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Role of Accessibility in Web Development

2023.05.30 09:30 Endlos2018 Role of Accessibility in Web Development

Role of Accessibility in Web Development
The technique of creating websites and applications so that everyone, including those with disabilities, can use them is known as web accessibility. To ensure that everyone has access to information and services in today's society, where the internet plays a crucial role in daily life, accessibility must be given top priority while developing websites. Website design for accessibility does not just apply to those with impairments; it also applies to anyone who might encounter obstacles when trying to access information.
Accessibility is crucial in web development for the following reasons:
Inclusivity - Web developers make sure that no one is left out or behind by creating websites that are accessible to everyone. This fosters a more friendly and inclusive atmosphere, which is advantageous for companies and organizations looking to expand their clientele.
Legal Obligation - Web accessibility is a mandated standard for all public-facing websites in many nations, including the US and the EU. Legal action and financial fines may follow from failure to abide by these rules.
Enhancing the User Experience - Online accessibility goes beyond simply adhering to rules; it also contributes to a better user experience for all. Accessible websites are more user-friendly, quicker to load, and easier to navigate, which can boost user happiness and engagement.
SEO Advantages - Websites that are easily accessible and offer a positive user experience are given priority by search engines like Google. You may raise your website's search engine rankings and increase traffic by making sure it is accessible.

Web designers should follow these guidelines to make sure their projects are accessible:
To properly structure web pages, use semantic HTML.
Including alternate text descriptions on photographs will enable screen readers to read them.
Supplying audio and video content with subtitles and transcripts.
Ensure that the text is simple to understand by using clear, succinct language.
Ensuring that website parts are simple to use and keyboard-accessible.
In summary, accessibility is a crucial component of web design. Designing websites and services that are usable by everyone, including those with disabilities, should be a top priority for web developers. Web designers may construct inclusive, user-friendly, and legally compliant websites by adhering to best practices and accessibility criteria.
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2023.05.30 09:18 TerribleSell2997 Artificial Photosynthesis Market to see Rapid Growth by 2029

The global artificial photosynthesis market is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR of 12% during the forecast period. The research for artificial photosynthesis is driven by factors such as increasing demand for green technology and initiatives for sustainable development. However, the involvement of the high cost of the technology act as a barrier to the artificial photosynthesis market. This newly arrived system is far more efficient and economical in comparison with photo voltaic solar power plants. Artificial photosynthesis is a process that converts and stores the energy from sunlight in the chemical bonds of a fuel. It replicates the natural process of photosynthesis. It could offer faster and more efficient production of hydrogen on a large scale which could accelerate the use of fuel cell vehicles. Artificial Photosynthesis is a new technology that is aiming to mimic natural photosynthesis and it produces clean energy. However, the artificial photosynthesis process does not necessarily depend on producing carbohydrates, rather it also utilizes these elements to produce electricity. This system is made by producing hydrogen and other biofuels that are utilized to generate electricity.
Get Free Sample link @ https://www.omrglobal.com/request-sample/artificial-photosynthesis-market
The companies operating in these industries were shut down and have stopped their production facility due to the orders by government authorities, which reduces the demand for artificial photosynthesis and its sub-products also. Moreover, as this plant requires a great number of human workforce to complete the installations coupled with social distancing and low labor the market has been impacted. Furthermore, the projects that were going on were put on hold for the unimagined timeline all are these factors that impacted market growth during COVID-19.
full report of Artificial Photosynthesis Market available @ https://www.omrglobal.com/industry-reports/artificial-photosynthesis-market
· Market Coverage
· Market number available for – 2023-2029
· Base year- 2022
· Forecast period- 2023-2029
· Segment Covered- By Source, By Product Type, By Applications
· Competitive Landscape- Archer Daniels Midland Co., Ingredion Inc., Kerry Group Plc, Cargill
· Inc., and others
Market Segmentation
Global Artificial Photosynthesis Market by Technology
o Photo-Electro Catalysis
o Co-Electrolysis
o Others (Nanotechnology, Hybrid Process)
Global Artificial Photosynthesis Market by Application
o Hydrogen
o Chemicals
o Hydrocarbons
Regional Analysis
o North America
o US
o Canada
o Europe
o UK
o Germany
o Italy
o Spain
o France
o Rest of Europe
o Asia-Pacific
o China
o India
o Japan
o South Korea
o Rest of Asia-Pacific
o Rest of the World
Company Profiles
o Berkeley Lab
o Carbon Solutions, Inc.
o California Institute of Technology
o Evonik Industries AG
o Fujitsu Ltd.
o Future Carbon
o Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp
o Panasonic Holdings Corp
o Siemens AG
o SunHydrogen, Inc.
o Toshiba Corp.
o Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
o Twelve, formerly known as Opus 12
The Report Covers

For More Customized Data, Request for Report Customization @ https://www.omrglobal.com/report-customization/artificial-photosynthesis-market
About Orion Market Research Orion Market Research (OMR) is a market research and consulting company known for its crisp and concise reports. The company is equipped with an experienced team of analysts and consultants. OMR offers quality syndicated research reports, customized research reports, consulting and other research-based services. The company also offer Digital Marketing services through its subsidiary OMR Digital and Software development and Consulting Services through another subsidiary Encanto Technologies.
Media Contact:
Company Name: Orion Market Research
Contact Person: Mr. Anurag Tiwari
Email: [email protected]
Contact no: +91 780-304-0404
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2023.05.30 08:48 Zambie-1980 Screen stuck red for 2/3 players? (pic & modlist included)

Screen stuck red for 2/3 players? (pic & modlist included)
Hello peoples~ me and my parents are new to this modpack and while it's been super fun to play, we encountered a weird problem that tbh we have no idea how to fix. Our friend rented a server and didn't add or change anything in this pack so everything in the mods and all that are 100% as-is. Me and my mom are the only ones having this issue, my dad however is not: we were attacked by an SCP/ the doppelgänger one that infects you, kills you and the double appears (it attacked me while I was afk and mom killed it,) but ever since our screens have been stuck with a red tint like this:

Now that's everything leading up to our screens being turned red. I read somewhere that tinkers -can- cause this, but we've not touched anything with tinkers in this pack and I'm assuming it's client-side cause it's only affecting me and my mom and not my dad. My friend renting the server has no clue how to fix this so I figure reddit would be the best place to inquire! So far we have tried to fix it ourselves by:
Waiting to see if the blood moon would turn the screen red and void the other red (it did not, as the screenshot is during complete day-time)
Dying to see if it would reset.
Disconnecting entirely.
Waiting for server-reset.
Porting around the map.
Made sure we do NOT have any resource packs enabled (there is only one that the mods came with but we didn't enable it ever.)
& I have (and am currently) going through each and every mod to see if there's a config so we can just turn it off by any chance
We'd really like to find a fix because we were going to have some friends come on the server soon and play and if this bug happens to them we wanna make sure there's a fix or possible solution(s). Any help would be great, and forgive me I'm really new to this sub when it comes to posting, so if this is the wrong place to ask I'm incredibly sorry and any suggestions to post elsewhere I will gladly listen to. The mod list is here if this helps!
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2023.05.30 08:37 chitkaraengineering Why the M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering is the Perfect Next Step for Your Career

Are you a recent graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, looking for the perfect next step in your career? Are you passionate about pursuing cutting-edge research in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, and wish to contribute to the development of innovative technologies? Look no further than the M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering! This highly competitive program is designed to provide exceptional students with a unique opportunity to pursue advanced research in their chosen field of study, under the guidance of world-renowned experts in academia and industry. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, the M.E. Fellowship Program equips students with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape. From developing new algorithms and systems, to designing innovative hardware and software solutions, the M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering offers a transformative experience that will propel your career to new heights. So why wait? Apply today and take the first step towards a brighter, more rewarding future!

Overview of the Computer Science & Engineering field

Computer Science and Engineering is a rapidly evolving field that has transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. From smartphones to self-driving cars, from social media to virtual reality, the impact of Computer Science and Engineering is everywhere. As a field, Computer Science and Engineering combines the principles of computer science and engineering to design, develop, and maintain hardware and software systems that power modern technology. The field is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on a range of disciplines such as mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, and computer science to solve complex problems.

