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2023.06.03 00:41 JBDynamito Rejected, but they want me on the team?

So I've been through this loop enough times where I know anything that isn't an offer letter, to treat as a rejection, and I plan to do just that. I will continue to grind out leetcode and learn some skills to add on my resume, while looking for an opportunity.
I went through the interview loop with a company and did well in all rounds. In house recruiter provides an update that they went with someone else, but they liked me and want me on the team and they have budget for another person. Only problem is that it is later in the year and at a lower level. They plan to open up a position and have me go through the interview loop as a formality. I am just wondering if this is an actual thing that occurs, or if something similar happend to someone else and they actually reached out in the future.
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2023.06.03 00:40 dissapear_completely I just hope we get a sprawling suburbia, we never really got that for 4 or 5.

I would love to see large towns filled with houses and lots of residential areas on the outskirts of Vice City. GTA5s map felt so odd sometimes because the office spaces, the docks, the entertainment industry and the industrial side of the city took up most of Los santos but there was very little houses. They’re would be no way the apartments and the few houses Los Santos has would be enough to house all those workers lol. Not even all the houses in southern San Andreas could house them. I always felt like there was more to Los santos that we couldn’t see if that’s makes sense.
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2023.06.03 00:40 sandy_caprisun Tub backed up while I was not home, unsure how.

I came home one evening to my bathroom super steamy and the tub backed up with dirty water; my roommates shower was backed up as well. I called our apartments preferred plumbing company and they asked which unit I was in (were on the 2nd floor of a 3 story building, and someone lives above me) and told me to tell the person above me to not use their shower as it was likely it had to do with them since we weren’t home when it happened, and the buildings old pipes. I went up and asked her and she told me she was going to shower and whatever happened wasn’t her fault? Either way, the plumber came and ended up pulling a huge hairball out of my drain, which I found odd since I’ve used one of those drain covers to catch hair since I moved in.
Does anyone know how my tub got backed up while my roommate and I were both out of the house? Since the plumber said something about it possible being the upstairs neighbor is it possible for a clog to move that far down the pipes? I am trying to prevent something like this from happening again because we got stuck with a $200 bill.
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2023.06.03 00:40 BeautifulPepper69 I feel hopeless from my comparisons

As the title says I feel hopeless. I can’t stop comparing myself to different things. My parents’ relationship is one, I am 18 and my mum was 19 when she met my dad. Their relationship is how I want mine to be. I want someone but I’m not actively looking, and I feel scared because I find it hard to trust with social media and how the society is. And mum mentioned how I should find myself a boyfriend to get a mortgage on a house with. But some of the boyfriends I’ve had haven’t been too good to me. I don’t know how to leave when things go bad, and it escalates. I feel scared having to find someone new again.
I compare myself to a lot of other girls. I don’t feel like I am feminine enough. I wish my head/face was different. Not a lot, but some tweaks. I literally feel like a lizard and so uncomfy with my hair.
Tbh there’s so much more I could vent about but Reddit mobile typing is weird. And it’ll just be self-pity and that’s not helpful. I just wish I could’ve gotten help sooner so things didn’t have to get this bad, because now it’s really hard to get out of and I feel so much weight in my chest everyday
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2023.06.03 00:40 cosmic_constructs Does anyone have any advice in mediating with a pwBPD (court ordered)?

