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2023.06.09 03:58 Local_Variety_9015 Anyone who struggled to lose weight after surgery, what helped?

Got my gallbladder taken out 2 years ago, gained 30 lbs, I'm at 270 @ 5'8, the weight isn't coming off no matter what.
I started taking selenium, iodine, zinc, vitamin A because I started having low thyroid symptoms after gallbladder removal. I suspect there's a fair bit of malabsorption happening. Those supplements definitely did help my various hypothyroid symptoms.
After taking those supps, I did notice my belly circumference shrink a little, belt got a little tighter, but I think my muscle mass went up a bit, so the scale shows the same number.
I just can't seem to drop a single pound despite eating less and working a physically demanding job, exercising.
Only people who previously struggled to lose weight, what worked for you?
Please don't chime in if you don't suffer from these issues, it makes me depressed <3
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2023.06.09 03:58 Gingernjnjer96 First IDF completed after we had all our cables cut and stolen lol

First IDF completed after we had all our cables cut and stolen lol
Short backstory: I was trained in the Army as a 25L. I just got out in December ‘22, and started my first civilian job since I was 17. Joined this sub and got super excited to do cool shit on my patch panels. This was the first time I ever got to do cool shit out the back of a stand-up rack. Tell me how to get better, please!
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2023.06.09 03:58 yourbean I think I'm just done.

Another callback. Another rejection.
I'm nearly 30, and I just thought things would be so different by now.
I went to school for acting. I got a degree in theatre performance. I worked for years taking unpaid work to build a reel. I got into the best talent agency in my state. I've shelled out too much money for headshots, acting classes, self-tape equipment...
I've done hundreds of auditions at this point, and how many have I booked? Two. In the six years I've been with my agency.
I feel like I'm going crazy because I know I'm good. I have a lot of self-esteem issues, but the one thing I can own the hell out of is that I can act. The people who have taken a chance on me haven't regretted it. They've always been so happy with my work. I've asked my agents what I should change, and they tell me my auditions are always great, which is why they send them to me in the first place. I've received praise from everyone who gives me feedback.
It must just be me. They look at me, and they say, "nah." I admit I'm not stunningly gorgeous, but I am pretty. I've been told I have a "girl next door" kind of look. I thought that was a good thing, but I guess not. Maybe if I was prettier and skinnier, maybe if I was completely the opposite. Maybe if I didn't look so young, maybe if I was this, maybe if I was that. I'm running around in circles trying to figure out what exactly it is about me that has made me so un-castable. At the end of the day, I'm just tired. I don't know how much longer I can do this.
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2023.06.09 03:58 marii_chan789 social media + commissions advice?

Heyyy everyone! This is my first post here on this subreddit and i’d really like to get some advice from more experienced artists.
I’m a teen digital artist who does art commissions as my sole income (parents wont let me get a job yet), and I’ve been struggling with my art’s exposure and getting commissions for a few months. My main platform was instagram, however i’ve struggled immensely with their crappy algorithm and the fact that the only “commissions” i’d get were scammers. after over a year of posting religiously on there, i’ve gotten to nearly 2.5k followers, which is good but my posts still get max 100 likes and recently have been at around 60 likes, even when i do reels. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that my only reels that end up being caught by the algorithm and getting over 10k views and 1000 likes are the stupid ones having practically nothing to do with my artwork. Its incredibly frustrating.
I’ve started becoming active on twitter and posting consistently and i have found it to be pretty good, given the fact i’ve gone from 40 followers to 130+ in around 2 weeks. However, i still haven’t managed to get a single commission, which is one of my main goals with my social media platforms. I’ve tried artfol but the platform heavily lacks engagement and feels like an offbrand twitter with a fraction of users.
I’m mostly sticking to twitter since most artists i see recommend it esp because of commissions, however, i still haven’t managed to get a commission. Idk if i’m being impatient or what but i post fanart for exposure, ocs to be interesting, and my commission sheet with a carrd and all info needed, yet i have nothing.
advice is highly appreciated <3
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2023.06.09 03:58 Timely_Toe1218 Two offers one pays much less. What should I do?

I was recently offered and accepted a really good job (Job 1) that had a really competitive salary and the potential to receive a 15% annual bonus. The thing is, this job is likely to be high-stress, long hours, and poor work/life balance, and the type of industry it is in will mean that I will be in the elements and sometimes doing some labor-intensive work. I just received a second offer (job 2) that is more white collar and will have good hours, no weekends, and work from home a couple of days a week, but it pays at least 15k less, and with the potential bonus, it could end up being about 35k less than job 1. Additionally, the drive is about 1.5 hours from where I live, but they offered to provide a company car for me to use. For what it’s worth I live in the Central Florida I am torn between the two because my gut says to take job 2, but job 1 has the potential to give my family the ability to become much more financially stable. I currently make 70k a year, so you can see that job 1 has the potential to give me about 50k more a year, which is insane, but job 2 has the potential to give me a 35k a year increase, which is also significant, and it has free medical, which can come out to a few grand a year based on premiums I’ve seen. I have a couple of questions I am hoping to get some guidance on, and I would really appreciate any thoughts, guidance, or additional questions you all have on how to weigh out this decision.
How much should I value a take-home vehicle? Is this something I should even consider in the decision-making process? What other things should I take into consideration when making this decision?
Job 1: Pros: Office job Work-life balance Take home company car Employer pays medical premiums The employer makes a 6% contribution once the employee contributes 4%.
Cons: 1+ hour drive 15k+ less base salary
Job 2: Pros: Higher base salary, potential for a 15–18% bonus, less than an hour drive, 4% retirement match
Cons: Potential to work long hours, nights, weekends, and holidays, potentially labor intensive
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2023.06.09 03:58 Chenzo15 Experience

