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sex is for civil discussions pertaining to education, advice, and discussion of your sexuality and sexual relationships. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. There is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CREEPY OR HARASSING BEHAVIOR HERE — in posts, comments, messages, or any other contributions. No exceptions.

2023.06.09 04:05 Tr1gg3rH4ppy It's the end of the world as we know it. Third-party apps are shutting down.

I'm not sure how many of you use third-party apps but they really are great and reddit has decided to charge so much for them that many are going to shut down. In response and/or in an effort to make reddit change course, there is a site wide shutdown (going private) of many subreddits starting June 12th and last a few days.
Will SLCTrees go private? Possibly. I primarily use RIF. I do most of my moderating from it. I only use the website when I need to set up scripts for automod (which will also be affected). It's going to make moderating close to impossible. Going private indefinitely would be the easiest way to moderate. I'd rather not do that. But, options are limited.
What do you all think? Should we go private in solidarity? What are your thoughts on going private indefinitely (each user needs to be approved)?
I'm also considering starting a discord/telegram/or something on another platform to open up other avenues for Utah ents. Not just reddit. Thoughts?
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2023.06.09 04:05 Ninjawolf0007 Will r/knitting join the hundreds of other communities that are going dark to protest the API changes?

Reddit is looking to change their API which will negatively impact almost every single community at both the individual level for those that use 3rd party apps and at the mod level for communities that use automation in their moderating service.
This link ( provides more information and the constantly growing list of communities that are participating in this blackout protest can be found in Modcoord.
Some communities have already gone dark and other crafting related communities are joining the API protest.
I'm not trying to drag the mods of this subreddit when I say this: like others have pointed out on my previous post here, it's not a great look that the mods have not released any statement on the matter. Nor have they introduced any polls asking about how we feel as community regarding this upcoming protest.
Any official statement or poll would have been helpful in alerting this community as well as helping us feel heard.
I truly believe that knitting should show solidarity with our other communities and join in the protest on June 12th and 13th with regards to the API changes. With the addition that if reddit doesn't alter their stance on the API changes, knitting could go dark indefinitely like many communities already have or are prepared to do.
I know that sounds drastic, and scary because none of us want to lose our community. But the best way we can ensure the security, safety, and comfort of our community is by showing up for others, even if that means going dark for a while.
And so, my question is: will the mods of knitting join the hundreds of other communities that are going dark to protest the API changes? And if not, will the community members themselves make this commitment?
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2023.06.09 04:05 spillmybrain Loss of community.

I’ve lived in this same neighborhood my whole life. It’s lower class, a little raunchy but an overall lively place to live. I love it here… but lately it’s changing so fast. There is SO MUCH new development, rent is skyrocketing and people are being pushed out of their homes. Over the course of the last few years, so many snobby people have moved here and fixed up the houses.. which isn’t what I’m complaining about in this post. The thing I don’t like most is that they’re pushing for a very HOA style, no noise, everyone’s yard looks the same type neighborhood. For some ppl I’m sure that’s great, but the newer neighbors have called the cops on kids for riding their bikes too late at night, called code enforcement on people for having cars parked on their lawns etc. I get it If you want YOUR yard to look a certain way, go ahead.. but trying to control someone else’s property because the car parked in the yard is too much of an “eyesore” for you??? Cmon man. This neighborhood IS an eyesore and you knew that when you moved here!!! Anyways, one thing that upset me most though is that we had to stop the block parties. My neighborhood used to hold block parties in this big empty field every year, everyone would bring food, lawn chairs and just hang out, listen to music, dance and socialize ..but a year or two ago it stopped. Too many people had to move somewhere cheaper, some people didn’t want to do it anymore because a noise complaint was filed at the last party… BUT this year they built a Charley’s restaurant in the field where we’d have the party, so the parties are gone forever. Idk the great community and culture this neighborhood once had is fleeting and it makes me so sad. Some people might not understand how I’m feeling and that’s okay. Everybody deserves their space in this world, even the people who like cars parked in their yard, low rent and loud music.
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2023.06.09 04:05 LuigiMPLS I know it's been brought up before, but can we talk about reaper tasks?

