic functions of eating, drinking, sleeping, sleeping, etc., some families also need to undertake work, fitness and other functions.
But with a little thought, careful planning, and some clever ways to save space, it’s possible to turn even the smallest room into a beautiful, functional, and bright space. Here are seven helpful tips:

1. Use light colors

In general, light colors make space appear larger and more transparent, while darker colors make them appear smaller and narrower. Therefore, it is wiser to use lighter colors when decorating a compact room. The most common light colors we use are neutrals like beige, white, and gray, although other shades are fine. Also, don’t overdo it, or use one or two neutrals with contrasting colors, as it creates a seamless look and avoids allowing any one element to take up too much visual space. Finally, you can also use different textures to add warmth and interest.

2. Maximize natural light

Plenty of light is key to making a space feel the most, so consider replacing heavy curtains with light ones or eliminating them altogether. For privacy, apply a frosted veneer or place inconspicuous blinds in your bedroom that can be pulled down at night. If you have a particularly dark corner or a room without any Windows, you may need to install a roof light or borrow from somewhere else.

3. Use clever skills to create a tall visual effect

Ceilings that are too low can make the space seem smaller and more depressing, but there are several ways to enhance the visual effect.
  • Use the same color to paint the walls, ceiling and baseboards.
  • Hang the curtains as high as possible so as to fully expose the outline of the window.
  • Extending bookcases, cabinets, and shelves all the way up to the ceiling will also stretch the view upward, making the room appear higher than it really is.
  • the use of linear chandelier, so that the chandelier and the ceiling to maintain a certain distance, the height will look higher.

4. Choose lightweight furniture

The so-called light furniture refers to the furniture with light texture. When placed on the ground, the exposed floors and walls can be seen at a glance, giving a more open visual impression. Therefore, small space as far as possible not to use those too thick furniture, not only occupy a place, but also show depression. Instead look for pieces with light, slender silhouettes or high legs. Another is to use items made of transparent materials such as glass or acrylic, or to use transparent grilles.

5. Use sliding doors

Closet, cabinet or other areas of the door as far as possible to use sliding doors, this can save the door open to occupy the space, so that the interior layout will have greater flexibility.

6. Choose multifunctional furniture

We usually common multifunctional furniture, mainly folding sofa bed, booth, can be dual-use side several benches, etc., only occupy a piece of furniture space, but can play multiple functions to meet the daily needs, the space is of course more bright.

7. Use mirror effect

Finally, the use of mirrors to create the illusion of more space and light. This is one of the oldest and simplest tricks in the book, but it really works! You can enlarge the visual space and enhance the layout of your home by placing it in the right place so that a beautiful piece of art or a delicate view is reflected in the mirror.
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2023.06.02 05:53 mycatisanorange Dry Weather Kills Trees, The Howells Journal, Howells, Fri, Aug 7th, 1936

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2023.06.02 05:12 Steffie_K Best UVA/UVB Bulb

I have been watching my son's red eared slider while he is traveling in Africa. I'm concerned, because I realized that he hasn't changed the bulb for his UVA/UVB lamp in about a year, maybe a little more. I've tried to purchase a package of replacement bulbs on Amazon, but all of them seem to have at least some bad reviews. Can anyone recommend one? He is probably almost two (he got two from a friend who did not want them when they were very little - one baby sadly passed away). Thank you! ETA: I was going to just buy the replacement for the lamp he has, but it is no longer available.
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2023.06.02 04:40 MisterSnippy Coming Softly, Softer, It Goes

