Carburetor rebuild kit ryobi

Oscillating Multi-Tool, Ryobi Brushed or Kobalt Brushless?

2023.05.30 07:38 arktik7 Oscillating Multi-Tool, Ryobi Brushed or Kobalt Brushless?

I have a Kobalt Weedwacker and Blower with a single plus size battery, but my drill and rep saw are Ryobi (Father handed them down) with 3 batteries.
I need an oscillating multitool and can't decide. Ryobi has a brushed $79.99 multitool but Kobalt has a $99.99 brushless one with some blades which practically makes them the same price as most blades are $20+
I really wanted to just stick with Ryobi as I grow my power tool collection but the Kobalt being brushless, is it worth it for that? Only downside is my plus size battery will add weight.
Brushless worth it?
Edit: I do at home DIY things, not for work, but plan on learning more and growing my tool set.
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2023.05.30 07:26 aircooledvintage Best Place to Buy Aircooled VW Dual Carburetor

Best Place to Buy Aircooled VW Dual Carburetor
The aircooled VW dual carburetor is a classic design used on many Volkswagen models. The carburetors are responsible for atomizing the fuel-air mixture prior to being delivered to the engine. The dual carburetor system provides higher combustion efficiency, better fuel economy, and improved performance overall. Aircooled Vintage Works is the best parts provider for aircooled VW dual carburetors. They carry an extensive selection of both original and aftermarket parts, designed to fit all VW models and ensure optimum performance. Their parts are made to exacting standards using only the highest-quality components and materials. They also provide helpful advice and step-by-step instructions to make installing and maintaining your VW dual carburetor system much easier. With their quality parts and excellent customer service, Aircooled Vintage Works is the go-to source for all your VW accessory needs.

Aircooled VW Dual Carburetor
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2023.05.30 07:20 Sad-Knee-5591 Update about my last post

Thank you guys for the suggestions and input but since then I have taken the head off my dad didn’t want me to but I did and lucky I did you can feel a little bit of scoring but only 2 lines not bad tho so I’m just gonna buy a rebuild kit and is it ok to change the piston to a 2ring piston for better heat transfer I’d imaging it’s ok but yea
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2023.05.30 05:37 BigBeard_FPV Which drill set to keep: Ryobi brushless vs Milwaukee M18??

Which drill set to keep: Ryobi brushless vs Milwaukee M18??
I'm a home diy man, who uses a drill maybe once or twice a week for hobby and around the house stuff. Am I buying way more than I need with the milwake m18 kit? Will this ryobi brushless kit likely be more than fine? The ryobi kit was 99 vs 179 for the Milwaukee kit.
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2023.05.30 04:53 Haczapuri Looking for bad Ryobi 18V batteries to rebuild them

Does anybody have bad Ryobi 18V batteries they want to get rid of?
I'm looking to rebuild them with quality cells to get more runtime or Ah.
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2023.05.30 04:37 CrowdyPooster Short travel XC fork

I have a Kelly Deluxe from the late '90s that is in fantastic shape. The only issue is the Manitou SX Carbon fork--it is totally dead. To my knowledge, this was the lightest race fork at that time or at least close to the lightest. I think it's 2.8 lbs.
I haven't been able to find a rebuild kit for that specific fork. So I am looking for a replacement that will not throw off my geometry. Does anyone make a 1 1/8" threadless steerer fork with 2 to 2.5" travel? (That doesn't weigh more than a boat anchor)
Bonus points: if anyone knows of a rebuild kit that would work for my existing fork, that would be my strong preference.
PS. Please forgive me if I'm asking a ridiculous question. I have been out of the scene for nearly 25 years now.
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2023.05.30 04:24 RealtdmGaming Help With tunes on a Passat.