I know it's been brought up being able to toggle off getting reaper tasks for boss logs you have completed, similar how you can toggle off skills you get to 99/120 for daily challenges. This makes sense, but I can understand why it hasn't been implemented because once you finish a decent amount of easy logs you can force reapers that give more points than others.
I completely understand not being able to block tasks you might consider too difficult for your skill/equipment level. You take the hit/penalty of getting less reaper points for skipping tasks. That's fair. There's a penalty for rerolling for a chance at a more favorable reaper task. Makes total sense.
What doesn't makes sense is rerolling what could be a very under leveled challenge you've already completed in hopes you get something more favorable then end up getting something even worse that you've also completed. I'm not saying you should get a better task for free, but you should be able to earn the ability to limit the pool that tasks are chosen from over time.
Suggestion: Give you the opportunity to have the ability to block tasks for bosses you have completed the log on. However, there should be restrictions on how many/how these bosses can be blocked from being assigned.
  1. You can only block tasks for bosses you have unlocked the title for (completed the log including pet). I feel like this is the base level restriction people have been asking for. I feel like this is the bog standard of what players have been asking for.
  2. You unlock a block slot similar to blocking slayer tasks, but instead of unlocking the block slot via Quest Points, you can block that boss from being assigned by completing reaper tasks. I.E for every 100 reaper tasks completed, you unlock one slot. In this case, 100 is being assigned as an arbitrary number that could be adjusted to whatever is fair and not overpowered. This limits you by only being able to block 1 boss from being assigned (granted you have the full log for it) every 3+ months if you do your soul reaper task every single day. Being able to block a lot of easy bosses really quickly would be way too over powered and has to be time locked in some fashion.
  3. Limit the maximum number of slots you can unlock. As of now (if my counting is correct) there's 38 different soul reaper tasks you can get assigned given that you don't have group/skilling bosses disabled via the settings (28 if you disable both). Hypothetically speaking, if you had 15 available slots, and you wanted to block 15 different bosses you completed the logs of (if you even have that many), it would take over 4 years to accumulate 1500 completed reaper tasks doing them every single day. Granted 15 slots is a lot in regards to an average player and how many boss logs they have completed, but it still limits those going for golden reaper from having an advantage. We can have less slots you can unlock. Once again the number of slots is an arbitrary number offered as an example that could be adjusted.
  4. Just like blocking slayer tasks, blocking reaper tasks would require reaper points to unlock. This is where I feel like it's an appropriate sacrifice, but I don't have an arbitrary number to throw out. You are sacrificing what could be cashed out in monetary value in exchange for convenience. Is it 100 reaper points? Is it 300 reaper points? Essentially forfeiting an incomplete hydrix for the chance to block a boss you've finished and don't want to kill again. Is 1000 reaper points valid? I'm open to suggestions.
All the numbers presented in this suggestion were not meant to be considered the end all, be all of this idea. If you would like these ideas implemented, but the numbers changed, raised/lowered, why/why not, please share. They were just presented to open up discussion about the idea of these type of suggestions to be implemented and I'm welcoming to be told why I'm wrong or these numbers aren't feasible.
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2023.06.09 04:05 JokeElegant4806 Funny but not ynnuf

Hello. I just want to share my story cause I've been very devastated with myself lately. I've been wondering what's wrong with me or am I not enough for someone. So here's what happened, I had a mutual relationship with my classmate. We never had an official label maybe because it's not the right time yet. And he's ngsb so he doesn't have any experiences with women which is total opposite for me. But I'm single for like 4 years already. So everything's happened quickly. I'm comfortable with him, we're clingy to each other. We actually kissed many times na rin. Ff, since the classes were already ended. We're now in an LDR but we do calls naman, even SOP lol. So in my mind, I'm very contented na sa kanya after everything that we've been through. Just to share din, nagkawalaan din kami before for like a month because of busy sched but eventually naman ay naayos din. Not until lately, nag-open ako about how he let me feel like hinahayaan nya ako pag cold ako. I undestand naman na hindi sya sanay manuyo ganun. And after hearing his side, I understand na kung san sya nanggagaling or how he truly feels. So I tried to fix us.
But in the end, he said na baka hindi sya ang lalaking para sa akin. And the standards na sinet ko ay hindi sya pasok dun. He asked for a space but I think, he already ended it. So when I clarify it to him, sabi nya better if we remain as friends daw which totally broke my heart cause I don't want it and I badly want our relationship to work. But, I had no choice. After that, we never had any communication agad. I feel like I'm a stranger to him na. He didn't check me or ask if kamusta ako. So sa akin, bakit ganun kadali sa kanya na tapusin lahat as if nothing happened between us? :(
I'm not good at story telling but I hope na may makaintindi ng story ko. I've been with failed situationship before I met him that's why I told myself na I don't want us to end. Lmao.
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2023.06.09 04:04 bbobb141 PC just randomly turning off and bootloop HELP PLS :(

