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2023.05.30 09:35 galth88 Nordstrom Rack Birthday Coupon

Check this out for Nordstrom Rack Birthday Coupon. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.05.30 09:35 chaneldawg I can’t gain any more weight

Lately I noticed that I can’t gain any more weight. When I started lifting weights last year in may, I gained 5kg really fast (76kg->81kg). Now I’m stuck with 80kg-82k since 3+ months and I feel like it is impossible for me to gain more. I regularly take creatine and protein. I’m 193cm and 18 years old. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
Is sleep important too for gaining weight? I often go to bed very late like 2 or 3 am.
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2023.05.30 09:35 Forsaken-Way9937 Sharing our survey here, please help us reach 385 respondents.

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2023.05.30 09:34 W0wF0x2_0 Looking for friends, daily gifts etc

Friend code 2864 4329 3142
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2023.05.30 09:32 Fun_Memory_9349 Looking for savanna and ocean gifts please! 0596 1586 1689

0596 1586 1689
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2023.05.30 09:31 Pendaz Intech Studio Grid Controller - Has anyone (non influencer) actually received an order?

I'm very interested in these devices since they appear to fit my use case perfectly. I originally placed my order back in March 2023 and cancelled it after a their estimated delivery date was missed by a month and had zero communications from them. In fairness they were very quick to response and refund me.
Recently I got an email from them offering a discount on their "latest version" so i placed a 2nd order since i'm getting a bit desperate for a midi controller now. They seem to be acting exactly the same the only differences is this time i have no ETA on the delivery. My order was placed on the 14th May (almost 4 weeks ago) and I've had zero communications from them or any indication as to if they'll ever actually ship it.
It seems to me they're taking orders for devices that haven't even been built yet and are potentially struggling to keep up with demand. Meanwhile i see influencers and YouTubers alike showing off these devices...
Has anyone here actually successfully purchased one of these devices via their website with actual real money? (as opposed to being gifted one in return for giving a good review on their YouTube channel lol)

Additionally, would anyone be able to recommend a similar kind of controller to their PO16 and EN16 (basically a 4x4 POT deck that i can map to anything software-wise)

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2023.05.30 09:31 Only-Map-8304 Help with hat trick! Will click if you click

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2023.05.30 09:31 VietFlowersshop Vietnam Florist

With our flower delivery service at Viet-flowers.com, you can send flowers to Vietnam with confidence. We've been delivering to Vietnam Florist for over 10 years. We use only the highest-quality flowers for our arrangements. Our Flower Hanoi or Sagon Florist in Vietnam are dedicated to ensuring that every flower is delivered in perfect condition—and that your recipient will be thrilled with their gifts from you! And when you order from us today, we'll ship them within 24 hours of your order being placed!
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2023.05.30 09:30 Numerous-Hour8768 Only summoners war

Only summoners war
435 Engraved scrolls and I got the 2/3 I didn’t want.. where is my oliverrrrrr
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2023.05.30 09:30 modernfoodproducts Spicy and Bold Flavoured Condiments That Pack a Punch