Long Story Short, I got in an accident and am now rebuilding my '16 Passat whilst also modding and doing some well needed maintenance on it.
The problem is I can't find any tunes on the car. I have looked everywhere that is reliable and the only option I can find is a JB4, and Fuel-It E85 kit. If anyone has any advice on a 2016 Passat S tune please let me know.
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2023.05.30 00:25 PenisBakeMeAPancake Recapped, re-shelled and modernized a VA1

Recapped, re-shelled and modernized a VA1
After recapping a buddy’s childhood game gear, I had a HUGE nostalgia hit as I remember trading mine in for a Gameboy advance. So I ended up getting a junk 2110 off eBay to rebuild.
Parts list include:
Retrosix’s Cleanjuice w/ batteries, Cleanamp, shell and button replacement, Cleanlight kit in green.
BennVenn replacement screen
Console5 cap kit
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2023.05.29 23:40 Life_of_Reilly I was initially going to pass on the Ryobi track saw. Then they marked it down 4 times.

I was initially going to pass on the Ryobi track saw. Then they marked it down 4 times.
I- I mean it's not perfect as a track saw, but for $200? Brushless? With a 4AH HP+ battery? How can I say no.
Thank you Home Desperate clearance section.
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2023.05.29 23:01 Chaseugh Apologize if it's a bad pic, lost it without realizing while rebuilding the carburetors on my Yamaha virago 535 what is it and how would I fix it?

Apologize if it's a bad pic, lost it without realizing while rebuilding the carburetors on my Yamaha virago 535 what is it and how would I fix it? submitted by Chaseugh to carburetors [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 20:42 turnwaterintowine zama rebuild carburetor

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2023.05.29 18:49 HowDareU1 Shipping from 5x racing

Hey guys I ordered a shifter rebuild kit from 5x racing just wondering if anyone else ordered from them and how long shipping took? Im in Toronto Canada
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2023.05.29 18:04 Full_Doctor1934 HELLO WORLD - New to the iPod Refurb Space

How’s it going everyone?! My parents just sent me a nostalgia package while they were doing some spring cleaning, and they found my old A1136 (5th Gen) iPod! After a quick charge, booting up was a success but quickly died out. This was to be expected, but now I’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole and found and I want to rebuild this thing to 2023 standards.
If anyone has advice, recommended kits, best work mats, configs, etc…please let me know!
Glad I found this community, and look forward to hearing from you all.
P.S. - if we have any Bluetooth build guys here, I would greatly appreciate your expertise! The wireless revolution has spoiled me, I can’t go back to wired headphones.
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2023.05.29 18:01 Full_Doctor1934 HELLO WORLD! - New to the iPod Refurb Space

How’s it going everyone?! My parents just sent me a nostalgia package while they were doing some spring cleaning, and they found my old A1136 (5th Gen) iPod! After a quick charge, booting up was a success but quickly died out. This was to be expected, but now I’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole and found and I want to rebuild this thing to 2023 standards.
If anyone has advice, recommended kits, best work mats, configs, etc…please let me know!
Glad I found this community, and look forward to hearing from you all.
P.S. - if we have any Bluetooth build guys here, I would greatly appreciate your expertise! The wireless revolution has spoiled me, I can’t go back to wired headphones.
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2023.05.29 14:09 Pro-Rider Happy Memorial Day, Happy Ryobi Days!!

Happy Memorial Day, Happy Ryobi Days!!
I got four 4Ah and a charger for $99 thanks to Ryobi Days Sale.
I think this is a decent sale. What do you guys think about the 4 batteries for $99 deal?
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2023.05.29 12:57 Maximum_Double_5246 Sansui 1000 (but not the 1000a) tube receiver

I might go pick one up this week, the guy says it's probably been recapped but he's not going to power it up because there is some risk and doesn't want to further damage it. I agree actually the caps can blow if it hasn't been powered up in a long time.
Are there rebuild kits available? Are there any people in the US known for working on these?
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2023.05.29 07:22 LoginLord Anybody use the engine rebuild kit from the fiero store?