So I've had my pc for coming up to 3 years now and just recently about a month ago I've started experiencing my pc just shutting off randomly at times and then restarting no matter what I'm doing. It has happened while playing warzone, war thunder, rocket league, watching YouTube videos/movies, and even when I'm literally not doing anything except sitting on the desktop idle. Now I have a pretty bad computer knowledge but I know a little basics so I've put my basic specs down below but if anyone needs more info let me know what you need to help me out.
The reason I'm making this post is that today I was watching a Youtube video after getting home from work and my pc shut off but this time it didn't turn back on automatically. So I pushed power button and ending up getting stuck in a bootloop where the startup repair kept failing. Now I thought I was doomed but I ended up fixing this with a method from a youtube video using the command prompt and putting these commands
c: dir cd \windows\system32\config MD backup copy *.* backup CD regback dir copy *.* .. A Exit
For now it's working well but I know inevitably it'll probably happen again and I'm scared it'll eventually just potato out so I was just tryna grasp what is going wrong here maybe something I downloaded and installed or is this just a common thing that ends up happening to Windows PC's. Also was kind of curious as how me putting those commands in the prompt ended up fixing it and what they actually mean. The only thing I don't think it is from reading a little bit is that many articles state if your pc overheats it'll cut the power but I've been check the temp thru task manager and it never exceeds like 70F and on the off chance it is that well I would understand why it happens when playing a game or maybe even watching a video but the fact its shut off randomly while I'm just idle on the desktop is puzzling. Also I have 3 fans so that leads me to believe its not a temp issue.
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable)
ANYTHING INFO HELPS I'm just curious to learn why this happens not sure if anyone knows but mainly all videos and forums I've read it just shows a solution but not why and the curiosity is taking over. Also the randomly turning off shit is annoying as HELL especially when I'm mid game and the squad is relying on me.

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2023.06.09 04:04 GloriousBand 29 and just getting by

I don’t see how anyone does this thing called life. It’s so fucked up in so many ways. Everything is so dysfunctional - even myself.
I once was a happy child. Free and unburdened. But somewhere along the line, I lost that immer spark of joy in myself. That inner light that let me feel like life was worth something.
Now I look out my window - clouds of thick smoke from a world literally on fire, the air poisonous to breath - and I think: where did it all go so wrong?
Depression feels a lot like drowning silently. A pain you keep inside because you learned that nobody wants authenticity - they just want whatever mask makes them ignore the unpleasant realities.
And how we lie - to each other and to ourselves - going through this farcical charade, dancing to music no one can hear but everyone pretends is playing.
God help me I’m so jaded and sad. Worn down and weary . It was never suppose to be this way.
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2023.06.09 04:04 Altruistic-Aide-8312 Do you think that, had there been time, there would have been an episode in which the group would have gone into Luz's mind?

Perhaps the Hexsquad and Camila would have journeyed into Luz's mind to find an answer to a problem they had or to figure out how to help Luz. Maybe Amity would have found out about Luz's plan to stay in the Human Realm, and everyone would have found out about the Philip Wittebane incident. There are so many things this could have resolved and/or answered, guess we can only imagine.
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2023.06.09 04:04 xRilae Just ranting. So hard to feel things just out of your grasp...