Looking for some advice on how I can better my chances on achieving a higher ranking based off my resume. I have my SMAW cert and electrical craft helper cert. I have some experience being a construction helper. Other than what I’ve shared is there any jobs you would recommend I look into that would give me the best shot? Maybe apply to other unions while I wait for my opportunity with the IUEC. I live on the border of LA/OC county. So if anyone’s got any info on unions that would help kg chances get experience and someday be apart of the elevator union that would be great. Also I’ve seen there different osha certs out there. Which one should I look into grabbing to help my resume, I believe one is osha 10, osha 30 etc…Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 03:58 136AngryBees Help with possible non compete clause?

I have a company in the same industry I’m in, actively trying to recruit me. The job is in another state, better pay, and a title promotion. In my initial offer letter, there’s mention of a non compete and confidentiality clause. I can’t find any paperwork in our system pertaining to non compete clauses, and our HR is … not the best at keeping this stuff on record. I also don’t remember if I ever signed the NC, as I’m looking through all the paperwork I have saved. Other people in my position didn’t sign a NC when they started here. I know I can simply ask to be let out of it if I choose to take this new role, but do I have any other options for what I can do, short of going to HR and asking for a copy of our NC clause, and for them to see if I ever signed one? This would obviously raise some red flags on their end, but I’m leaning towards the other offer anyway, so I’m not so much worried about that part.
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2023.06.09 03:57 insideman513 I could use some ideas on starting my morning.

It's been rough lately guys. I feel like crying. My life has gotten significantly busier over the past three months (new job and new side gig basically started at the same time).
But don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing both of these things- the side gig is a great opportunity and is my passion. However, the only time to work on it is in the morning before my job job.
I go to bed with excitement and plans of getting things done in the morning, as well as a reminder to take my meds right away. Then, without fail, every morning I feel so tired and exhausted that I can't bring myself to get up for at least an hour. No amount of planning or excitement has helped. Then I finally drag myself outta bed but now coupled with the guilt that I just wasted so much time.
I want to be that guy who can get up in the morning with a nice routine and get things done. I like being up early before most people! But I'm really struggling to make it an actuality and I feel so frustrated because deadlines are approaching and, as usual, I'm probably gonna finish just in the nick of time.
Have you dealt with these problems before? Do you have any suggestions for me? I'd try just about anything because it's honestly causing me to dip into a depression. (I think my meds are no longer as effective as before as well but I've never changed them so I don't know how to approach that with my doctor).
Thanks so much for reading this far.
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2023.06.09 03:57 SkunkBoiUWU Best haze or fog option for outdoor event

Best haze or fog option for outdoor event
I'm looking to buy about 1600 dollars worth of haze machines but I just found this sub and I figured I should ask before I pull the trigger. Basically I want some even haze constantly being put out for my lighting rig. This is for renegade raves in the middle of the woods. I have a predator 6500 just to push the haze and fog.
My initial research has led me to antari 350 and everyone says they're reliable as opposed to the hurricane 4d. Would 4 antari do the job or ???
Picture is from my only and recent event where I was shooting fog from two cheap 400 watt units and it was great but they don't have automatic dispersal
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2023.06.09 03:56 According-Gazelle Austin made $12 million a year from merchandise says Kurt Angle.
Angle answered some fan questions on the latest "Kurt Angle Show" podcast.
Kurt Angle was asked, “Do you have a favorite piece of merch that was released of yours?”
Angle answered, "My favorite was what I sold the most. It was my, It's True It's True T-shirt. Red, White, and Blue. It’s True Its True. It was a great T-shirt. I sold a lot of those. That was my rookie year. I never sold as many T-shirts the rest of my career as I did my first year. I have to tell you this. It wasn't that much money. I wasn’t a merchandise guy. Even Vince McMahon came to me and said listen, 'We can't use the word Olympics. We can't use Olympic rings. You're not going to do merchandise. I'm gonna pay you to wrestle.’ I was like, 'Well I do want to make money on merchandise.' He says, 'Can't do it.' I had merchandise, but I didn't have a lot.”
Angle talking about the amount of money Steve Austin made on merchandise:
“In one year, he made $12 million on merchandise and that was the 3:16 shirt. That's when it came out. $12 million. He told me. I was like, 'Holy crap.' He only made two and a half million wrestling. Vince McMahon said, 'I pay you (Angle) to wrestle.' Vince, I'm not gonna lie to you, he paid me well. I made more than Austin did with wrestling. I didn't make nearly as much as Austin did with merchandise, but Vince took care of me on the back end with wrestling. Merchandise, I made, I'll give you just roundabout figures, between 700 and 900 grand a year. It wasn't a lot. It's a lot of money, don't get me wrong, but not for being a big star like that. For some reason Vince just told me, 'Hey, can't do anything with you in merchandise, so just wrestle.' I would come up with merchandise ideas and Vince would utilize them, but you know, I didn't sell like Stone Cold, and I was a heel most of my career too.”
Angle on how much merchandise money he made in TNA:
"I did alright in TNA. Believe it or not, yeah, we were selling pretty well the first few years. I mean, I would say between 2007 and 2010, everybody's making pretty good money on merch”
Angle on how much he made in his best years in TNA from merchandise:
“In TNA, 400 grand.”
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2023.06.09 03:56 aroweeee I exposed a company I used to work for to their customers because of their dirty practices.