Spicy and Bold Flavoured Condiments That Pack a Punch
The history of condiments stretches back thousands of years, with these flavourful additions playing a significant role in enhancing meals and culinary traditions across cultures. This article is penned by Modern Food Products - an excellent condiments manufacturer in India, read further to get a brief overview of the history of condiments:
Ancient Times:
Condiments have been a part of human cuisine since ancient times. Early civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used various ingredients to add flavour to their meals. Spices, herbs, and sauces were employed to enhance the taste of dishes and preserve food. Examples include the use of salt, vinegar, and fermented sauces like garum in ancient Rome.
Medieval and Renaissance Period:
During the Middle Ages, the trade routes expanded, leading to increased access to exotic spices and ingredients from different parts of the world. This era saw the rise of prominent condiments such as mustard, vinegar, and honey-based sauces. The use of spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, became more prevalent.
Colonial Era and Industrial Revolution:
The colonial era marked a significant exchange of flavours and ingredients between different regions. European explorers brought back new spices, such as chilli peppers, from their journeys, which had a transformative impact on the culinary landscape. The Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries further advanced the production and distribution of condiments. Commercialization and technological advancements led to the mass production of condiments, making them more accessible to a wider population.
Modern Era:
In the modern era, condiments have become an integral part of global cuisine. Different cultures and regions have developed their own signature condiments, ranging from soy sauce and fish sauce in Asian cuisines to ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard in Western cuisines. Condiments continue to evolve, with new flavours and variations constantly being introduced to cater to changing tastes and preferences.
Today, condiments play a vital role in enhancing the flavour, texture, and overall enjoyment of meals. They add a personal touch and allow individuals to customize their culinary experience. From classic condiments that have stood the test of time to innovative creations, condiments remain a cornerstone of culinary traditions worldwide.
Exploring India's Condiment Manufacturing Excellence:
Condiments are the flavour heroes that elevate meals, adding a punch of taste and excitement to dishes. For spice enthusiasts and those seeking bold flavours, there is a wide range of fiery and robust condiments available. In this article, we delve into the world of spicy and bold-flavoured condiments, focusing on the expertise of condiment manufacturers in India. Known for their rich culinary heritage and mastery of spices, Indian condiment manufacturers craft a diverse array of products that captivate taste buds and bring dishes to life.
The Art of Condiment Manufacturing in India:
India has a long-standing tradition of condiment manufacturing, deeply rooted in its vibrant culinary culture. Modern Food Products - the most distinguished condiments manufacturer in India showcase its expertise by blending a multitude of aromatic spices, herbs, and other ingredients to create distinct flavours. Such manufacturers meticulously select and source high-quality raw materials, ensuring that their condiments maintain the authentic taste and quality that Indian cuisine is renowned for.
Spicy Condiments:
When it comes to spicy condiments, Indian manufacturers excel in delivering a fiery experience. Whether it's tangy chilli sauces, zesty chutneys, or intense pickles, these condiments pack a powerful punch of heat and flavour. From the tongue-tingling spiciness of green chilli sauces to the robustness of garlic-infused chilli pastes, spicy condiments offer a thrilling gustatory adventure for those who crave the heat.
Bold-flavoured Condiments:
Indian condiment manufacturers also showcase their expertise in creating bold-flavoured condiments. These condiments combine an array of aromatic spices and ingredients to produce a symphony of taste that lingers on the palate. From tangy tamarind chutneys to piquant mango pickles and savoury onion relishes, these bold condiments offer a complex and multi-dimensional flavour profile. The balance of sweet, sour, salty, and savoury notes creates a harmonious explosion of taste that complements a wide range of dishes.
The Versatility of Indian Condiments:
The versatility of Indian condiments is one of their defining characteristics. These flavour-packed accompaniments can enhance a multitude of culinary creations. Spicy condiments add a kick to grilled meats, stir-fries, and sandwiches, while bold-flavoured condiments bring character to curries, rice dishes, and snacks. They can be used as dipping sauces, and marinades, or as a topping to elevate the taste of everyday meals. The options are endless, allowing individuals to tailor their dining experience according to their preferences.
The Role of Condiment Manufacturers in India:
Condiments manufacturers in India like Modern Food Products, play a crucial role in the production and distribution of these spicy and bold-flavoured delights. They utilize state-of-the-art facilities, adhere to strict quality standards, and employ skilled professionals who possess an in-depth understanding of spices and their combinations. These manufacturers are committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients, employing traditional recipes, and implementing stringent quality control measures to deliver condiments of exceptional taste and quality.
Condiment manufacturers in India also prioritize innovation, continuously exploring new flavour profiles and combinations to cater to evolving consumer preferences. They understand the importance of meeting international food safety standards and maintaining consistency in taste, texture, and packaging. Their dedication to excellence has earned them a reputation as reliable suppliers of condiments, both domestically and internationally.
Spicy and bold-flavoured condiments add a thrilling dimension to meals, turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences. The expertise of Modern Food Products - a top-ranking condiments manufacturer in India, ensures a rich assortment of these flavourful accompaniments, showcasing the country's culinary prowess and mastery of spices. From fiery chilli sauces to complex chutneys and pickles, these condiments are a testament to the diversity and depth of Indian cuisine. So, embrace the heat, savour the boldness, and let these condiments take your taste buds on a journey through the vibrant flavours of India.
View Poll
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2023.05.30 09:30 qryzen747 Entitled?