Just ranting. My youngerish (73) and very physically healthy Aunt is in hospice for Alzheimer's. Essentially checked herself into a geri-psych (we needed to get the recent outbursts/halicinations under control so she could move to a memory care facility), and she left 5 weeks later on a gurney doped up on morphine and moved to hospice, with "maybe 2 weeks." It felt like getting hit in the face with a sack of bricks. It's been 3 weeks, and things are still pretty status quo. She's fell out of bed twice trying to get up but because shes so physically healthy, wasn't injured at all. (She's at hospice in the memory care room we were expecting to be spending time in, and memory care places cannot put rails on the bed, as it's considered a restraint. There is at least someone here 24/7 with her to watch during the day, then at night we move the bed against the wall and my Mom moved the other other bed up against it to prevent this. The first time was the middle of the night and she'd beed largely comatose with the morphine so quite a shock. The 2nd time was after she was flipped and the other bed had to be moved, but we had an arm chair there but it wasn't enough).
Anyways, she asks for water, not so much for food, but if offered she did enjoy some yogurt and such but hospice said that just prolongs things. It's just so frustrating for someone so physically healthy to, what is essentially, starve them to death. I realize it's not the same and you have risks for aspiration and pneumonia (she had not yet shown any dysphagia though). Especially because even though she may not communicate super clearly, it's still "her." She didn't turn mean or lose her kind personality. Even until recently, she enjoyed traveling - would not remember it, but could enjoy being in the moment. I don't know if she knows mine, my Mom's, or my Uncle's names, but I believe there is a level of recognition. She will reach up for hugs, kisses, etc. She never once asked who I was, but did refer to me with my nickname and the tone of voice she always used for me in person as recently as January, and on the phone while she was in the geri-psych. With all the morphine now, no way to know.
I'm well aware there's a level of selfishness on my end. I have heard it many times, the "die with dignity and grace." I have been through this many times with other relatives, but in most cases it was something like cancer where they made the decision to discontinue treatment, and physically, they looked sick. Their body has deteriorated and it was very clear what the right decision was.
I know there's no cure, or even seriously effective treatment. My hope so much was that she could stay stable in memory care, and something really useful in treating would come along in time.
Most frustrating is I spend hours poring over studies about potential helpful treatments. I found several interesting studies about exposure to low-dose radiation that showed improvement in quality of life for end-stage hospice patients with Alzheimer's. Because its just like a CAT scan, it's not invasive to the patient. Like damnit, why can't we just try it? Nothing to lose and all to gain. On the other hand, there are tests where they need to do a spinal tap every week or something, which would not be at all fair to put someone through. It's just so frustrating to think there's something that might help a little, to bridge the gap to a cure for someone who would have many quality years left, but it's just out of my grasp.
I can't help but feel that, sure, just keep doping up with morphine, that's easier. Again, I know it's selfish. When someone's on morphine, they don't appear in agony, which makes it even harder. The "what if's" don't go away. Where does reasonability end and selfishness begin? How do we really knows what's going on? Haven't done scans in at least several years.
This hell is something else.
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2023.06.09 04:03 AlexShadow21 I am so over it

So I started a new position about a week ago, which coming with the territory means training and mistakes are going to be made as I am learning the ropes right?
Well backstory, I have been in the same field for 5 years (hospital nursing), I decide I need more work than my previous position was able to give. Originally 32 hrs a pay period was more than enough to live on, but now not so much so I decided to hunt for atleast 40hrs a pay period. So I find this job and apply and accept the role.
HUGE MISTAKE. I am not even 3 days there, and they throw me to the wolves, alone completely with 40 tasks I have never encountered before in my previous nursing role. I am asking for help, only to be scoffed at and mocked like I am the idiot of the pack. The other nurses speaking in hushed tones about "the new nurse is kind of stupid", writting messages about me in the hospital chatroom (think discord, but for hospital staff to IM eachother). While you may think, "Alex how do you know they are talking about you?" let me tell you the lovellyyy event that occured at lunch my first week.
I was eating lunch outside because the weather is nice, no rain or bad weather in sight, which seems fine right? Wrong. I come in and all the sudden the nurses around me are screaming and making a big deal that I had 2 small blades of grass in my hair as I was laying in the grassy court yard trying to relax my mind a bit. This explodes because 1 nurse then reports me to HR and management and I get written up for "not complying to company standard dress code". Instead of the nurses simply coming to me and being civil saying "hey, you have some grass in your hair, may want to fix it" they report me and have me FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY 5 YEARS AS A NURSE, written up.. I returned to my desk to see all my "coworkers"smirking and asking "what happened" as if playing dumb to not knowing EXACTLY what it was.
I just dont know what to do or where to turn. I regret leaving my previous role every day I return to this godforsaken new position. I have no outlet, as clearly the HR department is only for the people that have been there the longest. I could not even explain my case before that lovely pink notice was flaunted in my face. Whats worse is the company has a 6 month minimum position policy, where I am forced to work this role for 6 months before i am allowed to begin looking for other employment.
I just dont know what to do. In all my years nursing, I have never felt more alone, lost, and hurt. In a mere 3 weeks I started in this position, I have come home crying because the incessant bullying and belittling remarks I receive every shift. Asking for help on new tasks I am not familiar with I receive eye rolls and scoffs of attitude, many times followed by "how long have you worked here? you dont know this? -_-" I just want to scream..clearly I dont know or i would not be asking.
Its come to the low point that my alarm goes off and I have to tell myself not to cry. I just do not think time is going to make this position easy..the people and honestly the over all aura in the building feels like a toxic miasma.
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2023.06.09 04:03 Shot-Midnight-8624 Halibut unreasonably chewy

