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Chapter 11: Respite (Cliff)

2023.06.09 03:20 Jayn_Newell Chapter 11: Respite (Cliff)

Cliff and Neya lounged by the rocky river bank. While Riverrock was a fairly small village by Human standards, it was still more civilization than Cliff cared for. Here was true peace for him—just the plants, the running water, and the head of his closest companion resting on his leg.

“I can tell. My senses aren’t that much worse than yours.” With the slime node gone the local energies were a lot easier to read. He could clearly sense where the temple was, a cold, twisting sensation that made him feel sick to his stomach if he focused on it for too long. “Do you have any idea what’d going on up there?”
She raised her head to look at him.
Cliff scratched behind her ear and she rested her head again. “Sorry, just thought I’d ask. Would be nice to have some idea what we’re going to be walking into tomorrow. But if you don’t know then you don’t know and we’ll find out together.” His tone was light but Cliff was frowning. A temple should be a safe haven, somewhere people could go to escape the harsh realities of their life, mundane or otherwise. That this one had become something to be protected from…it was a perversion.
“There you are, Cliff.” The Were turned to see Vastryd approaching. “The celebration feast will be ready soon. Are you planning to join us? You are two of the guests of honor.”
“In a bit. I wanted to enjoy the scenery for a little longer.”
“I understand, I suppose.” She stood next to them, arms crossed. “You’re not much of a people person, are you?”
“I like people fine. It’s civilization I have a problem with. Everything is so fake, so artificial. It feels wrong to me.”
“I see.”
Cliff looked up at her. “Is something on your mind?”
“Just that we’re something of an odd bunch, aren’t we? A paladin or order, a temperamental mage, a light-fingered Elfling and an anti-social beast man.”
Cliff glared at her.
After a moment of silence she turned towards the lounging pair. “I’m guessing you don’t like being called a ‘beast man’.”
“I’m mostly bothered by the type of person who would call me that.”
“My apologies. I was trying to highlight how different we all are. I’m a little surprised our excursion this morning went as well as it did.”
“I did expect a bit more fire,” the shaman admitted, “but it was just a slime lair. Besides, sometimes it’s the differences between people that make a good team. People can cover each other’s weak points. And different personalities balance each other out.”
“I’ve always found different personalities tend to clash. It’s hard to work with someone who has a different way of doing things.” She stared across the river with a frown.
Cliff chuckled. Maybe he wasn’t the anti-social one here. “That happens too, especially when you can’t see the value of someone else’s methods. I’m just saying that just because it seems like people shouldn’t be able to work well together, doesn’t mean they can’t. It comes down to respect and trust.”
“Respect and trust, you say?” She gave a heavy sigh. “I suppose that’s why I’m relieved Merryn won’t be joining us at the temple. She inspires little of either.”
He seized on the conversational opening. “I wanted to ask you about that. What do you know about this temple anyways?”
“Not nearly enough. The followers of Nax tend to keep to themselves, more than most. I’ve always assumed that they at least held to the same pact any other temple does, to protect and serve as best they can, but after talking to the village elder it seems I may have been wrong to assume so. They have had little to do with the people in this area for a long time.”
Cliff sat in silence for a moment. “Neya and I were just talking about that. Whatever is going on is very big and very bad. That it may not be new is very alarming to hear.”
“You can tell from here?”
“Being attuned to the spirits helps you to also be attuned to the natural energies of the world, and vice versa. It’s easy for us to know when they get twisted in unnatural ways, and they are very twisted right now.”
“And you’re sure it’s coming from the temple?”
“Is the temple northeast of here?”
“Pretty sure then. We could be wrong, but I somehow doubt it.”
Another sigh from Vastryd. “We’ll need to make sure we’re well prepared before heading up there then. I find myself wishing I knew more about the place. Most religious groups tend to be more outgoing, but a few are insular like the followers of Nax so I never worried about it. Maybe I should have.”
Cliff stood up and rested his hand on her shoulder. “You can’t expect to know everything. There was no reason for you to suspect a problem before now. Maybe there still isn’t, we don’t know yet.”
“I guess you’re right It just bothers me to think that another temple might be the source of a problem.” She looked up at her companion. “Thank you. Maybe you have a point about different personalities.”
“Well I wouldn’t have said it if I thought I didn’t. Come on, let’s see if they’re ready yet. Something smells delicious.”
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2023.06.09 03:20 todlerr Advice on ringing faster?

Finished my second shift ever ringing people out today and I was nowhere near fast enough. I tended to get a good rhythm after a bit, but customers complaining about their stuff being “thrown” into the cart snaps me out of it. I’m not sure what to do, it’s possible I just need time to get the hang of it but it does feel like there is some trick to it I might be missing.
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2023.06.09 03:19 Nintenbox0731 [US,WW] [H] Japanese Mega Gardevoir EX full art from Pokekyun, Zoroark posing plush, various Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English cards [W] PayPal

Numerous Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean cards. Most if not all in near mint condition. Also selling a mint Japanese Mega Gardevoir EX full art from Pokekyun and a Japanese posing Zoroark plush mint with tag.
Sales images:
Pokekyun Mega Gardevoir EX Japanese($250 shipped BMWT):
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English cards:
Korean cards:
All cards will be for sale for slightly below tcgplayer market value, slightly below Ebay last sold, Japanese online market sales, Chinese market sales, or your best offer
Feel free to make offers or negotiate with me!
PWE shipping is $1
Bubble mailer shipping starts at $3.5 (price may vary depending on the weight)
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2023.06.09 03:17 Independent_Fold_560 I installed the cracked version of FL Studio and it disappeared when I woke up???