I recently quit a job as an inventory control manager for a bottling company. They make kosher drinks for multiple big name companies. I quit because they wanted me to lie about how much inventory (ingredients) we had for these companies at the facility. When I told them I wouldn’t report false numbers anymore, they threatened to fire me.
I worked for them for 6 months. I’d count physical inventory and take my numbers to the general manager before reporting it to the customer. Almost always, he’d mark out my number and change it to a lower amount. Or if the customer thought they had a certain amount there (sugar for example) he would tell me to tell them that we had it, even when we didn’t.
We were also strictly kosher, meaning all ingredients had to be kosher certified and blessed by the rabbi. If they didn’t have enough ingredients for production that week, they’d order whatever they could find to make it happen. Kosher or not.
When I quit, I packed up the records I had on actual counts and anonymously sent them to the POC for every company that we made drinks for.
That was two months ago. Four companies have already dropped their contracts with them so far.
And it’s satisfying as fuck.
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2023.06.09 03:56 Physical_Remote_6499 My partner is sick, and I feel sad, lost, and alone.

My partner is currently hospitalized and their condition is so severe that it might require surgery. This is the longest I've been away from them in years, and I'm just so, so sad. The fact that surgery may be necessary for a condition that's been under control for years is an absolute shock, and I think we're both still digesting what this means for my partner's health, his ability to hold a job, and our life together.
What's worse is I feel as if their family is, at best, not sure how to support them and me, and at worst, completely negligent. I'm feeling disappointed and resentful towards them, these people who've become my family. I feel as though I'm doing this all by myself, and I feel guilty for even feeling bad for myself. But this is so fucking hard and I just don't know what to do. I see a therapist, and I've expressed all this to them and had my feelings validated, but it's just not enough. I'm so sad. I feel like we're going to be in this dark hole of bad luck, debt, and sickness forever.
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2023.06.09 03:56 World_Explorerz Do you find that friends or co-workers ask you about stuff specifically because you’re Black? If so, do you have any funny stories to share?

I have two funny-ish stories to get the discussion started.
(Story #1) Back in high school (which is further back than I care to admit), I got my hair braided. I remember sitting in Biology and for some reason we started talking about February and it being Black History Month. Why did my Biology teacher (an older white male) ask me in front of the whole class if I got my hair done “to showcase my roots”??! Lol. Wtf? I froze and then said something like, “Umm…no? I just got it braided because I wanted a break from combing my hair…”
(Story #2) My boss at one of my previous jobs was a white lady who was “super woke”. She came in to the office one day excited to tell me that she went to a BLM protest with a sign that said, “This Karen supports BLM!” (her name was actually Karen). I was basically like, “Cool. But did you ever respond to my email about….?”
Another time this same boss came into the office and couldn’t wait to tell me about how she took her whole family to see the Black Panther movie. This led to a whole thing where she basically shared what I call a ‘thesis’ on how Black Panther speaks to the struggle of the average Black person in America. Lol. At the end I was just like, “…well I’m glad you enjoyed the film…” I’m not sure what she was expecting me to say, but it was kinda funny watching her deflate when I didn’t continue the conversation.
Please share your stories!
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2023.06.09 03:55 throwaway18687587539 How often do you visit your partner?