I'm divorcing my pwBPD. Started in Oct last year. Three kids. The courts require mediation before we can go to trial. This is in 3 weeks. We both have lawyers.
She's 100% obstinate, high conflict, delusional, vindictive, uncompromising, and irrational.
She wants to stay in the house, me to pay the mortgage, me to move out, she also wants to relocate to the other side of the country (not sure how that fits with her house plans). Alternatively she wants me to buy her out of the house and also give her split profits if I sell the house later, and me pay her rent and utilities. She wants full legal custody, full physical custody, alimony (very rare in my state), child support beyond required, half of my future business profits, and all her lawyer fees. Additionally, she falsy accuses me in court off having a drug problem, wants a drug test, accuses me of having an affair, and being an absent father, claims she was the primary caretaker. She waged a massive smear campaign, including influencing the children against me. We're currently in the same house, it's fucking killing me.
Without elaborating on reality, I'll just say that I'm a kick-ass father and the utter and complete bullshit of what she's saying boggles the mind.
I'm expecting a total crash and burn in mediation and am just looking at it as a hurdle to get to court. But I also don't want to be blinded by my disdain and miss an opportunity to make this less painful.
So, has anyone gone through mediation with such a person? Any tips? Pitfalls?
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2023.06.03 00:39 JoshAsdvgi The Hunting of the Great Bear

The Hunting of the Great Bear

The Hunting of the Great Bear

This story has been floating around the Internet identified as a "Cree" or "Cherokee" legend. It's possible the Cree or Cherokee may have a similar legend, but this particular story is definitely an Iroquois legend, as one can tell from the name Nyah-gwaheh, which means "Great Bear" in Cayuga.