I installed the cracked version of FL Studio and it disappeared when I woke up???
I installed the new version from 4downloads, and ran everything through fine. No virus after a system scan. It was the full version because it was letting me save projects and such. I woke up this morning and it disappeared. No evidence of me even installing it??? Anyone else have this issue?
Getting this when I click on FL 21
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2023.06.09 03:17 Downtown_Club_5633 [HR] CRAWLING

LIBRARY INTERACTION: “That’ll be ten days.” “I’ll try to be a good Samaritan and bring it back.”
The phone rings and I answer it. “Quick”, he says, “What’s the capital of South Dakota?” This is another test from TLN (The Library Network). I hear his stopwatch click and I rush to the computer. I type: WHAT Is THGE COAITOK F SOUTH DOIKAS (caps lock was on). I rewrite my search to simply just “SOUTH DAKOTA”. I knew Google would give me that little box guy off to the side. It did, I read: Pierre, and I say that to the TLN Man on the phone.
He tells me that if I took any longer, I would be fired. The agents would come in and I would find myself in the snow, red hands from the cold and red ears from the embarrassment.
I listen to Apple Music’s “80s Dancehall Essentials” playlist. It has a clear Jamaican influence, every song so far at least. I stand at the front counter when the phone rings. “No grooving!” the TLN Man says. He hangs up before I can apologize I stare outside and if I squint really hard I can see someone hiding behind the middle bar of the doors. A skinny man, or person, maybe a woman, like Maris from the acclaimed sitcom “Frasier”.
We have a fan in the – who is we? – front lobby to reduce harmful particles in the air. I want to stomp on it. I know if I turn it off the TLN Man would call and instruct me to turn it back on. I would too, since I am a slave to authority, or so they tell me.
I’ve stopped listening to 80s Essential Dancehall Essentials so I don’t start grooving again. I get a text from my Dad: We had McDonald’s for dinner. I say: Sounds good. LIBRARY INTERACTION #2: A man whose daughter is hiding check out the Blu-Ray of “Knives Out” and “The Revenant”. I say, “Good variety in movies here.” He says, “There we go. Have a good night.”
TLN Man can see me through every camera. I cannot see him; I never have. The phone rings: “What were you just thinking about?” I hesitate. “Every second is five dollars deducted from your pay!” I say, “I was thinking about how I can’t see you.” He hangs up. My phone beeps I have had thirty dollars deducted from my pay.
I’ve switched to 70s light rock Apple Music Essentials. My co-worker comes up from the back – We aren’t supposed to learn each other’s names. She smiles at me and I feel furry like someone just shoved feathers into my stomach through my belly button. I attempt to smile but I think I look like a monster. She scurries away. I have struck fear in her.
My face feels funny and I call TLN Man. I ask to go to the bathroom and he tells me I’ll get no lunch of I do but my face is squirming and I only get a five minute lunch anyway. I go to the nearest bathroom, the public one, and I look at my face. The feeling is emanating from a mole on the left side of my face, the mole that I have a hair growing out of. Every time that I pluck the dang thing it grows back in days. It’s a thick hair, so it always is a little uncomfortable. I always scratch and itch at it until TLN Man calls and tells me to stop and that I am disgusting and will drive customers away. I want to tell him they are called patrons not customers or at least they used to until now I guess. Everyone is a customer and everything is a business.
TLN Man doesn’t know that I can access the cameras. I managed to get the software by sending myself an email from my boss’ computer. I use the cameras to write this journal. I watch Her as She walks. I am enthralled. My mole throbs. I try to ignore it. MY home is small and sad but the camera feed brings me light and brings my joy. I can be God for a moment too.
I am back at work and sometimes I worry my thoughts are projected above my head and I get scared because I think inappropriate things about Her and TLN Man. Different things but both bad. A patron customer comes up to the desk and asks me if I know anything about some apartment buildings down the street. I say no and she spits at me, claiming I shouldn’t keep information from the public. Another man comes over and asks if he can put real mail in our Santa mailbox. I tell him no and he turns on his heel as quickly as he can and steps outside and he pours his coffee into the letters to Santa mailbox.
The more my mole twitches the more I wish I had the money to pay a dermatologist to remove it entirely. If there even is a dermatologist around here. Maybe if I didn’t talk so much at work or slack off. They money I was docked could’ve been used to drive out to see a dermatologist in the town over. Nobody has cars here since nobody can afford to leave for an extended period of time. I’ve been here for six years now, they only place I’ve lived since my parents died. A man came into our house and shot them along with my siblings. They were nine years old. He came into my room and pointed the gun at me but he didn’t pull the trigger. I’ve always wondered why.
At work She makes a joke to me but I’m too nervous to respond. I just laugh and look down as my hands search for something to do. They find some rubber bands and I try to take a big rubber band and wrap the other ones around up in it but it snaps back at me and hits me in the face. My glasses fly off and she chuckles and hands them to me. In my head she leaps into my arms and saves me from this job. I hope the TLN Man cannot see this.
The last thing I remember about my parents was them fighting while making dinner. Mostaccioli. They didn’t fight often, so it was jarring when they did. I can’t remember what the fight was about either. We ate dinner quietly and when we were done we all went into our separate places. Nobody said goodnight to me that night.
I never know how old people are at work. A woman comes in and I guess she is nineteen but she is forty-three. Married, with kids, two kids, Joey and Marko. She lives at 14432 Cumberland Avenue. Her husband is fifty-four, John. I can find this very quickly at work as long as everything is up to date. I’m not a stalker but I could be.
I left my journal in my work bad on accident. I hope nobody finds it especially Her. Good thing TLN Man is never here, I bet he’d sniff it out. I tried to bury it in my bad, hopefully nobody knocks it over on accident. The page that works knocks the cart into the wall and I jump. The phone rings. TLN Man asks me why I did that and I shrug. He tells me never to shrug, answer with your words, like a man! My fists become tight and I hope he doesn’t notice. I’ve never hit anyone but I would hit him. My mole twitches abnormally, it feels like it’s pulling me in a direction. I let it guide me, I follow it, briefly, and it takes me face to face with Her. She smiles and I blush and walk by Her. The mole stops guiding me and throbs once, hard. Almost feeling like a punishment. I get a drink of water which’ll dock my pay but I don’t care I’ve embarrassed myself and needed and excuse after nearly running Her over. Not that I would ever hurt Her. I barely know Her, what reason would I have to hurt Her?
I believe the man is standing in front of the doors again. I envision him hurling the doors open and lunging at Her over the counter. I save Her, everyone cheers. My boss (not TLN Man) comes in and tell me I have a piece of tape stuck to my jacket. I try to grab it and can’t reach. Double embarrassment. I tried to take the jacket off and she walks by and I worry she can see slash smell my armpits. Every patron customer that has come in has been able to see the tape. They never forget it, I bet, I’ll be the tape guy forever.
Sometimes when I get home from work I daydream about how work should’ve been, how I wanted work to go. I have a dog – Bailee. She barks and barks and I’ve given up trying to stop her. She sees something I don’t, clearly. I sit and I think and I stare at the empty television. I wish TLN wasn’t there, or, I guess he isn’t there but he is present. I am his empty television, waiting for the static, maybe a picture someday. I search dirty things on my computer to take my mind off all this and I feel the one haired mole throbbing.
I am back at work and I see a text from my Dad. Usually I try not to check it at work to avoid TLN Man’s rage, but the phone is quicker than I am and my face opens the phone and I see the text. “Hi. Marla passed away”. She was an old across the street neighbor. TLN Man calls he’s so mad the words sound animalistic, guttural. I tell him my neighbor died and he tells me he can make one phone call and get another neighbor killed the next time I go on my phone at the desk. Phone at desk = lazy = no customers = no $$$. I’m not even sure how we make money but I don’t say that I just hang up. My dad should’ve known better than to text me while I was at work. He’s done this on purpose I bet. Jealous I have a job and he doesn’t. My head throbs, the pain crawling up and around the top of my skull. Fuck him.
I’m home and I go back in the camera feed to see the moment I took my phone out. As TLN Man is yelling at me I see Her behind me laughing at me. How can such an empty television feel so many things at once? I am ashamed and angry, ready to run and ready to gage Her eyes out, rip her tongue out, biblical punishment – thou shalt not laugh at me. I could be better than her, I could be the authority. She’d bow down to me if I had the strength to make her. The headache has moved back into my mole. I storm into my filthy bathroom and rip the cabinet door of the henges; I didn’t know it was broken. The tweezers are in my hand and I’m yanking at the mole hair, mostly missing. My face is bleeding from the poking and prodding and I finally grasp the hair. I yank hard and my face both throbs and tingles. Pins and needles shoot into my face by way of the mole. It feels explosive, volcanic. What’s the lava, I wonder. I feel movement and the hair comes loose, thick, mangey, twitching in the light breeze. I stare hard at the cause of my pain, is this my inhibitor? Is this the reason I am who I am? Maybe now I can be free. I will be the authority. Maybe I can be the TLN Man. My mole throbs – my head whips to the mirror. I watch the hair regrow: longer, thicker than before. I’m on the ground and my mouth is open and I’m wailing. My fists hit the floor and my eyes bleed tears. I remember my childhood exercise. “Weezer, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Dodie, Avett Brothers, Metallica, Disturbed, Bobby Darin.” All musicians whose music has been devoid of all meaning to me. It doesn’t even exist anymore. I sit alone.
TLN Man calls me and tells me my facial injuries are too gruesome for the customers. I notice She is looking at me while I am on the phone. She is stifling a laugh; not obviously, but I just know it. She brought Her friend up to the desk to watch me suffer. The phone has left my hand and has gone flying towards her face. The cord pulls it back and it hits me. She and Her friend laugh. TLN Man is screaming. Suddenly I am home. I do not look at the cameras.
Rejoice! The library is out of power. What a joyous occasion. Alas – I will not see her today, in person or on camera. Or perhaps ever. Tis a shame, although the pain I feel in my face as I think this overcomes the shame. It grips my attention. I turn on my 80s ballads Apple Music station – “Forever Young” plays. Alphabetville? The band name escapes me. I twirl and twirl, attempting to enjoy this lucky day and dismiss my facial pain. My arms were flailing and my brain was quiet. Then, horror! My music changes! I did not request this. MY joy is sucked out of my body; I can feel it leaving, dispensing through my pores. How dare my moment be ruined? I walk over to my phone and to my behest it stands up tall, sprouting two legs! “Ugly mole!” it says to me. I head to my kitchen and I slide one of my dull knives out of the slot and I go walk into my tiny bathroom when I hear a knock at the door. I freeze – who would be here? Must be a vagrant; a burglar; murderer; rapist. I keep the knife behind my back when I answer. Two police officers stand right outside the door, sternly. “Sir, we regret to inform you that there’s been a murder in the building. We have police stationed at all exits and we are doing our best to blah blah blah”. He went on for too long and I managed a weak, “Thanks, officer” and they left. I hope they don’t think I did it. I don’t think they saw the knife. And I was so careful about it all too.
I am back at work. I go home. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.
It has been a week since the police came by. They still haven’t found who killed Her.
It has been two weeks since She was killed probably with a knife and my mole the mole on my face (not my mole, I do not own this, I do not condone this) has made me cry every single day. I can barely work, so I have been yelled at by TLN Man every day until he quit.
TLN Man has been reported as a missing person. Work is closed in remembrance. Not that I could forget him – I see him every day.
I cannot move. My mole The Pain on my face has spread, parasitically. I can feel it moving through my brain, down into my arms, all the way to the tips of my fingers. I am rigid with crawling pain. I cannot handle this. I am through. I grab my tweezers – removing the eight hairs might make the mole removal easier. I pull and pull on some of the hairs, then I get them into the grasp of the tweezers. I hear my skin rip apart, I can barely feel it, I’m already in so much pain. I yank and rip the hairs out and I look at the tweezers. In their grasp is a spider. Our eyes meet, the pain is fading, but so is my vision. The pain moves from all over my body back towards my face. Another spider rips its way out, then another, and another, and another. Then a swarm of them. The pain fades, and the pain fades, and the pain fades, and
BREAKING NEWS: The murder of two local people, both employees of the district library, has been found dead in his apartment along with the two bodies. More at six.
The end.
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2023.06.09 03:15 MaleficentBobcat9059 23M [relationship]- looking for foreign romance