I'm currently in a long-distance relationship with a guy I met on a dating app a year ago. He's from Lebanon but lives in Texas, and I'm from New York. We haven't met in person yet, but we talk to each other on video calls. When we first met, I asked him if the distance would be an issue, and he said let's not rush things and see if we're compatible first. I agreed, and we started talking. I thought we'd talk for a month or two and then meet in person, but that didn't happen. I have offered to visit him many times in the past, but he always says no because he works 7 days a week and has no time to hang out with me. It's tough for him since he's an immigrant and he’s not legally authorized to work here in the US, in spite of the fact that he has a bachelor's degree in law. As a result, his job options are limited to working off the books. He's a receptionist in an apartment complex, and the sole provider for his family. He lives with his parents and younger brother, and his parents don't speak much English, making it difficult for them to find work. I've asked him several times if I could fly over to Texas and see him, but he always says no. We've been together for almost a year now, and being away from him is getting increasingly more and more difficult. He told me 3 months into the relationship that he would try to find a job here in New York and move north, but it’s been months since then and I’m starting to loose hope. He hasn’t made any progress with finding a job up north, and I truly have no idea what the future holds for us. In the beginning when we first met I had no idea that a year later I’d still be waiting to meet him for the first time. I’d just like to get a frame of reference for how often couples in a long distance relationship should be seeing each other in person so I can figure out whether or not this will be sustainable in the longer term. How often do you visit your partner?
Edit: For those of you who asked, I am half white, half Indian. My dad is white and my mom is Indian, they met online. I was born and raised in America. There are some cultural similarities between India and Lebanon, but there are also differences as well.
Edit: I would also like to add that both his family and mine are Christian.
Edit: Also I should add that he and his family live in a small apartment and he shares a room with his brother.
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2023.06.09 03:55 Fate_BlackTide_ I feel like a man today.

I’ve been going through a rough patch, not that I haven’t been for the past ten years, but the past few months have been hard. I’ve had to leave my job. I took some time to myself to recover and adjust my schedule to meet my needs and some time has turned into 5 months. I’ve just been run down and fatigued.
My house is a disaster. I struggle to do anything but shower and lay around. I’ve been really trying to make an effort to exercise, be social, get good sleep, I take my pills, I do therapy and it’s just been hard. Well today my mom dragged me out on my bike. We rode to the next town over and got coffee. I started feeling better. I really struggled on the way back. We got some food and then I went home and rested for a bit.
About twenty minutes later I sat up and I literally said out loud, “ I feel like a fucking man right now”. And that’s great. I feel good today and that’s fucking awesome. I spent my time outside, I had to push myself, I just feel good. Today was so good for me, but that in itself shows the glaring problem. In today’s world I don’t have the ability to make a living and get the benefits of what I had today. I guess my point is, my ancestors didn’t evolve for modern living. I am not an office worker. I am a man, a human, an animal, and I’ve been cut off from everything that I am cut out for and it’s killing me.
How am I supposed to thrive when so much of what I have to do to live and get by is causing me to wither away?
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2023.06.09 03:55 Melodia_Violin I've been involved in a neighbor war and I didn't even know it