There were four hunters who were brothers.
No hunters were as good as they at following a trail.
They never gave up once they began tracking their quarry.
One day, in the moon when the cold nights return, an urgent message came to the village of the four hunters.
A great bear, one so large and powerful that many thought it must be some kind of monster, had appeared.
The people of the village whose hunting grounds the monster had invaded were afraid.
The children no longer went out to play in the woods.
The long houses of the village were guarded each night by men with weapons who stood by the entrances.
Each morning, when the people went outside, they found the huge tracks of the bear in the midst of their village.
They knew that soon it would become even more bold.
Picking up their spears and calling to their small dog, the four hunters set forth for that village, which was not far away.
As they came closer they noticed how quiet the woods were.
There were no signs of rabbits or deer and even the birds were silent.
On a great pine tree they found the scars where the great bear had reared up on hind legs and made deep scratches to mark its territory.
The tallest of the brothers tried to touch the highest of the scratch marks with the tip of his spear.
"It is as the people feared," the first brother said.
"This one we are to hunt is Nyah-gwaheh, a monster bear."
"But what about the magic that the Nyah-gwaheh has?" said the second brother.
The first brother shook his head.
"That magic will do it no good if we find its track."
"That's so," said the third brother.
"I have always heard that from the old people.
Those creatures can only chase a hunter who has not yet found its trail.
When you find the track of the Nyah-gwaheh and begin to chase it, then it must run from you."
"Brothers," said the fourth hunter who was the fattest and laziest, "did we bring along enough food to eat?
It may take a long time to catch this big bear. I'm feeling hungry."
Before long, the four hunters and their small dog reached the village.
It was a sad sight to see.
There was no fire burning in the centre of the village and the doors of all the long houses were closed.
Grim men stood on guard with clubs and spears and there was no game hung from the racks or skins stretched for tanning.
The people looked hungry.
The elder sachem of the village came out and the tallest of the four hunters spoke to him.
"Uncle," the hunter said, "we have come to help you get rid of the monster."
Then the fattest and laziest of the four brothers spoke.
"Uncle," he said, "is there some food we can eat?
Can we find a place to rest before we start chasing this big bear.
I'm tired."
The first hunter shook his head and smiled.
"My brother is only joking, Uncle." he said.
" We are going now to pick up the monster bear's trail."
"I am not sure you can do that, Nephews," the elder sachem said.
"Though we find tracks closer and closer to the doors of our lodges each morning, whenever we try to follow those tracks they disappear."
The second hunter knelt down and patted the head of their small dog.
"Uncle," he said, that is because they do not have a dog such as ours.
" He pointed to the two black circles above the eyes of the small dog.
"Four-Eyes can see any tracks, even those many days old."
"May Creator's protection be with you," said the elder sachem.
"Do not worry. Uncle," said the third hunter.
"Once we are on a trail we never stop following until we've finished our hunt."
"That's why I think we should have something to eat first," said the fourth hunter, but his brothers did not listen.
They nodded to the elder sachem and began to leave.
Sighing, the fattest and laziest of the brothers lifted up his long spear and trudged after them.
They walked, following their little dog.
It kept lifting up its head, as if to look around with its four eyes.
The trail was not easy to find.
"Brothers," the fattest and laziest hunter complained, "don't you think we should rest.
We've been walking a long time."
But his brothers paid no attention to him.
Though they could see no tracks, they could feel the presence of the Nyah-gwaheh.
They knew that if they did not soon find its trail, it would make its way behind them.
Then they would be the hunted ones.
The fattest and laziest brother took out his pemmican pouch.
At least he could eat while they walked along.
He opened the pouch and shook out the food he had prepared so carefully by pounding together strips of meat and berries with maple sugar and then drying them in the sun.
But instead of pemmican, pale squirming things fell out into his hands.
The magic of the Nyah-gwaheh had changed the food into worms.
"Brothers," the fattest and laziest of the hunters shouted,
"let's hurry up and catch that big bear! Look what it did to my pemmican.
Now I'm getting angry."
Meanwhile, like a pale giant shadow, the Nyah-gwaheh was moving through the trees close to the hunters.
Its mouth was open as it watched them and its huge teeth shone, its eyes flashed red.
Soon it would be behind them and on their trail.
Just then, though, the little dog lifted its head and yelped.
"Eh-heh!" the first brother called.
"Four-Eyes has found the trail," shouted the second brother.
"We have the track of the Nyah-gwaheh," said the third brother.
"Big Bear," the fattest and laziest one yelled, "we are after you, now!"
Fear filled the heart of the great bear for the first time and it began to run.
As it broke from the cover of the pines, the four hunters saw it, a gigantic white shape, so pale as to appear almost naked.
With loud hunting cries, they began to run after it.
The great bear's strides were long and it ran more swiftly than a deer.
The four hunters and their little dog were swift also though and they did not fall behind.
The trail led through the swamps and the thickets.
It was easy to read, for the bear pushed everything aside as it ran, even knocking down big trees.
On and on they ran, over hills and through valleys.
They came to the slope of a mountain and followed the trail higher and higher, every now and then catching a glimpse of their quarry over the next rise.
Now though the lazy hunter was getting tired of running.
He pretended to fall and twist his ankle.
"Brothers," he called, "I have sprained my ankle.
You must carry me."
So his three brothers did as he asked, two of them carrying him by turns while the third hunter carried his spear.
They ran more slowly now because of their heavy load, but they were not falling any further behind.
The day had turned now into night, yet they could still see the white shape of the great bear ahead of them.
They were at the top of the mountain now and the ground beneath them was very dark as they ran across it.
The bear was tiring, but so were they.
It was not easy to carry their fat and lazy brother.
The little dog, Four-Eyes, was close behind the great bear, nipping at its tail as it ran.
"Brothers," said the fattest and laziest one.
"put me down now. I think my leg has gotten better."
The brothers did as he asked.
Fresh and rested, the fattest and laziest one grabbed his spear and dashed ahead of the others.
Just as the great bear turned to bite at the little dog, the fattest and laziest hunter levelled his spear and thrust it into the heart of the Nyah-Gwaheh.
The monster bear fell dead.
By the time the other brothers caught up, the fattest and laziest hunter had already built a fire and was cutting up the big bear.
"Come on, brothers," he said. "Let's eat.
All this running has made me hungry!"
So they cooked the meat of the great bear and its fat sizzled as it dripped from their fire. They ate until even the fattest and laziest one was satisfied and leaned back in contentment.
Just then, though, the first hunter looked down at his feet.
"Brothers," he exclaimed, "look below us!"
The four hunters looked down.
Below them were thousands of small sparkling lights in the darkness which. they realized, was all around them.
"We aren't on a mountain top at all," said the third brother.
"We are up in the sky."
And it was so.
The great bear had indeed been magical.
Its feet had taken it high above the earth as it tried to escape the four hunters.
However, their determination not to give up the chase had carried them up that strange trail.
Just then their little dog yipped twice.
"The great bear!" said the second hunter. "Look!"
The hunters looked.
There, where they had piled the bones of their feast the Great Bear was coming back to life and rising to its feet.
As they watched, it began to run again, the small dog close on its heels.
"Follow me," shouted the first brother.
Grabbing up their spears, the four hunters again began to chase the great bear across the skies.
So it was, the old people say, and so it still is.
Each autumn the hunters chase the great bear across the skies and kill it.
Then, as they cut it up for their meal, the blood falls down from the heavens and colours the leaves of the maple trees scarlet.
They cook the bear and the fat dripping from their fires turns the grass white.
If you look carefully into the skies as the seasons change, you can read that story.
The great bear is the square shape some call the bowl of the Big Dipper.
The hunters and their small dog (which you can just barely see) are close behind, the dipper's handle.
When autumn comes and that constellation turns upside down, the old people say.
"Ah, the lazy hunter has killed the bear."
But as the moons pass and the sky moves once more towards spring, the bear slowly rises back on its feet and the chase begins again.
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2023.06.03 00:39 jupiterose May virtual bookshelf!