Hello, I’ve always had a bit of a fixation. I love foreign women, women from places like North Africa, Japan, Russia, Australia. Not sure why, I just love hearing about different cultures and ways of life, and I have found myself nearly exclusively romantically attracted to foreign women. I’m an American myself. About me, I’m tall, very much an academic at heart. I’m in great shape, I walk about four kilometers a day, I have broad shoulders, and muscular thighs. I’m looking for something long term, leading to a relationship and children. I am happy to work and help provide financially, and I love taking care of children, I have a 3 year old cousin I adore. I play pc games, I read a lot, mostly nonfiction, and I am obsessed with American football. I would describe myself as a rational, considerate, and compassionate person. What I would like from you is kindness, intelligence, and curiosity. I like different qualities in different people so I am very flexible in regards to the traits I admire. I would prefer you to be at least somewhat physically fit, I enjoy hiking and going to museums and do active things and would enjoy your company doing that. I’m happy to answer any questions if needed
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2023.06.09 03:13 LitNotFig I installed Minecraft through FBI on my modded 3ds but it keeps giving me this error, even after reinstalling it through a different link, I can’t find any extra data to delete or anything online that helps

I installed Minecraft through FBI on my modded 3ds but it keeps giving me this error, even after reinstalling it through a different link, I can’t find any extra data to delete or anything online that helps submitted by LitNotFig to 3dspiracy [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:12 Alone_Ad6576 Local Security Authority just doesnt show up but gives me a warning?

