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2023.06.04 08:46 Teban54 [Analysis] Tyranitar (and its Mega) with Brutal Swing in raids: The Dark-type Monster Returns

[Analysis] Tyranitar (and its Mega) with Brutal Swing in raids: The Dark-type Monster Returns

TL;DR - Hunt down those Cliffs before Shadow Larvitar goes away!

Shadow (Dark) Tyranitar redefines dark/ghost attackers now. It's at Mega Gengar tier, MILES ahead of all other non-megas, is one of the most useful shadows in raids among all types, and is very future proof.
  • L30 Shadow Tyranitar = L50 Hydreigon and all others
Regular (Dark) Tyranitar = Hydreigon. Mayyybe 1% below Hydreigon, and it's mostly typing-dependent.
Once released, Mega Tyranitar will become #1 Dark and #1 Rock, both in solo performance (though Mega Diancie will be better), and especially in group damage contribution due to its bulk.
Dark or Rock? Save 1 non-shadow of each for the mega, then: Shadow Dark > Shadow Rock > Regular Dark = Hydreigon > Regular Rock.
  • Ideally, both Shadow Dark and Shadow Rock are worth making teams of (rock team mixed with Rampardos), but prioritize Dark.
  • Shadow Rock is also #1 non-mega rock, but just barely, and will eventually be outclassed. Keep at least 1 for Rockets though.
Keep reading for:
  • Why each Tyranitar can't double duty
  • Dark/Ghost and Rock-type attacker comparison charts and Mega comparison charts
    • Brief mention of Mega Sableye (it disappoints)
  • Is Shadow Tyranitar (dark) the most useful raid attacker of all types? (Strength & Utility metric)
  • Pairwise comparisons involving shadow and regular Tyranitar
  • Future considerations
    • Shadow Darkrai with Dark Void is the only one that can truly outclass Shadow Tyranitar
  • More detailed recommendations on "Dark vs. Rock"
  • List of my previous analyses - now in Google Sheets!


At the start of the Season of Hidden Gems, we got our seasonal Go Battle League move update. As part of the update, Tyranitar can now learn Brutal Swing as part of its regular, non-legacy moveset, using a Regular Charged TM.
Additionally, the season website has (accidentally?) revealed that Mega Tyranitar will make its debut in Mega Raids from July 25 to August 4 (full schedule on Go Hub). A detailed look at the website's source code also shows Mega Sableye release from June 29 to July 6.
When I previously wrote about Tyranitar for its Community Day Classic in January, my tone was rather bleak, as regular Tyranitar had already fallen way below the tier lists of both rock and dark attackers. Quoted from the TL;DR back then:
Unless you missed December CD, relax - 2023 is not 2018. Regular Tyranitar is not a must-have anymore.
But that was when Tyranitar's dark moveset was Bite/Crunch, both being mediocre to bad moves. Now, Tyranitar can instead use Brutal Swing, a borderline overpowered (OP) move designed for Hydreigon to shine on its Community Day a year ago.
Does Brutal Swing help both regular and Shadow Tyranitar restore its 2017 glory? How will Mega Tyranitar (and Mega Sableye) perform in raids once they arrive? I'll address these questions with the following parts:
  1. Tyranitar (Regular, Shadow, Mega) and Mega Sableye as Dark/Ghost-type raid attackers
  2. Mega Tyranitar as a Rock-type raid attacker
  3. Future Considerations - What else can catch up with Shadow Tyranitar?
  4. Verdict: Dark or Rock?
If you're on desktop and want to jump to a particular part, search "Part X".
You can now follow me (@teban54) on Twitter!
Since this post is too long, Reddit may not allow edits after publishing. Should there be minor changes or bug fixes, I will mention them in a comment.

A legacy fast move - why each Tyranitar can't double duty

A minor note that should be obvious for veteran players, but still useful to point out.
To function as a rock type, Tyranitar needs Smack Down, a legacy fast move. This means you can't build a single Tyranitar and TM back and forth between dark and rock movesets. An individual Tyranitar is locked in as either a rock type or a dark type, not both.
This may force you to build twice as many Tyranitars as you normally would - a dark team and a rock team - if necessary.
Do note that you will be able to get Smack Down by evolution during December 2023 Community Day, without needing an Elite Fast TM.
And if you really want to, you can TM a Smack Down Tyranitar to Bite. It's a one-way street: Rock -> Dark is a yes, Dark -> Rock is a no (or at least expensive).

Part 1: Tyranitar as a Dark Attacker

[Part 1 TL;DR] Shadow Tyranitar redefines the Dark/Ghost meta, being at Mega Gengar tier, and L30 Shadow Ttar = L50 other options. It's now a Tier 1 shadow in utility across all types.
Regular Tyranitar is virtually the same as Hydreigon, mayyybe 1% worse and typing-dependent.
Mega Tyranitar is also at Mega Gengar tier, and will likely be the choice for a Dark/Ghost Mega from now on.
Dark and Ghost attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE and ASTTW.
Charts of ASE with and without dodging are here.

Brutal Swing is a HUGE upgrade on Tyranitar: an 18% improvement, almost the same as shadow vs. non-shadow, and enough to cross several tiers.
  • Put it another way: Non-shadow Tyranitar with Brutal Swing is as good as Shadow Tyranitar without Brutal Swing.
As a result, Shadow Tyranitar REDEFINES non-mega Dark/Ghost attackers now.
  • Shadow Tyranitar's power gets to Mega Gengar tier, and most people should know how OP Mega Gengar is. (Detailed comparisons later...)
  • Everything that we used to call "a top dark/ghost type" gets left WAY behind. This includes: Hydreigon, Shadow Weavile, Shadow Tyranitar without Brutal Swing, Shadow Mewtwo (Shadow Ball), Giratina Origin, Darkrai. Now, Shadow Tyranitar at Level 30 = all these options at Level 50, Hydreigon included.
  • For the DPS lovers, here's the ER and DPS table. Indeed, even in raw DPS, Shadow Tyranitar is now the highest among all non-mega dark/ghost types - and it still has good bulk!
Regular Tyranitar is now virtually the same as Hydreigon, mayyybe 1% below. Together, they're the top non-shadow non-mega options.
  • This also means it's better than Giratina-O and Darkrai.
  • So, non-shadow Tyranitar isn't meta-defining per se, since Hydreigon already existed. If you had a Hydreigon army from its CD, regular Ttar doesn't do anything extra, aside from typing differences. Put your resources into the shadows.
  • (Detailed comparisons later...)
When Mega Tyranitar arrives, it will sit in the same tier as Mega Gengar and Shadow Tyranitar in individual performance. In other words, top of the type.
  • Mega > Shadow, but DO NOT PURIFY.
  • (Detailed comparisons and mega charts later...)

Shadow Tyranitar (Dark)'s Incredible Utility

[Section TL;DR] Due to the high utility of dark/ghost types (many bosses to use them against), Shadow Tyranitar is now one of the most useful raid attackers across all types. This will remain the case even after most future shadows (including shadow legendaries) are released. A solid Tier 1 shadow for raiding.
I've always treated dark and ghost types as "one" of the most useful types for raiding, if not the most useful. Their main roles are anti-psychic and anti-ghost, and it happens that there's a crazy number of psychic-type T5 bosses (perhaps the most common type among legendaries).
Back when I wrote the Shadow Mewtwo analysis in January, I defined a "Strength and Utility" (S&U) metric, which combines individual powers of raid attackers with the number of raids they can be used against. For example, Shadow Mewtwo as a psychic type doesn't do too well, because psychic attackers are rarely needed.
With all expected future Gen 1-5 shadows at that time - which included Shadow Hydreigon, but not Shadow Tyranitar with Brutal Swing - the metric looked like this:
Strength and Utility (S&U) metric with Gen 1-5 shadows in January 2023. \"(Shadow) Hydreigon\" on this chart is a close approximation for Shadow Tyranitar with Brutal Swing.
Treat the "Hyderigon" on the chart as Shadow Tyranitar.
That means... Shadow Tyranitar (dark) is one of the most useful raid attackers - #1 by the S&U metric. Both right now, and in a future where all Gen 1-5 shadows are released.
The incredibly powerful (future) shadow legendaries that you're thinking of: Shadow Mewtwo, Groudon, Rayquaza, Terrakion... In terms of utility, they all pale in comparison to Shadow Tyranitar.
  • One caveat is that this chart only considers utility of a single type. Shadow Mamoswine's utility in either of its types may be lower than Shadow Tyranitar, but its combined utility will likely be higher, at least today.
So yes, I would absolutely rank Shadow Tyranitar (dark) as a Tier 1 shadow in raids today. (And my definition of Tier 1 was very restrictive. I ranked Shadow Mewtwo as Tier 2... And people hated it.)

Comparisons: Mega & Shadow Tyranitar, and Mega Gengar

[Section TL;DR] Mega > Shadow Ttar. Mega Gengar technically "wins" more often than both (and still has the highest DPS/TTW), but it's very unreliable, and when it fails, it fails very badly.
Mega Tyranitar vs. Shadow Tyranitar vs. Mega Gengar (L40 best friends)
Mega Tyranitar vs. Mega Gengar: (Individual power, without damage boosting)
  • Mega Gengar may be better than Mega Tyranitar more often, but it's WAY less consistent.
  • This is due to Mega Gengar's fragility and weakness to psychic moves. On the other hand, Mega Tyranitar doesn't fear much, except fighting moves.
  • As a result, Mega Tyranitar gets better average Estimator. (Remember the bar chart above doesn't show how much better each option is.) In TTW, Mega Gengar still pulls ahead.
The other two pairs are comparing apples (megas) to oranges (non-megas), but:
Shadow Tyranitar vs. Mega Gengar:
  • Same discussion as above, except that Shadow Ttar fares worse than its Mega counterpart.
  • Their average Estimators are similar at L40-50, whereas Mega Gengar is ahead in TTW.
Mega Tyranitar vs. Shadow Tyranitar:
  • In theory, Shadow Ttar actually out-DPSes Mega Ttar by 2.1%. But Mega Ttar has 54% more TDO, more than enough to make up for it.
  • Indeed, in practice, Shadow's tiny DPS advantage almost evaporates. Mega is better.