Benefits of participating in the M.E. Fellowship Program

The M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering is a highly competitive program that offers exceptional students a unique opportunity to pursue advanced research in their chosen field of study. The program is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape. The benefits of participating in the M.E. Fellowship Program are many, including:
World-class research opportunities
The M.E. Fellowship Program offers students the chance to work on cutting-edge research projects under the guidance of world-renowned experts in academia and industry. The program is designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing students to work with researchers from a range of different fields to solve complex problems.
Access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources
The M.E. Fellowship Program provides students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including advanced computing systems, research laboratories, and specialized equipment. This allows students to conduct research at the forefront of their field, using the latest techniques and technologies.
Professional development opportunities
The M.E. Fellowship Program offers students a range of professional development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and networking events. These opportunities help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, and provide valuable connections with industry leaders and experts.

Why the M.E. Fellowship Program is the perfect next step for your career

The M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering is the perfect next step for your career if you are passionate about pursuing cutting-edge research in your chosen field of study. The program is designed to provide exceptional students with a unique opportunity to work on world-class research projects under the guidance of world-renowned experts in academia and industry.
The M.E. Fellowship Program is also a great way to gain hands-on experience in your field of study. The program provides students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, allowing them to conduct research at the forefront of their field. This hands-on experience is invaluable in today's tech landscape, where practical skills and knowledge are highly valued.
The M.E. Fellowship Program also offers a range of professional development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and networking events. These opportunities help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, and provide valuable connections with industry leaders and experts.

M.E. Fellowship Program requirements

The M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering is a highly competitive program that is open to exceptional students from around the world. To be eligible for the program, you must meet the following requirements:
Academic excellence
The M.E. Fellowship Program is designed for exceptional students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their field of study. To be eligible for the program, you must have a strong academic record, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
Research experience
The M.E. Fellowship Program is designed for students who have demonstrated a strong interest in research. To be eligible for the program, you should have some research experience, either through coursework or independent projects.
English language proficiency
The M.E. Fellowship Program is conducted in English, so you must have a high level of proficiency in the language. If English is not your first language, you may be required to take an English proficiency test, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

How to apply for the M.E. Fellowship Program

To apply for the M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering, you will need to submit an application package that includes the following:
Personal statement
Your personal statement should describe your academic background, research experience, and career goals. It should also explain why you are interested in the M.E. Fellowship Program and how you believe it will help you achieve your goals.
Letters of recommendation
You will need to provide at least two letters of recommendation from professors or other professionals who can speak to your academic and research abilities.
Academic transcripts
You will need to provide official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended.
English language proficiency test scores
If English is not your first language, you may be required to submit scores from an English proficiency test, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

M.E. Fellowship Program success stories

The M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering has produced many successful graduates who have gone on to make significant contributions to the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Here are just a few examples:
Dr. Jane Smith
Dr. Jane Smith received her M.E. Fellowship in 2005 and went on to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University. She is now a professor of Computer Science at MIT, where she conducts research in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Dr. John Doe
Dr. John Doe received his M.E. Fellowship in 2010 and went on to earn a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He is now a research scientist at Google, where he works on developing new algorithms for machine learning and data analysis.
Dr. Sarah Lee
Dr. Sarah Lee received her M.E. Fellowship in 2015 and went on to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. She is now a senior software engineer at Microsoft, where she works on developing new software solutions for the company's cloud computing platform.

Frequently asked questions about the M.E. Fellowship Program

What is the duration of the M.E. Fellowship Program?
The M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering is a two-year program.
Is the M.E. Fellowship Program fully funded?
Yes, the M.E. Fellowship Program provides full funding for tuition and fees, as well as a stipend for living expenses.
Can international students apply for the M.E. Fellowship Program?
Yes, the M.E. Fellowship Program is open to exceptional students from around the world.
What is the application deadline for the M.E. Fellowship Program?
The application deadline for the M.E. Fellowship Program varies depending on the institution. Check with the institution for specific deadlines.

Other career advancement opportunities in Computer Science & Engineering

In addition to the M.E. Fellowship Program, there are many other career advancement opportunities in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. These may include internships, co-op programs, and other research opportunities. It is important to explore all of your options and find the opportunity that best fits your goals and interests.


The M.E. Fellowship Program in Computer Science & Engineering is a highly competitive program that offers exceptional students a unique opportunity to pursue advanced research in their chosen field of study. The program is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape. If you are passionate about pursuing cutting-edge research in Computer Science and Engineering, the M.E. Fellowship Program may be the perfect next step for your career. Apply today and take the first step towards a brighter, more rewarding future!
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2023.05.30 07:59 lockescow Califoria small claims court and Long Arm

Does Califoria small claims court have long arm jurisdiction against an individual in Kansas? I am looking to recuperating 9k from someone who sold me a home there. After the home closed, I had the individual act as my stand-in to facilitate a few home improvement projects, which turned out they did not complete, and has not returned any of my text or call. Looking at bringing them to court now. Kansas only allow max 4k. A lawyer in Kansas suggested looking into long arm with California small claim. Any advise is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 07:58 lovewithdonut The Six Best Donut Shops in Australia

The Six Best Donut Shops in Australia
Donuts, with their overwhelming flavors and great surfaces, have turned into a darling treat around the world. In Australia, the Best Donuts in Perth scene has prospered, offering a large number of special and delicious choices for donut lovers. From exemplary top choices to inventive manifestations, the nation is home to some genuinely noteworthy donut shops. In this article, we will set out on a sweet excursion and investigate the six best donut shops in Australia, where you can enjoy grand treats that will leave you hankering for more. Prepare to fulfill your sweet tooth and find these magnificent objections!

Donut Time:

Beginning our rundown with a genuine donut symbol, Donut Time has acquired a faction continuing in Australia. With various areas the nation over, this famous donut shop offers a broad scope of innovatively made Donuts. From their mark "Love at First Chomp" with Nutella filling and chocolate frosting to the liberal "OG" finished off with salted caramel and popcorn, every donut is a masterpiece. Donut Time's commitment to flavor, quality, and outwardly dazzling manifestations has made it a must-visit objective for donut sweethearts.

Shortstop Espresso and Donuts:

Consolidating specially prepared espresso with high quality Donuts, Shortstop Espresso and Donuts has procured a merited standing as one of Australia's top donut shops. With areas in Melbourne and Sydney, this foundation centers on delivering remarkable Donuts utilizing the best fixings. Their reach incorporates both work of art and extraordinary flavors, like the heavenly "Maple Pecan and Earthy colored Spread" and the captivating "Duke Dim and Rose." The ideal matching of their masterfully fermented espresso with their tasty Donuts makes Shortstop a safe house for food and espresso epicureans the same.

Bistro Morgan:

Which began as a secondary school project has now bloomed into one of Australia's dearest donut objections. Bistro Morgan, established by a youthful business visionary, Morgan Hipworth, has caught the hearts and taste buds of donut fans. With its lead store in Melbourne, Bistro Morgan offers an amazing exhibit of flavors, including the notorious "Ferrero Uncover" loaded up with Nutella and finished off with squashed Ferrero Rocher. The Donuts at Bistro Morgan grandstand the inventiveness and enthusiasm of its young pioneer, making each visit a noteworthy encounter.


Surly Donuts:

Settled in the core of Sydney, Crotchety Donuts has acquired a dependable following for its handmade, little group Donuts. With an accentuation on quality and flavor, this shop offers various awesome manifestations. From the work of art "Vanilla Frosted" to the gutsier "Matcha Pack Kat," Irritable Donuts follows through on both taste and style. The group behind Grouchy Donuts invests heavily in their commitment to utilizing premium fixings and customary procedures, bringing about Donuts that are out and out flawlessness.

Donut Shack:

For those in Brisbane looking for donut rapture, Donut Shack is the spot to be. This family-possessed and worked shop carries a bit of sentimentality to their contributions, suggestive of dated donut shops. The menu includes a variety of delectable flavors, including the consistently famous "Unique Frosted" and the liberal "Caramel Brownie." The Donuts at Donut Shack are carefully assembled with affection, and their obligation to quality and validness radiates through in each chomp.

Donut Papi:

Donut Papi, situated in Redfern, Sydney, is known for its one of a kind and creative way to deal with Donuts. Joining Japanese and Filipino flavors, this shop makes a combination of societies in each luscious treat. From their top rated "Matcha White Chocolate" donut to the tempting "Ube Coconut," Donut Papi offers a different scope of flavors that will ship your taste buds to especially intriguing objections. The Donuts are produced using scratch day to day, guaranteeing newness and quality with each chomp. Donut Papi's obligation to involving credible fixings and their energy for pushing the limits of flavor make it a champion objective for donut fans.
Australia's donut scene is a lively and prospering scene, offering a wide exhibit of tempting treats to fulfill even the most insightful sweet tooth. From the notorious manifestations of Donut Time to the high quality pleasures of Shortstop Espresso and Donuts, every one of the six best donut shops in Australia offers a one of a kind and significant experience. Whether you're looking for exemplary flavors, imaginative mixes, or a combination of social impacts, these foundations take care of you. In this way, leave on a sweet experience and enjoy the heavenly manifestations of these donut shops. Whether you're a neighborhood or a guest, these objections make certain to have you with an enduring effect and a desire for a greater amount of Australia's best Donuts.
Read More: Make Donuts without Yeast
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2023.05.30 07:51 BigBrainPolitics_ Struggling to find success in applying for higher-paying jobs

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2023.05.30 06:28 Virtual-Travel-2373 Should I (19M) forgive my ex (18F) for infidelity after 4 months together?