Although I do want to upgrade the engine somewhere down the line I do want to rebuild/refresh the stock engine.
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2023.05.29 04:41 TheFern2 Samsung washer overhaul build kit advice

For a samsung WF42H5000AW-A2-00 what would you recommend to replace? is nearly at 8 years old of use. I was looking for some sort of overhaul kit but I don’t really see one available.
The washer sounds like it needs shock absorbers replaced and wife has been using it against my advice lol. Hopefully nothing else broke.
So, I am thinking of replacing:
Any advice on anything else that might need replacement? Thank for your help!
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2023.05.28 23:01 AluminumFoyle [WTS] Random Old Gear - Cheap AR handguard, Romanian AKM Gas Tube & Magazine Rebuild Parts, M4 Drop Leg Harness Pouch, Faux Sopmod Stock(?), G19 OWB Blackhawk Serpa Holster, M&P shield IWB & OWB Holsters, Random Amazon Bolt Action Rifle Cheek Pad Riser

More Random Old Gear from when i first started getting into the sport, this stuff has all been sitting in a drawer for a while. My amazon prime operator days are over.
No Name AR MLOK Handguard, Measures 7" No name MLOK handguard, was running this on a mega cheap test 3d print build. Includes barrel nut and hardware, was surprisingly sturdy for a presumably chinese MLOK handguard. $35 shipped. SOLD!
No Name "B5 Sopmod" Stock - READ" I cant tell if this is real or fake. I bought it from a friend forever ago and was running it, but it has none of the B5 or sopmod logos and no QD sling slot on it. Presuming its fake. $20 shipped. SOLD!
Romanian AKM Gas tube: Bought this from another seller for a project and ended up not needing it. Typical AK Salt (see photos). $18 shipped. Or, $25 shipped with the 2 Magazine guts.
Romanian Steel Magazine Guts: Had these as extras from a bunch of mag rebuild kits i bought to refurbish some old Crusty Romanian Steel mags i bought. $15 shipped for both. Followers, Springs, and floor plates are in nice shape and have some scratches, no rust. Or, $25 shipped and I will include the gas tube with it.
Condor Quad AR Magazine Drop Leg Harness Pouch: Got this on Amazon Prime forever ago when i thought these made sense to run. $25 shipped. I will also include the 2x dual black AR molle mag pouches for free if you want them. Some idiot (me) must have thought it was a good idea to hot glue the button snaps shut forever ago.
Amazon Bolt Action Rifle Cheek Riser: $15 shipped. Has bullet hoops and adjustable foam cheek thing.
Glock 19 blackhawk Serpa Sportster Holster OWB:" This came with my glock 19. $25 shipped.
Smith and Wesson M&P shield 9mm Holsters:" One is a cytac IWB and one is a Cytac OWB, came with a shield 9mm that i bought. $15 shipped for the IWB or OWB, $25 shipped for both.
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2023.05.28 22:32 S1dy 2017 Hot Wheels Gazella GT

2017 Hot Wheels Gazella GT

A Hot Wheels Gazella GT upgraded to empty Kit (purple) parts has xxx PR and can match the final PR wall of Day 7 with xxx PR.
(A Hot Wheels Gazella GT upgraded to empty Kit (purple) parts has xxx PR and can't match the final PR wall of Day 7 with xxx PR.
You need additionally at least xxx to get past the last PR wall!)


Event Store:
Material Price
5 BPs 360 Gold
Upgrade Kits 12,500 credits (80 gold)
Grey Segment 4,000 credits (40 gold)
Green Component 6,000 credits (60 gold)
Note: Only 25/25 BP's are given out in store

Car Details:

PR Level Max:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 840
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 891
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 925

Max Stats 8★ 1 TP 2 TP 3 TP 4 TP
Speed 8,675 9,358 10,041 10,723 11,407
Acceleration 7,755 8,006 8,258 8,509 8,760
Nitro 8,216 8,881 9,547 10,212 10,878

Chapter Reward:
Day Reward
Day 1 10 Blueprints
Day 2 15 Blueprints
Day 3 10 Blueprints
Day 4 15 Blueprints
Day 5 10,000 Credits + 50 Gold