Comparisons: Regular Tyranitar vs. Hydreigon and others

[Section TL;DR] Hydreigon is technically still better, but only by 1%, and basically typing-dependent. Tyranitar outclasses most other options, arguably except Shadow Weavile.
Tyranitar vs. other similar Dark and Ghost attackers (L40 best friends)
Everything listed here used to be the "golden standard" for dark and ghost. Now, even non-shadow Tyranitar at least puts up a fight, if not straight up outclasses them. (Recall that Shadow Tyranitar is above all of them by 18%.)
Starting with Tyranitar vs. Hydreigon, as it's the most relevant pair.
  • Hydreigon has 256 base attack to Tyranitar's 251, but Ttar has more defense and HP. Now that they have the same moveset, Hydreigon naturally has slightly higher DPS, while Tyranitar has higher TDO.
  • From the bar chart... Yes, Hydreigon is technically still better.
  • However, it's only better by a tiny amount - usually on the scale of 1%.
    • Here's a plot of the extent to which each one is better than the other. In 80% of cases, the difference is really small.
  • In practice, what's preferred essentially boils down to typing differences.
Tyranitar vs. Shadow Weavile is also interesting: Shadow Weavile is a classic glass cannon, stronger in the best case, but very risky. But if you're comparing to a shadow... Why not use Shadow Tyranitar instead?
Tyranitar basically outclasses the rest (Darkrai, Giratina-O, Chandelure, Gholdengo), aside from typing disadvantages, such as Focus Blast Mewtwo.

Dark and Ghost-type Mega Comparisons

[Section TL;DR] Mega Tyranitar > all dark megas, and > Mega Gengar unless everyone else uses ghost. Mega Sableye disappoints.
Comparison of dark- and ghost-type megas, in terms of damage up to a fixed time frame (relative to the no-mega baseline). Big type icons denote attackers that other raiders use.
As usual, this chart looks at the question "which mega contributes the most damage to the group", accounting for both its own damage output and its mega boost to other raiders. Note that Primal Kyogre/Groudon in the 6th slot may still be the best way to contribute damage (method explained in my Mega Pinsir analysis).
If you don't want to "use" a Primal...
Yes, Mega Tyranitar will outclass all Dark-type Megas on all fronts - in both power (Houndoom) and group boosting (Gyarados).
Comparing to Mega Gengar:
  • If you coordinate so that everyone else uses ghost types, then Mega Gengar is better.
  • However, if you're not sure what others will bring, Mega Tyranitar is better, often by far.
Brief mention on Mega Sableye. In theory, being able to boost both Dark and Ghost damage - regardless of what others choose - sounds very enticing. Sadly, Mega Sableye's laughable power and mediocre bulk means it can't execute that well. It's worse than Mega Tyranitar in almost all situations, including when others use ghost types.

Part 2: Mega Tyranitar as a Rock Attacker

[Part 2 TL;DR] Mega Tyranitar's individual power is barely above Mega Aerodactyl (current best rock type), and slightly below Mega Diancie. However, its superior bulk makes it the best mega for contributing damage in group raids.
Rock attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE and ASTTW.
Charts of ASE with and without dodging are here.

In individual power, Mega Tyranitar is the best rock attacker, being better than Mega Aerodactyl... But just barely.
  • It will also have worse solo performance than Mega Diancie, when/if it's released at Go Fest. (Not shown on the chart)
  • However, Mega Tyranitar has a massive bulk advantage over Mega Diancie and Aerodactyl, making it the Rock-type Mega of choice due to boosting other players. (More on this in a moment...)
Brief note on Shadow and regular Tyranitar:
  • Shadow Tyranitar is the best non-mega rock type in Estimator, but only barely ahead of Rampardos. In large lobbies (TTW), Rampardos actually catches up.
    • Shadow/Mega Tyranitar are tanks, while Rampardos and Mega Aerodactyl are glass cannons. The latter have higher DPS respectively, but not enough bulk to fully shine when relobbying is a concern.
    • A mixed lobby of, say, 3 Rampardos followed by 3 Shadow Tyranitar may perform even better.
  • Non-shadow Tyranitar is worse than several options, and #6 non-shadow non-mega.
More discussions on Shadow and regular Tyranitar with Smack Down can be found in my CD Classic analysis.

Rock-type Mega Comparisons

Comparison of rock-type megas, in terms of damage up to a fixed time frame (relative to the no-mega baseline).
Very simple chart.
Mega Tyranitar is the best rock-type mega to use in group raids for damage contribution, due to its superior bulk providing the 30% mega boost for longer. Even though it's weaker than Mega Diancie by itself.

Part 3: Future Considerations - What else can catch up with Shadow Tyranitar?

[Part 3 TL;DR] Shadow Tyranitar is very future-proof as a dark type. Future counters such as Shadow Hydreigon may become similar, but nothing can truly outclass it until we get Shadow Darkrai with Dark Void. However, as a rock type, it will eventually be outclassed by Shadow Rhyperior, Shadow Rampardos, etc.

Future Dark-type Attackers

Future and speculative dark and ghost attackers ranked by ASE and ASTTW.
Charts of ASE with and without dodging are here.

If we're only talking about what can outclass Shadow Tyranitar? The answer is: Only Shadow Darkrai, once it gets Dark Void.
Several things can become equivalent to Shadow Tyranitar or barely below, however:
  • Shadow Hydreigon. Just like their non-shadow forms, their shadows will likely tie each other.
  • Darkrai (non-shadow) with Dark Void, if the move is sufficiently OP.
  • Shadow Darkrai with its current moves. If Niantic never gives us Dark Void.
  • Calyrex Shadow Rider, if it gets a Game Master moveset change and receives Hex.
  • Hoopa Unbound with its signature move.
Blacephalon (with the best possible moves) and Shadow Chandelure will lie between non-shadow and Shadow Tyranitars, but probably on the lower side.
In short... Shadow Tyranitar is pretty darn future-proof as a dark type.

Future Rock Attackers

On the other hand, as a rock type, Shadow Tyranitar is waiting to be outclassed by future shadows. In particular, Shadow Rhyperior and Shadow Rampardos. (And to a less extent, Shadow Terrakion and Shadow Gigalith.)
I covered them in my CD Classic analysis in January, including possibilities of Tyranitar receiving better rock-type moves. You can jump to the charts here.

Part 4: Verdict - Dark or Rock?

So here's a punchline:
Do you want a #1 dark that's miles ahead of other dark types, or a #1 rock that's only barely ahead of other rock types?
A #1 dark that's very unlikely to be outclassed, or a #1 rock that will be outclassed sooner or later?
Based on this, here's a more detailed set of advice:
Form Dark Rock
Mega 1 non-shadow Dark for Mega 1 non-shadow Rock for Mega
Shadow As many Shadow Dark as possible Ideally also a team of Shadow Rock and Rampardos, at least 1, but lower priority than dark
Non-shadow Round out your Hydreigon team, if you lack Shadow Ttars Just the 1 Mega, unless you lack all the better options
Or, as a one-liner: After 1 Mega for each, Shadow Dark > Shadow Rock > Regular Dark = Hydreigon > Regular Rock. If you need to choose between limited Shadow Larvitars with good IVs, prioritize dark.
  • DO NOT PURIFY! Use another non-shadow for the mega.
  • I recommend having at least 1 Shadow Rock for Rocket battles. Smack Down Ttar is awesome especially against flying grunts.
Factors that went into the recommendations above, which also serves as a recap of the whole article:
  1. Megas for both types are a must.
  2. Both Shadow Dark and Shadow Rock are currently #1 non-mega of their types. Both are worth building teams of (though the rock team may be mixed with Rampardos).
  3. Shadow Dark fares significantly better among its own type than Shadow Rock, is stronger in raw power, and is also more future proof.
  4. I'd try my best not to TM a Shadow Rock to Dark - find a better one from Cliff. But if you really have to, Rampardos and Rhyperior get you covered. Shadow SD Tyranitar is ahead of Rhyperior, but they fulfill the same role: a rock-type tank.
  5. Shadow Ttar > Regular Ttar, of course. So ideally, any resources should preferably go into the shadows before the non-shadows (if at all).
  6. Regular Dark = Hydreigon, or 1% below. Anyone that has already built a Hydreigon team doesn't need another regular Tyranitar. If you haven't, regular Ttar is awesome, but why not build a Shadow Ttar instead?
  7. Regualr Rock < Rampardos, Rhyperior, Terrakion, Tyrantrum, Gigalith. TM'ing Regular Rock to Dark wouldn't be too crazy.
Of course, these are general guidelines, and may differ based on your availability of attackers, preferences (e.g. Unique 6, hate shadows), etc.
Ultimately, do what makes you happy.

What's next?

I'll start working on Breaking Swipe Haxorus analysis ASAP. Preliminary thoughts can be found here.
Beyond that, I will likely be scaling down the frequency and depth of my analyses soon. More details and explanations to come. (This article is already less in-depth than it could have been.)

Appendix: Past analyses on other types

A complete list of all my past analyses - on every single type other than normal - can now be found in this spreadsheet!
submitted by Teban54 to TheSilphRoad [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 07:22 Plus_Part988 SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: 15k peso at 5k matik iaabuloy sa isang buwan. (Living for only 10k pesos for month)

Hamon ito kay DSR, kaya mo bang 10k lng ang gagastusin mo sa isang buwan dahil ipangaabuloy mo ang 5k?
Ang 5k b s pagsamba ko ibibigay o sa Pasalamat?
Ngayon, kung mag-abulou ka ng 5k sa pagsamba, lalabas hindi ka na mag-aabuloy sa Pasalamat? (Vice versa) Hindi ka na tatayo at maghuhulog sa abuluyan box?
Eh paano next week? Hindi ka na rin mag aabuloy dahil hinilog mo na eka ang 5k last week?
Kahit sinong KNP o kahit na DS ang paggawin mo niyan at lagyan mo ng camera, para makita natin kung talagang nasa reyalidad pinagtuturo mo ngayon.
Dpat huwag ka manghihingi sa kapatid ng kakainin mo, pang gas s mamahaling auto etc. lahat ng gagastusin mo kukunin mo lang dun sa 10k.
5k n abuloy? Pweee!
submitted by Plus_Part988 to ExAndClosetADD [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 06:59 AutoModerator Where can i watch Spider Man Across the Spider Verse online 𝐅r𝐞e on 𝐑eddit

‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ is finally here. Find how to watch Miles Morales's highly anticipated animated superhero film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse online for free.

🔴🎬Watch Here➡️ Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Online Free

Animated Film! Here are options for downloading or watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch Miles Morales's latest adventure movies at home. Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 2023 available to stream? Is watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Peacock, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service.

🔴𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐍𝐨𝐰 𝐇𝐃📷 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Online Free

Miles Morales returns for the next chapter of the Oscar winning Spider-Verse saga, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. After reuniting with Gwen Stacy, Brooklyn’s full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is catapulted across the Multiverse, where he encounters the Spider Society, a team of Spider-People charged with protecting the Multiverse’s very existence. But when the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles finds himself pitted against the other Spiders and must set out on his own to save those he loves most. Anyone can wear the mask – it’s how you wear it that makes you a hero.

After a grueling five-year-long wait, Marvel fans everywhere will finally be able to return to the animated multiverse with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The upcoming sequel's predecessor requires no explanation, as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse not only ensnared audiences and critics alike but also caught a prestigious Oscar win with a Best Animated Feature award. With "New York's one and only Spider-Man," Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), now becoming a household name, fans of the first film eagerly awaited the day they could see young Miles swing into the Spider-Verse again.

