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2023.06.05 18:27 Mun_Senpai Leaseholders sent bill to old address. Now sent to solicitors and they're trying to charge more despite not receiving it

I was previously renting a property before the purchase on my lease.
In the lease document, the address under my name was of the rented property which of course was right at the time. Though I had no contact with them so I'm not sure where this came from.
Since moving, the lease company had sent the service charge bill to my older address. I of course hadn't received this and now that I've picked up my old letters I've seen that they've referred it to a solicitor and are trying to charge me a penalty for not paying.
They're not backing down and are trying to argue that they've done nothing wrong as the address on the lease was of the old property but if seems like a super illogical argument to me.
It's worth noting also that this was meant to be paid annually so it's not something we proactively chased having not record it at our new property.
Any help?
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2023.06.05 18:27 obsidiancat29 I finally understand how my fawn response poisoned my relationship and now I have urges to "come clean"

I've basically been dissecting my entire life over the past few years to figure out how the hell I ended up here. Every year, every decision, every relationship etc. One of the big realizations is about why my relationships haven't worked out, with one in particular standing out. We'll call her J.
When J and I met it was magical. It was probably a bit of limerence, but also a lot of rare genuine chemistry. We were both smart and funny people that came from broken homes and if you know what that's like, there's a level of connection there that's only possible when both of you "get it". I haven't met anyone else like her and I doubt I ever will.
Without going into too much detail, we had a very messy relationship. We met a few months before I was leaving the province for a year and there was a ton of turbulence over the next few years. I think I broke up and we got back together 5 times. But each time was a serious breakup, like we didn't plan to get back together. I can take responsibility for my impulsive decisions and running away when things got tough, but the truth is that it was the fault of both of our traumas. But she was always willing to remain in the relationship where I was often the one to get fed up and lose my feelings. At the time, I didn't know any better and just figured I was broken since I would have such strong feelings for this person that would slowly erode over time. But now I understand what was happening.
Anytime I'd try and express my feelings about something, whether I was upset or hurt or angry, she would always make it about her (probably unknowingly). She would take it as a criticism, and would make it my fault for making her feel bad. These big emotional reactions to me sharing my thoughts or feelings were super uncomfortable for me. It was exactly what I went through with my narc mom. She always held the emotional microphone and it was up to us kids to manage her emotional state. So with J, as time went on I would just bottle these feelings up or pretend to agree with her, or even sometimes legitimately agree after being gaslit for so long. Basically I would just fawn to restore peace in the relationship and calm her down. From her perspective, she had gotten her emotional release and everything was fine, but I was stewing on the inside and slowly growing to resent her. I wasn't completely aware of this, as I would forget about the specific instances. But that feeling of being invalidated or minimized or punished for expressing my feelings is a huge trigger for me because I was invalidated constantly for the first two decades of my life. That would just slowly fester until I lost all attraction and desire to be in the relationship. Add in a few trust issues, like her constantly being suspect of me and requiring me to prove my feelings, and my side of the relationship would slowly die.
The problem is that by the time it would get too much and I'd end things, all the little "cuts" would be a distant memory and so I wouldn't really have any justification. I'd just say that I didn't feel how I should. I'd tell her that I love her, I'm just not in love with her. Which was true, I always cared so much about her and hated that I was ending things, but I couldn't ignore the resentment that had built up inside of me. I never told her about this resentment, because I didn't want to hurt her more than the breakup was already going to. But by not telling her the truth, she had no reason to reflect on our relationship or work on anything in our time apart. So I'd fix some of my issues during my time apart and get back together hoping this next time would work, but she still had the same issues because I never told her what they were or why we were breaking up.
All these years later and I finally understand. I wish I could go back and speak up for myself more. Tell her that my feelings were legitimate and that she can't make it about her everytime. Tell her that she needs to listen to me when I share my thoughts instead of debating my experience and putting the blame on me each time. I wish I could have told her the truth about why we broke up all those times. Because as far as she's concerned, she was always willing to keep trying and it was me who gave up on us. It was me who didn't want to be with her, and it was me who was broken and had all the problems. So all this time while there was something she could have legitimately worked on/fixed, I just treated it like there was nothing that could be done, took the blame and broken heart, and went on my way. Now it feels like I lied to her. Fawning is basically just "well-intentioned" manipulation, and it feels like I manipulated her for years by not sharing my true feelings.
I'm just so upset about it all. Angry at my mom for conditioning me to always put others' feelings above my own. Angry at my parents for punishing me for speaking up. Upset at myself for being so unaware of what was going on inside of me. Frustrated that I used up all my chances with this person before I even knew what the real problem was.
The worst part is that I still have to see J. I see her on dating apps, and we pass each other on the paths in our city sometimes. And it kills me that we have two totally different views of how things went. From her perspective, I'm someone who hurt her many times and never really gave a reason why. I can't imagine what it would be like to be rejected by someone 5 times, despite loving them and wanting to make a relationship work. From my perspective, I loved this person so much but was always in the dark as to why I would lose feelings and she wouldn't. Why she thought things were okay and why would end up stewing in resentment.
It feels like such a perversion of reality that I'm stuck with. Now that I understand it, I want so bad to correct the record. To explain what was actually going on. Because I know her perspective isn't right, I'm not just some broken guy who can't get it right. But she has no reason to question her perspective, as I played into it and fawned every time. So I'm left with this burning distortion and she is none the wiser. I'd like to think that clearing it up would help her too, because I know our relationship really messed her up and maybe the clarity would help her heal. But obviously this is just speculation, my desire to correct the record is mostly based on my frustration with the whole thing. But I know she is never going to reach out because again, as far as she's concerned, she did everything she could and this was all on me (because I told her that/agreed with her).
Is it crazy to think about hashing things out 5 years after this started (2 years since we were last involved)? I'm kind of at the point now where I either have to leave it forever or say something now, because I need to move forward with my life either way. It just feels wrong to leave it as is. Feels like I really manipulated a situation and now I'm just leaving it twisted. But it's always been hard for me to leave things be, I keep thinking I can make it better "if I could just explain." My feelings on this are probably also influenced by the fact that my life has gone completely downhill over the last 3 years and I'm stuck ruminating on all the mistakes I've made.
Thoughts? Advice?
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2023.06.05 18:27 CWHzz Can I pour beer anywhere one night a week?