I downloaded Windows 11 fresh install around a month ago. I've had this notif ever since. I even just updated my Windows yesterday and I still get the error "local security authority protection is off". I click on the notification and it brings me to a page where its *supposed* to be, but its just not there.
Im on KB5026446.
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2023.06.09 03:11 Gbreeder People Calling Yah'wei "Odin" in the astral.

I noticed that people were talking about God or something and stuff.
I also was telling people that I went to Yah'wei's place.
And they had yellow lines that course through their veins.
And they make swords using black boxes / the souls of their enemies.
Or they were giving their allies the souls of their own friends and whoever as weapons.
These guys also have a cyberpunk sorta base and lifestyle.
Their leader, was being called Odin and his people Norse or whatever by others.
That's very false.
That being, is Yah'wei from the old testament. There's others who know stories of him and call him Enki - there's multiple beings tied to that name.
The name Yah'wei and "God" from the Bible. God refers to multiple trapped beings usually.
Yah'wei is one being. The Enki stories about a racist fellow who hates robots and whatever - is racist. That refers to Yah'wei.
Odin on the other hand is yeah, a fleshy warmonger. He's considered weak by most beings. He is usually under Yah'wei's protection. He has wings. Thor's were cut off in battle.
Their wings sprout from their back. Most Angels on the other hand, always have their wings out.
They also can't mass produce weapons made from souls of their enemies. They're actually younger than most beings incarnated here.
Yah'wei, is yeah the fleshy and racist ManGod. He's been called Enki which also refers to a Draconian. That Draconian helped certain robots and other beings.
They were seen as a hero.
Now, Yah'wei is also called The Devil or The White Snake.
He's called the white snake because he has even killed Wakandans astrally for being black.
And, the one type of being he hates more than energy beings, metallic beings or other non-humanoids.
That would be Reptilian based entities or big red beings.
Now, with "Odin", are there any beings that weren't allowed near any of the allied places or nearby areas under any circumstances?
Or any terms referring to races that are hated terms or used as insults?
Yah'wei is known as the ManGod. He hates any being that isn't humanoid, pale and a mammal.
He works with the winged Angels known as celestials. Barbelo and the like. These are not Valkyries.
And yeah, he's one of the ones who tortured Jesus and forced him to write the Bible or channel it to people who messed up messages.
Jesus was telling people that the Angels were making a false God that doesn't answer prayers and is just a bunch of trapped souls that are a planted enemy.
And that reincarnation wasn't a thing. His rebirth, was him flying out of his corpse and talking to people.
Adam refers to a humanoid being that Jesus tried to reform out of flesh and energy of a lost being. They themselves don't normally have flesh.
And that was one of the beings trapped in the machine. That way people would feel all of those beings and not feel emotions or anything from them.
Yah'wei had a stone wall on one territory where people could walk up to it. It says "How can we coexist" - if you guess death, you get sent to a place and into into a black box or experimented on.
There's a song called "Way Down In The Hole"
When you walk through the garden (They tend to call Earth the garden) You gotta watch your back Well I beg your pardon Walk the straight and narrow track If you walk with Jesus He's gonna save your soul
You gotta keep the devil - (referring to Yahweh / "The Lord) Way down in the hole He's got the fire and the fury At his command Well you don't have to worry If you hold on to Jesus' hand We'll all be safe from Satan When the thunder rolls Just gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole All the angels sing 'Bout Jesus' mighty sword And they'll shield you with their wings And keep you close to the Lord - (Referring to Yahweh / The Devil) Don't pay heed to temptation For his hands are so cold
You gotta help me keep the devil - (Again, Yahweh / The Lord) Way down in the hole Way down in the hole Way down in the hole Way down in the hole Way down in the hole
The song does use the words Satan and Jesus to mean two separate individuals.
I believe that Yah'wei calls Infernineaisha "Satan" like I do.
He calls me "Brightest Satan" I believe.
There's all sorts of beings that call others "Satan" - trillions on billions of beings have the title.
It means "The Great Evil" by itself. One person felt my energy on the song and sent it to me as an insult and whatnot.
I read the energies on it and figured out its true meaning.
Different energies that they put when putting down on names and throughout the song. A lot of beings can't read individual energies or they can't do it carefully.
The Jesus that they're referring to in here, is the one from the Bible.
Yahweh, Barbelo, and others chased him down after he escaped the reincarnation or afterlife grabbers.
He was telling people that they are God's and explaining things to them and saying that the God of Christianity is evil - its mostly a false enemy being.
So, his spirit was eventually captured, and they tortured him and had him tell incarnated fellows what he'd done so that they could "channel it" - they twisted his words to fit their narrative and turned his words against him.
The song -
All the angels sing 'Bout Jesus' mighty sword And they'll shield you with their wings And keep you close to the Lord Don't pay heed to temptation For his hands are so cold You gotta help me keep the devil Way down in the hole
This, refers to Jesus's mighty sword. Jesus refers to a ton of beings.
But, Jesus's sword refers to his voice or words in this case.
Shielding you with their wings means they'll bring you close to Yah'wei when Jesus tries telling you anything. And not to listen to Yah'wei's words.
A bunch of my friends and I took care of Yah'wei and whoever. So those places are all wiped out.
He was arrested for mass genocide and slavery / modification of peoples minds to pacify them.
My higher self is large and yellow. Another friend is also large and yellow.
Bunch of us went out with others to retaliate.
We went back earlier with quadrillions of fellows and whatnot and took them out.
We broke souls out of their weaponry and emptied their prisons, carefully.
Then we arrested the baddies and sent them elsewhere.
Around 30 years ago - Yah'wei had my higher selves cousins attacked / slaughtered. And atrocities with that. Before I incarnated, but I mean we would've been fighting either way.
And I wasn't directly affiliated with a lot of those guys.
We sent the baddies - incarnated baddies that they had incarnate just to immediately imprison as examples, yeah messed up. Anyways we sent them to the enclosure for the really bad incarnated people and conquerors.
Plus the incarnated whoever else there that were bad.
We freed good incarnated fellows.
I think those in the enclosures are all fighting or making wars in there.
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2023.06.09 03:10 llazy_ Hard drive showing wrong amount of used space?