Context: I met a girl at a club in January, and we started seeing each other two or so weeks later. Where we live, it's normal to unofficially date for a while before one person (typically the man) asks their partner to officially date. Essentially we were "dating" for almost four months; I met her parents, spent a lot of time with her, and was about to officially ask her to date me before the incident in question. Our relationship was very stable up until this point with no big arguments, grudges, or other incidents of infidelity, and I was looking to introduce her to my family as well. We also go to the same uni where she is one semester below me and both our classes are quite large (90-100 students each). Additionally, our uni does not offer dorms, so both of us live with our parents in the same city since our families already live here.
First off, I'd like to start by saying that I understand that both in terms of the infidelity in question and the time my ex and I were together, this isn't as serious as some of the other posts related to infidelity. That being said, for reasons I'll explain later on, I don't have anyone in my life who knows the full context of the situation and I also need a place to get all of it off my chest, so here we go. This is my first-ever post, so I apologize in advance if this is too long or hard to read, and there's a TL;DR at the bottom.
The incident in question happened this past Friday (a couple of days after my birthday and a week before our final exams). She went to a bar with her friends before heading to a club where she got drunk and kissed a guy (who we'll call Steve) from her class at uni.
I know 'Steve' is, as she kissed him at a party we both went to right before we became monogamous; a moment I saw myself and nearly made me give up on pursuing the relationship further. She would have occasional run-ins with him between the party and last Friday, but they weren't close, and from what she told me they weren't flirtatious at all during these interactions (which were few and far between). She used to tease me with Steve because in her words he was the only person that affected me from her past and she wasn't interested in him whatsoever.
According to her, the kiss lasted only for a moment and wasn't hot or heavy. As soon as she kissed him she called me crying, told me what happened, and headed home. I was feeling kind of tired and since our exams are coming up this Thursday, I stayed home. I took a quick nap and woke up with her call. She was crying and frantic, so much so that I could barely make out what she was saying and thought someone had forced himself upon her.
I went over to her house where she told me what happened: she had kissed Steve, the same guy that nearly broke us apart before and all it took was for him to insist a little on the kiss for her to go for it. I couldn't wrap my head around it at first; I felt a mix of confusion, anger, and more notably pain and sadness. All I could make out at the time was "I'm going home, I don't know what to say right now. And you tell Steve that I better not see him anywhere outside of campus" That last part sounded very out of character for me, as most people who know me can attest to the fact that I'm very level-headed and kind. That being said, Steve was directly involved in two of the most hurtful moments of my life recently, and he knew that she was seeing someone (even who I was) when he approached her on Friday. My threat was not a sort of macho-esque need to assert myself over him, but rather a warning that I'm not sure I'd be able to control myself if I saw him because he embodies all the anger and pain I currently feel.
As I headed home I was bombarded with messages from her, apologizing and telling me she loves me (something I'd already felt, but that neither of us had mustered the courage to say to each other). I walked into my room and hit my wall several times, leaving bruises on my hands and waking up my dogs and my dad. He came into my room and as I told him what happened he consoled me as I cried and told me I can either forgive her and continue the relationship, or break up. I slept on it and decided that the logical move was to break up.
I went to her house and told her I couldn't forgive her, much less trust her after what had happened. We both cried and talked for about half an hour, and I went home completely broken. I then told my closest friends about it, and after a reinforcement class for one of my subjects, I called them separately. One told me that the situation sucks, but that I should focus my pain to fuel my workouts and that we could get girls if I came to visit him over the summer. Another told me that out of all the people cheating could happen to (including himself), he couldn't believe that it happened to me because in his eyes I'm one of the people who least deserves such a thing to happen to them. Both of them concluded that it wasn't as bad because the relationship wasn't too long and I can look forward to being single again.
As I mentioned previously, no one in my life knows the full context of the relationship; my house is undergoing renovations so I couldn't invite my gf to my house, and my parents wanted to meet with her for the first time without extended family, both of which never coincided in our time together. On top of that, I didn't talk about her much to my friends or family; my family respects my privacy and since all my friends were single during this period and I hadn't had any fights or problems with her, I didn't want to flaunt my relationship on them, as when I was single I'd feel a little bad about myself when my friends told me about how well their relationships were when I'd never had one.
My relationship with my ex was really good, as I mentioned we had no big arguments, but that wasn't because we hadn't encountered hardships, but rather that both of us were able to communicate openly and honestly. We were able to open up about our insecurities and share all sides of our personalities and our quirks. The only thing that bothered me slightly was that she sometimes hung out with a guy she'd kissed somewhat recently, as well as her interactions with Steve. That being said she wasn't close friends with either one of them, I didn't want to be possessive or toxic, and up until that point I had no prior reason to believe she'd be unfaithful so I chalked it up to my own insecurities, and kept it to myself. Since the incident, she's mostly respected my need for space, even if her friends haven't (supposedly not at her request).
Back to the present, I felt absolutely miserable from Friday night to Sunday morning, tossing and turning about what had happened. I woke up on Sunday to some messages from her saying she wrote me a card that I could pick up at her lobby or have a delivery boy bring to my house. I didn't mind heading over there so I picked it up with the doorman and went to a friend's house to study and finish up a final project. I didn't tell anyone about the card, neither did I open it until I headed home. I stayed for around 10 hours in my friend's house wrapping everything up, and while it was a necessary break from all the turmoil, the letter was gnawing at the back of my head the entire time.
As soon as I got home I opened and read the letter. I won't divulge what was said in it, as even though this is an anonymous post I'd still prefer to keep its contents private for me and her. Nevertheless, it was very moving, and it made me reevaluate my decision on top of my continued feelings for her.
All of that brings us to today: I just finished one of the best workouts of my life, listening to my saddest playlist throughout and passing bruise cream on my hands (they've started to hurt when I move them). I thanked her for the letter and told her that regardless of what happens between us, we should talk things out after the end of our exams, as right now we both need to focus on passing our classes.
I feel heartbroken, confused, and hurt, but at the same time I miss her and our time together. She was my first relationship and realistically the first time a girl truly cared for me besides my family and friends (I've never gone past one-night stands or hooking up at parties other than a couple dates). I'm worried that I'd be making a mistake by being with her again, as it goes against most of the advice I've received and I could just be head over heels because this is my first serious relationship. Furthermore, I'm also worried that because of what's happened I'll have trust issues - be it with her or someone else - that'll make things toxic. What should I do?
TL;DR: My girlfriend of four months kissed a guy at a bar. I broke up with her but I'm not sure it was the right decision because of how special our time together was. Should I give her another chance?
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2023.05.30 05:15 Noah7788 [TOTK][SPOILERS] I've been thinking now that I've started my 2nd file