Just wanted to take the temperature on idea I had:
I WFH, have zero bartending experience, but I am sick of being at home and want to be in more social environments. Are there any breweries or bars around Oakland that would hire me for one or two nights a week for like half shifts (~6-10pm)?
I do have customer service / fast food experience, but not direct bartending experience. I am also not picky about doing other things obviously like cleaning, taking out trash etc, (it is still a job), but still want the primary job to be serving customers. Would like about $15/hr but flexible.
Crazy idea? If not, anyone have any leads? Thanks.
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2023.06.05 18:26 Jeremy43b The Total Teamwork cluster is looking for new members!

Hey everyone!
Are you looking for a new clan with active members? A clan which can provide you with all the help you need in all parts of the game? Then Total Teamwork is the clan cluster for you! We have an EPIC and fun Discord server (participation is required). We are searching for people who want to develop their skills in the game and grow to become a better player, but for Raid veterans too. We have 17 clans, and all levels of CB and CvC are covered in our cluster!
Rules: * Join Discord and participate * Attack Clan Boss * Have fun! * Team PoweLevel is not important
List of clans and requirement per clan:
Clan name Clan Tag CB Targets CvC Requirement
TTW Avengers TTWV UNM/NM/Brutal 125k/80k Pno PR
TTW Origins TTW1 UNM/NM none
TTW Echelon TTW2 UNM/NM none
TTW Dreamers TTW3 NM none
TTW Guardians TTW4 UNM/UM/Brutal none
TTW Suicide Squad TTW5 UNM/NM/Brutal none
TTW Slayers TTW6 NM none
TTW Stay Casual TTW7 none none
TTW Punishers TTW9 Brutal none
TTW International TTWi Hard none
TTW Frontier TWGF UNM/NM/Brutal 75k/50k Pno PR
TTW New Horizons TTWH UNM/NM 50k/30k Pno PR
TTW School TTW0 Easy/Normal none
TTW Potatoes TTTW Brutal/NM (UNM) none
TTW Coconut TWC0 Easy/Normal none
TTW Dlashmok TTWD Hard/Brutal none
TTW Warriors CKTW UNM/NM/Brutal 100k/75 PNo PR
There are a lot of great people in our Discord. People are always online and willing to help, no matter the experience level! We are currently looking for some NM / UNM hitters, as well as for new players for our beginners clans.
Here is the link to your new home:
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2023.06.05 18:26 julyfireflies 6 weeks of antibiotics

