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2023.06.01 03:56 FuriouSherman The relationship I have with this game is deeply unhealthy.

Ever since it was found out that Blizzard had lied to us all about PvE and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're a bunch of greedy pieces of subhuman scum, I thought I was on my way out from this game. I haven't played it since then, I swore I wasn't going to pay them money for anything again, and I thought that the love I'd felt for it since 2016 had gone for good. All that was left was anger and frustration for the people that ruined something I had enjoyed so much for so long.
And yet, it still feels like I haven't been able to unhook myself entirely. When the new short story came out to promote the Pride Month event, my heart still started racing and my breathing became shallow out of sheer joy, just like it has literally every other time that something new has been added to the lore. That would be one thing, but compounding this whole situation is that the highlight intro that comes as a part of the Synthwave Tracer bundle in the store right now is fucking dope - especially if you know just where the got the idea for it - and I've been sorely, sorely tempted to buy it, even if doing so would simply enable Blizzard's greed.
Overall, it feels like even though I'm still pissed at Blizzard and I want to make my displeasure known in hopes of inciting change, all the same I'm getting sucked back in by the stuff that made me fall in love with the game and that I've always enjoyed about it, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to shake it. It just feels - as I said in the title - unhealthy, almost in a way that I don't want to make comparisons to for fear of sounding insensitive.
That's about the long and the short of it. There's no real point here I'm trying to make beyond simply saying what I'm feeling.
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2023.06.01 03:55 unhinged-baker What do you think of people who never show anger?

I never show anger. Even if someone makes fun of me to my face (has happened a few times), breaks something of mine, purposely pushes my buttons etc. I either look away, walk away, or just ignore them.
Because I rarely show anger, I've had a lot of people say they wish they could see me angry, or have purposely tried to get a rise out of me. It's kind of irritating. Or they assume I am shy and just "too nice."
Funnily enough, I struggle with anger issues that can often drive me to self harm, punch things, or break things. I grew up around violent anger (there's also a history of violence in my family; there have been instances of family members threatening one another with weapons), so I do not know how to express the emotion healthily. That is why I never show it publicly. I don't want to hurt anyone.
What do you think of people who never show visible anger, or never voice it?
Or, if you're someone who also suppresses/hides their anger, how do others respond to you?
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2023.06.01 03:55 Redbarrow_7727 I asked him to leave

I grew up with abuse, I know what it looks like and I know it doesn't get better but I naively blamed the alcohol.
I don't know when the shift happened, but it did. One day a marital squabble became a huge ordeal, with name calling and finger pointing and he threatened to leave. I told him my Dad did that to my Mom all the time, don't you dare say that unless you mean it. He relented.
A few weeks later, I looked at him wrong. My face made him furious. He said it again. I told him if you say that one more time, I'll say "Sounds good". He told me he would kill himself. He didn't.
At my birthday dinner, my Mom and I had a different opinion on one thing then him, he screamed at both of us. He stormed off, to look something up on his phone and stormed in again, shoving the phone in our faces to prove to us he was right. Told me all the things that were wrong with me. My Mom started crying and didn't feel safe leaving me alone with him.
I am a bad mother. I don't listen to him. I don't do what he tells me to. I don't do what he wants. I should quit my job. I shouldn't talk to my Mom on the phone. Every day is stomping feet and slamming doors and yelling because he can, with endless drinks from hidden bottles. He doesn't have an anger problem. He doesn't have a drinking problem. It's me.
Then it happened. And I wasn't surprised at all. I expected it. He didn't like the way I was calming down our special needs son - I wasn't doing it his way. So he shoved me into a door. I told him to stop and turned my back to walk away and he shoved me face first into the door frame.
Then he pushed me into the stove, then the fridge. I pushed him off of me. I told him to stop, I told him he was hurting me. He kept pushing. Then he reached for my neck and I hit his shoulder. He immediately got in my face, with that finger wagging and demanded to know how dare I hit him. He is the victim. He has been abused.
He slept in the car in the garage, so we couldn't leave. The next day, he acted like nothing had happened. I wondered if I was going crazy. Then he got in our 10 year old's face for crying and told him he needed to be smacked in the face, threatened him, said vile things.
I told him he needed to leave. He kicked the coffee table into my legs before shoving it across the room. He said I was crazy. How dare I? He tells me he's been secretly recording me for a year to prove I'm a bad mother, that I don't behave. How dare I tell him to leave. I'm crazy. I don't listen. I just need to do things his way. If I just did what he wants, there wouldn't be a problem. He's right. I'm wrong.
I was able to make it to the garage and hit the button for the door for all the neighbors and traffic to hear and see. He's gone. And we are safe.
I am not crazy. It's him. It's not the alcohol. It's him. It won't get better. It's him.
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2023.06.01 03:55 TheW0rk1 Looking for advice on what a 2009 Subaru Impreza with potential issues might be worth