So, my wife (29F) and myself (27F) have been living at our current apartment for little under two years now. The way our building is set up, it's a three floor building, divided into three sections, with six apartments and only one staircase in each section. We're on the top floor. This is somewhat important for later.
Back in November, we had new neighbors move in to the apartment directly below us: a husband (We'll call him John) and wife (We'll call her Jane), who was expecting their first kid soon, and their two dogs (a German Shepherd and a Chow). My wife and I have two dogs ourselves (a bloodhound mix and a Labrador mix), and these were the first neighbors in our section to have dogs too, so we were really excited, maybe our dogs could have some friends. However, I found out last week that these neighbors were essentially trying to sabotage me and my wife being able to live here by essentially filing a whole bunch of false complaints against us. And the thing is: we've only had five interactions with these neighbors. I'll include rough dates these happened so you can understand how sporadic these interactions were, too.
Interaction 1 - I ran into Jane while she was walking her dogs as I was getting ready to go to the store about two weeks after they moved in. We exchanged hellos, I got to meet her dogs, and it was just the typical "welcome to the apartment complex, good to finally meet you" kind of stuff
Interaction 2 - Happened around New Years' Eve 2022. As I was coming down the stairs to take my dogs out, Jane was just coming back up with her dogs. While the interaction definitely wasn't great, it definitely could have gone worse. My dogs did pull the leashes out of my hand, but all they did was essentially shoulder check her dogs and bark as a form of posturing, and thankfully no one got bit. She did call the office and file a report, and we all (landlady, the neighbors, and myself and wifey) agreed that my dogs will have mesh muzzles on whenever they're outside to limit how much they can open their mouths. These muzzles do not restrict the dogs' breathing in any way, shape, or form.
Interaction 3 - Happened in late Feb. Wifey and I were coming home from a date night where we went out to eat and went to Barnes & Noble to pick up the next book in the Heaven Official's Blessing series that wifey and I are both reading. When we got back, both John and Jane looked like they had just gotten home from taking their dogs for a drive, and the dogs were getting out of the car. This was my wife's first time really meeting them, so she stayed in the parking lot to say hi while I went ahead upstairs to put our dinner leftovers in the fridge and the book on the shelf. A few minutes later, she comes up cradling one of her hands. Their Chow actually did bite her, and her hand was bleeding! Thankfully, it was a small bite and we were able to clean it with first aid equipment that we had at home, and we were able to cover it with a regular band-aid. After making sure she was okay, I called the office to file a report of my own. This lead into:
Interaction 4 and 5 - Both happened on the same day. Number four happened the morning after the bite, where once again, Wifey, myself, the neighbors, and the Landlady (we'll call her Clara), all met in the leasing office to discuss the bite. While Jane did admit that she loosened her grip on the leash to let the dog approach, she actually had the audacity to try to ultimately blame Wifey for getting bit! Thankfully, Clara shut that down real quick and told Jane that it didn't matter if Wifey approached the dog or not; the fact remains that everyone was in the parking lot, a public area, and where the Chow bit Wifey would easily have been the face of a little kid. Clara put the same requirements that the Chow needed to wear a muzzle when outside and also demanded proof of vaccination for the Chow be sent from animal control. That night (interaction 5), Jane came up to our apartment and spoke to Wifey on the landing. I had just gotten off work, but I could hear them through the door. Jane was essentially saying the same things that she had said down at the office, still trying to shift blame onto Wifey. Wifey actually still tried to extend a hand of friendship, saying that while our dogs might not be friends, we could at least be acquaintances. From what I heard, Jane didn't seem to like that idea.
After the bite and the conversation at the office, we stayed behind to talk to Clara after John and Jane left. Clara said that after Interaction two, Jane had called the office four times in a row before I even got back into my apartment, claiming that my dogs were vicious and needed to be removed. Apparently, John had personally gone down to the office claiming that the German Shepherd had an injured leg due to my dogs, but Clara later saw Jane walking both dogs, and both were fine. Now, Clara has met our dogs, and she loves them. Both dogs love going to say hi to her, and they give hugs and kisses, which she loves, and she told us that she doubted what John had been saying the moment he came to complain. She also said that on multiple occasions, the Chow had full-on snarled at her when she wasn't even close, and told us that Jane knows that at least the Chow is actually vicious.
For the next few months, we all do our best to avoid one another. However, if I or Wifey was out with our dogs and the neighbors came back from an errand or something like that, they would lurk in their car until after we went back into out apartment. Even if we weren't anywhere near their car, they would just sit. Now, I admit, if I'm listening to a song that's almost over, I'll stay in my car for an extra minute or to let the song finish. But sometimes, we'd be out with our dogs for 10, 15, 20 minutes and John or Jane would STILL be in their car. I also caught Jane following us on some occasions, but she was always really far away, so I couldn't tell if she was actually following us or if she was just nervous if we would turn around before she got to our stairs.
Well, the neighbors were scheduled to move out at the very end of May. May 31st, and they have the UHaul truck. I was NOT sorry when I took the dogs out and saw them loading it during my lunch break (I've worked from home since the pandemic). However, at the end of the day, I ask Wifey to take the dogs out with me, and we see they have another UHaul, and they're unloading it BACK into the apartment! Jane followed us again during this walk, only this time, she was NOT subtle about it at all! She was right behind us for half of the walk, doesn't say a word to either of us, and while she is texting, she's regularly looking up and making eye contact with us, almost like she wants us to know she's following us. This happened at around 6pm, so it was still fairly light out. Later that night, at around 9:40, when it's very clearly dark, I took the dogs out again, by myself this time. Jane comes out of her apartment and says that lately, Wifey and I have been stomping on the floor and it comes through their ceiling and it's waking her up in the middle of the night (Wifey does have insomnia, so she is up late sometimes). Jane tried to gaslight me and say that she talked to me about it months ago, but the five interactions I mentioned earlier are the only ones we've ever had. She said that she had called Clara about it several times, and that if we continued stomping like that and waking her up, she was gonna call the cops. I agreed only to get her to go away, but as I thought about it, why in the world did she not bring this up when she was following us earlier in broad daylight and instead try to corner me alone when it's dark out? I also went back through my phone records, and the only missed call I have from the office was in March and was a callback regarding a maintenance request I had put in. All other calls in my phone to the office were ones I had made. Wifey didn't have any missed calls from the office, either.
The next morning, Clara calls me. The place that John and Jane were looking to move to ended up being a scam and they were hoping to cancel their early lease termination and move back in, since they had nowhere else to go. I tell Clara what happened with Jane the night before, and OH, BOY, does Clara have tea!!! Clara's assistant property manager (we'll call her Mary) is a personal friend of Jane! Those calls that Jane said she made to Clara about Wifey and I "stomping"? Were actually texts sent over Facebook Messenger directly to Mary! These do not count as noise complaints, since they weren't made through the office channels (either the office phone or email), and from what Mary confessed, John and Jane were planning to file a complaint against us for "excessive noise while we were moving out"... in the middle of the day! Clara thanked me for providing my side of the story, and informed me that, while she'd give them an extra week and a half to let them search for a legitimate place to move to, they would have to be out by a certain day and no more extensions.
John and Jane did not take that well! We happened to take our dogs outside when they were already out with their dogs? Call to the office, "Their dogs attacked ours!" We start doing dishes? Nope, we're "throwing around cookware, it's so loud; should we call the police to do a wellness check?" One of us takes a shower and a bottle falls due to the water? "Are they doing construction up there without approval?" The funniest one was they tried to call Clara to file a noise complaint while Clara was in our apartment with us monitoring another maintenance request being filled (we had to get work done on our tub, so yes, it was a bit loud)! Clara was an absolute gem during this whole time, shooting down each and every single one of their complaints for the bullshit that they are, sticking up for me and Wifey when corporate asked what was up with the deleted "complaints", and she kept me and Wifey informed during this last stretch of John and Jane's neighbor war.
As I'm writing this, I'm watching them pack their new UHaul. I feel such relief knowing that after this week, they're going to be out of our hair completely. Neighbor wars are exhausting, I don't know how Karens can handle this!!! This next part is sung to the tune of that song from The Sound of Music: So long! Farewell! Good riddance, stupid bitches!!
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2023.06.09 03:55 SL500Girl I’m so tired, Dad.