Met a couple times Agreed to split the bill Since I'm a doctor and currently a student pilot She saw potential and made me pay for everything Even her rapido I'm was unemployed back then and really needed the money Otherwise id have never asked Also she started identifying as a mermaid
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2023.05.30 09:29 mamoru127 [H] Humble, Fanatical Leftovers [W] Most Humble 2022 In Case You Missed It Games, Offers

Looking to trade my spares. SEA region Humble account here, keep in mind when trading with me as keys I open for trading might be country-restricted. Also to be safe I won't be trading gift links. Last traded 3 years ago, witnessed the ban wave sooooo I wanna be extra careful lol
Humble keys:
1 screen platformer
112 Operator
911 Operator
A mortician's tale
Age of wonders 3
Alien spidy
American fugitive
Animal super squad
Armello 3x
Banners of ruin
Batman enemy within telltale series + shadows mode
Batman telltale series + shadows mode
Bioshock remastered
Bioshock the collection
Blood fresh supply
Bloodstained ritual of the night
Borderlands 3
Borderlands game of the year enhanced
Borderlands handsome collection
Broken age
Brutal legend
Calico 2x
Carnival games vr
Children of Morta
Civilization 6 platinum edition
Command and conquer remastered collection (origin)
Control Ultimate Edition (from Humble Heroines)
Crown trick
Darksiders 2 deathinitive edition
Darksiders 3
Darksiders warmastered edition
Deadly days
Death squared
Disjunction (gog)
Distraint 2
Doom eternal
Draw your game
Darksiders genesis
Duck game
Endless space collection
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Evan's Remains
Fahrenheit indigo prophecy remastered
Fallen enchantress legendary heroes
Farmers dynasty
Forager 2x
Forgive me father
Framed collection 2x
Frog detective
Fury unleashed
Garage bad trip
Garden Paws
Geometry wars 3 dimensions evolved
Goat of. Duty
Going under
Guts and glory
Hacknet 2x
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Hiveswap act 1
House flipper
In between
Just cause 4 complete edition
Katana zero
Killing floor 2
Killing floor 2 digital deluxe edition
Knights of pen and paper 2
Lego batman 3 beyond gotham
Life is Strange 2: Complete Season
Lovecraft's untold stories
Mafia definitive edition
Mafia 3: Definitive Edition
Mass effect legendary edition (origin)
Metro exodus
Monster train first class
Mount and Blade: Warband
Mr shifty
My memory of us
My time at portia
Neo cab
Neon abyss
Never alone
Newt one
No time to explain remastered
Nomad Survival
Orwell ignorance is strength
Overlord 2
Pacman championship edition 2
Paper fire rookie
Party hard
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition
Payday 2
Planet Zoo
Popup dungeon
Rebuild 3
Red horizon
Regular human basketball 2x
Remnants of Naezith
Scarlet Tower
Shadows awakening
Sins of a solar empire rebellion
Spec ops the line
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition
Stick Fight
Strange brigade 2x
Summer in Mara
Super chicken catchers
Super hexagon
Syberia 3
System Shock Enhanced Edition
System shock 2 2x
Tales of monkey island complete pack
The adventure pals
The darkness 2
The haunted island, a frog detective game
The Long Dark: Survival Edition
The tear
Think of the children
This war of mine
Throne of lies
Tilt brush
Tower of guns
Tropico 4
Uncertain last quiet day
Valkyria chronicles 4 complete edition
Vikings wolves of midgard
Warsim realm of aslona
Wasteland 3
Where the water tastes like wine
Worms Rumble
Wrath aeon of ruin
Yakuza 3 remastered
Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Fanatical keys:
Agatha christie abc murders
Alekhine's gun
Ancestors legacy
Anomaly warzone earth
Beholder 2
Bientot Iete
Big dipper
Book of demons
Call of juarez gunslinger
Castaway paradise
Codex of victory
Deep sky derelicts
Dirt rally 2.0
Do not feed the monkeys
Dread x collection
Dungelot shattered lands
Eternity the last unicorn
Fantasy versus
Footlol epic fail league
Four sided fantasy
Garfield kart
Gift of parthax
God's trigger
Going under
Graze counter
Grip combat racing
Guts and glory
Heavy burger
Heroes of normandie
Hitman go definitive edition
Hyperdrive massacre
Iris and the giant
Kingdom Two Crowns
Kingdom wars 2 definitive edition
Learn japanese to survive hiragana battle, kanji combat, katakana war
Lethal league blaze
Lichdom battlemage
Monster slayers
Mordheim city of the damned
Murder by Numbers
Neverwinter nights enhanced edition
Out of the box
Override mech city brawl
Postal 2
Postal redux
Rain world
Red riding hood star crossed lovers
Redout enhanced edition
Return to mysterious island
Rise of industry
Rise of insanity
Road redemption
Salammbo battle for carthage
Shadows awakening
Shark attack deathmatch 2
Showtime 2073
Sir you are being hunted
Steel Rats
Strange Brigade
Strawberry vinegar
Tales from candlekeep tomb of annihilation
Tenta shooter
Tesla vs lovecraft
The descendant complete season
The graveyard
The light keeps us safe
The signal from tolva
The vagrant
This strange realm of mine
This war of mine
This world unknown
Through the woods
Train valley
Two worlds 2 velvet edition
Two worlds epic edition
Vendetta curse of raven's cry
Vikings wolves of midgard
Walking dead final season
Walking dead: a new frontier
Warhammer 40000 Gladius - Relics of War
White Day - A Labyrinth Named School
World's dawn
Yesterday origins
Yooka laylee and the impossible lair
Steam gifts:
Duck game (3 copies)
Metal gear solid v phantom pain
In Case You Missed It: Gems of 2022:
ZERO Sievert
Supraland: Six Inches Under
Powerslave Exhumed
Haiku the Robot
Submerged: Hidden Depths
Or games I'm interested in! Gimme your lists!
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2023.05.30 09:29 mdorsay 2 hours between feedings