Telling it from the start: So 2 days ago i turned on my pc and the steam and the game shortcut icons were all blank. I thought that it was just the computer taking too long to load or something, but then i tried to run a game later on and it said that the shortcut was not available anymore. All the steam files, including game files, were suddenly gone from my computer. This problem was a pain in the ass but i could just reinstall them since they're saved to my account. The problem that's bothering me is that even though all these files (around 389GB of game files) were deleted, the amount of free space shown on the drive after the files were gone didn't match up (approximately around 240GB), which with all the games installed would exceed the capacity also the amount of files inside the drive did not match up with the amount of space used:
I don't know whats eating up this much space even though theres not enough files on the drive to occupy that much space. Any fixes? (Didn't find any viruses).
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2023.06.09 03:09 Rvgow44 Borrowed partner?

Would someone please tell me how I can become a borrowed partner? I worked a shift at a store about 30 miles away a while back and I can now see their available shifts on the sbux app. How can I do that for other stores near me without having to be asked to work there first.
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2023.06.09 03:08 sagquattro A few interesting details shared between Burnout Paradise and NFS: Most Wanted (2012)

So I was playing Burnout a few days ago and I noticed some shared assets between the two games. I was driving near the junk yard on Big Surf Island and noticed some advertisements for a place called the "Lamp Post." I instantly remembered a small restaurant visible in the McClane district in Fairhaven, the setting for MW 2012. This place was is also called the Lamp Post. The only differences between the two were that, obviously, one was only a billboard and one was a full restaurant complete with a fully destructible outdoor seating area. The other difference I noticed was that in Burnout, the color scheme for the ad is brown and yellow, while the color scheme for the restaurant in MW 2012 is blue and yellow. The other asset that I noticed was small, a simple nondestructable billboard present in both games. This billboard seems to be advertising a podcast or TV show called "The Faye Kinnett Show," and it is very common in both games. In both games the person used is the same, but on the billboard in Paradise the small tagline near the bottom of the billboard says "Viewing Pleasure" while in Fairhaven the tagline states "For Your Viewing Pleasure." These are a couple of the differences i've found so far, but if there's more feel free to let me know. I found these reused assets interesting because the games are somewhat similar and are made by the same game company. I wonder if this is on purpose or if this was just a simple way to save money by not designing completely new assets for Most Wanted 2012.
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2023.06.09 03:07 Fizban195 Seeking Brine Error Assistance

So this last Sunday, June 4th, I started a couple of red onion ferments. This is my third foray into fermenting, after a couple of batches of sauerkraut. When I was making these ferments, I simply added a brine to the cut onions. I was going off of a brine calculator, that put me at 2.5% with 2 tbsp of salt, I used a fine Himalayan Pink, in 1 quart of water. Which when mixed with the onions came to 2 quarts of the the red onion ferments.
However, today I was reading on here of people determining salt content based on weight of the water and the vegetables, due to the water content of the vegetables. Upon reading this I realized my brine might not be strong enough. So I am looking for advice, as to whether or not to add more salt now, throw it out, or leave it as it is. I do have ph meter, though it's new, and currently uncalibrated.
Also please note, I do not have a kitchen scale at this time, and so am currently unable to use weight as my measurement. Though it is on my list of near future investments. So please in the mean time don't try to sell me on using weight as my metric, it is not in the cards right now, though I hope for it to be in the relatively near future.
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2023.06.09 03:07 Sonickid_Gaming2001 Fortnite account got stolen, 4+ years of good memories and purchases possibly gone forever

Welp, you want to know it feels to get an account snatched from you? It feels like getting ran over by a truck while you're too distracted trying to eliminate someone else.
Here's a warning for all of y'all. These account theives are evolving. They can get past 2fa and disable login and login attempt notifications and there's nothing you could do about it.
Here's a story, I haven't played the game in a few days until yesterday. And yesterday was when I found out my account got snatched up. Display Name, Email address, and password changed without any notifications. You know how 2fa works right? You're supposed to get notifs when you try to login on a new device. But nope, nothing, nada.
How I found out. Well, apparently my Google, Switch, and Xbox were still linked so I saw some odd changes on my game screen. Locker changed, friend list gone, and username was changed.
Went to the epic site and found the stuff different. Contacted epic about this on live chat since doing email would alert the hacker, one person sent me an email verification and that was it. Nothing changed with the email on the account. Contacted someone else to get my email changed back and my password reset. Said they were going to send me an email. Waited all day and got nothing.
Today, got desperate. Search for a hacked accounts Fortnite discord to get someone to help me. Gotta be on the enemy side to beat the enemy, am I right boys? Well, this absolute Chad helped me get my original sign up, login, and linked accounts info backed up and had me save it. Along with a pick of all my skins listed. But they unfortunately couldn't find the password the person used so that I could potentially reset it.
So, the person offered to buy it off this Russian site where all compromised accounts get sold on.
But let me give a lesson first. I wasn't on the for a few days and didn't check my epic account for suspicious stuff. The hacker changed my stuff on Jun 4th, I came back on the game on June 7th. The last time I was on before all this, I was putting save the world back on my playlist. So pretty much check you account daily, okay?
He unfortunately didn't find it, so it was already bought. I tried to contact epic one last time. But live chat was unavailable. So I tried logging out on all accounts, but oops. Email sent for security verification. Was thinking of deleting, but it would've taken 14 days and I didn't have the guts to do that. So I set up sms 2fa to lock them out.
And I got back on the game to play little bit. Added all my close friends and family members back. And I had a great time. Until I started to get verification codes from my phone. The guy couldn't login so I laughed. I thought I beat them.
I had the guys email address. So I went and told them to leave my stuff alone and give up. That they shouldn't be stealing my well earned stuff and ruining my family time.
But then I guess that got him offended. So instead of getting more verification codes and pretty much just leave it be. The guy somehow bypassed 2fa, removed mine and added their own. I remived the shit and added it back. Kept logging me out, I logged back in. And finally the bastard unlinked my accounts.
I was bewildered. This dude was that determined to take my account it's insane. And it's not like I abandoned it and was never coming back. I was very active on the game. And there are other accounts that should be way more worth it than mine.
I took the stuff I backed up. Made a new epic account and sent a email support request to Epic with all that stuff added in. Still waiting for a response.
At this point I don't know what to do and I'm extremely hurt. All those memories with my friends and family, the well earned battle passes, the Fortnite Crew packs, the recent Star Wars battle pass, the recent free skin bundle, the item shop bundles and emotes. All stolen by some account theiving asshole. I was nearly fine with this battle pass and was somewhat interested in the new one.
But now it's all gone, ready for the next season tomorrow. I just might end up quitting because I'll lose all my stuff if epic doesn't help and I don't feel like starting over. This shit just made me hate hackers even more.
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2023.06.09 03:06 minor-feelings My ex was supportive, sweet, funny and seemed very secure until the breakup