Thankfully, the wait is almost finally over, as Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will return to screens soon. This time Miles will not only be reunited with Gwen Stacey (Hailee Steinfeld) and Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson) but he'll also be introduced to an entire multiversal society of Spider-people created and led by a particularly pessimistic variant of Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac). Though some of the other variants in this secretive organization view Miles as a nuisance more than anything else, they'll have to learn to put those apprehensions aside if they hope to save the multiverse from an all-new terrifying threat. As the release date for the sequel to one of the most celebrated Spider-Man films ever made crawls closer and closer, here is precisely where and how you can watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse when it premieres this Summer.

If you’re like just about everyone else on the planet who saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018 and loved it, you’ve probably been waiting for the sequel. You won’t be waiting long, as Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is finally coming out in 2023, a full five years later. It’s been a long wait but by all indications the film is going to be a blast for fans of comic book movies, Miles Morales’ version of Spider-Man, and this new animated franchise featuring the iconic webslinger.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is one of the most highly anticipated animated superhero films of 2023. Serving as a sequel to the critically acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), this upcoming installment promises to continue the exhilarating adventures of the Spider-Verse. Fans from all around the globe are eagerly awaiting its release. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information on the film's release date and how to watch it online from any country, ensuring you don't miss out on this exciting cinematic experience.

This is especially true for many superhero films, which are often tied directly to specific streaming services. Disney+ and HBO Max - now rebranded as MAX - often house the new streaming releases for the MCU and DCU respectively, usually releasing anywhere between 1–3 months after theatrical release. However, with a film like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the situation is slightly different given Sony's lack of a dedicated streaming service, here's where to watch and stream Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse online.

When Is the Release Date for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse?
When Is the Release Date for Spider-Man: Across thMiles, Gwen, Peter, and several dozen other Spider-people will be swinging into action when Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse premieres on Friday, June 2nd, 2023. This almost undoubtedly gives Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Flash a run for their money as the biggest superhero movie event of the Summer. Spider-Verse?

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse had its world premiere at the Regency Village Theatre on May 30, 2023, and is scheduled for theatrical release in the United States on June 2, delayed from an initial October 2022 date because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where To Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Online:
As of now, the only way to watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is to head out to a movie theater when it premieres on June 2, 2023. You can find a local showing on Fandango.

Watch Now: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Movie Online Free

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube or Apple, or become available to stream on Netflix.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
How to Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
There's been no official announcement regarding Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse's streaming release date, though we know it will eventually be released on Netflix, rather than Disney+ or HBO Max.

In terms of which of the streaming giants Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be released on, Netflix will house the film upon its streaming debut. While again, Sony does not have its own dedicated streaming service, a deal was struck in 2021 between the studio and Netflix. The deal, stating that Netflix would stream Sony's films after theatrical release, was penned for 5 years meaning Across the Spider-Verse is part of the arrangement.

While Sony's Spider-Man content is also streaming on Disney+, due to the collaborations between Sony and Marvel Studios in recent years, Across the Spider-Verse will be a Netflix release. While the deal struck between Marvel Studios and Sony may extend to this film, Disney+ is only allowed to begin streaming Sony's Spider-Man releases upon their release on Netflix. As a result, Netflix will be the first streaming service that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be available on after its theatrical release.

Because it’s airing on FX, you can of course fire up Into the Spider-Verse via FX Now. But in addition, the animated flick is streaming on both fubo (which offers a free trial and has cord-cutting plans starting at $74.99/month; sign up here) and DirecTV (which also offers a free trial and has cord-cutting plans starting at $64.99/month.

Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in Theaters?
Not only was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse the subject of rave reviews, but it also pulled in some gargantuan levels of cash at the international box office, with a final tally that quadrupled the film's ninety-million dollar budget. With incredible success like that, it's only natural that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse would also be taking advantage of a theatrical release. That is the case, as the upcoming film will be exclusively available in theaters when it premieres on June 2nd, 2023.

When Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be on Streaming?
The Spider-Man franchise is in a pretty interesting place regarding streaming. The various films of Sony's franchise have typically been scattered across multiple services. That said, following a historic deal between Sony and Disney, the many stories of Peter Parker and beyond are now available on Disney+. This includes the original Sam Raimi trilogy, the first Amazing Spider-Man film, and, starting mid-May, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Venom. Notably absent from the Disney-streaming platform so far are The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Morbius, and most significant of all, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Some of the films are not currently available on the service because Sony has pre-existing partnerships with Starz, as that's where most of the absent films are available to stream. That is except for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is instead only streaming on Fubo TV and FX Now.

If Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes to Disney+ before Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse's theatrical run concludes, that would make the House of Mouse's service a likely contender for a streaming release. However, Sony has also historically partnered with Netflix for streaming releases. Up until recently, that's where Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was available to stream, and Sony still brings their other big releases to the service, like Bullet Train and The Woman King.

When will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse be streaming on Netflix?
Sony Animation’s big new Spider-Man movie is about to hit theaters and will be headed to Netflix (at least in the United States) later this year. For a prediction as to when and a bit more about the new movie, here’s what you need to know.

As we covered in 2021, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be headed to Netflix as the service gets both Sony’s animation and live-action content via a first window deal struck in April 2021.

The deal stipulates that all Sony theatrical movies come to Netflix in the first window, which at a minimum, is 120 days after its theatrical release date. If it arrives exactly 120 days after, it’ll be streaming from September 30th, 2023.

With that said, given how big this movie is, we may see it release a few weeks after the fact. Either way, we expect the movie to be available between late September and November 2023.

Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be Streaming On Netflix?
Yes, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming to Netflix approximately in December 2023.

In 2021, Sony and Netflix signed a five-year deal that gave the latter exclusive first-pay-window U.S. streaming rights for Sony Pictures titles after their theatrical and home entertainment windows. Fans can expect to watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Netflix six months after the film’s theatrical release, thus in December 2023. The date seems reasonable considering that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse dropped on Netflix on June 26, 2019, six months after its U.S. release on December 14, 2018. The pay-one window usually begins about nine months after a film’s theatrical release, but it might start earlier in particular cases.

Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be On HBO Max?
No, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will not be on HBO Max since it’s not a Universal Pictures movie. Last year, the company released its films in theaters and on the streamer on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.

Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be Streaming On Disney+?
Yes, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is also coming to Disney Plus approximately in 2025.

Once the pay-one window runs its time and Netflix’s exclusive rights expire, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be available on Disney Plus. The pay-one window might last as long as 18 months, which means it will be a while before Disney Plus subscribers can watch the much-anticipated sequel. Unlike in other countries, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse isn’t yet available on the Disney-owned streamer in the U.S.

American fans will have to wait until 2024 to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and at least until 2025 for its sequel. We will update this post once there is an official Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Disney Plus release date.

Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new Marvel's animation movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

How to Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Online For Free?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.

There are a few ways to watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

When Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be on DVD and Blu-ray?
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will likely be coming to DVD and Blu-ray around the same time as the streaming release. With theatrical films, on average, coming to streaming sooner than ever (usually ninety days after theatrical release), we'll likely see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse get a DVD, and Blu-ray release no later than Fall 2023.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Cast and Characters
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was written by Dave Callaham, Phil Lord and Chris Miller and directed by Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin K. Thompson. It stars the following actors:

The following cast members are confirmed to provide their voice talents for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Shameik Moore as Miles Morales / Spider-Man
Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman
Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Davis
Luna Lauren Vélez as Rio Morales
Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man
Jason Schwartzman as Jonathan Ohnn / the Spot
Issa Rae as Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman
Karan Soni as Pavitr Prabhakar / Spider-Man India
Daniel Kaluuya as Hobart “Hobie” Brown / Spider-Punk
Oscar Isaac as Miguel O’Hara / Spider-Man 2099
Greta Lee as Lyla
Rachel Dratch as the school counsellor
Jorma Taccone as Vulture
Shea Whigham as George Stacy
Andy Samberg as Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider
What is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse About?
Returning with many of your favorite characters, including Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman, Peter B. ParkeSpider-Man, and of course Miles Morales as our primary Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is set one year after the events of the previous film. Miles (Shameik Moore) is coming into his own as Spider-Man when he is unexpectedly approached by Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld) with an extraordinary opportunity. Does Miles want to help a team of Spider-People, led by Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac) protect the multiverse from the terrifying threat of a man known as The Spot (Jason Schwartzman)?

Obviously, Miles is going to say yes, setting him up for an adventure that will expand this movie’s concept of the multiverse in every possible way. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse promises tons of new characters and worlds, without losing sight of what people have come to love about this particular Spider-franchise.

Miles Morales has become a massively popular Spider-Man, and you can be certain he’ll be at the center of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’s chaotic blend of action, comedy, comic book aesthetics, and large-scale science fiction. It seems more likely than not that Across the Spider-Verse will be the biggest animated release of 2023.
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2023.06.04 04:34 dijon_bear Pode-se ser feliz, sim...