Series Tiered Rewards:
Bronze Tier (Day 3)
Silver Tier (Day 4)
Gold Tier (Day 5)

Material Requirement List: (See explanation)
Materials Build ★★★★ Kit performance Build ★★★★★ Kit performance
Motor Segment 4 6
Turbo Segment 4 6
Transmission Segment 5 7
Wheel Segment 5 7
ECU Segment 5 7
Nitro Segment 4 6
Motor Component 4 7
Turbo Component 4 7
Transmission Component 4 7
Wheel Component 4 7
ECU Component 4 7
Nitro Component 4 7
Kits to buy: Motor, Turbo, Transmission, Wheel, ECU & Nitro

Day 1:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Rush Hour Turbo Segment +1,100 (with good drafting up to +2,200)
2 Time Trial Wheel Segment [Motor Segment, ECU Segment, Cash] +1,600
3 Hunter Turbo Segment +1,400
4 Airborne Nitro Segment [Turbo Segment, Nitro Segment, Cash] +2,200 (with good drafting up to +3,400)
5 Rush Hour Turbo Segment +1,800 (with good drafting up to +3,200)

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
- 605 5 (2 RR)

Day 2:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Nitro Rush Wheel Segment 1,700 up to +2,200
2 Hunter Nitro Segment +1,400
3 Airborne Motor Segment [Transmission Segment, Wheel Segment, Cash] +1,400 (with good drafting up to +2,500)
4 Time Trial Transmission Segment +1,300
5 Hunter Wheel Segment [Motor Segment, ECU Segment, Cash] +1,000
6 Rush Hour ECU Segment +1,600 (with good drafting/near misses up to +3,300)
7 Airborne Nitro Segment +2,500 (with good drafting up to +4,000)

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
- 612 7 (2 RR)

Day 3:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Nitro Rush ECU Segment
2 Rush Hour Motor Segment [Turbo Segment, Nitro Segment, Cash]
3 Hunter ECU Segment
4 Rush Hour Motor Segment
5 Time Trial ECU Upgrade Kit 1 [Transmission Segment, Wheel Segment, Cash]
6 Airborne Turbo Segment
7 Hunter Turbo Upgrade Kit 1 [Turbo Component, Nitro Component Cash]
8 Rush Hour Transmission Segment
9 Rush Hour ECU Segment

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
Turbo, ECU 634 9 (3 RR)

Day 4:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Nitro Rush Transmission Segment
2 Time Trial Nitro Upgrade Kit 1
3 Rush Hour Wheel Segment [ECU Component, Motor Component, Cash]
4 Hunter Motor Upgrade Kit 1
5 Rush Hour Turbo Segment [Wheel Component, Transmission Component, Cash]
6 Airborne Transmission Upgrade Kit 1
7 Rush Hour Nitro Segment
8 Time Trial Motor Segment
9 Hunter ECU Segment [ECU Component, Motor Component, Cash]
10 Rush Hour Motor Segment
11 Airborne Turbo Segment
12 Hunter Wheel Upgrade Kit 1 [Turbo Component, Nitro Component, Cash]
13 Nitro Rush Transmission Segment
14 Time Trial Nitro Segment

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
Motor, Transmission, Wheel, Nitro 654 14 (3 RR)

Day 5:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Rush Hour Wheel Segment
2 Nitro Rush ECU Segment [Wheel Component, Transmission Component, Cash]
3 Time Trial Turbo Component
4 Hunter Transmission Segment
5 Airborne Motor Segment [Motor Segment, ECU Segment, Cash]
6 Nitro Rush Transmission Segment
7 Rush Hour Turbo Segment [Turbo Segment, Nitro Segment, Cash]
8 Time Trial Nitro Component
9 Rush Hour Motor Segment
10 Nitro Rush Nitro Segment
11 Hunter ECU Component
12 Airborne Wheel Segment [Transmission Segment, Wheel Segment, Cash]
13 Rush Hour Transmission Component
14 Nitro Rush Motor Component
15 Hunter Wheel Component
16 Airborne Nitro Segment
17 Rush Hour 10,000 Credits