Hi Dad.
You’ve been gone 26 years — I’ve mourned you for over twice the length of time I got to have with you. You worked so hard and took such care to make sure I’d be ok, and would have options for my future, but I feel as though I’ve let you down. After you died, the adults around me weren’t very reliable. Mom has not been the same since you died. I can’t blame her; she woke up and you were dead in bed beside her. The first 10 years you were gone, she just drank. Didn’t even eat. It was me and her all alone in the house you bought for us in the woods. I did my best to make it out of that house in one piece, and I did, but now that I’m an adult I’m realizing how much damage was done to me. Mom switched from vodka to weed when I was in college, and is still high all the time now. She hasn’t kept up her end of the bargain in terms of selling our house and being smart about our financial future. Our dynamic was very codependent and enmeshed; I was a parentified child. Your other kids still refuse to acknowledge me, because you cheated on their mom with mine. So for those first 10 years after you died, I was all alone with an adult who was really struggling with mental illness. By the time I left home, I was very codependent and had a skewed view of love, relationships, and support.
I’m proud to tell you that I started codependents anonymous this year. Recovery has brought me a lot of clarity so far, but it’s also made me scared for my future. I’ve been in a relationship for 16 years with a loving and wonderful person. I wish you could have met them. They have been extremely loyal and supportive, and are great with Mom (I know, I never thought I’d find that either). The only problem is, I’m realizing that in a lot of ways, I’ve repeated the same dynamic with my partner that I had with Mom. I have been financially carrying us, despite being low on or out of work for 2 years (I work in entertainment, like I always told you I would — but it’s freelance and unreliable). I thought I was doing this so that my partner could attend to major health and financial issues they’ve been putting off; they have not done any of this. They have, however, struggled with a tech addiction. I’ve told my partner that if they don’t step up, my next step is leaving and getting my own place when I book another job. I’m sad, because I feel like I already know how this is going to end.
I look at where I’m at with my life and where you were at my age and I am so scared I’ve disappointed you, Dad. There have been so many times when I’ve wished I could call you to ask your advice on grownup stuff. Mom can’t help me in that way. She hasn’t prepared well for her senior years, or taken good care of herself or her health. I want to support her, but I’ve spent so long supporting her and my partner that I’m scared for my future. I’m like you, I love my work, I’ll happily work until the day I die, like you did. But I’m not having kids, and my savings is dwindling fast. What if I didn’t save enough to take care of myself when I’m old? Have I spent too much of my life lighting myself on fire to keep other people warm? Will I ever know what it’s like to feel truly, fully supported, or did that die with you too?
I miss you. I’m sorry I used to pull my hand away when you tried to hold it on our drives. I was only 9 or 10 and didn’t understand what was going on. How sick you were. (Btw you really did a number on me by keeping your terminal illness from me, but I know that was a real tough call).
I could really use some advice or validation, Dad. You died before I was old enough to get to know you as a person, so I have no idea: am I like you? How? Would we like each other? Are you proud of me? Do you think I’m a hard worker? A good person? Am I doing a good job, and am I going to be ok?
I’m glad you’re not in pain anymore, but I really wish we could have had more time together. This was super long, Dad. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 03:54 Embarrassed-Mud3923 My mother is a monster and I married (and divorced) one too part 4