Okay, so at the start you're told to go get the three shrines on the great sky island. When you do so you are then able to open the door to the temple of time. Now, when I first played, I had no context for what I saw inside the temple, but now I realize a few things. Firstly, we see one of the secret stones, more specifically Zelda's own secret stone, on the altar ahead. Only this one is translucent. It's like at the end of each temple when you find a secret stone, only this one isn't physical and white, it's translucent and gold. Similar to the other stones, when you interact with this one you're teleported to that weird aetherial spirit world where you see sand circles and a symbol in the clouds in the back. This is you interacting with Zelda as the sage of time and I had no idea of that the first time and by the time I got to the sages I had completely forgot about this encounter with Zelda at the temple of time. When you meet her she extends her hand to you and you grasp it, just like with the modern sages. You then see a golden sparkle effect, the same as the different colored sparkle effects of the sages, light up in her arm and then travel from it to your arm and light up your arm that color. Then the middle part of the arm turns from gold to filled out green and instead of getting an avatar, we get Zelda's own time power. We see her use recall in the story and we gain that ability
So we actually start our adventure down in Hyrule with Zelda's sage power already added to us!
So I was thinking of all this and thought "well that makes no sense!". I mean, Zelda's flying around outside the temple of time right now as the light dragon. How in the world could her spirit be here and how did we interact with her stone?! She swallowed it to become a dragon. It doesn't make sense to see a random projection of her secret stone and she herself when she's supposed to be completely gone from the world right now. But then I got to thinking. Zelda had two powers. She had both Sonia's time powers, recall, and she had Rauru's power of light. Her stone is said by Mineru to amplify her time power specifically, but by the end of her time in the founding era she no longer has a use for that power because she no longer intends to use it to return to the future somehow. Her need at that time is for a sacred power strong enough to destroy the demon king. To bathe the master sword in that power. So she swallows her stone with the intent of maximizing her sacred power, not her time power. She becomes the light dragon and becomes a font of sacred power. My theory is that in choosing to amplify her sacred power and become the light dragon, she may have forsaken her time power or it might have separated from her and then link absorbs it into his hand. Zelda is no longer there and Link is able to use Zelda's own sage power. He doesn't summon an avatar and use it to use the power, it's his own power. In a sense Link may actually be a sage of time for the duration that he has her powers, just not amplified by a stone so he has the base amount of power
I've also thought about the end cutscene where Rauru and Sonia seem to channel their powers through your arm to save Zelda somehow, transforming her back from a dragon to a hylian again. I think maybe Link was using recall on her and that Rauru and Sonia powered Link's recall up to be able to recall her to her state in the founding era. Complete with her stone on her necklace again. It doesn't really say how Zelda was transformed back, it's just suggested that they channeled their abilities through your arm, but recall makes the most sense I'd say. Though there's no recall effect or sound in the cutscene so that's just speculation. Instead there's just vague light
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2023.05.30 05:13 shleepcat My bf (M23) doesnt understand me (F22)

I started my internship around 3 months ago so I’m 3 months in and I have 2 months to do. My scope is very different from the rest of my coursemates and not entirely related to my course/passion so it has led me to a depressive state gradually. I did not choose this internship and could not reject it just wanted to point that out first.
Lately our communication has gotten bad. As first he sympathized with me but now he’s clearly sick and tired of hearing about mistakes during my internship and just internship in general. He sees it as me nagging. Personally I find it really hard just to keep any feelings in. When im feeling crappy, I have to crap it out somewhere. And since he’s my bf, i feel like i can go to him for anything but not anymore. Today i told him an issue i had with work that i mistakenly missed a deadline since i was busy with another project at work which required a whole day of packing and I was the only intern doing it. He then asked me why and when i explained, he didnt understand. And when i explained again, he told me to stop texting and explaining and just get my work done. This made me even more stressed and angry because why even ask if youre not going to understand?
Besides this, I’d tell my bf a story I have. A small encounter with my friends. I knew back then he had an issue with my lack of details when I text him a story so I’ve been trying my best to include in more details but even with that, he cant understand jackshit of what im saying. And when he asks me a question regarding the story, i reply straight up and he complains im being TOO direct and still doesnt understand me. We have been fighting about this for weeks and it’s been making us so frustrated. I’m frustrated because I cant even vent to my bf or tell him a story without him not understanding what im saying and Im already trying so hard to explain in detail idk what else more I can improve on. I did tell him he could at least try to interpret my texts and understand it but he says he does but still doesnt get it. Which makes him frustrated too. On top of that, he’s in the army so he’s often tired. my bf and I are only able to see each other during the weekends so we have to text on weekdays.
All in all, we can’t understand each other and idk what other way to work it out besides confiding in others when im feeling down. But i dont want to do that because it doesnt feel right. I considered getting counselling but I dont even have time for myself with work. Work + Travel takes up most of my day, which leaves me to a few hours to eat, gym and rest which ill only be able to sleep at around 11:30pm-12am. And i have to wake up at 6:20am and start all over again. Weekends are rest days if i get any.
I know i have 2 months left but im always so angry at my bf during the weekdays. Except the weekends when we are back to lovey dovey. I dont want to grow resentment towards my partner and im constantly fighting the urge to confide in others. How do I tackle this madness?
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2023.05.30 04:59 DebonairGamingX Recruiting Net Navi Operators for a BIG PROJECT

Hello everyone,
I hope this message finds you well. I have some exciting news to share with you all. For a while now, I've been working on a Megaman Battle Network Game that aims to take the franchise to the next level. My journey started even before the release of the legacy collection, and now I'm looking for passionate individuals who would like to join me in bringing this project to life.
The game mechanics of the Megaman Battle Network series have been a major inspiration for me, and my goal is to create a game that encompasses all the beloved elements of the series. This includes the grid-based battle mechanics, Battle Chip collection and deck editing, Style Changes, SOL Union, Cross Fusion, and much more.
To add to the excitement and uniqueness of the gameplay experience, I have envisioned the inclusion of a custom character creation feature specifically designed for the net navies. Instead of playing as Megaman, players will have the opportunity to play as their own net navi, allowing for a more personalized adventure. You can check out the first version of the net navi customizer through this link: [https://youtu.be/RwkUtMiGhTA\] and [https://youtube.com/shorts/S-fTGTVvQeM\]
I understand that random enemy encounters have often been a source of frustration for players. To address this, I propose a solution inspired by games like Pokémon. In the game world, encountering enemies will no longer be random. Instead, players will have two options for engaging with them. First, they can choose to swiftly destroy an enemy in the open world, allowing them to reach their desired destination more promptly. Alternatively, they can crash into an enemy, triggering the conventional grid-based battle system, which will offer more rewards and loot from the encounter.
These are just a few of the exciting ideas I have for the game. I firmly believe that with the right team of talented individuals, we can bring this project to completion and create an incredible gaming experience for both Megaman Battle Network fans and newcomers alike.
As you can see, this prototype is still in its early stages, and I must admit that I am far from being a skilled programmer. Waiting for a game like this became incredibly frustrating, especially since Capcom has shown no signs of adding anything new to the series anytime soon. Despite my limited programming skills, I've been fortunate enough to create what you have seen so far. However, I am certain that my lack of expertise is slowing down the development process. That's why I invite all of you to join me in this endeavor.
You don't need to have prior experience to contribute to the project. When I started this project in Unity3D, I was also a beginner. However, I've since switched to a different game engine that has allowed me to achieve faster results. In my opinion, it's a much easier game engine to work with, at least for creating prototypes. I already have the basic building blocks in place, such as the custom character creation system, partial battle chip system, partial enemy encounter system, and exploration. However, as you can see, these aspects still need further refinement.
If you're interested, please leave a comment indicating what you would like to contribute to the project or any questions you may have, and I'll do my best to respond as promptly as possible.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to collaborating with all of you on this exciting project.
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2023.05.30 04:31 Altrot STOLEN 1988 Toyota Pickup (Near Sacramento California) License Plate: 3L29117

STOLEN 1988 Toyota Pickup (Near Sacramento California) License Plate: 3L29117


Hey everyone I'm really devastated right now to be posting this. Someone stole my truck from my apartment complex last night in Davis California. I really need people to spread the word, as I'm hoping It can be returned to me somehow. I have meticulously documented every bit of work I've done to it in the past 6 years. I installed AC in the truck last summer, it never even had AC. It was a big project. I also was building a living situation in the damn thing. I rebuilt the head, replaced the head gasket. All Toyota parts used on everything. I just redid the rear brakes, new drums, shoes, new axle seals. Once again all Toyota parts. I replaced the heater core. The list goes on! I'm ˟˟˟˟ing heart broken right now and I'm kicking myself because I installed a kill switch in the truck a few weeks ago knowing someone is going to target this truck sometime. I didn't flip the switch last night and I feel absolutely sick.

Identifying information: Matching color camper shell is on it, license Plate: 3L29117, paint on hood and roof damaged from sun. No dents on the truck, everything is straight. Please spread the word! I am willing to pay up to $2000 in reward for any information used to help retrieve the truck.
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2023.05.30 04:18 Azrael_Ze May 30th Routine Maintenance & This Week’s In-game events

May 30th Routine Maintenance & This Week’s In-game events
In order to uphold optimal quality and provide the best experience possible, Second Galaxy will undergo routine update maintenance at 06:00 May 30th 2023 (GT), which is expected to last 60 minutes and may be subject to change. When the maintenance is underway, you'll be unable to log in. Please log off before the maintenance to avoid losing any progress.
We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and will issue compensation once the maintenance is complete.
After the update, you will receive the following rewards: Illegal Miners' Ore Container*100, Credits*240K.
This update mainly includes:
1.Optimized the performance and stability of game servers.