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
- xxx, 697 17 (3 RR)

In all, the 52 regular races reward you with around xxxxxx credits. Every additional re-race (there are up to 70 tickets available for re-races) will support you not only with credits as a race reward, but also with Mystery Prizes that are either credits or items.
To upgrade the Hot Wheels Gazella GT completely to empty Kit (purple) parts, the material costs are 327,000 credits. Additionally, installation and rebuilding costs are at around 64,000 credits. So in all the event needs investments worth 391,000 credits.
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2023.05.28 20:08 DerpyWriting68 Prison world: The demands 2/2

Authors note:
This one is probably a little less polished, but I think it properly ends this section of earth story from the perspective of both sides leaders.
Previous Chapter
The Grand Commander of Earth’s Forces, Joshua Henrik, was sat at the table. He was between the head researcher Emma Jackso. Finally, was the President of Earth’s combined nations, Jennifer Conroy. They sat on one side of a bare steel table, three human body guards, behind them, unarmed and unarmored.
Before him sat an avian being, a sight that still unnerved him despite the past 20 years of war. This one was unique, pure white wings, in what he presumed was their kinds suit. The wings wrapped up over his shoulders. It was as though he was protecting his chest; it obfuscated most of his attire though. He, too, had guards. Five unarmed and unarmored soldiers stared at their group defiantly.
Henrik, out of habit, raised a hand over the table. “It’s our first-time meeting, correct? You are?” Doing his best to retain the discipline that he had left.
“I am Prince Artak of the Allitra. I am your new leader. You dare to look at me as an equal.” He said, glaring, not reacting to the raised hand.
Jennifer laughed. “You think you’re our new king? Not even close. If you truly thought that, you wouldn’t be here to negotiate. Now tell me, bird, why did you bring us here? I think I speak for us all when I say we would all like this to be over as soon as possible. Not only do you request an audience with us all, in neutral ground, but you then insult my army’s commander by refusing his greeting... How about we just call it refusal and leave now?” meeting my eyes for the last few words.
“Now now Jen... President, there is no need to go so far. You will apologise for the disrespect you showed me, won’t you, Artak.” Henrik began, pointedly tapping the table for the final few words.
“Apologise me? I won’t” He glared, yellow eyes narrowing on him, slits narrowing too.
“Then I hereby request a formal audience with your king. I do believe you have one, don’t you?” Jennifer, having had a few deep breaths, had collected herself.
“You have no right...” Artek began
“Either we are your subjects. In which case, per our prisoners, who, as far as I know, have no reason to lie. We have the right to petition your father due to unjust treatment and torture. Alternatively, we are still at war, which as much as you have declared victory, battles rage on, and we are still fighting you, so its what we consider ourselves, then we have the right to speak to your leader, not an upst... Not just a prince. To negotiate.” Emma recited, without looking away from her notes. “Finally, this is informal, in which case, you will treat us as equals. If that’s the case, stop. Looking. Down. On. Us.”
“I... It’s informal. Let’s not involve my father.” Artek began, beak going golden with blood. “I came to ask for your help. I suspect there is a lot you don’t know, so... let me start at the beginning. You are right; however, I might not like it but I am here to ask for your help. I should stop looking down on you.” He unfurled his wings and put them behind his back. Imitating the grand commander’s prior action, he raised a hand toward him. The commander returned the gesture, gripping his wrist, not hand. The avian did the same to him.
The commander locked eyes with the avian, “for today and today alone, I will not murder you. Tomorrow onward depends on what we learn today. If it is not good, lord help you. I will personally murder your billion or so soldiers if I have to, to kill you.”
“It won’t be good, but I am hoping to settle our differences, at least for now. You might not realise, but there is more at risk than your world. I was unaware when I attacked. Let me begin with what has happened until now,” Artek began calmly. “Your world is a prison world. Well before my great grandfather, it was just a quarantined world. How much about your folklore do you think is real? Vampire, werewolves, so on?”