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
TW: child abandonment, infidelity, domestic abuse, mention of s*xual abuse
I soon found out my new husband was thousands of dollars in debt. He had cosigned for credit cards for his friends so they could purchase instruments and equipment for their band. Not a single payment had been made and he was threatened with a lawsuit. My mother encouraged me to use my savings to pay off his debt. He never stopped maxing out credit cards. His dad would give him the money to pay off his debt, and he would spend it instead. He was chronically unemployed. I would learn that women are property in his family. My dad caught him physically abusing me more than once, and tried to get me to leave. My dad ran him off several times. But I was stupid. I was scared for our child and had no recent employment history. He constantly had affairs. I would try to take college courses but would often come home to notes on the floor. He was convinced I was cheating on him anytime I left house. One note said, “I dont love you and never did. Keep the kid.” After I filed divorce the first time, my stepfather started banging on my door saying if I divorced my husband they were choosing him. He then informed me he was the “son I always dreamed of having” and made him sole beneficiary of his will after my mother. I guess my brother just didn’t make the cut. Maybe he wanted kids, but not us.
I finally left after nearly 9 years of hell. He was a fair weather father at best, but never a lapse in terrorizing me. A few years later he would meet a woman with children and move her and her two kids in with him only two weeks after meeting. As I had a hysterectomy when I was 25 due to stage IV endometriosis, he was able to convince our child these children would be her siblings and there was no way possible I could give them to our child. My own child told me, “he can give me siblings, you cant.” He basically promised our child disneyland all day every day with him. Our child said exactly this to the Guardian Ad Litem. After receiving physical custody, he left the state with his new family. My child is completely isolated from both sides of her family.
I was heartbroken and so far my mother had been supportive of me. Of course, I found out this was just another act. She had told me she hadnt talked to my former husband in years. Turns out she had not only been talking to him, but having him over to the house. I confronted her via text and she denied it. I told her I knew because my ex husband was gloating about it. She finally admitted to it and her excuses were the final nail in the coffin.
For context, my child just moved out of state and I am also days away from my appointment with a Breast Specialist. Breast cancer runs in the family, I had a massive lump, but would fortunately end up as benign inflammation. She didnt care. I reminded her of the abuse. She stated she didnt witness it with her own eyes and my ex told her it never happened. Again the “if I didnt see it, it didnt happen.” I begged her to please choose me for once. If she wants to see her grandchild it can be WITH me. I told her I cant trust her and cant include her in this potential cancer situation because my ex wrote a letter to the court saying if I had cancer I shouldn’t be allowed around our child because it will “traumatize” them. Mother told me I wasnt being fair making her choose between ME and her GRANDCHILD. I used my ex’s name every single time and she would change it to my child’s name. Over and over I begged and pleaded she didnt need to have a relationship with my ex to see our child. She would reply that I am being unfair and it is her *DUTY* to have a RELATIONSHIP with my ex for the sake of my child. Not that she was ever involved. She then reminded me that her parents did it TO HER and I would get over it. I explained to her that my dad never beat her or cheated on her. The reason there was communication between my dad and maternal grandparents was because those were the adults raising me. My dad and my maternal grandparents were the adults who raised me and took care of me. NOT HER! I told her I would never speak to her again. It’s been three years. I still have this text message exchange to this day!
Two days after our child turned 15 he sent me a text message telling we need to meet up alone in person “sometime soon” to talk. In the same message he stated that our child’s wish is that is that I commit TODAY to having dinner with our child and him on their 21st birthday and if I said no “you’re disappointing our child.” I have not seen our child sense. It’s been 7 months. Demands that I relocate to their location were made, and my unwillingness meant I didnt love my child. Another part of it is that he didn’t want me finding out he was unemployed, again. The last time I talked to them, they said they didn’t want to see me until I gave their father my medical records. His attorney had requested a hearing regarding my breasts due to the letter my ex wrote. He said ON RECORD he did not want a note. He wanted the file complete file with mammogram images. THE ENTIRE FILE. I refused. The hearing was never scheduled. My ex husband’s mother passed away from breast cancer early in our marriage. Our child knows my status, but my ex says there is no proof until I provide him with the full files and images.
I wish I could say some hearts have been changed and time healed these wounds. Social media reveals my mother and stepfather post photos of me and talk about how much they love me, although I am not on that platform. Especially on my birthday. Never once have they reached out which is fine by me. They are both social media friends with my (current) husbands mother and all of his siblings. It’s like “Single White Female-ing” an entire family and their young children. I was also sent screenshots of my mother and stepfather commenting on a picture my ex husband’s wife posted and they’re very happy she and her children are their family now. I guess there is no admiration in loving your own kids. You apparently get more admiration by serving your self proclaimed *DUTY* of forming a close relationship with your abusive ex son in law, his new wife, and her two kids.
My brother and I obviously didnt make the cut. I’m happy my mother and stepfather finally found the son and daughter they always wanted. I moved on with my life. I hope my ex husband enjoys living in my past. I feel a little sorry for his wife essentially being my replacement as both his wife and my mother’s daughter. But that’s her choice.
I’ve finally walked away into the sunset, my head held high, and both middle fingers flying.
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2023.06.09 03:54 Brettzel2 Socialists, you guys are just jealous.