May virtual bookshelf!
I haven't actually finished Death in the Nile, I ly about halfway through. I got super busy last bit of May, but I had already updated my bookshelf and didn't want to mess with it. Lol.
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2023.06.03 00:39 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha👌yes

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2023.06.03 00:39 VadersHamster 32 [M4F] Germany - looking for friendship that turns into relationship

I'm looking for someone special to connect with. If you are interested, after reading my post, I'd be very happy if we could become friends and maybe start dating eventually.
About me: I'm 32 years, 1,74m and I weight 75kg. I had gained some weight in my 20's, but then did some exercise to get back to my normal weight. Now I just do some exercise to maintain a healthy body weight. Basically, I see exercising as a necessary evil, in order to continue eating unhealthy food. Like my favourite one – pizza.
About my personality: I'm a rather quiet and shy person. I don't like being in the center of attention. And I don't smoke or drink. I work self employed in an office job, which can be very lonely at times. It would be nice if you're also from Germany or the surrounding area.
Now, what I like: I like anime and mangas. Mostly comedy and slice-of-life, such as Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Takagi-san, Nagatoro or Konosuba. And games, mostly Nintendo games, JRPGs, Minecraft and many more. Also I like to watch Youtube or playing with Lego, never really stopped with that last one. And aside from that I also have a real hobby, which is photography.
About you: It would be nice if we had similar interests, even if we don't have to agree on everything the same, otherwise it would be boring. You should be kind and nice. It would be great if you are younger than me and most of all you have to be cute. ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶
If you'd like to contact me, but don't know what to write to me. A little "hi" or "hello" will do, too. Even if that's the hard difficulty for starting a conversation.
Oh and also, I'm not the fastest in replying to messages. If I don't reply immediately don't mean I don't answer, it just means I haven't read your message yet.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
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2023.06.03 00:39 gsousa When it’s sunny in Ireland you have to be out of the house!

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2023.06.03 00:39 argylekey Dumb question: 32gb RAM upgrade make sense?