Hi! I have 6 week old twin boys (born at 38 weeks). We are combo feeding them - I will breastfeed one and my husband will bottle feed the other formula. We switch each feeding. To try to keep our babies on same “schedule” (and maintain what’s left of our sanity), when one of them is showing hunger cues, we wake the other to feed as well.
However, they’re wanting to feed every 1.5-2 hours. 95% of the time, it’s the same baby who is the one to wake and want to feed first.
Before the last feed of the day, we usually do a bath and then feed. At that feed, we bottle feed both babies in the hopes that we can track how much they get/it will digest slower. At bedtime, we have blackout curtains and a white noise machine. For that first sleep stretch, we can usually get 4-5 hours (8 pm-ish to 12 or 1 am). After that, the 2 hour madness begins until bedtime the next day.
We can’t seem to stretch any other time between feedings - night or day - to longer than 2 or 2.5 hours if we’re really lucky but that is infrequent. We try to “push it” until the hungry twin is getting quite cranky.
For the bottle fed baby, we offer 3 ounces and will give a 4th if he’s still showing hunger cues. For the breast fed baby, I offer my breast multiple times after they’ve fallen asleep.
We are so tired and a routine of feeding 2 babies, every 2 hours for roughly 18-20 hours of the day is a lot.
Any advice?
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2023.05.30 09:28 SMATCHET999 Finally own all the DLC

I’ve never actually owned all the DLC for Fallout NV, I never have had couriers stash, but I just bought it (for free since xbox rewards allowed me to get a free 3 dollar gift card) I bought it, now I can finally take a sip from my trusty vault 13 canteen. This will also help in my series I am creating on YouTube.
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2023.05.30 09:28 Mr_Mikey_2020 Help rq

Tryna see if someone could b a homie n help me wit some Temu link figured this would b a good gc to hit up for sun help 😭
Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift? https://temu.com/s/RrSFAXjVylz8Z
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2023.05.30 09:28 Prestigious_Ad8928 Help how can i fix this?

Help how can i fix this?
I'm try to run my code but this keeps popping up how

[Error - 3:27:27 PM] Language Support for Java (Syntax Server) client: couldn't create connection to server. Launching server using command c:\Users\!@#@##!!#\.vscode\extensions\redhat.java-1.18.0-win32-x64\jre\17.0.7-win32-x86_64\bin\java failed. Error: spawn c:\Users\!@#@##!!#\.vscode\extensions\redhat.java-1.18.0-win32-x64\jre\17.0.7-win32-x86_64\bin\java ENOENT
how can i fix it?
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2023.05.30 09:27 marvchew Credit card options for 485 visa holders?