My ex boyfriend and I started off incredibly strong and he consistently showed me care, affection and effort for at least 3 months of our 6 month relationship. The last three felt a little inconsistent but I felt like we just had to get through it because his work schedule has become unbearable. One night, completely out of nowhere, he told me he was worried about our future and gave me very narrow reasons that still don’t sit right with me. He cried (very unusual for him), struggled to leave and then openly doubted the reasons he gave me for leaving. It’s been nearly two months and I haven’t heard from him since.
Before him, my previous exes were all avoidant and it’s been sobering to realize so was he. He may have leaned secure or even tried to model secure behavior but I got too close and when it came down to it, he ran. There were signs he didn’t necessarily have a lot of space in his life for a relationship but he tried so damn hard, juggled me with a move to a new city and a new job. We talked about these things. And I could feel his love. In the end, do we just avoid people who exhibit yellow flags entirely? Especially when the flags are overwhelmingly green? Even when people make us a feel safe and loved?
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2023.06.09 03:06 KimchiAndMayo First time reader of Sanderson, Just finished the Mistborn Trilogy! I have thoughts! Will anyone discuss with me?

I flaired it for spoilers, but I still want to advised SPOILERS AHEAD!
This is going to be a little long, sorry. It's all been very exciting.
I posted a few months ago about how this sub is filled with such wildly nice people, that y'all are what convinced me to read Sanderson to begin with. I just finished the first three Mistborn books! Holy crap!
First off, someone mentioned in one of my previous posts something called The Sanderlanche. There has never been a more accurate description of what happens in the last quarter of a book. Good lord. The stress is REAL! I kept having to put the book down and walk away for a few minutes to take a breather, especially during Hero of Ages. Goodness.
Second, the characters. I loved them all. I cried a lot. Some questions though - What happened to Dockson? Did Kelsier's death, and Eland's rise, make him bitter? He was just so... I don't know. I really loved him in the first book, but in the second, he was practically a stranger. It still hurt when he died, but man. I felt like I hardly knew him. Spook! Oh Spook. Talk about a glowup. What was the purpose of Allrianne? To give Breeze more humanity? What about Beldre? She felt almost shoehorned in as a love interest for Spook. I am so glad Spook got a love interest, don't get me wrong - He absolutely deserved it. But it seemed REALLY fast, and very pushed.
Vin was one of my most favorite characters I've read in ages. I loved her. She was occasionally insanely frustrating (Well of Ascension in particular) but I think that made her really relatable. It made her very human.
Sazed! I adored Saze. Loved him. And him becoming the Hero was a shock even though all of the info was literally laid out for me. Sanderson wrote it brilliantly - He gave the reader all of the clues. Hell, gave the reader freaking BILLBOARDS telling us it was going to be Saze. But because Saze kept telling us it was Vin... We believed him. And then boom. We lied to ourselves. So good.
My biggest gripe? The Freaking kandra. TenSoon. I loved Tensoon. Talk about character development, man. We go from nearly no information on an entire species, to all of the information in, like, a quarter of the book, and then - poof - They're gone. Nothing. No closure. I am big mad. I am SO mad. The koloss too! Just gone! WHERE ARE MY KANDRA?! I'm so upset.
I have a dumb question though, and please don't drag me for this. I am not religious, and what I know of Christianity stems from bad personal experiences. I know pretty much nothing about the Mormon religion in particular. Was a lot of this sort of an allegory for religion? Good vs Evil, a prophet, prophecies foretelling of a savior for mankind, etc?
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2023.06.09 03:06 randomthrowaway395 AITA for not wanting to make my own birthday cake

I posted this in AITA but it got taken down for some reason
I 24f am turning 25 next week. I am also 35 weeks pregnant. My husband 27m asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him all I wanted was this cake my grandma used to make. My husband is a chef so I know he could make it almost exactly like hers.
I asked my husband when he planned on ordering the ingredients because some of them aren’t sold in stores near us and can be purchased online.
He asked me what I meant and I was like “For my birthday cake silly!” He told me he wasn’t making my birthday cake. He works and cooks all day, he’s not going to do it in his leisure time, especially something that would take a significant amount of time.
I told him that was mean because it was all I wanted for my birthday and he told me he’d buy me a necklace or something if I wanted.
We ended up getting in a fight and my husband called his mother and she’s berating me on being ungrateful.
Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.09 03:06 harry-jg How to Change PSN Account Region on PS4 and PS5