    Fog rolls up, wisping through and across her vision, gradually covering up the figure reflected in the silverbacked glasswork. For a moment, she stands hunched over, letting the water condense and run through hills and valleys between her cyan scales, liquid tinted by colour, traveling down her tail in a stream of droplets. Drip drop, streaming off the end into clear pools that reflect a shimmering clearer view. Water inches up the yellow walls, coating them with a thin film of liquid, that, when gathers enough, trickles down and enlarges the puddles dotting the floor, turning it into a nascent ocean. The last glimpse she has of the mirrored figure, before it's replaced with a cyan smudge, is the expression of unease, ever present, always concealed carefully behind grey fog.
    Her inner sanctum is soon left behind, doors closed, wet feet slapping against wooden floors scattering droplets, exchanging mental safety for physical sensibility. One arm slips past another, entering the wardrobe, fingers dancing across different shirts and jackets, tip tapping, stopping on the Torimine suit. Soon, tail slipping through skirt, arms maneuvering through shirt and jacket, shoes     slipped on, business-ready. Well-fitted, but a time away from being well-worn. There's not much left for her to grab  from the room, just a quick bite to eat, leftovers from yesterday, hidden away in a darkened cupboard, and then out the door into Salazsar.
    It's pre-dawn, sky  suffused by cloudly dark grey, smatterings of snowflakes whispering through the wind, backlit by lamps and magelight. They stick to her dress and scatter around her whenever the wind changes its aimless flow. She moves down a spiral-staircase, gliding to a lower, more mercantile, level. A much slower, clumsier, snowflake, crystallized by life, not temperature. Step-by-step I descend, until the bottom appears, stonework smoothed from the timeless passage of pedestrians. For a moment she pauses, deliberating, reflecting. Does she  really want to do this? She scoffs, no question about that, a false question, then followed by the real one. Does she really want to to this, today? Joints  grind back into gear, rust shaking off and flaking away, the answer apparent. She has to.
    She looks up from the paperwork on her desk, staring in the direction of the concerned, male, voice, that softly rumbles through the doorway into the dim office. The light outside is brighter than  inside, making it hard to see a clear figure, instead he's more fuzzy silhouette, eyes glinting against the darkness.
    My eyes meet his for a moment, before he glances elsewhere, pretending to stare at the other objects that litter the room, like the paperwork splattered over her desk. They don't stick to any one object for lengthened time, afraid any errant gaze will be imprisoned into eye-contact if it lingers.
    "Listen, are you doing alright? If you need to take a day off you  can, okay?"
    She gives him an exasperated look, accompanied by a smirk. A hint of teeth poke through the gap in her smile, scales at the corners of her eyes crinkle, head tilts.
    "I'm fine. Trust me on that. If I needed a break I would take one."
    A perfect smile, happy quick exhale, through the nose, fingers clutching a quill delicately preparing to be put to page, documents to be signed. The Gnoll looks mollified turning to leave, but not
    "Well, just remember. If you need to take a break I'd be happy to cover for you, it's no issue."
    The last word is rhetorical, he leaves without leaving room for reply. Just her in the office, alone, once again. The only sound the sounds of the paperwork rustling when she places and replaces documents. Lots of paperwork to do, organized into three sections ,one pile growing taller than the others, a combined mix of them.
    In the air is a stale smell that sticks to me, seeping into her clothing, into the chair, into the documents. It's unclear where it comes from, not smelling like ink or paper, but something other, not foreign, however. It's all she smells, nothing else, not the pungent ink, not the dusty office, not perfumed Drakes or mouth-watering foodstalls. But it doesn't matter,  work  to do. Quill reappears against page, drawing lines of ink, curved, straight, forming letters and then words. On this page the final words appear, her signature, always signed, "Revlii Darktongue", exactly the same every time. She places the sheet into the tallest pile, and then places claws upon another and draws the paper over. And then writing again, and signing again.
    Street slowly winding upwards, Drakes and Gnolls huddled close together, trying to fit further into the crowd, but also struggling for warmth, this close contact being secretly treasured by many. She aswell, is huddled with them, skirt scraping against other garmets, head covered by wayward snowflakes, face made wet by foggy breath, all     their faces wet. The kind of cold misery that forms bonds, and strengthens friendships Her shoes carefully step over small patches of ice, and once or twice a member of the crowd helps her catch her balance when she slips, and she too, for them
    The sky is a brilliant orange, beauty magnified by the spires and towers that surround  me, distant rooftops glinting orange reflections, eternal burning away of daylight into night. Her path travels upward s, stairs passing beneath her, railings caught, shoes ever click clack and stomp when a slip threatens. The spot appears, between two spires, an opening where the city can be seen down a line, sunset perfectly positioned in the middle.
    Revlii takes a minute to take off my shoes, placing them on the ground, and then carefully clearing a clean patch to sit on. A  white exhale slowly comes, relaxed, as she gets into a good mental position. The sun slowly falls, distant orange chased by coming clouds that arrive from faraway lands. Work was okay today, she thinks, more of the same, but sometimes lack of change can be  good. I might even Level soon if I keep it up.
    Another exhale, tension leaving her body, flowing into the air, quickly washed away by cold winds and burned through by the orange light. Her daily routine is to sit here and watch the sunset, regardless of the weather. There are many views like this one in Salazsar, but this one feels personal, only belonging to me, and her alone. More snowflakes fall, amount increasing, wind also getting colder.
    She dislikes Winter, her favourite  season being Spring, but Winter always brings a calmness with it. Maybe it's how sounds seem to be dampened, the world almost still, vibrations sucked away into snowfall. Maybe it's how the sky looks, blues darker and more inviting, oranges brighter and more vibrant, vying for dominance and turning the sky brilliant shades with the rise and set of the sun. Tommorrow is the weekend, which is nice, I think. Soon the  solstice will  come, and she'll be back on track towards more favoured seasons less inclined to snowfall and chilly air. Another     exhale. Life is good.
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