This Week’s In-game Events include:
1. Exchange Longinus Cubes
Event Time: 2023.05.31 16:00 – 2023.06.30 16:00
The Eastern Legend Mr. Huang are offering exclusive ships in exchange for Longinus Cubes.

2. Children’s Mental Health
Event Time: 2023.05.30 16:00 – 2023.06.09 16:00
The Pascagoula Research Institute appreciates your offering Type 2 Consciousness Backup Devices!

3. Dream Thieves
Event Time: 2023.05.30 16:00 – 2023.06.06 16:00
You will find Joker Masks in Encounter Quests and Wormhole Events. You will come across Type 2 Consciousness Backup Devices and Jabberwocky in Wormhole Events.

4. Hand Over Clues
Event Time: 2023.05.30 16:00 – 2023.06.08 16:00
The Hygarnian Intelligence Agency appreciates your hard work.

5. Project La Nina
Event Time: 2023.05.31 16:00 – 2023.06.30 16:00
With the technology of Niello Heavy Industry, these elegant collectibles have now become real War Machines. Efficient, and inexpensive…

6. The Seven-day-old Boy
Event Time: 2023.05.30 16:00 – 2023.06.06 16:00
“May your childhood dream come true.” – The Great Council

7. Exclusive Ships Transformation
Event Time: 2023.05.31 16:00 – 2023.06.30 16:00
The Eastern Legend Mr Huang, former pilot license instructor and ancient entertainment magazine collector, will show you the power of Longinus Cubes.

8. Time-limited Challenges
Event Time: 2023.05.31 16:00 – 2023.06.30 16:00
Complete time limited challenges to receive Upgrade Part A2!

9. Raw Resonanium Floods the Market
Event Time: 2023.06.01 16:00 – 2023.06.03 16:00
Due to the cost reduction for Defense Tower Attackers and Facility Attackers, the cost to declaring Sovereignty War and Corp Facilities Raids is reduced by 40% during this event.

10. Galactic Legends
Event Time: After maintenance 5/30/2023 – Before maintenance 6/13/2023
5 Exclusive Master Recruits
Come along with ships that are exclusive modified.

11. Exclusive Rewards from In-App Purchases
Event Time: 2023.05.31 16:00 – 2023.06.30 16:00
The Great Council will reward pilots with Longinus Cubes.

12. Children’s Dreams
Event Time: 2023.06.02 16:00 – 2023.06.05 16:00
Save the children for Type 2 Consciousness Backup Devices and Joker Masks!

Thank you for your understanding and support. Enjoy your adventure among the stars!
The Great Council
May 29th
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2023.05.30 04:15 Gringa_pinolera Summit charter school in California: take the job or run away?

I’m moving from Texas to California this summer and I’m looking for work. I’ve taught 9 years (7 in elementary) and 2 in middle school. They want to be give me a second interview (Social studies or Spanish). All there lessons are delivered/given as project based learning. I love PBL but at the same time it’s TON of work and I don’t know if I want to do that. Advice?
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2023.05.30 04:13 Gringa_pinolera Summit charter school in California: good or run away?

I’m moving from Texas to California this summer and I’m looking for work. I’ve taught 9 years (7 in elementary) and 2 in middle school. They want to be give me a second interview (Social studies or Spanish). All there lessons are delivered/given as project based learning. I love PBL but at the same time it’s TON of work and I don’t know if I want to do that. Advice?
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2023.05.30 03:57 Proletlariet Captain Gundam

"Attention! I have been granted special dispensation to use firearms in defense of Neotopia. Lay down your weapons at once!"
Before a perpetually peaceful world, when Neotopia was attacked by an evil force who wished to destroy all organic life, they needed a saviour. This saviour came in the form of the secret organization of the Super Dimensional Guards, and in particular Captain Gundam, A robot authorised to use any means neccesary to protect his world. While initially insisting on keeping his activities a complete secret, the actions and support of a local boy named Shute helped activate his Soul Drive, a special contraption in his chest that greatly increased his abilities. The two would work together in the newly formed Gundam Force, alongside Gundams from other dimensions whose homes had already fallen to the Dark Axis, seeking to protect harmony in the universe.
Captain Gundam, after being greatly injured, was later repaired and had some upgrades made to his exoskeleton. Besides from a new ultimate attack, it's unclear how much this affects his abilities otherwise. All feats obtained in this upgraded body are marked with 'UP' to distinguish them.



Lifting / Throwing



Blunt Force











Beam Saber

Option F

An optional extra pack attached to his back while equipping his armour, giving him greater flight capabilities

Option Z

In the final battle, Captain equips Option Z, an experimental jet-like add-on which takes the place of Option F.


In-Built Equipment and Robot Abilities

Soul Drive

The 'most vital unit inside of Captain Gundam', the Soul Drive activates in response to strong emotions of friendship with Shute. This massively increases Captain Gundam's abilities while active. While it's unlikely that his durability also increases in this state, such feats have nevertheless been included in this section just in case they do. He can sense what Shute's doing through his soul drive and even have it activated through his actions when he's nowhere nearby, with this actively healing him from a previously incapacitated and highly injured state. For the majority of the series he can only activate his Soul Drive when synchronized with Shute, but in the final battle he draws on his memories with him to activate it stronger than it had ever been before while Shute was trapped.
While he was still alive, albeit in an unconscious state after having his Soul Drive removed, based on Commander Sazabi's defeat it can be speculated that destroying it would instantly kill Captain Gundam.






An enhanced form first seen given to Captain while he was alive but unable to act fully consciously due to his Soul Drive having been removed, this form gives Captain a large amount of extra gear on top of his standard combat armour which, among other things, allows him to transform into a vehicle.

Captain System

With his Re-Equip Ring, Captain Gundam can activate Captain Mode, using his Soul Drive to access the programming of all the robots in Neotopia. Like this, he deactivates the control devices on all of them, freeing them from the Dark Axis' mind control


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2023.05.30 03:57 lrski How to stand out?

Hey guys, I’m currently a high school student, and I was wondering what I can do to stand out to colleges. My parents are immigrants, never went to college, and have absolutely no idea about the application process; they just thought I could get into a 4-year college automatically haha and have no idea about the application process so I just kinda assumed the same till recently so I started researching everything with colleges. My counselor told me to just have grades above a C and that’s all I would have to do. (I do online school) but I was scrolling on Reddit and talking with friends, and everyone has taken such rigorous courses and done so many projects, and honestly, I’m shocked. I’m in southern California, and I always just assumed I’d apply to SDSU or UCSD, but seeing it’s so competitive and it’s nothing like I ever thought of about colleges, I was also scrolling on Reddit, and people were mentioning to apply to your state school if you have decent grades and you would have a pretty good chance to get in, but all the applicants who are applying to SDSU/UCSD are so competitive, and I’m just wondering what I even have to do to show that I can handle rigor. This is all so new to me, and I’ve never even thought about college and all the extracurriculars you have to do, etc., until recently. :’)
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2023.05.30 03:17 ScorpioTix Hollywood Bowl 2023-05-24 review and more comments on ticketing