Whenever I get off work at my hedge fund job, I like to come here to watch socialists cry. You guys are so pathetic. Complaining that this system is unfair while you sit in your mom’s basement because you’re too poor to afford an apartment. You guys are probably also unemployed. No wonder you guys keep making excuses. Maybe try working harder? I am on my grindset 24/7. If I’m not making investments that create jobs and make the world a better place, I’m pumping iron at the gym. How many jobs have you guys created? Oh that’s right, zero. You guys also hate people like Elon Musk but you’re just jealous that he has worked 1,000,000x harder than you. He’s a job creator. No, scratch that, he’s THE creator. He spends every single day designing the most innovative products mankind has ever seen. Have you seen SpaceX? This dude is the future. He’s the savior of mankind. He’s a GOD. You cannot comprehend how much of a genius he is. Sure, Twitter isn’t going so well, but it was a mess to begin with, so it’s not his fault. I have a poster of him in my room. My girlfriend also has a crush on him. I don’t blame her because he’s amazing, but everyday I work harder to be just like him so she can appreciate me more. What’s that? You guys want to tax the rich? If you guys didn’t spend all day thinking of ways to steal from people, maybe you guys would be less miserable. If you were rich, you would understand. You steal so much from these hardworking job creators to fund your lousy handouts from your sugar daddy government. Maybe if you guys weren’t so lazy and envious, you’d be millionaires yourselves. And that’s not it. You guys also want to steal the means of production from them? Yea good luck with that. If that happened, things would go to shit within a day. You think you lazy fucks would be able to produce anything? Yea no way. These millionaires and billionaires have been naturally selected to be the producers and leaders of society. You guys are filth in comparison.
Anyways, have a good day, socialists. Hope you guys one day wake up and realize how pathetic you are.
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2023.06.09 03:54 aldomlefter How do I tell my roommate that I cannot cook for him?

Hello folks,
So I am an international student and my new roommate speaks the same language as me. We share similar culture and are kind of collectivist. I am in my last semester of undergrad while my roommate is working. There are two problems: 1) he assumes that I have more free time than him which is untrue. I am very busy with my final thesis, completion of electives, and learning new skills for a job and searching for a job. I spend almost 10 hours everyday on campus, libraries, classes, etc., and can only cook some times a week. 2) cooking everyday is an extremely intimate activity for me. I make extravagant dishes when I call my friends over, but cooking simple, everyday dishes is very intimate to me. So I reserve it to family and extremely close friends.
On top of these issues, I have very bad anxiety. I regularly get panic attacks and prefer being alone during those times. I typically order in and don't leave my room.
How do I tell him that he cannot rely on me for cooking? I had other roommates in the past, but we always cooked our own food, so this is a new situation for me. How do I respectfully tell him that we are going to cook our own food? I am also super introverted and independent, and I become extremely uncomfortable when those things are disturbed.
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2023.06.09 03:53 void1211 I’m losing myself.

I’m losing my personality. My spark. Any hope and magic I felt about life and the possibility that the future would be better. And it scares me.
I know my body is in a constantly inflamed state. High CRP, ESR, ALT, WBC, Lymphocytes, Neutrophils… all of these are long-term. My anemia is coming back because my body can’t absorb iron for some reason. My infusions sustained me for about 1.5 years before my levels started to plummet again. I have severe chronic pain all over my body, severe fatigue. Everything is blamed on my (albeit severe) Endometriosis, and my only option for treatment of that at this point is a full hysterectomy & that isn’t even always a cure for Endo. I also have ME/CFS, hEDS, and apparently Fibro. I feel like they just say that so they don’t have to look further.
My quality of life is nonexistent and disability doesn’t think I’m disabled despite losing all of my functioning. I can’t get into a cardiologist despite having two doctors wanting me to see one, they say they “don’t see why” I’m being referred. Same for Rheumatology and Neurology. I just feel like they don’t care what happens to me. They want me on death’s door before they’ll see me. I don’t feel listened to, because I’m not. Having neuroendocrine cancer removed last year didn’t help my fears.
My PMDD is life altering, my CPTSD is as well and is compounded with every medically traumatic experience. I’m autistic and I can’t work a normal job, and can’t work any job because of health issues. Often I feel like this must be all my fault, I must be doing something wrong. I must not be trying hard enough. But I have nothing left.
I miss feeling like things were possible, like my life would improve as I got older. But I feel like my body is 50 years old at age 31 and I don’t feel hopeful about the future. I don’t feel excited about life. It makes me want to break down. And I do, all the time. I can’t even get into how Covid denialism is affecting me with my shitty immune system and already existing post-viral conditions.
I’m just so tired. I need to feel something good again.
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2023.06.09 03:53 Oddpeculiarduck Career Choices

Hi, Sorry for the long post. I wanted some feedback from PMHNPs and how you guys enjoy your current work/pay/life balances with being a PMHNP vs psych RN.
I’m currently in a position to join a pmhnp fellowship that pays 60k for a year of training at a really good medical college. I’m new to this field so I know it’s a great opportunity. However my current job as a RN is one of those rare things you sometimes hear about (great manager, great team, flexible schedule, and pretty good pay).
To be more specific, I’m currently at a psych facility where a shift usually consist of a 30 minute med pass and the rest of the time spent engaging (playing cards, watching TV) with my patients. If I work 60-70 hours a week over a 4-5 day period.. I can make 160k-195k a year. Benefits are amazing, I get 120 hours vacation, 100 hours of misc PTO time, and 64 hours of sick time.
I guess my dilemma is do I want to leave this job for an opportunity as a PMHNP. I liked clinical but sometimes I get anxiety thinking every day I would see 12-16 patients.. with some of them not having good prognosis. Also money wasn’t a factor before.. but after having this RN job and never making this kind of money before.. it’s tough for me to leave.
Any thoughts/advice would be extremely helpful!
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