I recently applied for an Amex Platinum Edge credit card and was told to call their hotline as they needed more information from me. The agent on the phone informed me that unfortunately the visa I am currently holding (Temporary Graduate visa, subclass 485) is not eligible to apply for this card. However, the terms & conditions for the card states that:
Applicants must be 18 years of age or over to apply for the American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card. They must be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident or hold a long term visa. Long term means 12 months or more and does not include a student visa.
My visa allows me to stay in Australia for a minimum of 4 years starting this year so I'm not sure why I was rejected.
Anyone has been or is in a similar situation as well? I'm trying to apply for my first credit card mainly for points so any advice or card recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 09:26 BryanKerr7 Edinburgh Marathon - first attempt at a marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 3:10 Yes
B Sub 3 Yes


Kilometer Time
1 4:11
2 4:07
3 3:56
4 4:10
5 3:54
6 4:00
7 4:01
8 4:03
9 4:11
10 4:06
11 4:08
12 4:05
13 4:03
14 4:09
15 4:04
16 4:07
17 4:08
18 4:06
19 4:09
20 4:02
21 4:04
22 4:03
23 4:07
24 4:13
25 4:04
26 4:07
27 4:07
28 4:02
29 4:07
30 4:08
31 4:08
32 4:07
33 4:05
34 4:07
35 4:10
36 4:13
37 4:13
38 4:13
39 4:16
40 4:17
41 4:21
42 4:18
43 3.45


First marathon. Began running in lockdown, seen vast improvements in all my distances, managing to get 5k under 19 mins, 10k under 40 mins, and half marathon under 1:40. I joined a running club in Oct 2022 and seen further improvements in all distances, so I set myself a target of completing a half marathon in under 1:30 and a marathon in under 3.30.
My training consisted on speed work on a Monday (track) and Wednesday (usually in a park or quiet area with no traffic).These sessions are provided by the coaches at my running club. Outwith these sessions, I tried to do at least 40km over another 4 runs at an easy pace, keeping heart late below 150bpm. Total monthly kilometres always over 200km. Since the new year I have been trying to hit at least 60km per week.
I booked this marathon last summer and had no idea of a plan or targets. I completed a half marathon in 1.19.59 the end of April this year, and this gave me belief that I would be able to post a good time in this race. I would have been disappointed if I did not manage to complete it in 3.10.
The longest run I completed during my training was an easy run of 33km, about 4 weeks before the race. I was confident I would be able to finish but had no idea how my body would do after that distance at a quicker pace.


I done my last long run (~22km) exactly one week before the race. Easy 10km runs Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday I done 3 x 10km at target marathon pace (4.14/km) with 2 mins rest in between. Another easy run on Thursday and then complete rest Friday & Saturday. On the Wednesday I started upping my carb intake significantly, eating a lot more bread, rice, pancakes, crumpets, scones, tortilla wraps, potatoes and chips. I was feeling rather bloated for these few days so cut back a bit on the Saturday in order to be good for Sunday.
Race day: Got up at 5.30am - big bowl of porridge with a scoop of protein powder, 2 slice of toast & strong coffee. Had a cereal bar and a banana at 8am (2 hours before start). Sipped water through the morning - not too much as was wary of toilet breaks during the race.


Race began at 10am. When I signed up for the race I put in a target time of 3.45 - meaning I started in a pen with runners a lot slower than me. This was not ideal as it was very busy and I was stuck behind big groups of runners a lot for the first 20-30mins. I definitely could have went quicker at the beginning, maybe a blessing in disguise as I was still under target pace and perhaps allowed me to not come out the traps too quickly. I took 2 salt tablets every water station, which was every 30 mins or so. Took 1 gel at 10km, 20km then 32km. Fortunately was able to get through the whole race without stopping for the toilet. I was really comfortable up until the last 10km, I had never ran more than this so had no idea how my body would react. I had plenty of time in the bank so I dialled it back a bit to make sure I could finish without cramping or pulling a muscle.