I have a bad infection and they’re putting a PICC line in my arm so I can continue doing IV antibiotics at home. They said it will likely be 5-6 weeks of antibiotics. I’m really nervous! Have any of you guys had to do something like this? Did you have any side effects? I’ve been in the hospital on IV antibiotics for a few days and it’s okay so far, but I don’t know what it will be like after 6 weeks. I’m scared!!
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2023.06.05 18:26 xtremexavier15 BIG NEWS!!!

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2023.06.05 18:26 ScreenBackground9943 Looking for a house/room to rent

28 y/o f, i have two standard poodles. i’d prefer to rent a house (at least 2 bed/1 bath) or a room in a dog friendly house/apartment. im a grooming salon manager for a petsmart, i work 40 hrs a week and am clean and respectful. i can help maintain a property and if you need any animal care im your girl! i sold my home to move and have been trouble finding a place to go. happy to provide references! budget no more than 1400. thank you!!
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2023.06.05 18:26 pepper_reloaded Surprise! *Bats*

Our first summer in our new century home has arrived, and with that some super cool and not-scary-at-all problems as well!
After returning from a very nice relaxing vacation, I was sent screaming into our bedroom after finding a newly discovered fear of mine: a bat...just hanging out (very much asleep) on our picture railings in our upstairs hallway.
After much yelling and a safe removal, we convinced ourself it was just a one-off experience.
But a few days later, we were watching TV after calming ourselves down as much as we could, and surprise! Another bat appeared in our living room out of no where and sent us screaming (yet again) under our blankets.
After having a bat guy come take a look, it seems the source of the sudden appearances would be this big gaping hole in our fireplace where a wood-burning stove was installed. While the bats cant get inside the stove itself, they still can come into our chimney and drop down through this hole that was left open for some reason
We are looking for solutions - most of which seem to be temporary fire hazards that would need to be removed in the winter (according to the bat guy), or a new gas/electric insert that'll cost us 6-8k in addition to the bat proofing we'll need to do to our roof (another 3.5k). We are going to get a second opinion from an actual fireplace person. But what fun these old houses bring!
- starts crying -
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2023.06.05 18:25 BrickNo9027 I'm worried for my brother safety

