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Anyone know what this jackets called?

2023.02.01 06:55 DRoyalz Anyone know what this jackets called?

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2021.06.12 14:11 TrickProfessional675 The Texas Internet Hobbyist Scene

The Texas Internet Hobbyist Scene
Advice given in this post applies to all large cities in Texas. I'm just specifically talking about Dallas Ft. Worth because that's what I'm familiar with.
The Dallas Fort Worth metroplex is an interesting place. I don’t think anyone actually dreams of living here. People just move here and don’t return to where they came from. In this globalized world, the IKEA, 7-11, Wal-Mart and Subway are pretty much the same in Plano as in New York City. You gotta see to believe.
This relatively low cost of living gives the professional upper middle class a lot of discretionary income. A lot of residents spend it on stupid things like parochial school for their kids or leasing Range Rovers. But others choose to spend it on GFE escorts.
If you look at this annotated map I have marked the two most important regions for soliciting sex. For those planning on visiting Dallas, note that Downtown Dallas is NOT highlighted. This is totally the wrong place to stay if you want to see girls! There are of course, escorts everywhere, but the best ones will be along the Dallas North Tollway between Far North Dallas and Frisco. That’s where the professional upper middle class lives.
I also marked 'AMPville' on the map. If you're into Asians, you will want to go here.
There are some very rich people that live in Dallas, but there are hundreds of thousands of men with $1600 or so to spend on ‘fun’ every month and a fat wife that won’t have sex with them any more.
I don’t know if rich men would pay more for an escort, but there aren’t enough of them for all the girls that aspire to this clientele! Overpaying for sex doesn’t seem to be the sort of behavior that leads one to build wealth, in my opinion.
There is a market for business travelers, naive consumers and what not that pay $500-$600/hr (or more) on Tryst and Eros. And then there is a much bigger market for internet hobbyists. Interestingly enough, the same girls are often on Tryst/Eros AND have a review board presence (generally at a higher rate under a different name). So you will get the same girl for less money off review boards!
There are two main review boards for Dallas (and Houston, San Antonio and Austin… outside of these cities is different game entirely). and is somewhat despotically ran by this guy that organized the ‘socials’ for ECCIE a few years ago that goes by the handle ‘ck1942’ on both boards.
Yes, in the ‘before times’ guys would actually get together in real life to socialize with other sex perverts! Honestly, I think modern men are under socialized and this makes as much sense as anything. But I can see how it seems weird.
ECCIE used to be a lot larger and have advertisements and what not. Personally, I prefer ECCIE now because I was banned from ourhome2 over some bullshit!
I, of course, signed up with a new account on OH2 and still browse. Other than provider drama, there is little additional discourse on which is not duplicated on ECCIE. 95% of the time the female accounts on OH2 are ran by “management” so you’re not even really talking to the girls most of the time. And honestly, the girls that post on OH2 all day are not the best providers anyway!
If you do not want to screen, you must verify yourself on OH2 or ECCIE. You can verify yourself on ECCIE by posting reviews and having them approved (recommended because you will get premium access for this) or on OH2 by seeing two providers and having them ‘vouch’ for you.
NOTE: If you are overly critical in reviews you can expect girls not to want to see you. The only reasons you should leave a ’No’ recommendation is outright rip offs like the girl REQUIRING condom for a blowjob. If she doesn’t want to suck strangers cocks she is in the wrong business!
It’s very difficult and takes a long time to get ‘verified’ on OH2, so I wouldn’t bother with it. Especially with the current economic climate and over saturation of the escort market. In general these escorts will see most anyone with money. Some will not see you for whatever reason no matter what your qualifications.
When you’re getting started it will be difficult to get girls to see you. Especially if you’re like me and like young, skinny white girls!
But after a short while, it will be easier and easier to see girls. You can’t take it personally if they don’t want to see you! Just save your money because before long you will have all the affection from young girls you can afford!
The good thing about this system for the clients is that we don’t need to screen! I’m generally OK with light screening, I would NEVER give my driver’s license to some escort (and honestly it’s usually some convicted felon that’s “managing” her)… I don’t really care about my LinkedIn... I don't think of it as private information like my driver's license!
The other good thing is that since clients run the scene in Texas, GFE is standard! Basically all girls do at least LFK, BBBJ and DATY. Some will also let you do SS (stripper slide) which is rubbing their bare pussy on your dick. This is not standard though and something that might be only for regulars! The great thing about getting premium access to ECCIE is that there is a BBFS LIST in the private forums. So if barebacking is your thing, you can find a girl that offers it.
Prices are generally $300-$400 hr for GFE. HOWEVER, because of these high prices compared to 10 years ago, many girls offer half hour sessions like $200-$240 hhour (which was the hourly rate a decade ago). You can also get some good deals on longer appointments!
Generally speaking, the closer you get to $400, the more bodily fluids you will get to transfer! And honestly, for $300 I can get just as much intimacy as I want from a young, skinny girl. What a country!
Rules for being an Internet Hobbyist:
  1. Never screen At least in Dallas there is no danger of law enforcement and client behavior is pretty well moderated by the review boards.
  2. Pay as little as possible Does she offer half hour? An hour can be a waste and she might kick you out early anyway. Women don’t respect simps!
  3. Don’t simp and tell her she deserves more money Go pay $600/hr on Tryst if you like to overpay for sex! The last thing these girls need is to develop Golden Pussy Syndrome.
  4. Don’t tell her she would look better if she gained weight You’re not helping her.
  5. Never pay a deposit Sometimes even ‘honest’ girls will take advantage if they have the opportunity! Don’t give them the chance. Just find a girl that doesn’t require one. Again, when just starting out it’s going to be hard, but eventually this will get really expensive once you have a reputation and can see 4-6 girls a month.
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2021.04.29 20:39 SowingDiscord Texas urban escort pricing data from P411 (reposted from ECCIE)