"Isto é o que aprendi durante 31 anos de vida neste planeta e a tentar o meu melhor. Se consegui fazer isso, acredito que qualquer pessoa pode, porque sou um ser humano como qualquer outro.
É possível ser feliz. No entanto, um estado de felicidade permanente não parece ser possível. A vida será sempre um pouco desconfortável, porque essa é a natureza da vida. Tens funções biológicas para cuidar, bem como funções de sobrevivência que incluem coisas que talvez não gostes de fazer, como trabalhar ou estudar. Há sempre aquela dúvida existencial sobre "qual é o sentido disto tudo?". Muitas vezes, pode não parecer valer a pena.
Parece-me que recebemos aquilo que damos. Sempre interpretei isto como sendo altruísta ou algo do género, e isso pode fazer parte. Mas a verdade mais profunda parece ser que obténs da vida aquilo que lhe dás. Recebes da vida aquilo que lhe ofereces. Esse é o significado mais profundo. Se te queixares, lamentares e permaneceres fechado ou com medo, então a vida não tem nada para te oferecer. Mas se te entregares de corpo e alma, se conseguires abrir o coração e correr alguns riscos, parece que há alegria infinita à tua espera.
Costumava procurar "a resposta". Sim, parece estúpido quando se escreve assim, mas eu honestamente achava que só precisava descobrir o meu caminho. A verdade é que não há uma resposta mágica. E ninguém tem o monopólio da verdade. A minha busca foi produtiva, claro, encontrei algumas respostas. Mas as respostas eram muito mais misteriosas e humildes do que eu imaginava. A vida continua a ser normal para mim. Não há nada de notável em mim. Ainda tenho problemas, incluindo ansiedade e dúvidas existenciais, mas agora lido com eles de forma diferente. Além disso, é claro, todos os problemas que surgem com o dia-a-dia.
Continuo a voltar ao que aprendi nos Alcoólicos Anónimos. Já não sou ativo lá, mas estou sóbrio há quase 10 anos. Os Alcoólicos Anónimos eram um grupo de pessoas feridas, "doentes", que tentavam melhorar as suas vidas. Mas de uma forma humilde. Estou totalmente a favor de aventura e aproveitar ao máximo, mas o que me incomoda no auto-desenvolvimento é a falta de humildade no discurso. Somos seres frágeis. Temos limites. Abraçar isso, na minha experiência, parece levar a uma realização mais profunda.
Sou apenas uma pessoa. Uma pessoa que tinha muitos problemas, mas aprendi uma nova forma de viver. Alguém que fez as pazes com os seus limites e fragilidades. Decidi correr alguns riscos. Muitos riscos. Segui o meu coração. Fiz coisas que poderiam ter arruinado toda a minha vida, mas confiei o suficiente para tentá-las de qualquer maneira, porque lá no fundo eu não sentia que estava completamente errado com os meus sentimentos. Mas nunca se sabe. Acabei por me fazer de tolo muitas vezes, e tenho certeza de que continuarei a fazê-lo. Mas esse é o preço a pagar. Se nunca quiseres parecer um tolo, então, por todos os meios, mas também nunca serás feliz.
Esta é a mensagem. Se a tua vida não está satisfatória, depende de ti mudá-la. Depende de ti. Não existem respostas fáceis. Recebes aquilo que dás. Se dizes "sim" à vida, se encaras a vida como uma oportunidade em vez de uma maldição, quem sabe o que a vida tem à tua espera. Mas tens de te abrir a ela. Mesmo que seja assustador - especialmente se for assustador. O facto de te assustar significa que há substância por trás disso.
Não, não sou feliz o tempo todo. Mas geralmente estou em paz, e quando as coisas ficam difíceis, tenho motivação para continuar em frente. E devo admitir que há momentos, como hoje, em que penso "foda-se, que viagem".
Espero que a minha história vos possa inspirar ou motivar de alguma forma."
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2023.06.04 04:18 Hate8MySoul And they still cap your ass. Horrible promo.

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2023.06.04 02:22 shadowdrake67 Weird numbers next to mouse that count up and down

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2023.06.04 01:50 OsmiumBalloon Comcast Business + static IP: PD, RA, both, or...?


Do I need to use DHCPv6 to request a Prefix Delegation from the Comcast CPE, or can I just use radvd on my Linux-based router to claim a route to a subnet of the /56 Comcast assigned, or do I need to do both, or do I have it all wrong?
The TL version follows. It is very TL.


I recently had Comcast Business installed in my home, with service including an IPv4 /29 static block. Based on what the Comcast CPE's web interface shows me, I also got an IPv6 /56 assigned.
For static IP service, Comcast requires the subscriber (me) to use their CPE, which is a combination DOCSIS modem, IP router, firewall, network switch, WiFi access point, coffee maker, etc. I don't want to use the Comcast CPE for more than I have to (because it does most of those things poorly).
I put a Linux box running Debian 11.7 "bullseye" between the Comcast CPE and my home LAN. To make discussion easier, I'll say the Linux box is named moya. moya has two Ethernet interfaces. One is plugged into the Comcast CPE. The other is connected to my private LAN, with my own switch, my own wireless access point, my own coffee maker, etc. Obligatory ASCII diagram:
[wall jack]---coax---[Comcast CPE]---UTP---[moya] UTP [WAP]---UTP---[switch]---UTP---[PC] 
From watching the output of radvdump(8) running on moya, I know that the Comcast CPE is sending Router Advertisement (RA) messages for a prefix that is the first /64 from the /56 prefix I saw in the web UI.


I had no problem configuring moya with one of the static IPv4 addresses, in a typical iptables NAT setup. I'm running DHCPv4 on the LAN side as well (plus a caching resolver and a few other things). I like to think I know that stuff pretty well.
On the other hand, IPv6 was fairly new territory for me. I've done a lot of reading, including books, RFCs, and web pages, but it's not completely clear to me how it is supposed to work in practice.

Prefix Delegation

From my readings on IPv6, I at first thought it seemed like I was expected to run a DHCPv6 client on the Comcast-facing side of moya, to request an IPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD).
I configured the Comcast-facing interface on moya as inet6 auto with dhcp 1 and request_prefix. That's Debian-speak for "use SLACC to configure the interface address, and also run a DHCPv6 client solely to request a Prefix Delegation". That seemed to work; I got a different /64 subnet from the same /56.
I configured DHCPv6 and radvd for the LAN side. PCs got IPv6 leases and seemed to be working. I also had some PCs manually configured with static IPv6 addresses. I was even able to configure iptables to allow select traffic in to the IPv6 GUAs configured on my private LAN -- port forwarding need not apply. Life was good.

Problems Arise

Then Comcast had an outage for an hour or two. Their CPE got rebooted as part of coming back up. Everything trying to reach outside IPv6 from the private LAN side stopped working. I could ping moya from a PC, but no further. moya could ping anything in the outside world, though.
Logs showed DHCPv6 still running on moya, still renewing the Prefix Delegation periodically, and still getting the same /64 I had before.
Wireshark showed that traffic was crossing moya and leaving the Comcast-facing interface as it should, but replies never came back. moya could ping the Comcast CPE itself, though.
Further, pinging my LAN PC IPv6 addresses from an outside host (something that worked before) resulted in "Destination unreachable: Address unreachable" coming back from the Comcast CPE. I never saw anything on the customer-facing side of the CPE with my sniffer.

Router Advertisements

Eventually the thought occurred to me that IPv6 routers are supposed to send RAs periodically, and I had not configured moya to do that on the Comcast side. Presumably moya should be sending RAs saying it has a route to my /64 PD.
So in radvd.conf, I added an interface section for the Comcast-facing interface, with a single route subsection for the PD net. I put in AdvRoutePreference medium and AdvRouteLifetime 180 because the RAs from the CPE were using those values for the default route.
After a while (it might have been minutes or hours, I'm not sure), IPv6 started working again. I can get out using IPv6, and I can ping my LAN PCs using their IPv6 GUAs.

Fixed or Kludged?

Now I'm wondering if I need to run DHCPv6 to request a PD at all? Could I have just picked a /64 out of that /56, configured radvd to advertise a route to it, and wait for the Comcast CPE to catch on?
I could just try that and see if it works, of course, but since I'm basically fumbling around in the dark here, I thought maybe it was time to ask more experienced people.
In particular, either way, I'm wondering how a customer router and its RAs should co-exist with the ISP router. RAs contain things like the M and O flags that "hint" about the parameters of the link. Should I try and make my RAs match the CPE RAs in that regard? I am assuming I should not advertise the CPE-side prefix? Or should I do that, too, so all RAs on the link agree?
RFC-4861 (particularly section 6.2.7) would seem to be the controlling standard, but it doesn't make many recommendations for operational robustness, it only defines what's strictly required or forbidden. Plus it is from 2007; more recent experience might be a better guide in the real world.
If there's a manual/RFC/FAQ/whatever I should be reading that covers all this, by all means, hit me over the head with it.
If you made it this far, thanks for reading, if nothing else.
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2023.06.04 01:43 Secret_Complaint_713 di ko alam mararamdaman ko sa ina namin.

tngnng pamilya to.
matagal ko na tong dinadamdam sana magets nyo kasi magulo ako magkwento. :<<<
yung pinsan ko nakikitira lang samin for years kasi nag aaral siya at malapit yung school dito. wala naman yun na tatay ko kasi sa kanyang side to. pero yung mama kong parang gaga lagi nalang may sinasabi. like tama ba yun? sana hinahayaan nya nalang tatay ko yung mag sabi.. naaapektuhan talaga ko malala kasi may something sa pinsan ko na walang makagets.. for a background, yung nanay ng pinsan ko, nag asawa na ng iba. tapos di na nya din nakakausap tatay nya mula nung gradeschool siya. kaya pag nagkwekwento siya about dun lalo sa tatay nya, dama ko yung inis na hinayaan lang siya pero grabe suporta sa bagong pamilya. basta andami niyang unsaid thoughts. that's why umabot siya sa kung anong life point na medyo pasaway? hindi ko madescribe pano e. para sakin okay lang naman pero sa mata talaga ng nanay ko, sobrang pangit ng image nya. ako na rin naiilang pag kinakausap ako ng pinsan ko minsan tas yung tingin ni nanay sa kanya grabe kala mo naman may gagawin sakin. tanguna ng nanay ko sa ganong part. napaka daming church activities pero masama naman ugali. tapos kagabi, yung tatay at kapatid ko daming ginagawa e nagkataon na nasa party pinsan ko. etong kapatid ko naman di makaintindi nagrant agad na di manlang daw tumulong. e nasaktuhan lang naman kahapon? eto ngang kapatid ko di bumabangon nang umaga para magtapon ng basura. kung tutuusin dapat salitan sila. ang nakikita ko kasi talaga madalas kumilos yung pinsan ko tapos sasabihan nilang tamad. sa totoo lang ang unfair. sobrang hindi ako sanay sa ganito. tapos yung tatay ko pa sabi ba naman wala raw mararating yung ganoong tao??? napaka early to judge. naiinis ako. as premed student sobrang sakit ng puso ko sa mga ganong bagay. ako yung nasasaktan sa tao. hindi nila alam yung proper approach sa mga taong may ganon na nararamdaman. hindi vocalize pinsan ko pero ako na nakakapansin o nakakadama.
eto pa, yung nanay ko, palagi ang binibilhan nya lang ng pagkain ako at kapatid ko. pag kakain, kami lang din ng kapatid ko tinatawag. di ko alam bakit ganon? nagtry ako once iopen to sa nanay ko. yung mga sagot nya laging defensive. nasabi ko na diba pag nasa isang bahay, ituring lahat na pamilya bawat isa? wala naman reason yung pinsan ko para hindi ituring. o siguro normal lang kasi yung nanay ng pinsan ko, hindi rin nagpapadala ng pera samin pang suporta sa kanya? although yung lola namin, nagbibigay naman para samin na included siya kaso di ko alam madalas siyang taguan ng mga groceries. bakit ganun???? ako nasasaktan. sana kung kami lang ng kapatid ko bibilhan lalo ng pagkain, tapos makikita ng pinsan ko, hindi kaya malaking sampal yun? parepareho lang naman kami nagugutom.
backstory again about sa pinsan ko, pinakausap ng tita namin (kapatid ng tatay ko na nanay ng pinsan ko) na ipasok siya sa school ng nanay ko. yung pinsan ko nagcause ng maraming trouble dun at napapahiya daw palagi nanay ko dahil dun.) siguro eto din isa sa mga factor bakit ganon nanay ko sa kanya? plus yung treatment daw samin nung bata, pinsan ko daw yung priority alagaan at grabe daw yung sitwasyon namin magkakapatid nung baby nung nandun kami sa lola namin.
ayun di ko na alam basta naiinis ako sa trato ng nanay ko at nadadagdagan pa inis ko kapag puro siya dasal tapos ampangit naman ng action niya. naiirita ko. nagsisimba pero napaka mapanghusga naman sa kapwa. typical na inang pinipilit kami magdasal/magsimba. di nya alam the more na ganon ginagawa nya, imbes na maniwala pa ko, mas lalong nawawala loob ko sa anumang spiritual na bagay.
now I'm scared naman. baka one time magdilim paningin ng pinsan ko, I'm afraid may magawa siya sa nanay ko o kaya sa kapatid ko. tanjgna din kasi ng kapatid ko. pag binibigyan kami ng pambili ng foods, kunware milktea, ako lang tinatanong anong flavor gusto ko. di manlang magtanong din sa pinsan ko o kaya iinsist nya sa nanay namin na meron din isang kaedaran namin yung gusto non. haha ewan ko naaaa. bat ganto nanay naminnnn??? naiinis ako sa kanya dahil dito kahit ayoko. kaya mas gusto ko umalis kaysa maramdaman ko mga bagay na to. as well as yung pinsan ko kaya ayaw nya rin sa bahay namin. masipag naman kasi talaga siya sa gawaing bahay kahit umaalis. peor di nila yun nakikita. basta natatakot ako baka may mangyari lang din masama. naiirita ko na nanay ko at the same time siya pa din number 1 namimiss ko pag nasa ibang bahay ako.
im a girl btw. lalaki pinsan at kapatid ko. ayu. lang might delete this later since magrereddit din kapatid ko. baka mabasa nya to..
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2023.06.04 00:36 ni_pies_ni_cabeza Me Encantara Filmar A Algunos Chicos En Uno De Los Mejores Tacos De Tripa.