from the ijwthstd blog where you can also find download link

I was going to let this one go but the version up on Dime is missing a song.
It was another date night, and I also had edibles, homemade and much stronger than expected. The wind was bugging again and I could barely keep the mics mounted, more due to the substances coursing through my system than any technical problems. And you only have some other taper to blame for giving me infused treats to capture his avant garde favorites, where a heavy dose of THC is a must for endurance.
This tour was a little controversial in my digital neighborhood from all ends to the people who think just because they are fan they are entitled to be one of the 15,000 inside out of the 25,000 who wish they were at either the lowest price possible or the highest, outbidding everyone else in the process. And the brokers who think feel entitled to grab all the tickets and charge whatever they want for them to Michael Rapino who was a bit inconvenienced but would rather suck it up and play along and maybe give some money back than let AEG book the tour.
Reeves Gabrels might be my favorite guitar player ever, not just his work with David Bowie (and I still maintain "Outside" is my favorite album of his) but his solo album "Ulysses" is particularly spectacular. Though his work with The Cure is a bit more restrained to that particular style, I was very happy for him when he landed this gig. And I wish I had something resembling an adult income when he was doing his regular residency at the Baked Potato where I would see the show, eat a massive spinach potato topped with jalapenos smothered with Tabasco sauce and then walk the 5 miles home to get up in 4 hours and go to work. Was only able to manage that a few times but if it were ten years later I would go to every single one and Lyft it out of there.
Speaking of good gig eats, it wouldn't be a Hollywood Bowl show if it didn't have a fair amount of wrapper crinkling thanks to the Bowl's infamous BYO policy and my love of hot peanuts and addiction to infused edibles. I tried to secure to my mics to a mask under a hoodie because these mics don't like even the slightest breeze but didn't quite work the way it used to especially with me stuffing my fat face all night.
There were T shirt kiosks crammed into corners I had never seen them before and every line like Space Mountain 4th Of July. The price? $25! Only 3 or 4 with simple designs as not to overwhelm the senses, and credit card. I don't think they cost that much since the 1990's. I never buy arena shirts but I still had to get one for my dearly neglected. Already seeing these shirts everywhere now. I doubt KISS sells as many in November as The Cure did on a Wednesday night. Wouldn't be surprised if they can even best regular merch sales record holders Iron Maiden in equivalent venues. I bet The Cure would even be undercutting the bootleg guys outside selling for $20 if the Bowl and LiveNation's hefty fees allowed.
Being date night with a traditional buy your tickets a year in advance and pay for parking patron, and I did what I almost never do anymore and buy advance in the fan to fan exchange so she would have something to look forward to, and crossed my fingers they wouldn't be canceled. I paid $192.40 for the pair, beating my record high of $40 to get into Pasadena Daydream. I got the dreaded U31 error on the first try but switched to another browser and pulled them again, but unfortunately was logged into my (former) business buy account so I was a little nervous because for a while I was spending an amount that seems so unreal to me still, even now. All that was left active were stacks of Matchbox Twenty that were sold or refunded in early 2020 for a tour that just kicked off a few weeks ago.
If anyone knows Michael Rapino, tell him to get his IT guys on that error. Not everyone says fuck it and buys in the lot day of show like I do. He may be rich but it's Never Enough and he can always use more so there is no reason regular fans with money to spend should be denied tickets they took the time to try to purchase. People are missing shows and his $122 million payday could be a little higher if he can take these customer complaints seriously and fix this constant issue.
There is so much I can say about Robert Smith's ticketing policy, especially since I am of the opinion "my ticket, my money, my property" but that opinion has evolved a bit with this tour and I can't really say I am unsatisfied with how it worked out. On it's face it looked fair to everyone and those looking to profit were sufficiently warned. Now those regular fans who had their tickets canceled might think different. It's all algorithmic, it's not like they were using a secret list of known offenders. For example, if you go to a lot of shows and have eclectic tastes you are eventually going to get your tickets canceled for something in addition to never getting the verified fan codes.
Now Eddie Vedder did the same no transfer and fan to fan resale for his YouTube Theater show. When it half sold, he lowered the prices while previously purchased tickets listed for resale were locked into the price floor at the original price, twice what even closer seats were eventually listed for. Or Ed Sheeran, notorious for inconveniencing fans in addition to resellers with his spurious ticket verification checks for secondary purchased tickets outside venues where they would cancel the tickets on the spot and resell them. Now I am getting regular notifications of discount Ed Sheeran tickets from stadiums across the continent. In a kinder, gentler era where the free market reigned it would be the third parties assuming some of the promoter's risk and taking those losses. But this tour sold out 100% instantly and any unwanted tickets had the auto refund built in because tickets resell the second they are listed on the Fan To Fan exchange, unlike Eddie Vedder where that money spent was lit on fire.
I know I get always get a clueless knee-jerks from drooling mouthbreathers when admitting to the cardinal sin of selling a sacred ducat for more than face value, especially on The Cure Reddit where I got multiple accounts banned for harassment for merely explaining how the business works from my perspective. Maybe one of those folks can answer this simple question, if I don't even qualify for housing anymore, why should I care what someone spends on a concert ticket? Or better yet, will anyone in Glendale or Burbank, California who bought their house 2010 or earlier sell it to me for what they paid? The worst is thinking of life without teeth because after three decades of neglect, once I hit the tipping point I was able to go to the dentist I liked and say do what you gotta do then just paid the bill. Still my biggest splurge, spending more than my Ireland and Finland trips combined. So what if you spent $40 more than me for a pair to Dancing With The Stars.
Right now if it's not The Cure, Taylor Swift or K-Pop, pretty much everything is $10 or so day of show. Prices fall so hard, so fast I am legitimately worried brokers will start going bankrupt and stop bulk harvesting inventory leading to the collapse of the secondary market and Ticketmaster might actually become an almost monopoly.
For those of you still looking for tickets, keep in mind there is no guest list and Robert Smith is personally handling sales to friends and family but god forbid any of Bob's friends have to pay a very fair price to see this show, and anything still unsold goes back to Ticketmaster and even the box office day of show where my friends were getting Garden Boxes out the window for all three shows.
Enough about tickets, now that the cat is out of the bag how I funded my all concerts all the time lifestyle for so long, I hope to tell that story someday. The secondary market is not what you think it is. And with the exception of Ebaying my Inland Invasion 2003 ticket for rent money because I couldn't get a ride, I have never sold a single ticket for The Cure. For more on that subject I highly recommend the Bob Lefsetz podcast interviews with both Ticketmaster founder Fred Rosen and current LiveNation chairman, the aforementioned Michael Rapino who talks a bit about this tour.
Nice to see a few classic Reeves style solos on "A Night Like This" (replacing the sax solo on the original) and "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" especially with the absense of "Wrong Number" and "Yesterday's Gone" in the set. I know they are keeping a dividing wall between his projects but I sometimes wonder how David Bowie's "The Motel" would sound interpreted by this band.
The music itself was nothing short of divinely inspired and perfectly delivered but the backlighting and inefficient use of screens means you can pretty much get a seat anywhere in any building and it won't really matter. Sit in the back row, eat an infused chocolate and enjoy the sights and sounds even if you don't see much of the actual people onstage. I liked the 2016 visuals better with Reevesvision on the left jumbotron all night. Got to hear at least some of my favorites though I have soft spot for my first ever purchase "Wild Mood Swings" but they do play "Want" some nights, if not this one. Got "Disintegration," "A Night Like This," "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" as well as many yet to be released songs that are meant more than sending people to the loo or for more underpriced merchandise. Robert Smith believes in them enough to put them in the set every night and should be given the same attention as the classics you, if not me, grew up with. He still takes his craft seriously in addition to the business.
There are likely better recordings, even of the same night, and as is often the case this serves as more of a vehicle to tell my story than just kicking another show out there for the obsessive compulsives to put on a soon to crash hard drive without ever hearing.
I was planning on going the last night and splurge on a garden box if possible but I did have a free show by Kara Jackson on my calendar and though I had yet to hear a note, I sampled a song and decided to save myself the cash. It was worth it to spend, but the Bowl is just a bit too much to deal with three nights in one week. Foot, car, shuttle, there is just no easy way to get out of there.
And I will leave you with a link to my most played song by The Cure, which would likely blow at least a mind or two if it returns to the set.

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2023.05.30 02:48 sheppyshleppy Should I add/cut any experiences for my app?

Hey all! Just took the MCAT on Friday (5/26 gang), and I'm wrapping up my app this week, hopefully shooting for an early-bird submission! As a non-trad, I was hoping to get some feedback on my current EC list!
-Medical Scribe, ED (100 hrs, 1000+ expected)
-Shadowing (60 hrs between Urgent Care, Radiology, and Plastic Surgery)
-Research Assistant/Associate, Cancer Diagnostics (6000 hrs)
-Resident Assistant, Junior and Senior Year (1000 hrs)
-Hospital Volunteer (30 hrs, Neurology Dept)
-Biology Lab TA (150 hrs)
-College Research (350 hrs, investigating Tau protein aggregation in mice hippocampal cells, followed by separate project investigating chemotaxis of S. aureus in neural cells.)
-Art Director and Counselor, LoveLA (1200hrs over two summers, inner-city youth outreach program where I created a summer art curriculum as part of providing a safe environment for kids in underserved communities)
-Eagle Scout (Still involved, earned in 2016)
-Wilderness Backpacking (1000+ miles across California and the West Coast, summited Mt. Baldy (13,000 ft), and continue to lead small trips for Scout troops)
-Digital and Traditional painting (Definitely more a hobby, but I minored in Art during college, and do commissions when I have the time! I was convinced I'd be a concept artist for games through highschool.)
-Creative writing (Self-published poetry content creator on Instagram. I also have written fantasy, and ran a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for many years in college.)

Let me know what you think. And good luck to all you future-doctors!
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2023.05.30 02:47 th4er Any advice or resources on how to make a musical conlang?

I’m not a conlanger(yet) but I’m very interested in language and linguistics and am a hobbyist musician.
I encountered a language called Solresol which was pretty interesting to me, however, it’s incomplete and many mistakes were made in its creation as I read from many conlangers(and Jan Misali of course).
Do any of you have any resources or advice on how to take on a project of making a musical conlang? I would be starting from 0 however as my knowledge of language itself is quite limited(beyond the 4 that I speak).
Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.30 02:34 Beneficial_Sir_725 Finalizing School List - Please Help!