Redditor wisdom, help me.
I had some halibut nigiri today, it was a special. It was unreasonably chewy. Not tough necessarily, but no amount of chewing seemed to break it up into a swallow-able bite. In fact, I choked a bit on it.
I’ve had halibut many times, and this has never been my experience. Worried for the reputation of the chef, I brought it up to him and got the response “caught today, cut 20 min ago. Too fresh for you. You like it 2-3 days old.”
Which, honestly was really embarrassing for me. I felt like he was saying I prefer and am used to old fish. But honestly, this was too chewy to eat. Like 5 times the chew of octopus, but without the toughness.
I was able to find some stuff online that I think is relevant. that halibut tail (engawa) caught off the coast of California can be chewy, can have serious rigor mortis and is usually aged a couple days. This info is unconfirmed and pieced from inferences, so I don’t know how reliable it is.
So sushi lovers of Reddit, what was up with my halibut, and was I the asshole out of line and ignorant?
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2023.06.09 04:02 andravet93 I lost my cat last Sunday

I lost my little Lucy last week on Sunday. I've only had her and her brother Leo for a year, and my partner and I have formed such a bond with them. Having lost family cats over the years to the outside world, I wanted to keep them safe, so every night I would call them in for dinner and they would be kept in for the night, and they would spend most of the night on our bed, cuddling. Most mornings we would wake up to Lucy sitting on our chest, purring her little heart out, waiting for us to wake up. While slightly annoying, this little habit brought us so much joy.
I just so desperately wanted to keep our cats safe while still allowing them to enjoy the outside. I bring them in at 4.30/5 every night before it gets dark so they can't get up to any cat shenanigans, however that night Lucy was in a mood and really did not want to come in. The last time I saw her was at 6pm, when I tried to get her to come in. We waited with the door open until midnight. We were getting worried, as Lucy doesn't stray far from home and she always comes in eventually, as she's a real homebody. We looked for her so many times that night and all the next day, calling her and driving up and down the road. Our anxiety was pretty high at this point, as it was just so unlike her. We were hoping she simply got lost as it was very windy that night she went missing. I went out to look for her once the wind died down, and all it took was simply glancing at the neighbours flower bed to see her little body nestled within the weeds. Rigor Mortis had long set in and her eyes were glassy with no obvious injuries. The fact that she had not come in all night and day, meant that she had probably been hit by a car and passed soon after I last saw her at 6pm and tried to get her in and she had died alone in the cold that previous evening. When I saw her body, my heart broke because we had simply walked passed her so many times and not spotted her. I picked up her stiff little body and ran inside, screaming for my partner. We frantically got her brother inside and showed him her. He nuzzled her and gave her some licks, and my heart just broke even more than before. My worst nightmare came true and it still does not feel real. I can't believe she's gone. She was such a perfect little angel, with the cutest and most gorgeous face and personality. We loved to give her little face and nose kisses because she would make this adorably angry face that made us laugh.
She deserved so much more. She deserved a long life with us and her brother, enjoying the comforts of endless love and attention and security. I failed my little Lucy. I failed to keep her safe from the world. I knew better than to let them outside during the day, but I just thought that keeping them inside at night would stop her from developing road confidence, and because she never strayed far, and I never ever even saw her get close to the road or even on the footpath she would be safe. But I was wrong, and sweet Lucy paid the price for my poor decisions. I feel so sick. I am traumatised and all I see in my head is her little body lying in that garden, all that personality and life gone, her vibrant green eyes faded. The fact that she died alone and in the cold absolutely kills me. No animal deserves that. I have kept her brother inside from when I found her, because I can't knowingly let him outside now. My partner and I are heartbroken and devastated that we have lost our little girl to a preventable tragedy, and we feel sick that she had to pay the price for us to see our mistake.
We will do our absolute best to make sure Leo has the best quality of life now, because he's all that matter nows. But everytime I look at him, all I see now is that his sister who he was bonded to is gone, and I am so worried how he is going to cope. We are going away for 2 weeks at the end of the month, and they were going to the cattery, but now he will be alone. He will be alone for the first time in his entire life, with no brave and confident sister to give him comfort and safety.
We just feel so so gutted and heartbroken, and it is so hard to move on every day, when everything in this house reminds us of her and how we failed her. We are questioning every single decision we made that day.
It is so so so hard, and there is not many people around me who understand the absolute devastation of a loss like this. I am so lucky that I have a partner who feels the exact same way, and I know this subreddit can probably relate to this. I had to get this out, I am just going so crazy keeping it inside and it is too hard to verbalise and talk about 😢
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2023.06.09 04:02 HisokaMorro A mindset to INSTANTLY bring you closer to your goals.