Emma looked up pointedly at this. “They don’t... never existed. Why?”
“Oh, they existed, they exist. See, about a fifty thousand standards ago, my family accidentally infected your world. It was a spore. That spore turns living beings insane, feasting on their sanity. Honestly, we don’t know how it works. What we do know is that you are immune. Pardon my apologies, but the theory is that you began crazy, so can’t go crazy, so they have nothing to feast on. Regardless, you also seem to weaken them. Your world has lasted the 50 thousand standards since...” He continued until Emma interrupted.
“Wait, you mean to say that there is extra-terrestrial life in this world and it turns things evil... wait no, first what’s a standard?”
“A standard is the galactic standard for a year. It’s the average time it takes for the council’s station in its core system to round its sun. About 2.031 earth years. Yes, there is extra-terrestrial life here...” Artek answered “Anyway, where was I? Right, your world has survived. This is because you humans seem to weaken the spawn and its effects, especially when you are in groups. Those stories of vampires, werewolves and the like, happened. As your population grew, so too did tthe strength of the suppressing ability. Hence the lack of sightings these days. Now heres the part why you should help me fend this thing off... If it continues infecting animals, plants... My soldiers even. When enough become infected, it will infect your world. It will use the mantle and core to feast and gorge. It fills the earths mantle with gasses, until your world will shatter due to pressure. It will then drift into neighbouring worlds. Systems and onto any nearby ship. These will go to populated worlds, infecting them in a matter of years, not millennia it has for you. Trillions will die.”
“And?” the grand commander stated flatly. “With respect, if we ask our people if they would rather die and take trillions of you with them... I think they are going to say yes over survival on a world that is as damaged as this one is now.”
“Commander” Artek began…
“It’s Grand commander of Earth’s Forces to you,” Henrik spat back.
“Grand Commander of Earth’s Forces, let’s not be rash. I came to ask for help, but not empty-handed. What do you want, in exchange for your assisting us?” Artek asked plainly, tired of the arguing.
The three of them looked at each other, knowing this was coming. “First, you will answer our questions” Jennifer leaned forward, looking in his eyes. “Prison world? Why the change in designation?..”
“After we infected your world, it was quarantined. Only one way vehicles were allowed. You came here, you stayed here. It just made sense to drop our biggest toughest criminals here, they had no way out and we assumed infected beasts might kill them occasionally... speaking of which, I was meaning to ask you about this... Where’s the giant three headed fire breathing beast we left here?”
“What three headed... You mean Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld?” Emma spluttered. “If you really dropped that here as well, it’s not been seen in like thousands of years. Presumably we killed it.”
“You killed that thing with these guns... laughable,” Artek stated
“No, not guns, spears, swords, the like. We have had guns for about 400 years.”
The grand commander couldn’t take it anymore. “You dropped fucking monsters on our world. Criminals as well presumably, what in the ever-lasting fuck did we do to you to deserve this? Were we just a convenient place to drop your scum?” feeling the prince’s feathered neck between his fingers. The prince let his wings flap for a second.
“G.. Grand commander of earth’s forces, p.. please, I was not alive the last time something or someone was dumped here...” Jennifer gently placed her hand onto her commander’s outstretched arm.
“Please Joshua, you know more than anyone knows that our people are tired. If we kill him, this war will never end.” Henrik released his grip, retaining his glare.
“Okay, you want to know what I want to help you? After we solve this crisis, after we cure this spore, after your people leave our world. I want the following: You in chains, in our prison. I want your weapons, armor and ship designs, including how you navigate the universe. I want to keep a few spores... I intend to make a weapon that will stop you ever thinking of us attacking us again.”