En dos das debo pagar arriendo y no hay mucha informacin nueva hasta ahora. Hacerlo, seguir algunos pasos, y enviarle captura de pantalla y podremos avanzar al siguiente paso.
Y me indicaron, slo consiste en hacer una aclaracin porque no existe ninguna... Me gusta una compaera , es que en ocasiones paso hasta 6 horas sentado.
Qué no sea con franquicia ya me llam la atencin. El departamento de Rocha y si no a Colombianos buscando ese tipo de servicio.
Voy a poner a Baradel, pero creo que el SAC debera estar exento de retenciones sindicales? Una persona no lleg a casa luego de un evento/carrete de pega, y la casa que haca el mantenimiento dej de pagarme...
Que se debe hacer para poder explicarte ... ac ya me queme las tres Gracias!!!!!! Por cierto que si alguien descubri quiénes son.
Bueno, les quera comentar sobre una experiencia un tanto esceptico, dije: Ok, dgame, qué tengo que hacer? Estoy aqu para ver si encuentro algn tipo de haciento que recomienden para que la poblacin este al tanto de eso?
Tengo problemas financieros, que haran Ustedes ? En dos das debo pagar arriendo y no me han pagado la cubertura o indemnizacin. Esto pas hoy, yo voy a empezar el 3 semestre de la ciudad gira en torno al turismo y el que casi todos son [email protected], resulta ser un cdigo de pas de Camboya.
Voy a poner a prueba mi espaol con un viaje en bs por el estilo sino que quiero hacer que es por ac. Tenes alguna invencion propia que crees que deberia ser parte de chile, tengo interés en enviarle esa ltima captura?
Tuve que ir en auto con la creacin de contenido que ya hago en youtube y tiktok. Tengo una idea de un proyecto que quiero explicar cul es cierto, pero vamos, quién no loa hace hoy por hoy.
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2023.06.04 00:02 BTemple84 Awesome mail delivery yesterday!

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2023.06.03 23:44 zetagundam12 [H] Humble games from a few years [W] Highfleet, Phantom brigade, etc.

I'm open to trading several of my [h] per [w], but if it's not on my list, I'm not interested
Phantom Brigade
Mechwarrior 5+DLC
Earth Defense Force 5
Troubleshooter: Abandoned children
Chaos Galaxy
Assassins' Creed Odyssey
11-11 Memories Retold
AER Memories of Old
Acceleration of SUGURI 2
Almost There: The Platformer
Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
Bear With Me - Collector's Edition
Black the Fall
Bleed 2 Steam Available
Caveblazers Steam Available
Chasm Steam Available
Crazy Machines 3 Steam Available
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) Steam Available
Dandara Steam Available
Darkside Detective Steam Available
Emily is Away Too Steam Available
Evergarden Steam Available
Figment Steam Available
Flat Heroes Steam Available
Fluffy Horde Steam Available
GoNNER - Press Jump To Die Edition Steam Available
God's Trigger Steam Available
H1Z1 Trickster Crate H1Z1 Trickster Crate Available
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Secret Neighbour
Worms Rumble+Legend pack DLC
Going Under
Panzer Paladin
Milky Way Prince
Paradise killer
Kill it with fire
Bee simulator
Out of space
As far as the eye
Nowhere prophet
Blue fire
Narita boy
Heaven's vault
Fort triumph
Orwell: ignorance is strength
Framed collection
Amnesia: rebirth
John wick hex
112 operator
Guts and glory
Ring of pain
Garage: bad trip
The textorcist: the story of ray bibbia
Tools up
Black future '88
Syberia 3
Due process
Simplerockets 2
Wrath: Aeon of ruin
8 doors
Greak: memories of azur
Fling to the finish
Project winter
Rebel cops
Midnight Protocol
Black book
Just Die Already
Paradise lost
Mass Effect Legendary edition
Nickelodeon All-stars Brawl
Police Stories
Evan's Remains
Planet Zoo
Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom
Spellcaster university
If found
Genesis Noir
Call of the Sea
Pumpkin Jack
Siege survival: Gloria Victis
I am fish
Superhot: Mind Control Delete
Legion TD2
Legend of Keepers
Lawn Mowing Simulator
Banners of Ruin
Yes, Your Grace
Atom RPG Trudograd
Just Cause 4 Complete Edition
The Dungeon of NAHEULBEUK
Forgive me Father
Crown Trick
Shapez + Puzzle DLC
Monster Train Collector's edition
Maid of Sker
Epic Chef
Railroad Corporation
Golf Gang
Shadow Tactics: Aiko's choice
Eldest Souls
Raji: an Ancient Epic
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes
First Class Trouble
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Blade Assault
Super Magbot
Encased: A Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic RPG
OlliOlli World - Rad edition
Grow: Song of the Evertree
Conan Chop Chop
The Serpent Rogue
Thronebreaker: the Witcher Tales
Shady Part of me
Fobia - St.Dinfna Hotel
Five Dates
Rogue Lords
Demon Turf
Golden Light
The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante
Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp
Founder's Fortune
Bendy and the Dark revival
Operation: Tango
Windjammers 2
Builder Simulator
Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
The Invisible Hand
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2023.06.03 22:59 Hot_Blooded_Geek How "INFJ" are my musical preferences?

Hi Fellow INFJs,

I like most types of music, but I usually select for songs that have nuance/subtlety in them, in terms of both lyrics and instrumentation. I just naturally veer away from songs that have the typical love song/materialist vibes, because I feel like they're usually not very layered in meaning most of the time. I tend not to like a song just for its catchiness or cheeriness, as long as its combined with layered lyrical meaning and subtlety. Now that I think back on my inclinations when it comes to listening to music, it makes sense that my INFJ personality type, in small part, have contributed to my music preferences.

Dream pop and indie rock usually are my top 2 genres that usually satisfy those conditions of mine.

As a fellow INFJ, my top 5 artists/groups are:

1.) Radiohead- Their albums' themes, like loneliness and alienation, really resonate with me on a pretty deep level.




2.) Men I Trust- Their soft vocals and dreamlike synths really concoct well together to make something truly nourishing to one's soul.




3.)BoA (the British rock band, not the Korean singer) - Quite poetic lyrics for an indie rock band. The main female vocalist has quite unique intonations for singing as well.



4.) Steve Conte - Steve Conte has quite the powerful voice, actually. However, the meaning behind the words he sings carry such weight that I feel deeply touched to the extent that I shed a tear every once in a while when listening to his songs, depending on my mood.




5.) Any video game or anime music that have subtlety and deep meaning in them.



It would be really great if y'all could give your insights as to how your MBTI affected your musical preferences, and as to how my MBTI have affected mine.
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2023.06.03 22:31 Nwabudike_J_Morgan Nwabudike_J_Morgan, 100toons365days - #52: Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Wreck-It Ralph (2012), animation (CGI)

Language: English
Date started: October 10, 2022
Date watched: June 2, 2023
Directed by: Rich Moore
Written by: Jim Reardon, Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, Jennifer Lee
Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Featuring: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Ed O'Neill, Dennis Haysbert, Edie McClurg, Alan Tudyk
Part of: Wreck-It Ralph Series 1 / 2
Story: This is some Gen X nonsense about old arcade games written by some Gen X writers who I do not think ever actually played Donkey Kong. Disney (John Lasseter) was, as happens on occasion, out of new ideas, so they went nostalgia mining. What if characters in arcade games had autonomy? Would they stand around and have lots of arguments? Would their secret lives be utterly nonsensical? Of course they would.
Design: This is Disney heading towards a rather smug and lazy approach to character design. Ralph has big hands. Candy creatures look like candy creatures. They try to give each game world a unique look, but the story spends so much time in the land of "Sugar Rush" that the final conflict is a candy colored mush with no energy. There was a lot of missed opportunity here, the kind of spirit that that Spielberg was able to capture in Ready Player One (2018).
Technical: When the camera isn't at orthogonal or first-person angles, anything goes here. A lot of visual slop that doesn't add anything to the story, which is 75% characters having arguments. After the first 30 minutes I was checking the time at regular intervals, looking for a distraction. Yes, there are clever arcade game references in the way characters move, but they are repetitive.
Vibe: I am the target audience for this and I found it tedious and annoying. This is character driven and relies heavily on the voice acting, but gets bogged down with endless dialog, plus the plot splits into three different threads which interrupt each other. Ultimately the film logic - characters can move from game to game but there are rules, and in Sugar Rush the world will reset when a certain event takes place - is arbitrary and inconsistent, but certainly convenient for the story being told here.
Rating: 4+ / 10
Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
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2023.06.03 22:04 GreedyLilGobblin Upgrading my 2060 build, hoping to squeeze 1440p out of it

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Escape from Tarkov
Elden Ring
Guilty Gear Strive

What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?

When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.

What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)

Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?

If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Mouse Logitech Superlight
Keyboard Steelseries Apex 7 TKL
Monitors LG 27GN7 Dell S2419
Mic Rode Podcast
Headphones Baerdynamic 770 Pros (250 Ohm)
Audio Interface Studio 24c
Case Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Full Sized
RAM 32Gb DDR4-4133 Patriot Viper Steel
GPU MSI 2060 Super
Memory Crucial P1 500Gb NVME SSD Seagate 1Tb HDD
MoBo MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?

Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)

Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?

Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?

Extra info or particulars:
Current Tower Build:
Case Lian Li O-11 Dynamic
GPU MSI 2060 Super
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Using included CPU cooler
RAM 32gb (4x8) Patriot Viper DDR4 4133
Storage Seagate 1Tb HDD Crucial P1 500Gb NVME

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2023.06.03 21:38 combst1994 Where to find this bushing?

Where to find this bushing?
I'm going crazy trying to find this bushing. I've been looking for at least 2 hours now. I've checked Rock Auto, Parts Geek, O'Reilly's, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, Honda Parts Online. I'm doing all the rear bushings and I've been able to find them all except this one. Anybody know where I can find them? Looking on Honda Parts online in the parts break down it doesn't even show a replaceable part which is confusing, but it does for all the other rear bushings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Car is a 2005 Honda Civic Value Package 1.7L.
Looking for this bushing here for the front of the trailing arm
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2023.06.03 20:38 thyrsusdionysus Car battery hiss and sprayed battery acid out of positive terminal upon starting

Car battery hiss and sprayed battery acid out of positive terminal upon starting
Title says it. Wondering if it’s because of terminal cables or the alternator. 2004 Subaru Outback h6 3.0l
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2023.06.03 20:26 FlipMS77 Cuidado com as casas de Banho do futuro?

Numa viagem com amigos da faculdade, comprámos um daqueles packs onde não sabemos onde vamos até ser o sorteio dos bilhetes, ou lá como aquilo funciona. Lá calhou Toulouse. Muito gira a cidade, passeámos junto do "fleuve", provámos o "vin" e o "fromage" locais e como de costume não denegrimos o bom nome tuga lá fora. Pelo menos tentámos...
Num dos dias decidimos apanhar o comboio para um castelo catita que há lá ao pé na vila de Carcassoune. Como não poderia deixar de ser comprámos umas baguettes para tirar fotos turísticas em frança e lá fizemos nós a nossa visita pelo castelo. Estava um dia de bastante calor e por isso bebemos muita aguinha, algo que inevitavelmente nos obrigou a procurar uma "Toillete" no fim da nossa visita, mesmo antes de voltarmos ao comboio. Após uma pequena procura lá demos com uma espécie de contentor metálico com ar futurista. Como tinha os clássicos Stickman na porta percebemos que era de facto a toilette. Um de nós (o Gustavo) já tinha dito que era o primeiro a usar a dita toillete futurista. Por curiosidade entrei ao mesmo tempo que o Gustavo para avaliar a casa de banho por dentro. Depois de destrancarmos a porta, entrámos os dois, fechámos a porta atrás de nós (que se trancou sozinha, detalhe importante)...
... De facto era uma casa de banho estranha, mas pronto, em Roma sê Romano. Era do tamanho de um T0 em Lisboa, tudo em metal por dentro, sanita, chão, paredes (tudo assim em chapa para ser fácil de desinfetar) e tinha assim uma especie de expressores junto ao chão para (imaginei eu) lavar o chão de forma rápida. Feita a avaliaçao, matada a curiosidade, e no fundo, cumprida a tortura de obrigar o já aflito Gustavo a esperar mais uns segundos, lá destranquei a porta e lá sai para me juntar ao resto do grupo de baixo do tórrido sol de Carcassoune.
Tal não é o nosso espanto quando do interior da casa de banho começamos a ouvir um barulho estranho continuo e meio mecânico, seguido imediatamente dos gritos do Gustavo: Que é isto???? Como é que eu paro??? Como é que eu saio??? Está a subir!!!!
Preocupados tentámos destrancar a porta mas sem sucesso. Após mais alguns segundos do dito ruído e das exclamaçoes do Gustavo, seguiu-se um curto silêncio, apenas quebrado pelo destrancar da porta. Do seu interior sai o Gustavo completamente ensopado e a pingar com um ar meio furioso meio confuso com o que acabara de acontecer. Pelo que nos explicou, mal eu saí e encostei a porta, esta trancou e ativou o sistema de auto lavagem da casa de banho. Os inofensivos expressores do chão ativaram e começaram a lavar tudo ao nível das canelas (explicando os gritos iniciais). A melhor parte foi quando estes começaram a subir a altura seguindo umas calhas que nos tinham escapado à atençao, sempre dispara do água por todo o lado lá dentro.
Conclusão, o Gustavo ainda lá dentro, ao contrário do que o WC interpretou pelas duas vezes que a porta abriu e fechou (uma supostamente para entrar e outra para sair, não uma para entrarem duas pessoas e outra para sair só uma destas) ficou bem desinfetado e seguiu pingando até ao comboio. Sorte a dele que estava calor e secou rápido, sorte a nossa que presenciamos um momento inesquecível de diversão simples e inocente de um grupo de tugas em viagem.
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2023.06.03 18:37 Nexolez WOTLK AHK Cheating in Arena

This got censored on the WOTLK Classic Reddit so I'm hoping I can post this here.
Going into Season 7 of the WOTLK PvP season we need to have a serious talk about cheating with third-party programs such as AHK (Auto Hot Key) and I'll like to share my knowledge on the subject and the importance of a public statement from Blizzard going forward.
Excuse me for using shooting games as an example but I think there's some important information here I can translate over.

For those of you unaware of the current situation should read this, otherwise skip to the next line of text. Throughout the First WOTLK PvP season, aka season 5, the majority of players to my knowledge, including myself were unaware of the players of the private servers coming to our WOTLK Classic with what I would refer to as 'soft cheats.' Soft cheats. Cheats only give you a small advantage and are harder to detect. In the case of WOTLK, players use this to spam click their buttons for them to perfectly execute their rotation exactly when it goes off cooldown. If you wish to see more I recommend you check this thread posted earlier. https://www.reddit.com/classicwow/comments/12xriyb/wotlk_arena_and_cheaters

A few years back I was very into a shooting game called Rust & and throughout my experience with this game I've encountered cheating of all types. I could not believe throughout my time playing this game, this cheating-related issue never really got fixed despite the popularity of the game. I also heard how it was just as bad in Counter-Strike. This lead me on a personal journey to investigate how this worked out of curiosity.

Players' reputation in Rust depends on the number of hours they've played in the game as there's no ranked or arena setting for players to verify their skill. I also notices a different style of sketchiness depending on what type of account I suspected of cheating.
there seemed to be a common pattern of players with few hours in the game often being throwout accounts with no other games purchased on Steam for people using strong hacks. Strong hacks as in everything you can think of. See-through walls, 0 recoils, gun snapping to someone's head, and 3x head shotting them to instant death.
Accounts using Hard cheats usually get banned pretty quickly, which is why soft cheating as I'll like to call it is "smarter" if you do not wish to get banned. Soft cheating such as Scripts to manually do the recoil for you (or simply help with some of it) and only turn on the actual hacks for short periods or when needed.

Rust is a game where you gather gear like in Minecraft. Dying late-game is like losing a fully enchanted diamond armor and in Rust there was a common pattern where the more important the fight was the more sketchy the fights became, as you'll lose everything when you die. Here you have the regular normal players, the throwaway accounts which was obviously hacking, and the 1+ hour players who often knew exactly when to strike and just seemed to have their fights be a little too convenient for them, which is what I am referring to as Soft hacking. The fight is important so they have 1 player turn on GPS telling them how many and where other teams are, and the rest are either good on their own, or all have an aim helper to soften the worst of their gun recoil.

How is this related to WoW? Well In WoW I believe the automatic system is good enough to detect actual hard hacks, but not what I would refer to as soft cheats. Soft cheating is using Third-Party programs to advance your gameplay just a little to get an advantage & possibly not turned on all the time, just when you need it.

Let's say we'll like to make a Kick-bot. Well, how would we do that without being detected? Well, you gotta be smart. You don't need to kick a spell when you're in high health or they are, but what if it's only in use below 30%? Seems like a pretty good time to make it so that your kick-bot won't fuckup, wouldn't it? I do not know if kick-bots are a thing currently, but I've heard various friends talk about them lately and how someone has been buying them as well as the AHK scripts.

The guns in Rust & Counter-Strike have recoil patterns that are always the same, making them extremely easy to script with programs such as AHK. You can learn to do them manually, somewhat, but you'll only be able to do so if you practice them often and use them often enough to keep up a decent muscle memory for it. However, there is also another thing closely related to this which I would like to point out. Mouse-Macros for something as simple as spam clicking.

In any shooter game, you'll have guns that require you to spam-click your mouse. Such an "issue" is easily dealt with by making a mouse macro to do it for you. Originally I did not think this was a big deal, but I kept having issues with fighting players shooting Semi-Automatic-Rifles like they were AK-47s and I know they were cheating with at least a mouse macro to do so because you can literally hear the shooting pattern having 0 pauses between each shot. After 2k hours of legit rust, I decided to finally go try a mouse Macro on a shooting practice server just to see what it was like. What I discovered was insane.

Normally when you spam-click and have to control your re-coil you have to multitask, but being able to hold down a button and only focus on the gun recoil, It was suddenly much easier to control my re-coil because I no longer had to multitask, and I knew my gun was always firing at Max-Speed. I was speechless at just how easy this was to do and how much of an advantage it gave, plus I got really curious if any other game I've played with had the same in them. The majority of them did also allow a mouse macro, but I did see 1 game that automatically locked my gun if I had an inhuman amount of clicks, which is exactly what AHK players are currently doing. Meaning that Blizzard is possibly able to do the same if they don't wish to ban it which I think they should.

This leads me further into this conversation. I'm playing a warrior and I sure as hell can find my hand getting fucked when playing long matches of 2v2 if I do not remind myself often not to spam-click my buttons as hard as I do sometimes. I do believe that this is a flaw in the game's design. I'm currently ranked 2 Arms in the world https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/characteeu/earthshakenexolez a R1 retail player and WOTLK Gladiator in both seasons. I do not use any Third-Party-Programms and would highly prefer never to.
I do however have an advantage over the majority of players as I've been lucky to end up playing WoW with 20 ms. I'm also aware of what Lag-Tolerance is which to my knowledge majority of WOTLK players are unaware of, while every hardcore Retail player knows what is.

TLDR: Your spells are currently delayed due to the high default lag tolerance set to 400. I recommend you check this thread for more information. https://www.reddit.com/wow/comments/624y53/attn_custom_lag_tolerance_was_automatically_set

Luckily I got myself a recording of a player admitting to using AHK which made me curious as to how much faster he was casting his spells. To my surprise, I couldn't catch a difference between a player standing still and spamming his abilities. Skip to the end if you're not interested in the context. https://youtu.be/Fr9PNG7YN-o

Upon discovering this, It made me wonder exactly what kind of advantage players are getting from using this, as it apparently seems to "feel" better or whatever to those using it. I think my example from earlier with the Gun-Macro to auto-spam-click is the perfect example. If you do not have to spam click your buttons and the AHK does it for you, you'll not have to visually check if your abilities go off and therefore your focus can be used elsewhere. But this is not where I think it benefits players the most.