How often do you fall short of set goals? How many times do you tell yourself "This time I'll be dedicated"? How often are you left disappointed with the results? The problem isn't the goals you set, it's the lack of lifestyle change. We often get too focused on the overall goal, not the small habits required by a goal. Every day we take steps in a direction, no matter what we do. Setting good habits will result in growth while bad habits will result in regression. If you could shift your daily focus to getting 1% better at the habits that are required by your goals, you'd witness growth by the end of the week, month, and year. What daily habits do your goals require?
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2023.06.09 04:01 qazxsw134679 My life sucks and I don't know what to do.

Hi all,
To start, I'm currently in college, which poses two issues. One being that I can't seem to stay motivated for many of my classes and have already failed or dropped several (I finished my freshman year in May). I don't want my parents finding out because they have both had successful college careers, and I hate thinking about how much I would disappoint them. I've had a whole plan and everything for after college, but now I'm wondering if I should completely shift lanes (trade, community, etc.), which I also don't want to do in fear of disappointing my parents. The OTHER issue which being in college poses is that I've met someone. I consider her to be my best friend in the world. Before college, I never had great access to meeting new people or making friends (long story short, tiny-ass middle-high school and no extracurriculars), and with that, I've never had any romantic success, besides two dates that didn't go anywhere. I've never had a partner and never kissed anyone. So this girl: I've basically fallen head-over-heels for her, and I've never been in love with anyone, I've just liked people before, but she's so different, yet I'm about 90% sure the feelings aren't mutual. If I confess how I feel, I'm horrified at our friendship being ruined, which I hate just thinking about because besides being in love with her, it's genuinely a ton of fun just being friends.
Here are some miscellaneous issues: I have very low confidence/self-esteem. I hate how I look and most of the time I think of myself as a huge loser. My birthday is in a few days and I don't want any part of it to be some big hullabaloo. I just want it to be quiet and uneventful, partly because that's what I'm used to due to never having many friends at a time, as well as being a ginormous introvert. And yes, I've gone to therapy, and maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it just doesn't seem to help at all. The only two things that seem to help me feel better are my dog and sometimes my music. If you've read all of this, thank you. I'd really appreciate anything anyone might have to say.
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2023.06.09 04:01 throwaway99999889 Would there be a reason to have both a desktop Mac and a MacBook? How does it work for you guys?

Hi there, I’ve recently got an m2 pro Mac mini and love it quite a lot! It’s my first Mac since 2016 after many years of using windows.
Prior to getting a Mac I have an iPhone, Watch as well as an iPad mini 6 that’s replacing a lot of the on the go type things I do.
I have a stationary desk at work (that’s a windows setup) so the only time I find myself using my own computer is at my desk at home.
I don’t find myself being that on the go outside of work, but the sheer beauty of the m2 star light MacBook Air is speaking to me Lmao.
I keep having the nagging feeling that if I find myself travelling, it might be a burden to carry a Mac mini with me? Granted it’s the most portable desktop available, I’m wondering how some of you fare having both a laptop and a desktop Mac and what your use cases are?
I’m past the point of swapping it over, since I need that power for the work i do at my desk and don’t want to have a laptop rotting in clamshell mode yknow?
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2023.06.09 04:00 heatwaves16 How much do I take

I need to know in teaspoons how much will get me high I’m 103 lbs and 5”2 also can I drink it instead of eating ground nutmeg. Also how long does it take for it to kick in and how long does the high last and what is it like to trip on it? Sorry for asking so many questions I’m curious it’s my first time
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2023.06.09 04:00 NoPresentation419 My squirrel died today and I just needed somewhere to write