Artek thought this was surprisingly reasonable, except that weapon... When the commander continued. “Oh and I before we help, I want each and every soldier in these photos, bound and dragged to a prison of our choosing. There they will await trial. I am aware we are too personally involved in this for a jury to make a fair decision, so we will use 11 fresh AI for each case. If they are guilty, then closest remaining family member of the victim will decide their fate. They will decide if the punishment is death, life in prison or a lesser sentence of their choice. Each one either tortured someone or used a chemical weapon on them. Those are war crimes. We will not work with you until we redress this. One stabbed a 5-year-old girl in a nerve cluster, twisting the knife for minutes before killing her. Her cries are blood curdling. Want to hear?”
“N.. No. Torture's forbidden among our troops. I’m sure it didn’t happ” when Artek watched a video appear in front of him as the soldier took joy in the child’s suffering.
“Didn’t happen? Fuck off. Give us the soldiers and get our help, or don’t and you get nothing. That said, we don’t torture our prisoners. Their imprisonment and deaths will be merciful. More than you can say about your prisoners.”
Then Emma chipped in. “Oh, and I want complete research documents on what makes your weapons, armors and ship’s work. If we are missing science to understand it, you will provide the missing research. Plus scientists to teach us. Can’t get rid of the spore if that leaves us wildly undefended, so the bomb short term... a fleet the long term”
Then Jennifer grinned. “I want a few things. I want the materials, tools, resources and facilities to rebuild. Rebuild our world, our populations and to build a fleet. Free. I want the technology to rebuild our world as fast as possible. The best you have. I want doctors, medicine.. I want whatever the intergalactic currency is, a fifth of whatever your people have. If you don’t meet any of our demands, then we would rather watch our world destroyed. Oh and for reference, this doesn’t resolve the matter of dropping your criminals and monsters here... We will return to that after we resolve this crisis. Now begone. Consult your king on our terms, as I am sure this is not something you alone can agree to. Oh, and add on a defensive treaty. You fleet will defend us if we are attacked by anyone else for 1000 standards.”
At that, the human leaders got up and left. Leaving Artek sat there, stunned. These people were not the broken people, he thought, they were expecting this. Did they know? By the gods 4 sacks, how would he explain the terms to his father... They couldn’t refuse but they would be arming a future adversary... They had done so much with primitive equipment as well... gods damnit. He disabled the translator and looked at one of the soldiers. “Adviser, arrange a meeting with my father. He isn’t going to like this.” One of his guards slipped out.
It had taken about 2 standards, but humans had moved groups of people over the planet. Artek provided the defenses, and slowly they burned the abominations into nothingness again. The humans had already started researching it in secret and they thought they had a way to kill it. Unwilling to share, however, we had to trust them. It was nothing definite, of course.
Another 10 standards passed. They finally demonstrated a way to kill the queen spores, a feat we had yet to achieve. They had mutated an earth fungal spore. It basically bred with it, rendering it infertile. By this point, however, they had created their bomb... It moved matter at 95% the speed of light, including the spores. It was sat in space in case someone attacked. If it went off, a kit if worlds would get spores... After the spores on earth were cleansed, my brethren left, leaving in other fleets. The prior terms are clear. You leave your weapons, armor and fleet of ships behind.
The humans had demanded the technology first. The scientists were permitted to work remotely to protect them. As I was cuffed and lead to a prison, I looked at Jennifer and the Grand Commanders’ faces; I saw the eyes of a predator who just found a new field to hunt in... It might have been better to let the spores loose.
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2023.05.28 19:23 pondsandstreams LMM loses prime

I have an 09 LMM and it needs to be primed each morning for some reason. Either by turning the key and letting the pump prime or manually pressing the bulb if it’s been a couple days without driving. It’s fine the rest of the day and drives fine after it starts. What causes it to lose prime overnight? I changed the fuel/water filter a couple months ago and it was and then started back a few weeks ago. Do I just need to change the filter more often?
Edit: Issue solved after replacing the housing with a new one. Also got a rebuild kit to rebuild the old one to have on standby just in case
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