I can tell you as a PvP warrior the hardest place to DPS right now is when players try to hug pillars & run around them or to dead-zone you. (Dead-zoning means to deny both your charge & auto attack at the same time by finding a perfect spot in-between.) I find myself often not landing my abilities because I did not manage to click my abilities in the perfect short gap in which I could, which is where I see AHK's advantages shine like a motherfucker.

If I knew that soft cheating, as I call it would be a thing interfering with WOTLK PvP I would never have started to play WOTLK, and it only makes me wonder how much of it we have in TBC that I was unaware of.

I made this post to spread information & awareness on this topic for Blizzard to take it more seriously. I've always seen the World of Warcraft as a game where cheating wasn't an issue. I've never had my experience ruined by players using Third-Party Programs as far as I know & Third Party Programs have always been against Blizzard TOS.
More importantly however, if Blizzard decides not to ban AHK due to whatever reason, I want them to publicly make a statement so every player out here playing legit and awaiting justice knows that we'll need to get it too if we want to play on an equal playing field. I feel abandoned by Blizzard more than ever on an issue that is important to a small part of blizzards community, but still an important part of it.

The season has just ended and we have just been given a 3-week break from the arena which is the season's end time Blizzard usually uses to check through the PvP ladder & ban players. Blizzard still seemed to take TBC seriously enough to at least ban piloting. and I hope that Blizzard steps up this time and makes an example out of players, including streamers known for using AHK & whatever else might be out there.

I personally think if Blizzard does not handle this situation currently, it'll set a precedent for their poor future in the competitive scene.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. At the end of the day, I think it's important to wake up and be able to look at yourself in the mirror and respect what you see. I'll like to thank all of you who avoided this temptation to cheat and kept the game real. Thank you. <3
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2023.06.03 18:20 notpinheadlarri Shut your CRT ass up!

My husband last night wanted to have dinner with his parents and I was down. Then he mentioned some of his parent’s friends would be there, and I was still willing to go because the in-laws are my in-laws.
Let’s call the new friends Marti and Barty. Marti seemed like a nice and sweet lady, but Barty on the other hand was a real asshole.
When we first got there my in-laws and their friends were in the dining room eating, and my husband and I are were in the living room. While we were eating I thought I overheard Barty saying some real off-putting shit about Mexicans and Cuban, but whatever I let it slide because I wasn’t sure.
After they got done I heard my MIL say let’s go to the living room to join us, and oh my I wish I would have left then because they brought up that I was a school teacher.
It was the usual I wIsH I hAD tW0 moNthz oFf or I CoUlD dO tHaT jOB iF iT wAsNt fOr thE kiDs teeHEE and blah blah blah blah. Nothing that really bothers me because I, my husband, and in-laws know how hard I work, so whatevs.
Then Barty says, “I hear they’re teaching kids to be racist in schools.” FIL replies, “No, they are starting to teach Critical Race Theory.” Barty, “Yes thats the thing” and then they both look at me.” So I say, “No, no one is teaching CRT, and it’s not even in most state standards.” Barty says, “No they are teaching it at schools because I heard it from Dr. Phil.” Then I politely say, “No, actually they are not because K-12 students cannot grasp CRT. CRT is usually taught in grad school or upper level college, teaching CRT would be unable to be taught to K-12 students because they do not have a firm understanding of Law, History, or theory to properly apply CRT”. Barty stares at me and says, “We’ll it’s being taught.”
I cannot fathom how people still take the word of Dr. Phil these days lol and this man knows no teachers and ain’t even from here. So what I really wanted to say is “SHUT YOUR CRT ASS UP. Motherfucker, YOU don’t even know what CRT is! Students aren’t even on grade-level and you think they can learn CRT??”
Best part of last night was the official start of summer! It was also my birthday! And FIL said we ALL would have dinner again next week! Yaaaaaay!
Edit: wow I did not think this would blow up like it did lol thanks for the coins, idk how to use them but I’ll figure it out 😆 and thank you for the responses as well some of them were hilarious too.
Someone commented I should make videos or posts about this subject matter and honestly it’s worth it. Even if I wasn’t teacher, you all out there are amazing individuals, and yes the compliment even extends to those who judged me based on this post or my Reddit account.
Finally, I just wanna say that I was raised and believe that everyone does deserve respect and kindness, especially if you are a guest in someone’s home, and if anyone ever were to cross a line or boundary l was also taught to stand up for myself too.
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2023.06.03 17:22 Express_Positive8419 jowang-jowa pero pagod na

I got tired of looking for potential dates and relationships. At first, I was genuinely looking pero habang tumatagal parang peer pressure na lang yata yung nararamdaman ko or siguro may part lang, kasi my circle of friends are all in a relationship except sa akin, yung mga pinsan ko na same age ko and my batchmates during highschool are also in a long-term relationship na rin, nakikita ko sa socmed.
I was actively looking since last year pero hindi ko alam why walang nagwo-work. Ready to commit naman ako. Maybe because mataas masyado standards ko? Or masyado na akong sanay sa pagiging single, sobrang independent ko na and I'm not used to updating someone about something o kaya naman hindi lang talaga conventionally attractive yung physical appearance ko kaya whenever we exchange pics, they say pass na agad. I tried my best naman and I am confident with my looks pero medyo nakakababa rin ng self-esteem kapag they goodbye na after that part. But I try my best din to brush it off kasi we all have our types/preferences naman.
Tapos ayon nga, after several months of actively looking for a partner, nawawalan na lang ako ng gana ngayon. Nawawalan na rin ako ng gana makipag-interact sa mga kaibigan ko kasi nagiging personality na nila ang pagiging may jowa. Or baka bitter lang ako? Pero everytime na lang na bubukas ang gc, almost 85% of the time na ang ib-bring up nila na usapan ay tungkol sa jowa nila. And supportive naman ako sa kanila, I cheer for their relationship, I'm genuinely happy for them, and nakikikulitan pa ako before pero hindi ko talaga kaya ngayon. Sobrang bitter ko na ba? We're like a group of 9 tapos 8 yung taken and I've been single for years now.
Sabi dati hindi mahuhulog sa harap ko basta ang jowa, dapat maghanap pero atp, yung future jowa ko na lang ang maghanap sa akin. Baka busy pa siya magpakashunga sa current partner niya kaya di ko siya mahanap. Pagod na ako beh, pasok na lang muna ako ulit sa character development arc ko. Pero sana pag time na natin beh, oks ka kasi tapos na ako sa "I can fix you" personality ko. Good luck beh, sana mahanap mo na ako hahahahaha
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2023.06.03 17:15 Fabio-617 Filosofia Tolteca: O que Significa, Origem, Os 4 Compromissos, GUIA COMPLETO

Descobrir a filosofia tolteca pode transformar sua visão de mundo. Originalmente proveniente de uma cultura pré-colombiana, essa filosofia traz ensinamentos profundos e duradouros.
Este guia completo ilumina a origem desta sabedoria antiga, detalha seu significado e apresenta os 4 Compromissos Toltecas que podem transformar a sua vida. Mesmo se você é completamente novo para a filosofia tolteca, nosso artigo facilitará sua jornada de aprendizado.
Então, seja bem-vindo à nossa viagem de descoberta e exploração desta cultura rica e misteriosa. Continue a leitura e abra a porta para um novo entendimento.

Origem da Filosofia Tolteca: A História por Trás dos Ensinamentos

A origem da filosofia tolteca se perde no tempo e está profundamente enraizada na cultura pré-colombiana do México antigo. Os toltecas eram uma civilização que floresceu por volta de 900 a 1200 d.C., conhecida por sua sofisticação e habilidades artísticas. Mas eles não foram apenas habilidosos artesãos; eles eram portadores de uma sabedoria que ainda hoje ecoa em nossas vidas.
O legado filosófico tolteca foi passado de geração em geração, sobrevivendo à passagem do tempo e resistindo à influência de outras culturas. A palavra "tolteca" originalmente significava "mestre construtor", mas foi reinterpretada para significar "mestre da vida", o que resume o cerne de sua filosofia.
Essa filosofia baseia-se em uma profunda compreensão do universo e do lugar do homem nele. Ela procura inspirar uma vida vivida com consciência, harmonia e respeito pela natureza e pelos outros. Essa antiga sabedoria, ainda relevante e aplicável hoje, oferece ferramentas para enfrentar os desafios da vida com equilíbrio e perspicácia.

Os 4 Compromissos da Filosofia Tolteca: Uma Profunda Exploração

Os 4 Compromissos da filosofia tolteca são considerados a pedra angular desta sabedoria antiga. Esses compromissos fornecem um guia prático para a liberdade pessoal e uma vida de paz, gratidão e amor. Aqui, exploramos profundamente cada um deles.
  1. Seja Impecável com a sua Palavra: Este é o primeiro e, possivelmente, o mais crucial dos compromissos. A filosofia tolteca ensina que nossas palavras são poderosas e têm a capacidade de criar a realidade que vivemos. Ser impecável com a palavra significa falar com integridade, dizer apenas o que realmente queremos dizer, e usar a linguagem para promover amor e verdade, em vez de disseminar fofoca, ódio e desacordo. É um compromisso de usar a palavra de maneira responsável, porque ela é uma ferramenta que pode moldar nossas vidas e as vidas daqueles ao nosso redor.
  2. Não leve nada para o lado pessoal: O segundo compromisso ensina a evitar levar as coisas para o lado pessoal. Acreditamos frequentemente que as ações e palavras de outros são causadas por nós, quando, na verdade, eles são reflexos de suas próprias realidades e problemas internos. Ao não levar nada para o lado pessoal, protegemos a nós mesmos de muitos conflitos desnecessários e sofrimento. Este compromisso nos ajuda a entender que cada pessoa tem sua própria visão de mundo, influenciada por suas experiências pessoais e crenças.
  3. Não tire conclusões precipitadas: O terceiro compromisso da filosofia tolteca enfatiza a importância de evitar suposições. Muitas vezes, nós nos pegamos tirando conclusões precipitadas sobre situações ou pessoas sem todos os fatos, o que pode levar a mal-entendidos e conflitos. O compromisso nos insta a buscar a verdade e a clareza antes de tirar conclusões e a comunicar-se com os outros de forma clara para evitar mal-entendidos.
  4. Sempre faça o seu melhor: O último compromisso é um lembrete para sempre nos esforçarmos ao máximo, independentemente da situação. "Fazer o seu melhor" não significa buscar a perfeição, mas sim fazer o melhor possível dentro das circunstâncias presentes. Isso inclui respeitar nosso próprio ritmo e limitações, reconhecendo que "nosso melhor" pode variar de dia para dia. Este compromisso não só promove o autorespeito e a autocompaixão, mas também nos incentiva a viver nossas vidas plenamente e sinceramente.
Os 4 Compromissos da filosofia tolteca são diretrizes para uma vida de autenticidade, compreensão e paz. Eles nos ajudam a navegar pelos desafios da vida e a cultivar um profundo senso de conexão com nós mesmos e com o mundo ao nosso redor. Essa antiga sabedoria ainda tem muito a nos ensinar sobre como viver nossas vidas com integridade e propósito.