I am going to take a few days off to let my body recover. I have a few 10k runs booked throughout the summer and hope to achieve some PBs. The time I posted should also qualify me for London next year.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.05.30 09:26 xxcarlosxxx4175 43 Year Old First Time Gamer Journey and TY Son!

I'm 43 years old and 6 Months ago my Son who had just turned 18 and got his first Fulltime Job, bought me an xbox one for my birthday. Not really being a gamer I reluctantly thanked him for what I thought was a bit of an odd present as we are not particularly well off and I'd rather he spend his money on himself rather than me.
So he loads everything up and I see this game fo76 which I install, took probably 2 hrs to install. I sit down to play it and logged a new character in, wandered aimlessly around this Vault thing not really knowing what I'm doing. I then open the door and cannot believe what I'm seeing. I look out across the vast distance in amazement as far as the eye can see at the clouds and what looks like rain in the distance.
Within 30 seconds someone is standing in front of me and I panic first trying to stand as still as possible then running away and standing, not crouching as I've not worked that button out yet inn a bush to hide. It doesnt work so i shoot the hell out of a level 400 player using all 20 of my bullets that I did have. He proceeds to drop me 80 stimpaks and heart emoji me. Which causes me to press every button on my controller desperately to try and find a button to thank this player back. Eventually I worked it out after opening my pipboy about 10 times awkwardly.
I wander down a trail and listen intently to a robot, followed by 2 characters who give me some mission to follow. I stumble around with the pipboy again for a further 5 minutes opening and closing it with regularity pressing wrong buttons.
Kill 2 small robot things with my fists as id used all my bullets up, that was scary i thought, and after figuring out the map make my way to a house and speak to a couple more people who give another mission. Within the first 30 minutes of being outside I've wandered aimlessly to various locations on the map which randomly leads to about 10 mission paths opening up and panic sets in as I don't know where to go next.
I wander into flatwoods and almost die to 3 mongrels and think maybe I'm not good enough to play this game. Suddenly I hit a wall after doing perhaps a couple of simple local mission objectives I recheck the map and look on in horror the next 5 or 6 missions seem all the way across the map or so i thought, one is the overseers house and another is a vault way up North which is something to do with "What does the key do".
Anyway after probably 2 hrs I realise I've hardly gone anywhere, have no camp which I now understand is something you should get near the beginning, BTW didn't have a camp at least with anything in it for about 2 or 3 Months.
I get to a place with loads of junk and immediately start taking everything. Not sure what any of it is used for but hell it must be there for a reason so I'm hoarding like never before. Within about 2 minutes I see top left of the screen the word OverEncombered and just ignore it. This is followed by terror as I get hit from behind by a ghoul which I manage to kill after spamming buttons on the controller. Omg then another and another so I decide to get the hell out of there and proceed to run about 30 steps when I suddenly start basically crawling as I've run out of stamina and can do nothing but watch myself die.
I don't realise that the skull means you can pick up your loot so proceed just to ignore it and lose the lot.
Anyways that was the start of my journey and 6 Months on I've got a little better although by all means no expert and am level 315 and hooked. I've had so many adventures and WTH moments I can't count.
I'll never forget my start of gaming and this game will always have a special place and just want to thank my Son for buying me the Xbox in the first place as id never have found this remarkable place.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.30 09:25 viperosis I'll put one more post up because I'm bored and I like friends.

Hello I'm a dood who likes sayin weird stuff, setting things on fire, and honestly connecting and a strangely deep level. I'm 20. And I'll talk to anyone who's 18 and up. I'm not here to date. But I'm down to be pals with just about anyone. Dm me if ya wanna be pals.
Oh and I previously left a friends group that had no progression in their lives and blamed the world for their problems. Let's not do that eh?
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2023.05.30 09:25 Dead_Game14 LO Help - Stable LO nothing gamebreaking but a few minor glitches I’m hoping someone might be able to help with