(M 17) Two days ago i went to a house party with my older brother and his friends. When the time to leave came a neighbour nocked on the door, we opened it and there was this big guy shouting at us saying that we're being too noisy. We explained to him that we were about to leave anyways and we wont be causing anymore trouble. He was drunk and it was hard trying to reason with him, so in an atempt to provoke us he pushed one of my brothers friends, we were still trying to calm him down but he wouldnt listen and he eventually punched my brother in the face. I was pissed as i knew that my brother is a very peaceful person and he would never start shit with anyone. After the moment i saw my brother fall to the ground i started swinging at the guy. Im a person of small stature but ive done combat sports for a decent chunk of my life so i was able to fend him off. When he tried to run i stopped hitting him and let him go back to his flat. We called the cops afterwards but they wouldnt listen to what we had to say and they didnt do anything about the whole sitution despite my brother ending up with a busted face. One of the officers told us to leave the party or he'll take us all into custody because we were the ones causing all the ruckus. We decided to just go as we didnt want the sitution to escalate even further.
The next day my brother and 2 of his friends decided to retrieve their stuff that they left at the party, but they encountered the neighbour on the staircase along with some of his buddies. My brother and his friends were dragged into his flat by force where they were being threatend and beaten, they told my brother to give them my home address as they were looking for me. Luckily my brother and his friends were albe to escape. I considered to go to the police but im worried that they wouldnt listen to what we had to say and they didnt do anything about the whole sitution despite my brother ending up with a busted face. One of the officers told us to leave the party or he'll take us all into custody because we were the ones causing all the ruckus. We decided to just go as we didnt want the sitution to escalate even further.
The next day my brother and 2 of his friends decided to retrieve their stuff that they left at the party, but they encountered the neighbour on the staircase along with some of his buddies. My brother and his friends were dragged into his flat by force where they were being threatend and beaten, they told my brother to give them my home address as they were looking for me. Luckily my brother and his friends were albe to escape. I considered to go to the police but im worried that they wont take it seriously like they did last time and it would just worsen the sitution because in case they learn that i sniched they would go after my brother. I am scared i might get jumped but that's not the main thing that worries me, i just dont want my brother to get hurt for doing aboslutely nothing wrong.
Have you every been in a sitution like that? Do you have any advice? Please let me know.
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2023.06.05 18:25 Right-Fudge113 Hey Dad, I need to vent but I would like some advice.

I’ve been dating this woman for the past 3.7 years and I absolutely love her to death. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman; she’s funny, smart, nurturing, supportive, able to hold intelligent conversations and she’s crazy gorgeous.
During 2020, she was forced to move back home for a good 6 months due to her college and COVID and even during these 6 months of long distance, I was able to remain faithful and I talked to her everyday as if she were still right beside me. You weren’t really there for my early 20s, dad, but me and loyalty or commitment were extreme opposites. I took sewing your wild oats to a whole other level, but with this woman, I didn’t want anyone else, I still don’t want anyone else.
She moved across the country last year in December, ironically to a space that I’ve always wanted to live in so I decided that I would make my way out there with her. I’ve been trying so hard to make my way out there but it’s been 6 months and I haven’t made it yet. She called me the other day and said that she prayed to God that if within these six months, no motion was made yet, we should break up so we did and my heart hurts so much; I’ve been crying nonstop, even as I’m typing this, but it’s not because I feel like I’ve lost her, not because I think she’ll go off and find another man to love but because I wasn’t able to make it there in time.
I feel so useless, so unworthy, so undeserving of this genuine love and I keep trying to tell myself, ‘keep your head up and stay positive; if this is what you desire, if this is true love that you want to keep for the rest of your life, you will make it happen’. I know in my soul and my heart that she loves me and all my imperfections just as I love her and all of hers. I just wish this were easier; I wish I could just be with her and have all the money in the world to experience the world with her by my side; I wish I didn’t have to wait, I’m so fucking tired of waiting, Dad. All my life I’ve been patient, working and working in hopes that my efforts will eventually pay off. I just want to be happy, truly, intrinsically happy but that feeling just feels so far away and I don’t know what to do anymore. Thank you for listening, Dad. I really appreciate you allowing me to get this off my chest. I love you.
Edit: typos and grammar
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2023.06.05 18:25 applepineapple1 Would should one do? apply for a job that’s closer to home but payed less? Or take the job that’s a little further out that payed more?

I currently work in a production facility. I was refreshed to by my older brother. It’s 22 miles and 33 min drive. it pays $18.25 an hour. the high paying job is 3-4 days 12 hour shifts. But the workload is slow and demeaning. If you worked at the retail closer to home that was 0.5 miles, a 12 minute walk, and a 2 minute drive. But it’s in retail and it pays less. Around $13 an hour. (22f single, no kids, Midwest)
Edit: you currently work at the job that pays more. But it doesn’t feel fulfilling or helpful to society Edit edit: wanting to save up for driving lessons and a car
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2023.06.05 18:25 Zenblendman Fur babies need Fu-ever homes

Fur babies need Fu-ever homes
2 fuzzy little boys and 2 adorable girls are ready for their forever homes. Located in Harker Heights, I only ask for a small $20 donation fee(or anything you can spare really). 1 b/w boy 1 o/w boy 1 b/w girl 1 Orange girl👀
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2023.06.05 18:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K (

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2023.06.05 18:25 Capncasscass WIBTAH for not inviting my in-laws to our vow renewal?