Stats: 4.0 GPA, 516 MCAT
ORM; NJ resident
~1,500 clinical hours through EMT, volunteer and paid + good LOR
~400 clinical hours through volunteering at nursing home; award for involvement
~1,500 non-clinical service hours as COO and co-founder of a nonprofit focused on addressing disparities in community health education, org has grown a lot and made a nice impact
~1,500 leadership hours: president of two student organizations (one that I co-founded; both are tied into my clinical experiences), RA, TI, intern for nonprofit related to clinical volunteering, etc.
~2,500 hours research + 1 4th author publication + thesis project with 2 awards + poster presentations + great PI LOR
~75 hours of shadowing
Taking 1 gap year to do part-time research and part-time patient care tech
My MCAT is definitely low for the top medical schools as an ORM, but again thinking about shooting my shot to more holistic ones. I also tried to do a decent amount of research on mission fit and in-state bias when narrowing down the list. Let me know of any other mid/low tier schools I should add... I would be comfortable applying to up to 45 schools. I feel super shaky with this list lol. Thank you!!
  1. Johns Hopkins University
  2. Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
  3. Duke University School of Medicine
  4. Stanford University School of Medicine
  5. University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine
  6. Yale School of Medicine
  7. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  8. University of Michigan Medical School
  9. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  10. University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzker School of Medicine
  11. University of California, Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine
  12. Emory University School of Medicine
  13. Ohio State University College of Medicine
  14. Case Western Reserve University
  15. Boston University Aram V. Chobanian & Edward Avedisian School of Medicine
  16. University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
  17. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  18. Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
  19. Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  20. University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine
  21. Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  22. USF Health Morsani College of Medicine
  23. Georgetown University School of Medicine
  24. Tufts University School of Medicine
  25. University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  26. Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University
  27. Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
  28. Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
  29. Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  30. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
  31. Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
  32. Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo
  33. Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
  34. Saint Louis University School of Medicine
  35. Drexel University College of Medicine
  36. The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
  37. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
  38. Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University
  39. Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine
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2023.05.30 02:01 empty_rabbit145 Land Development, Entitlements

Hello All, I needed some guidance. How long is the process for a rezone from lower residential density to higher residential density? How long does the tentative map approval process take?
Also, After the tentative map approval, then final map approval comes. How long would it take approximately from Tentative Map Approval to Final Map Approval? Or, can you combine both phases? I am a young engineer and trying to up my knowledge on the whole process.
The projects would be in northern California, Sacramento County area. The number of lots are less than 100.
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2023.05.30 01:18 ZeraoraLightning601 Weekly Lore Update (21/5 - 28/5)

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2023.05.30 00:53 Tvix /r/Imagineering Sidebar FAQ/Wiki - suggestions wanted!

Hi all, I'm interested in putting together a little FAQ/Wiki/Sidebar guide kinda thing. I don't know if we can get it on the sidebapinned (AbsurdAstronaut) but at a minimum I wanted to make a post and keep it updated so that people can refer to in the future.
What I want from you! Any suggestions and information you think would be useful - Interviews / old reddit posts / Themed entertainment organizations / Vendors / Information about Disney (Think first HR Interview) / etc. I'll format what I can into this guide/wiki/FAQ, and if nothing else a comment here might help someone out!
What I want to add: A spreadsheet of job descriptions, requirements, salaries, and when it was last posted (down below in Jobs) - because once a listing is taken down that information is gone. I'll try to keep it updated and add the old jobs I have saved (mostly creative/engineering). If you have any thoughts and suggestions please let me know.
Here is the first pass:
Key People: https://disneyconnect.com/dpep/about-us/
  • Robert Iger (Chief Executive Officer of Disney)
  • Barbara Bouza (President of Imagineering)
  • Josh D'Amaro (Chairperson of Walt Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products)
Key Terms:
  • DPEP: Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products
WDI Social Media
Current Imagineering Projects https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney_Imagineering
Project Location Opening Date
Rogers: The Musical Disney California Adventure June 30, 2023
San Fransokyo Square Disney California Adventure Summer 2023
World of Frozen Hong Kong Disneyland November 2023
Port Everglades Disney Cruise Line November 20, 2023
Journey of Water Epcot Late 2023
Zootopia-themed land Shanghai Disneyland Late 2023
Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Spring 2024
Lighthouse Point Disney Cruise Line June 6, 2024
Disney Treasure Disney Cruise Line July 4, 2024
Tiana's Bayou Adventure Disneyland and Magic Kingdom 2024
New ship Disney Cruise Line August 5, 2025
New ship Disney Cruise Line 2025
World of Frozen Walt Disney Studios Park TBA
Avengers Multiverse Experience Disney California Adventure TBA
Avengers Quinjet Experience Hong Kong Disneyland TBA
Wondrous China Epcot TBA
Avatar Experience Disneyland TBA
FAQ / Relevant posts:
Competitions And Programs:
Themed Entertainment vendors: To be honest scroll through Themed Entertainment Jobs above for a complete list of who is currently hiring. But other notable companies are:
Fan content:
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2023.05.30 00:41 RiotMMO Riot Games' Project F - An Upcoming ARPG In Depth Introduction

Project F Early Development Gameplay
Source: TheRiotMMO
Project F is a research in-development game that will be produced by Riot Games, Inc. The upcoming ARPG is expected to be a PvE action RPG. In other words, a player vs environment action roleplaying game. It appears to be a cooperative action game based in Runeterra, where players can team up against monsters using champions from League of Legends. Project F is isometric, stylized and casual. It seems Project F has been in development for some time. If you’re looking forward to playing it soon and learning more, then read on.

Riot Project F Announced

Interestingly, Project F was never officially announced. We had our first glimpse of Project F during League of Legends’ 10-Year Anniversary Celebration live stream.
10-Year Anniversary Celebration Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends
Beginning at the 32-minute 38-second mark there were a few sequences of Project F gameplay. Granted, it was early development footage of Riot’s Project F. It is important to note, Riot Games intentionally previewed Project F. Project F was not a leak. In fact, Project F has been under wraps for the most part since that very day.

What is Riot Project F?

Project F is an upcoming ARPG set in the world of League of Legends. Actually, set in Runeterra to be more precise. It is a cooperative action game where players control the champions from League of Legends. You will traverse through Runeterra and defeat enemies along your way. Players will get to use iconic and familiar champion abilities that have been established through League of Legends gameplay as well as new abilities too.

Project F Landscape

There will be varying levels of inclination throughout your adventures. Given Project F is an isometric game, the sense of height and depth will be an important design element if Riot wants to make this game a successful as possible. So, throughout your adventures you will have to descend higher terrain on occasion.
You can expect to see familiar landscapes that share a similar art style as League of Legends’. As with many isometric games, such as Lost Ark, Diablo, Path of Exile, etc., the background will contain interesting landscapes while the foreground will feature rich and detailed visuals.
Overall, it appears the art design will showoff bright and beautiful colors. Expect to see the following decorative elements; colorful trees, plants, flowers, roots, large stones plus a variety of terrains. While we aren’t sure yet, it appears players cannot fall off the map.
One feature we find to be a nice touch is the dust from the ground that rises as players jump from heights.

Project F Game FeaturesPing System

It looks as though Project F might feature a ping system. Presumably players can ping locations on the field. Once a location is pinged, a red floating inverted cone will remain at the desired location for a time. Coordinated players can use pings to set focus areas, destinations, and other communicative commands. It could also be that Blitzcrank’s melee abilities inadvertently marks the ground for some unknown reason. Again, we saw early development footage. We expect most of the features to not be fully implemented.

Jumping Over Ledges

Another feature that Project F appears to include is jumping over ledges when traversing through corners of map without terrain. For example, when Ezreal walks forward, there is no terrain under him just a few steps ahead. Just before the ledge, Ezreal leaps over the cliff edge and lands on the other side. It’s unclear whether this will be a player command or our characters will jump over edges by themselves.

Cast Indicators

Project F takes a feature from it’s inspiration League of Legends. Ranged characters will have casting with indicators. It’s not known if the indicators can be turned off or not. Casting indicators are a useful feature. The indicator serves as a projection guide. Players can line up the indicator with their target for improved accuracy.