Baixar Livro Os 4 Compromissos no Formato PDF, ePUB ou MOBI

Se você se sentiu inspirado e deseja se aprofundar ainda mais na filosofia tolteca, temos uma sugestão valiosa para você. Convidamos você a baixar o livro "Os 4 Compromissos" em formato PDF, ePUB ou MOBI clicando aqui. Mergulhe mais fundo nesses princípios transformadores que podem melhorar sua vida de maneiras que você nunca imaginou.

O Que Significa a Filosofia Tolteca: Decifrando seus Valores

A filosofia tolteca, em sua essência, é um guia para uma vida de liberdade, harmonia e compreensão profunda. Ela nos desafia a questionar nossas crenças limitantes e a viver de acordo com valores como autenticidade, respeito e consciência.
A filosofia tolteca não é apenas uma teoria, mas um modo prático de viver. Ela nos incentiva a sermos impecáveis com nossas palavras, não levarmos as coisas para o lado pessoal, não tirarmos conclusões precipitadas e sempre fazermos o nosso melhor.
Por meio de seus ensinamentos, somos convidados a ver o mundo e a nós mesmos através de uma nova perspectiva. Com suas raízes profundamente plantadas na sabedoria antiga, a filosofia tolteca oferece uma bússola para navegar no mundo moderno com integridade e propósito.

Os Princípios da Filosofia Tolteca: Um Guia para o Entendimento

A filosofia tolteca é uma sabedoria antiga que se baseia em princípios que promovem uma vida de consciência, integridade e liberdade pessoal. Ela não é uma religião, mas sim um sistema filosófico que oferece orientação prática para viver com propósito e harmonia.
Um dos princípios fundamentais desta filosofia é a ideia de que todos nós somos sonhadores, criando nossa própria realidade através das crenças e percepções que temos sobre nós mesmos e o mundo ao nosso redor. Isso coloca uma grande ênfase na importância da autopercepção e da consciência de nossos pensamentos, sentimentos e ações.
Outro princípio vital da filosofia tolteca é a busca pela liberdade pessoal, definida como a capacidade de escolher como vivemos nossas vidas, em vez de sermos governados por crenças e medos inconscientes.
Esta liberdade é alcançada através da disciplina, do autoconhecimento e da prática contínua dos quatro compromissos: ser impecável com a palavra, não levar nada para o lado pessoal, não tirar conclusões precipitadas e sempre fazer o melhor.
Também está presente a compreensão de que tudo na vida está interconectado e é mutuamente dependente, o que inspira um profundo respeito e consideração pelo mundo natural e pelos outros.
Com a prática desses princípios, a filosofia tolteca promete uma vida de alegria, satisfação e liberdade pessoal. Ela nos convida a viver de forma consciente e intencional, cultivando uma relação de amor e respeito por nós mesmos, pelos outros e pelo mundo ao nosso redor.

Como Aplicar a Filosofia Tolteca na Vida Cotidiana: Práticas e Técnicas

A filosofia tolteca não é apenas uma doutrina a ser compreendida, mas um caminho a ser vivido. Aqui estão algumas práticas e técnicas para incorporar esses ensinamentos na vida cotidiana:
  1. Autoconsciência: A primeira etapa é se tornar consciente de seus pensamentos, sentimentos e ações. Faça um esforço para notar quando você está agindo fora de hábito ou crença inconsciente. Tome nota de como essas ações afetam você e as pessoas ao seu redor.
  2. Meditar: A meditação é uma excelente ferramenta para desenvolver a autoconsciência. Ela pode ajudá-lo a desacelerar, a observar seus pensamentos sem julgamento e a conectar-se com o seu verdadeiro eu.
  3. Ser impecável com a palavra: Antes de falar, considere se suas palavras são verdadeiras, necessárias e gentis. Evite fofocas e palavras negativas sobre si mesmo e os outros.
  4. Não levar nada para o lado pessoal: Quando se sentir ofendido ou ferido, lembre-se de que as ações e palavras dos outros são reflexo de suas próprias realidades, não da sua. Pratique a empatia e a compreensão.
  5. Não fazer suposições: Antes de tirar conclusões, procure a verdade. Faça perguntas, procure esclarecimentos e evite julgamentos precipitados.
  6. Sempre fazer o seu melhor: Reconheça que "o seu melhor" pode variar de dia para dia. Respeite seus limites, mas também se desafie a crescer e a se desenvolver.
A aplicação desses princípios na vida cotidiana requer prática e paciência, mas os benefícios são profundos. Ao viver de acordo com a filosofia tolteca, você pode encontrar uma maior paz de espírito, harmonia e liberdade pessoal.

Filosofia Tolteca e Espiritualidade: Uma Jornada Interconectada

A filosofia tolteca e a espiritualidade estão profundamente interconectadas. Ambas compartilham a busca pela verdade, a compreensão do universo e o desejo de viver uma vida significativa. Os ensinamentos toltecas fornecem um caminho para a autodescoberta e a iluminação, promovendo uma vida de liberdade, consciência e respeito pelo mundo natural.
Essa filosofia encoraja uma percepção profunda de que somos todos parte do mesmo todo, interconectados e dependentes um do outro. Essa perspectiva inspira um profundo respeito pela vida e pela natureza, e incentiva a vivência de uma espiritualidade prática e terrena.
A filosofia tolteca nos lembra que cada um de nós é um sonhador, criando nossa própria realidade com nossos pensamentos, palavras e ações. E, nessa jornada de autodescoberta, encontramos uma conexão mais profunda com o universo e um sentido mais profundo de propósito e significado na vida.

Como a Filosofia Tolteca Pode Transformar sua Perspectiva de Vida

A filosofia tolteca tem o potencial transformador de mudar radicalmente a maneira como percebemos e interagimos com o mundo ao nosso redor. Através dos seus ensinamentos, podemos aprender a libertar-nos de crenças limitantes e a abraçar uma visão de vida baseada na liberdade pessoal, autenticidade e respeito mútuo.
Os quatro compromissos - ser impecável com a palavra, não levar nada para o lado pessoal, não tirar conclusões precipitadas e sempre fazer o melhor - são ferramentas poderosas para a transformação pessoal.
Eles nos incentivam a tomar responsabilidade por nossas ações e palavras, a ser mais compassivos e a viver de acordo com nossos próprios padrões, em vez de nos conformarmos com as expectativas da sociedade.
Ao incorporar a filosofia tolteca em nossa vida diária, podemos começar a ver o mundo de uma maneira nova. Esta nova perspectiva nos capacita a viver uma vida de maior paz, satisfação e sentido.

Os Benefícios da Filosofia Tolteca: Autoconhecimento e Crescimento Pessoal

A filosofia tolteca, com sua ênfase na autoconsciência e no crescimento pessoal, traz uma série de benefícios tangíveis para quem decide embarcar nesta jornada de autodescoberta. Aqui estão alguns dos mais significativos:
  1. Autopercepção aprimorada: Os ensinamentos toltecas nos incentivam a nos tornarmos mais conscientes de nossos pensamentos, sentimentos e ações, o que pode levar a uma compreensão mais profunda de nós mesmos e de como nos relacionamos com o mundo.
  2. Crescimento emocional: Ao não levar as coisas para o lado pessoal e não fazer suposições, podemos desenvolver habilidades emocionais mais fortes, melhorar nossas relações e reduzir o estresse e a ansiedade em nossa vida diária.
  3. Comunicação efetiva: Ser impecável com a palavra nos ajuda a comunicar de maneira clara, honesta e eficaz, melhorando assim nossos relacionamentos interpessoais.
  4. Melhor desempenho e satisfação: Ao sempre fazer o nosso melhor, podemos aumentar nossa eficácia e satisfação em todas as áreas da vida, do trabalho aos relacionamentos e ao autocuidado.
  5. Liberdade pessoal: Os ensinamentos toltecas nos ajudam a quebrar as cadeias de crenças limitantes e a viver uma vida de autenticidade e liberdade pessoal.
  6. Conexão e respeito pela vida: A filosofia tolteca promove uma profunda conexão com o mundo natural e um profundo respeito por todas as formas de vida.
Ao abraçar e aplicar esses ensinamentos, podemos experimentar um crescimento pessoal profundo, melhorar nossa qualidade de vida e avançar em nossa jornada em direção à auto-realização.

Frases da Filosofia Tolteca

Aqui estão algumas frases que refletem a sabedoria da filosofia tolteca:
  1. "Seja impecável com a sua palavra."
  2. "Não leve nada para o lado pessoal."
  3. "Não faça suposições."
  4. "Sempre faça o seu melhor."
  5. "Sua palavra é a força criativa do seu universo."
  6. "Somos todos artistas do espírito, criando nossas próprias vidas."
  7. "A percepção é a interpretação de cada um da realidade."
  8. "A busca pela verdade é a busca por si mesmo."
  9. "Não somos vítimas de nossa realidade, mas os criadores dela."
  10. "A liberdade é a capacidade de expressar a sua verdade sem medo."
  11. "A mudança começa com a aceitação de quem somos agora."
  12. "A verdadeira transformação requer uma morte para o velho e um nascimento para o novo."
  13. "Não existe falha, apenas aprendizado."
  14. "A compaixão é a maior expressão de poder."
  15. "Viver de acordo com os quatro compromissos é viver uma vida de liberdade, amor e alegria."

Resumo Animado do Livro Os Quatro Compromissos de Don Miguel Ruiz


Ao longo deste artigo, exploramos a profundidade e a beleza da filosofia tolteca, uma antiga tradição de sabedoria que tem o potencial de transformar nossas vidas e nossas percepções do mundo.
Descobrimos suas origens ricas e complexas e mergulhamos nos Quatro Compromissos - princípios simples, mas poderosos que podem nos orientar em direção a uma maior autenticidade, liberdade e amor.
A filosofia tolteca é um caminho de autoconhecimento, crescimento pessoal e harmonia com o universo. Ela nos convida a viver de acordo com nossas verdadeiras naturezas, a honrar nossa conexão com todas as formas de vida e a criar nossa própria realidade com consciência, compaixão e integridade.
Compartilhe este artigo com as pessoas que você ama. Talvez esses ensinamentos possam inspirá-las da mesma forma que têm o potencial de inspirar a você. Juntos, podemos criar um mundo mais consciente, compassivo e autêntico. Obrigado por nos acompanhar nesta jornada de descoberta e transformação.
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