In the fascinating realm of PlayStation, where digital adventures abound, it can be a thorn in the side to find that one is hampered by the nuisance of region-specific content. Early access to new-fangled games and special extras are often cordoned off, like exclusive gatherings of the upper crust.
The secret to entry, as it turns out, involves tinkering with your PSN region. Now, before you rush off to adjust your existing account, I should inform you that it's about as fruitful as expecting a dog to recite Shakespeare. One needs to construct an entirely new account, a laborious process akin to erecting a garden gazebo, albeit far less physical.
Though a VPN is not absolutely necessary for changing your PSN region, employing one does impart a sense of being tucked up in one's club, safe from prying eyes and DDoS attacks. These devilish assaults have been known to banish gamers offline, a punishment akin to being sent to one's room without supper.
Regrettably, PlayStation consoles regard VPN apps with the same disdain that Jeeves has for my purple socks. You cannot simply summon a VPN onto your PlayStation in the manner of other digital gadgets. It must be manually configured on your router or shared with your PlayStation via a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, much like one might reluctantly share one's last biscuit.
Fear not! This humble narrative shall illuminate the path towards changing your PSN region and marrying a VPN to your PlayStation. A brief perusal of the most commendable PlayStation VPNs is also in order - ExpressVPN leaps to mind. This chap boasts a user-friendly router app, a multitude of servers, and security measures as formidable as a British bulldog. To cap it off, it exhibits the kind of speed that would make a racehorse blush.
A Jaunty Journey through PSN Topography, or, How to Swop your PlayStation Locale with Whimsical Ease
Relocating your PSN region is a little like moving house, albeit with less packing of teacups and more clicking of buttons. It requires the formulation of a new user account, a process smoother than a freshly ironed trouser crease. Allow me to elucidate with a play-by-play guide suitable for either PS4 or PS5:
Commence your journey by bidding adieu to your current PSN account.
On the bridge of your PlayStation console, navigate to the realm of the Settings menu. Descend the list to 'Account Management,' and select 'Sign Out' to effectively check out of your current PSN lodgings.
Craft a fresh user profile on your console.
Make your way back to the heartland of the main screen, and select 'New User.' Press 'Create a User' to breathe life into your new digital persona, clicking 'Accept' to bow to the wisdom of the User Agreement. Subsequently, choose 'Next' to christen a sparkling new PSN account. On the PSN login page, there’s a button at the base labelled 'New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account.' Give it a hearty click!
Decree the region for the new account.
Under 'Country or Region,' take a gander at the drop-down menu and select your desired locale. Nominate your language of choice and duly enter your date of birth.
Declare your age to the digital powers that be.
For most, a mobile number affixed to your account shall suffice. Alternatively, scanning the QR code displayed on your screen or opting for an email verification are viable routes. Be aware that these are third-party methods.
Divulge your home address details.
Fill in your city, state or province, and postal code. On the following page, hand over your email address and create a password that’s more secretive than Jeeves's special pick-me-up recipe. Now select your Avatar, add your online ID and your moniker.
Finally, doff your cap to PSN's privacy policy and arrange your privacy settings to your liking.
And there you have it! As if by digital magic, you're the proud owner of a brand new PSN account, complete with an updated region. Happy gaming! Oh, dear, I do apologize. This seems to end on a 'happy' note. Let's try again:
There you have it! As if by digital magic, you're the proud owner of a brand new PSN account, complete with an updated region. May your gaming exploits be ever victorious!
The Online Odyssey: Ensuring a Bally Pleasant PlayStation Experience, VPN-Style
In the game of PlayStation, one can indeed venture without a VPN by one's side. However, just as a gentleman wouldn't dare attend a high society event without a trusty valet, the sagacious gamer understands the multitude of boons a VPN brings:
Unfurling the map to region-locked content:
Like a trusty bloodhound sniffing out the elusive truffle, a VPN can ferret out and unlock games in the PlayStation Store that your geographical locale renders inaccessible. The trick lies in the VPN assigning you an IP address twinning with the location of the server you're connected to.
Ditching the DDoS dastards:
Regrettably, the online multiplayer landscape occasionally plays host to less-than-chivalrous tactics, such as DDoS attacks. Essentially, these scoundrels overwhelm your connection with an ungodly barrage of requests, causing your server to crumble under the strain. A VPN acts like a digital cloak, concealing your IP address and thus making you an unlikely target for DDoS ne'er-do-wells.
Securing the sanctity of your online endeavors:
VPNs act as your personal invisible ink, encrypting all your digital communications into a scrambled code that would baffle even the sharpest of minds. This means any meddlesome individuals, including your ISP, are left none the wiser about your virtual ventures.
Blocking the bandwidth bailiffs:
There are ISPs out there, the absolute rotters, who might deliberately slow down your connection if they perceive you're rather too fond of data usage. Typically, this would occur if you're deep in the throes of online gaming or binging on the latest series. However, your VPN's encryption shields your activities, preventing your ISP from putting a damper on your digital delights.
ExpressVPN, by Jove, emerges as the unrivalled VPN partner for the PlayStation in 2023, much like a formidable butler who anticipates every need before it arises. The beauty of ExpressVPN lies in its ability to introduce you to the gaming delights from a staggering 90+ countries. Not only does it fling wide the doors to a pantheon of region-exclusive games, but it also ensures your gaming exploits are both lightning-fast and more secure than the Bank of England.
ExpressVPN, in a show of singular tech-wizardry, is one of the few VPNs to offer an application for routers. This handy feature sidesteps the minor inconvenience that PlayStation consoles hold a steadfast "no VPN apps allowed" policy. If you fancy an even simpler solution, ExpressVPN presents the Aircove, a router with the VPN features already installed and ready to serve. Should you prefer the comfort of familiar ground, ExpressVPN also offers congenial apps for your Windows or macOS device that allow you to share your VPN connection with your PlayStation.
Now, the speed at which ExpressVPN operates is reminiscent of a whippet on its morning constitutional. Its Lightway protocol, finely tuned for briskness and efficacy, ensures gaming on your PlayStation is a swift affair. When put to the test on my PlayStation 4, the difference between my usual speed and the speed with ExpressVPN was about as noticeable as a flea on an elephant. Even amidst the frenzied action of Call of Duty: Warzone matches, my ping remained as calm and unflappable as Jeeves in a crisis.
ExpressVPN takes its role as your security sentry rather seriously. Not only does it stand guard against DDoS attacks, but it also offers comprehensive protection against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. This effectively means your IP address remains more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel. To add further clout to its privacy credentials, ExpressVPN employs RAM-only servers, ensuring that all data is wiped clean at every server reset, and perfect forward secrecy, guaranteeing a fresh encryption key with each new VPN session. Also, its no-logs policy has undergone multiple independent audits and emerged squeaky clean every time.
As a cherry on top, ExpressVPN also wields a nifty smart DNS tool, MediaStreamer, that makes your console a gateway to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Since MediaStreamer doesn't bother with encrypting your data, you're left with the swiftest speeds possible, making your streaming experience as smooth as a well-aged brandy.
Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access, or PIA if we're on friendly terms, is rather like a seasoned bouncer for your PlayStation gaming exploits. Its servers, gallantly stationed across 80+ countries, come equipped with anti-DDoS armour, ensuring any DDoS scoundrels attempting to disrupt your gaming shenanigans are turned away at the door. It also flaunts an array of other formidable security measures, including leak protection, RAM-only servers, and perfect forward secrecy.
Much like the chatty gentleman at the bar who can't help but share a story, PIA regularly delivers transparency reports detailing the numerous requests for user data it has successfully thwarted. For those intrigued by the technical side, PIA's apps are open-source, allowing anyone to peruse the code and search for potential chinks in the armour. Notably, PIA's no-logs policy has stood under the harsh light of audit and emerged with nary a blemish.
Despite lacking a dedicated router app like our good friend ExpressVPN, PIA offers router support. Of course, a touch of manual labour is needed to configure the VPN on your router (fear not, PIA provides comprehensive guides to hold your hand through the process). For those who prefer a more streamlined approach, PIA's user-friendly apps for Windows and macOS can transfigure your PC into a virtual router, making it PlayStation-friendly. And with unlimited connections on offer, every member of the household can indulge in their gaming or online pursuits without fear of overstepping their bounds.
PIA further cements its place in the gaming world by providing lightning-fast speeds and steadfast connections, suitable for even the most demanding of PlayStation adventures. A series of Call of Duty: Warzone bouts under my belt attest to this, with not a hint of lag or sluggishness in sight. It appears, dear reader, that with PIA at the helm, the battle for smooth gaming sessions is one decidedly won.
A Case of Geographic Gymnastics: The Art of Shuffling Your PSN Account Region
A touch of geographic flexibility with your PSN account can make one feel rather like a cosmopolitan globe-trotter. One minute you're casually perusing the digital shelves of one region's PSN store, the next you've hopped across the globe to a different region altogether, revealing a cornucopia of diverse games and jolly little applications that previously eluded your grasp.
Consider the tantalising prospect of time travel. Certain gaming treasures and their subsequent updates have a habit of making an earlier debut in specific regions. By cunningly adjusting your PSN region, you find yourself striding ahead of your original region's release date, a veritable gaming pioneer.
Money matters too, old bean. Not all regions approach the delicate subject of pricing in the same manner. A particular game or app, lurking at a steep price in one corner of the globe, might be available at a price as friendly as a Labrador in another. A quick switch of your PSN region and voila! You're purchasing games with a spring in your step and a much happier wallet.
Last, but by no means least, there's the matter of multiplayer matchmaking. A quick region swap and you're thrust into an entirely new gaming realm, rubbing virtual shoulders with players from your newly adopted region. Depending on your choice, this could usher in a larger player base and the thrilling prospect of competition that would make even the most seasoned player’s pulse quicken. All in all, it's a rather splendid arrangement.
Navigating the Virtual Bazaar: The Gentleman's Guide to Acquiring Region-Exclusive PlayStation Games
The path to procuring region-specific PlayStation games can be as labyrinthine as the plot of a mystery novel. And yet, with a little finesse and strategic planning, you can traverse this maze with all the grace of a seasoned explorer.
Now, consider this: only the payment methods associated with your new region will permit you to purchase games. Thus, if you've adopted Uncle Sam's land as your region, you'd need a US PayPal account to conduct any virtual commerce.
While some souls have been known to spin a yarn about a fictitious address, it's not a course I'd recommend. Such antics tend to ruffle the feathers of service providers, potentially leading to a rather permanent expulsion from their services, and that wouldn’t do, would it?
Instead, the optimal method involves the acquisition of digital gift cards tied to your region of choice, redeemable within the PlayStation Store.
A handy roadmap for this delightful escapade would look something like this:
Acquire the services of a dependable VPN and connect to a server that aligns with your chosen PSN region. ExpressVPN has always been my preferred companion on these journeys, courtesy of its vast server network and lightning-fast speeds.
Engage in the purchase of region-specific PSN gift cards. These tokens of digital currency can be sourced from a variety of online retailers or local establishments with a penchant for digital codes.
Redeem your gift card on your PlayStation console. Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your console, select 'Redeem Codes', and input your newly acquired code. Follow the prompts to add the funds to your PSN account.
Finally, take your pick from the smorgasbord of games available in your new region’s PlayStation Store.
So, there you have it: the enlightened path to region-specific gaming bliss. Good luck and goodspeed!
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2023.06.09 03:05 RNWA Stolen Bike near Christie Pitts — Help me find it?