I'm not sure exactly what ECCIE stands for but the last two letters are Information Exchange. There is a lot of good intel on escorts/sugar babies/strippers/massage girls including some really comprehensive analysis on pricing.
I get a lot of guys that DM me on other forums saying that if they go to ListCrawler, most girls they wouldn't fuck for free. And the ones that look attractive enough are $600/hr. Now advertised prices seem to vary between sites even for the same girl. Preferred411 is a screening platform rather than advertising platform so prices tend to be on the high end. (You want clients to think they're getting a good deal with your special)
Theres no real way to know exactly the standard price for an hour of whatever with an escort is, but you know in this country hospitals don't even list prices.
Prices do seem to be up, but it seems like the hottest, youngest girls that will do anything are charging $360-$400 and pretty high volume. Based on talking to providers and on review boards, the half hour appointment is now standard for high volume providers. MSOG is never guaranteed, so unless you want to go for that it really doesn't make sense to book an hour.
I think $200 hhou$300 hour is pretty standard with lower pricing being readily available. Really well reviewed, young, GFE types are more like $260/$360. Absolute models are going for $300/$500. I think a big part of these price increases is the switch to half hour pricing.
I think this idea of $600 being standard comes from the fact that on a site like Tryst, dudes obviously flock to the one with the best pictures. And these pictures vary rarely reflect the reality of what you'll end up with. I personally don't think it makes sense to pay more than $300 for sex unless you're getting BBFS, anal, etc.
Dallas Fort Worth
Number of ladies: 410
Average: 368.66
Lower 95% Confidence Interval: 355.07
Upper 95% Confidence Interval: 382.25
Minimum: 100
1st Quartile: 300
Median (or 2nd Quartile): 337.50
3rd Quartile: 400
Maximum: 1300
Number of ladies: 285
Average: 359.47
Lower 95% Confidence Interval: 343.27
Upper 95% Confidence Interval: 375.68
Minimum: 150
1st Quartile: 262.50
Median (or 2nd Quartile): 300
3rd Quartile: 400
Maximum: 900
Number of ladies: 115
Average: 392.17
Lower 95% Confidence Interval: 355.63
Upper 95% Confidence Interval: 428.71
Minimum: 75
1st Quartile: 300
Median (or 2nd Quartile): 300
3rd Quartile: 400
Maximum: 1500
San Antonio
Number of ladies: 66
Average: 304.55
Lower 95% Confidence Interval: 280.25
Upper 95% Confidence Interval: 328.24
Minimum: 100
1st Quartile: 250
Median (or 2nd Quartile): 300
3rd Quartile: 312.50
Maximum: 800
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