My cat brought home a two week old baby grey on the first of September last year. He was in terrible shape and I knew nothing about squirrels. I didn't think he would last the night. The toes of one back foot became horribly infected and fell off (a week or two later.) His other leg was permanently dislocated. He was profoundly bruised up. I was so out of my element and just intended to be with him until he passed, because every creature deserves that. But he made it through that night and I vowed I would do my best to make sure he had the best and longest life I could give him. I spent so much time scouring the internet to find out how to keep him alive. And I managed to do just that. There were many nights I thought were his last. The time I switched his formula too quickly and he had severe diarrhea. The time he had just began being able to roam on his own and took a swim in the toilet. The time he fell from really far up a tree. But in between all those times I cried my eyes out thinking I had failed him, he thrived. He became so special to me. He loved to eat, and play, and have his favorite spot scratched to the point he would lick the air if he couldn't reach my hand. He would play peek a boo, and jump from one arm to the other, and eat his snacks happily on my knee. As he grew up, I knew I couldn't keep him forever. He wasn't meant to live in a house, where I had to figure out ways to keep my dogs and cats and child away from him while still giving them the attention they needed too. No, I knew he needed to live outside where he belonged and loved to be. The day came when a new dog showed up and I realized dumping season was upon us which meant it was even more dangerous for him to be outside. I live in a neighborhood where there are so many cats and dogs just dumped by terrible people who abandon their pets. So I took my beautiful little squirrel friend to my parent's house just a few minutes away, out of a neighborhood and into a pecan orchard. I came over every day to visit. He was so incredibly happy. Today I found him, half under a shovel that had fallen onto him and severed his spine. This time he really has met his end. This time it really is over. I keep trying to tell myself at least he died living, and not stuck in a cage watching the world go by, but I feel like I failed my little friend, and I am profoundly sad to have lost him.
submitted by NoPresentation419 to squirrels [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:00 AutoModerator The r/KDRAMA GUIDE -- Info, Resources, FAQs, and More

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2023.06.09 04:00 Eco-Uday Smart Home Automation – Home Automation Features

In this post we try to explain the important home automation features simply, and how can we change our houses to smart by add small things.
With the fast-paced world we live in, smart homes have been growing in popularity ever since their origination in 1966. It was Jim Sutherland (a Westinghouse engineer) who invented the world’s first home automation device.
The device, called the ECHO IV, was designed to control temperature and appliances. It was also created to manage the input and retrieval of notes, recipes, and shopping lists.
Since then, home automation has taken the world by storm, and there are now a nearly-infinite number of things you can do with an automated home.
From voice controlled windows, taps and fans to playlists and pet feeding devices, smart home automation is as futuristic as it gets.
The convenience of a smart home is what attracts people to the lifestyle, with automated home features making for an efficient use of time.
There are even cooking utensils, appliances, clocks and curtains that will respond to verbal commands if automated. Imagine waking up in the morning and ordering your home to perform in the way you feel at that very moment.
If you can envision that, you can imagine the empowering feeling that would accompany you in a smart home.
Smart home automation simply refers to the digitally automated products that can be controlled around the house.
This is typically done via voice command, but can also be programmed to respond to buttons or even clapping. Some automated products, like lamps for example, are uncomplicated devices that are relatively affordable.
On the other hand, products such as surveillance cameras might involve more of an investment. There are so many different smart home products, so let’s jump right in and take a closer look at what the most popular ones are all about.
submitted by Eco-Uday to HappyEcoFriendly [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:00 ThrowRaNoPension7955 My fiancé (32F) and I (29M) are on the verge of breaking up after a 9 year relationship