Hi All,
I'm in desperate need of a car. I am looking at one on marketplace. Its a 2009 Impreza sedan 4 dr 2.5i with 145,000 miles which will need some work. Here is what he had to say...

"so it’s leaking oil i’m gonna assume it’s head gasket but not 100% sure and i think the power steering pump is whining again not 100% sure, i had some guy on here tell me he thinks it’s the timing belt"
He also provided this video of the noise the engine is making...

Any thoughts on what a car like this would be worth or what kind of work it would need right off the bat and how expensive it might be? He seems very flexible on price. I've been burned with Subaru head gasket issues before back with my 2002 outback.

I don't need a forever car but something that if fixed up could last me 2-3 years. If this isn't worth the trouble then that's fine by me too.
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2023.06.01 03:55 TheLostMintedDenied How hard was each unit for MHF4U and MCV4U ?

Hello, I am taking both of these courses next year and I'm wondering how hard or easy it is for each unit in both classes. Can you rate them from 1/10 and explain why and what you had to do for each unit ?
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2023.06.01 03:55 Several-Banana-4653 Displaying Bill Credits on Email Payment Notifications

Hi! I'm trying to add xml code to the vendor payment template we use for emailing payment notifications. I added the following code:
<#if record.billcreditlist?has_content>

<#list record.billcreditlist.billcredit as billcredit>

Bill Credit # Amount
${billcredit.tranid} ${billcredit.amount}

But I'm not able to see the applied bill credits when I run it in sandbox and neither am I able figure out what the issue is with this code as the other parts of the template show up. Also, if I comment out the record.billcreditlist?hascontent line and the record.billcreditlist.billcredit line- I'm able to see the table header. I tested this on a payment with applied credits so I'm not sure where to go from here.
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2023.06.01 03:55 SylemVII Question about compatibility.

Hi there, I currently have a ryzen 1700x on a MSI B350M motherboard and a nvidia 1070.
A friend of mine has an unused 1080ti that he offered to me for free. Because Free I decided to see what Micro center had going on in there bundles section to see if I could upgrade to a 450+ motherboard and possibly a new gen ryzen cpu. Conveniently they have a Ryzen 5700x and a gigabyte b450m ds3h bundle for sale for $190. So I figured all three would be a pretty decent upgrade for not much money. Link for the bundle here BUNDLE AT MICROCENTER
My question is, when I throw these items in to pc parts picker it says that the two are incompatible with the versions of bios and that the bios would need to be updated in order to work properly. Am I correct in assuming that i would need to plug my current cpu (1700x) into the new 450 board to update bios before installing the new cpu (5700x)?
I had someone basically hold my hand the first go around with my build 6 years ago. So please go easy on me, or if you have any recommendations, please feel free to share.
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2023.06.01 03:55 Beanhedge "I work as a lifeguard. I love my job." LONGER VERSION