Hi new to Reddit so sorry if this is long, Some background: - my husband and I got married in 2021 before he left for a year long deployment (we had already been talking about it and been together since 2015) - we did a church wedding to make the families happy. His mom’s side is Irish catholic and stepdad’s is Italian. My mom is the only one really religious on my side but was happy we did the church. - I’m an only child with family spread out across the us and no grandparents anymore. My husband is the oldest of 3 and has dad, mom, stepdad, and all grandparents who are close by and involved/ close-nit ( though my husband feels like the black sheep at times). I do like having family nearby but they can be judgmental/ gossipy if you go against the grain, even petty at times. My dilemma- I want to have a vow renewal either for our 3 year anniversary (so he’s home for a year at least) or 5 year anniversary (more of a milestone) but want to have pagan rituals like hand-fasting etc. Any time my husband has brought up that he has converted his family denies/ brushes it off saying “there’s only one true god” and so on. My mom likes the idea of a vow renewal and is ok with whatever makes us happy. So do I invite my in-laws and risk backlash? Or WIBTAH if we just have our handful of friends? (My husband says he doesn’t care as long as I’m there but I tend to over think things)
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2023.06.05 18:25 SocietyOld6365 Any insight

I’m 30 my bf is 22 I have a job in education and have my own apartment/car etc. my bf lives with his stepdad and works retail at a makeup store. I moved to the city we live in to be closer to my family for a year or two but they have since moved away and I’m ready to go back to my home city. When we first met he claimed he was in school as a marketing major but then I found out a few months in that was not true as he had dropped out of community college. Then he started community college again and claimed he passed all his classes with a’s and b’s then I found out he had failed his math class and was no longer eligible for financial aid thus is only taking a single class. I am getting tired of waiting for him to “grow up” or get his shit together. I feel guilty ofc bc he is loyal and very cute/nice and I don’t want to throw that away. However he doesn’t always tell the truth and I feel very held back etc. additionally I was tired of hookups and I have been happier in general not having to put myself out there in the mix but there is ofc temptation bc I am losing my affection/love for him after two years of waiting for him to finish school when he is not making any real efforts as I can tell/he doesn’t have a place of his own.
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2023.06.05 18:25 parquais nobody ever said it was supposed to be fair, but...

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2023.06.05 18:24 Gravitom Basic external network monitoring

Basically I'm looking for some service (paid or free) that will externally monitor my connection and shoot me an alert if there is an ISP outage, packet loss or high latency on my home internet.
I have a UniFi Dream machine and it does send alerts out but the thresholds seems too high and I often will discover network issues when I go to join an important Teams call. I'd like to know about them much earlier so I can troubleshoot.
If there is no hosted service I supposed I could run something myself in Azure or AWS assuming it uses very little resources and not cost very much.
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2023.06.05 18:24 gorillazfan3 Strange 3AM Google Home experience

My mother has back problems due to her cancer so she sleeps on the reclining couch every night, and this morning at around 3AM she was woken up to our Google Home talking in the kitchen. She said the speaker said “I don’t know what you mean by that. Would you like me to look up the meaning of ‘destiny’?” She was so creeped out by it she got up, unplugged it and stayed up the rest of the night. She says the TV wasn’t on (the speaker is in the other room anyway, and has had candle wax spilled on it so you have to get really close or speak loudly for it to hear you) and we are the only 2 in the house which is why it’s just so bizarre to us .We’ve had the google home for years, rarely ever use it and have never experienced something like this. What makes it a bit more eerie is that it also happens to be my deceased grandpas birthday today. I was thinking maybe there’s a way I could check my google homes history to confirm this or even potentially find a recording of it or other weird search results, but I’m unsure because it’s been unplugged. If so, help with how to do that is appreciated. Just thought I’d share this strange experience, even if it could be some type of glitch.
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2023.06.05 18:24 TiffanyThePlant 43yo with all sorts of issues. Is it that "season" of life?