I (29M) have been in a relationship with my fiance(32F) for 9 years now. Our relationship started out fine but ended up being a long distance relationship after 1 year. We made it work for 2 years and on the 3rd, we broke up due to differences in where we should live and be in the future long term. After a year of not being together we got back together after meeting at a wedding and have been together for 5 years since. These last 5 years were also a struggle since she is from Toronto and I am from New York especially during covids peak months and dealing with travel restrictions. Luckily, after covid eased up and due to remote work, I have been able to live in Toronto for about 2 years. We got engaged in 2022 and now about to breakup in 2023.
The issue itself as with many long distance relationships is the travel/decision on where to settle down at. Initially, I have been ok with being in Toronto but after 2 years of being here, I realized I'd prefer to be in NY. This is due to several reasons, like career opportunities, friends and family and just the comfort of NY seeing that it's the place where I grew up.
We have had about 3 instances where we have argued over where to settle and build a family and a few months ago concluded that we would try Toronto first, have our first child in toronto so that she can be with her mom and her sister etc. And about 3 years later move to NY. Fast forward the now, and we are having the same issue except now I don't agree with that plan for a few reasons. I do not have family or friends here, my career isn't progressing as much as it would in NY and I wake up atleast 2-3 days a week feeling like I'm just living but without a purpose, like I am just in Toronto counting down the days until we move to NY. I brought up my feelings and now we are what I believe to be the last straw for us. I feel super guilty for consuming the past 9 years of her life, putting her into her mid 30s where having children will only become less likely or riskier but at the same time, I try to consider my own emotions and feelings and I am stuck between making her happy in Toronto or giving up on us and moving back to New York. Other than choosing a location to be together in, we are super close and care about each other alot and no other issues in our relationship.
Any thoughts on the issue? Any considerations I should take into account? How should we go about making a decision? Any advice on how to cope with either decision?
Thank you
submitted by ThrowRaNoPension7955 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:59 Bama_Babe16 Dreading wedding planning

My boyfriend has been dropping hints that he is going to propose very soon. While I am thrilled at the thought of marrying him, wedding planning and the actual wedding sound miserable.
My job is very demanding and I’m going to be up for a promotion soon. The thought of trying to balance wedding planning and a new position is scary. I have the money to hire a wedding planner, but the cost of the planner and everything else just seem ridiculous and I would much rather spend the money on other things (i.e. a down payment on a home). I am not a girl who has always dreamed of her wedding day. The thought of spending thousands of dollars on just one day seems ridiculous to me and I think I would regret not using the money for something else (no hate to anyone who spends a lot on their wedding day - I love attending fabulous weddings!!! It’s just not what I want).
Our family dynamic also complicates the wedding. My bf is from a wealthy, big family that is very close. He has three siblings and is very close with all of them. His parents are incredibly supportive and generous. His oldest sister got married a few years ago and they paid for her entire beautiful wedding. Their mom hired a wedding planner and helped them through every single step of the process so that neither the bride or groom were stressed.
My family is the opposite. I am not very close with my parents, and we live very far from one another. They are well off but not nearly as wealthy as my bf’s parents. I highly doubt that they would give me any money for a wedding, so I would be paying for it by myself. I only have one brother, and we are not close at all. He recently got married at the courthouse with only him and his wife there. This was very upsetting to my parents, as they wanted him to have a traditional wedding with many guests. I always dreamed of eloping, but after seeing how upset my parents were with my brother, I am afraid it will break their hearts if I do not have a traditional wedding.
My parents want me to get married at home (midwestern state) while I would prefer to be married where I permanently now live and where my bf is from (deep southern state). To me, it makes more sense to get married where I already live. Plus, less people would have to travel for the wedding since my family is much smaller than his.
How do I feel excited about this new chapter of my life that is about to begin and stop the feeling of impending doom and dread that I feel every time I think about trying to navigate wedding planning and our complicated family dynamics? Is there a way to make everyone happy in the end?
I would love for you all to share if you have had a similar experience and how you approached planning a wedding.
submitted by Bama_Babe16 to weddingplanning [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:59 BigRedCowboy Only at one half day… what do you guys do?

It’s just day .5 for me…. I need to stop, or at the very least slow down. What made you all strong enough? There are so many days like today where I tell myself “you’re not going to stop by the liquor store on your way home!” And then I inevitably do. I always do. I was in AA for a bit, but it just didn’t do anything for me, despite reading the big book and having a sponsor. I usually drink about a bottle per evening, and that’s if it’s not the weekend. Somehow, despite how much I have, I usually feel alright in the mornings, if only slightly nauseated, whether I’m waking up for work or waking up with my kids. I know I can’t keep this up not only for health reasons, but I can’t even financially keep doing this as well. I just don’t know what to do. I wake up every morning telling myself that there is no longer alcohol in the house, and that’s a good thing. Then I pick more back up, and I can’t help it. I then drink too much, just like last night, where I guess me and my S/O had a bit of an argument, but I had zero memory of it the next day. So ultimately, how do you guys cope? What do you do instead? I’m clueless, and I know I need help….
submitted by BigRedCowboy to stopdrinking [link] [comments]