LO Help - Stable LO nothing gamebreaking but a few minor glitches I’m hoping someone might be able to help with
Got around 8 hours on this LO with zero crashes but a few non-gamebreaking glitches I think mostly having to do with Northern Roads and a small one having to do with CC Survival mode.
I also can’t tell if the Animation Mod I downloaded is actually doing anything. Here’s a link to a short gameplay vid: https://imgur.com/a/tM5ekJ0
It’s probably just something dumb I did when making it. I’m hoping someone can spot the mistake or let me know what patch or mod I’m missing. Gonna add a few pics. Thank you all in advance!
Also, if anyone has any criticism of the LO I am all ears!
My LO- 1. Paraphernalia-Anti-Flicker 2. USSEP 3. Cheat Room 4. Display Enhancements 5. DMH Busty Skeevers 6. GET Immersive Cheats (Expanded) 7. Nordic UI 8. JaySerpa’s Quest Expansions 9. Einar Outfit-FemaleMale 10. Bretonic Leather Armor 11. The Lily (Armor for Women) 12. Quest & Treasure RewardsFortuitous 13. Imperious- Races of Skyrim 14. Andromeda-Unique Standing Stones 15. Character Creation Overhaul by Syclonix 16. Vokriinator Bundle with Odin Magic 17. Elden Scrolls Loot and EZ 18. Mythical Ages 19. Skyrim Is Windy 20. Realistic Clouds 21. Natural Clouds 22. Veydosebrom Regions 23. Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods 24. Jarls Complete Character Overhaul 25. Better males 26. CBBE 27. PB’s Crystal Clear Musclemaps 28. XP32MSSE Plus 29. Realistic Death Physics 30. Visible Favorited Gear 31. Movement and Behaviors Enhanced 2.0 32. Verolevi Animations AIO 33. 360 Walk and Run stand-alone 34. Divergence-Vanilla AIO 35. Divergence-Alternative Armors 36. Sons of Skyrim (SOT-SOB)1k 37. Super SMIM’d 1k512 38. Northern Farmhouses 39. 3D Log Farmhouse Fences 40. Realistic 3D Plants Overhaul 41. Nordic Snow 42. Better Dynamic Snow 43. Northern Shores SE (1k) 44. Just Blood- Dirt and Blood Lite 45. Wolves of Skyrim 46. Immersive Citizens-AI Overhaul 47. Immersive Follower Framework and Overhaul 48. Run for your Lives 49. Realistic Conversations 50. Immersive Speech Dialogues 51. Radiance 52. Extended Encounters 53. Tragedians Fabulous Followers 54. JK’s Interiors AIO 55. Improved Shadows and Volumetric Lighting 56. Northern Roads 1k 57. Carriage Stops of Skyrim XB1 58. Carriage Stops of Skyrim - Survival Mode 59. JK’s Whiterun Outskirts 60. JK’s Windhelm Outskirts 61. JK’s Skyrim All in One 62. The Great Cities, Towns, and Villages Bundle 63. Ryn’s Farms AIO 64. Royal Armory 65. Archery Skill Set 66. VioLens 67. Lawless:Lite 68. Remiel-Custom Voiced Dwemer Specialist 69. Lucien-Fully Voiced Follower 70. A Dishonest Days Work 71. Sky land AIO 72. DAWN Waters w/ Natural Waterfalls 73. Happy Little Aspens Ablaze 74. Mobius_Belmonts Dense Nordic Forests 75. Blubbos Trees in Whiterun 76. Racial Body Morphs Redux SSE AE for Imperious 77. Alternate Start- Live another Live 78. New Beginnings - Alternate Start Add-on 79. Rich Merchants of Skyrim 80. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul 81. JaySerpas Quest Expansions - USSEP patch 82. Northern Roads- Unofficial Update 83. Survival Mode USSEP Patch 84. JK’s Interiors AIO Immersive Citizens Patch 85. JK’s Skyrim & CC fishing patch 86. JK’s Windhelm Outskirts & USSEP Patch 87. JK’s Windhelm Outskirts & Immersive Citizens Patch 88. JK’s Windhelm Outskirts & Ryn’s Farms AIO Patch 89. JK’s Whiterun Outskirts & USSEP Patch 90. JK’s Whiterun Outskirts & CC Fishing Patch 91. Northern Roads & JK’s Whiterun Outskirts Patch 92. JK’s Whiterun Outskirts & Immersive Citizens Patch 93. Northern Roads & Ryn’s Farms Patch 94. Northern Roads & Immersive Citizens Patch 95. Northern Roads & CC Fishing Patch 96. Northern Farmhouses Patched 97. Northern Roads & Alternate Start Patch 98. JK’s Interiors AIO Fishing Patch 99. Northern Roads & JK’s Windhelm Outskirts Patch 100. Northern Roads & CC Saints & Seducers Patch 101. The Great Cities, Towns, and Villages Bundle & JK’s Skyrim AIO Patch 102. RDO- USSEP Patch 103. Immersive Follower Overhaul RDO Patch 104. Northern Roads & JK’s Windhelm Outskirts + Ryn’s Farms AIO Consistency Patch 105. Insignificant Object Remover 106. Northern Roads & JK’s Skyrim AIO Patch 107. JK’s Skyrim & Immersive Citizen Patch
submitted by Dead_Game14 to SkyrimModsXbox [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 09:25 10throwawayantsy Which of these were SA? (TW)?