Hey, this is the longer version of the story "Lifeguarding" I'm posting it here because it got removed from NoSleep due to the main character being the villain (I think?). I am going to just post the shorter version to Short Scary Stories but I've got an hour before I can post there again and I feel that it looses some of the jokes.
Also, I know I said I plan to be posting less, and I do, I promise, I just really liked this idea.
Thank you for reading. :)
You learn lots of things working as a lifeguard.
CPR, BLS, EAP’s. They literally make you take a week-long course beforehand—if you’re like me and get your chemical certification with your basic life support so you can earn sixteen bucks an hour instead of thirteen.
My favorite part is what we call the Good Samaritan Law. Or as my instructors called it, the CYA law. (We have an acronym for everything.)
That one stands for “cover your ass”.
It means, in my state, anyway, that a first-responder, like a lifeguard, cannot be sued or jailed for actions taken to save a person's life in an emergency.
It comes in handy often. I guard a place called the Camrock Quarry. Not its real name, of course, but who cares. It’s a glorified swimming pool, except forty feet deep, and we have parents who think we’re a daycare. I regularly fish two to three kids out the deep end, only to drop them off, crying, to parents lazing in our chairs on their phones, angry that I won’t let their kids back in the water for a half-hour and they actually have to care for them.
They threaten to sue. Every. Goddamn. Day.
Other than that, it’s chill.
I spend one hour scanning an area. Then two beautiful, sharp, whistles blow. And it's a chair change. And I get to walk over to another area and watch there. We have breaks sometimes. That’s what adult-swim is.
Today, my coworker, Dede, roves toward me.
“That woman's child vomited watermelon in the toddler pool again.”
I pause. Blink.
“Is that all she feeds it?
Dede shrugs. I rub my face.
“I’ll turn on the pumps.”
I clean the “biomass”. Treat and recycle the water.
Feel the stares of “that woman” on my back.
“Why’s it taking so long?” She asks.
I tell her we have to rerun all the water through our filters.
“Well what am I supposed to do?”
I don’t want to argue.
“My manager bought us ice-cream last week. You could have some while you wait.”
Surprisingly, this works to calm her down. And five minutes later we’re standing in the building kitchen.
“You look like a drumstick man.” I say to the woman's kid, and make a show of him getting the last in the box. He's actually really sweet. He's got acid reflux and his mom doesn't like to pay for tums.
Then I dig back in the freezer.
“And would you like an ice-pop, ma’am?”
“I think I deserve one, at this point.”
The boy eats his desert with feral energy. His mother is more hesitant. I watch her face pucker.
“These are sugar-free, aren’t they?” She asks.
I pretend to check the box. It's my revenge.
“Oh yeah, huh. Sorry.”
She drops it dramatically into our trash. Bitch. We’ll get bees.
Fifteen minutes later she’s pawned her child off to Dede, and I watch her swim in the deepest part of Camrock, what we call “The Pit”. It’s the actual full forty-foot deep part. We don’t allow children there.
You can’t see the bottom. It just goes black after a few feet.
Sometimes I wonder how many bodies have to be beneath that murk.
What else can you do when you spend twelve hours a day staring at water?
I watch that woman swim to the center of the pit.
Then she touches her head.
And she sinks.
Did you know we’re not supposed to call them victims? They’re “GID’s.” Guests in Distress. Because “It’s not their fault they’re in trouble.”
But I do my job. Just because I hate someone doesn’t mean I want to get fired.
I blow my whistle long and dive in with my rescue tube. People evacuate. Scream. Get directed to call 9-1-1.
By the time I get her on my tube she’s not breathing. I grab her chin and force open her airway.
Someone slides a board into the water. We pull her out.
I begin CPR.
Her ribs crack, her chest caving as I push hard and fast atop her. It sounds like someone stepping on twigs.
Dede runs up with our crash bag.
“I’ve got the AED! I’ve got the AED!”
And she tries to pull the woman's shirt off while I’m still doing compressions.
“Christ!” I say. “Calm down.”
And then I help cut the woman's shirt off. Her boy is watching us. Crying. There's still ice-cream on his face.
We paste the pads on and wait.
“V-TAC. SHOCK ADVISED.” The machine says. “STAND CLEAR.”
The woman's whole body arcs.
She doesn’t talk. It’s not like the movies, where someone sits up and speaks. Instead the woman rolls over, crying softly, and vomits. I roll her onto her left side. Dede vacuums out her mouth.
By then the ambulance has arrived.
The EMT’s put her on the stretcher. One of them taps my shoulder after she’s loaded in.
“Hey,” He says. “Congrats. You just saved a life.”
I smile.
Broken ribs. Possible brain damage. She’s going to be in the hospital for months, not to mention the damage of the medical debt.
I think of her boy.
Saved indeed.
All I needed was an ice-pop tray and the key to our chemical shed. And I'm legally protected.
Just thought I’d say.
Enjoy your Summer.
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2023.06.01 03:55 Educational_Switch85 Suggestions on a Minecraft Server