I’m using a Ryzen 5800x. PC really only a gaming station at this point in time. No video editing, streaming, etc.
It’s working great at this point in time, but I’ve had it for like two years and I’m not planning on upgrading for a while. It meets pretty much all my gaming needs at the moment.
Lots of games are starting to be looking for 32gb of RAM, I’ve got 16gb. I can normally hit 144hz on medium or high with most things I play. But RAM usage is around 90-95% on modern stuff.
Is that just games fully utilizing resources? Is that limiting performance and I should go for 32gb?
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2023.06.03 00:39 Jabby_XZ Penguin skin 1 vs Penguin skin 2 (best penguin skin)

Penguin skin 1 vs Penguin skin 2 (best penguin skin)
Hello this poll is to know which minecraft penguin skin is better. I will put the skins by numbers in the comments if you are going to vote put the number of the skin thanks.
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2023.06.03 00:39 throwaway756405 TW: physical violence. I’m aroused by pain now because violent episodes with my abusive ex often led to really gratifying sex

I feel like my brain’s been broken somehow. I guess I just want someone else to tell me they’ve also experienced this, so I don’t feel like I’m permanently damaged.
My ex would get randomly violent for the smallest things when we’d be having discussions. One moment we’d be talking calmly, and the next I would say something he didn’t like, his face would darken, and he’d attack me. He’d hit me or shove me or do something else that would be obviously really painful.
And often, right afterwards, we’d go straight into having sex. He never forced me. I would somehow just find myself really aroused right after he attacked me, and I often found those sexual encounters really gratifying.
That’s already fucked up, but since I finally made myself leave, I’ve been missing those sexual encounters after the attacks so much it feels like an addiction.
In my sexual encounters since, I’ve been really turned on by rough sex and pain during sex. I guess it reminds me of how sex with him felt, when I’d still be terrified and shocked and in pain from wherever he hit me, and somehow that sex was better and more intense.
The other day, this guy I’ve been casually seeing was in my house, and he walked into the room right as I was leaving it. We didn’t see each other, and he knocked right into me and I fell pretty hard against the doorknob. It knocked the wind out of me and hurt like hell.
But as he was apologising and asking me if I was okay, I recovered from the shock of falling and suddenly I was so turned on and I just wanted to jump him.
It’s like this horrible pathway has been forced open in my brain and I can’t close it. And now a part of me wants to ask him if he would hit me because I keep wondering if that will make sex afterwards feel like what I’m craving with my ex.
I won’t, obviously, because I don’t want him to think I’m even more fucked up than he’s likely already seen, but I’m just so frustrated by all of this and it feels really shameful and terrible and I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
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2023.06.03 00:39 Singer_Striking Building a modern city on my minecraft survival world looking for help and people to play with

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2023.06.03 00:38 seaglassfoxen Irises

Beautiful mystery irises.
To me, they resemble Iris sibirica ‘Maranatha’ (Steve Varner, 1979). 🤔
But I have no idea. All I know is the petals never once stood strait up on any bloom, and they’ve been utterly ignored for years (besides moving house): Lower-western Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh, zone 6), on the east side of the house, in pretty dry/well draining soil, against the house. 🤷🏻
They were literally just “stuck in,” after we moved in, some time last season, and they just come up on their own and do their thing.
They were transplanted from the old house (45 minutes away): Full-sun-baked, dry, rocky, hillside, with soil made up of mostly clay and shale. Yet they always came up, year after year, no matter the conditions (or neglect).
Idk. Enjoy the photos at least? Lol. 😊
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2023.06.03 00:38 Appropriate-Stage-25 Want To Work On Mansions?

We have a software tool that lets you drop a pin on the map in super high end exclusive neighborhoods and send out a postcard mailer to that specific neighborhood with the click of a button.
We fulfill everything for you at our print shop and send it out next day. We have proven postcard templates you can click and send, you can upload your own customer design, or my design team will make you a badass high converting mailer for free.
Our mailers are only 55 cents a piece for both flyers and postcards of any size, which is about half the price of vistaprint and the lowest you'll find anywhere.
and you can also set it up so when you land a new job, a mailer will automatically go out to the closest homes around that job site address so you can multiply it and land more work with the neighbors.
Most contractors are sending out 50 postcards a week (which only costs about $27) and are getting a bunch of calls and new work.
We bring modern tech to a good old fashioned, tried and true marketing method to make it easier and save time.
If you want to check it out let me know, I'll send you a short 5 minute demo video.
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2023.06.03 00:38 INeedSuppHeheXD 22M- Looking for my passenger Princess[Relationship]