Idk how I feel about anything anymore. I'm kind of numb and detached. I do dissociate a lot and prob drink too much. I had issues with cocaine, over-used psychedelics which kind of fried my brain, and had a horrible sex life. But honestly now I'd consider myself very successful financially/academically. Anyone that has ever harmed me is kind of a loser now. So i dont know. i dont know what to think or feel.
Situation 1) My cousin was my age and forcibly fingered me. I was 10. We did other shit and i guess i 'agreed' but I did not enjoy myself. My cousin regularly told me how secretive everything was and encouraged me to make videos. When I confronted my cousin about it later they said I was remembering everything completely wrong and that I was a fcking liar. This whole situation grossed me out to the point where I wish I would disappear when I think about my participation
Situation 2) I was 14 and this guy made me put my hand in his pants when I was kissing him. He's kind of a loser now with a mullet and i dont really think about this much at all
Situation 3) I was 15 and an 18 yr old online wanted to take me on a 'date.' When i gets there he pushes me into a car and starts kissing me. I gave him head but then he wont let me leave and keeps making me continue when im trying to leave. He'd ask if im ok but would twist my arm when i tried to go. i told him i wanted to leave repeatedly. After i left he blocked me on social media and moved to another state. I reported this to the police and they said it was a "mildly serious" case. After this event I tried to k word myself, then got into a decent relationship I completely ruined, and developed a brief stint dependency on cocaine at 16.
4) FWB would randomly take the condom off in the dark without notice. Or he would put it in my ass when i was too high to really respond, but eventually took it out when i told him to.
  1. Dude I was hooking up with regularly called me stupid. He held my legs down and made me have sex without a condom. Then he cuddled with me after. He told me he [email protected] me and smiled. the next few days he was really paranoid i would go to the police. he got more sexually vanilla and i got mad at him about this and insulted his manhood. I was a mess idk.
  2. Dude took off condom intentionally and finished in me without warning, then stalked me for a bit because we 'connected' so much.
  3. i went to guy's house and he was much uglier in person. I told him previously about bad sexual experiences in a vague way. He's insistent about making out with me immediately and making me get on my knees to blow him. He returns the favor and it wasn't unenjoyable but he grossed me out in general. Guy becomes obsessed with me and also wouldnt leave me alone. i dont think about this a lot but i think its gross
8.I kept getting groped at a party and i was embarrassed so I went home with him and just had sex with him. At the time, this was a logical thing to do
9.I told a guy to stop during sex. He said he just needs "a bit more" but i punch him in the throat instead.
  1. im rly high and dont know who i am. i have unprotected creampie sex with a guy while im at least partially passed out. but he did check in with me a lot. we begin dating. He gets obsessive and jealous. He would threaten to hit/rape me if she didn't have sex with him (in a calm voice). He'd also tell me how worthless i was when we cuddled together. But sometimes he'd also be caring and understanding if i didnt want sex. He got very mad at me (we both cheated on each other) and inflicted pain leading to me crying and getting a migraine, then left and cut off contact with me. Though ,he did try to reconnect many times. in the months after this I thought everything I said was so stupid and wrong I barely spoke
11.Guy puts in it when i kept telling him not to without a condom. i got chlamydia.
Other Maybe Concerns
-at 15 i made out with college aged men
-at 15 yr i kept getting felt up by grown men on acid at concerts repeatedly
- at 17 2 hs boys surrounded me and begged me to kiss them and touch them. it was night so there was no one else on the beach
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