I am currently looking for Minecraft server for about 5-10 friends to play Create Mod with. I have had Apex Hosting in the past and personally I never had a problem. Their control panel is fantastic to navigate through, and their support team was reliable and quick … just a bit too pricey and I keep seeing people say stay away from them so please let me know what you use or suggest, thanks!
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2023.06.01 03:55 iletmyhairdown Service Fee and Tips

This subreddit started showing up randomly on my Reddit (maybe because I started using DoorDash a lot, lol)
I come from a country where tipping is considered borderline offensive. I know the US service industry is different and tipping is common here, but I didn’t know tipping seems to be the sole earning way for these Door Dashers. I live in CA btw.
I usually order when I am bogged down with work and I have no time to go and pick up my food.
But when I do order, the cost (inflated menu cost + tax + CA driver benefits + service charge) makes my food cost at-least 1.5 times.
But I understand that this is the cost of convenience. But my question is: Whom is this service charge going to? It is quite a lot of charge for maintaining an app. Some of it has gotta go to the driver delivering the order. Plus the delivery charge is separate.
I am going to be honest here and say I am not a good tipper. I think paying surcharges for the food is costly enough, I can’t afford a $5-$10 tip on my $15 food everytime.
I do however, tip if there is rain or something if the driver had to wait too long or if it is a holiday, etc. I also make sure to rate the dasher well.
I see this sub full of people saying “It you can’t tip, don’t order” , “Tip is a bid for service”, etc. and this doesn’t make sense to me.
From what I know, a tip is optional and given out of personal courtesy. A tip is not an obligation and definitely not a substitute for regular wages.
It is disheartening to know that DoorDash doesn’t pay the driver enough and so they rely on customer tips. But it doesn’t map to the customer burning their paycheck to provide someone else with theirs.
This driver vs customer mentality needs to change and we need to collectively target the entity responsible.
So after a long rant, coming back to the original question : Whom does the service charge and the delivery fee and the driver benefit go to??
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2023.06.01 03:54 Waste-Breakfast9156 Corporate Finance/FLDP Experiences - Incoming T10

Transitioning from the military and headed to a T10 this fall. Undergrad B.S. in Finance -- work experience was as a financial management officer.
Like many vets I stated consulting in my application but I've realized that the lifestyle just doesn't fit with what I'm looking for as I exit the military. After completing a summer preparation course, apparently I align relatively well with corporate finance roles based on my what I value.
Personally, I'm looking for stability, low stress (aware this can vary), industry/geographic flexibility, and WLB. Compensation is important to a point, but I could care less about "prestige" and am looking for a role I can grow and progress in long-term without burning myself and my family out.
I've reached out to alums who are in various roles but am looking for some other opinions and experiences, some general questions below:
- What industries value the role of finance and do a good job integrating it with other functions?
- I can find tons of FLDPs (Chevron, J&J, Cigna, Amazon) and post-MBA corporate finance roles (PepsiCo, Visa, Microsoft) but am trying to determine which companies really invest in the programs and the development of participants.
- Is there any standard timeline to progression or is it company/industry dependent? I.e. 5 years to director, 10 to VP, etc. How are high performers and identified, and what traits beyond the obvious are necessary for promotion? What does compensation typically look like at each level?
- How difficult is it to switch industries down the road? I.e. from CPG to Tech.
- In general, would I be at risk of pigeon holing myself into the function if down the road I wanted to pivot out?
- Appreciate any anecdotal experiences from folks who have experience in the role.
Thank you.
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2023.06.01 03:54 Long_Log_6882 Kayak roof rack for small space

Kayak roof rack for small space
Hello, I'm looking for a roof rack that can fit within a 7 inch space on my roof rails. I currently have a roof cargo box and am left with only 7 inches from box to end of cross bar. The only other option would be to buy a $800+ kit from yakima that would replace my factory rails which I'd rather not do if I don't have to. Can't seem to find anything but maybe someone knows about a rack that may fit. Poor quality pic but just so you see what I'm working with.
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2023.06.01 03:54 luk3st1rrup Beeping in a Discord call

When I am in a call I get beeps which I can only compare them to the beeps or a heart monitor. My question is, what do these beeps mean and if they are a cause for any concern.
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2023.06.01 03:54 Dangerous_Golf_6648 Herb Questions

Hello plant parents!! I am trying to have a herb garden and my cilantro and thyme aren’t doing well at all I keep them in the sunlight outside and water them once a day but it doesn’t seem to work I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions?:)
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2023.06.01 03:54 CpnStumpy Want to try a DE, with my criteria what do you suggest?