Noting that this is *not* medical advice (I see my OB/GYN next week) - but looking for any experience/advice as I enter this new shitty "season" of womanhood...
I'm about to turn 43, and haven't had a period in 6+ years since I had a kid and then got a Mirena IUD. So how do I know if I'm perimenopausal? Are there tests or other things to rule out? Or maybe I just have mood issues and need to get back on an SSRI - it kills my libido :(
What I DO have now is:
- unexplained high blood pressure going on a couple of months (like 160/110 even at home) I discontinued duloxetine (cymbalta) thinking that might be the culprit, but no change.
- stead-ish weight gain/plateau despite regular exercise (walking and Peloton)
- occasional migraines (never had these my whole life)
- mood swings and IRRITABILITY like 24/7 (especially bad since stopping duloxetine)
- night sweats (1-2 times a week, ew)
- shitty sleep, low energy, no stamina, feel super easily tearful
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2023.06.05 18:24 Iforinvestigator8 What do I do if I suspect a will has been stolen?

For context, my stepfather just passed away. Not minutes after he died, my stepbrother ransacked his truck and his room, taking tons of stuff and leaving paperwork scattered all over the place. Since then, we've tried to find his will, and we can't. We know that the military has a copy of it since he served for 27 years, but we don't know who to call and the funeral home is treating it as if there's no will at all. However, my stepbrother is trying really hard to take everything we have; our house, my stepfathers belongings, any say over the funeral at all.. and were running out of time. I suspect that my stepbrother stole the will, but I don't really have any proof to back it up. And we know the military has a copy, but we have no idea who to call. Could anyone help us, please?
Edit: For location, I live in New Brunswick, Canada.
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2023.06.05 18:24 Tahiti_Traveller My brother gets my mothers house in her will, how would this make you feel?

I (39F) have known for a while that my brother (41M) will be getting my mothers house when she passes away. She told me in person that she will have to give the house to him and will have to come up with something for me. I just want to make it clear that I am not waiting for my mother to pass away to get anything of hers but I am deeply hurt after my mother told me she will be giving the house to my brother. My brother has been babied his whole life, my mother did not raise him properly and my dad was never around as my parents got a divorce when we were very young. My brother lives at home with our mother and stocks grocery shelves at night and then comes home and plays video games for hours. This is his life 24/7. (He does have a degree in school with something to do with computers but does not want to use it). He doesn't help her with the yard or help clean the house and every time I ask her why he doesn't help she always has the same excuse that he needs to sleep because he has to work the night shift, but every time I stop by he isn't sleeping, he is playing video games. Hell, he doesn't even wear deodorant and the whole house stinks of his body odor. I however, live on my own. I have my own house and a stable job and maybe my mother feels that since I have my own place that she has to give my brother her house because he wont have anywhere to go when she is no longer here, but he is 41, he is not disabled, he has 60K in the bank and can go put a down deposit on a new place whenever he wants but he is waiting on inheriting hers. This upsets me because I am the one who makes sure to get her a birthday gift, a Mothers day gift, a Christmas gift, even a valentines day gift every year and my brother will NEVER get her anything. He will not even say Happy Mother's Day. I have made multiple attempts to text my brother and ask him to go half with me on a Christmas gift and he never responds. He doesn't even answer my phone calls. One year I had to go get her and bring her to the hospital because my brother wouldn't! I even watch her dogs when she goes on vacation because my brother can't be bothered to watch them and he lives in the house with them. This year he flew down to see our father and told our dad (which then my father relayed back to me) that when he inherits the house is going to sell everything in her house and renovate the house so he can move his friends in. (our mother is 62 for reference).
I am just very hurt about the whole situation and don't know how to process it all. Does anyone have any advice on how I should handle this?
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