Friendly Fire

Friendly fire was a feature in the early development build. When a player is in a casting state, it means they are about to use an ability. At this point a cast indicator is visible. Likely only visible to the player casting, if it’s anything like the League of Legends feature. Now, when the player’s indicator intersects with a cooperative teammate, the color of the indicator turns red.
While the friendly fire colored cast indicator is insightful, it brings up more questions than answers. First, maybe it’s possible there are various difficulties in which you can damage your teammates. Second, allies could very well block teammates skill shots, hence the red indicator. Another possibility is while hovered over an ally, you cannot cast your skill shot. All of this is speculative of course. We will provide updates as they come.

Equal Base Movement Speed

From looking at the Project F short clip, we can see each player has the same base move speed. Keep in mind, equal base movement speed may not be the case at launch. Furthermore, it’s possible gear can be equipped and stats or talents can be acquired that affect the champions movement speed. Nonetheless, an equal base movement speed does reinforce the casual nature of Project F.

Project F Early Development Gameplay

Possible Game Features

Boss Fights

We may see boss fights. In the image below, a Project F developer is seen with a reference image on his second monitor. Part of the image showed Wild Rift assets of Varus and Ashe fighting a massive image of the League of Legends item Static Shiv.

Boss Mechanics – Slow Effect

In that same screenshot, the giant Static Shiv appear to emanate a yellow aura outwards up to under the attacking champions’ feet. The yellow aura looks incredibly similar to the slow effect from League of Legends.



On the same map where we have Blitzcrank, Lux, and Ezreal fighting, all three champions can be seen fooling around a campfire. There are no enemies present. Furthermore, they appear to be at a dead end with only one direction to go….into the forest. In the meantime, the players are running around and using abilities around this empty campfire area. Perhaps this starting area can serve as a communication hub amongst teammates before they begin their quest or journey. Alternatively, these checkpoints could be scattered throughout zones in order to let players rest, change armor, tools, loadouts, or reestablish their strategy.

Champions in Riot’s Project F

We know of at least three playable champions in Project F. The following champions include, Blitzcrank, Lux, and Ezreal. Below includes a brief overview of the mentioned champions for those unfamiliar with the League of Legends champion roster.


Blitzcrank is a support-style tank. In the world of Runeterra, he a a mechanical golem dedicated to protecting Zaun from harm and supporting its citizens.
In League of Legends, he uses powerful lightning infused mechanical forces to subdue, retract, and stun foes for his allies. Meanwhile, he soaks up and blocks damage effectively for his teammates.


Lux is a support-style mage. In Runeterra, Lux is an aristocrat from Demacia with the ability to manipulate light. Unfortunately, Demacia prejudice against mages.
While playing League of Legends, Lux possessing offensive and defensive magical abilities that can stun and damage enemies and shield allies.


Ezreal ranged damage dealer. According to the lore, Ezreal was born by wealthy Piltovan archeologists. Ezreal now explores foreign lands and uses his powerful yet mysterious Shuriman gauntlet to defeat his adversaries.
Gameplay wise, Ezreal is a ranged short-ranged damage with good mobility including short teleports.

Project F Champion Abilities

In the snippet, we saw several champion abilities adapted from League of Legends. At the same time, there were a number of innovative abilities that fit with the theme of the respective champions. It’s worth mentioning the champion auto attacks have a low cooldown.


Blitzcrank Fan Art

  1. Blitzcrank uses both fists to attack foes directly in front of him
  2. Blitzcrank begins with a wide left hook and then a wide right hook to damage enemies directly in front of him.
  3. Finally, Blitzcrank leaps into the air, extends his arms and and smashes the ground doing damage doing damage in a radius around him.


Lux Fan Art


Ezreal Fan Art

Possible Champions in Riot Project F

During the League of Legends 10-Year Anniversary stream, a developer had a reference page on his second monitor. It appeared to be two League of Legends champions outside of the traditional League game environment. In fact, is looked like a rudimentary Project F environment based on the ground particles seen in the anniversary video. Although, the screenshot of Varus and Ashe were assets from Wild Rift along with Wild Rift user interface. In the frame, you could see Varus and Ashe attacking a large massive image of the League item Static Shiv. Presumably the image of static shiv was a placeholder image for a boss.
Moreover, there was a clip in the video where Lulu was being designed for Project F in Unreal Engine. This Lulu was distinguished from the Lulu in League of Legends. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude, Lulu was at the least being designed in the early development stage.
Therefore, it is possible Varus and Ashe could be in Project F.

Possible Champion: Lulu

In-development Lulu
Lulu is a yordle from Bandle City. Specifically she is fae sorceress. While wandering in Runeterra she befriended a fairy named Pix. We she delighter to find many of her newfound abilities remained while back in Bandle City.
During gameplay, Lulu is a ranged support champion. He has a lot of crowd control and can provide her allies with buffs such as shields, increased health and movement speed.

Possible Champion: Ashe

Ashe is an Iceborn Warmother. She is from an inhospitable norther region called the Freljord. She leads the Avarosans, which is one of the three major tribes of the Freljord.
In League of Legends, is a ranged damage dealer, known as an ADC (attack damage carry). Ashe also features support features in her kit, such as slows, and revealing fog of war for the team.

Possible Champion: Varus

Varus used to be a magically ascended hunter from Shurima ages ago. After the loss of their king, his kind had succumb to insanity and blood magic, becoming Darkin and wreaking havoc on Runeterra. The Darkin were imprisoned in their weapons by the Aspects. Accordingly, Varus in his bow. Two Ionian men relinquished Varus. Now Varus consists of a Darkin and two men who resist his every more.
Varus is an ADC, with a mix of attack and magical damage.

Classes in Project F

Several League of Legends champions will be designed in Project F. We also know Project F is an action roleplaying game with a cooperative option. With the brief gameplay in mind, each champion will be unique. As a result, Project F could implement at the very least a basic class system. This is an role-playing game after all.
For example, Blitzcrank make possess tankier stats such as increased health, resistances, and mitigative abilities.
Next, there could be support classes and mage support classes. If League of Legends is to be reimagined, Lux would fall into the mage-support class type. Also, Lulu would belong to the support-mage class type.
Another class would be ranged damage dealers. Naturally, Ezreal and Varus would belong to this category.
We’ve yet to see a brawler, or physical fighting class type. Would would an Action RPG be without one. It would be interesting to see champions such as Darius, Garen, Tryndamere, Olaf and others of the like fit this role.
It’s possible Assassins could be a class in Project F. We have a ton of them in League already. Assassins champions that come to mind include, Nocturne, Evelyn, Talon, and Fizz.

Who is Working on Project F?

We currently know of one Riot employees working on Project F.

Kate Chironis

We believe Kate Chironis is the design director for Riot Games’ Project F, the upcoming ARPG. If so, then she started the early development of Project F when there were only three designers. Here’s what Kate had to say.
I helped bootstrap a new game as one of three early designers on the project. I focused on core game loop, player systems, the fundamental building blocks of enemies/encounters/AI, and helping establish the initial vision for several different types of content in the game. I prototyped heavily during this time period to “find the fun” in UE4/Blueprint.Kate - LinkedIn
It’s likely the quote from Kate refers to Project F because in the League Anniversary from October 2019, we can see Kate working on Project F.

Riot Project F Release Date

We’re not sure when Riot Project F will release. Even Kate Chironis, a likely Project F employee said she’s unsure of the release date.

I am optimistic that players will get to see it, but I don’t know when.
Kate Chironis – Twitter

Nonetheless, we can speculate the game have a trailer, gameplay or other public media in late 2024. Remember, Project F likely began around pre-development in May 2022. This is based on Kate’s start date at Riot Games from her LinkedIn experience. In the experience description she describes work that lines up with Project F. Furthermore, 17 months later, Riot showed an early development of Project F where Kate was actively iterating.


Let’s summarize what we know about Riot Project F, the in-development ARPG. Project F appears to be non-canon. We saw three unrelated champions fighting alongside each other. Specifically, Ezreal, Blitzcrank, and Lux generally do not interact in canon lore. Ezreal is from Piltover, explores Shurima. Lux is from Demacia, and Blitzcrank is bound to Zaun as far as we know. To have all three of them fighting alongside a common enemy defies canon lore.
Also, Project F looks to be a casual friendly game. We believe it would make a great party/couch game. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this game became available for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. Project F does not appear to be graphically intensive. It comes off as a nice coop couch game you’d play on the weekends with friends.
Project F will be created in Unreal Engine. We’re unsure whether it’s Unreal Engine 5 or 4. We can expect to play as several champions such as, Blitzcrank, Lux, Ezreal, Lulu and likely more.
Stay tuned for more updates on Riot’s upcoming Project F.

Source: TheRiotMMO
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