Many of you may recognize me on here for always recommending straight razors, I do love my collection and my shaves with them, but I'm a curious person by nature.
So my criteria is simple:
So, recommendation on what DE model to get? And what blades to try in it first?
I'm past chasing BBS, that's fine for learning, but I shave to shave, I'm not overly concerned if I don't get the closest shave possible. I don't have sensitive skin generally, but also don't cut myself shaving with a straight, and don't want to start to just for this experiment.
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2023.06.01 03:54 Rich-Department7352 Definitely in a Problem and A Bit Confused Need Some Help!!!

Hi Everyone, Recently I came to know about that my student visa that My Certificate of Eligibility has not been successfully issued this time. The reason for the rejection was It was not recognized that I have fully demonstrated my ability to stably and continuously cover expenses during my stay (asset building process, etc.). But When I was applying at that time the school agreed that the money my sponsors had was sufficient.
I am very disappointed because I have lost already so much time waiting for my admission to happen and now this has occurred, which indirectly means that more time will be lost. I applied last December for the application for July so it has been already 6-8 months gone with no studying.
I am feeling very hopeless at this point, i don't know what should I do, should I look for another school or go ahead with the reapplication at this school once again????
The previous school that I have been applying to was ISI but it seems difficult for me now to figure out what I should do??? Can anyone please suggest anything that can be helpful?? I am really in need of some good advice here!!!
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2023.06.01 03:54 andrew4668 What should I do

This is more of a rant than anything but feedback is appreciated. For context im a Junior in HS and play saxophone. I'm angry and sad becusse I am enjoying marching band but I didn't start an instrument until this year so now I can't do my 4 high school years in marching band so I'm angry since now now I can't do what I wish I did. I'm just sad becusse I deprived myself of this experience just because I didn't want to work for it and now that I can't do it anymore I want it. I knew I wanted to play the saxophone for a while but thought it would be too much work and now that I'm in the marching band I can't do all 4 years and I feel like I deprived myself of a privilege to be apart of the band for only 2 seasons.
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2023.06.01 03:54 Jp_1126 I was hesitant about LIBAD but went in with an open mind

And boy am I glad I did. What a musical masterpiece! There wasn’t a single song, or even part of a song that I did not love. Well worth the wait!!
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2023.06.01 03:54 Lepke2011 The Original Dating App (From 1865)

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2023.06.01 03:54 chuckdissel So, what’s up with this construction project downtown?

So, what’s up with this construction project downtown?
I could be wrong, but it seems like exterior work has been paused on both these buildings for MONTHS. What’s up? Not enough glass available? Work stoppage? Permit problems? Or am I imagining things?
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2023.06.01 03:54 Thhrowwwawy1253 Snapchat Log Data

Someone has accessed my Snapchat without my authorization. I was going to reach out to a digital forensic investigator but I was unsure what they could uncover. This person(s) has tried to access the “my eyes only” section but were ultimately locked out for failed passcode attempts, but they did access my main Snapchat. Snapchat has sent me all of my data, logs and activity. I can clearly identify the unauthorized device. This person is not at arms length and is someone in my community based on the location information. I am NOT currently worried about my safety, but I would like to find out who did this. Is it possible to find out who is doing this from the Snapchat data? Is it worth hiring a digital forensic investigator? Thanks, B
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2023.06.01 03:53 Outside-Ladder-3138 New to Control Theory

Hello everyone. I am an incoming PhD student in the field of Bioengineering. I have taken courses discussing systems biology and control during my undergraduate and have found them fascinating. During my PhD, I may be interested in taking a few courses focused on control theory. So a few questions:
1.) Are there any books/articles that lay out the basics in what you’d consider an understandable way?
2.) If there is anyone here who is affiliated with biology/bioengineering, are there any topics you would suggest learning more about?
Thank you for the help!
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