Hey there! I am a 22 year old guy, and im looking for my special someone.
I am 190cm(6'3) tall, I have short black hair, hazel eyes. In my freetime, I go to the gym, I enjoy playing video games such as league of legends, csgo, r6 siege, tf2, minecraft, and etc.) Also, I love working on my cars, going on a long car rides while listening to music. I also have 2 dogs who I enjoy petting and playing with. I go to university to be an IT Engineer 3 days a week, and to work 2 days a week.
I am a very cuddly person, very loyal, honest, and I like giving all of my attention to the person who's important for me. If we'd get closer, I'd love to spend all my freetime with you and chat/voice call a lot, listen to music together, watch videos and movies together, and hopefully develop a long lasting relationship.
Im naturally a dominant person, but we can talk about this in private.
If you'd be interested in chatting and getting to know each other, send me a message here or on discord! :) My discord is Armzii#3764
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2023.06.03 00:37 Normal_Bat7926 New house anxiety help!!

Help! My 9(ish) year old coonhound is NOT adjusting well since we moved. It’s really bizzare, our other dog is totally fine so I don’t know if there’s a noise we aren’t hearing or what. We moved in a few days ago and he’s just been a mess. BUT when we let him into the fenced in yard out back he’s TOTALLY FINE. Then as soon as he comes in the house he starts panting and shaking and having anxiety attacks. Also the other weird thing is he calms down at nighttime and sleeps through the night no problem. He goes in his crate in the finished basement no problem either which is good. We tried calming treats and a benedryl. I’m just not sure what to do and I feel so bad he’s so upset I’m scared he’s going to pass out from hyperventilating! He’s eating and drinking normally and hasn’t had any accidents in the house so I don’t have any medical concerns. Any advice would be awesome!!
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2023.06.03 00:37 INeedSuppHeheXD 22M- Looking for my passenger Princess

Hey there! I am a 22 year old guy, and im looking for my special someone.
I am 190cm(6'3) tall, I have short black hair, hazel eyes. In my freetime, I go to the gym, I enjoy playing video games such as league of legends, csgo, r6 siege, tf2, minecraft, and etc.) Also, I love working on my cars, going on a long car rides while listening to music. I also have 2 dogs who I enjoy petting and playing with. I go to university to be an IT Engineer 3 days a week, and to work 2 days a week.
I am a very cuddly person, very loyal, honest, and I like giving all of my attention to the person who's important for me. If we'd get closer, I'd love to spend all my freetime with you and chat/voice call a lot, listen to music together, watch videos and movies together, and hopefully develop a long lasting relationship.
Im naturally a dominant person, but we can talk about this in private.
If you'd be interested in chatting and getting to know each other, send me a message here or on discord! :)
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2023.06.03 00:37 lovescats22666 28 year old female husband punched a wall

I came here to vent and talk about my current situation. I am a female, 28 years old and I have a 5 month old daughter and I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant. I have been married to my husband for a year. At first, there were no signs of his anger and I didn’t even know he had that side of him. He presented himself as a gentle put together man. Flash forward to a year later and I see a major change. He gets explosive with certain conversations when I bring up his family and our daughter. The last fight we had which made me go to a hotel started when I told him I didn’t feel comfortable having a large amount of people over my home when we have a 5 month old. I asked kindly can they please social distance wear protection. He flipped out on me and stated he would NOT tell his family to wear masks. He slammed his hands on the table and punched the wall with all his might. It looked like he broke his hand. He proceeded to tell me to “F” myself and continued to yell. He then placed all the blame on me saying I’ve been testy lately. Which is true, because I have raging pregnancy hormones. Which I have apologized to him for. I am nervous that this will affect my unborn child and my pregnancy. I also do not want my daughter to be around that violence. I left immediately and went to a hotel for 2 days. She didn’t see any of the fight by the way. It’s still TERRIBLE that he did that when she was in the house. I am shocked at who I married and I am devastated. I do not know what course of action to take next. I completely didn’t see this coming from him. I have suspicion that his job is the route to his anger and I also feel he has trouble with dealing with responsibility and pressures with having a new baby. Someone please help. I have decided that it may be best for him to move back to him parents until we get counseling. Please let me know what you think.
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2023.06.03 00:37 Scarygary522 [WTS] Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles, MFK Gentle Fluidity Silver, BR540 EDP, Replica (Untitled) L'Eau, ELDO, HdP, PDM, and more! Niche, designer, and discontinued fragrances in 2, 5, and 10mL decants. Up to 20% off for bundles! (Decant)