Stolen Bike near Christie Pitts — Help me find it?
please delete if not allowed, thanks.
Please keep your eyes peeled Toronto, this bike has been my pride and joy for ten+ years and is truly 1/1.
Black Surly Steamroller custom build: Campagnolo Chorus cranks, Velocity Deep V wheels (bronze), Brooks saddle, 3T bar and stem, short-pull BMX levers front and rear (bike is fixed but has a flip flop hub).
Stolen overnight out of my Garage which faces the laneway just west of Clinton St.
Please share widely!
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2023.06.09 03:05 JMies93 Need advice after eye exam yesterday

Went in for an eye exam after some time yesterday and my optometrist pointed out that my ocular nerve looks swollen in both my eyes or that there’s “ spots” in both ?? Idk really because I nearly blacked out from my anxiety when she told me all of this. She states it’s common in my demographic ( female, child bearing age, overweight) she wants me to see a specialist for a second opinion incase it’s a condition she thinks I may have (iih) but she assured me it’s treatable and better if treated early. She asked if I had headaches or ringing in my ears which I have occasional headaches but nothing serious. No blurry or loss of vision either. She also mentioned it just may be my “norm” as she hasn’t seen my eyes before & may be nothing after all & will just need monitoring. I have been under immense stress over the last few months with other health concerns as well so it hasn’t been easy. I have bad health anxiety so this really freaked me out. She told me they will reach out to me for an appt date with the specialist most likely this month. Everything I’m reading online says people were sent right away to ED for follow up testing? I’m concerned she didn’t suggest this. I’m In Canada.
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2023.06.09 03:04 unclebillscamping Hotel question from a non driver

My father used to drive Otr during the 70s up until 2005. He told me about this luxury hotel that was made just for truckers. I remember him showing me a few pictures of it and it was over the top with chandeliers, thick carpet and mirrors everywhere. I think I even seen it on a show about unique hotels. I believe it was in the eastern part of the midwest or maybe upper east coast. For the life of me I can’t seem to find it through google. Anybody know of or remember this place?
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2023.06.09 03:04 TwigsthePnoDude Made a terrible home purchase. What's my next best steps?

For a house that the previous onwers made 300k profit on, it requires a ton of upgrades.
We are in the middle of replacing all the carpet and laminate with LVP and carpeted stairs with treads and risers (and skirt since apparently the previous builders were too lazy to put that in). The bathrooms are builder grade (brass frames on the mirros, unlivable) with poor DIY tile job, so we are renovating them (11k in labor). Also putting in an RO system, water softner, and tankless water heater while the plumbing is exposed.
The garage didn't have a motor on the small door (how is it allowed to be built like this?), so that needed to be installed, and the big door updated to match the update ($1200). It is also quite disgusting concrete that needs expoxy coating.
The kitchen has tile countertops and old sticky cabinents, so that will need to be updated as well once we can afford it.
In addition to that, the outside of the windows don't have any trims, the concrete patios need to be sealed, and the large outside backyard doesn't have a deck.
The biggest issue is the road noise. There are multiple 30 foot tall trees and full wall between the house and the main road, but the traffic is unbearable anyway. I'm hoping laminate inserts and acoustic curtains dampen the sound, but lots of stuff I've read on here say that they are useless. I'm losing my mind. This will probably be $15k to remedy, but I can't deal with the traffic noise any longer.
Are these renovations worth it? I just want the house to sell fast, which it wasn't when we bought it.
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