Hello all! I've got some decants for available for sale. Bundles available... Scroll down! Please comment before PMing/chatting! Chat preferred.

New this week: Blu Atlas - Atlantis

Decants available:
Designer: 2mL: 5mL: 10mL:
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Versace Pour Homme EDT $3 $5 $8

Niche: 2mL: 5mL: 10mL:
Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 $4 $9 $16
Etat Libre d'Orange Hermann a Mes Cotes EDP $5 $11 $19
Etat Libre d'Orange You or Someone Like You EDP $5 $11 $19
Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114 EDP $6 $13 $23
Histoires de Parfums Outrecuidant $7 $15 $25
Histoires de Parfums Prolixe $7 $15 $25
Histoires de Parfums 1725 EDP $6 $13 $23
Histoires de Parfums 1969 Parfum de Revolte EDP $6 $13 $23
Juliette has a Gun Moscow Mule EDP $5 $11 $19
Juliette has a Gun Not a Perfume EDP $5 $11 $19
Juliette has a Gun Vanilla Vibes EDP $5 $11 $19
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP $13 $23 $37
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Silver EDP $11 $22 $35
Maison Margelia Replica (Untitled) L'Eau $12 $25 $40
Parfums de Marley Herod $9 $19 $31
Parfums de Marley Layton $9 $19 $31
Parfums de Marley Pegasus $9 $19 $31
Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles $18 $36 $58
Xerjoff Naxos EDP $11 $25 $43

Discontinued: 2mL: 5mL: 10mL:
Guerlain L'Homme Ideal Cologne $7 $16 $28
Mugler A*Men Pure Havane $9 $19 $31
YSL La Nuit de L'Homme Bleu Electrique $7 $13 $21

Make your own bundles of 3 or 5 decants for heavy discounts! (10+ decant bundles available, chat for more information)
**The Designer category cannot be combined with Niche/Discontinued, while the Niche and Discontinued category can be combined for the MYOB bundles*\*
**All 10mL MYOB bundles will come in the nicer bottles, including designers*\*

CONUS only. $9 flat. All packages will be shipped out via USPS parcel select ground within 1-2 business days after payment and will take 2-8 days to arrive.
Orders of single 2mL decants can be shipped via USPS first class for $4.

Payment methods:
PayPal F&F or Zelle.

- Decants will come in bottles that look like this
- Niche and discontinued 10mL decants will come in nicer bottles.
- Upgrade designer 10mLs to the nicer bottles for $1!
- All decants will come sealed with PTFE/Teflon tape.
- Clearly labeled with fragrance house and name.
- They will be individually wrapped and packaged using a small plastic bag, bubble wrap, and cardboard support.
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2023.06.03 00:37 thethugbaker How can I start getting into a position to buy a house? It just seems impossible.

I am 22 years old, and really want a house with land - sooner than later, preferably.
Homes I want are in the $280k-$340k range and are competitive.
I just feel like even if I save up ~15-20k for an FHA loan sellers won't want to bother with me compared to Californians/NYers moving into the area with $500k in their pocket.
Is there anything I can do?
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